Second Thoughts

By Sasquaw

Walker kept looking at his watch, his partner kept eyeing him. Trivette couldn't help but wonder what the big guy was so nervous about. He had acted "spaced out" the whole time they were on this stakeout. He was in deep thought about something, and talking even less than he normally did, which was almost next to nothing.

Trivette was eyeing the last doughnut that lay on the seat between them, it was Walker’s, but he didn't seem interested in it. "You gonna eat that doughnut"? Walker didn't say anything, so Trivette repeated the question.

"No you can have it," and with that Walker went back into his trance.

He couldn't stop thinking about her and that night they spent together in her apartment. They didn't plan on anything happening, he thought it would be like all the other dates…the two of them would settle for a few kisses, and then he would go to his ranch---and more cold showers! They had been to the movies, a tearjerker that Alex wanted to see, and then they stopped to pick up Chinese food, which was both their favorite. She excused herself and went to slip into silk pajamas that Walker had bought for her when he went to Hong Kong for his friend’s funeral. The friend had been one of Walker's martial arts teachers. He was very sad to hear of his death. He wanted Alex to go with him, but she couldn't take the time off. She teased him about going to the community bathhouses and seeing old girlfriends. He smiled to himself as he remembered how she looked when he brought the present back, along with a silk robe. He wanted to buy her something more revealing, but he thought better of it since their relationship was still "platonic".

He fixed the coffee while she changed and then they sat on the couch and had their dinner. She was in one of her moods where she was teasing him and he was finding it harder and harder to resist her charms. She knew just what buttons to push and she was relentless this night. He kept trying to eat the noodles and she kept trying to tickle him. He hated to be that vulnerable, she had found his weak spot and she was closing in. He was trying to get up off the couch and she kept pulling him back down, the noodles spilling out of his chop sticks and dropping on his beard.
"Alex…we're making a mess".

"You're the one making a mess, be still while I take that noodle out of your beard," she laughs and reaches out to him. He pulls back. She looks at him and smiles devilishly, "Really Walker…you'd think I was trying to seduce you."

He stops her hand as it goes for his beard and then he smiles back, wrinkling his eyebrow up and down. "And you weren't?" he asks teasingly.

She sighs and looks at him seductively, "Stop flattering yourself," and then pushes him away playfully. "I don't have to seduce you, you're too willing."

Their eyes lock and they both can feel the tension between them. They had both agreed to keep their relationship to just being friends, but they both knew that on the last couple of dates, their kisses were getting longer and more intense. Their hands were starting to explore more territory and neither of them wanted to be first to pull away. He stared into her blue eyes, he could get lost in them, and when she tilted her head down and looked up at him the way she was doing now, his head would spin. He would get that warm feeling all over…she could drive him crazy, and she knew it! He reached down and tilted her head up, then kissed her softly. He let his lips linger on hers for what she thought was an eternity, softly pulling her lips into his, and then he moved into her, pulling her closer.

Her right hand went to his chest and gently started to run her fingers across, marveling how muscular he was. He was definitely in great physical shape with all that martial arts, the strenuous work on the ranch, and he was always running. She smiled to herself at the irony of that vision. His left hand went to the nape of her neck as he pulled her in even closer and then he opened his mouth wider and took her lips in. His tongue was searching for hers and then they both entwined with each other, like snakes mating. This time he was not going to back away, it was up to her to draw that imaginary line…but she was not making any effort to pull away.

Instead, she started to lower herself backwards on the couch. He followed her movement, his right hand going to the top of her pajamas and pushing the material back. He found her neck and starting kissing her soft milky flesh as she continued to lower her body. Her hands started downward to his belt, at first to encircle his waist with her hands, massaging gently.

Walker started unbuttoning the top of her pajama set very slowly, and then reaching inside with both hands, he found the small of her back and pulled her upwards, kissing her neck and then finding her lips again. Alex gasped, as she reached forward, her arms going around his neck, holding him tight, their kiss deepening, their hearts pounding! He slipped the top off with little effort, dropping it to the floor, then reaches for her right breast. His tongue traced the circle around the nipple, his soft beard almost tickling the soft flesh. They had never taken it this far before, one or both had always pulled away, leaving them both frustrated.

She caressed the back of his head, encouraging him to do more, as she whispered his name. His hands went down to the bottoms of her pajamas and he lifted her gently up, and started pulling them down, his lips going to the other breast, and back again. She raised her hips up so he could pull the bottoms off, and then she reached to pull him up to her, so she could see his eyes.

Walker was breathing heavy as their eyes met, and for a minute they just stared into each other’s eyes. Finally he asks, "Are we sure about this"?

Alex nods her head slowly, "I think we've put it off long enough…what do you think Cowboy"?

