Authors Notes:

Once again, the ladies of the Friday night chat on Delphi came up with more suggestions for another WAM filled story. Well, here is your story ladies. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Kara and Patty

(*Warning*...This is at least a "two buckets of ice" story!)


The Anniversary


Kara and Patty


Walker drove the last mile to the ranch; a bright, happy smile etched on his ruggedly handsome face. He was really excited about the secret plans he had made for himself and his beautiful wife for the weekend; so much so that he had left work early so he could miss the Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. He had worked very hard at arranging his little surprise for Alex on their first anniversary, and he was anxious to make certain everything was ready and waiting so they could leave as soon as she got home. Josie had been his more than willing accomplice by helping with some of the last minute details; making sure Alex would have everything she needed, packed and ready to go. ‘Alex is really going to be surprised,’ Walker thought as he pulled into the driveway.




Alex flung her briefcase onto the passenger seat of her car and slid into the drivers seat, leaning her head back against the headrest of the seat. Closing her eyes wearily, she heaved a sigh of relief that the hectic day was finally over. The case she had just finished had been a difficult one to prosecute, demanding long, tedious hours of intense preparation over a period of two months. But, as of today, it was finally over and all of her hard work had paid off; the guy was headed to Huntsville to do ten to twenty as a result of the strong case she had been able to present.  Now all Alex could think of was getting home, taking a long hot shower, getting one of Walker’s special massages, and sleeping the entire weekend away. Finding the strength to finally start her car, Alex began the journey home; praying she didn’t fall asleep on the way.




Walker had just finished feeding and watering Angel and Amigo when he heard a car pull into the driveway. Hurrying to finish the last of his chores, he made a final check of the horses and closed the stall door, moving to the open doorway of the barn to see who had arrived. He smiled as he saw Alex’s car parked next to the Ram. Funny, he thought to himself; he hadn’t heard the sound of the car door being closed. As he walked toward the car, Walker could see Alex still seated inside. As he moved around to the open driver’s window, he smiled softly at his beautiful wife...who was fast asleep. Walker reached out to caress the smoothness of her cheek, tenderness shimmering in the blue gray of his eyes as she instinctively snuggled close to the warmth of his hand in her slumber. She had been really over worked lately, he thought. This vacation he had planned was just what the doctor ordered.

Easing the car door open slowly, Walker knelt beside Alex as he gently kissed her awake. “Are you planning on sleeping in the car tonight?” Walker teased as her eyes drifted open.

Alex stretched, trying to blink away the sleepiness as she yawned and replied, “I think I could sleep anywhere at this point in time. I’m exhausted.”

“Come on sweetheart...let’s go in the house. I’ll fix us something for supper and you can take a nap while it’s cooking. How’s that sound?” Walker said as he helped her out of the car, reaching to grab her briefcase for her.

“It sounds absolutely wonderful.” Alex replied wearily as arm in arm they strolled to the house, moving slowly up the front steps and inside; closing the door behind them. Alex kicked her high heeled shoes off and discarded her jacket on top of them as she headed straight to the couch; plopping unceremoniously down onto it. Laying on her side she grabbed a pillow and placed it under her head. Closing her eyes, she sighed contentedly as sleep immediately engulfed her body. 


Walker watched the gentle, rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts as he pulled the blanket from the back of the couch, covering her gently and tucking it around her shoulders. Placing a loving kiss on her cheek, he headed to the kitchen to finish cooking the supper that Josie had so graciously began preparing earlier this afternoon.




Delicious smells wafted through the room, invading Alex’s senses. The mouth watering aromas were accompanied by the exquisite sensation of warm lips brushing tenderly against hers in a gentle kiss as her body slowly began to surface from the protective arms of slumber. Not really wanting to awaken totally, or for the sensations of Walker’s kisses to end quite yet, she snuggled deeper into the cushions. Alex knew that, if she allowed him to continue, there was no way she would be able to go back to sleep again, so she tugged at the blanket, pulling it up to cover her entire head.

