By  Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex opened the morning paper and was stunned to find an article about Sheila Raven on the front page of it. Reading the article Alex got mad because it was a glowing piece about how Sheila was carrying on her father's work in ensuring that her people would have their rightful place in America. The article then glossed over Sheila's kidnapping of Alex's son Sam by quoting Sheila as saying that the child hadn't been kidnapped. That in fact Alex had actually given her the baby because she; Alex didn't like the fact that Sam looked like a full blooded Cherokee. Sheila also said in the article that when she took the child she thought that it was best for him to be raised with people who wouldn't hold the way he looks against him like she was sure his birth mother was doing. Sheila also claimed that it was Walker's idea to get Sam back and not Alex's because Alex didn't want him in her house with her other all-American looking children.

Walker came into the dining room then and seeing how mad his wife was asked her "What's the matter?"  Not answering him verbally Alex handed him the newspaper and after reading the article Walker said "I've been meaning to talk to you about something." Getting suspicious Alex asked "What do you want to talk to me about? And why do I have the feeling that I'm not going to like it?"

"Because you're not. Sheila is going to be at our reservation next weekend for a tribal council." Walker told his wife who then questioned him "Will she be arrested for kidnapping our son?"

"No, she isn't going to be. Before you say anything else please listen to what I have to say first, okay?" Walker requested and Alex nodded her agreement. Walker then explained to his wife "Sam Coyote said that he couldn't arrest her for kidnapping because our son Sam was kidnapped from our house and it was up to the local authorities to arrest her then. He also that she couldn't be arrested for it as long as she was a representative of her tribe, apparently that makes her some sort of diplomat with the same immunity. I'm sorry Alex but I don't think that she will ever be arrested for taking Sam."

Slamming the paper down Alex muttered "Just great, that woman steals my son endangering his life not to mention almost destroying our marriage and nothing will be done to her."

"What do you mean, almost destroying our marriage?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "You know what I mean but I don't have time for this right now. I have to get ready for work." Alex told him and left the room leaving Walker to wonder if he hadn't gotten Sam back if he would have lost his wife.

Chapter Two

At work D.A. Moody's came into Alex's office with a Native-American. Moody introduced them "Mrs. Walker this is Mr. Wolf, who is here at the request of Sheila Raven. He said that he had something important that he needed to talk with you about.  I'll leave the two of you alone to talk." Moody then left.

Mr. Wolf got to the point by saying "Mrs. Walker, we would like you to turn over custody of Sky Eagle or as you know him Sam Walker to our tribe."

"Are you insane?" Alex bluntly asked him.

"Our tribe is aware of the fact that you don't want him because he looks like a Cherokee and we feel that it would be in his best interest for him to be raised among his kind." Wolf answered Alex who replied "You have about two seconds to leave my office before I have you thrown out."

"Don't make us take drastic steps to claim 'Sky Eagle'."  Wolf told Alex who barely kept a reign on her temper as she answered "Let's get a few things straight. One his white name is Samuel Eagle Walker and his tribal name is Soaring Eagle Firewalker. Two, he is being raised among his kind, his brothers and sisters. Three, he is mine and Walker's son and it will over our dead bodies before anyone else gets him. Your tribe almost killed him as I recall, now get out."

"Next weekend at the tribal council we will ask for custody of Sky Eagle and we will be granted it. The boy should be with those that he looks like; not white people and half-breeds." Wolf informed Alex and left.

When Walker came in a little later Alex said to him "Walker, there was a Mr. Wolf here from Raven's tribe. You wouldn't believe what he wanted."

"That's why I'm here, at the tribal council next weekend they are going to demand custody of our youngest son Sam." Walker said stunning Alex who then questioned her husband "How long have you known about this?"

"Since last week, Alex I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get upset when it turned out to be nothing." Walker tried explaining but Alex wasn't buying it as she exploded "Great just great, you know that someone is trying to take my baby from me and yet you don't bother to tell me. How could you do that to me?"

"I said that I didn't want you worrying if it turned out to be nothing. I mean who in their right mind would come up with such an idea? To have someone tell us that we should give our son to them because he looks like them?" Walker replied.

"Well guess what it turned out to be something after all, didn't it?  If that man hadn't come in here and demanded custody of Sam would you have even bothered to tell me what was going on?" Alex questioned her husband.

"Yes I would have, you know that. Alex, you are getting upset for nothing. There is no way that the tribe we belong to will give them our son and even if they did there's no way we would go along with it. Now we have to appear before the tribal council next weekend and tell them what they did, then it will be over and done with." Walker said.

