The Long Wait

By Sissy & Jennifer

She’s been a bundle of loose wires, all sparking at once, since Walker has returned. She wasn’t eating, sleeping or having sex. But she is sure thinking about it, that last thing, anyway. The one night they had had together was the most beautiful, sensual and mind-blowing sexual experience she had ever had. But that was before Walker had gone on his undercover assignment, and now, after three months of being separated, she was starving for the sight of him.

She has only seen him once at C.D.’s in the week since his return and then he had gone with Trivette to Houston to pick up a prisoner.

On his return from his undercover assignment, he had wanted to see Alex immediately but that night at C.D.’s everything seemed to be against them. Some friends waylaid Alex and then when she was free, he was making his way across the floor to her when Trivette grabs his arm and pulls him back into a corner wanting to talk about the trip to Houston the next day.

Just thinking about her, he feels himself tighten with a familiar rush of desire. He had begun suffering these unexpected bouts of sensual arousal soon after he had been introduced to Alex Cahill and then after their one night of making love he couldn’t quit thinking about her.


Standing against the back wall, Walker watches as Alex walks into the room, feeling his manhood swell immediately to massive proportions. He shifts slightly to ease the tightness of his trousers.

His movement, however, draws Alex’s gaze, and her breath catches in her throat. He is blatantly aroused; the light blue fabric of his jeans is stretched tight. Feeling a heated shimmer within the core of her body, the feeling so exquisite, she comes to a stop, knowing that he is watching her … wanting her.

She is drawn toward him, like the pull of a magnet, unable to help herself, oblivious to everyone else in the room, her eyes lock with his. But a group of people move into the path between them and block her view of him. She waits as they move away, but Walker is not where she had last seen him. She begins scanning the room for him and finally sees him being escorted, albeit reluctantly, out of the room by the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and Captain Price of the Texas Rangers.

She hadn’t known he was back from Houston, but seeing him so close, here at the Mayor’s party and then to have yet another circumstance keep them separated is more than she can take. Her shoulders slump and she releases a soft cry of frustration as she watches Walker disappear into another room, knowing that he will be cloistered with these men for the rest of the evening. She turns and begins mingling with the crowd and when she feels she has spent enough time representing the District Attorney’s office she gets her coat and with a last look at the door that Walker had disappeared through, she makes her way out the door, going home to spend another night … alone.

She doesn’t see Walker again until three days later, when she finds out that he is to be a witness in a case that she will be prosecuting. She is thrilled that she will see him, but nervous about being that close to him in the courtroom, knowing the effect he has on her, when all he has to do is look at her and her heart begins to pound, her palms sweat, and she feels the flutters of arousal in her stomach.

All she has done for the past three months is think about the last time they were together so that now when something brings him to her thoughts, she sees that Walker smile, feels his hard body against hers, and the sensation of his warm mouth on hers, and all other thoughts disappear from her mind.

Knowing that she will have to face Walker on the witness stand and act as if she has some semblance of professionalism she spends the days drilling a litany into her brain that she doesn’t want him. He is just a friend. She doesn’t want him. He is just a friend.

The evening before she is to appear in court with him as a witness, she sits cross-legged on her bed with the paper from the case strewn across her bed. As she goes over the case she keeps repeating the same phrase, I DON’T WANT HIM. HE IS JUST A WITNESS. But glancing up into the mirror on her dresser, she stares at herself and then a hopeless look crosses her face. With tears welling in her eyes, "Who am I fooling. I want him so bad I can’t think of anything else." Falling back against the pillows, she wails, "What am I going to do?"

Turning over on her stomach, she cries into the pillow, "I know what I’ll do, I’ll see him on the stand with his sensuous lips and his hard body and my mind will go blank. I just know it."


The day finally arrives and Alex is, surprisingly, very calm. She’s had a good nights sleep and feels like she can handle herself with complete aplomb, regarding Walker as her witness. The trial has gone exceedingly well and Alex’s confidence is riding high as she calls Cordell Walker as her next witness.

As he walks in and takes the stand, he is sworn in and turns to look expectantly at the lovely District Attorney.

