The Fundraiser

By Eucalyp

BUZZ!! "Yes Mrs. Walker?" "Sue could you call down to Ranger Company B and see if my husband is busy at the moment? If heís not too tied up ask him to stop down here sometime today." Alex said into the intercom. "Alright Mrs. Walker." "Thanks Sue."

Over in Ranger headquarters the day is going rather slowly. Walker is over leaning on the corner of Trivette's desk while they go over case files, Sydney is doodling on a notepad, and Gage is playing with a pencil doing the rubber pencil trick. All in all the day was incredibly boring.

RING! RING! "Thank god maybe this will be something constructive for us to do." Walker said as he went to go pick up the phone on his desk. "Walker." "Ranger Walker this is Sue, Mrs. Walkerís secretary. Mrs. Walker wanted me to ask you to stop in at her office if you weren't too busy." "Thank you Sue. Iíll be right down." Walker said. "Your welcome Ranger Walker."

"Whatís up Walker?" Trivette asked. "Alex wants me to stop down at her office for something." Walker said. "Well it looks like you get temporary relief from this boredom." "Thank God! I'm going stir crazy here." Walker said as he walked to the door.

Down in the DAís office Sue buzzed Alex to tell her Walker would be on his way down shortly.

"Mrs. Walker?" "Yes Sue." "Ranger Walker said that heíll be down right away." "Wow! I didnít expect him to be able to make it for a while."

"Hi Ranger Walker." Sue said as Walker entered the office. "Hi Sue." Walker said as he smiled and walked toward the door to Alex's office.

Walker entered the office quietly and saw Alex sitting at her desk looking down as she filled out forms. He was so quiet entering the office she never heard him. Walker walked quietly over to her desk and stood behind her. He bent down and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Ahh, donít you ever make noise?" Alex said shakily seeing as Walker startled her. "Now how long have we known each other? You should know by now I donít." Walker laughed. "Especially when I want to steal a kiss from my wife." Walker said.

"What is it that you wanted to see me about honey?" Walker said sitting on the corner of her desk. "Well I need your help?" Alex said looking up at him. "You know Iíll help you with anything. What is it that you need?" "Well I need ideas for a fundraiser for the HOPE Center. You know weíre planning on opening up another house, and we need to raise more money to help finish the remodeling." "Did you have any ideas in mind?" "Thatís where you come in. I'm totally blank. I have no clue what we could do." "Well when we did that bachelor and bachelorette auction a last year. It was a pretty big hit." Walker said. "Thereís one slight flaw in your thinking there." Alex said as she rolled her chair over to Walker and placed her hand on his leg. "And what would this Ďslight flawí be?" "When we did that auction you werenít married. Ninety percent of the women at that function were there to bid on you even though you were my fiancť. I ended up doing some serious spending that night to keep the claws of half the women in Dallas off of you." Alex said as she ran her hand up and down his thigh. "If I remember correctly, I also ended up going for broke on you to keep all of the guys in Dallas away from my future wife." Walker said shakily because Alex's hand started to drift into dangerous territory.

Walker picked up Alex's hand and held it in both of his. He looked down into her eyes and smiled. She understood what he was saying, donít start something we can't finish right now.

"Well that bachelor/bachelorette auction was my best bet." Walker said. "Let me think for a minute maybe Iíll think of something else." "I donít want to hold a fundraising dinner or ball because they take too much to organize, and I know you hate going to those things." "I donít hate going to them." Walker said. "Oh Walker, you would rather take a bullet than go to a fundraising ball!" Alex said. "Yeah but that doesnít mean that I hate them." He said innocently. "You're a goofball sometimes you know that!" Alex laughed. "I know but you love me anyway." Walker smile. "That I do Cowboy!" Alex said standing to give Walker a little kiss.

"I got it! Why donít you hold a talent show?" Walker said proudly. "A talent show? Who would want to be in a talent show?" "You know how big of hams people can be. Listen you have people sponsor other people to be in the show to do some goofy act up in front of everyone and you sell tickets to it." "That could work." Alex said. "And after the talent show is over we can hold another bachelor/bachelorette auction minus us just to raise some extra money." "Walker this is fantastic! Weíll be sure to raise enough money for the new HOPE House with this!"

"The only thing we have to do is get the word out about this. We donít have to find a place to hold it. We can have it at C.D.ís." Alex said. "That would be great. You know how much he loved the HOPE Center." Walker said. "When should we do it?" He asked. "I'm not sure. How about the first week of February that way we could have the people who do the auction take their dates out on Valentineís Day." Alex said happily. "Thatís a great idea. We could have local restaurants and clubs donate free dinnerís for the couples." Walker said.

"Well it looks like we have that all figured out." Walker stated. "I knew I could count on you to come up with an idea." Alex said wrapping her arms around Walker and kissing him passionately. "Mmm, if thatís the reward I get, I'm going to have to think up more of these ideas." Walker said softly.

"As much as I love having you here with me Walker, donít you think you should head back down to Company B before they send someone out to hunt you down." "Let them hunt me down if they want. There is absolutely nothing going on down there. I was so bored I thought I was going to go mad! Anyway itís 4:50pm. Weíll be heading home soon. Why donít I just stay down here with you and weíll leave from here instead of you having to walk down to the office to get me?" Walker said. "And when the three of us get home you can lay down for a while, and Iíll fix our dinner." Walker said as he place a hand on his wifeís stomach and smiled at her.

"Iíll be right back hon. I'm just going to run down to grab my hat and jacket." Walker said giving Alex a light kiss. "Alright sweetie. Iíll be right here waiting for you."

Walker left and headed back toward his office to pick up his belongings. He was hoping that Trivette wouldnít start needling him like he always does when he goes and spends a little more time than planned with Alex in her office.

Walker entered the office and went directly over to his desk to grab his key, hat, and jacket. He didnít say a word to any of the other Rangers. He locked his desk drawers and then started back toward the door.

"Hey Walker! No goodbye?" Trivette yelled after Walker. "Yeah Walker weíre hurt. You totally ignored us." Gage said. "Where are you headed in such a hurry?" Trivette asked. "It just so happens that I have a date with a very beautiful woman tonight, and I donít want to be late." Walker said a matter of factly. "Walker, Alex doesnít know about this does she?" Gage asked. "Actually Gage she does." Walker said calmly. "She does?! And sheís okay with this?" Gage asked astonished. Sydney just shook her head at her slow witted partner. She knew where this was going. "Gage, the beautiful woman that I have a date with is Alex!" Walker laughed and walked out the door.

"Dimwit! You actually thought Walker would go out with another woman." Sydney said still shaking her head at him. "Me? Of course not! I knew what he was talking about." Gage said innocently. "Yeah right man! You were clueless." Trivette said. "Was not!" Gage said defensively. "Nice comeback Gage." Sydney said dryly.

Back in the District Attorneyís office Walker once again entered his wifeís office. Alex was collecting her files and putting them in her briefcase to take home with her.

"Honey, I'm here." Walker greeted as he entered the office. "Thanks for announcing yourself this time instead of scaring me half to death. "Do I get a reward for not scaring you?" Walker asked hopefully. "Hmm, let me see. What could your reward be?" Alex said as she walked over to her husband and wrapped her arms around him. "This is a start." Walker said putting his arms around her and pulling her closer. "Howís this?" Alex said as she leaned up to touch her lips to his.

As always when they kissed it soon became deeper and more passionate. Alex moved her hands up to run them through Walker's hair. Walker's hands roamed Alex's back. His left one ended up on her behind giving it a firm squeeze.

When the kiss broke apart both were panting breathlessly. Neither knew who broke apart first, and neither cared.

