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It had been 6 months since Cordell Walker and Alex Cahill had been married and 4 months since they had gotten the news that Alex was expecting their first child.

Alex had been involved in a trial which had been long and tedious.

Many nights she had spent working all night and into the early morning hours and fallen asleep on the couch.

Walker jokingly told her that he would be glad when this case was over because he was beginning to feel single again.  He was only kidding, he had spend many nights working also.

Now Alex was getting ready to prepare closing arguments.  Soon it would be over.

Today however she had to leave early because she had a doctors appointment.

Due to the long hours they both had been spending on this case Walker wanted to go on a well deserved vacation.  Alex has been looking worn out lately he thought.

Alex had put on weight lately, she had noticed her clothes were getting tight, soon she would have to go to maternity outfits.

This morning was like the others since their honeymoon.  They arrived at the office together, he walks her to her office.  He kisses her and rubs her stomach for luck.

He then goes to his office.  His partner James Trivette was already at his desk, “Walker, Alex must be slowing you down partner.  I’ve beaten you to work every morning for a month now”.

“You know women Trivette, they are always running late.”

Trivette smiled he had seen this man change so much since he first met him.

The phone rang on Trivette’s desk.  He answered it saying “Trivette here” he listened a moment and then said “Okay we’ll be right there”.

Walker looked at his partner.

“A drug lab is being taken down and D.P.D. wants us there.”

Both Rangers grabbed their hats and quickly left the office.

The D.E.A., F.B.I., and D.P.D. were waiting at the warehouse for the Rangers to arrive.  Once they were all together, the raid began.

Inside the warehouse there were vats of chemicals, Bunsen burners, bags of drugs..... everything needed to manufacture illegal substances.  The people inside were working feverously to meet the demand for their product.

The FBI agents entered the building through the back.

To the surprise of the occupants of the warehouse a Ram pick up truck came crashing through the overhead doors.  Debris flying everywhere.  Behind the truck three police cars followed and DEA agents with bullet proof vests, automatic weapons, helmets and shields entered on foot.

All the bad guys were rounded up and arrested.  Walker looked at his watch “Trivette can you finish up here?  I’ve got to go meet Alex at the doctors.  I’m going to be late as it is.”

“Sure, no problem Pard” his partner said.

Walker quickly left the warehouse.

At the doctor’s office Alex sat waiting for her husband.  He had promised to be there.  “Where is he?” she said lowly.

Traffic was unusually heavy so he made the best time he could.

“Mrs. Walker, the doctor will see you now”  the nurse said.

Disappointed that he hadn’t arrived, she went it to see the doctor.       

Walker arrived just as the doctor was finishing his exam.  He told Alex to get dressed and meet him in his office.  She finished dressing and joined the doctor in his office.  She did not know Walker was there.  Her face lit up when she saw her cowboy setting there.  He smiled and winked at her.

She saw the bruises on his face,  but the smile he gave her told her he was okay.

She crossed the room and took the chair next to her handsome cowboy.

The doctor looked for a moment at some papers on his desk, then he said” Alex you have got to slow down.  Your blood tests are showing that you are low on iron and are borderline anemic.”  he looked at the Ranger “Walker what are we going to do with her?”

“I’ve been telling her to slow down but she won’t listen.”

“Well you better start listening”  the doctor gave her a stern look over top of his glasses.  Then he asked “Have you noticed you have been feeling tired more often?”

“Well, yes but I just thought it was because of the baby.”

“You are partly right.”  he said “It’s because of the babies.”

Alex didn’t quite grasp exactly what the doctor had said at first.

“Babies?” Walker asked. Then he cleared his throat.

“Well I’ve not been sure until now but I’m certain now.”

“Twins?” Walker asked.

Alex was holding Walkers hand and squeezed it hard when she realized the doctor had said babies.

“Well” the doctor began "there are three strong heart beats there.”

Alex turned to looked at Walker as he said “Triplets?”

At first both of their faces were void of expression.

In a minute or two Walker looked at Alex and then at the doctor and said “Three?”

The doctor shook his head yes.

