Stress Reliever

By Sissy (

& Jennifer (



Alex sits with her elbows on her desk, her head in her hands, wondering for the hundredth time if she was doing the right thing. She knows that Randall Bellingham is guilty.  She knows that just as sure as she knows her name is Alexandra Walker. The name, as she softly repeats it to herself, conjures up the face of the man whose name she’s taken. Her face softens and her eyes take on a sparkle as she thinks of her husband, of his love for her, the way he can make her feel just by looking at her. A frown replaces the softness, knowing how she has neglected him the past two weeks. Neglect … not the best thing to do to a newly acquired husband. She feels as if she has put a severe strain on their marriage. All her spare time taken up with working on this trial that is slowly driving her mad. She works on it every minute, all day long, even taking it home with her at night. And Walker has been a dear, tolerating her quick kisses and brief snuggles in bed. He has been her stalwart ally by taking over much of the work in the house, fixing meals and doing the laundry. Other then checking on her once in a while he never bothers her when she encloses herself in the den to pour over the briefs, the testimony, the trial transcripts, searching for that one thing that will prove the absolute guilt of Randall Bellingham.


Walker and Trivette have worked hard to follow any leads they come across and check out any clues Alex uncovers. But everything that is uncovered, found or dug up is just a word shy of being what she needs to bury Bellingham. She’s missing something, and the elusive piece of evidence has her tied in knots. This man is a well-known and respected member of society, or so he and the press are telling everyone. But Alex has come across to many indications that the man is deeply involved with the crime that is flourishing in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Walker silently opens the door and sees her bent over her desk. When he had been called out early this morning, he had left her still in bed. She had said nothing about working last night. He was hoping that since it was Saturday that she would have stayed in bed. He has watched his wife change from a vibrant, happy, easy going, and lovely woman into one that is tense, haggard and short tempered. He knows that her nights are spent tossing and turning beside him in bed or pacing the room unable to sleep or even to lie still.


He walks around to stand at her side, and lightly touches his lips to the top of her head. She sighs deeply, but doesn’t lift her head, just murmurs his name. “Walker.”


“Come on, Honey, its time to go home. Maybe a restful weekend with give you a whole new perspective on this trial.”


She raises her head then and leans other till it is resting against him. “Oh, Walker,” her voice high, thin. “I’d give anything for just one good night of sleep.” She turns her head to press her lips against his shirt, “without this miserable excuse for a man interrupting it.”


He pulls her up to her feet, “I’ll just have to see what I can do about that.” He tilts her chin up and lowers his lips to her, kissing her softly, sweetly and deeply.  His voice husky, “One free villain free weekend coming up.” With his arm around her waist, he guides her toward the door but not before she grabs her purse and briefcase.


Alex settles in the seat next to Walker and with a deep sigh, closes her eyes and leans her head back on the seat. The hum of the engine lulls her senses, calming her enough to let her doze. He wants to reach out and touch her but doesn’t for fear of waking her. When he stops in front of the ranch house, Alex has slipped into a deeper sleep. He gets out of the truck and walks around to the other side, opens the door quietly and reaches in and picks her up in his arms. She snuggles closer and automatically brings one arm up to his neck. He jostles her when he tries to open the door, and she murmurs softly, “Are we home already?”


“Yes, you rest here, while I tend to the horses,” settling her down on the couch.  As he goes out the door, heading for the barn, she stands and looking around for her briefcase, realizes it was left in the truck. After retrieving it she spreads the trial papers out on the dining room table, sits down and begins to work.


When Walker comes back into the house he expected Alex to be asleep on the couch, but instead he finds her at the dining room table, her mind already deeply buried into the papers before her.


“Alex, why don’t you go up and soak in a warm tub while I fix dinner.”


He hears a mumbled, “Later.” And frowns at her ability to shut everything out when she is in this frame of mind.


“No, now!” He says sternly as he takes the pen out of her hand and puts it and the papers back in her briefcase while she stares at him with wide, surprised eyes. Then takes her by the shoulders and pulls her up, “I want you to go upstairs and take a nice hot bath while I fix dinner.” She starts to protest but he immediately turns her around and gently guides her to the stairs. “No, excuses … just … go.”


He watches her as she hesitantly makes her way up the stairs and disappears into their bedroom, then he turns back to the kitchen thinking that she needs to be physically worn out, then maybe she could sleep undisturbed. Spying her briefcase still lying on the table, he looks back toward the stairs, then picks up the briefcase, carries it into the kitchen, and thinking for a moment, stows it out of sight under the sink. “There,” he says to himself, “out of sight, out of mind.”


Thirty minutes later he looks up and sees her standing in the doorway. “Right on time, everything’s ready.” He pulls back a chair and waits until she sits down, then after kissing her softly on the top of her head he sits down across from her. When she finally starts eating, he can see that her mind is still on the trial, so he talks about the horses, about the new baby kittens he found in the barn, and the need to cut the grass. But Alex keeps trying to talk about the trial, asking questions about what he and Trivette have found. He ignores those questions and asks her about the Hope Center, if any repairs are needed, and how the new playground was working out. Anything to take her mind off of work.


