The SURPRISE Weekend

Part one:

'The Surprise'



July 1998




As Alex sat down at her desk, she suddenly realized just how very tired she really was. It was only ten o'clock Friday morning, but it seemed like it should be midnight. She stretched, rubbing her neck, trying to get some of the aches to leave her weary body. She was totally exhausted. It had been a very long, demanding three months. The case she had been working on had been one of the most aggravating cases she could remember prosecuting. It had turned into an attorney's worst nightmare. The case concerned an abusive husband who had inflicted some of the worst mistreatment she had ever seen. The man, both very wealthy and powerful, knew how to use these assets to his advantage. The sad thing was, his wealth and power had almost won the case for him.


When Alex had been assigned the case, she had known little about the power this man had. With the amount of witness's her team had compiled, she had been tricked into a false sense of security, thinking that it would be a relatively easy case to prosecute; she could not have been more wrong in her thinking.


This man had hired a very high power attorney, one that knew every trick in the book to make the prosecution's job even harder. Every witness that Alex had called to the stand, no matter how creditable, had their testimonies torn apart in his cross examinations. He knew just how to twist their words and how to manipulate everything they said until even they began to doubt themselves. Alex had left the courtroom everyday praying that they would get the break they needed to nail this guy, often doubting in herself, her ability, to even win the case and bring this man to justice. Alex's fear of failure consumed her thoughts and often her soul as well, knowing that if she couldn't make the charges stick, he would probably be set free to keep on terrorizing his poor family. Finally; the break they had so desperately needed had been found by Alex's favorite Texas Ranger...Cordell Walker.


How Walker had managed to find the witness they needed was a mystery even to her. "It must have something to do with his Cherokee heritage," she said to herself, because the witness had been overlooked by everyone, including the defendant himself. Thanks to Walker's "never give up attitude" today the case was finished. The man would never be able to hurt anyone ever again. Now maybe things would get back to normal and she would have some much needed time to spend with Walker and of course C.D. and Jimmy too. Alex sighed heavily and thought..... "I wonder where Walker is and what he is doing right now?"


As if on cue, Walker came walking into her office. "Hi!," she said as she once again stretched and smiled at him fondly.


"He looks different," she thought to herself, not quite knowing how. He was dressed his usual way, with nice fitting black jeans and a black western shirt. "Maybe the shirt is new," she thought. No. It wasn't the clothes that were different, it was Walker himself. There was a look about him that Alex had never seen before, a look that said he was up to something. Maybe it was just her imagination. She really was tired.


"I thought you would be out catching another bad guy for me to prosecute," she said as he walked over to stand beside her.  "No, I decided to take the rest of the day and all weekend off. That's why I'm here, to see if you would like to join one of your favorite people for a weekend of nothing but peace, quiet and relaxation," he said with a twinkle in his eye.


"Are you feeling all right Walker? You never take time off voluntarily! What's wrong?"


"Nothing is wrong. I just needed some time off. I finally took your advice to slow down a little, that's all".


"That sounds wonderful, God knows I sure need some time off. I don't think I have ever been this wiped out from a case, not in a long time anyway. But, do I really have to wait until C.D. and Jimmy to get back next from their fishing trip to get my much needed rest and relaxation, you did say my favorite people." she said teasingly.


"Ha, Ha. Very funny Alex, but I said one of your favorite people" Walker said teasingly as he moved behind her pretending to choke her.


Alex laughed as she tried to remove his hands from around her neck. Walker laughed also, then slowly moved his hands downward and tenderly started massaging her tired neck muscles. Alex closed her eyes and sighed as Walker's hands slowly and expertly moved along her neck and upper back. Almost immediately Alex felt relief from some of the tension that had been there for far too long. "He has such wonderful hands...hands that are strong and powerful, yet soft and gentle all at the same time," Alex thought as she softly sighed again.


"Ummm....that feels wonderful. But if you keep that up too long I will fall asleep right here," she said yawning.


Walker leaned even closer and as his lips brushed her ear he whispered very softly, "If you fall asleep, you won't be packed and ready to go away with me for the weekend and believe me, I don't think you'll want to miss it. I have made a lot of plans," with that said, he gently kissed her neck.


"I haven't said I would go with you yet. How do you know that you are my favorite person?" she said as she looked at him with a grin on her face.


Abruptly releasing her, Walker started for the door saying over his shoulder, "Oh well, I guess I'll just have to find someone else to take with me. Maybe that new girl filling in for our secretary, I sure hope she can get ready fast. I'm leaving in two hours. Bye Alex, see you on Monday".


"Walker!!! Wait!!! I was only teasing. I'd love to go away with you for the weekend!" Alex hurriedly rose and moved across the room to stop him before he could get out the door.


Walker turned, laughing and immediately took her in his arms. As he held her tightly he gently tilted her head up so he could look into her beautiful blue eyes. As his lips slowly descended to hers, he softly said "I knew you would. I was counting on it." He then tenderly kissed her.


Alex accepted his kiss very willingly, she loved kissing Walker, but somehow the kiss was different. They had kissed many times before, but this one was definitely different. How? She didn't know, just different.


Alex scolded herself for letting her mind wander while this magnificent man was kissing her. "What's wrong with you Cahill. Enjoy being in Walker's arms and kissing him. Heaven knows it doesn't happen often enough for my liking."


When Walker finally released her, she smiled and laid her hand on his cheek stroking his unusually soft beard. She looked into his eyes. There for a split second she saw...What? A flash of something, but it was all to soon gone. "What is he up to?" she questioned herself, for now she KNEW he was definitely up to something. Suddenly, Alex realized that Walker was talking to her and trying to get her attention.


"Alex. Alex? You're wasting time day dreaming. We have to be at the ranch and ready to go by noon."


Alex shook her head and said, "But Walker, you haven't told me were we are going. What kind of clothes should I take?" But he was already headed out the door.


"Just pack some clothes and I'll pick you up at your apartment in 45 minutes," he said over his shoulder as he closed the door.


Alex stood there for a moment thinking of what she would pack and how she could ever possibly be ready in such a short amount of time. She slowly shook her head and turned to get her things as she said to the empty room in front of her, "Oh Walker, will I ever be able to figure you out?"


Walker leaned against the door grinning; for he had heard her comment about figuring him out after he had closed the office door. His grin widened as he patted the left breast pocket of his shirt. "I sure hope you don't figure me out, too soon that is, it will ruin my surprise."


In the past, every time Walker and Alex had tried to take a vacation or be alone together, something had always gotten in their way. They often joked about this fact, saying that they were just jinxed and that they would never have the kind of time together that they were always trying for. Even though they joked about it, it was none the less irritating to both of them. "Not this time," Walker smiled. He had had a vision dream last night that was so vivid and real that he knew for a fact that NOTHING  would go wrong this time. With that thought, Walker headed for the parking lot to get his truck and to do some last minute errands, feeling Happier than he had in a very long time.




It had been almost 45 minutes since Alex had left her office. Walker would be here any minute to pick her up and she still wasn't ready to go. It would have been so much easier to pack if she had an idea as to where they would be going. What should she take to wear? Dress clothes? Casual clothes? Would it be hot or would it be cold? Alex had not a clue. How far away were they going? She didn't know...only Walker knew. Finally she got the biggest suitcase she owned out, threw it on her bed and began packing a little bit of every type of clothing she had, just hoping she was taking something that would be appropriate to wear. Where ever they were going.




Walker had made the last of the stops he had to make before going to pick up Alex. He hoped he hadn't forgotten anything. He double checked the items he had picked up. He had eight beautiful long stem roses...all yellow...Alex’s for each year that they had known each other and two very special bottles of champagne. No, he had everything, and everything else had been taken care of by C.D. and Trivette. He hadn't wanted to let them in on any of the surprise for Alex but he had known that without their help he would have never gotten everything done for this weekend.


They truly were the best friends and family a man could ever have. He lifted his eyes to the sky and silently thanked God, something he made a point of doing everyday, that he was lucky enough to have them...and his life.


How C.D. and Trivette had ever kept the secret, he didn't know. Maybe it had something to do with him telling them that he would use them as human dummies for his karate practice. Walker laughed out loud as he thought of their responses to his threat. C.D. had said, "Now Cordell, you know I'm to dang gum old to be your work out partner." And Trivette had responded with, "Oh no you don't pard. I'm STILL trying to get over the pain of you whooping' on me the last time we worked out together."


Anyway, his threat had worked. Alex had no idea of what he was up to and C.D. and Trivette had managed to keep the SURPRISE a secret, at least the part that they knew about. They didn't even know the full extent of the SURPRISE. Only Walker and three other people knew; these three people being very needed to make his surprise become a reality. C.D. and Trivette were definitely in for a little bit of a surprise too!




By the time Walker had picked Alex up at her apartment, loaded her huge suitcase into the back of his truck and drove the almost hour drive to his ranch it was exactly noon. "Perfect timing," Walker said, as he turned the dodge off, hearing the distant sound of a helicopter.


He looked over at Alex, who had fallen asleep almost as soon as she had gotten into the truck. "She sure needs the time off," he thought to himself, "she's exhausted from all the overtime and mental stress from this last case of hers."


Walker smiled hoping she didn't plan on sleeping the ENTIRE time they were away. He had more...let's say...Romantic plans in store for her.


As the sound of the chopper got closer, Walker decided he had better wake Alex up. He gently reached over to move a piece of her hair that had fallen onto her face. "She is so beautiful," he thought as Alex stirred just long enough to change her position a little. He really did hate to wake her but the chopper was almost here. "Alex," he said softly, as he gently leaned over brushing his lips against hers. The only response he got was a wrinkling of her nose as his mustache brushed against it. He grinned and decided he was going to have to try a little bit harder if he was ever going to get her awake.


He reached over and gently pulled her sleeping body into his arms and began a very slow and seductive kiss, trying to tease her into waking up.


As Alex started to wake up, her first thought was that she was dreaming...a very GOOD dream...and in it she was kissing Walker. It didn't take long for her to realize that she wasn't dreaming...she was really being kissed by him. She quickly decided to pretend she was still asleep not wanting the kiss to end, but somehow Walker knew she was awake because he quickly ended the kiss and started to move away from her.


"It's about time you woke up, I thought I was going to have to kiss you forever," he said with a smile, having decided that he too could tease her like she had teased him. Then he wiped his hand across his mouth, much like a small boy would do to get rid of every little boy's greatest fear...girl germs.


Alex laughed and stretched trying to wake up fully as she said, "Well, if that's the way you feel about kissing me, I just won't kiss you ever again."


After hearing this, Walker grabbed her, pulling her back into his arms and began to kiss her again, a very slow and passionate kiss that all but took Alex’s breath away. When the kiss ended this time Walker looked deep into her eyes and said, "I have decided that I don't want to even think about living without your kisses!"


Walker's statement took Alex completely by surprise. Walker was not the kind of man to talk about his inner most feelings, preferring to keep his emotions well hidden from even his closest friends. There really was something different about him today, but she didn't have the time to really think about it. This wonderful new side of himself that he was finally showing to her, after all these years, would have to be thought about a lot more at another time, because just then a helicopter landed in Walkers' front yard and Walker was now trying to help her out of the truck saying, "Come on Alex, our ride is here."


The next few minutes were spent loading their suitcases and a large box from the back of Walkers' truck onto the helicopter. When everything was loaded and the pilot had climbed back in to the chopper, Walker turned to Alex and handed her a bandanna telling her to tie it over her eyes. Walker laughed as he saw the look of total disbelief in her eyes and he then proceeded to turn her around, putting the blindfold in place, making sure she couldn't see anything. Alex reached to remove it, protesting, but before she could, Walker stopped her, promising it would be well worth it if she waited and to just trust him. Alex decided she would do as he told her but, she had also decided to tell him he wasn't just acting strangely...he was acting CRAZY!!!  And she did. Walker just laughed and helped her into the chopper thinking, “Yah, I'm crazy all right. Crazy in love with you!!!"


Alex knew that Walker would tell her no more about where they were going or what he was up to so, once they were in the air, she decided to get more comfortable, snuggling up to Walker's chest and deciding she might as well go back to sleep. She couldn't see where they were going anyway. As she was getting comfortable, she had thought about what he had said to her..."Trust me."  Alex wondered if Walker knew how deep her trust for him really was. Of course he knew. He had to know. He knew she trusted him with her life, God only knew how many times over the years that they both had had to put their trust in each other into use. But...Did this strong, silent, caring man have any idea how much she had grown to love and care about him? When exactly had she fallen so deeply in love with this mighty Texas Ranger? "I think," Alex said to herself as sleep once again began to over take her, "I think I fell in love with him the first time he took the witness stand and I looked into his eyes." And with the memory of that day still running threw her mind, Alex fell into the most peaceful and restful sleep she had had in a very long time.


As Walker moved to make Alex more comfortable and to hold her even closer as she slept, he too was thinking about the first time they had met.




Everyone had been talking about the new Assistant District Attorney in the office. Walker had not had the chance to meet her but he would in just a few minutes, because he had to testify and she was the prosecuting attorney. Everyone had been talking about how tough she was and especially about how pretty she was. He began going over the case in his head, preparing himself for the job of testifying; a part of his job he hated to do.


He had made a bust in an alley, stopping some thugs from beating up on a young policeman during a riot situation. There had been seven of them but, with his martial arts experience, they had not been too much of a challenge to arrest. Little did he know, but the young policeman he had saved that day would someday become one of his very best friends and someone he would become so close to that he would even start to think of him as a brother...none other than his partner of six years now...James Trivette.


When Walker had taken the stand that day, he purposefully did not look at the new ADA. He wanted to wait until he could look into her eyes. It was something that had been taught to him by Uncle Ray. Uncle Ray had told him once that the eyes were the windows into a persons could tell if they were someone you could trust or if they were someone to beware of. "The eyes don't lie Washo," he had said, "they will tell you everything you need to know about a person, if you only take the time to look into the eyes."  As Walker had grown older he had always remembered what Uncle Ray had told him learning early on that it was true, making a point of using it in his everyday life, both on the job and off.


As the new ADA, Alexandra Cahill, made her approach to the witness stand that day, Walker sat waiting for her to ask her first question of him. As she spoke to him for the first time, he looked up into the most beautiful set of blue eyes he had ever seen. He saw gentleness, kindness, stubbornness and a great inner strength in her eyes. Everything he had heard said about her had been true, especially the part about being pretty. She had seemed kind of nervous though, just staring at him, before she finally got back to the job at hand.


Walker laughed to himself as he remembered they had not really gotten off on the right foot with each other that day and both had complained very loudly to C.D. about how stubborn and mule headed that each other were for days to come. But even then, C.D. had known that with a little bit of time and a whole lot of patience and understanding on both their parts, that they would make the perfect couple. He could see, even then, that although neither one would attest to liking the other one, that they were very attracted to each other, and that they, without knowing it themselves, had already begun the delightful journey of "Falling in Love."


