by Jen M.

Captain Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger, sat in his new office doing paperwork. He had agreed to accept this job about a month ago. The Department had wanted him to take this promotion for a couple of years but he'd always refused. Now because of his other responsibilities and recent changes in his life, he had agreed. It wasn't so bad and he didn't have to go out in the field as much and had regular hours. That was something he'd never had and suddenly he liked it. He sort of had the best of both worlds. Of course, having a beautiful wife and baby waiting for him at home certainly made all the difference! He was pretty much alone at Ranger Headquarters, though, as most of the Rangers were out on assignments including his partner and good friend, James Trivette, who was now Senior Ranger. It was too quiet. He was more used to the hustle and bustle of running in and out on cases himself. OK, it was a big adjustment but he could do it.

Walker was learning to use the computer and couldn't believe that Trivette had been right all along. Paperwork did go faster. Not that he'd ever admit this to Trivette, who would never let him live it down! Maybe the 21st Century wasn't so bad after all, he thought with a smile. Wouldn't C.D. be surprised to hear him say that. Now if he could just learn to use this dang keyboard. Alex, his wife of a little more than one year, had been working with him at home on using the mouse and he had that going pretty good. She was teaching him to play Solitaire on the computer using the mouse. She was right…the game did help him learn how to control the mouse and the buttons. Of course, he sometimes had trouble concentrating when she would put her hand over his to guide it. And sometimes, he just had to figure out a way to have problems so she'd do that. He thought of her with a smile, then glanced at the photo of her and their daughter on his desk. Glancing at his watch, he went back to work on the computer. He could swear, though, that the letters on the keyboard kept changing places.

Alex. Thoughts of her always caused him to forget what he was doing. And now, Angela entered his thoughts too. Alex told him this morning that she wanted them all to get a picture made together - their first family picture. They were going to have a party this Sunday at the ranch to celebrate Angela's christening. They were all excited about that. Alex was showing him just last night the beautiful christening gown that she'd had made especially for the occasion. She had incorporated both Angela's Nordic and Native American heritage in the gown. That was quite a combination and one in which he hoped Angela would be proud someday. He and Alex wanted to teach her so much. Just then he heard the door to Ranger Headquarters open and the most beautiful woman in the world came in and headed his way. She was carrying the most beautiful baby in the world, too. Standing to open the door for her, Walker couldn't help but smile. His two girls came through the door and into his waiting arms. One smiling at him and the other one blowing spit bubbles.

"Hey Cowboy. You holding down the fort all by yourself." Alex handed the baby over to her husband with a smile. She got a big kiss in return. Not too bad of a trade!

"You're early. I thought Angela's appointment wasn't until 11 a.m." Walker sat down on the edge of his desk holding Angela. She was so sweet and such a happy, content baby.

"It isn't but I had mine today. Did you forget that?" Alex grinned really big at her husband's gigantic smile and raised eyebrows. No, he had not forgotten. It had been a very long six weeks since the birth of their baby. Walker and Alex were very passionate people and celibacy had not been easy for either of them. They almost broke the rule a few days ago. Shuddering, Walker remembered that he'd almost lost both of his girls. He'd been so scared at the hospital when Alex went into early labor. With Trivette injured at the time and the other Rangers busy working on a case, he'd been alone with his thoughts. It certainly made him realize what an important part of his life this woman and this baby were. He wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

"So, are you going to tell me what the doctor said or keep me in suspense?"

Speaking seductively and resting her hand on the inside of his thigh as he was seated on the edge of his desk, Alex said, "Well, Cowboy, let's put it this way. How would you like to get Trivette and Erika to baby sit tonight and you and I go out and have a celebratory dinner? Then, perhaps, we could come home and celebrate a little more? Say in private…in our bedroom?"

Grinning broadly and looking down at his beautiful daughter, Walker said, "So, Angel, what do you think? Are you up to a babysitter tonight? And, will you sleep a long time so your mommy and daddy can have some time alone?" As a reward for asking her opinion, Angela smiled at her daddy and then spit another bubble at him. Alex and Walker both laughed at their daughter. She had been such a delight to them both. It was hard to imagine life without her. Alex was so glad that Walker wanted to go with them for Angela's first doctor's appointment. Of course, she had not told him that Angela would probably be getting her first shot today.

"What else did the doctor say about you? Did she mention your weight?"

"As a matter of fact, she did. She wasn't pleased that I now weigh five pounds less than when I got pregnant. She had the nerve to call me skinny!" Alex grimaced. "She wants me to gain five to seven pounds within the next six weeks. I have to go back to see her in two weeks. Otherwise, she thought I was doing fine and sees no reason why I can't return to work in two weeks as planned."

"Did you tell her that you were still doing those yoga exercises? Actually, now don't get mad, but I think she's right. You could stand to put on a little weight."

"Walker!" She slapped his arm playfully. "Anyway, I finished early and brought Angela by to see where her mommy and daddy work. I took her upstairs and showed her off and thought someone would be in here with you. Did they all desert you, Darling?"

Walker kissed Alex and said with a smile, "No. Apparently, they figured out you might do something like this and would give us a little privacy without me having to close all those blinds!" Walker leaned in to kiss his wife when…

Angela chose that time to demand her parents' attention. She was always a happy baby but she had such a good set of lungs. Alex checked her diaper and decided a change was due. A "binky" helped with the crying temporarily. Alex was breast-feeding but had expressed milk for today because of the two doctor's appointments and not knowing when and where she could feed the baby. She was still a little shy about that. She pulled out the changing pad and placed it on Walker's desk. Handing him the diaper, she took Angela and put her down. The baby loved being able to kick her feet. She was as active now as she had been prior to her birth. Alex used to tell Walker that her insides were black and blue from all the kicking!

Just as the diapering was finished and before the bottle was put in Angela's mouth, Ranger Trivette came into headquarters. Seeing Alex, he knew that Angela wouldn't be far away. Grinning broadly, he came into Walker's office without knocking or waiting for an invitation. Not even acknowledging the other two people in the room, Trivette picked up his goddaughter from the desk and began cooing to her. The baby responded with a big smile and another spit bubble. Alex handed Trivette the bottle and told him Angela was hungry. Trivette was delighted! He sat down in Walker's chair with the baby.

"Well, Honey, what do you think? Should we ask him?"

"Ask me what?"

"Well, Trivette, Alex and I were wondering if you and Erika might like to baby sit tonight? We thought we might actually go out for dinner."

