Silent Surveillance

By Sissy (

& Jennifer (



She wakes suddenly, panic clawing at her throat, Alex shivers, her senses straining for the slightest sound. Hearing nothing, she finally releases her breath and slowly sits up. Reaching over and picking up the baseball bat on the floor at the side of the bed, she stands, clutching the bat as she moves quietly toward the bedroom door.


Pretty sure she won’t find anything, she nevertheless uses caution as she pushes the door open into the living room. She takes a deep breath and turns on the lights then checks the doors and windows, finding them still locked, just like before.  She sits down on the couch with an exasperated sigh, wondering why this is happening?  This is the third time in two weeks that she has felt someone in her apartment. Feeling is all she has to go on, because there have been no sign of forced entry, and nothing looks disturbed, but she knows someone has been in her apartment, because of the odor of a man’s cologne that lingers in the air plus her own feelings of being watched. Shutting the lights out and going back into her bedroom she sits down on the edge of the bed, wondering if she should try to go back to sleep or sit up and wait for morning.


She turns to look at the clock and sucks in her breath as she sees a black rose lying on the nightstand. Fear fills her when she realizes how close he had been to her. Knowing that sleep is out of the question now, she grabs a blanket off the bed and curls up in the big armchair in the corner of the room, pulling the cover tightly around her.


The following morning, Alex is coming out of her office, her senses not quite as alert from lack of rest, and plows into Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker. His solid wall of muscle barely moves whereas she is bounced back and stumbles.  His hand is quick as he reaches out to catch her arm, pulling her up against him. “Oops, there I got you. Are you all right?”


Her hands against his chest, she looks up into his face. Seeing a look of concern, she murmurs, “Yes, I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” But he doesn’t release her, she even feels his arms tighten just a little more. “I’m all right, Walker, you can let me go.”


“Oh, sorry.” His arms drop to his sides, and he takes a step back from her. “Are you sure you’re all right.” His eyes taking in her haggard look, “You look…”


“I know, like hell.” Looking up at him, a friend that maybe can help, she decides to tell about the events that has turned her life upside down. “Walker, do you have a few minutes, I’d like to … talk to you about something that’s been bothering me.”


Nodding, “Sure.” At his answer she turns and pushes the door open to her office and he follows on her heels. Sitting down at her desk, she waits as he closes the door, then quickly standing back up, she paces nervously around the room then suddenly stops and turns, facing him. “Walker somebody is getting into my apartment, while I’m sleeping.”


He stands away from the door where he had been leaning, “Why haven’t you reported it, Alex?” He knows that if she had he would have seen it.


“Report what? He isn’t breaking in he’s just … there. Nothing is disturbed and nothing is taken. I have nothing to back up my claim.”


He moves closer, her stance is rigid, as if she relaxed she would collapse to the floor. “What makes you think someone has gotten into your room, then?”


“The smell of a man’s cologne. It’s so strong I can smell it all over the apartment. And last night … last night he left this on my nightstand.” She leans over and picks up the black rose that she had thrown in the trash can.


Walker moves closer and takes the rose from her trembling fingers. His voice soft, “Alex, if you report this, the crime lab can come in and take fingerprints.”


Frustrated she looks up at him, “Walker if he can get into my apartment without breaking in, he’s going to be smart enough not to leave fingerprints.”  She backs away from him, and sits down on the couch, her hands wringing nervously in her lap. “I’ve tried to wait up to catch him, but he doesn’t come every night. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep anymore.”


“You have no idea who could be doing this?”


“None! I’ve racked my brain trying to think of who it might be. I even watch the men around me, trying to smell their cologne. Let me tell you that gets me funny looks.  I don’t know what to do anymore.”


“I take it, you’ve had your locks changed?”


“Yes, the first time it happened.”


“Alex, I’ve got to go, but I will look into this.” He moves toward the door then turns back, “I’ll get back with you before you leave tonight.” He reaches out to hand her the rose, and she grabs it throwing it back into the trash.


“I don’t want this thing, I don’t even know why I brought it in.”


Seeing the tears threatening to spill in her eyes, he moves up and takes her in his arms. “Alex, it’s all right. We’ll catch this guy. But don’t leave tonight until you hear from me, okay?”


She nods her head, unwilling to move away from his arms, feeling, for the first time since this all started, a sense of peace, calming her.


Tilting her head up, the urge to kiss her is so strong that he fights to control himself, “Promise?”


A small smile perks up the corners of her mouth, “I promise.” He leans over and touches his lips to her forehead. Then feeling his control slipping, he releases her and quickly steps out the door.


Alex stares after his retreating figure, her body tingling form his touch. Her hand moves to cover the place his lips had touched, still feeling the heat of it spreading through her body.




