This is my and Jen's take on what went on after Alex got out of jail.

Texas vs Cahill, the aftermath
By Sissy & Jennifer

When Alex walks into C.D.’s with her dad, she sees Walker at the table and wishes with all her heart she could collapse into his arms. But she sits down at the table with her father and they all raise coffee cups in a toast on the joint effort of closing the case. Alex says it isn’t over yet, and then tells them about her plan to have Gordon defend Alfre.

When she and her father stand to leave, Walker places a hand on her arm, “Alex,” feeling the slight trembling, he looks into her pale face, “can’t this wait till tomorrow. You look exhausted.”

In a quiet, almost tired voice, “No, Alfre didn’t hesitate to help me while I was in prison, the least I can do is let her know I haven’t forgotten her.”

Walker, seeing the look in her eyes, knows that nothing he can say will change her mind, and volunteers to drive them out to the prison.

It doesn’t take Gordon and Alex long in the prison, and they are soon on their way back to Dallas.

“Walker, take me to Alex’s apartment, I’ll stay with her tonight.”

Alex, sitting between the two men, turns toward her father, “No … Dad, I’m all right, you … go on to your hotel room and I’ll see you tomorrow. How about lunch at C.D.’s?”

“Honey, are you sure? I really don’t mind…”

“Dad, please, I’ll be fine.”

With Alex’s left side touching his hip and thigh, Walker feels the slight tremors still rippling through her body.

When Walker stops at Gordon’s hotel, Alex is still trying to convince her Dad she’ll be fine alone, Gordon finally gives up and agrees to see her for lunch the next day.

After letting Gordon out, he looks at Alex, and she touches his arm and softly murmurs, “Walker … please … just take me home.”

There is a look of tenderness and love in his eyes as he brushes the backs of his fingers across her cheek, “You sure, hon?” At her nod, he gives her a quick kiss to the lips and turns to pull the truck away from the curb.

He parks in front of her apartment and walks into the building with her, she lets him unlock the door for her, and he follows her inside. She goes straight to her bedroom and Walker goes to the kitchen to make coffee.

When Alex comes into the kitchen she has a terry cloth robe on and her hair is still wet from the shower. “Alex, go sit down, I’ll bring the coffee.”

She goes into the living room, moving almost in a trance, like she’s afraid to let herself go, and sits down on the couch. Walker follows her, sits the cups on the coffee table then sits down beside her. No words are spoken, but she snuggles back into Walker’s arms, and with a deep sigh, closes her eyes.

Walker feels her body relax against him and although he is enjoying the close contact of her body against his, he knows she needs to get some rest. The experience of being in jail has taken its toll on her.

“Come on, Alex, you’re going to bed.” He stands, scoops her up in his arms and carries her into the bedroom. He pulls the covers back and after removing her robe, lays her down then sits down beside her. “You go to sleep, I’ll be out here on the couch if you need me.”
She yawns and reaches her arms up to his neck. “No, Walker,” she whispers and lifts her arms up to his neck, “You go on home. I’ll be all right. I’ll call you first thing in the morning, okay.”
He leans down and kisses her softly, tenderly, “Are you sure, baby? I’d rather stay…”
“No,” she brushes her lips across his. “You’ve got the horses to look after, and if I need you … I have your number.” She kisses him again.
Sliding his arms around her, he pulls her up against his chest. “You definitely … have my number.” He kisses her again, this time letting her know how much she means to him. “Are you sure?”
“Yes … now go … I’ll see you tomorrow … for breakfast … at C.D.’s.”
“You’re on.” Another kiss, and then, “Goodnight baby.” He releases her to lie back in the bed, stands and pulls the covers up.
“Goodnight, Darling.”
He turns to shut the light out in the bathroom and notices black lacy lingerie and the dress she had worn to the art showing, in the trashcan. Leaning over, he picks both outfits up, holding them out in front of him. He notices the negligee as the one she was wearing when he got to her apartment that fateful night. He looks quizzically back at her slumbering form, chews on his bottom lip for a few moments, then drops them back into the trashcan as he flips the light switch. Moving to the bedroom door, he turns to look back and smiles when he sees Alex turning onto her side, snuggling under the blankets.


Alex’s peaceful sleep is short-lived as images and smells begin to form in her mind. She starts to toss and turn, as the past begins to unfold, the blood on the bed, Tony dead beside her, his face a ghostly white image in her nightmare. Lane Tillman standing above her, laughing, leering at her. She feels herself being undressed by strange hands, the bearing of her body brings a feeling of degradation over her, and her rolling turns to violent thrashing and low wails of terror until finally she sits up screaming.

With a strangled cry, "Walker!" she bolts out of bed. Not thinking of the phone, she grabs her robe, tying the belt with trembling fingers as she reaches for her car keys on her way out the door. The night is eerily silent as she careens down the highway to Walker’s ranch, tears clouding her vision, tremors quaking her body with increasing intensity. By the time Alex arrives at the ranch, she is shaking so badly she can hardly keep her foot on the accelerator, and moving it to the brake takes all the concentration she can muster.

Fumbling with the door handle, she finally manages to get the door open, almost falling out, and stumbles up onto the porch, crying out for Walker.

