The Morning After 

By Sasquaw            

            Walker rises up on one elbow, smiling to himself as he observes the sight before him. Alex is standing in front of her full-length mirror, massaging her belly lightly. She keeps turning from side to side; a light giggle escapes her lips. Now she's turning completely around and
looking at her backside, Her head is turning around so far that Walker is put in mind of the young girl from "The Exorcist", and the green projectile that she spit into the face of the young priest!
            The Ranger laughs, "Hon---what are you doing? Am I going to see pea soup coming from your mouth in the next instant?"
            Alex stops and sighs, pushing her bottom lip out in that pouting matter that Walker has found to be----so sexy. Her eyes are glowing as she pulls the skimpy little negligee around her.  She sashays towards the bed, reaching up and pushing her shoulder-length hair up in a teasing way. She lowers herself down on the bed and goes into her husband's arms, kissing him wildly.
            She pulls back and looks into his eyes, her own eyes starting to "tear up".
            "Oh, Walker------I know I keep saying this over and over----but there's a life growing inside me," she whispers.
            Walker smiles and kisses her cheek, reaching out to glide his hand gently over her stomach, he teases, "I know honey---I put it there."
            Alex giggles, caressing his hand ----"I know, I know----but----sweetheart------" she starts crying harder, "a little life----inside me---that "WE" created-------just us."
            Walker continues to tease her, "It better be just the two of us-----that is----we do include ‘the man upstairs’.”
            Alex is crying harder, touching her husband's face and trying to laugh, "Just think, honey----our lives are never going to be the same. Everything changes----we have a child to think about now-----oh, honey---what do you want first, a boy or a girl?"
            "Alex, we talked about this all night----ever since we got that phone call saying that you were 8 weeks pregnant----it doesn't matter to me----I want the baby to be healthy.  But, most of all----I want you to have an easy delivery. The sex of the baby---is not that important to me------I'll be deliriously happy with either one."
            Alex is drying the tears away as she turns sideways in the bed, touching her husband's beard, ----"Well, I know that the baby being healthy is our main concern, but honey---I got to confess--I want a son first."
            Walker's brow arches, "First?  You're saying there's going to be another one after this one?"
            Alex pushes him back, "Of course! Walker---we said that we wanted more than one---that we didn't want to have an only child that would grow up without siblings---the way we did!"
            Walker laughs, "Hon----I was just teasing you----yes----if the good Lord chooses to give us more than one----I will be so happy."
            Alex slaps at her husband's chest playfully, "Oh, you----don't tease me that way---I was beginning to think that you were already------ losing interest in having this one."
            "Alex," Walker tips her chin up and kisses her softly on the lips, "I have never been so happy as I was last evening when we got the news----I am looking forward to this child and all of the surprises that come with it. I am going to be terrible to live with for the next seven
months----and then when it comes time for the delivery-----I'll be a basket case!"
            "Yes, really-------that's why neither one of us got any sleep last night-----or at least------one of the reasons."
            Alex giggles, kissing him softly, "Well, Cowboy---------was that a first for you---making love to a pregnant woman?"
            Walker doesn't say anything, as he pretends to think about it, "Let me think-----ummm..”
            Alex jabs him in the ribs, "It better be!"
            Walker grabs her and rolls over on his back, taking her with him. He kisses her long and hard, his hands caressing her backside, and then to her buttocks, "Yes-----my love----the very first time----and I have a feeling that with you pregnant----I'm never going to get any sleep----'cause you were down right insatiable last night, -----and this morning!"
            Alex smiles, kissing his chest, "Must be my hormones doing overtime------sometimes expectant women get that way----overly sexed-----but then sometimes----it works in the opposite way."
            Walker takes his index finger and shakes it front of his wife's face, "That better not ever happen-----or you, Alexandra Cahill-Walker will be traded in."
            "Is that so, Mr. Walker----and just who do you have in mind to trade me off for?"
            Again, Walker pretends to mull the question, "Ummmm-----is Cindy Crawford available?"
            "I think she's married---didn't she marry a tennis player----who cares?  I'll just look up that "other" Cowboy, “Alex teases him back.
            "That "other" Cowboy better be Clint Eastwood you're referring to-----and not Dalton Reed!"
            "Dalton Reed?   I haven't thought about him in years----what made you bring his name up?"
