Tall Cotton, missing scenes

by Jennifer



'Alone at last!', the words reverberated through Alex's mind as she and Walker watched the Bison Scouts take off for home. With a smile, she turned to her intended, smiled, and jumped into his arms exclaiming, "Next time lets go someplace more private, like New York!"

Alex surprised Walker when she unexpectedly jumped into his arms, but he managed to catch her, her bottom sliding nicely into his palms...a perfect fit. With a chuckle at her declaration, he moved, with her in his arms, toward the pile of camping gear, her giggling like music to his ears. Reaching the pile of camping gear, he lowered them gently to the ground, and simultaneously they lay back against the gear. Leaning over her body, Walker gazed into Alex's clear blue eyes, and his breathing accelerated at the intensity of the blue he found in them. They were the same deep blue he found in them when she would turn to him, desire written clearly on her face, and the same deep blue color he found in them when he turned to her with that same desire and merely touched her. His gaze moved down to her lips, lips curved in a smile. Slowly, he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her.


With her arms around his neck, Alex sighed, "Finally!". She watched with glazed eyes as Walker's luscious lips descended toward hers, her heart pounding, breathing accelerated. She rose slightly to meet his lips, sighing again as his lips touched hers and was about to coax his lips open with her tongue when she heard the all too familiar 'whump, whump, whump' of a helicopter propeller. Disbelief flooded her senses and her breathing ceased as she peered out of the corner of her eyes around Walker's head. Her eyes opened wide at what she saw.

Walker sensed Alex's withdrawal and was about to protest when he heard the voice from the helicopter's loudspeaker. With mild disbelief he turned to look at it as he heard the voice.

"Ranger Walker, this is Ranger Number One, we got a message from Ranger Trivette."

Dumbfounded, Alex moaned "I don't believe it. No...no...I won't believe it" as she continued to stare with disbelief at the helicopter, which was moving to land in the clearing.

With a sigh, Walker patted Alex's shoulder as if to say 'Believe it, Alex'. "Damn it" he muttered as he moved to stand, pulling a very reluctant Alex up with him.

"Hon, why don't you...". His words trailed off when he saw the tears in her eyes before she turned away from him and moved toward the campfire. He sighed heavily as he watched her go about extinguishing the fire, shoulders sagged, her head down, and he could see her struggle to keep from crying. He knew she was disappointed, and rightly so. For some time she had wanted to get away for a few days with him, with no interruptions and no bad guys. After weeks and weeks of work getting in the way, they were finally able to get away for a long weekend of camping. In camping they figured there would be no interruptions and no bad guys in the middle of nowhere. Little did they know...turning around and muttering "Damn it" once again, he picked up some gear and went to put it in the back of the helicopter.


Walker and Alex worked quickly to pack their belongings and place them in the helicopter. It worried him that Alex was quiet, speaking only when spoken to, and then it was only one word softly spoken replies, and a couple times she paused, turning away from him to wipe her eyes as she took deep breaths to calm herself.

When all their gear was stowed away in the back of the helicopter, Walker closed the small door. Turning around he caught Alex wiping her eyes again as she turned to get into the helicopter. He reached out, grabbing her arm and enveloped her in his arms, holding her tightly to himself. "I love you" he whispered in her ear.

Alex's arms came around his waist and she gripped him just as tightly. A cry escaped her. "I'm sorry, Walker" she whispered. "I know its not your fault."

"Its okay, hon." he whispered. "I understand how you feel." Tilting her face up, he wiped her tears away, kissed her softly, then taking her hand they climbed up into the helicopter.

By the time they made it back to Ranger Headquarters, night had fallen. They all worked together to put the finishing touches on the arrests, working so diligently that no one noticed Alex leave after her part was done. After a few hours, Trivette looked up, noticing she was gone. Walking up to his partner's desk, he placed his hand in the middle of the paper Walker was working on.

Walker looked up into the eyes of his partner and best friend, down at his paper, then back up at Trivette. "What?"

"Hey pard, I think Alex has gone home."

Walker looked around the room, not seeing her. "When did she leave?"

"Don't know. We're almost done here, why don't you let me finish this for you."