Walker, having heard the car engine is at the front door when Alex drags the screen door open. She practically falls into his arms, mumbling incoherently about blood and bodies and Tillman. He catches her in his arms and carries her into the living room, sitting down with her on the couch. Alex hangs onto Walker for dear life, afraid if she lets go, she’ll fall into the pit of her nightmare.

When her shaking begins to subside, Walker tries to move her off his lap. Her hands are like ice on his chest and he knows she has to be cold going out with no more on than a robe over her gown.

“Alex,” he murmurs, trying to move her from his lap onto the couch. “Let me get you some coffee, we need to warm you up.” But when he starts to move her, her fingers grab to stay where she is, her nails raking his bare chest and stomach, trying to get a handhold, not wanting to leave the warmth and protection of his arms. “Easy, baby, it’s all right.” He pulls her in tight against him, stilling her frantic clawing.

Knowing he has to get her warm, her skin feels like ice, and that she isn’t going to let him put her down, he lifts and carries her up the stairs to his bedroom and after removing her robe, lays down on the bed, rumpled from earlier, with her still held in his arms. He manages to stretch her out along his length, his arms holding her close for the warmth, then reaches down and pulls up the covers around them both.

Several long minutes pass before he feels her beginning to relax against him, her breathing eases and her body melts softly into his. With her body lying so pliant against his, his hormones are starting to kick into overdrive. He groans silently, knowing there isn’t a thing he can do, as his body has been conditioned to react this way with her. Just being in the same room with Alex causes his body to come swiftly to attention, and lying with her in his arms, his body is demanding attention. This is going to be a long night, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He had felt that Alex would be traumatized by what had happened, but not to this extent. He should never have let her stay by herself, let alone sleep in the bed where it all happened. He, with Gordon’s help, had cleaned up the apartment and Gordon had insisted on buying a new mattress set. But the room, and everything else, was the same and he should have known that all of this was going to come crashing down on her like a ton of bricks. Hopefully by morning she will have settled down and they can talk, work their way through this, like they’ve done many times before.

As Alex warms, sleep takes over and as he listens to her soft even breathing, he gently disengages her arms and legs from his body, slipping from the bed to make a quick trip to the bathroom. When he returns, she is still sleeping quietly. He smiles down at the woman that’s stolen his heart, then moves to the window, looking up to the stars, giving his thanks to the spirits for bringing her safely through this catastrophe.

He hears a noise and turns to see Alex flailing her arms, her legs seesawing under the covers, and realizes that she is again reliving the hideous nightmare. He quickly climbs into bed and pulls her into his arms, speaking softly, trying to pull her from the grip of her dream.

“Shhh … Alex, it’s all right. I’m right here. Shhh…”

Alex hears his soothing voice and her eyes open to find herself struggling against him. Realizing that she is with Walker, her struggles cease and her beautiful face crumples as she begins to cry. “Oh, Walker … it was so horrible … all that … blood and Tony lying there so still. And I … I can’t remember … he was…with me in my … my…” She can’t go any further, can’t speak the words that horrify her.

“Your bed,” Walker softly adds.

Alex nods, tears streaming down her face. “I was … in bed with Tony … not you…and I don’t remember. I don’t know … know what they did …”

Understanding what she means, Walker tightens his hold on her. “Shhh …you were drugged, honey, that’s why you don’t remember. He lightly caresses her face as he brushes her hair back off her face, and speaks softly to her, “But honey, you’d know if they took advantage of you, you’d feel it.” He kisses the top of her head, and wipes her tears away with his fingers. “It’s all over. Just relax with me and go to sleep, I’ll stay right here.” But she still trembles, not fully believing that she would know…

“But, I … I can’t,” she wails. “When I shut my eyes, I see it happening all over again. The gun … Tony in my bed … being in jail … the day they hurt me … Oh, God, Walker…” Suddenly she begins to caress him with her hands, tears still falling, her mouth seeks out his, “Make …make love to me … make me forget…”

His body is already wired so tight that when she begins to caress him with her hands and mouth, he has little choice, as his body is already giving in to her demands. “Alex…” he gasps as her hands begin to jerk at the button on his jeans, yanking the zipper down. Since he had just pulled on his jeans when he heard her car, she has no barrier to fight through to clasp her hand around him, pulling him free of his pants. He manages to get his pants down and kicked off as she begins to stroke him, her hands moving over him roughly as if she can’t wait.

He has to slow her down; he takes her hands from him and sitting up, begins to lift her gown up over her head, dropping it on the floor at the side of the bed. His pulls her into his arms and half covers her with his body, his lips, tongue and hands caressing her gently as he pushes her back down on the bed.

Her hand grabs his, placing it on her breast, and moving her fingers over his, presses them into her soft flesh. As his hands begin to knead and tease her, she slides her hands over his chest, finding his nipples, pulling on them, and rolling them between her fingers.