Walker chuckled softly. He could tell that she was pretending to still be asleep, for he had noticed the slight change in her breathing. Pulling the blanket back down just far enough to expose her right cheek, he kissed his way across her face, mischievous intent in his expression. When his lips reached their destination he began to nibble on her ear lobe; an action that he knew would bring unsupressable giggles from her.


At the first touch of his lips against her ear, Alex did indeed begin to giggle; as she tried to burrow her way deeper under the blanket to escape from his teasing play.

Walker chuckled as he followed her under the blanket, continuing to kiss and nibble at her ear. “Come on sleepy’s time to wake up. Besides supper is ready.”

Alex squirmed, trying to evade his lips, as her laughter swelled.  “Ahhh...Stop it Walker.” she cried between giggles, trying to push him away. “I don’t want to wake up. I told you I’m tired. I plan on sleeping the entire weekend. Walker...Stop!” 

Walker leaned back and breathed a deep sigh, feigning disappointment. “Well OK. You win Alex. If you really want to sleep the weekend away, I will let you. It won’t be any fun going away for the weekend all by myself, but if that’s the way you want it...I guess that’s the way it will be.” A smile creeping across his face, Walker stood and walked out of the room.

Alex sighed with relief as she closed her eyes once again. Suddenly, what Walker had said finally sunk in. “Away for the weekend? What in the world was he talking about?”


Walker peeked around the corner as Alex flung the blanket off her body and sat up on the edge of the couch. He watched as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes like a small child waking from a deep sleep. He could see the curiosity about his announcement on her beautiful face as she stood and hurried toward the doorway where he was standing; hidden from her view.

Alex came around the corner, intent on finding out what was going on, and was immediately brought up short as she crashed into the solid wall of Walker’s chest. She pressed her hands against him to push away, blushing slightly as she realized he had been waiting for her to take the bait. “Walker you scared me.” she exclaimed as he laughed and caught her in his arms, kissing her on the forehead.

“Sorry. I thought you were going back to sleep?” he said innocently. She tilted her head to peer up at him, all traces of sleep gone from her bright blue eyes.

“I was until you said something about going away for the weekend. What do you have planned? Is it for our anniversary? Where are we going?” her words tumbled over themselves, excitement burning brightly in her eyes at the prospect of going away for the weekend and being able spend some time alone with him.

“You know...the more I look at you Alex, the more you really do look too tired to go anywhere. I think I’ll just cancel everything. We can always do it some other time.” A frown of mock concern crossed his face as he moved to the phone. Picking it up, he began quickly dialing. Alex grabbed his arm, effectively stopping him, and removed the receiver from his hand.

“Walker wait.” Alex began, a soft pleading note in her voice.  “Don’t cancel the plans you made. I’m fine. I’m really not as tired as I thought I was. That nap worked wonders for me. Honest!”


Walker shook his head as if in deep thought, trying hard to keep a straight face. “I don’t know Alex. I really think I ought to cancel...”

“Oh Walker...PLEASE don’t!” Alex gave him her best pout, as she threw her arms around his neck and began to place tender little kisses across his face and mouth.


The look on her face was Walker’s undoing, and he started to laugh heartily. “Oh all right...we’ll go.”

“We will?”

“Yeah. I can’t resist you when you do that and you know it.” Walker replied with a smile, as he reached to caress the smoothness of her cheek with his thumb.

“Oh Walker...I love you so much.” she said fervently, raising her mouth to his once more and claiming his lips in a passionate kiss. His lips parted eagerly, his tongue thrusting gently between her teeth, meeting hers as they entangled in an intimate dance. As their lips drew apart and the kiss ended, Alex sighed happily; laying her head against the warm, solid wall of his chest.  “I suppose I would be pushing my luck if I tried to get you to tell me where we were going?”

“I’m not telling you Alex; so don’t even try. It’s a surprise.” Walker chuckled, knowing she would still try to weasel the information out of him.

“Are you sure I can’t convince you?” Alex purred as she rubbed against his body seductively.

“Mmmm...with you doing that, it is hard to refuse you.” Walker growled low in his throat as his hands cupped her bottom, pulling her even tighter against his body.

