The Incident
By Sissy (


They had gotten a two-bedroom suite with adjoining bath because it was the only rooms left except for a one bedroom. Believing that the adjoining bath would cause no problems, they had accepted the accommodations. After having known each other for several years now and even though they had dated several times, there had been no commitments made. They were like two old shoes, comfortable with each other and they also worked well together.
When they had been notified of their participation in the Federal Hearings in Austin on Shannon Industries, neither Walker nor Alex were looking forward to what they knew would be tedious days of sitting and listening to never-ending testimony.
The first week turns out exactly what they had predicted. Tiresome and boring. Especially for Walker, an active man, that is use to some kind of physical activity in his days. The prolonged sitting in the courtroom is starting to show in his fidgeting and his moodiness.
With the weekend before them, Walker suggests they forget the hearings, at least temporally and spend the two days doing anything but sitting in their rooms and talking about the hearings.
"Alex, I've called a friend of mine that has a ranch near Austin and got us invited out for a day of horseback riding and a picnic. How about it?"
"Oh, Walker, that sounds great. But right now a walk in the park would sound great after sitting in that courtroom all week. When do we leave?"
"First thing in the morning."




When they arrive at the ranch, Jason Thomas is waiting for them. "Walker, I'm sorry, but I've got to leave, my wife has called and indicated that she wishes for me to join her in Austin, immediately." He sees the smile disappear from his guest's faces and quickly says, "But you two go ahead with your ride. The cook has a picnic basket already for you, and Walker, you know this ranch as well as I do, so enjoy yourself. I was looking forward to spending the day with you and catching up on everything but when the wife beckons, I'm afraid I'm one of those husbands that jumps."
"That's all right, Jason. We'll be just fine. And tell Julia I said hi, and I'm sorry we missed her."
"I'll do that, Walker. Well, I'm gone. Have fun." He turns to leave just as a ranch hand brings up two horses for them and the cook, who has a smile on his face that looks like it's a permanent fixture, comes up to them with a picnic basket and a blanket.
The day is warm and sunny with a slight breeze blowing. Walker and Alex ride without talking for quite awhile, just enjoying the feeling of contentment and serenity that has come over them by being in a different setting than the Federal Building and the hearings.
Alex is the first to break the silence by saying, "Jason sounds like he loves his wife very much. You don't hear of to many husbands that would admit to jumping whenever his wife calls."
"Jason and Julia have a rare understanding of each other. Besides they haven't been married very long."
"I still think it's sweet."
For the rest of the ride the conversation is light and sometimes it ceases altogether, content enough with each other's presence that words are not always necessary. When they arrive at a small clearing beside a very large lake, they dismount, and while Walker takes care of the horses, Alex spreads the blanket. Since it's still to early for lunch, Walker hangs the picnic basket from a tree to keep out unwanted guests as they explore the area.
When they finally sit down to lunch, they notice that several deer and smaller wild animals have come to the lake to drink and cool off in the water. Alex seems to be fascinated with the picturesque setting, but glancing at Walker who is sitting beside her, sees that he is watching her and not the wildlife. She smiles at him, "What?"
He shrugs his shoulders and shyly averts his eyes but seconds later they return to her. He can't get over the way she makes him feel whenever she looks at him and today she is looking at him a lot. He softly murmurs, "Alex." When she hears her name spoken so softly and sees the look in his eyes, she finds herself leaning toward him. His lips seem to be drawing hers closer, and when they touch, the contact is gentle almost clumsy, but the sheer heat of it makes Alex gasp. The kiss ends quickly, to quickly for Alex. Walker stands, mutters, "Sorry." Turns to leave but stops when he feels Alex's hand on his arm.