Their next meeting had happened three days later at C.D.'s big New Year's Eve bash. The place was packed, of course it always was on special night's like that, because everyone knew that C.D. Parker threw the best parties in all of Texas. It was a fact C.D. was very proud of and very anxious to tell anyone that would listen. Walker and she had bumped into each other accidentally and the first thing they had done was start to argue about that day in court. The second thing they had done was, kissed, for the very first time. "Why?" Walker had asked himself. "Was it because the clock had just struck midnight. Was it because it was New Years Eve and he wasn't there with anyone? Was it because she just happened to be the one standing there?"  No. Walker knew now, as he did even back then, that he had just met the woman of his dreams and that eventually she would steal his heart. He also knew that his life was never going to be the same! Oh, he had fought against it. He had been hurt very badly by falling in love before, but with each day that went by, he knew in his heart that he was slowly losing the battle and after awhile, he didn't fight it as hard, until finally he wasn't fighting at all.


As Walker came back to the present time, eight years later, he looked at the sleeping woman in his arms. They had become the best of friends in those eight years and they had learned to trust each other with their lives. In fact, they were closer than Walker had ever thought he could be with another human being. And yes, they had fallen in love with each other, even though neither one of them had said those three little words out loud yet. "I LOVE YOU!" The three little words that made life worth living, Uncle Ray had said, on more than one occasion. But, that would all change this weekend, he would make sure of it. Walker could not imagine his life without Alex and he prayed, he would never have too.


Stroking her hair, ever so gently, while she slept, Walker again went over his plans for the weekend in his mind.


As the helicopter landed at their destination, Walker gently woke Alex, making sure the blindfold was still in place, and helping her out of the chopper. He then hurriedly got their suitcases and the box unloaded and quickly spoke to the pilot and thanked him.


While Walker was doing all of this, Alex stood shaking off the last effects of sleep. She wondered where they were. There was a soft breeze blowing and in the distance she could hear what sounded like water flowing...a stream or river maybe? She was really excited about being here with Walker. Wherever here was, but then again, it really didn't matter where they were. She was here with Walker, the man she loved with all her heart and soul and she vowed to herself, right then and there, that she was finally going to tell him that. This weekend!


Lost in her thoughts, Alex soon heard the sound of the chopper starting back up and taking off. "Well, it won't be long now before I finally know what Walker is up to.", she thought becoming even more anxious.


Walker slowly walked over to where Alex stood, deep in thought, and he took a deep breath. "This is it." he thought to himself looking to the sky, saying a silent prayer.


"Are you ready for your first surprise?" he asked stepping behind her, slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her tight against his body.


"I sure am." Alex replied. “The suspense is killing me!" she said as Walker began to kiss her neck and playfully bite at her ear lobes. Alex sighed, snuggling closer to him, thoroughly enjoying this new side of Walker. He had never been this way with her before. Sure they had kissed, even pretty heavily a few times. And once, when they had gone white water rafting, they had been to a point were Alex had thought they might have gone a little farther; if they hadn't been interrupted. But it had not been meant to happen then and sometimes Alex wondered if it ever would happen!  Every time Walker took her into his arms, she thought about making love to this attractive, powerful man. "What would it be like? What kind of a lover would he be? WILL I EVER KNOW?"


All these thoughts, combined with the sensations that were racing through her body because of Walkers' "playing", were almost too much for Alex to handle. She quickly turned in his arms to pull his lips to hers. She needed to kiss him. She needed to feel his full lips against hers. NOW!


The kiss seemed to last forever. Who pulled away first, neither knew, but by the time the kiss had ended, they were both trying to catch their breath.


Not speaking, Walker removed the blindfold. He looked at her flushed face. Her eyes were still closed and she was trying to catch her breath. He smiled as he turned her around.




Alex was having a hard time coming back to her senses. When she finally realized that Walker had even taken the blindfold off, she found herself looking at the sweetest little cabin she had ever seen, in the most beautiful place she had ever seen.


The cabin looked as if it had just been freshly painted white and it had black wooden shutters framing the windows. It had a front porch, with a porch swing on it and in front of the porch there were hundreds of yellow roses growing from bushes that had been planted there. On the front door was a huge yellow ribbon, with a long stem yellow rose tucked into it. Looking at the area surrounding the cabin, Alex could only describe it as...breathtaking!!!  


The cabin stood in a small clearing surrounded by nothing but trees as far as her eyes could see and behind the cabin was a majestic looking mountain and nothing else. Nothing but the beautiful, quiet wilderness. This place had to be a little piece of Heaven here on earth.


Walker stood silently by, watching Alex take in their surroundings. He smiled, knowing just how she felt and what emotions she was feeling. He had been here hundreds of times over the years, but every time he came here he experienced the same feelings of amazement, awe and wonder. This truly was the most beautiful and peaceful place on earth, and he was the luckiest man on earth. He was here with Alex!


Finally speaking, Walker said, "Well? What do you think of your birthday present?... ALEX?"


Alex turned looking at Walker. "I don't know what to say. This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I...My Birthday? Oh, my God! I forgot. It IS my birthday Walker! I forgot my own birthday. Oh Walker!!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much!!!


Laughing joyfully, Alex threw herself into Walker's arms, placing small little kisses all over his face, saying "Thank you!" after each one.


Part Two:

'The Proposal'




Walker chuckled, thoroughly enjoying all of Alex’s little kisses and her excitement. God, he loved this woman. She was everything any man could ever want in a woman, intelligent, kind, caring and very loving. She could smile and make even the darkest day seem brighter. She was definitely one of a kind. And she was here...with him! And there was no one else around for miles.


Alex finally stopped kissing him and began asking questions. "Where are we? Whose place is this?"


Walker's only way of stopping the flood of questions was to put his hand over her mouth.


"I will answer all your questions Alex, in time. For now let's get our stuff in the cabin and get something to eat. I'm starving. Okay?"


Alex nodded.


"Okay. Come on."


Walker handed her suitcase to her and then he grabbed his suitcase in one hand and the box he had brought along, in the other. Together they headed to the porch.


Walker removed the rose from the door handing it to Alex with a small bow. "For you My Lady.", he said as he opened the cabin door standing aside letting Alex enter first.


The cabin was just as lovely on the inside as it was outside. It was freshly cleaned, with a vase of yellow roses from the bushes outside sitting on a table that was just to the right of the door. There was a wood stove, a counter with some cupboards and a hand pump for water that sat right beside the sink. Opposite the table was an old fashion ice box, the kind that you had to put big blocks of ice in to keep your food cold.


On the other side of the door was the rest of the small cozy room. A beautiful stone fireplace took up the entire end of the cabin, with a hand woven Indian rug lying on the floor in front of it, and a comfortable looking sofa and small table facing the fireplace. There was also another door leading into the bedroom. On the walls there were various Cherokee wall hangings and on the mantel above the fireplace there were two old pictures. One of a man and a woman, the other of a man, woman and small boy.


Alex walked over to the picture of just the man and woman, picking it up. It was a very old picture but she knew immediately that the man in the picture was Walkers' Uncle Ray and the woman must have been his wife Ruthie. Sitting it back down, she moved to the other picture, looking at it carefully. The man was handsome and obviously of the Cherokee nation. The woman was light skinned, with blonde hair and very pretty and the little boy was definitely a wonderful mixture of the two. It had to be a picture of Walker and his parents.


"Walker, is this picture of you?", she asked looking at him as he came to stand beside her putting his arm around her waist.


"Yeah, we had it taken right before we came here for the last time. My Mother had two taken, one for here on the mantel and one for at home."


Alex looked at Walker as he took the picture and looked at it sadly.


"Why would you stop coming here, it's so beautiful?", Alex asked.


"Because a month after this picture was taken and placed here on the mantel, My parents were killed."


"Oh Walker. I'm so sorry."


Alex could see the sadness in Walkers' eyes as he stood looking at her but not seeing if...he was somewhere else...far away...remembering...


"Walker? Are you all right?", Alex asked as she touched his cheek with her hand.


He blinked, coming back to the present. "Of course I am. I'm here with you!" He quickly kissed her hand. “You can put your things in the bedroom and I'll get us something to eat."


Alex pick up her suitcase and carried it into the bedroom. It was a small room with the most magnificent bed she had ever seen. It looked to be all hand carved and it dominated the room. On the bed there was an old patchwork quilt, with another rose laying on the one pillow.


There was a small dresser, with an oil lamp and a pitcher and bowl for water, and a slightly larger stand up wardrobe that stood right beside that. Trying the door on the stand up wardrobe Alex found that it was locked. She'd have to remember to ask Walker if he knew where the key for it was. For now she decided she would put her clothes into the smaller dresser.


Being that it was such a beautiful day out; Alex guessed it was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and with it being that time, the worst of the heat of the day was yet to come, so Alex decided to change into some shorts, a sleeveless shirt and some canvas sneakers.


When Alex had changed and put her things away, she ventured back into the main part of the cabin, wanting to see what Walker had been up to while she had been gone.


Walker had already packed a picnic basket. It was sitting on the table with an Indian blanket beside it. He had also changed into shorts, a tank top and sneakers.


Alex giggled drawing Walkers' attention to her.


"What?", he said looking at her and her outfit approvingly.


"I just never saw you in shorts before. You have GREAT legs.", she said with a giggle; actually he did have great legs, especially his thighs. Alex loved his thighs.


"Thanks. Yours aren't so bad either.", he said laughing as he picked up the picnic basket and the blanket. "Are you ready?"


"Sure am", she replied.


With that they went out the door arm and arm.


They headed off the porch and turned to the right, heading off into the woods. They followed a small path, taking the time to look at the scenery and the beauty of the nature that surrounded them.


They hadn't walked far when they came into another small clearing that over looked a nice size stream.


Walker sat the basket down and had Alex help him spread the blanket out. They both sat down and Walker started to unpack their lunch.


The first thing he pulled out was another long stem rose. As he handed it to her, he leaned over kissing her softly on the lips saying, "A beautiful rose, for a beautiful Lady."


Alex accepted all. The words, the rose and the kiss, saying, "Oh Walker, you have made today a birthday I will never forget. It is the best one I have ever had, even if I did start out by forgetting it was my birthday to begin with. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful place with me!"


Walker winked at her and handed her a glass of wine. "The day is not over yet Alex. The best is yet to come."


Alex looked at him with many questions in her eyes but Walker was already handing her a bowl with a chef salad in it, with her favorite dressing on top. He then pulled one out for himself along with a loaf of hard crusted bread and a plate of assorted cheeses.


"He has thought of everything." Alex thought as she took a bite of her salad. This was one of her favorite meals; right down to the kind of wine they were drinking.


They ate for awhile in total silence, each realizing they were a lot hungrier than they had thought.


As the were finishing up Alex put her plate down. "Walker. Will you tell me about this place and the cabin? Who owns them?"


Walker picked up Alex’s glass and refilled it with wine, doing the same with his, then he shifted so that he was sitting cross legged in a more comfortable position.


"Well, the land has been passed down in my family for generations. My Grandfather got it from his Father and then passed it down to my Father, splitting it between him and Uncle Ray. When Uncle Ray married Aunt Ruthie, he built the cabin for her as a gift. After Aunt Ruthie died Uncle Ray gave his share of the land and the cabin to my Father on his wedding day."


He paused...his eyes beginning to take on a far away look.


"We, my Mother, Father and I, used to come here every chance we got when I was a boy. We all loved it here very much, especially my Mother. She used to say that this was the most beautiful place on earth. We were always so happy here. I used to run and play for hours on this mountain. I fished and swam in this very stream. I knew every inch of this place like the back of my hand; every hollow log and every cave there was to know. When it would be time for us to leave, I would run and hide, not wanting to go. It would take her and my Father hours to find me. I always thought that when they did find me that I would get in trouble, but I never did. They knew that this was the only place that I ever felt that I belonged; because they knew that here was the one place on earth that there was no one around to call me a half breed and make fun of my heritage. I loved this place so much until..."


His voice had drifted off.


Alex looked at Walker seeing so many emotions cross his face. He sat there oblivious to her, because he was so caught up in the memories. First there was happiness, but to soon it changed, to a very powerful sadness.


She couldn't take the silence or seeing Walker so sad. Placing her hand on his thigh she brought him back to the present time and place. Knowing he needed to let his emotions out she asked him, “You said that you stopped coming here after your parents death. Why?"


"Because I couldn't deal with the memories. It had always been such a happy place and after my parents were murdered there was no happiness for me, for a very, very long time. I never had the desire to ever come back here again until the man that killed my parents was brought to justice. Remember, after he was tried and convicted, I took off for a week? I came here for the first time in twenty five years. I knew that I finally had a reason to start the healing process. He would never hurt any little boy again like he had hurt me; by taking his parents from him!"


They were silent for a very long time, each lost in their own thoughts.


Alex had tears running down her face. This strong, proud man had had so much sadness in his life, beginning at such a young age. It just hadn't been fair. She finally understood why he was the man he was. He could of went the easy way through life and turned out to be just like the man who had killed his parents, but he chose to go the hard way; by fighting for what he believed in and trying to help others to do the same thing.


Walker realized that Alex was crying.


Before Walker could even realize what was happening, all the emotions and feelings he had tried to keep hidden from everyone, including himself, for so many years, came flowing out. From the sorrow he had lived with all these the Love he had for this woman here before him. There was nothing he could do to stop them. The time had come.


"Alex don't cry. It's all right. I'm all right. I still miss my Mother and Father after all these years and I always will. But my healing process has begun and every day I heal a little bit more. There are two reasons that I have finally begun to heal. Not just because the man that killed them has been caught, the other reason, the MAIN reason is YOU! My sweet, beautiful Alex! That's why I brought you here. YOU have made the biggest difference in my life. YOU have made me happy again. YOU are the one that makes my life complete!!"


Placing his hands on both sides of her face, Walker held her close; slowly and methodically kissing away her tears.


"I had resigned myself to living my life alone; until eight years ago, when you came into my life. You made all the difference in the world to me and my life began to change. I started waking up in the morning not just looking forward to doing my job to the best of my ability, but also looking forward to seeing you. I knew I would get to talk to you; to see you, to be with you, even if it was at  work. And then things changed again. Our relationship started to change and it got even better, because I knew that maybe, if I was lucky, I could sneak a kiss in every now and then. I had finally found someone to give my life meaning. It was YOU Alex. YOU brought meaning into my life. I LOVE YOU ALEX CAHILL!!! YOU are the best thing that has ever happened to me!"


Alex knew she would never love Walker any more than she did right now! He had told her his innermost feelings; something he had never done with anyone else.