"Over and done with? This is our son that we are talking about, not some legal matter." Alex told Walker who pulled her into a tight embrace and vowed, "I know that Alex and I swear that the only way any one gets him is over my dead body."

"That's what I told that Wolf character, that they were only going to get Sam was over our dead bodies. Sam is ours and he's going to stay ours just like the rest of our children." Alex answered her husband. She then asked him in a panic "What if they try taking him when we are at work? Walker, we have to go home now."

"Already taken care of, the sheriff has someone watching the ranch until we get home. When will you be home by the way?" Walker asked Alex who replied "Late most likely because Judge Milston likes to keep the court in session later than other judges. What about you?"

"I have some paper work to finish up then I'll leave for home, I should be there in an hour." Walker told his wife and then left her office.

Chapter Three

When Alex got home she was stunned to find Sheila Raven sitting in her living room with her nanny and her husband nowhere to be found. Alex angrily said "Get out of my house now."

Sheila smirked and replied "I'll be going, I was just wanted to see my soon to be son." Now really mad Alex retorted "Over my dead body or better yet yours. Now leave my house while you're still breathing."

Getting up from the couch Sheila told Alex "Next weekend the tribal council will see that giving him to us is the right thing to do because you never wanted him and you resent that he looks like us and not you and your husband, not to mention the other children who so all-American looking. Sam doesn't fit in to your perfect little family and you don't want him because of that so you should just admit it and give him to his kind. After all if you loved him the way that you're claiming to in public, why would you have given him to me to begin with? I'll bet that you never told your husband that you gave him to me did you?"

"I didn't give him to you, you kidnapped him. You took advantage of my husband's being worried about me after the birth of my triplets and misled him into getting me out of the house enabling you to steal my son. Then after you stole Sam you and your father nearly killed him. Sam would have died if Walker hadn't rescued him from the two of you. As for the tribal council meeting next weekend it doesn't matter what they say because neither Walker nor I would ever give one of our children away. Sam is the product of our love just like all of our children and he will remain here with his siblings in a loving home, not living with lunatics like you." Alex told Sheila who replied "We'll see, one way or another I will reclaim my son from the likes of you. My father told me that the Great Spirit gave him to me and my father was always right, you cannot go against that."

Having had enough Alex firmly replied, "You will never get my son as I've already told you and if you ever think about entering my house again I will end your life. I believe in defending my family from lunatics. I've done it in the past and I'll do it again if I'm forced to." Sheila left.  Alex turned to Betty who said "She said that she was here as a representative of your tribe. I'm sorry Mrs. Walker I didn't know she was the one who had taken Sam."

"Just don't let her in again. Where are Walker and the rest of my children?" Alex asked Betty who told her "Walker took Angela and Ray to the barn, the triplets are taking a nap in the nursery. I swear that she wasn't here long and that she didn't see the triplets." The door opened and Walker entered with Angela and Ray. Walker said to her "Alex you're home early."

Still upset Alex told him "Yes I'm home early and thank god for that because Sheila was sitting in my living room while my son's father was nowhere to be found. How could you Walker?"

"How could I what Alex? How was I supposed to know that Sheila would be crazy enough to come here?" Walker questioned his wife who snapped at him "When I told you that I was worried about her trying to take Sam while we were at work you assured me that he would be okay because you would be home to protect him and yet I get home to find her here. I won't go through that again, I won't."

"Alex, it's okay. I promise you that it won't happen. Please honey believe that I will protect our son just like I would protect you and our other children." Walker reassured Alex who wiped a tear away and told him "Walker, I'm sorry I do believe that you will protect Sam but her showing up here rattled me. Sam's being kidnapped was the worst thing that I ever went through, I can't bear the thought of going through something like that again."

"I know how you feel honey because that was the worst thing that ever happened to me too. You have my vow that it will never happen again. Now how we just enjoy being a family?" Walker asked her and Alex replied "Sounds good to me cowboy, as long as you help with the diapers."

Kissing her on the cheek Walker teased, "I thought that was a mother's job?" Teasing right back Alex answered "And a father's, so you're not getting out of it dear."

Chapter Four

Later on that night when the Walkers were in their bedroom Walker brought up Alex's remark earlier in the day that Sheila had almost destroyed their marriage by asking his wife "Alex, earlier today when you said that Sheila had almost destroyed our marriage, you didn't really mean that did you?"

"Yes I did. Walker please let me explain, okay?" Alex replied and Walker told his wife "Okay but it better be a good one."

