An adult story of our favorite couple. Enjoy

The Dark Stalker

By Sissy, Jennifer, Lelani and editor Kay

Alex is busy working on the deposition of Francis Wilkins for the trial of Boris Kelston. Her mind is deep into the facts and figures on the papers, and when the phone rings, she reaches over to pick it up, her mind still on the papers in front of her.

“Alex Cahill.”

“You interfering bitch!” The cold hard voice growls at her, “You’ve just signed your death warrant. You’re going to die.”

Alex is stunned, unable to comprehend what she has just heard. She swallows hard, and she begins to tremble and the phone slips from her shaking fingers. She sits there, frozen in place, the words running over and over through her mind. “You interfering bitch! You’ve just signed your death warrant. You’re going to die. You interfering bitch! You’ve just signed your death warrant. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die.” The voice sounded so evil it made her blood run cold.

Hearing the obnoxious drone of the open line, she shakes her head and puts the phone back on its cradle. She stands and walks to the window, staring out into the bright sunlight, but seeing nothing as she tries to remember the voice. It was unrecognizable, deliberately disguised, with no distinguishing accent.

It takes her several minutes to calm herself down enough to go to the washroom and wash her face in cold water. Grabbing a paper towel, she begins to pat her face dry. As she looks into the mirror, she doesn’t see any outward signs showing what she has just heard. Being a lawyer, she is able to keep her thoughts and actions under strict control. Never let the witnesses see anything but confidence exuding from her. If she left her office at that moment, no one would be able to tell that she has just received a death threat. And that’s the way she wants it. She has fought long and hard for this job and no one is ever going to say she can’t handle it.

She throws the wadded up paper towel in the trash can and goes back into her office. Glancing at the clock on the wall, she sees that it is almost time for lunch. A certain cowboy is coming to pick her up. She smiles, thinking about this man that has become her best friend … and lover, and wonders if he knows that she has fallen in love with him. They have gone out several times, although some of the times weren’t classified as dates to him, shoot, maybe he hadn’t seen any of them as dates. But when he had been recuperating from a knife wound, she had shanghaied him to go whitewater rafting and they had made love for the first time … there by the river … and that wonderfully sensual night it had been everything and so much more than she had expected. With their jobs being so hectic, they had only been together one other time since then, and that had been ages ago. And she hasn’t been able to get him out of her mind since.

She picks up her purse and goes back to the washroom, fixes her makeup, runs a comb through her hair and as she walks back into her office, she hears a light tap, the outside door opens and in walks her cowboy.

“Hi, Alex.”

“Hi, you’re right on time.” She smiles and takes his arm, “Let’s go, I’m famished.”


The day passes without incident and she chalks up the phone call as a stupid prank by one of her ‘fans’. By the time she leaves for the day, she has forgotten the call completely.


She moves around her apartment, picking up the newspapers and stacking them on the coffee table with the magazines then taking her jacket and briefcase where she had dropped them when she had arrived home, she carries them to her bedroom, hanging the jacket in the closet and setting her briefcase by the bed to be gone over later. But not now. Now, she’s going to get ready for a visit from her cowboy.

She is just coming into the living room, wearing pale green, silk lounging pajamas, when there is a light rap on the door. A large smile spreads across her face, and feeling an excited tingle starting to course through her, she moves quickly to the door, peaks through the eyehole, and with a twinkle in her eyes, she pulls it open.

Walker, holding his hat in his hand, smiles softly and enters the room, stopping in front of Alex he slides his arm around her waist pulling her close and gives her a light kiss before continuing on into the room.

A little disappointed at the light kiss, she hides the hurt, turns and shuts the door, then follows him into the room. “Hope you’re hungry, it’ll be ready in about ten minutes,” she says as she goes into the kitchen.

He follows her and leans against the door edge. “Anything I can do to help?” His voice warm and soft.

“You can get the salad out of the frig and put it on the table.” As he moves toward the refrigerator, she turns to him again. “Oh, pick out a salad dressing while you’re in there.”

Walker places the salad and the dressing on the table then turns and watches Alex as she drains the spaghetti, watches the way she is holding her lips as the steam rises up in her face, watches the precise and controlled movements of her hands, and then watches as her finger touches the edge of the hot pan, she grimaces and begins to shake it.

He moves up behind her, murmuring, “Here, let me see that.” He takes her finger, looks at it closely then licks it with his tongue before slipping the burnt finger into his mouth, sucking the pain away.

Her eyes follow her finger as he brings it to his mouth. When he licks it, desire surges to life in her belly and as he begins sucking on it, her senses go ballistic. Her heart pounds, her knees begin to tremble, and she feels the all too familiar moisture of arousal between her legs.
Walker's eyebrow rises when he hears her whimper, and knows his actions are having the desired affect on her. He slowly removes her finger from his mouth letting his tongue swirl around it, and then presses a light kiss to the red mark as he lowers her hand. He has every intention of stepping away from her, so that they could have dinner, but she has other ideas, for before his hand can drop hers, her lips are on his, kissing him with a fierce passion. The kiss surprises him at first, much like the time he kissed her that first New Years Eve, but he quickly recovers as her tongue presses for entry into his mouth, and his lips eagerly part, his tongue dueling with hers in a dance of passion.

Weeks of passing each other in the halls, of missing each other at night, and weeks of not being able to be together rears its ugly head as the kiss flames out of control. Alex's hands begin pulling his shirt out of his pants, her slim fingers frantically working the buttons, as his hands delve underneath her shirt to cup her lace covered breasts, then quickly moving around to her back to deftly unhook her bra. She whimpers again as his hands close warmly over her breasts, causing her to rip the last two buttons off his shirt in her haste to free him of the offending garment.

No sooner had his shirt hit the floor than he is gathering the hem of her shirt in his hand, pulling it over her head to drop it on the floor with his, her bra quickly following. His eyes drop to her now bare breasts, feasting on the perfectly rounded globes of milky white flesh. He watches in rapt fascination as her breasts swell and her nipples harden before his eyes. Suddenly, with a low growl he picks her up in his arms and quickly strides into her bedroom, depositing her gently in the middle of the bed.

He takes a step back, his hands going to his belt and quickly sheds his boots, socks, and pants, while Alex busies herself shimmying out of her pajama bottoms and panties. He moves over her as she spreads her thighs, welcoming him where he belongs. Grasping his throbbing member in his hand, he rubs it against her feminine lips, parting them and finding her dripping with moisture. A low moan of arousal at how ready she is emanates from him and he slips easily inside with a growl of sexual satisfaction, his growl mingling with her long deep sigh of completeness.

After a moment to savor being inside her, Walker begins thrusting in and out of her welcoming body with a haste borne of the long weeks spent apart from each other. Alex eagerly meets each thrust, her soft sighs and moans punctuating each upward movement of her hips. Within minutes she stiffens, her breathing suspended, and then with a scream of fulfillment, she came, her body arching up off the bed, her head thrown back. The feel of her contracting around his manhood sends Walker to the edge and he grabs her hips in his hands, pulling her even closer as he thrusts impossibly deeper, unknowingly prolonging her explosive climax. Her screams of pleasure ring in his ears as he came with a roar of satisfaction, his legs trembling as he empties himself inside her.

Walker collapses onto her perspiration soaked body, both of them breathing harder than they had in weeks. It is several minutes before either of them speak or move. Alex giggles when Walker's stomach growls. "I guess we should have eaten dinner first?"

He raises his head to look into her glazed over blue eyes. "Not a chance," he murmurs, kissing her sweetly. "This will always come before food. And, my dear Alexandra, before we can eat, you have some mending to do."

"Mending?" she asks, completely confused.

"If you'll recall," he murmurs, "you ripped buttons off my shirt in your haste to get me naked."

"Oh, yes," she giggles, "but as I recall, you couldn't even wait to get my shirt off before you had my bra undone."

She yelps when he pinches her backside. "Don't get smart with me counselor, I'll have you held in contempt of court!"

She laughs at his attempt to top her retort. "You can't do that, you're just a Ranger!"

"Just a Ranger!" he cries, "Just a Ranger! I'll show you 'just a Ranger'!" He rolls them in a 360-degree flip as his hands drop to her waist, ticking her with no mercy.

Alex fights valiantly for control, to no avail. "Okay, okay…I give!" she gasps, out of breath. Her arms are being held above her head, her legs locked between his.

"About time, the workout we had a little while ago made me even hungrier." His stomach growls again, as if on cue. With a quick kiss to her lips, he releases her arms. "But you still have to fix my shirt."


Walker leaves before the sun comes up, not wanting to give excuses for tongues to wag, and he knows it takes only a whisper to give fuel to gossip. He is smiling as he lets himself out of the apartment, pauses and looks back at her bedroom window, his smile widening. With a pleasurable sigh he shuts the door and starts the engine.

Alex comes awake slowly and reaches for the man who gave her so much pleasure during the night. Not finding his warm body, she realizes he has quietly slipped out so she grabs his pillow and pulls it to her chest, burying her face in it, inhaling the musky scent of her cowboy, her mind drifting back to their night of loving. She smiles into the pillow; unable to help the desire she feels coiling inside again. Sighing contentedly, she rolls over, pillow clutched tightly in her hands, to get a little more sleep, and to dream about her cowboy.


When Alex arrives at her office the next morning she feels like she is sitting on top of the world. She smiles, knowing that spending the night with Walker has put her in this great mood, and she defies any one to destroy it. It’s not exactly destroyed, but a large chink has been made in it when she receives another phone call, same voice, and the same words, delivered in the same chilling tone.

As she sits there, people that she has prosecuted begin to flash through her mind, but there have been so many that she has sent to jail, to prison and to death row that it is impossible to pin just one down.

Since nothing has been done to harm her, she feels like it is someone just wanting to put a royal scare into her. She smiles thinly and mutters, “Well, if they think they can make me into a scared recluse, they have another think coming.”

The rest of the day is uneventful and so is the next day. But the third day, things begin to change, for the better. She is sitting in the back booth, at C.D.’s, sipping coffee when Walker comes in the door. Her face lights up when he looks her way and the smile she sends to him is an open invitation for him to join her.

Moving quickly across the room he signals to C.D. for a cup of coffee and slides into the booth across from her. Feeling the load of the day slip from his shoulders, his heart beats faster as he looks into the eyes of his lover, remembering the last time they were intimate together.

As Alex looks at him, she knows he is thinking about their last lovers tryst by the way his eyes have darkened. She reaches out and lays her hand over his, needing his touch. Unconsciously he turns his hand over and encloses hers in his large palm. All thoughts of the morning fade away as she feels his intense gaze and the warmth from his hand.

When a waitress delivers his coffee, he pulls his hand from hers and his face flushes immediately with embarrassment. Alex smiles wickedly, “Oh, this man likes to play, but only in private!” She slips her shoe off and brings her foot up to brush against the calf of his leg just above his boot. Even through the jeans she can feel the warmth emanating from his body and it fills her with delight as the awareness of her caress begins to register in his mind.