His mouth moves from hers, his tongue licking its way down her neck to her breasts, leaving a wet trail in its wake. Closing his mouth over one tight, hard nipple, he sucks it greedily, as she moans and writhes beneath him. Then clamping her hands on either side of his head, she begins to pull him away from his feast only to bring him to the other breast, wanting to feel the same sensation in both. As he sucks it deeply into his mouth, her hips begin to grind against him, the center of her desire dripping, burning with a need to feel him fill her, stretch her.

She buries her fingers in his hair and begins to push him down her body as desire flashes, streaking a path to the moist heat between her legs. “Touch me,” she begs him. “Taste … taste me … with your mouth.”

More than eager to follow her wishes, he drops down between her legs, spreading them wide, as he lifts her to his mouth. He slices his tongue through the crease of her desire, bringing soft cries as she begins to anticipate what is coming. He parts the soft flesh surrounding her opening with his thumbs, baring her exquisite sweetness to his eyes. He groans softly then slides his tongue into the heart of her desire, bringing a quick upward heave of her hips and a high mewling sound from her lips.

He spears his tongue into her deeply, again and again, pausing only to flick it across the tight swollen nub before plunging deep into her again. He feels her climax coming as her inner muscles begin to constrict and she stiffens, wetness gushes over his tongue, his mouth, but he doesn’t stop, he continues to work her, as sensations of pleasure continue to consume her.

While she is still clenching and unclenching, he moves up on his knees and placing her legs over his shoulders, buries himself deep inside her. As she tightens around him, he pauses as he struggles for control. As he regains some semblance of control he begins to take slow deep thrusts into her, almost leaving her completely before plunging in deep again. Long, slow, deep strokes, as he looks into her eyes, bright with passion and desire. When his body begins to demand more, his pace increases. Wrapping her legs around his waist, and placing his hands on her hips, he continues with the sweet assault on her body.

The only thing on her mind, in her senses, is the man above her, and her eyes lock with his as he drives them both to the point of oblivion. Feeling the tightening of the coil of ecstasy within her again, her body strains to match him stroke for stroke, as he drives into her with the force of a jackhammer. The power of his thrusts pushes her deep into the mattress, but his hands on her hips hold her steady beneath him. Suddenly she cries out again and again, and lunges up, her arms circling his neck, her body tightening in the throes of ecstasy as the climax floods through her. He screams out her name and with his hands cupping her buttocks, he pulls her in closer, driving deeply into her one more time, then clasping his arms around her waist, he lowers her to the bed as he jerks violently over her, spilling himself deep within her.

As the last of the shudders and ripples ease from their bodies, he collapses on the bed beside her, pulling her back into his arms. With their bodies sated and their minds filled with the essence of each other, they fall into a deep sleep.


Walker comes out of the deep sleep instantly. He hears deep sobs and water running. Moving into the dark bathroom, he realizes that Alex is in the shower, and the deep wracking sobs are coming from her.

He quietly opens the shower door and sees Alex sobbing as she scrubs viciously at her body. He grabs a towel, reaches in to shut the water off, and wraps the towel around her shivering body taking the nylon scrubber from her hands. He guides her to the bed; her crying tearing his heart out, he sits down on the bed against the headboard with her still in his arms, and pulls the covers around them.

As her crying lets up, “Alex, talk to me. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Oh, Walker,” she sobs, “I can’t ... I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.”

“Get what out of your mind, Sweetheart?” he murmurs as he begins to lightly stroke her cheek with the backs of his fingers, tucking her head under his chin. He knows the whole ordeal is on her mind, but he wants her to talk about it, wants her to tell him specifically what it is that frightens her, what it was that made her take such a hot shower and scrub her skin mercilessly. He cradles her against his chest, letting her pour out her nightmare.

“Tony ... and Tillman ... and being in that ... prison,” her voice ends in a choking sob. “Every time I close my eyes, that’s what I see...Tony beside me in bed, all that blood ... and ... oh, God, the gun!” She closes her eyes tightly and shakes her head, as if trying to shake loose the memory. But the vision of a bloody Tony fills her mind and she opens her eyes wide again, fresh tears still falling.

“Go on, honey...tell me...” he continues to stroke the still heated skin of her back.

“I...I don't know what happened. One minute you're there with me, then the next thing I know Tony's there...I don't want him in my home...but he insists...and then after the coffee...nothing! Walker I don't know what happened after that!” She sobs for a minute, her head in her hands. Walker merely holds her, still stroking her back, her hair, letting her work it out. Suddenly she looks up at him, her eyes wide and wet, grabbing onto his strong biceps, “I woke my negligee!” A deep sob wracks her, “Don't you see Walker?! I wasn't wearing the negligee under my dress!”

Walker closes his eyes, silently cursing himself for not realizing that, duh, between the time she made coffee and woke up in the bed; someone had to have undressed her. He remembers the dress and lingerie he found in the trash can and realizes now why she put them there.

She shakes his arms as if trying to get him to understand, “I don't know what they did … they ... one of them ... oh, God, Walker ... what if all of them ... undressed me?!” She lays her forehead down on his chest, deep sobs still wracking her chest, “They saw me ... without ... without clothes ... naked!” The last word is choked out, her small fist pounding on his chest. “That’s what I can't get off my mind, Walker ... off my skin ... their hands ... on me,” she cries as her hands frantically wipe at her arms, still trying to get the feeling of their hands off of her.