When she lays down her fork and states she can’t eat another bite, he ushers her upstairs without giving her a chance to think about her brief case. In the bedroom he pulls her into his arms and feels the stiffness in her neck and shoulders, “Alex, lie down. I think you’re in need of one of my famous massages.”


“Walker … honey, I know I’ve neglected you something awful and as soon as this trial is over I’ll make it up to you. But I really need to go downstairs and do some work now.”


“Uh huh, not tonight. Right now you’re going to lie down while I work the kinks out of your neck and shoulders.”


She looks at his face and knows it isn’t going to do any good to argue so she drops her robe and lies down across the bed. “Okay, but then I’m going downstairs.”


He just smiles with a twinkle in his eyes and murmurs softly, “Not if I can help it.” It is his intention to wear her out by making love to her until she is exhausted to the point where sleep is the only thing she craves.


He gets the lotion off the dresser, and climbing up on the bed, straddles her hips and squeezes a thin strip of lotion across her shoulders. He kneads and rubs and rolls the muscles of her shoulders until he feels them beginning to soften, then he squeezes more lotion in his hand and goes over the same area again, until she is soft and pliant beneath his hands.


As his hands work their magic on her muscles, Alex feels her mind beginning to clear and tries to bring it back to focus on the trial that has been eating at her for so long, it seems like it has become a part of her. He stops for a minute and feeling like he might be done, she tries to bunch her muscles up to roll over but she has become so loose it takes a lot of effort to even think of moving. Then his hands are gliding over her again. Kneading softly, his hands and fingers so soothing she feels sleep stealing over her. Then a soft surge of desire nudges her as his fingers accidentally touch her breast. The surge eases back, only to flare up higher, when his hands move up her sides and his fingers again, accidentally, brush over the soft swells of her breasts.


Instead of getting sleepy her senses are wide-awake. Feeling him straddling her body, his hands and fingers brushing over her has awakened a desire in her that she hasn't felt in what seems like forever. 


Walker knows she's awake, he can feel the tremor ripple through her when his fingers brush over her breasts. The urge to turn her body over and enjoy her sweet treasures is becoming stronger as the blood in his veins is steadily heating to a liquid fire.


He moves away from her and strips his clothes off then stretches out on the bed beside her, his fingers pushing her hair back from her face, and slowly trace down her cheek, then her neck.  Seeing the lazy fire of desire in her eyes he leans over and kisses and nibbles at the soft skin of her shoulder. As his fingers dance down her back, she turns to face him. She feels herself melting under his touch, feels the ecstasy growing within her and her heart and soul begins to heat, her blood turns to molten lava and her body starts to burn.


She reaches to pull him closer, wanting to taste him, but his lips just barely touch hers before he moves her onto her back. He moves over her, covering half of her body with his, leaning over he covers her breasts with tender kisses, his hands kneading one while he closes his lips over the other.


Needing to taste him she pulls his head up and covers his mouth with hers, her tongue playing with his, tangling together in a dance of passion.  Her senses fill with him, his taste, his smell, and every nuance of his touch as she feels his hand slide down over her belly, until his fingers are combing through the soft triangle of hair at the joining of her thighs. His fingers tease, touch and move away, again and again until she is writhing madly on the bed. Then suddenly his finger plunges deep inside her, her hips drive up as his finger delves deep into her again.


She gives herself over to him, trembling again as both mind and body is steeped in pleasure. She clings to him, murmuring mindlessly as they roll over the bed, flesh growing damp with desire and minds misting with delight.


He eases his finger back out of the snug passage and uses her own moisture to lubricate her small, swelling button of desire.


He repeats the action slowly and deliberately, easing his finger into her and then teasing the small nubbin of female flesh.


He does it again.


And again.


The delicious torment seems to go on forever.


A desperate hunger grips Alex. She feels ready to explode. She digs her nails into Walker’s back. She kisses him frantically, her lips moving feverishly over his mouth, his throat, his chest.


“Now?” Walker asks softly.


“Oh, God, yes. Yes!”


She goes wild beneath him, bucking, arching, as he moves down between her legs. Her head whipping from side to side as she claws at the bedclothes, his hair, his back. His tongue and teeth driving both of them mad, shuddering himself when the orgasm rips through her, when her body rises up with it, like a flame, then melts, slow and soft as candle wax.


As she struggles to catch her breath, he begins to caress her once more. His fingers trail over her tingling breasts, the flat of her stomach, and down her thighs. She is still so exquisitely sensitive everywhere that his light touch brings her back to him with a shuddering response.  She is spread open to him; he’s kneeling between her legs, he lifts her hips, then impales her with his tongue once again and it is delicious.


“Oh, God, Walker,” she weakly murmurs. “I can’t … no more…” but its too late, his mouth is already bringing her to another climax, which barely ends, when he gets to his knees and wraps his arms around each of her legs and pulls the lower half of her body up onto his thighs. A few pushes and she is impaled.  The sensation immediately brings on another rush of heated spasms that are stronger this time. She moans as the sensations boil within her, then erupting through her. She feels herself clenching around him. He feels it too, and inhales with a gasp and plunges deeper into her.