Alex takes a deep breath and prays that her resolve holds as she stands and moves to the front corner of the table. Looking up into his eyes, she sees his smile and feels a quick lurch of her heart and an all too familiar fluttery feeling in the pit of her stomach. She looks quickly down at her papergathers herself up and looking back up at him, begins with the questions. She glides along smoothly and after finishing with her questions, she turns him over to the defense and moves to sit back down.

It is just for an instant, but before she collects herself and continues, Walker catches it. He sees and feels her hesitation, the look in her eyes burns into his, and the flush of her cheeks registers deep in his heart.

When Walker leaves the courtroom he knows that the prosecution has won their case. But now he needs to find a way to be alone with Alex.

But the more he tries to be with Alex the more fate seems to be working just as hard to keep them apart.


Walker is right, the prosecution did win the case but before the prisoner can be brought back to court for sentencing John Evans manages to escape. So fate steps in again with Walker and Trivette sent out to bring the prisoner back.


But unbeknownst to Walker and Trivette, the prisoner, John Evans, is still in Dallas. Keeping the promise to himself that he would take care of the prissy blonde District Attorney, if he ever has the chance. Well … now he’s got the chance…


As Walker and Trivette check out all the known addresses of Evans, Alex is at her apartment, sitting up in her bed, wearing the shirt that Walker had inadvertently left after their last encounter, and eating chocolates, contemplating what a life with Walker would be like. The way it looks now they will have to make appointments just to see each other. She smiles as an idea begins to form in her mind. She reaches across the bed for the phone and dials Walker’s cell phone.


When she hears his voice she has second thoughts about doing this, especially since Trivette is probably at his side. Feeling like she is committed, "Hi," she says in a soft low voice, "Is … Trivette with you?"

"Ah … no … he’s outside right now, you want to talk to him?"

Alex giggles, "No, I want to see you, but…" getting cold feet, Alex veers to another subject, "Have you … got anything … on Evans, yet?"

"No, not yet … wait a minute, here comes Trivette."

Alex can hear snatches of the conversation along with her name. When he comes back on the line, "Alex, I think he’s coming for you! Don’t open the door to anyone; except for Trivette, or me do you hear me? We’re on our way to your place now. Don’t open your door! Promise me!"

"Walker, what…"


"Yes, okay, I promise, but…." The phone goes dead in her hand and she drops it, not sure if Walker has hung up or someone has cut the line. Looking down at the phone dangling at the end of the cord like it was alive, she tentatively picks it up and listens. No dial tone! Now she panics.

Thinking quickly, she moves around the room shutting out the lights then goes into the bathroom and locks the door.

She doesn’t have long to wait; within minutes of locking the door, she hears pounding at the front door. A crashing, then "Where are you, bitch? I know you’re in here. When I get done with you, you won’t have such a pretty face."

Keeping absolutely still, she hears him moving around her apartment, smashing things, looking for her. When he goes from a raging lunatic to complete silence, Alex stiffens, wondering if he has left or is biding his time.

A loud crash against the bathroom door, Alex screams!

"Ha! I knew you were in there, bitch! Don’t go away! Ha, ha, ha, ha. Just … another … minute."


Alex screams again! The door is shaking, beginning to give.


The door splinters, Alex screams and scrunches back against the tile in the shower.


When the phone goes dead, Walker instinctively knows that his worst fears have been confirmed. Evans is at Alex’s apartment! He throws the truck into gear and takes off down the street, exceeding all laws of safety and common sense. When he stops in front of her apartment, he jumps from the truck with Trivette on his heels as they race down the sidewalk to her front door. Finding the door hanging on one hinge, they draw their guns and carefully enter the living room, Trivette moving in quietly behind him.

It’s quiet when they enter but then hearing loud banging coming from the back of the apartment, Walker begins to move down the hall toward the bragging of Evans, and Alex’s screaming.


Her fist in her mouth, her body stiff with fear, she hears a sinister cackle as Evans pokes his head through the hole he created in the door, and her eyes grow even wider when he exclaims, "Here's Johnny! Alex scrunches back into a corner when he brings an arm through the door and unlocks it, pushing the door open and stepping into the bathroom. A scream is lodged in her throat at the evil leer on his face.