He didn't answer her, just pulled her back into his embrace with more aggression, his hands going to her breasts, massaging them. His hands started downward until he could feel her buttocks through her silk panties, kneading them as his lips followed down her slim body.

Alex started shifting her body and reaching for his shoulders, very gently pulling him back up to her saying softly, "My turn, Cowboy…relax and enjoy the ride."

"Walker!!! Hey Walker to earth…yoohoo, you there?"

Walker is jolted from his trance by Trivette who is waving his hand in front of Walker's face. "Hey Walk-man our relief is here, let's call it a night!"

"It's about time," groans Walker. He sits up in the Ram stretching his arms. "When did they finally get here?" he asks as he nods toward Blancett & Plain, their relief.

"Just a few minutes ago. Come on man let's go get a couple of rooms and crash. We've been up for almost 72 hours straight!"

Walker didn't have to be reminded that his body hadn't had any sleep. He had been without it longer than Trivette had mentioned. The night he spent with Alex was long and memorable, and he kept having visions of that night. She had turned him every which way but loose, and he loved every minute of it.

"Only one room left. Which bed do you want…can I have the one by the window?"

Walker looked at his partner, shaking his head, how could anyone talk so much. "Doesn't matter, a bed's a bed," snaps Walker.

Trivette throws his gear on the bed that Walker would get and heads for the shower, "First dibs on the shower!"

Walker approaches the bed and knocks Trivette's gear onto the floor, then flops down on it, not even taking his boots off. In just minutes, he's sound asleep.

He's floating, and the smell of lilacs starts to fill his nostrils. She was wearing that perfume that she wore most of the time, Lilac Passion. It was a soft and sensuous, just like her skin. Walker is taken back with her statement as he looks into her blue eyes then she starts to push him gently back down on the couch. "Wait," he reaches down to take his boots off, his eyes devouring every inch of her body.

She smiles. She's in complete control, and for once he's not putting up any argument. He lays back watching her, and then he reaches for his belt.

She pushes his hand away. Softly she purrs, "Uh huh…I said it was my turn, so just be patient…because I like it… nice…and…sloooooowwww".

Walker's whole body shivers at just the thought of that aspect, "Whatever you say lady…just don't hurt me".

Alex smiles and runs her tongue slowly across her top lip in a teasing manner. 'oooohh, this is going to be a nice hurt…you can count on it’ She's got him completely laid back and then she slowly crawls halfway up his body and straddles him, then she starts undoing his belt buckle. They stare into each other's eyes. He keeps trying to touch her naked body but she gently keeps pushing his hands away. He sighs. Once she's undone the buckle, she pulls his shirt out and starts to very slowly unbutton each button and then kisses his chest, all the time looking at him with those blue eyes. She reaches the last button and starts pushing it off his shoulders and it too ends up on the floor, then she returns her attention to his pants. Alex scoots back far away enough to pull his pants down to his ankles, where she finally allows him to help by kicking them off.

Now they're both just in their briefs and Walker is feeling like if he doesn't touch her soon, he's going to go out of his mind. It's like she's reading his mind as she crawls back over his body, bathing him with kisses all the way up his muscular body until she lowers herself onto his body and finds his starving lips. He groans as he reaches out and brings her body down on his, his hands going up and down her body, caressing each curve. Slowly she pulls away, her right hand going down to his briefs, and ever so gently she caresses his manhood.

His body jerks and then he lets out a low moan, "Alex"

"Hey Walker…wake up…let's go get something to eat." Trivette is shaking him back and forth.

Walker jumps up and before he realizes what is happening he's got Trivette in a hammerlock. "Walker…it's me, WALKER!"

Finally he realizes that it's Trivette. "Don't ever wake me up like that again!"

His partner backs up rubbing his neck. "Okay, okay. Calm down. I just wanted to know if you wanted to grab something to eat."

The two Rangers go to eat, because Walker knows that Trivette won't shut up until they do. The waitress brings them coffee and smiles at Walker who hasn't even noticed her. "What will it be handsome?" she looks straight at the bearded Ranger.

Walker looks at the menu, "Just a burger and some fries."

She takes Trivette's order and looks back at Walker, fanning herself. The look still goes unnoticed as Trivette jabs Walker. "HHHeyyyy man…she's got the hots for you".

Walker glances back at the waitress, a tall brunette, very pretty. He goes back to his coffee, "What makes you think it's me she's after? I think she fancies you and that charming smile of yours."

Trivette looks at the waitress, then back to his partner, "Oh no…it's not me. She's been giving you the eye since we walked in the door. This could be your lucky night Walk-man…a pretty girl 'dogging you'. I'll be more than willing to leave the motel room for a couple of hours or so…just say the word!"

He looks at Trivette, then sighs, "I don't think so."

They're halfway through with their meal when Trivette asks, "Want to talk about it?"

"Talk about what?"