"How was that Cowboy?" Alex asked in a sexy whisper. "Perfect." Walker said still breathless.

"Well, Cowboy, should we head home?" Alex said resting her head on his chest. "Sounds wonderful to me sweetheart." Walker said just as he placed a kiss on top of head.

Walker carried Alex's briefcase for her as he always did. They walked to the elevator and then headed to the Ram. It was near the end of January, so it was fairly chilly outside. Walker let go of Alex's hand, put his arm around her waist, and pulled her closer to him to help her keep a little warmer.

"Sweetheart, what would you like for dinner?" Walker asked as they walked through the parking garage to the Ram. "Anything I'm starving!" "Have you managed to keep anything down today?" Walker asked. "Yes but you remember I'm eating for two, and this is your child, so I'm bound to have a big appetite." Alex said giving Walker a squeeze. "Well I promise you, Iíll make you something youíll both love." Walker said as they reached the Ram.

"You know, I married the perfect man." Alex said as Walker opened the door for her. "You did? I'm the perfect man? Yeah right Alex." Walker said with a laugh. "I mean it! Look at yourself. You're sweet, handsome, damn sexy, loving, romantic, considerate, and you can cook too. I must be the luckiest woman on earth." "I consider myself the lucky one." Walker said placing Alex's briefcase inside the Ram and then collecting her in his arms. "I love you." Walker whispered to her and then leaned in to give her a kiss. "Oh jeez, donít you two ever give it a break!" Trivette shouted.

Both of them startled by Trivette's little outburst broke off their kiss. They both looked up at him like two teenagers caught making out on the front porch by a parent. This look on Walkerís face quickly changed to annoyance directed right at his partner.

"Walker I think you two have been caught in every possible place around here kissing." Trivette laughed. "Whatís next the janitorís closet?"

Walker and Alex just looked at each other and blushed slightly knowing that theyíve already paid a visit or two to the janitorís closet together.

"Trivette I donít get it. All those years that you and C.D. worked to get Alex and I together, and now every time I'm kissing her in public you burst in and interrupt us!" "Yeah Jimmy its like you want all of your hard work to go down the drain!" Alex said just a little on the ticked side because it was true that every time they kissed in public Trivette interrupted.

Walker and Alex weren't really in the mood to talk with Trivette, so Walker helped Alex into the Ram and closed her door. He then went around to his side and got in without another word to Trivette.

Trivette made a mental note to stop interrupting them when while they were together. He had noticed things had been changing drastically between the three of them. It all started about the same time that they had gotten engaged. He noticed that they spent more and more time with it being just the two of them instead of their usual group of friends. Now that they were married Walker and Alex were even more protective of their time together.

Trivette remembered back to all of the schemes that he assisted C.D. with to get his two best friends together. Those schemes eventually worked and they fell in love, but now gone were the times of the three musketeers, Cordell Walker, Jimmy Trivette, and Alex Cahill. Now it was Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Trivette.

Trivette got in his car and headed to his apartment. Looking at his friends got him to thinking that maybe its time that he think about settling down.

On the ride to the ranch Walker and Alex are discussing different ideas for the HOPE Center fundraiser. They are discussing on advertising it and trying to figure out which restaurants to ask to donate dinners for their fundraiser.

"How about Robertoís? Thatís a wonderful restaurant." Alex stated. "We could ask them and maybe Jíadore? Weíve had many wonderful dinners there." Walker said. "I forgot about Jíadore. That would be perfect. The name means I love you." Alex said.

They arrived at the ranch, and Walker got out of the Ram and went over to get Alex's door for her and help her out. He picked up her briefcase and then shut the door. They walked together to the door with an arm around each otherís waist.

Walker opened the door for Alex and then let her enter. He followed close behind her.

"Here sweetie let me help you with your coat." Walker said. "Thanks hon." Alex said stifling a yawn. "Alright, I saw that. You are going to take a nap while I fix dinner." Walker said taking her coat and hanging it up for her. "Believe me darling you're not going to get an argument from me." Alex said stifling another yawn.

"Good, I'm going to go take care of the horses before I start dinner." Walker said. "Alright hon. I'm going to go change into something a little more comfortable. My feet are killing me after being in court all day." "Iíll be back in a little while sweetheart." Walker said giving Alex a kiss on the cheek then heading out to the barn.

Alex headed upstairs to change into one of Walkerís shirts and a pair of boxer shorts. After she took her makeup off she went downstairs to lay down on the couch. She wasnít used to sleeping without Walker, but since she had his shirt on she drifted off to sleep as soon as she lay down.

Out in the barn Walker worked quickly to get his chores out there finished so he could get dinner ready for the two of them. He finished filling the watering troughs in each of the horses stalls and then headed back to the house.

When he entered he went looking for his wife. He spotted her lying on the couch. She was wearing one of his shirts. He always thought she looked incredibly sexy when she wore them. Walker could never figure out how she could make one of his shirts look so sexy, but then again she always looked sexy no matter what she wore.

He stood there and watched Alex sleep for a while longer then headed into the kitchen to fix their dinner. He decided to fix stuffed chicken breasts, salad, and angel hair pasta on the side.

After he got dinner started he went into the dining room to set the table. He got out the candle holders and two new candles and set them in the center.

While dinner was cooking he headed upstairs for a quick shower. When he finished his shower and came back downstairs dinner was finished. He plated everything and took it out to the table. Walker turned on some soft music and lit the candles.

After all of this was finished came his real task, waking up his sleeping wife. He walked out to the living room where she was still asleep on the couch. He kneeled down to her level and noticed that as she slept she had a smile on her face. She looked absolutely adorable.

He reached over and brushed her hair out of her eyes. He leaned down and placed light kisses on her lips that still held a smile. When the kisses didnít wake her up he started to nuzzle her and softly whisper her name.

"Alex." He whispered. "Alex sweetheart, time to wake up." "Hmm, hi honey. How long have I been sleeping?" Alex asked sleepily. "About an hour." He said softly. "I was having the most wonderful dream about you." She purred. "Really what was I doing?" He asked softly taking her hand in his and kissing it. "We were dancing together in the most beautiful place. It was totally dark except we were surrounded by thousands of stars." Alex said as she smiled at Walker. "That sounds like a wonderful dream. Maybe someday we can make it come true." Walker said holding her hand close to his cheek and nuzzling it.

"Hon, dinner is ready." He whispered. "What are we having?" Alex asked as she sat up. "Well come with me my dear and youíll find out." Walker said helping her stand.

They walked together into the dining room. Walker pulled out the chair for Alex and seated her. He then went to his chair and sat down.

"Darling, this looks wonderful!" Alex said. "You went to all this trouble just to fix dinner for us. You didnít have to. We could have had something simple." She said laying a hand on his. "I know sweetie, but it was no trouble I promise. Now lets eat I'm starving." Walker said. "Me too!"

As they ate they talked about how their days went and also more about the fundraiser for the HOPE Center. Alex couldnít stop telling Walker how wonderful the dinner was.

After they were finished Walker told Alex to go in to the living room and relax on the couch while he finished the dishes and put them away. Alex happily complied.

It didnít take Walker long to clean up and join Alex in the living room. She was leaning up against one of the arms of the couch reading a book. She had her knees bent up in front of her to rest the book on.

When Walker entered the living room he went over to the fireplace to build a fire for the two of them. They always enjoyed sitting together in front of a roaring fire.

Walker sat down on the couch after he built the fire and told Alex to lay her legs across his. She complied and continued with her book.

Walker began to massage her feet gently. He remembered her saying that her feet hurt from being in court all day. He decided to help take that ache away for her.

