The Fallen Love, That Found Love Again

                          By Tiffany Hollinger




Alex sat in the couch of her new apartment. She sat on the couch that looked like the one she and Walker had sat on. They would sit on the coach and just cuddle together. Now the cuddling was gone. There was no more Walker and Alex. They had decided to break up after a long relationship. Alex felt alone and scared. They had tried to make the marriage work after they lost their second daughter that they named Emily. Now all they have is Angela.

It was only a year ago that they had lost Emily. Angela was one, and Alex was not sure at first if she wanted another baby so soon. That’s when she found out that she was pregnant with Emily. Through the pregnancy everything was fine, and then when it came to give birth, she came into the world not breathing. After working on her over 30 minutes, they pronounced Emily dead. When the doctor told Alex and Walker, there was a lot of crying. Then went to the funeral and then went all the pain that had built up inside of them. Then that all came out after the funeral, each blamed each other for the death of the baby. Walker blamed Alex for not wanting it at first and then Alex blamed Walker for getting her pregnant again, and then she also blamed herself. She blamed herself also for not wanting the baby at first, but then the more she started to think, the more she thought “did I not eat enough, did I not take enough vitamins, what?”

Now after a year later she is divorced and has a two-year-old daughter that goes to her fathers every other weekend. She hates that Angela has to be put in a middle of a terrible situation. She has two parents that won’t look at each other, and have other people take their place to pick up Angela, just so they don’t have to look at each other or say anything. This was killing Alex, she had just got a job offer to go to Huston for a job, so when she’s at work she does not have to run into Walker.

When she found out about the job offer she thought that Walker would not let her take Angela down there but then she thought it was a try. So she walked down to his office to tell him what she wanted to do. When she walked into the Ranger Department everyone stopped and stared. She walked right to his desk and asked if she could talk to him for a second.

So Walker got up from his desk and walked to the first examining rooms and opens the door. Alex then walks in and Walker shuts the door. “Alex what is it that you want from me?”

“Walker what I want is for Angela and me to go to Huston for a job. I want you to let me take her with me.”

“Alex if you take Angela to live in Huston with you, that’s like taking the only thing from me. You would hurt me.”

“You think you are the only one hurting you are wrong. She is the only thing that is keeping me going. I need her, and I am her mother. We will only be in Houston. You can come and see her any time you want.”

“Alex that’s not what I want, I want what we had, we had a family. Angela, you, me and Emily were going to be a family but we lost her.”

‘Walker she is gone, we can’t do anything about that. You are so stuck on what would have been there in the future, but there is no future for us. What we had is lost and it’s not going to come back anytime soon.”

“No Alex don’t say that, don’t be like that, I hate when you do that. You act like we will never have any more kids.”

“Walker we are divorced!”

“I hate this, hate sleeping with out you, I hate that Angela is not in her room every night. I hate that I can’t keep you both safe.”

“Walker we divorced because we blamed each other for Emily’s death. I need to move on.   I need to leave Dallas and forget the pain. Now please let me take Angela and go to Huston.”

“Fine I will let you take her and go, but I will come see her as often as I can come and I want Angela to be able to come and stay with me on weekends.”

“Fine if that’s what it will take to get out of Dallas then I will do that Walker.”

Now Alex sits on the couch as she had just looked back on just a month ago. She missed him, she missed waking up next to him, but months ago she could not admit it. She was being to stubborn and did not want to admit that she still loved him.

There was suddenly a knock on the front door. Alex gets up to answer the door when she hears Angela wake up and was crying. She decides to get the door and then get Angela. She opens the door and there in front of her is Walker.

“Walker, your early.”

“Oh well I thought that it would take me a lot longer to get here but it didn’t. I’m only an hour early.”

“Well, you are just in time Angela just woke up from her nap.”

“That’s good, so aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“Yeah but the cool thing about my new job, I can do everything from home and when I have to be at the office I can take Angela with me.”

“That works perfect for you.”

“I guess it does, I just don’t trust anyone to watch our daughter.”

“That makes a lot of sense.”

“I like that she can be with me and I don’t have to be worried that something could go wrong.” Alex then makes it to Angela’s bedroom and opens the door all the way open. She sees Angela sitting up holding onto the side of the crib. Alex walks up to her and picks her up. Walker could not help but love that moment, seeing his daughter and Alex share a moment. “Look angel, daddy is hear to take you for the weekend.”

“Well Alex I don’t think she is that excited about coming with me.” Walker then had moved closer to them.

“I think she is just tired Walker, here can you take her so I can get her stuff ready for the weekend.” Alex then handed Angela to Walker.

While Alex went around getting things that Angela should need for the weekend with her father, Walker was rocking Angela in the chair. Alex had stopped and looked at them and saw one moment that she had seen just a year ago.

Alex had been up all night the night before, so Walker had told her that he would stay up with Angela if she woke up that night. That night Walker was woken by Alex telling him that Angela was calling for him. He had then gotten out of bed and walked to Angela’s room. He then walked over and picked her up and took her to the rocking chair and sat down. He started to talk to Angela. Alex was lying in bed and noticed that she could her Walker talking to Angela about her future, and how much mommy and daddy love her. The next morning Alex woke, noticing that Walker was not in bed and went to Angela room and saw that they where both asleep in the rocking chair.

“Alex earth to Alex! Is everything okay.”

Alex looked straight at him, “yes Walker I’m fine, thank you. I just remembered something from the past.” Alex then got up and left the room to finish putting Angela’s stuff together.

About 15 minutes later Alex had everything Angela needed for her weekend with her daddy.

“Well I guess this is it, see you Sunday”?

“Yeah I will have her back to you close to dinner.”

“That is great, you and Angela have fun. I love you sweetheart. See you Sunday.”

Walker and Angela both had then left and Alex was alone, She then decided to get some work done that she had put off from yesterday.

In Dallas, Walker had thought that he should take Angela to C.D.’s to see Grandpa CD and Trivette. When he walked in with Angela the guys were all impressed.

“Walker I didn’t know that this was your weekend with Angela?” as he made a move closer to Walker.

“Well Trivette it is my weekend.” They then move to go sit down at a table that C.D. soon comes to join them.

“Walker she looks just like Alex with her blonde hair, and blue eyes. So would you guys like something to eat”?

“Yeah I would and Angela already had her dinner. Alex has her on a special diet. She thinks because Angela is 2, we should keep everything healthy, and nothing sweet. But just incase she is hungry, you can get her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

“Okay, and you want the usual?”

“Yeah C.D.”

“So Walker how is Alex doing?” Trivette says.

“Well better, she really is doing well.  Her job allows her to stay at home and when she has to be in her office they allow her to take Angela with her.”

“So are you going to give up on trying to get her back?”

“Trivette I don’t think with all the damage she would take me back. But today when I was rocking Angela in the chair, and Alex was getting Angela’s stuff together she looked at me for the longest time and I though I saw love for me in her eyes.”

“Walker I know that both of you blame each other for the baby’s death…but…” Walker had just interrupted Trivette.

“Her name was Emily!”

“Walker I’m sorry.”

“No I’m sorry, I just hate that everyone acts like she had no name, like she was a baby that everyone knew was going to die. Like we should have never named her.”

“Walker it just hard to talk about Emily, what I was trying to say was that both you and Alex blamed each other. Everyone thought you two would always be together.”

“I know, I think we both did, but losing Emily just tore us apart. It made us hate each other. At first neither of us blamed each other but then we ended up turning on each other and we would fight and fight.  Neither of us wanted to look at one another, and when Alex one day during a fight in the kitchen blurted out that she wanted a divorce. That’s when it all came down.”

“Walker you are going to get through this. You have Angela.”

“I know that Trivette but I can’t take seeing her every other weekend. I hate that I’m not there protecting them, that I can’t help Alex tuck Angela into bed. When Angela is home I feel okay, but it is not the same without Alex there.”