"Like, the dream you were having when I almost lost my life waking you up. You mentioned Alex's name!"

"No, I don't want to talk about it."

They sat there for a few minutes. "Look Walker, I'm not trying to butt in but I need to ask you something."

Walker breathes out a long sigh. "Ask me what?"

"Well, we've been partners for several years now, right?"

"Yeah right…but if you don't hurry up and ask me whatever it is you're going to ask me, there might not be another year!"

Trivette can feel the tension and snappiness in his partner's voice. "It's just that in the last year or so you've started changing. I can remember when we would go on stakeouts and be gone for days, sometimes weeks, and it never bothered you being away like that. But especially here lately in the last year…you can't wait to get back to Dallas!"

"And your point being…"

"The black man starts to hesitate, "Well, is it Alex? Is she the reason that you don't like being gone for a few days at a time?"

"Look Trivette, I have never liked the stakeouts. It's a part of the job. You just do it, whether you like it not!"

"Like another cup of coffee, handsome?" the waitress butts in. Walker shakes his head, "No thanks…I've had enough."

"My name is Sheliah, and if you can think of anything else you would like to have, here's my number." She deliberately bends over in front of Walker showing her bosom, adding, "My shift ends at 10pm. " She walks off sashaying her hips.

The Rangers watch her. "Do you think she walks that way on purpose Walk-man?"

Walker reaches into his pocket for the tip, "I think she does everything on purpose Trivette." He puts both the tip and piece of paper with her phone number on it, back on the table and they walk out.

"I'm beat…I'm calling it a night. See you in the morning," and Trivette crawls into bed.

Walker is wide awake, so he heads for the shower thinking maybe it will help him to unwind. The minute the hot water hits him he starts seeing her face.

"Ummmm, did you say something Cowboy?" She's driving him crazy as she continues to toy with the bulge that has come very much to attention and aching to get out of it's confinement. He reaches down and starts to sliver out of his last article of clothing. She continues to make his skin dance as she finds other areas to tease while all the time keeping her eyes on him, watching his every reaction. His eyes are rolling up in his head as he feels her going back to his manhood. His legs are getting weak, as his mind flashed back to the first time he had heard his football coach warn his young players about having sex before a game. The boys all joked about it, saying it was "an old wife’s tale", that sex couldn't weaken you like that…that was absurd. He and one of his buddies found out just how true it was when the two of them stayed out all night with the Yancey twins. The coach came down on them hard, their teammates teased them relentlessly, the other team creamed them. Walker and his buddy agreed it was worth it!

"Enough…enough torture," he groans as he reaches down pulling her up. Her arms go around his neck and they go into a long and sensuous kiss as he turns her over and lowers himself onto her. His hands explore every inch of her body, she arches when he reaches the more erogenous areas.

He whispers, "Now…we'll see how you like it." He moves very slowly down her body, his hand caressing her breasts while his tongue traces her skin, his breath getting warmer as he approaches her panties, then with one tug he tears them off. He can feel her body tense as she starts to moan. He caresses her long legs, taking his time going from one leg to the other with first his hand, then his tongue. She can feel his hot breath and his heart pounding, and she knows he can feel hers too. She begins to squirm as he holds her buttocks tightly and continues with his onslaught of tongue and kisses, she can't take anymore and she starts whispering his name and nudging him upwards.

Reluctantly, he lets go of her buttocks and moves forward up her body, his eyes looking at her in a questioning way, "Something wrong?" he asks softly.

She smiles and begins to kiss his chest, "I want you inside of me…before I burst from anticipation," she coos.

Walker smiles and touches her face, tracing his finger down to her lips, "Whatever my lady desires," as his hand goes down to her left leg and gently lifts it. He lowers himself and gently enters her.

Alex lets out a gasp as she feels him go deep inside of her, then her legs tighten around his body and they began a slow steady grind, as their bodies come together as one, thrashing as the tempo increases. She swears her heart is going to burst as her blood pressure increases, squeezing her legs around him tighter. Her hands caress his muscular shoulders as her tongue searches for his. She can feel his beard tingling her cheeks as their rhythm reaches a higher plateau and his hands go to the small of her back causing her to arch into him even closer. He's breathing heavier as he increases his thrusting and she's matching every movement and whispering to him, "Don't stop…please don't ever stop."

He pulls his lips away and start pushing her hair back over her ears, thinking how beautiful she is at that very moment with her flushed look and smoldering eyes. He rolls over, taking her with him in one smooth movement and now she's on top of him, straddling him. She rises up and supports her weight with both her hands, still keeping him inside of her, slowly rising up and down. She purrs back at him, breathing heavily, "You know Cowboy…we could always move to the bedroom. There's more room."

Walker moves his hands up and down her back, pulling her to him to kiss her breasts, "I'm happy…right here…do you want to move to the bedroom?"