“Does that mean you are going to tell me where we’re going?” Alex implored. Her hands began moving slowly up and down her husbands strong back, then sliding down to caress his taut buttocks; squeezing them firmly.

“Well...NO...but that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you’re doing either.”   

“OH you.” Alex huffed as she playfully swatted him.


The rich and joyful sound of their laughter filled the room as he picked her up and whirled her around. When their laughter began to subside Alex asked, “If you won’t tell me where we are going...will you at least tell me when we are leaving?”

“We can leave as soon as we eat.” Walker said as he took her hand, leading her down the hallway and into the dining room.

“As soon as we eat? Walker, there is so much I have to do. I have to pack my clothes...”

“Alex...Calm down. That has all been taken care of. Josie already packed for you.”

“Cordell Walker. You mean to tell me Josie knows all about where we are going and I don’t?” Alex said as she faced him; her hands upon her hips.


Walker grinned devilishly as he replied. “I had to tell Josie where I was taking you. She’s the one that made sure you’d have the right kind of clothes to take with you. Come on...we have a little less than two hours before we leave...let’s eat.”


Alex stood watching as Walker moved to the table, pulling out her chair for her. Shaking her head in exasperation she took the chair he offered her. Knowing her husband wouldn’t tell her any more details than he already had, Alex resigned herself to eating the delicious meal that was placed in front of her.




“OH WALKER...I can’t believe that we are actually in Tahiti.” Alex beamed with excitement as she leaned against the rail of their balcony at the hotel. She gazed at the lush, tropical beauty of the island paradise around them for a moment longer before she continued, “This has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.” Hearing him step onto the balcony behind her, she turned, wrapping her arms around him tightly and reaching to place a tender kiss on his lips.

“A beautiful place...for a beautiful woman.” Walker murmured, his lips moving against hers in a sensual caress.

“ are so sweet.” Alex sighed as she kissed him again. “Thank you so much for bringing me here Cowboy.”

“You are very welcome.” Walker replied with a wink. “But it was really your idea to come here are the one that told me about wanting you and I, torun wild on the beaches of Tahiti Remember? I just took your suggestion. I figured our first anniversary was the perfect time to make your wish come true. So my dear, you have three days of ‘running wild’. What do you want to do first?”


Alex didn’t even have to think about it before she answered, her voice vibrant with excitement, “I want to spend the entire day down on the beach. Maybe we could rent some horses and get a picnic lunch to take with us.” Walker smiled in amusement as she moved quickly back inside the room to grab her suitcase so she could pick out her clothes for the day. Throwing her suit case up onto the bed and unzipping it, she continued, “Maybe we could even build a fire on the beach this evening. How does that sound?” her voice became slightly muffled as she leaned over and began to dig through the garments that Josie had packed for her.


Walker chuckled as clothes were strewn onto the bed from her searching. “That sounds like a great idea Alex. Tell you what...I’ll go make all the arrangements and you can get ready to go.” He dropped a quick kiss on her cheek as he headed towards the door.

“OK...don’t be long.” Alex called after him, as she found what she was looking for and headed to the bathroom to change.




“Alex. Are you ready to go?” Walker called as he reentered the room 20 minutes later.

“Yes, I’m ready whenever you are.” Alex replied stepping in from the balcony, clad only in a shimmering deep burgundy bikini. The low cut of the suit clung to her curves like second skin, further enhancing her already beautiful figure. Walker felt his breath catch in his chest as she posed seductively for him, her eyes lighting up as she saw the almost stunned look of raw desire in his gaze.


“What do you think of the bathing suit Josie picked out for me?” Alex asked as she moved slowly into the middle of the room, making a smooth three quarter turn like a runway model for his inspection. She was most definitely enjoying the effect she was having on him.

“Phew...I think I will really have to THANK Josie for her wonderful selection.” his reply was soft as he gazed longingly at his beautiful wife, his eyes filled with admiration, love, and building desire. “There’s just one small problem........”

“What problem? I thought you liked it?” she glanced down at the suit, searching for a possible flaw.