“Maybe you should think about dating, I know this girl, and she is your type, she should be here in a few minutes.”

“What I can’t met her tonight I have Angela, and I am still not over Alex.”

“Well I forgot about Angela coming, and  I told her that you have a daughter. So she knows, she can just meet her now. Oh look who is here. Colleen over here.” Trivette raises his hand and waves for her to come over to them.

“Hi Trivette.”

“Hi Colleen this is Walker and his daughter Angela.”

“All she is so cute. I though that she was with her mom.”

“Will I kind of got my weekends mixed up.”

“Will that does not matter at all because I love kids. So you are Walker?”

“Yeah I’m Walker.”

“I don’t know what you ex-wife was thinking because you are hot.”

“Well thank you. Trivette then gets up.

“Trivette where are you going?”

“Oh I was thinking the bar so you guys could talk, and Angela and Colleen could get to know each other as will.

Back in Houston Alex could not stop thinking about Angela and Walker, she decided to call Walker to make sure that Angela was okay.

Walker’s cell phone started to ring and Walker then answered the phone. “Hello Walker.”

“Walker its me Alex, I was calling to see if you and Angela made it.”

“Angela you have the cutest curls, here do you want a sip of that.”

Alex could here Colleen’s voice through the phone and her heart drops. “Look could I just talk to her for a moment, and then I’ll call later to say good night.”

“Yeah sure her she is. Walker holds the phone out to Angela, “guess who is on the phone.”

“Mommy!” Walker then puts Angela on the phone.

“So that’s your ex-wife. Does she always call while you are on dates?”

“Well actually she did not call to talk to me, she called to talk to Angela, and no she does not, because you are actually my first date.”

Over the phone Alex is telling Angela how much she loves her and Angela keeps saying that she wants mommy. Alex tells her that she will call her tonight to say good night and that she had to go. Angela then hands Walker the phone and says that she wants mommy.

“Honey mommy will call to night.”

“You know you might want to wean her of that talking to mommy while she is with you or you are going to have problems.”

“No she is just with her mom all the time.”

“Even at work?”

“Will her work allows her to be at home and then when she has to go to the office Angela can go with her.”

“Don’t you think that, her putting your daughter in that kind of situation can cause her to never want to be without her mom?”

“No, I mean I think that Angela is fine, it allows Alex to be with Angela and not have to leave her with some person that she does not know.”

“So you don’t care that you ex-wife just called and talked to your daughter and now you have a daughter crying and wanting her mom, before she called she was fine.”

“Alex just called to see if we made it and that everything was okay.”

“Here you go sticking up for your ex-wife.”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Okay maybe a little.”

After they had got done eating Walker invited her to come with Angela and him to the ranch. She had said yes and they had headed to the ranch. When they got to the ranch it was late and Angela was tired and still wanting mommy. So when they got to the house they went to take Angela to her room and change her when the phone rang at the ranch. Walker was to busy trying to get Angela in her pajamas so walker asked Colleen to grab the phone.

“Hello Colleen”

“Hi I must have the wrong number?”

“Wait are you calling for Walker?”

“Yes actually I am.”

“Here let me get him for you.” Colleen walks into the room and sees Walker pick Angela up from putting on her pajamas.

“Ah Walker there is a call for you.”

“Here can you play with Angela then.”

“Yeah I would love to.”

Alex could here them talking and Angela crying.  It was upset her but thought that she would talk to him about it when he dropped Angela off.

“Ah this is Walker.”

“It’s me Alex!” Walker then gets a look on his face, Alex did not mean for it to come out like that.

“Did you call to talk to Angela?”

“Yes, I called to tell her good night.”

“Okay, I will give her the phone.” Walker then starts to walk toward Angela and waves the phone in the air to her. “Angela, Mommy is on the phone.” Angela gets all excited and stops crying, while Colleen gets a look in her face.

“Walker do you really think that she should talk to her mom. I mean that would be like giving her what she wanted. She wanted mommy ever since the last time she called. Now by you handing her the phone with mommy on it she knows that she can get what she wants.”

Alex had heard the whole thing before Walker had handed Angela the phone. Walker then hands Angela the phone.”

Angela starts to laugh and that’s when Alex knows that Angela has the phone.

“Hi sweetie, mommy misses you so much. Honey its time to go to sleep.”

“I want song!”

“Have daddy put you in bed first.”

“Daddy I want bed!” Walker then lefts Angela and puts her in bed with the phone.

Alex then sang to Angela as she fell a sleep. When Angela was asleep Walker took the phone.

“What did you do?”

“I sang to her, we sing every night when I tuck her in. She can’t sleep without hearing the song over and over again.”

“Wow that’s amazing.”

“It really nothing, its funny though because my father tried to sing it to her and she told him to stop. She only falls asleep when I sing to hear. Well I should go, I have a lot of work a head of me tomorrow at the office, and a lunch date with a friend.”

“Bye Alex.”

“Bye Walker.” Then they both had hung up.

“Walker you should not give her that kind of power. She is turning your daughter against you and ruining your weekend together.”

“I know that’s what it seems, but its not. She just loves Angela to death.”

“You need to stop stick up for her.”

“Look why don’t we go down stairs and get know each other more?”

As Walker got to know her he started to like her even more. He decided that he could very well date this woman. That’s when Walker had decided to ask her out.

“I know that I don’t know you that well but will you go out with me.”

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend Walker?”

“Yes Colleen that was what I was asking.”

“Yes Walker I will date you.”

The next morning they woke in each other arms on the couch, and a crying Angela. They both stood up.

“It’s okay Walker if you don’t mind I will get her.”

          “Yeah that’s fine Colleen.”

When Colleen got to the room and walked in she heard Angela yelling for mommy.

          “Its okay Angela, I’m here for you instead of mommy.”

“I want mmmmooooommmmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!”

“You got me and that’s good.” Colleen then carries Angela down stairs to the kitchen and put her in the booster seat.

“Was she calling for mommy?”

“Yeah she was screaming for her.”

“Well she should be calling soon.”

“Wait a minute you let her call and talk to Angela when ever she wants.”

“It lets Angela feel safe and secure.”

“Can’t she spend a weekend with out mommy.”

That’s when the phone rings and Walker picks it up.

“It’s Alex, is Angela up?”

“Yeah here she is.”

“Walker gives her the phone.”

Alex heard what the women said and became upset but she could not sound upset for Angela.

The weekend went fast and it was now time for Walker to take Angela back to Houston.

When they got there Alex was waiting outside. Walker got out of the tuck and then got Angela out.  Angela started to kick him to let her down. When Walker put her down he saw Angela running for Alex.

“Well she must have missed you.”

“I guess she did, and here I was all worried she wouldn’t.” Alex then walked Angela into the house and Walker followed. “Look honey why don’t you go play with your toys. Mommy wants to talk to daddy about something.”

“Alex what do you need to talk to me about?”

“What do I need to talk to you about? What I need to talk to you about is our daughters future that’s what.”

“Alex what are you getting at?”

“I heard her. Every time this weekend while I was on the phone with OUR DAUGHTER! I don’t remember that woman giving birth to Angela. Angela is none of her business Walker.”

“Alex she was trying to be helpful to me.”

“No Walker she was trying to tell you how to raise OUR DAUGHTER! I feel that it is in her best interest to be with me and not with you. I already have had the court approve it.”

“Are you serious Alex?”

“Yes Walker because she is my only daughter and I will not allow you to take her from me.”

“No Alex what is it really about?”

“That’s it Walker right there in front of you. My daughter means the world to me, and I can’t lose her too. I already lost Emily.”

“Alex it was not your fault about Emily, she died and we both could have done nothing about it. Here we are a year later, divorced and know you took our daughter from me. We let our daughters’ death destroy us.” Walker takes a step closer to Alex and when he meets her eyes he grabs Alex’s face and leans in and kisses her.

