Authors note: This is a hard, Wamless time we’re going through. Here are three small stories engaging different aspects of Cordell Walker…    

Hang in there.   Pam G


The Change of Heart.

By Pam G

“Your honor. The defendant has no family ties with the State of Dallas. He does not have employment, and frankly,” the smart, navy suited Alex Cahill looked across the aisle, “Why the defense even thought we would agree to bail is beyond me.”

Her opposite number glowered back. “It’s called ‘affording my client every opportunity’, counselor! Something which you would too easily deny them! In fact…”

“Alright, alright, counselors. Enough, already.” Judge Morgan was a huge Afro-American with a fair and just reputation; respected by both prosecuting and defense attorneys alike. He banged on the gavel and gave his ruling. “It’s a slam dunk. Bail denied.” The weary adjudicator summoned a smile towards the defense. “But, Mr. Grover? I agree - you had to try! Go home! Sleep the sleep of the just!” The smile still on his lips, he added. “Court adjourned till two p.m.”

Alex grinned at him and began to put away her papers. For once she didn’t hurry. She had nothing pressing this afternoon; in fact there would be time enough to go through her non-urgent in-tray. Then what was on the agenda? A surge welled up when she thought of meeting Walker later. I wonder how he’s doing? The thought was always on her mind. Accompanied by - I wonder if he’s okay? Followed, as usual, with her positive mental affirmation - of course he’s okay!

The last people to leave chatted on their way out, their voices fading way as the swing door of austere courtroom rocked itself stationary. Alex turned slightly and the sight of a lone figure sitting at the back made her heart leap.

“Walker!” She beamed, delighted at the unexpected visit. He looked wonderful when he dressed in black. When her fiancé was unmoving Alex became concerned. She scrutinized his face, his expression. He was intense, his eyes never leaving her face. Now apprehension crept in. “Walker? Leaving her briefcase by the desk she came closer. “Is there …something wrong?”

The man who years ago had captured the heart of the beautiful, blond district attorney was silent. Alex knew by the way his look held her eyes that something had happened. His breathing was shallow and she recognized his inherent difficulty to verbalize his thoughts. This only happened when it was a subject of a personal nature. Cordell Walker was a legend in his own time. His superior fighting abilities would enable him to walk away from fight with ten men! But ask him to say how he felt - and the Texas Ranger tripped over his own feet.

Alex signed inwardly. What now? What could have happened?

It had been a wonderful day yesterday, and against all odds Walker won the race for Team Cherokee. A night of celebration followed, although Walker seemed very quiet towards the end. It had been commented on, but as Red Cloud pointed out, a race of that nature is exhausting. So everyone had given him a wide birth, putting it down to sheer tiredness. So what could have happened now, Alex’s mind prompted for the millionth time in just a few seconds. “Honey?” She hesitated slightly, “You okay?”

Unmoving, the Ranger still sat on the courtroom chair, his eyes soulful and penetrating, looking directly into her face as if he were searching for something. Without releasing his gaze and with reverence, Walker stood up. His hand slowly reached out. Still perplexed, Alex clasped at his fingers.

Suddenly she was tight in his arms! Walker held her firmly, first kissing her, only to hug her and kiss her again. There was almost desperation! An urgency she couldn’t fathom. With his cheek pressed against hers, his arms held her to his body. His whisper was breathless when the Ranger finally spoke.

“Alex. …Alex.” Walker found her lips again. Alex caught a quick glimpse of his eyes. They were screwed up tightly, and when he did open them, they had a misty glaze.

“I love you so much.”

Now she was worried. She took a deep breath. “I love you, too, Walker. You know that. Honey? What’s wrong? What’s happened?” His bride-to-be broke away, still retaining hold of his arms.

Walker went to speak, diverted his gaze away and went to speak again, but stopped.

“Walker?” Alex encouraged; the love she felt for this man evident in her whole being, “It doesn’t matter what it is - nothing can change how I feel about you. Or how much you mean to me. So,” she summoned a brave smile, “Spit it out, Cowboy! What’s happened?”

The handsome Ranger traced down the side of her face and took an obvious deep breath. “Alex.” He blew through his lips and summoned enough courage to look her squarely in the eye once more. “I can’t do it again.” He shook his head slowly. “I …don’t want to do it again.” Walker swallowed hard.

Now Alex felt fear in her stomach. Can’t and didn’t want to do what? Get married? What? She waited for what seemed eternity before he continued.

