The Biggest Catch  - Murph



The rented SUV spun around the turn, the independent suspension bouncing the occupants of the vehicle violently. Alex, in the shotgun seat, held on for dear life. Trivette and C.D. sat in the back seat. C.D. exclaimed, "Good Lord, Cordell, did you get every pothole and bump on that turn? Maybe we should go back and try again!"
Trivette was starting to look very pale. His hand clutched his stomach and he groaned slightly.
"Walker, you do remember that we just had lunch, right?"

Cordell Walker listened only slightly to his friends' complaints. It was the weekend, and he was going to spend it with his three best friends, fishing in a remote cabin on the Big Bear River. He breathed in the fresh air as he looked ahead and spotted a dip in the road. Speeding up slightly, the SUV hit the dip and, for a moment, became airborne. Alex squealed her delight, while Trivette and C.D. issued loud complaints from the backseat.  "Come on you guys!" Walker said. "It's supposed to be fun. It's called four-wheeling!"   C.D. scowled at the back of his former partner's head.   "As I recall, that last little movement used zero wheels. I came up here to fish. If I wanted to go on a roller coaster I would have gone to the amusement park! And another thing, Cordell, if Jimmy revisits his lunch back here, YOU will be the one cleaning it up!"
Slowing noticeably, Walker glanced back at his partner. Trivette was taking deep breaths.
"Sorry, Trivette." He said sincerely. "I just feel so good to be getting away, I guess I've been acting a little immature."   "It's okay, partner." Jimmy was starting to feel better as the ride smoothed out. "How far do we have to go?"
"Not far," Walker winked at Alex who secretly was appreciating seeing him having so much fun. She never got tired of watching that boyish quality in him. His blue/gray eyes sparkled, and he looked very much like a twelve-year-old who had just been reprimanded by his parents.
He really missed that part of his childhood she thought. I can't imagine not growing up with the freedom to have fun, to be childishly irresponsible.   She realized again how much she loved him. Not that he would ever notice, she thought wistfully.  Every time we get close to taking our relationship to a deeper level, he backs away like a frightened puppy.
She was still lost in thought when the SUV pulled up to a small cabin surrounded by thick woods.
"Here we are guys!" Walker bounded out of the driver's seat and up the steps to the cabin, taking
them two at a time. He fished out the key his buddy, Ed Clark, who owned the cabin, had given him.
Unlocking the door, and swinging it open, he looked up for his friends who were just getting out of the car.
Trivette was leaning against the SUV looking a little shaky.
Walker frowned impatiently. "Let's check it out before we unload everything." He jumped off the porch and grabbed Alex, picking her up and swinging her completely around. He set her down and planted a kiss on her forehead. "This is gonna be a GREAT weekend!"
Astonished, Alex just stared at him for a moment.  Then, catching his enthusiasm, she smiled brightly.
"Well, as soon as we get YOU in a better mood." she teased him.  Grinning, Walker turned to C.D. Seeing the look in Walker's eyes C.D. frowned at him.
"Son, if you try to pick me up and kiss ME." he began. Then, shaking his head, he started toward the cabin door. Raising an eyebrow as C.D. strode by him, Walker made a move toward the old Ranger. "Cordell, I still throw a pretty mean right hook!" C.D. exclaimed as he jumped away from the younger man. "Don't you go messing with me!"
As they watched their old friend slowly climb the cabin steps, Alex and Walker turned to their young friend who still stood propped against the car.  
"What do you think Trivette?" Walker queried. "Want a hug?"
Trivette gave his partner a withering glance, and turned to Alex. "How about some help counselor?" he asked. "I hope this place has a bathroom!" he added glaring at Walker who stood looking wide-eyed and innocent.
Alex took Trivette's arm and led him up the steps with Walker following. They entered the cabin just after C.D. The cabin was mostly a beautiful polished cedar wood, with a living room, kitchen, and bath on the main floor. A vaulted ceiling overlooked the main floor, with a second floor attic room that held two bunk beds. A small door led to a tiny bedroom with a huge bay window that overlooked the river. As Trivette made his way to the bathroom, C.D. flopped on the spacious sofa bed couch. Alex settled in a large rocking chair, while Walker crossed to the fireplace and began to build a fire.
They quickly decided that Trivette and C.D. would take the attic room, Alex would sleep in the bedroom, and Walker would take the sofa bed.