“Welllll........If you wear that bathing suit out in public, I’m going to have to spend all my time fighting off every other guy on the beach.” his eyes suddenly twinkled teasingly, his mouth curving in a half smile.

“Well then....maybe we’ll just have to take that ride down to a more secluded part of the beach to share our picnic. I certainly wouldn’t want you to get all bruised up and worn out from having to fight off all those big tough guys.” her voice dropped to a seductive purr as she wiggled her eyebrows at him and sidled up to wrap her arms around his middle rubbing her scantily clad body against him. A secret shimmer of satisfaction filled her as she felt the instant response of his body to her teasing.

“Hmmm....maybe we should just forget the beach and stay here all day...” his voice became a low, sensual growl as he pulled her tighter against his body, lowering his head to taste the sensitive hollow of her neck. He allowed his tongue to trace an erotic path upward to tease gently at her earlobe, feeling a soft shudder of desire ripple through her at his touch.


Then, just as suddenly, she pulled away from him. “Walker, you promised me a day on the beach and I’m not about to give it up! Heaven knows it isn’t very often I can get you to take any vacation, much less to Tahiti, so I plan on enjoying every minute of it while we’re here!” She turned to reach for the jeans and shirt that lay strewn across the bed, preparing to get dressed.

“Who says staying here wouldn’t be enjoyable?...” he wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively and winked.

“Walker!.....Come on! Besides, wouldn’t you rather be together on the beach, watching the sunset over the ocean, the surf licking at your toes.....?” Alex threw her head back, eyes closed as if picturing the scene as she described it, a dreamy smile parting her lips.

“OK, OK...You win! As usual.....” he reached to hand her the shoes sitting in the corner, shaking his head in defeat, and turned to pick up the swim trunks she had laid out for him.


They finished packing their towels, dry clothes, tanning lotion, and sunglasses in easy silence, and, clad in jeans and cool shirts for riding,  headed out the door hand in hand to pick up the horses Walker had rented for them.




“Oh Walker, isn’t it just absolutely gorgeous?” Alex’s face was rapt  with pleasure as she took in the beauty of the island, the warm tropical sun kissing her beautiful features with a golden glow. The little bay mare Walker had rented for her plodded steadily along the sand, long since accustomed to carrying lovers along this quiet, secluded section of beach. Walker’s mount, a taller chestnut gelding, was equally calm, allowing the pair to enjoy the ride and the breathtaking scenery as they rode side by side, hand in hand.


“The stable owner said there was a nice little private stretch of beach a little farther up that would be great for a picnic. Shouldn’t be too much farther.” Walker squeezed her hand gently, a satisfied smile tugging at his mouth at her obvious contentment. He had to admit it.....he did feel the most relaxed he had in a long time. No cell phones, no cases interrupting their time alone, no bad guys, just lazy days together basking in the sun.

“You know, I always wondered what it would be like to ride through the surf.....” Alex grinned at him, the excitement of a small child lighting her face.

“Ask and you shall receive.” Walker released her hand and reined his horse toward the frothy waves rolling up, then receding from the brilliant white sand beach. The gelding turned willingly, head lifting, excited at the opportunity to stretch his legs. Alex’s mare followed automatically, ears pricking as the foaming turquoise water eddied around her legs.


Walker pressed his legs against the chestnut’s sides and the gelding moved into an easy canter along the shoreline, the sound of his hoof beats lost in the foaming salt spray, snorting his delight as the water washed around him, then receded back toward the endless blue of the ocean. He heard Alex’s delighted laughter beside him as the two horses moved as one, spraying water over their riders legs with each stride as they cantered through the knee deep water.


A wave of pleasure washed over Alex at the feel of the powerful rhythm of the horse’s muscles beneath her, the gentle brush of the tropical breeze against her face and the warm ocean water splashing against her skin. She felt the mare slow to an easy trot as Walker turned his mount out of the waves and headed toward a stunningly beautiful clearing a dozen or so yards back from the beach. This must be the campsite the stable manager had told them about.