"Walker?" When he finally turns to look at her, she smiles, easing the tension, "Are you really? Because I'm not."
He smiles then, and taking her arm, "Come on, I know where there is a small waterfall, want to see it?" They spend the rest of the afternoon with more exploring and a little wading in the water. Returning to the blanket for a late afternoon snack, they eat in silence and the wild creatures return when all is quiet.
With the sun on it's downward swing, Alex packs the basket, and as Walker picks up the blanket and shakes it out Alex moves over to help him fold it up. When she nears him for the final fold, he takes the blanket and she leans over and kisses him lightly on the lips, saying, "Thank you, Walker."
Being a little surprised by the kiss, "For what?"
"For this, the ride, the picnic, it's been wonderful."
As she stands close looking at him, he has the strongest desire to take her in his arms and kiss her. But instead, after looking into her eyes for several long seconds, he takes a step backwards and mumbles, "Oh … uh … thanks … uh … we better be getting back, it's getting late."
The ride back to the ranch is quiet at the start but it isn't long before the conversation is back like it was before and the incident at the lake is forgotten. Or is it?
Sunday is spent sleeping late, having brunch sent in, then a walk through downtown Austin window-shopping and finally a late afternoon stroll through the park. Then the weekend is over and thoughts of the hearings are back on their minds.
Monday turns out to be the most grueling day yet, lasting well beyond 5:00 p.m. Alex brings a set of the transcripts back to the hotel with her wanting to look for something that she knows she is missing. Leaving both doors to the bathroom open so that they can walk back and forth between the rooms, they continue to examine the papers till Alex finally shoves them away from her, "Oh, Walker, I can't look anymore, everything is running together. I know I'm missing something but I just can't find it."
"Why don't you go on to bed, Alex. I want to check over the first set of papers again, then I'm going to turn in, too."
"I think I will. I'm going to get me a shower first, though, see if I can get these kinks out of my neck." Standing and stretching, "I'll see you in the morning. Good night, Walker."
"Good night, Alex."
As Walker works over the papers, he hears the water running in the bathroom and thinks about her taking a shower. He glances over at the bathroom door, staring at it for several minutes than with a smile on his face and a shrug of his shoulders turns his attention back to the papers.
He sits hunched over the papers until he feels like his back is about to break, then stretches and looks at the clock. Almost midnight. "Well, that's it. I'm gonna get me a hot shower and hit the sheets." He strips down naked and goes into the bathroom with his shaving kit.
After Walker brushes his teeth, he puts the cap back on the toothpaste, and rinses out his toothbrush, laying it on the back of the sink. He leans into the shower stall to turn on the water when he hears something, straightens, and turns around.
Alex is standing there in the doorway in a shorty nightgown, her hair tousled from sleeping, and her eyes very bright and very focused. Her eyes are riveted to the nest of red hair surrounding his manhood.
"Alex?" He looks at her, then for the towel, but it's right next to her, hanging by the door.
"Uh? Oh … Walker … I didn't realize you were in here and I…" Her voice trails off realizing that she's staring. She drops her eyes to the floor, and murmurs, "Sorry" and quickly backs out of the room and shuts the door.
"I'll be out in a few minutes." He looks down at himself. He is getting erect, fast. An action that he has no control over.


