Slippery When Wet

By Sasquaw

Walker walks into the courthouse with his two prisoners, they all three look like they’ve been in a fight with a bobcat, and the bobcat has won---hands down!!

A young Ranger comes up and takes the two off his hands, Walker sighs and heads for the coffee machine. His partner, James Trivette, looks at him and shakes his head, as Walker slams the coffee pot down and heads for his desk. Trivette watches him for a few minutes, debating on saying anything to him. Walker has been like this for almost a month now, in a really foul mood!

Just as Trivette starts to say something, Alex walks in with a tall dark haired man in his mid 40’s. She introduces him to the two Rangers as the new District Attorney, and he has a few choice words about the condition of the two prisoners that Walker just brought in.  The man is Kyle Underwood, and he immediately starts raking Walker over the coals, saying he could have used a more subtle approach in apprehending the two men. Trivette stands quietly by as Underwood tears into Walker, and Alex is not saying a word. Walker is glaring back at the new attorney, and then to Alex. 

Walker stands up, puts his hat on, and walks by the both of them and out the door! Underwood starts after him and Alex pulls him back. Trivette watches the eye contact between them, then grabs his hat and walks out the door too. Alex stands there and looks towards the door, she sighs and walks out, the new DA follows her.

Trivette catches up to his partner in the parking lot, and approaches him slowly.      

"Walker, why didn’t you say something in there? Why did you let that ‘airhead’ jump onto you like that?"          

Walker is leaning over the back of his truck, reaching for his duffel bag that holds all of his rodeo gear. He takes it and throws it inside the Ram, turns to Trivette and snaps, "It doesn’t matter what that ‘air head’ says, he’s not the one that had to tell the Morris’ family that their Mother won’t be coming home tonight-----she’s stretched out at the morgue and the morticians are trying to put her body back together----after those two sons-of-bitches raped her repeatedly-------and then used a table leg to finish their rape-------and all this time----her little 7year old boy was having to watch!"          

Trivette swallows, "I know, I’m familiar with what happened--------but why didn’t you speak up ----- apparently this ‘dick head’ isn’t familiar with the story----------maybe Alex didn’t have time to explain it first?"       

Walker stops and stares at his partner, "That’s her problem-----I’m out of here!"       

Walker gets into the Ram and burns rubber leaving the parking lot. Trivette watches and nods his head slowly. This arguing between Alex and his partner had been going for over a month now. They couldn’t say two words to each other without getting into an argument. Trivette knew what the problem was, or rather "WHO" was causing it. Her name was Marilee Summers, a country and western singer that Walker had a brief affair with, and Alex was not letting him forget it! Trivette sighs, "I got my own problems-----Walker and Alex will just have to work out theirs!"

Walker has been on the road about an hour, he’s going to Brownsville for the rodeo, and it will be a long and lonely trip. He’s never felt so alone and so confused. He can’t get the look on Alex’s face out of his mind as Underwood was tearing into him! She just stood there, not saying a word in his defense.  Before, whether he was right or wrong, she always said something.  He can remember only one other time that Alex had that  ‘hurt and helpless’ look----and that was when she found out about the night he spent with Marilee.             

He tries to remember what led to the brief affair, she was in fear for her life from her estranged husband, a damsel in distress and Walker felt the need to protect her. He ended up taking her and her daughter to his ranch, and everything moved so quickly after that. He spent the night with her in the guest room, and then less than 48 hrs later she was leaving Dallas and wanting him to go with her. They said their goodbyes at C.D.’s and Alex watched as they kissed goodbye. He wasn’t aware when Alex left, he just got into his Ram and headed back to his ranch and stayed there for almost a week, not seeing or talking to anyone!

He had trouble remembering what Marilee looked like, and if it weren’t for her picture on the autographed C.D. that she’d left behind, he wouldn’t be able to remember her at all. Even that ‘night’ was a blur to him, he could remember very little about their intimacy, what she wore to bed, her perfume, everything just seemed unimportant. Marilee was a beautiful woman, with gorgeous red hair and a knockout body, and full pouting lips. He couldn’t even remember how he felt afterwards, it just happened so quickly and it was over, he did remember feeling guilty. He didn’t have any reason to feel guilty, he and Alex had no commitment towards each other and they both had been dating others.  He just felt awkward seeing her at C.D.’s and the way Marilee was hanging onto him, Alex knew they had spent the night together and the look on her face, was more than he could take. So, after Marilee left to go to the airport, Walker went home.              

When he did go back to work, Alex avoided him. She stayed out of the Rangers’ office, only going in to take search warrants, or else she would send her law clerk. When he tried to talk to her, she would say she was busy and walk away. She stopped going to C.D.’s, and when he would call her at home, he would get the answering machine. He would sit in his Ram outside her apartment, knowing she was home, and the machine would still pick up. She started dating more often, accepting all of the invitations that the Mayor would send out, going to all of the black tie affairs, knowing he wouldn’t be there---because of his hatred for dressing up in a monkey suit!!!!               

So, Walker started spending more time out of town at the rodeos, when he wasn’t volunteering for more cases. The rodeos were keeping his mind off Alex and the attention that he was getting from the young rodeo ’roadies’, were luring him to the parties afterwards. They were there for the taking, and several times he was ‘tempted’,  by the tight fitting jeans, and blouses that left nothing to the imagination. Young women that were more than eager to bed the Ranger, and some were not in the least embarrassed to tell him just what they would like to do to him.  Just like the one that was seated next to him at the last party he attended.              

Her name was Joey, and she had a twin named Kit, they couldn’t have been more than 18, and they were both coming onto him strong, asking him he wanted a threesome. They were beautiful and they were sexy, but the longer they talked the less Walker was interested. He walked away from them, saying to himself, "This is what got me in hot water the last time------and I certainly don’t need jail bait."

He saw a couple of lady friends that he had dated, but taking them to dinner and maybe a movie was all that would come of their evenings together. As soon as the rodeos would end, he would head back to his ranch. He stopped trying to call Alex, he would continue to go his way and she could go hers.             

About a week later and he ends up at Mercy hospital visiting an old friend, when he hears a woman’s voice call out his name, "Cordell"?            

Walker turns to see a young woman in her early 30’s, light brown hair and hazel eyes, nice figure, all 5ft of her! He smiles, "Nelda-----when did you get back to Dallas?"             

She smiles, walking up to him, "I’ve been back for about 2 months now, I’ve been meaning to call you."

Walker stops and stares at her, "How’s Paul, is he with you?"          

She shakes her head and holds up her left hand, "We’re divorced----I got rid of him last year------now, there’s no excuse for the two of us not to get together----right, Cordell?"          

Walker laughs, he looks at her and smiles, "How about dinner tonight?"           

Nelda smiles and touches his cheek, "I would love to, about sevenish-----at my place?"           

Walker stammers, "I was thinking more along the line of dinner and maybe a movie?"           

"What’s the matter Cowboy------afraid I’ll take advantage of you----or is it my cooking you don’t like?"           

Walker nods his head, "No offense, Nelda----but your cooking leaves a lot to be desired!"            

She laughs, "I never did like to cook----maybe that’s why Paul divorced me!"             

Walker turns his head sideways, "I thought you divorced him?"            

"What difference does it make, here’s my address---I’ll see you at seven."            

Walker picks Nelda up and they have a nice quiet dinner at a place called ‘The Kove’. Afterwards, they take in a movie and he sees her home. The evening was really nice and Walker is looking forward to seeing her again, and he asks her to the rodeo. She accepts. She knows nothing about riding the bulls and Walker has to explain everything to her. They head back to her place and she invites him in.            

Again, he hesitates but he enters her apartment. She serves them white wine; Walker refuses and asks for coffee.  They talk about old times, and how they met when her ex-husband was on the DPS. Nelda had made no pretense in letting Walker know that she was interested in him, even while she was married. He told her in no uncertain terms would he even attempt to move in on another man’s wife.           

He did find her attractive, she was always bubbly, he couldn’t recall ever seeing her in a bad mood. There was just something about her that was always intriguing, she was a tiny little thing, and she wasn’t the least bit shy.           

She watches him as he sips his coffee, "Want something in that?"           

"No------I got to be going!"            

She inches up to him and puts her arms around his neck, tiptoeing to reach his lips, "No-----you don’t----you can stay a little longer----we haven’t had dessert yet!"            

He feels himself getting aroused, as he reaches down to kiss her.  His hands go to her waist as he pulls her up to him and kisses her long and sensuous. She reaches for his shirt and starts unbuttoning as fast as she can. He pulls back away from her, "Wait a minute--------don’t you
think we’re rushing things?"         

She’s breathing harder, as she goes back to his shirt------"No-----I’ve waited almost 3 yrs for this moment-----I want you now, Cordell!"            

He stops her hands from doing anymore exploring, "Well------I think----I’d better get out of here, before we start something we can’t finish!"           

Nelda goes back to his shirt and then to his belt buckle, "I want to start something and I want to finish it------we don’t have ties to anyone----we can do what we please."           

Walker looks at her, and he thinks of Alex, wondering who she’s out with and what she’s doing. He’s tried to talk to her, to explain, she won’t even talk to him, so why should he continue to feel guilty? Here he is with a beautiful and sexy woman, who wants him in no uncertain ways. He has no commitments to anyone. He turns back around to Nelda and takes her in his arms and they move to the couch. He’s letting his hands explore as they go to her blouse and then cups her breast. He starts to kiss her, and then he thinks of Alex again. He gets up from the couch and starts tucking his shirt back in, "I’m sorry------this isn’t going to work------I got to go."          

Nelda jumps up after him, "Wait a minute-----let’s talk it out----did I do something wrong?"          

He reaches out and touches her cheek, "It’s not you------I just have a lot on my mind."          

She stops and folds her arms, "You mean "SOMEONE" on your mind----right?"          

Walker doesn’t answer as he heads for the door; she walks up and grabs his arm. "Look----I came on a little strong----we can still be friends, can’t we?"           

Walker smiles, "Look----I don’t want to hurt you, but right now my life is upside down and it wouldn’t be fair to you or me to keep on seeing each other. I do have someone on my mind, and we’ve been having some problems. I want to try and work things out with her-----I don’t need any complications. Okay, Nelda?"            

She sighs, "Why is it that every time I meet someone that I might be able to care about, they’re either ‘involved’ or ‘QUEER!"            

Walker laughs, "Well, I will say one thing Nelda----you’re never at a loss for words----you always tell it like it is!"         

He reaches down and kisses her on the cheek then says, "Take care."         

She waits till he’s almost down the hall, and then shouts to him---"Take care Cordell----if you change your mind and this "SOMEONE" doesn’t come to her senses and realizes what she’s giving up----you know where I’ll be?"          

Walker spends the next three days working at his ranch, staying as busy as he can, trying not to think of Alex. The days are okay but at nighttime, the loneliness closes in.  He dreams about her constantly, tossing and turning till he can get no sleep at all. Even the midnight rides on Amigo aren’t helping. It’s now 3am and he’s still pacing the front porch, he decides to call her, no answer! The phone rings at least a dozen times, the answering machine doesn’t pick up.         

"It’s 3am---where the hell can she be at this hour?" He slams the phone down and stomps back upstairs and to bed. More tossing and turning, till finally he falls asleep and then his telephone wakes him. It’s Trivette, wanting to know where he’s at.          

"Walk-man----where are you, we were suppose to be on the road an hour ago?"          

Walker is fighting to get his mind straight, "What are you talking about----on the road----where?"           

He hears Trivette grumble, "Oh no, don’t tell me that you forgot that we’re suppose to transfer those prisoners down to Huntsville?"           

Now Walker groans, he had forgotten. "I’ll be right there!"           

Walker pulls up in front of the courthouse as he sees Trivette heading to a patrol car and pushing the two prisoners into the back seat. Trivette frowns, "I tried to delay as long as I could, but Mr. Underwood said for us to go ahead and transport them," he nods towards another Ranger.
"And-----Mr. Underwood would like to see you----in his office-----right away!"            

Walker is now heading for the D.A.’s office, and he sees Alex coming out.  They both stop and look at each other, she clears her throat, "You better get in there----he’s really upset with you!"           

"About what?" He looks at her softly, " I tried to call you last night-----or rather at 3am this morning!"           

Her brow arches, "Really-----at 3am----why?"           

"WALKER-----GET IN HERE-----NOW!!"           

Walker turns and looks towards the DA’s office----"Never mind why I called-----I guess you weren’t in yet from one of your "hot dates?"           

Alex starts to say something and then she grits her teeth and walks away, mumbling to herself. Walker turns and goes into the DA’s office, and he’s met with both barrels, complaints from the Mayor and Walker is suspended for ten days.  Walker argues, and the DA tacks on another 2 weeks. Walker slams his badge down and tells him where to shove it, turns around and walks out, slamming the door behind him and breaking the glass in the door. He can still hear the DA screaming as he heads for the elevator.            

At C.D.’s Bar & Grill, a new waitress is being broke in, and she’s giving C.D. fits. She’s already dropped two beer mugs, and dropped a plate of bar-be-cue ribs on a customer. The big man is trying to apologize to the irate customer as Alex walks in. C.D. tells the man that dinner is on the house and he nudges the new waitress to give him anything he wants as he hurries over to Alex’s table.

"Alex-----where you been, I haven’t seen you in weeks?"             

Alex smiles at her friend, and kisses him on the cheek, "It’s been a hectic time C.D.-----and I’ve stayed away because I didn’t want to run into Walker here!"            

"Well, not much danger in that happening---I haven’t seen Cordell in days!" C.D. looks at her, "are you two still fighting?"             

"No, C.D.-----we’re just not talking!"             

The big man starts to say something when he hears another tray hit the floor and another irate customer is yelling.           

"Jumping Jehosafat----what has that girl done now-----excuse me honey, I got to see what all the shouting is about?"             

Alex sits quietly and then walks over to the jukebox. She drops in the half dollar and pushes B-10, and a George Strait song plays. She returns to her table as she sees C.D. nudging the new waitress over in her direction.             

The woman is mumbling, "okay, okay----don’t have a cow----geez-----it was just one pitcher of beer------hi "sweetie’ can I take your order?"              

Alex smiles faintly, "I’ll take the club sandwich----hold the mayo and onions-----and a green salad on the side, and ice tea."              

The new waitress screams out the order and Alex jumps. "I’m sorry sweetie----didn’t mean to scream in your ear!"              

Alex smiles faintly, "That’s okay," she says softly.             

C.D. calls the waitress to the bar and Alex watches as he gives her the third degree about screaming out orders. She sighs and goes back to listening to the song. She starts thinking about the first time she had heard it or rather, when THEY had heard it. She and Walker had gone to the movies to see "PURE COUNTRY" starring George Strait. She fell in love with the song and Walker had surprised her the next day by buying the CD for her, saying it was "their song", the song was called "I Cross MY Heart."              

She’s completely lost in the song when a voice says, "Must be a man involved!"              

Alex looks up to see the waitress holding her ice tea—"Take my word for it sweetie, no man is worth it!"              

The waitress sits the drink down and looks at Alex, "A pretty woman like you---pining over a man----there should be a law-----forget him, whoever he is----I’ll bet you got the guys lined up, just dying to take you out!"               

Alex frowns, "Well sometimes----a certain one is not so easy to forget."            

"Don’t I know it!!! Every once in awhile that certain prince comes along on his white horse and you can say goodbye to all logic and you start making a fool of yourself."             

Alex looks at the waitress, "Yeah, and sometimes they can be a pain in the-----you know what."            

The waitress laughs, "Yeah, but you wait for such a long time to find that certain one that makes your toenails curl, and then only to find out he’s either married, divorced with ten kids, or he’s queer!"            

Alex almost chokes on her tea, as she reaches for her napkin. The waitress continues talking, "BUT-------sometimes you just have to keep ‘trucking’ when that certain hunk comes along."            

The waitress gives a sigh, and holds up her thumb and forefinger, "I was this close----to getting him between the sheets----this close!"            

"NELDA-----you’re order is ready," screams C.D.             

The waitress walks up to the bar, with her hands on her hips and looks straight at C.D.----"What’s with all the shouting----I’m not deaf---you know".              

She takes Alex’s sandwich to her, C.D.’s neck is getting red, and he’s about ready to come unglued. One of the other waitresses pats him on the shoulder, "Calm down C.D.---she’s just temporary, until her other job comes through."             

C.D. grumbles, "And what job is that, a Marine drill sergeant?"             

The waitress smiles, "Noooooo- she’s moonlighting, she’s actually a RN at Mercy Hospital, a top surgeon, so I’ve heard!"             

C.D. looks back at the waitress, "You gotta be pulling my leg----a surgeon, and she’s moonlighting as a waitress?"             

"HEYYYYY----don’t knock it----there are worse occupations than being a waitress!"              

Another waitress chimes in, "Yeah----it’s a decent living----we can’t all be brain surgeons!"              

"Brain surgeon?" C.D. mumbles to himself and looks out at Nelda as she’s trying to balance a tray of beer mugs, "she’s a brain surgeon?"             

No sooner than he says the words, the tray falls to the floor and C.D. shakes his head, "Oh Lord, please don’t ever let me be under her knife-----praise the Lord!"             

Alex finishes her sandwich, says goodbye to C.D. and heads for the door, running into Walker! She excuses herself and keeps on walking, he turns and goes after her.             

"Alex----would you at least talk to me----I deserve that much---don’t I?"              

She looks back at him, "We have nothing to say to one another!"             

He’s getting angry, "Don’t put words in my mouth, I got plenty to say----like where were you at 3am?"              

Alex turns on him, "I don’t have to report in to you---it’s none of your business where I was!"              

"Okay----okay----I’m sorry---could we just talk about it, why are you so angry at me?"               

She looks at him in disbelief----"Why am I angry? -----You spend the night in the arms of another woman, and you’re asking me----why am I angry?"               

"Well, what about you Alex-----how many nights did you spend in Dalton Reed’s arms?" 

Her bottom lip is starting to quiver, as she turns and heads for her car, he stomps after her. "What, Alex----it’s okay for you to be in another man’s bed, but It’s not okay for me to be with another woman, is that it?"             

She’s gritting her teeth, and holding her breath, "That was over with between Dalton and me before you and I started dating, and you know it!"             

Walker stands and looks at her, "Maybe so----but it still hurt, knowing that you had been with him!"           

Alex turns away and then looks back at him, "Oh, so that’s it---you wanted to hurt me, so you take Marilee to your bed----is that it?"           

Walker is walking around in circles, throwing his arms up, "She was not in my bed-----I mean not my bed specifically----it was in the guestroom…"           

"Walker----I could care less what room you made love to her in-----the fact is------you made love to her!" Alex yanks her car door open, slides in, and drives away.           

Walker slams his fist down onto the hood of the car next to him; a big dent is very noticeable in the little Red sports car. He looks around to see if anyone saw him, gives out a loud grunt, and heads for his Ram.          

At quitting time the waitresses leave C.D.’s and start walking to their cars. They all say goodnight and then Nelda gives a loud string of curse words as she notes the dent in her brand new red sports car!           

At C.D.’s the next morning, Trivette is relaying the message that Walker turned in his badge.           

"HE DID WHAT?"          

"You heard me big dog, Walkman is no longer a Texas Ranger!"            

C.D. starts to answer when he looks up and sees Walker coming in, and he’s wearing his badge. Both he and Trivette start asking questions.            

"Could I at least have a cup of coffee, before I get the twenty questions’, he snaps back at them. Then he goes around the counter, grabs the coffee pot and starts looking for a cup, "Where are all of the coffee cups, C.D.?"            

C.D. hustles around and starts looking to find one, coming out with a styrofoam cup, "I haven’t had time to put the real cups out yet----that dad burn new waitress I hired is breaking them as fast I can put them out!"           

Walker frowns and takes the cup. "Then fire her C.D. what’s the big deal?"           

Trivette is looking at C.D., he’s shaking his head, "Well---she is clumsy---but actually she’s a pretty good waitress once you get past the spilled drinks, food, etc."           

Walker growls and walks back around the bar and sits down, "Well, in case either of you wants to know how I got my badge back---the Mayor called me and apologized last night for Mr. Underwood’s behavior, and asked me to reconsider and so I did----in case anyone is interested!"          

C.D. and Trivette look at each other and mumble, "We were just going to ask you ---that question, Cordell."           

Trivette nods, "Yep, I was going to ask ---too!"           

Walker looks at his two friends, the day has already started out wrong., He hates Styrofoam cups, he’s already in a foul mood, the Ram is need of a overhaul, Amigo kicked down one of the stalls inside the barn, he nicked himself while trimming his beard, and then he almost ran out of gas on the way back to the ranch because he forgot to fill up after the argument he and Alex had. Plus, on top of that his fist hurt and he had small pieces of red paint chips on his knuckles!!! What else could go wrong?           

"MORNING PEOPLE" a shrill voice rings out and C.D. groans.            

Walker looks towards the voice, and almost falls off the barstool, "Nelda?"            

"CORDELL, is that you?"            

C. D. and Trivette look to Walker and then to Nelda. She walks up to him and kisses him, "So how are things----you and that certain "someone" still having the argument?"            

Walker stammers----"Uhhhhh-everything is fine----what are you doing here?"           

Nelda pulls her apron out of her backpack, "I work here!"           

Walker’s eyes grow big, "HERE! you’re working here, what about your job at Mercy?"

C.D. and Trivette are eyeing the two, and C.D. is wanting to know the answer to that last question.

"Oh, you know me Cordell, can’t stand still, always moving, they got me on ‘stand by’ till the new operating room is finished, They got a full staff----so I said I would just take some time off and see how the other half lives," she looks around the establishment, and sighs, "And this is
definitely the OTHER HALF!"           

C.D. clears his throat, "Watch it little lady-----and what are you standing around gawking for, the noon crowd will be coming in soon, start getting things ready."            

Nelda smirks at C.D., reaches over and kisses Walker again, and smiles at Trivette, "Hello handsome."            

Trivette grins, "Hello yourself----I’m Jimmy Trivette, and you are…"            

She smiles back, looking him over, her brows go up and down, "You can call me---anytime----I’m Nelda----glad to know you----Jimmy." She turns to look at Walker, "Better not take too long Cordell or I might just have to move on without you!"          

Walker sighs, as he feels the eyes of his two friends giving him the evil eye, before they can ask any questions, he replies, "She’s just a friend----just a friend!"

C.D. and Trivette nod their heads, "Sure, sure----we saw the way she kissed you Walkman------just a friend, huh?"

Trivette turns and watches as Nelda puts her apron on, she sees him looking, she smiles back at him, and he returns the smile.               

Walker and Trivette soon leave, and business is starting to pick up. Nelda has gotten through another day, this time she's only dropped two trays, only three broken mugs, and one irate customer!   C.D. is still shaking his head, he can't help but like the perky little lass, and the
customers seem to like her. When the night crowd comes in, she can swap jokes with the best of them. Now, if he could just keep her off the phone, long enough to wait on them.                

"Nelda----who in tarnation are you talking to, you've been on the phone all day?"             

"I have not been on the phone all day----I only call on my break time----I'm trying to get a hold of my claim adjuster----some jerk put a big dent in the hood of my car!"              

C.D. chuckles, "I pity the yahoo when you get a hold of him----his life ain't going to be worth a damn----he'll probably end up in the looney bin----or heaven forbid---on your operating table!" 

Nelda looks at the big guy, and frowns--she mouths the word "Operating table?"                 

Walker and Trivette have been on a stakeout for two days now, waiting for the Blancett boys to make their move with the illegal contraband. Walker has said very little all day.                   

Trivette tries to open the conversation, but can't think of anything outside of business to talk about. The subject of Alex is completely off limits, he's been like a caged bear ever since the thing with Marilee.                    

"Ahhhh----Walker, how well do you know ---this Nelda?"                     

Walker stares straight ahead, "She's just a friend----I told you that."                     

Trivette pauses, "Sooooo, she's not married-----or anything like that?"                     

"She's divorced---about a year now," Walker turns and looks at his partner, ""Why all the questions?"                     

Trivette shrugs and looks out the window, "Just wondering----that's all!"                     

Trivette turns back to Walker, "Are you sure there's nothing going on between you and her?"                     

"YES TRIVETTE, I'm SURE----Okay....?"

"Hey, don't go biting my head off---I was just asking----you know Walker, you're not the only one that has personal problems-----and the world still revolves whether you and Alex are speaking or not!"                     

"What do you mean by that?"                      

"Just what I said-----other people have problems too, and don't you think that this little charade between the two of you has run it's course? You made a mistake----big deal---you're not the only one that has crossed that line, Alex is wrong in blaming you----there I've said
it---and I'm not sorry for saying it----so there!"                     

They sit for the longest without either of them saying a word.  "You said that other people have problems too, are you speaking for yourself, or just jabbering?"                      

Trivette shifts around in his seat, "I was speaking for myself-----things haven't been going too well between Twilah and myself----but why should that interest you, you never ask me about my
personal life---you're always too wrapped up in yours and Alex's."                    

Walker stares back at him, "I don't make it a habit of butting into other people's private lives, I always felt if you wanted to talk to me about something---you would tell me."                   

"Is that what you think I'm doing----butting into your personal life?"                   

Walker is getting riled, "NO-----it's just that I never can keep up with all these women you say you're dating, and so therefore I never know which woman to ask you about---and who is this Twilah, when did you start dating her?"                   

Trivette shakes his head in disgust, "You are so out of it, Walker----I've been going with Twilah for at least----at least a week---now---well no, actually we've only been dating since Thursday. No, I was dating Karen, no, we broke up after I broke up with Terri or was it Monique?" 

Walker rolls his eyes up into his head, "See what I mean----if you can't keep your women straight---how the hell am I suppose to?"                     

Trivette smiles, "Can't help it, I like variety!"                     

Walker frowns, "Let me ask you something Trivette----do you talk in your sleep, if so---aren't you afraid of waking up castrated?"                     

"Never happen, big guy----cause you see there's a trick to all of it----you never call your lady by her first name---you call her ‘Poopsie’, ‘Sugar Baby’, ‘Hot Lips’, or just ‘Sweets’---that way they will never know who you're actually talking to."                     

Walker is staring at his partner who is grinning from ear to ear, and nodding his head up and down, "See, big guy----that's all there is to it!!!!"                     

Walker shakes his head, "They won't know who you're talking to, and neither will you."                    

Trivette stops grinning, "Well, it's worked so far----you see that's your problem big guy, you worry too much. You need to have more than one woman at a time, that way ---when one gets mad, you've always got the other one to turn to."                   

"Trivette----that's what got me into this mess---is trying to have more than one---and look where's it got me-----I had a one night fling with a woman I can't even remember what she looks like half the time, now the one I want to be with won't even talk to me, and you're saying I need a variety?---I don't think so!!  All I want is to fix things with Alex, to get back what we had----but I blew that---didn't I????"                  

"Look, Walker---trust me---I know women----and you got to take a stand with them, let them know who's boss----you got to be stern when it comes to handling the opposite sex----I know!"                    

The stakeout is over and the two Rangers go their separate ways, Trivette says he has date with a nurse, and Walker heads home to his ranch----alone! He's been mending fences all day, and the conversation between him and Trivette keeps going through his mind, the conversation about
being 'stern' and letting them know who is boss. He keeps thinking about it, till he throws his tools down and heads back to his house. He takes a quick shower, dons one of Alex's favorite shirts, and heads out the door, to her apartment. He sees her little convertible in its parking slot, so at least she's home----at least he hopes that she is.               

She's been working on papers all day, sitting on the couch with her legs doubled up under her. Her hair is pulled back and little blond wisps are drooping down in her eyes, she has no makeup on, a pencil behind each ear, and has her reading glasses on. She's wearing sweat pants, and an
old sweatshirt that Walker had given her to wear when she was in his karate class. The doorbell rings and she slowly puts the paperwork down and walks barefoot to the door. She takes a quick look through the peephole and seeing that it's Walker, she grabs her hair, and starts looking at the way she's dressed. She walks around in circles, the doorbell rings again, and she jerks it open.                

Walker stands there looking at her, his eyes go to the sweat suit, and the mess her hair is in. "Alex-----are you okay?"              

"I'm fine-----what are you doing here?"                 

He walks past her and steps into the living room, seeing all the paperwork laying on the couch. "We need to talk Alex----and I'm not leaving here till we do!"               

She stares back at him, "Well, that's debatable, I say---you're leaving, and now!!!"                

He continues to stare at her, she keeps pushing the hair out of her eyes, even without makeup, she was beautiful. She reminded him of a teenage girl, standing there with the sweat suit on, and barefoot. "We're going to have this talk Alex----and now!"                 

She puts her hands on her hips and stares back at him, "You got five minutes----start talking!"                 

"Don't tell me how long I've got-----if it takes all day---you're going to listen to what I have to say----so sit down and listen!!!!"                  

Alex's eyebrow arches and she looks at him cautiously, she sees the look in his eyes and she sits down in the chair across from the couch. She glares back at him. Walker thinks back to Trivette's advice about being ‘stern’, he smiles faintly and says to himself, "It does work."                 

"What did you say?"                  

Walker starts looking around for a place to sit, he pushes the paperwork off to one side and Alex jumps up and starts yelling at him, "Don't get things all messed up---I'm working there!"                    

He stands up and puts his hands up in defense, "Okay, okay, I'll just stand here----is that okay with you?"                    

"Just say what you want to say, and then ----leave!"                     

Walker stands there and looks at her, he's searching for just the right words. Each time he starts to speak, he looks into those blue eyes that are staring back at him, and he forgets what he wants to say. She does that to him, she knows how to work those eyes, not to mention---the body language. Even with the big sweatshirt on, he can see her breasts heaving up and down against the material; he's losing his train of thought again.                       

"Well?    I'm waiting?"                        

"Alex----I'm trying to say, I'm sorry----I made a mistake------are you going to make me pay for it for the rest of my life?"                        

She gets up from the couch and walks around, looking at him, "You say you're sorry----and just like that, I'm suppose to forget everything that has happened----because you say---you made a mistake."                     

"I know I hurt you Alex----and I'm sorry---if I had it to do all over again, believe me---things would be different!"                         

She shakes her head slowly, "You just don't get it, do you?"                        

"Alex----just tell me what I can do or say to make things right between us again, to get back to the way it was before----just tell me!"                       

"First of all Walker, I don't want things back the way they were---that's part of the problem!!!!"                       

Walker looks at her in confusion, "What problem-----I thought we were getting along just fine!"                      

"Fine?" She yells back at him, "That's what you thought of our relationship----that it was just----fine?"                        

Now he's even more confused and Trivette's advice about showing the woman who is boss is flying out the window. "What are you talking about now, Alex----now what did I do?"

She's standing in front of him now, glaring back at him, "Oh---we're still not over this affair with Marilee yet-----so don't change the subject!!!"

"I'm not trying to change the subject----because I don't know what the subject is right now----you're the one that keeps talking in circles----you want to talk about Marilee----we'll talk about Marilee!----I spent one night with that woman, I hurt you---I'm sorry-----okay????" 

Alex's voice lowers as she looks at him, her eyes are starting to swell with tears, "Yes---you hurt me. But, you want to know what really hurt me the most?"

Walker's eyes soften, his brows arch.                     

"You and I have known each other for almost 4 years, and you have had to know how I've felt about you. I wore my heart on my sleeve for you----but you always kept me at arms' length, and I tried to understand that you didn't want to get involved, after the tragic loss of losing Ellen. ----I understood that Walker, I respected your feelings and I never tried to push our relationship. I accepted that we would keep our relationship 'platonic' until you could accept to move forward-----And, I accepted to be treated almost like another ‘guy’---sort of. When we've been together at C.D.’s or headquarters, you have never showed me any attention----you act as though you are afraid of showing affection for me in public."                   

"Alex----you know that's not true…"                    

"Just be quiet and let me finish!"                      

Walker sighs and nods his head.                       

"But, all of that not wanting to show public affection sure changed when Marilee came into the picture, didn't it? You couldn't keep your hands off of her, and she was all over you----but you didn't mind---did you?  But, what really hurt was that you had only met that woman, and in less than 48 hrs----she was in your bed----that's what hurt me, Walker----that's what tore me apart!!!!! ----And then you flaunt it in my face, by coming in with her the next night and she is all over you----and you have the gall to ask me to forgive you, just because you say you're sorry-----I will never forgive you!"                     

Walker's legs feel like they're going to buckle right under him, he has such an empty feeling in his gut. He looks at her, "I'm sorry Alex----I don't know what else to say!"                     

"I don't want you to say anything else----just leave------I've wasted 4 years of my life, loving you and I know now that you will never be able to return that love. It's time we went our separate ways---I can see that now!!"                    

Walker lowers his head and walks towards the door, and then he turns around and looks at her. "Is that you want----to go our separate ways?"                     

She nods her head, wiping the tears away.                     

"Okay----if that's what you want----that's what we'll do----because I'm tired of arguing with you Alex----I have said my apologies over and over. I made a mistake, but I'm not going to keep apologizing for it. I had to fight my jealousy when you and Dalton were seeing each other----sleeping together!"                     

"That was over with when you and I started dating------I never slept with Dalton after we started our relationship!!!!"                     

Walker stomps back over to her, "It still hurt Alex---it hurt like hell knowing you had been with him----before, after----it still hurt----and it still hurts!!!!!!"                      

They stare at each other, she walks towards the door, "Please leave!!!"                      

Walker puts his hat on and stares back at her, "I'm leaving!!!! You want to see other men---fine you do just that, because I definitely intend to start dating again----I'm not going to be sitting at home anymore ---- wondering and worrying about you and how I can get you to forgive me.   No more, Alex!!! Goodbye----Alex."                     

Walker goes out the door and Alex is slamming it behind him and he can hear the locks being turned, he can also hear her crying. He leans back up against the door, he can feel his own tears as he hastily starts wiping them away and heads for his truck.                      

For the next week, Walker and Alex avoid each other while at headquarters. Walker starts taking more cases and he and Trivette are on the road a lot. When he does see Alex, she's usually with another crowd and he's stating to notice that Kyle Underwood is hanging around her office more. He sees them leave together several times, as he sees Kyle walk Alex to her car. He's also watching as Kyle tries to put his arm around Alex as they're walking, she reaches up and pushes his hand away. It still infuriates Walker to watch, he curses under his breath and walks on.

Alex starts staying away from C.D.’s again, and the big guy is getting onto her. "Alex, honey---you're not going to run into Cordell, cause he's staying away for the same reason you are----I haven't seen him in here in over a week."                  

Alex is eating her salad, or rather dabbing at it. "If he's not coming in here---where is he going?"                 

C.D. starts to shuffle around, and clearing his throat, "I hear he's been going down to Waco a lot----rodeos and such---you know?"                  

Alex tries to smile, "You don't have to 'sugar coat' it C.D., I know he has a couple of old girlfriends that live down in that area----so he's seeing someone else----that's fine----I'm seeing someone else too!"                 

C.D. stares at her, "That yahoo attorney----is that who you're seeing?"                   

Alex frowns, "It's none of your business who I'm seeing, Walker and I have broken up----that's what he wanted!"                   

The big man snorts, "Yeah-----you're both seeing someone else---and you're both miserable!" 

"Speaking of being miserable," a voice says.                    

C.D. turns around and sees Nelda standing there with some invoice papers----"What is it now, Nelda"?                     

"Hey, don't go getting yourself in a tizzy just because your shorts are riding up big man---your liquor license has expired!!!"                        


C.D. storms off and Nelda looks at Alex, "Hi sweetie, can I freshen your tea for you?" 

"No----I have to be going---thanks anyway."                         

Nelda watches her as Alex tries to get her things together, "More trouble with that boyfriend again?"                          

Alex just sits and looks at her and says softly, "I think I made a big mistake."                          

Nelda sits down on the opposite side of the booth, "How so? Why are you letting one man get to you this way? If I had your looks and your body, your 'smarts', I would never let any man get under my skin, the way this bum has gotten under yours?"                          

Alex looks at her, "What happened to that guy that you were so crazy about----are you over him?"                      

Nelda frowns, "He's interested in someone else, and he's got it real bad! Maybe that's what the two of you need---to meet each other and who knows---you might just click and then you'll be telling this bum or whoever he is to go take a long walk off a short pier----what do you say, want me to introduce you to him-----he's real handsome------and soooooo sexy. He's got a body ‘to die for’!!!!!"                     

Alex smiles, remembering how Walker is built, "No thanks----there could be no comparison!" 

"You're sure?"                       

Alex gets up and lays her tip down, "I'm positive," and then she walks out.                      

Nelda looks at the $5 tip and then pockets it. "Great!!---- I got to get another estimate on how much that hood is going to cost me----if I ever find out who the jerk was that dented my hood----I'm going to send him to fist city!!!"                       

Three days later and a tired and exhausted Trivette walks in to C.D.'s, crawls up on the barstool and lays his head down on the bar. C.D. sees him and yells at him.                    

"Get your head up off that bar Jimmy----I got health regulations in here----if you're tired---go home!!!!"                      

Trivette props his head up on one hand and looks to C.D., "I would love to, big dog, but I’ve been on a stakeout with Anderson, the new rookie? He is driving me crazy with all the questions----I would almost wish to have Walker back again, at least I can grab forty winks with him without him talking my head off!" 

C.D. is cleaning glasses, "Where is Cordell?"                     

"He's been riding the rodeo, ----he's suppose to be back in town tonight, we start another stakeout, I'm going to beg him to please take Anderson's place-----I am so tired C.D.!!!" 

"Hi handsome."                      

Trivette turns and sees Nelda, she's taking her apron off. "I'm off for the night----how about a ride home?"                     

Trivette looks at her, "Sure-----your car still out of commission?"                      

"I'm getting another estimate, right now it's in the garage----carburetor messing up."

"O.k.----guess I got time to run you home before Walker gets here, be back in a few big dog!" 

Nelda turns and looks at C.D.----"No, he won't------it's going to be awhile----trust me!" 

C.D. shakes his head, and Trivette starts looking at Nelda and trying to change his mind, he looks back at C.D. and whimpers.                       

"Come on handsome-----I'll send you to the moon and back!!"                        

About an hour later Walker walks in, and sits down at the bar. C.D. can see he's in a foul mood. He takes him a cup of coffee, "Want something to eat, Cordell?"                      

"No thanks, C.D., where's Trivette, I was suppose to meet him here?"                         

"He'll be back in a little while---where you been Cordell, haven't seen you around?" 

Walker frowns, "Down in Waco for a couple of days, and then I went up to see White Eagle for a few days---why?"                          

"Just wondering, Cordell----just wondering!"                          

C. D. watches his friend, as Walker continues to push the coffee cup back and forth, not even attempting to drink it. He has a blank look on his face as he sighs and takes a small sip, then he stares into the cup.                           

"Jimmy said you two were going on a stakeout, I got some sandwiches packed, a couple of thermoses, and I got some cinnamon rolls for you!"                         

Walker glares at him, "Cinnamon rolls?"                         

"Yep----Alex brought some over earlier-----ahhhh----she had to go up to Wichita Falls to see a friend, ----and she brought some back----I'll get you one Cordell---hold on a second!"

C.D. places the sweet roll on a dish and walks away. He watches as Walker continues to stare at it, then he pushes it away, his mind goes back to the first time that he accompanied Alex to Wichita Falls. She wanted to talk to some witnesses and she asked him to go with her. On the way back they had stopped to get doughnuts at a place called The Circle Bakery, Alex had spotted the cinnamon rolls and bought them instead. She hands one to Walker as he's driving, but he refuses it saying he doesn't care for sweets. She talks him into taking a small bite, he changes his mind real quick and ends up eating three of them. Since then every time he had to go up that way, he would always buy a dozen or so, and Alex would end up taking the rest to C.D.'s. Many mornings, Walker would stop at Alex's and they would share coffee and rolls. He recalled how the cinnamon sugar would drop on his beard and she would playfully clean it off. He would tease her saying, "You just keep looking for excuses to 'manhandle ' me, don't you?"

To which she would reply, "Do I need an excuse to manhandle you, as you put it?"                

He would smile back at her, their faces only inches apart, "You can 'manhandle me ---anytime counselor."                  

Walker could remember how soft her lips felt, and her perfume would drive him crazy, as her body would mold into his. So many times they would have to break away, leaving them both frustrated, but knowing they both had agreed to keep their relationship from going any further.  Now she's saying that's one of their problems! He shakes his head and gets up to walk out. He grabs the thermoses of coffee and the sandwiches, leaving the rolls behind.                

"Cordell----aren't you going to take the rolls?"                   

He yells back, "NO!"                

C.D. comes running around the counter, "Well at least take some for Jimmy----heaven knows he's going to need the energy after Nelda gets through with him!"                  

Walker walks back and grabs the sack of rolls and stomps out the door.  C.D. yells after him, "Just because you’re not getting any Cordell----don't deny Jimmy his rights as a red bloodied American male!"                   

Walker is still fuming as he goes onto the stakeout, and the two Rangers that he's relieving are more than glad to see him. About two hours later, he sees Trivette pull up in his Mustang, and starts walking towards the Ram. Walker watches as his partner stops several times and adjusts his pants, pulling the material away from the crotch area. Walker puts his hand up to his face and attempts to cover the smile on his face. Trivette opens the door to the Ram and gets in very slowly, and sitting down very softly. Walker continues to keep his hand up to his face and looks out the window, pretending he doesn't notice his partner's  "problem".                  

Finally, he can't contain the laughter, and he bursts out. "I can't believe you Trivette----you brag about all of these women you've been with---and the threesomes you say you've been in and yet----one woman-----does this to you?"                  

Trivette mocks him and shakes his head back and forth------"That Nelda------is one hell of a woman---let me tell you Walkman! She said she was going to take me to the moon and back-----well she forgot to mention that we were going to all of the other planets first-----and Earth was DOUBLE TIME!"                   

Walker is laughing his head off, Trivette has never seen his partner laugh so hard, he too starts laughing and then he's reminded of the hurt in his crotch. He sighs, "I don't think I'll ever be able to walk straight again!"                   

Walker hands him the sack of cinnamon rolls----"Here---try and get some of your energy back!"

Walker watches as Trivette wolfs the rolls down and his thoughts go to Alex. He knows the affect that she has on him, with just her kisses, his mind is doing overtime as he visualizes making love to her. Suddenly he's starting to feel warm and his pants are feeling very tight, as
he starts moving around.  He opens up the door to the Ram and goes looking for a tree to relieve himself!                    

Alex is having dinner with her friend Rachel and her husband Mac, who is also the Mayor of Dallas. Rachel has heard of Alex and Walker's breakup, and she's trying to play matchmaker, by introducing Alex to Juan Gavin, the ambassador to Mexico.                     

"No, Rachel, I'm not interested in meeting anyone right now."                      

Mac frowns as his wife keeps insisting that Alex meet the man, "Honey-----give her time---she and Walker just broke up, give the woman time to breathe!"                       

Rachel looks to her husband, "You have to hit while the fire is hot----look Alex ---you said that Walker had started dating someone else, didn't you?"                       

Alex is not comfortable, talking about her personal problems, "I assume that he has-----he said he was----and he's never around anymore."                       

"You see------he's not letting any grass grow under his boots----and neither should you! You're to beautiful a woman to sit around---moping over one guy!"                        

"Who says I'm moping----I'm dating."                         

Mac frowns, "Yeah----that dickhead Kyle Underwood----I'm sorry Alex---I don't like him, and what he tried to do to Walker was illegal and underhanded."                       

Alex looks at Mac "What did he do to Walker----you mean the reprimands?"                       

"Those too, but I'm talking about his firing Walker----you didn't know about that?"                      

Alex puts her napkin down and takes a long sip of her wine, "No----I didn't know anything about it, I was told that Walker gave him his badge----and told him where he could put it." 

Mac breaks out in a loud laugh, "That's Walker alright----wish I had been there to see that little fiasco."                        

Rachel stares at her husband, "All the more reason for you to get on with your life, Alex, now please say you will come to the country club tomorrow night and at least meet Senor Gavin----please!"                        

It is now the next night at the country club and Alex walks in alone in a long, silver and white gown, that is split down the side and her back is completely bare. She's a knockout with her hair pulled up with flowers on the side. She wears no jewelry around her neck, leaving her neck and shoulders completely bare and inviting. The men turn to stare at her, as she walks up to Rachel and her husband. Mac gives a low whistle and Rachel is grinning from ear to ear. Alex takes a long breath, and asks for a drink. She turns back to her friends and then a soft tap is felt on her

"I believe this is for you, senora."                        

Alex turns to see a tall, dark headed man staring back at her. The man is gorgeous; Alex can't stop staring at him.  He looks like a movie star that has stepped out of the pages of a movie magazine. He has smoldering brown eyes and a tan that would make George Hamilton envious.
When he smiles, he shows the most beautiful set of white teeth, and dimples that would give Sean Connery a run for his mega bucks. He's well over six feet and his suits are by Armani, and they are custom made to fit every inch of his perfect build.                      

Rachel sees that Alex is speechless as she introduces the stranger to Alex.                        

"Alex----this Juan---Juan Gavin---ambassador from Mexico."                      

Juan reaches down and takes Alex's hand, "And, who is this beautiful lady which hand I am finding most irresistible, and----kissable." He kisses her  hand and then goes back to staring into her eyes.                         

"This is Alex----Alex Cahill----our Assistant District Attorney." Rachel replies. Alex is still unable to speak.                           

The rest of the night is a blur as Alex dances every dance with the ambassador. She's completely lost in his charm, and his intriguing accent. He looks at her only, his eyes devouring her.  He sees
her home in a limousine, one of his aides driving behind in her car. They have champagne and he has the driver open the sunroof.  They sit in his limo for the longest, just talking, until Alex says she has to go. They agree to dinner the next night and he takes her to the finest restaurants in Dallas.                        

He thinks nothing of leaving $100 tips and he makes sure she never has to ask for anything. The waiters are constantly clamoring after her every request. When they enter a place, it's plain to see that she's with him, as he constantly has his arm around her waist.  There's no doubt about his public display, he's not afraid to show it and Alex can see the looks in the eyes of the other women as he showers her with attention.  A news photographer takes their picture just as Juan leans in to say something to Alex and their lips meet. The picture makes the front page of the Dallas Times and it's being passed all over the courthouse as Walker comes in from his 5-day stakeout.                               

The newspaper is being passed around and when they see Walker come in, everyone stops and starts whispering. Walker is too tired to pay them any mind as he heads to the coffee pot. When he turns around, someone has placed the paper on his desk. The picture of Alex and a dark headed man is staring back at him.              

Walker stares at the picture, his face getting red, the veins popping out on his forehead. He picks up the paper and throws it across the room, everyone turns to stare at him, and then he grabs his hat and storms out of Ranger headquarters and heads straight for Alex's office.  The Rangers
all run to the door and watch him as he storms down the hallway, and around the corner. Alex's law clerk sees him coming and she tries to intervene, "You can't go in there, Ms Cahill is in a meeting."            

Walker walks right past her, "Watch me!"                

He kicks her office door open and walks in, she's talking to a young couple, and they all jump when he comes storming in! Alex looks at him, "Walker----what's the meaning of this?"

He walks over and leans over her desk, "Talk about 'flaunting', Alex------you take the cake-----are you sure the Dallas Times is big enough to carry your little escapade,? Or maybe you should take out the front page of the New York Times----or better yet----why don't you notify all of those rag magazines, like the Enquirer, and all those other gossip trash mags?"                  