Trivette knew that Angela was now six weeks old. He was really looking forward to Sunday when he and Erika would formally be announced as Angela's godparents. "Sure, I'd love to. Just let me check with Erika. Of course, knowing how excited she is about Angela, I'm sure there won't be a problem. You really gonna let us baby sit? Geez…I was afraid this day would never come!"

Ranger James Trivette had finally gotten himself engaged. Alex and Walker were thrilled. Erika was a lovely young woman that Trivette had helped when she took one of his criminology classes. She was interested in becoming a paralegal and had been trying to spend more time with Alex. They were planning their wedding for the fall and wanted to hold it at the Walker ranch. The Walkers were thrilled.

Still holding the baby, Trivette picked up Walker's phone and began dialing his fiancée who readily agreed to baby sit. Plans were made for them to be at the ranch by 6 p.m. so Alex could go over Angela's routine with them.

Alex took the baby as she and Walker headed out for the doctor's appointment. This was going to be Walker's first time in a pediatrician's office so Alex knew he was going to be uncomfortable. Just as they were leaving, Rangers Gage and Cooke came in. They had to stop to admire the baby, too.

In the hallway, they ran into several more of their associates. Everyone was so pleased when Walker had finally asked Alex to marry him. She had always been a favorite amongst the other Rangers. Now with the baby coming a year after the marriage, most people thought that life couldn't get any more perfect for this lovely couple. Walker had gained the reputation of being the best Ranger in Texas. Alex was the toughest prosecutor. All the law enforcement officers liked it when she got their cases because they knew she would go after the criminal without hesitation. It only seemed natural when these two people became serious about each other. Most of the Rangers would fight anyone who tried to harm them in any way. They just drew that kind of loyalty. Now, the Walkers' world was complete with a beautiful baby girl who had her mother's beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Her eyes might be blue, but her parents had already noticed that she had her father's way of staring intently on something or someone of interest.

Finally making it out to the car, the Walkers headed out to the doctor's office. Dr. Price had seen Angela at the hospital shortly after she was born. He told Walker, then, that he wasn't sure what her chances of survival were. Alex had gone into labor under a very stressful situation and ended up needing a Caesarian section. Both Alex and the baby nearly died. Walker never left Alex or the baby until he knew both were going to be all right. He was still thanking God that they had been given back to him.

Arriving at the doctor's office was a bit of a shock for Walker. He'd never seen the inside of a pediatrician's office and was surprised to find it full of screaming children and sick babies. Alex burst out laughing at the look on his face. Handing Angela to him, she went to sign them in. Walker looked around for an adult size chair to sit on. All seemed to be taken. There were several seats available at a child-size table and chairs set. With a sigh, Walker headed in that direction and sat down. His legs were practically under Angela's chin but he managed to stretch them out. He laughed when Alex joined him and had the same problem. He also noticed that he was the only man in the room.

A little boy about 6 came over to Walker and noticed his Texas Ranger badge.

"Are you a real policeman?"

Walker smiled, "Yes, I'm a Texas Ranger."

"I want to be a Texas Ranger when I grow up!"

"That's great and I'm sure you'll be a good one!"

"Is that your baby?"

"Yes, her name is Angela and this is her first time in the doctor's office."

"I don't like girl babies. My mama has one and I told her to send it back!"

Walker smiled at the little boy and said, "Well, I can understand how you feel, but my wife and I happen to like this one. We decided to keep her."

The little boy ran off to tell his mom what the Ranger had said. Alex reached over and caressed Walker's beard in a loving way. She had been concerned that he would have preferred a boy but she knew he was quite happy with their baby girl.

Because Angela wasn't sick, they didn't have a long wait. For this, Walker was thankful. He got up when their name was called and headed back to the nurse. The nurse seemed surprised to see both parents with this baby as most fathers don't come. She looked at Alex and wondered what her secret was. She could see that Mrs. Walker was beautiful and figured she must also be pretty persuasive to get her husband to come with her. She showed the Walkers into the exam room and asked them to undress the baby. Angela wasn't too happy with all this attention, though. Finally, the nurse had her weighed and ready for the doctor to see.

Dr. Price was also surprised to see both parents with this baby. Of course, he remembered this man's protectiveness at the hospital of his wife and child. He told them that Angela is gaining weight and appears to be doing fine. She now weighs 8 pounds, 14 ounces. He told them he wanted to repeat the PKU test and also give her the first shot. The look on Walker's face told the doctor that he was not prepared for his baby girl to have a shot!

"Ranger Walker, it's for her best to get the shot. Perhaps, you'd rather wait outside as she will cry."

"No, that's OK, Doctor. If she's going to be hurt, I want to be here." Walker turns a troubled look at Alex and realizes that she knew all along about this! They would discuss that later! He'd just wait and see how many tears came in her eyes when Angela started crying in pain!

The doctor suggested that one of the parents hold Angela while the shot and test were administered. They wanted to repeat the PKU test done at the hospital. The doctor knew this would be one of the hardest ones for the father to watch because of the pressure applied to the baby's heel to draw the blood.

"Ranger, are you sure you want to stay for this?"

"I'm sure, Doctor. Go ahead."

Alex watched and held onto Angela's hand as the nurse took the baby's foot and pricked it in the heel with a small needle. Angela let out a scream and Alex thought Walker was going to pass out.

"Honey, I think you need to sit down."

Walker sat in the chair and watched in horror as the nurse started squeezing his baby's heel to draw blood. Her little foot was turning purple. He kept cooing to her and telling her it was all right but Angela was paying no attention. Once the nurse had all the little circles on her paper covered with Angela's blood, she put a huge bandaid on the baby's foot. OK, Walker thought, maybe huge was an exaggeration but her little foot was so tiny. He looked up at Alex, who had tears in her eyes.

Walker reached out and took Alex's hand in his. This had hurt her as much as it had him. The nurse told Walker to put Angela on the exam table so she could give her a shot. Walker knew then that he wasn't going to be able to handle much more. He knew the importance of all this for Angela's sake, but she was only six weeks old! Angela had real tears in her eyes. The nurse gave Angela a shot and she screamed again. After that, Alex picked the baby up and held her close until she stopped crying.

The nurse was amused. Here two adult parents were crying because their baby had cried. Then she saw the look in Walker's eyes when he looked at his wife and baby. She saw the gentle kiss he placed on his wife's cheek and the way he wiped her tears away with his thumb. She saw the gentle way he took his daughter and cradled her in his arms. Here was a man who would cherish his family and who would be there for them. Sighing, she left the room. She couldn't help but be a little envious of Mrs. Walker. Not many men would have even come today and to see the love that this Ranger has for his family was truly beautiful.