It was perfect! Secluded, with enough trees to provide shade for the horses, yet close enough to walk down to the beach to bask in the sun and swim. She followed him to the picket line strung between two trees and dismounted, tying her mount next to his and removing the waterproof saddle bags with their dry clothes, towels, and food. Walker did the same, reaching to release the cinch and pull off the saddle so the horses could rest in the shade. He grabbed the collapsible bucket and headed back through the trees to find the freshwater pool the stable man had told him about.


As Walker saw to the needs of the horses, Alex began unpacking the saddlebags, removing the light picnic lunch they had brought along.  She pulled her shoes off to let them dry beside the well used fire ring at the center of the camp site, wiggling her toes in the warm white sand. Alex heard him behind her as she bent to spread the giant beach blanket over the sand for them to sit on. “Want to swim a little before we eat?” She asked over her shoulder. “I’m not that hungry yet, but that water looks incredible!” She turned to face him, almost bumping into him as he reached to take her in his arms.

“If it means I get to see you in that swimsuit again, I’m game.” he chuckled wolfishly. Her eyes flashing with teasing mischief, she placed a quick kiss against his lips and turned, breaking free of his embrace and reaching to slip off the partially wet jeans that covered her suit.


“What are we waiting for?” Alex huffed in mock impatience, sneaking a sly look back at him as she deliberately bent over, exposing her scantily clad rear to slip the wet denim over her feet. She had to turn her head to hide the satisfied grin as her teasing obviously had the desired effect on Walker’s senses. He stood there motionless, his hungry gaze traveling down the luscious curves of his wife’s body.

“Walker..... come on! Get your trunks on!” He startled at the sound of her voice, caught in his reverie, and turned to take his trunks out of the saddlebag at his feet. Removing his boots and jeans and stacking them next to Alex’s clothes, he slipped on the black and maroon swim trunks. He made it a point to turn away from her as he slowly stripped off his wet jeans and pulled on the trunks, checking surreptitiously to see if she was watching as they slid up the taut sinews of his thighs and across his muscular buttocks. Turnabout was fair play and he smiled with satisfaction as he felt her admiring gaze.


Whirling with a loud war whoop and catching her off guard, he grabbed her up in his arms and raced toward the water, splashing through the foaming waves as they washed around him. Her scream of surprise and their mingled laughter were lost in the sound of the surf as they splashed through the crystalline turquoise water. Suddenly, Walker dropped Alex unceremoniously in the waist deep water, laughing as she surfaced, gasping. “That should cool you off a little! Teach you to tease me next time!” he backed away from her, hands outstretched, a huge “gotcha” grin on his face.

“ just wait!” She found her footing and stood, eyeing him with a threatening glare. Without warning she suddenly dived at his midsection, the force of her move just enough to weaken his balance in the lapping waves and they tumbled beneath the water together, each wrestling for the advantage. Moments later they surfaced again, laughing, out of breath, and thoroughly soaked. “OK...enough!” their voices sounded almost in unison, bringing on another peal of laughter as Alex swept the wet tendrils of her golden hair back from her face.

He reached for her, pulling her against the sleek wetness of his body as his arms wrapped around her waist. Dropping his head, he brushed a gentle kiss across her mouth, savoring the warm salty moisture still clinging to her lips. She opened her mouth to his, welcoming him, deepening the kiss as her hands slid upward over the sleekness of his chest to run her fingers through the wet hair at his nape.

Breaking the kiss, he lowered his mouth to lap gently at the droplets of water trailing down the golden skin of her neck, tasting, nibbling gently as he heard her soft sigh of capitulation. She moved against him, tightening her arms around his neck, her wet, bikini clad body pressing against his, bringing an answering response of immediate hard desire in his loins. With a groan he pulled away from her, pressing one last kiss against her lips. “If we keep this up, you’re not going to get much swimming done today.” he chastised softly.

“You’re right, I guess. As long as you don’t forget where we were later, Cowboy!” laughing, she turned and dived into an oncoming wave, lost in the azure blue of the water, swimming easily beneath the crystalline depths, surfacing moments later in a lazy backstroke.