Alex stares back at him, "What are you talking about?"                  

Walker screams back at her, "Don't play coy with me----you know what I'm referring to, that picture of you and lover boy on the front page of today's newspaper----that's what----as if you didn't know!!!!"                   

The young couple is staring at them, and they move outside the door as Walker comes stomping out. Alex is left standing there with her mouth open, "Newspaper, what is he talking about?"

Alex comes running out of her office, as Walker gets on the elevator, heading out of the building. Alex's law clerk hands her the paper, "Sorry, Ms Cahill, I was going to show it to you after your meeting with the Stevens'," and she nods towards the couple. Alex grabs the paper and stares at the picture, her mouth drops open and she mumbles a string of curse words under her breath.

The young couple departs, saying they'll take their case to another lawyer. Alex is steaming as she throws the newspaper down and heads for the elevator. She gets to the parking garage just in time to see Walker pulling out in the opposite direction.           

"Damn it! How dare him say those things to me---the nerve!"

At C.D.'s, Jimmy and Nelda are having breakfast before she starts her shift. Jimmy is grinning from ear to ear, holding her hand. She's giggling, and staring back at him, "Aren't you going to eat your breakfast, Jimmy, ---it's getting cold?"

Trivette sighs, "I'm not hungry------I just want to look at you, you are something else, you know that Nelda-----I've never met anyone like you before."

"Oh stop it----don't go shoveling that manure at me-----I know about you being a ladies' man---you're not fooling me with all that gushy stuff."

Trivette's eyes grow big, "I mean it, Nelda------you're different----I have never met anyone like you---you blow me away."

She teases him with her eyes, "Really?"

The young black ranger's face turns serious, "Yeah-----I've been with a lot of different women----different races, different occupations and such, but you are 'one in a million'---I mean that----and I want to see more of you----I don't mean "more of you"----I mean I want to take you out-----let's have dinner tonight---okay?"                          

Nelda smiles back at him, "Sure, I would like that-----but don't you go and start getting mushy over me----I don't like all that mushy stuff---the fifty cent words that guys throw around just to get into your pants, know what I mean?"                      

Trivette's eyes bulge out, "I would never say those things to you, but what is wrong with a little romance? I want to take you out to a nice restaurant, buy you roses and champagne, maybe go listen to soft jazz, and then maybe we could go to my place afterwards?"                    

Nelda reaches out for his hands, "I have a better idea, let's skip the formalities and go straight to your place----we can save a lot of time and get down to the important stuff!"                        

Trivette looks at her and shows a sheepish little grin, "Fine---that'll work too, what time do you get off?"

"I don't work today, I got to go check on my car and see how the paint job is coming along, when I get through, I can met you at your place?"

They go back to holding hands and staring into each other's eyes, they don't see Alex walk in.   She spots them and walks over to their table, she's a little shocked at the scene before her.

"Excuse me----Jimmy?"

Trivette barely looks up, "Oh, hi Alex."

Nelda looks up at Alex, "Hi sweetie."

Alex stares at them for a second, "Jimmy, have you seen Walker?"

"No, Alex----not since the stakeout---why?"                         

Alex is trying to hide her anger, and Nelda looks at her puzzled, "If you see him---would you please tell him that we have something to get settled?"

Trivette keeps staring at Nelda and smiling, "Yeah sure Alex---I'll tell him," and then he goes right back to staring at the cute little waitress sitting across from him.

Alex looks at them and walks away, turns back to look at them, shakes her head and walks out.

Nelda looks at Jimmy, "Why does she want to talk to Cordell, she sounds angry?"

Jimmy sighs, "Yeah, they've been arguing for over a month now."

"Arguing, about what?"

Jimmy kisses her hand, "Personal stuff---you know how it is with couples."                       

Nelda's eyes widen, "Couples----she and Cordell, are a couple?"

"They used to be, till he had an affair, then all hell broke loose, and she keeps raking him over the coals!"

Nelda's heart drops as she recalls the date she had with Walker, the time he was in her apartment, and the comment she made to Alex about "Being this close to having him under the sheets"! Her mind is racing, she didn't know that it was Alex that Cordell was referring to as that "someone"  and she certainly didn't know that Cordell was the one Alex was "pining" over.

"Oh my God," she whispers, "me and my big mouth!"

Jimmy looks at her, "Yeahhhh, I like that big mouth," he sighs.

Nelda stops and stares at Jimmy, "Jimmy, I've made a boo-boo---a big fat boo-boo!"

Jimmy nods his head, he's completely confused and not even aware that's he's confused, he shakes his head in agreement.

Nelda grabs his hand, "Can we go to your place now?"

"NOW?" Jimmy is breathless, "Of course----anything you say---we ain't left yet"

Walker is furious as he throws his camping gear into the back of his Ram. He's heading up to the Oklahoma badlands to just get away from everything and everyone, especially a certain blonde attorney. Walking back into the house to get his thermos of coffee, he finds the phone ringing off the hook! The answering machine that Alex insisted on him installing, is filling up with messages----all from her! He reaches over and yanks the machine up and throws it clear across the front room. He throws his arms up in the air and walks out, slamming the door behind him.

Alex has been calling him all day, and finally she gives up. "Okay, Cordell-----if that's the game you want to play----then fine. I don't have time for this----I have to get ready----for my date."

Juan is flying down to San Antonio, he's asked Alex to go with him, she accepts. Juan has a business meeting with some delegates to discuss better foreign aid to his country. He's asked Alex to sit in on the meeting, and to give her views. She declines saying she will go shopping and meet him later for dinner on the river walk.

Again, the evening is spectacular as Juan goes all out to see that Alex is pampered. He refuses to share the riverboat with other visitors and hands the man a $1000 to make sure they have one to their self, the man is only too happy to accommodate the big spender.

He speaks Spanish to his aides and they soon leave Alex and Juan alone. He has only a couple of violinists stay behind as he and Alex enjoy a candlelit dinner. The dinner has been catered from one of San Antonio's finest, and the champagne is the best that money can buy. They dance to the music of the violinists, Alex is starting to feel the 'buzz' from the champagne, and she lays her head on his shoulder. He starts kissing her slowly, and then he tips her head up to his and kisses her long and tender. She starts responding and their kiss gets more intense, he's asking her to spend the night with him, she nods her head "yes".

By the time they reach their hotel, Alex is having second thoughts and tells Juan that she wants to return to Dallas. He again tries to talk her into staying, but she's adamant about wanting to go home.

Back in her apartment, she thinks about the evening with Juan. What is wrong with her? Here is the most handsomest man she's ever seen, he's wealthy, he takes her to all of the finest places, he fusses over her, he pampers her like a princess, what else could she ask for, what was missing?
She knew the answer. He wasn't Walker.

Rachel has been after Alex for two days now to re-consider about going out with them on Juan's yacht. They will fly down to Galveston, and then sail out into the Gulf. Alex refuses to go.

"Alex----why not?"

They are having lunch at the Pier, a place where she has met Walker for lunch several times.

"I just don't want to go, Rachel, I've got too much work piled up."

"That's a bunch of crock and you know it, Alex! You are still pining over Walker, aren't you?"

Alex doesn't say anything, and Rachel starts in again. "Get over him girlfriend, and get on with your life!!! Juan is crazy about you, the man is perfect, what is it that you don't like about him?"

"He's a great guy----he's fun to be with-----I just don't feel comfortable being with him, I feel like I'm out of his league----he throws money around like it grows on trees!"

"What's wrong with that? The man is filthy rich! You are crazy for passing this opportunity up Alex, the man treats you the way that you have always complained that Walker doesn't! The public display of affection, he takes you to all the nice places, he sends you flowers constantly and how about that gold bracelet he bought you?"

At the mention of the bracelet Alex takes her left arm down from the table, but it's too late Rachel has seen the turquoise bracelet that Alex wears quite often. Walker gave that bracelet to her two years before; it belonged to his Aunt Ruthie.

Rachel shakes her head sadly, "I can't believe you Alex, you refuse a gold bracelet that had to cost up in the thousands of dollars, only to wear something like that!"

Alex is getting angry, "I happen to like this bracelet, thank you----it was a gift, and so what if it doesn't match the gold bracelet in monetary value, it meant something to Walker and that's good enough for me!!!!"

Rachel gives up and returns to her office, Alex stays behind to finish her salad, She sits there stewing over the things that Rachel has said to her! Without realizing it, she stabs the cherry tomato and it flies across the veranda, hitting a woman in the back of the head. Alex grimaces and mouths the word "I'm sorry". The lady huffs and goes back to her meal, Alex does the same. She starts thinking back to another time a cherry tomato went flying across the veranda.

She and Walker were having lunch and he was in one of his rare teasing moods. He kept trying to steal her tomatoes and she kept stabbing back at him playfully. They were laughing and playing a friendly little game of soccer with the tomato, when finally Walker stabbed it, the fork hit it sideways and the tomato went flying---right into a glass of wine that was being sipped by young couple, who were obviously newlyweds. The young couple didn't see the object land in their glass and Walker and Alex were trying hard to keep from laughing. The young man finally saw the tomato in his drink and looked around in total shock. Walker leans into Alex and whispers, "I'll bet that gives that young man a whole new out look on who's got the cherry!" Alex swats him, and they both start laughing.

Those were the moments that Alex missed, it didn't matter where they were, in a nice restaurant, or a just an open cafe like the Pier, she always felt so good when she was with Walker. He could make her laugh without even trying to. He had what Alex called a "dry sense of humor". What
wouldn't be funny to someone else, the facial expressions that Walker would make would cause Alex to laugh uncontrollably. She could make him laugh too, even though he would try to hide it. But, she could see it in his eyes and that soft tone that his eyes would take would be all the encouragement she would need.

But, things had changed between them now and they had to both get on with their lives. He certainly was making himself scarce, seldom going to C.D.'s, being gone for days at a time, no one knew where he was. She had to face it, he was seeing someone else, that had to be the reason that he was gone all the time. But, if he was interested in someone else then why that terrible scene in her office, earlier in the week? Walker was usually in control of his temper, but that day he was on the verge of losing it, she had never seen him so angry----he was like madman!

The night crowd is picking up at C.D.'s and he's having to help out with waiting on customers and running the bar. Everyone is running around in circles, the convention is in town. C.D. is furious, "Where is that dadburn Nelda----she hasn't showed for three days----where in tarnation can she be----I'm going to fire her hinny!"

The microwave is overcooking the popcorn, but the couple rolling around on the waterbed could care less, their bodies are glistening with body sweat and fluids.  His dark body against her white body, rolling and rocking in perfect harmony, until they both scream out in ecstasy. He finally rolls free of her, and panting like crazy to get his second wind. She reaches up for him again and down they go for another round.

An hour later and he's still trying to catch his breath, she keeps looking at him, her eyes saying she wants more!

The man stands up and tries to walk to the bathroom, "Give me a minute, Nelda----I got to go-----be back in a few----------try not to start without me!"

The woman giggles, "I wouldn't think of it Jimmy Trivette----but you better  hurry-----I  get lonely."

At that moment the door on the microwave oven blows open and the smell of burned popcorn fills up the apartment. Smoke is everywhere as Jimmy is trying to keep the smoke from setting off the smoke alarms! Nelda is watching him as he runs around the room in his birthday suit, his 'manhood" swinging back and forth and Jimmy is suddenly reminded why he got out of bed, he has to run to the bathroom!

After they get the popcorn cleaned up and the room is back in order, they head back to the waterbed. They lay in each other's arms, thinking about the last three days. The phone rang constantly that first night they were together, girls were calling every hour, till finally Nelda yanked the cord out of the wall, along with wallpaper!!! "I hate interruptions------" she yells as she continues to ride Jimmy like he's never been ridden.

Jimmy's eyes bulge out, "Yeah Baby-----go for it," and his whole body is answering to her every move, to every thrust. They both climax at the same time, rolling off the waterbed and hitting the floor.  Their tempo never ceases, as he continues to thrust, bringing her back to another orgasm. He whispers in her ear, "How many is that?"

She's breathing harder as she pulls his buttocks down against her again, "That's four-----let's try for five!"

Jimmy is breathless, "You got it baby-------you're in control----BLAST OFF----we're heading for the moon" as he continues to thrust deeper and harder, Nelda is coming off the floor to meet his body and his arms go under her to keep her next to his body as he shoves her thighs wider apart, going all the way in, and all the way out, and back. His legs start to tingle and then go numb as his whole body jerks in unison with hers and he collapses on top of her. He whispers, "Houston----we have a problem!"


He snuggles up closer to her, kissing her neck, "What?"

"Are you mad at me?"

Jimmy pulls back and looks at her, "Mad? Why would I be mad----Nelda, we have been in this bed for the past three days, making mad passionate love in every position known to man----why would I be mad?"

"I mean because of what I said to your friend, Alex?"

Jimmy groans, remembering the first night he brought Nelda back to his apartment and she blurted out the story about what she said to Alex and "being this close to having him under the sheets"!

"Oh that---" he groans, "But, Nelda---you didn't know-----you didn't know who Alex was talking about and you didn't know who---Walker was referring to, when he said "someone"-----I'm not mad----okay?"

Nelda watches the expression on Jimmy's face, she knows what he's thinking about. "I'm telling you Jimmy---nothing happened between Cordell and me-----not that I didn't want it to----but the man wasn't with it-----he was thinking about someone else and we both know who that is."

Jimmy frowns, thinking about Walker being in her apartment and what could have happened. "Are you sure ---nothing happened?"

"Jimmy---I am not going to lie to you---I wanted Cordell, I've had a crush on him for three years, and yes---I wanted him in the sack-----but---nothing happened, just a couple of kisses!"

"KISSES? You didn't tell me that he kissed you!"

"We kissed each other, Jimmy-----but that's it---that's all we did."

"Sometimes that's all it takes----I see these women and how they gush over that guy, constantly making goo-goo eyes at him-----and sometimes I wonder what it is about Walker that makes the women act so silly. I mean, he's a good looking guy----I guess, but he's not what you would say---handsome!"

Nelda starts smiling, "Depends on what you mean by---handsome. I think he's very handsome----in a rugged way, and he's just got a "air" about him, he's sure of himself, but he's not "cocky". The way he walks into a room, just demands attention, and that body-----------geez---a woman just wants to let her body get wrapped up in those arms-----and that chest and those shoulders!"

"HEEEEYYYYYY," Jimmy shouts, "What am I---chopped liver?"

Nelda stops and looks at Jimmy, caressing his cheek, "No---my little chocolate drop-------you are definitely not chopped liver-----you too---have the kind of body that women will die for. I'm just
saying that Alex is one lucky woman!"

Jimmy starts to comment that as far as he knows Walker and Alex have never been lovers, then he thinks about how Nelda just described his partner as some sex god and decides to keep mum on that subject.

"Well----I would rather get back to talking about the two of us, want to take another trip on my spaceship?"

Nelda giggles, "You know Jimmy----I was a little nervous about being with you-----I ain't never been with ----a black man before."

"Really-----why were you nervous, I can't picture you being nervous about anything------I mean after all, brain surgeons have got to be pretty cool about everything, not to mention having ‘steady hands' and believe me----you got steady hands."

Nelda frowns and pushes him back,  "Why all this talk about brain surgeons----what's going on?"

Jimmy looks at her puzzled, "You-----isn't that your real job over at Mercy?"

"A BRAIN SURGEON?-----You think I'm a brain surgeon----where in the heck did you get that idea?"

Now Jimmy is confused, "But, that's what C.D. said---he said you were just moonlighting as a waitress till they got the new operating room built----something about having a full staff and you were going to take some time off----and---and   you're not a brain surgeon?"

Nelda shakes her head, "ME?-----I can't even stand the sight of blood---and believe  me there's a lot of that stuff around when you're cutting someone's head open! They make a incision across the forehead and then they take these tiny little scalpels and cut across the forehead and then all of this blood comes squirting out and the nurses are running around trying to stop the bleeding and-----"

"NELDA! ENOUGH----I get the point already," Jimmy looks back at her. "I've seen autopsies before---I know what they consist of---okay?"

They lay there in each other's arms, Jimmy turns to her again, "So---you're not a brain surgeon, what do you do at Mercy Hospital?"

Nelda frowns, "I work in maintenance----housekeeping----I clean the wards." She answers quietly.

"So---what's wrong with that----that's an important job---the wards have got to be kept clean so those high faluting surgeons can have a clean area to work in---right?"

Nelda toys with his chest hairs, "Yeah----big deal----are you disappointed in me---now that I'm just a ----cleaning woman?"

Jimmy props himself up one elbow and looks down at Nelda, "You know what I think Nelda, if you wanted to be a surgeon---you could. You have got so much drive and so much -------"         

"Jimmy---I don't want be no doctor----I told you---I can't stand blood!"

"Then whatever you wanted to be---you could do it----is there something else you want to try and do?"

"Yes," she answers meekly.


"You won't laugh?"

"No, Nelda, I won't laugh----what?"

She looks at him and says softly, "I want to write."

The look on Jimmy's face starts to change, "Write---you mean write books?"

Nelda jumps up in bed and grabs Jimmy around the neck, "Of course I want to write books----is there any other kind of writer?"

Jimmy thinks about it and kisses Nelda tenderly, "You know what----I can see you as a writer, what kind of writer---romance novels?"

"Are you kidding me----romance novels----no way! I want some action, I want the gore, and of course----the wild sex scenes----I see myself as a female Steven King---what do you think?"

Jimmy's thoughts go to the writer she just mentioned, he's read all the King books, if anyone can capture the "feminine" counterpart to the best horror writer since Hitchcock, it would be Nelda. He smiles back at her, "You know---you say you don't want to write romance novels----why---you relate to sex so well?"

"Sex---yes---but the romance part of it---that only happens to the beautiful couples, like your friends, Walker and Alex. Now, they would make good writing material---but the romance is not in my corner."

"Why do you say that----haven't you ever been in love---what about your husband, didn't you love him?"

"Not the way a woman is suppose to love a man---I was in love once----it hurts too much to lose, they leave you, and then you feel like you've lost the will to live. I've been there---I don't like the
lasting impression---it hurts too much!"

Jimmy's eyes get misty, "We've all been there, Nelda---it's called 'life'--- we just carry on, Is that why you don't like to be romanced---you want to skip over that part and go straight to the sex---so that you think you won't be hurt that way? How about the other person, how is that person supposed to feel?"

"What person are you talking about, Jimmy?"

"I like you a lot, Nelda---like I told you before I have never met anyone like you. You're straight forward, you don't hold back your opinions, you tell like it is, and you're a -------"

"A cheap date----is that what you're trying to say?"

"No, I wasn't going to say that at all-----I really like being with you, but not just in the bedroom, I want to dine you, I want to take you to meet my friends-----and I'm not just saying---my white friends. I have a lot of black friends, and I have family back East, maybe someday you can meet them. Would you have a problem with that?"

"I don't think so, I'm not much on meeting people."

"Wait a minute---you said earlier that you were nervous about being with me, that you had never been with a black man----were you just curious, is that why you wanted to spend the night with me?"

"Well, I was curious about one thing---you know the statement about black men and how they're----------you know?"

"I see," Jimmy says and he turns to get out of bed----"the old  adage about all black men being hung----is that it-----well, I'm sorry I disappointed you."

"I'm not disappointed Jimmy."

He turns back to look at her, "You're not?"

She nods her head slowly as he starts climbing back into bed.  "Well, that first night I was really tired, and you ended up doing most of the work and all-----

She puts her arms up around his neck, "It wasn't work at all-----and you've more than returned the favor the last couple of nights, and that old adage is just that---a wise old saying. And Jimmy,
you bring more meaning to the old saying----‘it's not the size of the wand, but the magic in the wand’, and believe me-----you can perform your magic on me ----anytime!"


Walker has made camp a few miles from the reservation, he's sitting by the campfire listening to the sounds around him, one sound in particular.  He listens as he hears the footsteps coming closer, but he continues to stare straight ahead, sipping his coffee. A small twig breaks, and to
the ears of the untrained, it would have gone unnoticed---but Walker hears it very plain.  He turns into the direction from which the sound came.                  

"I hear you Uncle---you make more noise than an elephant."

A tall dark headed man in braids steps out of the shadows and heads for the smell of fresh coffee,  "What you doing out here, nephew---why didn't you come on into town?"

Walker sighs, "Just didn't feel like being around a lot of nosey people----that's why."

The tall man stares back at him, and nods, "Know what you mean, I come out here a lot too, just to get my head on straight, and to do some soul searching----your heart is heavy "Washo"----care to tell your Uncle Ray what the problem is, or is it the same problem your mind has been wrestling with for the past 30 moons or so?"

Walker's silence tells his Uncle what he wants to do.

Uncle Ray nods, "Yep----it's time for you to visit the sweat lodge nephew----and like the hippies say, ‘let it all hang out’!"

The two men continue to sit, neither of them speaking. Uncle Ray knows his nephew's moods, and he knows when not to speak. He knows the reason for his nephew's silence and respects his wishes. Uncle Ray retrieves his blanket and throws it down in front of the fire as he watches his nephew continue to just sit and stare. In the distance they hear the coyotes howl, a long and lonesome cry to their mates, the night will soon fade and it will be the start of a new dawn.

The morning finds Walker, Uncle Ray, and others walking towards the sweat lodge. The blankets that surround the lodge to keep the heat in are already starting to drip with steam. Walker inhales the vapors from the sweet gum, pulling it towards him and breathing deep. The vapors go deep into his lungs, in a cleansing tradition. They all disrobe, taking only a towel and then they go inside the huge lodge, and circle around till they are all seated, their legs crossed in front of them. Walker is seated next to White Eagle who barely acknowledges Walker's presence. They say nothing as the tent begins to get hotter, and the men are sweating profusely. Walker sits back and clears his mind. His thoughts go to another time, as a young boy running with his friends.  Then he starts seeing Alex, running beside him, her blond hair blowing in the wind, the dress she is wearing is blowing and the skirt is inching up her long silky legs. She's turning to him in slow motion, and then he can see the tears in her eyes, and she keeps saying "Why did you hurt me?"

Walker is brought back to the presence by more water being thrown onto the hot coals, and the steam is hissing. He shakes his head and looks around, seeing most of the other men lost in their own thoughts and are paying him no mind. His Uncle Ray looks at him and nods, Sam Coyote and others look in his direction, but say nothing. Walker sighs and looks to his left, White Eagle says softly. "You are fighting a battle within yourself "Washo' of which there can be no victor. It is time you took control of your emotions and to contain them----your temper is starting to make the spirits uneasy, how do you plan to make things right again?"

Walker shakes his head, "I don't know White Eagle-----my life is so confusing right now----will you help me?"

White Eagle turns to Walker and answers quietly, "I will help you to fight the battle within you, but first you have to know when that battle is over, and when to walk away. First you have to cleanse your mind and your soul, and soon you will know which battle to fight, do you understand 'Washo'?"

Walker's answer is sarcastic, "White Eagle, if I could clear my mind---I wouldn't have these problems!"

"Do not show disrespect to your elders, nephew---apologize!"

White Eagle's hand goes up and Uncle Ray lowers his head to the tribal chief, "Don't worry Ray Firewalker, your nephew meant no disrespect, it was the pain in his heart that was speaking"!

Walker nods, "My uncle is right, I should choose my words better, and not speak them in haste or hatred, I'm sorry White Eagle, I will do better!"

The chief nods, "You are fighting many battles within you and your temper is making the spirits angry, you have to learn to get your temper under control again, and when this is done, the other battles will soon cease. You have to know when the battle is over and there is no need to
continue to fight."

Walker nods his head in approval; his temper was out of control. He would have to go back to his martial arts classes more and learn the practice of "Yen", to learn to control all of his emotions. The arts would help him, they always did. He could never remember being so out of control, not even when he lost his beloved Ellen. But, this thing with Alex was driving him over the point of no return. That day in her office and the thing about the newspaper had him so rattled he knew he was close to losing it. He has never lost his temper with her like that before and it scared him.  He had to find a way to get her out of his mind, to concentrate on his arts again, to clear his mind of everything and everyone!

He looks to his Uncle and to his cousin, Sam Coyote, they know of his personal problems, but they look away. How could he get Alex out of his mind, she was there twenty-four-seven, in his dreams, and every waking moment. Another woman? That was a laugh, he couldn't even think of wanting to be with anyone, but Alex. Then he thinks back to Marilee and their one night together, one night that turned his world upside down. He wanted things back the way they were, but Alex said she didn't want things to go back to that way again. She said he was not showing her enough attention in public, that his lack of public affection was one of their problems. How could she say that, he was always looking at her in that "way" winking at her, and they would share little things that no one else could possibly understand.

The sound of more water is heard being thrown on the coals and the steam is becoming unbearable to some as one of the younger men stands and pulls the flap back, letting some of the steam escape, to White Eagle's disgust. Usually when he's in the sweat lodge, he allows no talking, but where "Washo" is concerned, the rules are often bent or broken. He thinks of Walker as the son he never had, and Walker worships the ground the old man walks on. He reaches over and lays his hand on Walker's shoulder, "The spirits will hear you Washo, do not be afraid to listen."

"Thank you, White Eagle----for listening to my problems."

The old man looks at him, "Do you think your problems can be solved?"

"Yes, White Eagle."

"GOOD, and now we will solve my problems-----"he yells to the young man that is still holding the flap open, "CLOSE THAT, it's getting cold in here! Now it will take another hour for this place to warm up---the spirits are getting angry!"

"It's not the spirits that are angry, White Eagle, it's you!" replies Uncle Ray.               

"I got a right to be angry, my bones ache when I'm cold, I like it hot and I want more steam and I want it now!"               

Walker looks to his friend, "Meaning no disrespect White Eagle, but maybe you too, could learn to control your temper!"

Everyone stops and stares at Walker, no one else would dare talk to the tribal leader this way. They all stare as White Eagle puts his hand up to Walker,  "Thirty years ago and I would be taking a tree limb to your backside, Washo----and don't think I'm still not capable of doing it

Walker smiles, "I have no doubts in my mind that you could still tan my hide, I still carry the scar on my butt from the first time."                  

The lodge rocks with laughter, but soon everyone is silent as White Eagle goes into a trance and starts chanting.                   

The next morning finds Walker packing to leave as he walks towards his Ram, he sees his Uncle Ray standing there.                  

"Nephew, the things that White Eagle has told you are good---to a point. It is true about the battles within you and when to walk away, but nephew he knows nothing about how it feels to love a woman, he has never had those feelings. Yes, you do have to know when to walk away but sometimes if "someone" is worth fighting for---that battle may never be over!"                 

"I know Uncle Ray, but when that someone won't listen, what do you do?"                  

The tall man puts his arm around Walker's shoulder and they lean back against the truck. "I was married to your Aunt Ruthie for 35 years and in all of that 35 years I never cheated on her, never even looked at another woman, but we still found things to argue about, And in all that time of arguing, we never failed to tell each other how much we loved one another. What I'm trying to tell you nephew is, this argument between you and Alex, I could see it coming!"                   

"You could----how so?"                      

Uncle Ray looks Walker straight in the eyes, "Because you do take her for granted!"                    

Walker snaps back, "How can you say that Uncle, I've never taken Alex for granted!"                     

"Yes you have---you just don't realize it. For years that woman has loved you, but you have always kept her at arms' length, because of Ellen's memory. You used her memory to drive a wedge between you and Alex, so that you wouldn't have to admit how you really feel about her, but yet you "dangled" just enough attention in Alex's direction, to keep her coming back. How many women would have kept coming back under those kinds of conditions, nephew? Not too damn many, I guarantee you that."                

Walker stands there looking at his Uncle, "What do I do Uncle, how can I make it right again?"

His Uncle shakes his head, "Ask yourself this, you have fought many battles with your fists and your feet, why not fight with your heart this time?"                 

They embrace and Uncle Ray walks away, then shouts over his shoulder, "I'm not getting any younger nephew, I sure would like to have some grandkids running around-----you do know how to make them------don't you?"                 

The drive back to Dallas has his Uncle's and White Eagle's advice running through his brain, He keeps looking at his cell phone, what he wouldn't give just to hear Alex's voice. He reaches for it several times and then finally he dials that all too familiar number. The worse she could do is hang up on him, right?

Alex is heading for the door when her phone rings, she starts shifting her briefcases around and trying to juggle the paperwork. She drops her keys as the phone continues to ring. She puts the keys in her mouth and utters a "hello".                 

Walker doesn't recognize the voice as he mutters, "Sorry I dialed the wrong number."                 


"Alex, is that you?"

She drops everything into the floor as her legs go weak, and her heart starts pounding so loud that she's sure he can hear it right through the telephone line.                 

"Of course it's me, who did you think it would be," she answers defensively.                   

"You just sound funny----that's all. Are you okay?"                     

"I was just heading out for work----what did you want?"                    

"Alex----can we just talk without arguing?"                      

She sighs, "What do you want to talk about now?"                       

He can feel his temper start to rise, he does not want to lose it with her again. "Never mind Alex----I'll talk to you some other time, goodbye."                      

She slams the phone down and then hurriedly looks at her ID caller, it's coming from his cell phone, she dials him back. "Are you free for lunch--good--at the Pier, I'll meet you there at twelve---bye."                        

Walker is grinning from ear to ear, "That's more than I dared hoped for-----lunch at twelve----hell---I'll be there at eleven!" as he floors the gas pedal and heads home as fast as the traffic will allow. He takes a nice long shower, and then he starts looking for the red shirt that Alex gave him as a Christmas present. He remembers it to be in the hamper, he runs downstairs and throws it into the washer. He runs back up stairs to trim his beard and splash some aftershave on. He rushes the shirt through the wash cycle, rinses it and throws it in the dryer. Keeping an eye on the time, he starts polishing his boots, the bell goes off on the dryer, he reaches in and takes the shirt out. It's still soaking wet!              

"What the hell------" and then he throws it back in, and paces back and forth, hoping he doesn't have to iron it. He looks at the clock, he's only got an hour and ten minutes to get to The Pier, and that's a good 45 minutes away, and he will have the noon traffic to fight. He yanks the shirt  out and puts it on anyways, mumbling to himself, "I'll keep the windows down--it'll dry on the way."               

Alex is watching the time, Walker is already 10 minutes late and the waiter has been to her table twice already. She also notices the manager looking in her direction. She keeps checking her time, "Where are you Walker----you better not be involved in a high speed chase---you invite me to lunch and you're late---no--I invited you, what difference does it make-----"               

She looks up to see Walker running around the corner, and into one of the waiters. He tries to grab the waiter, the waiter grabs him and they both go down, hitting a customer with the waiter's tray. The waiter tries to calm the customer and Walker is apologizing to the waiter, the manager is seeing the whole scenario and shaking his head. Walker reaches down to retrieve his hat and he sees Alex looking back at him. He sighs and starts towards her, shrugging his shoulders. He looks down at his shirt, he has shrimp all over the front, he pulls them off and tosses them into the garbage,. He steps on one of the discarded shellfish, his feet go out from under him and Walker lands on his butt!                 

Alex and the waiter are trying to help him up, "Walker---are you okay?"                 

He's totally embarrassed as everyone is staring at him. Alex gently pulls him over to their table, she's trying hard not to laugh. The vision of him going through the air, and landing upside down is more than she can take, as she breaks out in a wide smile.                 

He's still brushing his jacket and shirt off, "Well, if I had known that this would get a smile out of you, I would have fell on my butt a long time ago."                

Their lunch is served but neither of them is eating as they both just 'peck' at their food. They look at each other, not knowing what to say. Alex looks at her Cowboy and remembers back to their first date and how awkward they both were, like a couple of teenagers on their first date. She looks at his shirt, and frowns.              

"Walker, what happened to your shirt----it looks like you slept in it?"               

He tells her about the wash and dry episode and the shirt not getting dry.  He looks at her puzzled, "I had the windows down, I thought it would dry on the way over here!"              

"Hon--I mean Walker, all you had to do was put it in the gentle cycle----no wrinkles."                

He smiles at her word of endearment, though she did try to cover it up. He nods his head, "Well, I would have done that----if I had thought of it----in time."                

She smiles back at him, she loves that shirt and she thinks he looks all too sexy in red. He looks into her eyes, what those blue eyes could do to him, and he loves the way she tilts her head down and looks back up at him, the way she's doing now. He looks down at his seafood platter and
looks at the shrimp.               

"I think I've had enough of these critters for one day, want them?"                

She nods her head, "Sure----I'll take a couple."                 

He puts the first two on her plate, but the third one he reaches over and feeds it to her. She looks back at him smiling, she couldn't recall them ever having a meal where one or both of them wouldn't feed the other. He takes the fourth one and dips it in tartar sauce and feeds it to her, he watches as her mouth gently closes over the shrimp, her lips touching his fingers, ever so softly. He continues to look into those eyes, as she reaches back and takes one of the tomatoes and dips it in her dressing of blue cheese and chives, and feeds it to him. Their eyes stay locked on each other, and Alex watches Walker's face as he starts to grimace. The taste of the blue cheese has awakened his taste buds, and he's starting to smack his lips, trying to get rid of the taste. He swallows, and then reaches for his glass of water.            

"Alex----that was dirty---You know how I hate blue cheese!"           

She smiles back at him, "Next time pay attention to what you're eating."             

He finishes his water and grabs hers, glaring at her the whole time. He signals for the waiter to bring them more water. The manager is still watching them.             

Finally the taste is gone and Walker looks at Alex, "I can't stand the taste or the smell of that cheese, I don't see how you eat it."             

She frowns back at him, "I've seen you eat snails, lizards, worms, and you complain about a cheese?"              

"I like most cheese, but you know I don't like blue cheese, cottage cheese, or that other kind that you like---what is it?"               

"Goda," she answers.               

"Yeah---that too-YUK!"                  

They go back to pecking at their food again, Walker looks at her, "Alex----can we please talk?"  

She takes a sip of her tea, "Okay----let's talk."                  

He's stammering for just the right words, "Alex----I am so sorry for everything that has happened-----can't we just get past all of this, and go forward?"                   

"Forward?-----I've wanted our relationship to move forward for some time now, you were the one that wasn't ready to put the past behind you, and take our relationship further, and now----you want to go forward?"                   

"A lot has happened in the last couple of months, and I see things differently now".                    

She stares back at him, "Oh yes---a lot has happened, all beginning with Marilee!"                    

Walker is shifting around in his seat, "Alex----she was a mistake---I used poor judgment, I made a mistake, I take all of the blame---okay, what is it going to take for you to forget about that night?"                 

Alex thinks back to the night in San Antonio that she almost gave herself to Juan, the temptation was there, but she didn't know if it was just to get back at Walker or if something could have been felt for Juan. She knows how easy it would have been to cross that line; maybe that's how it was with Walker and Marilee that night. Then she has the visions of Walker holding another woman in his arms and making love to her, her anger emerges.               

"I don't know if I can ever forget what happened------you hurt me like no other man has ever been able to hurt me-----I can't stand the thought of you being with another woman----like that!"               

"What about me, Alex----you think it was easy for me to accept you with Dalton?"

"I have told you--time and time again---I was never with Dalton after you and I started dating----this thing with Marilee was after you and I started dating, and since that happened---I've also wondered about how many other women you've been with behind my back!"              

Now Walker's temper is starting to rise, "That was uncalled for, Alex---I cheated one night-----one night Alex! Get that through your head---one time--one night and I regret it! There haven’t been any other women, you know me better than that----and what is it with you and this Ambassador creep? I've heard the rumors about you going down to San Antonio with him, what happened down there, Alex?"              

Alex grits her teeth, her bottom lip starts to quiver, "Nothing happened----don't change the subject!"               

Their voices are getting louder, and the manager is walking in circles.              

"I'm not trying to change the subject, cause right now I don't really know what the subject is---all I know is that the rules are different for you, you can go off on little rendezvous with that Latin lover, but I cross the line and you're ready to tar and feather me!"                 

Alex yells back at him, "The difference is---I DIDN"T SLEEP WITH JUAN!"                  

All of the customers are now staring at Walker and Alex, and the manager is walking towards their table. He puts his hands up to his chest in a praying manner, "Would you two please keep your voices down?"   

Alex looks around and sees everyone staring at them; she puts her napkin down gently and stands up. "I will keep my voice down, because I am leaving."                   

Walker reaches out to grab her hand, and she slaps it away. "And you, Cordell Walker, you can stay and announce to the whole restaurant about your "NIGHT", cause I don't care----I'm out of here!"                   

She stomps off and then turns around and comes back to the table and lays a $20 bill down. Walker tries to give it back to her, she again slaps his hand away, "I invited you to lunch, I'm paying the bill-----SO THERE!"                  

Walker lets out a string of curse words and sits back in his chair. The waiter looks at him, "Please---just take your business elsewhere----everrrrrry timmmmme you and your girlfriend come in here---you're making a scene. If you aren't arguing, you're throwing food at the customers-----and if she's not arguing with you, she's arguing about you----please just leave!"                  

Walker looks up at the little man, "Alex was arguing with someone over me?"                    

The waiter lays the ticket down and the manager shoves it in Walker's hand, "Lunch is on the house, now just leave!"                   

Walker looks at the bill for $22.50, takes out a $5 and puts with the money Alex left. "Fine, I'm leaving---the food wasn't all that great anyways." He stands up to leave, his boot gets caught in the tablecloth and the whole table is overturned. Walker is trying to get the tablecloth untangled from his boot, he backs up and another waiter "bites the dust"! The manager is screaming in his native tongue, and telling Walker to get out and never come back!               

Walker is still fuming and he's still hungry, he decides to go to C.D.'s. As he pulls up in front of the bar and grill, he sees Nelda standing on the corner, pacing back and forth. He backs the Ram up, "Nelda----what are you doing out here?"                 

"I'm waiting for the bus----that's what I'm doing."               

Walker sighs and looks across the street at the bus stop, "You're on the wrong side of the street, the bus stops over there!"               

She curses and starts to the other side and he calls her back, "You need a ride somewhere---hop in---I'll take you----got nothing better to do."               

Nelda starts to climb into the cab, and has to push debris out of the way so she find a place to sit. She looks at Walker, "Ever think about cleaning up your truck, Cordell?"               

He rolls his eyes up his head, "That's what started this whole mess!"               

She looks at him, "Geez----you're sure in a good mood----who pissed in your cornflakes?"  

Walker sighs, "Wanna tell me where I'm suppose to be going?"              

"Yeah, to 34th street to check on my car, Jimmy was suppose to take me, but he's tied up in court."                

Walker pulls the Ram out into traffic, Nelda is muttering about her car and something about C.D. firing her, just because she didn't show up for work in three days! She stops muttering and looks at Walker.

"What's the matter, Alex still giving you a hard time?"                

Walker says nothing, as Nelda looks him over, the tight fitting jeans and the wrinkled shirt. "What happened to your shirt----did you sleep in it?"                 

Nelda studies him, "You know what you need, Cordell?"                 

He turns to look at her, and answers "I'm sure you're going to tell me."                 

She inches closer to him, her seatbelt is still not buckled. "You need a good roll in the hay---that's what you need---and I'm more than willing to accommodate you."                  

Walker shakes his head, "No offense Nelda---it wasn't going to work earlier with us---and it's not going to work now."                    

"How do you know that, you know that Alex has got to be rather dense----a good looking stud muffin like you, she should be bending over backwards for you---I know I would---backwards, sideways----upside down---you name it!"

Walker frowns, "Just exactly where on 34th street am I suppose to be going?"          

"To Eddie's garage, know where that is?"    

Walker nods, and says quietly, "Oh yes----fast Eddie's, I've arrested him a few times for trying to cheat the customers---that's where your car is---what are you having done to it?"

Nelda continues to look at Walker's body, "Body work, " she says softly. Her eyes go up and down his body, what he did to those jeans should be a crime. "You know Walker, I think Alex is wrong in blaming you for that one night you spent with another woman!"

Walker slams on his brakes as the lights turns amber, sending Nelda in to the floor. "HEEEEY, want to give me some warning next time, before you plaster me to your floorboard?"

Slippery When Wet Part II

By Sasquaw        

Walker yells back at her, "For crying out loud, does everyone in Dallas know about that one night I spent with Marilee?"

Nelda looks back at him and points to the church van that has also stopped at the light, "They do now."

The senior citizens are staring back at Walker, his window is down and they've heard every word. They stare back with their mouths wide open. He groans and turns sideways, pushing the power button to the window. As soon as the light changes, he burns rubber to get away from
them. Nelda goes scrambling for the seatbelt.              

The ride to the garage is in silence; Nelda can see the veins popping out on Walker's forehead. She runs around to his side of the truck, "Will you wait till I find out if it's ready?"                

"Yeah, yeah----the day is only half gone, what else can happen?"                 

Walker leans back against his seat and watches as Nelda is arguing with the service manager.  They are both yelling at each other, and Nelda is not giving in. Walker shakes his head as he watches her get up in the big man's face, all 5ft of her, she can't weigh a 100 lbs soaking wet!
What she lacked in stature, she made up for it in spunk and one hell of a temper.                 

He gets out of the Ram and walks over to them, now the big man is saying that Nelda's insurance company has stopped the payment on her claim, saying she has filed a false report and her insurance has expired!                  

They keep pointing at a little red sports car, Walker eyes it suspiciously and walks over to it.  He stares at the dent in the hood, he groans, remembering how it got there. He stands there looking at it and then back to Nelda, she and the big man are just about to come to blows. Walker looks at the car and remembers how he took out his anger on the little red car after the argument with Alex! He remembered how long it took him to get the red paint chips off his knuckles, and his fist hurt for days. He sighs and walks back to the dueling duo.                 

He pulls Nelda back gently and tell her to go to his truck. She starts to argue, "Go------go sit down and I will have a talk with the nice man---okay?"                 

She turns around and starts back to the truck swearing, "Nice man---my ass----Oh if I ever get my hands on the jerk that dented my car---I'll skin him and that service manager!"                   

Walker looks at the service manager and pulls him over to the side. The paint job will cost $600. Walker makes out the check and hands it to him. "Now you said that you would have her car ready in 3 days ---- Eddie---she's going to be back in 3 days and I will be with her. If her car isn't ready, I'm going to close that garage door and lock the two of you up in here, and you better pray that you have enough insurance on yourself to cover the damage she's going to do to your body----do you get my drift?"               

Walker walks away; Eddie is still shaking. Walker gets into the Ram and Nelda is still mumbling about what she's going to do the jerk that dented her car and to poor Eddie. Walker mutters to himself, "I will be so glad to get back to chasing bad guys------even a stakeout . ----anything to
get my sanity back!"

C.D. breaks out in a wide smile as he sees Walker come in, but his smile fades as he sees Nelda walk in behind him. Walker heads for his booth in the corner and Nelda starts in on C.D. about getting her job back, C.D. is not giving in.                   

Walker orders a burger and fries from the waitress named Sandi. She smiles at him, "Ranger Walker, I know things must seem pretty dim for you right now----but don't give up."               

He smiles back at her, "Thanks Sandi-----I don't know how things could get any worse."                 

"As a woman, I can tell you this---things will get worse before they get better----but Alex cares for you----and she's hurting just as much for you. But, right now---it's her stubborn pride that is getting in the way."                  

Walker doesn't feel comfortable about talking about his personal life, but Sandi knows what has been happening----as most of Dallas does by now.                 

"Any suggestions as to what I can do?"

Sandi looks back at the bearded Ranger, and sees the hurt in his eyes, "Well, I know when my husband Bill and I argue----flowers always seem to help."                   

Walker grunts, "Flowers? She would throw them in my face."                  

"Don't be so sure-----every woman loves flowers---can't hurt---can it?"                  

He nods, "Thanks Sandi."                  

She pats his shoulder, "Anytime Ranger Walker."                  

Walker lets out a sigh and puts his feet up on the opposite bench. He thinks about what the waitress said, "Flowers?-----I guess it can't hurt."

C.D. walks up to the booth, sees Walkers' feet upon the bench and yells at him. "Dadburn it Cordell, between you and Jimmy, I don't know which of you is the hardest on the furniture, now scoot your feet over so I can sit down."

Walker sits up and frowns, "I'm glad I'm not the only one in a bad mood."

"I was in a great mood till you came waltzing in with Calamity Jane----now what happened , did you see Alex, did you talk, did you get things settled , did you ask about that newspaper, did…"

"Whoa C.D., hold your horses----one question at a time, I'm getting a headache."

"Sorry, Cordell----I'm just curious, I just want things to be right again between you and Alex."

"I know C.D.---yes, we talked---then we argued, and now we're right back where we were."

"What did you do Cordell, what did you do now?"

Walker tells C.D. about their lunch, the argument and the confrontation with the owner, the whole story.

"Well, what it's worth Cordell, I don't think Alex knew about that photographer being around, she wouldn't flaunt it in your face like that---you know Alex better than that!"

"Well, I thought I did, but the Alex I saw today was completely different----and madder than a wet hen. I knew she had a temper---but I got both barrels of it today."

Sandi brings Walker his food, and he continues to 'peck' at it.

"Something wrong with the food, Cordell?"

"No, C.D.---it's not the food."

C.D. looks at his friend, and sees the hurt. He can't stand to see any of his "children" hurting. And, that's just what Walker, Alex, and Jimmy are to him---maybe not by blood---but they're still
his "children".

"You know Cordell, I've been thinking about something. You said Alex has been behaving differently, that Rachel has a lot to do with all that's been going on."

"Rachel, Mayor Dawson's wife?"

"Yes, Rachel, she's the one that set up that meeting with Alex and that ambassador fellow."

Walker looks at C.D. and frowns, "Well, so what if she did, she didn't twist Alex's arm to make her go to San Antonio with the guy, and what about those dinners she's been going to with him?"

C.D. nods, "Granted----some of the things Alex was capable of making her own decisions about, but Rachel has never liked you, and she's trying to break you and Alex up."

"I've never been at the top of Rachel's favorite list, but even so, what would she gain by causing trouble between me and Alex?"

Before C. D. can answer. Trivette and Nelda come bouncing to the table. Jimmy slides in next to Walker and Nelda scoots C.D. over.

"Hey guys-----what's going on?"

No one says anything, and Jimmy shakes his head, "I knew it----the great Cherokee warrior is still having women problems, -----well Nelda and I have been thinking."                      

C.D. groans and looks to Nelda, "Oh my Lord, you mean--she ‘thinks’?"

Nelda turns and jabs C.D.---"Watch it tubby----or I won't include you in my story."

The big man's eyes grow big, "What story?"

Trivette waves his hands, "Never mind that right now."

"Jimmy----what kind of a story is she talking about?"

"She's writing a novel, big dog----but never mind ---Nelda and I have decided how we can get Walker back in good graces with Alex!"

Walker looks at his partner, "And would you like to tell me just how this is all going to come about?"

Before Jimmy can answer, Nelda blurts it out, "Kidnap her!"

Walker looks to his friends and then to Nelda, "Kidnap her?"                   

Walker sits there and looks at Nelda and then to Jimmy. He shakes his head slowly at the thought of kidnapping Alex. C.D. runs his hand through his hair and turns to Nelda, "Kidnap Alex?----If that is not the most stupidest idea I have ever heard ------young lady----do you know what the penalty is for kidnapping an attorney is?----She's a government figure--for crying out loud!!!!

Nelda smirks, "Well, surely Alex wouldn't press charges-----if things----didn't work out----would she?"

Walker lets out a long sigh "With the mood Alex is in----don't count on it."