"Honey, are you OK?"

"I'm fine. How about you?"

"I'm all right. I know this is necessary but it hurt so much when Angela cried out in pain. I didn't know it would hurt this much."

Walker kissed Alex tenderly. "Can we dress her now? I'd like to take her home. I'm going to call Trivette and tell him I won't be coming back this afternoon."

"Darling, I'd love to have you spend the afternoon with us but do you really think that's necessary?"

"No, I guess I'm going overboard. How about I take my two favorite girls to lunch?"

The doctor returned and told them that Angela is doing just fine. She's gaining weight and her responses are exactly as they should be for one her age. In fact, he was really impressed with her ability to maintain eye contact the way she does. Looking at her father, though, he could see where she got that trait from! They could get her dressed. He did not expect any problems with the tests or the shot but if she should run a fever, just give her baby Tylenol.

Leaving the doctor's office, Walker gave a sigh of relief.

"Alex, I hope we don't have to do this again any time soon. You knew about all this, didn't you?"

"Yes, I knew and I should have warned you, but Darling, I really didn't think it would be as bad as it was. Honest!"

After they got Angela settled in her car seat, they decided to eat at one of their favorite restaurants near the office. They had a long enjoyable lunch. Angela decided after her initial shock of the morning's events, that she was going to be happy. She cooed and kicked her feet and waved her arms and make little spit bubbles and just generally amused her parents. In fact, they could hardly keep their eyes off of her. She looked so adorable in her little sundress with the words, "Daddy's Little Angel" printed across the front and her little bonnet. Needless to say, the Walkers got a lot of looks and smiles from onlookers. Finally, tired of all her entertaining, Angela yawned and drifted off to sleep. She'd had a busy morning!

Walker returned to work. Trivette met him in his office asking if everything went all right with Angela's trip to the doctor. Walker filled him in and the horrified look on Trivette's face made Walker laugh.

Alex returned home with Angela, who by this point was hungry. Alex fed her and she went right on back to sleep. Alex decided, now would be a good time for her to nap also. She was exhausted. Seeing your baby cry like that was emotionally exhausting!

Walker arrived home to find Alex expressing milk for Angela to have while they were gone this evening. While she was doing that, he went in search of his daughter and found her cooing in her bed. He couldn't resist picking her up. He sat in the rocker with her and began telling her about the rest of his day. This was the scene that Alex walked in on. Since Walker had not noticed her presence, she stood there and took in the beautiful picture of her husband having a heart-to-heart with their daughter.

"Walker, if we're going out, we need to get dressed. Do you still want to go?"

Alex had said that so wistfully that he couldn't resist smiling at her. That earned him a kiss. Soon the gentle kiss took on more passion and they broke apart breathless. "Maybe we should put that on hold, Cowboy, unless you want to cancel our evening out."

"Well, it's tempting, but we do have all night and I think my beautiful wife deserves a nice dinner out. Besides, we can't disappoint Trivette. He was like a kid with new toy today at the office. He told everyone who would listen that he was babysitting Angela tonight!"

Walker was dressed and sitting in the living room with Angela when Trivette and Erika arrived. They fought over who got to hold Angela first. Walker figured that Angela would be in good hands with her godparents. He loved watching his partner and good friend with his daughter and was glad that Trivette had found happiness with Erika. Their wedding was only a few months off and Walker was going to be best man.

"Where's Alex?"

"Come on, Trivette. Have you ever known Alex to be ready on time," Walker said with a laugh.

"I heard that, Cowboy!" Alex came into the room looking absolutely stunning in the black dress that Walker had bought her in Paris. She had her hair up with the little wispy curls fanning her face. The dress struck her at mid-thigh and the entire back was open but crisscrossed with straps that gave the onlooker just a hint of skin. She wore back evening sandals that emphasized her long legs. She was breath-taking! Walker caught his breath when he saw her and had trouble taking his eyes off of her. Erika was the first to notice the smoldering look that Walker gave his wife.

"Well, Counselor, I'd definitely say you were worth the wait! You look like a million!"

"Thank you, Jimmy. Hi, Erika. Why don't we go over Angela's routine. I expect that she will sleep most of the time we're gone." Alex picked up a notebook and handed it to Erika.

"This has all the information about her eating but she'll let you know when she's hungry. She was blessed with a good set of lungs! Bottles are in the refrigerator and just need the chill knocked off them before she eats. I left the pan that I usually use on the stove. Just add enough water to cover the milk that's in the bottle. The number of the restaurant and our cell phone numbers are here. The doctor said she might run a temperature from her shot today but she hasn't so far. If she does or gets fussy, give her one-half dropper-full of this liquid Tylenol."

"Come on, Alex. We're going to be late."

"Oh, Walker, I don't know if I can leave her or not."

Walker could see that his wife was about the cry. Taking her by the hand, he kissed the baby and pulled Alex out the door. He was determined that they were going to have an evening out, even though his heart was breaking at leaving the baby, too. They needed this time alone.


by Jen M.

Finally, on the car ride, Alex was able to relax. She knew Jimmy and Erika would take excellent care of the baby. She wanted some time alone with her husband. Actually, she wanted more than time alone with him. Sliding closer to him, her hand found its way to his thigh. She heard Walker catch his breath. She let her fingers lightly caress the inside of his thigh. He was looking mighty handsome in his white shirt and black pants and jacket with her favorite of his bolo ties.

"You're looking mighty sexy tonight, Cowboy!"

"You're playing with fire, Mrs. Walker."

"Oh, really? What am I doing?" Alex giggled. "It's been a long time, Cowboy. I've missed you!"

"You keep looking at me like that and we won't make it to the restaurant! Now behave!" Walker grabbed her hand to keep it still as Alex giggled at him.

Their table was ready. This was a new restaurant and was filled with people. Walker had chosen it because he knew that Alex loved to dance and it had a reputation of having a good band. Because she was nursing, Alex still had to watch what she ate or drank so Walker decided to follow her pattern. They ordered and while they were waiting for their food, the maitre'd brought a yellow rose over and handed it to Alex.

"From your husband, Madam."

"Oh, Walker, when did you arrange all this?"

Just smiling at her, Walker extended his hand to her, "Shall we dance?"

Walker led his wife to the dance floor and held her close. They got several looks from other customers who thought they were a lovely couple, but Walker and Alex had eyes for no one but each other.

"Did I mention that you look beautiful tonight?"

"You didn't have to. I saw it in your eyes when I came down the steps at home. You're looking very handsome yourself!"