Gently Walker grasps her hands and stills them. “Stop honey, you aren't dirty ... and yes, they may have seen your body,” it takes all his control to say that softly, instead of bitingly, as he feels rage at them seeing her nude body ... at anyone but himself seeing her nude body. She belongs to him, damn it. “But that’s all they did.” He takes her head gently in his hands and tilts her face up to his. “Is that why you took such a hot shower ... why you were scrubbing yourself so harshly?” She nods her head, tears falling anew. “Remember what I told you last night? You'd know it if they ... took advantage. You'd know it, wouldn't you, Alex?”

She looks into his eyes and sees the tenderness, the love, the truth, and knows he's right. She doesn't feel violated in that way ... but the idea of anyone, other than Walker, seeing her naked is more than she can bear. “But I can't forget it, when I close my eyes ... they are … what I see,” she shudders at the thought.

He's still holding her face up to his. He looks deeply into her eyes, into her soul. “Look at me honey ... at me ... really look at me.” Her crystal blue eyes, still wet from her tears gaze into his eyes, and beyond, down into his soul. Their feelings, their souls, are bared for the other to see. He whispers softly, “When you close your eyes, I want you to see me and only me...I want you to feel how much I love you, I want you to feel my hands on you … so much so ... that when dark thoughts begin to invade your dreams, its me...and my love for you...that will fill your dreams instead.”

Alex begins to cry again … at Walker's loving words to her. She wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly as his arms wrap around her tighter, his hand stroking her hair. Her eyes are closed and the image of a smiling Walker fills her vision, and stays there as her eyes remain closed, still hugging him.

He pulls her back from his shoulder, and looks into her eyes again. “I love you,” he whispers as he kisses her tenderly, tasting the salt of her tears on her lips. When the kiss ends, she lays her head back on his chest and begins to talk. He gently strokes her back, listening to her quiet talk, letting the pain ease from her mind. Her voice turns soft and then stops altogether. As her breathing slows, he eases her down under the sheets. He leans over and kisses her tenderly on the cheek, covers her and then walks out of the room.

Alex comes awake slowly; her senses kick in one at a time. From the soft, warm touch of the sheets around her to the smells in the air that are definitely masculine, definitely Walker. She smiles as she remembers the tender loving she had received during the night, then she opens her eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun that has filled the room.

She throws the covers back, feeling the urge to find Walker. She takes a quick shower and grabs his shirt from the back of a chair and goes downstairs to find the man that has her heart.

When Walker hears the shower he smiles, knowing that Alex is up and at least making an attempt to face the day. When the sound of water stops he pours coffee in two mugs and starts making breakfast.

He turns from the range, a spatula in his hand, when he hears Alex’s soft bare feet on the floor, “Good morn…” His voice dies as the view of Alex in just his shirt, fills his sight. He can’t take his eyes away from her, those long legs. The shirt just barely covers her tempting derrière.

She stops when she sees the look on his face, pleased that she affects him this way. “Good morning,” she says softly.

Her voice snaps him out of the daze, but for certain parts of his anatomy, it’s too late. “Ah … would you … ah … like some … coffee?” He turns quickly and slides a filled cup across the counter in her direction.

“Sure … but I’d like a good morning kiss … first.” She seems to glide across the floor towards him, her arms lifting to circle his neck.

When he slides his arm around her, his hand, inadvertently, slips under the tail of the shirt. As his hand finds and caresses the soft velvet skin of her bottom, the realization that she has nothing on under the shirt, shoots his blood pounding through his veins.

As Alex teases his mouth with soft butterfly kisses, he pulls her closer, as his other hand lowers to her bare buttocks, bringing her in hard against him. He hears her quick intake of breath at the pressure of his hard erection pressed against her belly, causing the fire in his groin to burn hotter.

Alex whimpers softly into his mouth, as coils of passion begin to rise rapidly, her body melting into his ... something that always happens when she gets close to him. Feeling her hardened nipples pressed into his chest, brings the fire in his groin to a roaring inferno. In his haste to feel her breasts against his bare skin, he rips the shirt open, buttons popping and skittering across the floor. Abruptly he releases her lips and takes an entire breast into his mouth, her whimper when he ends the kiss turning quickly into a sharp cry as his mouth sucks her breast deep into his mouth, and when he lightly closes his teeth around the pebble hard nipple, the moisture of her intense arousal begins to slowly drip down her leg. Spurred on by her soft cries, he moves to the other breast, then kisses his way down her abdomen. When he reaches the soft curls between her thighs he nuzzles his nose through the curls, breathing in the soft musky scent of her arousal. His hands move to cup her buttocks, bringing her undulating hips harder against his mouth.

“Walker...please,” she moans softly, “I need ... oh, God.” He moves to the floor, taking her with him, but even then he does not give what she is pleading for. She kneels as he slides beneath her, drawing her down onto the warm consuming motions of his mouth and tongue. She shudders and moans softly when his tongue reaches out to collect the juices dripping down her inner thigh.