Knowing that Walker is going to be helping her, her nerves have calmed and she manages to keep her mind on cases that have piled up on her desk.  She’s deep in thought when a shadow falls across her desk. Catching her breath, she quickly looks up. A look of apprehension fades away as a smile lights up her face when she sees Walker standing at the open door.


“Have you got a minute or should I come back later?”


“No, I’m just finishing up. Come on in and shut the door. Let me finish this and then we can talk.”


He sits down on the couch and watches her as she bends over the paper, her mind back on the file in front of her. Within a minute she is gathering the papers up and stuffing them back into the folder. Laying it on the stack of others piled on the corner of her desk she stands and moves over to sit beside Walker on the couch.


“What have you found out?”


“To be truthful, nothing. But I have an idea that I want to run by you.”


She looks at him, their eyes lock and she has to force herself not to reach out and touch him. “A way to catch him?”


“I hope so. The best way is for me to stay inside your apartment, but he would know I was there and not show. He evidently knows your schedule pretty well. So … we’ll do the next best thing.”


“What’s that?”


“I’ll take an apartment next to yours, then if he shows up I’ll be close by.”


“But how will you hear him? I can’t hear him even when he’s right next to my bed.”


“I’ve already thought of that, give me your key and when I go over to rent the apartment, I’ll install listening devices next to your doors and windows so that the slightest whisper of a noise will be heard. And I want you to put this on your nightstand,” he reaches into his pocket and brings out a walkie-talkie. “Place it close to your bed but where it can’t be readily seen.”


She looks at him with skepticism, “Why not just a listening device next to my bed, too.” She turns to her purse and gives him the extra key to her apartment.


“Because this way I can talk to you, if something comes up.”


“Walker, how is this going to work, all you’ll hear is me tossing and turning in bed.” A light blush covers her face at the thought of him listening to her restless ramblings at night.


His face tinges up slightly for the same reason.  “Alex, if he comes into your room I’ll hear him. He seems to know if you sit up waiting for him, and he is persistent enough to come back after you’ve changed locks. So, it may take a few nights but I’m betting he won’t wait long to come back.”


The only apartment available is on the corner from hers, his balcony overlooking hers, if the drapes were open he could see right into her bedroom. Hanging up what few clothes he brought with him then glancing around the sparsely furnished rooms, with only table and chairs and a bed, he decides to get his shower while she is still awake. Fifteen minutes later he leaves the bathroom with just his jeans slipped on, moving out onto the balcony as he dries his hair with a soft towel.


As he stands there looking out over the city, his eyes stray toward her balcony and he sees her moving around in her bedroom. Just shadows but they tease his senses. The walkie-talkie in her bedroom is picking up the light swishing of fabric as she removes her clothes, and the sound of water running in the bathroom. Both combined are making him hard as a brick as his imagination begins working overtime conjuring up a picture of her nude body under him, opening her legs for him, of him driving into her and feeling her quivering with pleasure as she reaches a climax. He groans and shakes his head trying to dislodge the sensuous thoughts from his mind. He flops down on the bed listening to the provocative sounds whispering through the walkie-talkie. He can hear every sound she makes as she sleeps. The sounds are as audible as if she were lying beside him. Her soft breathing, the rustling of sheets as she moves, and when he hears a tiny moan he rolls over and pulls the pillow over his head but quickly removes it and sits up listening not wanting to take a chance of not hearing her visitor if he should arrive.  Then he hears a long deep sigh, jumps up from the bed and strips out of his pants, stepping into a cold water shower, to ease the pain of unsatisfied need.


After spending a sleepless night, his body is sluggish, but sitting in the truck and watching Alex walk to her car after leaving her apartment, he feels the stirring of his manhood once again. Ever since he first met with her at her office, it seems like he’s been rock hard ever since. And this is asinine. He’s always felt close to her, but thoughts like this have never entered his head before. Well, that’s a lie. She’s a beautiful woman and he’d have to be dead not to have thought about her along those lines at one time or another but nothing as strong as what he is feeling now. He had even decided to ask her out before this came up and now it has been taken out of his hands.


At noon, he stops in her office to see if she’ll go to lunch with him. She quickly agrees and he escorts her to C.D.’s for lunch. They find an empty booth, sit down and place their order.


“No problems last night?”


“No, just that I was afraid to go to sleep.”


“I’m right there, Alex. I won’t let anything happen.”


“I know, but I all I can think of is him standing in my bedroom.”


He reaches out his hand for hers, “Alex, do you trust me?”


