Strawberries and Whipped Cream

A gentle breeze gently blew through the trees making the leaves rustle.
The bright yellow sun was just making it's appearance over the Eastern horizon as reds and oranges streaked through the sky. The dew had kissed each blade of grass and a few clouds raced along as Alex walked out onto the porch. Walking to the railing she looked out towards the back yard. Her eyes lit up as she caught sight of her cowboy, who was working out in the morning air.
His body was adorned with a single garment. Levi's, she smiled to herself, her favorite. With each move he made she watched as the tight black denim molded like second skin against the taut muscles of his firm buttocks. As her eyes moved downward she watched as his lean calf muscles rippled in perfect coordination with the rest of his well-toned body.
As his movements caused him to face towards her direction she noticed the beads of sweat trickling down…slowly, across his golden chest as his muscles stretched…and released…rippling. The defined muscles in his arms tightened and released as he moved gracefully through each pattern. There was that one single muscle…in his forearm…that was more pronounced and she smiled with each twitch. As he moved, bending to the side…stretching…Alex took in a deep breath admiring the wonderful view that was before her. She loved getting up early if it meant watching.
This was so much better than a dream.
Her thoughts went back to a few months before. They hadn't yet been married so she had called him telling him to have a good workout. Her main purpose for that phone call had been, though, to thank him for a wonderful dinner and an even better desert. That night had been magical, things had almost gone too far.

"Walker, are you ready?" Alex shouted into the house wondering what was taking her soon to be husband so long. They both had the Sunday off and after working together in the yard planting flowers and such, Walker had decided to go for a ride. Alex had offered to get something together to eat but for some reason her fiancée had insisted on doing it himself.
Never knowing what to expect she had been banned from the house because Walker knew she couldn't resist a surprise. Minutes later they were heading out, riding to the river. They had ridden in silence until they reached their perfect spot, a place where only the wind and trees knew where they were.
"So…what is so important in here…?" Alex asked going to open the basket Walker had carefully put together.
"Oh no you don't…" Walker said taking her hands and pulling her into his arms.
"Come on Walker…please tell me…" Walker dared not look into her eyes, he always melted when she looked at him…pleading. Those sparkling blue eyes demanding…loving…wanting…never allowing him to resist her.
Tracing kisses down the nape of her neck he could feel her relax and loose interest in the basket.

She loved the way he smelled and the way his lips left a lingering sensation on every kissed portion of her body. Suddenly his lips claimed hers and the passion was electric passing between each of them as they gently laid back against the ground.
Just as Walker thought Alex had forgotten about the basket she sat up and upon opening it she frowned. All she saw was sandwiches. Chuckling Walker stood up next to her and taking the basket from her hands he said…"You really think I would put the surprise in here?" Taking her hand he guided her back to the ground where they sat as he took out their lunches.
"You are so mean!" Alex said pouting and pleading with her eyes once again. She loved giving him guilt trips, almost as much fun as making up after a fight.
"Let's see if you feel that way after dessert…" Alex raised her eyebrows to the passion filled expression that dressed the face of her soon to be husband.
"Really?" Walker chuckled as he saw the uncertain expression that filled her face. He loved doing this to her, they were so comfortable with each other he could get away with it. But really it didn't matter…when he brought out his surprise dessert he hoped she would only be thinking one thing anyway.
It hadn't taken long for Walker to get the satchel from Ranger, after they had finished eating. "Ok Alex…lie back…now close your eyes."
"Close my eyes?" She asked lying back with a bewildered expression on her face.
"Well if you aren't ready for dessert…I guess I will understand…" immediately Alex closed her eyes as she heard Walker laughing to himself.
Taking a strawberry he gently dipped it in whipped cream and began to slowly trace her lips. Slowly he moved his way down her neck and stopped at the neckline of her blouse. He could feel her heart beginning to pound, the rhythm matching that of his own.
Moving the strawberry back to her wanting lips he waited as she gently took a bite. Bending forward he took the second half for himself, capturing her lips in the process. Then began the slow process of kissing each cream covered body part.
A soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips as Walker stopped short. She could feel him slowly unbuttoning her blouse allowing his lips to move farther onto her delicate skin. Walker continued his game of seduction until Alex couldn't take anymore. Opening her eyes she placed a hand against his chest and said the first two spoken words in over and hour…"My turn…"
Smiling Walker rolled to his back pulling her with him so she ended up on top. She began by tracking kisses across his face and neck. Then sitting up for several seconds she unbuttoned his shirt. Ever so gently she pushed the shirt off of his shoulders so his entire muscular chest was revealed to her.
Taking a whipped cream covered strawberry she began tracing each muscle on his chest. His eyes followed every planned move. Marveling at each defined muscle she could feel his heard pounding…beating furiously with excitement. Once serving her fiancée his dessert Alex dipped her head and slowly kissed each muscle…slowly…separately…completely.

That night had been one never to forget. For hours they had enjoyed their strawberries and whipped cream as well as their dessert. Finally as the sunset and night fell upon the two lovers they reluctantly rose and headed back to the ranch. They both knew the day would soon come when they would never had to say goodnight to strawberries and whipped cream.
"Hey, what are you doing up so early?" Alex was startled out of her daydream.
"Admiring the view." She said as he took her in his strong arms.
"Really? Well I was just getting ready for a shower. Do you know anyone who would care to help me wash (Dakota lol)."
"I'll race you upstairs…" Alex said as she darted up the stairs with Walker close behind.

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