"Well, I want to tell you these things, too. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I still can't believe you're my wife and the mother of my child."

"Maybe, I can convince you when we get home!" Alex smiled impishly at her husband. She was rewarded with a quick kiss.

Walker was never one to be overly demonstrative in public so any display of affection like that always surprised and pleased Alex. His looks spoke volumes, though. He really didn't have to do anything but look at her to turn her bones to water. His touch was so gentle even when he held her tightly.

Returning to their table, Alex asked, "Honey do you think we should call home and just make sure everything is OK?"

"I'm sure everything is fine. I've got the cell phone in my pocket and I know Trivette will call if there is a problem. Relax, Hon, and let's enjoy the evening."

"I know I'm being silly. It's just so difficult to leave her. Walker, what if I can't stand going back to work and leaving her?"

"Alex, you're going to be fine and so is the baby. You know she'll receive excellent care at the HOPE Center and you're only going to work part-time for a few months. But I promise you that if you can't cope with it, we'll work something out. OK?"

"OK. What would I do without you Cowboy? You bring such balance to my life."

"Now that's a switch! Aren't you the same woman who once told me I had no balance in my life? And, if you keep looking at me like that we'll never finish our meal. So eat!"

Alex laughed. She loved knowing the effect she had on her husband. Their knees were touching. Alex slipped her shoe off and had her foot resting on Walker's shoe. He knew what she was doing for every now and then her toes would find their way under his pants leg and connect with his flesh. The woman was driving him crazy!

"Alex, behave!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. What am I doing?"

"As if you don't know! Don't give me that innocent look! Just you wait!"

Alex grinned. She was definitely looking forward to her "punishment!" She'd take anything he chose to give her! Out on the dance floor once again, one hand curled against his chest and the other one raking through his hair at the nape of his neck, she was quite content. Then it started. Walker moved his cheek to touch hers. Then his lips found that spot behind her ear and she knew she would melt. She slacked against him and he had to hold her up for a few seconds.

Speaking softly in a whisper, Walker said, "See I told you you'd get burnt if you kept playing with fire."

Alex smiled. "Maybe we should eat and leave?"

"What and have Trivette and Erika upset with us for not trusting them? You know what a hard time Trivette will give me at work tomorrow!"

"Who said anything about trust, Cowboy? You're turning my bones to water not to mention the other parts of me that are on fire."

Walker chuckled deep within his chest. If she only knew what she was doing to him. Of course, knowing Alex, she did know. Somehow or other, she has slipped her hand inside his jacket and found a way to connect with his flesh. He was going to have to do something about that and soon!

The music ended and they returned to their table. The meal was delicious and they enjoyed being together. They took their time and for once talked about something besides Angela. Not that she didn't fill their thoughts or that they weren't mentioning her at all, it was just that they were back to being a married couple with hopes and dreams still alive. Both were relaxed and glad to be together.

After finishing their dessert, they left the restaurant arm in arm. Just before opening the door for Alex, Walker took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.


"Shhhh." Walker smiled at his wife and helped her into the truck and headed back to the ranch. They'd only been gone three hours but it seemed like an eternity away from their baby.

Just before they entered the house, they took time for one last lingering kiss that held a promise of what was to come. A promise, that is, provided their daughter would sleep for several hours.

Trivette and Erika reported that Angela had been a perfect angel. They had fed her about 30 minutes earlier and she was sound asleep. Both Walker and Alex had to go check on her and be reassured that she had survived her first babysitters.

Trivette looked like he wanted to hear all about their evening, but Erika was rushing him out the door.

"Erika, what's going on with you?"

"Jimmy, don't you realize that they want to be alone? They haven't been together in over six weeks. Do you understand now, Jimmy?"

"Oh, yeah. You mean…" Jimmy blushed.

He was so adorable that Erika gave him a kiss as they headed away from the Walker ranch.

After Trivette and Erika left, Walker and Alex sat on the couch. Walker lit a fire in the fireplace and one in Alex. Soon, they were lost in each other's arms.

"Alex, I love you so much."

"Walk-…" Alex began but Walker cut her off with a most satisfying kiss. Still dressed in their clothes, they couldn't get close enough.

"Shall we take this upstairs, Cowboy?"

Walker stood and pulled Alex into his arms. He kissed her deeply and with their arms entwined they headed towards the stairs. They took one peek at their sleeping daughter before entering their bedroom.

"Walker, this feels like the first time. I'm actually nervous."

Walker chuckled and pulled her close. "It's like riding a horse, you remember just as soon as you get back on."

Kissing her deeply, Walker's hands found the zipper to her dress and then watched her eyes as it dropped to the floor in a puddle around her feet. Her hands found the buttons to his shirt and she slowly undid them kissing the flesh that she found behind each button. Walker groaned as her hands reached for his belt buckle. Soon his pants joined her dress. Pulling her into his arms, he gently lifted her onto the bed. Their kisses deepened until they were unaware of anything but each other. Their lovemaking was more passionate than ever. They each lit a fire in the other that only that person could put out.

"Wow. You were right, Darling. I love you so much."

Walker rewarded his now sated wife with a kiss that only served to ignite further fire. He couldn't believe how just a touch from this woman would turn him to jelly. He had missed her intimate touches so much. Gathering from the way she was reaching for him again, he had to guess that she'd missed him too. Lovingly, he pulled her closer for a more daring kiss.

Needless to say, a cry from the nursery got their attention. Both chuckled that Angela had at least given them a few hours together before she interrupted them. Since Walker still had to work the next day, Alex got up and went into the nursery so he could sleep some.

Picking up the baby, she brought her to her breast, which was still swollen and tender from lovemaking. She cooed gently to the baby as she nursed. Alex again reflected that her world was so perfect. Looking around the dimly lit nursery, she saw her husband's love for her and their child in every corner. He had decorated the nursery as a surprise for her. Angela drifted off to sleep and Alex returned to her bed.

Looking down at Walker and watching him sleep for a minute brought such tenderness to her heart. How had she managed to find such a man. She knew that she could not love him any more than she did at that moment. Getting into bed beside him, she watched as even in his sleep he pulled her close to him. Snuggling against him, she planted a kiss on his chest. Unable to resist, she kept kissing him until he groaned and pulled her even closer, taking her lips with his. Passion flared between them and soon they were finding more reasons not to sleep again.

"If you don't let me get some sleep, I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do to Trivette at work," Walker said with a smile.

"I don't remember any complaints at the time, but if you want to sleep I'll go into the other room."