She stares at his hand for several seconds, then looks up into his eyes, “Yes … I do … I do trust you,” she murmurs as she places her hand within his. His fingers curled around hers and for the longest time they just look at each other.


“Then believe that I won’t let anything happen to you, okay?”


Her heart is beating so hard she’s sure he can hear it and if the look she sees in his eyes is any indication, his is beating just as loud.  He wants her.


And she wants him.  “Okay.”


Walker has always enjoyed being around her, knows she’s fun and feisty and …independent but now he wants her, the way a man wants a woman, and he wonders what she would say if she knew what he was thinking.  When C.D. brings their lunch over, Walker lets go of her hand and begins eating but Alex’s senses are taking her on an emotional roller coaster and her appetite falls to the wayside. She likes being around him, but this is a side of him she never knew existed. She likes it but not sure what to do about it.


He returns her to the courthouse and lingers at the door to her office not wanting this time to end. But the time is cut short with, “I’ve got to go Walker, I’ve got to be in court in fifteen minutes.” As he turns to leave she stops him with a touch to his arm. “I’ll see you … tonight?”


He just smiles and nods not trusting himself to speak. Just as she enters her office, Trivette comes rushing out of Ranger Headquarters, “Come on, Walker, there’s been a robbery at First National.” He takes one more look after Alex then turns to join his partner in the elevator.




When Alex leaves her office to go home at the end of the day, she sees Walker standing at the elevator. “Hi. Are you going to the apartment?”


“No, I thought I’d grab a bite it eat first. Would you care to join me?” 


“I wouldn’t be intruding?”


“No, Alex, you wouldn’t.” And with his hand at the small of her back he guides her into the elevator.


After a leisurely dinner at C.D.’s, Walker escorts Alex to her car then follows her back to the apartments. He pulls up behind her and watches as she gets out and walks up to the building then he gets out and follows her.


He stops at her door, takes the key from her fingers and unlocks it and turns the knob, pushing it open slightly.


“Walker…” the word is soft on her lips as he turns to face her. The look in his eyes takes her breath away. He lifts his arm and very slowly, trails a finger down her cheek, barely touching her. Then the same finger whispers over her lower lip, very slowly, never losing the sharp, hungry tension in his gaze upon her.


Alex can’t move, she can only stare into his eyes. She can feel the heat from his body, and her pulse is beating furiously, she wants to reach out to touch him, she has never known such temptation before … and a desire that defies all reason.


His finger slides down to touch the rampant pulse at the base of her throat, and then he leans in and brushes his lips across hers, before stepping back away from her. He pushes the door open for her and softly murmurs, “Good night, Alex,” then turns and makes his way back to his apartment.


Alex stares after him, stunned, until he turns a corner, then she steps inside the door, pushes it shut, locks it and moves into her bedroom still dazed from his touch.




Silently, he watches the two standing in the hallway, seeing how close they are, then him touching her, kissing her. His anger is rising to a furious peak. She is his. What does he think he’s doing? Alexandra Cahill is his woman. His face softens, as he thinks of Alex, her beauty, of her tenderness toward him. If she just gave him time he would prove to her how much he loves her. But that cowboy is butting in. After tomorrow she’ll know whom she belongs to, tomorrow night she’ll be his.




That night every thing goes like the night before, quiet except for a storm that is moving in from the south.  Walker turns on the equipment and the walkie-talkie and after taking a shower he stretches out on the bed, naked, the night too warm for clothes and the air conditioner is off so as not to interfere with sounds that might come from Alex’s apartment. With the walkie-talkie lying on his chest, he listens to Alex moving around in her bedroom, hears the soft swish of her pulling the blankets back, and in his mind’s eye, he sees her sliding into bed.  When he’d held her earlier and pressed his lips to her forehead, she’d felt so damned good...too good. Like she belonged in his arms. A perfect fit, custom-made.  God, he feels like a teenager in the throes of first love. He’s lying here in bed, a grown man, with a hard-on the size of the Washington Monument just listening to a woman sleep. But, this isn’t just any woman … this is Alexandra Cahill.  If he doesn’t catch this guy soon, this will surely kill him.


Alex stands in the darkened room looking over at Walker’s balcony, puzzled by the emotional turmoil that has taken over her body the last couple of days.  They’ve always been friends but the thoughts running through her head are not thoughts associated with friends. She lies down in bed, but tossing and turning keep her awake, not with thoughts of the intruder watching her sleep, but with thoughts of Walker and the emotions that have been awakened between them. She finally gets up, grabs the walkie-talkie, and moves over to sit down in the large armchair. Tucking her ankles up under her, she pulls the afghan off the back of the chair and wraps it around her legs. Then nestling the radio under her chin, she leans back, shuts her eyes and sinks back into the chair letting images of Walker’s fill her mind, wondering what kind of a lover he would be, a passionate one if the way he lives his life is any indication. He never does anything half way. Her body slowly relaxes into sleep and a dream of ecstasy begins weaving its web. (Pulls her into his arms, kissing her deeply, feels his tongue playing with hers, his hands caressing softly over her breasts, then he bends down and takes a nipple into his mouth, she groans his name, ‘Walker’ then arching  up into him as she feels his hand between her legs. She hears him call her name softly, and she cries out ‘Walker’ his touch like fire on her leg.)