Needing no further invitation, Walker dropped his pen, stood and grabbed his hat and was out the door. On his drive over, he thought only of Alex. He was anxious to see her, and for more than one reason. He felt bad about their weekend being ruined and wanted to make sure she was okay. He had thought she was okay once they got on the helicopter, but it worried him that she left without telling him. And, truth be told, once they got to the campsite and he saw how beautiful it was, he could think of nothing more than making love to her under the stars. But, the arrival of the Bison Scouts delayed that...and just when they were finally alone, letting their desire for each other take control, the helicopter arrived and put an end to his plan.

He was chewing on that thought when he pulled up to Alex's apartment, and after adjusting his now growing arousal, he got out of the Ram and walked quickly to her door. Letting himself in with his key, he quietly made his way through the darkened living room to her bedroom. He moved silently to her bed and sat down on the edge, one arm on either side of her body. At sensing that he was near, and feeling the depression on the bed when he sat down, Alex turned her head, her eyelids fluttering open as she slowly climbed up from the depths of sleep.

As her eyelids fluttered open, Walker moved his face from the shadows to the strip of moonlight that shone across her bed. Peering intently at her face, he looked for signs of tears. Alex smiled warmly at him as her eyes focused on him. Seeing the look in his eyes, she laid her hand on his thigh and murmured, "No I haven't been crying. I'm okay Darling."

Bending his head toward hers he whispered "You sure?" before kissing her softly.

"I'm sure" she whispered back when the kiss ended. Sitting up, she wrapped her arms around his neck, claiming his lips in a tender kiss as his arms slid around her waist. When his hands landed on the soft skin of her bare back and not the fabric of a nightgown or his shirt, he broke off the kiss. Beginning to breathe heavily now, he gazed into her eyes, eyebrow raised, as he lightly grasped the sheet that covered her front and pulled it away from her body, moving his eyes down to stare at her naked breasts.

"I was hoping you'd come by tonight," she murmured, a telltale huskiness in her voice. Leaning into him, she tangled her hands in his hair, and kissed him deeply as passion took hold of her. She broke off the kiss long enough to breathily murmur, "Stay with me tonight...make love to me."

'As if you even had to ask' Walker thought to himself as he growled from deep within and gently lay her back against the pillows. He stood up to quickly shed his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Slowly he pulled the sheet down her body and off, revealing her beautiful body to his lustful eyes inch by inch. By the time the sheet was discarded at the end of the bed, his desire for her was more than evident to Alex, for his manhood stood hard and erect, at attention, a glistening drop pearling at the end. Her desire for him was evident as well as he watched her nipples harden before his eyes. He lay down over her, one leg between hers. Immediately his lips descended to hers, claiming them in kiss...after kiss...after kiss...as his hands wandered over her soft skin, setting her body on fire.

Her hands caressed his muscular shoulders and back as his right hand gently cupped a breast, eliciting a soft moan as his thumb circled the hardened nipple. Lowering his head, he flicked the nipple with his tongue once...twice...and a third time. She cried out at each flick of the tongue, her back arched, pushing her breast closer to him. His mouth opened, taking the breast deeply into the hot wet cavern of his mouth as her hands moved to his buttocks, squeezing them gently, then moving to his front to comb through the hair around his pulsing erection. His body jerked as her fingertips brushed his manhood and he began to move his hips against hers in a gentle thrusting motion, setting her body further aflame.

Her small hand closed around his erection, running her hand up its smooth hard length to the tip. Running her fingers and the palm of her hand through the moisture at the tip, she then gently, but firmly, stroked his hard shaft up and down as he moved to feast on her other breast. Her hand soon stopped its motion as his hips moved his manhood through her firm grasp. When he felt a climax building from deep within he moaned deeply, then let go of her breast to kiss her lips, then her chin...the hollow of her throat...the valley between her breasts...her right breast...the left...her belly...her navel...and lower to the line of blonde hair between her legs, her soft moans filling his ears at each kiss, her body writhing underneath him. Gently spreading her thighs he moved between them, slowly kissing his way to her center. She cried out, her body arching up as his tongue speared her again and again. Never losing momentum, Walker continued to taste her, entering her with his fingers, stroking in and out. She cried out his name as her climax erupted. Moving quickly, Walker slipped his hands underneath her bottom, and lifting her hips slightly, entered her with a strong stroke, thrusting in and out in quick strokes to prolong her climax, her tight muscles contracting around his shaft. Alex continued to cry out as her climax hit its peak and as it waned, Walker slowed his strokes.