Since Trivette seemed indisposed, and C.D. was permanently ensconced on the sofa, it fell to Walker and Alex to bring in the fishing gear, clothes, food, and other items. The cabin was new, and had modern appliances and electricity, so they wouldn't really be roughing it for the weekend. Carrying the last bag into the kitchen, Alex looked out the window and saw a small deck on the back of the cabin with a porch swing. As she surreptitiously glanced at the handsome Cowboy standing close to her, an idea began to form.   Noticing that C.D. and Trivette were both already dozing in front of the fire in the fireplace, Alex decided to take a chance on getting Walker alone.
"Look what I found!" she exclaimed softly, and walked out the screen door to the back porch. She settled herself on one side of the swing, hoping that Walker would follow her.   Sure enough, Walker followed her through the screen door and onto the back porch. He settled himself on the swing, but far enough away that they weren't touching at all. Alex frowned to herself.  Setting her mind to what she was about to do, she slid imperceptibly closer to Walker so that their legs were touching from hip to knee.
It sure felt good to have her this close thought Walker. Her perfume wafted into his senses, and,  uncharacteristically, he put his arm around her shoulders.
Whoa! Thought Alex. Maybe I do have a chance after all. She rested her head on his muscular shoulder breathing in his masculine scent.
"It's really beautiful out here," she said softly.
Walker suddenly realized how much he wanted to kiss her. Where is that coming from? He asked himself.
Alex and I have always been just friends. What if I kiss her and she doesn't want it, or worse, doesn't like it? Will that ruin our friendship?  Struggling with these thoughts, Walker realized that he couldn't take the chance.
"It's getting a little cold out here," he commented.   Standing up, he offered Alex his hand. "We better go in," he said lamely.
Feeling totally rejected, Alex kept her head down so he wouldn't see the expression on her face. "Of course," she responded, ignoring his outstretched hand. Getting up quickly, she abruptly slipped past him into the cabin. Walker, confused, looked after her for a few seconds before he followed. Now what did I do he questioned himself.

The fire was slowly burning itself out as the three friends finished a hearty dinner of beef stew and homemade biscuits. Trivette had regained his appetite and there were no leftovers. Alex had been very quiet during supper, but the men just put it down to her being tired. Her caseload had been very intense during the past few weeks. She needed this relaxing weekend as much as the rest of them.
C.D. belched softly. "So what's the plan for tomorrow Cordell?" he asked.
Walker got that mischievous look back in his eyes.
"Well, C.D., fisherman's rules will apply."
"Fisherman's rules?" Jimmy inquired, not liking the sound of that.
Now Walker's eyes were brimming with humor. "They are simple Trivette. Whoever catches the most fish, by weight, wins. They don't have to clean any fish!"
"Oh, yeah," Trivette rolled his eyes. "And who will be the judge?"
"Well," Walker said, "Ed has a scale here, and, uh.. Alex can be the official judge!"
Great thought Alex. Walker if you only knew that you have already lost! She smiled sweetly at Trivette.
"Jimmy, remember that time you helped me move all those boxes from my car to my office? You know, the day Walker said he was too busy."
Trivette smiled, "Yeah, I do remember that Alex."
Walker looked from Trivette to Alex. He began to worry. "Well, maybe C.D. should be the judge." he began.
"Oh no you don't, Cordell!" C.D. exclaimed. "I can out fish you on any given day. I am in the contest.
You just better start being nice to this little lady here."
Walker snuck a peek at Alex. She wouldn't meet his gaze. He knew her attitude had changed after they had been on the porch. What did I do? He wondered again.
How come she seems to be happy with Trivette and C.D. and mad at me? God, I will never understand women. I can't even seem to keep a friendship with one going!
"When does the contest start?" Trivette asked, hoping that night fishing was not going to be allowed.
"Sunrise, Jimmy." Answered C.D.
"You got an alarm clock, C.D.?" Trivette hoped aloud.
Walker laughed. "No alarm clocks, Trivette. That would be cheating."
"You wouldn't give a break to a city boy, Walker?"
His partner pouted.
Walker just raised his eyebrows in reply.
Trivette sighed. "Well, in that case, I'm going to turn in right now!"
"Me too," echoed C.D. "You get the top bunk, Jimmy.  My old bones couldn't take it if I were to fall off."
"That's okay. At least being from the city, I learned what it was like to sleep in bunk beds,"
Trivette replied thinking of the small house he had grown up in.