Hearing his name softly whispered he jerks awake and bolts out of bed, grabbing his jeans and pulling them on as he heads for the balcony doors. Not bothering with shoes, his intent is on getting to Alex as fast as he can, moving from one balcony to the next till he comes to the one off her bedroom.  He unlocks the door with the key she had given him, and quietly pushes open the door, stopping just inside letting his eyes adjust to the darkness.


As things begin to take shape in the darkness he sees her sitting curled up in a large armchair, an afghan wrapped around her legs. He leans over her and touches her leg lightly, “Alex?” She stirs, softly whispers, “Walker” then becomes still again. “Alex.” When his voice and the touch of his hand on her knee finally penetrate the fog of sleep she jumps dropping the walkie-talkie that had been nestled against her check and slides her legs out from under her to the floor, ready to run if need be.


Coming awake, she instantly recognizes the voice. “Walker? What…?”


 “Alex, are you all right?” his voice whisper soft, as he kneels down in front of her, his hand still on her knee.


“Ah … Yes. Why … why are you here?” She glances warily around the room then up at his face, hidden in the shadows, but she can feel the heat of his touch on her knee through the blanket.


“I … heard you call me.” 


“Walker…” Looking at him, she feels a sensual charge from his body, she can feel desire building, feels her nipples tighten, feels a wetness between her legs.


 “Maybe … I should go…” but his body, heavy with desire, refuses to move.


A tremor runs through his body as he leans into her.  “Alex…” he whispers, then his lips touch hers lightly, and hearing a whimper, he deepens the kiss, his tongue pressing into her mouth, moving hotly into the delicious cavern.


When his tongue touches hers, a sensation of pure pleasure surges through her, coiling hotly and settling in her loins, her arms of their volition, move up around his neck. He pulls the blanket from her lap and spreads her legs wider, moving up between them, his mouth still feasting on hers.


His hands slide up her gown to cup her breast, kneading softly through the fabric, his thumb lazily brushing across the nipple. His fingers fumble with the tiny buttons at the top of the gown, pulling it open. Taking her sigh into his mouth he trails tiny kisses across her cheek, down her throat then his mouth is at her breast. As he sucks her nipple deep into his mouth she cries softly and arches up wanting more of the delicious torment. Alex feels herself sinking into a dark, whirling storm of pure desire, trembling with need. She puts her hands on his head, feeling the softness of his hair between her fingers as she holds him against her breast.


Her hand moves to his chest, her fingers tangling in the thick mat of hair and as his mouth sucks at her breast his hand slides slowly down her nightgown. Reaching the bottom, they begin to slide up her bare legs, his hands quiver as he touches her soft warm skin. Her hands stroke his face, her eyes lock with his, and her skin turns to fire where he touches her. Wanting her skin touching his, he drops his hands down to lift the nightgown up and over her head, pulling it away and dropping it to the floor.


She sits naked before him, a flash of lightning, signaling the coming storm, flickers across the sky briefly lighting the room, revealing her soft breasts, rounded and firm, nipples taut and straining toward him, and her open thighs. His breath hisses between his teeth, his chest heaving with wanting her.


Looking into her face he sees her eyes feverish with desire, he leans in and covers her lips with his in a deep sensuous kiss at the same time his fingers move boldly between her legs, opening the secret folds that protect the soft opening of her body. One big finger probes at her, making her squirm, then pushes deep inside. Alex arches helplessly, moaning into his mouth, overcome by the startling sensations that are moving through her like liquid fire. His tongue thrusts deep into her mouth, imitating the thrust of his finger, causing her body to convulse against him.


His lips leave her mouth to slide hotly down her throat, then to her breast, sipping delicately. She feels dizzy, drunk with arousal, with the heat of his body, the musky scent of his skin.


His mouth continues moving downward, over her trembling stomach muscles. His tongue probes her navel, making her loins clench wildly as a bolt of pleasure shoots through her. Down, down…


He grips her buttocks hard, pulling them forward so that her bottom is right on the edge of the chair, draping her legs over his shoulders. Then he kisses her, his mouth hot and wet, his tongue swirling around her straining nub. Her hips lift wildly, her heels digging into his back. She cries out, at the intensity, it’s both torture and ecstasy at the same time and her hips buck as the sensations ravish her. He grips her bottom tight, bringing her harder against his mouth and his tongue stabs deep into her. She climaxes violently, shuddering, as she cries out at the force of it.