"Mmm, Walker that feels so amazing." Alex said as she put her book down. "I remembered you said your feet hurt." Walker said softly. "They're starting to feel much better." "You have the cutest toes." Walker told her. "I have cute toes?" She asked somewhat confused. "Yes, you do! I think everything about you is adorable." Walker said giving her his special smile. "Come here." Alex said softly to her husband.

Walker complied and moved to the end of the couch where Alex was seated. He kneeled down on the floor like he did earlier when he came to wake her up.

"What can I do for you sweetheart?" He asked. "Kiss me." She commanded softly. "Yes maíam!" Walker said eagerly and leaned in to kiss her. "Do you know how much I love you?" Alex asked. "I have an idea." Walker said playfully. "Well, why donít you let me confirm that idea." She said seductively and pulled him to her.

"Why donít we take this upstairs darling." Alex said as their kiss broke off. "Whatever you say, love." Walker whispered.

Alex was having a drug like affect on Walker. He would say and do anything she wanted just as long as she stayed close.

They stood and moved toward the stairs. Alex took Walker's hand and led him upstairs to their bedroom. They undressed and Alex led Walker into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and pulled him in with her.

Walker immediately had Alex pressed against the wall. He was roaming kisses all over her body, never missing an inch. He tasted her breasts hungrily. Exploring both of them thoroughly with his mouth and hands. He gradually worked his way lower on her body. He ran his tongue over her stomach and placed a kiss on her navel.

At this point her body was electrified with passion. She was aching for him to fill her. She need him to complete her.

Walker still moving lower placed his hands on her hips and pulled her hot moist heat to his kiss. He explored every inch of her heat with his tongue and hands. His actions had Alex writhing with ecstasy.

"Now! Now! Oh Walker no more games!" Alex moaned with passion filling her voice. "Mmm, whatís that dear?" Walker asked still licking and tasting her. "Ahh! More give me more!" Alex screamed as she grabbed his shoulders and pressed his face closer to her while pushing her hips up. "Thatís what I thought you said." Walker whispered against her flesh.

Walker continued to drive Alex to the heights of passion. The feeling of his wife was beginning to get to be to much for him. He needed to feel her warm body wrapped around his shaft.

"Now Walker!" Alex said as she rode the waves of her climax. "Now?" He questioned as he started to stand. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She yelled. "Oh yes!" Walker moaned as he drove himself deep within her.

Walker wrapped his arms around Alex, holding her close. He pumped his hips against her body driving himself deeper and deeper.

Walker could feel the tell tale signs of Alex's climax beginning. He also felt his stirring within himself. He continued to drive himself to her depths. The lovers climbed to the heights of passion together.

Alex was the first to let go. She screamed Walkerís name over and over again so loud she was sure the neighbors two miles away heard her.

Walker soon followed Alex's lead. As he exploded within her he groaned her name.

After all of their energy was spent from their long hard loving they lay together wrapped in each otherís arms. As usual Alex had her head resting on Walkerís chest and her body molded to his. Walker had his arms wrapped possessively around his wife. He gently caressed her body. He nuzzled the top of her head with his nose.

"Alex?" Walker whispered softly. "Hmm?" She answered sleepily as she snuggled closer to him. "I love you." He said and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I love you too darling." She said just as she drifted off too sleep.

Then next morning was their day of together. They cherished Saturdayís when they could spend all of their time together without any distractions. During the week the only real time that they got to spend together was after they got home from work, and usually they were both drained from working.

Alex was the first to wake up when a ray of sunlight broke through the curtain and fell across her eyes waking her up. She looked up to her husbands handsome face and saw a smile on his lips. He looked almost boyish the way he was smiling in his sleep.

She sat up and watched him sleep for a while. This was habit that both Walker and Alex had. She loved to watch him sleep. He always looked so peaceful.

Alex noticed that Walker must have been dreaming. His lips moved as if he were softly speaking to someone and his head moved as if he were nuzzling someone.

"BeautifulÖ" He mumbled. "AlexÖ" "Hmm, sounds like a good dream to me." Alex said to herself softly as she continued listening. "Dance with meÖ" He continued mumbling. "my worldÖlostÖwithout you." "What are you dreaming about Cowboy?" Alex wondered. "make completeÖwill youÖmarry me?" He mumbled again. "Oh so thatís what you're thinking about Cowboy." She said and moved closer to him. "Yes Iíll marry you." She whispered and leaned to kiss him firmly.

Walker woke up from an amazing dream about the way he had wanted to propose to Alex rather than in a hospital room. He was being held in a firm passionate kiss by his wife. The kiss was broken off by a desperate need for air by both of them.

"Good morning honey." Walker said sleepily. "Good morning sleepy head. Dreaming were we?" Alex asked wanting more details of his dream. "Yeah howíd you know?" He answered. "You mumble in you sleep Cowboy. I could only make out certain parts of what you where saying. I got ĎDance with me, will you marry me, and I love you.í" She said. "I was dreaming about the way that I wanted to propose to you. That was before youÖ" He trailed off when his emotions started to get to him from the horrible memory of nearly losing her.

Alex saw the look in Walkerís eye that she had seen many times before. A painful memory was beginning to attack Walker. She had made an unspoken vow on their wedding day that she would never let painful memories haunt her husband ever again.

"Shh, honey its alright." She soothed. "I'm right here." She said moving to hold him close. "I'm alright." She continued. "I know honey. Its just I can't help but remember how close I came to losing you." He said softly holding her tighter. "If that had turned out differently. We both wouldnít be here today." He continued. "If you would haveÖif you would have died my whole world would have been over, as well as my life." He said nuzzling her. "But it didnít turn out that way, and here we are together, married, and expecting our baby."

"How do you always know what I need and when I need it." He questioned. "Its my job. I'm your wife." "You're very good at your job." He said and gave her a kiss.

"What do you want to do today sweetheart? I'm yours all day long. We can go anywhere and do anything you want." Walker said brightening the mood. "You know what would be wonderful?" She said. "What?" "To go pick up a couple of movies and just spend the day together watching them. I donít want to go anywhere where there will be other people taking up our time together." "I think that sounds great. While weíre watching the movies we can get together ideas for advertising the fundraiser." Walker said. "Then its settled we spend the whole day together!" Alex said happily. "You got it beautiful!"

"Well hon, before we go pick up the movies I'm going to go out and take care of the horses." Walker said as he was getting dressed. "Great, you go do that and Iíll fix us breakfast." Alex said as she headed out the bedroom door wearing nothing but one of his shirts.

Walker went to the barn and cleaned all of the stalls and fed and watered the horses. He moved quickly so he could get back in the house with his wife as soon as possible.

While Walker was outside working in the barn Alex was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Alex decided to make omelets with toast and orange juice. She was just about to start chopping the filling for the omelets when Walker walked through the door and headed upstairs for a shower.

Alex was just placing breakfast on the table when Walker walked into the dining room. He noticed that Alex had her back to him, so he decided to announce himself rather than startling her and have her end up tossing the omelet in surprise at him.

"Something smells great sweetheart!" Walker said. "Thank you for announcing yourself." Alex said gratefully. "No problem I didnít want to surprise you and have you accidentally throw breakfast at me." He laughed.

Walker and Alex sat down together and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together. Over breakfast they decided that they would start advertising for the fundraiser as soon as possible. They would put up posters at the HOPE Center, the DAís Office, Ranger Company B., and C.D.ís.

After breakfast Alex went upstairs to shower and change so they could go pick up a couple of movies to watch together. While she was upstairs Walker was in the kitchen doing the dishes from breakfast.