“I don’t …want us to be apart for one more night. I don’t want us …to be separated every night.” The words tumbled out, “I don’t want to leave you at your apartment door. I …I want you to be in my bed …tonight. With me.”

“Walker! I …I…” Astonishment overrode her thoughts and the words about to be uttered dried on her lips.

Walker’s urgency was unabated. He’d come this far; there was no turning back. “The Justice of the Peace is upstairs. He’ll marry us in his lunch break. We’ve seen to the other administration …”

“We?” Alex interrupted, her head reeling.

“We only need two witnesses. C.D. and Trivette are upstairs. Alex Cahill,” Walker vowed. Then he stopped, and took in a deep breath. “I promise you …we will have a proper wedding. Alex, I want you to be my wife. Today! Now. I want for you to come home - to your home - the ranch. Where you belong.” Walker offered his last sentence with complete conviction, sincerity, and simplicity that defied debate. Anxiety etched on his face, he waited her reaction.

Alex’s mind raced, a thousand thoughts jockeying for position to be heard. Stilling them all - the beautiful blond in his arms rewarded his daring with the most engaging, captivating smile he had ever seen…




          They were nestled together on the swing seat on the porch at the ranch. The only visible light came from the huge fire in living room, its flickering reflected in the window. The evening was temperate and beautiful, and with so many brilliant stars on display, the lovers felt even the night had approved their union.

The new bride and groom lay wrapped together in a huge Indian blanket; Alex comfortably between Walker’s legs, leaning towards him, her forehead nuzzling the side of his neck. There was no embarrassment, only complete contentment and belonging in their nakedness. Their togetherness heightened, it was that rare, precious moment when two people find their place in life. For those few seconds in the history of time, the universe finally made sense.

“Walker?” Alex whispered again. “I’m so happy.”

He brought his legs up to encompass her; his arms wrapped around and guided her head to his chest, his chin resting against her fair hair. From now on, each night she would be completely his. He wouldn’t have to share her with the courts, their work colleagues, or even friends and family. And for the first time in his recollection, Cordell Walker was at peace with himself. In the complicated puzzle of his life she was that last, missing piece. Now the picture was complete.

Playfully fingering his beard Alex wanted to know more. “What was it that, …y’know, made you want to do this?”

Where would he begin? Walker thought for a few seconds. “When Brian asked me to drive,” the Ranger looked into her face as he tried to explain, “I made out I was hesitant because I hadn’t raced for such a long time. But, the truth was, it was just a race. It wasn’t like taking a risk to save a life.” It was said in such a way that Alex was forewarned he would still take a chance to save another if he had to.”

She nodded both her understanding and consent.

“I did it. But, I realized I didn’t want to take the risk, anymore. Because of you. When the race was over, I couldn’t wait to get out the car. I couldn’t wait to hold you my arms again.”

Alex thought back. He had seemed in a hurry to get out of the racecar - and that huge smile on his face! But she thought it was the excitement of winning. Although, she remembered, he had made a play for her arm and pulled her to him at some speed. They were forced to separate again because of the well wishers and happy confusion, but as she occasionally looked across at him his eyes were on her all the time. How could she have missed it? She had laughed and waved, completely unaware of the sentiment gnawing inside him.

He caught her inward laugh.

“What?” He smiled down.

Alex tugged at his beard to bring his lips within reach and kissed them. “I’ll probably be about sixty by the time I get you fathomed out!”

As his chuckles joined hers, the two pressed together once more to enjoy the night, and each other …from now on.


Author’s note:  (sigh) I wish……


It Takes Time.

By Pam G

Alex watched her dozing partner rest in front of the flickering fire. In his favorite chair, arms outstretched and his feet slightly apart, Cordell Walker slumbered fitfully. In fact, Alex mused, he went into quite a deep sleep! It was not for long, only twenty minutes or so.

Alex smiled. It had been so stupid and inconsiderate of her not to realize Walker had needed to do this. He’d been a bachelor for years and had a routine when he came back to the ranch that centered round this power nap. After all, the guy had one of THE most stressful jobs going, especially stressful where he was involved. Risking his life almost on a daily basis, when he came home and removed his gun and hat, his habit had been to sink into that old chair and let go, close his eyes and completely relax his body. Once refreshed, he was ready to take on an army as usual. If only she had realized, Alex thought back…

“Hi, honey!” Hearing the truck pull up, Alex ran out and stopped him before he could get to the last step on the porch. Now one of the few times they were of equal height, Alex whipped off his hat and covered him with small kisses.