When the sensations finally ebb and release her from their dark whirlpool, she lay limply sprawled in the chair with her legs still spread on his wide shoulders. She can’t move. She has no strength, not even enough to open her eyes.


He lifts her thighs off his shoulders and she feels him moving, forcing her heavy eyelids open she watches as he unbuttons his pants and pushes them down. His urgency is evident as his pants drop to the floor.  He hooks one arm around her bottom and drags her further off the chair and onto his thighs, on to his thick, thrusting manhood. It spears upward into her, so hard that she feels bruised, so hot that she feels burned. Her weight adds to her own penetration, pushing her down so that he goes even deeper, and she cries out softly.


Walker groans as he leans back on his hands so that his body arches powerfully beneath her. “Alex,” he moans between clenched teeth, as he lowers his body to the floor, with her straddling him.


Needing no encouragement, her body responds to her need, rising and falling, her thighs clasping his hips, flexing as she lifts herself almost completely off him only to slide back down. She rides him slowly, so that she takes him by increments. Her body envelopes him with a downward glide, then torments him with the threat of release as she moves upward again, almost off of him … no, no … then back down, and he groans at the wet heated relief of being surrounded by her flesh, held, caressed. He is rock-hard inside of her, and finally she begins to ride him hard, moving fast, slamming herself down onto him. Sensation builds unbearably, and he thrusts upward, hard. Helplessly she cries out, her sweet inner flesh pulsing and hugging him as she came again.


A harsh cry tears out of his throat and he rears up rolling her underneath him.  He pins her to floor with his weight as he plunges and bucks, spurting hotly into her.


He lies heavily on her, trembling and sweating. His release so powerful that he can’t speak, can’t think. Sometime later when a measure of strength returns to his muscles he withdraws from her, bringing a wordless cry of protest from her lips. He stands and kicks his pants off, then lifts her up into his arms and carries her to the bed. He stretches out on the bed beside her and she curls into his embrace and falls into a restful sleep, her first in weeks. Walker buries his face against her hair and lets the darkness claim him, too. But once during the night he awakens her and once she awakens him, both burning with need from their new found love.




Walker wakes to the sweet smell of the beautiful woman lying curled in his arms, sighing deeply, knowing he should get back to his apartment before sunup. It wouldn’t be proper to be seen leaving her apartment as scantily dressed as he’d left his. Not sure what her reaction will be to the morning after he doesn’t want to cause her any more embarrassment than necessary. This woman has finally done it, crawled deeply into his heart. 


He shifts slightly to unwind his legs from hers, then slowly eases his arm from under her head. Moaning slightly at the withdrawal of his body, she rolls over into him, not wanting to leave the warmth that she has spent the night wrapped up in. “Alex,” he whispers softly, “I need to go.”


Hearing his voice, she jumps, realizing that a warm body is lying against hers or more to the point she is curled up against a warm male naked body. She opens her eyes to a broad furry chest and knows that she hadn’t been dreaming. Her body also tells her it wasn’t a dream as she feels the aches in her legs and a slight soreness in that part of her that hasn’t been used in a very long time. Lying quietly, she remembers the night and everything that happened. Oh, God, what a night. She had three, no four orgasms.  She had always known that Walker had stamina but this was remarkable. Unconsciously she shuts her eyes remembering the way he had made love to her. The way his hands, his mouth, had caressed her, building in her a hunger almost as strong as his, time and time again, until both had fallen asleep from exhaustion.


But now he is awake and wanting to leave. Was this just a one-night stand, to appease an itch then be on his way? No, Walker wasn’t like that … was he? 


“Alex? Are you all right? I didn’t hurt you did I?”


“No, I’m fine.”


He rolls up on his elbow, looking down into her face. “Are you sure?”


She pushes away from him and sits up pulling the sheet up to cover her breasts. “You said you wanted to leave.”


“No, I said I needed to go. I don’t want to.” His heart constricts when he sees the glistening of unshed tears in her eyes, worried that she may have regrets about last night. ‘Oh, God, … please no,’ his silent plea.  “Alex, what’s wrong. Are you sorry about … last night?”


She turns quickly to face him, her eyes wide, “No,” she says strongly, then again softer, “No. Are you?” Watching his eyes, she sees them soften and a warm smile spreads across his face.