As they kissed, the passion grows and grows until they were on the floor wrapped in each other’s arms. It was like they had found the connection that had connected them all those years before.

Alex broke from the kiss and got up from the floor and reached out for Walkers hand. Walker grabbed her hand and she led him to the bedroom. As they walked to the bedroom they looked in Angela’s room and saw that she had fallen asleep playing with her toys. They kept on walking to the bedroom, when they got to the door Alex opened it and Walker picked her up and put her on the bed. That whole night they became as one. Every breath, every movement, every word spoken, they became one. That night they had showed the love that had use to be and the love that they could have still have.

The next morning they woke side by side. Walker had his arm around Alex and Alex had her hand on his chest. When they realized what they both had done they jumped.

“Walker what did we just do?”

“I think we just did what we both thought would not happen between us, ever again.”

“Walker we can’t do this to Angela, we made are decision and we can’t confuse her any more then we have.”

They both got up from the bed and went to put some clothes on. When they where both dressed they went out of the room. Alex first thought was Angela, so she made a stop at her room. When she walked into the room she saw that Angela was still sleeping. She went over to her and picked her up. Angela moved but moved so she was comfortable in Alex’s arms. That’s when Walker walked in and saw his beautiful daughter sleeping in Alex’s arms.

“Will don’t she look cute in your arms, like she belongs.”

“Will she does and I’m surprised that she slept that long.”

“Why are you surprised that she slept that long?”

“The reason I say that is she usually wakes up in the night and I have to rock her and sing to her back to sleep.”

“Alex what do we do about last night?”

“I think we should do nothing Walker, it was a mistake what we did, it should have never happened.”

“Alex how can you say that? I love you Alex! I love what we used to have and what we should have had.”

“Then you tell me what happened with that woman Walker?”

“What woman?”

“The woman that was with you at C.D.’s, the one that was at the ranch and spent the night together with you and Angela.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about her. I met her through Trivette.” Alex looks him in the face and a tear comes down her face. She felt something that she though that she would not feel. But today she felt it, she felt it in her heart. Walker looked at her face and saw the tears coming down her face. Walker could not take it, he ran, he ran out of the room and straight to the door and then to his truck.

It had been weeks since Alex had heard from Walker. She had tried to forget about what had happened all those weeks before. It was Monday morning another week to get through. She got out of bed and was feeling a little sick, when she ends up running to the bathroom in full sprint. When she came out she heard Angela calling for her. She decided that she should call the doctor and make an appointment with the doctor so if she is sick, she does not get Angela sick as well. She went in and got Angela out of her crib and then carried her to the living room and put her down on the floor and as she grabbed the phone it rang.

“Hello Alex Cahill Walker!”

“Alex its me Walker.”

“Oh, hi Walker.”

“Look Alex I was wondering if I could come down and see Angela this weekend?”

“Yeah sure I think Angela would love to see you.”

“Okay great, well I have to go bye?”


Walker hung up the phone.

“Walker you should fight for Angela.”

“I can’t that would break Alex’s heart, and any way my job is to dangerous to raise a child on my own.”

“What is your ex-wife doing?”

“Alex does not have a dangerous job like I do. Alex is a good mother to Angela. I can’t try and split them apart.”

Walker gets up from the bar, kisses her and then leaves C.D.’s and heads to work.

“Hi, I would like to make an appointment with the doctor.”

“Okay we can set one for you today.”

“Thank you so much.”

“The appointment will be at 10.”

“Okay I will be there.”

It was almost 10 and Angela was not wanting to listen to Alex.  She almost thought they would be late but they actually made it right on time. They waited in the waiting room to be called on.

“Miss Cahill Walker!”

“Yes that’s me.”

“Right this way please.” Alex then got up and grabbed Angela and her purse along with the diaper bag. Angela was wiggling all around in her arms. “So this is your daughter?”

“Yes, her name is Angela.  But I think today she does not want to listen to me.”

“So I guess today she is just having an off day.”

“Yeah something like that.”

“Well I will have the doctor in to see you. We also noticed that you have not had your yearly check up, so we would like to that today.”

“That would be great.”

“Your daughter is so cute. She looks just like you.”

“Thank you. There are days where I think that I can’t believe that she is mine.”

“Well she’s adorable.” The nurse then leaves and soon after there is a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Alex it’s so good to see you. Is this the cute little girl name Angela.”

“Yeah, this is Angela.”

“Okay Alex whats going on?”

“Will yesterday and the day before and today I have woken up sick.”

“Will have you thrown up all through the day?”

“No just in the morning.”

“Alex of all people, I though you could figure it out. You are throwing up every morning and just in the morning. You have gone through this twice and I thought you could figure this out.”

“Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“Yes Alex I’m saying that is not the flu. What you have is a case of pregnancy. Just to make sure we will take some blood and have you take a test.”

“Okay.” Alex then goes and takes the test in the bathroom and then goes back to the room and waits with the doctor and Angela.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do if I am.”

“Alex are you scared to have another baby?”

“I’m scared that everything will be fine and then I go in to give birth and I lose the baby. It’s happen to me, and I just don’t know if I can go through it again.”

“Alex you can do it. Just because you lost your second that way, does not mean you will lose the next one that way.” Then the beeper went off. “You want me to look?”

“Yeah could you.” she then picks up the stick and there it had a plus.

“Alex, congratulations.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, until the test results come back that will make it official.”

“Thank you.”

“Alex I have the perfect person for you to go to for a doctor that works with high risk pregnancies.”

“Okay will I think I’m going to go home and relax?”

“I’ll have the doctor office call you and make an appointment.”

“Thank you.” Alex and Angela then left the doctors office. When they go to the car Alex puts Angela in her car seat. Then she got in and started to break down.  

She could not believe that this was happening, she felt that she could not handle going through another heart break but she could not stop this baby from growing inside her. That would be like killing Angela before she was born. So she knew that was out of plan. Now the only thing to do would be to let the baby grow inside her and see where it goes.

She knew that she would have to tell Walker but to wait until it was a sure thing. She was scared and did not know where to turn. She started the car and starts to go home.

At C.D.’s Trivette and C.D. could see that something was on Walker’s mind, so Trivette decides to ask, “Walker what’s on you mind.”

“Everything Trivette.”

“What do you mean?”

“Alex, Angela, and Colleen. Colleen says that I make to much excuses for Alex and that I should fight for Angela to come and live with me.”

“So what is there to think about?”

“What’s to think about is that I have Alex who is an great mother to Angela, and I can see it when she looks at Angela. I just can’t tear them apart. I know that Colleen means well but I still love Alex.”

“I know you do.”

“I called Alex and asked if I could come up and see her and she said that she did not see it being a problem.”

“So you are going to go up there and see Angela.”

“Yeah that’s the plan. That also gives me time to talk to her.”

“What are you going to talk to her about, I was going to talk to her about if it would be okay if I rent an apartment out there and drove up there every other weekend and Angela could stay with me there.”

“Walker but what about Colleen?”

“Trivette I need to see my daughter.”

“So what you are just going to blow her off so you can live out there every other weekend and try and fix what you and Alex had while spending time with your daughter.

“I like Colleen but I love Alex and I will always love her she is the mother of my daughter.”

“She is also the women that wanted a divorce and wanted to move to Houston.”

“We were both unhappy, we need help Trivette, and we both still have those feeling we had for before it went wrong, I just know we do.”

The week went by quick and Walker was on his way to Houston. He was on his way to see his daughter and to find out some very unexpected news.

Alex was sitting on the couch reading a magazine and watching Angela play with her toys when the doorbell rang. Alex got up and walked to the door and opened it. There was Walker right in front of her. Then the phone rang and she went to answer it, while Walker walked over to Angela to play with her.

“Hello Alex Cahill Walker.”

“Miss. Walker we have the test results.”

“Okay what is it?” Walker gets up and moves closer to Alex to listen to the conversation.

“Miss Walker the test has came out positive, you are pregnant.”