The tough Texas Ranger laughed and warmly embraced his new bride.

“So. My wife beat me to it, again.”

“I’ve never been so quick on a deposition in my life!” She exclaimed. “I wanted to be here for you when you got back and at least have the oven heating with something nice in it.” Smoothing back his hair, he was kissed again.

Walker looked at her evenly. “I understand your job, Alex.  It doesn’t matter who’s home first!”

“I know, I know, and it won’t happen every time. But I want to when I can. I love you so much!” she exuded. “C’mon! Inside! Let me get your jacket. Sit down, tell me all about your day and I’ll tell you about mine.”

“Nothing that much to tell …”

But she had insisted that’s what they do, and over the next two weeks made a determined effort to beat him home. Good intentions - completely wrong with Cordell Walker! His response soon went from ‘why the third degree when I get in’, to finally sheer irritability on his part. And Alex was hurt. She put herself out during the day, not even having a lunch break so she could finish her work and get out on time, and this was the thanks she received for her efforts. Resentment crept in for both.

“Walker, man?” Trivette looked over as his partner somewhat aggressively drove the Ram through the busy Dallas streets. “Everything okay?”

“What? Interrogation by you now as well?” The words were out before the usually placid Walker could bite his lip. Annoyed with himself, the Ranger looked away and back to his younger partner. “Trivette …”

Trivette knew only too well. “It’s okay. No harm done. I’m ugly enough!”

Walker couldn’t help a small grin. He glanced over and back to the road as Trivette continued evenly.

“I can take you being cranky, but … Alex finding it hard?” He bravely ventured.

There was a good minute’s silence.

Walker shuffled awkwardly as he drove. “It’s not that.” There was a pause. It’s just …ah, nothing.” There was a shake of the head. “Forget it.”

One thing was sure, Walker was loyal to each one of his friends, and as for his wife? More so! He obviously felt he would betray her trust by opening up.

Trivette still tried to help. He had noticed the tenseness between his two best friends. “You think you’re betraying Alex’s trust by opening up to me. No problem, Walker. Just do one thing for me, man. What you were going to tell me just now? Say it to her, okay? If you opened your mouth more often you’d get on better in relationships.”

“Trivette! Are you finished?”

The younger man nodded and held out his hands. “Yeah,” he answered boldly, knowing he’d got his partner on the run, “And I think I’ve done pretty good.” His irrepressible smile was catching and Walker couldn’t help but grin along. He shot a quick glance over and warned half jokingly,

“This time, pard! This time!”

But as it turned out, however, the talk wasn’t needed. For the next few nights Alex was the one last home. Walker greeted her with a loving smile and a relaxed demeanor, the tension formerly between them, non-existent.  She was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events.

The following night when Walker arrived back, Alex was engrossed in a file and writing furiously. She looked up quickly as he stood in the hallway removing his checked jacket.

“Walker! I’m sorry.” Alex continued writing, “I’ll just need another fifteen minutes or so.” Her casual glance saw him with a relieved look.

“Don’t hurry! I’m fine.” Walker kissed her.

It vaguely crossed her mind then that it was odd he seemed pleased she was busy.

He crossed to the living room. “I’ll just sit a while, then make some tea.”

She hardly looked up at that point, but some twenty minutes later, having finally stowed away her papers and seeing him slumber peacefully, quietly entered the kitchen to prepare their meal. It wasn’t long afterwards she was grabbed from behind as Walker playfully gave her his full attention. They were back to normal!

The Ranger nibbled on her ear.

 “Walker!” Alex’s wet hands prevented her from responding.

Walker held on tight and savored the contours of her body. “Hmm. I have such a beautiful wife!” He grinned at her squirmings.

“Now is not the time. Walker. Walker!” Straining to turn round, Alex dipped her hands in the warm water, aimed, and flicked off the excess in his direction.

“Uhh!” Chuckling, he backed way.

“Ha! Got you on the run, now, mister,” Alex laughed, and grabbing the tea cloth snapped the end towards his butt. Alex was a whiz at that!

“I’ll retaliate! Alex! Don’t you ..” The soft cloth nipped the meaty part of his thigh. “Ouch! Right, lady!”