“Never.” He pulls her back into his arms as he lies back down on the bed holding her close. “I could wake up like this for the rest of my life. I know it was unplanned and I didn’t use anything but I could never regret it. I think I’ve known, for a long time, this was eventually going to happen. I’ve felt drawn to you since we first met.”


“Me, too. Drawn to you, I mean.”


“I think you coming to me for help is what really brought us together.”


“I think so, too.” Then curling up against him she feels a hard ridge pressing against her stomach. “Walker…?” She turns her head to look at him and his mouth closes over hers, his hands caressing her body stirring this deep hunger awake again, a hunger she never knew existed in her. His hands, his mouth take her to the edge of heaven and Alex clings to Walker, moaning softly deep in her throat, begging him to make her a part of him.


As their shudders subside to gentle tremors, Alex’s hand caresses Walker’s warm, moist back, as he lays limp on top of her. Finally stirring, he lifts his weight from her and lies down next to her, pulling her in tight against him. “I really do have to go.”


“Why, it still dark outside?” Her fingers curling into the hair on his chest.


“I didn’t exactly come over here fully dressed, Alex. And I have to go back the same way because I don’t have my key.”


She giggles, “Oh, I see.” She turns to look at him. “How did you get over here anyway?”


“By the balconies. And I should go now before people start turning lights on. It wouldn’t look to good to have me caught leaving your bedroom by your neighbors.”


“No, I guess not, especially with just your jeans on.” He kisses her sweetly on the lips then slides away from her, looking for his pants in the gray darkness of the room.  She sits up and watches him as he moves over to the chair to get his pants. Her eyes enjoy the sight, ‘What a beautiful specimen of the male species.’


With his pants on he returns to the bedside and kisses her again, “I’ll see you later in your office, okay?”


She nods and watches him leave by the balcony doors. She quickly gets up and rushes to the doors, watching as he makes his way from balcony to balcony until he reaches his room and disappears inside.



When Alex gets to the office, her head is filled with memories of the night before. Looking around she just knows everyone who looks at her can tell how she spent the night. She doesn’t care, she feels like she’s walking on clouds as she walks to her office. She speaks to everyone she sees with a bouncy lilt to her voice, “Hi, Jimmy, is Walker in yet?


“Could be, I haven’t been in the office yet. I’ll tell him you asked.”


“Hi, Scott,” the clerk from her office. And “Hi, Amy,” her secretary. Then “Hi, Ben,” to the janitor just before she pushes her office door open. She knows he’s waiting for her, she senses it, smells him, feels him. A smile spreads across her face, as her premonition is correct.  She melts against him as he takes her in his arms and covers her lips with his. Separating only for the need of air, she murmurs, “Nice surprise.”


He touches his lips softly to hers again, “Just wanted to tell you to be careful, this guy may decide to try and get to you outside of your apartment.”


A startled look fills her eyes, “Do you really think so?”


“I don’t know Alex, we don’t know a thing about him. If he ever sees us together, I don’t know what he will do, so we have to be careful.”


“Careful? Like how?”


“Well … careful that we … about the way we act toward each other in public, I guess.”


“You mean none of this?” She goes up on tiptoes to kiss him, “or this?” Still on her toes, she snuggles against him nestling his beginning erection into the cleft of her thighs.


Moaning against her mouth, “God, Alex, I’ve got to go to work.” He holds her lips hard against his, sucking on her bottom lip then thrusting his tongue deep inside her mouth. With extreme effort he pulls away from her, “Meet me at C.D.’s for lunch.”


She nods as he steps away from her, and she reluctantly drops her arms to her side, and whispering, “Be careful,” to him as he goes out the door. 




Walker is tied up till late into the evening, and finally leaving Trivette to tie up any loose ends, drives like a man possessed to Alex’s building, knowing she could be in danger.  Jumping from the truck and dashing inside he foregoes waiting for the elevator and takes the stairs at a run, up three flights to her floor. Realizing she is probably asleep he nevertheless, knocks on her door, wanting to make sure she is all right and to let her know he’s back.




He moves quietly into the bedroom, moving up to the side of the bed, looking at her as she sleeps, breathing softly. God, she is so beautiful, always has a beautiful smile. He knows she likes him by the way she always looks at him, eyes sparkling, greeting him with a sweet hello every morning. When he leaves tonight she will be his. A sudden rap on the door sends him slithering out of the balcony doors, just as Alex sits up. He watches from the shadows as she turns on the lamp at the side of her bed, as she gets her robe off the foot of the bed, slip it on and move toward the living room. Damn, he murmurs under his breath, then slips over the railing dropping down to the balcony below, repeating this action till he hits the ground, and vanishes into the darkness.