Waiting for her to regain some strength, Walker continued to move slowly, until he saw the passion rising in her once again. Her hands came up to run through the hair on his chest and as she moved to caress his shoulders he dipped down to kiss her tenderly. As the kisses turned passionate, Walker collapsed onto Alex and belly to belly, hard chest to soft breasts, the pace increased as they moved together, striving for the fulfillment of their desire for each other. Alex felt the tingles of her second climax as Walker once again slipped his hands underneath her bottom, bringing both their climaxes pounding to the surface. Her name was on his lips as he cried out, spilling his seed deep into her trembling body.

Walker buried his face in Alex's neck as her hands lightly caressed his sweat slicked back. Softly she whispered, "I love you."

Raising his head at her declaration, Walker gazed into her deep blue eyes. "I know you do" he whispered back, kissing her already kiss swollen lips. "I love you too, hon." Withdrawing from her body, he moved to her side, gathering her into his arms, and pulling the sheet over their sated bodies, they soon fell into a blissful sleep.

So comfortable was Alex, snuggled in Walker's arms, that the next morning when her alarm clock rang, she sleepily reached out and turned it off, returning to the warmth of his arms. Half an hour later Alex began to wake, and as her senses became aware of the hard body next to her, she began to move sensuously. Her hands began a slow caress across his chest. Lifting her head she sought out his lips, kissing him with a growing passion as her hips began a gentle thrusting motion against his hips.

Walker began to return the kiss until he became aware of how light the room was. Lifting his arm he glanced at his watch. Breaking off the kiss to the sound of her whimper, he said, "As much as I would love to continue this, did you realize that its after 7:00?"

Alex spun around to look at the clock on her nightstand. She turned back to Walker moaning, "Ooohhhh", a clear look of desire on her face. Her eyes darted between him and the alarm clock.

Pulling her down to him, Walker brushed his lips against hers, whispering "I know, hon." Then applying more pressure he gave her a tender kiss, then released her. "But if you don't get up now, you'll be late." Looking deep into her eyes he finished, "We can continue this later."

"You better believe it" she murmured in reply. With one last look back at him, Alex rose from the bed muttering and gesturing, "Just don't think its fair...finally get some time off together...but get no time alone with him...now I gotta go to work...and he doesn't..." all the way to the bathroom.

Walker stared after her and thought about what she said as he waited for her to finish in the bathroom. He still felt bad about their trip being interrupted and knew that although she said she was okay, he knew she was still disappointed, and also knew that it could be a while before they could take time off together again. He began to think about how he could make it up to her as he fixed her a light breakfast, and after seeing her off to work with a kiss and a warm hug, he set about putting his plan into action.


When Alex returned from work that evening, she hurriedly dropped her purse and briefcase on the couch before going to the answering machine. Feeling disappointed at not finding a message from Walker, she sighed heavily and went to her bedroom to change clothes. As she crossed the threshold of her bedroom, she noticed the black dress laid out on her bed, recognizing it as one of Walker's favorites. Her shoes and pantyhose were lying next to it. The next thing she noticed was the note and single red rose propped up against the picture of Walker on her nightstand. A smile graced her face when she recognized his handwriting and read, 'Please put on the outfit you see before you. Don't delay! Your chauffeur will arrive in 30 minutes.'

Alex's smile grew broader. "Oh Walker, I love you!" she exclaimed. Picking up the rose, she inhaled its soft scent, then placing it on the bed next to the dress, she ran to take a shower, wondering what surprises were in store for her and who this chauffeur would be.

Half an hour later Alex was checking her appearance in the mirror. The black dress had thin spaghetti straps and while hugging the curves of her torso and showing a little cleavage, had a flowing skirt that ended above her knees. Her hair was swept up with wisps of hair framing her face. As she was deciding that Walker would like what he saw, the doorbell rang.