"Okay but it better be a good one, are you serious?  You know that your behavior last time devastated me. You believing Sheila's lies and not me when I told you that she was up to something was so upsetting to me that I did question whether or not our marriage would survive. Walker, you are the one man that I've always been able to rely on, the one person who stood by me no matter what and when she did what she did I felt as though I could no longer rely on you to stand by me. Yes I know that you were doing what you thought was right because Dr. Bates told you that I would have the 'baby blues' but I guess I expected you to know in spite of seeming evidence to the contrary that I wasn't going to harm Sam or any of our children. I expected you to believe in me the way that I've always believed in you and you didn't. That night when you told me that you thought I was a danger to Sam I really thought about divorcing you, then the next day when she took Sam I was so devastated that all I could think of was that you believed the woman who had stolen my son and not me the woman that you claimed to love." Alex was explaining when Walker interrupted her to ask "So if I hadn't gotten Sam back, we would be divorced?"

"Yes... no... I don't know. Walker, like I said a part of me decided that if Sam wasn't gotten back I would divorce you but after he was returned and you explained why you did what you did I understood that you thought you were doing right by me. Walker, you got him back and that's all that matters to me." Alex told her husband who still questioned her "So you would have divorced me then if I hadn't gotten him back."

"Walker please don't go there, our marriage is still intact and you did go and get him back. Honey, I love you and I can't imagine being without you. Don't borrow trouble." Alex said to him but Walker just turned and left their bedroom without responding to her words. Alex sighed and got into bed. Several hours later Walker returned to the bedroom and got into bed with her.

A few hours later Walker was awakened by Alex yelling "No, don't give him back. Walker please don't let them take our son. Walker, no." Pulling Alex into his arms Walker assured her "Honey, it's okay. No one will take our son."

Awakening Alex said "Oh god Walker it was so vivid. Sheila was snatching Sam with the help of that Wolf who held a gun on me and you jumped in front of it and they shot you. Then as you fell to the ground they shot me and took Sam."

Pulling her even closer Walker said, "It was just a bad dream honey." Relaxing in his embrace Alex said, "I hope so but it seemed so real like it was actually happening. Walker about earlier, I'm sorry if it seemed like to you that I would have divorced you if Sam hadn't been returned. I love you and I will not live without you no matter what."

"I know Alex, it's okay now. Now how about you going back to sleep?" Hugging him Alex asked "I don't suppose that you feel up to making me sleepy?"

"Any where, any time, any way Alex." Walker stated as he began kissing his wife.

Chapter Five

At work Trivette asked "Hey Walker, what's with that crazy article in the newspaper where Sheila Raven claims that Alex gave her Sam, that she didn't kidnap him?"

"That's what she is claiming, that Alex resented the way Sam looks and gave him to her. As a matter of fact she is going before the tribal council next weekend to demand that they tell us to give her our son." Walker answered.

"Let me get this straight, Sheila kidnaps your son gets away with it and then has the nerve to go before a tribal council to tell them that they should tell you to just hand him over like a sack of potatoes?  Is she insane?" Trivette questioned Walker.

"I'm beginning to think she is and yes, that's exactly what she's trying to do." Walker replied and Trivette then asked him "How's Alex handling this?  Is she okay? I remember how upset she was when Sheila stole Sam and this must be like her worst nightmare coming true."

"Alex was pretty upset by it at first mainly because Sheila sent some man named Wolf to her office to demand that Alex turn over Sam to them." Walker informed Trivette. Then he asked his long time friend "Trivette, if I hadn't gotten Sam back, do you think that Alex would have divorced me?"

"Walker, don't go borrowing trouble. You did get Sam back and Alex understood that you were trying to help her that day Sheila got the two of out of the house and kidnapped your son. You were going by what Dr. Bates had told you and according to that witch Alex was behaving in exactly the manner you were told to look out for. How were you to know that she was lying because she wanted a son whose looks would please her biased father?"

"I should have known better Trivette." Walker stated and Trivette replied, "Walker you were a man who was worried about his wife and misled by a nut, let it go. Sam is a happy and healthy baby along with his siblings." Then he changed the subject by saying "Hey Walker, how about we tend to Ranger business?" So that's what they did.

Meanwhile in Alex's office Wolf showed up again and asked her "What is your answer in regard to Sky Eagle?"

"You got your answer the other day, now get out of my office before I have you removed." Alex told him as she picked up the phone.