He spreads her knees far apart and dips his tongue into the softness beneath her feminine lips, stroking their length again and again. She's frantic, writhing upon the long tormenting strokes of his tongue. A savage release stiffens her entire body and her cry of gratification echoes throughout the kitchen.

She moves to free herself, but he holds her, helplessly captivated on the pleasure of his touch. “No,” she whispers, “Oh, no, Walker … not again … please…”

He lifts her slightly, just high enough to utter, “Not yet, baby. Not yet.”


But he begins kissing her, nibbling her, tasting her. Fierce and jagged desire shoots through her again; she can’t escape him and even if she could have, she wouldn’t have tried. With a sigh of surrender she gives in to his ministrations as she soars to heaven with a searing release, her hand grabbing on to the edge of the counter for support.

As soon as he feels her body stiffen in climax, he quickly lowers his sweat pants to his thighs, grasps her hips and moves her down, impaling her onto his erect throbbing shaft. She screams as his entry intensifies her orgasm. The grip of her inner muscles on his manhood and her screams of passionate release are more than he can take, and on the third thrust into her beautiful body he explodes, his seed spewing forcefully into her shaking body, his own hoarse scream of release drowning out hers. Alex is still trembling as she lies down on his chest, his arms enveloping her, his hands moving underneath the shirt she still wore to caress her perspiration slicked back. “God in heaven,” Walker moans, “...what you do to me, Alex.”

“Had enough?” she whispers, as she snuggles into his neck, not knowing what she wants his answer to be.

He laughs hoarsely, “Keep dreaming baby, I could make love to you from now till I draw my first Social Security check, and it still wouldn’t be enough. I want more of you. A lot more.”

He feels her smile against his neck, her warm quick panting breaths fanning the hair at his nape. “Are you ready … for breakfast now?”

That strikes Alex as funny and she lets out a snort and begins to giggle against his neck. When she catches her breath, she lifts herself and looks down into Walker’s face. “Only you would thing of eating after what we just did.” She lowers her head and gives him a resounding kiss, then lifts herself off him. Walker tightens his arms around her and brings her to a sitting position beside him on the floor. She turns, her eyes meeting his, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever made love on the kitchen floor.”

He stands, pull his jeans up, then helps Alex to her feet, “Well, it’s your own fault, parading around in that … shirt, it barely covers that sweet bottom of yours,” he says as he drops his hand down to caress her very bare derriere.

“Probably so,” she says, as she twists out of his arms, “but I didn’t want to put my nightgown back on.” She suddenly clasps her hands over her mouth, “Walker … I don’t have anything to wear back to town! I can’t wear my nightgown … or this…”

“Well, if I remember right, I think you have some jeans and … ah … panties … left here from a previous visit.”

“Really, where are they?”

“In the second drawer in my dresser. If you want to run up and change, I’ll see what I can salvage from this mess.” He says, gesturing at the stove and counter, where he had left the beginnings of breakfast.

“Okay, I’ll hurry,” she says as she turns and dashes from the kitchen. Up in his bedroom, she quickly finds the mentioned clothes and sheds Walker’s shirt. Then, feeling the stickiness between her legs, decides that another shower is needed.


After breakfast and the cleaning of the kitchen, Walker decides that a trip to Dallas is next on the things-to-do list as Alex needs to change clothes and he wants to go by Ranger Headquarters, but he also wants to have a personal chat with the DA himself. How Clark could throw Alex to the wolves like that is unthinkable. She should never have been put in with the general prison population and he doesn’t believe for a minute that he advised the warden about Alex’s situation. But what irks him the most is the vindictiveness at the way he went after Alex like a pit bull in heat. She was the best Assistant DA to ever hit Dallas, and to turn on her like he did, to make a bad situation worse like he did, has had Walker’s blood boiling for days.

Arriving at Alex’s apartment, Walker goes in with her while she changes clothes and packs some things to take with her back to the ranch. Alex doesn’t loiter; inside of twenty minutes she has changed, packed a small suitcase and is ready to walk out the door.

From there they go to the courthouse where Walker leaves Alex at her office and he goes into Ranger Headquarters. He checks up on current cases, then after giving notice that he is taking the rest of the week off, he leaves and goes looking for DA Clark.

After being gone for almost two weeks, Alex needs to catch up on where her cases are and take a quick look at anything new. She finds that there are no cases coming to trial, due to her colleagues helping her out on their own time, and is given mandatory leave for the remainder of the week by the District Attorney. She sits down at her desk, checks her appointment book and begins to reschedule the important ones and cancels the rest. Hanging up the phone, she checks her watch, wondering when Walker is going to return. Seeing a new file in her inbox, she flips it open and begins to read. It’s a case of assault and rape of a female inmate. She gasps and a shiver of dread courses through her. Her mind drifts off, as quick recollections of her time spent in jail flits through her mind, like a quickly moving slideshow. At the sound of a car horn outside, she is startled out of her trance and the file drops to the floor, papers scattering. Hands shaking, she gathers up the papers, and stuffs them in the folder, then tosses it back onto her desk. With a cry she grabs her purse and quickly leaves her office.