She caresses his face as he takes her breast inside, "No way Cowboy, I'm not letting go of you for even a second."

Walker is jolted out of his trance again with Trivette yelling, "What did you do…fall asleep in there? Hey Walker, you hear me?"

"Great timing Trivette," he mutters to himself. He dresses and comes out of the bath. Trivette is throwing their gear together. "What's happening? Did I miss something?"

Trivette is grinning from ear to ear, "Good news. The bust went down and we can check out of this fleabag and go home."

Walker starts putting his things together, "When did all this happen?"

"About 20 minutes ago. Blancett and Plain caught 'em red handed, and the headman is singing like a canary!"

"That's great Trivette, let's get out of here."

They start walking to the door when Walker asks, "What town are we in anyway?"

"Wichita Falls…why?" Then Trivette starts showing his pearly whites. "Why do you plan on making a trip back here, maybe to see that cute little waitress?"

Walker frowns at him, "No Trivette, I'm just trying to recall where we are so I can avoid that waitress!"

They don't say anything more until they reach the Ram. Trivette is trying hard not to giggle, but he can't resist the temptation of getting the best of his partner. "Hey Walker, do you know that you talk in your sleep?"

"NO, I don't."

"Yes…yes you do!"

Walker and Trivette throw their duffle bags over the side of the Ram. Walker looks at Trivette, worried, "What did I say?"

Trivette breaks out laughing, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"I don't talk in my sleep so therefore I didn't. I couldn't have said anything," Walker answers weakly. Trivette climbs into the passenger side, Walker is still standing there, not moving as he eyes Trivette suspiciously. He keeps looking at him through the windshield as he makes his way around to the drivers' side and climbs in. Again he repeats himself, "I don't talk in my sleep."

"Whatever you say, Cowboy," Trivette mouths the word very slowly. "Or should I call you ROMEO?"

Walker can feel himself getting red, now he's getting angry and embarrassed. He calms himself first and then he asks again, "What did I say?"

Trivette is cracking up. "OOOOhhhh noooo, I'm not telling you, you're just going to have to sweat it out."


"Nope, I'm not saying, because remember when you teased me about going undercover as a stripper up in Lubbock, and those old ladies tried to drag me off the stage…you kept teasing me about that…remember? Remember I said I would get even with you someday? Well guess what…it's PAYBACK TIME!"

Now Walker is steaming and embarrassed, he can't recall anyone ever telling him that he talked in his sleep, he sleepwalked when he was just a kid, but he grew out of it! Trivette was just pulling his leg, besides he hadn't been asleep long enough to say anything, though Trivette did ask him about Alex earlier. Now he was starting to worry, what if he did say something? He looks at Trivette, the man is literally gloating! No, he couldn't let Trivette think that he believed him. He had to pretend that none of this was affecting him. If he so much as gave Trivette the slightest clue that he believed him, Walker would never hear the end of it. He would just pretend that this conversation never happened, because if this ever got back to Alex…my God…what would she think about all this?

Sometime during the night they had moved to the bedroom, though Walker couldn't remember or care, at that point he would have followed her anywhere! The next thing he knew she was snuggled up against his back, massaging his shoulders and telling him it was 'time'. He was stretched out across the middle of the bed, laying on his stomach with his arms above his head, with just a small portion of the sheet covering his bareness. He groans, and turns over to face her, "Time," he teases, "Time for what?"

She runs her hands up and down his chest, the reddish chest hairs curling in between her fingers and she reaches up to kiss him. She pulls back smiling, "Well, you said you had to meet Jimmy at 6am, it's getting close to that time."

He reaches up and plays with her hair, "How close to that time are we talking about"?

She runs her tongue over her top lip again, and then kisses his chest, "Well allowing time for you to shower, drive back to your ranch for a change of clothes, there's…just…enough…time."

Walker looks at her sheepishly and nods his head, "I don't know…I'm pretty worn out. Maybe you need to get me in the mood again."

Alex looks back at him smiling, and then her hand goes underneath the sheet, "I think I can help in that department."

Walker groans, "Oh I'll bet you can too."

She begins to stroke him, and then climbs on top of him, "Walker, you're more than ready. I don't think you ever got out of the mood."

He reaches up and pulls her down onto him, then he starts kissing her breasts again, teasing until her nipples were hard, and then he takes each one into his mouth eagerly. She pulls away from him slowly and sits up straight, pulling her knees up in almost a squatting position, moving sideways and then up and down slowly. He's starting to get light headed, as he digs his hands down into the sheets. He groans, and attempts to turn her over, but she lets him know that she's still in command and he's in no shape to argue. She tosses her hair back and forth as every movement takes him deeper inside. She can hear him groaning as she leans forward and finds his lips, and his hands go to her shoulders pulling her down onto him as their fever rises. Her slow pace has hastened, as his hands go to her buttocks, pulling her into him deeper.