Looking through the peephole, Alex was surprised to see Jimmy standing on the other side. She opened the door to find him wearing a dark suit and giggled when he bowed and said in a serious tone, "Miss Cahill, right this way." He gestured toward the parking lot with a flourish. Turning, Alex picked up her purse and the rose, then closing and locking the door, followed Jimmy to a large four door sedan. Alex noticed it as one of the motor pool cars, but said nothing. She giggled as Jimmy opened the rear passenger door and bowed as she got in.

On the drive, Alex tried her best to get information from Trivette as to where she was being taken and what was going to happen, but Jimmy wouldn't breathe a word. She quit trying after a while and soon realized she was being taken to the ranch.

Trivette pulled into the long driveway, stopping right at the front walk. Stepping out of the car, he again opened the door for Alex. He grinned at her gasp when she saw the trail of rose petals leading up to the front door. She didn't have to know that it was his idea. Sometimes her boyfriend and his partner needed a little help in the romance department. Without a word, he got back in the car and left.

Alex watched his departure for only a moment before her attention went back to the trail of petals. The love she felt for the handsome rugged cowboy threatened to overwhelm her as she slowly walked up the path of rose petals to the porch. The trail of petals then led to the front door. Opening the door, she discovered more of the trail of rose petals and, heart pounding, followed it through the house to the back porch door.

Gingerly she opened the door, stepping slowly outside. By now it was dark outside, but the porch was softly lit. Walker stepped from the shadows as soft music began to waft through the night air. Her breathing suspended for a moment and a warmth began to flow through her body when she caught sight of him in his dark slacks and her favorite pectoral hugging shirt. Stepping toward her, he produced another long stemmed red rose from behind his back.

Taking it from his outstretched hand, she murmured, "Thank you".

"You're beautiful" he murmured in reply as he took her into his arms.

Dropping the roses onto the nearby railing, she wrapped one arm around his neck and took his hand with the other, and they began to sway to the music. As the music played around them, song after song after song, all else ceased to exist. Their world consisted of the two of them, clasped tightly in each others arms, her head against his chest, his breath stirring her hair, soft kisses and tender touches. They would have danced all night if Alex's stomach hadn't growled slightly. Pressed tightly to Walker's body, he felt more than heard the soft rumble.

Moving with her in his arms toward the radio, he leaned over and turned it off. Slipping his arms around her waist once again, he lifted Alex off her feet.

"Kick off your shoes" he requested, speaking softly.

With a lift of an eyebrow in question, Alex complied with his request and kicked off her shoes.

Setting her back on her feet, Walker kneeled before her. Her heart began to beat wildly as Walker slowly slid his hands up her legs, up underneath her dress, coming to a stop on the waistband of her pantyhose. With her hands resting on his shoulders, he slid them down just as slowly, slipping them off her shapely legs, one leg at a time. Alex's breathing now matched her heartbeat as Walker, taking a deep breath, resisted the strong urge to run his hands back up her bare legs to caress her bare buttocks and instead stood back up. Once again slipping his hands around her waist, he picked her up so that her feet no longer touched the ground. Walking with her in his arms, he stopped at the porch railing so she could pick up the two roses, then stepped off the porch and walked into the darkness. With the moonlight, Alex was able to see Ranger tied to a tree.

Setting Alex down next to the horse, Walker kissed her lightly. "Can't ride a horse in heels and pantyhose," he then murmured. With a smile at the look of wonder on her face, Walker helped her into the saddle then got on behind her. Wrapping his arms around her, he took up the reins. With Alex leaning back into his chest, enjoying the closeness immensely, Walker deftly guided Ranger through the darkness.

A short while later Alex saw light in the distance and as they got closer, the look of wonder on her face returned. Before her was their campsite. Of course, it was in a different location and there were no Bison Scouts, but the campfire was in the same place by the lake, the tent set up at the same distance and direction from the campfire, and one unzipped sleeping bag was laid out in front of the tent. Walker had fastened a few lanterns to the trees to give them some light, and between the campfire and tent sat a large quilt with service for two and a bottle of wine laid out in the center.

Walker dismounted first, then reached up to help Alex down. As she slid down his body, she claimed his lips in a kiss that told him how much she loved what lay before her.

"Walker, what is all this?" she questioned with a smile when the kiss ended.