Arriving at Clark's office, he strolls purposefully past his secretary and barges into the inner office. As the door slams against the opposite wall, Mark, standing behind his desk, turns around, his mouth drops open at the look on Walker's face. It’s a look of controlled anger, his jaw is set, his lips a thin line, his eyes are dark and stony, and his white knuckled fists shake imperceptibly by his side. He looks like it is taking every ounce of self-control he has not to haul off and beat the living daylights out of him.

Remembering his dislike for the formidable Texas Ranger who also happens to be the boyfriend of the Assistant DA he had jailed, his mouth sets in a scowl and he barks, “What do you want?” then turns around to take his diplomas and accolades off the wall behind his desk.

“To see you burn in hell,” Walker spits out. He sees Clark put his diplomas and accolades in the box sitting on his desk. It dawns on him then that he is clearing out the office. “I take it they fired you?” he states as a matter of fact. “Good. You deserved it.”

“I was only doing my job, Walker,” Mark states, irritation in his tone.

“You weren't doing your job. What you were doing was trying to get rid of the one person you knew could replace you. You...”

“Damn it, Walker, she was the likely suspect! She had the motive, the...”

“What she had was a DA who cared more about advancing himself than what he KNEW to be true!” Walker yells as he steps forward, his stance becoming more threatening. “You were so afraid of her and her abilities that you took the first opportunity to bring her down, going after her with such a vengeance that you disavowed any other possible explanation for what happened ... any other SUSPECT. You knew damn well Alex could never kill anyone!”

“I knew nothing of the sort!” Mark yells back, his face turning red. Walker has him pegged, damn it...but he isn't going to let it show. “She was the likely suspect and you know it! Being the DA, I couldn't treat her any differently than I would any one else.” He picked up his ‘I'm The Boss’ coffee cup off his desk and places it in the box in front of him. “I played fair and square,” he glares at Walker as he picks up a small picture frame from his desk and places it, too, in the box. “and I did everything I was supposed to do.”

“You did everything a COMPETENT DA wouldn't have done,” Walker spits out. “Alex has NEVER been in trouble, and doesn't have a dishonest bone in her body, yet YOU fought to keep her jailed instead of doing what should have been done and let her free on her own recognizance ... and I am positive it was you that insisted she be put in the general population! Any moron knows that putting an officer or lawyer, especially a prosecuting attorney, in general population is dangerous!” Walker leans forward, his palms on the desk. His voice is low, seething with anger and his eyes are dark and dangerous. “And I hold YOU personally responsible for her being hurt in prison!”

Mark steps back, coming up against the wall, feeling momentarily threatened. It is a hell of a feeling for a man used to scaring the pants off of the poor saps he prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, guilty or not. His eyes grow wide, and sticking his chin out he tries to look as challenging as he can, though inside his bladder is ready to let loose. He begins grasping at straws. “Miss Cahill is NOT the sweet princess you and everyone else around here seem to think she is!” His heart begins to beat faster as the fear inside him grows, because Walker only seems to get angrier, and unlike anyone else he had come up against in court, Walker isn't backing down. In fact, he seems to be getting closer and closer, even though he isn't moving ... he’s almost looming over him. “She ... she's gone against me every time I turned around ... and she's always getting attention from the Mayor, Senator Hutchinson..." he waves his arm around in the air, trying to think of others, “...the Governor ... and … and the only reason she's an ADA is because she slept with everyone to get there!”

Without thinking, Walker rears his arm back, his hand in a hard fist of steel. Mark's eyes grow wide and his bladder opens up in sheer fright as Walker's fist comes at him. His fist gets within inches of Mark's face when his arm abruptly stops, but Mark flinches as if he'd been hit. “You aren't worth the small bit of effort to knock you down.” He looked at the puddle forming at the Mark's feet, “You're a pathetic excuse for a District Attorney, and an even worse excuse as a man.”

As Walker storms out the door, Mark’s secretary is standing there, having heard everything. She looks at Mark, and sneers, “Scum sucking toad,” before turning to go back to preparing for the new DA.


Leaving her office Alex goes to Ranger Headquarters, where she sees Jimmy hunched over his computer, “Jimmy, have you seen Walker?”

“Huh? Oh, hi Alex. Ah … yes he was here a few minutes ago, then left.” He turns away from the monitor and sees the anguish in her eyes. “Are you all right, counselor?”

“Yes, just a little tired. I need to find Walker,” she mutters absentmindly, “I’ll see you later, Jimmy,” she says, then turns leaving the room. Not knowing where else to look she starts back to her office. Her hand pauses, and remembering the new case on her desk, she backs away and turns toward the elevator. Hearing her name she turns and sees Walker coming down the hall towards her his face flushed with anger.

“Walker, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth I need to get rid of. Let’s go over to C.D.’s and get lunch.” He slides his arm around her waist, turns her around, guiding her towards the elevator.

As Walker and Alex walk through the door, the first person Alex sees is her dad sitting at the bar talking to C.D., she stops and turns into Walker’s arms, “God, Walker, I forgot all about meeting my dad for lunch.”

He kisses her forehead and says, “Well, we’re here, so, no problem.”

She smiles at him and they continue their way across the room. Alex stops in front of her father, “Hi Dad. Am I late?”