She starts to breathe heavier as he rolls her over, taking both her legs over his shoulders and penetrating even deeper into her. The tempo increases as they both call out each other's names. The room begins to spin as they reach their climax at the same time.

Both of them have reached the ultimate peak, their hearts feeling like they're going to burst. Every muscle in his body is tensed as he collapses on top of her. Neither can speak, nor do they feel they need to. She tightens herself around him, just wanting to keep him inside of her for as long as possible. Walker finally finds enough energy to talk as he whispers, "Well I know one thing for sure."

Alex strokes the side of his face with the back of her hand, "What's that?" she asks.

He looks down into her eyes, "That you have definitely missed your calling!"

She laughs, and then she pouts, "Are you insinuating that I'm not a good lawyer?"

"You know damn well what I'm insinuating," he pants. "Stop fishing for compliments."

They lay in each other's arms, just looking at each other. Finally he gets up. "I got to get out of here before Trivette comes looking for me. I'll call you as soon as I can…okay?" He looks down at her, thinking she's never looked more beautiful than at that very moment.

The drive back to Dallas was rather quiet, Trivette fell asleep as soon as they got out of the Wichita Falls city limits, he slept the whole way and Walker was happy about that except for the snoring! As they walk into Ranger Headquarters, Walker glances towards Alex's office, but the door is closed. He motions for Trivette to go on without him and then he starts toward her office. The door is locked, her receptionist is not at her desk. "That's odd," he says to himself.

He gets to his desk and calls her apartment, the answering machine picks up, just as it had the other times he tried to call. When he would call her office, she would either be out, or in court. He didn't like the feeling he was getting in the pit of his stomach, an empty feeling, a hurt he couldn't quite describe. He was surprised that she didn't attempt to be in her office when they got back, he had left a message telling her they were on their way. Something just didn't feel right. Maybe she was at C.D.'s, he would drive over and surprise her.

"No, Cordell I haven't seen Alex for several days now."

That feeling was back as Walker asked his friend again when was the last he had seen Alex.

"Well, let me think, it was Thursday night. Yeah…Thursday night."

"Was she okay? Did she say she got any of my calls?"

"Didn't say anything about any calls Cordell."

Now Walker was really uneasy, "Hand me your phone Trivette."

He calls her apartment, the machine picks up. He calls the office, no answer. "I'm going over to her place!"

"Hold up Walk-man…I'll go with you."

They reach her apartment and Walker lets himself in. They walk in and slowly look around, nothing seems out of place. Walker goes to her bedroom but everything is normal. He gets that feeling inside, that nagging feeling that maybe she's changed her mind about everything. Maybe she didn't really want the relationship to change after all, maybe she had plenty of time to think about, and decided that she was wrong for letting it get out of hand. The 'maybes' and 'what ifs' are driving him crazy, he can't think straight. He shakes his head, she could have said 'no'. It's not like he forced himself on her. He would never do that.

"Hey Walker, everything okay in there?" Trivette walks in looking at his partner, "If anything was out of the normal, you'd know real quick, wouldn't you?"

Walker nods his head, "Everything is in its place. I haven't checked her closet yet," as he walks over, hesitating to open it. Her closet is the same way he's always seen it, a place for everything and everything in its place. She was always neat.

"Yep, Alex is definitely a 'neat freak', I have never been here that her place hasn't always been immaculate," quips Trivette, "No sign of any foul play, that's a relief!"

Walker sighs, he's almost wishing there was something wrong, that would explain why she was avoiding him. He hated himself for what he was thinking. He just wanted her to be safe.

"Hey, let's check back to headquarters, maybe Maize knows where she's at," Trivette suggests.

They drive back to headquarters. At C.D.'s, the phone rings. "Alex…Alex honey…this isn't working out. Cordell is looking for you. He's worried sick about you…Yes…yes, I know that, but you have got to let him know that you're okay. The man acts like he's been run over by a herd of wild mustangs!! Yeah…yeah…you do that, okay. Bye."

Walker and Trivette head towards Alex's office again when Maize shouts out to them. The old woman comes hustling up to them as fast as she can, "Walker sweetheart, I've been looking all over for you. Here, this is for you," and she hands him a hand written, sealed note.

Walker takes it very slowly, recognizing the handwriting immediately as Alex's. He stands there for the longest time looking at it, that sick, empty feeling creeping inside him.

Trivette asks, "Are you going to read it or just stare at it?"

Maize reaches over and pulls Trivette away. Confused, he looks at her. Walker is still staring at the note, finally he rips it open, then starts to run for the front entrance. Trivette is about to give chase, when Maize pulls him up short. "But Maize---"

"Leave it be Jimmy. Come on handsome…buy me a cup of cup of coffee.