Alex smiled and said goodnight to the two men as they cleared their dishes and put them in the dishwasher.
Walker helped her put the remaining dishes in. They worked silently, Walker and Alex both feeling the tension.
Finally finished, Alex turned to him and asked, "Do you mind if I take a shower first?"
Caught off guard by the question, Walker got an instant mental image of this beautiful woman in the shower. He also got a quite unexpected physical reaction, and had to sit down.
"Ssure.." He managed to stutter. He smiled at her noticing how blue her eyes were in the soft kitchen light.
While Alex gathered her things and disappeared into the bathroom, Walker pulled out the sofa bed and spread a blanket on it. He pulled his shirt off over his head, and then removed his boots and socks.
Feeling a little chilled, he walked over to stand in front of the fire.
Alex quietly opened the bathroom door. Wearing only a short robe, and carrying her clothes, she began to make her way across to the little bedroom. Catching a shadow from the fire, which was the only light in the room, she gasped silently at the incredible sight before her. In the orange glow of the dying fire stood a magnificent male. Walker's muscular back was clearly outlined with his skintight jeans leaving nothing to her imagination. She realized again how much she wanted this man. To touch those muscles, to feel them pressed against her. Alex felt her heart begin to pound as pure wanton desire raced through her veins.
Suddenly, sensing her presence, Walker turned and looked directly at her. His gaze took in the short robe, and her shapely bare legs. The belt on the robe was slightly loose, and he could clearly see the outline of her breasts. His breathing increased and he fought the desire to stride across the room and take her into his arms.
She met his gaze with a steady one of her own. She wanted him, but she wasn't going to seduce him, it had to be his choice. Walker struggled with his emotions. He wanted her more than he could recall ever wanting a woman. But, her friendship was such a precious part of his life. He had never been so confused. Should he take this tempting, desirable woman with the physical desire that was almost overwhelming him? Or should he listen to that reasoned, impersonate voice that told him to cherish their friendship as it was?
Seeing that Walker was making no move toward her, Alex looked down and cleared her throat.
"I guess, I'll see you in the morning then. Sleep well." She hurried across to the bedroom shutting the door behind her.
Walker stood as in a trance for several seconds.  Finally, he blinked and slipped under the blanket on the sofa. His mind whirled with thoughts of Alex.  For the first time since he had known her, he honestly wondered if they could be just friends. His attraction to her was much more overwhelming than he had thought. He worried that somehow he was hurting her and that tore at his heart. Tossing and turning, he finally drifted into a restless, light sleep. Walker awoke with a start. Had he heard a scream?
He sat up, his heart pounding in his chest. Listening carefully, he relaxed a little when he heard the distant rolling thunder of C.D. and Trivette's snoring.
Looking at the closed door of Alex's room, he silently got up and crept to it. Listening, he heard
the soft moans of someone in pain. Quietly, he opened the door, and whispered her name.
"It's okay, Walker," she whispered through clenched teeth. "I just woke up with one tremendous leg cramp.  I'll live." 