At the touch of her foot against his leg, his body tightens and heats up quickly, and his eyes lift instantly to her face, seeing the devilish twinkle lurking in the depths of those beguiling blue eyes.

He reaches for his cup of coffee and downs half the contents. He suddenly feels another fleeting warmth stir against his leg. A second passes before he realizes that her touch isn’t an accident but a deliberate caress of her foot inching its way up his leg.

He glances up and catches her reading the menu, but her lips are curled upward in a grin that she is unable to hide.

She hooks one foot around his calf and pulls his legs apart, then settles the flat of her foot against the seat between his legs. Her toes are dangerously close to hitting the bulls-eye and any semblance of control that he has is fading fast.

“Alex,” he says, with a warning in his tone.

“Hmm?” She glances up from the menu, wide-eyed but nowhere near innocent.

“What … what about the deposition with Francis Wilkins?” He grounds out, anything to distract her wandering feet and his raging libido. But apparently it didn’t work because beneath the table where no one could see, her naughtier side has taken over.

“Walker, Alex, Good afternoon.” Trivette’s booming voice calls out in the quiet room. “Mind if I join you?”

Walker couldn’t have answered if his life had depended on it.

“Our pleasure,” Alex says, speaking for him. But she doesn’t remove her foot from its perch.

Walker shifts in his seat, unsuccessfully ignoring the push of her foot against his groin and the jolt of white heat that follows in its wake.

He clears his throat. “I hope you managed to talk to that witness.”

“I did and we’re all set there.” Jimmy sits down beside Alex, across from Walker.

Now, at least, Walker doesn’t have to worry about her leg hitting the wrong target, but he still needs breathing room or he’s going detonate like a grenade.

“He’ll be here a couple of days before the trial starts,” Jimmy says as he notices the pained expression on his partners face.

Walker narrows his eyes and gives Alex a look that promises retribution. She turns her head, looking full at Jimmy.

“Walker, is something…”

“Jimmy,” Alex says, hoping to draw his attention from Walker, “does this witness have any protection? How is this being set up? Is he going to be escorted to the courthouse?”

It works, she now has Jimmy back on track and he is outlining the plans to protect this witness.

She starts to ease her foot down as she leans forward in her seat to face Jimmy but Walker quickly clamps his legs together, and grabs her by the ankle. She is now at his mercy as she attempts to converse with his partner.

His hand begins to stroke her small delicate foot, as he listens to Trivette go into detail about the preparations to protect the witness. Watching her face, his fingers begin to caress her toes, individually then together, moving lightly up to her ankle then back to the toes. But his revenge is short-lived when C.D. comes over and slides in beside him, shoving him back against the wall.

Alex takes this time to pull her foot free of Walker’s grasp, and taking a deep breath, she answers C.D.’s greeting. The four sit and discuss the case then C.D. excuses himself and then Trivette’s cell phone rings and he too excuses himself.

Walker looks at Alex and smiles, “I need to get back to work, but I can’t leave until you do.”

She returns his smile, and says, “Oh! I’m in no hurry.” Knowing exactly what his problem is.

“Please, Alex, I can’t leave until you do! Come on, you know you need to get back, too.”

She hesitates, her finger at her lips, as if thinking hard, “Well, okay, I guess I should go, too.”

Walker breaths a sigh of relief and as she stands, he moves up behind her. “How about having dinner with me tonight?”

“I’d like that.”

“Great. I’ll pick you up at seven.” With her leading the way they go outside to his truck. When she settles down in the seat, Walker reaches over and fastens the seat belt around her, then stands just looking into her eyes. He wants to kiss her but he feels there are too many people about. But, knowing that he is shielded somewhat by the door he rests his hand on Alex’s thigh.

“Walker,” her tone is edged with a warning, but as his hand slides up under her skirt, she flushes hotly and feels warm moisture between her legs. “God, Walker, don’t…” she murmurs and drops her hand to stop his but the effort is half hearted. As he strokes his fingertips across the crotch of her panties, her eyes lock with his, and unconsciously her pelvis rises against his touch. Her fingers wrap around his wrist, gripping tightly as he wrestles a finger under the lacey edge, finding the highly sensitized nub. Walker watches her face as his repeated caresses bring her swiftly to a shuddering climax. Her head falls back and he feels her stiffen, then collapse in on herself. He removes his hand, straightens out her skirt, shuts the door and moves around to get in on the driver’s side. He turns on the ignition and then picks up her hand, giving it a light squeeze. Her eyes finally open and she gazes languidly into his, asking, “Why … Walker, what’s got into you…”

“I warned you,” he says softly. Then raising his hand, he sucks at his finger. “Are you all right?”

“I … think so.” He puts the truck in gear and they pull away from the curb.

When Alex leaves the elevator and walks into her office, she feels like everyone is looking at her. She drops her purse in a drawer then takes the papers from her briefcase and spreads them out on her desk. But she is unable to get her mind to concentrate on her work. She props her elbow on the desk and rests her chin in her hand, thinking about what Walker had done. She had been stunned but secretly had enjoyed the little ‘flirtation’ in the truck. She had been caught completely unawares because something like that is so unlike Walker. Shaking her head she stands and moves into the little powder room. Maybe a little water on her face will snap her out of her daydreams. She opens the door, steps inside, and turns the light on, and she is slammed back against the wall as if someone had struck her. A message written in lipstick on the mirror over the sink has just destroyed her serenity. You’re Dead!!

Alex seems to shrink back into herself when she sees the words, her face pales, and she begins to tremble. She backs out of the little room and shuts the door. Leaning against it, she realizes that he’s been in her office. The man that has been calling her has been in her office! She begins looking around frantically, as if not quite sure what to do. Finally she moves to the outer office only to find her secretary gone.

Stepping back into her office she sits down on the couch, determined not to let this … degenerate, immobilize her with fear. She takes a few deep breaths, and her mind finally takes charge and she begins to run through her cases, trying to remember if anyone had threatened her life. No one sticks out as a possibility until she glances over at the papers on her desk. And it is then that she realizes that the Boris Kelston trial could very well be the reason for the threats.

But first she has to report this latest warning. Not to, would be stupid and Alex is definitely not stupid. Moving to the phone she dials the number of the one man she knows will help her.


“Walker, can … can you come down to my office? Please?”

Hearing from Alex this soon after returning from lunch, his first thought is she’s planning something to retaliate but hearing the tightness in her voice tells him different. “I’m on my way.”

In less than two minutes he is pushing her door open. She standing by the window, looking out, but very aware that he is there.

“Alex?” She turns around slowly.

The look on her face is strained, “Walker, I … would…” Unable to get the words out, she points to her washroom.

He hesitates for just a second, wondering what is the matter with her, its not like her to be practically speechless, and then moves across the room to open the door and since the light is still on, the message on the mirror blares out at him like a neon sign.

He backs up a step, “Alex, what is this?” he points back toward the mirror, his voice tight.

“It’s a death threat.”

Walker gives her a hard look, and says with his voice rising, “Alex!”

“It’s the third death threat I’ve received the past week, the first two were over the phone.”

He comes out and stands in front of her, “Why haven’t you said anything, till now?”

“Because the other two were phone calls and I thought they were just pranks, now … I don’t think so.”

Walker sees the tremble of her hand as she begins to bite her nails. He places his hands on her shoulders and lowers his voice to a soothing tone, belying the fear beginning to twist his gut, “What did he say, tell me as close as you can remember.”

“Oh, I can tell you exactly what he said. ‘You interfering bitch! You just signed your death warrant. You’re going to die.’”

“And the second call?”

Her voice drops as she responds, “Exactly the same as the first, to the word.”

“Alex, you should have told me…”

“Well … I didn’t … but I’m telling you now, all right?” her voice breaks and tears come to her eyes.

He pulls her in close to his chest, “Take it easy, Alex, we’ll get to the bottom of this.” He stands with her in his arms for several moments until her trembling stops then pulls her over to the couch, “Sit down, and let me get the crime lab in here to see if this guy left any prints.”

As the last of the crime lab guys walk out the door, most of the afternoon is gone, and Alex knows that she will have a long evening of work ahead of her. She turns from the window to see Walker standing next to her desk watching her. She gives him a half-hearted smile and moves into his arms.

“I felt so good … when I got back from lunch,” she murmurs then lifts her head and kisses him on the chin, then lowers her head back to his chest. “But now…”

“I know and when this is over I’ll make you feel good again.” He nuzzles his face through her hair, wishing they were a thousand miles away. “Alex, until we catch this guy I want you to take a long vacation.”

Alex pushes out of his arms and turns to sit down behind her desk. “Walker, do you see all this paperwork? I’ve got a trial that starts Monday, just four days away and I’m nowhere near ready. I can’t … ‘take a long vacation’.”

He stares at her for several long minutes, then says, “Okay, then I’ll assign a body guard to you until this nut is behind bars. Day and night, 24 hours a day.”


“I’m sorry, Alex, but I’m not changing my mind.” He sees the stubborn look on her face. “I know you, Alex. You’re afraid…” His voice softens, “You were trembling in my arms, ready to cry, so you can’t tell me that you’re okay with being alone.” Now she’s relenting, he can see it in her eyes. His voice is still soft, but forceful. “Now its either a vacation away from here or a bodyguard. Take your pick.”

Alex stares at him a few moments. She thinks he softened his voice to get her to agree, he knows she can’t say ‘no’ when he talks to her like that. She sighs, “Bodyguard.”

He turns and walks out the door only to return almost instantly, with a big burley cop. “This is Patrolman Ross, he will be your bodyguard till 10:00. Then I’ll take his place and take you home.” Walker gives her a stern look then just before he goes out the door, “Ross, you’re to stand guard outside her office until I return to take over. If she leaves this office you are to dog her heels, understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You don’t leave her till I relieve you.”

“Until you relieve me. Yes, sir.”

Then with one last look at Alex, he turns and walks away and Ross pulls the door shut and takes his station beside the door. He doesn’t see the smile on Alex’s face, a delighted smile since she now knows Walker will be her bodyguard for at least part of the time. Now she’s glad she opted for the bodyguard.


Alex works undisturbed until 5 o’clock at which time the phone rings, bringing her mind from the close scrutiny of the list of names in front of her. She has been going through the little notebook that had been found in the mass of stuff that the Rangers had collected on Boris Kelston and she is thumbing through the papers because something just isn’t jelling, when the phone causes her mind to change tracks.

“Alex Cahill,” she says her mind still on the papers.

“Alex, it’s me. With all that’s happened this afternoon, I forgot about our dinner date until now. I know you were going to work late but how about taking a break for dinner. I’ll bring you right back after we eat.”

“Well … all right as long as it’s a short break, I really do need to stay with this a while longer.”

“I’ll see to it, I’ll be down to get you in about 30 minutes, okay?”


She tries to get her mind back on the names and what they could mean but all she can think about now is seeing Walker again. She goes into the washroom, thankful that the blood red message had been erased, and washes her face and hands, combs her hair, applies a light touch of her perfume and reenters her office just as Walker pushes open the outer door.