Alex thought long and hard about writing that note, she knew she couldn't put it off any longer. She had been so confused since the night she and Walker had finally taken their relationship to the next plateau. She worried that maybe she had pushed him to the point where he could no longer control his emotions. She did come on rather strong, the teasing and wearing those silk pajamas. But, he had seen her in less. What about the time he stayed up all night with her while she nursed a migraine? Her head was splitting so bad that he even helped her to undress and get into a nightgown. He stayed with her all night, sitting on the edge of her bed with a cold washcloth, and gently massaging her temples. The next morning her headache was better and Walker had fallen asleep with his head on her shoulder, his arms around her waist. When she tried to move gently out of his grasp, his arms went around her tighter, whispering her name.

Her thoughts kept racing back to four nights ago, when they went back to her apartment after the movies. She had a feeling that something was different earlier at the movies when he kept holding her hand. It was difficult eating popcorn and a big dill pickle with only one hand, but she wasn't about to spoil that rare moment of attentiveness. She would feed him popcorn with her free hand and he would hold her diet cola. She teased him with the pickle. He took a bite, grimaced and drank half her cola. Then he had to go buy her another one, this one extra large, as he kept trying to get the pickle taste out of his mouth. All through the movie, he was either
holding her hand or putting his arm around her shoulder, letting his hand rest just above her right breast. When she finished her food, she took his hand in hers and weaved their fingers together.

The drive back to her apartment was slow as he kept taking scenic routes and driving with one arm around her. She kept telling him that they would get a ticket if she wasn't wearing her seatbelt, but he just smiled his devilish little grin and kept her close to him.

Afterwards in her apartment when the teasing started, she was bound and determined to see how far the teasing would go. Usually he would pull back first, coming up with excuses that he had to get back to his ranch for some reason or another. But this time he wasn't pulling back as he commenced to push her pajama top off her shoulders. His breathing was getting heavier, and within minutes they were both at the point of no return. After he left the next morning, she started having mixed feelings at how things came about. She kept asking herself, "Did I come on too strong?" and "Maybe he didn't want it to go further…maybe he's had had time to think about it and now regrets the decision." Then she would get angry, "Who am I fooling? We are both consenting adults, we knew just exactly what was happening, we could have stopped…he could have stopped."

She was acting like a schoolgirl. She remembered how confused she was the first time she lost her virginity and this was almost like that time. "This is ridiculous…why am I feeling this way? Walker wanted me just as much as I wanted him…I have got no reason to feel like I 'm the one that pushed it." Still all day at work her mind would go racing back to their night together and how they couldn't get enough of each other. For years she had wanted to be in his arms, making love to him. Over the years she had often wondered how he would be in the bedroom, judging from their earlier times together and his almost shy attitude towards her. But, there wasn't anything shy about Cordell Walker that night. He took her to places she had never been to before.  She thought she knew every position there was to making love, she soon found out differently.

She couldn't stand it if he had second thoughts about taking their relationship further. She simply did not how she would handle it and when her phone rang, she just knew it was Walker calling. She called her receptionist in and had her answer it, telling her to say she was out. Alex tried to remain calm, "Who was it?"

Lynn smiled at her, "Him!"

Alex was trying to sound casual, "Him who?"

Lynn frowns, "Robert Redford…that's who."

Alex looks at her and frowns back, "Robert Redford? Yuck! Now if you had said Clint Eastwood, I would be impressed." Then she smiles weakly, "What did he say? What did he sound like? Was he happy, or distant…what?"

"Alex, Ranger Walker always sounds the same to me. Business like as usual. He said he would call back."

Now she was even more confused. She wanted to hear his voice but she was scared. "Get a grip Alex," she says to herself. "Why would he call if he wanted to say he wasn't interested? He wouldn't call at all if that were the point. He would just not come around. He would go to his ranch and stay completely away from her. No, that wasn't like him either. He would stand up to her and tell her, that was Walker!"

The night wasn't any better, she couldn't eat and she couldn't sleep. Every time she closed her eyes she could see him. They would have their arms around each other and his hands would be exploring her body and so would his lips and that tongue. She flushed thinking about the way his tongue could make her whole body tremble. Sitting on the couch with her legs pulled up under her, she looked down at the couch and saw the two of them making love. She could almost feel him on top of her, his lips going to her breasts and gently sucking on her nipples. She couldn't stand it, and she jumps up from the couch and starts pacing.

The phone rings. She wraps her arms around herself and nervously rubs her arms. She walks towards the phone, and picks it up on the fourth ring, hearing a familiar voice.

"Hi honey!"

Alex sighs, "Hi C.D."

"I just called to see if you would like to come by the bar and grill for some homemade potato soup…I'll even throw in a green salad with ranch dressing. How about that?"