"You are a foolish woman to defy the spirits. We will claim him next weekend, one way or the other." Wolf vowed as Sydney entered Alex's office and after overhearing the exchange told him "Mister you have already been told to leave so do so while you still can." After he left Sydney asked, "Are you okay? Do you want me to call Walker?"

"I'll be okay. You don't need to call my husband, I've dealt with people who try to get their way by bullying and I don't give into it. So are you ready to go to lunch?" Alex said and after Sydney replied yes they went to lunch. After they had eaten lunch Sydney returned to Ranger headquarters and after entering Walker's office told him what had happened earlier in Alex's office. He said that he was aware of it because Alex had just called him and told him about it.

Chapter Six

When they both got home from work Alex and Walker took all of their children for a walk around their property to forget about things. As Angela and Ray were watching the horses in the pasture Alex asked her husband "Walker, what are we going to do about them?"

"Alex, I know that this is upsetting you but you can't let them get to you." Walker told his wife who then said "How am I supposed to do that when that Wolf comes to my office to inform me that next weekend they are going to take my son one way or the other? Walker in my dream they shot you and me then they took Sam while we were laying there dead. We need to come up with a plan to take care of them before then."

"Alex, Sam and I have been talking about this and after Sheila's insane idea is rejected by the tribal council Sam is going to request that the tribal council strip her rights as a member of her tribal council from her. Once they do that she can be arrested for kidnapping our son Sam. Sam Coyote said that he would then be able to hold her for the F.B.I. because she took our son across state lines when she stole him." Walker explained.

"But can they do that? I mean she isn't a member of our reservation." Alex questioned Walker who told her "Yes they can because in this case it will be a combined council of elders from both reservations. We just have to convince some of Sheila's tribal elders that her demands goes against everything they value and respect."

"I hope that you're right because I want her out of our lives for good. The idea that she can show up and demand our son and not be arrested for kidnapping him is so wrong. I want her where she can't be a threat to him ever again." Alex replied.

"You and me both." Walker said. Just then Angela began yelling "Daddy, there's Sheila who stole baby Sam." Walker looked to where Angela was pointing and saw Sheila standing there smirking. Going over to her Walker said "Get off of my property now."

"It's a free country." Sheila answered Walker who told her "This is private property and if you don't leave I have the right to make you leave however I chose, be it dead or alive."

"You can't kill me, I have diplomatic immunity." Sheila smirkingly said so Alex then replied, "Your immunity isn't valid on my property and I can and will have you arrested for trespassing. Now go."

Just then Mr. Wolf appeared and told the Walkers "Please don't make this hard on everyone, the Great Spirit gave the child to her and you should honor his wishes. You do not go against that without paying for your foolishness. Our council knows that your wife gave him away because she doesn't want him. Sheila Raven does want him and the child should be with her because she doesn't hold his looks against him."

"Okay enough, Sheila kidnapped him and Sam is going nowhere with anyone but his parents. If I see either one of you anywhere near my property or any of my children again you will be arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping. Now leave." Walker told them and they both left without another word. Walker pulled Alex close to him while Angela asked "Daddy, is Sheila going to take baby Sam again?"

Alex answered, "No sweetheart, no one is going to take him or any of you other children. Your father and I will make sure of it, if it's the last thing we do."

Chapter Seven

Walker was upset to learn that he wasn't permitted to appear in front of the tribal council, that he wouldn't even be in the council chambers during it. Alex was the one who had to speak for them in regards to their son. It took some serious talking on Sam Coyote's part until Walker went along with it. Walker did get Sam to agree to check Sheila and Mr. Wolf for a gun because of Alex's dream, they didn't have one. Since Sheila was a guest she was allowed to speak first and she told them "I want my son Sky Eagle returned to me. He was given to me by his birth mother as the Great Spirit told my father would happen in a vision. My father Raven told me that the vision said I would be granted a home because of my cousin Sharona and that the youngest male child in that home would look like my father, that I would be given this child to raise according to our beliefs. I was at Sharona's request hired by the Walker's and their youngest son looked just like my father. However I do admit that I still held a doubt as to whether Raven was right about his vision because what kind of mother would give her newborn away? It was to my great joy when the child's birth mother approached me and told me that she wanted me to have him and to take him where he would be among his kind. That she had only been expecting twins and not Sam, that he didn't fit in with his siblings because of his looks. I did as she asked but several days later the child's birth father showed up and demanded him back. I refused but my father Raven told me to let the child go with the birth father because he had another vision that I would be granted my son back in the future. I listened to Raven because even though it hurt me to be parted from my son I realized that my father was right and I would see my son again and take him home to the people he belongs with. I have seen for my own eyes that Mrs. Walker resented the way the child she knows as Sam looks like our people. He will never be welcomed in that home by her, please for the child's sake return him to his rightful place."

