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Since Walker and Alex's triplets were turning 6 and they would be starting school soon, they decided to take a family vacation to Disney World in Florida.

Alex had suggested they not tell the kids until they were ready to leave, "Walker it will seem like forever to them and they will drive us crazy with questions" she said.

Walker just laughed he knew the boys and they would ask so many questions.

The day finally arrived.  Walker was so glad it was here, he had almost given it away a couple of nights ago but they were able to cover it up real quick.

Alex had a few things to take care of at the office so she dropped the kids off at the H.O.P.E. center as usual.  She drove the suburban to town and Walker took his Ram. 

When Walker finished his paper work at the office he took the suburban home to get packed and left the truck for Alex to drive home.

He had finished packing the vehicle and then went to the barn to get a few things ready before they left.  He let the horses out to run for some exercise and a neighbor was coming by later to put them in for the night.

When she arrived home and didn't find him at the house she knew he had to be in the barn.  She went to the barn and as she got to the door she just stood there watching him.  She loved the way his muscles rippled as he hoisted the bags of feed.

He knew she had come in but went on working like he didn't see her.

As he turned to put the water bucket back, he quickly moved toward her and grabbed her in an tight embrace.

She laughed and said "Oh you.  You knew I was here all along, didn't you?" she said.

"Yep" was his reply then he kissed her.

Her desire began to build as she felt his arousal pressing against her thigh.  She looked around and noticed the barn was empty, the horses must be in the field she thought.

"Well cowboy"  she said "Ya need any help?"

He kissed her again.

"With the packing?"  she added.

"No, It's all done but there is something you can do for me."  he said huskily.

"Why what ever do you have in mind?" she asked, hoping she knew the answer.

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He said nothing to her but as his hands began to travel to her breast and his kisses traveled down her neck, her hopes were confirmed.

He began to massage her breasts through her blouse, she let out a moan and whispered "We've got a couple of hours before we pick up the kids."

He ran his hand inside her shirt and unhooked her bra, removing the shirt and bra he immediately dipped his head and took one of her breast in his mouth, tickling her erect nipple with his tongue.

She brought a moan from deep in his throat as she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, releasing his desire.  He anticipated the feeling of her touch, which always sent waves of passion through his body.                     

As she took his bulging manhood in her hands and began to stroke it gently, he stepped out of his jeans and shorts, which were around his ankles

In a matter of seconds the remaining clothes between them were discarded.  He picked her up and carried her to where he had laid a blanket over some hay earlier.  He had not put it there for this reason but what the hell.

Gently he put her on the blanket as he mounted her, she opened her legs inviting him in.  She couldn't wait to feel him inside of her.  Without any delay he entered her womanhood a little at a time.  Soon she arched her back giving him the sign that she wanted him to quicken the pace.  The thrusts became faster and faster as they reached the point where waves of ecstasy seemed to flow through them.  Once they both climaxed, they lay still just enjoying being close.

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Walker finally rolled to one side as he withdrew.  As their senses returned to normal. Alex said, "I love you so much"

"I love you too" he said and kissed her.  "But we better get dressed and finish up or we will be late leaving"

She sighed and said "Back to reality" then she laughed. 

They both dressed and as Walker finished the barn she made sure everything was in order at the house.

Finally they were ready to leave.

At the H.O.P.E. center Walker went in first, Jessie saw her dad and ran into his arms.  He picked up the two-year-old and she hugged his neck tightly and kissed his cheek. 

"Thank you, princess" he said as he kissed her cheek.

She said "Kiss Mickey, Daddy" and held up her Mickey Mouse doll, which took everywhere with her since she had gotten it for Christmas.  Walker kissed the doll on the cheek too. Jessie grinned a wide grin and hugged the doll close.

He asked "Where are you're brothers?" as he looked for them.

"Chuck's in the corner again" the little one said.

Chuck was his problem child, always in mischief of one kind or another.  He put his daughter down and went to the playroom.  He stood there for a moment then said "Ok what did you do this time" in a stern voice.