Jimmy reaches out for Nelda's hand, "Hey guys---it was an idea-----at least she would have to listen to you, and you could plead your case."

"Yeah----I would have about 20 years to plead my case, Trivette!  ----No, I think what White Eagle said was right----I've got to know when to walk away and realize the battle is over!"

"What's that mean, Cordell----are you just going to give in?"

Walker nudges Trivette to move so he can get out of the booth, "I don't know what else to do C.D.----maybe Alex is right---we need to go our separate ways."

C.D. hits the table, causing Nelda and Jimmy to jump. "HORSE FEATHERS-------that's a lot of manure you're trying to shovel at us----it's not like you to give up Cordell------If this was a case----you wouldn't give up----you've never given up on anything in your life Cordell Walker!!!" His
voice softens, as he looks to Walker, "You can't give up son, you have feelings for that woman and she has feelings for you-----you've got to stop all of this arguing."

Trivette and Nelda look at each other, to C.D. and then to Walker. He stands there looking back at them, "Sorry guys, but I'm tired of all the arguing------I've had it-----I'm going home."

His friends watch him as he stops to get his hat, and then Walker is out the door. Nelda gets up and goes to sit by Jimmy, taking his hand and leaning up against him, "Wow" she says softly, "He's got it bad----doesn't he?"

Jimmy puts his arm around Nelda's shoulder, "Yeah-----what do we do, big dog"?

C.D. sighs and stands up, "I don't know, Jimmy----I just don't know."

C.D. goes back to the bar, and Jimmy and Nelda are left alone to ponder the situation.

Alex is sitting in her office, pondering the events of the earlier afternoon. She can't concentrate on the case before her, she reaches out and knocks everything into the floor, puts her hands up to her face and cries.  "Damn it," she says softly "Why did I have to say those things?"

She doesn't see Rachel walk in, she jumps when Rachel speaks, "What things did you say, Alex?"

Alex tries to compose herself, wiping the tears away, "I didn't hear you come in -----what do you want?"

Rachel is a tall woman, dark hair and eyes, very classy and likes to show it. "Well, I stopped by to ask you something, but you're in a foul mood, one guess who's causing it----a certain Ranger."

Alex glares back at her, "Don't start, Rachel-----don't even go there!"

Rachel smiles and sits down and starts to light up a cigarette, she sees Alex's disapproving look, "Relax, Alex, I'm the mayor's wife----I can break a few "no smoking" rules in a federal building!"

Alex folds her arms and looks back at her, "I would PREFER that you not stink up my office----federal rule or not!"

Rachel frowns, "Very well-----I need to ask you something Alex."

Alex bends down and starts picking up the papers that she knocked into the floor, "What?"

"Juan is going to New York City, it's another campaign to draw attention to Mexico's need for foreign aid, and he wants you to come along as his personal attorney, in case some legal matters arise---you understand."

Alex shakes her head, "No way------I am not going to New York or anywhere else with that man----besides I don't have any legal jurisdiction in that state, what use would I be to him?"

"You don't have to have the jurisdiction actually, he just wants you there to advise him, when legal matters occur!"

"Let him hire another attorney----he's certainly got the money for it!

"He doesn't want another attorney---he wants you!"

Alex sits down at her desk, looks at Rachel and says, "No, I am not going to New York and that's final!"

Rachel frowns and begins to tap her long manicured nails, saying to herself. "Getting you out of town is going to be more than I bargained for."

Rachel stands and walks around nervously, "Come on Alex, do it for the children of Mexico, they are in dire need of food and medical supplies, this is a mercy trip to get more foreign aid!"

Alex stops working and looks at her ‘friend’, "I can't believe what you just said----- for the children? First of all, Juan should stop throwing his $100 tips around and put it back into his country, to feed those kids. Do you know how much food that man wastes in one evening-----enough to keep a family of four from starving--I'm sure. When we were in San Antonio, he refused to share the boat with others and gave the man a $1,000 to make sure he didn't have to rub shoulders with the common visitor. He's a phony, Rachel---he's not concerned with what he can do for his country, only what other countries can do for him!"

"So, he's got a few flaws----he was raised in wealth---he--- doesn't know how to mingle with----with poor folk."

Alex shakes her head, "Then he's in the wrong line of work----he needs to let someone else take his post that knows how to work---with the less fortunate!"

Rachel shrugs, "Like your Walker----and his one man campaign to kick drugs out of America?"

Alex's temper is starting to get the best of her, "YES-----like Walker. He's not a phony, and it's not a one man war against drugs, his karate schools are state wide and it's a joint effort on everyone's part, from the janitor to high ranking officials that are trying to stop the drugs from going into schools. Walker doesn't just sit back and talk, letting "aides" do his work for him, he gets involved, you know yourself how Walker has volunteered his time to this project. Look at the benefits that he has organized, and the rodeos that he participates in. He keeps nothing for himself, maybe a buckle now and then, but he never keeps any of the prize money, he donates it Rachel! I've seen him do it, not once---but every time I have seen him ride. ---And, what about during the holidays---who is at the soup lines donating time and food to the homeless? Maybe your Juan could take a few lessons on how to be humane, instead of like a robot!"                 

Rachel is speechless, "Really Alex, how can you defend that man after he's hurt you, he cheated on you----he slept with another woman!"                         

Alex's voice gets very low, "You don't have any room to talk, Rachel! Besides, that is between Walker and me-----that is not any of your damn business---and I would appreciate it, if you would leave my office---now!"

The two women stare at each other, Rachel grabs her purse and leaves. Alex stands there and looks at the door, turns around and mutters, "Damn---that felt good-----now I just need to follow my own advice!"

Jimmy and Nelda are still at C.D.'s, and have decided to dance. Nelda keeps looking at the songs on the jute box. "All country and western----can you beat that with a stick?"                

"What do you expect, this is Texas, we're in a country and western bar, and naturally it's country music!"         

"Do you like country and western, Jimmy?"                    

"I've learned to like it, Walker doesn't listen to anything else, this is our 'hang out', I wear western clothes---yeah---I guess it's okay, why what kind of music do you like?"

Nelda puts her arms around Jimmy's neck and starts rubbing up against him, "I like music that puts me in the mood---belly rubbing music."

Jimmy is smiling from ear to ear, "I think you're always 'in the mood', am I right?"

She giggles and reaches up to kiss him, a hand jerks her violently away and a fist goes to Jimmy's face. Nelda stumbles back as she sees three cowboys going after Jimmy. C.D. is yelling for them to stop and goes after his scattergun. The three men are yelling racial slurs at Jimmy and are hitting him over and over. Nelda runs and jumps up on the back of the one that jerked her back, and starts biting his ear. The man slings her off and as she's trying to get up he yells at her, "You best learn to dance with your own color, missy---and not with the likes of that one," as he points to Jimmy.

Jimmy takes one of the men and knocks him into the jukebox, the other one gets Jimmy's foot to the face. The third one goes back after Jimmy and C.D. levels the scattergun at him, and tells him to stop. The man pretends to stop, then backhands C.D. and he hits the floor. Jimmy goes after him with a flurry of punches, and Nelda is trying to help C.D. to his feet. The first two come up behind Jimmy and grab him, the third man starts hitting him again. Nelda reaches down and grabs the shotgun, takes it by the barrel and hits the third man in the back of his head. C.D. lands a right to one of the other two and Jimmy kicks the first one right under the chin, the bone snaps. C.D. grabs the scattergun from Nelda and aims it to the head of the third man.

"Get up real slow, and you and your two goons get the hell out of my place and don't ever come back---or so help me I'll shove this scatter gun so far up your ass that you'll be passing lead out your pee-hole---------now get out!"

Nelda runs to Jimmy and takes a look at his face; his lip is busted. The waitress brings a cold towel to put on his lip, as CD, walks over to him, "Are you okay Jimmy----do you need a doctor son?"

Jimmy waves him off and goes to sit down in one of the booths. He doesn't say anything for a long time, Nelda is trying to wipe the blood away from his lip and keeps asking him if he's okay. He snaps at her, "Just leave me alone----I'm used to it----I'll be fine---just leave me be!"

She sits down beside him, "Used to what, Jimmy, used to getting beat up?"

Jimmy stares at Nelda for a long time, "I'm black Nelda----you're white----these rednecks down here don't like it when the colors mix."

Nelda sits down beside him, "I don't care what those jerks think, or anyone else, the colors are mixing all the time, and I'll be with who ever I damn well please, Jimmy Trivette!"

"Are you sure about that---remember, you said I was the first black man that you had been with---there's going to be more of this kind of racial slurs---can you handle it?"

Nelda looks at him and smiles, "Why don't you ask that man that I hit in the head with C.D.'s gun?"

Jimmy smiles faintly, "I'm serious Nelda, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as long as we are seen together, some whites just aren't going to accept it!"

"What about your race, Jimmy----would they accept me?"

Jimmy looks at her, touches her cheek---"Some of them will-----and some won't."

Nelda looks back at Jimmy, a tear starts to appear, "So, what do we do?"

Jimmy takes a deep breath, "Nelda, I've gone through this type of treatment before, but you haven't----if you want to stop seeing-----"

"NO! That's not what I want----is that what you want?"

Jimmy shakes his head, "I just don't want to see you get hurt and that's what going to happen, you will hear the nasty remarks about being with a -- a nigger, and all kinds of remarks will follow."

Nelda doesn't know what to say, she stands up and starts to walk away and then turns and kisses Jimmy long and hard, "You're stuck with me Jimmy Trivette----so get used to it!"

He kisses her back, and then they just hold each other, not having to say anything. C.D. is watching from the bar, he smiles and wipes a tear away, "Dad burn it, that little ole gal, I guess she can't be all bad." He turns and looks at the two waitresses that had told him Nelda was a brain surgeon. "I'm still not over that joke you two played on me, don't think I've forgotten it!"                      

They laugh and go back to waiting on customers. C.D. continues to watch Jimmy and Nelda as they have gone back to their booth and holding hands again, and looking into each others' eyes. C.D. nods, "Now, if my other "children" could just get their problems ironed out----everything
would be perfect."                   

The next day finds Walker and Trivette doing reports. Jimmy is pecking away on his keyboard, a smile on his face as big as Texas. Walker looks over at him; he had heard about the fight at C.D.'s, he wishes he had stayed longer so he could have been right in the middle of it. It had been
awhile since he had a good fist fight, he longed for the action, he would work out in the gym later. He could feel his muscles tightening, a good work out would be just what he needed.

Walker hears a commotion and looks up and sees the secretaries running to the door. They are all making swooning noises and giggling. They're all trying to get through the front door at the same time, someone screams and then all hell breaks loose. Trivette looks to Walker, and they along with the other Rangers start heading for the door, trying to get past the screaming secretaries. One of the clerks screams in Walker's ear accidentally, he puts his hand over his ear and pushes himself out into the hall to see what the commotion is all about.

Walker stops and looks at the crowd around the elevator, "What the hell is going on over there?"                  

He and Jimmy start towards the elevators, the secretaries and law clerks are scrambling to get past the Rangers, screaming and swooning, one of them faints. Jimmy tries to catch her when another secretary grabs Jimmy and starts screaming, "He is soooooooo dreamy."                  

The crowd around the elevator is being pushed back by some men in dark glasses and looking very somber. Walker walks up to the men, "What's going on?"

One of the men starts to push Walker back; Walker grabs his fist and makes him go down, the other men start towards Walker and then a voice speaks                  

"Gentlemen----please. Ranger Walker, I assume?"

Walker looks up at a tall dark headed man, he recognizes him as the ambassador and the one in the paper kissing Alex. The Ranger's temper is starting to rise, he steps back to look at the man. The women have all stopped and are staring at the ambassador; their mouths are wide open. Juan looks at the women and smiles, his dimples and white teeth are all they need to see, then they all start screaming. One of the women push past Walker, "Mr. Ambassador----can I please have your autograph?"                  

"Of course, my little senorita----I would love to give you my autograph, but you have to promise me one thing."                  

All of the women are hanging onto his words, "What? What? What do you want me to do----just name it gorgeous!"

Walker and Trivette look at the women and shake their heads, "Do you believe this Walker, these women are going crazy over this guy?"                    

Juan is busy signing autographs and then he takes the hand of the first woman and says, "May I have your permission to kiss your hand?"

The woman stands there in a trance, he kisses her hand, she screams and down she goes. Walker's eyes roll up in his head, "Geez----no, I don't believe it!"

One of the women standing next to Walker yells out, "You can eat crackers in my bed---anytime," and then says very low, "or anything else you care to nibble on."                    

Walker looks at the woman and letting out a sigh, turns and starts back to his office.  Just as he turns to go, he sees Alex stepping off the elevator, Juan sees her immediately and flashes a broad smile. He walks towards Alex and takes her hand and kisses it.  Alex looks around at all the people and then she sees Walker. She can see how irritated he is, he turns and walks into his office. Alex is trying to gently push by the crowd, Juan follows her, as the women continue to swoon after him.

Walker heads to his desk and sits down in a huff. Trivette walks in slowly and looks in Walker's direction. "Hey, Walker----he's going to Alex's office---aren't you going to do something?"

"Yep," he answers, "I'm getting out of here----going down to the gym---want to join me?"

Trivette puts his hands up, "Are you crazy----I'm not about to be your sparring partner, not when you're in this kind of mood."               

As Walker is walking out the door, the secretaries are coming back in, one of them says, "Oh God---have you ever seen such a good looking man----he is to die for!"                 

Another one chimes in, "He looks like a young Rock Hudson----did you see him smile----he makes my toenails curl!"                  

He hears a third voice say "What I wouldn't give to be in Ms Cahill’s shoes right now---that woman is so lucky-----he sends her flowers every single day----sometimes two and three times a day."                  

"Yeah, and I hear she's going away with him to New York---for the weekend."                  

Walker storms out the door, he folds and unfolds his fist as he heads to the elevator, and slaps the 'down' button. He paces back and forth till the doors finally open.                    

He walks right past the other Rangers that are working out, not hearing their greetings. He walks into the locker room and smashes the first door he sees. One of the rookies was putting on his boxing gloves, but after seeing what Walker did to the locker with his bare hands, he drops the gloves and runs out of the locker room. Walker suits up and goes to the ring, everyone clears out---no one will spar with him! He leaves the ring and starts pounding the punching bag.  All of the other Rangers just stop and watch him, they don't like to spar with him under normal conditions, much less now.                      

He's the last one to leave the gym, as he takes a long hot shower to try and get his muscles relaxed, he walks out of the shower with just a towel around him, he doesn't see her standing there.                      


The Ranger halts immediately and looks into the direction of the voice, he sees a puff of cigarette smoke and then Rachel steps forward. She stands there looking at him, her eyes going up and down his rugged body. She smiles and walks towards him, her eyes never leaving the area in which the towel is draped around him. Walker looks at her surprised, feeling uncomfortable at the way she keeps glaring at him.                    

"Rachel, what are you doing down here----isn't the gym a little off your beaten track?" 

She stands and looks at him, taking a long smooth drag from her cigarette and blowing the smoke in the rangers' face.  Walker fans the air, "There are rules about smoking inside federal buildings----- or does that not apply to you?"                   

She smiles and inches her way closer to him, and he backs up. "Would you please leave, I would like to get dressed?"                    

She reaches out and touches his muscular chest, "So, what's stopping you-----I've seen naked men before----maybe not as well built as you---I wouldn't mind a free show!"                  

Walker pulls her hand now from his chest and walks around to the other side of the lockers, where he commences to pull his jeans on, and he remembers he doesn't have his briefs, they're inside the locker that Rachel is leaning on. She sees him looking back at the locker, and the uneasiness in his eyes. She reaches into the locker for his briefs, "Looking for these?" 

They continue to stare at each other as Rachel takes the briefs and twirls them around on her fingers, "Come get 'em, Ranger-----what's wrong----don't tell me you're embarrassed?"

Walker pulls his jeans on and zips up, walking from behind the locker door. He grabs the briefs and throws them back into the locker, then grabs his shirt. "What do you want Rachel-----I don't have time for your games?"                      

She laughs as she again tries to touch his chest, he slaps her hand away, "I said----what do you want?"                      

"My, aren't we touchy-------Alex is very touchy too, must be in the air-----she's been touchy every since she and Juan came back from their trip to San Antonio.----You do know they spent the night down there-------together?"                     

Walker says nothing as he sits down and starts pulling his boots on. Rachel keeps circling him, his shirt is not completely buttoned up, giving Walker an even sexier look. She lets her hands glide across his shoulder, she smiles to herself and says, "Alex sure knows how to pick them." 

She stops in front of Walker, letting him get a good look at her tall and sexy frame. She's almost 6 feet tall, with long and shapely legs that seem to go on forever. He stands up, just inches from her body, he puts both hands on her hips, moves her backwards and says "Excuse me----I don't know what kind of game you're playing Rachel----but I'm not interested."                     

He walks back to the locker and gets his gun, "In the future Rachel, try minding your own business and stop snooping into Alex's!"

Rachel glares back at the Ranger, "Oh, stop trying to pretend that Alex's little romps with Juan haven't got you wound up tighter than a drum-----she's just paying you back for that dirty little romp that you had with that country and western singer, what was her name----Marilee?"

Walker slams the locker to so hard that Rachel jumps. He grits his teeth, the veins popping out on his forehead, he walks towards her, getting right up in her face, he snarls, "You need to get a life woman----and stop butting into mine and Alex's!"

Walker storms out of the gym, leaving Rachel standing there with a exasperated look on her face. Walker is still swearing underneath his breath as he steps off the elevator, almost running Alex over. She steps back, grabbing her briefcase, mumbling,  "Excuse me."

He steps back into the elevator and holds the door for her "I'm sorry-----I didn't see you."

She goes to the back of the elevator as other people are getting on, he moves to the back as well. He looks at her briefcase, it's crammed full, "Want me to carry that for you---it looks heavy?" 

"No, I'm just fine----I thought you were getting off?"                        

Walker nods towards the people in front of him, "Can't------ I'm blocked in."                       

They keep staring at each other, and Walker is starting to feel his jeans get tighter and with no underwear on, the jeans are starting to feel very uncomfortable.  He starts moving around and Alex keeps looking at him. "Are you okay?"

The Ranger nods, the front of his jeans are pressing down on his manhood and the metal from the zipper is cutting into him. He's wiggling around, trying to get some relief. This is one time that he wishes Alex was no where close to him, her presence is not helping the situation and the crowded elevator pushing him in closer to her is adding pure pain to his "condition"! He keeps trying to keep his hat down in front of him, but the person in front of him keeps pressing into the hat. He breathes a sigh of relief as the elevator finally stops and they can get off.                     

Alex keeps looking at him, she's aware of the bulge, but she's trying to look in the opposite direction while still trying to carry on a "shaky' conversation. He can keep his hat in front of him now, but he's looking pretty ridiculous trying to walk and keep the hat in front of him. Alex finally stops, and Walker blurts it out, "So, what did the 'Latino heartthrob' want?"                 

"He was wanting to know if I would re-consider my refusal to go to New York, to be his personal attorney."

Walker's brow goes up in an arch as he slowly asks----"Well? Did you?"                  

"No, I did not-----now if you will excuse me----I have to get to the airport!"

"Airport----you just said you weren't going?"

Alex looks at him, "I'm not going to New York, I'm going to Boston----to be with my Dad---he's not feeling too well."

Walker breathes a little easier, "Oh--------sorry about your Dad." He's still shifting back and forth, as the zipper against his manhood is becoming almost unbearable. He looks around and spots the men's room, "Ahhhh----do you need a ride to the airport?"                   

Alex is watching the look on Walker's face change from uncomfortable to pure hell. She remembers back to the one of the times he was injured riding the bulls. "Walker----are you hurt----have you been riding the bulls?"

Walker sees his way out, "Yeah----yeah--I got thrown off the wrong way and I landed-------the wrong way----it's nothing serious----just a ----a little pain."                  

Alex is trying to be nonchalant, but at the same time she's worried that he has been hurt more than he's letting on. "Maybe---you should go home----take a nice long, hot bath?"

She would have to mention water, now he's needing to go to the restroom. He looks back at the men's room, "You never said----do you need a ride to the airport?"

She starts to say 'no' and then she looks at him, studying his face, "Are you sure---you're up to it?"

Walker nods, he thinks to himself, ‘Nice choice of words’, "Yeah, sure, what time --is your flight?"

"Six pm." She answers.                      

Walker thinks to himself and looks at his watch, if he hurries he has just enough time to drive out to his ranch and get another pair of briefs, he does not want to take the chance of running into Rachel in the gym again. "Fine-----I'll pick you up around 5----is that okay?"                         

He starts backing up to the men's room and Alex is trying hard not to break out in a smile, the man is obviously---in pain. As soon as he turns to go into the men's room, she turns around and  starts laughing.  She says to herself, "It's nice to know I have that affect on you Walker."

The urinals are all being used and Walker has to take a stall. He can't get his pants down fast enough, as he starts grimacing; the zipper has drawn blood.  He draws a sigh of relief as he  curses Rachel and then he smiles thinking about driving Alex to the airport. "At least something good is coming out of all this pain-----what am I talking about---Alex is going out of town---what's good about that?"                

Alex is busy packing, she's anxious to see her Dad and hopes that it's nothing serious, at the same time she anxious about the fact that Walker will be driving her to the airport. She puts the last of the suitcases by the door and then she starts pacing.

She's mumbling to herself , "Okay, Alex---get a grip----and be careful what you say. Think before you speak, you can see that Walker is really trying to get things right again. Why do you get so angry at him?----You're miserable when he's not around, and then when he is around----you say things to pick a fight with him.  Just take it easy, talk about things that won't cause an argument----and for heaven's sake---don't mention "HER!"

She's brought out of her personal argument with herself when she hears the doorbell. It's only 4:00. She walks to the door slowly and peaks through the peephole; it's him!

Now she's nervous, why is he so early? She runs to the mirror and checks her hair, then runs to the bedroom to put on fresh lipstick, the doorbell rings again and she runs back down the hallway. She takes a deep breath and opens the door. He's standing there, in a completely
different outfit, and she smells his cologne. He steps inside, keeping his left hand behind his back.              

"I thought I'd come early, so I could give you these----before you leave," and then he pulls out his hand, he's brought her flowers, beautiful red, white, and yellow roses, one of each.               

Alex is speechless. Walker has never brought her flowers before. She stands there staring at them, and looking back at him. Before she can say anything, he hands her the single yellow rose, "They say yellow roses represent our state and it stands for unity----I think.-----And, then he
hands her the white one, "I think it's suppose to stand for fidelity---I believe that's what the florist lady said."               

Alex smiles, her eyes are filling with tears as she stands there listening to Walker stumble over his words, all she can do is nod her head------and then she looks at the red rose as he starts shifting back and forth, looking at the rose and then to her. "And the red rose?"                

"Oh yeah-----," he says slowly, "the red one-----ahhhh, the red rose---it  represents ---emotions, feelings, -----and ----and love!"                 

She takes the red rose and sniffs it, her eyes never leave his, she smiles, and her blue eyes fill with tears. She says very softy, "That wasn't so hard to say----was it?"                  

Walker feels like his legs are going to buckle under as he sighs and pulls at his shirt collar, he starts to speak but the first word out comes out squeaky, "No------ I mean No---it wasn't so hard."                   

"Thank you," she whispers, and reaches up to kiss him lightly on the lips.                    

His hands go around her waist and starts pulling her up to him, his lips close over hers as he squeezes her tighter, he kisses her harder, never wanting to let her go. Her arms are around his neck, as she still holds the roses, their kiss deepens. Alex is the first to pull away but Walker pulls her back into his arms, and his kiss gets deeper, his tongue going deep inside her mouth. His lips closes and opens over her lips, he starts kissing her neck and whispering, "I want you so much, Alex-----don't go."                    

She pushes him back gently, "Walker-----I have to go----my plane leaves in less than two hours-----I have to be checked in------"                   

He continues to kiss her, "Cancel it-------make a later flight----Alex--- I don't want you to leave like this."                              

Alex reminds Walker again of her father's illness, "Walker, I can't get a later flight---my Dad is expecting me tonight----it's getting late I have to get to the airport."

Walker sighs as he lets go of her, "I can't believe this----we are finally talking without arguing---and you have to leave". He shakes his head as he looks over at the suitcases, "Alex-----how long did you pack for---a month?"             

"I'll be back a week from today," she yells back to him as she runs to the kitchen for a vase. She comes running back into the living room and places the white and yellow rose into the vase, sniffs the red one and whispers, "I'm carrying this one with me."            

Walker turns to her "A week----you're going to be gone a whole week?"             

She stops and looks at him, "Yes-----and Walker when I get back---we need to talk, I mean---really talk!"             

He nods his head in approval, "You're right-----I'm all for it----let's get everything out in the open, once and for all and then-----can we just think about moving forward?"

"I would like that very much," she answers.               

At the airport Walker checks Alex's bags while she gets her boarding pass. They head towards the gate that she will be boarding from, all of a sudden flash bulbs start flashing and microphones are being shoved in Alex's face. Someone yells out, "His mistress is here----get her picture-----Ms Cahill---a few words for the press, where are you and the ambassador going to be staying while in New York?"              

Both Alex and Walker are taken by total surprise as Walker pushes one of the photographers back, "Get that damn camera out of her face!"              

More of the press start surrounding the couple as Walker is trying to get Alex away from them. The questions are being thrown at Alex from every direction, "How long have you been the ambassador's mistress----how----"                

Walker punches the man that just asked the question, and then he yells at the rest of them. ''Listen----and listen good-----Alex is not his mistress---and I'll punch the next person that even thinks about asking another question like that!"                 

One of the reporters recognizes Walker, "What's the matter Ranger----the ambassador moving in on your territory?"                   

Walker starts towards the man but Alex is pulling him back, "Walker, let it go------honey---ignore them!"                   

The reporters all look at each other when Alex uses the "word of endearment"----"Honey," one of them repeats, "How many lovers do you have Ms Cahill"?                 

Walker pulls out of Alex's grip and lands a fist to the reporters' jaw, the man goes flying backwards and the cameras are rolling. Someone shouts, "Just in time for the 10'oclock news----TEXAS RANGER HITS NEWS REPORTER."                   

Walker is still going after the reporter as the man is trying to scoot away from him. Alex is grabbing Walker again, "Walker----stop it," she starts pulling on his arm and tugging him in another direction. The reporter is yelling he's going to charge Walker with assault. The cameras
continue to roll as Alex pulls Walker back in a corner and then she turns on them, "Leave us alone! Haven't you done enough already."                     

From another part of the airport a tall dark headed woman is watching the whole scene. She smiles to herself, "My, my, aren't we touchy tonight, Alex?  Well, this is what happens when you don't play by my rules----and your precious Walker will be in my arms---by the time you get

She moves closer to hear their conversation. Walker's face is beet red as he keeps staring at the news reporter; Alex keeps trying to get him to listen to her.               

"Walker-----stop it----listen to me," she pulls his head around to face her, "Walker---are you listening to me---Walker!"                

"I'm not going to stand here and do nothing while that jerk drags your name through the mud."                 

She pulls him over to chairs and makes him sit down, as her arm goes around the back of his shoulders, "Just forget them-----Okay? ---You are already in trouble for hitting those men ----Walker, what is wrong with you? You've got to get your temper under control---what is happening to you?"              

He snaps at her, "I'm sorry Alex, I guess where you're concerned---I get a little crazy----okay?"              

She lays her head against his shoulder, the red rose has been crushed during the earlier scene, but Alex is still holding onto it. They sit for a few minutes, neither of them saying anything.              

Walker reaches out and touches the rose, "I'm going to have to buy you another rose----what color do you want---still the red?"               

Alex nods, "Yes-----but will you wait till I get back?"               

Walker smiles and puts his arm around her and kisses her cheek, "Yeah---I'll have the other eleven to go with this one---hell, I might just buy out the whole florist shop!"                

They laugh and then Walker goes to buy them a cup of coffee. The woman that is watching them, edges closer. She listens as Alex promises to call Walker once she reaches her Dad's place, and that they have things to talk about when she gets back. The woman looks over her shoulder and nods, and the entourage of the ambassador enters, and once again the cameras are rolling and the reporters are firing questions at the representative from Mexico. The woman smiles as she watches the looks on Walker and Alex's face turn to anger.                 

The ambassador stops to talk to the reporters and poses for pictures with some of the travelers. He sees Alex and nods, the reporters are watching his every move and again the questions are centered on Alex. Soon, the loud speaker announces that Alex's flight is now boarding. The first class passengers will board first as Alex starts to say goodbye to Walker.                

"Call me----as soon as you get to your Dad's."                 

"I will, Walker would you please go home---and get some rest?"                   

He nods his head, "Okay, I promise--------I'll be expecting to hear from you around 10'oclock --- alright?"                   

The woman watches as Walker reaches down and kisses Alex, a long and sensuous kiss. She thinks the kiss will never end as she feels her anger rising. "Enjoy it while you can Alexandra---'cause he won't be kissing you like that again-----you can count on it."                  


"JIMMY, would you please come here----I think I broke it"!                   

Jimmy Trivette comes running out of the bathroom, shaving cream all over his face, "What did you do now, Nelda?"                     

Nelda is sitting at Jimmy's computer with a scared look on her face. "I was just typing along and then this here ‘mouse' stopped on me, I can't get it to do anything, Jimmy."                     

Jimmy sighs, and moves it around on the mouse pad, "There---it's fixed, it was just frozen---you have to move it around a little, and keep it on the pad, not in your hand---okay?"                    

She nods and goes back to her typing. Jimmy looks around at the mess on his desk. Dictionaries, and little note pads laying everywhere. A half drank cola is threatening to spill over and a plate of nachos are sitting nearby. He frowns and looks at her. She has the "demonic" look about her as she is pecking away at the keyboard. Her eyes have that look of someone "possessed" as she stops, looks up at the ceiling, gives out a laugh, and goes back to typing. He very cautiously looks over her shoulder to read what she's typing, something about  strawberry jell-o. She turns around and looks at him, "NO PEEKING!"                  

"Just what kind of a book are you writing?"                  

"Oh, that's a surprise----I can't tell you."                   

Jimmy starts wiping the shaving cream off, "well, am I in it?"                    

She gets up slowly and goes into his arms, he's wearing nothing but a bath towel. He is very muscular, and his black skin shines from the baby oil he uses. "Of course you're in it, my little chocolate drop---it wouldn't be a story without you!"                   

Jimmy is starting to get aroused as his hands go around her tiny little waist, he kisses her long and tender. "Does that sack in the hall closet have anything to do with what you're writing about?" he asks slowly.                   

"Jimmy Trivette-----did you peek?"                   

"NO, I didn't peek, I just saw this big sack in the closet----what's in it?"                     

"I'm not going to tell you-----it's a surprise----you'll find out when you get back from your stakeout."             

Jimmy is brought back to reality, "The stakeout----oh my God----I got to get---I'm suppose to meet Walker at midnight----got to run!"                     

Nelda watches as Jimmy runs back into the bath and then runs around, pulling clothes out of the closet, deciding just what shirt to wear. It's taking him forever to choose the right color to wear with a pair of levis. She goes over and pulls out a maroon shirt, "Wear this one, I like
you in this color."                     

Finally he's out the door and Nelda goes to examine her "sack". She goes over the items carefully, smiles to herself and mumbles, "Jimmy Trivette, you better not be too tired when you come in, oh, what the heck, after he sees this----he won't know what "tired" is!"                     

It's now midafternoon and Walker is heading towards the commander's office. After the stakeout, he headed back to his ranch, got a couple of hours sleep and then the phone rings. He's hoping it might be Alex, but the booming voice on the other end is no one but his Commander, and he's yelling at Walker to be in his office---yesterday. He gets reprimanded for hitting the reporters and the commander is threatening to put him on a leave without pay. He's still yelling at Walker
when the Mayor walks in, Rachel is right behind him.                   

She glares at Walker and gives him a little smile. Walker's face turns to stone. Then the Mayor starts in on Walker about hitting the news reporters.                  

Walker has said nothing, just stares at the two men giving him a lecture. Finally he says slowly, "I was not going to stand there and do nothing while that reporter was throwing insults at Alex, he was rude and obnoxious, news reporter or not---he had no right talking to her like that. ----Yes, I hit him, I don't deny it!"                  

"You couldn't deny it, even if you wanted to Walker---it was on the 10 o'clock news," yells back the commander, "and on the front page of the Dallas Times."                 

"That's right commander----and I'll do it again if anyone tries to slander Alex Cahill's name"!!!!!                    

"That's it Walker---you take some time off--and get that temper under control."                     

The Mayor sighs and looks at the Commander, "Now just take it easy Sam, -----sometimes those news reporters can get out of hand, and I heard what was being said to Ms Cahill---that reporter was out of line with what he was saying----take the rest of the day off Walker------and get
some rest----you look terrible."                   

Walker turns to walk out and Rachel is right behind him.  She follows him to the elevator, she starts to get on, he glares at her and she has second thoughts. He's still fuming as he sees Trivette coming down the hallway, putting his fingers in his ears in a ringing manner. He takes his handkerchief and starts dabbing at his ears, and then he takes the palm of his hand and hits himself in the head.                 

Walker watches him and frowns, "Trivette, what are you doing?"                  

Trivette's eyes go up in a arch, "WHAT----what did you say?"                   

"If you would get your fingers out of your ears----you could hear what I'm saying," he reaches over and takes Trivette's hand down----"I said----what are you doing, what's wrong with your ears?"                

"Nothing------nothing---what did the commander want---are you suspended?"                  

"No, I'm not suspended----but I'm taking the rest of the day off."                   

Trivette shows him the newspaper, "What were you trying to do, Walk man---hit the Ambassador?"             

"No, I hit that nosey news reporter, the one that's laying on the floor."                     

Jimmy looks at the picture and smiles, "Right on, big guy------he deserved it, I read what he was saying about Alex---yep he deserved it."                      

Walker turns and starts walking away, Trivette runs to catch up with him. "Hey Walker-----when is Alex due back?"

"Saturday----that is hoping that all is okay with her Dad, she called last night to say he was in the hospital."

"Hospital----then it's serious."

They start walking out of the courthouse, "No, he's in there for observation, they thought it was a light heart attack, but now they're saying he's just overworked. He's doing better, Alex is staying to take over some of his cases and to see that her Dad gets plenty of rest."                       

"Good---but she will be back by the 10th----right?"                      

Walker rubs his beard, "Yeah---I hope so---why?"                       

Trivette breaks out in a wide grin, "Because------I am having a surprise birthday party for Nelda". He stands there looking at Walker and starts putting his finger in his ear again. Some pink liquid starts to ooze out and Walker backs up.                       

"Trivette----what the hell is that stuff coming out your ears?"                      

Trivette wipes it away with his handkerchief, looking very embarrassed, "Jell-o," he answers meekly.

"JELL-O? How did you get jell-o in your ears?"                       

People are staring at the two Rangers, and Trivette hem and haws around. "Nelda and I----we took a bath in ----jell-o."                       

Walker stares back at his partner, "Jell-o, you took a bath in jell-o?"                       

"Yeah, what's wrong with that---actually jell-o is very soothing---on the muscles---you should try it sometime, Walker."                      

Walker shakes his head, "I got to go----got to buy a new answering machine."                        

"Well, wait a minute, I'll tag along with you, got to get Nelda a birthday present, think I'll buy her a laptop, What happened to the answering machine you had?"                         

"It met with an accident."                          

What did you do, karate chop it?"                          

"Something along that line.".                       

They head for Commuter World, and while Walker is looking at answering machines, Trivette  goes to the laptops. It only takes Walker minutes to buy what he's looking for. Trivette is firing questions at the salesperson, asking questions about modems, hard drives, and other things
that are complete Greek to the bearded Ranger.                        

"Come on Trivette, let's go."                        

"Hold your horses big guy, I got to make sure this is the one I want."                        

"Aren't all computers the same, don't they all do pretty much the same thing, what's the big deal?"                 

Trivette shakes his head, "Walker, when are you going to take those computer classes that you have been asked to take."

"Probably never Trivette, I see no need for them."                        

The younger Ranger continues to look at his partner in disbelief, "Walker---computers are no longer for just the future---the future is now----this is the computer age-----you can't survive without them. Everything we do is wrapped around computers. The schools all have them,
businesses, hospitals, and even the way we eat is determined by computers, the fast food, etc, etc."

Walker looks back at him, "Yeah, a case in point------the other day at the airport I go to get two cups of coffee, the total is .94, so I hand the young man a dollar and four cents----it takes him forever to figure out how much change he owes me without having to go to his calculator---------yeah---a real wave of the future Trivette. What happened to being able to add, and subtract the old way?"                     

Trivette's face is all twisted as he glares at Walker, "Walker---you are a cheapskate---did you ever think that young man was hesitating because he "THOUGHT" you might say ---keep the change----I mean a whole dime?"

"No, he was hesitating because by handing him the four cents I blew his mind and he couldn't add it up fast enough in his head----now are you ready to go, or not?"                    

Trivette sighs and tells the salesman to wrap up the laptop. He looks at the answering machine    "You need help in connecting that up big guy?"                     

"Do you want to walk back to Ranger headquarters?"                


Nelda is pecking away at Jimmy's computer, when the little message beeps and a message says "WHIZ KID WANTS TO KNOW IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE MESSAGES.                  

"Yes, yes," as she tries to remember how to get the instant messenger back up. It takes a few seconds, but she figures it out.  She clicks in to talk to him, asking him where he's been and then he continues asking her about the book she is writing.             

"Book is coming along fine, thanks to your help."               

"What is the name of your book?"               

"Can't tell you, it's a secret."                

"Will I be mentioned?"                

"Maybe------what do you look like, are you single?"                 

"Yes------what else can I help you with?"                  

"I sent you parts of my story, what did you think of them?"                 

"Very good, are these people real that you are talking about?"                  

"Very real-----what do you think?"                   

"I think you better be glad that your story is fiction----'cause no one would believe what is happening to these people."                    

"They believed I was a brain surgeon, what does that tell you?"                    

There's a long pause and then the whiz kid asks, "Who is this Mountie that you describe as a sex god, and who is chocolate drop?"                      

"You'll have to wait and read the book, maybe I will dedicate the first book to you, how's that?

"Okay, I can't wait to read more about this Angeline, is she the Mounties’s love interest?"

"Well, unfortunately 'yes", but they are having problems and he has one hell of a temper, and he keeps getting into trouble with his superiors. Angeline is being pursued by someone I refer to as

The whiz kid types in the word "laughing", "Okay, Stephanie Queen-----I'll talk to you later, I'm being paged."                      

Nelda signs off, she is definitely interested in meeting this guy. She has been talking to him for several days now and he has been helping her with problems that arise when Jimmy is not around. She thinks about Jimmy and the bath they took in the strawberry jell-o. It took 274 boxes of jell-o mix to fill the tub, but it was worth it. Jimmy was blown away, and they both laughed themselves silly as they tried to maneuver their bodies through the "shaky gook". They took turns dunking each other's heads into the stuff, and she thought she would never get it all out of her hair in time to go to work. Jimmy was still digging the gook out of his ears the next morning.                 

The thoughts of Jimmy make her feel sad, she knows that soon she will be walking out of his life.  She didn't intend to stay this long, as she had planned to move on after just working at CD's for a couple of weeks. She would pocket a little money, have some fun along the way with a
certain Cowboy and then be gone as fast as her little red sports car would take her! But, all that came to a screeching halt when some jerk puts a dent in her car, the insurance expires, and she's left without transportation for at least another day. She's been driving Jimmy's car when she can, or takes the bus to work.               

She sighs, "Oh Jimmy---- you are such a nice guy----but it will soon be time---to move on." 

At the Mayor's office a very tired and angry Mayor is going over Ranger Walker's actions at the airport. His wife is watching him as he goes over the report again.'         

"I'm telling you Rachel, if it hadn't been for Alex calling me and giving her version of what happened at the airport, I would have to put Walker on suspension, that temper of his is getting out of hand."            

"Alex called you? When?"            

The Mayor looks at his wife, "Last night, right after you went to bed. Alex said that Walker was provoked; the news reporter was not acting in a professional manner."               

Rachel lights up a cigarette, thinking about the way Walker was kissing Alex goodbye. "Still, sweetheart----if you let things slide for one law officer,  then you will be expected to do the same for others."                

"Walker is not like the "others", he's a damn good Ranger, sometimes I don't agree with the way he does things, ---but I've seen him go after some mighty tough hombres that other Rangers have second thoughts about pursuing."               

Rachel laughs, "Oh yeah, that news reporter was one tough hombre, his microphone was a lethal weapon, all right."                

"Rachel, I know you don't like Walker---I don't know why and I don't care to know----but you started this by introducing Alex to that Juan Gavin. I told you to leave it alone, that Walker and Alex were just having problems and they would work things out----but, no---you just had to set up that meeting between Alex and Juan, didn't you?"                 

She lets out a drag on her cigarette, "Oh sure, it was all my doings---Alex couldn't take her eyes off the guy! And what about that trip down to San Antonio----I twisted her arm and made her go----I made her spend the night with that guy?"                

The Mayor is getting angrier, "You don't know that anything happened between them, ---that's just speculation on your part----quit trying to cause trouble."                

"You are like a Ostrich with your head in the sand if you don't think anything happened. A gorgeous guy like Juan, you think he's just going to play "footsies" with someone as beautiful as Alex-----"                  

The Mayor slams his fist down on his desk, "ENOUGH! It is none of your business Rachel, nor mine. I could care less that anything happened, which I don't believe---not for a second! -----And after hearing Alex's voice last night and the way she was defending Walker----I believe that nonsense-even less. Now, I forbid you to keep pushing Alex and that hot tamale together----leave them alone."                   

Rachel leans on her husbands' desk, "You forbid me?----Did I hear you right-----since when do you forbid  me anything?-----Oh, except maybe in the bedroom, how long has it been since you've been able to make love to me. When? It's been so long----you can't even remember!"

The Mayor lowers his voice, "But, you haven't been doing without, have you, Rachel?"

Rachel just stares at her husband, "What do you think? You think I'm going to do without, just because you can't perform?"                 

They stare at each other,  "I know about Kyle Underwood, how many others were there, Rachel?"

She grounds out her cigarette, and blows the remainder of the smoke into her husband's face, whispering, "Wouldn't you like to know?"                   


The phone is ringing at the Walker ranch, and Walker is running out of the shower to answer it. He's breathless as he whispers, "Hello."                    

There's no answer, he repeats himself. "Hello, anyone there, Alex----is that you?"                     

About a half hour later, the phone rings again. This time he says nothing, he just listens.                      


He breathes a sigh of relief, "Alex?"                      

Her voice hesitates, "Walker, don't you say 'hello' when you answer the phone anymore?" "I'm sorry, Alex----someone keeps calling and not saying anything----I thought it was another one of those calls."

"Oh----I was just calling to see how your meeting went with Mayor Dawson."                      

"I got a lashing, the Commander threatened to put me on leave without pay, but Dawson stood up for me."

"Mac Dawson is good man," answers Alex, she wishes she could say the same for Rachel, "I also wanted to tell you that my Dad is doing better and I might be coming back earlier, I'm trying to get a flight out on Friday."                      

Walker smiles "That's great! Just let me know what time to pick you up."                      

"Well, you know, Cowboy---the telephone rings at both ends---you could call me a time or two----you have the number."                       

He smiles, "I get the hint----there's something I want to run by you."                       

"What's that?"                      

"Alex---you know as soon as the news hounds hear that you're back in town, they're going to be ‘hounding' you again with those nasty remarks and I'm going to be punching out another news reporter, which will make Commander Sam happy, so I was thinking-----"                        

"Thinking-----about what, Walker?"                         

"I want you to come out to the ranch for a few days--------don't even let anyone know that you're in town. You can stay out here and not be bothered with the press-----and we can have our talk. What do you say?"

"Are you sure about this?" Asks Alex.                          

"Of course I'm sure----why wouldn't I be?"

"I'll think about it, and let you know when you call me back, how's that?"

"You got it, I'll call you tomorrow before Trivette and I head down to the Brazos to pick up the Yancey boys----about this time?"

"I'll be waiting."



"I------- I miss you."                                

"I miss you too, goodnight."                              

Another phone is ringing on the other side of town and a man's voice answers. "Yeah?"                           

"Kyle----I need to see you---now!"                             

Kyle Underwood groans and looks at the young woman that is sharing his bed, "Not now----I'm busy!"

"Listen you little weasel, get that bimbo out of your bed and meet me at the usual place---you got it?"

"What's this all about?"

"I will tell you when I see you, if you want another chance with Alex Cahill, you better be on time----you got me?"

"I'll be there."

The night crowd at C.D. is picking up, another convention is in town and all of the waitresses are doing double time. C.D. is watching as Nelda waits on a table of ten businessmen from one of the computer companies. Everyone is drinking and having a good time when one of the men starts flirting with Nelda and putting his hands where they don't belong.                  

Nelda shrugs it off and goes on with waiting on the other men. Again, the man tried to put his hand on Nelda's rear. She turns and says something to him, he just laughs and his hand goes to the front of her little uniform. Without a word, she takes the pitcher of beer and dumps it on the guy's head. He starts yelling as do the other men that are sitting next to him as the beer splatters on them too. C.D. rushes over and gets things calmed down before a ruckus starts.

Nelda says nothing and goes to wait on another table. C.D. continues to observe her, she's not her usual and perky self. He waits till the crowd thins out and then he asks her to come sit down with him.                  

"What's the matter, Nelda----are you feeling all right?"                    

She sits and stares at C.D., "Yeah, I'm okay," she mutters.                   

"Well, you sure don't act okay----any other time and you would have handled that situation out there a lot different---the guy was out of line---but did you have to pour beer on him?"

She says nothing. C.D. takes her hand, "Are you and Jimmy having problems-----I'm a good listener if you care to talk?"                     

Nelda looks back at C.D. she's really starting to like the old man, "I'm going to end up hurting him  C.D.----and I don't want to."                    

"What are you talking about, I thought you and Jimmy were getting along great, especially after the other night------dad burn it---you swing a mean gun barrel for a such a tiny little thing!" 

"I can't stay much longer-----I have to move on-----before it's too late."                    

"Too late for what, Nelda----you're not making any sense?"                     

She shakes her head slowly, "I never stay with the same guy for very long----and I have to be the one that says goodbye first---I made that promise."                   

C.D. is confused, "I don't understand what you're talking about. Jimmy is crazy about you---- he would never hurt you----what's all this talk about saying goodbye first?"                    

"Don't you see, every time I'm with a guy and I start to feel something,----then they up and leave me-------that's why I have to say 'goodbye' first-------then it won't hurt so bad.-----And I know that soon Jimmy is going to tire of me, and then he'll go back to seeing his old girlfriends---and then it will be "Goodbye Nelda"-that's the way it always happens!"             

C.D. sighs, "Nelda----I think you're wrong, I don't think Jimmy would do you that way----for one thing I've known Jimmy for about 10 years and I can count on one hand how many times he has brought a young lady into my place. I have listened to him talk about all of these "girlfriends", the ladies that chase after him and all that bull.  But, I have never seen the look in his eyes that he has when he's with you, that look says it all Nelda, and I see that same look in your eyes. Do you not feel the same way about Jimmy?"                 

"I don't know how I feel C.D.----when I'm with Jimmy---he makes me so happy, we laugh, we enjoy doing a lot of things together-----and I'm not just talking about sex."                