His voice quivering, “Alex…” He leans over to kiss her, holding himself on his arms on either side of her causing him to thrust even deeper into her. She moans softly and runs the tip of her tongue over his lower lip.  Putting a hand under her head he lifts her mouth to him, his other hand gently pushing the hair from her face. She gingerly explores his mouth with her tongue, touching his teeth, the smoothness of the insides of his cheeks then over his lower lip, which she nips gently with her teeth. The effect is exhilarating, shifting his position slightly, he withdraws then pushes his manhood even deeper into her.  She shivers and opens her eyes wide waiting with anticipation.


His hands at her waist, he pulls her against him, and sinks into her at the same time. She jerks though her eyes never leave his. He thrusts into her again and again until all she knows are the sharp deep pangs of pleasure filling her again. She feels him in her innermost recesses, throbbing. She hears him grunt, then feels his body convulse, then she’s spiraling out of control with him, slipping violently over the edge into a sweet, rapturous heaven. Her arms reach for him and he lays his head on her breasts.


She is half-asleep when he begins to massage her breasts with a leisurely circular motion, his palms grazing over the tips. Without realizing it her breathing becomes tighter and quicker and all thoughts of sleep are erased from her mind. “Walker, please … no more.” But as his play at her nipples continues she feels the coil of passion curling tighter and tighter until she is moving with him again as eagerly as before. His hands begin to caress the soft flesh of her inner thighs, from her knees to between her legs over and over until her legs are spread wide and she is open to him.


He hears her call his name softly, “Walker,” then a sigh that comes from deep within. Because he needs her taste, he covers her mouth, letting his tongue play over hers, then as it follows his, he sucks on it hard drawing it deep into his mouth. Making love slowly and sensuously to her mouth, he feels her breath shudder, hears the low quiet moan from deep within her as he slips inside her.


She feels her body tingling with excitement and as he strokes his hands over her sweat slicked body, it goes hot with desire. Unable to understand how her body can still respond to the excitement that his touch still induces, but it seems as though her body fills, burns, then empties, only to fill, burn and empty again. She reaches for him only to have him take her on another slow burn. She gasps for breath, pulsing with sensations that she has not thought possible after the many highs he has taken her. The slow gentle movements change, kisses become possessive, urgent, the sensations liquefying as they flow smoothly through her. 


With strength she thought long gone, she joins him in a wild dance of passion in a tangle of sheets lying jumbled on the bed. She rises to meet his every thrust, just as hard and just as fast as his, as they climb to the pinnacle of ecstasy, while his mouth clings to hers, swallowing her gasps, mixing them with his own.


She's lying in bed, on her stomach, completely exhausted, eyes heavy-lidded and closing. Walker is lying beside her, on his side, watching her. She looks into his eyes, sees the twinkle, and sleepily asks, “You planned this didn't you?” to which he merely smiles, his eyes still twinkling with merriment.

She musters up a smile and murmurs, “You're wonderful, you know that? And I love you dearly.” Her hand reaches out, her fingers mingling with his, then her eyes close as she finally succumbs to sleep.

Walker continues to watch her for several minutes, wanting to be sure she will stay asleep, no tossing and turning. He’s prepared to wear he out some more if she needs it. Finally content that she will sleep through the night, he reaches for the bed sheet now lying on the floor at the foot of the bed, and tenderly covers her with it. Pulling on his pants, Walker heads downstairs to clean up the kitchen from dinner, returning later to slide under the sheet and take her into his arms as he joins her in slumber.


Leaving his wife, of only a few months, to sleep as long as possible, he slips his jeans on and makes his way to the barn to take care of the chores there. His mind still in the afterglow of the previous evening, he moves like a man that has been totally and completely satisfied sexually and spiritually. Of course, it helped that for the first night in a few weeks, Alex wasn't tossing and turning, and he got plenty of sleep.


Walker feeling extraordinarily good this morning moves up in front of Amigo’s stall, absently caressing the soft muzzle. He hadn’t felt this good in a long time. “I’ve got me one sweet, sexy little wife, Amigo. You’d never know it to look at her. On the surface she’s calm and polite and serious. But in bed she turns into a waterfall made of fire. Soft as a kitten, wild as a filly who’s never had a saddle on her. You never saw anything like it.”


After finishing the barn chores, Walker quietly makes his way upstairs to their bedroom.  Happy to see that Alex is still asleep, he bends to gently kiss her cheek, then strips and heads to the bathroom for a shower.  After dressing, he makes sure she is still sleeping, which she is, she hasn’t moved a muscle since he’d gently disengaged her from his arms earlier.  Moving quietly about their bedroom, then the kitchen and barn, he prepares what they will need for the day.


Its late morning by the time he returns to the bedroom. Seeing she is still asleep, he kneels on the bed beside her, bending down to kiss her awake.  The minute his lips touch hers, her eyelids flutter open, and before she can shake the sleep away, the kiss is deepening. 


When the kiss ends, Alex is breathless, murmuring, “God I love it when you wake me like that.” The next thing she knows, his arms are underneath her and he’s lifting her off the bed and into his arms, sheet and all. 


Giggling, she wraps her arms around his neck as he heads for the stairs. “What are you doing?!” she asks, still giggling.


“Taking you away from here,” he replies, as he carries her down the stairs. 


“But I haven’t had a shower yet!” she cries. “And I’m not dressed!” She laughs at the absurdity of going anywhere wrapped in a sheet.