"Oh Walker...I love you too! I think I have from the very first day I met you!"


Then they kissed and kissed; telling each other how much they were loved between kisses. And they held each other. Neither wanting to ever let go.


Their kisses soon began to change; from kisses of comfort, joy and happiness, to kisses that wanted and needed to show the other person just how much they were loved.


Walker knew if they didn't stop, and soon, there would be no stopping, and that would ruin his well planned agenda for the days to come.


Before Alex knew what was happening, Walker had picked her up, walked over to the bank of the stream, and jumped into the water, still holding her in his arms.


The shock of hitting the water had made Alex gasp as they had gone in, causing her to take in a big mouthful of water. As she came to the surface; coughing and sputtering, she yelled, "WALKER, WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!"


Brushing her hair out of her face, he replied, laughing, "I thought we both needed to cool off and this was the quickest way of doing that, that I could think of."


Shaking her head, still not believing he had done this to her, she said as she splashed water in his face. "I sure could of thought of better ways of cooling off...a LOT later!"


"Why Alexandra Cahill, YOU are a wanton woman!" And he laughed, the heartiest, happiest laugh that he had ever done.


"Only when I'm with you." she replied, wrapping her arms around his neck and molding her wet body to his. "I LOVE YOU, Cordell Walker. I love you with all my heart!"


The rest of the afternoon was spent frolicking and playing in the stream, not as an Assistant District Attorney or a mighty Texas Ranger, just as Alex and Cordell; two people very much in Love. Enjoying their new found happiness...together!"




As evening began to approach, Walker announced it was time to head back to the cabin. They were both wet, tired and a little sun burnt; but they were very happy!  They gathered their shoes, picnic basket and the blanket, heading back to the cabin. On the way back they laughed and talked only stopping long enough for Walker to retrieve another long stem rose from behind a bush.


After reaching the cabin, Alex went into the bedroom to get out of her wet clothes and to give Walker some privacy to do the same. Stripping down and beginning to dry herself off, Alex relived the days events in her mind. It  had truly been a day she would never forget. A day that she had always dreamed about. Just her and Walker, all alone. No phones, no cases, no bad guys, no one around to spoil their plans. It had been the perfect day. The perfect birthday. A day she would always cherish.


And Walker had said, "The best is yet to come". Alex could think of only one way it could get any better...Mmmmm.


Laughing out loud, Alex thought to herself, "You really are a shameless wanton woman Alex Cahill!"


"Oh well," she thought, "A girl can dream...can't she?"


Smiling and humming a song, she dried her hair, pulling it up on top of her head, arranging it casually. She then looked through her clothes, looking for just the right thing to put on. She finally decided on a pale blue sun dress that Walker had never seen before. It wasn't fancy but it was very flattering on her; fitting her curves just right and it complimented her complexion and her eyes. Picking out a bra and pair of panties, Alex finished getting dressed. Finally she applied a little mascara and put the perfume on that Walker liked so much; putting a dab on each wrist and behind each ear and then putting a dab at the top of her cleavage between her breasts. Enjoying the feeling of being bare foot, she decided that she would stay that way. Alex looked at her reflection in the mirror above the dresser. "Not too bad." she thought. Checking her hair one last time she left the bedroom.


Walker turned as she came out of the bedroom, handing her a glass of wine and another rose.


"Boy, you sure look pretty Alex!", he said with a smile of approval on his face.


"Thank you. You're looking pretty good yourself, Cowboy." Alex said as she was checking out his attire. He was wearing a casual black short sleeved shirt; unbuttoned half way down his chest, tucked into a pair of loose fitting black pants, that were tied at the waist. And he too, was bare foot.


"Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Are you hungry?" he asked as he leaned into her kissing her neck tantalizingly, moving from one ear to the other and back again.


"I'm hungry all right", Alex thought to herself, "But not for food."  But out loud she said; trying to sound nonchalant, "Yes I am. What are we having?"


Walker looked at her and began to laugh, almost as if he knew what she had been thinking. Under his breath he mumbled just loud enough for her to barely hear, as he shook his head, "Wanton woman."


Alex began to feel her face getting red because of the thoughts she was having and because she knew that Walker knew what she had been thinking. HOW did HE keep himself from becoming aroused; when she was having such a hard time of it. It must be the self discipline training he uses with his karate. She really should have him teach it to her. It sure would come in handy at times like this.


Walker knew she was very frustrated right now; It was taking all the strength and training he had, to keep from whisking her off her feet and proceeding to make love to her right here and right NOW. But he wouldn't. Not yet!


Kissing her cheek quickly, he offered her his arm, escorting her to the table handing her yet another long stem rose.


They ate their dinner by the light of a single candle placed in the middle of the table, with soft romantic country music being played by a battery operated radio that had magically appeared.




When they were finished eating, Walker kissed her hand, excusing himself from the table saying he would be right back. He picked up the radio and an oil lamp from the counter and headed outside.


"Now what is he up to?" Alex thought as she began to hum the song she had just heard and started to clear the table off.


By the time Walker ventured back into the cabin, Alex had just finished cleaning the table and counter off.


Coming to stand behind her, he slipped his arms around her waist, asking her if she would join him outside.


Alex turned around in his arms, smiling and nodding that she would.


As they walked out of the cabin door, Alex could once again hear the sounds of soft country music playing. The porch was dimly lighted by the lamp, which was sitting on the rail of the porch, with a bottle of her favorite champagne, which Walker picked up and started to open, and two champagne glasses.


While Walker was opening the champagne, Alex walked to the porch rail, looking at the stars and the moon in the sky. What a truly perfect place this was, and she was here with what had to be one the few perfect men on earth and he had told her that he loved her!


Smiling, she turned just as the cork came flying out of the bottle of champagne and Walker started to fill their glasses.


Walking to his side, she took the glass that he offered her and waited for him to join her in a drink.


Picking up his glass, Walker turned to her, raising his glass in a toast, saying, "I Love you Alex. Happy Birthday My Love!"


Touching glasses, they each took a sip of the champagne, and then Walker kissed her. It was a slow, lingering kiss that conveyed all the feelings that each had for the other. There was no need for words, everything they wanted to say to each other was being said through that kiss.


"I love you too, Walker." Alex said with tears in her eyes.


Taking her glass from her, and sitting it with his on the porch railing, Walker quickly gathered her into his needing to have her body against his.


They slowly began to sway to a song that had begun playing in the back ground. Walker softly whispered..."Alex...listen to this song...It says everything that I can't."


I did everything I could,

to get you here tonight,

without telling you why.

Now girl if you only would,

please hold out your hand.

Just close your eyes.

I've been dying to ask you,

one burning question,

Will you be mine?


From here to eternity,

I'm asking you to share your life with me.

Now and forever,

I guarantee,

I'll always stay by your side.

I promise my love to you,

I'm willing and able and ready to,

whatever you need,

I am here for you,

and I'll always be,

From eternity.


Well, I saved a year for this ring.

I can't wait to see,

How it looks on your hand.

I'll give you everything,

that one woman needs,

from a one woman man.

I'll be strong,

I'll be tender...a man of my word.

And I will be yours.


From here to eternity,

I'm asking you to share your life with me,

Now and forever,

I guarantee,

I'll always stay by your side.

I promise my love to you,

I'm willing and able and ready to,

whatever you need,

I am here for you,

and I'll always be,

From eternity!


All too soon the song ended. Walker kissed her, brushing away her tears and began to move away from her. She started to protest, but putting a finger to her lips to silence her, Walker told her that he would be right back.


With that he disappeared into the cabin, reappearing almost immediately. Coming to stand before Alex once again, he gazed deeply into her eyes whispering, "This is for you...with all my love!" as he handed her another long stem rose.


Alex accepted the rose...catching a glimpse of...


"Oh my God. Walker?" Tears began to trickle down Alex’s cheeks. She couldn't believe her eyes.


Walker slowly removed the diamond ring, that had been nestled all safe and sound in the middle of the roses' fragrant bloom.


He gently took her left hand and slowly sunk down to one knee. Holding her hand and looking up into her eyes. Walker took a deep breath, searching for just the right words.


He began to slide the ring onto her finger saying, "Alex, you know I'm not very good with words and I don't have an easy time of letting others get close to me, or for sharing my feelings with other people.  I'm not the easiest person to get along with, and I know there are a lot of things I do, that upset you", he paused, drawing in a nervous breath. "But...I LOVE YOU!!!...and I know you love me...and if you'll have me...I would...Alex ....WILL YOU MARRY ME?"


Alex felt as if she was living a dream. A dream that she had prayed for a very long time; but this wasn't a dream. It was REAL, and the man who was looking at her with such love in his eyes was also real. Very REAL!


"YES", she said, "Oh yes I'll marry you!"


Walker came to his feet pulling her into his arms. Suddenly, he pulled back, looking into her eyes. "You DID say yes...didn't you?"


Alex laughed drawing his lips to hers. "Of course I said yes Cowboy!"


And then they kissed. A long...slow...time stopping...everything's all right with the world kind of kiss.


And at that moment, everything was right with the world. Their world consisted of just them; just Alex and Walker, and nobody else.


Part Three: 

'The Wedding'




When Alex awoke the next morning, she hurriedly looked to her left hand to see if there really was an engagement ring on her finger. "Thank Goodness, it is still there." she thought to herself. It hadn't been just a beautiful dream. It had been real; a beautiful and real dream come true!


Wondering where Walker was and where he had slept, she stretched and snuggled up to her pillow looking at the ring that was on her finger. It was gold, with tiny designs etched in the band, with a beautiful heart shaped diamond in the center. Heart shaped, Walker had said, because he wanted her to always know that she had stolen his heart and that his heart would always belong to her and only her and he wanted the whole world to know it too. On the inside of the band he had engraved...simply..."I Love You".


Walker had never been more romantic than he had been last night. He truly had surprised her with bringing her to this beautiful and magical world of his youth and with his unexpected and romantic proposal. He had always been a man of few words but last night he had truly out done himself. This mighty Texas Ranger had a hidden romantic side, one that Alex was sure, few people had ever seen.


They had danced and talked into the wee hours of the morning, making plans and decisions for their new life together. They talked of working together in their stressful jobs and about how they would handle it, about living at the ranch together, about being man and wife and about asking God to let them conceive a child as soon as possible; something that they both wanted very much. They had even decided that they would not make love until they were husband and wife; wanting that ultimate pleasure to be as special as possible.


Alex giggled remembering last night. She had wanted him to sleep in the bed with her, just to be near to him, not wanting the night to end, but blushingly Walker had declined, saying it was safer if he slept outside under the stars, knowing that if he slept there with her, their vow of not making love until after they were married would be a vow they would not be able to keep. Kissing her and telling her good night he had left the bedroom; but not before laughing and telling her that now he would have to go and take a "cool" swim in the creek.


Looking at the vase of roses on the dresser that Walker had given her for every year they had known each other, he had told her, she once again thought of how happy she was and wondered where Walker was.


Deciding she would go to the stream to bathe, she jumped out of bed and began to gather her things. After she had bathed she would then set out to find Walker.




Walker had been up for over an hour before Alex had awakened. He had silently snuck into the bedroom to check on her and to watch her sleep. She was laying on her left side, her arms around her pillow as if she were hugging it. At some point during her slumber she had kicked the covers off, so gently reaching down he pulled the cover back over her, hoping he wouldn't wake her in doing so. Her continued gentle breathing told him that she would sleep for a while longer. Brushing a strand of her hair from her face, he thought to himself that very soon they would both be able to lay in this bed together, as man and wife. Even in her sleep she was smiling, and he was so thankful, thankful she had said yes to his proposal and that his plans that he had worked so hard on were finally coming together. Soon his life would be complete. This beautiful, caring and loving woman would be his wife and he knew he would never feel alone or out of place again. He would have everything any man could ever want. Gently kissing her soft cheek and with a broad smile on his face, he left the room as silently as he had entered.


After he had checked on Alex, he had gathered his things heading to the creek to do his morning workout and to bathe before Alex got up.


He was looking forward with excitement to the days coming events. Knowing he would have little time for an extended workout in the days to come and realizing he had allot of nervous energy to burn, he spent the entire hour on his work out.


Realizing that he had delayed his bath longer than he had planned to, he hurriedly stripped, jumping into the water...buck he used to do as a small boy. He wanted to be done and dressed before Alex ventured down for her bath. Smiling as he remembered last night and how hard it was to leave Alex in the bedroom alone and to not make love to her, and how badly they had both wanted to make love, he decided he didn't want to create a tempting situation for him or her. No sense in making it harder on themselves, they didn't have that long to wait.


Walker was just starting to rinse his hair when he heard the slightest sound of a twig breaking. Casting a glance towards where the sound had come from, he saw that it was Alex. Smiling, he realized that with a little more practice Alex could be as silent as he was moving through the woods. He also wondered how he was going to get out of the creek much for not creating a temptation. With that thought he finished rinsing his hair and dove out of sight heading towards were he thought Alex would end up.


When Alex had left the cabin she had seen Walkers' sleeping roll a short distance from the cabin, but there had been no sign of him. Thinking he was probably down at the creek she decided to use some Cherokee skills Walker had been teaching her, hoping she could sneak up on him. She had been extra careful as she made her way on the path through the woods, making sure she did everything exactly like Walker had taught her. As she came through the last of the trees, she saw Walker as he was beginning to rinse his hair, his back to her, waist deep in water. She smiled thinking she had accomplished her mission because he showed no sign of knowing that she was there. She quietly sat down on the bank and dangled her feet into the water as she watched him, loving the way the muscles in his back moved as he finished his bath. She closed her eyes, dreaming of what it would be like to be held in his arms...not just as a best friend...but as his wife and lover.


Suddenly Walker came out of the water grabbing her legs, scaring her half to death.


"Walker, don't do that, I almost had a heart attack." Alex gasped as she kicked water at him.


"Sorry. I do know CPR, but if you weren't so noisy I would have never known you were here" Walker laughed.


"Noisy. I wasn't noisy. I was as quiet as a mouse."


"If you were so quiet, how did I know you were here?" Walker asked as he began to massage her legs, slowly moving his hands upwards.


"How do you know anything Cordell Walker. You knew things last night that I had never even told you before. I know it must be your Cherokee blood, but honestly sometimes I think you are psychic."


Alex realized that she was having a very hard time keeping her mind on what she was trying to say. With Walker rubbing her legs the way he was, slowly moving their way up to her thighs, well, it was very distracting to say the least.


"Stop that! I'm trying to talk to you." she said, playfully swatting his hands and trying to sound as firm as she could.


"I'm listening. Go ahead ask me anything." he replied with the cute little grin of his, but not stopping the actions of his hands.