“No danger of that” he muttered under his breath as he watched her swim away.




“Mmmm....this is great! Want a bite?” Alex asked with a soft smile, offering him the sweet pastry in her hand as he lay propped on one elbow on the blanket. He leaned his head forward and opened his mouth, allowing her to feed him the tasty confection, then reached to take her hand in his, slowly licking the last sugary traces from her fingers with deft strokes of his tongue, pausing to suckle, then kiss each fingertip before moving to the next. He looked up to see her watching him, her eyes darkening to indigo with slow building desire as the simple act of sharing her food with him became increasingly erotic. The brilliance of the sunset behind her caught her hair, streaking the blonde tresses with rays of molten gold. Entranced, he lifted a hand to caress her cheek, allowing it to trail down the delicate turn of her jaw, her eyes still locked with his.

Allowing his hand to drop, he eased himself up into a sitting position and leaned against the broad trunk of the tree behind him. “Want to watch the sunset with me?” he offered softly. She nodded and moved, turning to sit between his thighs and allowing herself to lean back against  his bare chest, looking out across the water to watch the magnificent island sunset with him.

Walker slid his arms around her from behind, pulling her close against him and dropping his head forward to rest his cheek against her flaxen hair. She covered the hands wrapped around her middle and laced her fingers in his, relaxing against him, reveling in the heat of his bare skin against hers where their bodies touched, both still clad only in their swim suits. Her thumbs absently traced lazy, sensuous circles over the backs of his hands, the gentle friction only adding to the heat of his sun bronzed flesh where she touched. She smiled softly, remembering the fun of spending the day swimming with him, walking hand in hand along the beach searching for seashells, and ....later, the feel of his hands stroking over her body as he applied her tanning lotion. How wonderful it was to simply be alone together, enjoying one another’s company, basking in the sun beneath a boundless tropical sky, swimming in the translucent blue waters.....For once there had been no interruptions. No work to take them away from one another, no chores to do, no social obligations. She couldn’t remember feeling so tranquil.


 The sun, setting slowly across the endless turquoise water, shimmered with breathtakingly brilliant rays of bright fiery reds, oranges and yellows against the sky. A steady, warm tropical breeze caressed their faces softly as they sat entranced, lost in each other and the beauty of their surroundings. They sat snuggled together that way for long moments, enjoying one another’s silent company as they raptly watched nature’s show, a sight more incredibly beautiful than any picture postcard could capture. The small fire they had built in the fire ring flickered quietly, it’s flames mimicking the enchanting sunset.


He felt her soft sigh of pleasure “Isn’t this just incredible Walker? Today has just been....perfect!” she squeezed his fingers gently and turned her head to kiss his cheek. Her sun kissed face glowed with pleasure, excitement filling her sapphire blue eyes. Walker tightened his arms around her and lowered his mouth to nuzzle the delicate hollow of her neck.

“Mmmhmm.....just about perfect...” he murmured against her skin as his lips trailed down across her shoulder.

“What do you mean...just about?” she questioned, turning in his embrace to look  at him curiously.

“Wellll....I can think of one more thing that would make it absolutely perfect...” his voice lowered to a sexy, sensual growl as he turned her in his arms and claimed her lips with his in a slow, seductive kiss. Her lips parted, allowing the thrusting foray of his tongue exploring her mouth, tasting her, touching her, warming her with its sensual intrusion.

Alex moaned softly, her fingers slipping silkily across the naked expanse of his chest to wrap around his neck and thread their way through the soft hair at his nape as she pressed the scantily clad curves of her body against his, reveling in the heat of his bare skin where they touched. She felt the growing evidence of his desire pressing against her hip, and detected the tensing of his hard thighs as she brushed against them. She lifted one foot, stroking it seductively down the hard sinews of his calf and smiled at his soft answering moan of arousal as he traced the shell of her ear with his tongue.