“You have the sheet on, that’s enough,” he smiles down at her as he reaches the front porch.


“But Walker, I’m naked under here!” she cries, still laughing.


“And this is a bad thing?” he murmurs, a twinkle in his eye, moving to the steps.


Her eyes wide, she arches an eyebrow at him, wondering what he’s up to.  She sees Amigo saddled and waiting at the bottom of the porch steps.  “What are you up to?” she questions, suspicion in her tone.


Walker merely shrugs, then with one foot still on the 2nd to last step, hoists himself up on Amigo’s back with Alex still in his arms.  He shifts her until she is settled across his lap, his arms cradling her as he takes up the reins in his hands, then he sets Amigo off across the pasture behind the house.


Alex rests her head against Walker’s chest, one arm around his neck, the other in her lap.  She feels his strong arm against her back, and his other arm across her thighs.  Loving the feel of being cradled within his arms, and the gentle sway of the horse, Alex closes her eyes, enjoying the closeness.  She knows why she’s sitting in his lap on Amigo, dressed in nothing but a bed sheet.  He’s doing everything he can to keep her mind off Randall Bellingham and the trial, taking her away from the house and her briefcase. He squired her away within a minute of waking up, not giving her time to think about the trial.


She gasps and her eyes are drawn downward when she feels Walker’s hand on her bare breast.


As they rode, Walker looked down at his beautiful wife, noticing the cleavage the sheet produced when she moved her arm to around his back.  As always when he sees her breasts, even just the swell, he feels the need to touch and caress them.  Holding the reins in his right hand, he reaches out with his left hand push the sheet down, leaving it to pool at her waist and baring her lush breasts to his adoring gaze. He cups a breast, gently kneading and caressing, teasing the nipple to a hardened peak.  Her breathing deepens and her lips part as his hand moves to the other one.  Confident Amigo knows where he’s going, he drops the reins to loop over the saddle horn, and bends his head to take a rosy nipple into his mouth, then sucking the breast into the warm wet cavern, bringing a soft moan from her lips.


As his mouth devours her breasts, his eyes spy the fact that the sheet has fallen open from her feet to her knees and unable to help himself, he gently parts the material with his left hand, exposing her creamy thighs to his gaze.  He tenderly brushes her inner thigh, his caress moving slowly toward the mound still covered by the sheet. Her breathing is labored when his fingers reach the sheet and she whimpers softly when he moves the material aside and begins to comb his fingers through the dark blonde nest of hair.  She is completely bare now, as the sheet lies open along the full length of her and his heartbeat quickens at the sight … and the thought, that he’s riding horseback with his beautiful naked wife in his arms. His own breathing becomes heavy when he feels the moist heat of her arousal against his legs. Breathing deeply to control himself, he parts the feminine folds guarding her center, licking his lips at the amount of moisture he finds beneath them. He is always amazed at how ready she has always been for him, even after all these years of lovemaking. His fingers slip easily inside her tight passage, bringing a cry from her lips. He makes love to her with his finger, withdrawing them and then entering her again and again, as he would if it were his manhood he was burying inside her.  His fingers take her first with slow deep strokes, then with quick short strokes as her cries become louder, more frequent. She bucks against his hand when his thumb finds and expertly strokes the sensitive nub of flesh above her opening, and within seconds she stiffens in the throes of ecstasy, turning her body into him, her thighs clamping together against his hand, her arm tightening around his back, her face buried in his chest as she cries out his name. 


Withdrawing his fingers from her depths and releasing her breast from his mouth, he looks up to find they’re at the lake, Amigo has stopped beneath the tree he’s always tethered to.  He slips off the horse with Alex still in his arms, and sinks to the ground, laying her down in the grass beside Amigo. Instinctively, Amigo moves away from them as Walker covers Alex with his body.


Alex is frantic with need, the need to feel Walker fill her with his desire, and she claws first at his shirt, then his pants. His belt is undone, but before he can get the zipper lowered, her hand is already releasing his hot erection.  He moans and grinds his hips into her heat, drawing a deep moan from her, their hands then working together to lower his pants and briefs.  His pants only reach his knees before her legs are around his waist and she’s arching her hips up to meet him, and he slips easily inside her tight warmth. 


He sighs as he buries himself inside her, stopping to savor the moment.  But the moment doesn’t last long, as Alex is once again arching her hips, whimpering with the need to feel him move inside her, the need to feel his erection touch her womb then withdraw, over and over.  He grasps her face gently between his hands and kisses her with an intense passion as he begins to thrust, his tongue imitating the action of his pulsing shaft.  She cries out when he reaches beneath her grabbing her buttocks in his hands, pulling her up to meet his thrusts. He groans and shudders as he sinks deeper within her body, and within seconds she is falling over the edge into the abyss of supreme sexual ecstasy.  The feel of her climax gripping his manhood is all it takes, and with one final thrust he shudders violently, groaning deeply as he spills his warm seed deep within her trembling body.


As she fights to catch her breath, Walker plies her with tender kisses … to her lips, her cheek, her nose, her neck, and down her chest.  Alex sighs with pleasure, enjoying the attention. “You’re not going to continue what you started last night, are you?”


Walker’s answer is a smile and a wink.


She smiles back at him, then murmurs, “As much as I’m enjoying all this attention, I do feel the need to bathe, honey.”