The little boy swallowed hard and turned to face his father.  "I kinda um well." he stammered.

"You might as well tell me, I'll find out anyway." Walker said.

"I tied a knot in Sally's hair because she laughed at A.J." he said.

Josie came in the room and said, "Well I see you found him.  Did he tell you what he did?"

"Yes"  Walker said. "How long has he been in the corner?"

Josie had already told Alex about the incident "A hour and a half"  she said.

"Well have you learned anything?"  He asked the boy.

"Yea, little girls yell if you pull their hair" the boy said.

"Chuck" Alex said firmly.

"And don't tied Sally hair in a knot" he added.

Walker shook his head "He's your son" Alex whispered.

They leave after he tells Josie he is sorry for being bad. As they get in the suburban, Chuck sees the suitcases.  He turns and asked  "Daddy, are you going away for work again?" he had a sad look on his face.

"No, son" he answered as he put Jessie into her car seat." We are all going to Florida to visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World."

"Mickey" Jessie yelled.

"OH boy" all the boys cheered.

"Now get in your seat belts and we can go."  Alex said.

The boys hurried into their belts.

"How long will it be?"  Cord asked.

"Well we should be there by about three or so tomorrow" Walker said. "If we drive straight through."

"But" A.J. asked " What if we gotta go to the bathroom?"

Walker smiled "We can stop for that and to eat A.J." he said.

"Whew" the little boy said.  

Alex laughed, 'kids' she thought.

Cord and Chuck were in the back seat and A.J. and Jessie were in the middle seat, the parents were in the front, Walker was driving.  When they got outside of Dallas A.J. started asking questions: How much longer?  Are we there yet?  Will it be dark when we get there?  What if Mickey is not home?  He asked all theses questions in a row.

Finally Chuck flicked him in the back of the ear and said "Be quiet."

"Mommy, Chuck hit me!"  A.J. said.

Walker looked at Alex and said, "You wanted children" he smiled.

"Chuck behave."  Then she said, "You helped you know."

They laughed and things quieted down.  At 8 o'clock they stopped for dinner.  After a quick dinner of cheeseburgers and a hot dog for Jessie they were on the road again.

By 9:30 the kids started falling to sleep.  Jessie and A.J. went to sleep first and then the other two boys followed shortly.  Now the trip would hopefully be quieter.

Alex said "You know traveling with Cord is like traveling with you; he is so quiet"

"Well traveling with A.J. is like traveling with Trivette; he never shuts up"  he laughed.

"But traveling with Chuck is..." Alex started

"an adventure"  Walker finished for her.  Then he added "But traveling with Jessie is like traveling with you, she brings beauty to the trip" he said as he smiled at her.

She smiled back.  Before too much longer Alex had also fallen asleep.  The night was quiet and the traffic was light so Walker made good time.  About 3 a.m. he stopped for gas.  The stop in movement woke Alex.  She stretched and looked at him.     

He smiled and said "the suburban needs gas and I need coffee."   After pumping the gas he went inside paid and got a large coffee.  As he returned to the vehicle Alex asked "Do you want me to drive for awhile?"

 "Not right now, you can take over when it's light out."  he replied.

She said "OK."  They started their trip again and within a few minutes she was asleep again.

After a few more hours of driving the sun began to rise, and so did the boys. 

A.J. was the first awake "Daddy, I'm hungry" he said.  Immediately followed by two me toos.

"All right we'll stop at the next restaurant, can you wait that long?" he asked them.  They all said yes.

They sat at a booth in a little diner, just off the highway.  Walker made sure that Chuck sat next to him, that way he would keep out of trouble.  After placing their orders, Cord said, "I gotta go to the bathroom."

"How about you two?" Walker asked his other sons.  They shook their heads 'yes'  "Ok then come on" he got up to let them out.                 

Chuck said "Dad, we are big boys we can go alone."

Walker smiled and said "Oh no you can't" and he guided them to the restroom.