Walker was on cloud nine Alex had made it all the way through breakfast without being sick. He hated to see her so miserable when she was. He decided not to even bring up the subject he didnít want to jinx how she was feeling.

Just as Walker was finishing putting the last of the dishes away Alex walked through the kitchen doorway to see what he was up to. By the look on her face she was thoroughly impressed that her husband did the dishes for her without even being told to.

"Well, well, well, I'm impressed. You did the dishes and I didnít even have to ask you." Alex said as she entered the kitchen. "What can I say I've been well trained." Walker joked. "Since you were so considerate doing the dishes for me you might just have to get a reward." Alex said seductively. "A reward, huh? What kind of reward?" "What do you have in mind Cowboy?" Alex said wrapping her arms around him. "Hmm, let me think. I know! You let me pick the movies we rent!" "Nothing doing Ranger Man. If I know you, and I do; youíll end up picking either Three Stooges videos or some action movie that has so much violence I'm not old enough to watch it!" She started to rant. "Well if you won't let me pick the movies how about this." Walker said softly as he leaned in to kiss her soundly.

"That will do perfectly." Alex said breathlessly after the kiss ended. "Come on sweetie. Lets go get our movies. Its already noon; weíre wasting our Saturday standing in the kitchen." Walker said. "Oh I wouldnít say weíre wasting it." Alex said as her hand drifted lower to give his behind a firm squeeze.

Walker and Alex drove to the nearest video rental store to see what selection they had. When they got to the video store something really out of the ordinary happened. They actually agreed on three movies that they were going to rent. They ended up getting The Patriot, Crocodile Dundee I, & Crocodile Dundee II. They settled on these because they all had enough action for Walker, and they had enough drama and romance for Alex.

Walker and Alex paid for the videos and left the store. They headed back to the ranch to start their little movie marathon together.

On the ride back to the ranch Walker started thinking to himself that before he and Alex were together he never would have spent the day just watching movies. He would have been out doing something, but now he really enjoyed the special time they spent together. For him they never got enough time alone. Then again he could spend the rest of his life with her and it still wouldnít be enough.

"Well hon, ready to start our movie marathon?" Walker asked as he stopped the Ram in front of the ranch. "You bet. You get the movies ready in the den and Iíll go get my notebook that I have ideas for the fundraiser in, and I be right with you."

Alex and Walker entered the house and went to their respective duties Alex got her notebook for the fundraiser and she got them both a glass of iced tea. Walker went to the den and put the first movie in so it would be past the previews by the time Alex was ready.

By the time they were finished with The Patriot they had plenty of ideas for the HOPE Center fundraiser. They had decided what they wanted to give out for prizes to the people who entered the talent show part of the night and what they wanted to give to the people who bought a date at the auction. They also had a list of people the were going to try to get to be in the auction.

"Well one movie down and two to go." Walker said as he pushed the rewind button on the VCR. "I can't believe we got so much accomplished while we were watching a movie." Alex said as she stretched her arms. "I know. We even managed to watch a few minutes of the movie." Walker said. "Well on to the next movie and more work on the fundraiser." Alex said as she pushed play.

They watched the second movie as they worked with more little details on the fundraiser. They picked out a band that they knew work donate their time to the charity and were fantastic musicians.

By the time the second movie was over it was dinner time. They went into the kitchen and fixed a simple dinner together. While they ate they discussed more of the details that needed to be tied up before the big night of the fundraiser.

After dinner they cleaned up the dishes together. When they were finished they headed back to the den to watch the last movie. They had no more work that needed to be done on the fundraiser. The only thing they needed now was people to participate in it, and since it was to help the HOPE Center they both knew they wouldnít have any trouble in that department.

"Well hon, how about we go watch our last movie and finish all of the planning?" Alex suggested. "Sounds good to me." Walker said as they headed toward the den.

Walker and Alex switched off between watching the movie and writing up what they wanted the flyers and posters to say. Walker had already volunteered to take the paper into a printer to have the flyers and posters made.

Walker and Alex finished everything for the HOPE Center fundraiser by the time the movie was finished. All they had to do now was get the word out about it and get people to participate.

"Weíre finally finished!" Walker said sleepily. "I know! I can't believe we finished everything in one day." Alex said while standing and stretching. "Come on hon time for bed for you." Walker said standing behind Alex and rubbing her back. "Mmm, that feels wonderful." Alex sighed at her husbands ministrations. "Well love, Iíll make you a deal." "Do tell?" Alex asked. "You go upstairs and take a nice warm bubble bath while I lock up everything down her, and when you're finished Iíll give you a massage. Deal?" Walker said with a grin knowing heíd never get an argument from this deal. "Deal Cowboy! Iíll meet you upstairs." Alex said turning and giving her husband a soft kiss on the cheek.

Walker locked everything up downstairs and then proceeded to head upstairs to keep his promise to his wife. When Walker got upstairs Alex was still in the bathroom. He decided to get everything ready for her massage before she came out.

First he changed his clothes into something more comfortable which only consisted of a pair of silk boxer shorts. He then turned down the bed for her and got out the massage oil.

As he finished getting the room ready Alex walked out of the bathroom in her robe. Her hair was damp and laying down on her shoulders. She moved over to her dressing table to brush her hair.

Seconds after she sat down at the table Walker was behind her. He took the brush from her hand and brushed her hair for her. As Walker brushed her hair Alex thought back to the very first time that he had done it for her.

She had just come home from the hospital after being shot and nearly killed. Walker asked her to come stay with him at the ranch so they could be together and so he could help her with her recovery.

One night after she had taken a soothing bath she came out into the bedroom where Walker was waiting for her. He sat her down on the bed and gently began brushing her hair. The action shocked her to say the least. Her rough tough Cowboy was sitting here performing a most gently and tender act of brushing her hair.

Walkerís voice softly saying her name brought her back to the present. She must have been daydreaming.

"Alex, Alex honey?" Walker said softly. "Huh? Oh sorry darling." Alex said coming back to the real world. "Where were you? You looked like you were a million miles away." He added gently. "I was just thinking about the very first time you brushed my hair for me." "I remember that night. I donít even remember what compelled me to brush your hair that night, but now itís one of my little habits." Walker said sheepishly. "Well I love this habit of yours." Alex said running her hand over his beard.

"Now what about that massage you promised me?" "Let me help you off with your robe and lie down." Walker said untying her robe and then taking it from her. After he took her robe he then slid his boxers off.

Walker had Alex lay down on their bed on her stomach. He put lavender scented oil onto his hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil. Walker started with her shoulders. He left no section untouched. Walker ran his hands up and down her back. He loved the feeling he got while he was giving his wife a massage.

Walker continued to massage Alex's back while she lay on their bed totally pliant to his ministrations. Walker leaned down to kiss Alex's neck to make sure she was still awake. A soft moan escaped her lips when he pressed a kiss to her skin, letting him know she was still awake.

"Mmm, baby that feels amazing." Alex said with a sigh. "It gets better darling." Walker whispered in her ear. "Show me." Alex ordered.

Walker simply complied by gently turning his wife over while still straddling her. He bent down and kissed her delicate lips. Walker let his lips roam over the beautiful features of her face. He rained kissed down on her face and neck. He began to slide lower on her body trailing kisses as he went.

Alex was moaning with pleasure as Walker continued his trail down her body. She reached down and ran her fingers through his hair and down over his muscular shoulders.

Walker worked his way down between her legs slowly. He decided to have a little fun with her and tease her. First he began to kiss the inside of her thighs. He ran his tongue over her soft skin. Walker could hear her frustrated moans of desire.