Walker laughed and pulled his errant wife into his arms. "I don't think you'll be going anywhere tonight!" He silenced her in the most effective way possible.

As the sun rose, the day found the couple nestled in each other's arms sound asleep. About 6 a.m., another cry from the nursery woke them. Alex got up to get the baby and brought her back into their bed to nurse. Walker took the opportunity to take care of the horses and work-out for about half an hour. He took a quick shower and returned to the bedroom to find both his wife and daughter snuggled in bed sound asleep. He gently kissed them both and dressed. He was glad he only had two more days to work this week. He loved being a Ranger but with the birth of Angela his priorities had changed and he found himself wanting to spend more and more time at home. Now that he and Alex could make love again, he could think of nothing better than spending the day at the ranch today.

With the light kiss on her lips, Alex awoke.

"Morning, Cowboy. Did you sleep well?" she asked with an impish grin.
"You know full well how I slept, Lazybones! I can't lie around in bed all day like you can."

"Sure you can! And it will be more interesting for me if you would!"

Walker chuckled and told Alex to get some rest. He would call her later in the day.

"Oh, Walker, don't you want some breakfast before you go? I can get up and make you some."

"That's OK, honey. I had some cereal before I showered. Go back to sleep while you can. I promise I'll call you later."

Walker could see she was already nodding off again. He knew that taking care of the baby and getting up at all hours to nurse was really tiring her. Then last night, neither of them got much sleep. Already the memories were bringing a fire to his loins that he had to get under control.

Walker was one of the first to arrive at the office. He sat down to work on some reports. Trivette burst through the door all full of Angela stories from the night before. Seeing Walker, he headed straight for his office.

"How's Angela this morning? Did I mention how cute she was last night. She cooed and kicked and spit those cute little bubbles at us. Man, that baby's got a kick! I'll bet she'll be just like you. Erika was so excited. She insisted on feeding her the bottle because she didn't think I could do it right. Imagine that! Hey, pard, that is one sweet baby!"

"Well, Trivette, if you'll let me get a word in edgewise…"

They both laughed. What could two grown men say when their hearts had been stolen by an eight pound infant. Trivette noticed that Walker looked a little tired this morning but after Erika explained some things to him last night, he decided he shouldn't mention it. He smiled at the thought. Erika could really shed some light on some things and in such a delightful way! Thinking back now Trivette remembered seeing the Walkers both looking tired in the mornings and while he'd had a good reason to think it at the time, he was sure now. That brought another smile to his face. He and C.D. had worked so hard to get these two together. C.D. would be so happy if he could see Walker and Alex now. He knew that C.D. would have been the doting Grandpa. Well, Uncle Jimmy would just have to make up for it all!

The day passed quickly and relatively quietly. Walker talked with Alex who assured him that all was well at home. She was busy washing, cleaning, and taking care of their little Angel.

When Walker arrived home that evening, Alex had dinner practically ready. She had fixed their favorite meal of turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and garden salad. She had even fixed an angel food cake for dessert. Walker went straight to Angela's port-a-crib, which was in front of the living room window and picked her up. She was awake and gave him a big smile.

After dinner, Walker and Alex enjoyed being together and talking about the day's events. Since it was a nice evening, they took Angela and sat out on the swing for a while. Walker and Alex were both anxious to get back to riding more. With the special baby sling they could take Angela with them.

After another long night of lovemaking, Walker returned to work. He left the sleeping Alex and Angela in their bed again. He was glad that tomorrow he wouldn't have to get up quite as early. Driving into headquarters, he remembered how he and Alex had spent the night making love and talking about the future and making plans. He couldn't believe how much he'd missed her. He'd often wondered if he could ever get enough of her. Apparently she felt the same way!

Just as he came into the office, Commander Briscoe asked to see him. There had been a bank robbery in Garland and they were short-handed with so many of the Rangers out on cases. They still had not replaced Jensen and Harper who had been killed just about the time of Angela's birth. Walker was still not over the deaths of his two friends and Wade's wife, Becky. Briscoe wanted Walker's unit to handle the robbery totally. He thought this tied in with another case that Rangers Cooke and Gage were already working on. Walker took the information and called for a meeting with his staff as soon as they arrived.

Trivette noticed how tired Walker was looking and asked if he was OK. When he commented on the fact that Walker looked tired, both Syd and Gage noticed too. Syd was the first one to figure it out but being discreet said nothing. She just smiled a knowing look at Walker, who blushed. Unable to resist, Syd said, "I take it things went well for Alex at the doctor this week?"

Trivette spoke up and said, "You mean Angela, don't you? Angela had a doctor's appointment."

"No, I meant Alex. As the mother, she had to be checked out too. Right, Walker."

"Alex is fine and Angela is fine. Now lets get to work!" Walker didn't like the turn the conversation was taking. He knew Syd had figured it all out and he'd just as soon not discuss his personal life like that. He knew that Trivette would mention it all to Erika and she'd explain it to him so poor Gage was the only one in the dark. Syd secretly smiled at her boss…she knew he was shy.

They all disbursed to their various assignments. Walker was anxious to catch these bankrobbers and with the information provided by Syd and Gage, he thought they had a good chance. He and Trivette took off to the bank to gather more information. Once there, they encountered the one man who could provide them with clues about the robbers. It did indeed tie into the case that Syd and Gage were working on. The take-down went hard. Walker ended up with lots of cuts and bruises that he knew his wife would take him to task for that night but would also lovingly soothe. Luckily, he was the only one who was the worst for wear. A few hours later, DPS had some new people in custody and some tired Rangers back in headquarters.

Alex fixed a picnic dinner for Friday and had everything ready by the time Walker arrived home. She thought they could take Angela and ride out by the lake since Walker didn't have to get up early on Saturday. They did have a lot to do for Sunday but Alex had done a lot of it during the day. They both wanted Sunday to be perfect for Angela's christening. They had invited their closest family and friends. The ceremony was going to be the official naming ceremony with White Eagle presiding and the official christening with the minister that married them presiding. They had decided to hold it all at the ranch and then have a small party afterwards. Her father was flying in for the occasion. It would be the first time he'd seen his granddaughter. Of course, Alex had sent him photos of her and they'd talked on the phone. Gordon Cahill had been involved in a case and couldn't get away until now. Alex was really excited that her dad would be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

When Walker arrived home, he was exhausted. Seeing him, Alex wasn't sure he was up to a picnic but he assured her that after a quick shower and change of clothes that he'd be ready to go. She noticed the cuts and bruises but decided not to say anything. She just kissed him and sent him upstairs to shower. Alex was holding the picnic basket and Angela when Walker came down from his shower looking much more relaxed. He kissed her and took the baby from her. They headed out to the barn. Alex had let Amigo and Angel out of their stalls but wasn't able to saddle them. Walker handed the baby back to her and took care of that and they were on their way. Walker was carrying Angela in the special Native American baby pouch that Shaina Little Doe had made for them. It was a perfect way to take Angela riding. Angela was the most content baby. She snuggled against her daddy and made all sorts of cooing noises. Soon, neither parent heard her as she had drifted off to sleep.