With the Ranger still rubbing his leg she chose her moment to run. “Ahhh!” Fleeing out the room with Walker in hot pursuit reduced her to giggles amidst pleas to be spared. “No! Please! I submit, I submit! I tap out!” Alex laughed joyfully.

Warmed and delighted, the tough guy picked her up in his arms and led her back to the front room. Sitting on his chair with her across his lap, she adopted a floppy, fetal position, somehow scrunching comfortably half over his torso. Enveloping her in his embrace, Walker caressed her face and tenderly, with great affection, kissed her forehead. Alex raised up her head to look at him, her eyes misty with love. There were no words needed, the two simply enjoyed their time wrapped together, safe and secure from the outside world. It was perfection personified, and Alex reveled in the feel of his muscular body, his manly smell, and the pleasant remnants of his after-shave. Running a hand up and down his chest and side, slipping lower towards his groin she felt more than heard his small laugh.

“Watch it!” he teased.

“Give me one good reason?” she countered.

Her husband sighed. Not that he had any objections, but he knew that once the banter started he would never win this type of conversation with the vivacious, clever, District Attorney. Still, he didn’t have any objections and her playful sassiness he adored. He remained silent although he was unable to stifle the knowing grin.

“Ah!” Alex delighted. “Hmm. Wonder why the cat’s got your tongue now? Could it be …” provocatively, her hand wandered south again.

Walker grew hot. “I warned ya!” Standing up with her in his arms, she laughed happily and helplessly as he gently carried her to their bedroom.

In the warm contentment of the aftermath their lovemaking, they cuddled with each other, the bridge of Alex’s nose firmly embedded in the side of Walker’s neck, his arms encompassing her.  Lying there in bliss, her thoughts wandering, suddenly the pieces of the puzzle came together and the penny dropped. The more Alex thought it through the more she knew she was right. After a day of work he simply needed some quiet time to recharge his batteries and after that he was refreshed. He’d been in that habit all these years, and then she moves in and not only is his routine upset, but he got cranky because he was tired! Why didn’t he say, she wondered? Well, she could soon put that right. And she would make sure he had time for himself more often in the future.

“Walker?” She whispered quietly.

She was kissed as a way of reply.

“I do love you.”

In a blink of an eye he had carefully flipped her over his torso and covered her with a mixture of his body and the bedcovers. He was incredibly fast, yet she felt only good nature and playfulness from the lethal martial artist. She laughed happily at her ‘plight’.

“And I’m completely crazy about you, wife.” The smile on his face was huge.

Clasping her hands around his powerful shoulders, Walker was hugged for his trouble.

You may take some figuring out, Cowboy, Alex thought, but you are worth the effort! And with his hands caressing her body, Alex braced for the pleasure about to hit her senses again.


Night Five

By: Pam G

Night five! Stroking away another tear Alex berated her self. Pull yourself together, woman! Her hold tightened on the pillow she hugged. Please, Walker, her body pleaded. Please, come back. What was it that FBI Commander said? 'Almost a suicide mission?' Oh dear God. Why? Why did he have to take it? Hasn't he done enough? Why him? Why right now? We were so happy, so very happy.
After what seemed an age Walker finally plucked up the courage to set a date and they had been man and wife for a whole six months. Marriage actually suited them. Suited him! She had no idea what he thought it would entail, but these months had been bliss - happy times full of laughter. From the passion of the bedroom to the sock throwing in the laundry room!
Even though exhausted with anxiety Alex's mind refused to submit to sleep. Why did he take this undercover job? They said there would be no recriminations, he was free to turn it down as the Governor couldn't order someone into such a volatile situation. Why? Isn't time you let someone else take over?
Alex's crying started again and she sobbed quietly. Walker? Where ever you are. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be unkind. I don't want you to think I didn't love you, I was just upset you had to go. I'm so sorry. Please come back so I can apologize. Her whole body ached for him. Every fiber, every nerve ending. Her eyes finally closed and the thoughts stilled.
Stirring, at the mere hint of clarity the gnaw in her belly returned. She longed for the weight of his arm over her body, and the way she would run her fingers through the tough fair hairs above his wrist. Inhaling deeply, she savored the way his powerful chest would snuggle into her back. Walker would draw her into his torso, her head would tuck neatly into his shoulder and arm, his other hand around the front of her body. She felt so warm; so secure when he did that. His steady breathing, the strong heart beating firm, and the reassurance of his occasional kiss close to her neck. Alex's skin tingled at the memory. I need you so much, Walker. She opened her eyes adjusting to the darkness. Her longing was great enough to be tangible.