“Triplets” Alex murmured.  It was the first word she had spoken since the doctor said “Babies.”

The nurse knocked on the office door and asked the doctor to step ion the hallway.

“Excuse me”  The doctor said. He told the nurse he would be right there.  He then turned back to the Walkers and said "You can leave when you’re ready.  Alex take it easy”  He said then he left the room.

Walker looked at his lady, he had a sober look on his face.                                        

She wondered if he were upset.

Her heart lifted when he smiled and stood up.  He offered her a hand to stand up.  As she stood he said “After this case is over we are taking a vacation, and you are going to take a rest and that’s an order.”

“Yes sir” she said saluting him.

He took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly.

At C.D.’s they walked into the bar, each with their arm around the others waist.

C.D. greeted them when he saw them.  “Cordell,  Alex  How did the doctors visit go?”

“Fine C.D." Walker said “But Alex has to rest more.”

 "I will as soon as this case is over I promise.”

“You’ll start now” Walker told her.  “We’ll eat here tonight C.D.”  he turned to Alex and said “Then we’re going home and you’re going to relax.”

They walked to their favorite booth, C.D. followed.  As they sat down Alex remarked that it was getting to be a tight squeeze in the booth.  They all laughed.

“Okay, What’ll you two have?” The bartender asked.

“I’ll have a bowl of chili” Walker said “and coffee.”

“Honey” C.D. said to Alex.

“I’ll take a bowl of chili too.”  she said “I’ll have a cheeseburger too.”

C.D. began to walk off then she said “and a tossed salad please.”

“You must be hungry tonight” Walker said.

“Well Cordell, she is eating for two you know”  C.D. remarked.

The perspective parents looked at each other and smiled.   The older man turned to leave.

Walker said “More like she’s eating for four.”

He took two steps, stopped and turned around “What?” he asked.

“The doctor said he hears three strong heart beats, there are triplets there”  he pointed to Alex’s stomach.

“Damn Cordell can’t you do anything in a small way?”

Walker sheepishly grinned.  He was shocked too.  He never thought of twins let alone triplets.

James Trivette came into the bar, when he saw Walker and Alex he joined them.

“Walker man, You missed it.  One of the guys we arrested this morning turned over on the big man and we took him down this afternoon.”  He was so excited about the bust that he didn’t even say hello to Alex at first.

He looked at C.D. and said “Got any Milk and cookies big dog?”

Then he realized he hadn’t spoken to Alex. “ I’m sorry Alex, how is everything?  Did Walker make it to the doctors on time?”

“He was a little late, but he got there in time.”

"For what?  Is something wrong?” Trivette asked very concerned, while he waited to hear the answer he took a drink of milk.

Walker said “To find out we’re having triplets”

The milk went half way down, then he began to choke.

“What?”  he coughed “Walker that must have been one hell of a honeymoon.” he said and winked at his partner.

“You okay with this?”  Jimmy asked Alex.

“Well, If I’m not it’s a little too late to change my mind” she said smiling.

He could see she was happy. “Congratulations you two.”

                                                THREE MONTHS LATER

A Dodge Ram truck sped toward the Hospital.  In the front seat Alex was in labor.

At the hospital the doctor was waiting, Walker had called him before they left the ranch.

The contractions were five minutes apart as they arrived at the emergency room doors.

Immediately they were taken to delivery.  Three hours later Jimmy and C.D. nervously paced the floor in the waiting room.  They impatiently waited to hear some news.

Walker came out of the delivery room looking tired.  He sat down in the chair next to the door.

“Well?”  Jimmy asked.

“Three boys.  Mother and boys are doing fine.  Alex is just really tired.”

“Thank goodness”  C.D. said.

Walker sat for a minute then he said “Do you two want to see your god children?”

“You bet” The men said.

They walk to the nursery room window.  There in three incubators were three perfect babies. Each one had red hair, like Walker.           

“They look like Alex”  Jimmy said “They are cute.”

They turned to look at Walker.  There was proud Ranger standing next to them

                                                THE END OR THE BEGINNING?

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