"I feel bad about our camping trip being interrupted as much as it was, about never getting any time alone...just the two of us." With her arms locked around his neck, he kissed her tenderly. "I wanted to recreate the trip, even if for only one night."

"Oh Walker...have I told you lately how much I love you." she murmured, tears in her eyes.

"Many times, hon." Kissing her again he declared the same, "I love you...so much" punctuating his words with another kiss. His hands drifted from her back, down to her derriere, caressing the cheeks through the soft material of her dress, then unable to help himself any more, he moved his hands underneath her dress to grip her bare buttocks gently. She moaned softly, pressing herself against him. Feeling his maleness hardening, and wanting to prolong the evening, to give her the camping trip she didn't really get, he reluctantly let go of her bottom, moving his hands outside of her dress to her waist. Taking a deep breath to quell the strong desire to take her now, knowing she was bare beneath the dress, he then smiled as he noticed her breathing deeply as well.

Releasing her, he walked her over to the quilt and sat her down. She watched him walk to the campfire and dish out their meal onto two tin plates, returning to the quilt with them.

Setting the plates down, Walker then sat next to Alex and poured them both a tin cup of wine. Spearing a piece of fish with his 'camping issue' fork, Walker raised it to Alex's lips.

Opening her mouth slightly, Alex took the fish in and chewed slowly. "Mmmmm, lemon pepper," she guessed, eyes dancing. "That tastes soooo good, Walker." she moaned.

She moved to pick up her fork, but he stopped her with his hand over hers. "Here, have another bite" he murmured as he picked up a piece with his finger, placing it on her tongue. Her lips closed around his two fingers, her tongue licking them as he withdrew them. She then picked up a piece of fish from her plate, feeding it to him in the same fashion, and with the same finger licking result. For a while, neither spoke, but fed each other their dinner of fish, grilled vegetables, and wine as they gazed into each others eyes, fanning the flames of desire that had started building as they danced on the back porch.

Before the meal was finished, the fire of desire in both of them erupted into a conflagration when Alex picked up a string bean, and placing it in her mouth, leaned over and fed it to Walker. Lips met and mingled as the string bean was eaten, then tongues dueled as their arms went around each other, pressing their bodies close together. Placing his arms under Alex's legs and around her shoulders, Walker rose with her in his arms and walked the few feet to the sleeping bag. Kneeling down on the sleeping bag, he continued to hold her as they lay back.

Alex began to kiss Walker, then stopped, looking over his shoulder and up into the sky. "What are you doing?" Walker murmured huskily.

"Looking for the helicopter." Alex replied in a wry tone.

With his hand, Walker turned her face to him. "No helicopters," he whispered as he claimed her lips in a deep kiss. This time there was no helicopter interrupting, there was only the soft sighs, moans, and murmurs as Walker and Alex came together to express their love for each other in the age old way of making love.

Their legs entwined as they resumed their kisses. With a whimper, Alex began to fumble with the buttons on Walker's shirt, needing to feel his warm bare muscular chest and run her fingers through the soft hair. She sighed when her hands made contact with his skin. Moving to lay on top of his body, Alex let her hands roam sensuously over his chest, her mouth following her hands as she left butterfly kisses where her hands had been. His hands caressing her back, Walker moaned softly at her tender movements, his breathing turning more harsh as she began to move her hips. Gripping her waist, he pulled her up and kissed her deeply, hotly, as his hands searched for, and found, the zipper on her dress. After lowering the zipper, he turned, placing her underneath him. With his gaze locked with hers, his hands on her shoulders, he slowly lowered the thin straps. His gaze left hers as the dress cleared her breasts. Bending down, he tenderly kissed each nipple, eliciting a gasp and a soft moan from her lips.

Straightening up, he continued to lower her dress past her waist and over her hips. He licked his lips as the blonde triangle of curls between her legs was revealed to his viewing pleasure. As his hands slipped the dress down her legs, he again bent forward, running his nose and mouth through the soft curls guarding the center of that which made her woman.