He takes her to a small restaurant not to far from the courthouse and as they are seated Walker notices the strained lines around her eyes and tenderly covers her hand with both of his. “I thought this was a cut and dried case of drug deals, Alex, has something come up to change that?”

She lifts her eyes and looks deep into his, “I’m not sure, but just before you called, I found a list of names that I’m not quite sure what to make of them.”

He looks at her with disbelief, “A list of names?”

“Yes, I found this notebook with lots of entries in it that just doesn’t make sense. That’s why I need to stay with this a while longer. I was just beginning to break through, when … I got distracted.”

“You mean when I called you.”

“That’s what I said, I got distracted.”

He feels her foot brushing against his leg, and says softly “Alex, are we going through this again?”

She quickly drops her foot to the floor, and as her face turns a light shade of red, she murmurs, “No, I don’t think so, not … just yet.”

Their food is brought and they eat in companionable silence until the plates are removed and they are drinking their coffee.

“Alex, are you sure you have to go back? You look exhausted.”

“I’m all right, just a little tired. I need to get back…” She stands, and Walker comes to his feet also.

“Come on, I’ll take you back.” Then slipping an arm around her waist he escorts her to the truck then back to the courthouse.

Walker drops Alex back at her office and after kissing her, he leaves but not before making sure Ross is clear on his instructions.

Alex settles down at her desk and after a few minutes her mind is again immerse in the documents spread out on her desk. Picking up the notebook she thumbs through it looking for more What does this mean, what?

When Walker returns at ten, he finds Ross gone from his post. His heart leaps into his mouth and he rushes to the office door, and with gun drawn, slowly pushes it open. The light is off and he sees Alex slumped over on the desk, her head lying on her arm. Oh, dear God, no! After looking quickly around the room he moves cautiously up to the desk.

With a stilled heart, he reaches out and hesitantly touches his fingers to her cheek. It’s warm, “Alex,” he whispers. He searches for a pulse in her wrist, strong and steady. “Alex, honey?”

He hears a soft sigh, and then her arm straightens as she lifts her head from the desk. “Alex, are … are you all right?”

“Walker?” Her eyes are dazed then a smile lights up her face, “Hi, I … I must have fallen asleep.”

Walker collapses down to his knees at the side of her chair, openly relieved that she is all right. Then thinking about her body guard, I’ll kill that man…, then taking a deep breath, he stands and pulls Alex to her feet and wraps her up in his arms. “Come on, I’m taking you home.”

Her face pressed against his chest, she mumbles, “Okay, just let me get these papers in my briefcase.” He kisses her softly then releases her and watches as she slides the papers from her desk into the open briefcase. Then taking one last look around the office, and with his hand at the small of her back, follows her from the office.


The door closes and several minutes pass … the washroom door slowly opens, a hand holding a gun, with a silencer, emerges first to be followed by a large angry looking man. Damn, I almost had her. If that Ranger had been five minutes later she would be dead and I’d have that book.

He had just walked through the door when he had heard the elevator door open and he ground out a curse, and he had quickly turned out the light and stepped into the washroom.

He ransacks the desk looking for any of the documents concerning the Kelston case. Unable to find any he realizes that she must have them with her. Angry at failing, he takes a swipe across the desk with his arm, sending everything scattering to the floor. His eyes land on the lone envelope left lying on the desk and picks it up. It is a personal letter to Gordon Cahill from Ms Alex Cahill; her home address beneath her name. He smiles and jams the letter in his pocket and as stealthily as he had entered, he departs.


On the way to Alex’s apartment, Walker calls Trivette on his cell phone, asking him to find out why Ross was not at his station in front of Alex’s office. “Call me back when you find him, I want to hear his explanation.”

“Okay, Walker, I’ll see what I can find out and get back with you.”

The rest of the way to Alex’s apartment is quiet, Alex fighting to stay awake and Walker fighting mad. He never would have believed Ross to be the kind of cop to shirk his duty. The more he thinks about it the more he feels something has happened to Ross. Grabbing his cell phone, he calls Trivette again.

“Trivette, check out the building thoroughly, I think Ross is probably there somewhere and … check Alex’s office again for me, will you? And don’t forget the washroom.”

“We’re here, now, partner. We found Ross in the stair well, dead, shot at close range, and Alex’s office has been trashed. Looks like our man has already been there.”

He hangs up, cold fear gripping his heart. Angry with himself for not checking the small washroom in Alex’s office, he had been so glad to find Alex unharmed that he hadn’t bothered to check any further. He slaps the steering wheel, causing Alex to jump in the seat at the side of him.

“Walker, what’s wrong?” she asks, her heart pounding.

He turns to look at her, “I’m sorry, Alex, I think I just blew it.”

She looks at him with a puzzled expression on her face, “Blew it?”

“Yes, I didn’t check your washroom.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Alex, your bodyguard was gone when I got to your office. I was so relieved to find you all right I didn’t bother to check out your office as well as I should have. All I could think of was getting you out of there.”

“I don’t understand…”

He stops the truck in front of her apartment, switches off the engine and turns in the seat to look at her. “Alex, I think the guy that has been threatening you was hiding in the washroom at your office when I came to get you.”

Her eyes widen and she begins to tremble, “You mean … you mean, that he was hiding there when you came in?”

“Yes, I think I interrupted his … attempt to get to you.”

“Walker,” she moans, her voice shaky, with the knowledge that she had almost been killed.

He pulls her over and holds her tight for a few minutes, then murmurs softly, “Lets get you inside.”

With his arm around her, his eyes searching the shadows, he ushers Alex up the sidewalk and having his key ready, he unlocks the door and quickly hustles her inside.


Standing in the shadows, he watches the lady being escorted into the building, and the way the Ranger scanned his surroundings, he knows it will be no easy feat to outwit this man. A man like this will fight to the death to protect his woman. He smiles at the challenge of killing this woman right under the Ranger’s nose.


Alex walks in and plops down in the closest chair, dropping her briefcase on the floor along with her purse. After making a quick sweep of her apartment to make sure no one else is there, Walker bends down in front of Alex, bracing his hands on the arms of the chair. “Honey, why don’t you go change and I’ll make some hot tea.”

She brings her eyes into focus on his face, and gently brushes her fingers down his cheek, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“So am I. I’ll be here all night, he’ll never get a second chance, you have my promise.”
He stands and pulls her to her feet and gently shoves her toward her bedroom and as she disappears through the door he goes to the kitchen to make the tea.

While waiting on Alex to return, Walker double checks to make sure the doors and windows are all locked, then he slips his boots off and unbuttons his shirt, and sits down on the couch. As he rests his head on the back of the sofa he closes his eyes and releases a soft sigh.

Sensing her return to the room, he opens his eyes and stands as she comes through the bedroom door. His body begins to grow hard as she walks toward him, wearing nothing but a towel around her. She stops in front of him, watching the desire rise in his eyes and the bulge grow behind his jeans. She lets the towel slowly slip down the length of her body.

She watches his eyes as they slide from hers to move slowly over her naked form. She feels them touch her breasts, first one then the other, then the soft touch of them as they brush over her belly, and her body begins to shake with need when his gaze stops at the triangle of blonde curls at the junction of her thighs.

He raises his hand to her face, his fingers tracing the outline of her lips, and then slowly follows the path that his eyes has taken, her trembling intensifies as his fingers kiss her breasts. His thumbs move upward, over her nipples, then down again, up and then down again. She feels them tighten and begin to ache.

“Walker,” her voice, broken and hoarse.

He pulls her close as his mouth covers hers in a deep penetrating kiss. She pushes her hands up inside his open shirt, over his ribs, up to his shoulders. She pushes the garment from him and pulls at the rest of his clothes until he stands as naked as she.

His hands go to her bottom, pulling her hard against him. She catches his lower lip between her teeth, and drives her tongue deep into his mouth. Her hands are everywhere; she grips his buttocks, sliding a finger into the deep, narrow cleft between them. She runs her hand over his belly, dips a finger into his navel, slides down to clasp his engorged manhood, then moves back between his thighs to cup the hot swelling globes. She stands up on tiptoes, pressing herself against him, giving herself to his hungry hands at her breasts.

He draws his thumb and forefinger together on them. Pressure, then more. Squeezing the distended buds tight, he rolls them, pulls at them, pressing a little harder, and a little harder. “Alex,” his mouth at her ear, as his hands drops to her hips, pulling her up against him. He begins grinding his hardness against her as he slides his hand up her waist, over her rib cage, until his thumbs touch the undersides of her breasts.

Her eyes close as she arches against him, every inch of her centered on the touch of his calloused fingers on her nipples. He gives a sharp pinch that makes her suck in her breath as a bolt of pleasure shoots through her. Then he does it again, and her knees buckle. She’d have fallen if he hadn’t been holding her.

“No,” he whispers as he slides a hand between her legs, cupping her there to hold her upright. Then he wraps his free arm around her waist and pulls her to the couch, her body straddling his lap. He bends his head and latches on to one of her nipples with his mouth even as he shoves her thighs wider and drives his finger inside her. She gasps for breath, but he doesn’t let up, and she sure as hell isn’t going to ask him to. The sensations coursing through her are so intense she can barely think or breathe. She exists for his fingers, for his mouth. He is sucking hard now, scraping her nipple with his teeth as his fingers move in and out of her. And then his thumb finds her most sensitive place and presses, rubs, rolls, until she is shaking all over. He keeps it up, taking her to the brink of exploding; then he pinches her pulsing nubbin between thumb and forefinger, and bites down on her nipple at the same time. Harder, she says, out loud or in her head, she isn’t sure, but he complies. She feels his teeth, his pinching fingers, and she explodes in pleasure so intense she feels as though she might die from it.

He holds her while the ripples and waves of mind-numbing bliss wash through her, leaving her limp and shaken. As her trembling eases, he slips to the floor, with her lying along his hard frame.

She stirs beside him, rising up to kiss him softly and then begins to trail her lips down his throat, pausing briefly to suck at his male nipples before moving down his body. She takes his erection in her hand and flicks her tongue across the tip, licking at him as if he were some delectable sweet that had to be slowly savored. Walker stiffens, unable to do so much as release his breath that is trapped in his chest. She sweeps her tongue over him again and again, and then she opens her mouth and surrounds him with its hot wetness, causing him to groan in torment and grab at the soft carpeting beneath him. Up and down she moves along the throbbing shaft, sucking gently, using her lips and her tongue to pleasure him as her hand caresses the soft sac.

When he feels his control slipping away, he pulls her up and flips her onto her back. Her legs open and she cradles him between her thighs, whimpering softly, her hips rising to meet his. He drives into her hard and deep, burying himself to the hilt, grinding his hips against hers, the coarse hair at the base, bringing to life again, the sensitive nubbin of her desire.

Alex’s legs stiffen and move wide of her body when the delicious contractions begin again, deep inside her. She cries out loudly and arches her back, as wave after wave of ecstasy sweeps over her.

Walker throws his head back and stiffens, then after several deep, desperate thrusts, he gives a loud cry, his powerful body convulsing atop her, then he sinks down beside her on the floor, trembling.