Alex just smiled as they walked away.  Soon they returned and breakfast was served.  They ate without incident and after paying the bill were on the road again.

Alex drove and Walker got some sleep.  He slept for almost 5 hours, he must have been tired than he thought because even the kids talking didn't wake him.  When he did wake they were in Florida about 3 hours from Disney.

"Good afternoon, cowboy" Alex teased.

"I sure must have been tired" he said as he noticed the time and the road signs. "Any problems?"

"None, but I was about to stop for gas."  she said. They pulled into a gas station and Walker filled the tank and paid for the gas then they pulled the vehicle into the parking lot and they took the kids inside to use the bathroom and walk around a bit.

Then once again they were on the road.  They had made reservations at a motel in Kissimmee, Fl.  They arrived at 5:00 p.m. and got all settled.

Their motel room had two queen size beds.  Chuck claimed one bed for himself and everyone could share the other bed.  Walker gave him a grin and then said "Not a chance."  They all laughed.

After they unpacked the suburban, they took the kids to the pool before dinner.  An adventure in it's self.  The boys had been taking swimming lessons and Cord was the most adventurous he kept heading for the deep end.  Walker had to keep going to get him, and every time he turned his back on Chuck he splashed A.J. who intern yell for his Mommy.

Finally they took them to the room and got ready for dinner.  At the dining room Alex ordered milk for herself, Jesse and the boys, while Walker had coffee with his meal.

After dinner they went back to the room and relaxed, while the kids watched some television.  As it came time for bed Alex noticed that Jessie looked a little flushed, but just figured it was the trip and the excitement of going to see Mickey.  The triplets shared one the beds and Alex put Jessie in bed with her and Walker.

In the middle of the night Jessie began crying and kicking.  She woke Walker when she kicked him in the back.  He was surprised at first but then he sat up and saw Alex standing near the bed.  "What" he asked.

"She seems to be a little warm but I don't think it is anything major.  I'll give her some juice and try to get the temp down.  Why don't you go back to sleep there is no sense in both of us staying up."

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yea" she smiled. He turned back over and tried to go back to sleep.  After trying for an hour he finally got up. "How is she?" he asked. 

"I'm not sure, she finally went to sleep a few minutes ago.  It's probably just the trip."  she said.

"Well let's keep an eye on her and see how she is in the morning."  he suggested.  They went back to bed and tried to sleep a little more.  Walker woke at daybreak and realized Alex wasn't in the bed.  He heard movement in the bathroom and waited for a few moments.  After a few minutes she came out, she looked terrible.  "Alex , honey, are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine" she smiled a fake smile "It was probably something I ate."  She sat in the chair near the desk.

A.J. woke up  he yelled “MOM" and ran to the bathroom.  Alex began to get up and check on him but Walker said  "No you just sit there I'll check on him" he got up and went to check on the boy.  As he entered the bathroom he was almost knocked over by Cord running to the bathroom. “What is going on?” he thought.

Alex was feeling worse "that's it" he said "get dressed I'll dress the kids, you are all going to the hospital,  He went to wake up Chuck and he was burning up with fever.               

He got directions to the hospital from the desk clerk.

At the emergency room he was surprised.  It was so full with people with the same symptoms his family had.  Once they were finally taken into the examination room, The children's temps were very high and Alex had an equally high temp.

The doctor admitted them all to the hospital, as he had done at least 15 others that night.  They had one fatality, an older man. Walker was torn between being with the kids or Alex.  He spend the rest of the morning running back and forth between the rooms.  Finally the doctor came into the room where Alex lay very sick.  "Mr. Walker, I noticed on the chart that you have medical insurance from the Department of Public Safety, in Texas"

"Yes" Walker answered.

"Do you have any experience with epidemic's" the doctor asked.

"Limited experience, I'm a Texas Ranger" Walker explained.

"Well, Ranger I think we are looking as some kind of epidemic here.  I have called in C.F.D.C. and the Health Dept. in on this" the doctor said.  "I also have some bad news for you" he added.