Alex had awakened with the urge to use the bathroom, but when she opened the door and he was standing there in his birthday suit, she couldn't seem to take her eyes away from his … from him. Not really sure what she said before she backed out and shut the door, she's now standing with her back against the door and feeling the red creeping up her neck she whispers, "God, he's magnificent."
She finally makes her way over to her bed and sits down on the edge, with the vision of Walker still in her head. She is sure that that vision is forever burned into her mind. She is also wondering how she will ever face him again without turning scarlet because she knows that vision is what she will see whenever she looks at him.
Several minutes later she jumps when she hears a knock on the bathroom door, and then "Alex, it's all yours."


End of part I



The Incident
Part II

The next morning Alex is up early, taking her time getting dressed, wondering how in the world she's going to look that man in the face again. How could she have just stared at him… ? But, God he was really magnificent. She's always known he was well muscled, but she had never seen all of him like this before. Ever since she had opened the door and seen him like that, the urge to jump him and drag him to her bed has been overwhelming. 'Stop it! What's the matter with you? You're the ADA for God's sake, not some harlot off the street.' Regardless of who she is, she wants him. Is it love or lust? Maybe a little of both? She doesn't know, but she can't get him out of her mind.

Alex knows she has to face him, so knocking on the bathroom door, she slowly pushes it open just a crack, and when she sees the door already open into his room, she takes a deep breath and pushes the door open wider, "Are you ready, Walker? It's about time to go." The sound of her voice sounds more normal than she expected but she hasn't looked into his face yet.

"Come on in. Soon as I get these papers gathered up I'll be ready."

"Oh, I forgot about those papers, let me help." She moves over to the table and begins to stack up the papers and putting them back in the folders.

Her fingers brush against his several times in picking up the papers and every time she touches him she feels a jolt of heat, striking clear down to her toes.

At each touch of her fingers Walker feels the same heat warming up his body and pooling in his groin area. He knows that he is having the same effect on her, because every time he touches her she jerks her hand away.

A soft murmur, "Alex?"

She stands still, a tight whisper, "What?"

"Alex … look at me."

"I can't."

He reaches down and tilts her head up, but her eyes are closed. "I'm sorry about last night, I should have lock that door. I … would have grabbed the towel to cover with but it was right next to you and I didn't want to upset you more by …."

"No, it was my fault, if I hadn't of been half asleep I would have thought to knock first. I'm the one who is at fault."

"Alex, regardless of whose fault it is, you can't walk around with your eyes to the floor all the time. What if … What if I had been the one who walked in on you? I probably would have acted the same way you did."

Her eyes fly open, "I imagine you would have been a gentleman and left immediately, not just stand there and stare … like I did…"

"Are you so sure? After all, I'm a healthy warm-blooded male and I find you very attractive. It would be a natural reaction."

She stares into his eyes, then follows them as they slide down to her lips, as he lowers his head she tilts hers back slightly, waiting for him to kiss her, wanting him to kiss her. His lips just barely graze hers then settles over her mouth, she reaches up and slides her hands behind his neck, feeling how hot his skin is, how soft his hair feels between her fingers. A soft whimper finds it's way past her lips at he moves his lips gently over hers.

Reluctantly he breaks the kiss off; knowing this is not the time to pursue their feelings any farther. "I … think we should … probably get to the hearings." He murmurs as he drinks in the desire that is showing in her eyes.

"I … you're probably right." She brings her hands down to rest against his chest, then reaches up to touch her lips lightly to his, and murmurs softly, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For handling my embarrassment so gallantly, I didn't think I would ever be able to look at you again without remembering ... and blushing."

"Does this mean you won't remember it anymore?" He says with a slight twinkle in his eye. "I'm sorry I caused that embarrassment. Must have been quite a distressing sight to someone only half awake."

"No! It wasn't! I mean … you looked wonderf…" She feels her face getting warm. "I think we had better go, before I dig myself right back into that same hole." With that, she backs away from him, turns and picks up the folders, then her purse and starts for the door. He follows with a smile covering his face.




For some reason the day doesn't seem quite as tedious as the others, but maybe that's because Walker is sitting at her side, keeping the incident fresh in her mind. Or maybe it's the slight touches of his leg against hers that keeps fanning the flame that was started with the kiss that morning. But on the other hand her mind isn't totally on the hearing either.

At the lunch break they go to the small restaurant right around the corner. After ordering they find a small table back in the corner and sit down. They eat in silence mostly, but can't seem to keep their eyes from each other. At first when they are caught staring, they quickly glance away. But eventually they quit looking away and just keep their eyes locked on each other, realizing that their feelings for each other have been brought to the surface by the accidental incident.

After the hearings are ended for the day, they leave the courthouse, and instead of getting into the truck, they begin walking, holding hands, with silence as their companion. After several blocks, they pass a small Mexican Restaurant, Walker glances at Alex, she nods and they enter and have a meal of Burritos, but since neither one seems to be hungry, they are left uneaten on their plates. They look at each other and in a silent language that passes between them they rise and walk out of the small cafι.

As they continue to walk, they come to the park where they had been just three days before. They stop at a small fountain, watching the water cascade down from the tall statue in the center. Walker takes two coins out of his pocket, and handing one to Alex, they silently make a wish, then toss the coins into the water. Walker turns to face her and takes her into his arms, kissing her lightly several times before pulling back and looking into her eyes. Both know they are just delaying the inevitable.

A tender whisper, "Let's go to the hotel, Walker."