He decided that he had toyed with her long enough. Walker began kissing her body. His kisses grew nearer and nearer to her moist center. Walker began to lavish her womanhood with attention. Walker drove his tongue deep within her to taster her juices. He brought it back out and began his sweet assault on her swollen bud. With every flick of his tongue her body jolted.

She moaned and screamed in pleasure as Walker continued to pleasure her. As her orgasm began to peek she dug her nails into the sheets of the bed.

"Come on love! Let it go!" Walker said in a muffled voice seeing as his mouth was still busy elsewhere.

Alex complied with Walker's order and let her climax flow through her body. While she was still climaxing Walker moved up her body and drove himself deep within her. His action caused Alex to punctuate her climax with a loud passionate exclamation of Walkerís name.

Walker proceeded to make passionate love to Alex long into the night. It was a slow passion filled loving that drove Alex and Walker both to multiple orgasms.

Alex and Walker lay tangled together breathing heavily in the aftermath of their love. Alex was snuggled up as close to Walker as she could get with her leg thrown over his, her arms wrapped around him, and her head on his chest. Walker held Alex tightly and caressed her body while placing gentle kisses on top of her head.

"I love you so much Cowboy." Alex said sleepily. "I love you too darling." Walker said cuddling her closer. "Mmm, I'm so tired darling, but I donít want to go to sleep. I just want to lie here and cuddle with you." Alex said softly. "Iíll be holding you and cuddling you all night long like I always do. Get some sleep hon. You and the baby need your rest." Walker said kissing her head. "Alright love." Alex said just as she drifted off to sleep. "Sleep my angel." Walker whispered and joined his wife in her dreams.

The next week was very hectic for Walker and Alex. They had to get all of the last minute details set up for the big night. They already had all of the people they were going to auction off dates with, and they had a huge response to the talent show. Who knew so many people would pay so much money just to make fools of themselves or their friends, but it was for a good cause.

The night of the fundraiser was coming soon. Alex was so anxious about the fundraiser she was almost running four different directions at once. Walkerís main objective was to take care of as much of the details as he possibly could to keep all of the stress off of Alex.

It was the day before the big night, and Walker and Alex were busy at work. They were both in Alex's office taking their lunch break together. Walker and Trivette had been out on a lead, so he decided to pick up their lunch and bring it to her.

"Well hon, tomorrow is the big night." Walker said as he unpacked their lunch. "Donít remind me! Itís tomorrow night, and I still have a million things that need to get finished." Alex said as she cleaned off her desk so they could have lunch.

"Alex, you do not have a million things to do. I have been working overtime getting everything taken care of so you wouldnít have to worry about it." Walker said softly as he pulled her into his embrace. "You're wonderful, you know that." Alex said giving him a kiss. "Me wonderful? I wouldnít go that far. How about we say just slightly amazing?" Walker said with a smile. "You got it Cowboy." She answered and hugged him tight.

"Come on sweetie, dig in I got your favorite." Walker said as they sat down. "Grilled chicken sandwich with a big dill pickle?" She asked hopefully. "Would you expect anything less from me?" He stated. "I even got your raspberry iced tea that you love so much." He said proudly. "You're good!" Alex said as she took out her sandwich. "No, I'm just well trained." Walker joked.

They ate a companionable lunch together and talked about how successful the following night was going to be. They also noted that they were both glad that neither of them had to blow their paychecks this year on buying a date with the other to keep others away.

"Well darling, as much as I hate to say this I think you and I should get back to our work." Alex said. "I know, I know." Walker said dejectedly. "Oh cheer up honey." Alex said noticing Walker's change in disposition. "I will sweetheart. Tonight when we can both just be together alone." Walker said while he began to clean up from their lunch. "Where did that come from?" She said surprised by his response. "Itís just getting harder and harder for me to be away from you. I know that sounds goofy, but thatís how I feel." Walker said. "I donít think it sounds goofy at all. I think it the sweetest thing I've ever heard." She said as she came up to him and put her arms around him in a warm embrace.

The warm embrace soon turned into a passionate kiss. Walker ran his hands over her back in a gentle loving caress. Alex pulled Walker tighter to her body with urgency of needing to feel him close.

Their kiss was broken off by the insistent buzzing of the intercom on Alex's desk. Apparently her secretary wanted her for something. It was either answer her or have her come through the door and interrupt them either way they were getting interrupted.

"Yes Sue." Alex said into the intercom with just a hint of irritation in her voice. "Mrs. Walker I'm sorry to interrupt your lunch with Ranger Walker, but you have a deposition to be at in fifteen minutes. I didnít want you to be late." Sue said knowing that she probably interrupted something more than lunch. "Thanks Sue; I completely forgot." "You're welcome Mrs. Walker."

"Oh Walker I completely forgot about my deposition!" Alex said as she rushed to get her files gathered into her brief case. "Calm down hon you have fifteen minutes, and you just have to go down the hall." Walker said trying to calm her. "Well I would have more time if I didnít have a certain sexy Cowboy in here distracting me." "Are you complaining?" "Distract me all you want Cowboy." Alex said giving him a kiss and heading for the door. "See you at home tonight hon. Love you!" Alex said just before she left.

Alex left her office and left Walker standing there in the middle of it. Walker always made a point to tell Alex he loved her whenever they had to leave each other from time to time, so he ran out the door after her. He wasnít exactly thinking strait at the moment, so he ran out the office door and into the hall. He saw Alex just about to enter the courtroom. Out of nowhere he yelled down the hall, "Alex, I love you too!".

Everyone in the hallway stopped and stared at Walker. It was then that he realized his actions and felt his face begin to turn red. Alex saw Walker's discomfort at everyone staring at him so she winked at him and blew him a kiss to help ease his discomfort a little. Alex entered the courtroom and Walker headed back to Ranger Headquarters.

The rest of the day was pretty hectic for Walker. He and the other Rangers were all called out to a bank robbery in Ft. Worth. There were three robbers and they were holding hostages threatening to kill them all if their demands weren't met.

The Rangers quickly diffused the situation and got all of the hostages out of the building safely without being harmed themselves in the process. The robbers on the other hand weren't as lucky. One was suffering from a broken jaw courtesy of Walker's boot, one was sporting several cuts from being kicked through a glass door by Sydney, and the last one had a bullet in his shoulder thanks to Trivette.

After all of the Rangers got the prisoners taken care of in lock up they headed back to their office to finish their paperwork for the day. When Walker was finished with his paperwork he said his goodbyes to his friends and headed out.

He headed to help out with his Kick Drugs kids. They were all getting ready for a big tournament in Austin in a few weeks, and they asked him for a little extra help. He loved working with these kids. They all had a real love for the martial arts and it helped keep them off of the street.

After working with the kids for their tournament he headed for home and his wife. He was hoping that he would get home before she did so he could get the horses taken care of and get a shower before she arrived.

When Walker pulled up to the house he noticed that Alex's car wasnít there. He rushed into the house to get changed to go out to the barn. He headed out to the barn to take care of the horses.

While Walker was out in the barn Alex arrived home. She parked in her usual spot right next to Walkerís Ram. She grabbed her briefcase and purse and headed into the house. Alex called out for Walker and looked around the house to see where he was. She took a guess that he must be out in the barn taking care of the horses.

Alex headed out to the barn to see what Walker was up to. Just as she was about to go out the front door, she walked straight into her husband.