Arriving at their favorite spot, Alex spread the blanket on the ground and added Angela's quilt to the blanket. Taking her from Walker, she put her down. Angela, being a real trooper, slept through it all. Walker tended the horses, while Alex spread out their meal. She had fixed ham sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, and fruit. It was a long leisurely supper and Walker and Alex enjoyed the time together. Walker told her about the bank robbery and how the bust went down. Alex kissed all of his bruises and wounds just as Walker had known that she would. Alex told him about her day and what was left for them to do tomorrow. Walker was impressed that Alex had gotten so much accomplished today.

"Well, I was inspired, you know," Alex said with a smile. "The more I could get done today, the less you'll have to do tomorrow and the more time we can relax in bed in the morning."

Walker loved it when Alex was in her impish mood as she was now. He decided to play along with her.

"Why would we want to spend time relaxing in bed tomorrow? We've always been early risers." Walker watched the raised eyebrows on Alex's face and the emotions playing over it. He watched as realization dawned that he was teasing her.

"Oh, you! Just you wait. I'll have you up before dawn!"

Walker laughed and pulled her into his arms. She probably would have him up before dawn but that would be OK. They could sleep after they made love. He marveled at her beauty and his eyes concentrated on her luscious lips. Moving his head slowly towards hers, he could taste the remnants of their dinner on her breath. Slowly, he met her lips with his own. Pulling her onto his lap, his hands found their way to the buttons on her blouse. He was praying that Angela would sleep for a while longer.

SIX WEEKS  - Part 3

by Jen M.

"Oh, Walker, I've missed you so much. How did we ever survive six weeks?"

Smiling, and teasing his wife, Walker asked, "Are you sure you want to have another baby?"

In answer, Alex pulled his head to hers. Somehow they had managed to get prone on the blanket and she was half lying on top of her husband. Knowing the effect that she could have on him, she wiggled the lower half of her body against his. She felt him respond by sucking in his breath. Her blouse was already open and she decided she needed to feel his skin next to hers. Slowly, she started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing any exposed skin that she found. Finally pushing the shirt from his body, her hands found their way to his jeans waistband.

Not one to fall behind, Walker pushed the blouse from her shoulders and opened the front clasp of her bra. Her exposed breasts lay before him as he rolled her over onto her back. Passion flared between them. There was no turning back. His lips teased hers and found all the secret places that made her catch her breath.

Unaware of all the passion that her parents were sharing, Angela slept peacefully. She even gave them time to catch their breath before she demanded her feeding. Walker picked his daughter up and handed her to her mother. Angela ate greedily, then entertained her parents with smiles, bubbles, kicks and coos. She was just a joy to watch that neither parent could take their eyes from her.

"Look, Walker. I think she's got your big toe! See how it's shaped."
"Oh, Alex, how can you tell something like that."

"Take your boot off and I'll prove it!"

"No way!"

"Aw, come on, Walker." Alex said with a smile. Unable to deny his wife anything, Walker removed his boot. Sure enough, even he saw the resemblance between his foot and Angela's.

"Well, I'll be. I never realized that we'd be able to see similarities like this."

Alex laughed at the stunned look on his face. She leaned in and lovingly kissed him. While Walker responded to his wife, he wasn't easily distracted. He was too busy looking for other similarities in his daughter.

"I hope her feet don't grow as long as mine! Look, Alex! Look at her fingers. I think she's got your hands, those long slim fingers. Look!"

As Walker and Alex explored their baby's features, she put up with her parents stares and explorations.

"It's getting late. We'd better get back to the ranch before it gets really dark."

They packed up the picnic and the blanket and the baby and headed back. Riding close together, they held hands the entire way. It had been a pleasant evening and just what Walker and Alex both had needed to help them relax.

The telephone woke them on Saturday morning about 8. Alex had already been up at 6 to feed Angela. The caller was James Trivette, who was so anxious to see his goddaughter that he couldn't wait until later in the day. He and Erika had decided that maybe they could take care of Angela while the Walkers finished their preparations for the christening. The Walkers were agreeable to some help so Jimmy and Erika headed out to the ranch.

"Walker, I wasn't ready to get up yet." Angela had slept all night and her parents had enjoyed a long night of lovemaking. They both decided she was going to be a good baby!

"I know. I thought we'd have more time alone, too, but we'd better get busy. Trivette said they'd be here by 9:30. I'll go make us some breakfast while you shower. OK?"

"No, it's not OK. I want a kiss first!"

Walker was more than willing to comply with his wife's request. However, he knew that if he didn't get out of bed first, they'd still be there when Trivette and Erika arrived. Getting up, he leaned over the bed and kissed his sleepy wife. He resisted when she tried to pull him back to bed.

"Alex, you know that Trivette will be here soon. We can't…"

His wife got the best of him and pulled him back into the bed and soon both were lost in each other. Finally, Walker pulled away and dragged his errant wife up with him. Smacking her lightly on the butt and chuckling, he sent her to the bathroom while he made the bed and went down to start breakfast.

Alex peeked in on Angela and went down to join her husband. After breakfast, Walker took a shower and dressed while Alex cleaned up the table. Before Walker could return, Trivette and Erika arrived.

"What's this? Are the Walkers being lazy today? Where's my goddaughter?"

"Your goddaughter is sleeping. She had us up at 6 a.m. so yeah, I guess we were being a little on the lazy side this morning."

Erika didn't miss the slight blush on Alex's cheeks and poked Jimmy in the ribs.

"Hey, what did you do that for?"

"Because I felt like it!" Erika laughed at her fiancé.

"Good for you, Erika! He needs a good punch in the ribs every now and then!" Walker joined them laughing at the look on Trivette's face.

"Trivette, if you don't mind, I'd like you to start with the grass. It needs to be mowed, then you can clean out the barn and once you've finished that, my truck and Alex's car both need washing."

The look on Trivette's face was priceless! Everyone started laughing including Trivette.