“Are you sure?”

“We went through the test twice.”

“Thank you.” Alex hung up and turned around to see Walker right in front of her.

“Alex what is it?” As he grabs her hands, “are you okay?”

“Walker I’m, I’m…I’m Preg…nant.” She says with a look like she is going to collapse. Walker takes hold of her and walks her to the couch.

“Wow I don’t know what to say. Who’s is it?”

“Its yours!”

“Alex can you believe it we are going to have a baby, this is just what we needed to bring us back together.”

“Walker I’m scared!”

“Why are you scared?”

“I’m afraid the same thing is going to happen and we will lose this baby.”

“Alex this time it won’t happen we will have the best doctors here for you and you know what with high risk pregnancies they give out your own fetal monitor so you can hear the baby’s heart beat anytime you want. I will also be here for you, if you will let me.”

“Of course Walker.”

“Alex I love you and I want you back, this baby is exactly what we needed to get us back together. Alex stars to cry, “Alex it’s okay I’m here and that’s all that matters.”

“Walker I have been such a jerk to you, I could not get over Emily’s death. I didn’t want to believe that we lost our daughter. I put all my pain on you and it broke our marriage apart.”

“What we have is now, not the past, the past is over Alex, and we only have the future.”

“So you are willing to give me a second chance?”

“Alex I have been waiting for you to come back to me and I would give you a thousand of chances to come back to me.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“We go home, we go to the ranch, if you want to.”

“Walker I would love to go home to the ranch, I have missed that place.”

“Will it has missed you, and it needs your touch.”

“Are we really getting back together?”

“If it’s what you want.”

“Yes, Walker it is what I want.”

“One thing Alex, will you marry me?”

“Yes, Walker I will marry you.”

“Oh and one more thing, when we get home and you to settled back in the house, that you will stay home and take care of Angela and the baby.”

“Yes Walker, if it lessens my chances of losing our child and more time with the both of them.”

“Okay then we have a deal. You will stay home and take care of our children and I will work and make the money.”

“Yes. I will call work tomorrow and tell then everything and that I’m quitting.”

“I will go see if I can get a moving truck tomorrow.”

“So this is it, back to Dallas.”

“Yep, back home. Trivette and C.D. will be so happy to see you.”

“Well I hope so Walker.”

The next day Alex called her boss at the ADA building, while Walker and Angela went looking for a moving truck and some moving men. After they both had there mission done they went to Alex’s friend Amy who is a judge and asked her to marry them. She gladly accepted, and that day Walker and Alex said, “I do” for the second time. That was it, they had the moving men coming tomorrow and they would be on their way to Dallas.

Back in Dallas Colleen, Trivette, and C.D. all where at the bar talking and Walker.

“Trivette I hope Walker will purpose to me.”

“I don’t know Colleen he has been pretty busy on Angela and Alex to think about marriage.”

“You don’t think that they will get back together?”

“Darling we don’t know what will happen between them two.”

“C.D. are you saying you don’t know?”

“What I’m saying is that they really did love each other and then they lost their daughter and it went down from there.”

“Wait a minute! They lost a Daughter?”

“Yeah her name was Emily, that was what they where going to name her, but they said that she died while Alex was giving birth. She came out not breathing. They did everything they could for 30 minutes but she was gone.”

“I love Walker and I can’t let him try and get back with his ex-wife. She had her chance and now it’s mine.”

Back in Houston Alex and Walker tucked in Angela for the first time since before everything went wrong. After tucking in Angela, Walker and Alex headed to her room and they made passionate love all night. They had both missed each other’s touch and feeling they could send to each other. This was it, this was their life coming back together as one and the start of a new chapter of their love for one another.

The next morning Alex and Walker woke to each other wrapped in each other’s arms. Alex can hear Angela taking gibberish to her self.

“Walker do you hear that?”

“Do I hear what?”

“Do you hear Angela? She is talking gibberish to herself.”

“Now I do.”

“I think I will go get her.”

“Okay hurry back.”

“I will.” All puts on her robe and then opens the door and walks into Angela’s room. Walker decides to but his pajama pants back on. Just in time before Alex and Angela walked in the room. “See I told you it would not take long, now could you take Angela so I could go get some other clothing on.” Walker then takes Angela and Alex put some clothing on and jumps back into bed.

“See Angela now we have our family back together.”

“Yes and we both promise that it won’t happen again, we will do are best and get through anything before we even think about divorce.”

“Alex it’s already 9 we should start getting ready to leave for Dallas because the movers should be here soon.”

“Okay then. Well we should probably get the stuff that we want into the truck.” After they get dressed and the movers came she told them what stuff goes into which boxes. Then after Walker had everything in the truck, Walker told the head mover, “Look we also need someone drive my wife’s car to Dallas, can you have someone do that?”

“Yeah sure I will have a person drive it there.”

“Thanks!” Walker then got in the truck with Alex and Angela and they headed back home where they belonged.

They had decided to just go straight to the ranch and then head to C.D.’s for dinner. When they got to the ranch, everything Alex loved was still in place, but the only thing that need to come back out was the pictures of them and a couple and also pictures that where from when they were married. Walker took all the stuff out of the truck. Alex had started to put the stuff back where it was a year ago but Walker stopped her and said, “Honey why don’t we go to dinner and surprise C.D. and Trivette with the news.”

“Okay but tomorrow we are unpacking.”

“Okay Alex tomorrow.” Then Walker grabbed her hand while holding Angela and they walked out of the house. On the way to C.D.’s Alex got nervous and was afraid that they would not be happy to see her. Walker noticed the look and said, “Alex, honey they love you and they missed you almost as much as I did.”

“Okay.” Walker drove into the parking lot and parked the truck. He got out and went to the other side and helped Alex out and then got Angela out. Walker held Angela in his arms and then grabbed Alex’s hand. They walked in hand and hand. Walker was the first to walk in and then Alex. Trivette just happened to glimpse over and see Walker and what he though looked like Alex and Angela in Walker’s arms. They both walk to the bar and confronted Trivette.

“Hi Trivette.”

“Hey Walker, And Alex. Alex what are you doing here?”

“I moved back with Walker.” Alex put up the finger with the ring on it. “We decided that our love is worth another chance.”

“So you two went out of the blue and got married?”

“There is more to it then that” Walker said as Colleen came in behind them.

“Walker, sweet heart I thought you where in Houston?”

“I was in Houston but I came back with Angela and Alex.”

“Wait are we talking about the same Alex?”

“I’m right here, I’m Alex!”

“Wait Walker you are divorced and we are dating what are you doing here with her?”

“Actually Alex and I are back together and we got married yesterday.” Alex showed her the ring.

“Walker I loved you, I can’t believe that you think that she loves you.”

Alex just stood back and watched as Walker handled her. Angela started to put her hands out for her mommy, and Walker put her right into her arms.

“Look Colleen I liked you, but I have loved Alex since the day we laid eyes on each other.”

“Walker please just let me have another chance.”

“Look I am married now and we are having a baby.” Walker did not mean to blurt it out. Walker gives Alex a look and Alex then says, “honey it’s okay.”

“Wait a minute, Alex is pregnant.”

“Yes C.D. Alex is a month pregnant.  I found out Friday and Alex was told Monday but it was not official till Friday.”

“So you got married, how do you even know that the baby is yours?” Walker then grabs Alex’s hand and then looks up.

“Alex and I had a moment, when I was dropping off Angela and she was yelling at me and I kissed her and one thing led to another and well now you know what came out of it.”

“Look I think that we are going to eat somewhere else. Come on Alex lets go to our favorite place to eat and then go home.” They then walked outside of C.D.’s and Alex says, “Walker why don’t we just go home and I will cook.”

“Alex I don’t want you to cook, I want you to relax.”

“Then why don’t we both cook, besides by time we get home Angela will be out and we have the night to are self.”

“Well honey I love that I idea.”