Walker raps on the door then listens, hearing no movement he knocks louder. He raises his arm to knock again when he hears the door being unlocked. When she opens the door he pushes his way in and quickly pushes the door shut behind him. “Alex, are you all right?”


“Yes, I’m fine.” She watches him as he turns from her to look around the apartment. “Walker what is it?” Then she smells it. The heavy fragrant odor of a man’s cologne!  Her face turns chalky white. “He was here.” She grabs Walker’s arm, “He was here, wasn’t he?”


“Yes, I think so. Alex, stay here while I look around, make sure he’s gone.”  She moves to the couch and sits down, trembling with the realization that HE had been in her bedroom again.  When Walker comes out of her bedroom he sits down beside her, “He’s gone. He went out the balcony doors.”


“Oh, God, Walker, he was in my bedroom again!”  The shivering increases when she thinks about what might have happened if Walker hadn’t returned when he did.


He pulls her into his arms and leans back against the couch. “He’s gone now, Alex, if I have to be gone again I want you to stay in my apartment.”


“Walker, stay with me tonight, please?”


“Alex … I don’t think … I need to get back to my apartment in case he does come back tonight. You know he won’t show if he knows I’m here. ”


“Please, Walker...”


“Alex…” Looking into her sky blue eyes is his undoing. She stands, turns the lights out, takes his hand, and pulls him into the darkened bedroom.


When she stops at the edge of the bed, he stops behind her, gently easing her robe open, letting it slide to the floor. He circles her waist with his hands and slides his palms upward to cup her breasts.


Lifting her fingertips to the side of his face causes her breast to rise up and Walker’s thumb skims across her nipple, sending a searing jolt of sensation through her. Alex cries out softly and closes her eyes briefly. She leans back against Walker, seeking the heat and strength of his body. The hardness of his arousal pressing into her buttocks.


“God, you are so beautiful.”


Alex smiles dreamily and puts her hands on top of his. He eases his fingers downward into the blonde triangle of curls that conceals Alex’s most secret places. She leans her head back against his shoulder. When he slides one finger into the liquid warmth that has gathered in the folds between her legs, she moans.


Alex turns abruptly in the circle of his arms and splays her fingers across his chest, and lifts her face offering him her mouth.


Walker groans and crushes her lips beneath his. The full force of his hunger breaks over her and Alex feels her own hunger unleashed.


Walker cups her buttocks in his hands and presses her against his aroused body. She tastes his mouth with her tongue and he shudders. Their lips part long enough to suck in a deep breath then Walker covers her lips once more with his own, edging them closer to the bed.

Alex clings to him and feels the heat radiating from his skin. Walker is burning up with desire. She wonder if she feels as warm to him.


He falls across the bed dragging Alex down on top of him. Alex sprawls across his chest, and burrows into his warmth. She can’t get enough of kissing him, she wants to touch him everywhere.


She showers him with kisses as he lays beneath her. His throat, his chest, his belly; she savors every inch of him.


Walker sucks in his breath and lays one hand on her head and gently pushes her mouth against the skin of his flat stomach. He reaches out, takes her hand in his and settles her palm over the fierce bulge in his pants.


Alex cautiously explores the size of him, huge, hard. Stunned that she was able to accept him.  She raises her head up, “Walker?”


His fingers tremble as he touches her breast. “I want you,” his voice thick, full of desire.


Alex smiles tremulously, “I want you, too.”


Walker turns onto his side and eases Alex onto her back, covers her body with his own and kisses her. Alex spears her fingers through his hair and arches herself against him.


Walker pulls his mouth from hers and sits up reluctantly, unfastens his pants, and works them off, pulling out his wallet before dropping them to the floor. When Alex hears the rustle of a foil wrapper, she stops him, “No … I want to feel all of you.”


"Are you sure?" he whispers. "What if..."      


 "I'm sure" she murmurs in reply.    


 He needs no further encouragement, truth be told, he wanted to feel Alex's warm silkiness and if a child came of it...then so be it, they'd deal with it. A smile spreads over his face, ‘A baby looking just like Alex…’


With the warm glow of that thought still on his mind he settles between her legs and brushes his mouth across hers. She feels him probing gently, dampening himself in the moisture between her legs. She wraps her arms around his shoulders, holding on to him tightly.


He chuckles, softly, “Alex, it’s all right, I’m not going anywhere.”


“I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.”


“I’m not complaining. It’s just that no ones ever held on to me the way you’re holding on to me.”


“How am I … holding you?”


“As if you’ll never let me go.” Walker covers her mouth again and drives into her swiftly, filling her completely with one long powerful stroke. He pauses, letting her adjust to his thickness inside her. Walker starts to move within her, slow and very thorough. He makes love to her until his back is slick with sweat and his muscles tremble beneath his skin.