She closes her eyes, letting the afterglow completely envelope her. He is so warm, his arms so strong around her. Her eyes are getting heavy. Leaden. “You make me feel…”

He is stroking her back, holding her close. She isn’t sure how to finish her sentence as she drifts off to sleep. He makes her feel … safe? Yes. Good? Oh God, yes. But something else, too. He makes her feel … cherished. In a way no one else has ever done.
Feeling her relax into sleep, he gets to his knees and gently picks her up in his arms, then stands and moves into the bedroom. He throws back the covers and lays her down between the sheets, then pulls the blankets up around her and returns to the living room. He finds his underwear and jeans and pulls them on. Not wanting to get caught unawares again, he gets his gun from the holster and checks the door and windows again and goes through the apartment room by room, making sure everything is as it should be.

Finally satisfied that the apartment is safe, he stretches out on the couch, laying his gun within easy reach on the floor by the couch. Folding his arms behind his head, Walker closes his eyes and his mind immediately conjures up the beautiful woman and the way she has made him feel.


He stands in the shadows across the street from her building, knowing that the Ranger is in there with her. He doesn’t like it but it has to be done. He has to get that notebook back before she can figure out just what it is. Maybe she already has! No matter, if I can get that book she won’t have any proof. I’ve got to get that book! Staying in the shadows he moves across the street and moves around the side of the building to where he knows her apartment is. Moving up to the window, that he knows opens into her bedroom, he removes a small pouch from his pocket and taking a tool from it, cuts a small circle in the glass, the only sound being an almost silent scrape. Holding the circle with a suction cup, he lifts if from the pane and lays it on the grass.

He takes a moment to calm his breathing then reaches in to unlock the window. He silently raises the window, and then listens for any signs of detection.


His eyes snap open. A sound has gotten through to his subconscious. He picks up his gun from the floor and sits up. Where did it come from? His main concern is Alex’s safety, so he moves down the hall in bare feet to her bedroom. He’s listening at her door when he hears her scream. He twists the knob, and shoves it open with his foot, slamming the door back up against the wall. He sees Alex up on her knees on the bed struggling with a dark figure, the figure’s hands clearly around Alex’s throat.

The noise of the door hitting the wall startles the man fighting with Alex and when he turns and sees the Ranger he shoves Alex away from himself. She screams as she falls off the bed onto the floor, and Walker quickly moves to her side, bending down to see if she is all right … giving the dark figure the opportunity to get away by climbing out of the window.

After making sure Alex isn’t hurt, Walker moves to the window and peers into the darkness, squinting as he peered intently at the shadows, but the intruder is nowhere to be seen.

Turning around, he sees Alex sitting on the bed, still naked, her arms wrapped around herself. He moves toward her and notices the slight trembling. He sits down next to her and reaches out to lightly touch his fingertips to her cheek. “Are you okay?”

“Did you get him?” she asks, distractedly, her eyes darting around the room.

“No, he’s gone, Alex. He slipped out the window and got away.” He watches her face, looking for signs of distress. He can see the look of fear in her eyes. “Are you okay?” he asks again, quietly, cupping her face in the palm of his hand.

“I’m fine,” she whispers, looking down at her hands clenched in her lap.

He moves his hand to her chin and lifts her eyes to his, whispering, “Then why are you shaking?”

Walker watches her blue eyes fill with tears, her chin tremble, and her face crumple as she dissolves into tears. Crying, she moves into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Oh, Walker, he was trying to kill me! I … he… I would be … dead now if … if you hadn’t come in when you did.”

Walker wraps his arms tightly around her, holding her as she cried out her fear, whispering soothing words in her ear. “I’ll always be there for you, Alex … always.”

He is surprised when she suddenly rears back, fire in her eyes. “We have to find him, Walker!” she exclaims, pointing her finger in the direction of the window. “I’m not going to let some … some … reject from Deliverance … try to get away with trying to kill me!”

Walker smiles, his Alex is back. “Reject from Deliverance?” he chuckled. “You’ve been spending too much time with C.D.” He looked into her shining eyes, “Come here, you,” he murmurs, pulling her into his arms as he bends his head to kiss her thoroughly.

The kiss quickly spirals out of control as hands begin to roam restlessly. Walker’s breathing is becoming erratic when he realizes that Alex is still naked and his hands are filled with the weight of her bare breasts. But, and this is taking all of his will, he needs to alert the Dallas Police Dept. about what has happened. With shaky hands he drops his hands away from her body and stands, pulling her up with him. He looks down into her startled face, “Alex, I-I need to call the police, get them out here.”

After calling the DPD and telling dispatch what he needs, Walker glances over at Alex, and then at her robe near the foot of the bed. “Alex, we will have the police in here in a very short time, maybe you ought to get dressed.”

Her eyes widen as she realizes she’s still nude, being around Walker without clothes has been so natural to her since they’d become intimate that she doesn’t think twice about being naked around him. Smiling sheepishly she moves past Walker to retrieve her robe. As she passes him he smacks her backside lightly, earning a glare from her in return. As she ties the sash they hear sirens in the distance.
He unlocks the door and lets the team of experts in and then putting his arm around Alex, they go to the kitchen where Alex makes a pot of coffee. They are sitting at the table when one of the detectives joins them, “Walker can you tell me what went down, so they’ll know what to look for.”

He stands and moves to the kitchen doorway, and upon seeing all the men working in the living room, and on the floor by the couch, he quickly tells them, “He never came into this room, he was only in the bedroom, came in the window and left that way. No sense you checking out the living room at all.” He turns to the detective, “I was sleeping on the couch when I heard a noise and found him fighting with Alex in her bedroom. When he saw me, he shoved Alex to the floor and went out the window next to her bed.” He watches as the forensic men move to Alex’s bedroom and inwardly sighs with relief. That’s all I need is for them to find evidence of our lovemaking and start asking questions. He turns and moves back into the kitchen with the detective, to finish his statement.

Almost an hour later, Alex yawns in exhaustion. “Are they about done, Walker?”

“I think so.” He takes a sip of coffee and looks at Alex. “I just can’t figure out who would be doing this to you, for what reason? You’ve dug up something or made someone powerfully mad to come after you like this.”

“I think it’s to do with this case, I’ve found some facts but I haven’t been able to make any sense out of them yet.”

“You mean Boris Kelston? I thought that was an open and shut case of attempted burglary.”

“So did I, but the information I’m getting from that stuff that I got from his place seems to indicate something else. I’m not sure but I think Kelston was there to murder Thomas Sheldon, not rob him.”

“What else?”

“I don’t want to say yet, until I’m sure.”

A voice from the living room, “We’re through, Walker, I’ll let you know what we’ve found as soon as I know.”

“Okay, thanks, Bill.”

He listens for the closing of the door, then turns to Alex. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“Only if you’re coming with me, Darling.”

“After what happened earlier, you’re not going to bed without me tonight, tomorrow night, or the next night, until this ‘reject from Deliverance’ is caught.” He stands and taking her hand, pulls her up into his arms, molding her to his body as his hands drift from her shoulders, down her back, to her buttocks. He kisses her lightly, then murmurs, “Come on,” as he leads her to the bedroom, his hand resting at the small of her back.


He sits in his car nursing the scratches from his encounter with that woman DA. Even in the near dark he could tell that she was a beautiful woman, and finding her in the buff was an added plus. Maybe if he had more time, and the Ranger wasn’t around… He quickly shifts his mind back to business, plotting for a way to get the notebook back from her possession. If it wasn’t for that damn Ranger I would have gotten that book back. He smiles, “Exactly! Without the Ranger it would be easy to get close enough to get that book. I’ll just get rid of the Ranger first!


The next morning Walker stays with Alex until she is ready to leave for work then he escorts her to the courthouse. He checks the office, making sure it’s secure, then with two Rangers guarding the door, he leaves her to work on the case.

After Walker leaves she glances toward the door to the small washroom, then stands and moves to stand in front of it, and then with strong determination shoves the door open, eliminating the thought in her mind that danger lurks behind the door.

Sighing deeply she shuts the door and returns to her desk and empties her briefcase on the desk, immediately looking for the small notebook. Thumbing through the pages to the one that has caused her so many headaches. She stares at the names for what seems like hours but in reality it’s only a few minutes when suddenly one of the names clicks in her mind. Turning to her computer, she punches a few keys and finally brings the name into her view. “I thought I remembered that name,” she muses to herself. “I wonder…” and she begins typing in another name. “Well, I’ll be…” then types in another name then another until she has gotten information on all the names on that one page. The persons listed are all deceased except for one, Thomas Sheldon, and it is his house where Boris Kelston had been arrested for breaking and entering.

Stunned she sits back in the seat, “I think I am missing something, it has to be here somewhere. I just need to keep looking. There’s so much stuff…” She picks up the notebook and stares at the names and the small block of numbers on another page and another list of names on yet another page.” She rubs her eyes, feeling the grit and knows she needs to take a break, rest, maybe then things will get into perspective.


Trivette looks up to see the prettiest Assistant District Attorney in the history of Dallas, walk through the door straight for Walker’s desk. Her bodyguards stand by the door, waiting to pick her up on the way out.

When Alex sees that Walker is not at his desk she turns to stand in front of Trivette. “Jimmy, I need to speak to Walker, do you know where he is or when he’ll be back?”

“He went over to Waco to bring a prisoner back.” Glancing at his watch, he says, “should be back before you leave at 10.”

“Well … guess I can wait till he gets back.” She turns to leave then swings back, “If he comes back earlier would you tell him I’d like to see him as soon as possible?”

“I can do that, counselor.” When she turns and walks out of the room, his eyes follow her, very appreciative of the beautiful woman that she is.

Alex goes back to her office, with her bodyguards in tow, and begins to prepare papers to change the initial charge against Boris Kelston from breaking and entering to murder. Lost in the pleasure of putting an end to this despicable business she doesn’t hear Walker push open the door and move up beside her.

When he touches her arm, she jumps, “Walker! You scared me half to death.”

“I’m sorry, but Trivette said you were looking for me.” He leans over and kisses her softly on the lips. “Now, what did you want to see me about?”

“Walker, I’m pretty sure Kelston was in that house for more than burglary.” She picks up the notebook and with her pencil points to one row of names. “These men are all deceased, except for this one.”

“That’s where he was picked up for burglary isn’t it?”

“Yes … now, these men,” she turns the page, “have all got question marks by their names, and I can’t figure out just what it all means.” She flips to another page, letting her pencil move over the page, “These numbers and initials just don’t make sense. Tomorrow morning I intend to have a handful of warrants ready for you to pick up several men that I want to question.”

“Trivette and I will get on that first thing in the morning.” He pulls her up from the chair, “Now, come on, I’m taking you home.”

“I’m ready, just let me get these papers put in my briefcase.” He stands at her side till she snaps it closed and then she picks up her purse, he steps back and she heads for the door and home.

Walking outside, Alex stops and breathes deep. “Ah … fresh air, it feels wonderful after being cooped up inside all day. Smells like rain.”