"Y-you know y-you w-won’t get away with t-this," she cries, trying to gain time, hoping Walker will get there before it’s too late.

"Oh, but I will, the cops are off chasing a false trail." As he reaches out to grab her arm, he sees her eyes widen as she looks over his shoulder, and her terrified look changes into one of relief. He turns around quickly, just in to time for Walker to connect his fist with Evans’ jaw, knocking him back into the tub, out cold.

Alex looks down at the man lying in her bathtub and then reaches for Walker. He lifts her out of the tub and pulls her into his arms holding her tight against his chest.

"Are you all right?" he murmurs shakily, thankful they had gotten to her in time

"I’m fine … now," she answers as she slides her arms around his neck.

"Take care of him, Trivette," he says as he guides Alex out of the bathroom. Moving into the living room he turns her around to face him, his eyes quickly scanning her body, looking for any mark, "Did he … touch you?"

"No … he didn’t get the chance." His eyes are sending shivers through her body. She feels his hand slide down her side to her thighs and slip under her shirt, his fingers hot against her skin as he pulls her closer to him in a crushing embrace. After a few moments of feeling his pounding heartbeat against her own, he releases her a little, pulling back to look into her eyes. His head starts to lower, his lips coming closer… but again fate steps in as a soft clearing of the throat pulls them apart. They look up to see a young woman enter the room.

"Alex … what’s going on? What’re the police doing here?" The sight of Alex in the arms of a man, his hand up under her shirt, showing Alex’s bare thigh and the edges of her bikini panties, making her wonder just what is going on.

"Megan … oh, my God, I forgot you were coming."

"Evidently," she thinks to herself. "Alex, will you tell me what’s happening?"

"She had an unwanted visitor, Ms…?"

"Alex and I had a date for a late dinner tonight since we didn’t have to work tomorrow." She glances up into the Ranger’s face, liking what she sees and with a soft seductive smile on her face, says, "And … who … are … you?"

Alex sees the look, frowns, but knows that Megan is like that with every male she sees. "Oh, I’m sorry. Megan, this is Ranger Cordell Walker. Walker this is Megan White, a … friend of mine." She lowers her voice to a whisper, "at least she use to be."

"Alex," he glances at Megan, "excuse us." Then he steers Alex over to the side of the room. "Alex, you can’t stay here tonight, do you have a place to go?"


Megan overhearing the question butts in with, "Yes … she can come home with me."

"Megan … no I…" she tries to plead off, wanting Walker to invite her to the ranch.

"I won’t take no for an answer, Alex, I insist."

Alex looks up into the eyes of the Ranger, seeing the same hopelessness that she knows must show in hers. He gives her a weak smile, and in a voice only she can hear, "That’s probably for the … best. It might be late before I get home and … I don’t want you left alone. I’ve … received word that Webb has been seen in Dallas … and as soon as I finish up here I’ve got to go." He takes her hand in his and gives it a light squeeze before turning to follow the police officers into the bathroom.

Alex gives Megan a half smile, then after giving her statement to the police she walks dejectedly into her bedroom, grabs an overnight bag from the closet and throws a change of clothes into it, then slips on a pair of jeans and her shoes before leaving her bedroom, where she sees Walker coming out of the bathroom. She moves toward the door meeting him there, his eyes leaving her warm and tingly. With Megan behind her she refrains from leaning into him, from kissing him like her heart is telling her to. His eyes glance up, and he sees Megan. Then taking her hand, he squeezes lightly and with a wink starts out the door letting his fingers slide slowly through her hand. She stares after him, and then feeling a nudge from Megan she picks up her purse and walks out of the apartment.


After spending a sleepless night at Megan’s, Alex rises early and begins making calls to get the doors fixed at her apartment. She’s just hanging up the phone when Megan walks into the kitchen.

"Well, Alex, you’re up early for a Saturday."

"I need to get the doors fixed at my apartment, I don’t want to impose on you any longer than necessary."