"OK. When are we going to get married?, we talked about everything else last night but that. I said stop that!" as she again slapped his hands.


Walker laughed, seeing the perfect opportunity to tease her a little.


"Well, I do think we should be engaged for awhile. At least a couple of years, just to be sure. We wouldn't want to rush into anything. Then it will probably take at least another year to get everything ready for the wedding. How about...say...three years from today?"


Alex could not believe her ears. She looked at Walker like he was crazy, but he had the look of being totally serious in meaning what he was saying. Three years? She found herself becoming just a little bit upset.


"Cordell Walker...if you think for one minute...that I am going to wait three more years to be your wife...I waited eight years for you to propose to me for goodness sake...I am not waiting...STOP LAUGHING AT ME!"


Walker couldn't help but laugh. If she could have seen her face when he had said three years. Thinking about it made him laugh even harder.


"I said stop laughing at me!"


"I'm sorry. I can't help it. You are so cute when you are mad. You should have seen your face when I said I wanted to wait three years. I wish I had a camera right now." he said as he began to laugh again.


"YOU!" she said throwing more water in his face and beginning to laugh too, realizing that he was just teasing her. "It is a very good thing you were teasing me. I might have had to resort to kidnapping you, using your own hand cuffs on you or something and forcing you to marry me sooner, because I would not have waited three years."


Taking Alex’s hands into his, Walker looked into her eyes; becoming very serious. "I don't want to wait three years either Alex.  I want to marry you as soon as possible. What would you say if I told you I wanted to get married. Right here...on this mountain...TODAY?"


"Oh Walker, that would be so wonderful. I could not think of a more beautiful or romantic place to be married; nothing would make me happier, but we don't have a marriage license or witnesses or a preacher for that matter. I would love to marry you today but, without a license, it is just not possible. We do want it to be legal you know."


"I know, but I have taken care of all of that. I have C.D. and Trivette coming early this afternoon and White Eagle and the preacher coming after that. We have everything we need to be married today, legally. What do you say? Of course, if you don't trust me to have made all the arrangements we can wait. It's up to you."


Alex looked into his eyes. He surely isn't teasing me again is he? No. She could tell he was serious. But how? Oh. She didn't care how. TODAY was going to be her wedding day.


"Alex? If you want to wait I'll understand."


"No...I mean...Yes...Of course I trust you... and of course I want to marry you today. I have never wanted anything more in my life...I guess I am just in shock." Alex replied. She really could not believe it. Looking to the heavens above she prayed, "Please God, don't let this be a dream and if it is I don't ever want to wake up." With that thought she kissed him; putting all her excitement and emotions and Love for him into that one kiss.


When the kiss ended, Walker looked at her, smiling and saying, "Wow. I should have asked you to marry me a long time ago, just for that kiss. It would have been well worth it!"


"There are plenty more where that came from Cowboy. See what you have been missing all of these years?" she replied as she raised her eye brow, in the cute little way she did when she was teasing him.


"I sure do, but I won't be missing it anymore." he said giving her one of his sly little winks.


"How did you manage all of this Walker? You, C.D. and Jimmy must have been working on this weekend for quite awhile now. I can't believe neither of them didn't let this little surprise of yours slip. How did you keep them quiet? Did you threaten them?"


"No, actually they only knew that I was bringing you here for your birthday and to get away from work for awhile. They both helped me get the cabin painted and cleaned. That is where they were last week, here finishing up some things for me, not on a fishing trip. I think they kind of suspected that I was going to propose though. But as far as they know, they are coming here today to celebrate your birthday with us, and probably our engagement, but they have no idea that we are getting married today. That will be as big of a shock to them as it was to you."


"I love you Cordell Walker. You are truly remarkable. I have never heard of anything so romantic in all of my life. Thank You. If Jimmy ever accuses you of being unromantic again, I will personally defend your honor."


"I love you too Alex Cahill, and I'm going to hold you to that about defending my honor to Trivette. He is always telling me I don't know how to be romantic; saying I couldn't be romantic if my life depended on it. C.D. does it too." he replied with a laugh.


"Maybe it is because you were so good at keeping your romantic side hidden all these years."


"I guess I did make you wait quite awhile, didn't I?"


"Yes, you did, but that's all right. You can make it up to me for making me wait so long. I can think of lots of ways for you to make it up to me and believe me, I will make you do it for the rest of ours lives. “she said laughing.


"That sounds like a wonderful idea to me." he said kissing her again. "I guess if I am going to start making it up to you, I should get out of this water. I have some places and things I want to show you before C.D. and Trivette get here and besides we have a very busy day ahead of us."


Alex waited for him to emerge from the water, but he just stood there looking at her, his face becoming red as if he was embarrassed. Alex was beginning to suspect he was naked. If this was true she saw the perfect opportunity to tease him for awhile.


"You have been in there quit awhile and I still want to take a bath. What things do you want to show me?" Alex giggled as she tried to peek into the water.


Splashing water at her, in an attempt to stop her efforts to see more than he wanted yet, Walker knew he was in for some teasing himself this time.


"Alex. Stop that. I just want to show you some things that's all."


At that statement, Alex tried again to peek into the water, laughing harder. "Things huh? What kind of things?"


"Aleeexxx." Again he splashed water at her.


"Yeah, things. Like places I used to go as a kid, things I used to do. Now come on, turn around so I can get my towel." Walker said, feeling his face becoming redder with embarrassment at being caught in this situation but yet enjoying her teasing.


Deciding to finally leave him off the hook and end his embarrassment she began to turn around replying, "Oh, all right. If I have to. You spoil all my fun Walker, but YOU should see your face right now. If only I had a camera."


"Ha Ha Alex. Very funny."


Alex could sense Walker getting out of the water and moving for his towel, she knew that is what he was doing but she couldn't hear him doing it. How anyone could be that quiet was beyond her. She would love to turn around and sneak a peek at him, but just as the thought entered her mind, Walker was whispering in her ear laughing, "Don't even think about turning around Alex."


Alex jumped, feeling her face become red with embarrassment. She had not expected him to be that close to her or for him to know what she had been thinking. This crazy cowboy that she loved had to be psychic.


Walker finished getting dressed and kissed Alex on the cheek telling her he would fix them something for breakfast while she took her bath.


By the time Alex returned to the cabin Walker had breakfast ready and on the table.


They ate, did the dishes and hurriedly straightened up the cabin. They then headed off up the mountain to do some exploring before C.D. and Jimmy arrived.




The next few hours they spent holding hands and walking all around the mountain side with Walker showing her places he had discovered, played in or places he used to hide in when he was a boy. He would tell her little stories about the different places that they came his Father and he had found this cave and decided to check it out...but soon realized that the cave had a bear in it and how the bear had chased them up a tree...and the fishing hole that they had always fished at...or the place they had hid and watched a doe give birth...and the big tree that he had fallen out of cutting his knee and about how he still had the scar from it.


He also took her to a different swimming hole, one that was a lot deeper than the one they had bathed in. He told her how his Mother and Father had started to bring him here after he had learned how to swim. His Father had tied a strong bull rope to a tree limb, teaching him how to grab it and swing, jumping off at just the right moment to land in the water at just the right place so he wouldn't get hurt. He also told her how his Father had even made and hung a swing from a tree so his Mother would have somewhere to sit while she watched them. The bull rope and the swing were still there, seemingly untouched by the elements or the many years that had passed.


Walker laughed as he recalled the many hours he had spent at the swimming hole, never growing tired of jumping off the rope into the water, often spending the whole day there, while his Mother and Father would sit on the swing together laughing and watching as he would try to figure out new ways of doing the same thing over and over again.


As Alex listened to Walker's story, she watched his face as he relived the happy times of his youth. Watching him made her happy and sad at the same time. Happy because she could not remember ever seeing him happier than he was right now and sad because she knew all of his happiness had been ripped away from him far too soon when his parents had been murdered. He had only been twelve years old when that had happened. No child should ever have to endure the pain of losing both parents in such a horrible way. She wished with all her heart she could have spared him that pain. Life was so unfair sometimes.


Alex had not even realized that she had tears running down her face until Walker was gently gathering her into his arms, proceeding to kiss the tears away and asking her what was wrong in a concerned voice. Not wanting to ruin his happy memories, she kissed him and simply told him they were just "tears of happiness...because she was so very happy and because she loved him so much." That it was something that just happened to a woman on her wedding day; it being "just a woman thing." He seemed to accept her explanation of the tears. Kissing her and asking her once again if she was sure she was really all right, waiting until she nodded and smiled, he once again took her hand into his and headed off in a different direction saying he had one more thing he wanted to show her before they headed back to the cabin.


They hadn't walked far when they came to a small meadow filled with nothing but wild flowers and one lone tree that stood right in the middle of it. The aroma of all the different types of flowers and the beauty of the flowers themselves created a very romantic setting. Bending down to pick one of the flowers, Alex brought it to her nose, smelling the wonderful fragrance.


"Oh Walker. It is so beautiful and romantic here. There are so many different kinds of flowers and all the different aromas are just wonderful."


"I knew you would like it here. This was always one of my Mother's favorite places here on the mountain. She used to come here every day and pick flowers and put them in vases around the cabin, and then she would sit under the tree for awhile. It was like a ritual to her. Whether it was raining or the sun was shining, she would do it no matter what. My Father and I never understood it. I guess it was just another one of those "woman things" as you call it." he said smiling.


"I guess so. That tree looks very old and kind of out of place sitting there all alone. But it is so beautiful. No wonder your Mother loved it here."


Walker took her hand and started to walk to the tree, beginning to fill her in on the trees history.


"My Mother, like most of the woman of the tribe, called this tree the Sweetheart tree, because for as long as anyone could remember, members of my Father's tribe would come here and carve their sweethearts names along with theirs on it. Then when they would marry and have children, each of their children's names were then added underneath their parents names and then their children would do the same as they grew, married and had children of their own. It was a ritual of our tribe. White Eagle told me once that it was a way of bringing great happiness and protection to your families' loved ones; and a way of helping your spirit rest peacefully and to cross the great river safely into the after life when your time came. This tree, he said, has very strong magical powers."


Once they had reached the tree, Alex began to read all the different names that were carved there. Almost all of the names that were carved were very old, allot of them barely readable because of their age. There were very few that were recent.


"Doesn't your tribe still add names to the tree anymore Walker?", she asked thinking it would be a sad thing for this tradition to be broken.


"Some do, but many of the younger generation have given up on the old ways, thinking they are just silly stories that the elder members of the tribe have made up."


"Are your Mother and Father's names here and Uncle Rays' and his wife?"


"Yes, they are right here." Walker told her pointing them out to her.


Alex touched the names of his parents, John and Elizabeth Firewalker, and underneath theirs, Cordell. It seemed strange but when she touched their names, she could almost feel a bound between Walkers' parents and herself being formed. Like they were giving their blessing to her and Walkers' marriage. She then touched Uncle Rays'. She missed him so very much, loving him as her own Uncle, and she swore she could hear him telling her that she and Washo would be very happy together and that he would always love her and protect her and that he wished he had lived to see this joyous day.


With a slight shiver, because of the strange feelings she was having, and trying not to cry again, Alex hurriedly blinked back the tears as a new carving of two names caught her eye, it said, "Cordell and Alexandra."


The tears flowed slowly down Alex’s cheeks. She couldn't help herself.


"Alex? Is this just another "woman thing"? Walker asked jokingly as he gently kissed her, trying to tease her out of her tears. Alex didn't know it then, but he had come very close to shedding some tears himself; for he too had felt and heard the same things that Alex had. The tree did hold magical powers. Walker was sure of it.


"Yeah...I guess so. I guess you had better get used to it. I am a woman you know." Alex replied wiping the tears away and smiling at him.


"You don't have to tell me that you are a woman, that is a fact I have been very aware of since the day I met you." Walker said laughing as he looked at her; from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.


Throwing her head back and laughing, Alex put her arms around his neck, telling him how much she loved him and thanking him for noticing she was indeed a woman. Then she thanked him more seriously for adding their names to "The Sweetheart Tree."


Telling her she was very welcome on both accounts, Walker told her it was time to head back to the cabin. C.D. and Trivette would be arriving shortly.


Stopping long enough to pick some of the beautiful wild flowers, they were soon on their way back to the cabin, the excitement of telling their two best friends in the world of their fast approaching wedding, was building with every step they took.




When they arrived back at the cabin, Alex placed the flowers she had gathered into vases and sat them around the cabin, while Walker gathered his things and moved them into the bedroom to put them away. He placed his clothes in an empty drawer of the dresser and then unlocked the wardrobe, taking out three black tuxedos and everything else that he, Trivette and C.D. would need. He really hated wearing the stupid things, not feeling at all comfortable in them but he knew that Alex liked to see him in them and he knew she would want him to wear one for their wedding. Today, of all days, he wanted to make sure she was as happy as he could make her.


Placing the tux's on the bed, he turned to look at the one remaining garment that was in the wardrobe. Alex’s wedding gown. It was in a black garment bag that he couldn't see through; being told that it was bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress before the wedding ceremony, so he had no idea of what it even looked like, but he knew Alex would be beautiful in it. He had gotten lucky when he had overheard Alex and her friend, Debbie talking about it one day after they had gone to lunch together and they had seen it in a store window. It had been perfect that Debbie had been the one with her when she had found it, for she was one of Alex’s dearest friends, being almost as close as a sister to her and she loved being involved in "secret missions" as she liked to call them, so he had no trouble getting her to be his accomplice and to go to the store and buy the dress; swearing her to secrecy, telling her to also purchase anything else she thought that Alex would need for the wedding...or their honeymoon. Debbie had been so excited about being Alex’s maid of honor, but at the last minute a family emergency came up, needing her attention, canceling out her plans of being here.


He smiled knowing that he would once again probably see tears in Alex’s eyes when she realized she would be wearing her "dream wedding gown", as he had heard her say to Debbie that day, thinking to himself that he would never get used to this "woman thing" of crying when they were happy. As he closed the wardrobe, this time leaving it unlocked, he headed out of the room to find Alex, hearing the faint sounds of the helicopter approaching.


As they walked down to where the chopper would land, they joked about what C.D. and Trivette’s reactions would be like when they told them they were getting married here in this remote and beautiful location; making bets between themselves to see who was right.


C.D. and Trivette emerged from the chopper wearing smiles, both being very happy to be here. While they had been helping Walker ready the cabin for his and Alex’s stay here, they had both grown to love this place, but they were both also hoping that Walker had finally gotten up the nerve to ask Alex to marry him. 


After hugging and kissing Alex and telling her happy birthday and then shaking hands with Walker, C.D. and Jimmy just stood there with silly grins on their faces...waiting.


"Well?" they both said simultaneously looking first from Alex then to Walker.