With a kiss to her lips, he stands, pulling his jeans and briefs back up. After helping her to stand up he moves to the saddlebags still on Amigo’s back.  Reaching inside, he takes out soap and Alex’s bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  Her mouth opens in surprise when he hands her the items, then settles into a suspicious smile, wondering what else he has in store and in the saddlebags. 


He turns her toward the lake and pushes her gently on her way. “You go bathe while I get us something to eat.”


As Alex bathes in the cool lake, Walker unsaddles Amigo and uses the saddle blanket for their picnic blanket, then sets out their brunch. He brought a lot of food, knowing she would be hungry by mid morning.  After getting everything ready, he takes a towel, a pair of her panties, and her comb from the saddlebags and sits on the blanket, watching as she washes her hair, then dive gracefully under the water to rinse it.  He has to bite his lip to stifle his desire for her as he watches her step out of the water and come toward him. Rising off the blanket he opens the towel and wraps it around her body, helping her to dry off.  She raises an eyebrow when he hands her the panties. “You’ve thought of everything.”


“Almost.  I was going to bring clothes for you, but I couldn’t fit them into the saddlebags with everything else I brought, so…you can wear my shirt,” he finishes with a wiggle of his eyebrows. He picks his shirt up off the blanket and hands it to her.  She buttons up a few of the buttons in the middle, leaving the first 2 and the last 2 undone.  He almost laughs out loud when her stomach rumbles. “That’s our cue for food, I think!” Handing her the comb, he sits her down on the blanket, sitting down across from her.  They eat in relative silence, trading loving looks and a few kisses. Each successive kiss grows in passion and length, and by the time they’re finished eating, Alex is almost in his lap.


Putting down her plate, Alex looks toward the lake, then into his eyes, “Care to swim?”


“No,” Walker murmurs in reply, staring at her with an intense gaze, “...but I do care to make love to you.”


Alex stops breathing and feels a sudden wetness between her legs at his declaration.  Never had she heard anything so provocative and sensual from him, so sensuous it melts her instantly. Her breathing returns when his lips claim hers, and the kiss grows as he leans into her, pushing her back against the blanket.  Slowly they peel the clothes from each other’s body, then losing all track of time as they lose themselves in each other. They make love slowly and sweetly, as if they had all the time in the world, and by the time they are lying breathless, clutched in each others arms, the sun is high in the sky.


Running his hands down Alex’s back, he feels the warmth the hot sun has left on her skin. Smacking her backside playfully, he pulls her into a sitting position. “Come on, lets go take that swim now.” 


Alex looks at the shirt and panties discarded on the grass beside the blanket. “That didn’t last long, did it?” she giggles.


Walker shrugs impishly, smiling, “I didn’t hear you complaining when I took the shirt and panties off of you. In fact, if I remember correctly, what I heard from you was more of a high pitched moan…”


His words are cut off when she suddenly stands and pulls him up. “Come on!” she yells, running to the water and executing a graceful dive into the deeper water.


They spend the next hour or so frolicking in the water, alternately splashing water at each other, swimming side by side, and kissing when the mood struck. After an extra rambunctious water fight, they stumble out of the lake laughing so hard neither one can get out an intelligent word. They make it to the blanket and lie down next to each other to soak up some sun.  Exhaustion combined with the warming effect of the sun lulls Alex to sleep.


Knowing Alex is still be tired from the effects of the trial, and their lovemaking, he lets her sleep for a while, watching her, and dosing for a short time himself.  But watching her, serves only to make him want her more, his manhood growing with desire as he watches the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathes, then standing straight at attention when she shifts, her legs parting slightly, giving him an unobstructed view of her femininity.  Reaching out, he lightly ran his fingers through the dark blonde nest of hair between her legs, moving downward to lightly caress the lips of her center, bringing her instantly awake and a gasp from her mouth.


“Walker,” she moans tightly, separating her legs more, her hips arching up as he slips a finger inside. 


“Yes?” he whispers just before kissing her, his fingers moving in and out of her in time with the movement of her hips.


“Don’t…stop…please … don’t stop,” she whimpers when the kiss ends, then suddenly her climax is there, slicing through her with intensity.  She stiffens, and then cries out when in one lightning quick movement, Walker grabs her hips and rolls her on top of himself, impaling her on his thick hot shaft, letting her ride his erection with wild abandon as her climax tore through her.  As her mind clears, Alex looks down into his darkened eyes and begins to move slowly as his hand grips her thighs. His hands move up to cup her breasts, squeezing the nipples lightly between his thumb and index finger.  His touch never fails to stir deep feelings of desire in her groin. She clasps her hands over his own as her hips move at a faster pace, and when the pressure begins to build inside himself, he moves his hands to her hips, steadying her as he thrusts upward, pounding himself into her. He hears her cry out once more as he closes his eyes and comes with such force he is sure his seed has made gone all the way up to her womb.


She collapses, out of breath, onto his sweat slicked body, then moving onto their sides, they fall asleep, still intimately joined.


Alex is the first to stir some time later and noticing the time begins to gently disengage herself from her husband’s arms and legs when she realizes that they are still…one. A mischievous look comes over her face, and biting her lip she contracts her feminine muscles and holds it for several seconds, repeating the movement again and again.