"Oh I'm sorry honey." Walker said. "Itís alright dear. Anyway I kinda like when we run into each other." Alex said as she suggestively wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

"How did the deposition go hon?" Walker asked as they headed back into the house. "Perfect! It couldnít have gone better if I planned the whole thing out." Alex said happily. "Thatís great!" "Well how did your day go?" Alex asked. "Bank robbery where hostages were being held. Donít worry we got all of the hostages out safely and none of us got hurt." Walker said knowing she be worried about him. "You had better be telling me the truth. I have ways of finding out if you're not you know." Alex said sternly. "I promise sweetheart. Not a scratch on me. Strip search me if you like." Walker said suggestively. "Later Cowboy. Right now what do you say we get dinner started. The little one and I are starved!" Alex said patting her belly. "Tell you what you go ahead and think of something we can fix for dinner. I really need a shower after being out in the barn. At the moment I'm not fit for human company, but as soon as I'm finished Iíll be down to help you out." "Okay cutie hurry up." "Will do." Walker said giving her a kiss on the cheek and then running up the stairs to shower.

It didnít take Walker long to shower and change clothes and get back downstairs to help Alex with dinner. They fixed a simple dinner and sat down to eat in the candlelight. While they ate they talked about their days and how nervous Alex was about the upcoming fundraiser.

After dinner they did the dishes together then headed into the living room to relax. Walker built a fire for them to help warm the room. Walker knew Alex was getting stressed out about her big night the next day so he sat down on the couch and had her lay her head in his lap.

With his left hand he held her hand with his other he gently brushed his fingers across her face and through her hair. They sat together in the warm glow of the fire talking for hours. Walker reassured Alex that everything would go perfectly and that they would raise enough money for the new HOPE Center.

Alex shared all of her concerns about the following night with Walker. He sat with her and attentively listened to her. His gentle words and his soft caress eventually lulled Alex to sleep. He didnít have the heart to wake her so he gently shifted her position on his lap so he could easily pick her up and carry her to bed.

He carefully placed her on the bed and undressed her. He shifted her position so he could cover her. After he got her into bed he changed out of his clothes and put on a pair of boxers. Walker went around the bed and crawled under the covers next to his exhausted wife. He pulled her into his arms and immediately she molded her body to his in their usual sleeping position.

They slept peacefully through to the next morning. Walker was the first to wake bright and early. He left Alex in bed, but he knew she wouldnít sleep too long without him there. He found a quick solution to that problem. He took one of his shirts and draped it over a pillow. She quickly pulled the pillow close and held it as she would have held him.

Walker changed into his work clothes then headed out to the barn to take care of the horses for the day. He decided to let them out to run in the paddock for the day while they were at work. After he was finished with his chores he headed back into the house to get his shower and get ready for the day.

He walked into their bedroom and noticed that Alex was still sleeping while holding tightly to the pillow that his shirt was on. He smiled to himself and then headed to the bathroom for his shower.

After Walker finished with his shower he put on his clothes and gun belt. When he was dressed he moved over to their bed to wake up his sleeping beauty.

"Alex, sweetheart. Its time to wake up." He whispered softly as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her. "Alex come on hon wake up." He said placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Well I can see I'm getting nowhere with this technique. I guess Iíll just have to take a different approach." He said as he leaned down close to her and began to nuzzle and kiss her neck.

Alex slowly awoke to the soft touch of her husbands kisses. She moaned with pleasure as he showered her with love and attention.

"Mmm, morning handsome." She said sleepily. "Good morning beautiful." He said while he continued to kiss her neck. "What time is it honey?" She questioned. "Time for you to go get your shower and get ready for the day." He said extending a hand to help her up.

"You go get your shower, and Iíll have breakfast on the table when you come down." He said as he leaned in for his good morning kiss. "Okay honey. Iíll be down in a little while." Alex said giving him a peck on the lips then hurrying off to take her shower.

While Alex was upstairs getting ready Walker went downstairs to get their breakfast ready. He fixed apple cinnamon oatmeal, fruit salad and orange juice. He had everything on the table and the kitchen cleaned up by the time Alex came downstairs.

"Wow! Alex you look beautiful!" Walker said as he moved over to pull Alex's chair out for her. "Why thank you Cowboy!" Alex said giving him a little kiss on the cheek. "Breakfast looks great!" She said as he sat down across from her and they started their meal.

After they finished their breakfast they did the dishes and put them all away. When the dishes where all put away Alex grabbed her briefcase and they headed out the door together.

The decided to drive in together today in the Ram. Walker opened Alex door for her and helped her up into the cab. He went around to his side and got in, and they were on their way to work.

They day was pretty much uneventful which was really surprising for a Friday. Usually the day was so hectic they were both running 5 different directions. Walker thanked God that nothing major was going on today because Alex didnít need any more stress than she already had to handle with the fundraiser that would be taking place later that night. He also didnít need to have something go wrong when he was out on a case and need a trip to the emergency room. He knew Alex would kill him for sure if he showed up to the fundraiser with bandages or stitches.

Walker and Alex ended up leaving work earlier than planned because they had really nothing there to do, and they still had to go help Josie with the decorations at C.D.'s.

After all of the decorations were set up Walker and Alex headed home to get ready for their big night. Alex had a new dress just for the special occasion. She was a little nervous about how she would look in it due to her pregnancy, but the first moment Walker saw her in the dress all of her fears were washed away.

Walker on the other hand was wearing the ever dreaded tuxedo. He hated wearing the things, but he knew how much Alex loved him in them.

Walker was waiting downstairs for Alex to finish getting dressed, so they could leave and get to C.D.'s early. When Walker heard Alex coming down the stairs he looked up at her, and she took his breath away.

"Alex, you look amazing." He said in a sexy whisper. "Thank you darling. You look pretty amazing yourself." She said taking in his appearance in the tuxedo. "I donít know how you do it, but every time I look at you you're more beautiful than the last." Walker said never taking his eyes off of her. Alex's reply to his statement was to reach out and pull him into a passionate kiss.

Walker and Alex left for the fundraiser. They decided to take Alex's car because it would be easier for Alex to get in and out of in her dress.

The entire car ride into Dallas Walker noticed how much Alex seemed to be fidgeting. When they parked outside C.D.'s Walker reached his hand over to take Alex's.

"Hey, tonight is going to be a hit." Walker said in a soft reassuring voice. "I hope so." She replied.

Walker got out of the car and went around to the other side to help Alex out. He opened her door and took her hand to pull her to him. When she got out of the car Walker reached his arm around her and pulled her close to help boost her confidence levels.

They walked in the door together and saw Josie talking to the people who were going to be auctioned off for dates. In front of Josie stood many Rangers such as Ranger Derek Brooks, Daniel Mendoza, and Alan Rogers. Alex and Walker even managed to convince Trivette and Sydney to be in the auction. From the District Attorneyís office there was ADA Lorrie Culp, Sue James, Alex's secretary, DA Moodyís secretary Meganís Simmons, file clerk Peter Matazio, and stenographer Caroline Rudnik. There were several others up for auction also.

Josie was giving all of the people being auctioned off directions on what to do while they were on the stage. After they were bought all of the men were to go off stage to the woman who purchased them, kiss their hand, and give them a red rose. The women were to go off the stage to the man who bought a date with them, kiss their cheek, and pin a red boutonniŤre on their jacket.

Josie sent them all to the backstage area to wait to be called out on stage because people were starting to show up. Alex and Walker went over to Josie to see how everything was going.

"Well Josie, are we ready?" Alex asked. "Alex, we are more than ready. This husband of yours took care of everything that needed to be done." Josie said patting Walker on the shoulder.

"How did the ticket sales go?" Walker asked. "They went fantastic! We should be able to redo the whole basement and turn it into a counseling area with the amount we raised." Josie said. "Thatís great! After this night is over the HOPE Center will have plenty of money for the new house and some to spare." Walker said.