That night Alex and Walker both made dinner together, they had had fun trying to stay quiet so their daughter would not wake up. After dinner was ready Walker went to the fireplace and started a fire, and Alex brought in the plates with their dinner. They sat down next to each other with pillows all around them. They look right into each other’s eyes like they can see though one another.

“Walker where you going out with that woman?”

“Kind of Alex, but I loved you the whole time. From the moment that Trivette introduced her to me she always had something mean to say about you. I think that she thought that you were a threat.”

“Walker I’m sorry that I broke our family apart.”

“No Alex do not say that, you have done nothing wrong, I could have stopped it from happening but I didn’t. But now we are back together and having a baby.”

“Walker I can’t wait to hold this baby in are arms. I just want Angela to not loose another sister or a brother. I also don’t want us to loose another baby.”

“Honey everything is going to be okay, the baby is going to be fine, now that we have you not working at all there will be no stress.”

“Your right that must have put a lot of distress on Emily when she was in me.”

“Honey yeah it probably did, but the doctor is going to do everything in his or her power to keep our baby safe.”

That night they fell a sleep in one another arms on the floor. Alex that night for once in her life felt safe in Walker’s arms.

The days flew by for them so they thought, Alex and Walker were getting ready for their appointment with the doctor. It was their first one and they were scared. They were scared of what could be. Their afraid of what they will hear and what will be said, and the effect it will have on the both of them. Walker was scared but he felt that he could not let Alex on that he felt that way. He wanted her to feel that everything was going to be okay. The nurse then calls them in. “Mrs. Walker.” Alex and Walker got up from there set. Walker carried Angela while Alex held his hand.

A few minutes later after the nurse left there was a knock and then a, “come in,” the doctor walked in and shut the door.

“Hello I’m Kent. You must be Alex and Walker, and who is this little one?”

Walker spoke up, “this is Angela.”

“Well she must be ready for a little sibling?”

Alex had then felt the need to speak up, “Yes I guess she is. I need to know…is this going to be a…touch and go pregnancy?” Alex got a look of worry on her face.

The doctor then looked at Alex and said, “ Alex I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to be hard. But we are going to make it so you don’t have to really worry. Now to make sure what happened before does not happen again we will have to be extra careful. What I mean by that is, less stress on you, so therefore the baby does not get stressed and causes it to go into shock. Second bed rest. The third is eating, we need you eating right and sleeping well. The fourth you have to make every appointment. The last one, make sure that you take your vitamins.” That’s when Walker decides to speak up.

“Now doctor, what about sex?”

“I don’t see how that could be a problem for the baby, but I would like to say no sex close to the due date though.” Alex looks at Walker and then the doctor. She could not believe that he asked such a question. Then again she was glad he asked and not her.

“Now doctor Kent, is there anything else that we should know?”

“No, Alex I think we covered it all. So now would you guys like to go and hear the baby’s heart beat?”

As Alex sat on the table with her shirt up showing her belly, with jelly on her belly and a fetal monitor to find the baby’s heart beat. They soon found the heart beat and Walker gasped at the sound. Alex was in awe as she moved her head to Walker and looked into his eyes and then mouthed, “I Love You.”

The next day Alex woke to hearing Angela crying and Walker trying to calm her down. Alex wanted to get up but she could only get up when she had to go to the bathroom. Walker then came walking through the door with Angela screaming and he hands her then to Alex.

“Alex I don’t know what is wrong with her?”

“I think she just had a bad dream? Walker, how am I supposed to stay in this bed for six months?”

“Honey you will to keep our baby safe. Will I think I am going to go fix breakfast for us.”

“Walker I love you.”

“I love you too.” Walker then left the room leaving Alex and Angela to spend so time together.

Do you want mommy to read to you sweetie?” Angela shook her head yes and Alex picked up the book that was on her nightstand. While Alex was reading Walker was downstairs cooking breakfast when the phone rings.

“Hello, Walker specking.”

“Walker it’s me Colleen, don’t hang up, please just listen to me.”

“No Colleen I can’t handle you right now, I have a wife and daughter and baby on the way that need me.”

“Walker I know you don’t want to be with her.”

“No Colleen you don’t know what I want.”

“Walker I know that you could not love Alex.”

“I love Alex with all my heart.” Walker had then hung up. When Walker got upstairs Alex asks who was on the phone.

“Honey you promise you won’t be upset.”

“Yes Walker…wait, wait a minute it was Colleen wasn’t Walker. You were talking to her.”

“Wait just a minute Alex that is not fair. She was the one to call me, I was the one to tell her that I love you.” Walker took a couple of steps closer to her and then kissed her on the forehead. Walker then picked up Angela and put her in his arms. After breakfast Alex was taking a nap and Angela was playing in the living room while Walker cleaned up his mess in the kitchen. As Walker cleaned the kitchen he heard Alex screaming for him to come up the stairs. Walker went running for Alex as he forgot that Angela was down in the living room playing. As Walker was up stairs Angela crawled to one of her toys and noticed that the door was open. Angela left the toy to go to the screen door. When she got to the screen door she put her hands out to touch it and it opened and she fell. She started to crawl for the end of the porch.

Upstairs Walker was trying to see is she was okay, she had, a bad dream about the baby. After Walker had gotten Alex come down, Alex asked, “Walker Where is Angela.”

“Oh No! Alex I will be right back.” Walker jumps from Alex’s side and runs down stairs, he looks in the living room and there was no Angela, then makes a turn for the kitchen, when he realized that the door was open. He ran to the door, he then opened it running out side, and stopped on the tip of the porch. He started to look around the land, and then started to call her name. “Angela, Angela!”

Then Walker hears the swing sway and saw that Angela was holding on the swing. He ran to her and picked her up. He gave her a big hug and said, “Angela it’s not right to scare daddy like that. You scared me.”

“Dada!” Angela pronounced. Walker then walked into the house and up the stairs to show Alex that Angela was just fine.

About two weeks later Walker had to go back to work and he need someone he could trust to take care of Alex. Walker came up with the idea of Alex’s friend Josie to take care of Alex. Walker called her as soon as he thought of her and she had said yes. He trusted that Josie could handle Alex, and that if there was any problem with Alex or Angela that Walker would be the first to be called. Josie came over first thing Monday morning. Walker went to the door to let Josie in.

“Josie thank you so much for helping Alex and I out.”

“Walker really it is no problem. Alex is my best friend and I love Angela.”

“Will Alex is up stairs reading a book, and Angela is sleeping.”

“Okay I guess I’ll go up stairs.”

“Okay well I have to go, I am already late.”

“Bye Walker. Oh do you want me to tell Alex bye for you?”

“Oh no Josie, I already said good bye to her.”

“Bye,” Josie went into the house and went up the stairs.

Alex was sitting on the bed reading a book when Josie walked in. Alex looked up and saw Josie coming towards the bed.

“Josie oh my gosh it’s so good to see you.”

“Alex it’s been a long time.”

“I know.”

“So how are you feeling? And don’t say sick.”

“Actually I feel pretty good right now.”

“So Walker and you are back together.”

“Yeah we are. We have our family back and that’s feels great. I mean it feels wonderful to sleep with him next to me and to wake up next to him. I love that we have dinner every night together.”

“Alex how do you stay in this bed all day?”

“I don’t Walker carries me downstairs for dinner, and I can get up and go to the bathroom, and walk to the car. I can get on the floor and play with Angela. There’s a lot I can do I just have to be careful.”

“Alex I’m so glad you two are back together.”

“I wish everyone felt that way.”

“What do you mean Alex?”

“Trivette, C.D., and Walker’s ex Colleen he dated while we were divorced.”

“Well what is it her business.”

“I guess it’s her business because she loves Walker. She keeps calling and bagging Walker to break it of with me and to come back to her.”

“Alex I am so sorry.”

At Ranger station Trivette walks up to Walker’s desk. Walker looks up at Trivette and asks, “What do you want?”