One of Sheila's tribal elders asked, "Sheila Raven this a very serious thing that you ask for, is there anyone from here who believes as you do?"

"Yes, there are several as a matter of fact. May I have one of them speak before this council?" Sheila asked and was given permission so she had Charlie Maneater speak for her "As you know I majored in genetics at the university and while I was there I had a friend who was as I am Cherokee and proud of it but he was raised by a white mother who resented that he didn't look like the other children in her home did and belittled him every chance that she got. I fear that the same thing will happen to Sky Eagle if he isn't placed with people who look like they are his parents instead of being in a family where he sticks out because of his looks. Look at that woman standing there and tell me that the child will not suffer from being in her home with his Cherokee looks and the others looking like her, can any of you tell me that? I know that it goes against our values to separate a mother and child but in this case I truly believe that the child would be better off with Sheila Raven instead of being with his birth mother who resents the way he looks. She does not want a true Cherokee in her home and she has already proven that by giving him away once."

"You have made a very compelling argument. I say this child must be given to Sheila Raven as her father's vision showed. Mrs. Walker will you do the right thing by the child you know as Sam Walker and give him to his true mother?" The tribal elder Rose Hawk asked Alex who replied "I will never give him to anyone, ever."

"If this tribal council tells you to as a member of the tribe will you honor their wishes? If your mate tells you to as the head of your house, will you obey him?" Hawk questioned Alex who vowed, "I will never give my son away no matter who tells me that, be it tribal council or mate." This caused some muttering among the tribal council and Hawk who had been questioning Alex pushed for a vote by saying "In this matter of seeing to the child's spiritual guidance and well being how does this council vote?"

White Eagle stood up and said "Sheila Raven was permitted to say why she should be given the child so the birth mother must be permitted to say why she would defy this council to keep the child that Sheila Raven claims she once gave to her."

Giving in Rose Hawk reluctantly said "We will listen to her speak and then you will all see that she speaks without telling the truth."

Chapter Eight

Alex started her explanation by saying "How do you tell someone that you would never give up your child when you can't even conceive of anyone thinking that they have the right to take him from you to begin with. I guess you start by saying the truth. When I found out that I was pregnant I was told that I was expecting twins so it is the truth that I was never expecting Sam but once I saw him I felt about him the same way that I did my other children, that if I had to I would die for them. Now as to me giving him away; that is the delusions of a woman who was so desperate to please a demanding father by giving him a child that remotely looked like him that she stole my son. My son Samuel Eagle Walker also known as Soaring Eagle Firewalker looks just like my husband's uncle Ray and his father John. When White Eagle and Sam Coyote came to my hospital room to see about my hiring Sheila as my nanny they questioned if I had a problem with his looks, I truthfully told them that I didn't because I have always wanted the children to be proud of where they came from on both sides of their family. Neither I or my husband believe that the way one looks is what matters, we both believe that the way one conducts themselves is what matters. What should truly matter to this council is that my youngest son after being kidnapped by Sheila Raven almost died because when he was born his lungs weren't as developed as his siblings were and she left his medicine behind. A loving mother does not do that. If Walker hadn't found him when he did Sheila and her father would have stood by and done nothing while he died. This is love according to her?  If you have a child  you do whatever you have do to make sure that the child is okay no matter what you have to do or who have to defy. I stand here today and freely admit that I will defy this council if they rule that I should give my child away because the only way he will ever be taken from me is over my dead body."

Seeing some of the others nodding in agreement Rose Hawk interrupted to sneer at her" What do you know about loving him, you gave him away remember? How else would Sheila Raven have been able to take him from your house if you were that protecting of him as you now claim to be?"

"Sheila Raven was able to take my son because before I left the hospital Dr. Bates who was my doctor at the time thought that I would have post partum depression and wrote down the signs to look out for which she then gave to Sheila Raven and my husband. Sheila used my husband's natural concern about me to mislead him into thinking that Dr. Bates was right so Walker insisted that we go see my friend Sharon who is a therapist and the minute that we were out of the house Sheila took off with my youngest baby. I was not home when my son was stolen, if I had been there when she attempted to take him one of would have been dead because I will never let anyone have him without dying first. That goes for all of my children. Now Sheila was able to address this council with her demand. I have one of my own, I want her stripped of her post so that she can be arrested for kidnapping Sam and almost killing him." Alex finished up and sat down.