Walker slipped into the moonlit room closing the door behind him. "Let me help." He offered. He crept over and sat on the edge of the bed. Looking a little surprised, Alex painfully indicated the cramping leg.
Pulling the covers all the way off, Walker realized she only had a T-shirt on. He forced himself to focus on her leg. Holding her foot gently, he pulled her toes back toward her knee bending her foot. The pressure on the muscle released and Alex sighed as the cramp began to disappear. He slid his strong fingers over her calf muscles messaging the soreness out of them. Grateful, Alex peered into his face, seeing the concentration there.
"Thank you," she murmured, her voice trembling slightly. The feel of his strong hands on her leg sent a wave of desire through her body. She reached out and ran her hand down the side of his face touching the soft hair of his beard.   Walker's eyes turned to lock with hers. His breathing increased noticeably, and, for once giving in to his emotions, he slowly bent forward and touched his lips to hers. At first they stayed like that, lips barely touching. Savoring the taste, the touch. Then his hand moved to cup the back of her head as he deepened the kiss. Alex felt herself being drawn into him. It wasn't just a kiss, it was a union between two lovers that wanted, and needed each other. She allowed her lips to caress his. Sometimes passionately, sometimes gently. They explored each other with their mouths, giving in to the sensations. Just when she thought she couldn't feel any more passion for this gentle man, Walker brought his hand up to cup her breast. She gasped as his hand caressed her rigid nipple through the shirt. His lips moved to lick and suck her neck with increasing passion. Her arms moved over the hard muscles that lined his back. She brought her hands around to massage his downy chest. Leaning forward her lips closed on his nipple and she sucked gently. Walker stiffened and moaned in response.
Pulling her head away and bringing his lips to hers he kissed her again, then drew back. His breath came in short gasps; the rampant desire in his eyes spoke volumes.
"Alex," he managed to say, "I want you so much, but. .is it okay?"
Alex looked deep into his eyes. She did not answer him in words. Instead, she reached down grasping the bottom of her shirt. Slowly, she drew it up, eventually pulling it off altogether. Walker gazed at her firm breasts and the soft, blonde hair that nestled between her thighs. His erection pressed against his jeans uncomfortably. He raised to his knees on the bed, and unzipped his jeans pulling them down and off. He wasn't wearing anything underneath.
He slid down on his back in the bed and pulled Alex's smooth, naked body down on top of him. Their lips immediately met, their tongues exploring and mimicking what they wanted from their bodies.
Slowing down, Walker drew back from the kiss. He wanted this woman to experience all the pleasure he could give her. He trailed his lips down the length of her body. Starting at her chin, he kissed and licked her sweet flesh down to her quivering breasts.
One hand circled and squeezed a breast, while his lips captured and gently sucked the other. Alex moaned softly indicating that she was enjoying his foreplay.
Sliding down in the bed, Walker kissed her flat stomach and belly button. Then he used both hands to spread the tender flesh between her legs to see her womanhood. Alex gasped as he lowered his head and began to use his tongue. Her legs soon began to shake in uncontrollable passion. Tossing her head back and forth on the pillow, her hands entwined in Walker's hair as she came. Walker quickly moved to cover her cries of release with his mouth. He quietly held her until she completed her climax.
Almost immediately Alex was ready to return the favor. She ran her hands over his muscular back and then around to caress and kiss his sensitive nipples. Suddenly she sat up and pushed him down on his back.
Taking his rigid, but incredibly soft manhood in her small hands, she gentle massaged it. It was Walker's turn to moan slightly. She saw the look of complete surrender on his face. Alex dipped down to take his manhood in her mouth. She ran her tongue around its head and then gently sucked. Electric shocks ran through Walker's loins, and he knew he wanted more.
"Alex," he gasped. "I want to.."
Alex rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. With amazing gentleness, Walker positioned himself on top of her. She reached down and guided him into her.  They both groaned softly as he filled her. Grasping his buttocks and moving her hips, Alex let Walker know she too wanted more. He began to thrust into her soft flesh, feeling the tightness and warmth. Both were excited past their limits. His pace rapidly increased following the sound of her moans. Alex felt the familiar tingling begin where they were joined. She lifted her head to see him thrusting into her, and that was her undoing. Extreme pleasure ripped through her body and she bucked against his hips with abandon.
Walker too looked down where his body was joined with hers. Gritting his teeth he let his seed spill into her, as he thrust as far as he could trying to be one with his love.
Both of them collapsed, trying to regain their breathing. Alex snuggled against his chest as he pulled the blanket around them. He looked into her eyes, a question unspoken in his. She reached out and stroked his beard.
"I have wanted to do that for so long. I love you."
She whispered simply.
The question disappeared from Walker's eyes. "I do love you Alex!" He replied with emotion.
Alex grinned, "I may ask you to prove that again in a little while!" She giggled.
"Those nasty leg cramps can come back." he replied seriously.