“I want to apologies for my actions Walker. I love you and Alex together and I am glad you two are back together.”

“C.D. sent you to apologize.”

“Yea, but he helped me to see that you and Alex are made for each other.”

“Trivette you don’t have to explain, we both forgive you.”

“That’s it Walker?”

“Trivette we have been friends along time and you just had to come to your senses. Alex and I both knew that. Alex will be glad when I go home and tell her.”

“How is she doing by the way?”

“She is doing will so far. She is not working at all. She had decided to not go back to work while she is pregnant and after. She wants to take care of Angela and the baby.”

“Do you think that will last?”

“Yes I do Trivette. I saw the look in her eyes.”

“What look?”

“The look that showed that she loves our kids so much that she would not put them at risk for losing them by something happening to her. She wants to be there for every step of their life and not lose a moment of it.”

“Looks like she’s ready to divorce her job.”

“Yeah.” As Walker and Trivette where talking Colleen came through the door. She went right towards Walker.

“Walker it’s so good to see that you are in and I can talk to you.”

“Look Colleen I don’t have time to talk to you.”

“Walker yeah you do.” She moved even closer to the desk and bent over the desk so he could see her breasts.

“Fine Colleen what do you want?”

“Can we discuss over lunch.”

“Only if you leave me a alone after that!”

“Okay fine.” Walker got up from his desk and Trivette said he would cover for him.

They met each other at the restaurant, and got a booth at the Olive Garden.

“Okay I’m here! So what do you want from me?

“Walker I want to talk you out of being married to that woman.”

“Colleen that’s not going to work.”

“The only reason that she is with you is because she knows that you were going to eventually go for custody of Angela.”

“No and she knows that I would have never done that Colleen. I would have lost anyways.”

“Walker come on you know that you love me.” Colleen then started to grab Walkers hand, while her foot starts to go in the direction of his inner thigh.

Walker grabs her hand while her foot and the rest of her body jerks and her foot kicks the jackpot. Walker jumps and as he jumps in the air he realizes just what she was going to do. Walker sits there for a moment and then gets up and walks for the door.

“Walker where are you going we were getting some where!” She just sat there in shock that he was able to actually get up and walk out.

Walker sat in the truck for a moment and then called Alex to check on her. Josie answers the phone.

“The Walker house.”

“Josie, how is Alex doing?”

“Alex is sleeping right now.”

“Oh then how is my Angel doing?”

“Angela in playing with me in the living room.”

“Okay well I should be home before dinner.”

At five o’clock Walker pulled into the driveway. When he got into the house he saw Josie and Angela in the living room playing with her toys. Walker came up to Angela and surprised her from behind.

“Hi baby girl.”

“Dada! Dada!” Angela said as she clapped her hands.

“Sweetie daddy missed you so much.” Walker then gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh Josie thank you so much for to day.”

“No problem see you tomorrow Angela,” and Josie left. After dinner Walker tucked in Angela and then went back downstairs to carry Alex up the stairs. When they got to their room and Walker placed Alex on the bed, Alex asked how his day was.

“Alex my day was like any day mostly.” Alex started to move her hand down his body grabbing for his zipper and on zips his pants, then starts to grab his penis when Walker screamed.

“Walker is everything okay? Did you do that while fighting a bad guy.”

“Actually Alex no. But there is a story behind it that I need to talk to you about.”

“Okay Walker so please tell me!”

“Okay well today Colleen came into the office After Trivette had apologized and asks if she can take me to lunch. I told her no, but then I said as long as she would leave us alone. Now Alex don’t take this part the wrong way. She started to say all these things about you and she grabbed my hand and then I put my hand on her to get her to take her hand of me. While little did I not know that her foot was going to touch my thigh? Only it missed my thigh and hit me right in that department.”

“Walker I can’t believe you went to lunch with her and you weren’t going to tell me.”

“No Alex I was going to tell you.”

“When, after the baby was born.”

“No I was going to tell you right after it happened. When I called Josie said you where sleeping. I also don’t want you stressed, I was just trying to help, and I thought if I went to lunch and told her to leave us alone that that would put less stress on you. That’s all I wanted to do.” Walker looks into her eyes and she could see that he was truly sorry.

“Oh Walker I’m sorry! I know that you love me but I just hate that she is trying so hard to get you.”

“Honey you’re the only one I love.”

“I love you too.” They both leaned in and kissed. After that kiss it started to get deeper and deeper and before both knew it they were both naked in each other’s arms. Making long passionate love all night long.

Three months later Alex was coming along great and the doctor was very impressed by Alex’s attitude toward being on bed rest for so long. Alex and Walker where more then ready to see the baby that has been growing inside of her. At the last appointment they told Dr. Kent that they did not what to know the sex of the baby, but now they were anxious to know the baby’s sex.

“Dr. Kent can you tell us what the sex is?”

“Wait I though you didn’t want to know the sex.”

“Will we both talked after the last appointment and we want to know.”

“Are you guys sure that you want to know, because I know how excited you were about waiting.”

“You know Walker when I think about it I want to wait.”

“Okay we will wait.”

“If you guys don’t I can show you?”

“No really if Alex wants to wait, then we can wait.”

Later that night while Alex and Walker were in bed Alex felt a pain through her body. She woke and grabbed Walker’s arm.

“Walker I have a pain in my stomach. Walker I just got another one.” Alex sat up as Walker jumped out of bed. He grabbed his pants and then went to the other side of the bed and picked Alex up from off the bed. He went running out of the room and walked carefully down the stairs so they would not end up falling down the stairs. As Walker went to the car and put her in Alex spoke up.

“Walker go and get Angela!” Walker then went running into the house to get Angela.

“Come on baby kick!” she was holding her stomach. “Come on honey don’t give up on me.” Alex started to cry as she saw Walker coming with Angela.

When they finally got to the hospital Alex was screaming. Walker was starting to worry about Alex and the baby.

Walker rushed to the emergency entrance. When he parked the car, there was men wearing ambulance uniforms. Walker yelled for them to come and they rushed Alex into the emergency room, while Walker and Angela followed behind.

It had been 30 minutes before the doctor came out to the waiting room.

“Doctor how is she?”

“Walker for the last 30 minutes I have been trying to stop Alex from going into labor. Her water has broke and the baby is in distress, we have to do a c-section and get the baby out quick. If we don’t your wife and your baby could be in great danger.”

“Okay do what ever you have to do just save our baby and my wife.” The doctor then rushed over as they brought Alex out to take her to the birthing room.

Walker looks at Angela who is on the floor looking up at him. “Angel mommy and your baby brother or sister is going to be okay.” Walker then goes and picks her up and holds her as close as he can.

Ten minutes later a group of nurses came rushing out with a cart with the baby trying to get the baby to breath. Walker watched as they disappeared in the distance. This was Walker’s worst fear, to lose his wife and their new baby. He didn’t want to raise Angela on his own. To raise her with out Alex would put his heart in a sad place where he did not ever want to find out.

The doctor came out soon after and walked straight up to Walker and said, “Walker your wife lost a lot of blood and we almost lost her but she made it through. Your daughter on the other hand is not doing so well, which is expected with a baby being born at 6 months. We will try our best but there is not much that we can do.”

“Just save her please!” Walker gave her a pleading look. He was scared that Alex and him would have to bear losing another child. “Doctor can I go see my wife?”

“Not right now but I will have some come get you.” she then rushed of leaving Walker scared for both his daughter and wife.

C.D. and Trivette showed up an hour later. Walker had asked them to take Angela home and put her to bed. So then Walker could stay at the hospital with Alex.

Finally a nurse comes to Walker and tells him that she is in room 209 and that he can go be with her. Walker then quickly finds the room, but finds that something is stopping him from entering. He grabs the door knob and then by turning it he walks in. He then sees Alex lying on the bed with her eyes open and her hands on her stomach.