Sharona stood up and asked, "May I address this council?" After being given permission she stated "I asked my husband Samuel Coyote to see if his friend Cordell Walker also known as Washo would take Sheila into his home because she and her mother, who was already living here came to me and begged for my help in getting Sheila away from her father Raven. Sam agreed and when Walker told him that Mrs. Walker had had triplets instead of twins Sam suggested that Sheila help them, they agreed.  About seven weeks later Sheila's mother called me to tell me that Sheila was telling her old boyfriend that she had had his child. Her mother and I both asked Sam to go to the Walkers and talk to Sheila about her lies. We did not know that she would steal their son in a misguided effort to appease her father who was very biased. When my husband came back from the Walkers and told me what happened I was horrified because I felt as though I had a hand in his being taken. When Walker and Sam found little Sam and got him back where he belonged I was relieved because I know that if they hadn't Raven would have killed him. I now believe the reason why Sheila begged me for help in getting away from her father was because of her son Sean's death."

Chapter Nine

Sheila jumped up shouting "She lies, Sean has nothing to do with me wanting my son back to protect him from a resentful birth mother. Furthermore, my father did not kill my son, my mother's impurity did." A stunned Rose Hawk questioned, "What are you talking about? Sheila, is it true that you bore a child named Sean?"

Sharona answered, "Yes she did but he was born too soon and her father Raven insisted that the baby did not need to be in a hospital, that the spirits would see to his well being. When the baby died Raven told his daughter that the spirits punished her for not having a baby that was a full Cherokee. If you do not believe me ask her mother what happened to her grandchild."

White Eagle said, "Perhaps we should hear from Sheila's mother." As her mother stood up Sheila said to her "Do not lie about my father Raven, he didn't kill my son you did. My father loved me enough to ask the sprits to grant me another son and they did; Sky Eagle was given to me by them."

Autumn addressed the council by saying "Sharona speaks the truth. My daughter Sheila gave birth to a premature son she named Sean after the baby's father. When the baby was born he had trouble with his lungs and Sheila's father insisted that the child would be cured if he were worthy of being cured. After the baby died my husband Raven told his daughter that it was my fault that her baby was dead because my grandmother was white. When I told Sheila that wasn't true, that the baby died because Sean did not get the medication that he needed for his lungs my husband threw me out with just the clothes on my back. Having nowhere else to go I came here to my niece's house and she and her husband saw to it that I was able to make a fresh start. Sheila wrote me about a year later that she was scared of her father, that he was hounding her about having another baby. I had her move in with me and encouraged her to go to nursing school, which she did. When she told me that she was going to be helping the Walkers with their children I questioned whether or not she should be around babies after losing hers. Sheila assured me that it was okay but begged me not to tell anyone that she had lost her child because it still upset her and I agreed not to. When I found out that she was telling her old boyfriend that she had just given birth to his child I asked Sam and Sharona to talk to her about her lies, I was worried about her mental state. I did not know that her father had been in touch with her. It is to my great sorrow that I wasn't able to protect my child from her father's harmful influence. I know now that I should have told my niece and her husband about Sean much sooner than I did and it is to my regret that I didn't say anything about my grandchild until yesterday. I know that Sheila is my daughter but I must tell the truth, I have seen the way Alex Walker looks at her son Sam and it is the same way she looks at her other children, with a mother's love. Mrs. Walker is the true mother of Soaring Eagle, not my daughter." Autumn paused and then said to her daughter "Please Sheila, Sean is dead and you cannot take another woman's child to replace him. Honey I will get you whatever kind of help that you need. Just let me help you."

            Rose Hawk then said " We did not know about Sheila Raven's previous child but I still find it possible that her claim has merit."

White Eagle protested, "Sheila Raven kidnapped a newborn and put his parents through a living hell and you have the nerve to say her claim may still have merit? When even you didn't know the whole truth about this matter to begin with. Her own mother speaks for Mrs. Walker. Rose Hawk, you only have to see the two of them together to see who is really the mother of my namesake."

Hawk replied "Have it your way then. Wolf, bring the child here and we will see who truly loves him." When Alex looked like she was going to protest White Eagle assured her "I will go with Wolf and bring the child to you." 

Chapter Ten

When they returned with baby Sam Alex and Sharona were kneeling in the middle of the room with the tribal council loosely surrounding them in a circle. White Eagle took Sam and placed him halfway between Alex and Sharona. Alex looked at Sam and smiled but made no move towards him. Sharona began calling to him and Sam looked around for a while then spotting his mother started crawling towards Alex. When Sharona saw this happening she grabbed Sam and said, "There, there honey, Mommy's got you. You're safe now."