"Well it looks like people are starting to show up. Honey, we should go greet everyone and thank them for coming." Alex said. "Alright dear." Walker replied.

While Walker and Alex greeted people at the door, Josie went to see if the band was finished setting up. They would be playing the music for the auction and also playing background for anyone who wanted to sing in the talent part of the evening.

As the night continued the auction was started. It beginning to be a huge hit. People were bidding in the high hundreds for dates.

Sydney was the next to come out. Josie was doing the announcing and describing all of Sydneyís likes and dislikes. She started the bidding out at seventy-five dollars. That bid was quickly taken by Phillip Rose. He was a state trooper that has had a thing for Sydney ever since they first met two years ago. The bid was raised to one hundred quickly after Phillip by Gage. The bidding war went back and forth for a long while until eventually Gage came out the winner ending up spending fifteen hundred dollars for a date with Sydney.

After Sydney was Trivette. The bidding was started out at seventy-five as usual which Josie claimed for herself. Other women around the room started bidding and the bids eventually got to five hundred dollars. Out of nowhere a voice from the back of the crowd spoke up.

"I bid five thousand dollars!" The woman said calmly.

Josie banged her mallet and said "Sold!". Everyone turned to see who bid such a large amount of money. The crowd started to part for a beautiful African American woman as she came toward the stage.

"Erika?" Trivette said in a stunned voice. "Yes Jimmy; itís me." Erika said softly.

It was Erika the girl Trivette met the year before when her father was being falsely imprisoned on murder charges. Trivette helped Erika clear her fathers name. They dated for a while, and Jimmy fell in love with her. He would have asked her to marry him, but she said she needed to get out and find her place before she could settle down.

Trivette was heartbroken when that happened, but now here she was. She was back in Dallas and paying five grand to go on a date with him.

By the end of the auction they had raised over twenty thousand dollars for the new HOPE Centerís remodeling. Thatís not counting the money they raised from ticket sales. Now the interesting part of the night began. The talent show!

Walker headed to the stage and took the microphone. He wanted to get this show started off right.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention." Walker said to the crowd. "Our auction has raised over twenty two thousand dollars for the new HOPE Center! I want to thank everyone for their generosity tonight. Now everyone knows that I'm not a real avid public speaker, but just for tonight thatís going to change. I want to take a moment to recognize the person who is responsible for tonight and the creation of the HOPE Center. My wife, Alex." Walker said as he looked adoringly to his wife. "Without her hard work and dedication many of the less fortunate people of the area wouldnít be able to survive. I know that sounds like a lot for one person to do, but this is no ordinary person. This is Alex Walker; the most incredible person I know. How many people have the insight to start a center like she has that helps so many people? Not many. That is why I would like to honor my wife by starting of this talent portion of the evening. I pledge five hundred dollars to perform tonight. You see only a few people have every seen me perform this talent, and they know Iíll only do it for Alex. So Alex would you come join me up here on stage?"

Alex complied and stood up from her seat and headed to the stage. When Alex stood the room erupted in cheers for her. She walked onto the stage, and Walker took her hand and kissed it. He then helped her have a seat on a stool he had placed on the stage.

"Alex you are the most incredible person I know. You're my wife, my best friend, and now you're going to be the mother of my child. I want you to know that itís easy for me to say, I love you." Walker said into the microphone as he looked directly into the eyes of a very stunned Alex.

When Walker said the words, itís easy for me to say, the band began to play the intro to the song he asked them to play for him to sing to her in his beautiful voice that she loved so much.


Some won't find the words
More won't find a way
Never too often heard
You know it's easy for me to say
The thing you need to hear
Way more than every day
Can never be too clear
You know it's easy for me to say

I love you
Quiet and loud
Alone in a crowd
I love you
In a thousand little ways
I'm learning to say
And I learn something new every day
I love you
It's easy for me to say

It always sounds the same
Music to my ears
Leaves nothing to explain
You know it's easy for me to hear
The phrase that we all know
Nothing it can't outweigh
Take it wherever we go
You know it's easy for me to say

I love you
Quiet and loud
Alone in a crowd
I love you
In a thousand little ways
I'm learning to say
And I learn something new every day Iím with you

I love you
No poet ever found a better way
You know it's easy for me to say
I love you
I'll try to say it more every day
You know it's easy for me to say

"I love you Alex." Walker said as the last strains of music began to fade away.

The entire time Walker was singing to her he never broke eye contact with her. The whole room erupted in a standing ovation for Walker. None of them had ever heard Walker sing before. They were all stunned he could sing so well; not to mention sing a love song to his wife in public.

As the room cheered for Walkerís performance Alex jumped from where she was seated on the stool and rushed into Walkerís arms. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him for all she was worth.

Alex didnít notice it, but while Walker was singing to her tears started to run down her cheeks. When their kiss broke off they touched their foreheads together. Walker reached up and wiped away the tears that she had shed during his performance. Both of them were laughing softly as they stood together on the stage with the crowd still cheering for them.

Walker and Alex left the stage in each otherís arms. They headed off somewhere where they could talk quietly for a little while. Josie took over the talent show from there.

"Oh honey, that was beautiful." Alex said emotionally as she sniffled back her tears. "Hey no tears now." Walker said softly as he brushed more of the tears away. "I can't help it. That was just so incredibly beautiful. I felt like I was the only woman in the entire world while you were singing to me." She said snuggling close to Walker in his arms. "You are the only woman in the world to me." He said resting his head on top of hers and nuzzling her.

Walker and Alex stayed off to themselves for the rest of the night until the talent show was over, and they had to hand out the prizes. The talent show raised twenty thousand dollars for the new HOPE Center. With all of the money raised tonight they will have enough money for both centers. Walker and Alex headed to the stage to award the prizes to the winners.

"I want to thank everyone for their generosity in the talent show tonight. It was more successful than we could have dreamed of. Now the moment youíve been waiting for, the winners of the show. And no my husband isn't eligible to win one of the prizes." Alex said to the crowd. "Thank God weíd all lose to his act." Someone said from the back of the room, and everyone laughed. "Alright, now the third place prize goes to, the Mendoza brothers for their knife juggling act." Alex said as Walker handed the brothers their trophy and prize envelope. "Second place goes to Renee Quinn for her fire eating." Walker said while Alex handed out the prize. "And now the first place winner is Mark Gautier for his brick breaking." Alex said to the crowd.

"We want to thank you again for coming tonight to help support the HOPE Center. The nights events are pretty much over, but stay as long as you want. We still have plenty of food and refreshments left." Alex said.

"Wait! I have one more bit for the talent show." Captain Price said from the back. "I bid one thousand dollars to hear Walker sing again."

Alex looked at Walker thinking heíd never really do that again, but to her surprise he looked into her eyes and smiled at her.

"Captain Price if youíll bring your thousand dollar bid up to Josie I will be happy to perform again." Walker said to the captain. "You got it Walker!" Captain Price said.

Walker walked over to the band to make sure they knew what song to play for him. When he first met with the band he told them the names of two songs that he wanted them to practice. He had the plan to sing to Alex thought out a long time ago. He just didnít know what song he wanted to perform.

"Hey guys, do you remember that other song I gave to you?" Walker asked. "Sure Walker, we remember." Jesse the drummer said. "Well, can you play it for me when I give you a queue? Someone paid a thousand dollars to hear me perform again. Lord only knows why. I think I sound awful" "Walker are you kidding? Your better than most professionals." Eric the steel guitar player said. "Sure Walker no problem. Weíd do anything to help out you and Alex, especially with your charities." Ricky the bass player said. "Thanks guys." Walker said then turned and went back to Alex.