Alex smiles, and declines the invitation saying she's tired. Afterwards she checks her Caller ID and sees an 'out of area' number and wonders if it's Walker. He should be up around Wichita Falls on a stakeout. She recalls the night that he took her all the way to Wichita Falls for dinner because one of his friends had opened up a new Tex/Mex restaurant, and wanted Walker to be his guest and cut the ceremonial ribbon. She remembered how nice the Bonds' were to her, and how Mr. Bond kept nudging Walker, asking if she was the one that he always talked about when he was up there. She teased him about the conversation on the way home. Then she fell asleep with her head on his shoulder. The weather had turned really cold and he put his jacket around her, and kissed the top of her head as she slept.

The next day she was busy on a case. She would rush back to her office and look at Lynn without saying anything.

The first time Lynn shook her head "no", the second time, "I told him you were in court…he said he'd call back."

At home she debated calling him over the radio, or on Jimmy's phone. Finally she couldn't stand the wondering anymore and called Jimmy's cell phone, but there was no answer. She dispatched through to his radio, no answer. "Damn it…now what do I do?"

The next morning she knew she had to do something, she had to get away and do some serious thinking about what was happening to her life. She had to get it all straightened out as to how she felt, and how she would handle things once he got back. She knew where she was going and swore C.D. to secrecy. He couldn't understand why she had to get away, but he respected her privacy. He wouldn't tell anyone where she was.

At her new destination, she was even more confused about her feelings. Walker's memory was even stronger here. She ached to hear from him, just to hear his voice. Then the doubts would override her again, "What if he's had time to rethink all of this and decides our relationship was better being platonic. What if…oh good grief Alex, you are driving yourself crazy with these what ifs. Just let nature take it's course, Uncle Ray always said. If it's meant to be…it will be!"

About noon the next day she gets the phone call from C.D. "Alex honey…you got to do something! Cordell is looking for you, he's worried sick about you."

She takes a run back into Dallas, finds Masie and writes a note. "Make sure he gets it…please don't tell him I was here!"

Walker is driving down I 20, his siren is blaring, and flashers going. The trip to Springtown is a good hour allowing for traffic. Walker makes it in almost half that time. He flies up the gravel road leading to his ranch house, slams on the brakes and jumps out, not even bothering to close his door. He takes the steps two and three at a time, calling out her name. He runs past the staircase, almost tripping over an object on the floor. He runs through to the kitchen, calling out to her…nothing! He goes to the back door and looks out, then heads back through to the living room, again almost tripping. He stops and looks at what he's tripped over. It's one of Alex's boots. He reaches down and picks it up and then he sees the other one laying up on the stairs.

"What the heck are her boots laying out in the middle of the hall?"

He walks over to pick up the other boot when he sees her blouse laying about half way up. He walks up the stairs and picks it up. A few feet away are her jeans. Now, he's starting to smile. He gets to the top of the stairs and sees her bra a few feet from his bedroom door and on the doorknob is a pair of black lace bikini panties, like the ones she was wearing in her apartment a few nights ago. He lays all of her clothes on the little dresser, then reaches over and takes the panties off the doorknob, twisting it slowly and walking inside.

She's lying on the bed, a single sheet pulled up around her, her right leg sticking out, slightly bent. The sheet is thin and doing very little to cover her body. He walks in slowly, twirling the panties around on his index finger and looking at her.

She tilts her head up and gives him that look, softly saying "Hi Cowboy."

He continues to twirl the lace panties. Smiling he answers, "Hi yourself." Then he holds the panties up, "Lose something?"

She nods, running her tongue across her top lip. "Hmmmh, on purpose."

He stands at the side of the bed looking down at her, "Want 'em back?"

She sighs, her breasts going up and down, her eyes telling him to get undressed. "Not right now," she purrs.

"Good, I'll put them in my trophy case." He puts them in his mouth and starts tearing his clothes off.

She reaches out and pulls him onto the bed with her, "You better not have any such 'trophy case'!"

He still has her panties in his mouth. He takes them out and laughs, "I'm just now starting one," and he reaches under the sheet and pulls her into him, kissing her long and tender, his mouth closing and then opening again, each time taking her lips and tongue longer. He groans as his hand starts going under the sheet and in between her legs. "God…I've missed you," he pants, kissing her neck and going down to her breasts. "I haven't been able to think about anything but just getting back to you…and making love to you again!"

Her arms are circling his neck as she returns his kisses and spreads her legs wider. She strokes his beard, whispering, "No second thoughts?"

He pulls back for a second, "You were having them too?"

She nods, still holding him close, her left hand going up and down the side of his cheek. "I was so scared…that you would have time to think about everything and decide it wasn't what you wanted."

He breathes a sigh of relief, "I was having the same scary thoughts about you changing your mind, and I was really scared when I couldn't get a hold of you, I left messages with your secretary and on your machine…didn't you get them?"