C.D. coughs, his face going a light shade of red, he clears his throat, "I wasn't implying that----no---I was not implying that at all."                 

"Did Jimmy tell you, I'm writing a book?"                  

The look on C.D.'s face changes, "Yeah, I've heard about that book----just what kind of a book is it?"

Nelda perks up, "It's about------no----I can't tell you that-----actually I'm sort of stumped right now----I'm losing my train of thought---I need something SPICY to brighten it up! Do you have any suggestions C.D.?"

C.D. stares back at Nelda and her mention of having any ideas for her book. ."No, I don't have any ideas and no gossip----tell me something little lady, have you ever written a book before?"  

"No----but we all got to start somewhere---right?"              

The big man is getting nervous, "What kind of a book are you writing, is it from personal experiences, or what?"              

Nelda starts to say something when she's called to the phone. She jumps up and runs to answer it. C.D. just shakes his head.             

"Heyyyyy, good news---my car is fixed----Fast Eddie is bringing it to me!"               

C.D. looks at Nelda, "Fast Eddie is delivering your car to you----since when does he do delivery?"

"Don't know about that, but he said it would be here in half an hour----I got to get out front----is it okay if I take off a few minutes early C.D?"                 

C.D. shoos her out the door. Nelda is pacing up and down in front of the bar and grill, then it dawns on her, she doesn't have the money to pay for the paint job. "Damn it-----now what am I going to do?----Nothing else I can do, he'll just have to take partial payments till I can get it paid."                  

She's still pacing when she notices a sleek looking Corvette slow down in front of the bar and grill, a dark headed man behind the wheel. The man looks over at the place and looks around like he's looking for someone, revs the engine and continues down the street. The man has to make a U-turn and comes back up the other side of the street. Nelda looks at the car, a bright yellow, with T-tops.                 

"Wow," she says to herself, "that guy must have money." She looks back at C.D.'s and then back to the yellow Corvette that has slowed down on the other side of the street. The man keeps looking over at CD's. Nelda watches him, "Now why would someone with that kind of money want to eat at CD's?"                   

She no sooner gets the words out of her mouth than another sleek sports car pulls up beside the Vet. This one is a black BMW convertible, just like the one that James Bond drove. A woman is behind the wheel and she stops to say something to the driver of the Corvette. The woman is angry, her voice is rising but Nelda can't make out what is being said. The man slams his hand down on his steering wheel, gets out of the Vet, locks it, and gets into the BMW. The woman peels rubber, makes a U turn right in front of Fast Eddie as he's bringing Nelda's little red sports car to her.                   

The big man jumps out of the car and throws his hand up to the woman in the BMW, the middle finger erected in a lewd gesture. He's still cursing as Nelda walks over to her car and looks it over. The dent is gone, and no trace can be seen of it. Fast Eddie was good, she would give him

Nelda starts hem hawing around about the $6oo she owes him. He tosses her the keys and starts to walk back to the truck that was following behind him.                      

"Hey----what about your money? I'll have to pay you a little each payday?"                       

He yells back at her "It's paid for!"                       

Nelda looks at him puzzled, "Paid for? Who paid for it?"                       

"That Ranger, Ranger Walker!"                        

Now she's totally confused, ‘Why would Cordell pay the man to fix her car?’ She smiles to herself, "Hmmmmm, Cordell-----what are you up to?"


Cordell Walker has a problem: Where will Alex sleep, which guestroom will he put her in? The guestroom downstairs is out of the question, that's where Marilee stayed. But, aside from his bedroom, none of the guestrooms upstairs have a private bath. Marilee had the bathroom

"Oh great, I can't expect her to stay in this room," says Walker, as he looks at the room just off the front entrance. "But, she's got to have a bathroom, I can't expect her to come all the way downstairs to use this one----but if I do insist on her staying upstairs, then she's going to wonder about this room----this is where she's always slept----when she spent the night."                    

He thinks back to the nights that she, C.D. and Trivette had spent nights at his ranch. He always put the guys upstairs and opened the outer door to his bathroom for them and Alex had the bath downstairs to herself, along with that guestroom. He shakes his head, "Well, only one thing
to do----Alex will sleep in my room---whether she wants to or not!"


It's now the next day and Walker and Trivette have been involved in a shootout at one of the banks. Hostages were taken, but the robbers finally give up after a 9-hour standoff. Walker is
handcuffing one of the prisoners and turning him over to the locals. He looks for Trivette, his partner is taking an unusual amount of time to fill out the report, he keeps looking back at Walker like he's upset about something.  Walker sighs and walks over to him.              

"Aren't you through yet---hurry up, I'm hungry---let's go get something to eat."

They walk back to the Ram, Trivette slams the door as he gets in. He says nothing, reaching for his seatbelt. Walker glances at him, "Are you okay? ---What's wrong?"                

Trivette says nothing as Walker pulls out into traffic, "Where you want to eat, want to try El Gordos?"

Trivette stares back at him, "Wherever you say, Cordell."

Walker drives for about ten minutes as he keeps looking over at Trivette. The man is sitting there, grinding his teeth, he's obviously upset about something. "Trivette----what is wrong with you today----are you mad at me about something?"

Trivette shakes his head, looking out the window and back to Walker, "NOW WHY WOULD I BE UPSET WITH YOU-----CORDELL?"

Walker is stumped, "You're obviously mad at me about something----what did I do?"

"NOTHING," Trivette yells back at him.

Now Walker is fuming as he slams on the brakes and pulls off at the exit. "What are you upset about Trivette-----what did I do?"

Trivette's face is getting all twisted, "You lied to me-----about you and Nelda!"

"What? What did I lie about?"

"You told me there was nothing going on between you and Nelda! I asked you point blank if there was anything between you-----and you said 'no, Trivette there is nothing between us,’ giving me the green light to date her!"

Walker glares back at him, "We had a couple of dates----that was it---there is nothing between us, not then, not now, not ever!"

"Well, ----excuse me ----but I find it a little 'fishy' when you say nothing happened, and then you turn around and shell out $600 to pay for her car getting fixed-----now Cordell----explain that----if you can!"

Walker sits there, "Oh that," he says quietly.

"YEAH THAT---Cordell---I know you and I know how tight you are with a dollar, but yet ----you take her to get her car fixed, and you pay the man $600----just like that----explain CORDELL!"

Walker looks at Trivette, his eyes narrow, and his chin sets. "First of all---if you call me Cordell---one more time in that tone of voice, you and I are going to be 'duking' it out. Secondly, I paid
to get Nelda's car fixed because I was responsible for the damage. I put the dent in her hood, her insurance expired---I paid the man to do the paint job. I forgot that Fast Eddie has a big mouth. I would have preferred that no one knew about it, but now that it's out in the open----that's why I shelled out the $600----now are you happy?" 

Trivette just looks at him, "Why did you put a dent in Nelda's car?"

Walker shakes his head, "It's a long story, I was upset with Alex, we argued, I took out my temper on this little red sports car that was sitting in front of C.D.'s. I didn't know that the car belonged to Nelda, and I still didn't know until I took her to see about the car. The man was getting riled about the insurance expiring, it was my fault----I made amends."

Trivette says nothing he just stares at his partner.

"For crying out loud Trivette, I'm trying to get things straight between me and Alex, do you think I would risk having another cheap little affair-------"                    

"Nelda is not cheap----you got no right talking about her that way!"                       

Walker puts his hands up, "I'm sorry---I didn't mean that the way it came out---a poor choice of words---I apologize----there is nothing between Nelda and me----is that clear?"                       

Trivette says nothing.  Walker reaches over and nudges his shoulder, "Hey----you really care for this girl, don't you?"                        

Trivette nods, "Yeah------I guess now I know how upset and uptight you get when you and Alex are arguing, I can understand how you lose your temper so quick where Alex is concerned."  

Walker nods his head, "They do have an affect on us, don't they? Make us do all kinds of crazy things, drive us crazy!"                    

Trivette takes his hat off and slaps Walker in the chest, "Come on Walk-man----dinner is on me."

Walker starts the truck up, "Good, cause I don't have any money."

"You never have any money on you."

"That's because of those stupid stocks you keep investing my money in, and then I use my last check to write out a payment----for your girlfriend----cause you're tied up in court!"

"Ok, Ok, I said I'd buy dinner."

"You can also loan me some money till payday."

Trivette grins, "Whatever you say------Cordell."

Nelda is talking to her Whiz Kid again, Trivette is due home any minute, he's planning to take her to Little Mo's for a dinner of soul food, dancing, and to meet some of his friends down in the lower ghetto of Dallas.

"I enjoyed talking to you last night, do you live in Dallas?"

"Yes, ---I live in the Metroplex, how's the book coming along?"

"Slow----but I'm getting there, what do you do for a living?"

"I do community service you might say---tell me something, mystery writer, are you involved with someone?"

"I'm living with someone right now----he's very nice."

"Are you in love with him?"

"Heyyyyy----that's personal, I thought after last night we wouldn't talk about personal stuff."

"Sorry----I forgot the rules------but you can't blame a guy for trying. I would still like to know what you look like."

"Nope----won't go there----you might be some kind of pervert."

"Come now, if I were perverted I would be talking dirty to you, I'm not----am I?"                   

"Noooo----but somehow I think I know you----tell me again how you found my name on this instant message thing."

"Must we go over that again? It's no big secret---I was surfing, I saw your name and "buzzed" in."

"But, how did you know my pen name? There's a long wait before anything is typed

"I---I saw your name on someone's 'buddy list'."                            

"What's a 'buddy list'?"

"Hey---let's get back to what I was talking about earlier, you got your car back, you found out that the 'mountie' paid to get it fixed---could there be something to all that? Maybe he's trying to
tell you something?"

"Nope------never happen. He's too wrapped up in Angeline."

"And you, who are you wrapped up with?"                             

"Heyyyy, we're getting back to the personal stuff again."                             

"Well---who is this chocolate drop, is he your boyfriend, weird nick name."                              

"I like him a lot---he's a real nice guy but-----"                             

"But what?"                               

"Nothing---could we talk about something else?"                               

"You know what I think mystery writer, I think you're still in love with the Mountie!"

Nelda pauses, "I guess I will always have a crush on the Mountie, but he can't see the forest for the trees where Angeline is concerned. He's one lovesick puppy. It would be better if I didn't like her, but the truth is I do like her---I think she's a real nice lady."                              

"You mean if you didn't like---Angeline---then you would still be trying to win the Mounties’s heart?"

"Yeah----something like that. But---she's crazy about him too, they've just had a misunderstanding, but I hear they're working it out. She comes back into town tomorrow, and the Mountie is on cloud 9. They're beautiful people, I hope it works out for them."

"Is that the truth?"

"Not really, but what else do you expect me to say?"

"Well, Stephanie---it was nice talking to you, same time tomorrow night?"

"Sure-----why not?"

Nelda sighs, looks at the clock and decides she better hit the showers before Jimmy gets home. She's been in the shower about ten minutes, Jimmy walks in the front door. He looks around the living room, picking up cola cans and discarded trash. He walks to his computer. Looks at it for a long time and then to the direction of the bathroom. He says to himself, "So, if Alex wasn't in the picture----you would still be going after Walker------I wasn't wrong after all in my suspicions, was I, mystery writer?"


The night on the town for Jimmy and Nelda turns out to be very romantic for the two of them.  It started out slow, with Jimmy feeling very uneasy about the way he tricked Nelda into putting her name on the 'buddy list' and he takes on the name of Whiz Kid, pretending to be able to help her with her computer questions. The longer he pretended to be someone else, the more daring he got with his questions, till finally he wanted to find out once and for all how she really felt about him. The questions started centering around the characters in her book, and the character of the 'mountie'  was beginning to surface just a little too often. When Nelda mentioned her car getting fixed and who paid for it Jimmy almost blew his cover. It was all he could do to continue talking to Nelda via Whiz Kid, he was definitely trying to read "between the lines'. He knew Nelda had a crush on Walker, but since they had started going together, Nelda seemed less interested in her little infatuation with his partner. He was steamed, to say the least that she might not have been telling him the whole story about what happened on her dates with Walker.

But, he knew Walker, and he knew that Walker would not lie to him, or would he? Trivette continued to wrestle with his conscience, "Nope-----Walker would not lie about something like that----he's never lied to me . But, then-----things have changed since that Marilee episode, with Alex coming down on him and all. He sure wouldn't want Alex to know about another woman. Nope----what's wrong with me? Walker has been too busy trying to work things out with Alex, only one thing to do and that is to confront Walker---straight out." 

The conversation with Walker was convincing enough for Trivette, he knew Walker was telling him the truth about not being interested in Nelda.  Trivette was convinced that it was purely one sided where Nelda was concerned. But, then, during their last conversation Nelda had hinted that if Alex wasn't in the picture, she would still be interested in going after Walker. He's hurt, but decides to put everything on the back burner, and he and Nelda end up having the time of their lives at Little Mo's.

His friends accept Nelda instantly and she accepts them, being totally at ease being the only white woman in an all black establishment. They dance, they laugh, and when they came back to his apartment, she made him forget all the doubts that he had mounting up inside him. Their lovemaking went all night long, the young Ranger could not remember ever having to be the one that stays "stop" first. His threesomes never left him so exhausted, and never as fulfilling as being with Nelda. He was walking on clouds as he walks into Ranger headquarters.                  

He's still feeling the affects of the night before as he sees Walker come in. Walker is dressed in civilian clothes, a pair of jeans and a Henley pullover sweater with a V-neck. The sweater is tight against his chest, and his biceps are bulging through the material. The man is even wearing tennis shoes.  The sweater is blue, and Walker's eyes take on more of blue look, than the usual blue/gray. Trivette smiles, now he knows why his partner is dressed this way, Alex is coming home!                  

"Hey Walk-man----today's the day----what time is Alex's plane coming in?"                 

Walker walks to his desk, "Her plane will be landing in 2 hours and exactly-------31 minutes."                 

Trivette smiles as he watches Walker try to get the paperwork out of the way, and then keeps looking at his watch. The man is a nervous wreck as he goes to the coffee pot, pours him a cup and then walks away without it. Walker goes back to his desk, remembers the cup, and goes
back to retrieve it. Trivette shakes his head. Finally, he can't take his partners' constant rattling of the papers and looking at his watch and then the clock on the wall.                

"Walker----why don't you go ahead and take off to the airport----I'll finish up here."                   

"Thanks Trivette, but I don't want to be hanging around the airport for too long, just in case the press has found out that she's due back today."                  

"But, they're not going to recognize you in civvies-----and sunglasses."                    

"Yeah---you're right---but I swear, Trivette---the press better not be anywhere around her, or I'm going to be tempted to punch out another reporter."                    

Trivette shrugs, "So, how have your sessions been going with Mr. Kai, your Yen instructor-----I haven't heard Commander Sam reprimanding you lately about your temper?"                    

Walker nods, "Very good----he's been coming out to the ranch and we've been working out---that man is incredible Trivette, one hour with him and mediation, would make a whole day in the sweat lodge----But, I would never tell White Eagle or Uncle Ray that. ----They would make me do double time the next time I go to the reservation."

The men laugh. Walker decides to leave for the airport, "Hey----what time is Nelda's surprise party, so I can tell Alex?"                        

Trivette smiles, "Sunday night at 6pm, "Big Dog is going to keep the bar and grill closed for an extra hour so that all of the employees can attend too."                      

Walker looks at Trivette in confusion, "C.D. is going to close the bar and grill----for a birthday party----that's a first!"    

Trivette nods, "Yeah---C.D. and Nelda are getting along just great! Hey I forgot to tell you , I heard through the grapevine that the Ambassador went back to Mexico!"                      

Walker turns around to his partner, "Yeah, that's what I heard----that makes me real sad Trivette, I just don't know how I'll ever get over it----see ya."

Alex Cahill is "fit to be tied"!! She has had one hell of a day. First, her plane is 30 minutes late taking off from Boston due to a lightening storm. She doesn't get the seating that she asked for, and she hates window seats. The plane is packed and she's seated next to a woman with a small infant that obviously has a ear infection. The baby cries constantly as the Mother is trying to quiet him. Behind them is the woman's three other kids, the oldest can't be more than 5. The kids have not been quiet since the moment they boarded and the stewardesses have their hands full trying to get the kids to sit down and buckle up. Across the aisle is a very irate businessman that is trying to talk on the phone before the plane's 'caution' lights go on.

He's constantly yelling at the stewardesses to do something about those "Damn kids". The woman beside Alex has got everyone 'tuned' out, including her screaming kid. The woman acts like she's off in "la la land."

The flight gets worse, the kids are yelling at their Mother and pulling on the backs of the seats, Alex's hair is doing a tango with an all day sucker, compliments of one of the kids. Alex is trying to be nice to the woman, and asking her politely to tell the kids to sit down. The woman turns around and says very calming, "sit down kids" and that's that. The kids don't pay her any mind and go right back to pulling on the seats and screaming in Alex's ear.

She takes a deep breath and motions for one of the stewardesses to bring her a cup of water, she takes a couple of pills, her back is all tied up in knots and she's starting to cramp. "Oh no," she says to herself, "I can't be starting now----not now!"

The man across the aisle is still yelling that he can't get his work done with the kids running up and down the aisle. The stewardesses again plead with the young woman that she will have to do
something to settle her kids or else.

The young woman looks back at the women, "OR what will you do---you can't do anything---it's not like you can stop and put us off------my husband is vice president for a major corporation, you can't do anything to us!"

One of the passengers speaks up, "Have you got medication, give them all a tranquilizer----sleeping pills, something!"

"Send them back to general seating," someone else chimes in.

"Lock them up in the bathroom till we land," someone else suggests.

Alex is listening to all of the talk around her, "Hey-----maybe if some of you people would try and talk to the kids, play games with them or something----maybe they would settle down."

The man across the aisle looks at Alex and says very calmly, "Do you have any kids, miss?"

"No," answers Alex.

"Well, I have three---back in Boston and they drive me crazy---that's why I travel---to get away from them and their screaming fits------I am not going to play nurse maid to someone else's rug-rats----is that clear?"

Alex looks back at the man, "Very clear-----now I have a question for you."


Alex's bottom lip quivers, as she looks the man in the eyes, "If you feel this way about having kids, why didn't you use birth control?"

"Look lady----I don't have to take this from you, that was my wife's place to keep the kids from coming so fast."

Alex yells back at him, "That's just like a man----always leaving it up to the woman to do the protection thing----while you men continue to get your 'jollies' and not even wearing a condom!"

The first class becomes silent, then one of the stewardesses starts to clap her hands, the rest of the women join in, including the young mother. Alex stops and thinks about what she just said,
she sighs, "Oh God, me and my big mouth."

The baby continues to scream, the young mother asks Alex to hold him while she goes to the restroom to take the youngest rug-rat that has had a accident in her pants. Alex takes the baby and while the young Mother takes her child to the restroom, everyone puts their hands over their faces at the smell that fills the tight compartment. It seems to take the woman forever to get back, the baby has screamed the whole time.  Alex tries to feed him, but he pushes it away and holds his ears. The stewardess tries to help Alex, "Is there anything we can do?"

"I think the baby has an ear infection, this high altitude can't be helping any---how did she ever get this baby on the plane in this condition-----maybe if you could bring me some ice and a towel?"                     

Alex takes the ice and wraps it in the towel and puts it to the baby's ears, he continues to cry, but not as hard. The baby is exhausted and fighting the pain and much needed sleep. Alex again tries to give him a bottle, then, she sees the lumps in the bottle. "My God, it's no wonder you won't drink the milk---it's sour!"

Alex gets fresh milk and the baby finally starts to drink it, his little hand going up to his ears, and continues to cry softly. The woman finally comes back and attempts to take the baby, Alex smiles and says she will continue to hold him. The baby finally falls asleep and Alex looks at him and smiles. He's got reddish hair and his eyes will be blue. Her thoughts go to Walker and what his children would look like. For a second, she visualizes the baby as hers and Walker's. As much as Walker loves kids, she knows he will make a wonderful Father. Her thoughts go the many times that they almost took their relationship to the next plateau. Maybe if they had been lovers then maybe this Marilee thing would never have come up. But, they both agreed to keep their relationship ‘platonic’; they were both afraid of losing each other as friends. Alex looks out the plane window, "something has got to change Walker, we can't continue like this."

The last hour of the flight becomes the worst. The baby has started crying again, and the three kids are getting even more restless. One of the kids has pulled himself up on the back of Alex's seat and spilled his soft drink all over the blouse of her suit. She jumps up and runs to the restroom to put cold water on it, and ends up bumping her head on the mirror as the plane hits a wind turbulence, The lights start flashing as she has to hurry to get back to her seat. She has to climb over the young woman and the other passenger, then she catches her bracelet on the seat in front of her and it falls to the floor. She's half sitting in her seat and trying to find the bracelet, she does not feel the all day sucker on her backside, as the purple gook leaves a stain right in the middle of her seat "area". She finds the bracelet, the clasp is broken, "Oh damn-----" she sits back against the seat sighing.

She's starting to feel something very uncomfortable around her seat and she starts wiggling around to see what it is. She puts her hand back, and then she feels the "gook" as her shirt is now sticking to the seat. The lights are still flashing as she climbs back over the passengers and heads back to the restroom. She has a big purple spot of gook on her shirt. She curses again, sits down on the commode and starts trying to wash the stain off. Now her worst fear has become a reality, she has started her cycle and the cramping is getting worse. Her back is all knotted up, "What else is going to happen?"

She turns the shirt around to the front, with the zipper in front. It looks terrible, but she will keep her briefcase in front of her when the plane lands. The stain on her jacket is not coming off either, and the blouse she has on underneath is very sheer, showing her bra. So she nixes the idea of not wearing her jacket. She looks at herself in the mirror; her hair is sticking straight up on one side, compliments of the all day sucker. She has circle under her eyes. She hopes that Walker will be late getting to the airport so she can run to the restroom and try to do something with her makeup. She finally goes to sit back down; a towel has been put over the stain in the seat. She motions for more water, this time taking her double amount of Midol pills. Her feet ache so she eases out of her high heels, she puts her hand to her backside and rubs.

Even though she's sitting in first class, she decides to wait till everyone else has gotten off the plane. One of the stewardesses nods to her that she understands her waiting. Finally they are all off and Alex starts reaching for her heels, she can find only one! The stewardess tries to help her look for it, but every time Alex bends over, the pain in her abdomen gets worse. She takes her other heel off and walks off the plane----barefoot!

Walker is pacing back and forth wondering if she even made the flight. Surely she would have called him, if she hadn't. He waits till all of the first class passengers are off and then he goes to check the list. Her name is definitely on the list, where is she?

He takes off his sunglasses and again goes back to the unloading gate and finally, he sees her. He stands there looking at her, she's barefoot, her clothes are disheveled, her hair is sticking straight
up---she's a total mess!

He walks up to her slowly, "Alex? What happened to you?"

She says nothing as she hands him her baggage claim and finally she mutters, "I am going into the ladies room----I have got to chill out before I go stark raving mad, I will see you in a few minutes----okay?"

Walker starts to say something, but she puts her hand up, "I'll be fine----really---I'll be fine."

Walker has waited almost half an hour, finally he ask a woman to check on her.  She finally comes out, still looking a mess!

"Alex-----are you okay?"

She takes a deep breath, "I've been thinking----I think I should go to my apartment."

Walker glares at her, "No, Alex---you said you were coming to the ranch for a few days----what is it, is it those reporters again, were they bothering you in Boston?"

They start walking towards the baggage area, "No, it's not the reporters----I haven't seen them. -----I just think I should go back to my place---I'm not in a very good mood."

Walker reaches out and puts his arms around her, "It's just the jet lag---you'll feel better in the morning."

"Nooo----- I have a feeling I'm going to feel worse in the morning."

Finally Walker gets all of Alex's luggage into the back of the Ram. He looks towards the cab, as Alex is leaning her head against the window. He can't for the life of him figure how what happened to her on that plane, and so far she isn't volunteering any information.  He shakes his head and climbs behind the wheel very slowly. He keeps looking at her; he's never seen her in such a mess!

She feels him looking at her, "Walker----I think I should go back to my apartment-----I really feel terrible and I'm going to be even crankier in the morning!"

"NO Alex----you said you were coming to the ranch---I got everything ready for you---you're coming to the ranch----and that's final!"

"But, Walker---------"

"No arguments Alex----it's settled!"

She turns to stare at him, he's looking at her from head to her bare feet------"You don't know what you're letting yourself in for."

Walker’s brows arch, "Well, maybe if you would tell me what happened----then maybe I ---could help."

She sighs, her back is hurting even worse. "It's a long story and I just don't feel like talking about it----I just want to take a nice, long, hot, bubble bath."

"Okay, Alex-------I won't ask anymore questions----just tell me that you're okay----you look terrible."

She glares at him, "Well, thanks a lot---I needed that!"

"I'm sorry, hon---but you look like you've had a fight with a bobcat, and came out for the worse!"

She takes a deep breath, "Well-----I wonder how you would feel if you had been on a plane for the last three hours with a screaming kid that has a ear infection, the mother is off in the outer limits and her three screaming kids give a whole new reason why birth control was invented! An irate passenger that refuses to stop populating the world--even though he hates kids, and meanwhile the Brady Bunch from hell is terrorizing the rest of the passengers, I get cola spilled on me, I break the bracelet that you gave me, I sit down on a purple lollypop that ruins my shirt. I doubt the stains will come out----I bump my head on the mirror, I have to climb over passengers----I hate window seats, I lose one of my heels, my hair is a mess----and--------''

Walker puts his hands up, "Easy Alex----hey it's okay---honey you'll feel better after a bath and get into some fresh clothes---it's okay."                

Alex is starting to cry, "No, it's not okay! I feel terrible, my back is doubled up in knots, I'm in a rotten mood----and I've started my period!"                

Walker just stares at her, and says softly, "Oh no."               

Alex nods her head, "Oh, yes----the dreaded "M" word----now do you understand why I need to go to my own place?"                

"Alex----for the last time---you are not going to your apartment----I've seen you cranky before---we'll get through this."                 

She stops and stares at him, "Walker----how many times have you been around a woman that is in her menstrual period?"                  

Walker looks at her and then starts pondering the question, "Only once that I can recall----you."

She winces, trying to find a comfortable position. "When were you ever with me during...."

"Try last summer when you had that migraine headache for 3 days, remember?"

"Walker, that was a migraine----I said menstrual."                   

"Same difference---just at opposite ends----and believe me, you were cranky."                     

"I was not cranky, I could hardly raise my voice without my head hurting-----this is entirely different----my whole body is aching."                      

Walker smiles at her, "Want me to give you a backrub, I've been told I'm pretty good at it?"                     

Her eyes narrow, "And, who has been telling you that?"                    

Walker sighs, "YOU Alex----who else?"                    

She stops and thinks, "You've never given me a back rub."                     

"Well----I massaged your temples while you had that migraine-----don't you remember?" 

She thinks back to the headache, it was one hell of a headache. Walker, Trivette, and C.D. had all taken turns sitting with her, bringing her soup and trying to make her comfortable. Walker would sit at the side of the bed, holding her and massaging her temples till she would fall asleep. For three days he would come by her apartment and sit with her till his shift would start, then C.D. would take over. She couldn't lift her head, it hurt so bad, the room had to be totally dark. When his shift would end, Walker would be there, helping her back and forth to the restroom, her pajamas would be soaked from perspiration, and he even helped her to undress. She also recalled that at that time she had been seeing Dalton Reed, he knew about her being sick, but he never came by to see her. He did call, C.D. said, and Dalton and Walker had words over the phone. Walker never mentioned the incident, and soon after that she stopped seeing Dalton.

Alex looks back at Walker and manages a small grin. "I remember that time------but this is hardly the same thing----I can get so irritable---- and you're going to be wishing you were a million miles away from me."

Walker reaches out takes her hand, "I doubt that----if I can survive one "M" disaster, I think I can survive the second one----I'll just keep my distance when you start throwing things".

She squeezes his hand, and pouts her lips----"I promise I'll try not to be too cranky----deal?"

The rest of the ride to the ranch is spent talking about her Dad. He's doing better and insisted on Alex coming back early. When they get to the ranch, Walker walks slowly behind Alex, letting her go in first. She walks through the hallway and turns towards the living room, she stops and just stares. There before her is a room full of roses and lilacs, from one end of the room to the other. She just stands there taking it all in, her mouth is wide open. Walker walks up beside her and kisses the side of her head and whispers, "See----I told you that I would have the other eleven roses----I just added a few extras."

Alex stares at the roses and then to Walker, she starts crying, "Oh Walker," as she goes into his arms.

"What are you crying about Alex?"

She sniffles and hits his chest, "I'm just crying-----can't a girl cry-----my hormones are going crazy!"

He pulls her into him closer, brushing her sticky hair back out of her face, "This is a good cry----right?"

She doesn't say anything as she nods her head up and down.

"Good-----cause I wasn't sure----I never know when crying is good, sometimes you cry when you're happy, other times when you're sad, I never know."

"Oh Walker---shut up."

Slippery When Wet Part III

By Sasquaw                       

He nods his head, "And you cry when you're bossy!"                        

She pulls away from him and looks around the room again, she goes over to the red roses and sniffs them, then she starts crying again. Walker shakes his head, and lets out a low sigh, "Women------and their hormones---I can't figure them out."                       

Alex takes a deep breath, and puts her hands up, "I am going to take my bath now----is that okay?"                     

"Sure, hon, whatever you say" and Walker starts upstairs with her luggage. Alex looks towards the guestroom and then up the stairs. She's to tired to ask questions, she just follows him up. She stops at the first guestroom, Walker keeps walking till he gets to his bedroom, and commences to carry her luggage inside. She walks slowly in behind him and looks around. She looks at Walker, "Ahhhh, Walker------I said we needed to talk----I don't think-------"                     

He puts her luggage down and walks towards her. "I know----I'm just letting you take my room this time."                      

She nods towards the hallway, "And, what is wrong with the room I usually stay in?"

He stands there, shifting back and forth, trying to find the right words. She looks at him and raises her brow, "Yes?"                       

He takes a deep breath, he hated for this moment to come up. He's still hesitating, "Walker?"  

"I just think that you would feel more comfortable---in this room----and not down ---there."  

It finally dawns on her what he's trying to say, that's where Marilee stayed, that's where they ----------"                       

"Oh great," she says under her breath, "the other dreaded "M" word!" She shakes her head, "I can't take your bedroom, Walker---where are you going to sleep?"

He looks back at her and smiles devilishly, "Well----I'm open for suggestions."                      

She lowers her head and folds her arms. She stares back at him, he sighs, "Well---it was worth a shot, can't blame a guy for trying---right?"                   

"Walker------I'm tired---I'm not in the mood for this."                      

She starts rubbing her neck and thinks about what she just said, any other time and she would be running into his arms----"you are really out of it girl," she says low.                   

Walker turns and goes to the restroom, flipping on the light. "I’ve got everything cleared out for you so you can put all your things in here, and I got you some of that bath oil that you like so well----passion lilacs?"                    

She stands there, looking at him; he is trying so hard to make everything nice for her. If C.D. and Jimmy could see this side of him, they would faint. She knows they have a long ways to go yet to get back on track again, and Walker is indeed trying. Here she is in a foul mood, and can't think of anything else but crawling into a tub of hot bubbly water! She smiles softly and walks up to him, kissing him softly.       

"Walker, thank you----I know you're trying and I appreciate all that you're doing, but don't you think I would be better off going back…"                      

He puts his hands on her shoulders and holds her at arms length, "No, Alex----I want you to stay here-----I'm sorry if I was coming on, making you think I was trying to put you in a uncomfortable situation, you know I would never do that. I want you to stay Alex-----I
thought we were going to try and talk things out?"                      

She nods her head, "Right now, all I want to do is take a bath----we can talk later---okay?" 

He kisses her forehead, "Sure----I'll get out of here, so you can do just that, is there anything you need?"                      

She starts "shooing" him out the door, "I'm fine---go."                       

He walks out the door and then turns and walks back in, "Oh----don't forget to do something to your hair----it's standing straight up in the back----makes me think of Alfalfa from that show Little Rascals."                       

Alex reaches over and grabs a pillow and throws it at him, "Would you get out of here?"            

She goes over to pick up the pillow and he pokes his head back in, "What would you like for supper, I've got to go shopping---steaks, Mexican food--what?"                        

She stands there looking at him, "You----are going to the market---to shop?"                       

"Well, it's either that or we go out to eat----my kitchen is bare."

She laughs, "How about a nice green salad----and maybe a glass of white wine?"

He smiles, "And cherry tomatoes------and I suppose you will want that blue cheese dressing?

"Of course! It wouldn't be a complete salad without the blue cheese."

He makes a face, "Yuk----don't expect me to kiss you after you've eaten that stuff."

She pouts and turns around, "Fine---I won't!"

He steps back into the room and turns her around, "Maybe I should get my kiss now," and he kisses her long and tender, her arms going up around his neck as he pulls her in tighter against him. His hands start going up and down her back, and then to her neck. Alex caresses
his face, pulling his lips into her mouth, their tongues going deeper. Alex can feel her face flushing, as her hormones are going into overdrive. She pushes him away, whispering, "No---------we have to stop----now."                    

Walker backs away, nodding his head, "I'll be going-----I'll be back soon."

Alex fans the air, "Geez-----he makes it hard  to breathe under normal conditions-----I have got to take a cold shower before I even think of taking a hot bath-----why is it so hot in here?"

At C.D.'s the crowd is thinning out, it's been another long day as everyone is ready to call it a night. Jimmy has come in to give Nelda a ride home.               

"Hey big dog, is it too late to grab a long neck"?                 

The big man shouts back, "Is your arm broke---you know where the beer is, and grab me one while you're at it"!!!                 

Jimmy goes behind the counter to grab a couple of beers, pops the tops and hands one to his friend.                 

C.D. takes the beer and walks around to the barstool, there are only one or two customers and Nelda is showing them the door.  Finally she yanks her apron off and goes to sit down by C.D. 

"My dogs are barking," she mumbles.                    

Jimmy leans over the counter and kisses her, "I know a cure for that" he whispers.                    

C.D. chuckles, "Does it have anything to do with jell-o?"                     

"How did you find out about that-----did Walker tell you?"                      

C.D laughs, "I don't reveal my resources, especially when Ms Ellery Queen is sitting nearby, ready to pounce on my every word," he nods to Nelda.

Nelda turns to him, "We're past the jell-o----we're moving on to something-----tastier." 

Jimmy's eyes grow big, "We are?"           

"Yes, my little chocolate drop----we are."                      

Jimmy's face breaks out in a wide smile, he reaches over and rubs noses with Nelda----"I love it when you talk dirty to me."                        

"For crying out loud---will you two either put some cold water on it, or take it home?" C.D. shouts at them.                      

Jimmy comes from behind the bar and puts his arm around C.D.'s shoulder, "We're going  to have to get you a woman C.D----you've been doing without for too long---how long has it been, big dog?"                     

"None of your dad burn business-----and I can get my own women, thank you very much."

"It's been too long C.D.-----you need a good lay," pipes Nelda.

Trivette starts laughing, "Speaking of doing without----I wonder how our bearded Ranger is doing?"                      

C.D. smiles, "Hey, that's right Alex is back---I'll bet Cordell is at her place as we speak." 

"You're wrong big dog, Alex is staying at Walker's ranch."                        

"Are you sure Jimmy?"                        

"Yep----Walker said she agreed to stay at the ranch so they could get things settled---get things ‘talked out’."                        

C.D. breaks out in a wide smile, and nudges Nelda, "I'll just bet they're ‘talking’." 

Jimmy takes a long drink of his beer, "If you could have seen how nervous Walker was waiting for Alex's plane to land----I've never seen him so nervous! ----And, he was gussied up, dressed in civilian clothes---he even had his Nike's on!"

The three of them laugh and then Jimmy and Nelda head out to Jimmy's car parked in front. As they're going to the car, Nelda sees the same yellow Corvette, parked across the street, the same man behind the wheel. She waits till she gets in and then she mentions it to Jimmy, he turns to look at the car, and the driver speeds off.                         

"He was here the other night, just sitting and staring over here, like he was looking for someone."                           

Jimmy looks back at her, "Same guy?"                          

"I think so, looks like him. What do you think he's up to, Jimmy?"                           

"Probably just looking for someone like you said----pretty classy car to have down here in the stockyards----it gets pretty dangerous down here after dark, that's why I don't want you coming
outside to wait for me anymore----you stay inside till I get here----understand?"                          

Nelda reaches over and squeezes his thigh, "Yes Jimmy----I understand, but how am I going to get information on my book if I don't mix with the 'riff raft’?"                           

"What possible information could you want about this place?"                          

"Jimmy, the stockyards and C.D.'s are landmarks down here----this is history-----you know C.D. told me that over a 100 years ago a Texas ranger named Hayes Cooper chased a band of outlaws right down this very street, and he captured all of them without firing a shot! Can you believe that?"

Jimmy looks at her, he nods his head up and down, "And, how many bad guys was Cooper chasing, this time?"                          

"I think C.D. said, about 10."                           

The young Ranger laughs, "Ten-----huh? The last time C.D. told that story it was only half a dozen. Nelda, you can't believe everything C.D. tells you----especially about Hayes Cooper. This guy is John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Bronson, all rolled into one to hear C.D. and Walker talk about him. He was just a man----one man, and there is no way that he could capture 10 outlaws, without firing a shot! He's not superman, you know?"                           

Nelda thinks about it for a minute, "Soooo-----none of that is possible, huh?"                           

Trivette starts up his car, "No way-----don't believe any thing of what C.D. tells you----and only half of what you see."                          

"Then the newspapers were exaggerating about that bust that you and Cordell made down in Burleson county, where just the two of you rounded up nearly two dozen suspects, and you and Cordell went hand to hand with most of them, kicking their butts?"                          

Jimmy laughs, "Now that you can believe, have you ever seen Walker fight?"

Nelda shakes her head, "No-----but since he's won six world kick boxing titles, I assume he knows how to kick some ass."                          

"That's for sure----he's taught me a lot about the arts----even to this day I hate to spar with him. The man is a one-man army in that ring, and he takes his fighting seriously, even when he's practicing----And, if he's ever in a bad mood, like the other day-----no one will spar with him."                         

"What happened the other day------oooooohhhh you mean when that ambassador went to Ranger headquarters, I have never seen such a gorgeous man."                          

Trivette gives Nelda a quick glance, "What do you mean 'gorgeous', when did you ever see him?"                          

"I saw him at headquarters, I saw the whole thing, with all the women fainting and going crazy over him----I thought some of them were going to start pulling their 'undies' off and throwing them at him. Geez----I almost-----"

Jimmy's temper is rising, "You almost what-----what did you almost do?"

"Heyyyy, I was just looking----every woman in Dallas was looking----the man is gorgeous-----and I saw the look on Cordell's face when the man kissed Alex's hand. I thought Cordell was going to----come----unglued!  And, that other woman, whose hand he kissed earlier----if I had been her I would never wash that hand again----and that other woman that was screaming out "you can eat crackers in my bed'------I thought 'oh lady' are you on the right track----and then later I heard these other women talking about him in the ladies' room and Jimmy-----you wouldn't believe the things they were saying about this gorgeous man. I got some real good ideas from listening to these women----believe me. Jimmy---have you ever made love in pudding"?                     

Jimmy turns to her, his eyes growing wide, "Pudding?"

Walker has been pacing back and forth from the kitchen back to the bottom of the stairs. He keeps looking up the stairs, "What is taking her so long? How can anyone take a bath this long"? He glances at his watch and shakes his head, "I wonder if she fell asleep in the tub------maybe I should go and check".              

He starts up the stairs and then he sees her coming down, still rubbing her back.                

"Well----you look better---how do you feel?"                  

She's wearing silk pajamas with a sheer robe over them. She grimaces, "My back is still tied up in knots----I can't remember ever feeling this tense before."                  

He reaches out for her hand, walking her to the kitchen,

"What are you so tense about, it's not like you haven't spent the night here before?"                  

"I'm not tense because of that---well maybe a little----I don't know what it is----I just feel like I'm ready to snap."                   

He eases her over to her chair and sits her down, "Well, try not to snap---until you've had something to eat. I got your salad all ready for you----now eat."                   

They eat their dinner in silence, and Alex is on her third glass of wine. The more she drinks, the more she complains about her back. She pushes the salad away, "Do we talk now or wait till morning?"                    

Walker draws a deep breath, "Well personally, I would prefer we don't talk about it at all, because as far I'm concerned it's not worth starting another argument."                  

"We have to talk about it Walker---and get it behind us."                    

"There is nothing else to say Alex----I made a mistake----I'm only human---I've apologized a dozen times----I'm sorry I hurt you, I will never hurt you like that again, so can we just forget it?"                      

She leans on the table, dangling her glass of wine-----"Forget what?"                      

He smiles back at her, "Alex---you're getting 'tipsy'----aren't you?"                       

She sits up and glares back at him, looking at her half empty glass, "ON just two glasses---are you kidding?"                        

"Honey, you are on your third glass----and you're tired and that has a double affect on you, how about some coffee?"                          

"No---I want some more wine----and I will tell you when I've had enough----all right?"

He nods his head, and pours her another glass, "Aren't you afraid I might take advantage of you in your ‘delicate condition’?"                        

She takes the whole glass and drinks it, "Nooooo----because you're too much of a gentleman to do that----besides---I'm too willing."                       

"That's it!!!! No more wine for you----it's time for coffee---before you say something that you're going to be sorry for in the morning----then you really will be in a foul mood."                        

Alex starts swaying in her seat as Walker gets up to get her a cup of coffee, she starts blinking her eyes, "Where did he go?"                      

"I'm right here Alex, now drink this."                        

She pushes the cup away, "I don't want any cof---coffee, I want some more wine----you know what Walker, I think my back----is start---is starting to feel better-----wh---what do you think?"  

He takes the wine away from her, "I think---you're getting ready to pass out---that's what I think."

"One more glass Walker----one more---one more and----I'll make it up to you-----I promise," she's grinning back at him, her eyes are glassy, she keeps swaying back and forth in her chair, she puts her hand up to her forehead, "Gosh---it's warm in here---and I feel dizzy." 

Walker pours her another cup of coffee, "Alex, drink this."                        

She stares back at him, her eyes wide open, "Noooo----I'm just going to lay here and----get some sleep------" she lays her head down on the table, mumbling things he doesn't quite understand,
something about 'all men should be shot that don't wear condoms' and the Brady Bunch from hell is back!"                        

Walker is trying to keep a straight face, five years and he's never seen Alex intoxicated, not even close to it.  He sighs and reaches down and scoops her up in his arms, "Come on Alex-----I'll put you to bed."                       

She just smiles and snuggles in closer to his chest, "Okay, I am tired---I think I ate too much---Walker, that wine was goooooood-----"                        

She's still muttering as Walker climbs the stairs with her in his arms, and carries her to his bed. He goes to the right side of the bed and lays her down, putting his left knee on the side of the bed, and easing her back against the pillows.                        

He pulls the sheets up around her, she's still mumbling and trying to sit up, "I can't sleep---I got to be in court."                        

He pushes her back down gently, "Sleep, Alex------it's nighttime----sleep."                         

She pulls on his sweater, "Walker---stay with me-----"                        

Walker looks at her and smiles, this is certainly not the way he had hoped this weekend would go. But, he was grateful for one thing, they weren't arguing---that was a start in the right direction.  "Okay, Alex---move over."                       

She's still grinning that silly grin as she moves over and throws the sheet back. He looks at her and pulls the sheet back around her, "Behave yourself Alex----it's difficult enough laying this close to you, I've got enough obstacles in the way-----Mother Nature leading the pack, and you're not making it any easier!"                     

She keeps snuggling up to him, "Are you going to sleep in your clothes?"                     

He pulls her in close, and strokes her hair back, "Yes. Alex----I think it would be safer this way-----now go to sleep."                     

She suddenly bolts up in the bed, "I don't want to sleep-----Walker---let's go skinny dipping!"    

She starts bouncing up and own on the bed, "Come on Walker----it'll be fun," she reaches out and grabs his hand, trying to pull him up.                       

"Alex----we are not going skinny dipping-----with the state you're in, you'd probably drown-----now come back up here and lay down," he starts patting the bed.                       

She lowers her head and laughs, "I know what you’re ----up to---Cordell Walker-----" she shakes her finger in front of his face, "you just want me in between the sheets-----so you can -----have your way----with me----I know!"                      

Walker can't keep a straight face as he gently pulls her back down and attempts to put the sheet around her.  "I know you Cordell------you're a dirty old man---I know your kind."                      

"Yeah, yeah Alex------what happened to your being so willing?"                      

She's still flailing her arms around and shaking her finger at him, "I've changed my mind----I'm going to play hard to get."                       

Walker sighs and tries to pull her arms down "Yeah----like 5 years hasn't been long enough."       

"Long enough for what---wh-- what are you talking about, why is the room spinning?" 

Alex lays her head back down on Walker's chest, "I don't feel so good---------maybe I need some more----wine."                             

Walker laughs, "Wine is the last thing you need----now be still and stop bouncing around." 


"What Alex?"                          

She jumps up and climbs over him, "I think I'm----going to be sick!"                           

She barely makes it the restroom, then everything starts coming up. Walker stands outside, he frowns, "Nope----this is definitely not what I had in mind!"                        

She finally comes out of the bath, Walker grabs a washcloth and starts wiping her face, "You okay, hon?"                         

She starts crying "No---I'm not okay---now my head is hurting and my back is starting to knot up again---my stomach feels------ feels like---"                          

She doesn't get the words out as she vomits all over the front of Walker's sweater. He stands there frozen, the smell of wine and blue cheese dressing filling the air. Alex backs up, "Oh God----Walker, I'm sorry I didn't------" she runs back to the bathroom and again, her whole
insides are coming up.

Walker makes a gagging sound, as he looks down at the front of his sweater. "Geeez' he starts pulling his sweater off and trying not to breathe. He takes his sweater over and dumps it in the hamper, making a mental note to take it and Alex's suit to the cleaners the next day.                     

Alex comes out again, her face is flushed and her robe has caught the remains of what his sweater didn't catch.  She's crying harder now, and every time he comes near her she pushes him away. "Oh God----this is so embarrassing-----I'm going home."                     

Walker sighs and walks over to her and tries to put his arms around her, "You're not going anywhere Alex-----except back into the shower----now get out of those stinking clothes." 

"I am not staying here! I have made a fool of myself----I'm going home, now get out of my way!"     

Walker has finally convinced Alex not to leave. She has again gone back to the showers and Walker is again waiting for her come out.              

Alex comes out with her head down, barely looking at him. "Did I ruin your sweater?"              

Walker has changed into a pair of sweats, "The sweater will be fine Alex----don't worry about it----how do you feel now?"            

"Like a fool," she mutters.               

Walker just smiles at her, "Well------you're a beautiful fool," he tries teasing her.

"Don't patronize me," she says as she flops down on the side of the bed,  "I still feel terrible and now my head hurts---not to mention my back is knotted up again and my stomach is turning around like a washing machine!"                

Walker walks over to her and sits down beside her, "Well, I've got something for you to take to get your stomach settled, some aspirin for your head, and I got this to rub on your back," he hands her a jar of green salve.                  

"What's this?"                   

"It's something that Uncle Ray brought down for me---remember when I got thrown from that bronco?"                    