He turns and they walk slowly back to his truck and drive to the hotel.



Walker unlocks the door, stands aside to let Alex enter then closes the door and locks it before pulling her into his arms. He gazes into her eyes momentarily than lowers his lips to hers, feeling the softness and tasting the eagerness. Alex slowly moves her hands upward, twining her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. He gently applies pressure on her mouth, and she returns it, moving her lips with his. As he ends the exquisite contact she protests with a soft moan. He brushes his lips across her cheek to the corner of her eye then letting his tongue touch the edge of her ear he begins to slowly explore each curve sending shivers of desire racing through her body. Bringing his lips back to her mouth, he begins probing with his tongue and she slowly parts her lips to let him in to dance with hers in a wild display of passion.


End of part II


The Incident
Part III


He scoops her up in his arms, carries her to the bed, and as he lets her slide down his body she kicks her shoes off before standing on the floor. His fumbling fingers begin to undo the buttons on her shirt, then as they touch her soft fullness, he groans in anticipation of the passion that begins to course through his body. Pushing the shirt off her shoulders, he tenderly traces his fingers over her breast at the top edge of her bra then unhooking it, lets it fall to the floor, too. He takes her mouth with his in a deep passionate kiss as his hand cups her breast, swelling at his touch to fill his hand.

Taking a half step back, wanting to feel his skin against hers she pulls his shirt from his pants, unbuttons it and pushes it away from his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Running her hand through the soft downy hair on his chest she then touches his nipple with her tongue, tightening her lips around it, bringing a swift intake of breath from him.

His hands drop to the top of her slacks, his fingers sliding around the waist band until he finds the closure, which he quickly releases then slowly slides them down her hips to fall in a puddle at her feet. When she begins tugging at his belt buckle, he steps back, slips his boots off then lets her finish sliding his jeans down. He pulls her close again and as his lips find hers, his hand slides down her side to the top of her panties then farther down her hips. He slides his fingers under the lacy edge, stroking the soft curls nestled at the juncture of her thighs. When his fingers touch her moist center, she groans and leans against him.

With desire taking control, Alex drops her hands down to his briefs. As she touches his throbbing manhood through the fabric, she quickly lowers the last barrier. Taking him in her hand, she softly caresses him, bringing moans of pleasure from Walker.

With desire streaking through him like lightning bolts, he removes her panties then lays her down on the bed and stretches out beside her. She turns to face him and he captures her lips with his, then his tongue parts her lips and enters her mouth in an erotic kiss. His tongue retreating then plunging deeply, again and again until desire is running rampant through her body. Walker rolls her onto her back, moves between her legs and slowly slides into her until he is fully embedded. Savoring the feeling of her tightness, he lies still for several seconds. Then he slowly begins to rock gently inside her, increasing the speed and depth subtly, trying to prolong the moment, but when Alex surges against him he loses his control. With a need to find release, he drives into her deep then deeper with each thrust, as her hips move as one with his. Reaching out his hand to maintain his balance, he finds her hand and twines his fingers through hers. His grip tightens as he gives one last plunging stroke and explodes within her at the same time she tightens her fingers over his and stiffens as her universe blows up around her.

As Walker fights his way back to earth, he raises up on his elbow to take his weight off of her. Looking at her with her blonde hair fanned out on the pillow, he can't believe the ecstasy that he had reached with her. A feeling of total satisfaction and euphoria, the likes of which he never even knew existed. He had never felt so loved or in love in his entire life. He watches as Alex's eyelids flutter than slowly open.

She looks at him through half closed eyes to see the tender look of love in his. She smiles at him dreamily, knowing he had been to the same heaven that she had. She brings her hand to his cheek with a gentle touch, his hand covers hers, bringing it to his lips. She tries to tell him how she feels, but he leans over and touches her lips in a soft kiss. "I know … me, too." He rolls to her side, lying his head on her breast, listening to her runaway heart and as it begins to slow, he murmurs softly "I discovered something tonight."

"That you love me?" She murmurs as she kisses the top of his head.