The couple woke twice more during the night. They turned to each other and satisfied their needs with loving, tender movements. Each wondering to themselves why they had waited so long to commit to each other?

Alex awakened just before dawn and reached to touch Walker. But, he was gone! Worried, and a little upset that he would just sneak off like that she looked around the room. Her mind relaxed when she saw him standing naked at the bay window. She quickly swung her legs over the edge of the bed and began to walk toward him, equally naked. When she got closer, he put out his arm out and drew her close.
"Thought you might like to see the sunrise." He said softly.
"Oh, the view right here is pretty incredible too,"
She giggled. Slowly, she began to kiss his neck and chest. As her hand slid lower, she got an immediate response. With a wicked gleam in his eye, Walker picked her up and deposited her unceremoniously on the bed.
"OK, you started this, now I'm gonna finish it Alex!"
He growled falling on top off her and pulling the sheets up over them. Before long, soft moans and the unmistakable movement of the lover's dance came from the bed....


Jimmy awoke with a start. Oh, God, it's almost light out. I have to get fishing before Walker if I have any chance at all of winning that bet. He hated cleaning fish!
He slipped off the top bunk, and pulled on his jeans.  Opening the door, He peeked downstairs at the couch where the great Cherokee warrior would still be fast asleep. His face registered the empty couch and abruptly uttered a few choice words aloud.
C.D.'s eyes fluttered open. "Well, good morning to you too Jimmy!" He exclaimed gruffly as he sat up and put on his pants and shirt.
"Aw, Big Dog," Trivette complained. "Walker has already left. He is going to find all the good fish."
C.D. looked at the young Ranger. "It's not like Cordell to cheat on a bet." He said. "We decided that fishing could not begin until full sunrise."
"That's right!" Trivette looked happy again. "Come on, C.D., we have to go see Alex."
"Why do we have to see her?" C.D. complained. "She's probably still sleeping."
"We have to wake her then. She's the judge for the bet. She has to see that Walker started before first light, so she'll know he cheated!"
Trivette pulled an unwilling C.D. down the steps toward the closed door of Alex's room.
"Jimmy, you should knock," C.D. rebuked him.
"There's no time," Trivette pushed open the bedroom door shouting, "Alex, wake up, you've got to make a judgment on the bet already. Walker left before sunrise.." He stopped realizing that Alex was not alone in the bed, and she was definitely not sleeping.
C.D., who had been right behind him, caught the scene unfolding as well. He grabbed Trivette without looking back over at the bed, where the movement had abruptly stopped. Trivette, in shock, let himself be dragged from the room. They closed the door with a slam. Neither one heard the giggles and laughter coming from the bed by now.
Trivette and C.D. sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee. They were both deeply embarrassed at what had transpired.

"C.D.," Trivette finally spoke. "Do you think they will ever forgive me?"
"Jimmy," C.D. responded. "Let's just drop it for now, okay? We know that those two have been in love for a long time, and, hell, this was bound to happen. They have been dancing around it for years! I'm just glad Alex finally cornered him..." He stopped when Walker and Alex came into the room.

Walker looked at the two men and the coffee. "Well, the coffee smells good, but, for some reason, I am starved!" He announced, winking at Alex.  She smiled warmly at him.
"Must be the country air?" she questioned, winking at him.
Walker got that thoughtful look on his face. He frowned and shook his head.
"No, Alex," he said seriously as he moved close to her and put his arms around her. "I think it has something to do with all that unexpected exercise that I had last night." He bent down and gave her a kiss on the mouth. Trivette and C.D. watched in stunned silence. "Well, guess those fish are waiting for us, Jimmy." C.D. finally managed to utter.
"You guys go ahead," Walker said over his shoulder.
"I'm more interested in breakfast right now." He smiled at a blushing Alex.
The two men gathered their fishing gear up. Trivette raided the refrigerator for the dough balls that he and C.D. and carefully made earlier. C.D. claimed that they were guaranteed to catch the biggest catfish in the river. His mouth watered at the thought.