She looks at him, nodding her head and unscrews the lid to the jar, the smell hits her full blast and both she and Walker start fanning the air. "Walker---that stuff stinks to high heaven----I'm not putting that stuff on my body."                      

He takes the jar from her, "No---I am----now take your top off and lay down on your stomach."  

No way! That stuff will probably burn a hole through my back---Walker I've never smelled anything so bad before in my whole life."                     

"Alex----which do you want----a backache that's killing you---or a little stinky smell to put up with?"             

She looks at him and back to the jar, "How long does it take to get rid of the smell?" 

He shrugs his shoulders, "Couple of weeks."                      

Her mouth drops open and her eyes get huge, Walker starts laughing, "I'm just teasing you-----you can wash it off in the morning------now lay back and get comfortable."                          

She hesitates, "Let me take my robe off, I don't want to get it all stinky, I'll get one of your bath towels and get it stinky." 

She gets up from the bed and goes back into the bathroom, as Walker smells the salve again. "Hope this stuff works----or I'll never hear the end of it!"                    

He watches as she lays down on the bed and tries to find a comfortable position, then she pulls the towel away, revealing her back. Walker's eyes go up and down her body, he can feel himself getting very aroused. She clutches the towel under her, the sheet going over her buttocks and her long sexy legs. Walker stands there looking at her, saying to himself, "Maybe this is not a good idea-----"                   

"I'm ready," Alex replies softly.                 

She's laying at a angle across his bed, he's not sure which side of the bed would be the best angle for him. He walks towards the bed slowly, thank goodness the loose fitting sweats is hiding his "condition".

Finally he goes back to the right side and sits down on the side.  He takes the lid off again, and the smell hits them both.                

"Walker----I'm not so sure about this-----what if the smell doesn't wash off?"                 

He looks back at her and smiles weakly, "Would you stop worrying-----even the smell of skunk comes off eventually!"                 

"Skunk?" She raises up a inch or two and the towel reveals her left breast. She quickly drops back down. Walker has gotten more than an eyeful. He's trying to play it off as he dips his fingers into the salve, wrinkles his nose, and very gently starts at the top of her shoulders. 

The salve goes on cold and then it starts to tingle, giving a warm feeling. "Here?" He asks.

Alex takes a deep breath; the salve is actually feeling pretty good. "Nooo----lower in the small of my back----yes---right there!"

Her back is beautiful, so soft and milky. Alex doesn't spend a lot of time in the sun, her skin has a natural tint, not dry from the sun or tanning booths. His hands go across her back, kneading very softly, and then all the way up the center of her back to her shoulders. She moans, each time his hands rub harder.                 

"Alex----your muscles are so tight---they're strung tighter than a tennis racket----it's no wonder you're in pain!"                  

"I know," she says softly, "rub harder----especially here---where my bra line is-----that's where the pain is the most."                  

Walker has to shift himself up on the bed higher. He rubs the salve together and massages her back harder, moving his hands in a circular motion, with his knuckles extended .She sighs even harder, pulling the towel and the pillow in closer to her. 'That feels good-----you're right----you do give a great back massage-----but we will keep this to ourselves, I don't want  anyone else requesting your services," she purrs.

Walker is starting to feel warm, the bulge in his pants is getting more noticeable and he's having a difficult time finding a comfortable position, without becoming too obvious. "Yeah----well---- my services are all booked up."                  

Alex laughs softly and sighs, good 'save" Cowboy-----why didn't we think of this earlier-----before the wine?"                   

Walker can feel her muscles starting to relax, so he edges down around her waist. Using both hands he uses his thumbs to make small circular motions, every time Alex sighs, Walker gets warmer. His fingers are just inches from her buttocks, he can feel his heart beating faster. It's
becoming more difficult for him to ignore what her body is doing to his. His mind is racing, as he closes his eyes and visualizes making love to her. Her body is so damn sexy as he keeps rubbing and rubbing. He can't take it any longer as he reaches up and kisses her shoulders, and then moves slowly to her neck and to her cheek.                

"Alex," he whispers. She groans, then sighs in a rhythmically beat-----she's sound asleep!

Walker lays his head down against her, kissing her cheek, brushing her hair back. He lets out a low sigh, "You sure know how to deflate a guy, don't you?"                     

He raises up and pulls the sheet up around her, she squeezes the pillow tighter, and whispers "Walker."

The next morning Alex's secretary is busy trying to avoid Rachel Dawson. The woman has been hanging around Alex's office all morning. "For Pete's sake, it's Saturday morning, doesn't that woman have anything else to do?"                     

Amy is hurrying to get her things together, she's got a weekend planned with her husband, and she is in no mood to play twenty questions with the mayor's wife. Too late, Rachel is on a tear and she's coming straight to Ms Cahill’s office.                    

"Is she in?" Rachel demands.                    

"No, Mrs. Dawson---this is Saturday, Ms Cahill is still in Boston, I told you that."                     

"Don't get snippy with me young lady, or you will be looking for another job!"                     

Amy is a short and stocky , dark colored hair, and horn rimmed glasses. "You can't fire me, only Ms Cahill can do that!"                     

"Listen, you little twerp---- I know that she's back in Dallas---she's not at her apartment---where is she?"                       

Amy grits her teeth, "I have no idea where she is----Ms Cahill doesn't tell me where she is every minute of the day---and even if she did ---I wouldn't tell you!"                      

Rachel is getting angrier, she starts to say something then she sees Kyle Underwood step off the elevator. She looks back at Amy and smirks, then heads to Underwood's office.                      

Amy smirks right back at her, "bitch" she says under her breath. "I know where Ms Cahill is, but you won't find out from me."  She quickly tears up the phone number that Alex had given her over the phone, right before her plane landed the day before. She also takes out Ranger Walker's phone number from the Rolodex. She looks in the direction of Underwood's office and watches as he steps back and lets Rachel enter.                

Amy looks at them puzzled, "Now, what are those two up to, they sure have been cozy the last couple of days."                 

Rachel enters Underwood's office and heads straight for the liquor cabinet, pours a scotch and stares back at Kyle, "We'll, what did you find out?"                

Kyle stares back at her, "Nothing! I have cased that dive for the last three nights, she's not there."

"What about Walker?"                   

Kyle sits down at his desk and pours himself a drink, "I haven't seen him there either." 

Rachel starts pacing, "I know that Alex is back from Boston, and she's not at her apartment----and that stupid little secretary of hers is not saying where she's at, but I know that she knows."     

Kyle takes the drink in one long swallow, "Rachel------isn't it obvious that Alex is with Walker-----a blind person can see that!"

Rachel lights up a cigarette, "Don't raise your voice to me---you ungrateful little weasel!"        

"I am just saying that it is so obvious that the two of them are together, you saw the way they acted towards each other at the airport and the way Walker punched that reporter out for what he was implying about Alex and that ambassador. I can't believe that you paid that guy to provoke Walker!"    

Rachel smiles, "It worked, didn't it? I knew Walker was on a short fuse, I just had to light that fuse. Too bad my loving husband had to go to Walker's defense, and then sweet little Alex had to call my husband and put her two cents in!"                   

Kyle sighs and pours another drink, "Where is all this leading to, Rachel? Every since you found out about that affair that Walker had with that country bumpkin, you've been trying to drive an even wider wedge between him and Alex. You tried pushing her into the arms of the ambassador---that didn't work!"              

Rachel continues to pace and smoke, "That's because that hot tamale is not so hot in the sack after all, and it sure didn't take Alex long to see right through him. I warned him to take it slow with all the money tossing, that part would not impress Alex----but he wouldn't
listen---no and that trip to San Antonio was a big bust."                     

"What's the matter Rachel, Don Juan fizzle in the sack with you too?"                    

Rachel stares back at Kyle, "He couldn't get it up either----between him and my loving husband, they both combined couldn't go sixty seconds----giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "minute man"!  MY husband can't find his, and Juan was so stuck on himself, he didn't know what to do with his!"                    

Kyle just looks at Rachel and sighs, "And, that brings me back to the question that I've been asking all along----why are you still trying to break Walker and Alex up----the man has made it clear----he's not interested in you. Even if you succeed with your plan, what makes you think
that Walker is going to come crawling to your bed?"                    

Rachel doesn't say anything as she recalls the day in the gym, and the way she came onto Walker, and the way he snapped back at her, telling her to get a life and leave his and Alex's alone! She couldn't get that picture of him out of her mind, he was wearing nothing but
a towel. She couldn't get over that body of his! She knew he looked good in those tight fitting jeans, but seeing him bare chested and angry just made him even sexier.  She smiles to herself as she pictured him completely nude, that muscular chest tapering down to a flat, solid abdomen.

"Rachel----Rachel are you listening to me?"                

Rachel turns around slowly and shakes her head, her face is flushed at just thinking about how Walker would be like in bed. She faces Kyle, "Let me ask you something, darling-----isn't it true about that old saying that when a man cheats once----he'll cheat again?"               

"That's what they say, but then you would be the expert in that department, wouldn't you Rachel? How many men in this building alone have you bedded, or attempted to bed, married or otherwise?"                

Rachel smiles a triumphant smile, "I usually get who I go after----the rest are just merely toys that I soon tire of and toss aside--------like you---my darling!"               

"Who tossed who aside Rachel? I haven't been sitting at home holding my pride and feeling sorry for myself----I've been busy!"                

Rachel laughs, "Yeah-----I've seen those bimbos that have been sharing your bed----you haven't had a real woman since you were with me---admit it."                

Kyle says nothing, he just stares at her remembering those long silky legs wrapped around him, "Yeah----and that goes both ways----I seem to recall making you scream out a couple of times, which is more than Don Juan could do."                

Rachel leans over his desk so he can look down her blouse, "What about Alex-----were you able to make her scream?"               

Kyle pushes his chair back and starts pacing around his office.

"OOOOOOHHH, what's the matter Kyle, couldn't you get to first base with Alexandra?" 

The man shoves his hands down into his pockets, Rachel is staring back at him and grinning, "You did try----didn't you?"                

"I could barely get a kiss goodnight and even that was on the cheek!"                 

Rachel pouts her lips and starts towards Kyle, rubbing her hands across his chest, "Poor baby----did Alex hurt your feelings----want me to kiss the hurt away?"                 

"Stop it Rachel," he pushes her away, "this is a public office!"                  

"It's never stopped us before."                    

Kyle stares at her, "Answer my question Rachel, what are you up to now, what do you mean about Walker cheating again---with who?"                   

"Use your imagination, how many women in this building go "ga ga" when they see that man just walking down the hall?"

"And, your point is?"                      

She narrows her brow, "Like I said, once a cheater----always a cheater----and there are a lot of women in this building that would love to go the distance with that cowboy!"                       

"You included, huh Rachel? You are so hot for him----you're drooling, you are forgetting one thing------one important thing----he's not interested in you----it's Alex that he wants----why can't
you get that through your head?"                      

Rachel is getting angry, "Well, here's another question for you to ponder, Mr. District Attorney----what if that country bumpkin decided to pop back into the picture?"                  

Kyle thinks for a moment, "Country bumpkin-----you mean the country and western singer----Marilee Summers?"

Walker has been busy working in the barn all morning, he's checked on Alex several times, she was still sound asleep when he checked on her half an hour before.                 

The first time he went in to check on her, she was laying sideways, still clutching that pillow, the sheets had fallen away from her, and she had her left leg pulled up to her. He just stood there and watched her, "God----she's so beautiful." Finally he walks over and pulls the sheet back up around her, and around her shoulders. He tries to take the pillow away from her, she moans and holds it tighter, still whispering his name. Walker can feel himself getting aroused, as he reaches out and gently pushes her hair back away from her eyes. It's all he can do to stop from crawling into the bed with her. He jerks his hand back, and then slowly walks out of the room. The next three times he just stands in the door and makes sure that she's still sleeping.                 

He has had a busy day. He made a trip to the cleaners, the bakery, and to the lumberyard. He will have to repair Amigo's stall again. This is the second time this month that he has kicked the hell out of the gate. Amigo hates thunderstorms and he can feel them coming sometimes before
Walker can.  If there is just the hint of thunder off in the distance, Amigo starts running around, shaking his head back and forth and trying to find the smallest area in which to hide, and then if the storm increases, that particular area will get the stuffing’s kicked out. Usually Walker tries to
just keep him confined to the corral. So far Amigo hadn't started kicking on that section yet. Walker is watching him as Amigo is staring back at him from his stall. Amigo has that "Who -me----I didn't do anything" look!                

Amigo steps back in his stall as Walker walks up to him, lumber in hand. Walker shakes his head, "Don't give me that innocent look----you're in deep trouble, my friend."                 

Amigo snorts and walks up to Walker, nudging him---looking for his carrots.                

"And what makes you think you're going to get carrots-----you've been a bad horse----bad horses don't get rewards -----bad horses get sent to the glue factory."                  

Amigo whinny’s and starts running out of the barn shaking his head continuously back and forth. He stops out in the corral, his head held high looking back at Walker, Walker stares back at him "GLUE FACTORY" he yells at him.                

The horse starts neighing louder like a mule and runs around kicking his hind legs up. Walker looks at him and laughs.                  

Alex walks into the barn, staring at Walker and then out to Amigo. "What are you saying to that poor horse?"                 

Walker smiles as Alex walks up to him, she looks beautiful in the little sundress, her hair is pulled back with a clip. She looks radiant.                  

His heart beats faster as she walks up to him and slowly puts her arms around his neck, kissing him slowly. He responds by pulling her into him, he feels like he never wants to let go of her, finally she draws back. "Good morning," she purrs.                  

He kisses her again, "It's not morning----it's almost noon, I thought you were going to sleep all day."          

She starts to answer when Amigo comes running back into the stall. Walker has to pull Alex out of the way. "Amigo----what is wrong with you?"                 

The horse continues to whinny. Alex smiles and walks over to him, stroking his neck and making kissy sounds to him. She turns to Walker and frowns, "Why were you threatening him earlier---shame on you."                

Walker laughs, "That horse has kicked his gate down for the last time---one more time and he's going to the glue factory!                 

Amigo snorts and starts trying to kiss Alex. "Oh, stop it Walker----you are not going to send him to that place----that would be the day that you would send any of your horses----especially Amigo----you treat him better than most humans treat their kids," she pouts, "now tell him you're

Walker reaches over and slaps Amigo on the neck and pulls on his ear, "He knows I'm kidding-----but the horse is sending me---to the poor house."                 

Alex laughs, "See there Amigo----he didn't mean it---now give me a kiss," Amigo lowers his head and lands a slobbery kiss all over Alex's face. She groans and backs up "ohhhh, Amigo----you need some Scope."                   

"Serves you right for taking up for him-----now what about me----do I need some Scope, too?" Walker asks wrinkling his brow up and down.                    

Alex lowers her head and walks back to Walker seductively, her arms going up around his neck, "I don't know," she coos, "let's find out." She kisses him softly and backs away, "Maybe we should try that again---I'm not quite sure yet."                    

He takes her in his arms and kisses her long and sensuous, the vision of her lying in his bed is making him all warm inside.  His tongue is going deeper inside her mouth, as his arms encircle her waist, pulling her up against him.  He pants, "Take all the time you want----I'm in no hurry," and then he reclaims her lips, his hands going up and down her backside and then to her buttocks. Alex's tongue is searching for his, she's becoming all hot and flustered. Finally she pulls away.                

She's breathing hard, "Wait-------we have to stop."                 

He pulls her back into his arms panting, "Why?"                

She runs her fingers across his half opened shirt, "Well-----for one thing----mother nature----have you forgotten?"                 

He rolls his eyes up and sighs, "Noooo, I haven't forgotten----but there are ways around that little obstacle."

She lowers her eyes and looks at him in a pleading way, "Only 72 more hours----okay?"                   

He turns his head sideways and looks at her, "Do I have a choice?"

Alex pouts her lips like a child and in almost a squeaky voice replies "NO." 

Walker nods his head slowly, teasing her. "You know what they do with mares that can't perform any longer, don't you?"

She looks at him puzzled.                    

He continues to tease her, "I have just two words for you, Alex."                   

Her eyes look at him like a doe that has been caught in a headlight.                     

"Glue F A C T O R Y. "                     

"Glue factory?" She yells back at him. "Why you----ooooo, where is something I can throw," she is running around the barn and picking everything up she can get her hands on and starts throwing them at Walker. He's laughing his head off while trying to dodge the flying objects. She's starting to laugh as he runs towards her and scoops her up taking her out to Amigo's trough and threatens to dump her.                    

"Walker! Don't you dare----this is a new dress---I will never forgive you!"                       

He lets her down but continues to hold her to him, they're both laughing. "I'm sorry hon----I forgot about your back---I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She's all smiles, "My back feels great--honey that salve works miracles."                     

Walker just stares at her, "Hmmph ---you mean that stuff really does work?"                      

Alex's smile fades, "What do you mean----does it really work -----you've tried it before-----didn't you?"                      

Walker shakes his head and backs up, "No way---I never used it!"                     

Alex narrows her eyes and looks at Walker, biting her bottom lip, "You said you tried it----when you got thrown from that wild horse."                      

Walker grins, "No, Alex----I said Uncle Ray brought it down for me when I was thrown from that horse----I never said I actually used it----not me---I could never get past the smell."    

He's standing there grinning from ear to ear; Alex sees the trough behind him. She smiles back at him, walks up and pushes him backwards and Walker lands butt first in the watering trough. She doesn't say a word, she sashays her shirt around, throws her head up in victory and starts walking back to the ranch house, giggling.                    

Walker is trying to get out of the water trough and here comes Amigo to see why his master is sitting in his water trough. Every time Walker is halfway out Amigo nudges him, still looking for those carrots. Walker tries to shoo him away and down he goes again. Alex is watching from
the porch, laughing. She reaches up to the cast iron dinner bell and begins clanging it. "You needed 'cooling off' cowboy," she yells at him.

The rest of the day is spent with Walker working up in the attic, repairing the floor and building more shelves. He has forgiven Alex for pushing him into the water through, but he gives her that "look" meaning he hasn't forgotten.                    

Alex has changed out of her sundress and donned some jeans so she can help Walker carry plywood up into the attic. They've been working for several hours; it's exhausting trying to maneuver the pieces of plywood up the ‘pull down' ladder. Finally the two of them plop down on the old sofa, enjoying the sandwiches and ice tea that Alex has made.                     

Walker is on his third sandwich, with Alex just barely finishing one. While he's still eating, she decides to explore this area that she is seeing for the first time.                      

"Careful hon----that floor over in the right section is pretty weak----I don't want you  falling through the ceiling and ending up in the front room."                        

She laughs, nodding her head. "Walker----how often do you come up here?"                       

"About once a year or so, Uncle Ray and I have said we were going to fix that floor years ago, but things kept coming up---and we never got around to it."                         

There are boxes of things piled up all over the attic. Most of them have plastic over them, a box with a red ribbon catches Alex's eye. She walks towards it slowly, recalling Walker's warning about the floor. She stops and looks at the box, the red ribbon obviously meaning that the contents are special. She looks back at Walker, he's now started on the sweet rolls, and drinking a glass of tea.  She stands there looking at the box, running her hand over the ribbon. She gets a sad feeling that hinders on jealousy. She says to herself, "These things must have belonged to Ellen". It's been over ten years since Ellen was killed, the woman Walker was engaged to marry. Alex smiles faintly, some things are not to be touched, she will respect that. She starts to walk away from the box when Walker comes up behind her.               

"There it is----I've been looking for that."                  

Alex watches as he lifts up the box and takes it to the old couch and sits down, undoing the ribbon. Alex walks towards him, watching the look on Walker's face. The look is sad, but inquisitive as Walker starts taking out some books and laying them on the couch. He looks up at Alex and says softly, "These things belonged to my parents----Uncle Ray stored them up here a couple of years ago, after my Aunt Ruthie died."                    

A feeling of relief comes over Alex, knowing they're not memories of Ellen. She smiles and sits down beside him. Off in the distance they hear thunder, Walker sighs. "Guess this will have to wait, I got to get back to the barn and check on Amigo."                    

"Walker----may I look through the box---will it be okay?"                      

"Sure---it's okay------there's all kinds of things up here----all kinds of memories."                       

Alex again feels a pang of jealousy as she watches Walker look into some of the other boxes. He reaches deep down into a box and brings out a toy that resembles a windmill, the kind you blow on and they spin around.  He smiles and places it back in the box.                        

"What was that?" Alex asks.                         

"Oh-----just a toy----- from many, many years ago. It was ------bought----at the carnival-----just a few minutes before----"                        

Walker's voice trails off, and Alex knows what he was thinking about. The carnival is where some punks that fancied themselves as the "skinheads" of that era murdered his parents. They couldn't stand the thought of a white woman being with a redman. A fight broke out and both his parents were killed. His Father died instantly, his Mother died three days later. Walker witnessed the whole thing as he tried to help his parents, but a boy of eleven was no match for three thugs as they knocked him down repeatedly.                   

Alex watches Walker's face change from sadness to anger. He slaps his knee, "I'll be back after I check on Amigo."                       

The rain has started, a nice, soft, gentle rain. The raindrops can be heard clearer as they pitter- patter against the roof and the slanting attic window.  Walker has finished putting in the floor, and he's moved all the boxes back to that area. He looks over at Alex, she's lying on the old couch, some old blankets propped up behind her, reading some old papers. She's kicked off her shoes, totally relaxed, and even more totally engrossed in reading. He smiles and walks over, picks up her feet and lays them in his lap. He rubs her ankles, "What's so intriguing?"    

Alex lays the papers down and acknowledges her ankles being rubbed. "OOOO, that feels good----and you're not even using the magic lotion."                      

"Watch it Alex-------I still haven't forgotten the water trough and that dirty trick you played on me."

"I beg your pardon-----you started it," she teases.                          

Walker laughs and reaches for the coffee, "There's only about a cup left, want some?"    

Alex goes back to reading the papers, "I'll take a sip or two of yours----there's a sweet roll, you can have it."                            

Alex sits up and drinks some of Walker's coffee and then lays back down, making sure the blankets are "fluffed" just right.                          

Walker waves the sweet roll off, "I'm not eating anymore sweet rolls, I've still got to run 5 miles to work the calories off from those other two I ate."                            

Alex looks towards the window, "Honey----it is pouring down rain out there----you're still going to run?"                         

Walker looks back at her and edges down on the sofa, just inches away from her lips, "Well-----unless you want to suggest another way for me to burn off calories----something a hell of a lot more enjoyable," he grins, making his brow go up and down.                          

She kisses him quickly and then pushes him away, "You're not the only one suffering Cowboy----now behave yourself."

He laughs, and sits back looking at her. "Are you sure you're comfortable enough," he teases.                   

She "fluffs" the blankets back up again, "Well, actually it's kind of cool up here---would you hand me that other blanket?"                        

"I was thinking more along the line of body heat, but if you want the blanket-----"                         

Alex gives him that look, "Can't I have both?"                          

He takes the blanket and puts it over the both of them, his right hand going around her waist and he lays back against the sofa, nestling up to her. She strokes his beard softly with her right
hand, "Walker-----have you read any of these papers, the ones you took out of that box belonging to your parents?"                        

"Sure---" he answers, pulling her in closer to him, kissing the side of her neck and her hair. "Most of that was written by my Mother, just before----they were killed."                         

"All of it is so fascinating- but the one I liked the most was about the swans----Walker it was so sad."                        

"That's because it really happened----my Mother and I experienced the horror with our own eyes!"                                            

Alex shifts her body around till she's laying prone on her right side, facing Walker. Her left arm goes across his waist, his left arm around her shoulders.

"What happened?" She asks softly.             

At first he acts as though he doesn't want to talk about it, but the look in Alex's blue eyes is all the prodding he will need. He knows she's not asking just out of curiosity, she truly cares about the events that took place in his life so many years ago.

"Well----my Mother was always fascinated by the big white birds. There was a park near where I went to school, and she would always come to walk me home and we would always go to the park for a while. She could sit for hours, just watching them. She would say to me, "Cordell, there is not a more graceful bird in the world as the swan-----just watch as they tend each other, the graceful way they have of walking and flying, their necks stretched out in complete confidence. Their flight is like that of a ballerina;"

Alex smiles and touches his chin, playing with the little scar where his beard refuses to grow. The fall of the rain is causing her eyes to get heavy, but she insists that he continue.

"One day we are sitting there watching them and some kids are playing nearby, playing with a bow and arrow, hitting tin cans that are sitting up on the park benches. The park rangers tell them to move on and not to be playing around the swans and the other fowl. They continue with their game, and one of the kids hits the female with one of his arrows. The sound that bird made as she lay bleeding on the ground, it was like no other sound I have ever heard. My Mother scolded those boys and of course they ran to their parents. There was a small infirmary near by and they came and got the injured bird. The cries that the cob made were very disturbing to my Mother and at the time I didn't understand why. When we got home, she was telling my Father about it, she wouldn't stop crying.                    

Walker stops and looks down at Alex, "I've always had a feeling about what went down that day, the strange way my Mother reacted, and to this day I've felt like it was a look into the future and a similar happening."

"What do you mean?"

"Every day she would call to check on the swan, not just the female, but the male too. She would sit at the kitchen table, scribbling things down on these pieces of paper. About six days later, she
read that the female had died. She never cried anymore, she would just write on these papers----every night. She put the papers in that brown folder and placed them in her dresser. The next night my Father took us to the carnival----and you know what happened that night."

"Yes" Alex replies----"your parents were attacked and your Father was stabbed to death.  Your Mother died later in a hospital."

"Technically she died in that hospital, but in all reality she died right there beside my Father. She was like that Swan, knowing that she had mated for life, when his life ended, so did hers. And
I think she had a premonition of what was coming."

Alex just lays there, listening, she reaches down for the papers and starts to put them back in the brown folder, he stops her.

"I haven't read that poem in many years-----I haven't wanted to read it, but I think now is a good time.

The Swans
      His cries go unheard.
                 The endless honk of the great white majestic bird.
       The humans have taken her away in effort to stop the flow,
     Her life is slipping away as her mate continues to crow.
        The arrow lies deep not only in her body, but his as well
               And for her, he will weep!

A careless game of William Tell played by the young
Of whom innocence shall remain the damage has been dealt.   
                          The safety of the lake he will depart searching for his mate in endless pain  

        The danger outside the park he does not heed, feeling only the pain of a breaking heart!
   The "pen" hears him calling for her a sad and lonesome honk,
       She cries out to him, her weak honks, he does not hear.
He searches the park for a sign a smell, a small feather is all that's left behind.
The "cob" sniffs the blood soaked ground, fear and anger will entwine.
The cries for his mate grow louder the white neck stretches to send his cries further.
Why does she not answer?

The confinements of the steel area keeps her safe.
             The doctors work at a fast pace.
The blood is slowing, as so beats her heart.
Night is approaching the 'cob' searches for a place to rest
His body is tired, he will not sleep---
       His calls are fading, he grows weak
Darkness has fallen, he looks for his fallen mate,
               Her presence is not to be in his eyes a tear will wake.
The majestic bird lifts his wing and his beak goes under, his cries are muffled
  To sleep---he will surrender!
Voices awake him to the morning sun
          Small figures running in a game of play.
His anger grows as they play closer

He sees them as only a threat!                                      
       They near him, he recalls another time
      When they were around, the weapon they used
       His mate lay on the ground.
He chases them, they scatter
Running to their parents in endless chatter
                He wanders further from the lake
His head in the air----still searching!
She lies in the shelter of the infirmary
But for her---there is no hope
The decision is to release her to let her join the one she mourns
His trek has lured him to the street
The moisture in his eyes, make his sight weak

The traffic he hears, but does not heed
The truck can't stop in time.
He lays in the street,
 his soft and white downy feathers covered in red.
The humans rush to him.
Some are crying, others shake their head
She has heard his last cry,
Her honking becomes insistent.
They gently pick her up,
She is taken to her dying mate.
             The crowd backs up and a circle they will make.
She is placed gently beside him,
 The great white birds will finally unite.

        Their hears beat faster as their beaks touch,
           Necks entwine like dancing snakes.
Their beaks touch for one last time
His last breath, he slowly takes.
She lies beside him--- and waits her turn to
Join her mate and both their souls, the angels will take.
       For you see,
Swans mate for life---
When one must leave the other will soon follow.

Alex wipes the tears from her eyes, "Walker---you have got to do something with that."                  

Walker puts the poem back in the folder, "What do you mean?"                  

Alex rises up on the couch and looks down at him, "I mean---you should have it published----- so the whole world can read what your Mother wrote."                     

Walker shakes his head, "No---I don't think so Alex-----besides my Aunt Ruthie, you're the only person that I've let read this, I just don't want to share it with the rest of the world."                  

Alex looks at him; her mind is racing. "He's never shared this with anyone else----not even his beloved Ellen?"                  

"Do you understand why I say I don't want to share it?"

She nods and lays her head back down on his chest. She puts her arm around his waist; he pulls her in tighter to him. They soon fall asleep listening to the rain.


Another couple lay listening to the rain, they start to argue; "It won't work, Rachel-------------just forget about it!"                      

The woman gets up from their bed, "It will work-----if we play our cards right and your 'friend' comes through with her part of the bargain, it will be a cinch. Walker won't know what hit him, he'll be devastated when Alex turns on him. Oh, I would love to see the look on Alex's face when she finds out that "Marilee Summers" is back in town, and her precious Walker has been lying to her the whole time. Now, get on the phone and get your part of the deal going----and don't take "NO" for an answer!"                         

Kyle looks at Rachel and shakes his head; he dials the number.                         

"Yeah, the deal is going down---you know what to do----and you better make it convincing."     

Rachel smiles as she watches the rain fall, "Soooo Alexandra, I've found out where your precious Walker resides, a ranch huh? This is going to be easier than I thought!  Enjoy your time with the Ranger while you can, because once you've found out about his little game-----you'll never want to set eyes on him again."

Trivette and Nelda are returning from a basketball game, the game went into overtime, Nelda has fallen asleep on his shoulder. They are traveling down I-30 it's about 1:30 in the morning when the yellow corvette speeds by them. The driver is obviously upset about something as he keeps hitting the back of his seat. Jimmy had to swerve when the sports car sped by him, waking Nelda.                           

"What is that jerk's problem----hey jerk---you don't own the whole interstate," she yells at him.    

"Easy tiger----don't get all upset----are you hungry---want to stop and eat?"                             

"Yes---I am starved!"                               

"I find that hard to believe, you had three hot dogs, chips, nachos, a dill pickle and a super cola. For someone so small, where do you put all of that?"                               

Nelda snuggles up to him, "I eat a lot---but then I work it off----and my little chocolate drop, you know how I work it off."                             

"Don't I know it!!!!!! Geez-----where do you come up with all of these----different ideas?"           

"Now Jimmy------you don't really want to know----do you?"                                 

Jimmy looks at her and smiles that silly grin, "No---just continue to surprise me, and I love the way you come with ideas on waking me up in the mornings. Out of site!!!!"                              

They laugh and Jimmy gets serious. "Nelda----if you were at Ranger headquarters when that Ambassador fellow was there and all, why didn't you look me up, we could have had lunch?" 

"Couldn't----I was working!"                              

"What do you mean you were working?"                              

"I was getting information for my book, a writer has to be ---what do you say, incognito----whatever, I was doing research."

"Research on what-----or who?"

"I was trying to find out what the average Ranger does on a normal day----boy was I out in left field---that was no normal day."                             

Jimmy smiles, "Sure wasn't------Walker was chewing nails while that ambassador was there----I'll bet Walker would have sure liked to have gotten him to spar with him that day----Walker would have kicked him into next month."                           

Nelda smiles, "Yep----he was sure mad enough, he couldn't get anyone else to spar with him."     

Jimmy looks at her puzzled, "How do you know he couldn't get anyone to spar with him?"           

"Because-----I was in the gym."                            

"You were! What the heck were you doing in the men's gym?"                             

"Watching the argument between Cordell and that woman!"                             

"What woman?"                               

Nelda shrugs, "When are we going to eat, I'm hungry."

"What woman ----Nelda---who was Walker arguing with, why was there another woman in the men's gym?"

"I don't know who she was---but Cordell was mighty angry with her, for a moment I thought he was going to hit her----you know how he's been with that temper and all."

"Wait a minute----Walker was mad at some woman, that was in the men's gym, what were they arguing about, did you hear?"

Nelda frowns, "All I know is, she was sure giving Cordell the looking over, he wasn't wearing anything but a towel!"

Trivette is starting to get angry, "A towel-----Walker was arguing with some woman, wearing nothing but a towel!"

"Yep----you got it.  And, believe me, Cordell was mad! Something was said about Alex, and Cordell was telling this woman to start a life----or something like that. Cordell kept trying to get
dressed, and she wouldn't let him have his briefs!"

Trivette fumes, "And---just where were you while all of this is going on?"          

"Taking notes," Nelda quips. She smiles to herself and says "I just wish I'd had a camera----because from where I was standing I was getting a real good view of Cordell's butt!"


The rain is coming down harder, a flash of lightening lights up the whole sky. Alex jerks awake, and sits up on the sofa, at first she can't remember where she is. Walker reaches up for her and
gently pulls her back down, "It's just a lightening bolt----lay back down."                        

Alex turns over to her left side and Walker pulls her into him, molding his body to hers. His right arm goes around her waist, holding her tight, kissing her hair. He can feel himself starting to become very aroused at this closeness, but he will not risk the chance of having her pull away from him.                       

She closes her hand over his, "Walker----I was having a terrible dream," she whispers.  

He kisses her neck, "Don't tell me---you were dreaming about the swans, weren't you?"  

She halfway turns to him, "How did you know?"                         

"Because I could hear you talking in your sleep------you were saying something about the swans leaving the lake and never coming back.   It was just a dream, hon, the swans will never leave." 

She reaches back and strokes his beard, "Are you sure?"                          

"As sure as I am about us-----we're like those swans Alex----we've been through all kinds of tests, and we're still together---right?"                           

She turns and faces him, "What about that talk that we were suppose to have---every time we start to talk---we start arguing."                          

He smiles at her. "Maybe that's a sign----that we shouldn't talk about it anymore---what else is there to talk about?"                          

"Aren't you the least bit curious----about my dates with Juan?"                            

Walker's face turns grim as he shuffles around, "No------- I mean ----it doesn't matter." 

"What do you mean--it doesn't matter----you don't care?"                             

"Yes Alex---I do care---see here we go again---arguing about things and people that we obviously don't care anything about, but yet they continue to cause trouble between us!"   

"Maybe you're right----but just for the record---there was nothing between Juan and myself!"      

"I know that!"

"How do you know that?"                          

"Alex----I know you, and, besides you already said that nothing happened and that's good enough for me."                          

Alex grins at him and lays back down on his chest, "It is?"                         

"Of course------you have better taste in men than that ------that…"

"That what?" She teases him.

"That fairy-----that's what!"

"Fairy? Walker----that's not nice."

"I call 'em as I see 'em Alex, and that guy has definitely got a problem."

Alex laughs, "Well---whatever, he wasn't a bad person he just didn't have his priorities in order, and that's just what I told Rachel ----in no uncertain terms."

Walker's face takes on a look of distaste, "Speaking of your "friend"----there's something you should know."

"My "friend", who are you talking about-----Rachel?"

"That's the one---the wicked witch of the North---south, east and west!"

"What about her----what has she done to you----except run you down every chance she gets.

"Did you ever stop and think that she might be using that as a ruse, to put you off track?"  

Alex raises up and again, "Explain yourself Walker-----what ruse?"

Walker explains about the incident in the men's gym, Alex's eyes grow wide, "She came onto you?"

Walker just stares back at her, "Her intentions were clear----there was no mistaking them."         

Alex jumps up from the couch and starts pacing around in circles, mumbling under her breath, pushing her hair back and kicking at anything in sight. Walker sighs, "Damn it-----here we go again."                             

He sits on the couch, watching her. He decides to start moving bigger objects out of her reach. "Alex----would you forget that woman---she's not worth getting all worked up over." 

She stares back at him, "It's not her I'm angry with."

Walker's eyes narrow, "What did I do? I never gave that woman one ounce of encouragement--------"

"It's not you! It's me that I am angry with."

Walker gives a sigh of relief, "Thank God," he mumbles. ----Why are you angry with yourself?"

"I am angry, because I was so stupid that I didn't see it-----stupid----stupid----stupid-----oooohhh that woman----she thinks she is so clever and all along she was playing me for a fool!"  

"You're not a fool Alex---stop beating yourself up! That woman has never been anything but trouble-----and I pitied the day that Mac married her!"                           

Alex takes a deep breath, "You're right-----she's not worth getting all upset about----after all she's had plenty of experience going after someone else's husband---I should have known better than to ever give that woman the time of day."                       

He walks over and stands behind her, his arms going around her waist, "Well---just for the record---I let her know where I stood and how I felt about her 'meddling'----I think she got the message----loud and clear."                      

"Really? You're still not off the hook yet Cordell Walker, I'm still trying to figure out the little thing about the ‘briefs’."                         

"I explained that! I couldn't get to them, she was standing in front of my locker---and after she had them in her hands----I sure wasn't going to put them on!"                        

She still has her back to him, she's trying not to laugh. She's going to make him sweat it. "Soooooo---you just decide that you're going to run all over Ranger headquarters-----not wearing any underwear---I'm ashamed of you Walker!"                      

"I was going home Alex----and then you stepped on the elevator and everything got painful after that!"                      

"Don't try to shift the blame on me----I had nothing to do with your ‘condition’!"                        

He can hear her softly giggling, he kisses her neck hard trying to give her a "hickey"----"The hell you didn't------I was in pain and I've got the scar to prove it----want to see it"? He starts reaching for his belt buckle, Alex stops his hands and they start laughing.                      

"I'll take a rain check------we don't want to get you started------"                      

"Alex---it's raining now---I'll take that rain check."                        

"Would you stop-----behave yourself! We need to get serious."                        

"I have been trying to get serious----you keep throwing cold water on me------in more detail---a watering trough!"                         

She looks back at him, those eyes are telling him---- no fooling around. "Walker----I just want to ask you one thing-----and I promise I will never bring the subject up again."                        

"Alex----I wouldn't touch that woman with a ten foot pole."                        

"I'm not talking about Rachel-----"                         


"No----not her either----although I still have a few choice words for her----I want to know about Marilee!"                           

"I thought we were through talking about her----she was in the conversation -----hours ago ---now she's back in?"                          

Walker takes a deep breath, "Okay----what? What is it that you want to know?"

"I just want you to tell me that you have not had any contact with her----since she left Dallas."

"Alex----I have told you that! No----I have not talked to Marilee since she left C.D.'s on her way to the airport, I have had no contact with her---what so ever! I haven't wanted to contact her-----why would I want to?"                           

Alex bites her bottom lip, "Okay-----subject closed I'll never bring it up again."                            

He nods his head, "That's the only way we are going to get past all of this---is putting all those people out of our thoughts----and I promise I'll not bring up Dalton, Underwood and ‘tinker
bell’!----how's that?"                          

She stares back at him, he pinches her nose, "Agreed?"                           

They go into each other’s arms as she says softly, "Agreed-----now how about some breakfast?"

Walker says nothing, pondering the meaning behind that suggestion. "You're talking about food --- right?"                           

She gives him that look, "Yesssss-----I was referring to food."                           

He sighs, "Can't-----I got to go run."                           

"You're still going to jog 5 miles in the pouring rain?"                            

He pulls away from her, grimacing, "No-----I think I'd better make that 10 miles."

Alex watches him as he laces his running shoes on, "Want some company?"                           


Alex is shocked, "No? Are you upset with me?" she asks cautiously.                            

He pulls the hood of his sweat suit over his head, "No---I'm not upset---it wouldn't do me any good to be upset with you----you have your routine and I have mine. I prefer to run alone, besides if you ran with me---I wouldn't be able concentrate----the vision of you in a wet sweat suit----I don't think so Alex----I'm in enough pain as it is."                           

Alex stands there looking at him, "Fine!!!! Go have your run----I think I'll go back to bed."          

He meets her stare, "I better have some "FOOD" on the table by the time I get back----or you, Alexandra Cahill---will pay the price----."                         

She laughs, "Is that a threat?"                        

"Take it anyway you want to take it----I'll be back in about an hour," and then he winks at her.

She watches as he does some "warm ups", a few fast jabs at a imaginary sparring partner and then he takes off running. Her mind is going into overdrive, as she gets that dreamy eyed look----"Okay, Walker----it's time we stopped playing games------"              

As Walker is running down the long gravel drive leading away from his ranch house, a yellow car has pulled off to the side of the road. The rain is still coming down hard enough that Walker hasn't noticed it, his thoughts being elsewhere, and so being the main reason for his 10 mile run-----in the rain!!!!              

The driver watches him, and turns to the young lady beside him.               

"We have to watch his habits, we have to know when is the best time, does he run at this same time every day?"                

"Beats me," snaps the man, "I just know that he's not to be messed with, Cordell Walker has one hell of a temper----especially where a certain person is concerned!"                 

The woman smiles, "Oh yes----sweet little Alex Cahill."                 

The man is getting angry, "Don't underestimate Alex Cahill, she's not a dumb blonde. The lady is smart, she's the Assistant District Attorney, she's no push over----she can spot a phony---you got that?"                  

"I got it! I know my job----now let's get back to Rocky Balboa-----does he look as good out of those sweats as he does in them?"                  

"For Christ's sake-----he's just a man!"                   

The woman sneers, licking her lips, "Yeah----he's just a man---but from what I can see, he's got one hell of a body and I like men that are nicely built."                     

The man grabs the woman by the neck, "Listen to me slut, you do what you're suppose to do----hands off Walker---or you'll blow this job right out the window---get that through your head!"                    

The woman jerks away from him, "You ever touch me like that again and I'll rip your balls apart---you hear me?"                     

They sit there staring at each other; the woman continues to watch Walker as he is disappearing out of sight, jumping over a 4ft fence like it was nothing, not even breaking his stride. She thinks to herself, "I'm going to enjoy this job, and the only thing I intend to "blow" is that stud!"


Alex is taking a nice long bubble bath; she has her head laying back on a towel that is doubled up. She thinks about the events that have led up to her staying at Walker's ranch. She's always loved staying here. It's always so quiet and peaceful. Many times she would come stay at his ranch when he would be gone on a stakeout, she had keys, he told her to come anytime she wanted. Then there would be times when the "gang" would end up spending the whole weekend. Trivette and C.D. loved spending time here, too.            

When he gave her the keys, she hesitated about staying, saying she didn't want to "cramp his style with the ladies". He just laughed. She asked if she was allowed to answer his phone, "I don't want to discourage any of your lady callers," she would tease.                    

He pretended to think about that more seriously, "I got it-----I'll just tell them they're not suppose to call on the half hour---how's that?"                  

She teases him right back, "That'll work---I'll use the other half hour for my callers!"                    

A noise brings her out of her reverie, she listens again. She heard the bedroom door open and close. "He's back already," she says to herself.                    

She grabs her bathrobe and steps out into the bedroom, "Walker?"                     

She goes to the door and peers down the hallway, "Where did he take off to so quick?"

She shrugs her shoulders and goes back to finish getting dressed. She chooses some tan safari shorts, and a peach colored sweater that tucks inside her shorts, accenting her figure even more. The sweater has a dip in the front, low----but not too low----just enough to get his attention. She giggles, "That won't be hard to do----I just hope he doesn't decide to run another 5 miles-----Alex behave yourself, you are becoming a hussy----she laughs even louder. ---Geez----not only am I
talking to myself----but I'm answering as well. Well, they say the first thing to go is your sanity".

The rain has stopped, a beautiful rainbow appears. Alex looks out the window of Walker's bedroom, she sees Amigo running out into the corral.             

"Now----how did he get out? -----Amigo if you have kicked down your gate again, Walker ----is going to be madder than a hornet!" She looks around for her shoes, "I'd better get you back into your stall, -----if you’ve got a stall!"                

She comes down the stairs, and the front door is wide open. She crosses to the door and closes it, looking into the guest room, "Walker? Why did you leave the door open?"                  

She steps inside the room and looks around and then goes to the bathroom in the hall. He's not there either. Then she thinks of Amigo, "Oh no------he must have spotted Amigo out-----he must be in the barn----Amigo---you are in trouble!"                  

She walks across to the barn, trying to avoid the mud puddles.  She sees Amigo and calls for him; the horse comes running.  Alex pets him and grabs him by the bridle and leads him back to the barn.

"Walker------I've got Amigo, he's okay! ----Walker?"                   

Alex looks around, there is no sign that Walker has been there. She stands there with her hands on her hips, completely puzzled.                    


Alex turns around and sees Walker jogging up to the barn, "Walker----where were you?"   

"I was jogging----why are you out here in the barn----why is Amigo out?"                      

Alex looks at him puzzled, "Weren't you just in the house?"                      

Walker goes over to Amigo, "Don't tell me he's kicked his gate down again?"                      

They both walk into the barn, and Walker inspects Amigo's gate, everything is fine.  Walker looks back at Alex, who is still looking at him funny.                        

"Alex----what's wrong?"                        

She shakes her head, "Nothing---I guess the wind blew the door open."                       

He stares back at her, he's soaking wet as he shakes his hair all over Alex. They laugh and start back to the house. "I'm starving---I hope you’ve got breakfast ready."                      

"Breakfast will be ready by the time you shower and change----which do you want ham and eggs, or hotcakes and sausage?"                      

"All of the above-----plus some gravy and biscuits----and lots of hot, black coffee!"     

Alex is pecking at her breakfast of toast and jelly, Walker watches her, his eyes going to the tight fitting sweater she's wearing. Every time she breathes, the sweater takes on new life. She seems to be in deep thought about something.                       

"Okay, Alex----what did I do now?"                        

She looks back at him, "You're not playing a joke on me----are you? Tell me the truth----were you upstairs in the bedroom about ten minutes ago?"                       

"Alex----I was out jogging----I just got back."                        

He watches the look on her face, "Why do you insist that I was in the house earlier?"          

She takes her coffee cup in both hands in front of her, "I just had the weirdest feeling that someone was in my room, I could have swore I heard the bedroom door open and close."           

He smiles, "Must have been a ghost-----a smart one at that---he knew when you would be in the bathtub."                      

Alex starts to laugh and slaps out at Walker playfully. She sips her coffee slowly as she watches his eyes, they keep going back to her sweater, She asks softly.                       

"Did you enjoy your run?"                         

Walker 's eyes are glued to the front of her sweater, he nods----"Yeah-----are you trying to make it 15?"                          

Alex gets that innocent look, "I have no idea what you are talking about," and then she gets up slowly and moves slowly towards his chair. He scoots his chair out as she slowly straddles him. Her arms go up around his neck, and she starts kissing him tenderly. She can feel his whole body
start to respond as his hands go around her waist. The shorts she has on are riding up higher on her hips; his hands pull her in closer. She "toys" with his lips, kissing him lightly and then increasing, pulling his lips into her, her breasts are just inches away from his face.                       

He pulls her back away from him, "Alex-----don't tease."                      

She reaches down and starts pulling her sweater out of the shorts and slowly pulls it up, exposing no bra!  "Who says I'm teasing?"                       

He reaches out for her breast and gently kisses it, his eyes watching Alex.  She strokes his face, encouraging more ... He takes her right breast and slowly twirls his tongue around the nipple, she throws her head back causing her body to arch forwards. Walker leans back further in his chair pulling her towards him and taking the other breast. Alex moans as his hand begins to fondle the other breast while his tongue works on the left one.  As he leans even further back, his hands go to her buttocks and gently raises her up and down, rubbing against his manhood. He's breathing heavier, whispering her name.                       