"No." He raises up on his elbow to look into her eyes. "I always kinda knew that but tonight I discovered just how much I love you." He pulls her close, bringing her head to his chest, knowing that he has finally attained the most exquisite dream of his life. Alex.

"Alex, are all right with this?" He murmurs softly, wanting to hear her say those three sacred words.

Snuggling into his embrace, she whispers into his chest, "I have never felt more all right in my life. Seeing you in the bathroom that night just brought to the surface what I have been feeling for a very long time. But I didn't want to push and maybe lose you."

"Honey, you can push all you want to because you're never going to lose me."

"I thought you looked magnificent then, and even more so now. I wanted you so bad. I wanted to drag you to my bed then and there. After this…" she raises up on her elbow, touching her lips gently to his, "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you." Takes his mouth in hers in a long lingering kiss, leaving them both breathless. She drops her head to his chest again, "I never knew love could be so exotic and so tender at the same time." After several minutes she raises up again, "And I do love you, darling, so deeply I may never find the bottom." She snuggles closer still, as he draws his arms tighter around her as they slowly sink into the warm embrace of sleep.




Alex wakes to find Walker's head next to hers, feeling his soft breath stirring softly against her cheek. She smiles, loving the intimacy of him being this close to her when she wakes. She shuts her eyes, enjoying this time, knowing that all to soon they will be back at the hearings.
A soft murmur in her ear, "What are you smiling about?"
When she turns to look at him, her lips brush against his in a delicious mingling of lips and tongues. Before the kiss ends Alex can feel his hands already caressing her breasts, and she begins moving against his hand as he softly kneads them to sensitive peaks. He rolls her on her back and begins kissing and touching until she is trembling with a need for release. He slides over on top of her, driving into her with an urgency that is bringing them both to heights of desire beyond belief. He begins driving faster and deeper till the final thrust takes them spiraling out of control. She cries out when a burst of pleasure tears through her and she feels him shudder again and again as he empties into her.
They lay in a tangle of arms and legs as they slowly return from paradise to lay exhausted, among the jumble of sheets and blankets. Walker takes her into his arms as she turns on her side and snuggles against him as their eyes close and they let sleep claim them again.


When they arrive at the Federal Building for the hearings, they decide to sit apart so they can concentrate on what is going on. But before the first recess they realize that that had been a mistake. They just keep searching each other out with their eyes so when the first recess is called the move back to sit together at the same table.
Being back together seems to help them focus on what the witnesses are saying on the stand, and at one point Alex looks at Walker as if a thought had finally became clear in her mind. She jots a note down in her pad with the intentions of checking it out during the noon recess.
Walker watches what she writes down, frowns, then as it all becomes clear in his head, he picks up her hand, squeezes it, and smiles at her as they turn their attention back to the witness.
After the room clears Alex takes the transcripts and with Walker's help spreads them out on the long table. They look through the papers trying to find the testimony that she had heard earlier, while Walker looks for the testimony given back at the beginning of the hearings. With so much being said and resaid, it is so easy for some of the testimony to get lost in the minds of everyone associated with these hearings. It's all there, lost in the jumble of thoughts, just waiting for someone to put it all together.
"Here it is. Have you found the other, yet, darling." The endearing name slips out without thinking and she quickly looks around to make sure no one has heard. No sense starting any rumors. Not yet anyway. She wants all the privacy she can get with this man that has stolen her heart before she lets the world know they are a couple.
"No, not … Wait a minute, yes… here it is." He separates the one paper from the others and hands it to her. "You know, I knew what you were getting at, but I couldn't put it together either. Not until you wrote it down." He leans over and touches his lips to hers briefly. "What now?"
She smiles at him, murmurs softly, "We go back to the hotel and I jump your bones?"
A quick glance around and a stern whisper, "Alex!"
"Oops, sorry. We turn this information over to the Attorney General first, then we go back to the hotel and I jump your bones." She smiles at his discomfort. Touches her finger to her lips then places it against his. "Walker, I'm only teasing." But thinking, 'How I wish we could.' Then she turns and begins putting the papers away just as the room begins filling with the other participants of the hearings.
Walker watches as Alex takes the papers over to the AG and explains what she has found and then as he smiles, he grabs her hand and gives her an appreciative handshake.