Walker is jolted awake, his eyes opening wide, staring up at the sky, when he feels something akin to an electric shock through his groin, his heart is pounding when he feels it again. His manhood begins to harden. ‘God, that felt good!’ he thinks to himself, ‘Almost like Alex is clima…’ He feels it again and looking down at his wife, realizes what she is doing.  “Now that’s a nice way to wake up,” he murmurs softly, kissing her.


“Thought you’d like that,” she giggles. Her giggle is interrupted by Walker’s stomach rumbling, loudly.


He grins. “I’m starving!” Then wrapping his arms around her, “But, first things first.”


She quickly disengages his arms from around her and lifts off of him. “Nope, I’m hungry too.” She stands up and takes his hands, pulling him to his feet.  “Come on, tell me you brought something for us to eat for dinner.”


He gives her a pout and his best “puppy dog eye” look.


“Oh no, that’s not going to work, Darling.” As if for emphasis, her stomach growls this time. Now it’s her turn to pout, “Come on, Walker. I’m starving!”  That did it. He was hardly ever able to refuse her. 


Pulling his jeans on once again, he moves to the saddlebags as a giggling Alex dons his shirt. A short time later Alex lay back on the blanket. “I am…so FULL!” she moans. Rolling over onto her stomach, laying her head down on the blanket, she gazes happily, lazily, at Walker, “Dinner was wonderful.” Her eyes start to close again.


“Oh, no you don’t!” he exclaims, standing quickly and picking her up in his arms. “It’s getting late and we’ll need to head back soon.”  He starts for the lake, “Let’s take a swim to clean up, then we’ll head back.” 


She shrieks as he wades into the water, threatening to drop her.  Her arms clasp tightly around his neck as she holds on for dear life, laughing the entire time.  “Come on, Walker!” she laughs, “At least let me get this shirt off, its all I have to wear!” 


He stops, letting go of her legs and she slides down his body. “Ok, you do have a good point.” He quickly shucks his jeans, then leers at her, “But, if I remember correctly, you didn’t have much on during the ride here.” He reaches for her, as if to pick her up again.


“Oh no you don’t!” she screams, jumping out of his reach, unbuttoning the shirt. “While that was most enjoyable, that sheet now has grass and God only knows what else on it, so I’m not wearing it back to the ranch.” She backs up as he moves toward her, “And you can just get that look out of your eyes, because I’m not wearing a wet shirt back either!”  By now the shirt is completely unbuttoned and she slips out of it, dropping it to the ground.  A quick look down his body as he continues to advance toward her shows her he is aroused by her state of undress. “Walker,” she moans. “Come on, we need to get cleaned up!”  Quickly she pulls her panties down and turns for the water, running in.


She doesn’t get very far when she is grabbed from behind and picked up again.  But she is too fast for him and right before he drops her into the water, she gets a death grip on his neck, sending them both into the cool water.  The next several minutes is spent with each trying to get revenge on the other, trying to get the other down under the water.  Alex is on Walker’s back, trying to get the upper hand when a devious look crosses her face.  She pants as if out of breath, moaning, “Ok, you win. I’m pooped.” Trying to catch her breath, she slides off his back and moves around to the front of him, propping her hands on her thighs as she bends over, breathing deeply.


Still breathing deeply for effect, she looks over at Walker. He’s looking mighty proud of himself for winning this one.  He comes over to her, laying a hand gently on her back. “You okay, hon?”


With a war cry he would be proud of, she turns suddenly, throwing herself at him. But, he’s prepared.  He is no dummy.  He knows she will try something.  Instead of falling back into the water like she has planned, she only succeeds in sticking to him like white on rice…her arms around his neck, legs around his waist, her chest plastered to his.


His chuckle, as he catches her, his arms now underneath her bottom, stops abruptly as they stare into each other’s eyes. His heartbeat pounds furiously against hers, suddenly aware that her wet warm center is against his instantly erect manhood.


Her war cry dies out as she finds herself held in his arms.  She stares into his eyes, breathing heavily, heart pounding in time with his, as she suddenly realizes that it is his warm shaft pulsing with life against the very part of her that was instantly moist, instantly ready for him to enter her.


“Walker,” “Alex,” they breathed simultaneously, their lips meeting for a kiss that was at first soft, tender and sweet, then as it takes on a life of its own it becomes hungry and demanding. 


Needing to feel him embedded deeply within her body, Alex begins to move her dripping center over his erection, whimpering as she feels the heat caress her feminine lips.


Beginning to come unglued, he turns and walks toward the shore, but loses it when she gasps, “I need you.” She gives a high-pitched moan when he grips her hips and with a growl impales her on his shaft. Unable to continue standing as the glorious sensations rake his body he sinks to his knees in the now shin-high water, coming down with her underneath him, her legs still wrapped around his waist.  Immediately he begins to thrust in and out of her luscious body, their moans and grunts of sexual satisfaction the only sounds. Though her head lay in the wet sand, her bottom and his legs are partially under water and as he pumps, the water sloshes around their bodies, adding to the delicious effect of making love on the closest thing to a beach for miles around.