"Lynn just said you said that you would call back and…"

"I did call back…I called you at home, at C.D.'s, your office. I thought you were trying to avoid me!"

She kisses him hard, "No…I was just scared. I was confused, so I came here to think things out and decide how I would handle it if you didn't want to continue seeing me!"

He reaches and pulls her into him tighter, "Well, I was having second thoughts…"

"You were?" Alex asks nervously.

"Yeah, second thoughts…third thoughts," he starts kissing her breasts, "…fourth thoughts, and they all came out to be one big thought. And that was getting back into your arms like this, and making love to you until neither one of us can get out bed!"

She giggles and slides down deeper in his bed pulling him with her. He reaches for her breasts and takes them eagerly into his mouth, his right hand going to her mound and feeling the moisture. He rubs his hand across the top, her body is arching up towards him, wanting him inside her…his fingers, his tongue, his penis…all of the above at the same time. But she knew that was physically impossible. He trails down her body, licking and kissing her, and gently biting her. She groans as she pushes him down further. He obliges as he takes her hand from her mound, and slides both hands under her buttocks and lifts her up to his mouth, taking her whole mound. He opens wide letting his tongue go flat, then sweeping up and down in nice gentle strokes. He can feel her whole body trembling as he then narrows his tongue and starts darting in and out. He inserts one finger and starts twisting it inside her, while he rotates, the tongue, then the finger. He quickens his pace as he inserts a second finger, then the third.

Alex is now moaning as she feels herself getting saturated with her own juices. She tries
to pull him up to her, but he's not ready and continues to lick, suck, and twist. She reaches down to his shoulders, and tries pulling him upwards again, "Walker…please…"

He releases her buttocks and snakes up her body, licking with his tongue. Her body is perspiring and he tastes her body salt along with the body lotion that drives him crazy, the one with the faint smell of lilacs. He finds her lips and his tongue starts searching for hers, going to her neck.

She's breathless as she tries to keep up with him, pushing him gently back on the bed. He's more than ready for her…his manhood is standing at attention. She remembered it being big, but not this big. She straddles him, taking his manhood into her mouth and going slowly up and down, slightly twisting. Her hand is going up and down as she licks first one side, then the other, and then straight down all the way to his testicles. He groans, pushing back with the heels of his feet. With both hands he holds her head down on his manhood. He's sweating like crazy now, and his eyes are starting to roll upwards.

She sits up and moves forward up his body until she is straddling his mid section and then she guides him into her, slowly. He puts both hands on her hips and pulls her down, then pushes her back up and down. Their rhythm begins, and the tempo is set, as their bodies answer to each other's demand. Slowly the rhythm increases until they are both gasping and groaning. They are now at a tempo beyond their control as their bodies begin to coil, and they can feel the tension building up inside both of them. She lowers herself to his lips and his hands go up and down her back, then back to her buttocks, squeezing and kneading them until she believes she's going to scream.

She sits back up and commences to set the pace. His hands go back to her slender waist and then he lifts her up and over, and then she's under him, as he now sets the pace of thrusting into her, deeper and deeper. Then just as quickly he comes out of her, his head going between her legs again, and the onslaught begins again. Her feminine juices are starting to trickle down her legs. He reaches out with one long sweep of his tongue and licks it up. He goes back to her mound, inserting more fingers, rotating again with first his tongue, then the fingers.

Alex' s body is jerking as he goes back up her body, making sure he kisses and licks every inch. He spreads her legs and enters her again, taking her all the way to the hilt. The room is spinning wildly as they match each other's thrusts. Just as she thinks he's going to spill his seed, he comes out of her again and goes back to her mound, kissing and licking. She thinks she's going to go crazy. He goes back to her lips again and then enters her for the third time. His tempo is like a freight train and his breathing is heavier. She tightens her arms and her legs around him tighter, whispering, "Don't you dare come out of me again…you're driving me crazy!"

He kisses her, his eyes smoldering, "You shouldn't have said that." And he again goes back to her mound but only for a second, as he feels she's ready to explode and he wants to be inside of her for that. Their tempo has reached its limit as they both find their release at the same time.

He collapses on top of her and they lay there, neither of them able to speak. She looks over his shoulders and she swears the room is not only spinning but changing colors as well. She continues to massage his shoulders, squeezing him closer to her, never wanting him to leave her body.

Afterwards, they are lying in other’s arms. She's massaging his chest with soft kisses. He keeps blinking his eyes, and asks if the lights are flickering on and off. She tells him to relax, it will all clear up in due time. He kisses her long and tender, then she turns over and his arms go around her waist, pulling her tight. He kisses her cheek, "Alex…I need to ask you a question."

She reaches back and strokes his beard, "What's that honey?"

He hesitates then asks, "Do I talk in my sleep?"

All he hears is a giggle.

The End