End of part III


The Incident Part IV
As Alex turns and starts walking back toward him, Walker moves in her direction, his heart bursting with pride. This beautiful woman loves him. He slides his arm around her waist and walks with her back to their table.
The hearings are recessed immediately when the new evidence is brought forth and one hour later the hearing is over with the Shannon Industries given a hefty fine of $8,000,000 for dumping hazardous material in the lake at the Reserve Forest west of Houston.
As Walker and Alex walk out of the Federal Building, he beams with pride as several people come up and show their appreciation for her part in bringing Shannon Industries down to their knees.
When they get back to the hotel, Walker unlocks the door to Alex's room, pushes it open, and then stands back, waiting for her to enter. She walks into the room and turns expecting Walker to take her into his arms. She gives him a puzzled look and says, "Aren't you coming in?"
"No. Not right now."
"Any … particular reason?" The look on her face is priceless.
"Yes, honey, get a shower and get dressed in your finest. We're going dancing to celebrate your victory." He watches her face light up with happiness and his heart soars. "One hour. I'll pick you up in one hour. Okay?"
She moves toward him, and he backs away, "Walker …? What's wrong?" She drops her arms to her sides and gives him a 'What's the matter with you' look.
"Alex, you want to kiss me, right?" She nods and starts his way again, but he holds his hands up and backs up another step. "Honey, if you kiss me, we'll never get out of here to go dancing. So please, just go, get ready." She smiles at him and backs into the room. Just before she closes the door, he moves up and in a soft seductive voice murmurs, "When we get back, then you can jump my bones." He hears her giggle then he pulls the door shut and quickly walks the short distance to his door.
From his side of the bathroom door he listens until the water stops, and when he hears the other door shut he opens his door and crosses to the other door and locks it. He takes a deep breath, shucks his clothes and turns on the water for his shower. Hearing a slight noise he looks at the doorknob and smiles as he sees it turning. Putting an ear to the door, he hears a soft, "Drat". Smiling he turns to get his shower.




In exactly one hour he is standing in the hallway in front of her door. Before he can knock, she pulls it open and smiles at him. He can only stare at the vision of loveliness in front of him. She takes a step toward him and kisses him softly on the lips, bringing him out of his trance.
"God, you are so beautiful!"
"Why, thank you kind sir. You look pretty handsome, yourself." She slides her hand under his arm and they turn to begin their night out on the town.
It is almost 2:00 in the morning when they return to the hotel. Walking down the hall towards their room, giggling, with their arms around each other, stopping every once in awhile to kiss. Anyone seeing them would think they were intoxicated. They are. Intoxicated on the love they feel for each other. Stopping in front of her door, Walker takes her in his arms, kisses her softly and murmurs, "Do you know what fascinated me most when I first met you, Alex?"
"No, darling, what?" She leans into him, touching her lips lightly to his.
"You have a unique blend of strength and softness held together by a spirit I've never seen before in a woman." Pulls her close, his head nestling into the side of hers.
"That is so … You make me feel so special, do you know that?" She whispers in his ear as her eyes take on a brightness.
Huskily murmurs, "You are special, very special to me." He turns his head just enough to catch her bottom lip with his mouth. As her mouth opens he pulls her tongue in to his, caressing it gently, deepening the kiss, starting a fire that is fast getting out of hand. He pulls back, sees her eyes full of passion. He whispers softly, "Come on, lady of mine, you have some bones to jump." She lays her head on his chest as he unlocks the door, ushers them inside, and then relocks it.



Their clothes are scattered from the door to the bed and as the last particle hits the floor they fall onto the bed. He moves his hand down her back, following the curve of her spine. Then down over her hips as he pulls her against him. His desire throbbing against her womanhood.

Her body arches against him with need as he sensuously moves his other hand down her neck, to caress her breasts kneading the soft flesh and working the nipples into an almost painful arousal. She feels his groin grind into hers, hot, hard, demanding. She begins moving against him, and is rewarded when a stifled moan rumbles in his throat. He captures her mouth with his in a kiss that threatens to consume them both. As his lips leave hers, she feels his breath on her face, her eyes never leaving his, she sees the fire in his eyes softening to tenderness as he drives into her. Their low moans of pleasure become wilder as he moves faster and deeper within her. Then the moans die away as the moment of release is almost simultaneous for them.