"I’m not worried about it, Alex, so please, don’t you be." She takes a cup down from the cabinet and pours herself coffee and refills Alex’s cup at the same time. Sitting down across from Alex she lifts the cup to her lips, and stares over the rim into the drawn face of her friend. "I take it you didn’t sleep to well last night."

Alex looks up at her, knowing the ravishes of a sleepless night are evident on her face, "No, I just couldn’t stop thinking about … that man and what … he wanted to do."

"All the more reason to stay here and try to forget it. Going home will just bring it closer to the surface."

But Alex didn’t want to stay with Megan. Although they have been friends since their college days, her mind is on Walker, and being with him. "I know … but," her mind is churning, trying to come up with a reason for going home, "my clothes, everything is there. No, as soon as my phone line and the doors are fixed I … I’ll go home."


Alex returned to her apartment late that afternoon, thankful to be out of Megan’s apartment. She was asking all kinds of questions about Walker, questions that Alex didn’t want to answer because she felt they were none of Megan’s business.

She had one full day, Sunday, to get herself back under control. When she arrives at her office on Monday morning she has managed, for the most part, to bury the horror of the near attempt on her life. To everyone that sees her she is totally in control and when she goes to court no one can tell that she has had an attempt on her life, just 24 hours ago.

The day is almost over, her case has finally been convened and she is sliding papers into her briefcase when the doors from the back open and two police officers escort John Evans into the courtroom to be arraigned. Alex doesn’t notice him until he starts screaming and lunging at her, almost coming over the table after her before the officers pull him back under control. She jumps back, startled at the unexpected outburst, knocking her chair over and almost falling.

By the time Evans is restrained and shackled to a chair, Alex is shaking so hard she can barely stand. Her assistant helps her with the papers and walks with her out of the courtroom. Instead of going back to her office, she gets in her car and heads to C.D.’s. She needs to see a friendly face and since Walker and Trivette are on assignment C.D. is the next best alternative.

When she walks into the Bar & Grill, C.D. takes one look at her and guides her into a booth at the back away from the rest of the customers. "Alex, honey, you look like hell!"

"I know C.D. I need a nice long vacation."

"Yes you do, and I know the exact place."

Alex looks up into the loving face of her dear friend, "Where, C.D.? Some place away from everything and everybody?"

"You got it! The only ones there will be you … and me. That is, until Cordell and Jimmy return, I left word for them to join us when they get back."


Alex sleeps most of the way on the drive up to the lake cabin, stirring only when C.D. gently wakes her. "Honey, we’re here."

She groggily sits up, and looks around, trying to bring her senses back into focus. "I-I’m sorry, C.D. I don’t know what’s the matter with me."

"That’s all right, honey, you’re exhausted. Now come on, let’s go inside and get you tucked into bed."

The next two days Alex spends most of the time sleeping. She gets up late, goes to bed early and takes catnaps in the hammock hung between two large shade trees. The third day, she wakes early and upon wandering downstairs, finds herself alone. Looking out the screen door, she sees C.D. down at the lake, smiling, she turns back into the kitchen. For the first time since she’s been here she feels hunger pangs, and begins to rummage in the cabinets to find the makings of a breakfast.

When C.D. returns to the cabin and finds Alex scoffing down a hearty breakfast, he smiles and sits down across from her at the table. "Well, seeing you finally eating like you’re hungry, makes this old man very happy."

"C.D., I’m finally starting to feel human, again. Must be the fresh air up here." She finishes the last bite on her plate, sighs deeply, "That really hit the spot, C.D." She looks at him smiling at her and stands, gathering up the dirty dishes. "What would you like C.D., I’ll make you breakfast this morning." She moves to the sink with the dishes then pours coffee into two cups, sitting one on the table for him while she sips on the other.

"I’m afraid you’re to late, honey, I had breakfast over an hour ago."

"C.D., you’re on vacation, you should sleep in, relax and just do want you want to."

"I am, Alex, I am. And I want you to follow your own advice, you hear me?"

"Oh, I have been C.D., I can’t remember ever sleeping so much."