Sam looked at her and screamed as though he was terrified causing Sharona to jiggle him in an effort to calm him down which only caused him to scream more. Rose Hawk said, "Place the child back down Sheila. You agreed to this, as did Mrs. Walker. Put him down and resume your position." After looking at the door for a minute Sheila reluctantly placed Sam back on the floor. He crawled to Alex and uttered "Mama." Placing a hand on her son's head Alex fought back a tear.

Rose Hawk then said to the gathering "Sheila Raven came to our council and told us a tale of how young Sam here was given to her by his birth mother because of his looks and we believed her. Even after hearing everything that I heard today I still believed that she was telling the truth. Mrs. Walker stood here today and told everyone that she would defy whomever she had to including us when it came to Samuel Eagle Walker. As you have all seen and witnessed Mrs. Walker agreed that when the child was brought in he would be placed between them and that she would stay there quietly without influencing the child to go to her. Sheila Raven also agreed to do the same thing yet it was her who broke her word to this gathering and not Mrs. Walker. Only a true mother who know in her heart that her child would pick her. I say the child has shown us who is his rightful mother and that is Mrs. Walker. The request submitted to this council by Sheila Raven is denied. The child will stay with his mother Mrs. Walker who truly loves him as we have just witnessed."

Alex picked Sam up, hugged him while he said "Mama, Mama." Smiling White Eagle told Alex "Mrs. Walker, the rest of your family is waiting outside for you. You may take your son and leave now." As Alex headed to the door Sheila screamed at her "If I can't have him neither will you." Then she threw a knife at them but her mother Autumn quickly stepped in the way. As everyone stood there stunned Sheila took off.

As soon as Sheila ran out Walker entered with his children to find Alex trying to help Autumn, seeing her husband Alex told him "She needs a doctor." Sam who had also entered said, "I'll get him, you stay here with your family Washo. After I get Dr. Storm,  I'll see if I can find Sheila." Some of the others began to apply pressure to Autumn's wound while Alex said to her "Thank you, I owe you my son's life."

Autumn replied "I am sorry for the trouble my daughter has caused your family." Alex then assured her "It's okay, please take it easy." Dr. Storm arrived and took Autumn to his clinic after telling Sharona that the knife hadn't penetrated too deeply, that her aunt would most likely just need a few stitches. The Walkers left with their children followed by Sharona who asked them "Is it okay if I come to your place until my Sam gets back and takes me to the clinic to see my Aunt Autumn? Sam doesn't want me to be by myself for too long, what with me about ready to have this baby. I hope." The Walkers agreed and she went with them.

Chapter Eleven

At the Walkers Sharona said to Alex "How were you able to sit still and wait for your son to come to you? I mean weren't you scared that he would go to Sharona?"

Alex replied, "I know my son and he doesn't like to be fussed over, Sam likes to come to you. I knew that Sheila even though she gave her word not to try and get him to come to her that she would do everything to make sure that he came to her. I wanted everyone to see that she wasn't keeping her word. So even though it was hard to just stay there I knew that I had to so that we could put a stop to her insane scheme to take my son."

"But when she grabbed him, weren't you scared that she would take off with him?" Sharona questioned Alex who answered "Terrified but I knew that she couldn't leave the room with him because they were too many people in the way. Also once she grabbed him that really upset Sam and I knew that he would then want me to comfort him. Sam likes me to hold him when he's been upset by something."

Walker then said, "Will you be okay here? I want to see if they found Sheila yet."    

"Are you sure that you should go looking for her?  I mean she wants our son and he's here, so in order for her to get him she has to come here. Walker, I know that you want this over and done with like I do but I'd feel better if you would stay here with us." Alex told Walker who replied, "Okay."

Alex then turned to Sharona and asked her "So, how's it going? Ready to kill your husband yet?"

Laughing Sharona answered "Sometimes, I mean Sam has been great during my pregnancy but I am so ready to have this baby and it seems to be taking forever."

"I know that feeling, during the last month you are so anxious to see your baby and when your husband assures you that the baby will be here before you know it a part of you really wishes that just for a minute he could feel like you do, tired, cranky and so heavy. Did Sam have the nerve to say to you that you're not fat just pregnant like Walker here?" Alex said to Sharona who nodded yes.