"Alex------what about----you know," he pants.                       

She kisses him hard, "Well, I've been thinking-----there's no reason for us BOTH to be miserable----right?"                        

He shakes his head up and down, "You got that right," and he reclaims her right breasts, sucking the nipple harder. Alex starts to scoot backwards to reach down to his sweats, running her hand lightly over the bulge. His body jerks at the touch of her hand, putting his hand over hers and pressing it down.  He continues to move further back in the chair, and it starts to creak. As Alex reaches inside his sweats, she has to raise up and in doing so, Walker pushes back in the chair, the chair breaks and they both hit the floor! Alex lands on top of Walker as he takes the hardest part of the fall. For a second they look around at their destruction, and then they both laugh. They shrug and go right back to what they started, Alex is still gripping Walker's manhood.  She looks into his eyes as she starts down his erection and back up again, twisting her hand slowly and making his erection harder. Her tongue goes up and down and over the tip, Walker is still laying on top of the broken chair and trying to find a more comfortable place to lie back.  She goes all the way to the top and her mouth starts over the top-------------

"WASHO---------hey, nephew ---you home?"                       

The booming voice causes the two lovers to stop immediately, Alex's eyes grow big "Uncle Ray-----what's he doing here?"                         

Alex jumps up and grabs her sweater; Walker is tangled up in the broken chair, trying to pull his sweats back up. Alex runs over to her chair at the kitchen table and is trying to tuck her sweater back into her shorts.  Walker curses and kicks the chair across the floor and grabs the coffee pot and pours a quick drink.                        

"Washo------breakfast ready---I'm starved," the tall man is muttering as he walks into the kitchen and almost trips over the debris in the floor. He looks at Walker who is trying to keep his back to his Uncle, while greeting him.                          

Uncle Ray looks at he broken chair and then he sees Alex. "Morning Alex, good to see you."     

Alex tries to put on a happy face, "Hi Uncle Ray!"                           

Uncle Ray turns his attention back to the broken chair, "Nephew---how did the chair get broken?"

Walker shrugs his shoulders, "Beats me---I was just sitting in it and it gave way----it must be old." He looks to Alex and she's nodding her head sideways trying to get Walker to get Uncle Ray turned in the opposite direction so she can pull her shorts down to get her sweater tucked in. Walker walks in front of his Uncle, diverting his attention from Alex's direction.   

"Uncle Ray ----what are you doing here-----I thought you were going to be at the reservation all week?"                             

"Change of plans nephew," the tall man starts to turn back to Alex, Walker reaches out and puts his arm around his Uncle's shoulder turning him back towards him. "What kind of plans, Uncle?"

Alex gets up from the table and moves to the stove letting Walker know he can stop spinning his Uncle back and forth.                              

"What would you like for breakfast, Uncle Ray?"

"Don't go to any trouble, Alex-----just whatever my nephew was having will be fine."  

Walker chokes on his coffee, his Uncle stares at him and back to Alex. He smiles, nodding his head, "Did I interrupt something, Washo?"

Alex drops the frying pan, "Y-You didn't interrupt anything Uncle Ray----don't be silly----I'll get your breakfast going."                                  

The old Indian continues to observe the looks between his nephew and Alex, "I'll just have some coffee Alex-----if that's all right with you, nephew?"

Walker hands him a cup and Uncle Ray keeps looking at the chair, "So----it just broke---huh-------that chair is solid oak----and it just broke?"                            

Walker nods, "Must have been a----bad tree."                              

Uncle Ray drinks his coffee trying to hide his smile, "Imagine that-----a bad tree."   

The silence fills the kitchen as the three look back and forth, until finally Uncle Ray breaks the silence. "You know what------I think I'll go lie down for awhile----I drove all night---I'm tired."  

The tall man walks out of the kitchen shaking his head and looking back at his nephew, he can't resist the temptation, "I'm so tired---I'll probably sleep all day."                              

Alex looks at Walker, her face tightens, "Walker?------He's going to be here all day?"   

Walker looks back at her, the bulge is still there as he looks past Alex to the door that leads off the kitchen. A smile crosses his face as he reaches out and grabs her hand and starts towards the
door, "Come on," he whispers.                        

She giggles, "Where we going?"                          

"To the basement," he answers.                         

"Is there a lock on the door?"                           

Just as Walker starts to answer, "Nephew-----I forgot to tell you," Uncle Ray comes back into the kitchen, Alex moves to the kitchen sink trying to look busy and Walker is standing there like a kid that has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, a pained look on his face. 

"I forgot to tell you Cordell, Hank Ferguson said he would be over around noon----with Lady.     

Walker looks back at him "Lady?"

"Now, don't tell me that you have forgotten about ‘Lady’ and ‘Amigo’?"

"That's not this weekend Uncle Ray----they're suppose to breed the weekend of the 10th."

His uncle shakes his head, "This is the weekend of the 10th, nephew---how could you have forgotten---haven't you noticed the "antsy" mood that Amigo has been in?"

Walker looks at Alex, she's trying not to show her anger. Walker sighs and mumbles, "I thought it was the thunderstorm moving in."

"What was that nephew?"

Walker's shoulders slump, he gets another cup of coffee, "Nothing, --Uncle---I was just muttering."

Uncle Ray walks out of the kitchen again, shouting over his shoulder, "Wake me up in a couple of hours----so I can help you get things set up."

Walker leans up against the counter, Alex is staring at him, her arms folded across her chest.

"I forgot! It's not like I haven't had other things on my mind!"

Alex breaks out in a smile and puts her arms around his waist and squeezes. "I think I'm going to get out of here for awhile-----and go shopping."

"Shopping? Alex---how can you think about shopping at a time like this?"                          

She laughs, kissing his neck and rubbing her hands across his chest----"Sweetheart------you're going to busy for the rest of the day----besides I'll use this time to shop for Nelda's birthday present.             

Walker shakes his head---"We're not going to any birthday party, Alex----forget it."

She takes his face in both her hands and kisses him, trying not to giggle, "Oh, yes we are-----I have a "special " present for little Ms Nelda----but---we will be leaving early---and going back to my place----where it's not so crowded."

"I didn't know he was going to be here, Alex---I swear," Walker pleads.

She lowers her head, and looks up at him pouting----"Okay if I use the Ram?"

He pulls her into his arms, his hand going down to her buttock and squeezing, "Just hurry back------"we" miss you."

The tall dark hair woman is furious as she looks at the woman standing beside Kyle Underwood.

"I can't believe the two of you could be so stupid---you were in Walker's ranch house?"

Kyle looks at the young woman, "Not me----her! I didn't know what she was up to----next thing I know she's sneaking into Walker's house while he's out running."

"Hey! I got the job done, I got the "bugs" planted----so back off---both of you!"

Rachel wants to ring the woman's neck, "If you mess this up----"

"Don't threaten me lady---I know too much------I know enough that will send both you and super dud so far back in prison you'll never see daylight. I did what you asked me to do, I got the phones 'bugged'----now give me my money so I can get the hell out of here."

"How many phones did you "bug?"

"Two---the kitchen and the master bedroom----now that was close---another few seconds and little Ms Cahill would have caught me."

"I don't believe this! How can you be so careless----I told you to wait till they were both out of the house?"

"I saw the perfect chance and I took it----the one we had to worry about was the Ranger and he was too busy running."

Kyle shakes his head, "I don't like this Rachel---it's too risky."

"SHUTTUP. You're in too deep Kyle-------now pay the little bitch and get her out of here!"

Kyle takes out an envelope and hands it to the woman, and she grabs it. "Give me a ride back to my car---------and then all you're going to see of me is my taillights."

They start to walk off, but Rachel calls Kyle back. "You know what to do-----get rid of her!"

"Rachel, are you crazy?"

"You heard what she said---she knows things----get rid of her!"

Kyle looks around at the old warehouse, "I'll take care of it-------now is as good a place as any."

Rachel watches as the two walk towards the yellow convertible. The woman gets in and sits down, and Kyle goes to the driver's side, gets in behind the wheel and reaches over to the woman, putting a gun to her head. Rachel barely hears the silencer. The throaty sound of the Corvette revs up, pulls down to the very end of the warehouse. Kyle pulls the woman out and dumps her. He very casually goes to the hood of the Vette, takes out a gas can and pours it on the woman, then lights it.

Rachel smiles as she watches the action, "If I didn't know better Kyle I would think you're starting to like this job."

Walker watches as Alex pulls out of the driveway. She blows him a kiss.

Uncle Ray pulls his old truck up to the hen house. "Hey nephew, I got me some more roosters!"

Walker shakes his head, "More roosters, Uncle Ray? You got too many now----all they do is fight!"

His Uncle laughs, "Good, I'll have some game cocks if they don't get the job done and get those laying hens to do their job."

"Fighting cocks are illegal in Texas, Uncle Ray. Do you want me to run you in?"

"I don't think I'm going to have any more trouble with those lazy hens, nephew---I got me a rooster here that will get them straightened out-----he is one hell of a bird, and meaner than a junk yard dog ----- nephew---------meet Geronimo!"

Walker stares back at the ugliest rooster he's ever seen. The look on that bird's face alone would cause the most fertile of hens to want to forget about "mating" and jump into the nearest frying pan!

"Great, Uncle Ray----he looks----real mean."

Uncle Ray laughs, "Can't wait till that old ring tail fox tries to get into the chicken pen again----old Geronimo will scalp his red hide and I'll fly the fox tail high upon the roof."

Walker sighs, "What time did you say Fergie was going to be here?"

"Any time now----what's the matter nephew----you look a little down-----did I interrupt something earlier----I did-----didn't I?"

"Let's just say that your timing stinks, Uncle Ray."

Uncle Ray laughs, "I've been accused of that a couple of times----the widow Hayes is always telling me that ------I can take a hint nephew-------I'll go back to the reservation."

"You don't have to leave Uncle Ray---this is your house too."

"Nope------I've spent too much time waiting for you and Alex to get together, and I know how miserable you've been this past month or so----besides, one of these days I expect to see some grandkids running around this place! I'll make like a tree--and leave."

Walker laughs at his Uncle's warped sense of humor, "Don't start on that again, Uncle Ray----Alex and I are a long ways from that department , we're still trying to get on track again."  

"Well----it wasn't planned this way----but, nephew-----don't you think someone is trying to tell you something?"

"What are you talking about?"                         

Uncle Ray looks back at him, "With all this re-producing going on around here today-----don't you get the urge to do some of your own?"

Walker stares at him, "Well----between you and Mother nature, I'm not making much headway!"

The two men laugh. "Well, I can't help you with Mother nature but I'll do my part-----in fact with all this talking I think it's time I paid the widow Hayes a visit----brighten up her day.  If she's not hitting the whiskey, I might brighten up more than one day for her. Did I tell you nephew about the time that widow Hayes and I went for three straight days-----------"

"Yes---Uncle Ray---you told me----about a dozen times."

Uncle Ray shudders, "Damn---my pants are sure getting tight just thinking about it----I got to go to the 'head'!"

Walker watches his Uncle walk off, then he turns back to the rooster sitting in his little crate. The rooster stares back at him, his eyes watching Walker's every move. Walker stares back at him, takes his hands and makes a ringing gesture towards the big red bird.

"What are you staring at-----you got a whole hen house full of them over there?"

Walker looks up to see Hank Ferguson's horse trailer coming down the gravel road. Amigo sees the trailer too, as he whinnies and runs out to the corral gate, his head going up and down in
anticipation. Walker smiles, leaning over the truck and watching Amigo. He says under his breath, "I hope you have better luck than I've been having."

Geronimo sees Walker's hand dangling too close to his crate, reaches out and gives Walker one hell of a peck. Walker yanks his hand back, cursing the bird. "Now I remember why I hate roosters!"

Jimmy checks in at C.D.'s to see how the decorating is going. His face lights up as he sees all the balloons and crepe paper strung across the bar. The waitresses are laughing, and shouting to Jimmy.

"Everything looks great girls---thank you." He sees C.D. sitting in a booth and walks over to him. "Thanks big guy for having Nelda's party here-----she's going to be blown away by all of this!"

"Glad to help Jimmy-----you know I'm getting quite fond of that little gal----I hope she likes the present I got her."

"Present? Big Dog you didn't have to get her a present too-----having the party here is more than enough------what did you get her?"

C.D. smiles----"I got her a cook book-----101 ways to cook Armadillo stew!"

Jimmy's face turns to a frown, "A cook book------big dog----the woman hates to cook---and what's more-----she can't cook worth crap!"

"Then she'll learn Jimmy!------There's also recipes in there on how to prepare cactus jell-o-----but you can't take a bath in that Jimmy---you could, but it gets a little prickly" The big man breaks up laughing, Jimmy sneers.

"Very funny big dog-----very funny!"

"So, where is the birthday girl------you're going to keep her out of here till time for the party, right?"

"She's over on the other side of town-----doing some more research for her book."

"More research? Jimmy what kind of a book is she writing?"

"I don't know C.D., but I don't think it'll ever amount to anything-----as far as I know she hasn't tried to contact a publisher, it's something that keeps her busy------and out of trouble!"

C.D. looks at his friend, recalling the conversation he had with Nelda about her saying it would soon be time to move on. He hesitates, "Jimmy------are things okay between you two?"  

Jimmy breaks out in a smile, "Sure----couldn't be better!  In fact------"

The young ranger stops in mid sentence, and shrugs his shoulder, "Never mind" he says softly. "I got to go big dog, I'll have Nelda here at 6 o'clock right on the dot."  

C.D. turns and watches his friend walk away, a sad feeling comes over him. "Oh Lord-----that man is heading for a heartache."

Slippery When Wet Part IV

By Sasquaw

At 34th & Carson, the little red sports car has sputtered for the third time, it refuses to start.                          

"Damn it! And no gas station within sight," swears Nelda. "If my insurance hadn't expired, I would put a torch to you and collect the money-----you worthless piece of crap!"                           

Several cars pass her by and then a weird looking dude in a beat up old truck stops and offers her ride. She takes one look at him and slams the truck door, "Not on your life, Egor----isn't it feeding time in the dungeon----get out of here!"                          

She starts walking, "Damn it-----I should have brought Jimmy's cell phone---too late now."                          

"Hey sweetheart -------need a ride?"                          

Nelda turns around and looks into the face of middle age gentlemen, nice looking, dressed in a nice suit, nice smile. He's driving a bright yellow Corvette, with the top down. She stares at the man, he's somewhat handsome. Nelda looks at the car, and whispers, "Wow-------some fancy wheels---I'll bet the insurance alone would eat my paycheck!"                        

The man looks her up and down, "I'm heading downtown, can I give you a lift?"                        

The chance of riding in such a slick automobile is causing Nelda's head to spin. She starts to get in and then she spots his car phone.                        

"Could I just use your phone----so my boyfriend can come and pick me up?"                           

The man seems agitated, he frowns and hands her the phone----Sure----help yourself."

Nelda makes her call, and Jimmy says he's less than twenty minutes away. She hands the man back his phone, looking at his car even more. He can see her interest, and he starts talking about how fast it is, from zero to sixty before you realize you've even left your driveway. Nelda 's eyes grow big, though she doesn't understand one thing he's rattling off. She runs her hands over the leather seats very softly; the seat feels wet. She touches her fingers together.                        

"Sorry, forgot to tell you about the Amour All---it's a little greasy---keeps the leather from cracking---you know."                     

"It was nice talking to you-----maybe I'll see you around---the next time you're in the stockyards stop by C.D.'s---I'll buy you a drink."                        

The man looks back at her, "You work at that 'dive'?"                         

"Heyyyyyy, watch it buster----that's my place of employment, and it's no dive--C.D. makes the best chili in Texas and I don't appreciate you running him down."                      

"I'm sorry----I've had a bad day----please accept my apologies---and if you ever get away from that boyfriend, I'll take you for a ride----maybe even let you drive this machine, how does that sound?"                        

"Sure-----why not----see you around."                        

As the man drives off, Nelda sighs. "The first thing I'm going to do when I make my first book sale is to buy me one of those "jobbies'! But I want mine in candy apple red----no-----make that jet black. Nooooo----black is too hard to keep clean---what the heck, why mess with a Corvette, when I can have----a Ferrari!"           

She looks up to see Jimmy pull up beside her in his dark green, little mustang. She looks at the car and then she thinks of the Vette, she sighs and gets in.        

Uncle Ray has loaded the last of the broken chair into his pickup, he goes back in the house still trying to picture in his mind how it could have possibly got broken. He's still shaking his head as he sees Walker coming out of the guestroom wearing dark pants, a blue and silver shirt, and dark jacket. He's even got his boots polished and Uncle Ray gets a whiff of his cologne.                   

"Don't go around my hen house smelling like that, my hens are confused enough! One look at you and the way you're dressed and the way you smell, they might think they're at Colonel Sanders fried chicken!"                  

Walker smiles, "Don't worry----I don't intend to go anywhere near your hen house, and if you end up with a rooster missing, don't look at me."                   

Uncle Ray laughs and then his smile fades as he looks past Walker and to the stairs. He acts frozen in time as Walker turns around to see what he's staring at, then he too, just stops and looks. Alex seems to "float" down the stairs, wearing a red dress, the front of it going together
and two little straps going around her neck. Her hair is pulled up and to one side, with wisps of hair falling down around her ears and down her neck. She's wearing diamond and pearl earrings to match the ring on her right hand, a tennis bracelet on her left wrist.  As she walks towards the men, she smiles and turns around slowly, revealing a backless look. The dress goes all the way to her ankles; she's wearing black stiletto heels. She walks to Walker, and smiles, "What do you think?"

Walker just stares at her, finally he whispers "I'm thinking how much fun I'm going have taking that off of you."                         

She giggles, "Hi, Uncle Ray."                         

Uncle Ray smiles, but it's not a happy smile. He kisses Alex, "You look beautiful Alex----simply radiant----doesn't she look beautiful, nephew?"                        

Walker looks to his Uncle and sees the hidden pain, and then to Alex, "Alex always looks beautiful, Uncle."                         

Uncle Ray stammers around, "Ahhh---I'm going to get out of here now-----I'm heading back up to the reservation---you watch those hens for me "Washo"-----keep an eye on Geronimo." 

Walker barely hears the words of his Uncle as he keeps looking at Alex. He walks towards her, kisses her softly and whispers, "Do we have to go to this party?"                        

She nods slowly, "It will be an early evening, I promise. Walker, was Uncle Ray upset about something---he seemed sad?"                         

Walker goes over and picks up the birthday presents and shakes them, "Yeah-----I think seeing you in that red dress made him think of Aunt Ruth, she loved red and Uncle Ray loved seeing her in that color. The same way I love seeing you wear red----or any color for that matter---you look especially radiant-----and so damn sexy----in red."                        

He kisses her again , "Careful Cowboy---don't muss my lipstick up."                   

"Oooooo yes, that sexy red lipstick----I hope you got plenty of it, because I intend to "muss' you up all night-----we may never make that dumb old birthday party."


Walker and Alex are among the first guests to arrive, The other two waitresses and their husbands nod to them as they walk in. Maize comes out of the kitchen with the birthday cake and the cook is right behind her with finger sandwiches, and dips, etc. C.D. sees Walker and Alex as they are moving through all of the decorations, he doesn't miss the hand holding between them. He smiles, it does his heart good to see his other two "children" happy. Alex sees C.D. and only then does she stop holding Walker's hand as she runs up to C.D. and kisses him on the cheek.                    

"Oh C.D. everything looks great, I've never seen so many balloons."                    

"Yep----Jimmy said to get lots of balloons, so I did---got a little light headed from blowing them all up----but I made it."                    

Walker walks up behind Alex, putting his arm around her waist, "Why didn't you use helium, C.D.?"              

Before he can answer, Maize chimes in, "Because he needed to get rid of some of that hot air."                        

Nelda's birthday party was a big blast, the tears flow like Niagara Falls, with her constantly saying it's the best birthday party she's ever had. The laptop from Jimmy starts the tears flowing big time, and for once she's at a loss for words.

Alex walks up to her slowly and hands her two birthday gifts saying, "And these are from Walker and me."              

Nelda keeps looking at Alex and Walker, wiping the tears away. "Alex----can I talk to you for a moment?"              

Alex nods and the two women walk to the other side of the room. Walker and Jimmy keep looking at each other.               

"What do you think that's all about, Walk-man?"               

Alex keeps turning around and looking back at Walker, finally the two women start laughing.

"I don't know, but at least Alex isn't throwing anything in my direction."               

C.D. chuckles, "Have you been ducking a lot lately, Cordell?"                

Walker nods, "Yep, and I'm getting damn good at it."                

The party heats up as C.D. opens the door to the public and the karaoke machine is brought out. Nelda, Maize, and the two waitresses take the stage and do a version of The Pointer Sisters' "I'M SO EXCITED" followed by "SLOW HAND". Alex is dragged away from Walker's grip and a microphone is shoved in her hand. Everyone laughs as she's trying to read the words off the
monitor and sing:
                   I want a man with a slow hand,
                   not someone who will come and go in a heated rush
                   If I want it all night
                   Please say it's alright--
                   I want a man with a slow hand.             

The whole bar is laughing and looking in Walker's direction, Jimmy is grinning from ear to ear, and nodding his head up and down. C.D. can't take it anymore as he jumps up on stage and takes the microphone from Alex and bellows out!:                  

"GIVE ME A WOMAN WITH A SLOW HAND" and then he starts dancing around. Alex makes her way back to Walker, her face is as red as the dress she is wearing. She's laughing as he grabs her and spins her around, his arms going around her waist, and he whispers, "Is that song a hint?"                   

She reaches back and kisses him, "You know it Cowboy. Can we leave now?"                    

The ride back to the ranch is made in half the time it took getting to the party. As the Ram crosses over the cattle guard and onto Walker's property, he stops and goes back to the iron gate and pulls it to, locking it!                     

Alex smiles at him and says very quietly, "I don't think I've ever seen you close that gate-----much less--lock it."                      

Walker just smiles at her, "I'm not taking -----any chances!. And---when we get to the ranch house, the doors will be locked-----and the phones are going to be turned off."                       

She reaches over and kisses him, "Oooohhhh Cowboy----I like the way you think."                       

They barely make it up the stairs as they both are trying to take each other's clothes off. Between the panting and the giggling, they almost fall through the door to Walker's bedroom. Finally he
steps back and just looks at her, caressing her face with his index finger, while he stares into her eyes. He whispers, "You are so beautiful, do you realize what you do to me?"                        

Alex smiles, her whole body is anticipating his touch and what is to come. Her eyes follow his as he leads her gently to his bed. He stops and kisses her neck, long and tender, going to her shoulders. She gasps, as she can feel his breath on her bare skin, his fingers going to the straps of her dress. He continues to kiss her shoulders and back up to her neck, sucking her skin gently. His lips go to her ears, his tongue going in slow and doing a small grind. He unties the straps and the dress starts to fall away, he gently pulls it down further, revealing her breasts. While his hand continues to pull the dress down, his mouth goes to her right breast and he slowly twirls his tongue around the nipple, causing Alex's skin to tingle.

She reaches out and starts pushing his jacket off his shoulders. The jacket falls to the floor as she starts un-doing the buttons to his shirt, her soft fingers touching his chest. Her right hand goes inside his shirt and begins to massage his chest. His mouth leaves the right breast and claims the left, circling and twisting as his tongue begins to suck harder. He steps back to look at her, pulling the dress all the way to the floor and letting her step out of it. She stands before him with nothing on but her red bikini panties. His eyes go up and down her body slowly, his hands rest on her buttocks as he caresses them ever so gently, he leans his head down and finds her navel, and kisses it softly, gently sucking on it.                    

Alex moans as she pushes his shirt off his muscular shoulders and the shirt joins the jacket and the dress. He continues to kiss her belly, while his hands explore her backside, squeezing and kneading her buttocks. She steps back from him, saying softly, "Honey-----you didn't turn off the phones."                     

"Later," he murmurs as he continues to kiss her belly, his tongue going from her navel to just the top of her panties, his fingers gently pulling them down over her hips. His tongue goes across her
mound lightly, Alex jerks back and pushes on his shoulders lightly. He takes the palm of his hand and massages her lightly, looking up into her eyes. He stands before her, his hands going up and down her slender body, his eyes watching her. She moves in closer to him, her hands going to his chest and then over his shoulders. He has his hands around her waist as he pulls her in closer to his body, finding her lips and kissing her deep. She moans as she begins to return his kiss, her tongue searching for his. He groans as he gently picks her up, her legs going around his waist, his hands going to her buttocks. Their tongues go deep into each other's mouths, as they are both starting to pant. He turns and starts walking her to his bed, leans over and the two of them fall onto the bed.                

Alex reaches for his pants buckle, as Walker finds her breasts again and starts kissing one and then the other, he pulls on the nipples lightly. She has the buckle undone and urges him to lay back, and pulls his boots off. She has the second boot off, and starts pulling on his pants. He raises up and pulls them down, and begins to reach for his briefs, Alex stops his hands.                 

"I'll do that-----" she looks at him and smiles, "Just think sweetheart, another woman is taking your briefs-----what is it with you and your underwear?"                   

He grins back at her and pulls her on top of him, pulling her hair down and kissing her neck. "I don't know-----but YOU can take my underwear anytime----in fact-----neither one of us will have any use to wear any from this day on----how does that sound?"                 

She answers with a long kiss, she can feel the moisture between her legs, she giggles, "It would sure save on laundry----especially during times like this----with you around------keeping me wet."                  

His hands go all the way down the back of her body, slowly caressing, he sighs, "Baby-----you don't know what wet is---yet."                  

She raises up and starts sliding down his body, letting her fingers linger over his abdomen, "And, neither do you-----Cowboy!"                    

Alex glides her hand down his erection, letting her forefinger caress the length.  She pushes her lips out in anticipation, her tongue going over the top lip----very slow. She goes up one side of his shaft and then the other, Walker sighs and closes his eyes, saying softly "Ohhhhh yes------that feels good."                   

Alex smiles, licking her lips, There's more where that came from----"                   

The phone rings!!                     

Walker and Alex stare at the phone, Alex looks to Walker---her eyes narrow-------"Don't you dare answer that!"                     

"Wouldn't think of it---," he reaches over and yanks the cord from the phone and tosses the phone in the floor------neither of them noticing the small silver object that falls out of the ear  piece.    "Walker grins, "You were saying?"

"I think I talk too much" she purrs, "more action----less talk."                    

She starts back at the base and goes upward, her tongue going around his manhood, sucking, licking, and then she stops and looks at him---"Walker----you didn't lock the doors---did you?"                    

"Would you relax---no one can get in----I got the gate locked."                     

"Are you sure Uncle Ray's not coming back----he has a key."                      

Walker raises up and pushes her head back down, "He's not coming back-----I'm positive-----he went to see the widow Hayes----he'll be busy for a couple of days-----maybe longer!"  

She eyes him suspiciously, and then goes back to her "project". Her hand starts going faster, and then she slows, and her lips go all the way over the top and starts down, taking in as much as she can and then starting over. She takes one testicle and then the other, letting them roll back and forth with her tongue. She sticks out her tongue and starts at the base, moving back up, twisting his manhood lightly, up and down and around. She watches him as he closes his eyes, taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly. His hands grip the sheets as she increases her twisting, sucking, and kissing. She takes his manhood completely and goes all the way down to his abdomen, and up. She takes both hands and massages his abdomen, her mouth impaling his manhood.                   

She pulls her head back until his manhood is almost completely out of her and then she goes back down, sucking harder. Walker is sucking in air, his eyes are closing, as he continues to whisper, "Ohhh----that feels so good----you have definitely missed your calling."                     

Alex stops and moves up to straddle him, easing herself down very gently to take him in the anal. She gasps, "I don't think I'm ready for you yet."                     

He reaches up and scoops her up and over on the bed beside him. He lays down beside her, his lips going to her breast, his right hand going down between her legs, massaging very lightly across the top of her mound. "We got all night Alex----and believe me---before the night is over---you'll be more than ready for me."             

She smiles faintly, "Just go easy----my body doesn't lubricate as fast when I'm in my cycle-----and just for the record---this is a first for me. -----Usually---I don't even like to be looked at ---much less---touched."             

He leans over on his side, looking at her and rubbing his hand slowly across her stomach. "I won't hurt you Alex---I would never hurt you---if you'd rather wait----it's okay."             

"Oh, no you don't, Cowboy------you've teased me this far----I'm not stopping."              

He leans down to kiss her, "That's my girl------we don't have to rush it-----we can take our own sweet time------we can explore every inch of each other's bodies, feel every way there is to please each other."          

Alex rolls over on her right side and leans into him, her left hand going to his face, touching his beard gently, "You are so right about that," she coos as she takes his lips inside her mouth, sighing deeply.  His right hand goes around her slender waist and to her buttocks, his finger tracing down her crevice. His four fingers go in between her crevice, gently pushing in and out. Each time his finger finds the entrance to her anal, her muscles tighten up. Taking his forefinger he gently tries to insert it, going deeper each time till she pushes away from him.            

"I'm sorry----I just can't relax---I feel all knotted up inside."              

Walker reaches out for her hand, "Come on, I think I know what might help-----a nice hot shower."               

"Just so you don't suggest that stinky salve again," she warns.                

Walker laughs and reaches in to turn the shower on, "No way----I've got something else in mind-----how about a nice soaping----using that soap you like that smells like lilacs, and if that doesn't relax you---how about baby oil?"                 

She takes the baby oil from him and sniffs it, "What are you doing with baby oil------don't tell me you keep this stuff on hand for just these occasions-----how many others have you tried this on?"                  

Walker shakes his head, "None-----baby oil helps to soothe aches, and believe me when you're bounced around by a 2,000 lb bull, you need all the help you can get."                

She looks at him suspiciously, "I've never heard of baby oil helping aches----I know it softens your skin-----are you pulling my leg?"                  

Walker reaches down and strokes her left leg, his hand gently going in between her thighs, "I will--if you want me to."                  

She giggles, stepping inside the shower and pulling him in, "Okay, Cowboy," she hands him the oil, "do your thing."                  

Walker gets that sneaky look as he pours the oil in his hands and lathers it up in the lilac soap, taking a deep whiff of it and applying it softly to one breast and then the other. The hot water is causing Alex to relax immediately, taking in deep breaths and exhaling.                 

"You see---it's working already-----your whole body is starting to relax."                   

She sighs as he starts down her waist, the soap and the oil becoming very slick. When he gets to her navel, he stops and kisses it, his tongue going in and out very slow and then circling around her waist. He takes more oil than soap and gently goes up and down inside her thighs, letting the back of his hand glide against her mound, she moans. He gently turns her around, and starts kissing her back, his tongue going all the way down her spine, causing her to tremor.  He stands behind her and takes both her hands and puts them on the showerhead and steps back.                   

He takes the oil and the soap and gently starts at the top of her shoulders and moves down, his hands going up under her breasts, and squeezing lightly, teasing the nipples. He can feel her body responding as he pulls her body back against him, and kisses her neck, his hands kneading her breasts harder.                   

"Just relax---Alex----your body is already starting to loosen up----feel it?"                    

"Yes," she purrs.                      

He continues to rub her down with the oil, the water is causing her body to glisten, her body becoming slippery. He adds more soap and lathers it over the oil, and then adds more oil, going in between her legs, pushing her thighs gently apart. The water is getting hotter, and the steam is starting to encircle them like a light fog.               

He takes his fingers and goes inside her crevice, massaging at first, and then going deeper. He can feel her moving back against his hand, his left hand goes around her waist pulling her back. He takes his forefinger and inserts it inside her anus, twisting and moving deeper each time. He kisses her buttocks softly, letting his tongue slip inside her crevice, darting in and out. His forefinger goes deeper, and then a second finger goes into her anus. He feels her jerk slightly as he holds her buttocks tighter, and more oil is applied. He continues to kiss her, moving all the way back to her spine and then to her neck. His hands go around her waist and pulls her back towards him as his lips search for hers, turning her head towards him. She takes her right hand and reaches back to caress his beard.                  

"Are you ready?" He whispers.                   

She's breathing harder, "Yes," she pants.                    

Walker reaches down and applies some of the oil to his manhood, takes his right knee and gently spreads her thighs and starts to enter her slowly. Alex breathes deep, and slowly exhales as Walker enters her deeper.  He keeps his left arm wrapped around her waist, holding Alex tight against him, as he continues to thrust as deep as he can. When he has entered as far as he can, he takes his right hand and goes to the inside of her thigh and pulls her back against him, setting the tempo slowly and then increasing. Alex starts pushing back on him, taking him in farther and setting her own pace. She takes both her hands off the showerhead and puts them back over her shoulders reaching for Walker, breathing heavier as his has increased to a deeper thrust.                       

He pulls his head away, stepping back and gently holding her buttocks and thrusting,. The oil makes it difficult for him to hold her as his hands release her buttocks and go back around her waist pulling her up and down on his manhood. He finds her neck again as he starts kissing and gently sucking on her shoulders. Alex reaches back to grab his buttocks as she increases her rhythm to match his.                   

Their breathing becomes heavier as Walker grabs her breasts and starts cupping them in his hands, kneading up and down and gently twisting the nipples. His manhood comes almost all the way out and then he shoves it back in repeatedly, each time Alex is gasping and reaching for his hands to steady her.                  

Walker whispers, "You are so slippery----and so hot. I told you that before the night was over---you would be ready for me----and you're definitely ready----aren't you?"                

Alex can barely get her breath, the shower has gotten hotter, and the warm feeling going through her body is causing her to feel light headed.  She nods her head, "Yes------Walker!"                  

Walker increases his tempo as he holds Alex tighter, he can feel her body going limp as he withdraws from her and turns her around to him, picking her up and putting her legs around his muscular waist. He picks her up and steps out of the shower with her wrapped around him. They fall up upon the bed, lightly giggling.                  

He sits up on the bed and looks down at her, their eyes just look into each other's for the longest.  Walker lays back gently pulling her on top of him, she faces him as she lowers herself on to his shaft, this time having no trouble at all taking him all the way in. She waits a minute, gently rocking forward and then sideways, Walker groans.                   

He puts both his hands on her waist as she rises up and down with the tempo that she has set. The oil has given both their bodies a sheen, and sexy effect. Each time Alex rises up, Walker pulls her down on him harder. Their breathing getting heavier as Alex rubs his abdomen, each time she goes forward, twisting and taking him deeper. Walker reaches up with his hands and caresses her breasts, urging her to lower herself so he can take each of her breasts inside his mouth. His tongue is driving her insane as he twists the nipples around, causing her to scream out his name over and over.                     

Walker puts his hands down and gently turns her over on the bed, his shaft still inside her. He puts her legs over his shoulders and thrusts as hard as he can. They are both dripping with perspiration, their bodies are going into spasms as he reaches down and runs his tongue lightly over her mound, teasing. Her body arches back, she knows what the magic of that tongue can do to her, as she has yet to receive the full effect of it. Walker goes back to her breasts again, sucking harder and Alex is starting to feel herself ready to explode. Walker feels her body jerking, as he thrusts upward and deeper.  She can't take him deeper, and she cries out, he spills his liquid into her, over and over.                     

They lay beside each other not able to say anything. They just massage each other's bodies, the oil and the lilacs creating a nice smoothing feeling.                

Walker pants, "See----I told you-----the baby oil helped to make you relax."                 

She kisses his chest, "I'm still not convinced it was the baby oil-------I think it was more the magic in these hands of yours."                  

He pulls her in closer, kissing her and going back and forth to each breasts, "Well-----whichever---it worked-----And believe me----you were totally relaxed, and very slippery ---and wet. Which brings another meaning to the old saying----slippery when wet."                 

They laugh as they continue to embrace, her arms going around his waist, her left leg going across his midsection, being careful not to hit anything in that area. She sighs deeply, "I just want to lie here in your arms ----for the rest of the night----will that be okay?"                

Walker pulls her leg up higher, "You can lie here for as long as you want, but with your leg over me like this----don't be surprised if you get a visitor during the night."                 

Alex giggles, "Is that a promise, Cowboy?"                  

"That's a promise-----all night long!"

Kyle has made his way to C.D.'s, he's arrived just in time for the birthday party to wind down. He saw Walker and Alex pull out in the Ram. Then he donned some thick reading glasses and a baseball cap and entered the bar "n" grill. He stays near the far end of the bar watching Nelda as she feeds Trivette some more of her birthday cake. Kyle does a double take when he sees that Ranger Trivette is the "boyfriend" that she was referring to. He knows that Rachel will have is hide if Trivette sees him; he curses and walks out.                  

When he gets back to his townhouse, Rachel is waiting for him, letting herself in with her own key.                   

"Where the hell have you been?" She plows into him.                  

"None of your business---I don't report in to you!"                   

Rachel pours herself another scotch and water, "You've been "slumming" again, haven't you? Who is she this time, another whore, or have you been going to the schools again---watching the cheerleaders?"                    

"Shut up Rachel------it's none of your business."                    

"My, my, my---someone has you all hot and bothered. You know Kyle, I used to feel sorry for that wife of yours, but now I actually applaud her----for kicking you to the streets."                     

Kyle pours himself a drink, "Yeah, after she took me to the cleaners!"                     

"It's your own stupid fault for believing that your wife was going to be out of town, and then you have the nerve to bring that school girl back here------how old was she Kyle---15, 16??"                       

"I can't remember."                       

Rachel smirks, "I wish I could have been here to watch the expression on your face when your wife walked in and you had your balls in that girls' mouth----I hear she almost castrated you with the kitchen knife?"             

Kyle just stares back at her.                      

"You were so lucky that your wife didn't bring that up when she was filing for divorce."            

"Lucky----I barely came out with enough money to pay for this place-----Linda took almost every penny I had."                      

"Yes---lucky! She could have sent your butt to the slammer for sex with a minor, it's lucky you had me in your corner to talk her out of it. Otherwise you wouldn't still be the District Attorney---you would be down on skid roll with the rest of the bums."                       

He slams down his drink, "Okay, okay--do you have to keep reminding me?"                      

"Apparently yes, because you can't stay away from the seedier part of Dallas, always chasing the skirts of the bar flies, and waitresses. ----But, you better keep your pants zipped up, we got a job to do, or have you forgotten?"                     

"I haven't forgotten."                     

"So? Is she ready---has she got everything down right that she's suppose to do?"                       

Kyle nods, "Yes---she's ready----and if I didn't know better I would say that she's Marilee Summers."      

Rachel nods her head, "O.k.----we have to pick the right time, a time when Walker is not around the ranch, a time when Alexandra is all alone."                       

"I'm still not sure this is going to work----what if Alex doesn't fall for it, what then?" 

Rachel grabs his crotch, "You better hope your friend can pull it off, because if not, there won't be hole big enough for you to hide in!"                     

"What about you, Rachel, you don't think he wouldn't come after you too?"                       

"Me? I'm the Mayor's wife, and my husband is a staunch supporter of Walker's. It doesn't hurt to have someone in high places to watch your back and my husband has come to Walker's defense many times. Besides----I'm a woman----and Walker would never hit a woman, would he?"          

Kyle stares back at her, "Maybe Walker wouldn't, but don't be too sure about Alex---that woman has a temper too, and if she ever finds out that you've been "bird dogging" Walker---there's no telling what she would do."                      

"You just make sure that your friend is ready when I give the word---now I just have to figure out how to get Walker out of town for a few days and I think I have just the right way to do it."                         

Kyle listens as they discuss their plans.

The couple drives up and down highway 199, and then they cross over the two lane highway onto the dirt road. They drive about a quarter of a mile, and the road veers off to the left. They see the iron gate pulled across the cattle guard, and the lock.                      

"Damn it," the man swears, "we didn't count on this----with the gate locked---we can't get any closer."                         

"Is there another way in?" Asks the woman.                        

"I don't know---I guess we drive around till we find another entrance---I have no idea how big this place is----it could stretch out for miles----this could take all night!"                       

The woman smiles, "You have anything else better to do?"                        

The man shrugs, throwing the little Corvette into a lower gear as they continue down the fence line. They drive for a good thirty minutes and then the man gets out and approaches the barbed wire fence. Then he sees the warning sign: KEEP OUT___ELECTRIC FENCE----IF YOU SURVIVE THE FENCE--YOU WON'T SURVIVE MY NEPHEW!!!!!!!


Walker and Alex are awakened to Geronimo crowing, at 4am!             

Walker bolts up out of bed, looking at his alarm clock, he curses, and then he looks at Alex. She raises up and looks around.              

"What is that God awful noise?" she asks.              

"It's Uncle Ray's pride and joy, waking up the whole world!"               

Alex groans and lays back down, "It's too early to get up, I just fell asleep," and then she lays back down, pulling the sheet over her.               

Walker goes under the sheet with her, trying to get her to stay awake. "Come on sleepyhead-----time to meet the day, you might see something you like about getting up early, once in awhile."  

She can't keep her eyes open, "Walker----there is nothing out there now ---that won't be there when I get up----hours from now."                

He tries tickling her, "What about the sunrise?"               

She grumbles, "I'll see it ---tomorrow----or the day after."               

"Okay, I'll go take care of the animals and let you sleep for awhile longer. In the meantime I'm going to have a talk with Geronimo about his crowing-----4am---for Pete's sake!"                 

Alex pulls the sheet down from her head, "Tell him if he doesn't start picking out a more decent hour to crow, he's going to end up coming for dinner-----and not as the guest!"                  

Walker laughs as he starts reaching for his jeans, "I'll deliver your message----loud and clear."    

Walker goes to the kitchen and starts his coffee, remembering to not make it quite so strong this time, he sees the light flashing on his answering machine. "Damn it, I knew I should have unplugged all of the phones."          

He listens to the message, it's from Amy, telling Alex that she has to be in Judge Carr's chamber---no later than 9am!"                

Walker frowns, "Alex is sure going to be happy about this," and he starts back up the stairs to tell her.

Trivette is investigating the body of a burned victim, He's sure it's that of a woman as a woman's shoe is discovered near by, matching the shoe on the victim that didn't burn completely. There are no witnesses in the vacant warehouse, just the sound of the fright train rumbling by.            

"Okay, Walker---vacation time is over-------what a way to start your first day back," and he reaches for his cell phone. The phone rings and rings till finally Walker answers, panting.   

Trivette smiles, imagining what is going on at the other end, "Walk-man----hate to disturb you---but we have a homicide."         

Walker's thumb is bleeding---another run in with Geronimo.  "Damn bird," he mutters, "see if I try to help you out again."                      

"Walker! Who are you talking to?"                       

Walker sighs, "Geronimo----my Uncle's rooster---he got caught up in the chicken wire, I was trying to get him untangled and he attacked me, the ungrateful piece of------"                      

"Walker, did you hear me?"                         

"Yeah. I heard you---I'm still on vacation, I don't start back till tomorrow."

"Well----do you think---you could start a day earlier, like today?"                        

Walker frowns, remembering that Alex has to go in to work today, "Yeah----I guess so---where are you?"                           

"I'm at the old warehouse on Fillmore and Taft----I'll see you here."                          

Walker goes back into the house to see Alex making up the bed, he walks over to his side and starts tucking in the corners. He looks back at her smiling, "So much for a romantic weekend, huh?"                         

She smiles back, she's wearing nothing but a bathrobe, her hair is soaking wet.  "There's always tonight," she teases.                          

"Oh, you got that right" he grins walking towards her, and almost stepping on the phone. He reaches down to pick up the phone when he sees the silver object laying near by. "What the heck is this?"                            

Alex walks over and looks at it, "Did that come out of the phone?"                           

Walker nods, "I think so-----it looks like a ‘bug’."                             

"A "bug"----Walker---your phone is ‘bugged’?"                             

The Ranger keeps looking at the object, "I've never seen one quite like this."                              

"Neither have I, but who is ‘bugging’ your phone?"                               

"I'm going downstairs to check the other phones."                              

"I'll be down in a little while, I've got to get dressed."                                

Walker finds another silver object in the phone by the stairs. He takes it and compares it to the other one.  He puts them in his shirt pocket, making a mental note to show it to Zeke, the
technician in the crime lab.                               

Walker takes Alex by her apartment to drop off some of her luggage and so she can pick up her car. They agree to meet for lunch and Walker goes to find Trivette. They meet up in the morgue.                             

Walker looks over at the covered body, "What ya' got?"                              

"They're still checking, it's definitely a woman, bone structure and all, woman's shoe half way burned off, another one laying near by. Victim has been dead, about 24 hrs or so. No witnesses." 

"Who found the body?"                               

"A couple of kids, that were using the abandoned warehouse for a  lovers' tryst---said they found the body early this morning, before going to school."                          

"School? How old are these kids?"                            

Trivette grins, "Old timers----about 14 or so."                            

Walker shakes his head, "They're getting younger and younger."                            

Walker takes out the objects and shows them to his partner, "Ever seen listening devices like these before?"                             

Trivette frowns, "Those aren't exactly listening devices Walk-man, where did you get these?"                            

"I found them in two of my phones----if they're not listening devices, what are they?"               

"They're like voice distorters, they change the sound of your voice, the music business used to use them years ago, till they were outlawed."                            

Walker is puzzled, "It changes your voice---why?"                            

Trivette frowns, "Do you remember a group called NILLA/MANILLA?"                            

Walker looks back at Trivette "A group of what?"                            

Trivette's eyes narrow as he watches the blank look on Walker's face, "Not WHAT---it's a WHO---a rock group--called NILLA/MANILLA."                          

Walker stares back at him, "TRIVETTE?"                           

"Never mind---I forgot you don't listen to anything but country and western."                          

"What's wrong with that? At least you can understand it."                            

Trivette rolls his eyes around, "Oh, yeah---it's all the same, woman loses man, man loses woman, they end up in a bar drinking, someone's Mama gets run over by a train--------"                           

Walker throws his hands up in the air and walks off, "Never mind---I'll ask Zeke----at least he'll give me a straight answer."

Rachel is waiting impatiently in Kyle Underwood's office. He finally comes dragging in, sees Rachel and groans.                        

"What are you doing here, Rachel---don't you ever sleep---don't you have some bridge club to attend?          

"Never mind the sarcasm, did your friend make the call?"                          


"Why not? Last night would have been the perfect time while Walker and Alex were at that dumb birthday party."                          

"They didn't stay for the whole party, they left and went back to his ranch, my friend and I drove out there and guess what?"                            

Rachel stares at Kyle, "What? Your friend forget what she was suppose to do---what?"                

"We couldn't get less than 5 miles from the Walker ranch, he locked the gates!"                          

"So? Why did that stop your friend from making the call?"                            

Kyle slams his briefcase down "You said---to wait till Alex was there alone---she wasn't alone---Walker was with her, so therefore my friend couldn't make the call because Walker would recognize the voice as not being Marilee Summers----Okay?"                           

"Would you keep your voice down? Want the whole building to hear you?"                          

The man is rattled, "Rachel, let's just forget this little game----it's not going to work! ----If Walker ever finds out what we're up to--- he'll use our heads for punching bags---you know that temper that he has?"                   

Rachel lights up a cigarette, "It'll work---I just got to get Walker out of town, so that Alex will be at the ranch---alone."

Rachel stops and looks out Kyle's window, "Speaking of Alexandra----she just walked in."        