In no time, Walker is at the edge, his climax building fast and furious. With a strangled moan he grits his teeth, he doesn’t want to climax before Alex reaches her peak. Part of the glorious sensations he feels in his climaxes is the feel of her inner muscles contracting around his shaft in the oh-so-tight confines of her warm wet center. 


Hearing his strangled moan, Alex opens her eyes, seeing the intense concentration on his face. It was so like him to want her pleasured first.  She murmurs, “Let go, honey,” and as she tightly contracts those inner muscles he sinks down into her body for the final time.  His climax hits him immediately and he comes with a loud cry.  The feel of his hot seed spurting forth from his pulsing shaft is enough to bring on her own orgasm and she climaxes with a soft cry, her legs stiffening around his waist, her hips still moving against his groin.


They lie in each other’s arms until Walker feels Alex shudder, the water cooling in the cooler evening air. Walker brushes the wet hair away from her face, kissing her tenderly. “Ready to head home?”


She sighs deeply.  “I’ve enjoyed today so much, Darling, that I hate to go home,” she sighs again, “but I know we have to.”


Standing, he pulls her up with him, and after drying off and dressing, him in his jeans, her in the discarded shirt and panties, he packs up what he brought, stowing it away in the saddlebags. Turning to Alex, he helps her into the saddle, then gets on behind her.  Taking the reins in one hand, he sets Amigo on his way, his right hand resting pleasurably on her bare thigh. 


Feeling completely relaxed and utterly sated, Alex leans back against Walker’s chest, her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.  Her steady even breathing tells Walker that she’s fallen asleep, but he’s far from sleep himself.  During the ride, her legs have rubbed against his denim clad thighs, and soon his manhood is twitching against her back, growing as he becomes more aroused, and when he turns his head to look at her face, his eyes catch sight of the cleavage showing in the open neck of the shirt.  Slowly, he moves his hand closer to the juncture of her thighs, then up underneath the shirt to cup her breasts, watching through the open neck of the shirt as he gently and tenderly fondles her, rubbing her nipple between his fingers. He can tell by her now heavy breathing that she is awake and completely aroused.  He moves his hand downward, dipping beneath the waistband of her panties to tangle in the soft hair between her thighs, drawing a soft moan from her lips and a thrust of her hips against his hand.  His hand cups her, then fingers part the folds and lightly caress, finding her hot and wet.  She cries out when his fingers surge inward, entering her body in a slow thrust, withdrawing and entering again and again. Her left hand grips his left arm and her right hand, his right thigh as she bucks against his hand, crying out as a climax rips through her sensitized body. 


Her shuddering body collapses back against his chest when he withdraws his fingers from her depths, and moving aside the damp hair at the nape of her neck, he turns her head and kisses her tenderly. “I love you,” he whispers, hugging her tightly to his chest with his right arm.  Unable to speak after the loving she just received, Alex grips his arms tightly with her hands, kissing him back with all the love she feels for him.


When they reach home, Walker takes care of the horses while Alex goes inside to put away the supplies he had brought. After taking a shower, Alex returns to the bedroom and spies the unmade and disheveled bed, smiling at what had transpired that morning to put it in such a state. Getting clean linens, Alex makes the bed.  While she is putting on the fresh sheets Walker returns from the barn and heads directly for the shower. 


While waiting for Walker to finish in the shower, Alex heads for the closet to pick out her clothes for the next day.  As she stands in the closet it occurs to her that she hadn’t seen her briefcase since the previous evening when Walker ordered her upstairs.  Remembering that it had been on the dining room table she goes to retrieve it.


When Walker comes out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist, he is surprised to find that Alex is not already in bed. He goes off in search of her and coming through the family room is stunned to find her standing in the dining room, hands on her hips.  Right away he knows she is looking for her briefcase. “Oh, no you don’t!” he states in a commanding voice, swooping in behind her and sweeping her off her feet, taking her completely by surprise, carrying her back through the family room and up the stairs.


“But Walker, I was just looking for my br…” he cuts the word off with a kiss. He’s darned if she is going to even think about Randall Bellingham and that trial until tomorrow.  The kiss is effective, completely erasing the missing briefcase from her mind as she joins in the kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth with a whimper.


Reaching the bedroom, Walker deposits Alex gently across the middle of the bed. Discarding the towel around his waist, he comes down over her, straddling her legs, bracing himself with a hand on either side of her head. Bending his arms, he dips to kiss her again, then rises up on his knees and slowly unties the sash on her robe. With glazed eyes, Alex watches as he parts her robe, then in a light caress, runs his hands up her body from her thighs and over her breasts, stopping to squeeze the nipples between his thumb and forefinger, then slips the robe from her arms, leaving her naked beneath him. With his hands under her arms on the sides of her chest, his thumb lightly caressing the swell of her breasts, he slides down her body until he is lying on top of her. He begins a slow descent down her soft curves, kissing and licking every inch of her soft flesh, nipping with his teeth at the places he knows will make her shudder, spending an extra long time on her breasts before moving further down her abdomen. By the time he reaches her navel, she is writhing beneath him, crying out with a need for completion, arching her hips upward and pushing his head downward at the same time, indicating what she desperately wants him to do.