“No, honey, you’re right on time. Did you rest all right last night?”

Feeling Walker’s hard frame behind her, “Yes,” she murmurs, “it started out a little rough, but all in all it wasn’t a bad night.”

“Why don’t you all move to a table and I’ll bring out your lunch?”

“Good idea, C.D. Come on honey,” Gordon takes Alex’s arm and guides her to a table, seats her and then sits down next to her. “Let me tell you what I’ve got started for your friend Alfre.”

Walker sits down across from her, watching her closely, knowing that she is still harboring some nasty memories of her jail time. He listens while Gordon and Alex discuss plans to get Alfre a new trial. Gordon stands and kisses Alex on the cheek and excuses himself, stating that he has an appointment with a judge. Walker and Alex stand, intending to leave, too, when Trivette walks in the door.

“How are you doing, Al? You getting along all right?”

“I’m getting there, Jimmy. Walker has been helping me talk it out.”

Trivette turns to look at his partner, “Well, that’s a switch! Maybe he’ll pick up that sometimes it helps to talk problems out with your friends.”

“I get the message, Trivette.”

Alex leans in to kiss Jimmy on the cheek, and whispers, “Don’t count on it, Jimmy.” She catches movement out of the corner of her eye and looking over Jimmy's shoulder, she sees a woman that looks remarkably like one of the inmates that hit her when she was in jail. Startled, she steps back, away from Jimmy, stumbles and falls back against Walker’s very hard body. As his hands grab her arms to steady her, she feels the hard length of him against her bottom. Startled she turns and looks up into his face, their eyes clash and lock when she sees the dark look of desire in his eyes. Then a warm feeling comes over her as she realizes that he has had that look the whole time they were seated at the table.
Having seen the startled look in Alex's eyes before they softened with desire, Walker looks at her with concern, “What’s the matter?”
“Uh, nothing Darling. I um ... I just stumbled over my own two feet ... that’s all.” She smiles up at him, not wanting him to know the real reason why she stumbled into him.
“You sure?” he questions, his eyebrow raised.
“Yes, I'm sure,” she murmurs, shifting against his body imperceptibly. No one saw the slight movement, but Walker sure felt it. “Come on, let’s go,” she finishes.
Eyes growing darker with desire at the light brushing of her body, he takes her by the elbow and propels her toward the door.

When Alex stumbled, Trivette had reached out for her arm to steady her at the same time as Walker’s arm slid around her. And now he sees the soft look pass between two of his best friends. So when Walker’s mumbled words of goodbye come, he isn’t surprised. He turns and watches as they exit the popular meeting place.


“I know…”

He opens the door and helps her up into his truck, quickly goes around the front and climbs in beside her. “We’ll go back to the ranch…”

“No … my apartment … is closer.”

Not daring to look at Alex, he keeps his eyes straight-ahead, intent on getting to the destination in mind as quickly as possible.

Alex sits beside him, knowing better than to touch him, knowing the volatile state of their bodies, not wanting to be the catalyst that sends him over the edge too soon.

Reaching her apartment, he stops the truck and taking her hand, pulls her out after him, and in minutes they are pushing the door shut and locking it.

He pulls her into his arms and begins devouring her face with soft gentle, teasing kisses. “I can’t seem to get enough of you,” he whispers, as he begins to undo the buttons on her shirt.

Her fingers, just as eagerly, are working on the front of his shirt, pulling it from his jeans, and off his shoulders. Her breath catches when he begins caressing her breast after he finally bares them to his touch. When his head lowers and she feels his lips close around her already swollen nipple, she arches her back as he sucks it deeply into his mouth. She cries out, as a sharp rush of desire flows through her body, and she thrusts her hips against the hard manhood straining to be let free. When he moves his mouth to the other breast, her body begins to twist in his embrace as a burning fire threatens to consume her. Her legs begin to tremble, and she whispers, “Walker…”

Feeling his control, and hers, slipping, he works at the button and zipper on her jeans and moving his hands inside her panties, cups her bare buttocks, then slides both the jeans and panties down her hips to the floor. He pulls her close for several minutes, letting his hand caress the smooth roundness of her buttocks, then up her back, and back down, then finding the soft mound of curls, he cups her, drawing whimpers of arousal and impatience from her lips, before his trembling fingers begin seeking her warmth and moistness, teasing, barely touching, then tentatively dipping into her honeyed center, sending shockwaves of desire flooding her senses. Her head is thrown back, her fingers twine in the hair at his nape, and her soft moans can be heard as he brings her to the edge of orgasm with just his touch.

Desperately wanting him inside her, she begins pulling at his belt, then his zipper. She gets them open then slides his jeans and briefs down over his hips, freeing his hot pulsing manhood from its cotton confines. She wraps her hands around his huge erection, and begins stroking him, crying out, “Walker, please … I want you inside me … oh, God, please.” She pushes his hands out of the depths of her body and guides his shaft to lie between her legs. He picks her up, and brings her down over him as she brings her legs up and wraps them around his hips. The sudden movement throws him off balance and he stumbles, bringing her up against the door. Alex moans loudly as he begins to thrust up into her, she is in heaven now that he is inside her body, filling her with his love. It takes only a few deep thrusts before they both explode. Alex tightens her legs around him as her body is racked with orgasmic spasms and Walker’s legs turn to mush at his intense release, and they slowly sink to the floor. They sit with arms held tight around each other, Alex still in his lap, her legs still around his waist and her head on his shoulder, as the ripples of ecstasy begin to recede and their breathing softens.