Meanwhile, Alex carefully laid strips of bacon into a frying pan for breakfast. Realizing that she really didn't know, she turned to Walker, "Scrambled, over-easy, sunny side up?" she asked.
Walker was standing by the toaster, feeding it bread.
His gray eyes twinkled at her question. "Surprise me." He answered.
"Harummph.." C.D. cleared his throat to catch Walker's attention. Not an easy task this morning. "Cordell, don't you think you'd better be making some preparations for fishing pretty soon?"
Walker just shrugged his shoulders. "My luck has been real good so far C.D." he answered as his voice trailed off. The look that passed between Alex and him was clear enough even for Trivette to see.
Picking up his poles, buckets and nets, Trivette headed out of the cabin. "I think I know who'll be
cleaning fish tonight," he teased on the way out.
"And, he won't mind one bit," C.D. couldn't help commenting as he followed Trivette out the door.

Alex worked quietly at the stove with her back toward Walker, who was buttering the bread. He enjoyed the view of her rear end encased in a pair of tight blue jean shorts. Suddenly, she turned around and put two plates filled with bacon and eggs on the table between them. Her blond hair was loose and it swung around her shoulders as she moved. Walker loved the color and texture of her hair. He sat as close to her at the table as he could, staring at her beautiful face while they ate.
"Walker," Alex finally commented as they ate. "You stare at me like you have never seen me before!"
"That's because I haven't." he explained honestly.
"I never really looked at you because I knew I would fall head over heels in love with you if I did. And, seeing what happened last night, I wasn't wrong. Was I?"
Alex's blue eyes met his directly. "Now you know how I feel." She said softly.
Walker head dropped in shame, and he gently took her hand. "I'm sorry it took me so long.." His voice shook with emotion. "I was so afraid that you didn't feel the same way I did."
Alex reached over and lifted his chin with her hand.
She looked him in the eye and said, "It doesn't matter. Now we both know. And I don't want to waste a minute of it. Leaning forward, she kissed him passionately. Revealing all she couldn't say. Walker responded to the kiss in the same way. His heart full with the knowledge that for once in his life he had found someone who truly accepted him just the way he was.

Suddenly, he broke off the kiss. "Alex, the bet!"
He jumped up and pulled her to her feet.
"You want to help me win?" he asked.
Alex smiled at her man with affection. Here was that 12 year-old boy back again. "You get the gear, and I'll clear the dishes," she almost laughed at him.
Walker quickly moved to leave the kitchen, knocking a chair over clumsily. Red-faced he picked up the chair and carefully made his way to the front door, his eyes never leaving Alex.
"You stay right where you are!" He commanded.
"I will Ranger," she laughed, "You won't see me resisting!"