Instead, when he reaches the junction of her thighs, he skirts around the moist dark blonde hair and moves down her thigh to her knee and then inward to her inner thigh, lightly nipping at the sensitive skin.  She moans when he moves to the other thigh, her fingers tangling in his hair, trying to move him toward her dripping center.  When he reaches the crease between her thigh and groin, he finally parts her legs, spreading them wide as he settles himself between them. He draws another whimper from her when instead of spearing her with his tongue, he moves his nose through the moist hair, taking in the musky scent of her arousal. She sucks in air when with a light kiss to her mound he moves downward, parting the soft flesh with his fingers, caressing her lovingly with his tongue, feeling with his tongue every bit of the hot wet center he knows so well.


She screams out, arching her back, as his tongue finally finds her sensitive flesh, her hands grabbing at the sheets beneath her.  The pressure builds within her as he explores her with his tongue, dipping inside and then out to caress her again. When he feels she is about to explode in climax he backs off and moves up over her downy patch to her navel, drawing more whimpers from her.  When she settles and her breathing slows, he again goes down, caressing and exploring again, caressing her more as he laps at her free flowing juices.  He’s taking her so far, but no farther. The coil is winding tighter and tighter inside her until she feels like she’s going to explode … but Walker backs off, leaving her wanting. He does this again and again, pushing her to the brink of an orgasm then backing off, alternating between sucking at her breasts and nipples and kissing her ravenously as he waits for her to come down from the edge. 


For more than an hour he keeps it up, until she is practically begging him to give her relief. “Oh God, Walker,” she moans, “Please!” She’s whimpering, out of her mind with unreleased passion. He’s once again spearing her with his tongue, bringing her to the edge of orgasm. Once again he stops just when she’s at the edge about to tumble over.  She moans loudly with frustration, then her breathing stops when in the next second he grabs her hips and enters her with a strong stroke, catapulting her instantly into the long awaited orgasm. Her moan turns to a scream, her head thrown back, back arched as her climax slices through her, going on and on, prolonged by his forceful thrusts.


His strokes are deep and slow as he waits for her to come down from the high, and when she joins him again, he laces his fingers through hers, joining their hands above her head.  Picking up the pace, Alex arches up to meet his thrusts as she feels the passion rise within her again.  His hips move upward over her, his pelvis caressing against the nub that is her essence. Her legs wrap around his waist as she feels her second climax begin as a tingle in her toes. It is when he releases her hands and grabs her bottom, bringing his thrusts impossibly deeper, that she reaches her climax again, sending him over the same edge as he lets loose with a deep growl, coming with a force so great he feels he’s emptied all that he has into her.


Walker collapses bonelessly on top of her spent and completely sated body, then moving to her side, takes her into his arms as they come down from the high of their lovemaking.  Within minutes he hears her steady even breathing and knows she is asleep.  He looks down at her lovely face, seeing a smile on her lips.  He smiles and says with a sigh, “It worked.”  Closing his eyes, he joins her in deep slumber.


The next morning Alex wakes rested and refreshed having slept through the second night in a row. After showering and dressing she goes downstairs and finds Walker putting French toast and coffee on the table.  “Mmmmm, this looks great!”


“Almost as great as you, honey,” he smiles as he takes her into his arms for his morning kiss, then holds her at arms length to take a good look at her. “You look absolutely wonderful,” he says as he takes in her face, the lines and dark circles under her eyes are gone, her eyes are shining. She just looks so…alive. “Hungry?”


“Starving!” she grins. “That uh, was quite a workout you gave me yesterday.”


“I didn’t hear you complaining,” he states, picking up his fork.


In between bites of French toast, she murmurs, “Never.”


Breakfast eaten and dishes in the dishwasher, they’re ready to leave.  Having left her car in the courthouse-parking garage, Saturday afternoon, they’ll drive to work together.  Alex retrieves her purse from the desk in the family room, then remembers she couldn’t find her briefcase the evening before. Going back into the dining room, she checks under the table, then under the hutch as Walker comes out of the kitchen. 


“What are you looking for, hon? Lose an earring?”


“No, my briefcase. It was on the table Saturday before you…sent me upstairs,” she smiles as she remembers.


“Um, well Alex, I…I hid it.”


“You hid it?” she asks with disbelief.


“Yeah…you know the old saying. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’?”  He goes into the kitchen and she moves to the divider, peering over at Walker as he opens the cabinet beneath the sink bringing out her briefcase.


Alex laughs heartily as he comes back around into the dining room and hands her the briefcase. “I can’t believe you hid my briefcase under the kitchen sink!”  Taking the briefcase from him she places it on the table, then wraps her arms around his neck, his arms slipping around her waist.

“Thank you for doing what you did,” she murmurs.


“What did I do?” he asks, his face the picture of innocence.


“You,” she plants a kiss to his lips, “single-handedly took away two weeks worth of stress, and I love you dearly for what you did.”


“As I remember it, I used more than just a hand.”


Alex smiles and blushes at his comment. “So you did…it was the perfect stress reliever and it was just what I needed.”


“Well,” he murmurs in return, “I’ll just have to remember that…for future reference.”


“See that you do,” she giggles, then kisses him to show how much she appreciated what he did. “Come on, let’s get going. I’m ready to meet Randall Bellingham head on today!”


Taking her briefcase for her, he slips an arm around her waist as they walk out the door.


The End