"Well what?" Walker asked keeping a straight face. Alex on the other hand was having a much harder time of it so she kept looking around her, making  sure she kept her engagement ring hidden. Walker had been right, they had a feeling that Walker had asked her to marry him. Darn...he won that part of their bet.


"Dag gum it Cordell. Don't you and Alex have something to tell us? Come on son, out with it."


"What could we possibly have to tell you; that we have had a nice time so far. We've walked, talked, went swimming. Do you want to know what we have had to eat too?" Walker replied, still keeping a straight face, although he had to start squeezing Alex’s hand, trying to help her maintain her composure; she was beginning to shake slightly from holding the laughter in.


Trivette, looking at C.D., as he said shaking his head with disgust, "See Big Dog. I told you he wouldn't do it. The man doesn't have a one romantic bone in his body. He couldn't be romantic to save his life. Why Alex puts up with him I just don't know."


Alex and Walker couldn't hold it in any longer. They both threw their heads back roaring with laughter.


When they had got their laughter somewhat under control, Walker looked at Alex telling her it was time for her to defend his honor. This just started their laughter all over again.


C.D. and Trivette knew from the way the couple before them were acting, that something was definitely going on.


"OK you two. What is so funny?  Why are you both acting like the cat that swallowed the canary?" C.D. asked with a huge grin on his face. He knew for sure now that they had become engaged.


"Well...I guess we should tell them Walker" Alex replied trying to contain her laughter.


"I don't know Alex...they did say I wasn't romantic. Maybe we should make them suffer awhile longer."


"Aw...come on Walker...cut us a break...we didn't mean what we said about you not being romantic...we take it all back...we already know what is going on...or at least we think we do...we just want to hear you say the words...that's all...come on Counselor...WALKER...PLEASE TELL US...we're begging here!"


"OK. I asked Alex to marry me" Walker said as he smiled broadly.


"And I said Yes!" Alex replied showing them her ring.


"I want you, Partner, to be my best man." Walker said moving to put his arm around Trivette’s shoulder.


"And C.D., I would be proud and honored if you would walk me down the aisle, and give me away." Alex hugged C.D. and kissed his cheek. "Oh yeah...I almost forgot. We're getting married. Here. TODAY!'


The peace and quiet of the mountain exploded like a volcano as C.D. and Jimmy both started to hoot and holler their joy and congratulations. They couldn't believe it. The perfect couple was going to be married and be together. Finally. There were hugs and kisses for Alex and slaps on the back for Walker and more than a few "It's about times."  They both began to ask questions. How did you propose? How did he arrange for a wedding here of all of all days.


Alex looked at Walker, and then to C.D. and Jimmy. Before her stood the three most important men in her life. Walker, The love of her life. C.D., the man who had always been like a Father to her, even more so since the death of her own Father. Jimmy, the man she loved like a brother. She knew there was nothing any of them wouldn't do for her, even if it meant losing their life for her. As she looked at these three wonderful men, she silently said a prayer of Thanks for having them all in her life. Once again tears began to fill her eyes, but Alex quickly wiped them away before anyone noticed. 




The next two hours passed quickly as the foursome talked and snacked on fried chicken that C.D. had brought with him. They had also brought along a gift for Alex for her birthday and a cake. She opened her gift, it was a new briefcase, but the cake they decided to save for after the ceremony, with a few alterations C.D. decided he could make it into a wedding cake for them.


As the men were talking and joking with each other, Walker noticed that Alex had become sort of quiet and withdrawn. Walking to her side he quietly asked her what was wrong.




"Alex. I can tell something is wrong. Are you having second thoughts about getting married?"


"No, I'm not having second thoughts. I was just...well...I was trying to decide what I am going to wear. I don't know if I have anything appropriate and I should start getting ready soon."


"I'm sure you will look beautiful in anything you have with you." Walker realized she was disappointed in not having a wedding dress. He should have told her about the dress sooner.


"Alex? Why don't you go in the bedroom and look through what you have. I am sure you will find something."


"I guess you're right. I'm sure I can find something, besides it doesn't matter what I wear." she said with a smile, but Walker noticed the slight pout on her lips and the sadness in her eyes.


Alex excused herself and walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Then she saw the three tuxedos laying on the bed. “Where did these come from" she thought with a smile. At least the guys will look like they are in a wedding. Then she noticed that the wardrobe door was open slightly. Walking over to it she saw the garment bag inside. Dare she hope? Could it be? Slowly she started to unzip the bag, holding her breath as she did.


"Oh my!"


It was the wedding dress that Debbie and she had found. Debbie. Of course. She should have known that she was involved in all of this. She loved being involved in surprises. She was such a character.


Alex came running out of the bedroom and crossed the room throwing herself into Walkers' arms. "Oh Walker. Thank you. I can't believe you did this. I love you." Then she proceeded to place small kisses all over his face; totally forgetting that C.D. and Jimmy were there, until she heard their laughter. Pulling away from Walker, she saw that he was a little embarrassed but that he still had a huge smile on his face. Kissing him once again, she crossed the room to where Jimmy stood and punched him in the arm.


"That's for ever saying that Walker doesn't have a romantic bone in his body." She then strode back into the bedroom, listening as Walker and C.D. burst out laughing.




As Alex stood looking at her reflection in the mirror, the nervousness she had felt since putting her wedding gown on, once again assaulted her, making her stomach churn. She couldn't believe she was acting this way. It is just pre-wedding jitters she kept telling herself. She would be fine...but once again her stomach churned.


Taking another deep breath to try to calm herself, she checked again to make sure she looked all right.


She had pinned her hair up, pulling small ringlets down on each side to frame her face. She wasn't going to wear a veil, so she had attached some small yellow rose buds and baby’s breath to the one side of her head, just above her ear. Her makeup was minimal, just some mascara and a hint of lip stick. She wore the pair of pearl earrings that her Mother had worn on her wedding day. She was so glad her friend had known about the earrings and that she had made sure Walker had brought them along. They made her feel as if her Mother and Father were both there with her on this special day. Debbie had made sure that Alex had everything else she would need; shoes, slip, hose and even a blue garter and a thin gold bracelet to wear. She had even sent alone a beautiful long, pale blue, silky night negligee and matching robe for her to wear on her wedding night. She would have to make sure that she and Walker did something very special for her as thanks for all she had done for them to make this day perfect.


Alex once again looked at the beautiful dress she was wearing. The day she had seen it the store window, she had known that this was the dress she wanted for her wedding day. It was simple but so very elegant. It was made out of the softest of silks, form fitting to her waist and then flaring just enough the rest of the way to the floor. The top of the dress was made of very sheer white tulle, starting at the top of her neck, with a satin ribbon and ended at the top of her breasts and at the off the shoulder satin ribbon straps. The bodice of the dress was brocaded white silk. Pearl buttons secured the dress from the top of her neck down to her waist. The train, which trailed behind her about three feet, was made of very fine, white tulle and was trimmed in the same white satin ribbon as the top. Smiling, she wondered if Walker would like it as much as she did.


C.D. knocked at the bedroom door as Walker and the rest of the guests made their way outside to position themselves for the ceremony. Hearing Alex respond, "Come in C.D.", he opened the door, immediately taking in the beauty of the woman that stood before him.


"Darlin', you have to be about the prettiest bride in all of Texas, no Father could be any prouder than I am right now." he stated as he lovingly kissed her cheek, a tear making it's way down his cheek.


"Thank You, C.D." she said as she blushed slightly and wiped tears from her own eyes, "but I bet I am the most nervous bride in Texas too."


"Oh you'll be fine...It's just wedding jitters."


"Is Walker as nervous as I am?"


"Well, you know Cordell, you can never tell what is going on the inside of him. On the outside though he seems fine."


"Did White Eagle and the preacher make it? I thought I heard the chopper a little while ago."


"They sure did. All is ready. Are you ready darlin'?"


"Yes. I think so."


"Oh, I almost forgot. Cordell wanted me to give you this. It was his Mother's, she carried it with her on her wedding day." C.D. said handing her a beautiful old lace handkerchief.


Alex took the handkerchief and as she did, she once again felt the presence of Walkers' parents. Touching the handkerchief to the earrings she wore of her Mothers', she almost felt as if she were introducing the two sets of parents.


Wishing they all were alive and could be here brought tears to her eyes, but yet she knew in her heart that their spirits were here and that they were all very happy for her and Walker both.


Remembering the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue saying that every bride was taught from the time they are little girls, she checked to make sure she had everything. Her dress was new. The garter on her thigh was blue. The bracelet was borrowed and the handkerchief and the earrings were the old. Once again Alex felt the tears threatening to fall onto her cheeks.


"Alex? Are you all right Honey?" C.D. asked touching her arm.


Nodding her head and blinking the tears away, Alex picked up her bouquet, tied the handkerchief around the bottom of it, took a deep calming breath and said, "I'm fine C.D. Let's go."




Walker was amazed how calm he was. In fact, Trivette seemed to be more nervous than he was, constantly fidgeting and reaching in his pocket for the wedding band that Walker would soon put on Alex’s finger. Walker smiled shaking his head as he saw Trivette once again reach for the ring, almost as if he were reaching for his gun in a quick draw, hoping he didn't drop it when the time came to hand the ring to him. At that moment Walker saw C.D. and Alex emerge from the cabin.


Walkers' sudden intake of a breath drew the attention of all to his beautiful bride.


"My God...she is breath taking" Walker thought as Alex and C.D. slowly descended the three porch steps making their way towards him. Walker caught and held her eyes with his own, loving the way her eyes danced with her happiness and Love for him and her smile...her smile was as brilliant as the rays of the sun in the sky overhead. Walker could not believe that this beautiful, loving woman was going to be his bride. He still could not figure out what she saw in a man like him, but he was so very happy and proud that she had picked him.


As C.D. and Alex came to a stop by his side, he could also tell that Alex was nervous by the way the roses that she carried trembled in her hands. Smiling at her and giving her a little wink to reassure her, they both turned their attention to the preacher as he began to speak...


"Dearly beloved...we are gathered here in the presence of God and these join Cordell John and Alexandra Nicole in the bounds of Holy matrimony. Who gives this woman to this man?"


"The spirits of her parents and I do Sir" C.D. responded as he kissed Alex’s cheek. He then placed her hand in Walkers' and patted him on the back as he took his place to Alex’s left.


As soon as Walker took her hand into his, the nervousness she had been feeling disappeared. He was like that. He could always make her feel safe and relaxed even in the tensest of situations.


As the preacher began the ceremony, Alex and Walker listened closely to what he was saying...both feeling very strongly about the vows that they were taking. They both knew that their life together would be a very happy one but also one filled with more than their share of trials and tribulations because of their line of work...but they both knew that with their love of each other and their faith in God, that they would be able to work together to fix any problems that they had and to over come any obstacles that were thrown at them.


When it came time for them to repeat their vows to each other, they both did so with confidence and love; looking at no one else but each other, as if no one else existed in the world but them.


The preacher had concluded the Christian part of the ceremony when White Eagle approached them and wrapped them together in a beautiful Cherokee Wedding blanket. He then took each of their left hands, entwining their fingers together and then loosely tied a thin piece of raw hide around their wrists. White Eagle then began to chant a hauntingly beautiful song. As he concluded the chant he held a decorated bowl to each of their lips, instructing them to drink the "drink of Love and Long Life" and promising that Washo (Lone Eagle) Firewalker and his new mate would neither have to fly alone again. He and his mate would soar the skies together and that they were joined for life. He then turned to the preacher nodding that he had finished the Cherokee part of the ceremony. The preacher then responded, " may kiss your bride."


As Walker and Alex’s lips touched in their first kiss as husband and wife, the emotion that coursed threw them was so strong that both were sure there could never be or had never been any two people more in love than they were.


As their kiss ended, White Eagle moved to take the blanket from their shoulders, and removing the strap from their wrists, nodding to Walker as he moved away from the couple off into the woods. Alex looked at Walker with tears of happiness in her eyes. Before either of them could move, C.D. and Jimmy were both hugging and congratulating them, both with tears in their own eyes.


The next hour was spent with much happiness and laughter; Trivette making toasts to the bride and groom and with C.D. already planning the big shindig he was going to have for them when they returned from their honeymoon, promising it was going to be the biggest blow out that Texas had ever seen.


As C.D. and Jimmy planned the big party, Walker watched his new bride. He had never seen her more beautiful. He was glad that he had finally come to his senses and married her. He watched as she and White Eagle talked, noticing the way she listened with sincere respect to what White Eagle was saying and the way that White Eagle gently touched her cheek as they finished their conversation. He watched as she thanked the preacher for coming all the way out here to marry them. He watched as she hugged Trivette again, thanking him for being the best man and kissing him on the cheek, like a sister would. He then watched as C.D. took her aside, his arm around her, talking to her as a Father would, and then hugging and kissing her. He watched and saw that although she was not by his side, she was always glancing his way, smiling, showing her love for him. He watched; when what he really wanted to do was be alone with her again. Just the two of them. As if in answer to his thought, he heard the sound of the helicopter in the distance, coming to take everyone back to reality. Everyone, but he and Alex. They would stay here in this beautiful and romantic place, for their two week honeymoon.




Alex and Walker said their good-byes to everyone and watched as the chopper flew out of sight. When it had disappeared into the setting sun, Walker slowly drew Alex into his arms, cupping her chin, tilting her head so he could look into her eyes.


"Well Mrs. Walker. Are you ready to start our new life together?" he quietly asked as he kissed her tempting lips, desire burning in his eyes.


"I have never been more ready for anything in my whole life, Mr. Walker." she responded with the same desire burning in her eyes.


Neither knew what life would hand them in the years to come, but they both knew that their lives would never be the same again. And they both welcomed that. Neither wanting the life that they had been living, both wanting to start fresh, with the person that they loved by their side. For now, and for all of eternity.


Part Four:

'The Honeymoon'




Walker and Alex stood watching the setting sun. They didn't speak, for no words where needed. The love that they felt for each other was more than evident in their eyes. They just held each other; Alex's back leaning against Walkers' chest, his arms wrapped protectively around her waist and his head nestled close to hers. Each watching and listening to the sights and sounds that surrounded them, just enjoying being in each others arms, and being in love.


It had only been a few minutes since they had said their good-byes to C.D., Trivette and White Eagle but as the sounds of the chopper leaving had disappeared in the distance, the mountain had taken on a whole new beauty; a beauty that had to be as close to Heaven as you could get on earth, a beauty that seemed to echo their love for each other and seemed to have been saved just for them, just for their viewing pleasure.


The rays of the setting sun painted beautiful splashes of color onto the surrounding wilderness, casting a soft subtle glow on everything that it touched.