Walker looked at the doctor and asked "What is it Doc?"

"You wife may lose the baby" he said solemnly.

"Baby?  Doctor I don't understand?" he said.

"You weren't aware she is pregnant?"  the doctor asked.  "Her blood tests showed she is."

Walker was shocked, he did not know she was pregnant and now he finds out she may loose it.  He shook his head. "If I can be of any help, just ask.  But If Alex comes around don't tell her about the baby please." he asked softly.

He went back in and checked on his beautiful wife, her temp. was holding steady and they were trying to replace the fluids she had lost.

Next he went to check on his children, Jessie seemed to be the worst of them, maybe because she was younger he didn't know.  He just knew he had to do something.  As he was walking back to Alex's room he saw the doctor talking to some men in white suits, so he went over to see if he could help.

"Doctor" he said.

"Hello Mr. Walker, this is Jeff Booker from the Department of Disease Control" he turned to the man and said "Mr. Walkers family is affected by what ever this is."

"Well then go back to them and leave this to the professionals" the man said smartly.  "We don't need someone getting in the way"

"I'd like to help, I've had some experience...." before he could finish the man snapped  "I SAID GET OUT OF HERE" and he pushed Walker.

Walker was tired and upset and this guy choose the wrong time to push him.  He forced the man against the wall and held his elbow at the man's throat,  "My wife and children are affected by this" Walker said through clenched teeth. "and I am going to help whether you like it or not."  then he released Booker.

"Ok"  the man said as he tried to catch his breath.  He could see the determination in Walkers eyes.

As the hours passed there was interviews with everyone involved that was able to talk.  It was narrowed down to one possible connection.  The motel, where they were staying all the victims were guests or employees at the motel.

Walker went to visit Alex after several hours of helping.  Before he could enter the room the doctor stopped him.  "Ranger I am sorry but we could not save the baby she lost it a few moments ago.  She is still out so she doesn't know it, the nurse is cleaning things up.  She will let you in when she is finished."

Walker sat hard in the chair outside the door, he was in shock.  How was he going to tell Alex about the baby?  Was she going to be ok?  Were the kids going to be ok?  All of it hit him at once and he could control the tears no longer.  He sobbed about his loss, about his family. Then White Eagles words echoed in his head, the words he had said to him after he lost Ellen.  "You are a warrior Washo as I am and life is a war isn't that true, and in a war loved ones are lost, but a warrior must accept defeat as well as victory. You must continue the fight, there will be wounds upon this warrior heart but there will also be that special place to hold the memory of the one you have lost."

He looked up at the ceiling and heard the call of an eagle, he knew then that if he was to help his family he had to remain focused.  He shook his head and wiped his tears, by the time the nurse came to get him he had composed himself.

Alex looked so pale lying there, she did not move and was hot to the touch, he bent in kissed her cheek and said "Alex, I love you.  Please stay with us."

He left the room and checked on the kids.  The boys were still running a fever but were awake.  Jessie was still out with a high fever like Alex.

He thought “why was I not affected, I ate the same thing they did, I was in the same room” he thought as he sat holding Jessie's tiny hand.  Then it came to him "The milk" he said "it must be."

He left the room.  Once he found the doctor he explained what he had remembered "My wife and the children had milk with their dinner I didn't" 

"It's a long shot but" the doctor said, he and Walker went to the nurses desk and the doctor made a phone call.

The results of the tests done on the milk dispenser showed there was a virus in it.  Knowing what the virus was made it easy to treat it.  It wasn't long before the boys were up and about.  Jessie and Alex took longer to get their strength back. 

Once Alex was feeling better, Walker decided to wait until she was well to tell her about the baby.

When Jessie's fever finally broke she was so sad because she had not seen Mickey.  One day before they left to go home she looked up to see Mickey Mouse standing by her bed.  " Mickey" she said.  "I love you."

The staff at Disney had heard about the epidemic and that Walker had figured out what caused it.  They wanted to know what they could do to thank him.  This and his family back was all the reward he needed.

the end

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