"Yeah, right, Pard. You know why I came out here today!" About that time, the reason for Jimmy's visit let her family know that she wanted some attention. Jimmy and Erika took off to the nursery to change her diaper and see what else they could do to entertain her. Of course, her mother was really the only one who could satisfy her at that time, but it took Trivette a few minutes to figure that one out.

The four friends started planning for the big day. They were all excited. Alex showed Erika the christening gown and they started working on the last minute food preparations for Sunday while Walker and Trivette arranged the picnic tables under the trees outside.

The day passed quickly. About 3 p.m. a car drove up the road to the Walker ranch. Alex ran out of the house and into her father's arms! It had been such a long time since she'd seen him. After he was allowed to greet everyone, Walker came out of the house carrying the object of their affection. Gordon Cahill had never met his granddaughter. When Walker placed her in his arms, tears came into his eyes as he stared at the replica of his beautiful daughter.

"Oh my, oh my. I never expected this. She's almost as beautiful as my baby was." This comment brought a smile from everyone and tears to the eyes of his lovely daughter. Using his thumbs, Walker wiped the tears from his wife's face. Gordon Cahill smiled at his beautiful daughter. He had lost his family so many years ago and had never gotten to make it up to his wife. He was determined to make it up to Alex and so far had been able to stay away from booze. He'd even come to respect and admire the man that she married. He had thrown life away but Alex had helped him get it back and so had Walker. He again marveled at the love shining on the face of this man every time he looked at his daughter. Gordon knew that he would never have to worry about Alex's happiness.

Jimmy and Erika had moved away to give the Walkers time alone with Gordon Cahill. Only Jimmy knew the history there and he would share it with Erika but right now, he thought the family needed to be alone.

Gordon sat in one of the nearby chairs that had been placed outside for the christening and cuddled his granddaughter. As he gently started talking to her, Alex and Walker moved away to give him time alone with her. That was the biggest gift they could have given him. To know that they trusted him with the most precious thing in their lives brought tears to his eyes. He was already in love with this baby girl who looked so much like her mother. But it was her father's eyes that looked straight into his soul and won his heart.

Another car turned into the driveway. The Walkers recognized the car driven by Rangers Cooke and Gage. They were off duty and had come to offer their help, too. There was little else that could be done until tomorrow but they'd all been invited for a pre-christening BBQ at the Walkers. Finally, a chance for the Walkers and their loved ones to relax and revel in the event that would bring them all even closer together. Syd and Gage had already taken to the tiny Walker baby and couldn't wait for their chance to baby sit either. Although neither of them said anything, they were disappointed that only Trivette and Erika had gotten to baby sit so far.

The evening progressed well and happily. Walker brought out the CD player and they all danced. Well, everyone except Gordon, who refused to let his granddaughter out of his sight. Once again, Alex thought that life couldn't get any better than this.

With promises to return early tomorrow to help, all the guests left except for Gordon who was staying at the ranch. He decided to go to his room to read since his daughter and son-in-law looked tired. He knew tomorrow would be a busy day for them all. He was staying a whole week so he could get to know his granddaughter.

Alex and Walker knew they had a busy day ahead and hoped that all was planned as it should be. Once Angela was settled and they were snuggled in bed, Walker and Alex started talking about the christening.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing White Eagle with our daughter. I know that he'll bless her."

"Me, too, Darling. Tomorrow is going to be so special. I'm glad Jimmy is bringing his video camera."

"Maybe we should get one of those? What do you think?"

"I think I'm too sleepy to talk about it right now. Goodnight, Cowboy!"

Walker chuckled and kissed his wife as they both fell asleep in each other's arms. In another part of the house, another father was thanking God for his family and his second chance in life. He hoped that Alex and Walker would be happy with the gift he had planned for Angela. He had set up a trust fund for her college education. He was determined to do right by his granddaughter since he had missed the chance with his daughter. He felt like he had been given another chance with life and he intended to take advantage of it. He didn't want to fail again.

Sunday dawned bright and clear. In fact, it was the perfect day. Alex and Walker were treated to breakfast by Gordon. He had gotten up early and had pancakes and sausage ready when the Walkers came downstairs holding the precious Angel. Gordon all but forgot breakfast at that moment. All his attention was focused on his beautiful grandchild. He couldn't help but marvel at the tiny bundle in his arms. Alex watched her father and could help wishing that her mother could be here today also. Walker had similar thoughts going through his head as he watched Angela's only grandparent cuddle her. He had missed his parents in growing up and now his greatest joy would be to share Alex and Angela with them. He knew their spirits were with them all.

A florist truck arrived bringing a dozen yellow roses that Alex knew immediately were from Walker. They also brought a dozen pink roses from Walker and Alex for Angela and a dozen red roses for Alex from Gordon. Alex decided they'd be perfect to place around on the tables outside. She also had a special basket with pink ribbons that she'd fixed up for Angela's gifts to the guests. That would be added at the last minute.

Trivette and Erika were the first to arrive. They had brought clothes to change into and Jimmy and Walker started working on arranging the chairs and doing last minute things outside while Erika helped Alex prepare last minute food in the kitchen. Gordon Cahill was more than happy to sit outside and watch the activity and chat with his granddaughter. He'd been delegated to babysitting duty and he was delighted with the new job! He knew this was going to be a great week!

By noon everyone was ready for a light snack. The christening was set for 2 p.m. so they figured guests would start arriving by 1:30. Shortly after noon, Rangers Gage and Cooke arrived to help with last minute preparations. White Eagle and his party arrived at 1:00 p.m. as he wanted to meet Angela before the actual ceremony. He had been on a quest and had not had a chance to meet her before although he was very much aware of the trauma during the time of her birth and how upset Washo had been. He also hoped to have a chance to discuss the dream that Washo had with him. He was very pleased that Washo and his beautiful wife had decided to incorporate both of their heritages in this ceremony.

With so much hustle and bustle going on, Alex and Walker barely had time to breath much less do anything else. Finally breaking away, they knew they had to get ready. Plus they needed a few moments alone with their daughter. Taking Angela from Gordon, the Walkers went upstairs to their bedroom.

"Walker, this is it. This is the official start of Angela's life. I'm so excited."

"I know. Me too. I'm a little sad, too, that our other loved ones aren't here with us."

Alex touched Walker's beard. She knew he was referring to C.D., her mother and his parents. She, too, missed their presence. Sighing, she kissed Walker and suggested they get dressed. She had bought a pink and white sundress for the occasion. Shaina had made her a necklace and hair accessory to match the beadwork on Angela's dress. She thought the hair accessory would look better if she wore her hair up. As usual a few short strands fell down to encompass her face. Shaina had made Walker a Thunderbird necklace to wear for the occasion. He was really pleased when Alex gave it to him. It was white beads with a black thunderbird and a black cord that formed the necklace.