The gentle breeze carried a variety of sounds; the soft melodic sounds of water flowing over the rocks in the creek, the gentle swaying dance of the leaves on the trees, the cries of young birds waiting impatiently to be fed and of a whippoorwill calling its mate and its mates' distant reply.


Smiling, they watched as two young rabbits hopped and played on a log, laughing as they knocked each other off and then quickly scampering off into the woods chasing each other.


With a quietly spoken "look over there" and a gentle nod of his head, Walker drew Alex's attention to a doe that had walked out into the meadow.  The doe stopped, looking at them, but seemed to see them as no threat, for she began to nibble at the tender grass of the meadow. Within a few seconds, a majestic buck pranced out of the woods, snorting to the doe that there was danger, as he looked in the couples direction. The doe kept eating, as the buck continued to warn her with his snorts and gentle nudges. The doe stopped eating long enough to gently nuzzle the bucks neck and gently snorted back to him, almost as if she was telling him that Walker and Alex were no threat to them. The buck was still a bit skittish, as he again looked at Walker and Alex, but soon he realized that they were indeed no threat, and then he too settled down and started to eat the tender sweet grass.


As the sun sank lower in the sky and twilight set in, the two deer decided that they had enough to eat for the evening. With a snort from both of them, as if they were saying good-bye to Walker and Alex, they sauntered gracefully back into the forest, to their own little haven.


The evening became blissfully quiet as all the animals and birds settled in for the night. The quiet was only broken by Walker's softly spoken words into her ear, “I guess we should be heading in too" and by Alex's reply of "Yes, I guess we should."


As they started back to the cabin, Alex was more than pleasantly surprised when Walker unexpectedly scooped her up into his arms, kissing her and then carrying her up the porch steps and into the cabin, kicking the door shut behind them. Ever so slowly he began a slow lingering kiss as he gently placed her back on her feet. Reluctantly he ended the kiss as he turned to light the oil lamp that was sitting on the table.


As the oil light flickered to life, casting a soft glow over the cabin room, Walker moved to open a special bottle of champagne that he had chilling on the table, brought just for them. He removed the cork and poured them each a glass, handing one to Alex and picking the other one up for himself.


They touched glasses as they looked into each others eyes, "To my beautiful wife Alexandra" Walker said as he gently touched her cheek.


"To my wonderful husband Cordell" Alex whispered, a single tear falling down her cheek. As they both took a drink of the sweet champagne, Walker wiped the tear away.


"I hope that was a tear of happiness?"


"Oh yes was a tear of happiness...a tear of complete joy...I have never been happier than I am right now."


"I'm glad because you have made me a very happy man today Alex. Both you and I know I am not good at words but when I saw you come out of the cabin, well, you took my breath away and all I could think about was you. Why you would fall in love with someone like me, with all my faults. That you were going to marry me inspite of the way I am. I ...well...I love you make my life complete."


"And I love you Walker, with ALL my heart and soul."


Walker took the glass of champagne from her hand. Setting it along with his on the table in front of the fireplace, he then drew her back into his arms and kissed her; letting the kiss tell her everything that he couldn't put into words. Letting the love he felt for her flow through his lips into hers. Letting her know that he had never loved anyone, as much as he loved her.


They explored each others lips like they never had before...soft...slow...teasingly. It was a new and exciting experience. This time they would not have to stop. This time they would not have to leave each other, for this time they were husband and wife. There would be no feeling of frustration or unfullfillment; wanting to make love so badly that it hurt and not doing so without the blessed union of marriage first. That would never happen to them again. Now they could let their passion, desire and Love for each other run wild and free, just like they had wanted to do for so many years now. Just like the great spirit above had intended them to do; for now they were husband and wife.


As their kiss became more demanding, Walker suddenly ended it. He wanted this night to last forever. They had waited so long and he didn't want their first time of making love to be rushed, he wanted them to take their time, to enjoy the new and glorious sensations, to enjoy their love for each other to the fullest, to fulfill fantasy's that they both had, to make memories that would last a life time and into eternity. He wanted this to be one of the most special nights of Alex's life, she was worth that and so much more.


He knew she was aroused and a little upset that he had stopped; he could tell by looking in her eyes. But he wanted tonight to be so special. He was forever trying to make things up to her, making up missed dates with her. Having work that always got in their way. But not now. They had the time, they had the next two weeks. They had the rest of their lives. He would have all the time in the world to make things up to her. Nothing and no one was going to get in their way this time...especially was their wedding night.


As Alex tried to calm her breathing, she looked at Walker with the question of why he had stopped in her eyes.


He just smiled, that wonderful, sly little smile of his and winked at her, asking if she would like him to make a fire in the fire place.


"Yes. That would be nice. I guess I could go put on something more comfortable while you do that." she replied, thinking of the beautiful negligee that Debbie had sent for her to wear, "I bet he won't stop when he sees me in that" she thought with a raise of her eyebrow, a plan forming in her mind.


As she turned to go into the bedroom, Walker stopped her and turned her so her back was towards him, he had seen the raise of her eye brow and he knew when she did that it meant she was up to something, he decided he would tease her a little before she could set her plan into motion. "Let me unbutton your dress for you" he whispered in her ear, as his hands moved to the top button and undid it.


Alex gasped as the touch of his fingers on her neck sent shivers of delight coursing down her spine.


She had never known anyone like Walker before. He was so complex, so mysterious. So shy in some ways, bold in other ways. He had the training and the skills to kill a man with his bare hands if he had to; he would chase a criminal to hell and back to bring them to justice. Yet he was the first one to help anyone in need. No matter what color or religion the person was, he never hesitated. He knew what was right and what was wrong and he lived his life by those beliefs, never faltering in those beliefs. He would jump right in, even if it meant putting his life on the line for someone, even someone he didn't know. Walker was that kind of a man. And he loved her. And for all those reasons and so many more, Alex loved him...with every fiber of her being.


The sensations that were running through Alex's' body were unbelievable. The simple task of Walker unbuttoning her dress for her was unbelievably erotic...he would unbutton the button then he would kiss, nibble and lick the exposed skin, then he would move to the next one unbutton and kiss again, moving ever so slowly down her back.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         She leaned her head back, closing her eyes, her breathing becoming more intense, soft sighs escaping her lips. She had never known that a kiss to her back could hold so much pleasure for her but it did and she was enjoying every kiss and every touch of his finger tips on her bare back.


All to soon the last button was undone and Walker was once again moving away from her, turning her around and kissing her as he did so, a teasing smile on his lips.


Alex could tell her face was flushed with desire. She tried to slow her breathing down and pull herself back to the present but it was not an easy thing to do. He had created such desire in her. She had never known a man to be so gentle, so loving, touching her as if she was made of fine porcelain and yet he was teasing her...again. "You just wait Walker" she thought to herself, as she once again thought of the negligee she was about to put on..."I'll get you back!"


"Alex? Your dress is all unbuttoned, I thought you were going to change into something more comfortable?" Walker asked with a smile, he knew he was teasing her by the things he was doing to her, by pulling away from her at just the right moment but he couldn't help it, he loved to tease her and besides, he wanted the anticipation to build...if she only knew that he was teasing himself as much as he was her.


"Yes...I guess I was...wasn't I?" Alex replied as she slowly and very seductively slid the one sleeve of the dress down her arm, letting the front of the dress fall to just the top of her breasts and then repeating the action with the other sleeve, only this time she let the front of her dress slip lower on her breasts before she caught it, just in time. She looked at his face to gauge his reaction, there was pure Love and desire in his eyes. “ you know I can tease too," "Take that husband dear" she thought with a giggle, as she moved into the bedroom closing the door behind her.


Walker stared at the door of the bedroom, replaying the scene he had just witnessed in his mind...the sleeve sliding down her arm...the gown falling to the top of her breasts. He should know better than to tease her like he had been doing. Shaking his head and trying to slow his breathing down, he knew he was never gonna win when it came to teasing with his beautiful new wife, she was always going to be able to get to him. Life with Alex was always going to be full of surprises that's for sure. Chuckling, he took off his jacket, tie, boots and socks and began to light the fire in the fire place.


As Alex closed the bedroom door behind her, she smiled, thinking of how she was going to tease and tempt her wonderful husband. One of the things she cherished most about their relationship had always been the way they could tease each other, making each other laugh, not worrying about one or the other getting mad. Lord knows they had done it often enough, in fact one of her favorite memories was when she had taken him white water rafting after he had been hurt during a bust. They had a campsite to themselves, away from the other rafters. She had gone behind some bushes to change for the night. Walker had thrown a rock and yelled snake. It had scared her, because she was so afraid of snakes, but when she had come running from behind the bushes, there was Walker...laughing. She had tried to pretend she was mad at him but it didn't work. His smile, the touch of his hands and his kiss had seen to that, if only they hadn't been interrupted, that was one evening that might have turned out a whole lot differently. Well, tonight would end differently, she thought as she began to take off her wedding dress...Very differently.




The fire was crackling in the fire place by the time Alex emerged from the bedroom. Walker was seated on the sofa, sipping champagne, gazing into the fire. Alex stepped in front of the fire...into his line of vision.


Walkers' heart stopped and he felt a burning desire begin to build in his very soul. Alex stood before him...looking absolutely ravishing. Slowly rising he moved to Alex's' side. Touching her face and hair, he kissed her softly, handing her his glass, offering her a drink.


She accepted the offered glass, slowly taking a sip. "Well...what do you think Walker?" she asked as she slowly turned around letting the robe fall off her shoulders. "Do you like it?"


Walker tried to reply, but he couldn't get the words to come out of his mouth. "Like it?", is that what she had asked him? He'd have to be dead NOT to like it and he certainly was NOT dead...the stirrings in his body confirmed that!




" like it very much." Walker whispered, barely getting the words to come out at all, for he was taking in every detail of what he was seeing.


She was a vision of loveliness. Her hair, now hanging loose, glimmered in the fire light and her eyes sparkled with passion. She was wearing a long light blue silk negligee, the exact same color of blue as her eyes. It had tiny straps at the shoulders, the front being cut very low on her breasts, the back was cut even lower, almost to her waist and was held together by criss-cross straps that were like the ones on her shoulders and it clung to her body in all the right places...her breasts, her waist, her hips. The negligee was slit on both sides all the way to the tops of her thighs and when she moved, her long slender legs were exposed. The matching robe was the same color, only it was made entirely of sheer that it only enhanced the negligee, not hiding it.


Walker slowly touched her hair...her face...her shoulders.


"Why don't you let me help you get more comfortable now?" Alex asked as she moved her hands to the top button of his shirt. Walker just smiled at her, knowing it was her turn to tease him as he had teased her. She proceeded to unbutton the buttons on his shirt, all the while looking into his eyes. When the last button was undone, she unbuttoned the cuffs and slowly slid her hands to his waist. She could see that he was becoming aroused, by the soft smile forming on his luscious lips and the subtle change in his eyes and his breathing. She slowly slid her fingers along the waist band of his pants, coming to a stop at the fastening and undid it, making sure not to get to close to his growing desire. Then gently she pulled his shirt out of his pants. Moving her hands up the middle of his now bare chest to his shoulders, she then very slowly pulled the shirt off of one arm and then the other, letting it fall gently to the floor.


When he stood before her naked from the waist up, Alex then did something she had always dreamed about...she slowly placed her cheek on his bare muscular chest, rubbing it against the soft red hair that completely covered it. Gently rubbing his chest with her hands and her cheek, she could feel his breathing increase and his heart begin to beat even stronger. This had always been a fantasy of hers and it was well worth waiting for.


Alex then let her lips start to follow her hands...stopping and kissing as she went...very slowly...taking her time...inhaling the scent of him...finding a scar and kissing it...moving all over his chest...then moving to his arms...his hands...kissing each finger tip...back to his his waist...then up to his neck...his ears...his face...and finally...his mouth.


She placed her hands on his cheeks, feeling his soft beard, moving to run her fingers through his wonderful red hair and then she brushed her lips against his, never quite making full contact with them, pulling gently away when he would try to kiss her back. His lips...God, she loved his lips...they were so full...strong...but so very gentle when he kissed her.


Their eyes met, full of unbridled passion, each knowing that the time for teasing had come to a halt. Walker removed the lace robe she was wearing, letting it fall gracefully to the floor by his discarded shirt. Ever so slowly he stroked her face, moving down to her neck and finally down her arms, grasping both of her hands in his and gently leading her into the bedroom.


Alex felt as if her heart was going to pound it's way out of her chest, her desire for this incredible man being so powerful and strong. She had never felt this way about anyone before.


Walker slowly lowered the straps of her negligee, gently easing them down her arms and off her hands...watching as it floated the rest of the way to the floor, exposing Alex's' naked body for his eyes only. He watched as the cool gentle breeze from the window gently moved the hair on her shoulders and caressed her body, and the moonlight only added to her beauty.


Alex watched as Walker lovingly looked at her waiting for him to look back to her eyes, almost as if she were awaiting his approval on what he saw. When his eyes did meet with hers, she could see the love and desire that was in them. She placed her arms around his neck, needing to feel him against her body. The feel of the hair on his chest as it tickled her bare breasts was even more arousing than she had ever dreamed of, only this wasn't a dream... this was the real thing.


Raising her eyes up to meet his, she smiled, the tears of happiness shining in her eyes. He smiled back, caressing her face as he did so. Alex began to slide her hands down his chest, not stopping until she once again came to the top of his pants. She felt the swift intake of his breath as she began to unzip them and as she slowly slid them down his hips, releasing his manhood and then down his legs to the floor. When they were finally off she made her way back up his body, letting her hands lead the way as they roamed freely over his calves, up to his powerful thighs, over his buttocks and up his chest, only stopping when they reached his face.


Time came to a halt, as the newly weds embraced and kissed, slowly at first, enjoying the new found freedom that they had with each other, enjoying the feel their naked bodies against each other, enjoying each others love, letting their kisses speak for them as their passion grew.


Walker slowly moved them to the bed, stopping their kisses only to turn the bedspread down. He lovingly laid Alex in the middle of the bed and stood, what seemed like an eternity, just looking at her, letting the moonlight light his way.


As Walker stood looking at her, Alex let her eyes freely roam over his body. He was truly magnificent...powerful chest...muscular thighs...he was everything any woman could ever dream of...not just his physical appearance but what was in his heart and soul as well.


Not wanting to be separated from him any longer, Alex raised her arms to him, inviting him into her loving embrace.


Walker settled on the bed beside her, drawing her into his arms. He meticulously began to explore her body, moving slowly, letting his fantasy's take on a life of their own.