"Well, you must have needed it. So, what’s on the agenda for today?"

"I think … I’ll take a swim then stretch out on a blanket and sun a little." She washes the dishes and just before leaving the kitchen she turns and looks at C.D. "Do you, ah … know when Walker and Trivette will be coming up?"

"I don’t really know, hon, but I figure it will be in the next day or two, anyway. Last I heard, they had a solid clue where Webb was, and knowing Cordell and Jimmy, they ought to just about have him cornered."

She smiles as she turns to go up to her room, muttering under her breath, "I hope so … I sure hope so."

That evening she helps C.D. clean up the kitchen after he had fixed a delicious meal then wanders into the living room, picking up the book she had started earlier, sits down on the couch and begins reading.

She sits up on the sofa, realizing that she had fallen asleep, the book lying in her lap. Yawning she hears Jimmy’s voice talking to C.D. and realizes that Walker has arrived. She stands and stretches then looks around for Walker as her heart begins to race in anticipation.

Moving to the kitchen door, she pokes her head into the room and not seeing Walker, asks, "Did Walker come with you, Jimmy?"

They don’t even look her way, just mutter, "He went outside," at the same time. She smiles at the picture of them so intent on whatever it is that they are absorbed in and turns away, heading out the door to look for Walker, wondering why he hadn’t come to her.

Stepping out into the night air she lifts her arms over her head and inhales deeply, as she looks up into the clear sky, at the million stars twinkling overhead. She needed this, getting away from work, politics and the public. Stepping off the porch she hears the sound of water splashing and begins walking toward the lake. A deliciously hopeful grin crosses her face at the thought of possibly finding Walker skinny-dipping, as a sensual feeling pools low in her groin and a warm wetness begins to soak her panties.

As she nears the shoreline she sees Walker’s clothes in a pile and a towel next to them. She watches him swim for several minutes and then as he notices her he starts wading toward the shore.

Seeing him coming out of the water, she picks up the towel, intending to throw it to him, but instead she watches as his wet muscled body moves toward her, and the towel in her hand forgotten as it drops to the ground. Her mouth is slightly open and her blue-eyed gaze is riveted to the nest of curls between his muscular thighs, she is unable to tear herself from the sight of his manhood coming to life as he walks toward her. She lifts her eyes to find his gazing directly into hers.

"Hi," he murmurs softly, moving to stand in front of her, their eyes lock, several seconds pass, then he finally begins to speak again. "How are you feeling?"

"I’m fine," her voice barely audible. "Why didn’t you come to me when you got here?" she murmurs.

"C.D. told me what happened in the courtroom when we got here, said you were completely exhausted and slept most of the time," he replies softly as he reaches up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear, noticing she wore the earrings he gave her for her birthday this year. His fingers drifted down to trace her jaw, his thumb ran lightly over her warm lips as he murmurs, "You needed the rest, and well … since C.D. and Trivette are here we can’t … I decided to come down here to swim in the cold lake."

Alex understood the emphasis on the word ‘cold’, noticing his eyes darken. A flush spreads across her face as the wetness of desire flows more freely from her. Her breath catches in her throat as she feels the tip of his hardness touch her, can feel it burn through the soft denim material of her jeans, feeling as if it had touched her bare skin.

"I want to make love to you," he whispers as he pulls her into his arms. "I can't get the feel of you out of my mind ... the taste of you ... the smell of you..."

Alex is quiet. He sees her throat move as she swallows, and he wants to kiss her there, at the pulse point. Among other places.

"Do I have to do all the talking, Alex?" he finally demands with a half grin. "Or are you going to help me out a little here?"

Walker feels another grinding clench far down inside him as she wets her lips and utters, "I’m just waiting for something … or someone to interfere again."

"Not a chance," he murmurs, as he bends his head and brushes her mouth lightly with his, as her arms circle his neck, and pulls him toward her.

The kiss is deep and wet and completely mutual, desire flares within Walker, and blazes across his soul like a bushfire devouring dry grass. He knows he shouldn’t take her, not here, with Trivette and C.D. so close by … but at the same time he wonders if he will be able to stop, after their long separation.