Walker pulls her into his arms, and softly whispers, “Yes, I think it will later.” Even knowing he’s standing out in a public area, he kisses her gently and then ushers her toward his truck. “I’m taking you out to the ranch tonight, will be easier to keep an eye on you.”

She smiles up at him, “Okay.” She gets in the truck and fastens her seatbelt while he moves around the cab and gets in the driver’s seat. He shuts the door and starts the engine. A movement out the front window catches her eye, “Walker, that’s the man, that’s him.”

Walker turns and sees a man walking under the streetlight about half a block ahead of them. “Alex, stay in the truck, and keep the door locked.” He opens the door, hits the lock button and slams it shut, taking off at a run up the street.

The man gets lost in the shadows and Alex watches as Walker stealthily pursues the one that has been after her. Both disappear down an alley and Alex anxiously keeps her eyes on the entrance to that alley. Suddenly the man bolts out into the street farther up the street, dashes into a doorway, and then Walker comes out a little more slowly, a shot rings out, and Walker falls to the ground.

Walker is down; the man comes out of the doorway going straight to the downed man. Seeing Walker in danger, snaps her to action, sliding quickly into the driver’s seat, she jerks it into gear and stomps on the gas. Heading straight for the two men in the street.

Hearing the screeching of the tires, the stalker turns and sees the silver gray truck barreling down on him, he yells and takes a flying leap out of the path of the flying projectile that’s determined to end his life.

Alex sees Walker trying to get to his feet and breaks to a stop beside him. He manages to get to his feet and hoists himself over into the bed of the pickup and shouts at her, “Go … get out of here!”

Looking in the rear view mirror to make sure Walker is in the truck, Alex sees the stalker come back out into the street, watching her as she speeds away.

As the city of Dallas skyline disappears into darkness, Alex turns on the first side road she comes to and stops. Climbing out of the cab, she scrambles up into the truck bed and kneels beside Walker. “Walker, how bad are you hurt?” He groans and rolls over on his back, and Alex sees the red stain spreading across his shirt. “Oh, God, I’ve got to get you to the hospital, Walker, that looks bad.”

He grabs her arm, “No, he may be waiting for us.”

“I don’t care, you need a doctor.”

“Call Trivette … ah … have him meet us … go-go in with us.” His body stiffens and his head falls back as a wave of pain slices through him.

As his body goes limp in her arms she feels the tears welling in her eyes, but knows she doesn’t have time to cry, and gently lays him down and returns to the cab of the truck. She gets her cell phone and calls Jimmy, explains the situation and tells him where she is.

“I’ll meet you at that deserted gas station on 7th street. If I’m not there by the time you get there, wait for me, okay?”

“I will, Jimmy, but hurry.”

Pulling the truck back out on the blacktop, Alex glances out the back window to check on Walker, he’s not moving. Debating on whether to stop and check on him or keep on going, she finally decides not to stop, wanting to get him to a doctor as soon as possible.

The service station on the right is closed, and she sees no sign of Jimmy’s car. She pulls to the curb and shuts off the lights but not the engine. As she sits there a car approaches her and she feels a rising panic. The car passes and she tries to get a look of the driver but the interior of the car is just too dark. She watches it disappear from site in her rear view mirror and releases a breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

Lights, cutting across the cab, bring her eyes to the front and she sees Jimmy’s car pull into the gas station. She flips the lights on and pulls in beside him, rolling her window down as she comes to a stop.

Jimmy is out of his car and at her window in a flash. “Where is he?” he asks when he doesn’t see him in the cab.

“In the back. Jimmy would you check on him for me and see if he’s…”

He didn’t wait for her to finish the sentence, but quickly climbs into the back of the pickup. He touches his partner, “You’ve done it again, haven’t you, man?” As he examines the wound, Walker stirs and opens his eyes.


“Yeah, how are you doing?”

“I’m okay,” he murmurs in a tight voice. “How’s Alex?”

“She’s fine, just scared. Let me look at you.” He finds that the bleeding has almost stopped and the bullet had gone all the way through. “You lucked out there, partner. The wound isn’t bad, but you’ve lost a lot of blood, so lets get you to a doctor.” Chuckling softly, he says, “More than likely you won’t spend one day in the hospital.”

After informing Alex of Walker’s condition, he tells her to follow him to the hospital. In short time they are pulling up to the emergency entrance, where a gurney is waiting for them. Jimmy must have called ahead.

As Walker is placed on the gurney, he gestures for his partner to come close, “Take care … of her … Trivette … someone is trying to … kill her.” Then Alex is there at his side and he sees the worry in her eyes, “I’ll be all right … you stay with … Trivette, okay?”

Unable to speak with the lump in her throat, she just nods her head. As they start to wheel him away, she leans over and kisses him lightly on the lips, just a touch, but the contact brings reassurance that he will be all right. With a deep sigh she sits down beside Jimmy to wait, again, for word of how he is.

Alex wakes instantly when Jimmy touches her arm, after having fallen into an exhausted sleep, leaning into his familiar closeness for comfort. “The doctor is coming, Alex.”

Still groggy from the short nap, she pulls herself to a standing position with Jimmy’s help and tries to clear the heavy weariness from her mind. Wiping the last of the sleep from her eyes, she listens intently to what the doctor is saying about Walker.

“It was a clean wound, the bullet went straight thru, so no vital organs were hit, but he’s lost a lot of blood so he needs to rest. Knowing Walker, he won’t want to stay in the hospital but you should try to get him to stay in bed at home at least for a day, and no strenuous activity for the next week. At which time I’ll check him over and then decide whether to release him to go back to work.”

“Can we see him … please?”

“Are you the Alex he’s been asking for?” At her nod, “Yes, you can see him but just for a short time, I want him to rest at least while he’s here. If no complications set in, I’ll release him in the morning. I’ll take you to him.” He turns and Alex and Trivette follow him.

Walker is lying flat on his back with the head of the bed raised slightly. He turns to look at them when they enter the room. He knows his partner is there, but his eyes go straight to Alex, at last he knows she is all right.

As he reaches for her hand, Trivette smiles, knowing his suspicions are correct …that they have been seeing each other, maybe even more than that. It’s about time, partner. He moves to the opposite side of the bed watching the faces of his two dearest friends. Ah… I do believe the love bug has bitten.

“Walker,” he asks, hating to break up the silent words spoken between Alex and his partner, “did you get a good look at this guy?”

He turns to look at Trivette, “No, it was too dark, and he was in the shadows most of the time.” His eyes swing back toward Alex, “But I think she did, she pointed him out to me.”

“When he broke into my apartment I didn’t think I saw him that well, but when he passed under that light, I knew it was him.”

“Well, I’ll send over a sketch artist and you can give him the description, and we’ll get an APB out on him.” He watches Walker’s eyes start to droop, “I’ll … ah … get started on this, see you later partner,” giving Walker’s hand a squeeze before leaving the room.

After Jimmy leaves, Alex moves up closer to the bed, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. But you still need protection because I think he’ll be back.”

“I think so, too. I think he is trying to get the book back, that way there would be no evidence that I could go to court with on murder charges.”

“Probably figures a burglary rap would be easier to take.” He takes her hand in his, “Which means that he will stop at nothing to get that book.”

She releases his hand and walks to the window, staring out into the night. “Walker…”


“I … think they’re trying to take you out … so they can get to me.”


She turns then, her eyes filled with concern, “I don’t want you hurt, Walker, I’d rather take my chances than see you hurt again. I’ll … I’ll lock myself up in jail if that’s the only way to do it, but I want you out of this situation.”

He grins and takes her hand again, pulling her close. “Too late. I’m already deep into this ‘situation’ as you call it.”

“Walker, I don’t want…”

“I know what you don’t want, now let me tell you want I don’t want. I don’t want you hurt, and that means I don’t want you out of my site till this sleazebag is in prison. We’ll go out to the ranch where it will be a lot harder to get to either one of us. Once those warrants are served and the evidence starts piling up I think he’ll concentrate more on himself than us.”

“I don’t. I think he’ll go all out to take us both out.” She leans over laying her head on his chest, “I’m scared, Walker, but I’m determined to see this through, I just wish you weren’t caught in the middle.”

He can tell she is exhausted, “Come on, Alex, climb up in bed with me and we’ll both get some much needed sleep.”

She lifts her head and giggles, “Now wouldn’t that really start the tongues wagging.”

“I don’t care, now get up here,” he says, scooting over to give her room beside him.
She slips her shoes off and climbs up on the bed and stretches out next to him on top of the covers, her head on his shoulder. “Tell me if I hurt you.”

He wraps his good arm around her shoulders, resting his head against hers. “I will.” He tilts her head up and kisses her softly on the lips, then as he nestles her head into his neck, he shuts his eyes. Some minutes later when the nurse comes in to check on him, she sees them both asleep and opens her mouth to protest. But then thinking that this will keep the formidable Texas Ranger from escaping from the hospital, she smiles and covers Alex with the spare blanket, then pulls the door shut leaving them alone.

When the doctor arrives the next morning, Walker is sitting up in bed and Alex is sitting in a chair. Noticing that Alex still had on the same clothes as yesterday, he makes no comment but knows she had spent the night here. He stands at the side of the bed checking the file on Walker. “Hmmm … well, I’m going to release you, but it’s against my better judgment. A lot is going to depend on how well you follow my instructions as to when I release you back to work.” He raises his eyes to look from Walker to Alex then back to Walker, “Like I said yesterday, at least one more day in bed, two or three is advisable, then taking it easy for a week, at which time I want to see you back in here.” His eyes drill into Walker’s, “Am I making myself clear?”

Walker thinks for a beat, then sighs dramatically, “Yes, doctor, I’ll take it easy for a week.”

Noticing no mention was made of staying in bed, he let it pass, hoping for the best. “The nurse will bring in some papers for you to sign then you can go.”

As the doctor goes out the door, Walker says, “Thanks doc.”

“I’ll go out to your ranch and get a change of clothes for you…”

“No, I’ve already called Trivette to bring the ones I keep at headquarters, should be here soon.”

Alex stands there, looking at him, letting her eyes graze over his face, her voice low, “Walker, are you sure about going to the ranch? Wouldn’t it be safer here, it’s so isolated out there.”

“That’s true, but I know the ranch, and he doesn’t. And … I’ve still got a few cards up my sleeve and if need be I’ll use them.”

Alex sees the hard look in his eyes and is sure she doesn’t want to know what the ‘cards’ are.

Walker gets his clothes from Jimmy and quickly changes, not wanting to stay any longer than necessary in the hospital. In short time he is being wheeled out through the halls in a wheelchair, ending up at the front entrance, where Trivette is waiting with the Ram.

Alex goes to the driver’s side and gets in. Walker settles into the seat, still feeling a little wobbly on his legs, but in trying to hide it from Alex, falls asleep before they reach the halfway mark to the ranch.

When Alex stops the truck in front of the house, Walker jerks awake, realizing that he had let his guard down. That stalker could have been waiting on the road, but he was lucky, he wouldn’t let it happen again. Had to keep his senses about him to make sure Alex didn’t get hurt.