"Well everyone, it looks like I'm going to be doing another song." Walker said into the microphone. "But like I said before, ĎI only sing for Alexí, so hon, will you please have a seat right here." Walker said and helped Alex sit back on the stool. "Alright I confess, before we came here tonight I had it planned out to sing for you tonight. You were so stressed about raising enough money for the new HOPE Center, and I know you like it when I sing to you. I thought that maybe it would help you relax. I talked it out with the band and gave them two songs to practice so I could sing to you tonight. The thing is, I wasnít sure which one I wanted to sing. This song is a little more fast paced than the first, but I hope you like it anyways." Walker said to Alex then turned to give the band a thumbs up.

The band started to play the fast beat intro to the song. Walker broke into a huge smile as he looked to Alex, and began to sing to her once again.


When I hear you stop and laugh out loud

When youíre falling fast asleep

When youíre in the middle of the crowd

When youíre lying close to me

When I hear you softly say my name

When youíre high and when youíre low

When you donít need me to explain because you already know

When you smile that way

I know every night and day

That's when I love you, when I need you, when I care about you

That's when I know without a doubt that I can't live without you

Every day I find another reason every season we go through

And every little thing you do

That's when I love you

When youíre driving in your car

When you dance and sing to the radio

When youíre walking underneath the stars

Anywhere and everywhere you go

When youíre dressed up or youíre dressed down

When youíre talking on the phone

A million people all around

Or when your all alone

Youíre near, or your far,

Youíre in my heart no matter where you are

That's when I love you, when I need you, when I care about you

That's when I know without a doubt that I can't live without you

Every day I find another reason every season we go through

And every little thing you do

That's when I love you

When you smile that way

I know every night and day

That's when I love you, when I need you, when I care about you

That's when I know without a doubt that I can't live without you

Every day I find another reason every season we go through

And every little thing you do

That's when I love you

That's when I love you, when I need you, when I care about you

That's when I know without a doubt that I can't live without you

Every day I find another reason every season we go through

And every little thing you do

That's when I love, That's when I love youÖ

As the song ended Alex once again jumped from the stool into Walkerís waiting arms. The crowd cheered all over again as Walker and Alex embraced.

About an hour after Walkerís final performance everyone had left C.D.ís. The only ones that were left were Walker, Alex, Gage, Sydney, and Josie. They were all sitting around a big table talking about the night.

"I can't believe everything went so well." Josie said. "I know. I never dreamed we would raise so much money." Alex said. "I never dreamed I would hear Walker sing a love song in public." Sydney quipped. "Hey it was for my wife!" Walker defended. "Iíd just watch out Walker. You had every woman here tonight wanting you after you finished singing." Sydney warned. "Every woman?" Gage asked and looked at Sydney. "Well almost every woman." She replied.

"Yeah sure they did Syd." Walker laughed. "I'm serious Walker! I heard women all over the place talking about what it would be like to have a man like you." Sydney explained. "What women? I want names!" Alex said seriously. "Just take my name and Josieís name off the list of women here tonight, and there you go." Sydney answered. "What were they saying, Sydney?" Alex asked beginning to get concerned. "Some of them were just innocent comments like how sweet and romantic that was. A few of them were talking about how good Walker looks, but there were a couple of women who I think were plotting together to get their hands on him." Sydney said in a serious voice.

"Alex honey, donít give them another thought. They can try and try all they want to get their hands on me, but that doesnít mean they will. I love you and only you. You're the only woman that ever lays hands on me." Walker said taking Alex's hands in his. "You ready to head home darling?" Alex asked. "You bet. Lets go." Walker said. "Bye guys. Thanks again for all of your help tonight." Alex said as she and Walker headed for the door.

 They walked out to the car with their arms wrapped around each other. It was the last week of January and the night wind was cold.

"You're really worried about what Sydney said, aren't you?" Walker asked when they got to the car. "Yeah. I know that you would never break our vows, but I just can't stand the idea of someone trying to take you from me." "Thatís the exact way I feel whenever I see every man you meet eye you up. Most of them know you're married and pregnant, but they still look you over and flirt with you. I can't stand it. I just want to grab them and say, ĎBack off! Thatís my wife you're drooling over!í" Walker said. "Men do not drool over me." Alex laughed. "You want to bet! Alex you're the most gorgeous woman I've ever met." Walker said as he opened the door to the car and helped Alex in. Walker then ran around to get in the other side.

Walker and Alex continued to talk the entire ride home. They steered off of the subject about the women at the fundraiser trying to get their hands on Walker and onto how well the fundraiser went.

They reached the ranch late and decided to turn in for bed. Walker helped Alex out of the car, and they walked to the door together. Alex was tired and leaning on Walker for support as they walked

"Come on hon. Weíre going to bed." Walker said as they entered the front door. "Good I feel like I'm dead on my feet." Alex said with a yawn. "I can remedy that." Walker said softly and swept her off of her feet and carried her up to their bed.

"Here you go. You get ready for bed while I go downstairs and make sure everything is locked up." Walker said as he placed her feet on the floor. "Alright darling. Donít be too long." Alex said in a sexy whisper.

While Alex changed into more comfortable clothes, Walker headed downstairs to make sure the house was locked up. After he finished checking downstairs he quickly went back upstairs to his wife.

"All finished." Walker said as he entered the room. "Take off your coat and stay a while handsome." Alex purred from the bed. "Donít mind if I do." Walker said and began taking off his tuxedo. "Come here Cowboy."

Once Walker took off his tux he slipped into bed and the waiting arms of his wife.

"Mmm, do you know how long Iíve been waiting to get you back in this bed Cowboy?" Alex said with her lips still pressed to Walker's. "Do tell." He murmured. "Iíve wanted to make love to you since I saw you standing at the bottom of the steps waiting for me in that tux. You know what you in a tux does to me." "Mmm hmmÖ" Walker mumbled as he ravished her neck with kisses. "Then those songs. Youíve had me going all night Walker."

Walkerís response was to drift his kisses lower until his lips met her breast. Alex was moaning and groaning in pleasure as Walker's kisses led a fiery trail down her body.

Walker and Alex made love long into the night. It was a gently soft loving that expressed each otherís deepest feelings to the other. They lay tangled together in each otherís arms. They seemed to be holding onto one and other as if their lives depended on it.

"AlexÖ" "What is it babe?" She said softly and cuddled closer in his arms. "I love you more than anything in heaven or earth." He answered and kissed the top of her head. "I love you so much." She said shifting position to kiss him passionately. "Walker, if any of those women do come onto you I want you to tell me." Alex said turning serious. "Of course honey." "Because Iíll kill them." "Alex!" "I'm serious Walker. I donít want any of them touching you or else. Youíre my husband! That means thereís a big ĎHANDS OFF!í sign on you!" Alex stated. "Iíll paint one on my shirt in the morning." Walker said as he leaned up to giver her a peck on the lips. "Or would you rather it say ĎPROPERTY OF ALEX WALKER!í?" He said trying to get her to joke with him. "Just combine the two signs." She said with a small laugh.

Soon Walker and Alex began to feel the toll of the long strenuous day and drifted off to a peaceful nights sleep. Alex was secure in here knowing that she would be the only woman to lay hands on Cordell Walker, and Walker felt the same security about Alex.

If and when someone tried to come between the two, well, Iíll just not say what would happen to that poor unfortunate person.

 Usual disclaimers apply. The songs borrowed for the story are "Easy For Me To Say" By Clint Black & "Thatís When I Love You" By Phil Vasser.