With a groan, Walker pulls her down and presses her back onto the ground, kissing her throat, as her hands move on his bare shoulder blades, his spine, the small of his back. He raises his head with a gasp. "God, Alex … we’ve got to stop this…"

After waiting all this time to be with him there is no way she is going to stop. She opens the buttons on her blouse, spreading the fabric apart. Only sheer silk and lace hide her breasts from him and he sees her nipples plainly, tightening for him. Asking.

He groans again, and rasps a second plea, "Alex…"

She releases the front catch of her bra, and then she is bared to him, and Walker is lost. He leans into her with a low cry, greedy for her, and she arches slightly to accommodate him. With one hand, she strokes his hair, as she gives herself freely to him.

Her breaths are quick and shallow, and Walker opens the front of her jeans with one hand while he enjoys her breasts, each in turn. He slides his fingers between her skin and her clothes, and when he finds the wetness, he groans, his manhood is now throbbing, "God, Alex, you’re so wet," he breathes. His fingers unerringly find the soft, hidden nubbin of her femininity, she cries out softly and raises herself to him.

As bad as Walker wants this woman, writhing warm and willing beneath him, he knows he can’t take her, not then, not here, just a stones throw from the cabin where C.D. and Trivette are. But he can please her and make her yearn for his bed, and he sets his mind to doing exactly that.

"Walker," she whispers, pleading.

"Shhh," he says gently, wanting to soothe her even as he inflames her. "Shhh, it’s all right, Alex … I’ll see to your pleasure, I promise."

Alex makes a soft, strangled sound, one of desperation and surrender.

It is music to Walker’s soul. He slips downward and kisses her soft, trembling belly even as he smoothes her jeans over her hips and thighs. She whimpers when he teases her, stroking the silken tangle lightly with his fingers, and she gives herself up completely when he takes her with his mouth.

Alex writhes in the lush green grass, her breasts bared to the night sky, her jeans and panties gone and forgotten. All she knows in those wild fevered moments is Walker … Walker’s hands, Walker’s mouth, and Walker’s tongue.

He satisfies her in stages, bringing her to a shattering climax only to carry her higher after that, to another plane of pleasure. And while he consumes her, he raises his hands to her breasts, fondling them, alternately stroking and lightly pinching the nipples.

She comes with a long low cry, rising high, and before she touches the ground she is climbing again, toward another pinnacle.

Walker would have kept her going from one response to the next, throughout the night if she hadn’t finally broken down and begged him to let her rest.

She expects him to mount her, wants him to do that, but instead he withdraws, avoiding her gaze, and starts to pull on his clothes.

Alex stares at him in disbelief; it’s plain enough that he wants her, and just as plain that he means to turn away.

"Walker?" She finds her panties and jeans, puts them on, and starts to button her blouse. "What is it?"

He glances toward the house, the lights yellow in the windows. "I don’t know what I was thinking, making love to you with them," he nods toward the cabin, "so close, either one of them could have come out that door, looking for us," he says, fastening his pants with some difficulty.

Alex’s frustration is showing, she mutters, "They’ve probably gone to bed." She can hardly believe that he is turning away.

He comes over and pulls Alex to her feet. She stumbles, by accident or design, against his chest, and his grin flashes white in the darkness. "I’d ask if I pleased you, but the way you carried on answered all my questions."

Alex is amazed to realize that she could have melted into him, could have and surely would have responded yet again, if he’d laid her down on the ground and entered her.

It is disturbing to think the man has that much power over her, especially since he has kept her at arms length so long.

She looks up into his eyes, hoping the night will camouflage the hot blush that has surged to her face. "You’re no gentleman, Walker."

He curves one hand around her breast and bends to kiss her lightly on the mouth. "You wouldn’t want a gentleman in your bed, at least not all the time," he answers at long last as her nipple presses eagerly against his palm, "anymore than I’d want a lady."

She touches the front of his pants, where his erection presses against the course cloth, powerful and hard. "You owe me," she warns in a sultry voice, "and I’m going to make sure you pay."