He began with her hair, smelling the sweet scent of it and feeling the silky softness of it against his face. Then on to her face, kissing her ears, her cheeks, her eye lids, her nose, and then her mouth...exploring it inside and out. Moving to her neck and shoulders he inhaled the soft hint of the perfume she wore. Slowly he moved down to her firm breasts. Soft sighs escaped her lips as he teased and kissed each breast until her nipples stood firm from desire. He moved again, kissing her flat stomach, and then moving even lower. He left no place place place unloved...until finally he moved back up to capture her lips with his once again.


Alex felt as if she was in a dream world, the sensations that were created by Walker almost seeming to be to good to be true, almost unreal. She was not a virgin...but yet she had never experienced anything like she was experiencing with Walker. He had created sensations and feelings that she had NEVER experienced before. These sensations had to come from the great and powerful love that she felt for him and his love for her, because it was a true and deep love, a love she had never experienced with anyone else in her life.


Alex moved so she could now explore Walker's body. Gently pushing him to his back, she began her own exploration, praying she could create the same miraculous feelings for him.  Slowly she kissed his face, feeling the softness of his hair and beard, as she moved down towards his chest. She found a scar on his shoulder from a bullet wound. Kissing it, she felt her heart skip a beat at the thought of him being hurt. She continued on, playing with the hair on his chest, enjoying the feel of it and the scent of Walker himself. He smelled so good, in fact no matter how long he had been out chasing criminals, no matter how dirty or sweaty she had ever seen him...he had always smelt wonderful to her. She then moved to his nipples, arousing them the same way he had aroused hers, by gently kissing and sucking them. Laying her head on his chest, she listened to his heart beat strong and hard, the rise and fall of his chest being synchronized to his heart beat...almost as if it was to the beat of a beautiful song that was being played...their song...a song of love. She slowly looked up to his eyes, seeing that his was watching her, the look of desire growing stronger in them with her every move.


She smiled softly at him and continued her journey, kissing more scars as she found them, following the trail of hair that led lower to his stomach and even lower still. She skipped past the point from his navel down and went straight to his wonderful thighs. Rubbing and kissing them, she once again thought of how much she had always longed to do this. She smiled to herself as she thought of how Debbie had always teased her about being a "Thigh Woman", knowing she was absolutely right...she had always liked nice thighs on a man...and Walkers' were perfect. They were strong and muscular, without being too big, and they looked fantastic in a pair of snug jeans.


Kissing her way back up to his manhood, Alex heard Walkers' sudden intake of breath, as she slowly and tentatively touched him, feeling him grow with every gentle touch of her hands and lips, rejoicing in the fact that she could please him just as much as he had pleased her.


When she knew he couldn't take much more of her gentle teasing and playing, Alex started to slowly slide her body upwards against his, teasing him as she moved provocatively and proceeded to kiss her way back to his waiting lips, giggling at his obvious discomfort of being so aroused.


As soon as her lips touched his, Walker swiftly rolled her onto her back, pinning her arms above her head with one hand. Looking into her eyes, with a smile on his face, he slowly kissed her lips, saying..."You are a quite a little tease Mrs. Walker...but now it's my turn!"


" wouldn't dare." Alex replied as she laughed and half heartedly tried to break free from his hold.


"Oh...wouldn't I?" he said as he then deepened his kiss, letting his free hand begin to wander around the length of her body once again.


Tantalizingly he moved his hand, making sure he didn't touch any of her sensitive sensual spots, driving her crazy with passion.


Alex's' skin began to tingle, soft sighs and moans escaping her lips, as Walker continued to touch, kiss and taste her body.  Slowly the desires began to build until they burst into a raging need. A need that had to be fulfilled...NOW.


"Please Walker, I want you. I need you. I don't want to wait any longer. I want you to make love to me."


Walker looked at his beautiful wife, knowing that her passion was as intense as his own. Her blue eyes pleading with him to end his sweet torture and her body begging for fulfillment. He also knew that he could not contain his own desire for much longer, and that the time for teasing had definitely come to an end.


He slowly released her wrists, pulling her into his embrace, as her arms immediately encircled his neck. Their lips met with such force and desire that is seemed as though the room had become electrified with their need and want for each other.


Carefully, Walker positioned himself above her waiting body, giving her none of his weight, knowing that all his dreams were about to come true. Ever so slowly he lowered himself between her thighs, stopping just before he entered her. Then...then he just looked at her...looking at her eyes, heavy with desire and love, enjoying the rapid rise and fall of her milky white breasts, the way the moonlight glistened off her body, the way she wiggled and squirmed, trying to coax his body to join with hers.


"Please?" Alex whispered as she arched her back, pushing her hips up, giving him full access to her body; inviting him to join his body with hers.


Walker accepted her loving invitation and entered her...ever so slowly...until Alex's body had engulfed the full length of his manhood. He didn't move at first, wanting to savor the new and glorious sensations that were coursing threw their bodies. They were overwhelming. The feel of her warmth and wetness surrounding him, hugging him, was beyond anything he had ever imagined.


Time seemed to stand still, as they enjoyed this magical moment. Like a slow song, he eventually began to move; easing almost all the way out and then gently back in, taking his time. His muscles were taunt, straining to keep his desire under control. 


Alex accepted his slow movements lovingly, enjoying the feel of him filling her very being. He was so controlled in his movements, driving her wild with his restraint. She ran her hands over his chest, his arms, his back, feeling his muscles contract, feeling the power of his body. She kissed his face and chest, as she ran her hands down his sides finally placing them on his buttock, urging him with the motions of her body to increase his tempo. She contracted her muscles, holding him tightly inside her, increasing the sensations for both of them.


As their passions increased, so did their movements. Soon their bodies became soaked with perspiration, as they moved as one. Their hearts beat as one, their rapid breathing filling the room was soft sighs and sounds that lovers make. They would come so close to fulfilling each others needs, only to slow down once again, prolonging the inevitable for as long as they could.


Walker moved, wrapping his arms around her as he rolled over, bringing Alex with him, so that she now was laying softly on him. Kissing and touching each other, Alex shifted positions, so that she was now the one in control.


She sat up slowly, rubbing his chest as she looked deep into his eyes. She then began a dance of love all her own...rising slowly...gently wiggling back and forth...stopping...contracting her muscles...and slowly sliding back down the length of him...repeating the process over and over again. As she would start to rise, she would arch her back, pushing her breasts towards his waiting lips...tempting, teasing...never letting him make the full contact that he wanted.


Walker was enjoying Alex's' teasing little dance of love immensely, but the sensations that she was creating were becoming more than he could stand, bringing him close to losing what little control he had left. He waited until she was offering her breasts to him once again, when catching her off guard, he sat up, pulling her tightly to him, taking what she had been so temptingly offering. Her gasp of surprise made him chuckle lightly as he proceeded to kiss her firm breasts, loving the little sounds that escaped her lips, loving the way she continued moving her lower body against him, loving the way she was trying to find the release that they both so badly wanted.


The time to end this sweet torture being close at hand, Walker once again rolled Alex back over onto her back, and began to increase his thrusts. As his movements increased, their passion soared, rising higher and higher, going to a height that neither had ever been before, the quiet of the night being broken only by their sounds of pleasure. They moved as heart soul...murmuring words of love to each other...reaching for the ultimate pleasure that they could give to each other.


The pressure of their bodies, the animal heat of it, and the naked demand of their kisses were too much for either of them to take any longer. Walkers' heart skipped a beat at the whispered "Cordell" that escaped Alex's' lips. They felt the oncoming release that their bodies had craved, the sensation so strong it was like a shockwave coursing threw them.                                                                                           


They clung to each other, as wave upon wave of glorious sensations took over their bodies; taking them to the highest pinnacle of fulfillment that there is and then ever so gently and slowly returning them back to reality.


As they held each other, waiting for the spasms of their bodies to end, Walker moved onto his side, never withdrawing from Alex's' sweet body, just moving her with him. Pushing her damp hair away from her cheeks, he gently brushed his lips to hers, whispering "I love you Alex" as he cradled her in his arms.


They didn't speak for a long time, no words could describe what they had just experienced with each other. In time their breathing and their heart beats returned to normal and they lay listening to the night sounds, enjoying the gentle breeze blowing across their naked bodies, welcoming the cooling sensation of it.


Alex sighed as she snuggled closer to his chest, smiling in the darkness, as she gently ran her fingers threw the hair on his chest. Neither had spoken and the silence was beginning to bother Walker.


"What are you thinking Alex?" Walker asked, needing to hear her voice, needing to hear that she was as happy and fulfilled as he was.


"Mmm...just about how much I love you, about how happy I am and about how wonderful I feel laying here in your arms."


Walker smiled at her words, knowing from the sound of her voice that she was indeed, as happy as he was.


"You sure know how to make up for eight years of waiting." she softly said as she ran her fingers down his sides and back up again.


Walker laughed knowing where she was heading with this. Pulling away from each other just enough to be able to look into each others eyes, Walker saw that little look of hers that meant she was indeed, up to something.


"I do huh?" he replied, feeling his body already starting to respond to hers once again.


"Yes, you do and very well I might add." Alex replied, starting to arouse him even further with her hands rubbing his chest, and with the subtle but exciting little squeezes of her bodies muscles.


"But you know, I still think this is all a dream, us being married, laying here together, what we just experienced. Maybe we should make sure this isn't a dream after all." she giggled as she increased the tightening of her muscles, feeling his body respond to hers.


"Why Alex, you ARE a wanton woman." Walker laughed, pulling her tighter into his grasp.


"That's right...I am wanton...and I am all with it Cowboy."


And deal with it he did, creating the same sensations all over again. Just as slow, just as loving, just as powerful...until they lay exhausted in each others arms.




Their passion being fulfilled for the time being, Walker rose, going to the dresser to get the pitcher of water and the basin, bringing it and a towel back to the bed with him. Setting them on the floor beside the bed, he wet the towel and began to gently wipe the perspiration from Alex's' body. As he finished his loving task, Alex took the towel from him and began to wipe his body off, as he had just done for her. After she was finished, she lay beside him, her head on his chest. Holding each other, both being happier than they had ever been, letting the soft steady beats of their hearts, sing them to sleep.




Alex slowly began to awaken. She could feel the warm sun shining threw the window, hitting her face. She stretched, feeling more alive than she had ever felt in her life. The night of passion she had spent with Walker, seeming to add new life to her spirit, to her very soul. She could hear the birds singing, the air smelled fresh and clean and was filled with the aroma of roses...and coffee. Slowly she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a beautiful yellow rose, and Walker handing her a cup of coffee.


"Good morning beautiful" Walker smiled as he sat cross legged on the bed beside her and leaning over to kiss her lips. "I didn't think you were ever going to wake up, you sure are a sleepy head."


Looking at him, smiling, she moved to a sitting position, the sheet tucked under her arms, covering her still nude body, her knees pulled up to her chest. Alex could tell he had been up for awhile. His hair was still wet enough from his bath that small drops of water were still falling onto his bare shoulders. She was disappointed he hadn't waited for her before he went to bathe.


"Well, if my husband would not of kept me up most of the night, I would have been up sooner." Alex smiled, taking a drink of the coffee he had handed her, as she remembered being enjoyably awakened before sunrise to experience the passions of her wonderful husband yet again.


Gently running the rose down her bare arm and up again, Walker smiled as he watched the touch of the rose petals against her flesh, send a shiver of sensation threw her body, causing her to wiggle slightly.


"It was my pleasure Ma'am, but if you weren't so tempting, I wouldn't have kept you up." Walker grinned as he once again ran the rose down her arm, only this time, once he came back up, he teasing continued onto her neck and then down towards her breasts, running the tip of the rose across the tops of them.


Alex was thoroughly enjoying his teasing with the rose. She was amazed how something so innocent, could arouse her so much. But then again, she had already figured out that she would never be able to get enough of this magnificent man. Her attention was once again drawn back to her husband as he began to talk again.


"If you get up and around, I thought we could hike up to the top of the mountain, there is something there that I would love to show you. That is, if you want to. It is a far enough hike that we will just camp there tonight. What do you say Alex?"


"It sounds wonderful. What is it you want to show me?" Alex snickered, as she remembered a similar conversation they had had just yesterday about Walker showing her something.


Walker laughed, knowing that she was thinking about yesterday at the creek, as he continued, "It's a surprise Alex. The only thing is, if we don't get going soon, we will have to wait until tomorrow. The last part of the climb is kind of tricky, so you have to have good lighting for it. But it is well worth the effort, the sunsets up there are spectacular. ARE you ever going to get out of this bed lazy bones?"


Alex raised her eyebrows as she sat the coffee cup on the floor and laid back onto the pillows, stretching seductively. "Oh...Maybe...if I had a good enough reason to I would."


Instantly Walker was upon her, moving with the speed of lightning, grabbing her as he began to tickle her unmercifully. "Is this a good enough reason to get you out of that bed?" Walker asked as he continued his assault on her sides, enjoying her laughter and struggles to get away.


"OK...OK...Walker...Ahhh...I give up...stop..."


"Are you going to get up?"


"Yes...OK...I'll get up...You don't play fair Walker." She giggled, trying to catch her breath from her efforts.


His only reply was a kiss and his cute little wink, as he moved to the edge of the bed.


Alex wiped the covers back as she moved to hug his bare back, leaning against him as she leaned around and kissed his cheek. "I Love You!" she said, as she then moved off the bed to gather her clothes and things she would need for her bath, totally relaxed in her nudity.


Walker leaned back on his elbows as he watched the beautiful sight of his wife before him. She moved with a carefree grace, humming a little tune, seemingly unaware of the state of her undress, and of the fact that she was having a very strong affect on him. Pulling one of his T-shirts out of his drawer, she started to slip it on, when she stopped, looking to see if he would disapprove. When he just nodded his head in agreement, Alex finished the motion and picked up everything that she had gathered. Turning to leave the room, Alex squealed as Walker caught her as she walked by the bed, pulling her down on top of him.


"I thought you said we had to get going?" Alex laughed, wiggling, as Walker ran his hands down her back and onto her bottom.


"We have time." Walker replied as he pulled her sweet lips to his once again.




Two hours later, they were on their way hiking up the side of the mountain. After their little morning interlude and her bath, Alex had hurriedly packed some clothes, while Walker gathered what else they would need.


Hand in hand they walked, enjoying the sites and sounds of the forest. Walker once again told her stories of when he was a boy, showing her different places and things he had discovered then. Every now and then they would stop, just to hug or kiss each other, and then they would resume on their way.




Later in the afternoon, they reached the tricky part of their hike. Walker told Alex to follow him, as he started up the steep, rocky incline. Moving slowly, he would go so far and stop, looking back to make sure Alex was doing OK, offering her his hand when she got close to him. Their climb was slow, but neither minded it at all. When Walker reached the top, he bent down helping  Alex the rest of the way.


When they were both safely on the top, they sat looking out over the valley below them, resting from their climb.