“Alex honey how do you feel?”

“I feel okay, but how is the baby?”

“We have a daughter! But she is not doing that well.”

“Can we please go see her?”

“I’ll go get the nurse.” Walker walked out and quickly returned with the nurse and a wheelchair.

“Walker I’m scared to see her.”

“Honey don’t be afraid, she needs to know that we are there for her so she can fight.” It had only taken them about five minutes to get there. They were both anxious to see their daughter. The nurse that was with Angela came out when she noticed Alex.

“Hello Mrs. Walker, I’m Amy and I am taking care of your daughter.”

“How is she doing?” Alex has a great look of fear.

“Your daughter is very strong but she is fighting a tough battle. She can’t breath on her own because her lungs are not fully developed. I think that she should be ready to go home in a month if she is still willing to fight.”

“Would it be okay if we see her?”


They then went right to her, when Alex saw her she turned to Walker and started to cry. Walker puts his hands around Alex and just holds her. He rubs her back and tells her that everything is going to be okay. There were tubes and wires everywhere. Alex finally got the strength to turn around and really look and her.


“Yeah honey.”

“Can we name her Faith Alexandra Walker?”

“Yes we can, I think it fits her.”

“Then Faith Alexandra Walker it is.”

“I will go put that on her birth certificate right now.”

Alex then started to reach her hand out to Faith to touch her. Her hand moved so slowly. When she finally touch her she had a sense of release come out of her.

After Alex had spent three days in the hospital they said she could come home. Before they left Alex wanted to say good by to Faith and tell her that she would be back. After seeing Faith they arrived home to see Angela and Gordon on the swing. Walker got out of the car and walked to help Alex out.

When they go to the porch Angela wanted picked up and held. She put her tiny arms out to Alex only for Walker to pick her up instead. Walker helped Alex inside while he handed Angela to Gordon. Angela started to cry. Gordon tried to calm down Angela but she started to scream more.

Alex sat on the couch and Walker grabbed Angela but she still was screaming. As Walker tried to calm down Angela he noticed that Alex looked like a million miles away.

“Alex, Alex, hello honey are you okay?”

“Gordon goes and sits next to her and says, “Honey are you all right?”

Alex turns and looks straight into his eyes and says, “I want to go to the hospital.” Walker then intervenes.

“Honey I thought we would go see her later, right now we have another daughter that needs us and I think she wants you?” Walker then gives Angela to Alex. Angela had then stopped crying. Alex just holds her close.

“Sweetie did you just miss mom?” Angela just shakes her head yes.

“Here honey why don’t I take Angela and you can go lie down.”

“No that’s okay Walker, I’m just going to sit here and hold Angela and rest.”

Walker and Gordon walk into the kitchen they both did not know what to say so Walker spoke first. “So was Angela good?”

“Yeah I picked her up from Trivette and C.D. They said that she was being a little tough to handle. But she was fine for me.”

“I think it was just hard for her to be away from us.”

“How was Alex doing in the hospital?”

“Well she was scared when we first went to go see Faith but after we saw her she didn’t want to leave her. I know that her being home and Faith not being here are going to be hard but Alex will get through. I think after we tuck in Angela we will go see Faith.”

After dinner Walker cleared the table as Alex helped Angela eat as Gordon asked how she was feeling.

“Dad I feel fine, I’m just a little tired and sore, but nothing that could stop me from seeing Faith.” Alex then picked up Angela only to find Walker next to her grabbing Angela.

“Walker I think I can carry our daughter.”

“Alex the doctor said take it easy, you are not taking it easy. I will go give Angela a bath and ready for bed.”

“Walker fine but can I help you tuck he in?”

“Yes, I think your dad would like you to spend time with him.”

Alex turned and looked at her father, she then turned and walked to the living room. Gordon followed behind her.

“Alex how are you really feeling?”

“I feel fine dad.”

“No Alex I think you are hiding something what is it? Please don’t say that it’s nothing really important.”

“Dad I just want for once everything to be okay. I’m sick of having to deal with things that other women don’t have to worry about.”

“Honey you act like everything you had you have lost.”

“No, everything was fine before we had Emily and then everything went down hill and we lost her and now I have Faith and what if I lose her. I cannot bare to lose her.”

“Honey, Faith is strong and she will be just fine.”

Upstairs in the bathroom, Walker was trying to give Angela a bath. She was laughing and splashing water everywhere. After Angela’s bath he wrapped her in her in a towel and carried her to her bedroom.

Walker went to her dresser and looked to see what pajamas to put on. When he saw the pair that Alex liked her to wear.

 Back downstairs Alex and Gordon were talking about law until Walker called her up. Alex went running up the stairs to the both of them. She walked into Angela’s room and saw her wearing her favorite pair of pajamas.

“Honey I think that she is ready to go in her big bed.”

“I do too.”

“Mooommmyyy I want youuu!” Angela put her arms out to Alex.

“Angela it’s time to go to sleep.” Walker and Alex then tuck her in and turned off the light and crack the door before they left.

They both head down stairs and see Gordon reading a book. “Well Gordon me and Alex are going to the hospital.’

“All right tell her I said get better.”

“We will dad.”

After they had left Gordon had fallen asleep. Only to know that Colleen had plans to break in and take Angela. She walked in from the back door and tip towed to the stairs and went up and walked into Angela’s room, only to see her sleeping like an Angela. She grabbed the dipper bag hanging on the door hanger. She then stuffed it with clothing and then grabbed Angela. Angela started to stir when Colleen said, “Honey its okay mommy is right here.”

She then walked carefully walked down the stairs and out the back door. She then put Angela in her car seat and then drove off.

At the hospital Alex was holding Faith. “Walker she looks like she is getting stronger.”

“Yeah honey she looks like she is coming around.”

“You both are right, your daughter is making a lot of improvement. Her lungs are more improved then we thought. It could also still be a while though.”

Alex just looks at her and touches her hand. Faith grabs her hand and holds it tight. Walker and nurse Amy watch as Alex and Faith bond.

“Faith you are going to be just fine, you are so strong and mommy knows that you are going to make it.” Alex then looks up at the nurse and asks, “when do will I be able to breastfeed her?”

“Well as soon as her lungs develop you can start.”

“That’s good news, because I miss the closeness that I had with Angela.”

“Well honey I think we should be going.”

“Okay she is almost asleep.” After Faith fell asleep in Alex’s arms she put her back in her bed and kissed forehead. Walker then did the same and they left.

When they pulled into the drive way Alex said, “I can’t wait until we get to take Faith home and we have both of our daughters where they belong.”

“Me too honey, me too.”

After they got out of the car and walked inside the house. Alex decided to be the one to check on Angela, while Walker went to tell her dad to go to the guestroom.

Walker then heard a scream from upstairs. “Alex what’s wrong?”  He then started to dash up the stairs. When he got to her room Alex was frantic. “Walker Angela is not in her crib.” Walker started to look around the room when he saw that her diaper bag was gone.

“Alex whoever has Angela took the diaper bag.”

“Walker I’m scared, she has to be really upset Walker.”

“I’m going to call Trivette.”

Alex just shakes her head and just picks up Angela’s stuff animal that she loves and puts it close to her heart.

“Alex, Trivette is on his way and he said he would bring a unit.” Walker walks over to her. This was the last thing they need someone to do.

“Alex honey you need to come down. Everything is going to be fine, we are going to find her and bring her home.”

Trivette and the unit arrive. Gordon allows them in. Walker yells for them to come upstairs. When they get into the room Alex was a mess. Trivette had never seen her like this. He knew that she was kind of like this from what Walker had told him from losing Emily but never saw her.

“Walker is she okay?”

“No she has been crying so much, we just got back from seeing Faith and Gordon was a sleep on the couch. Whoever came in took Angela and her clothing?”

“Angela! Angela!” Alex kept screaming as she started to fall to the floor. Walker went over to her and picked her up, he then carried her to their bedroom. He laid her on the bed, and had officer Downing give Alex a sedative to sleep.