Walker groans and lets his head fall back, surrendering to her stroking fingers. "Oh, I’ll pay all right," he breathes as he clasps her wrist and pulls her hand away. "Believe me."

When they enter the cabin, there is a single lamp burning, Alex had been right, Trivette and C.D. have gone to bed.

Leaving Walker to go and lie down in her room is one of the hardest things Alex has ever done. Her body still pulses and throbs in places, alive with the aftershocks of the merciless pleasure Walker had shown her. She feels hypersensitive, as though even the slightest touch will be too much, and when she has taken off her clothes, she lies down naked on the bed and closes her eyes.

An instant later she is asleep.

It’s hard facing Walker the next morning, knowing how she had left him last night. She sees Trivette and C.D. already down at the lake but not Walker. Noticing the pot of fresh coffee on the stove she pads over barefoot to pour herself a cup. She’s wearing cutoffs and a tank top, knowing the day will heat up fast. She holds the cup between both hands, as she stares out the window at her two friends, who are getting an early start on their fishing.

Her body begins to tingle and she knows Walker has come into the kitchen, and a few seconds later, his arms slide around her waist. She sighs deeply and leans back against his chest.

"Hmm … wondered where you were." She turns her head to accept his kiss.

"Waiting on you," he says, nuzzling against her neck, his arm sliding around her waist pulling her back against his hard body.

She feels a hard ridge against her bottom and feels a stirring deep inside her. With her knees trembling, she tries to turn, but his arms are firm but gentle, "No," he whispers against her neck, "you watch out … for our friends."

"Walker … what," then she feels his hand slide between her thighs, under the edge of her shorts, his fingers caressing the soft tender skin.

Her head falls back against Walker's chest, her entire body is on fire as his fingers dip inside her, stroking, teasing, working their magic on her.

His other hand slides up around in front of her to cup her breast, his gentle fingers kneading her swelling flesh, his thumbs brushing across her nipple, teasing it to hardness, even through the thin fabric of her tank top.

His breath raspy as he says, "How are … our friends … doing?"

"Huh … ah … still … fishing," she murmurs, as her body gyrates against his hand. "Walker … please … I need you."

"I know," he lifts his head, looking out the window at his two dearest friends, "but … not here. Come on, Alex." He steps back from her and grabs her hand pulling her out the front door, down off the porch and out into the wooded area off to the left of the cabin.


"Come on, I think it’s time I paid … my debt."

Struggling to stay on her feet as he drags her after him, through the bushes and around the trees. "Walker … where … are we going?"

"Somewhere away from … everyone."

After a hundred feet or so, they come to a small grassy area next to a stream. He stops and pulls her into his arms, covering her mouth with his. Alex’s lips part beneath his. Her fingers tighten in his hair as he thrusts his tongue inside to taste, to explore.

With a groan he tears his mouth away from hers and quickly lifts her tank top over her head, and bends to take a tight, thrusting nipple between his teeth. Alex shivers and arches herself in his arms.

While suckling her breasts, his hand moves down to unbutton her shorts, letting them slide down her legs. He runs his hand down the center of her body until he cups her, finding her already damp and heated. The knowledge of what he does to her makes him heady, makes his erection throb. He hears her gasp as he slides two fingers inside her while his thumb assaults the essence of her desire, speeding up as he hears her breathing slow and her body begin to tremble.

He lowers her down into the lush green grass, his touch and stroking never ceasing as he lays her back on the ground. The tension she is feeling is almost unbearable.

Soon, soon…

Walker whispers in her ear, "I want you Alex… I need to be inside you, feel your warmth surround me… But first I need you to come for me, honey…" He hears her whimper and his fingers reach deeper. Her hips raise further off the ground, undulating against his hand, her soft cries like beautiful music to his ears. "That's it, let it happen…" he murmurs, picking up the speed of his thrusting fingers, "… come for me … come hon…" He bends his head and sucks her entire breast into the hot cavern of his mouth…

Now… now

Biting down gently on her nipple, he sends her hurtling over the edge. She goes rigid, arching up against him. Her body explodes around his hand and she cries out as he quickly unzips his jeans and releases his throbbing heat, then rising up, he drives into her. Her breath comes in whimpers, in low, throaty groans, and her body presses back against his, rocking in a quickening rhythm that he demands. The feeling of him inside her still-convulsing body triggers another orgasm. She cries out as the fast, hard, spasms rocket through her. When her body arches against him he slips deeper into her, groaning as she gasps out in a stunned delight.