Alex froze. But, there was an arm over her! She was wrapped up in strong arms! Adrenaline surging, Alex spun to face the naked body lying next to her.
"Walker? Walker!" She felt for his head. She had hold of a beard.
"Walker? Oh dear God!" Desperate, she pulled him as close as possible with almost a controlled panic.
"It's okay, hon." The mild mannered, quietly sexual voice brought control. "It's okay, now." He reassured.
Alex felt kisses covering her face. Her resolve completely broken, Alex's tears were earnest and heartfelt. Feeling for him again, she sensed a withdrawal as her lips neared his eyes.
"What's wrong?" When silence was the only answer, Alex's slim fingers fumbled initially, then the light turned on.
"Oh my. Walker!"
"I'm okay, Alex." Her husband reassured.
Her eyes darted, checking him out, her voice laced with sadness. "Oh Walker! Look at you." His cheeks were bruised and the left eyebrow had been split and sewn. Her focus centered on two bandaged wrists. "What's this for?" She questioned pointedly.
He was non-committal and calm. "Just a bit of broken skin."
Alex's voice raised an octave, "And what's this on your arms?" The elegant finger pointed at a dozen or so red inflamed circles. When Walker didn't reply she answered herself. "It''s cigarette burns, isn't it?" Her horrified expression interrogated.
"I'm okay." Walker drew her close, waiting a second for her legs to unfold and spread past him so their torsos could be together.
"Oh my darling." Taking Walker's head carefully into her neck his wife stroked the tousled red hair and tenderly rubbed a hand over his naked back. "Darling." Came the implored whisper. She inhaled deeply again as if she could suck him inside her. All her caring instincts heightened to the full, her compassion and love overflowed. "I love you. I love you so much." The blond kissed his neck as she withdrew to look at him again. "Can I get you something? Tea? Something to eat? Tell me how I can help you?" she sought earnestly.
The tough Texas Ranger shook his head and allowed a small smile to slip his defense. His wife was everything to him. "I have all I want, right here."
Alex crumbled at his words and her hand gently ran down his face, pausing over his beard and continuing it's slow journey down his neck. "Walker? How do can you go through something like this? How can you endure such a terrible thing happening to you?" Alex's face was a mix of bewilderment and admiration.
Meeting her eyes, Walker replied, "I hold the thought of you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again." The tough guy's eyes softened. "I just think about you." His arms encompassed her and his kiss was deliberate.
Unable to stop them, the tears tumbled down her cheeks.
"Hey." Strong hands supported the weight of her head. "No need for this. Everything will be fine."
His wife gasped for air as she tried to explain. "You say something as wonderful as that, but...I was horrible to you before you left. I...I'm so sorry. And they hurt you so much!"
She felt a small inward laugh. "You weren't horrible. You could never be horrible." Walker spoke evenly. "You were just a bit quiet."
The slight hyperventilation continued. "What if I had never seen you again? I couldn't have told you I was sorry I was mean to you before you left!"
"Alex. I thought, you were very brave."
She observed him again and incredulous, her head shook. "Look at you," came the quiet desperation. Walker tried not to, but his eyelids were so heavy. His wife watched as he fought to stay awake. "Just for once," she altered her position, switched the right way round, and keeping on hand on the upper part of Walker's left arm, reached over and turned out the light. Alex drew him down to rest in her side, placing his upper arm over her body. "I'm going to keep you safe, my darling." She pulled up the blankets and with care, lovingly covered him. One hand comforted his head, the other lay protectively across his shoulders. "Rest,"

He became slightly heavier as his body immediately relaxed, and almost instantly, now feeling totally secure for the first time in five days, the Ranger fell deeply asleep.
Towards the dawn, occasionally one or other would wake only to kiss and re-hug their partner and slip into blissful sleep once more.
Her eyes closing again, Alex sighed deeply. Please God, don't let this be a dream. Let it be real. And when the morning light came with the new day - the beautiful blond gasped with thankfulness. He'd been hurt, but he was here, still slumbering in the protection of her embrace. There was a pride his trust in her would allow himself to rest so completely. Alex hardly dared move for fear of waking him, wanting the moment to last forever. And her love couldn't be stronger, or deeper. Thank you, God. Thank you.

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