“Honey don’t worry everything is going to be okay.” Then kissed her on the forehead and left to find out what should be the next move.

In the car they were almost to the first stop, of the trip. Angela was sleeping soundly and everything was going to the plan. If she could not have Walker then she was going to have his daughter. She was going to take Angela to the one place no one would ever find them, to Mexico. This was her chance and she was going to make it.

It had now been five hours and they were getting nowhere. Walker was getting anxious, and it was hitting daybreak. Walker decided to go and lay with Alex, because he needed to hold her.

Before Walker went upstairs Trivette took him aside and said, “Walker some of the men and I think that you should back off and let us handle this case because it is too personal. We have talked to the chief and he agrees with us.”

“Trivette you aren’t serous are you?”

“Yes Walker, Alex needs you. Let us find your daughter and you guys take care of the one you have that is the hospital. Alex also needs you, you need to be there for her and Faith.”

“Fine Trivette I guess you are right, just find her, because Faith needs her big sister.”

“We will Walker.” Trivette then goes to look to see if anything has been found out. While Walker walks up stairs and into their bedroom only to find Alex sleeping like an angel. He goes to the bed and wraps his arms around Alex and soon falls asleep.

Angela had now woken and was crying, Colleen got in her purse and got out little crackers for Angela and handed then to her. They were for little children like Angela. She had then stopped crying. “See baby girl mommy knows how to make you happy. Don’t worry not to much longer before we are at the border of Mexico.” Angela was smiling and holding her blanket.

Four hours later they were at the border, and they were let in.  Now it was going to be impossible for them to be found. She had won and now she got just what she wanted, the next best thing their daughter. She knew that since Angela was so little that she would forget about them as her parents and come to know her as mommy.

Alex jumped up, waking Walker beside her. She looked straight ahead. She wanted so badly to be a dream, but she knew that it was not a dream that it was real. She then spoke, “Walker am I having a dream or is our daughter gone?”

“It’s not a dream Alex, as much as I would like to tell you that, it’s just isn’t.”

“Walker I want our daughter.” She started to cry and Walker grabbed her and held her. “Walker I want to hold her.”

“I know honey, I know. I want to hold her so badly as well, but we just have to wait and be patient.  They will find her and bring her home to us, safe and sound.”

A week later, nothing had changed they had a few leads but that was it nothing to standing. Walker wanted to help but he knew also that his wife needed him.

They had decided to go see Faith and see how she was doing. Alex was so much in shock that it was hard for her to hold Faith. The doctors said that she was progressing well and should be home in a few weeks. That had made Walker and Alex both have some relief. Alex could not get over how much she had grown and was looking just like Angela. They both looked so much a like.

They where both getting Airedale with Angela still being missing, now two weeks had gone by and still nothing, they felt like nothing could get better. Until they got a phone call from the doctor telling them that Faith was more then ready to come home.

They both went to the hospital to pick her up. They where both over joyed when they got there and Faith was off the ventilator and the feeding tub, and could now go home.

After they left the hospital and went home things felt different. Walker helped Alex to the house and they went inside, to find it empty. It was just Faith and them in the house.

That night when they went to lay Faith down Alex could not do it, so Walker brought the bassinet in the room. He put it right next to the bed for Alex. That night Faith woke up screaming her lungs out. Alex jumped up and turned to the bassinet and picked her up. She lifted her shirt and then helped Faith grab on. Then it was like Faith knew exactly what to do from there.

“Faith you don’t know how long I have been waiting to do this. I am so glad that you are okay. I love you so much Faith.” Alex just keep watch Faith as she ate. “Faith I think its time for a burp and a switching sides.”

Walker had woke up when Faith started to fuss when Alex went to burp her.

“Honey is everything okay?” Walker was now sitting up.

“Yes, Walker I just stopped to burp her, but since you are awake you can burp her.” Alex then hands Faith to Walker. He puts Faith up against his shoulder and started to pat her back. Alex was getting up to go to the bathroom.

“Okay Faith burp for daddy.” Walker then hears a burp and starts to get all excited. Alex comes out of the bathroom and gets back into bed. She puts her arms out for Walker to put Faith in them and then lifts her shirt and helps Faith latch on.

“Walker I miss Angela, I want her to see her little sister so bad. I am mad that they have not found a lead, it’s like she has fallen of the earth.”

“I know honey but we have to be patient. We have a little girl right her that needs the both us.”

“Walker she looks so much like Angela with her blond hair, blue eyes, and her cheeks.” Walker watches as his wife and daughter bond.

Mean while in Mexico Colleen and Angela met up with her guy that she settled for because she couldn’t have Walker. Angela was happy, she was calling Colleen mommy in no time. She had forgotten about her real parents. She is only two and she knew that she would not remember Walker or Alex.

The next day at the Walker ranch, Walker was woken to Faith crying. Walker went to touch Alex but then didn’t feel her next to him. He then got up from bed and went around in picked up Faith. When he picked her up he smelled her butt and decided that she needed a dipper change. He then went to the nursery to change her.

Alex had then come from the bathroom only to find Walker gone. She went over to the bassinet and saw that Faith was gone. She told herself to calm down and then walked past Angela’s room and to the nursery. She pushed the door all the way open to find Walker changing her dipper.

“Oh Walker you scared me.”

“Honey we are right here.”

“I know but when I came out of the bath room and you weren’t there it scared me.”

“I just got done changing her and I think she wants feed.” Walker then hands Faith to Alex and she goes and sits in the rocker. Alex lifts her shirt and helps Faith latch on. So then Alex just sat there and rocked back and forth as she breastfeeds.

Later that day Walker and Alex were in the kitchen when they heard Faith crying. Alex ran to the swing in the living room. Walker was a step behind her.

“Alex we need to stop this.”

“Walker she was crying, and she needed us.”

“No Alex you needed to know that she was okay, she was just crying because every time she cries you come running. Our daughter is going to start to think every time she cries that we are just going to pick her up.”

“Walker she is a baby.”

“Alex you are not being fair to her.”

“Fine the next time she starts to cry we will let her cry.”

“Good.” Walker went back to the kitchen and went to the phone to call Jimmy to see if they had found anything.


“Hi, its me Walker.”

“Walker how is Faith doing?”

“She is doing well, but I called to see about Angela, any leads.”

“Walker we found one but it led us no where.”

“Well let me know when you find something.” Walker then hung up and turned around to see Alex standing there.

“Walker they aren’t going to find her are they.”

“Alex don’t give up hope, they will find her and Faith will get to met her older sister.


Six years later and nothing had changed. Walker had wished that he had fought to be able to find Angela. Faith was now six, and looked just like Alex.

It was Monday morning in the Walker house. Walker was making breakfast while Alex got her and Faith ready for school. Alex was having a hard time letting Faith go to kindergarten. Alex was going back to work part time while Faith was in school. After they were already they sat down for breakfast. Right when they had started to eat there was a knock on the door.

“Walker I wonder who could be at the door at this time in the morning.”

“I’ll go check Alex.” Walker walks to the door and opens it only to see a little girl with blond hair blue eyes. She was wearing a torn shirt and her pants look like they did not fit. Her shoes looked like she had them for years. She was so skinny and looked like she had not eaten for days. She had a scared look on her face. “Alex! Alex!” Alex had then come to the door.

“Walker what is it?”

“Its Angela… our daughter.” Alex looks at the door then and sees her, she was in shock like it was a dream and she was not really there. Alex opened the door and walked up to her, at first she thought that it was not real, but then she reached out and pulled Angela into a big strong hug.

Alex then whispered in Angela’s ear, “you don’t know how long I have been waiting to hold you.”

A tear runs down Angela’s face. As Alex held Angela, Walker went and got Faith. He picked up Faith and they walked to the door.

“Angela I would like you to met your sister Faith.”


The End