She looks up at him from beneath half-lowered lashes as he lifts himself slightly to look down at her, she mouths the words, "Yes."

He leans down and laps at her nipple, wetting it, and then blowing on it to make it crest even more. She is literally panting by the time his mouth finally closes over one turgid peak. He suckles, and nips, and wraps his tongue around it, leisurely toying with her, displaying a finesse she’d previously only dreamed of encountering. He treats the other breast to the same slow, sweet torment, making Alex ache as she’s never ached before.

Her fingers tangled in his hair, holding him close, wanting more. Then suddenly, he draws the nipple further into his mouth, suckling so strongly that she lurches upward with a desperate cry, feeling the tug deep within her. Again, her insides coil tightly, preparing for the impending release, which, to her immense shock, follows immediately.

As her spasms course through her, he begins to pump faster, harder, feeling himself hardening and lengthening inside her as he works toward his release.

Alex can hear his breathing turn more and more ragged as his thrusts become quicker and deeper. "God, you feel so good… so good… Mmmm." He moans, his arms wrapping tightly around her - holding her close…

She begins to contract again and he slows his pace, wanting to make it last. Then he feels the tremors of her body as she spasms around him.

Then suddenly his release is there. "Oh God… Alex … I’m coming," he moans. His hips jerk spasmodically as he came, spilling himself into her. She clenches and relaxes her inner muscles, gripping him, massaging his pulsing erection... The sensations causing a sensory overload, until he thinks he is going to pass out from the pleasure of it. The aftershocks seem to go on forever… He clings to her as the last shudders wrack his body, then his weakened body collapses down on top of her.

She enfolds him in her arms, feeling the exhaustion in him. She smiles, "He was right, he did pay." And she is so glad that she was the recipient.

Walker slowly stirs and rolls to her side. Alex whimpers softly as he leaves her, then turns over to press up against his side, her head resting on his chest. Feeling his warm breath in her hair, she sighs deeply, slips her leg across his thigh, and as her fingers curl into the soft hair on his chest she murmurs softly against his throat, "That was beautiful." He brings his arms up around her, taking all his concentration to do so, it seems as if his strength has deserted him, leaving him as weak as a kitten.

Several long minutes pass before he utters, "Alex," his voice raspy, weak, "God, that … almost killed me."

Both lay in a stupor in the soft grass until they hear voices that seem to be coming closer, arguing over why the fish weren’t biting. Eyes snap open and they sit up, grabbing for their clothes. Walker picks up a pair of lace panties; his face reddens as he quickly tosses them to Alex. Alex picks up a pair of briefs, smiles and hands them to Walker. They finish dressing and knowing it’s too late to run, move up to the bank of the stream and sit down, dangling their feet into the water.

A few minutes later Trivette and C.D., fully loaded with fishing gear, move through the bushes, nod to them, C.D. saying, "Howdy, Cordell … Alex. We’re going up a ways to do more fishing."

Walker and Alex look at each other in surprise, grin sheepishly as Walker says, "Okay, have fun."

Trivette ignores them, as he pushes through the thick wall of bushes, and C.D. mutters, "You, too."

Alex covers her mouth trying to stifle the giggles that are so close to bursting free and Walker’s face is red from holding back his laughter, too. When their friends can’t be heard crashing through the bushes any longer, Walker wraps his arms around Alex and they fall back to the ground, letting the giggles and laughter loose.

The laughter slowly dies away as their eyes lock and Walker lowers his head letting his lips brush across hers. With his lips barely touching hers, he murmurs, "Should we wait … till later?"

Alex pulls his head closer, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth. "Not … on your life!"

The End