“Come on, Walker, let’s go in and get you to bed.” Alex says as she opens his door. Taking him by the arm she tugs gently, getting his body moving out of the truck. Once inside, she steers him into the living room, where he sits down on the couch. “Rest here, while I go get your bed ready.”

He watches her turn and make her way upstairs. She was right, this place is isolated, I can’t let my guard down for one minute. He leans back and rests his head on the back of the couch and shuts his eyes against the pain radiating through his side. I’ve got to keep her with me, can’t let her wander down to the barn. Just then he hears her light footsteps on the stairs and sits up, not wanting her to see his weakness.

“Come on, Walker, your bed is waiting,” she says with a hint of humor.

“Alex, I don’t want to go to bed, besides I’m hungry. Isn’t it time for lunch?”

She glances up at the clock on the wall, 11:02, early but the meals in the hospital leave a lot to be desired so … maybe he is hungry. “Okay, I’ll fix lunch and you just rest there.” She pats him on the shoulder as she heads for the kitchen. But unknown to her, he has risen and is following her.

She turns to ask him what he would like and bumps into the solid wall of his chest. He grabs her to keep her from falling, and grimaces as the act tightened the muscles in his side causing a short stab of pain to jolt through him.

“Oh … Walker, did I hurt you?” she says, seeing the scowl cross his face.

“No, I’m fine.” With determined effort he wipes the pain from his features, and pulls her into his arms and smiles seductively at her. “You know … we’re all alone here … we could…”

“No, you need rest, I don’t think the doctor would approve of … exercise like that.” She backs out of his arms and goes to the refrigerator. “Now, what would you like? How about some soup and a sandwich?”

Secretly glad she had not taken him up on his offer, he sits down at the table, making sure he doesn’t show any twinges of pain in his face. “That sounds good to me. Maybe you could pull out some steaks for this evening.”

She turns to look at him, not believing for a minute his stoic attitude toward the pain he must be feeling, and his gallant effort to appear 100% well. She had seen the spasms of pain cross his face when he hadn’t seen her watching him. She turns to set the pan of soup on the burner then busied herself with fixing sandwiches. This is not going to be easy, he’s going to fight me every step of the way. But he will go to bed if I have anything to say about it.

She ladles out the soup into two bowls and sets them on the table along with a plate of diagonal cut sandwiches of ham and cheese. All through lunch she kept her glances hidden under lowered eyelids, and has to admit that he is keeping the pain well hidden. She keeps the conversation light and when he pushes the empty bowl away along with a half eaten sandwich, she knows his ‘hungry’ bit was just an excuse to keep from going to bed. Now comes the fun. She clears the table, putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, then moves up behind his chair, and leaning over close to his ear, whispers, “Come on, bedtime.”

He stands and turns to face her, sliding one arm around her waist pulling her close. With a look that starts the twinges of desire stirring in her belly, he murmurs, “Only if you will join me.”

If he had been well, he wouldn’t even have had to ask, the look would have done it. “Walker, the doctor said he wanted you in bed for the rest of the day, and I’m sure what you have in mind is NOT what he meant.” So saying, she moves out of his arms and his reach, moving toward the stairs.

“Alex, I don’t need to rest, I feel fine. I’m going out on the porch and sit on the swing.”

“Walker,” her voice firm, with anger slowly seeping into her tone, “you told the doctor you would rest in bed today and take it easy for a week.”

His anger starting to show as well, “Alex, I did not tell him I would stay in bed today, I did, however tell him I would take it easy. And I am.”

Alex stands there letting the last conversation with the doctor run through her mind. “Like I said yesterday, at least one more day in bed, two or three is advisable, then taking it easy for a week, at which time I want to see you back in here.” His eyes drill into Walker’s, “Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, doctor, I’ll take it easy for a week.” As she realizes that he had made no such promise to stay in bed, but she is determined that he will go to bed for the rest of the day, at least. She raises her eyes to his, and with a tone that means business, she says, “What if … what if I said if you don’t go up stairs and rest like the doctor wanted, I … I won’t make love to you for a month.” The last words come out in a rush. She is as startled as he at her proclamation, but then after having said it, she intends to stick by it. She sees the stubbornness fill his eyes as he ponders the threat.

He looks at her as if she’s lost her mind. He knows as well as she that what she has just threatened is close to impossible. He grins at her and shrugs his shoulders. It will be a week or, at the longest, two before he is able to do justice to a loving romp in the bed, anyway. “If that’s the way you want it,” he says softly, then turns and pushes open the screened door and drops his body into the swing, his face scrunching up with pain.

Alex stares after him, a little surprised, but she knew he could be stubborn. Well, so could she. Taking a minute to compose herself, she follows him outside and sits down beside him, determined to see to it that he doesn’t overdo it. “It is nice here, isn’t it? No traffic noises, just the peace and quiet of nature.”

Letting the pain fade away first before he answers, “I love it out here, with the sounds of the country, nothing can beat it. This swing is one of my favorite spots. The lake being the other.”

They spent most of the afternoon on the swing, talking quietly with a lot of quiet time, just enjoying being together. Alex finally stands, “I’ll get the steaks ready, do you want to come in with me?”

He takes her hand in his, and looks up at her. “I think I’ll stay here for a few minutes longer.”

She smiles and leans over to kiss him lightly on the lips and goes on into the house.

She prepares the steaks for marinating and then chops and mixes a salad. After putting the steaks on the grill she goes in through the house to the front door, to call Walker in. Standing at the screen door, she sees his head tilted down, his chin resting on his chest. He is so stubborn. She watches him for a few minutes then backs up until she is at the kitchen door, then calls out, “Walker, I’ve got the steaks on, come on in and get washed up.”

She listens for the squeak of the swing then turns back to the kitchen, moving out the back door to the grill.

After a quiet supper, of which Walker eats very little, Alex cleans up the kitchen and moves into the living room to join him on the couch. Alex, knowing that he is really hurting, suggests they make an early night of it.

“I’m not tired,” he stubbornly says.

“Well, maybe you aren’t but I am. Are you coming up?”

He looks at her and a smile crosses his face. “Will you sleep with me?”


“I know, just sleep, okay?”

“Okay, but just sleep.”

He knows he isn’t up to making love to her, even if she did back down from her ultimatum, but just laying with her in his arms is almost as good. He grins, and reaches for her hand.

She smiles and with her arm going around his waist they go up the stairs.

Entering the bedroom Walker shuts the door and Alex moves over to pull the drapes closed, hoping if it’s dark he will sleep later in the morning.

Turning back toward the bed she sees Walker stepping out of his jeans and briefs. Her eyes darken at his beautifully muscled physique and although his manhood is flaccid, it is still quite large, nestled in the tight curls at his groin. And that surprises her, as she has never seen Walker in anything but an aroused state. Which means he is hurting more than he is letting on.

Moving into the bathroom, she takes a quick shower and is brushing her hair as she returns to the bedroom wearing a gown that covers her from neck to ankles.

Walker watches as she throws the covers back on her side of the bed. He frowns at her, “Alex!” Letting her know he isn’t happy with her attire.

Knowing exactly what he’s upset about, she smiles. She has never worn a gown to bed with him since they had become lovers. “It shouldn’t matter, since we’re not going to be mak….”

“I don’t care,” he interrupts, “I just don’t like anything between us.” He slides into bed, waiting for her.

She looks at him for several long minutes, “Walker?”

“Just sleeping, I promise.” She quickly pulls the gown over her head, dropping it on the floor beside the bed. She doesn’t like anything between them either, even if it is only a thin gown.

She slips into bed and he gingerly pulls her back against him, spoon fashion, his arm coming around her body to rest just under her breasts. Covering his hand with hers, she sighs softly, contentedly, listens to his quiet breathing, feels the tension leaving his body, then closes her eyes and lets sleep take her.

The next morning Walker slowly wakes and seeing the room in a subdued darkness, closes his eyes to catch maybe another few winks of sleep. Reaching over to pull Alex into his arms, he’s startled, to say the least, that she is not in bed with him. Not being a morning person, Alex usually sleeps until she absolutely has to get up, and then for him to wake up and find her gone is indeed puzzling. He pushes himself to a sitting position, groaning softly as his body protests the sudden pull of impaired muscles.

Moving in almost slow motion, he swings his legs around to sit on the edge of the bed, resting only a couple of seconds before getting to his feet, again bringing another grimace across his face. Grabbing a pair of workout pants he slips them on and realizes he has been had when he pulls open the bedroom door and sunlight streams into the darkened room.

Moving silently down the stairs, he begins his quest to find Alex. Except for the tightness in his side he feels remarkably well. Looking out the front door to see if she is sitting on the swing, which she isn’t, then he looks out to his truck, making sure she hasn’t run off and left him, although he knows she wouldn’t do that. Just before he turns back he sees a glint of sunshine on metal. Forgetting the wound in his side, he races up the stairs, grabs his gun from the top dresser drawer and is back downstairs in just minutes.

He goes to the front door but doesn’t see the reflection again. He races through to the kitchen and looks out the back door. He looks intently along the tree line and finally his eyes catch a slight movement heading for the barn.

On bare feet and with his heart in his mouth, he slips out the back door, his gun in hand. With his eye on what he feels is the stalker, he moves around the house towards the barn, where he thinks Alex has gone to take care of the horses. When he sees her walk out of the barn on her way to the house, he stops in his tracks. She is still hidden from the stalker by the barn but in a few minutes she will leave that shelter and he will have a clear shot at her. And she will be directly between Walker and the stalker. He missed twice to take him out he wouldn’t miss this time. Walker comes out from behind the house, just as Alex moves out into the open. He aims his gun at the image in the trees at the same time that Alex sees him.

When Alex sees Walker it takes a minute for her to realize that he is pointing his gun at her. In almost that same instant she drops to the ground, hearing the sound of two shots as she hits the dirt.

Walker fires just a microsecond before Alex drops, and hears another shot an echo of his. He start running immediately towards Alex on the ground, with his eyes on the figure lying unmoving next to a large tree.

Kneeling beside her still form, “Alex?” his voice anxious. Not seeing any blood, he rolls her onto her back, “Alex, are you all right?”

Her eyes open, “Yes, I’m fine. What happened?”

He breathes a sigh and whispers a silent prayer, then tells her, “Stay down. I’ll be right back.” Knowing she is all right he cautiously approaches the downed shadow at the tree line, holding his gun ready. Turning the body over, he sees the red stain spreading across the chest of the woman looking up at him. “Help me,” her voice pleading.

“Don’t move I’ll call for help.” He turns to see Alex moving toward him, “Alex, call for Medivac, she’s still alive!”

Walker puts pressure on the wound to control the bleeding, and looking at her face, he wonders who she is, what her stake is in these attempts on Alex’s, and his, life. He knows she is not the one who was in Alex’s bedroom or who he chased down the alley. How many are in involved in this ‘murder for hire’ business.