She allowed her hands to trail back down over the muscular expanse of his golden tanned chest, tracing sensuous circles around his now erect male nipples then following with her tongue to lave gently at the hard pebbles. The ridged muscles across his flat stomach tensed at the sensation and Walker could feel the licking flames of desire building low in his gut, heating his body and making his heart pound with anticipation. He closed his eyes, trying to slow his breathing, lost in the delicious sensations of her caresses against his heated skin. When he could finally take no more, he twisted, taking her with him as he shifted positions to lay together on the blanket.

He looked down into her beautiful face, her features shadowed in the falling twilight, her eyes dark with passion and desire for him. “Happy anniversary” he murmured softly, lowering his head to claim her mouth in a tender kiss once again. She shifted sinuously against him, her arms sliding around him to stroke the hard muscles of his back as she held him close.

“Mmm.....happy anniversary to you too....” her expression was tender and filled with love. The deep blue of her eyes glowed softly with unquenched desire as she moved to nuzzle the hard column of his neck.

He closed his eyes again, breathing deeply of her scent. The fragrance of warm, sun kissed skin mingled with the citrus aroma of her tanning lotion and with the soft feminine scent that was uniquely Alex. He luxuriated in the feel of her caresses, allowing the building ache of desire in his loins to slowly spread, till his whole body seemed alive with nerve endings. He shivered as he felt her fingers trail down his ribcage and across his hip tracing a teasing path down across the hard sinews of his thighs and back up. A low moan of pleasure escaped him as her wandering hands brushed over his throbbing arousal. He could feel the blood pounding through his veins as his heart slammed against his chest at the exquisite sensation of her hands stroking him through his now tight swim trunks. His breath caught in his chest as he felt her fingers beneath his waistband, tugging the trunks down to release his aching manhood. He lifted his hips to accommodate her, struggling to slow his breathing against the onslaught of raw hunger that washed through him.

Alex looked down at him, her gaze trailing appreciatively down the naked length of his body. Her eyes caressed him slowly, admiring the ridges of rippling muscle beneath the bronzed skin of his chest, the sinewy strength of his thighs and calves, the flat washboard of his stomach. Her gaze lingered longingly as it reached  the hard length of his manhood jutting from the apex of his thighs. Unable to stop herself she reached to cup his swollen flesh, wrapping her hand around him, amazed as always at the contrast of silken skin over steel. Alex heard the sudden, sharp intake of his breath mingled with a soft moan of pleasure at the intense sensations she was arousing in him. She lay her head against his chest, the thunder of his pounding heartbeat loud in her ear, his breathing deep and rapid as she continued her assault on his senses.

Unable to take much more, he stilled her hand with his. “If you keep that up I’m not going to make it much longer.” His words were a low, aching growl, his eyes still clenched shut as he fought for control. She released him and moved up to kiss his cheek gently. He silenced another moan as her hard nipples, jutting against the silky fabric of her bikini grazed a path of liquid fire up his body. The hard ache in his loins became a living hunger needing to be fed, a thirst that could only be quenched by her.

He reached up to cup the fullness of her breast with a trembling hand, stroking tender circles around the hard bud of her nipple where it  pressed against the deep burgundy fabric. Alex’s breathing quickened as his mouth replaced the hand stroking her. The warmth of his lips closed over her nipple, suckling softly through the fabric, uncaring of the damp spot he was creating. She whimpered softly as her body responded to his tender ministrations, her nipples tensed into taut peaks at the stroking of his tongue, the molten heat spreading through her body centering itself with a throbbing ache between her thighs.

His hands slid around her, fumbling for the catch of her bikini top. Finding it, he quickly unhooked the clasp, freeing her swollen, aching breasts to the tender caresses of his mouth and hands. He laved the taut peak before him with firm strokes, delighting in her soft sounds of pleasure at his attentions to her body. Her hips undulated against him, raising the burning ache inside him to a fever pitch. Walker slid his hands down across her hips, hooking his fingers in the waistband of her suit and sweeping the skimpy bikini bottom off, removing the last barrier between them. The luscious curves of her naked body pressed full length against his, every nerve ending burning with hungry desire.