Alex feels her body clinch around his with each stroke. She can’t seem to get enough of the hot, thick feel of him inside her. She lifts her hips off the bed.


“Oh, God, Alex.” He reaches down between them and touches her with knowing fingers.


Walker!” Alex cries out as she surrenders to the climax that spirals through her. Walker surges into her one last time, and with a ragged cry, releases his seed deep into her.


They lie silent for a long time; Walker lying sprawled on the pillows, his arm around Alex. She snuggles closer, feeling incredibly content and a little sleepy. All she wants to do is glue herself to his warm strength. Walker rolls to his back, pulling Alex in close to his side, her head on his shoulder, her leg across his thighs and her arm across his chest. Feeling more at peace then he can ever remember, he closes his eyes, letting his body relax with his woman at his side.




He quickly lets himself into the apartment, shuts the door and listens carefully. All’s quiet, just as he expected. Moving with ease through the room, knowing her apartment as well as his own, he slips silently into the bedroom.  He stops just inside the door, his heart starting to race at the thought of making Alex his own, fills his mind. Wait, something’s not right. Moving closer to the bed, his foot connects with something hard on the floor. Bending over he touches the hard long round object and knowing instantly what it is he picks it up and continues toward the bed, almost in tears at what he knows he will find.


Looking down at the two lovers tangled together, his mind goes crazy. Seeing her lying in another man’s arms infuriates him. The rage is more than he can stand. Lifting the bat high over his head he screams, “NO! She’s mine.” And brings it down hard, aiming for Walker’s head.




Walker hears the heavy breathing and opens his eyes, sees the dark form looming over him, and shoves Alex away from him. At the same time, he rolls off the edge of the bed into the intruder’s body knocking him backwards. Coming to his feet instantly, he takes a fighting stance, as the dark shape comes at him, bat raised over his head. Walker’s foot swings out connecting with the man’s soft belly, and as the guy folds over, Walker strikes him in the head with another kick sending him back toward the balcony doors. He looks at Walker with hate in his eyes and screams out harshly,  “You defiled her. She was mine, you had no right.” Stumbling, trying to regain his balance, he raises the bat and takes a step toward Walker, bent on killing him.

Walker spins and lashes out with his foot, sending the stalker back and then with one final huge jump, his foot lands in the chest of Alex’s tormentor, sending him crashing through the balcony door and over the railing.


Moving up to the railing, he feels Alex at his side, “Is he … dead?”


“I … don’t know. Call 911 Alex, for an ambulance and the police.” She quickly makes the call then returns to him on the balcony.


“Come on Walker, let’s … wait inside.”


He hesitates not sure he wants to takes his eyes off the man who has been terrorizing Alex.


“Honey … please, he’s not going anywhere. Besides, don’t you think you should put your pants on before the police get here?”


He looks down at his nude body, then at Alex, and grins, “I guess I should.” Moving inside with her, noticing that she had taken the time to slip her robe on. “You know … our relationship is going to come to light when the police arrive, don’t you?” He finds his pants and pulls them on.


“Does that bother you?” She moves close, holding her breath for his answer.


“Bother me? Not at all. I don’t care if the whole world knows. At least when everyone knows we’re a couple, I won’t have to come to you in the dark.” He pulls her into his arms, and kisses her softly, with a knock at the door keeping it from going any farther.




“That’s about it for now, Ranger Walker. Just bring Ms Cahill in tomorrow to sign a formal statement.”


“I’ll bring her in sometime before noon, Johnson. Did you find any identification on him?”


“Oh, yes, his name is Ben Albright. He was a janitor at the courthouse. We checked out his apartment and it looks like he had quite a thing for Ms Cahill. The walls were covered with pictures of her. And we found this on him, too. It might explain how he was getting into her apartment.”


Alex reaches up and takes the key from the detective, “My key, how did he get my key?”


“Ms Cahill have you ever gone into your office and found him in there, cleaning or dumping trash? He probably got into your purse and made copies of your house keys.”


“I never would have thought Ben would do anything like this. He was always so quiet and polite.”


“Sometimes, Ms Cahill, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Sometimes they can be the most dangerous.” He says moving toward the door.


As the door closes she turns to look up into Walker’s eyes, “He’s right, you know.”


“Right about what?” He says as he tightens his arms around her slender waist.


“About the quiet ones … being the most dangerous. I never realized there was such … passion buried inside of you.” His lips descend on hers blocking out all other thoughts except ones of desire for the quiet one holding her.


“You’re the only one who has found it,” murmuring against her lips as he takes her to the floor with him.


The End