Walker begins to struggle to stand and finally manages to get to his feet, and, with her arms and legs still firmly clasped around him, he moves across the room into the bedroom. At the side of the bed, he lowers her legs to the floor, kisses her deeply, then climbs into bed taking her with him.

He snuggles her into his side and they both doze off. A short time later Walker wakes up and finds Alex in the bathroom. He pushes the door open to the steamy bathroom and sees her silhouette through the shower doors. Feeling a swift hardening of his shaft, he slips in beside her and slides his arm around her waist.

She screams!

Startled, he turns her around, and pulls her shaking body in tight against him. “Alex … Alex … it’s me … it’s just me. Shhh … it’s all right, baby.” Her shaking finally calms, “Alex, honey, did you have another nightmare?” Pushing herself out of his arms, she gets out of the shower and grabbing a towel dries off before going into the bedroom. He quickly dries off and follows her.

“No … Yes … But a different one. When you touched me … in the shower, it … brought back memories.

“Memories? Of your time in prison?”

“Yes … it … was the worst experience I had while there.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?" He sits down on the bed, pulling her down beside him.

She jumps up, almost toppling him, “Except for LaRue, I have never been so scared in my life.” She turns to face him, tears bright in her eyes, “I thought … I thought they were … going to … rape me!” She begins to circle the room, crying, her arms flailing through the air.

“Tell me about it, Alex,” he implores softly, ”Tell me what it was like, get it out in the open, tell me how you felt.”

She looks at him hesitantly, unsure if she should tell him all about her jail experience. It was a part of her she'd just as soon forget. But he looks at her with a look of tenderness so soft and gentle, the love in his eyes so apparent, she gives in.

He sits up in bed and listens as she paces the floor and with tears falling she talks about the time she spent in prison. As she cries, she begins to tell him of her experience in that awful place, how the women came to her cell, one of which she had prosecuted in court. How she vows to get even, and the evil leer that was on her face.

“I was in the shower and had just finished dressing in those awful orange jumpsuits, and turned to leave and … and there they were … three … four of them … I’m not sure. But one of them had a broomstick in her hand. I knew what they were going to do. Oh, God, Walker, I was so scared!”

Sometimes the words come quiet and sometimes loud and pleading, her sad swollen eyes are bright with heartbreaking tears. But it’s the sight of that small, wobbly smile on her tear-streaked face that does him in. He bolts around the bed and wraps her in his arms. She’s shaking and crying. Walker feels a hard knot tightening in his gut, as the implications of what she’s saying, and feels the urge to go back to face Mark again for putting her through this type of mental torture.

He pulls her down beside him on the bed and she crumples against his chest, her body surrendering to sharp gasps and long shuddering sighs. It’s destroying him to have her hurting this way. He holds her head with his hands, caressing her hair, holding her gently against him. “Oh, Alex,” he whispers, barely able to speak. “Go ahead, cry it out, baby, let go of it.”

“Two of them grabbed me and Mary began hitting me with her fists and I tried to fight back but there were too many. Then Alfre came in and she began fighting them and with her help I was able to get away from them.” She lifts her hands and brushes the tears from her eyes, and sits up to look at Walker. “Walker, if it hadn’t have been for Alfre, I … would’ve been…”

He pulls her back against his chest, “Shh … it’s over now, honey. It’s over.”

“That’s one of the reason’s I was determined to get her freed. I know she got a shoddy deal from her attorney. There is no way she should have gotten the sentence she did. And I knew my dad could help her.”

He holds her for a long time, whispering soft assurances when she cries, holding her more tightly to him when he feels the intermittent shudders shake her body. Finally he feels the tension slowly leaving her body, and, hopefully, the nightmares as well.

When she’s calm, her fears about what happened gone, she kisses him softly. He smiles softly at her. “Want to go home?” he asks in a whisper.

She smiles broadly at the realization that he meant his ranch, and he had called it “home” for her. “I sure do,” she whispers back.


Later that night, the moonlight filtering in the windows is the only illumination in Walker’s bedroom, showing two sleeping forms tangled together on the big bed. One form begins to slowly stir, a light moan as the body begins to writhe against the other, waking him.

“Alex … honey, wake up.” He rises up on his elbow, gently shaking her, bringing her up from her dream. As her eyes open and look up at him, “Are you having another nightmare?”

Alex lies there, trying to focus of what she had been dreaming about. Then a smile crosses her face and she reaches up to bring his lips down to hers. “No,” she says softly, “no nightmare. A dream of you … making love to me.” She brushes her lips across his, “And since you interrupted before … I … it ended … you have to finished it.”

Walker smiles, knowing exactly what she was dreaming, “It will be my pleasure, Alex, my pleasure.” He says huskily as he pulls her into his arms.

The End