With a deft twist he rolled so that she was beneath him, the masculine hardness of his chest pressing against the soft femininity of her heaving breasts. His lips claimed hers in a passionate kiss, their tongues entwined in perfect imitation of that most intimate dance, the sound of their rapid breathing and  low moans filling the twilight air. Walker raised his head to look at her, losing himself in the endless indigo depths of eyes awash with love, tenderness and yearning passion that mirrored the feelings in his own soul.


“I love you.....More than I ever believed I could love anyone.....” his words were no more than a whisper against her lips as he lowered his head to hers, brushing a feather soft kiss over her mouth. He shifted again, settling himself between the feminine softness of her thighs, their bodies all but joined.

“Cordell Walker.....I love you with all my heart.... and this is the very best anniversary gift you could have given me...” Her arms and legs slipped sensuously around him in silent invitation, both wanting and needing to be joined with only him.


His blue gray eyes locked with hers. The love and tenderness in them seemed a window to his very soul as, with a gentle thrust he joined them, slipping easily inside her and moaning with barely restrained hunger as her moist woman’s heat wrapped around him like molten fire. Walker stilled for a moment, fighting for control, as the passion threatened to overwhelm him. He wanted this to be perfect for her. The perfect moment in time, the perfect gift.....

Alex closed her eyes, delighting in the sensation of him inside her, filling her, touching her to the very core. She had never felt closer to anyone before in her life, as though he were no longer a separate being, but simply a part of in both body and soul. She thrust her hips slightly against him and smiled at his instant response as he began slowly moving inside her, the heat of her passion rising to match his. Time became meaningless as gray twilight settled and the huge full moon rose high above them, casting intimate shadows on the passionately entwined lovers. They moved together as one, like dancers caught in the pale light of the moon. Their soft cries of ecstasy were lost in the low rumble of the waves crashing against the beach. Each, like the water against the sand, both gave and took, slaking the thirst of their passion, their senses filled with one another.


The silken gold of Alex’s hair splayed across the blanket beneath them, her head twisting side to side as she whimpered soft cries of pleasure. She felt the quickening of Walker’s thrusts inside her, the pounding thunder of his heartbeat mingling with hers, the rasping of his breath as the flames threatened to consume him. She bucked against him, stroking the hard muscles of his body frantically with her hands, whispering soft words of love in his ear. The blood rushed in her ears, her heart pounding as the exquisite fire flamed between them, the tempo of their lovemaking increasing as they climbed together toward the conflagration that would consume them both. They were aware of nothing but the aching need between them, a need at once both flaming with raw, naked hunger and tempered with soul deep tenderness. They clung to one another, each crying the other’s name as they climbed ever closer to the pinnacle of completion. Alex’s breath caught as she felt the waves of aching fulfillment shimmering through her body, moaning as the exquisite sensations took over and she was no longer in control, riding on a magnificent crest of pleasure toward the summit.

Walker stiffened against her, the heated contractions throbbing around him driving him the last small step over the edge, joining him with her in that most perfect of unions as he filled her completely, moaning her name again and again against the softness of her skin. He shuddered, clinging to her like a lifeline as the waves of completion washed over their bodies, the moment of release coming as one for both of them. Together they rode the crest of the wave as it peaked like a thundering crescendo, then slowly drifted them shoreward like the lapping tide against the white sands of the beach.


They lay quietly, their bodies still entwined, their passion sated as their heartbeats slowed to a steady rhythm once again. Walker rolled, pulling Alex to lay atop him, still intimately joined. She laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes with a soft sigh of satisfaction, the warm, musky scent of his body filling her senses as she basked quietly in the afterglow.

Alex raised her head to look at him, a soft look of love and satisfaction in the crystal blue depths of her eyes. “ you think it’s a little closer to perfect now?” she teased gently.

She felt his low chuckle beneath her, a tender smile on his handsome face as he answered. “Mmmhhhmmm......I think it’s now absolutely perfect. Happy Anniversary Alex.”

“Happy Anniversary Cowboy.” Alex sighed as she captured his lips once again in renewed passion.




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