They lay together, tangled, complete. They hold on to each other, as they slowly return from heaven. He pulls away from her, to lie at her side, nestling close. His eyes get heavy, contentment pulling him into sleep.

He suddenly feels her hands on his chest, her lips at his nipple, sucking gently, and as his eyes flutter open he see desire burning in her eyes once more as she rolls over on top of him. She drops her hand down between them, to caress his manhood. As she presses her lips to his, probing with her tongue till he parts his lips, moving into his mouth exploring every part of it, then leaving to draw his tongue into her mouth where she begins sucking on it.
When she feels him fully erect, she straddles him, bringing him deep inside of her. As she begins rocking back and forth he moves his hands to her hips already feeling the roar of passion starting to erupt through him, he tries to hold back, but her movements are bringing him closer to spilling into her. He surges upward as he lets go with everything that's in him. When he feels her constrict around him, he drives up once more then as he feels her shuddering release he pulls her down against his chest, listening to her breathing slow down little by little, till she lays quiet against him. He tightens his arms around her as he rolls both of them onto their sides, still joined, he kisses her softly then closes his eyes as he feels her body relax in his arms.
Again he feels his body being pulled back from sleep to respond to her caresses, wondering where this beautiful lady is finding all this passion that she keeps pouring into him. Again they attain the same highs as before with the end result seeming to be more earth shattering then the last.



Standing at the window, looking out into the dark night, he turns to watch the woman in bed, her hair spread out over the pillow. He'd made love to Alex four times, and it wasn't even dawn yet. And after each time he finished, Walker felt like he drained his very soul into her, and she just comes back for more. At this rate he'll be dead in a matter of days. He had never felt this tired … or this close to heaven. When he sees her hand feeling for him and not finding him, he moves toward the bed. Hearing a mumbled, "Darling?" he lies down beside her, pulls her into his arms, her back to his front, and as she smiles in her sleep he kisses her hair softly and begins caressing her breast, and feels himself growing as she wiggles her delicious bottom against him….



The trip to Dallas is quiet, with Alex snuggled into his side, dozing, he remembers the night of dancing, and of lovemaking which had lasted well into the morning, and then they had spent the rest of the day alternating between sleeping and making love. But last night had been spent in exhausted sleep. They had made love again on waking this morning and Walker is wondering if this woman will ever get sated. He smiles as he looks at her in sleep, knowing that she could come at him any time, wanting more. He reaches out to touch her hand, vowing to always do his best to be ready for her. Or die trying.
He moves his hand back to the steering wheel, just as her hand falls across his lap. He jumps, jerking the steering wheel, working to get the truck, and himself, back under control. When the truck is steady on the road again he glances at Alex and sees her still sleeping, maybe, with a little smile on her lips.
When they get to Dallas they both agree to stop at C.D.'s, knowing that if they don't they will never hear the end of it. Walking into the bar, they see Trivette sitting at the bar drinking milk and eating Oreo cookies.
C.D. is the first to see them enter, "Hey, look whose back! We all thought you two would be back yesterday with the hearings ending early."
"Yeah, well." Is all Walker says.
"Hey, man. You look awful. Were the hearings that bad? I knew it wasn't going to be much fun, but I sure didn't think you'd come back looking like you were half dead!" He pats Walker on the shoulder, "Here, sit down, partner. Remind me to never volunteer for something like that."
"Alex, honey, you look great." Alex's face is as beautiful as the day she had left, although C.D. thinks she has a certain glow about her now.
"Why thank you C.D. I feel great."
"I guess Cordell can't take all that sitting every day, huh?"
"Come on, man, was it really that bad?"
Walker glances at Alex and sees the impish smile on her face, and says, "Trivette, you don't know the half of it."
"Then I take it, man, that you two wouldn't want to do this all over again, huh?"
Walker looks at Alex, seeing her eyes darken, and thinks to himself, 'In a heartbeat, Trivette, in a heartbeat.'
The End