            Now Walker is stalling for an answer, "No reason-------I guess-----it's just that----he was a rodeo rider too, and at one time---you called him Cowboy.”
            Alex sighs, "Walker-----let's not go there------you know---that there are two people we do not ---talk about, that we can't talk about without getting into an argument----so please----can we just drop this subject?"
            Walker takes a deep breath, "You're right, hon----I'm sorry I brought up a sore subject, I'm sorry for teasing you----you know I didn't mean that----about----trading you off---you know I was just teasing---you know that----don't you?"
            Alex nods her head,  "I was teasing you too. Walker, can we get back to talking about the most important thing in our lives right now? I don't want this moment to be 'marred' by talking about old flames."      

"Neither do I, our lives together and this little life that we're bringing into the world is the most important." Walker's voice softens as he reaches down and touches his wife's abdomen, "Do you feel any different now?  I mean, does it feel any different down there?"
            Alex rolls off her husband, still clutching his hand to her abdomen. "Sort of-----I don't know if it's just the power of suggestion that I want to feel something----I don't know----I just know I feel something----but I don't know what I'm suppose to feel-----am I making any sense?"
            "Not a bit----but that's okay, cause I'm having these weird feelings too---kind of scary feelings."
            "Scary?  What do you mean?"
            "Well--------just think----at this time next year---there will be a little girl or a little boy running around, calling me "Daddy"----and that's kind of scary---because I'll have all of
these extra worries about how to care for "him or her".  Decisions to be made about what kind of health insurance to take out, are we living close enough to a hospital in case the kid gets hurt-----what about schools, Alex? There are all sorts of things that we have to consider!"
            "Sweetheart----calm down----we have plenty of time to discuss schools, that's a good five years down the road?"
            "Five years, only five?  I thought they started school at six."
            Alex is laughing, "Honey----there's pre-school first and then kindergarten, actually maybe we're looking at four years!"
            "Four years?" Walker's eyes widen, "the gap is closing in tighter and tighter-------we can't possibly be ready in four years!"
            "Walker! Honey! You have got to 'chill out'----or you're not going to make it to the delivery room!"
            Walker sits up and stares back at his wife, "Delivery room? No way! You didn't say anything about me going into the delivery room with you?"
            "Walker-----I just assumed that you would want to be there---with me-----with us."
            Walker's eyes narrow as he looks back at Alex, "Delivery room?"
            Alex's mouth drops open, she stares back at her husband in disbelief, "I can't believe what I'm hearing----Walker----you are a rancher---you've seen hundreds of animals being born, you've even delivered some---and you've helped to deliver babies before!  Why are you hesitating about being in the delivery room when your child is being born?"
            Walker is stammering, "That's just it, Alex----this will be different----that will be my own flesh and blood coming into the world-----“
            Walker starts scratching his chin and again he stammers, "But----it will be different---I mean-----well----it will be different----right?"
            Alex starts to giggle, and reaches up to caress her husband's cheek, she purrs, "Honey-----you are not going to be seeing anything you haven't already seen."
            "That's not what I'm talking about, Alex-----I don't know about being in the delivery room---I wouldn't be much help---I'll be so nervous!"
            "Honey----that's what Dr. Hatton will be there for----all you have to do is hold my hand and talk me through it-----and just stand there and look handsome for me."
            "Oh, Walker----you will have plenty of time to calm down----you'll be just fine----now---let's talk about names."
            Before Walker can say anything, Alex blurts it out, "Cordell----if it's a boy----I want him named after you."
            "Now, wait a minute Alex----I remember saying distinctly that I didn't want a Jr.!"
            "Walker----why not?  You have to have a son----to carry on your name?"
            "No juniors----I remember my Father saying the reason I wasn't named John was because he didn't want me called "Junior" and I agree-----so Cordell---is out!"
            "Alex bites her bottom lip, "But, honey---he wouldn't have to be a "junior"----you have no middle name, so why couldn't we name him John Cordell or Cordell John, after both you and your father?"
            Walker thinks about it for a minute, "Well, I guess that wouldn't be too bad, but if we name him Cordell, will he go by the nickname of Cord?"
            Alex stares back at her husband and recalls that Ellen always called him Cord, I don't think so----not in a million years!"