After dressing in dark pants and white shirt and adding the necklace, Walker went downstairs to greet the arriving guests. Erika and Syd had taken over the kitchen and were busy getting food out. Jimmy had found the perfect spot for the video camera. Syd had been appointed official photographer for the occasion. Once everyone had arrived, Walker went inside to check on Alex who had been feeding Angela and escorted them out. They all took their places in front of the lattice arch that had been erected for today's ceremony and Rev. Bosley and White Eagle were waiting for them. Soft lullabies played in the background. All the flowers created a fragrant aroma. A slight breeze rustled the trees. The day was perfect for an outside ceremony. Chairs had been placed around for the guests.

"Friends, we are gathered here today for a special occasion." Rev. Bosley took a wide-awake Angela from her mother and held her close. She looked adorable in her long christening dress and bonnet. Walker and Alex beamed in adoration at their baby as they held hands. They were standing with Jimmy and Erika on one side and Gordon on the other.

"A little more than a year ago, Cordell and Alexandra couple stood before me and pledged their love to one another. I said then that I could think of no more perfect couple than this one to bring love, honesty and commitment to a relationship. Now they have brought a baby into this world…a symbol of their love and dedication. We are here today to christen this baby and to charge these parents and godparents with the responsibility of raising her with love, honesty, and trust."

Handing the baby to Jimmy, Rev Bosley said, "James Trivette and Erika Carter, you have been given a great honor by this couple. They want you to be an active part of this child's life. They want your input as they guide her through to adulthood. They have asked that should anything happen to them that you raise their daughter with all the love and sincerity that you would give your own child. It's a great responsibility. Will you accept this responsibility?"

"We will."

Facing the parents, the minister asked, "What name have you chosen for this child?"

Together, Walker and Alex announced, "Angela Cahill Walker."

Taking the baby from Trivette, Rev. Bosley handed her back to her mother and said, "The name, 'Angela' means 'angel or messenger' and I can see that this child has a fitting name. She is truly angelic and has already brought happiness to her parents. Raising a child is a serious responsibility. It means that you put her before all else in life, you love her and protect her and guide her. She will help you by trying your patience, testing your faith, bringing laughter to your life, loving you unconditionally, and when you least expect it, teaching you how to be the best parents you can be. Most importantly, she will trust you with her life knowing that you will take care of her no matter what."

Taking a red rose and silver chalice cup, he dipped the rose in the cup and sprinkled Angela's forehead saying, "I christen you Angela Cahill Walker. May the love you see here today for your child continue to surround you and her all of your lives." Rev. Bosley handed Alex a red rose.

"This rose is a symbol of your love. Its deep red color is symbolic of the love you have not only for your husband, but for your child, your family, and your friends. Take this rose as a symbol of that love and as a reminder that love conquers all."

Handing a white rose to Walker, "This rose is white. It is a symbol of purity. As you look upon your daughter today, you see the purity and innocence that is there. She has not been tarnished in any way. As her father, it is your job to see that her life remains as pure and clean as the first snowfall of winter. You will guide her and provide her with a safe environment so that her world will remain safe and unencumbered."

Handing a pink rose to Jimmy and Erika, "This rose is pink. It is the combination of white and red. As her godparents, you will be able to provide love and purity in this child's life just as her parents will do. Cherish your time with her and give wisely of your counsel to both the child and her parents. They will all depend on you for strength and courage along the way. Your job is not an easy one for you will have to learn the perfect balance between saying too much and too little. Remember the pink rose as it's perfect combination of red and white will guide you."

"I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless and keep you, may his love shine down upon you and keep you safe and secure. Amen."

Rev. Bosley stepped back and White Eagle came forward. He took the baby from Alex and held her high in his arms above his head. He spoke in Native Cherokee as he held the baby. He then turned to the four corners and spoke again. He repeated in English.

"Father Sky, Mother Earth, bring your blessing to this, your daughter. From the east, the west, the north and the south, above, below and all in between, give her your love and protection.
May the Warm Winds of heaven
Blow softly upon your house
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins
Make happy tracks.
In many snows,
And may the rainbow
Always touch your shoulder."
(Cherokee Prayer Blessing -

Bringing Angela back into his arms, White Eagle cooed softly to her. She smiled at him and blew him a bubble much to the delight of her parents, both of whom had tears in their eyes.

"As elder of the tribe, I bestow upon you the name of Little Star for you will light the way of the world and bring joy to all that you meet."

Handing the baby to Walker, White Eagle removes Angela's bonnet and takes the small Cherokee headdress and puts it upon her head, much to the delight of her parents and guests. White Eagle again takes her in his arms and lifts her high above his head. He turns to the four corners of the earth and asks for blessings for the child of Washo and Alex. He kisses the baby and hands her back to her father. Alex has tears in her eyes as she watches her husband cuddle their small baby who has been so good during the entire hour-long ceremony.

Rev. Bosley and White Eagle both say a blessing upon the family and friends and all are dismissed to enjoy the feast that is before them. Alex marvels at the beautiful headdress that has been placed on her baby's head. She fingers the soft white feathers gently. She did not know about this part of the ceremony and is proud that her baby has been officially named in the tongue of her father.

"Oh, Walker, I love the name Little Star for her. It's perfect. Rev. Bosley and White Eagle, how can we ever thank you for christening our baby."

"You can be happy with her and give her the best of yourselves. That's all the thanks either of us need." Rev. Bosley says and White Eagle nods his agreement. They walked off to join the others for much needed refreshments.

To the delight of the guests, the Walkers provided everyone with a wallet-size photo of Angela in her christening gown. Alex had them made earlier in the week and Walker brought out the 8 x 10 size that they had framed for themselves for everyone to see. It was a time of great rejoicing amongst family and friends. Angela Walker would indeed light the way! Nestled in her father's arms, she yawned and promptly fell asleep with a sigh that sounded so much like her mother that Walker chuckled.

Hearing the chuckle, Alex walked up to her husband and child. "Hey Cowboy, did I mention how much I love you?" At the sound of her mother's voice, Angela smiled in her sleep. Neither of her parents noticed, though, as they were too busy looking at each other!

"Well, not in so many words, but we can remedy that." With his free arm, he encircled his wife's waist and pulled her close. Bending his head, he kissed her lips softly and whispered so only she could hear his words, "I love you, too, Mrs. Walker. Thank you for the gift of our daughter."


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