Walker then said "Okay you two, I see that I'll have to have a talk with Sam about where he puts his hands during the delivery." A puzzled Sharona asked him while Alex smiled "What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is that once a woman is in labor she tries to break your hands when she's having a contraction. Believe me when the triplets were born I really thought that Alex had broken my hand and when I said something about it Alex said poor baby like she didn't care she had almost broken my hand." Walker explained.

"Walker, I didn't squeeze your hand that hard and like I told you at the time if you thought that hurt you should try labor pains. Sharona don't pay any attention to my husband. The way I figure it is that if he's in the delivery room with you, you have every right to squeeze his hand and if he can't take the pain he should leave the room." Alex said and Walker replied, "I didn't say that I couldn't take the pain and besides it was worth it. Sharona, once you and Sam see your baby everything you go through to have the baby will be well worth it."

Sam knocked on the door entered their house and then said, "Walker, Sheila is with her mother and the both of them want to talk to you and Alex. Sharona and I will watch your children for you."

Chapter Twelve

When they got to the clinic White Eagle was there watching over Sheila and Autumn, Sheila was sitting besides her mother who was telling her "It will be all right Sheila, I promise you." Alex said to them "What do the two of you want to talk to us about?"

Autumn answered "Having mercy on my daughter. Now before you say anything can I explain why I'm asking this?"

Walker replied, "Okay, we're listening."

"When my daughter lost her child I left her with her father and I never should have. I should have either stayed there myself or taken Sheila with me to get her the help that she needed at the time. Losing her baby was so devastating to her that my daughter lost her way and her father then took advantage of her pain to lead her down the wrong path. Ever since Sean died my daughter hasn't been thinking right." Autumn was saying when Sheila interrupted to say "Mother you are wasting your breath, she has no idea what it feels like to lose your baby."

Alex replied, "As a matter of fact I do. I have had three miscarriages and then I had my youngest son taken from my home so don't tell me that I don't know what it feels like to lose a baby. Now as to having mercy on your daughter what exactly do you expect from us regarding that? She just tried to kill me and my son."

"I know I stepped in front on the knife. I want you to allow Sheila to come here to live with me. I promise you that I will see to it that she gets the therapy that she needs." Autumn answered and Walker questioned her "What does where she lives have to do with us? She can't be arrested by the F.B.I. for kidnapping our son unless both councils agree to it."

"They have. Please Mr. and Mrs. Walker don't have my daughter thrown in jail. I'm begging you." Autumn pleaded with them and Alex responded "Your daughter took my son once and tried to get others to help her take him again. How can we be sure that she won't try again? Because I'm telling you right now I will never go through anything like that again.  The only way that I'll know for sure Sheila won't try to take him again is if she's locked up. I need more than your word it won't happen again."

"I know that but all I can give you is my word that Sheila won't do it again. I swear that if at any time I feel as though Sheila is even thinking about taking him I will stop protecting her and call Sam Coyote myself to have her arrested." Autumn vowed.

Still not completely sure Alex said "How will I know if she stops her therapy before she should and becomes a threat to my baby again?"

White Eagle who had been sitting quietly during the conversation said, "I will see to it that Sheila gets the help that she needs. You have my word that she will never again to a threat to my namesake." Walker said "Okay." Then he took Alex's hand and they left.

Back at the house Alex kept quiet until after Sam and Sharona left and the children were sleeping then she questioned him "Walker, she tried to take Sam twice. Then she tried to kill the both of us and after her mother pleads for mercy you agree that she shouldn't be arrested. Are you crazy?"

"Alex, White Eagle gave us his word that he would see to it that Sheila gets the help that she needs and I trust him. Alex honey you know what it's like to lose a baby, you must know how that could have messed up her thinking." Walker said and Alex replied, "Yes I know that it's devastating to lose a baby but I never tried to take someone else's to replace any of my lost babies."

"Alex it does no good to put her in jail when she could be helped. Please go along with me on this. You have my word that she never will be a threat to our son again." Walker vowed and after thinking about it Alex said, "Okay, I trust you to know what you're doing."

Striping her clothes off Alex got into bed and asked her husband "You coming to bed?  If you're not hand me a nightgown because I'm getting cold." Quickly stripping himself Walker got into bed pulled his wife close and said "I'll warm you up honey."

"Cordell, stop talking and start warming." Alex teased Walker who did exactly that. When they were done Alex said to her husband "I want to go home tomorrow and forget all about Sheila."

"We will honey, now how about a good night kiss?" Walker replied and Alex pulled him closer and kissed him some more.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as a infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show, nothing more.