Satisfied that she wasn't going anywhere, Walker disappeared out the front door, returning in just
seconds with two fishing nets. Alex looked at the extent of his "fishing" gear.
"That's it?" she inquired.
"Yep," he said smiling. Taking her by the arm he led her out the back door, down a long path to a very private cove that formed off the river. A natural smooth rock pool of clear water about 3 feet deep stood just a feet away from a deeper, natural dark cove of river water.
"Looks like a natural hot tub." Alex commented.
"More like a natural tackle bucket," Walker answered.
When you catch the fish, you put them in there.
Free, no hooks or anything in their bodies. What you don't need, you put back."
"OK," said Alex, "but how do we catch the fish to put in there?"
Walker sat down and took his shoes and socks off. He motioned for Alex to do the same. Then, gently taking her arm, they slowly waded into the river cove holding the nets. Alex gasped when she felt the movement all around her. Walker put his arm around her for a moment to ease her fear.
"They won't hurt you." He whispered. Dipping in his net, he pulled in up. Caught in the middle was a large trout. Walker carefully waded out and over to the pool where he slid his catch in. Catching on quickly, Alex pulled up here net and deposited her fish in the pool. In a short time they had several fish swimming contentedly in their new home.
"How did you know about this?" Alex asked as they rested on the grassy bank.
"Ed told me a long time ago," Walker replied. "See, there were a lot of times that he had better things to do than to fish." Walker winked at Alex.
"Well, we have plenty of time to dry out these clothes before heading back.." Alex commented.
That was all Walker needed. He pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. As her hands roamed the hard muscles of his back through his shirt, he made short work of unbuttoning hers. He pulled her to a sitting position. His face slack with pure lust, he opened the front catch on her bra, and gasped at the sight of her already erect nipples. He dipped his head to gently take one in his mouth and suckle it. Alex moaned and arched her back to give him better access.
Walker finally pulled back. "I can hang these clothes on the tree branches he said huskily as he pulled her to her feet. Not embarrassed at all, they each removed the rest of their clothes and Walker turned to hang them high on the trees to catch the wind. When he turned back to Alex she couldn't help licking her lips at the size of his erect manhood. He moved closer and they embraced. Alex spread her legs slightly to hold his hardened length between them. He
could feel her wetness, and groaned when she slid herself along his length.
Their tongues entwined in a kiss. Sensing her need, Walker reached his fingers down and caressed her excited womanhood. Alex's legs went weak, and Walker used his other arm to support her weight. Her head fell back and she lay in his arms in utter passionate desire for completion. He couldn't resist wrapping his tongue once again around her jutting nipple while his fingers drove her to the peak of desire. As her climax came, she cried out his name and curled into a quivering body in his arms.
Aching with desire, he lowered her to the ground. His hands moved slowly from her buttocks up her legs spreading them gently. When his hands reached the backs of her knees, she reached down and guided his manhood inside her. The second he made contact Alex felt herself begin to climax again. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he thrust powerfully into her. His beard rubbed against the soft skin of her face as he moved to completion. He suddenly became tense, his muscles consumed in the strength of his climax. Alex felt him harden even more, before she felt the warmth of his seed spilling into her. Then her world went out of control as she climaxed around him maximizing both of their pleasures.
They lay in each other's arms for a long time, not talking. Just feeling the closeness of their bodies and the immense pleasure that they had just experienced. Finally, Walker sat up. He gazed down at his beloved and smiled.
“Guess we better get dressed nature lady." He grinned. "Not that I couldn't bear seeing you like that all the time."
Alex stood up and began pulling her shirt from a tree. "Well, it sure took you long enough to realize that." She said with a smile.
"I guess I'm lucky you have the patience of a fisherman." He said sincerely.
Deciding that she couldn't stomach the thought of killing those beautiful fish, and knowing that they had plenty of frozen fried chicken on hand, Alex made Walker release the fish before they headed back.

That night Trivette and C.D. stumbled wearily into the living room where Alex and Walker cuddled on the couch before a roaring fire.
"Something tells me the judge has been bought off in this case," C.D. grumbled.
Alex smiled. "I declare you and Jimmy the winners, C.D.!" She announced brightly. "But, let's just throw your catches back in, because Walker and I already made supper."
Trivette looked at the two little trout in his bucket, and C.D. slammed his empty one down by the fire.
"Sounds great to me," Trivette laughed. "Let's eat!"
While Walker took Trivette's fish to freedom, the rest of them settled down to a feast of fried chicken, hush puppies, and a salad. C.D. kept staring at Alex. Finally, he spoke.
"Honey, what in tarnation gave you that big red mark on the side of your face? You fall asleep in the sun?"

Alex automatically raised her hand to her face, but before she could answer Walker appeared.
Trivette, sensing her hesitation, took the moment to question Walker. "So you didn't catch a thing partner?" he couldn't help but let a note of superiority into his voice.
Walker slipped his hand around the woman he loved.
He was still in awe of the way she made him feel, and that she loved him back.
"On the contrary, Trivette. I think I got "The Biggest Catch" of all!"