Walker stands with his arm around Alex’s waist as Medivac takes off with the woman shooter on board. As it disappears over the trees, he turns her and they start back to the house. “Are you sure you’re all right Alex?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Then she remembers the way he had raced toward her and then taking care of the shooter. She stops and turns to really look at him. Her hands fly over him, and her eyes sweep his body, both meeting over the bandage around his middle. “Walker you’re bleeding again. Come on inside, let me look at that.”

Inside, she sits him at the kitchen table and takes off his bandage. There had been some slight seepage but very little, and it has already stopped. She cleans it up then after reapplying a bandage, says, “Now … I want you to go lay back down and rest.”

“Alex … you’ve already tricked me into sleeping late this morning. I’ve been in bed almost twelve hours so I’m not the least bit tired or sleepy.”

Alex smiles, glad that she at least got him to stay in bed this morning. It would have been a lot better if that shooter hadn’t shown up. “Walker,” she pleads, “for me, please?”

“Alex, I would do nothing up there but toss and turn. I’m going to stay down here. I’ll take it easy, okay?”

She finally relents with his promise to take it easy, and enjoys the time they spend together, taking short walks, talking about anything and everything. The next two days are spent much the same way.

The two had never spent this much time alone together without making love. And although Walker hasn’t put pressure on her, she knows that the desire has been there and with him starting to feel better, she is wondering how long she can keep him at bay. It has been harder on her, because she has no infirmities to keep her from wanting him. But remembering the ultimatum she had given him, she tries hard to keep her emotions in check.

As Walker’s healing progresses at a remarkable rate, his distance from Alex is getting harder for him to keep. He’s been catching himself, staring at her, watching her stretch, bend, walk or just sitting. He shouldn’t be thinking of her like that, or looking at her that way either, she said 30 days. God, it’s only been four and he’s about to go crazy with wanting her. He sits at the table watching her clear the dishes, putting them in the dishwasher, and without thinking about it, he stands and moves up behind her, kissing her softly on the side of her neck, nibbling at her ear. He feels the shiver run through her, and his body reacts instantly, his senses centering on the taste of her skin, the delicate fragrance of her body, and the feel of her in his arms, and his shaft pushing painfully against the zipper of his jeans as he pulls her back against him.

When she feels his lips on her neck, her first reaction is to go with it, and then she remembers the no lovin’ for 30 days, starts to pull away. But then he begins nibbling at her ear with his teeth, and she feels his heated breath on her neck, her body betrays her and she leans back against him, his arms tightening around her, his body hard against hers. Her breathing quickens and desire begins to coil tightly deep inside her.

His fingers begin probing at her shirt, and he unfastens one button, then another and slips his fingers inside the white blouse to touch the warm, silky skin of her stomach. He feels her tremble, muscles and nerve endings reacting to his touch, and that instant response affects him with the suddenness of a punch to the gut. Heat rushes through him, and every muscle in his body seems to contract in a spasm of raw need.

Alex had deliberately dressed in clothes so as not to entice this lover of hers, with a long flowing skirt and a shirt neatly tucked in. But it hadn’t helped; clothes would never deter him from what he wanted from her, of what she could give him. And now she wants him with every fiber in her body. She can feel the long ridge of his erection pressing against her buttocks, and she gyrates her hips against him. Then as he groans against her neck, she twists around until she is facing him, her mouth covering his, her tongue spearing deep, twining with his. Her arms circle his neck as she presses her body tightly against his. Her body, a body that he knows as well as his own.

He knows that if he brushes his lips just under her left ear, her whole body will shiver with pleasure. He knows that the silky flesh on the insides of her elbows is exquisitely sensitive, like the lower curve of each breast, and all around her navel.

He knows if he catches her lower lip gently between his teeth she will make a throaty little sound of need, and if he touches his tongue to the tiny birthmark on the swell her left breast she will gasp, and if he grazes his fingertips down her spine to its base she will moan and arch her back.

Walker knows all these things, and he uses all this knowledge to arouse Alex until she is frantic for him. Then, with a will he didn’t realize he had, he slowly pushes away from her, saying, “I … I’m sorry, Alex,” his voice thick with desire.

She stands there so frustrated she can’t speak, her body wound so tight she’s afraid to move. Grabbing the chair by the table, she takes several deep breathes, “For … for what?” forcing the words out in the breathy cry.

He looks at her with eyes that tell her he is still very aroused. “Your … 30 days aren’t up … yet.” Then with stumbling steps he turns and walks out of the room.

Not believing what has happened she turns and hurries after him, catching him just before he goes out the front door. She grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around, “You … you can’t just … leave me … like this.”

He looks at her with all the seriousness he can muster, “It was your idea, Alex, I’m just trying to keep you from breaking your word.”

“My … my idea?” Then the words that had spilled out of her mouth spontaneously, come back to haunt her. “What if … what if I said if you don’t go up stairs and rest like the doctor wanted, I … I won’t make love to you for a month.”

“Yes, your idea.” He says as a grin spreads across his face, but then it slowly fades as she moves toward him as a look of pure lust fills her eyes.

She pushes the door shut and melts into his arms. He smells of his early morning shower and his own special scent that makes her blood run hot and her heart to throb wildly against her ribs.

“If … you remember … I said … what if … it wasn’t a … vow.” She whispers, pulling his head down to hers.

His mouth grinds into hers and she moans, her fingers lifting quickly to her blouse to cope with the remaining buttons with feverish haste. She can feel him struggling with his own clothing, but the heat between them builds quickly to such a frenzied pitch that neither of them manage to get completely naked. Her bra, unfastened between the cups, dangle from her shoulders and though she manages to get her panties off, the buttons on her skirt are stubborn and the garment is rucked up around her waist when he pushes her back against the wall and knees her legs apart. And though he manages to get rid of his shirt, his jeans and shorts are shoved down only as far as necessary.

“Yes,” she whispers when he slides his hands around to grasp her buttocks and begins lifting her, “Yes.” Her legs close around him, grasping him, and he groans when her hot slippery sheath envelops his aching flesh.

With her back braced against the wall and her legs wrapped around his waist, he is supporting most of her weight. She is urging him on frantically, her low voice strained and throaty as she moans and whimpers her pleasure, and they know each other’s responses so well that their climb toward orgasm is swift and perfectly in sync.

Cries of pleasure fill the room when they climax, almost in the same second.

For a few minutes they remained locked together, with breath rasping and bodies trembling, the wall and his willpower holding them upright. But, finally, she loosens her legs and allows them to slide down over his, and he steadies her as their bodies disconnect and her feet find the floor.

Walker looks at her as he eases back away from her. Her hair is still tidy in her ponytail, her face serene, but there is a sensual flush to her cheeks, a heavy languid expression in her eyes, and her mouth is soft and slightly swollen.

He kissed her slowly, sensually, wanting her even more now, which is a customary thing. No matter how wildly and exciting the first time is, it only seems to intensify rather than satiate his desire for her.

He leans over and kisses her softly, then pulls up his shorts and jeans, then taking her hand, guides her toward the stairs. “I think I need to follow the doctors order and get some bed … rest.”


While Walker is sunning on the porch, Alex spreads the papers from her briefcase out on the dining room table. She picks up the notebook, and turns to the pages with the list of names and numbers. As she studies the names, her fingers begin playing with the rough edge of the book. Turning it up to look at it she sees a slit in the binding, and slides her fingernail along the edge. Probing with her finger she feels a small square object, and grasping it with her thumb and finger, she pulls it out. A floppy disk.

Her heart begins to beat a little faster and with a quick surge of excitement, she bends over and takes out the laptop from her briefcase. She plugs it in and nervously waits for it to start up. At the ready prompt she pushes the disk into the slot, and hits a key. Only two words come up in the inventory, “Quick Death.” She clicks on it and waits, and then slowly the screen fills with names and numbers. As she watches, lists of several prominent citizens, as well as some not so prominent, with dates and amounts, spread across the screen. “My God,” she whispers. “This is bigger than I thought.”


Alex is sitting there musing over what she has discovered when she hears a thud against the front of the house. Afraid that Walker might have fallen, she rushes out of the dining room toward the screen door. Before she can get to the door, Walker comes crashing into the foyer, taking the screen door with him.

“Walker, what…”

He scrambles away from the open doorway, grabs Alex, pulling her down on the floor against the outside wall. “Shooter!”

“Are you all right?” she demands to know.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Good question.”

A shot comes through the open door, tearing into the railing of the stairs. Alex screams. Walker hollers, “Damn!”

“Where is he?”

“Don’t know.”

“No! Alex,” he screams as she dives across the open area, then scrunching down on her belly, she squirms her way into the dining room, where her cell phone is. Grabbing it off the table she quickly dials Jimmy on his cell phone.


“Jimmy,” her voice almost shrieking, “We’re being shot at, we’re pinned down in the house.”

“Tell him to be careful!” Walker hollers in her direction.

“I heard that. I’m already half way there, Alex.”

“Hurry, Jimmy!” But he has already dropped his cell phone to concentrate on his driving.

Alex hears another thud against the house, and then before she leaves the table she quickly pops out the disk, sticking it in her back pocket, and makes her way back to the front door, she feels a whisper of air on her arm and drops to the floor, screaming out loudly.


“I’m-I’m all right. It … it missed me”

“Alex, I see him!”


“You stay here,” he hands her his gun, “I’m going to get around behind him.”

She grabs at his arm, “Walker, please, wait for Jimmy…”

“I can’t take a chance on him getting away, Alex,” he brushes his lips across hers, “stay down.”

She watches as he slips away from her and heads into the back of the house. She tries to peek out the door but is forced back inside by another bullet slamming into the wall over her head.

Reaching to pick up the small throw rug, she lifts it up with the barrel of the gun and raises it into the doorway.


Wriggling down onto her belly she inches over to peak out the door.


Rising a little higher, trying to find Walker, but instead sees Trivette’s car turning into the drive. Stop then slowly move forward, only to stop again. She watches as the door opens and Jimmy eases out and into the brush at the side of the drive. Losing him her eyes begin searching for Walker again, but still she doesn’t see him. Throwing caution to the wind, she stands at the side of the door, but the silence from outside is slowly driving her crazy. No wind, now twittering of birds, absolute stillness. Worried sick she makes a dash for the kitchen and the back door. It’s standing wide open and the screen door is swaying on its hinges. Just as she starts out the back door, she hears a crashing sound back by the front door.

Rushing back the way she had come, she sees Jimmy just rising from the floor. She reaches for him, helping him away from the open door.

“Are you all right?” he gasps from his mad rush to get inside.

“Yes, I’m fine. Did you see Walker?”

“No … thought he was in here with you.”

“He went out the back door about twenty minutes ago, to look for the shooter.”

“Oh … figures.”

“Jimmy, I haven’t heard anything since he went out the door. We need to go look for him.”

“No, Alex. You know he can take care of himself. We’ll wait here…”

So they sit huddled together on the floor by the door, waiting … waiting for either Walker to return, another shot … something.

Ten minutes pass, then twenty, Alex is starting to shake with worry. “Jimmy, I can’t…”

A noise from the back of the house stops her words and she grabs Jimmy’s arm and he raises his gun, aiming toward the kitchen door.