Kyle joins Rachel at the window, he can't help but smile as he watches Alex walk to her office and he stares at those long sexy legs. Alex's legs aren't as long as Rachel' s but they're firmer, and that 'rear'! When Alex walks, that "rear' goes "poetry in motion". Kyle is drooling at the mouth as Rachel turns and slaps him.                       

He grabs his jaw, "What did you do that for?"                       

Rachel smirks, "Don't you dare dribble over another woman, while in my presence----and if you had played your cards right, you wouldn't have to "drool" you would be enjoying the real thing!" 

"I doubt that----not with Walker in the picture."                       

Rachel smiles, "I think it's time to pay Alexandra a visit, find out what is happening in the romance department."                         

Kyle watches as Rachel heads to Alex's office and how the air gets incredibly colder as she passes by Amy's desk. Alex's secretary is already in a foul mood, her vacation has been postponed an extra day. She stands up in front of Rachel blocking her from going into Alex's office.                       

"Ms Cahill is busy---do you have an appointment?"                       

"Out of my way, you little------"                         

Alex walks to the door, "It's okay, Amy---I'll see Rachel----it's always nice to see a ‘FRIEND’" .

Rachel smiles and sashays past Amy, Alex looks at Amy and says softly, "See that we're not disturbed---I have a few things to say to ----my FRIEND?" And then she closes her office door.                       

Rachel smiles, watching Alex. "So, Alexandra----how was your weekend?"                     

Alex never breaks her stride as she walks over to her desk and sits down. She looks back at Rachel. "Cut the games and the small talk, Rachel---I know exactly what you've been up to."                        

"Alex----what on earth are you talking about----I just asked you------"                       

Alex's face gets tight, her bottom lip starts to quiver and her blue eyes bore into Rachel.  "I know about the little scene in the men's gym, Walker told me everything!"                       

"Really? Everything, huh? I suppose he told you that I came on to him, not the other way around?"                

Alex shakes her head in disbelief; "You just won't give it up will you Rachel? If Walker had wanted to make a pass at you---do you think he would do it the men's gym?"                          

"Why not? We were alone, he saw his chance and he took it. Did he tell you that we were totally alone and that he had no clothes on?"                       

Alex smiles, "Oh yes, he told me---that you had his briefs----I cannot believe you Rachel, that you would stoop so low to follow a man to the gym and make your moves. Are you that hard up? Can't you get a man to notice you---in the normal way?"                       

"You are the one that is so naive Alex, he's lying to you. He asked me to meet him in the gym after everyone else had left, it's not the first time we've been together. But, of course you believe everything that he tells you, even about it being over with that country singer, what's her name?"                         

"What about Marilee?"                        

"Walker's still seeing her----where do you think he was going on the weekends when you and he weren't speaking? He was seeing her, and then he was coming back trying to "sweet talk" you into his bed, and you fell for it Alex----hook, line, and sinker!"                         

Alex stands up from her desk and walks to Rachel and says very calmly, "You have got exactly 5 seconds to get out of my office, and never come back----or else I'm going to throw you out!" 

Rachel continues to sit, shaking her head back and forth, "Alex---the man is lying to you---he's cheated on you once---he's still cheating-----"                        

Rachel is still talking as Alex's fist slams into her jaw. The woman stops and stares back at Alex, "You hit me?"                         

Alex is gritting her teeth as she pulls Rachel up from her chair and pushes her to the door. "Get out!"                  

"Alex---listen to me-------"                         

Alex pulls open the door and Rachel goes flying across the floor, right in front of Amy's desk. Amy jumps up and then she sees Alex standing in the doorway, holding her hand. She looks down at Rachel as the ruckus has caused the many spectators in the building to stop and
stare. Amy smiles and then smirks at Rachel who is trying to get up off the floor,  "What's the matter Mrs. Dawson, lose your footing?"                        

Rachel is standing up as Kyle Underwood pokes his head out of his office door, and sees the scene, he quickly pulls his head back in. Rachel is trying to get her clothes straightened, pushes her hair back, and walks wobbling to the elevator on one heel.                         

Alex turns and goes back inside her office. Amy does a quiet little victory dance. She laughs, "And to think I almost missed this, this was definitely worth putting my vacation off for another

The Rangers have been to the crime lab, and Zeke has been most helpful in explaining the devices found in Walker's phones.                        

"Trivette was right, they are voice enhancers, distorters, whatever you want to call them for disguising the voice. They were big in making copies of CDs back in the "80"s, up to just a few years ago.  The original artists would make law suits, claiming these copiers were infringing on their royalties and such, so the big music companies started coming down on the imposters." 

Walker nods, "I understand all of that---but why would someone put them in my phones?"  

Trivette smiles, "Maybe someone that you have "pissed off" is trying to play a joke on you. What kind of phone calls have you been getting-----phone sex----maybe?"                       

Walker frowns, "That's just it----I haven't been getting any calls---well except for those that didn't have anyone on the other end, but that stopped days ago."                        

Walker starts to say something, "Wait a minute-----Alex said she thought someone was in the upstairs bedroom----and then later she said the front door was left open----she thought it was
me----I was out jogging!"                         

Zeke looks at the objects, "And, you haven't had any calls since that incident?"                         

Walker looks at Trivette sheepishly, "No----I yanked the phone cord out----and threw the phone in the floor."                          

Trivette is grinning from ear to ear, "Way to go big guy."                          

Zeke looks to Walker and then to Trivette, "What's the matter with you guys, can't you just hang up a phone normally---like everyone else?"                          

Trivette is still grinning, "Well---you know Walker---you know how he is with phones---remember how long it took me to get him to use a cell phone? The times when he would throw them in the river if they didn't work, and I can't count the times he's gotten mad and thrown them
out the window of the truck.                          

Zeke shakes his head, "You Rangers are weird----I think you spend too much time together, you're rubbing off on each other."                            

Trivette puts his arm around Walker's shoulder, "Yep-----we're like two peas in a pod, we're like Amos ‘N Andy, we're like-----"                           

Walker sighs and knocks Trivette's arm from his shoulder, "What do I do about that device, Zeke?"                  

"I heard about you hitting that newspaper reporter, are you sure he's not trying to get back at you----who else have you made mad at you?"                            

Trivette's eyes roll around, "Try half of Dallas."                            

Zeke looks at Walker suspiciously, "What about girlfriends that you've made angry? They are usually the ones that would try something stupid like this?"                             

Walker says nothing, Trivette grins---"Yeah Walk-man---I would like to hear the answer to that one------how many girlfriends have you made mad this week?"                              

Walker sighs, "Trivette---I have been very good about not losing my temper and hitting anyone---I haven't hit anyone since that reporter and that's been about a week now---I'm getting a little
"antsy" and feel like I might want to hit something----are you getting the hint?"

Trivette puts his hand over his mouth, "Not another word from me, big guy."                            

Zeke shakes his head, then looks at the two Rangers, and scratches his head. "I'm not even going to try and figure out what makes you two tick!!! MY advice Ranger Walker is to put these back in your phone and see what kind of weird calls you get."                             

The Rangers head for the elevator, Trivette pushes the "UP" button.                          

The Rangers get on the elevator, "So, now what, Walker, do we go back to the warehouse?" 

"Yeah, we've missed something, "Walker replies, hitting the 4th floor button, "I got to stop and tell Alex our lunch date is over and then I'll meet you in the parking lot."                           

Trivette nods as the elevator door opens and he and Walker almost run into Rachel. She steps back and glares at the two Rangers as Kyle Underwood runs up to the elevator. He stops and looks at the Rangers, trying to keep his head down, as Walker glares at him and then to Rachel. Kyle hits the buttons as fast as he can, as Rachel tries to steady herself on the one broken heel.                          

The Rangers back away as the elevator door closes, Trivette points at the elevator, "That was Rachel Dawson----wasn't it?"                         

Walker mumbles, "What was left of her."                          

Trivette keeps shaking his head, "She looked like she's been in a fight---did you see that red welt across her cheek?"                           

Walker nods, "I wonder what those two are doing together?"                           

"They are a weird pair, I've been seeing them together a lot lately."                           

The Rangers walk off, Walker comments, "Those two are like the 3 stooges---minus one!" 

"Now Walk-man that wasn't a nice thing to say."                               

"I'm just saying what you're thinking, Trivette."                             

"No---I wasn't going to say that---I was going to say they were more like DUMB AN DUMBER!"

Slippery When Wet Part V

By Sasquaw                           

As Walker gets to Alex's office, he sees Amy putting ice on Alex's hand. He nods his head, and says low, "I should have known----you were the one that put that "new look" to Rachel."

Amy stands up, smiling, "You should have seen her Ranger Walker----she threw-----"

"Amy," Alex says to her secretary---"Don't you have some papers to get out before you start your vacation"?"

"But, Ms Cahill----------"                          

Alex frowns and looks at Amy, "Yes ma'am" and then she starts to the door. She stops and looks at Walker----and whispers, "Ms Cahill sent that bitch flying across the room, Mrs. Dawson didn't know what hit her!"                            


Amy goes out the door, and Walker is grinning. "Let me look at your hand, ‘tuffy’!" 

Walker takes her hand and kisses it softly, "It's okay, it's just bruised, keep the ice on it." 

He reaches over and kisses her lightly, "Want to tell me what happened?"                           

Alex pouts, "She made me mad----so I hit her!"                           

The Ranger laughs, "You can't go around hitting people Alex----especially the Mayor's wife----you better be glad this didn't make the 10 o'clock news!"                          

"I wouldn't care----she deserved it."                            

"Careful hon, or I may have to get Mr. Kai to talk to you about controlling your temper----want me to set up an appointment with him?"                            

Alex's hand aches as she stands and puts her arms around Walker's neck, "You better stop teasing me Walker---or you can sleep alone tonight---and I'll just go back to my apartment." 

"No way, "killer" ----you're coming home with me."

Rachel and Kyle are in his apartment, and she's staring at the bruise on her left jaw. She's cursing to herself as she tries to apply makeup, but it's not covering the bruise.                              

Kyle can't help but smile as he rubs his hand over his cheek from Rachel's earlier attack.

"Doesn't feel too good, when you're on the receiving end, huh Rachel?"                             

"Oh shut up!" She screams back at him, "That little bitch is going to pay---believe me---Alex Cahill is going to hate the day she ever messed with me!"                              

Kyle hands her a drink, "I told you she had a temper----she's been around Walker too long---he's taught her all that self defense stuff---you better be glad you weren't on the other end of her foot, I've seen her down in the gym sparring with him and using that kick boxing----but you wouldn't listen."                           

Rachel is getting angrier, as she stares back at Kyle, "We start making the calls tonight----and I want your friend to lay it on thick, I want Alexandra so angry at Walker that she will be chewing
nails----you got that?"                           

"You're forgetting something Rachel, what if Walker answers the phone?"                           

"He and that Ranger Trivette are involved in a homicide----our little friend from the warehouse?" 

Kyle chokes on his drink, "So soon, they found her body already?"                            

"So what? The important thing is, Walker and Trivette are going to be investigating it, and you know how those two are when they get involved in a case. It could take all night, maybe---several nights.


Jimmy is taking a shower and Nelda is pressuring him for details.                              

"Come on Jimmy---tell me---I need information for my book! Did the body smell---what did it smell like?"

"Nelda-----it smelled-----it was a putrid smell---a smell that is hard to get out of your memory. What information for your book, you don't want anything like this in your book."

"Yes, I do---that's what sells--- the gory details."                                 

"I'm on a case Nelda, I can't discuss it with you--you're just going to have to find something else to write about."                                

Nelda stomps her foot, "Oh rats."                                

Jimmy tries to kiss her goodbye and she pulls away from him, "Okay fine----be that way---I got to go ----it will be late before I get home."                                 

Nelda stomps around, her mind keeps going back to the man in the yellow Corvette. She thinks about what kind of story he would make, the things he could tell her about his travels, a man like that has to have traveled a lot---to far away romantic places etc, etc. She wonders what he does for a living. She hasn't seen him in the stockyards lately, maybe he's lost interest.

Walker and Trivette are still investigating the crime scene.                          

"Trivette, come over here!"                           

Trivette walks over to his partner, "What did you find?"                            

"I think I've found another set of footprints, these are about 50 yards from where the woman's body was found, someone else was standing here, cigarette butts all over the ground, lipstick on some of them."                            

"The lab will be able to tell us if the victim was the smoker," Trivette groans, "Poor choice of words --- sorry."                             

"Have them run a cast on that tire print."                              

"In the works, info should be coming back any minute now."                              

Walker looks at the footprint and then to the area where the victim was found. "How tall did the lab guys estimate the victim to be"?                           

"Around 5 foot 4 or so, why?"                            


"Around 120, give or take a few pounds, the lab guys says the victim was small boned, according to the length of her fingers----they'll be able to tell us more once all the reports are in."

"Rangers-----we got a cast from that tire print."                             

"Talk to us Wiley----what you got?"                              

"Well, it's not very good, but I'd say it was from a 16inch tire, Uniroyal, most likely."

"Why do you say Uniroyal---how can you tell the make of the tire, just from a cast?"    

"Well, Trivette, I am just guessing---but if I had a sports car---that's the brand of tire I would be using."   

"Wylie, how do you know it's a sports car?"                             

Walker tugs on Trivette's lapel and walks him over to the chalk line scrawled on the ground. "Okay, humor me----the victim's body is facing East, the killer had to walk to the front or the back of the auto to get the gasoline, right?"                            

Trivette nods. "Yeah---so?"                             

"Because you don't normally drive around with a gas can in plain sight, right? Okay, we have determined that the killer had to retrieve the gas from the trunk, the footsteps that we found have the killer walking in that direction, the same direction the victim was facing. He or she, preferably a man, because of the weight of the shoe print, came back and poured the liquid on the victim and igniting it, right?"                            

Trivette shrugs, "Okay, say all of that is correct----how do you determine that it's a sports car?"

"Because Trivette, the tire cast shows it to be a wide tire, the casts from the front tires are smaller --- meaning---you don't put wide tires on the front and smaller ones on the back. "

"I don't know Walk-man, the way the kids are "souping" up their cars, there's no telling what size tires will go where."                             

"That's true----but when we came into this warehouse, we hit a speed bump, didn't we?"  

"Yeah----and if wide tires were up front then------the rear end with smaller tires would have dragged over that speed bump---meaning we would have found paint marks---but we didn't." 

"And judging from the length of the auto, it was small----not like any of those muscle cars that we've seen with all the wide tires, and the "bouncing up and down’."                                 

Trivette frowns, "Okay, so we've assumed it's a sports car----tell me Walk-man---have we determined what color it is?"                                 

Walker nods, "I'm still working on that."                                  

Trivette tosses his head back and forth, mocking Walker. "I'm still working on that----I'm still working on that."                                  

Walker smiles, "Trivette---I'm tired---I'm going home, you can stay here for the rest of the morning---but I'm going to bed," Walker looks at his watch and frowns, "with luck I might be able to catch a couple of hours before Geronimo wakes up the world."                                  

"That must be some rooster that your Uncle Ray got this time---so he's mean, huh?"    

"Let's put it this way, those hens are so afraid of his ugly face, that they have been laying eggs faster than Alex can gather them, big ones, too."                              

"What about that fox, has he clashed with Geronimo yet?"                               

"Geronimo is so afraid of that fox, that he runs and hides under the hen house whenever that fox is anywhere around!  That's why he was all caught up in the chicken wire, he was trying to get
away from the fox."                             

Trivette is laughing, "But, he's not afraid of you big guy, how many times has he attacked you?" 

"Twice so far."                               

Trivette cracks up with laughter, "And, he's still alive?"

Walker crawls quietly into bed, Alex turns over and goes into his arms. He kisses her softly, "Get any weird phone calls?" he asks quietly.                      

"Only one," she answers kissing his chest.                        

"Who was it?"                         

"Your Uncle Ray----wanting to know if you had killed Geronimo yet! I said another morning of him waking us up at 4am--- and I was going to get out the frying pan."                         

Walker laughs, "I'll do the plucking-----and speaking of "plucking"----don't you have too many items of clothing on?"                          

Alex purrs, "Start plucking, Cowboy."

Nelda is getting ready for the evening crowd when she sees the man from the yellow convertible come in. He looks around slowly and then nods to her. She walks over to him.              

"Hi stranger-----what'll you have?"               

"How about a gin and tonic, and you beside me---flying down I-30 in my rag top?"               

Nelda laughs, "Sorry-----we don't serve anything but beer here."                

The man laughs, "Well----we could shake this place and go somewhere a little more classier---what time you get off?"                

C.D. is watching the scene, he keeps trying to remember where he’d seen the man before. The guy is wearing sunglasses, making it difficult for C.D. to get a clear look.                

Nelda thinks about the offer, this would certainly be a good time to get some info for her book. "You're not one of those weirdo’s----are you?"                 

The man laughs and points to himself, "Me? Honey, I' m harmless."                 

"Uh huh----that's what Ted Bundy said to his victims----before he killed them!"                   

The man laughs and tries to put his arm around Nelda, "Sweets-----I wouldn't hurt a fly---trust me."      

Nelda pushes his hand away, "The last time a guy told me that-----he soon got a knee to the balls---in other words, don't be handing me no cow manure!"                    

The man backs up, "Sorry----I thought we 'clicked' the other day---I was wrong----I'll be going."     

"Wait a minute-----do you always give up so quick?"

"Only when I think I'm wasting the time of a pretty young thing."

Nelda turns around and sees C.D. staring back at her----"Look----I'll try to get off early---I'll meet you out front at 9:30----okay?"                      

The man agrees and walks out.                      

C.D. does not like what he's seeing; he calls Nelda over.                      

"Who was that man----I know him from somewhere?"                        

Nelda tries to play it off, "What man?"                        

"You know the man I'm referring to----Nelda----what are you up to?"                          

Nelda tells C.D. that she wants to get some info for her book and that she's going to have  a drink with him later.                         

"And, what about Jimmy?------What do I tell him when he comes to pick you up tonight?" 

"Jimmy is on case with Cordell----they'll be gone all night again. I get tired of staying home alone all the time---I'll only be gone a couple of hours----just tell Jimmy I'm with a friend."

C.D.'s temper starts to rise, "I'm not lying to Jimmy-----I'm not telling him anything little lady---you can do your own lying ----keep me out of this!"

Walker and Trivette have stopped for a late lunch at a little cafe about five miles from the scene of the homicide.                       

"Okay, Walker, what are we missing here? This whole case is not making any sense-----a lover's quarrel gone wrong, the boyfriend gets mad and torches her?"                        

The waitress comes and takes their order, Walker sighs. "I don't much think it was a lover's spat---there was another woman standing around. The three of them were talking for some time---the cigarette butts and all."

You don't think it was lover's spat, a third party involved---what more reason for a lover's quarrel?"

"If I knew the answer to that, we would have our case solved, did you get an ID on the victim?"

"Yeah, a Terri Hatton, small time rap sheet, some prostitution, breaking and entering, she worked as telephone operator for awhile."                           

"What happened?"                            

"She got caught trying to sell some equipment to a buyer down in Mexico, small stuff---recording equipment, etc etc. She 'copped' a plea, got off on good behavior, probation." 

"Who was her lawyer?"                             

"Daniels, Mark Daniels-----know him?"                             

Walker takes a drink of his coffee, "I've heard Alex mention him, and she’s not too fond of him. He's taken a few cases away from her that she says would have definitely meant time at Huntsville---if she had been prosecuting."                             

Trivette smiles, "Yeah----we need more ADA's like Alex, she doesn't mess around with the plea bargaining-----I hope I never have to come up before her on the other end of the law---she'd throw my butt so far back in jail----I'd never see daylight."                          

Walker laughs, "Well---then don't ever break the law in Tarrant county."                        

The two men laugh, Trivette looks at his partner. "It's sure good seeing you in a good mood again, partner----so I take it----everything is alright between you two? Is Alex still staying at the

"Everything is fine Trivette, we talked everything out, we got everything out in the open about ----Marilee-----and that "Juan" guy ! As far as I'm concerned---all of that is in the past and that's right where I want to  keep it!----I never want to go through anything like that again." 

"That's great----and what about you and Alex----is there a relationship now----no more "platonic" stuff---I hope you're past that now?"                         

Walker takes a bite of his lunch, "Trivette ----the only thing I'm going to tell you about mine and Alex's relationship is that I am sorry we took so long in getting one started."                         

Trivette's eyes grow big, "Then you are having a relationship----admit it big guy----you and Alex -----are lovers----admit it!"                        

Walker looks at his partner----"Just don't go telling the whole building--------it's no one's business --- okay?" 

"I can tell C.D., can't I?"                        

"I'm sure C.D. has already figured it out----with Alex staying at the ranch and all."

"YES! I'm so happy for you big guy, and Alex too. ----Let me tell you Walk-man there were some times when we were on stakeouts and you were in such a foul mood that I thought about getting another partner."

"Really? I was that bad to be around?"                          

"You were like an old grizzly-----actually you were worse than an old grizzly."                            

"Trivette----something is bothering me about those "bugs", voice enhancers, whatever you and Zeke said they were. Why put them in my phones, wouldn't it make more sense for them to be in the phones that were doing the transmitting, instead of the receivers?"                           

"Ordinarily, yes, but they can go in both the transmitter and the receivers, just an added piece of assurance on the part of whoever planted them----whom I believe is not too smart----To risk going into your ranch house to plant them, that alone is suicidal----which tells me that their elevators don't go all the way to the top!"

"They're definitely amateurs-----to fall out of the receiver like that."                     

Trivette's eyes roll back and forth, "On the other hand ---it could have been someone who's heard about your dislike for the telephone! Maybe someone that has seen you throw the cell phones out the window of the Ram, someone that knows how rough you are with Ma Bell and how you throw phones in the floor.   ----And maybe-------"                      

Walker sighs and hands the check to Trivette----"Trivette----pay the bill and let's get out of here."!

"I paid it the last time-----don't tell me you're broke again."

Nelda is waiting outside of C.D.'s, she doesn't have to wait long as the yellow Corvette pulls up, and she gets in. C.D. is watching from the picture window, he shakes his head as the sports car pulls out. He stands there for the longest, mumbling to himself.                   

"Hi C.D.-----what's going on?"                     

C.D. looks up to see Alex standing before him, all smiles.                     

"Alex----honey---good to see you--what are you doing out so late?"                     

"On my way back to the ranch----C.D. are you okay?"                      

The big man nods his head, and looks back to the window, "I guess I'm okay-----that darn gal is looking for trouble."                       

Alex is puzzles as she puts her arm through C.D.'s and they walk back to the counter, "What darn gal are you referring to?"                        

"Nelda! Who else----Alex, there's trouble brewing, I can feel it, and that man that she left with---I know I've seen him before and the feeling I'm getting makes the hairs on my neck stand straight up!"                          

"C.D. sit down---I'll let you buy me a cup of coffee and you can tell me all about it---okay?"

The Corvette is weaving in and out of traffic, Nelda checks to make sure her seatbelt is fastened

"Hey Mario Andretti---how about slowing down to around a 100 ----think you can manage that?"

Kyle turns to Nelda, "What's the matter sweets----don't like going fast?"

Nelda frowns, wishing she had listened to C.D.---"I would just like to be able to talk without needing oxygen----so slow it down or you can let me out----do you comprende, Jose?"

"Okay, okay, we're almost there anyways."

"THERE? Where is there?"                             

"My place---I have a townhouse, lots of booze, a hot tub, etc, etc.                              

"Wait a minute BOZO----I didn't say anything about going to your place."                              

Kyle reaches for her hand, she jerks it back, "You didn't have to----it's written all over your face."

"I don't know what you're trying to pull, but you better watch that hand of yours or you're going to be pulling back a stub!"                                  

"What's with you? You've been coming on to me big time---I know your kind----you want to be paid---I'll give you a couple of dollars----do you give good blow jobs?"                                

Nelda reaches out and slaps him across the face with her purse, "You son of a----------" 

The Corvette swerves as Kyle tries to dodge the purse as they cross two lanes and are almost hit head-on by a semi. The sports car continues flying till it goes down an embankment, Kyle hits the brakes as they almost hit a guardrail.. He reaches over and opens the passenger door and yells at Nelda to get out.                    

"Gladly! You almost killed us---you creep!"                       

The Corvette speeds off, and Nelda is standing alone at the side of Interstate 30.

The telephone rings at C.D.'s and Sandi calls out to the big man. He turns to Alex.      

"Gotta see who that is honey, can I get Sandi to fix you a sandwich or something?"  

"I'm fine C.D., I told Walker I would have breakfast with him and Jimmy at I-Hop around 3am, so I'm heading to the ranch for a couple of hours' sleep."                         

As Alex is heading to the door, C.D. yells out to her. She can hear him yelling back into the phone, "Did that SOB hurt you----are you sure you're okay?"                       

C.D. hangs up the phone, "That was Nelda----that SOB put her out of his car, she's stranded up on I-30 near Beltline Dr. at a Alsups, Alex---can you pick her up? I would, but------"  

"I'm on my way C.D., if she calls back---tell her to stay put."

The DPS is on the scene investigating the near collision of the semi and the Corvette. The semi has jackknifed and is halfway across the interstate. Walker and Trivette come up on the scene as they talk to the troopers. Convinced that all is under control, the two Rangers continue west. Alex is heading east and they just fail to see each other as she too has to slow down for the congestion.

Alex picks Nelda up and takes her to Jimmy's apartment.                       

"I can't believe that I could be so stupid----Alex was anyone hurt?"                          

"I don't think so, but Nelda---you will have to make out a report, describe this guy to the police so they can arrest him for reckless driving and life endangerment."                         

"I can't do that! ----I can't let Jimmy know about tonight---oh, please, Alex---I can't let him know------I can't!"                         

"I'm sorry Nelda, it's out of my hands---as Assistant District Attorney, I can't let this slide----that man is dangerous----you were lucky he didn't kill you with his driving---or kill some innocent motorists."  

Nelda is crying, "You're right----okay."                           

"Why don't you go take a shower, and then we will go to the DPS and make out a report."


"Yes Nelda---tonight. We don't want that maniac out on the roads any longer than we can help."

After the report is made, Alex goes back to Jimmy's apartment with Nelda. It doesn't take long for word to reach Trivette, he and Walker head for his apartment. As soon as he sees that she's all right, he starts yelling at her.                          

"What the hell were you doing in that car---with another man? Who was he?"                           

Walker looks to Alex, "Alex---what's going on here?" he whispers.                           

Alex pulls on his jacket, "Let's go outside in the hall and I'll tell you."                          

As Alex is trying to tell Walker about the incident, the yelling inside gets louder till Walker has to go back in and try and get Trivette calmed down.                          

"Lower your voice Trivette-----"                          

Alex tries to console Nelda, and Jimmy is walking around in circles, cursing under his breath. He looks back at Nelda, "Who is he, Nelda----and you better not be lying to me----how long has this been going on?"    

"Nothing has been going on, I just wanted to get information for my book and I thought----------"

"Screw your book! Trivette lunges for Nelda and Walker pulls him back.

"Back off Trivette----leave her be!"                            

Trivette stares at Walker and then to Nelda, "I want to know how long have you been seeing this guy---and don't try to tell me that it's all innocent, because I know better----I’m the WHIZ KID!"

Nelda stops and stares at Trivette, Walker and Alex look at other in total confusion, Walker whispers, "Whiz Kid----what's he talking about now?"

Trivette's voice has lowered as he glares at Nelda, "Do you want to tell them or do you want me?"

"Tell them what, Jimmy?"                             

Jimmy shakes his head slowly, "Ohhhh, I think Alex would love to know what you really think of her----- and to know that if she was out of the picture---you would still be making a play for CORDELL---tell them Nelda!"                             

Walker pulls on Trivette's jacket, "Leave it be Trivette----before you say something you'll regret." 

Alex looks to Nelda, Nelda shakes her head, "I didn't mean those things, I really didn't!"

Trivette smirks, "Oh no, you didn't mean for anyone to know your true feelings for Walker except for the Whiz Kid, you didn't know that was me---did you Nelda?"

Nelda says slowly, "You were playing a trick on me----pretending to be someone else?"

"Yeah, that's right---I always felt you were holding something back, and I was right, wasn't I?"

Nelda swings out at Jimmy, he ducks and Walker gets hit, right in the mouth! Jimmy then goes after Nelda and Walker goes after him, trying to pin his arms back. Trivette puts an elbow to Walker's ribcage and then a right cross. Walker dives at Trivette, knocking him to the floor and almost taking Alex with them. Alex scrambles trying to get out of their way and yelling at Walker to get off of Trivette. Trivette is still swinging at Walker until Walker gets him in a hammerlock.                    

"Calm down Trivette or so help me---the 'sleep hold' is next."                      

Alex is pulling on Walker's jacket, "Walker----don't----Jimmy give it up."                      

Finally Trivette stops fighting and Walker lets him up. Trivette looks to Nelda.                       

"Get your things and get out---now."                        

"I don't have any place to go."                         

Trivette says very quietly, "Then I will leave----you got one week to find a place to stay----when I get back----you better be gone."                        

Trivette storms out and Walker goes after him. Alex looks to Nelda.                        

"How could you hurt him like that----the man is crazy about you?"                          

Nelda says nothing and Alex walks out.                     

Alex walks towards the Ram, Walker is on the radio and Trivette is walking around in circles, kicking out at imaginary objects and cursing to him self!                      

"Walker----is he going to be okay?"                       

Walker hangs the phone up. "I hope so, I called some backup to go out and do our stakeout till I can get there-----I'm going to take Trivette off the case."                         

Alex shakes her head, "I can't believe Nelda would hurt him this way-----I got to talk to him." 

Walker walks with her over to Trivette, the young Ranger puts his hands up----"Leave me alone----I don't want to talk about it----just get away and leave me be."                       

"We're not leaving you alone, Jimmy-----you're hurting and we are here to help you----whether you like it or not"!!!                       

"That's right partner-----we're not leaving till we know you're alright!"                         

Trivette turns and stares at them, "How can you say that after what I just said in there-----are you both deaf?  Nelda is playing us all for fools---- and I'm the biggest one----JAMES TRIVETTE the biggest fool that ever lived!"                          

Alex walks up to Trivette, "Stop it Jimmy ----you are no fool!----you gave your heart to that woman---- if having feelings for someone is being a fool----then we've all been there---come on Jimmy, talk to us----we're here for you."                          

Jimmy turns to look at Alex; his eyes are filled with tears. Alex holds out her arms and Jimmy goes to her. "I'm sorry Alex, Walker-----I never meant for you guys to hear any of that----you know I would never hurt you two----I love you guys---you know that."                           

Walker reaches out and slaps Trivette on the shoulder, "It's okay, partner-----we understand. Why don't you take the rest of the night off---I can finish up the shift."                          

"I can handle my shift Walker."                           

Walker nods, "But as senior officer I say take the night off-----and that's an order." 

Alex reaches for her car keys and takes some keys off, "Here----stay at my apartment till this is all straightened out----okay?"                            

"There is nothing to get straightened out------I never want to see her again-----she better be out of my apartment by the end of the week, or I'll kick her out."                           

"Okay, sweetheart" Alex touches his cheek, "I think she got the message----go---go to my apartment----get some rest."                           

Trivette reaches down and kisses Alex on the cheek and mumbles "thank you."                          

Trivette heads to his little Mustang, Walker and Alex watch as he rubs at his eyes. Walker breathes a sigh of relief, putting his arm around Alex's waist and walks her to her car. 

"I guess I'd better call C.D., I know he's worried."                           

"Alex----just tell C.D. to give Trivette some space----C.D. is going to want to ask a lot of questions and play "Mother Hen" that's the last thing Trivette needs right now."                           

"Okay, you're right---Are you going to be alright on this stakeout alone?"                           

He kisses her lightly, "I'll be fine----it's not the first time I've been on one alone----besides my relief will be relieving me in about 4 hours, I'll see you at home."

The phone rings constantly. C.D. is calling, wanting to know how Nelda is, where is Jimmy, where is he staying, he needs someone to talk to. No sooner than Alex gets all those questions answered, than the "superintendent" of her building is calling and wanting to know why a black guy has keys to her apartment. Alex tells the "super" that Jimmy has her permission to stay there. The "super" gets snappy with Trivette, he argues back and the "super" tells him to leave.

Nelda is calling Alex wanting to know where Jimmy is, they have words over the phone and Alex takes the phone off the hook. She is just starting to fall asleep when Geronimo starts crowing!                      

"Four am, already?" Alex looks at the clock, it's only 3am and Geronimo is crowing loud and clear!

Walker is leaning up against the window of his truck, fighting to stay awake when he hears a faint tap on the window. He reaches for his gun and then he sees Alex.                        

"Alex----what's wrong?"                       

She holds up a fresh thermos, "Nothing------want some company?"                         

"I don't know lady-----my girlfriend gets pretty jealous when I let pretty women sit in my truck with me-----she likes to throw things."

Alex giggles, motioning for him to scoot over----"That's okay,--she doesn't have anything to throw tonight----she's too exhausted-----she can't get any sleep."                        

Walker scoots over to the center of the truck, taking the thermos, "Why can't you get any sleep?"

She lays her head on his shoulder, "Because the phone won't stop ringing, and Geronimo has started in an hour earlier---I figured I would come and pester you."                         

"Pester me all you want counselor," he kisses her lightly and puts his left arm around her, "now all we need is some action from these guys, and we might add a high speed chase to your sleepless night."                          

"Who are you surveying----anyone dangerous?"                          

"Just the Carson boys."                           

Alex groans, "Not them again? Didn't they learn their lesson the last time?"                           

"Their kind never learns, Alex. And when DA's like Daniels keep letting them off,  and Kyle Underwood keeps appointing Daniels to their cases----they'll never see much jail time." 

Alex lays her head back down on Walker's chest, "Wake me up before your shift is over, so I won't embarrass you in front of your relief and I can get out of here."                            

"Embarrass me? I will be the envy of the every law officer that has ever had to do a long and boring night of stakeouts. I would do stakeouts standing on my head, if it meant having a beautiful and sexy woman like you sharing my shift. In fact, you can keep me company like this every night ------"                          



"Would you shut up, so I can get some sleep?" 

"You did what?"                             

Rachel is staring back at Kyle, the man is a total wreck. His hands are shaking as he recalls the earlier events.

"You heard me-----I almost had a wreck earlier, a semi almost plowed into me-----I got to get rid of that Vette!"

Rachel listens as Kyle tells her what happened.                            

"Of all the stupid and ignoramus things---that was you up on I-30 the one that caused that semi to jackknife-----and you leave the scene of the accident?"                              

"What did you expect me to do? I couldn't hang around, I'm the District Attorney----for Christ's sake----how would that look on my record?"                            

Rachel shakes her head, "I can't believe how stupid you are----who was the bimbo that was with you Kyle----and don't tell me you were alone----there's got to be woman involved-----or a young girl -----which one was it Kyle?"                           

Kyle tells her everything about picking up Nelda and the "joy ride" down I-30. Rachel is furious as she downs the whiskey from Kyle's liquor cabinet.                          

"I told you to stay away from her-----she's dating that Ranger Trivette-----you are going to mess everything up-----we were all prepared to make those phone calls tonight. This would have been the perfect time----with Walker on an all night stake-out----and Alex would be at the ranch alone."                          

"So? What was stopping you? Did you make the calls?"                           

"No----you idiot! Alex wasn't at the ranch till around 1am, then we couldn't get through because someone kept calling her constantly-----!"                        

"Rachel-----this has got to be a sign for us just to forget all of this crap and get on with our lives. Walker is never going to have anything to do with you, he's in love with Alex and she loves
him-----let's forget it!"                         

"Never!" Rachel screams back at Kyle. She's still got the bruise from Alex's fist-----"that little bitch is going to pay------and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. Even if I don't get Walker-----I will enjoy watching her hurt!"                           

Kyle reaches for another drink, "So what's next?"                           

"First of all-----does this bimbo know who you are----were you stupid enough to tell her that?"      

"She doesn't know me Rachel, she thinks I'm from out of town or something----I didn't tell her anything!"

"Surprise, surprise------now what about your car? We have to get rid of it----not only because of her, but because of that wreck you caused. So far I don't think a license number was caught-----that's a good thing-----so get rid of it!!!! You know how to make it disappear, call your friends at that "chop shop" and get another car as soon as possible-----something a little less noticeable?" 

"Okay, okay. I'll take care of it. What about the calls----when do we start on them?"  

Rachel walks over to Kyle’s phone and dials Walker's number----the line still has a busy signal.

"Damn it----------- who does she talk to at this time of the morning?"                         

"Maybe she took the phone off the hook."                         

Rachel is walking around, smoking one cigarette after another, "I have another idea." 

Kyle groans, "Rachel-----forget it!"                          

"Let me ask you something Kyle, when you were playing around on your wife and bringing them sweet little young things back to your apartment-------surely they must have left little "items" behind----right?"   

"Sometimes a bra or panties were left behind-----why?"

Rachel stares at Kyle, "Yeah and I just bet that these items weren't all the times--mistakes on the young girls'  parts-----I know how you like to keep souvenirs------and you probably made sure that "something" was left behind for your own little enjoyment----later?"                         

Kyle recalls keeping the souvenirs, that was his downfall, and that led to his wife finding out about his affairs.

"Yeah-----so what?"

"Well, Alexandra is staying at Walker's ranch----what if she started finding little "items" that were left behind not only by Marilee, but other women as well?"                           

Kyle downs his drink, "And just how----are these little "items" going to start surfacing in the Walker house-----and who is going to put them there?"                           

Rachel smiles back at Kyle, "Where did you hide the "items" that were left behind? The hamper, chest-of -drawers, or under the mattress?"                            

Kyle shakes his head, "No way----I'm not going to the Walker ranch and try to plant those items ----no way."                            

Rachel walks towards him and then grabs his crotch,  "You don't have any choice! Now start thinking of places, that aren't too obvious----but Alex will definitely find them."

He sits back in the shadows and watches, his eyes are very observant as he watches the sneaky little creature get closer to his domain. The creature lowers his head and moves forward almost in a crawl, he doesn't know he's being watched.                         

As the creature gets closer to his destination, the eyes of the observer are narrowing and a low sound can be heard coming from his throat. For every step the small animal is making, the observer is making two, stopping, and tilting his head back and forth, His eyes are crooked, one is set higher in his head, his beak is crooked, with a jagged look.  The observer gives a low cackle and his wings are starting to shift slightly, as he edges closer behind the small red animal with the bushy tail. The predator is eyeing a small hen that has just wandered out into the yard. The animal watches the fowl, slowly licking his lips, crawling forward on his belly. Just as the fox makes a flying leap into the air after the young hen, Geronimo flies through the air with his talons outstretched and lands on the fox's back!                            

The fox screams out in pain as the shrieks from Geronimo pierce through the early morning like that of a war cry! The rooster goes straight for the eyes of the fox with his beak, the red fur is flying everywhere! The talons are digging into the back of the fox as the fox is desperately trying to get away and in his haste to get away, he heads right into the hen house! All the hens are squawking and flying through the air, and feathers are flying. The fox tries to get out the other end, but there is no escape! He turns to face his attacker, the big red and black rooster stands his ground and stares back cross-eyed at the fox. The low cackle in the rooster's throat becomes more of a taunt, as Geronimo scratches at the ground, like a wild bull.             

The fox is getting nervous as he snarls, showing his teeth, as he paces back and forth still looking for a way out.  Geronimo leaps into the air and the battle has begun. The fox is running all over the hen house, nests are overturned and eggs are being broken as Geronimo is still in hot pursuit. He catches the fox by his tail, his beak and his claws shredding the bushy fur. The fox is howling and heading for the other end of the hen house when he spots the fence and over he jumps. Geronimo flies over the fence and chases the fox for as long as he can till the fox disappears in some bushes. Geronimo starts back to the yard, his head held high, strutting, he gives out another cackle and then goes into a full crow----of victory!                    

Walker and Alex are just pulling into the driveway. Alex has parked her car first as she turns and looks at Walker, he's staring towards the hen house and listening to Geronimo crow. He looks at his watch and shakes his head. "It's almost 6am and that damn bird is still crowing!"                     

"Maybe there's something wrong with him-----roosters aren't suppose to crow all the time----are they?"

Walker groans, as they walk into the house.

"I know one thing, if my Uncle doesn't take that damn bird back with him to the reservation, I'm going to ring his neck and you can serve him up on a platter, surrounded by dumplings."

Alex laughs as she reaches out and grabs Walker's hand and they head upstairs, "Serve who on a platter with dumplings, Geronimo or your Uncle?"                    

To which Walker replies, "One old bird is about as tough as the other."

It's been three days since Nelda took the 'joy ride" with the stranger in the yellow Corvette. She's still working at C.D.'s, he's been cordial towards her, but deep down, he's upset that she would treat Jimmy this way. She does her job, saying very little to the customers and even less to C.D. or the other waitresses.                      

Walker and Alex come in for lunch, taking their usual booth near the back, C.D. joins them.

C.D. is worried, "Has anyone heard from Jimmy, is he alright?"

"C.D., Jimmy is fine. Walker and I saw him yesterday morning, he's flying back to Baltimore for a few days, he says he just needs some time away."                          

The big man nods his head, "Okay, I tried calling him at your place Alex, he wasn't saying much."

"He wasn't saying much to us either C.D.----so I talked him into taking some time off and going home for a few days."                          

Sandi comes over to take their order, as Nelda stays near the bar and waits on customers there. She makes no effort to go and say anything to Walker or Alex.                           

"So, what is going to happen about that accident, will charges be filed against Nelda?"

Alex shakes her head, "What charges C.D., she wasn't driving----and no one can prove that she was in the car with this guy? She still refuses to give the sketch artist his description, saying it was her fault-----that she hit the guy while he was driving and that made him go off the highway."                         

"And no one got a license number-----all we know is that it was a late model yellow Corvette," replies Walker.                          

They sit for a few minutes not saying anything and then Walker breaks out in a wide grin------"Well, did you hear the good news C.D. about Alex getting nominated as "LAWYER OF THE YEAR?"                           

"Get out of here!" Grins C.D. "Is that right honey?"                          

Alex smiles, "I've been nominated, it's quite an honor, there were a lot of lawyers nominated from the Metroplex-----not to mention the whole state of Texas!"                          

Walker kisses her cheek, "Maybe so----but you're the most beautiful-----you're going to win it hon, I know you will."                           

"Which means that there will be a black tie dinner, and a certain cowboy will have to wear a suit or a tux." 

"She must be talking about you C.D.," teases Walker.                           

Alex reaches over and jabs Walker in the side, "I was talking about you and C.D.!"   

C.D. mumbles, "A tuxedo? Why do we have to get all "gussied up" to sit around watching a bunch of yahoo lawyers present a plaque----why can't we just wear our everyday clothes for that?"                             

Walker looks at C.D. and sees that the big man is only teasing Alex, "I said the very same thing C.D.-----and Alex hit me with a pillow."                           

"Well! If you two guys don't want to dress up and come to the country club to sit with me, then fine! I'll just find someone else to go with," She teases right back at them.

C.D. laughs and Walker does his best impression of McCauley Calkin's  famous line, "I--don't think so!"

"Actually C.D. there is more to this year's glamour event, first place gets a trip to Hawaii for 7 days and seven nights."                            

"Now that makes winning almost worth getting all "gussied up " for----but how are you going to get Cordell to Hawaii----I just can't picture him on the beach, suntan lotion all over him, one of those little drinks with the umbrella sticking out, a Hawaiian shirt, and BOOTS?"                         

"You forgot the hula girls, C.D.," Walker reminds him.                           

Again, another jab to Walker's side, "You just remember there are island boys over there too. So C.D.----you're coming as my guest---right? You and Maize?"                           

C.D. chuckles, "Oh, yes we'll be there Alex----and this will give Maize another excuse to buy a new dress."                           

Walker sighs, "It's sure a good thing that we men don't buy a tux or fancy suit every time an event like this comes up-----because if we did…"                          

"Because if you did … what?" Alex says looking back at Walker, daring him to finish that sentence.

He reaches under the table and squeezes her left thigh, "If we did----then I'd be ---out buying another new tux."                           

"Why do you complain so much about wearing a tuxedo, you always look so handsome----doesn't he C.D.?"                            

"Oh, by all means Alex-----just the very words I would use to describe Cordell." 

Alex frowns at the big man, "You're a lot of help!!---Well I think Walker looks very handsome in a tux, I think you look better than Clint Eastwood!"                           

C.D. laughs out loud, "I wouldn't go as far to say that Alex---maybe better than that monkey that was in that movie with Eastwood!"                          

They all laugh, and then Alex leaves to go back to her office.

"This is perfect----perfect timing," Rachel is grinning from ear to ear.                           

Kyle turns over in bed and reaches for her again, "What's perfect timing?"                          

"This! You over-sexed baboon----as she points to the newspaper, "It's the Lawyers' Ball, it's a big fancy shin-dig at the country club and guess who has been nominated?"                            

Kyle groans and lays back in bed, "I know, I know-----Alex Cahill has been nominated----I'm on the board Rachel---remember? Her name was the first one nominated from the Metroplex.  She got the majority of the boards' vote, she's pretty much got it won."                            

"Good," Rachel smirks, "And that means that she and Walker will be attending the gala, and that will give us the opportunity to do our dirty deed----are you ready?"                          

"I told you Rachel-----I am not going to Walker's ranch----it's too dangerous."                           

She turns and slaps Kyle with the paper, "And, I told you----you got no choice. I have too much on you Kyle, I have all the proof I need to see you sent to Huntsville----and Kyle that place is not too popular with lawyers---get my point?"                     

"Aren't you forgetting something Rachel, you're suppose to be at that ball with your husband, the mayor? And, it wouldn't look right if yours truly---the District Attorney, didn't at least make a showing, since I am on the board that elected Alex."                       

"Oh, we're going to be there alright, but only for a little while, as soon as the awards are given out and the dancing and dinner starts---we're out of there and we head for Walker's ranch. You have the "items", don't you?"

It's the evening before the big ball, and Walker has been digging fence holes.  Alex comes out of the ranch house with her little basket in which she gathers the eggs. Walker looks up, wiping the sweat from his brow. His shirt is open all the way down the front and hanging out of his jeans, Alex has a puzzled look on her face.                         

"Hi hon, what's wrong?"                          

She shakes her head, "Jimmy just called----he's back from Baltimore and he says he will see us at the ball tomorrow night."                         

"That's great---that means that he's feeling alright if he's up to going out to that fancy ‘shindig’!" 

Alex says nothing, as Walker puts down the post digger and walks towards her.                           

"It's a good sign, isn't it?"                           

"Walker----he's taking Nelda to the ball!"                            

"What? When did this all come about?"                            

"Apparently, Jimmy has been calling Nelda from Baltimore and they worked their problems out."

"Well----it's his business and his life---we have to respect his decision---so how do you feel about her sharing our table with us?"                              

Alex smiles faintly, "Like you said, it's his decision. If he can forgive her for what's happened, we can too---right---we'll do it for Jimmy."                             

Alex looks back at Walker, "Are you about through?"                              

"Yeah, I'm through----why?"                               

She grabs his hand, "Good! You can keep Geronimo busy while I gather the eggs---he attacked me yesterday morning."                                 

"Yeah, he was trying to claw me the whole time I was trying to get the hen house cleaned up---finally I threw a burlap sack over his head and threw him out into the yard. He was as mad as a hornet trying to get that sack off his head."                             