            Walker can hear the jealousy in his wife's voice at the thought of Ellen, the woman he was engaged to marry, many years before. "But hon, if we don't shorten his name, how will we know which one of us----you're talking to?"
            "Well, first of all---I never call you by your first name-------"
            Walker frowns, "Oh, yes you do----when you're angry about something----or when you're trying to get my attention---it's always CORDELL or JOHN CORDELL!"
            She smiles back at him in that cocky way of hers, "That's just an attention getter."
            "Yep----and it works----believe me!"
            "Wait a minute----how about Clint---after Clint Eastwood---we both like him and his movies---that's it---Clint Walker----that's perfect!"
            Walker shakes his head, "There's a actor named Clint Walker---nope---can't do it."
            "Honey---why not?"
            "Because, this actor played the part of a Cheyenne half-breed---Cheyenne Bodie."
            "What's wrong with that, you're half Cherokee---you both have Indian heritage!"
            "That's just it---the Cheyenne were bitter enemies of the Cherokee---I would never name one of my children after a arch enemy!"
            Alex sighs, squeezing his arms around her tighter, "Okay---now let's pick out a girl's name."
            "How about Bethany?" Smirks Walker.
            A jab to the ribs has Walker coughing, "ANYTHING----BUT THAT----I HATE THAT NAME!"
            "But hon, that's your middle name, "Walker continues to tease her.
            Alex shakes her head, "No way will I name a daughter of mine, Bethany! I have always hated that name, I will never understand why my parents gave me that as a middle name."
            "Well, you told me that was where you were conceived, in Bethany, New York."
            Alex frowns, "Walker----please don't suggest that our child's middle name be Sage!"
            Walker is laughing, thinking of Sage, Texas and the baseball game that he and Alex attended and the 'grand slams' he hit, both on the baseball field and later in their motel room,
result: A little Walker is on the way.
            "Well, hon---maybe Texas for a middle name----but not Sage---I don't think Sage would go with Walker----and personally, I don't much care for the name of Bethany either."
            Alex breathes a sign of relief, "Thank God---on both decisions."
            "Now----the name shortened to Beth wouldn't be too bad----that way if it was a girl, she would have a part of your name and a part of my Mother's----Elizabeth."
            Alex ponders the name, "Maybe-----for a middle name----okay, honey?"
            Walker squeezes her tighter, "Actually, Alex----I'm not too keen on this picking out names-----before the baby is even born."
            "Well----you can't wait till the last minute!"
            "Why can't we?  We don't even know if the baby is going to look like the name of Cordell-----or whatever name for a little girl, we pick. They may not even resemble their
names---they may look more like a SAM or a Gertrude-----or whatever!"
            Alex makes a face, "Gertrude? Oh my God, that's worse than Bethany!"
            "You see," Walker turns his wife around and looks down at her, "see what I mean?"
            "Well-----what do you suggest?"
            Walker smiles back at his wife, touching her cheek with his forefinger, " Well----I think we should wait and see what the child looks like-----and then-----maybe---the name will
automatically come to us-----a certain sign will tell us what the child's name will be. Besides, this is our first child------and the name has to be "extra special"----what do you think?"
            "Okay," agrees Alex----"but I've changed my mind----I think I would like a little girl first."
            Walker groans, going to his wife's neck and kissing her---"Honey---by the time that child gets here---you will have changed your mind a dozen--- no, a hundred times!"
            Alex pushes out her bottom lip, "I know I will----but Walker---there are so many cute clothes for a little girl---the little dresses, headbands, there are just gobs of little "girlie" outfits to buy-----boys don't have that much of a variety to choose from."
            Walker continues to nibble on his wife's neck, "Whatever you say hon, I'll put the order in for a little girl."
            "But----on the other hand----a little boy would be nice to have first---I always wanted a big brother----what about you sweetheart---you've always said you regretted not having a big brother too?"
            Walker nods, his hand going to the front of Alex's negligee and pushing it back, "O.k. hon----the order is in----we'll have a son---first."
            Alex's eyes grow big, she pushes her husband back, "Maybe---it will be TWINS---a boy and a girl?"
            Walker stares back at her, remembering that Alex had mentioned on their honeymoon that twins run on her side of the family. He collapses on the pillow beside her, "Oh my

The End
July 16th, 2002