"Oh Walker, this is breath taking. I love it." Alex looked all around her, realizing that they had not even reached the top of the mountain yet. She guessed that they were about three fourths of the way up and that it leveled out where they were right now, before it continued the rest of the way to the peak.


"It is beautiful, isn't it. You can see for miles and miles up here, but this isn't the best part, we still have a little ways to go to get to what I wanted to show you. It is good going the rest of the way though. Are you rested enough to go on?"


"Sure am, let's go." Alex replied, picking up her back pack that she had laid on the ground beside her and putting it back on.


Helping her to her feet, and putting his arm around her waist, they set off to yet another of Walkers' wonderful surprises.


They had walked about ten minutes when Alex began to hear rushing water in the distance. She couldn't see the water because they were in the woods now, the trees being so thick and close together, that there was no sunlight at all hitting the ground, making it hard to see. Almost without warning, the trees ended and they came out into the bright sunlight.


As soon as her eyes had adjusted to the sun light once again, a softly spoken "Oh my God" escaped Alex's' lips. Directly in front of her was the most spectacular waterfall that Alex had ever seen. It was magnificent!


Walker stood watching Alex's' reaction. She had the look of total amazement on her face. He smiled remembering the first time that his parents had brought him here. He had been about seven. When he had seen the waterfall that day he had told his parents that he thought he was in Heaven, being totally awestruck with what he was seeing. That was the look that was on Alex's face right now.


"Well? What do you think Alex? Isn't it beautiful?"


"Oh Walker, I have never seen anything like it. Thank you. Thank you so much for bringing me here." Alex put her arms around his waist, giving him a squeeze and a peek on the cheek, not being able to take her eyes off of the falls. "I feel like I...well...this has to be a little piece of Heaven, I have never seen anything more beautiful in all my life. Do the Cherokee have a name for it?"


Walker smiled at her reference to Heaven as she laid her head on his chest, hugging him ever so gently. He had known in his heart that she would have the same opinion that he had about this wonderful place. Caressing her hair, he softly said "I have heard it called many things. Everyone seems to have their own name they call it. Maybe you could name it, something special, that you and I will call it."


Alex thought about a name as she continued to look at the falls, studying it closely. The main body of the falls was quit large, starting out smaller at the top and gradually getting larger the further down it came, creating an upside down "V". On each side of that, slightly higher than the main part, was a smaller section of the falls, with less water flowing down the rocks. It created an illusion of two arms being held open, waiting to enfold anyone that looked at it. It was like it was waiting to take them into its' loving embrace. Suddenly Alex knew the perfect name for it.


"Angel." she whispered. "That's the name Walker...Angel falls."


Walker held her tightly in his arms, as he looked at the falls, seeing it threw her eyes. Yes, he thought to himself, if you looked at the falls just right, they did look like an Angel.


"I think that is a perfect name for them Alex."


Lifting her chin up, he looked into her eyes. He could see the happiness and love shinning in them but, he could also see unshed tears there. "Alex...What's wrong?" He asked as he wiped away one of the tears that had fallen onto her cheek.


"Oh Walker...I don't know. I guess I'm being silly. I guess everything is just finally sinking in. I mean, we left Dallas for a weekend get away, and suddenly here we are in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Then you propose, and not even twenty four hours later, we're married and well...everything has changed. I have never been more happy in my life, than I am right now, but yet I feel so different, so...strange. I don't feel like the same person I was on Friday. I have all these feelings inside me. They are so strong, I feel like I am going to explode. And when I look at things now, even that seems different, things don't even look the same as they used to.  Does that make sense?"


Walker smiled as he kissed her upturned lips, drawing her against him as he wrapped his arms around her once again. "I know exactly how you feel Alex. I feel the same way."


"You do?" Alex questioned as she tried unsuccessfully to keep her tears from falling, as she tilted her head up to look at him.


Walker nodded his head.


Placing his hands on her face, looking deeply in her tear filled eyes, Walker continued. "Alex, I have those same feelings. I just have a harder time talking about them than you do."


"When I came here the first time in all those years, after my parents' murderer was finally brought to justice...I stood and looked at the mountain, these falls, all the beauty that surrounded me, and I couldn't enjoy it. There was a void, something missing. It took me a while to figure out what was missing, but when I did, I knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted the person that I loved more than life itself  to be with me, my one and only true love....YOU, Alex. I wanted you. You make all the difference in my life. I had finally realized that your love is what my life was missing. No one else could make my life complete. No one!"


"OH, Walker." Alex cried as she clung to him, letting the tears fall.


"You were what my life has always been missing too. You are My Love, My Life, My Cowboy."


Walker smiled, loving the way she called him "Cowboy", as he began to kiss her tears away. "Do you feel better now?"


Sniffing and drying the rest of her tears, Alex smiled. "Yes, I'm much better now. I'll tell you one thing though, you do pretty good at talking when you want to Cowboy."


"Just don't tell C.D. or Trivette, they won't ever let me live it down." Walker replied, shaking his head and laughing.


"I promise, it will be our secret." Alex giggled, knowing that C.D. and Jimmy would give him a hard time if they knew.


"Good. Now, what do you say we set up camp and go for a swim."


"Sounds like a great idea. I'd love to go for a swim. Where are we setting up camp?"


Walker gently turned her towards the waterfall, pointing to the falls. "There."


"In the waterfall?" Alex laughed.


"No." Walker chuckled, "right there, about half way up, behind that smaller part of the falls. There is a cave there. That's where we are going to set up camp."


"Walker, how are we going to get there? It looks dangerous."


"Trust me Alex. It isn't dangerous. I promise." Walker said as he took her hand in his, and began walking towards the falls.




A few minutes later, Alex stood looking around the inside of the cave, as Walker started a small fire. Walker had been right, it wasn't as hard to get to the cave as she had first thought. In fact, they hadn't even got wet getting inside. The cave itself was fairly big and amazingly was completely dry on the inside, even with the falls being directly in front of it. In the one corner, against the back wall, there were supplies of canned food and utensils for cooking. On the other side, there was a large pile of firewood stacked. A safe distance away from the firewood, was a fire ring. It really was a very cozy place.


As Walker finished getting the fire started, Alex took their sleeping bags and zipped them together, making one large bed out of them. She positioned them in the middle of the room, making sure nothing was beneath them that they would be poked by in the middle of the night. Taking their back packs, she laid them at the opening for them to use as pillows. Having finished with that, she removed her shoes, shirt and shorts. She had worn her swimming suit beneath her clothes, so she was already for the swim that Walker had promised. As she folded her clothes and laid them on her back pack, she turned to see that Walker was finished with the fire and was watching her. Smiling, she said, "OK, I'm ready for that swim you promised. Do you want me to find your suit for you?"


Walker hesitated and finally shook his head no. He was enjoying the site of her in the bikini that she had on. It was revealing, but not vulgar like some he had seen, covering what it should, yet tempting him with what was covered. "I don't need one. Thanks anyway. I like your suit though. It looks great."


"Thank you. What do you mean you don't need one? I thought you said we were going for a swim? Did you change your mind?"


Walker took off his shirt as he smiled, "No, I didn't change my mind. I just don't need a suit." He then removed his shoes and unfastened his jeans, sliding them down his thighs onto the ground, kicking them off to the side. Standing there naked, he offered his hand to Alex, asking her if she was ready.


Alex laughed and replied, "I'm ready...but I think you have forgotten something."


"What?" he asked, grinning, knowing full well what she was talking about.


"Don't you think you should put something on? Not that I mind your nakedness, which I don' fact I am enjoying it very much, but...I have a suit on...don't you think you should have at least a pair of shorts on?"


"Maybe you should take your suit off? Then we would both be naked. That sounds like a better idea to me." Walker replied, tugging on the strings that held her top on.


Pushing on his chest to keep him from undoing the strings, Alex laughed. "I think I will keep my suit on for now if you don't mind. I would be more comfortable that way. You are so bad. I'm shocked and you call me wanton. Boy, come to think of it, this could be great blackmail evidence against you for Jimmy, he would never let you live this down."


Grabbing her sides as if he was going to tickle her, Walker warned, "You wouldn't tell, would you my darling wife?"


"Now would I do that husband dear?" she answered, a devilish smile on her face, as she tried unsuccessfully to get away from him.


"Alex!" tickling her.


"Ahhh...Walker...No, I think I will keep this piece of evidence for my own blackmailing never know when it might come in handy. I will definitely keep the secret of my naked, skinny dipping, Cowboy all to myself. I Promise."


"Good. Let me get some shorts and we can go." With that, Walker kissed her, giving one more tickle before he did indeed go to get a pair of shorts to put on.




The sounds of the falls had lulled Alex into a light sleep as she lay on her back, on the bank off to the side of the falls, enjoying total relaxation and the heat of the sun on her body. She and Walker had swam, playing on the rocks at the foot of the falls for about an hour before they decided that they were getting hungry. Walker left, going to round something up for them to snack on from the cave, while she decided she would get some sun.


Walker approached his wife's dozing form, quietly, not wanting to disturb her. Placing the basket of food he had gotten from the cave on the ground beside where Alex lay, he looked lovingly at his beautiful wife. Looking at her laying there, made his heart skip a beat. She had a soft smile on her face and he had never seen her look happier or more at ease, than she did right now. He watched as she moved slightly, drawing her one knee up, trying to get more comfortable.


Kneeling down beside her, Walker lightly touched her ankle. With a feather like touch, he slowly ran his fingers up the calf of her leg to her knee. Checking to see if he had awakened her yet, he continued on up to her thigh, enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth skin.


Alex had felt his slight touch on her leg immediately, but she was so relaxed, she had decided to pretend she was still asleep. She wanted to enjoy the sensations that his touch had created. It was so soft and gentle. As his hand moved further up her leg, she felt the first stirrings of arousal; once again being amazed at how quickly her body responded to his.


Walker continued his journey up to the middle of her flat stomach, circling his fingers around her belly button and then further up to her ribs. He watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took, noticing how her breathing changed slightly as he continued his journey with his hand. Smiling he continued on, letting his fingers touch the bottom of her breasts, moving ever upwards onto first one breast then the other, gently circling her nipples until each became firm, pushing against the material of her suit. This time when he looked up to her face, he found himself looking into her passion filled blue eyes. She was smiling with approval so he continued his journey upwards; running his fingers up each side of her neck, her chin, around her face, stopping only when they reached her lips. He gently traced the outline of her lips, laughing when she opened her mouth, pulling his fingers in, one by one, as she playfully nibbled and kissed them.


Rising and moving to her knees to kneel in front of him, Alex lovingly began to touch him, mimicking every move his hands made with her own. She traced the muscles of his shoulders, watching them ripple as he moved, and then down his arms and back again, slowly moving onto his chest. When he once again began to tease her breasts with his gentle touch, she did the same to him, watching as he too became aroused. She smiled as Walker reached to the back of her neck, slowly undoing her suit top, letting it float to the ground beside them.


The gentle breeze caressed them, sending additional sensations coursing threw their already aroused bodies. They leaned into each other to kiss, making sure that their bodies didn't touch, wanting to let the anticipation grow before giving in to their desires. As their lips parted, their finger tips once again began to move; leaving burning little trails in their wake, making sure that no where was left untouched.


As the embers of their desire began to grow, their hands began to move more quickly, searching lower to the still clothed portions of their bodies. As if by magic, their remaining garments disappeared, leaving nothing between them but the soft breeze...a breeze that created a raging fire of desire, where embers had just been.


They still only touched with their hands, letting them roam freely over each other, arching their bodies as a particularly sensual spot was touched. The sweet torture they were evoking on each other only added to their combined arousal, bringing them close to the very edge of release, before they would quickly back off, letting the sweet sensations cool down before once again starting the whole process over again.


Time had no meaning for the lovers; it stood still, letting them make wonderful memories that they could carry with them into eternity. The sounds of the falls and the forest that surrounded them were silenced, giving way to the beating of their hearts, their soft sounds of pleasure and their whispered words of love for each other.


As their passions took on a mind of their own, they finally ended the sweet torment that they were putting each other through and joined their bodies. They became one mind, one heart, one soul; letting their Love for each other carry them to a new and glorious level of pleasure and sensation.


Needing to find the release they craved, they increased their movements, helping each other soar higher and higher, until at the exact same moment, their world exploded, carrying them even higher than they could have imagined. When their passion had finally spent itself, it graciously released them to gently float back to reality.


As they lay in each others arms waiting for the last of the extraordinary sensations to abate, they clung to each other not wanting their magnificent  journey to end, but knowing that it must.


They rolled to lay beside each other, neither willing to release the other and dozed, both being totally satisfied and happier than any of their wildest fantasies could have predicted.




As the stars began to twinkle in the sky and the moon peeked its head over the top of the mountain, Alex stirred from her slumber. She lay with her head on Walkers chest waking fully to the sound of his beating heart and smooth even breathing. Raising her head carefully so she didn't wake him, she looked at her lovers' face, carefully etching everything about it into her memory. His full lips, his neatly trimmed beard, every line...every scar. She needed to know that any time he was not right there in her presence, that she would be able to see him as clearly as she did right now.


Smiling, she lay her head back down, turning it slightly so she could gaze at the stars, while she waited for Walker to awaken. She became so lost in her thoughts that the sound of Walkers' voice startled her as he said, "What are you thinking about Alex?"


"Oh...just about how much I love you and about how you are making my dreams and my fantasies come true."


He snuggled her closer to his side, gently caressing her bare back, as he too looked to the heavens, watching as the stars seemed to wink to each other, acknowledging that they were shining down on two people who had found something very rare...something that some people searched their entire lives for and never found...true and unconditional love!






Walker hesitated before he continued, "Do I really make your dreams come true? I mean...I hope I do...but..."


Lifting herself up and gently turning his head so she could look deep into his eyes she answered, "Yes, my darling Cowboy, you do. You make all my dreams come true...You make my fantasies come to life...Don't you EVER doubt that!" Then she kissed him, sealing her statement with the power of her kiss, putting an end to all his doubts. When she ended the kiss, she smiled and teasingly raised her eyebrow, moving to a sitting position.


"I do have another fantasy for you to fulfill Walker."


"You do huh...and what would that be my wanton wife?"


"Make love to me again...only this time in the our Angel Falls."


Rising to his feet, taking her hands into his and helping her up, they began to walk towards the majestic falls, as he replied..."Your wish is my command, my Lady."




Another fantasy came to life and another dream was fulfilled that night and many more in the following days and years to come. Happy memories were made and remembered fondly by both. They returned as often as they could to this magical mountain, falling more in love as the days and years past.


There were many trying times in their lives, but they always knew that their love for each other would help them get through them. Their love would  carry them through the bad times, making the good times that much more special.


But that, as they say...Is another story!


The End