“It’s me, I’m coming in,” and a short minute later Walker, with a rifle in his hand, steps around the corner, and Alex is in his arms just a second later. As her face buries in his neck he slides his arm around her waist. “I’m all right.”

Trivette stands up and moves over in front of the couple. “Did you find him?”

Pausing to draw in a deep breathe of air, “Yes … he’s back there,” he nods toward the back door.

Jimmy moves around him going to the back door. Stepping outside he sees a body lying in the grass and moves quickly toward it. Stooping down, his gun ready, he prods the man, hears a groan as the prone figure rolls over on his back. Jimmy smiles as he looks at the face that may at one time been handsome, but the bruising on his face, turning a deep purple, would not attest to that now.

“Come on, get to your feet,” Jimmy says, pulling on his arm.

“I can’t … he … almost … killed me.”

“You’re lucky he didn’t,” and Jimmy knows that if Alex had been hurt, in all probability the man would be dead. With another tug, the man gets to him feet, wobbling and staggering, he is pulled into the house.

Alex turns and sees the man stumbling into the room, and as he raises his head and recognizing him, says, “That’s the man, that’s the man who tried to kill me.”

The shooter blinks his eyes trying to clear the mist from his brain, and stares at the blonde women in the arms of the man who just about killed him. He smiles in a slow, evil sneer and says, “Yeah, baby, you are one good looking babe in the buff. To bad I…”

He didn’t get to finish because Walker’s fist is in his mouth, shoving his teeth down his throat.

Trivette lets go of him as he crumbles to the floor, then he looks up at his partner, “Walker, why did you do that, now I’ve got to carry him to the car.” But Trivette is smiling, knowing that if Walker hadn’t done it, he would have.


They stand in the doorway, watching as Trivette’s car moves down the driveway and turns onto the highway, heading for Dallas, with his prisoner.

“Do you think it’s over now, Walker? Is that the last one?”

“I don’t know, Alex. But I think we need to get back to Dallas, and check into this firsthand. Maybe that woman that shot at you will be ready to talk now.”

She stands there looking up at him, “I guess so.” But she doesn’t move out of his arms, even though this week had been on the traumatic side, the time in his arms had been heaven, and she didn’t want it to end. “I’ll go … change.”

As she pulls away, he touches her arm, “Alex…”

She turns back to him and looks questioningly at his face. He looks intense and driven. She waits, but he says nothing else, he just stares at her, her hand gently touching his arm. Smiling in understanding, she steps back to him and gently touches his brow. Her touch seems to give him the impetus to move and he pulls her to him, pressing her tightly against his chest. His arms wrap tightly around her, so tightly that she can scarcely draw breath. Just as suddenly, he thrusts her from him, holding her at arms length, his hands tight on her upper arms. He looks at her and then mutters, "Oh god," and his mouth clamps over hers as he kisses her deeply, roughly, almost harshly. Reaching down, he lifts her high into his arms and takes the stairs so quickly that she doesn't know how he managed it. Still kissing her, he manages to maintain both his breath and his balance as he reaches the landing and strides rapidly into the master bedroom. He lays her across the bed and follows after her, ridding himself and her of clothing, ignoring the ripping sounds as his hands lose patience with mundane things like buttons and zippers.

Alex tries to gentle him, soothing her hands down his back and returning his kisses as he continues to press her hard into the mattress.

All the gentleness and patience that Walker routinely showed her in their lovemaking is gone and his face is as if carved in granite. He lifts up and away from her and Alex watches fascinated as all signs of the civilized man she knows and loves are stripped from his countenance and there is nothing left but the primal beast called MAN.

His hands go to her thighs and roughly part them and he positions himself above her and then reaches below her, lifting her buttocks up and off the bed.

Just as he begins his inward stroke, he pauses and Alex sees a fleeting glimpse of her Walker, her cowboy. "I'm sorry," he murmurs, "tell me to stop," he almost pleads. Alex remains mute and the moment is gone, he again reverts to the conquering man who has no thoughts of love and sweetness, but who needs to stake his claim. He surges into her depths causing a gasp as he plunges into her so quickly, so completely. Tears gather in her eyes as she consciously relaxes her pelvic muscles, giving him easier access. Her body, always in tune with his has immediately lubricated itself for his possession. Walker establishes a punishing rhythm and pumps again and again into her, desperately striving for release. Release of his fear, of his worry, of his desire and his passion.

Alex closes her eyes and enjoys the illicit thrill this unusual 'taking' of her causes. She is reaching that point with him and suddenly he stops and collapses down onto her and then withdraws and rolls away. Alex cries out in shock and frustration as her journey to paradise is suddenly derailed and ripped away.

Walker lies next to her panting, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he says over and over. Alex turns him back toward her so that he lies on his back panting. "You should be!" she exclaims. Walker's arm comes up to cover his eyes, so ashamed at his loss of control. Alex straddles him and roughly grabs his over-engorged flesh and pushes herself down on top of him. Walker's arm flies off of his eyes and they widen in shock as she sits on top of him grinning the grin, of a truly wanton 'and damn proud of it!' woman.

"Don't you ever take me halfway to heaven and then leave me hanging!" she scolds him. She leans forward, balancing her hands on his shoulders and begins a demanding rhythm that if anything is even more brutal than the one he had begun. Her breasts swing over his chest as his eyes watch them, fascinated, and then his hands come up to catch them. He squeezes her nipples tightly as she rides him hard. Both close their eyes and block out all the sights and sounds. There is only the feel of two bodies, sliding against each other in the most primal dance of all, in the scent of sweat and passion, until finally a jubilant war cry is drowned out by a matching cry of lower timber. Collapsing onto her lover, Alex lies there as they both heave in breaths.

Two bodies drenched in sweat, still connected in the most intimate of ways, lay sprawled over the tangled sheets and blankets. The only sound in the room is the labored breathing and the thundering hearts that is slowly, very slowly returning too normal.

Finally after several long minutes, Alex stretches her legs down the length of his, gyrating her hips slightly over his before pressing down and tightening her inner muscles around him, bringing a flutter of a response from the maleness still buried deep within her. She has never before felt so complete, it’s as though this act with this man has given her the only moment of wholeness she has ever known.

Tightening her muscles around him once more, she feels the soft growl from deep in his chest reverberating against her swollen breasts, and a tiny smile spreads across her lips, as the flesh inside her begins to swell and enlarge once again.

He tightens his arms around Alex as he feels the storm of desire rising, feels his member growing, filling the tight sheath of this woman, and is almost amazed that he could be so ready so soon after that cataclysmic orgasm had consume him. He shouldn’t have, because he has always had this kind of response to Alex, right from the very first.

When she starts rocking with him, he gently disengages from her and rolls her onto her back, bringing a soft cry of “Walker?”

“Shh…” he murmurs against her lips, then taking her mouth fully with his as he brings his leg up across hers, keeping her anchored in place. Whereas the first was wild and urgent, he vows to himself that this time will be slow and lasting. He works his mouth over hers lightly, touching, teasing, tasting, and when her lips part his tongue slips inside the soft cavern, exploring and thrusting deep as his hand begins to stroke and massage her already swollen breasts, his fingers plying their expertise to the harden tips.

Her body begins to grind in the sheets and soft moans escape her lips as she feels the exquisite rise of molten desire begin to flow through her senses once again. When his mouth leaves hers, she gasps in frustration at the loss, but when his lips close over her sensitive nipple she arches up, urging him to take her deeper. Her hands surround his head holding him close, never wanting the sensations to stop. Teeth nibble and lips tug, sending surges of desire spearing into her lower regions. He leaves one breast only to devour the other, leaving her feeling like she’s on fire.

As his mouth, teeth and tongue pleasure her breasts, his hand brushes down over her belly, his fingers plowing through the blonde curls, cupping her briefly before slipping between her legs to the moist aching center of her.

Her legs begin to scissor, desire burgeoning like a balloon inside of her, ready to burst. Frantic for release from the pressure building within her, she reaches for him, wanting him to be inside her, to fill her, to bring this sweet agonizing ache to completion. When she feels him move down between her legs, her body tenses with anticipation. He lifts her hips off the bed and buries his face into her sweet tender moistness, and she screams at the first touch of his tongue against the hot swollen nubbin of her desire. She explodes into fragments of pleasure, but he doesn’t let up, his tongue spears deep and deeper inside her, until her body is bucking with multiple orgasms ripping through her. Only her soft cries of “Walker … no more … please,” pulls him away from her delights, to move over her, settling his engorged manhood into the soft nitch his mouth has just left, slipping easily into her well lubricated sheath.

She rises up to take him fully and deeply inside her, unable to believe of the desire that is once again building rapidly within her. She wraps her legs around his waist and joins him as they begin the age-old dance of love. When her climax comes, it is shockingly intense, sweeping over her in waves and waves of hot, throbbing ecstasy. She is barely aware of whispering, of holding Walker with all the strength left to her while he shudders and cries out hoarsely, when she drains him of that essence that is man’s to give and woman’s to take and falls trembling to her side, wrapping her still shaking body in his arms, where they finally fall asleep from exhaustion. She wakes sometime during the night and feels Walker’s hand slide across her stomach and dip down between her legs. With out hesitation she turns into his arms, letting him love her again.


Arriving back in Dallas, midmorning, they go straight to the courthouse, to check in and to see, what, if any, new developments have risen. The woman that had tried to take Alex out, is still in the hospital but the man, Abel Manning, the man who Walker had captured, at the ranch, is in jail.

Alex spends the rest of the afternoon, interrogating Manning, who turns out to be Kelston’s partner in a murder for hire business and the woman is Manning’s wife, Anna. The trip to the Walker ranch to kill Alex turned out to be Anna’s idea alone, fearing that if Alex found the evidence against Kelston, then Manning would fall with him. She loved her husband and would do anything to stop his prosecution.

One month after the attempted murder of ADA Cahill and Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, the trial is over. Manning and Kelston are sentenced to life with out parole, and Anna receives 30 yrs with parole possible after 15 years.


Alex is in her office, closing out the case and filing away the folders when the door is pushed open and Walker enters.

Looking up, she smiles, the sight of her lover brings a deep yearning and a sparkle to her eyes. “Hi.”

“You about through?” At her nod, “Why don’t you come out to the ranch, we’ll have lunch … maybe take a light … nap?” His eyes darken as he moves to her side.

“We can go riding afterwards,” he murmurs, leaning over to kiss her softly on the lips, the heat of his lips warming her entire body.

“Or we could go before,” she teases.

“Not likely.” He isn’t sure suddenly whether he can even wait until the ranch house.

“Don’t I have anything to say about it?”


The single word strums and ripples through her with delectable intensity, wondering how she had ever survived without him.

“Am I supposed to just submit?”

His dark gaze slowly travels down her body. “As I recall, you weren’t particularly meek, a few weeks ago.”

“The way I’m feeling right now, I’m wondering if you can keep up.”

His low chuckle warms his eyes. “I’m sure gonna give it my damnedest efforts.” He lifts her from the chair and they leave the office in some semblance of control, but past remembrances are making their leisure exit almost impossible.

The End