When his nose and mouth made contact with her most sensitive area, Alex screamed out with desire, her legs instinctively opening as her hands flew to his hair. Her hands wound themselves in his hair as his mouth made its way slowly up her torso, screaming out again as his mouth devoured her breast, sucking it gently inside his hot wet mouth. Her body writhed in pleasure as his tongue worked her nipple to a hardened peak as his mouth gently suckled. As he let go of one breast to feast on the other, Alex moved her hands from his hair to the waistband of his pants. Making quick work of the buckle, belt, button, and zipper, she freed the hardness that had been pressed into her mound. A low groan escaped his breast filled mouth when her small hand closed over his pulsing shaft, the groan getting louder as her hand moved sensuously up and down the long shaft, her thumb circling the moist tip.

"Alex...I need...you..." Walker moaned.

Placing his manhood at the center of her being, Alex gripped his muscular arms as she looked into his eyes, moaning, "I...need...you!" As the last word left her lips, she thrust her hips up.

With the tip of his throbbing arousal embedded in her body, Walker swiftly sank the rest of the way into her hot tight warmth, moaning "Oh God!" Shifting so that he braced himself on one arm, he gripped her buttocks with the other hand, pulling her hips up to meet his as he began to thrust in and out, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Alex's hands moved to caress the hair on his chest, then around to his back as they moved together.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Alex sought to quicken the pace, needing to feel the culmination of their profound love. Feeling the tingle beginning to spread throughout her body, she gripped his arms tighter, her head thrown back, a scream escaping as the fire consumed her, the climax bursting forth explosively.

Walker gritted his teeth for control as he felt her feminine contractions around his manhood, and continued to pump in and out of her warmth, prolonging her orgasm. As her screams died down, her climax waning, Walker withdrew and quickly, but gently, turned her onto her stomach. Gripping her hips, he pulled her bottom toward him, entering her again with a guttural groan. With his hands on her hips, he thrust slowly in and out until she regained her senses and the warmth of the fire spread through her body again. Walker quickened the pace when she began to thrust back against him, her soft sighs mingling with his soft grunts. Pumping furiously, he reached out to grip her breasts in his hands, and with his hands gripping her breasts, his fingers squeezing the nipples, he came, screaming "Alex!" The exquisiteness of his hands on her breast, squeezing her nipples brought her to a second orgasm, her scream of pleasure mingling with his.

Out of breath and completely sated, Walker and Alex collapsed, his body still on top of hers. After a few moments of deep breaths to slow their raging heartbeats, Walker withdrew, turning Alex around and gathering her into his arms. There they lay in the glow of the aftermath of their loving.

Alex was the first to break the silence, whispering "I don't know how you arranged all this, but I love you dearly for giving me the camping trip that we didn't get to take...alone."

"Well, I felt bad that we didn't get to spend any time alone on the trip and that work interrupted us again." He softly caressed her face as he continued, "So after you left for work this morning, I decided to make our camping trip alone happen for you. With a little help from Trivette that is."

"You didn't have Trivette pick out my clothes did you?" she teased.

"No, that was my doing, as was the two roses..." he smiled impishly, "...though I'll admit that the path of rose petals leading you to the back porch was his idea." He kissed her tenderly before continuing. "I had your secretary call Trivette when you left the office, then figuring that it takes you only 15 minutes to get home, Trivette knew he had to show up at your door 45 minutes after you left." He grinned again. "Oh yeah, it was Trivette's idea to use the car from the motor pool, I was simply going to have him deliver you to the ranch in his car."

"Well, no matter how much or how little you had Jimmy helping you, I loved every bit, every minute of it!" she exclaimed, kissing him back. "But there is one thing, Walker."

With worry in his eyes that he'd forgotten something, "What?"

"Amy told me as I was leaving that I have an appointment at 8:00 in the morning, so we can't stay out here all night. Since you had Jimmy bring me here, you have to take me back home."

"Well,..." he said, brushing her hair back from her face, "...we are spending the night out here because I am your 8:00 appointment." He kissed her again, "...and your 9:00 appointment..." another kiss, "...and your 10:00 appointment."

With emotion thickening her voice, Alex intoned, "I love you...so much."

Walker gazed at the sparkling blue eyes beneath him, the broad smile on her beautiful face, and without another thought, bent to kiss her deeply. Arms and legs entwined, they again came together to make love.