They walk cautiously towards the hen house; Geronimo and another rooster are having a few words near the other end of the chicken yard. Alex breathes a sigh of relief as she goes to the nests and starts gathering the eggs. Walker is inspecting his work from a couple of days before. He's bending down to check on some wire that has come loose, when he raises up, he gets an egg splattered all over the front of his shirt. Alex is standing there with a devilish grin.                        

"Ooops!---It slipped!"                        

"Yeah, right," answers Walker, as he walks towards her.                           

Alex giggles, "Look at the size of these eggs, Walker----they're huge!"                          

He looks down at the mess on his shirt, "Yeah----I can tell."                          

He then takes the basket of eggs from Alex and one by one, he cracks them over her head, the yolk running down her hair and onto her face. She says nothing as she reaches over and tucks his shirt in, and starts putting the eggs inside his shirt. She laughs.                        

"I've always wanted to do this----I saw this on a I LOVE LUCY episode------where Ricky was walking around with eggs inside his shirt, remember?"                         

Walker frowns, "Alex----I recall that it was Lucy that had all the eggs in her shirt." 

Alex shakes her head, "No honey---you're wrong ---it was Ricky."                           

"No Alex---it was Lucy," and he pulls the front of her blouse out and starts shoving the eggs down into her bra, and then he starts pulling on the front of her jeans as she's trying to pull away from him. They're moving around the hen house and the hens are squawking, trying to get out of their way.                             

Alex tries running and Walker grabs her, she elbows him and all the eggs crack, . He releases her and when he does, she takes her hand and smashes the few eggs that remained uncracked. The yuk from the eggs go down the front of his jeans.                         

She taunts him, "Oooooohh Baby-----couldn't you wait?"                           

"Oh, you're going to get it," he yells back at her, "I’m going to cover every inch of your body with egg!" 

Alex starts running to the other end of the hen house and climbing up on some bales of hay trying to get away from him. She's giggling as he grabs her foot and starts pulling her down. He reaches over in another nest and grabs a couple of eggs and commences to break and smear
them down inside her blouse.                      

The chickens are flying everywhere, and the feathers are starting to stick to the gook left by the eggs. They do not see their little "terror" come in. He stands in the doorway, watching them, the low throaty cackle just barely audible. His eyes go back and forth as he watches the two humans making a mess of his "haven" not to mention, terrorizing his "harem".                     

Walker now has Alex's blouse completely soaked with eggs as he puts his hand in all the gook and then smears it all over her face. She's yelling back at him that she gives up, he won't listen as he starts pulling her pants down.                      

"Walker------I give up----I promise!"                       

"Nope----to late---you are getting a egg bath," he answers and pulls her pants down to her boots. He then reaches over and takes a whole nest of eggs and starts cracking them with one hand, while holding her down with the other. Alex can hardly speak, she's laughing so hard. Finally Walker gets his "masterpiece" completed and Alex is covered with yellow and white slime.

She raises up off the bale of hay and stares down at her body, she's still giggling. "O.k. Cowboy-----your turn!"                       

Walker looks around, "Too late----I've already used up all the eggs."                     

Alex looks up on the second tier, "No you didn't, there are still eggs left and now it's my turn!"  

"Now wait a minute Alex----we have to save some for our breakfast, and what about my Uncle Ray----what if he comes back today and all the eggs are gone?"                        

Alex reaches down and pulls her boots off, "You should have thought about that about a dozen eggs ago-------okay, Cowboy reach them eggs for me, so I can start on my masterpiece."  

Walker reaches up and grabs a nest and hands them reluctantly to Alex, "I really should be getting back to my work, you know I don't have time for all this."                         

"Lay down or do you prefer to have your body smeared standing up?"                          

Walker plops down on the bale of hay, "Smear away------I'm at your mercy!"                          

Alex lays the nest of eggs down beside him and then straddles him, taking his shirt off. She covers his chest in the slime, making a slapping sound every time she does.                         

"Oooooohhh Walker, we could be starting something, this stuff gets kind of sticky as it starts to dry, giving a "suction" feeling."                           

He grins back at her and starts undoing the snaps on the back of her bra, "Don't I know it."

He takes the bra off and throws it across the henhouse without looking; it lands on Geronimo's head! The bird twists his head back and forth till he gets it off. He stares back at the humans, slowly edging towards them.

Alex is now undoing Walker's belt buckle and slowly pulling his jeans down. Walker keeps laughing at her, she's a sight with the egg slime all over her face and  yellow yolk in her hair. She sees him grinning and reaches out and shoves some of the yolk into his mouth.                          

He's trying to spit the yolk out as Alex gets his jeans down to his boots. "Okay, Cowboy, kick your boots off and hurry, this stuff is starting to get really ‘icky’."                          

Walker kicks his boots off and Alex takes her panties off and throws them over her head, they land on top of one of the hens, who cackles and flies out the door.  She then straddles Walker again, smearing the rest of the egg on his lower half.                          

She licks the top of her mouth, "Now let's see how this tastes," she teases.                         

She starts very slowly at the base of his erection, moving slowly up and down and over the top.

"Not bad " she teases. "And all this time, I thought that eggs were just good for washing your
hair-----and eating."                          

Walker breathes deep as he reaches down and pulls her up to him, and lays her gently beside him. He gently pulls the feathers away from her breast and takes the left and then the right, sucking very gently, his tongue circling the nipples. He traces her belly all the way down to her navel, gently darting his tongue in and out. The blonde curls on her vagina have been untouched by the eggs. He reaches over and grabs the last egg, holds it up about 6 inches and cracks it, letting the gook fall onto her mound.                          

He goes back up to her lips and kisses her long and tender, his tongue dancing inside. He takes a deep breath as he looks into her blue eyes, and says softly.                          

"I think I've found a new way of eating eggs-----egg ala mound."                            

Alex sighs as he inches himself past the entree, and to the main meal. He lets his tongue glide slowly over the top and then down to the insides of her thighs, and back. Each time he goes
deeper with his tongue, she can feel the slime's gooky feeling. He takes his finger and shoves the broken egg deeper inside. He then slips his tongue back in, and pulls gently on her vaginal walls, releasing them and pulling on them again. A second finger goes inside her, as Walker twists slowly and deeper, first his tongue and then the fingers.                         

Alex is breathing harder and arching her back as Walker takes his left hand and to the back of her buttocks, holding her closer to him. His tempo is increasing as the fingers go deeper as so does his tongue.  Alex's cries of ecstasy are getting Geronimo's attention as he cocks his head back and forth at the strange sounds. He gets closer.                         

Walker's onslaught is causing Alex to rise up, motioning for Walker to enter her. He goes back to her lips, "You're not getting off this easy, there are more territories to rediscover."   

Alex purrs, "Ooh, rediscover them---please!"                          

He turns her over and commences to smear the "gook" over her buttocks, slipping his fingers into her crevice, then his tongue. The egg is starting to dry, giving a "tightening" feeling to Walker's manhood as he enters her gently.  His fingers go to the front of her vagina and deep inside her, Alex jerks backwards and then relaxes, taking him all in. Walker's holds her pressed up against him with his left hand while his tempo increases and they are meeting each other's thrust.                     

Geronimo has a birds' eye of view of the scene before him and the noises these two humans are making are very strange to him. His eyes are crossed even more as he continues to observe them, being very quiet as he inches towards the bale of hay. They have not seen him; their thoughts
are elsewhere.                    

Their body sweat has mixed with the slime from the eggs, creating a slippery effect, as their breathing gets heavier and the thrusting has reached a fevered pitch. Walker tilts her head backwards as he continues to kiss her, his fingers going deeper and, keeping her tight
against him with his other arm.                   

Alex pulls forward and lays back on the bale of hay as Walker enters her, putting her legs over his shoulders and thrusting harder. Alex is rubbing his chest and shoulders and pulling him down against her. Walker is reaching for her breasts, sucking them harder, then he stops.                    

Alex is panting, "What?------Don't stop---Walker?"                   

Walker's eyes go slowly to the top of Alex's head, her eyes follow his, getting a petrified look. She starts to say something, but he stops her.                     

"Don't move Alex----Geronimo is right at your head."                      

Alex swallows, "What's he doing?"                       

Walker glares back at the rooster, Geronimo's throaty cackle is getting louder, as he moves his beak closer to Alex's face. Her eyes are watching Walkers' as he continues to stare the bird down.

"Don't you even think about biting her------or me-----or you will definitely end up with a broken neck."

Geronimo and the Cherokee warrior are in a staring contest, the birds' crossed eyes are beginning to affect Walker, but he knows he can't look away or Geronimo will spook and his beak and talons will go straight into Alex's face.                      

Walker speaks very slowly, "Get out of here, you stupid bird---I'm not telling you a second time."

Geronimo's gaze meets with Walker's, and then he backs off, down the bale of hay and out the  door. 

Walker shrugs and goes back to where he left off, Alex is gasping, "Is he gone?"

Walker never misses a beat as he goes back to each breast and sucks them harder, "Of course he's gone----he knew I meant business."                        

Alex breathes a sigh of relief and looks at Walker in total disbelief.                          

Walker starts his tempo again, whispering "It always worked on the wolves---why not a rooster?"

Alex tightens her legs around him, kissing him harder, "Oh Walker---   I love this new aphrodisiac that we've discovered."                        

Their bodies move together in perfect harmony as they both climax at the same time. They lay together on the bale of hay, listening to the sounds outside in the yard. Walker raises up and looks out the window, then he lays back down beside Alex, grinning.                         

"What are you grinning about----what's all that noise?"                          

Walker replies, "Geronimo is chasing a couple of hens---I think we'd better get out of here, we're in his "harem"---so to speak."                           

They stand up and look at the mess around them, broken eggs everywhere, nests over turned, and feathers still floating through the air. They dress and head for the house.


Around midnight Uncle Ray comes driving up to the henhouse. He's very anxious to see how his hens are laying, and see what kind of effect Geronimo has had on them.                               

He opens the door to the hen house, he can't believe the sight before him. He looks around for his prize rooster and spots him over in the corner---totally exhausted!  He stares back at Uncle Ray
with his crossed eyes, and lays his head back down under his wings and sleeps.      

Geronimo is very slow about crowing the next morning, in fact Walker and Alex sleep till almost noon., waking  only long enough for "breakfast".             

It's almost noon as Walker takes his coffee and heads for the barn, He sees his Uncle's old truck down by the chicken coop. Walker groans, remembering the mess he and Alex left behind. He shakes his head and decides to join his Uncle.              

"Morning Uncle."              

Uncle Ray looks at his watch, "It's almost noon nephew, when did you become a late sleeper?"

Walker says nothing as he watches his Uncle picking up the over turned nests and raking up all of the broken eggshells. He looks around and sees Geronimo laying in the corner. The bird starts to run towards Walker, and then he stops, turns around and goes back to his cozy little spot in the corner. Uncle Ray looks at the bird and then to his nephew.                

"Geronimo is acting just plum weird----and acting like he's got no energy, that darn fox must have been in here again last night."                   

Walker sips his coffee, "Yeah----he made a real mess this time."                  

Uncle Ray looks at Walker suspiciously, "Nephew, the day is half over, why bother to get up at all----did you hear anything out here last night?"                    

"No----didn't hear anything Uncle."                    

Uncle Ray stops and leans on his shovel, looking at Geronimo, "I guess  I'll take him back to the reservation with me, that darn fox is running him ragged-----besides  the whole time he's been here, weird things have been happening."                   

Walker breathes a sigh of relief, "Good!!---Now maybe I can catch up on my sleep, since he won't be around waking me up at 4am!"                   

Uncle Ray smiles and looks at his nephew, and nods towards the house as he sees Alex come out on the porch to water some flowers.                     

"Oh, you'll find another reason to be waken so early, nephew".                      

Walker smiles, "Yeah-----and a hell of lot more enjoyable."                      

"Well, just a couple more nights and I'll have Geronimo out of here----think you and Alex can put up with him till then?"                       

Walker laughs and takes the shovel away from his Uncle and starts helping him clean up again. Uncle Ray looks at him and then he looks at the object that he found on the other side of the bale of hay, he smiles shoving the bikini underwear down into his pocket.                      

"You're sure you and Alex didn't hear anything out here, huh, nephew?"                         

"I'm positive Uncle----didn't hear a thing."                          

Uncle Ray nods his head and mumbles.                          

"Now, why do I not believe you? ----For the same reason I didn't believe how that chair got broke."

It is now the night of the ball, and all the "Who's Who" of the Metroplex have attended. Jimmy, C.D., Nelda, and Maize are just arriving. They are escorted to their table, where they will be
joined by at least two other couples besides Walker and Alex.                         

Nelda is nervous, this is the first time she's ever attended such a lavish party. She keeps squeezing Jimmy's hand, he laughs and tells her to sit down, pulling her chair for her.  

"Oh Jimmy, I have never seen such going-ons----who are all this people?"                            

Jimmy looks towards the front of the room and spots the long table with the huge centerpiece, and guests starting to be seated.                             

"Well, that big guy up there, is our Mayor Dawson and the dark headed lady is his wife. The others are lawyers and senators, I even hear that Governor Bush might make an appearance." 

Nelda's eyes grow wide, "The governor, are you serious?"                             

C.D. chuckles. "Don't be surprised if he does show up, he's a personal friend of both Cordell's and Alex's.   Old George likes to dance, he can do a mean "jitter bug" and he and Alex have cut the mustard quite a few times."                          

Maize laughs and hits C.D. playfully, "They're not the only ones that love to "jitter bug"---you and I have scuffed up many a dance floor!"

The four laugh. Jimmy looks at Nelda, "You sure look pretty----that dress looks really nice on you."

"Well, speaking of nice---you look so handsome in that ---what's it called ----I'm so nervous I can't think straight?"                            

"It's a tuxedo, Nelda, and both our guys look handsome tonight----it's too bad they don't dress up more often in a tux."

C.D. snickers, "You wouldn't be able to stand me if I dressed in a tux more than once a year----you can't keep your hands off of me now, woman!"

They all laugh, as more guests are arriving and a couple sits down next to the mayor and his wife.  Greetings are exchanged, and the drinks are being poured.

C.D. looks up to see Walker and Alex coming in, "They're here, and doesn’t Cordell look nervous?"  

Jimmy grins as he and C.D. stand while Alex is seated. Walker keeps pulling at his collar as he says hello to everyone.                             

"Alex, honey you sure a beautiful tonight."                               

Alex is all smiles in her ice blue floor length gown, one thin strap goes across her chest, giving the dress a "sloped look".  Her hair is pulled up on one side accenting the look of the dress,
and little strands of curls fall softly around her ears. Her lipstick is almost a flesh color, as so is her nail polish. Her eyes are highlighted by just a hint of blue eye shadow, and she wears a  simple silver bracelet to match her earrings.

Nelda can't take her eyes off of Alex, what she wouldn't give to be able to wear clothes the way Alex does. Alex doesn't wear all that much makeup, her look is natural, and her skin is like a soft
peach. She looks down at her own dress and suddenly feels very "underdressed".  

Jimmy squeezes her hand and Alex says to Nelda. "You look very nice tonight Nelda, that dress looks wonderful on you, it brings out the green in your eyes."

Nelda is shocked, "It does?"                            

"Yes, it does---did you pick the dress out?"                              

Nelda nods her head, realizing that everyone is looking at her. She steals a glance at Walker, as he is leaning in to say something to Alex, and then kisses her lightly on the cheek. Nelda has a
defeated feeling in her stomach, she knows that Walker would never look at her the way he looks at Alex, what man would? She then looks to Jimmy and smiles. He's forgiven her for the little episode concerning the man in the yellow convertible. Did she really deserve to be forgiven? C.D. had warned her that she was flirting with trouble.

Nelda reaches over with her other hand and places it over Jimmy's; he smiles back at her. She would make a vow to never hurt him like that again.                          

As the evening starts to pick up, Nelda is still blown away with all the fancy clothes, the decorations, and all of the food that is being served. She keeps turning around in her seat to see if the Governor has arrived.  She keeps staring at the dark headed woman and wondering where she has seen her before.                           

"Would you relax, Nelda---when the Governor arrives, we'll know it."                        

Everyone laughs. "I can't help it-----you know Jimmy---this going to make a very interesting chapter in my book. Alex----if you get to dance with him, will you please introduce me to

"Yes, Nelda------I will definitely introduce you to him."                           

At the Mayor's table, Kyle and Rachel are getting impatient. Kyle whispers to her. "I thought the presentation was to be first, then followed by dinner and dancing?"                           

"So----they changed things around---can I help it? Besides, I think Governor Bush is coming, and he's going to present the awards."                             

"The Governor? That's all we need?"                            

Rachel pinches his leg under the table, "Would you get a grip? You got everything, right?" 

"Ouch! That hurts."                               

Kyle’s date turns to him, "What hurts, sweetheart?"                                

"Nothing---nothing----I just got a cramp," he shoots an angry look at Rachel, who is all smiles to her husband. Mac Dawson glares back at her and then to Kyle.                             

"Behave yourself Rachel----don't do anything to embarrass me in front of Governor Bush."       

The food is being served, Nelda's eyes pop out. She stares at all the food, and then she sees these funny little bowls.                             

"Jimmy, what goes in here, soup?"                             

Trivette laughs, "No, honey---they are "finger bowls" they will have water in them for keeping your fingers wet for when the lobster is served. If your fingers get messy---dip them in the bowl and then very discreetly wipe them on your napkin."                             

"Have you ever had lobster before, Nelda," asks Maize.                              

"Not that I know of," Nelda answers.                                

The whole table laughs, and Alex leans over across the table, "It's really very good, just dip the meat in the hot butter----and enjoy."                                 

The food is still being served as now Pheasant Under Glass and chilled shrimp are served and other plates are replacing the other ones. Nelda is all set to dip the last piece of lobster
in the butter when her dish is taken away.                               

"HEYYYYY----I'm eating here----" and she reaches out and grabs the waiters' arm. The waiter apologizes and sits the dish back down. Jimmy leans over to Nelda.

"He was just giving you a fresh plate."                                

"There's nothing wrong with the one I had."                                

"You tell 'em Nelda----that's what I always complain about----too dad burn many dishes," C.D. replies. 

"What are you complaining about C.D.----you don't have to wash them."                                 

"That'll be enough out of you Cordell-----now hush up and hand me that pepper and salt----don't they ever season this fancy stuff?"                             

Nelda has now discovered the shrimp. She takes a big bite of it; it's ice cold! She grabs Jimmy's arm, whispering, "They forgot to cook this stuff."                          

"It's suppose to taste that way----dip it in the tartar sauce."                           

"The "what" sauce?"                            

"Tartar sauce, that stuff there or you can use shrimp sauce, that red stuff there."                             

Nelda sighs, "They got names for everything----I'll be here all night, just tasting the food." Nelda starts to dip the shrimp when the whole room starts clapping and then she sees Jimmy standing up.                           

"Are we leaving"?                            

Jimmy reaches down and pulls Nelda gently up beside him, and whispers. "The Governor is here."    

Nelda starts trying to stand on her toes to look over the crowd.                             

"Where? Where is he, Jimmy?"                            

Walker and Alex look back at Nelda, as she keeps jumping up and down. Maize and C.D. are smiling back at them and then to Nelda.                             

The Governor is walking straight towards the Walker table, stopping and shaking hands along the way. He sees Walker and shakes his hand, and says something to him that no one else can hear. Walker laughs, and slaps him on the shoulder, and grins back at Alex.                           

The Governor kisses Alex and Maize, and then shakes hands with Trivette and C.D.  

"C.D. I expect to be taking some of that chili back to Austin with me----hope you got a couple of gallons ready."                              

"If I don't have’em ready, I'll get'em ready----you can count on that."                             

The Governor turns to face Nelda, she's staring up at him, and her mouth is wide open! Jimmy reaches over and nudges her, "Ahhh, Governor Bush, this is my date, this is Nelda."      

The Governor smiles, "Nice to meet you Nelda," and then he kisses her cheek.                              

His aides are hustling him up to the mayor's table as Nelda stands there and stares. She turns to Jimmy, "I will never vote democratic again."                              

Everyone sits back down and Alex keeps looking at Walker who is avoiding her stare on purpose.

"What was that all about?"                             


She puts her arm through his, "You know what I'm talking about----now tell me what is that silly little grin on your face?"

Walker smiles back, "I'll tell you later."

The Governor is sitting and talking to the others at the Mayor's table, and Nelda keeps turning around to look at him, still rubbing her cheek. She's looking at all the people seated at the long
table, wondering who they all are. The centerpiece is blocking the view of the couple seated next to the Mayor's wife. There's something about the man, his profile from what Nelda can see is very familiar. She keeps staring, the man stands up and excuses himself. Nelda's heart beats faster and her mouth drops open. The man is coming towards their table. Nelda drops her napkin as the man gets closer, the man nods towards the Walker table, and then walks on. Nelda raises back up, she can't help but notice the coolness around the table. Walker is staring at the man as he walks past. C.D. looks at the man, taking his glasses off and wiping them and putting them back on.

Alex is saying something to Maize, and the older woman nods. Nelda stands up and walks over to Alex.                      

"Alex----would you please go to the ladies' room with me----now?"

Everyone stares as the women get up and go to the ladies' room, giving each other puzzled looks.

Alex listens as Nelda tells her about the man that just passed their table.                       

"Are you sure, Nelda? That man is the one you were with in the yellow convertible?" 

"Yes----I'm sure----it's him, Alex-----what's he doing here?"                       

"Nelda----that is Kyle Underwood, he's the District Attorney of Tarrant County----he's my boss!"   

Nelda's eyes widen, "You're boss----that creep?"                           

The women walk slowly back to their table, Nelda is keeping her head down.                          

Alex sits down and whispers in Walker's ear, he in return nods for Trivette to join him, as he stands up and walks towards the hallway. Alex explains to the others about Nelda's accusations. C.D. slams the table, "I knew it! I knew that I'd seen that yahoo before."                          

Maize hits him "Will you keep your voice down, you old coot?"                          

Alex turns and looks towards Walker, Trivette is on his cell phone, nodding his head. Kyle comes out of the men's room and walks right past the two Rangers.                          

"What did you find out, Trivette?"

"I contacted motor vehicles and yes, Underwood did own a yellow Corvette, now he has a Mercury Cougar, purchased just 3 days ago."                           

"What happened to the Vette?"                            

"Underwood reported it to the insurance company as stolen, surprise, surprise."

Walker shakes his head, "We don't have enough to arrest him, it would be his word against Nelda's and with his reputation of destroying witnesses on the witness stand he would tear her testimony to shreds."

"So, what do we do now?"                             

"We keep a eye on him, I want someone watching him, from the minute he leaves here till…"

"Cordell-----Jimmy-----the awards are about to be given out----what did you find out?"

Walker turns C.D. around and they walk back towards their table.

The Governor is ready to announce the awards. The whole Walker table is staring back at the Mayor's table, except for Nelda. She's afraid to turn around for fear that Kyle will recognize her.

"The winner of this year's LAWYER OF THE YEAR is…" The Governor stops and looks towards the Walker table, "ALEXANDRA CAHILL!!"

Everyone starts clapping and Walker reaches over and kisses Alex, "I told you hon----not a doubt in my mind you would win it."

Alex kisses him back and starts towards the table to receive her plaque. The Governor reaches down and kisses Alex----"You better save the first dance for me."

C.D. is bouncing around the table looking at Walker and doing a hula dance, "Get that suntan oil ready Cordell!"

Kyle looks to Rachel, "Are you sure about this?"

"For the last time---yes----it's time to go, the dance will start soon and Alexandra will be dancing with the Governor. Meet me at the usual place in half an hour."

Kyle and his date leave. Walker and Trivette are watching him, Trivette talks into his cell phone, "He's coming your way----don't lose him!"

Trivette turns to Walker, "I'm going to check and make sure things are okay."

Walker nods his head as Governor Bush walks down to their table and extends his hand to Alex. He and Walker talk for a few seconds and then he and Alex head for the dance floor. Rachel watches as Walker sits back down, she sees the perfect opportunity to ask Walker to dance.  As she walks closer to his table, C.D. and Maize get up to dance, leaving only Walker and Nelda at the table.

She walks up to the table and taps Walker on the shoulder, "You wouldn't refuse to dance with me, would you Cowboy?"

Walker turns away, "Sorry---my dance card is full."

Nelda looks at the woman and now it's dawned on her that this is the woman Cordell was arguing with in the gym. She watches the look on Walker's face turn to discomfort as Rachel again touches Walker's shoulder. Nelda stands up and goes around the table, grabbing
Walker's hand.

Rachel starts to say something, "You heard him, his dance card is full----out of the way BIMBO!"  

Nelda gets Walker on the dance floor, "Relax, Cordell----I'm not going to attack you---I'm just getting you away from that---black widow spider!"                             

Walker sighs, "Thanks----I owe you one."                            

"Really?" Nelda's eyes grow big, "So now---I'm collecting." She steers them over next to Alex and the Governor, she catches Alex's attention.                             

Alex stops and introduces Nelda to the Governor again and then switches partners. As Alex and Walker dance, they can hear Nelda asking questions one right after another. The Governor is nodding his head up and down and looking back at Walker and Alex, with a confused look.                

Walker grins and spins Alex over to another side of the dance floor. He looks down at her and kisses her lightly.                           

"You look gorgeous-----I've been thinking about eggs---all through dinner tonight."  

Alex giggles and puts both her arms around Walker's neck, "Mmmm, me too----I think I'm going to miss Geronimo when Uncle Ray takes him back to the reservation."                             

"Yeah we'll miss him alright---like a toothache."

Kyle and Rachel are heading down 199 towards Springtown, they are unaware they are being followed. The men in the car watch as the dark green Mercury pulls off the main highway and crosses the cattle guard leading up to the Walker ranch.

The two men stare at each other, and then one of them gets on the phone. "Hey, Trivette, we've followed your man---he and a dark haired woman have reached their destination----you will not believe where we are."

Trivette is watching Nelda, for 30 minutes she has been dancing with the Governor, and her mouth is going a mile a minute. "I don't have time for guessing games, Wilbur---just tell me!"

Trivette stands there looking off into space and then back to his phone, "Are you serious----they're at Walker's ranch?"

Kyle and Rachel park his car off to the side of the road under some trees and decide to walk the rest of the way. They look cautiously around, making sure there is no one else around. The only other auto is Alex's little Sebring parked in the drive. They walk slowly up to the front door, the door is unlocked, and they walk inside.                      

"Don't turn on any lights."                        

"Are you crazy Rachel, that would be the last thing I would do!"                         

"Okay, check the kitchen-----find the laundry room."                           

"Where are you going to be?"                          

"Upstairs----where else? In the master bedroom."                          

Kyle heads towards the kitchen, and then through to the laundry room. He looks around and then looks out the back door that has a screened in back porch and patio. He reaches into his little bag and takes out a pair of panties with the initials MS on them, and throws them carelessly behind the washer, pulling them out just enough to see.                       

He laughs, "Ohhh … I would love to be a fly on the wall when Alex finds these."                           

He heads for the stairs to join Rachel.                          

She's going from room to room, just looking. Kyle whispers to her, "Would you hurry up?" 

"Quit rushing me----why is this house so big? Walker lives here alone, doesn't he?"   

"Except for when Alex is here----why?"                           

"There are men's things in here, a lot of Indian stuff, head dresses, bow and arrows and a spear." 

"That's not a spear, Rachel, it's a lance----Walker is part Indian, you know."

Rachel smiles, recalling the way Walker is built, "Don't I know it, he's definitely got that savage look----especially when he gets angry----which makes him twice as sexy!"

Kyle groans, "Oh, for Pete's sake----would you stop drooling over that man's body and remember why we're here?"                             

Smiling, Rachel answers, "Speaking of which, I want to see his bedroom----I want to see the more personal side of him."                           

They find the master bedroom, and Rachel walks around slowly. There is a picture of a couple hanging on the wall, man in braids with a fair-haired woman, taken some many years before.  Another picture is beside it, the same couple with a small child. Rachel looks around as more pictures of Walker's Cherokee ancestors don the wall. Two lances criss-cross over the bed and a small pouch is underneath.                          

"What's that?"                          

Kyle shakes his head, "Beats me, looks like some kind of medicine bag---better not touch it---it could be taboo to touch it!"                            

Rachel frowns and reaches up to take it off the wall.                            

"I said don't touch it---come on---plant the rest of the stuff and let's get out of here."                             

"Okay, okay, now where would be the perfect place----under the mattress?"                              

Kyle is looking out the window, "Whatever---just plant the stuff and let's get of here, before they come back."

Rachel takes a woman's bra and pushes it underneath the mattress, letting one of the straps hang half way out.  Then she crosses to the other side that she assumes is Walker's side because of the picture sitting there. It's a picture of him and Alex together, taken at what she believes is a New Years' party.

She puts the underwear under the mattress. Kyle calls out to her.                              

"Someone is here-----we got to get out of here---hurry!"                                

They run down the stairs and to the front door, the old truck is backing up to the henhouse.    

"We can't get out this way----go to the back!"                                  

They run out the back door and around to the side of the house. "We can't get out this way, there's nothing but open field, we'll be seen."                               

"Who is that guy in the truck, a field hand?"                                 

"Who cares? We got to figure a way out of here."                                 

They watch the man go back and forth to the barn, carrying crates.                                

"What's he doing?"                                 

"How do I know, I think he's putting chickens into those crates."                                 

Rachel is getting impatient as she looks at her watch. "We got to do something, it's getting late and that party is going to be winding down, Walker and Alex will be coming home soon."   

"Maybe we could get closer to that henhouse, hit that old man over the head with something and steal his truck?"                                 

Rachel nods her head, "That might work, let's go."                                  

The old man suddenly stops and walks towards the ranch house, mumbling to himself.

"Now is our time, let's go!" Rachel nudges Kyle and they start running to the truck. Kyle crawls up in the truck, and tries turning the key. The truck is an old "39" Dodge coupe that requires the
choke to be pulled completely out, before it will even think about starting. Kyle is not familiar with chokes; being used to only the latest models of sports cars. It will not turn over.

"He's coming back, get out of there," warns Rachel.

Trivette relays the information to Walker.

Walker looks at his partner, "At my ranch, why the hell would Underwood be at my place?" 

Trivette smiles, "Oh, that's not all of it---you'll never guess who the woman is with him?"

Walker shakes his head unbelieving, "Dumb and dumber?"

"YOOOOOO got it Walk-man----none other than Rachel Dawson!"

The rest of the table stares at Jimmy. Nelda 's mouth drops open-----"Wow!!!!! Boy when you make someone mad at you, Cordell, you really make them mad---all of this because you wouldn't dance with her? Oh yeah, and there's that part about her getting your underwear and not giving them back."

C.D. stares back at Nelda, "UNDERWEAR? What in tarnation is she talking about Cordell?"   

Jimmy looks to Nelda and then to Walker, "She's the one that had your briefs?"

Alex is doing a slow blush, and Maize is looking at everyone in total confusion. 

Governor Bush has just heard the tail end of the conversation. He looks at Walker and then clears his throat.

"Well---- it's been interesting folks, and I must say it's a evening I won't soon forget. But----I have a state to run, many problems to sort out------although I'm sure that none of those problems
can even hold a candle to what is going on here. ----And Walker----I'm sure you'll be able to explain all of this----when I see you in Austin next week-----right?"                            

Walker nods his head lightly as everyone is staring at him. Alex sighs as the Governor kisses her goodbye and whispers, "Alex---you are going to have to keep a tighter rein on this Cowboy." 

As the Governor and his aides walk away, C.D. looks to Walker.                           

"Briefs, Cordell. How in blue blazes did that woman get hold of your briefs---were you still in them?"       

Alex shoos C.D. and takes Walker by the arm, "Honey----what is going on? What are Rachel and Kyle doing at your ranch?"                          

"I have no idea Alex, but I'm going to find out---if I have to bust some heads doing it!"

The two undercover cops had stopped Uncle Ray as he was going to the Walker ranch. One of the officers has recognized him as Walker's uncle. He has been told of the situation with the un-invited guests, he chooses to go about his chores, and will try to keep things under his close eye. He has seen the couple head for the barn, and he starts towards his truck.                            

Uncle Ray gets into his truck and starts down the long graveled road, he sees the gray Ram coming towards him. Walker stops and puts his window down.

"Uncle Ray---what are you doing here?"                              

Uncle Ray smiles, "Keeping an eye on your guests "Washo"----there's two of them, a man and a woman."                            

Walker nods, "I know Uncle Ray----I just can't figure how what they're doing here." 

Alex leans across Walker,  "Are you okay, Uncle Ray----are they armed?"                             

"I'm fine Alex---didn't see any weapons."

"Washo," they don't act too smart, they remind me of Crazy Wolf and that wife of his, you know the one that was always talking to herself?" 

"Yeah Uncle, I remember."                           

"They were in the house, tried to get out the back way----and then they tried to take my truck----couldn't figure out how to start it, and then they headed for the barn."                           

Walker starts down the long drive, as he radios Trivette to block the exit.                             

"Got it big guy, need any backup?"          

Walker replies, "No backup needed Trivette."               

Walker and Alex pull up to the front of the house, he looks around slowly.

"We have to act casual, get inside the house and make sure that nothing has been sabotaged, keep an eye out for ‘trip wires’."               

They walk to the front door and Walker quickly goes over it with his eyes, when he's sure that everything is normal, they step inside.                

They turn the lights on and Walker motions for Alex to check out the kitchen. He warns her again to be careful.

He pulls the curtain back just an inch and looks towards the barn. He sees no movement.

"Everything is just the way we left it, nothing out of place in there or in here."                   

"Ok, we'll check upstairs."                    

They walk up the stairs and Walker goes to check out the other bedrooms, as Alex goes into their bedroom. She walks around slowly, being careful not to touch anything, till Walker gets in there.                    

"The other bedrooms are clear, couldn't see anything out of place."                     

"Walker, do you think it was Kyle and Rachel that put those "bugs" in your phones?"  

Walker shrugs, "At this point Alex, I don't know what to think."                      

Alex looks around the room, "What now? Nothing looks out of place."                       

Walker crosses to the window, "We go to bed----that's what we do. Then when the lights are turned out, I will pay a visit to our friends, and I am so hoping they will resist---I would love to put my fist right in Underwood's face!"                         

Alex starts taking her earrings off, and reaches inside the chest of drawers for her negligee. She stops and looks at the drawer, she can tell that someone has definitely been into her personal

"Walker------my things have been messed up."                            

Walker comes away from the window, holding his hand up.                            

"Don't touch anything else!" He goes all around the chest looking for signs. "It's okay.  Are you sure your things have been bothered?"                             

"I'm definitely sure, someone has been going through my things, everything is all messed up----and what's this?"

She holds up a pair of underwear, "These aren't mine!"                              

Walker looks at them, "Well, they're certainly not mine!"                              

They look at each other in confusion. "Alex, are you sure they're not yours?"                              

"Honey----I think I would know my own underwear---besides, they're not my size!" 

"Then how did they get there?"                              

"All I know is, they weren't there when I was getting ready for the party, so "someone" had to have put them there in the last few hours-----our friends?"                               

Now Walker is completely confused, "This is not making any sense, Alex. Dumb and Dumber break into my house, just to put someone else's underwear among your things."  

Alex looks back at him, "I'll just bet that where there's one piece of underwear, there will be others. Because that is the way a jealous woman thinks."

"Really? And you're a expert on how jealous women behave?"                              

Alex throws the underwear in the trash can, "Honey----you're forgetting, I get all kinds of crazy cases concerning jilted lovers and how they behave, also there's my women's abuse group. You
wouldn't believe some of the things I hear those women talk about."                              

"Okay, so you think there's more?"                               

"Oh I'll just bet on it!"                               

"So---where do we look?"                                

"Walker, what is the most obvious place that you would be expected to hide some other woman's personal items from me?"                                

"What other woman?"                                  

Alex frowns and goes to the bed, and then looks back at Walker.                                

"Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we just turn the mattress over this morning?"  

Walker nods, reaches down and they flip the mattress over, the bra and panties are in clear sight. Walker scratches his chin, "Well, I always said their elevator didn't go all the way to the top,
now I'm convinced!"                                  

"Okay, let's sort this out," Alex begins, "first of all we know why Rachel is doing this."             

"We do?"                                  

"Walker-----she is trying to make me jealous! This is so childish-----she is wanting me to find another woman's personal belongings, so I will get angry at you, we have a big fight and for
some reason she thinks you will go to her for comfort------" Alex looks at Walker and adds softly, "her thinking is all wrong---isn't it?"                          

Walker says nothing, Alex reaches down, picks up a pillow and throws it at him. "WALKER!" 

Walker sighs, "Well----I guess there's no sense in trying to keep it from you----it was all a set-up, I've been secretly in love with Rachel Dawson all along."                          

Alex narrows her eyes, and Walker runs over and sweeps her up in his arms, "If you believe that one, I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona."                         

They start laughing and fall down on the bed, Alex hits him playfully in the chest and then she kisses him long and tender, they both stop and just look at each other.                          

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"                          

Alex grins, "We're always on the same thinking track."                           

Walker gets up and heads for the window, "Okay we got to make this look good!" 

He barely has the words out of his mouth when a lamp goes flying through the air, breaking the bedroom window. Walker barely gets out of the way in time, and then Alex rushes him, screaming at him, and throwing more objects!                           

Alex is screaming all kinds of accusations, Walker steps back from the window and looks at her. She stares back at him, she keeps nodding her head.   "You said to make it look good."

"Did you see that?"                             

"Wow! This is better than I expected," gleams Rachel.                             

"I told you Alex had a temper, she almost hit him with that lamp she threw. I got to admit Rachel, this plan of yours is working perfect-----Alex is going to be running out of that house soon!"                             

Rachel pulls on Kyle’s jacket, "Come on, let's get a little closer, I want to hear what they're saying."           

The couple start moving up closer to the ranch house. "Careful, we can't get too close, let's just get behind those bales of hay, over near the henhouse".                             

They kneel down behind the bales of hay as they see Alex walking around in circles in the upstairs bedroom. She's picking up things to throw and Walker is taking them away from her. She's screaming back at him that he's a "Two timing cheat" and he's pleading with her "I
won't do it again----I promise."                             

Rachel and Kyle are all smiles, "This is better than we even dared hoped for, all we need now is the popcorn and a six pack, then just lay back and watch the fireworks."                             

Rachel slaps him playfully, "I told you my plan would work, didn't I?"

Alex stops walking in circles, and backs up out of sight of the window. "What are they doing now?"                               

"They've moved over towards the henhouse, just sitting there, looking up here." 

Alex reaches over for a vase, takes the roses out and throws it out the window, yelling more accusations towards Walker. He's changing out of his tux, and putting his jeans on. He looks back at Alex, "This could go on all night----I'm ready to pay our couple a little visit."  

Alex sneaks a quick look out the window, she mumbles to herself. "It's really too bad that your Uncle Ray took Geronimo out of the henhouse, he wouldn't fancy them being that close to his domain."                                 

Walker stops pulling his boots on and stares back at her, then he grins. He rolls under the window and towards his bed to use the phone.

"Trivette, is my Uncle still around?"

"Yeah, he's here". Trivette turns around to say something to Uncle Ray, who is talking a mile a minute to Nelda. They're both laughing so hard, they have tears in their eyes. Trivette looks at the couple and shakes his head. He hands the phone to the tall man in Indian braids.     

Uncle Ray nods, "You got it nephew, we'll be right there!" He turns to Trivette. "Washo needs Geronimo's help----we're going in!"

"What's happening now, things have sure gotten quiet up there," ask Kyle.                               

The silence is broken by Alex trying to get out the front door and Walker is trying to stop her from leaving. She's picked up a flowerpot and throws it, Walker ducks and the pot hits the front window.                                 

Alex winces and whispers "Oops, sorry about that."                                  

Walker whispers back, "Alex-----take it easy----that makes two windows you've broken----this argument is getting expensive."                                  

"I'm sorry honey----what else can I throw?"                                    

Walker looks up to see Uncle Ray's old truck coming back down the drive, "Don't throw anything else---let's get back inside."                                

Kyle and Rachel see the truck coming back, they have no time to get back to the barn, they got no other place to run to except inside the henhouse.                                

Walker and Alex watch from inside as Dumb and Dumber head for Geronimo's territory. Alex is giggling and pulling on Walker's shirt, "Ooohhhh, this is going to be so good."                       

Walker grins, "Yep, we can't stay in here, we'll miss the fun-----we'll go to the back of the barn and come through---come on."                                  

Uncle Ray pulls his truck up to the henhouse and then he goes to Geronimo's crate.      

He leans over and says something in Cherokee to Geronimo. "In other words, you old bird, you got company in there! Humans, Geronimo-----remember how they messed up your "haven" just the other night----well they're back----are you going to let them mess it up again?"  

Geronimo looks back at the old Indian and cocks his head back and forth like he knows every word that is being said to him.                                  

"I didn't think so---well here goes." Uncle Ray picks him up and throws him into the yard. Geronimo heads for the henhouse and soon all hell breaks loose!                                

Screaming and yelling can be heard over the cackling of the hens as they are flying out the door! Geronimo is mad as he struts towards the couple, his beak going back and forth in a pecking manner, as he picks up each one of his feet and starts clawing at the air. Kyle and Rachel are running around trying to climb up on the second tier, it gives way and Geronimo lands right on top of Rachel's head.  She's screaming for Kyle to get him off, Kyle is running the other way---to freedom---or so he thinks. A fist catches him right under the chin, he flies backwards!

Kyle is trying to get up and all he can see is this tall Indian standing over him, with his arms folded around a tomahawk. The screams inside the henhouse are getting louder as Rachel comes flying out with Geronimo in hot pursuit! Her long hair is flying everywhere, as she runs out of her shoes, she has scratches all over the back of her legs and arms. She's running down the gravel road, flailing her arms, and screaming, "Get him off me!!!"

Walker and Alex are watching from the barn, they walk slowly towards Uncle Ray and Kyle who is still lying on the ground.                            

"What you got here, Uncle?"

"A couple of chicken rustlers, Washo, you know what the Cherokee law is for chicken rustling is"?                     

Walker shakes his head sadly and Alex does the same. "Oh, Uncle Ray------surely you can give this one a break?"                               

"Nope----sorry Alex------he broke the law---he has to pay."

The sight at the other end of the Walker drive is a sight to behold. The dark headed woman is still running and screaming, Geronimo is gaining on her. The undercover cops, Trivette, and Nelda are laughing their heads off.

"What do we now, Trivette----do we shoot the bird?" one of the cops ask.                                 

Trivette is laughing so hard he's doubled over. He can hardly speak as Geronimo has jumped up on Rachel's back, pulling at her hair.                                  

"If anyone harms that bird----I will personally shoot them," laughs Trivette.  

Nelda runs to get inside Jimmy's car as Rachel is stumbling towards her. The cops and Trivette are trying to get Geronimo off of Rachel. Finally they grab his legs and Trivette hollers for them to get something and tie his legs.                                    

"Take off your belt!!! Hurry up for Christ's sake."                                    

The three men finally subdue the angry rooster.                                    

In the meantime, Rachel is talking her head off, blaming Kyle for everything. Trivette is listening very closely to her confession and so are the other witnesses.

It is now one month later at C.D.'s. Trivette comes running in, grinning from ear to ear.                

"It's here, it's here, you guys!"                                 

Trivette runs over to the booth where Walker, Alex, and C.D. are seated.                                  

"Jimmy, what in tarnation are you yelling about?"                                   

Trivette gives out a big sigh as he slams 4 books down on the table. "It's here, Nelda's book-----we have the first 4 copies!"                                 

"Oh my Lord, that little gal did it----she got it published!"                                   

"Yep," grins Jimmy "and we are all in it----each one of has chapters written about us."

Walker and Alex look at each other and then to their books. The four friends are all reading silently and then Trivette bursts out laughing. He nudges C.D. and points towards the chapter he's reading. C.D. looks back at Walker and Alex and whispers, "You two-----in the henhouse?"

The two men start laughing hysterically. Walker's temper is rising and Alex is trying to calm him.

"Pay them no mind sweetheart, I want to read what Nelda says about the jell-o----and the chocolate pudding!"

Trivette starts scrambling for that chapter, mumbling, "She didn't … she didn't put that in there----surely not!"

C.D. is laughing and shaking his head, "You young’uns today----why can't you stick to straight sex----why does it have to be kinky?"

Walker lays his book down and stares back at his old friend, "I don't know C.D. why don't you tell us-----about what goes on down in the cellar when you and Maize stock the shelves? What else are you stocking C.D.?"                               

C.D.'s face gets red, "There is no way that gal could know about that."                                

The three look back at him grinning, "About what C.D.?" They all ask.                                 

"This is getting out of hands guys, that little old gal is telling tales out of the class room---how can she know all of these things?"                                 

Alex smiles and looks at Walker, "I'm still trying to figure out how she could describe your cute little butt, the way she did."                                  

Trivette groans, remembering that Nelda was in the gym when Rachel wouldn't let Walker have his briefs.

"I don't want to discuss that Alex."                                 

"Well, I do! She described your butt right down to the cute little scar on-----------"


Jimmy is going to another chapter, "How about you, Alex? There's a chapter in here about how you described Walker's "bod"----want to comment on that one, counselor?"

Alex is getting red faced, "No---I don't want to comment!"                                   

Walker grabs her around the waist, "Oh come on, hon---tell them---they need the excitement, their lives are so boring."                                    

C.D. "Yeah, I want to hear more about what went on in the henhouse----isn't that kind of messy?

"Big dog, never mind that! Uh-----Walker, Alex----aren't you even going to ask what the name of Nelda's book is?"                                   

They all look at Trivette, "What is the name?"

Trivette's smile widens, "SLIPPERY WHEN WET."                                    

Alex's eyes widen as she turns to Walker, "Noooo----there's no way that she could -------no----no way"

"Did I say something wrong?" Asks Trivette.                                    

C.D. repeats himself, "I want to hear about the hen house."                                    

"Not me, big dog, I want to hear about the goings on in the cellar!"                                       

"I want to hear more about the briefs."                                      

"And, I want to hear about the chocolate pudding!"                                     

They all stare at each other, Walker turns to Alex, "Alex----is law suit, one or two words?"

A delivery is being made to the Governor's mansion in Austin:                                   

Governor Bush is staring at the ugliest rooster he has ever seen, they stare at each other for the longest. He chooses not to tell his wife of twenty-six years of marriage, about the delivery. Perhaps thinking he would like to go another twenty something years being married to the love of his life                                 

At 4am, Laura Bush is jolted out of a deep sleep by a loud crowing. She wakes her husband.     

"George! What is that God awful noise, are we being attacked"?                                   

The Governor sighs, "Go back to sleep hon, it's just Geronimo!"                                    

"Geronimo? ----The Indians are uprising?"                                      

Governor Bush nods, "Only one------damn that Walker!"

At the Walker ranch:                                 

"Okay, Walker----out with it."                                   

"Out with what, Alex?"                                  

"Tell me what Governor Bush said to you, the night of the ball."

"Honey---I told you---it was politics."

"Politics, and then you get that silly little grin on your face, I don't think so." 

Walker reaches for her and lays her back down in his bed, "That's another time----another story."
                                                        THE END
Sept 5,2001
                  The poem: The Swans/written by Sasquaw