Authors Notes:

This story is meant to explain the apparent disaffection between Walker and Alex since Wedding II.  Let me apologize in advance to those fans who believe that Walker and Alex do not have a physical relationship and are waiting until they are married to express their love. If it would be too much of a shock to read that they have not waited, please do not continue reading this story.  Also, please remember that this is my first attempt at writing fan fiction. My ego is fragile. I would be extremely crushed by excessive flaming; constructive criticism is welcome however. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. My greatest thanks go to Dakota for supplying the WAM at the end of this little story. That’s a skill I need to work on so I deferred to a master. She does not disappoint.


Walker, Texas Ranger

"The Other Shoe"

By:  Clarise



Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill was hopping mad at a certain red bearded Texas Ranger. The echo from her slammed door was still reverberating through the halls.


"Thank the Lord for the privacy of my office," she fumed to herself, as she leaned back against the door. What really made her blood boil was that her cowboy seemed blissfully ignorant of his transgressions! Striding over to her desk, Alex depressed the buzzer on her intercom and told her secretary to hold all her calls. She was going to need a few minutes to compose herself.  If there were a way to measure her frustration level, Alex would guess it would read way over the red line and climbing.


When Walker had placed his engagement ring on her finger and asked her to marry him, it had been the happiest day of her life. But, almost since that day Walker had been slowly but surely distancing himself from the relationship. 


Alex flounced into her small executive washroom and stared at her reflection in the mirror.  She turned on the cold water and pulled a cloth off the towel rack and immersed it in the water's stream. Wringing out the cloth she carefully applied it to her forehead like a cold compress. 


"Relationship, hell!" she thought angrily. There had been no relationship since that day.  It was like Walker figured he had fulfilled an obligation by asking her to marry him and now… Her thoughts trailed off as she dragged a comb through her golden tresses. Her brilliant blue eyes were threatening to fill up with tears and that frustrated her even more.


"Damn him! Why couldn't she fall in love with a normal guy?!" Alex stared defiantly into the mirror as if the answer was there.


This last time had been the straw that broke the camel's back. She had been standing at the elevators, on her way up to a meeting with the DA . When the elevator doors had parted Walker and Trivette had emerged dragging a reluctant prisoner between them. Ever the polite one, Jimmy had acknowledged her presence with, "Counselor." Alex had responded with an equally short missive, "Jimmy." She had quickly turned to Walker to catch his eye with her ready smile but he had not met her eyes. He had grunted a terse, "Alex." and had continued to manhandle the prisoner down the hall to the interrogation rooms. Even Jimmy had noticed the slight and had called after Walker for an explanation. Alex had not waited around to hear the conversation. Thank God the meeting with her boss had been mercifully short. She had not been able to concentrate and had longed for the sanctuary of her office the whole time.


"In fact," she reminded herself aloud. "I'd better get Alice to call the DA's secretary for the notes of that meeting." For the life of her Alex could not remember what the meeting had been about!


"Damn him! " she thought again as she stormed back to her desk and buzzed her secretary. "Damn him!"


Ranger Cordell Walker sat morosely in a corner booth at C.D.'s. It was early. The regular crowd had not yet arrived. The Texas Ranger was alone with his thoughts. He stared straight ahead, his expressionless face belying the turmoil going on in his mind. 


"You're going to lose her," he berated himself disgustedly. "You have got to get a hold of yourself!" Walker looked down at his hands. They were shaking. He tightened them into fists to stop the tremors. 


C.D. appeared at Walkers side. "For a big man, he certainly moved softly," thought Walker ruefully.


C.D. cleared his throat and spoke, indicating Walker's clenched fists as he did so. "Cordell, I'm worried for you son. Your Uncle Ray, God rest his soul, used to tell me stories about how hard it was for you to adjust after returning from 'Nam. He said he could always tell when you were having some kind of delayed stress reaction because your hands would shake. And, well, Hell.  That pretty near looks about what I just saw, Cordell!"


"Give me a break, C.D. 'Nam was almost 30 years ago," Walker rejected. "But," Walker added hesitantly. "I won't deny there is something wrong with me. I'm hurting Alex and I can't seem to stop it. What am I going to do?"


"Cordell! You don't mean physically?!" C.D. asked in a horrified whisper.


"Hell, no, C.D. Of course not!" spit out Walker exasperatedly. "You know I'd never lay a hand on her!" 


"Well, yeah, I knew that Cordell" responded C.D., chagrined that he could ever think that.  To ease the tension that had suddenly sprung up around the booth C.D. offered, "Here, let me get you a drink, Cordell. What will you have?"


Walker hesitated slightly then answered, "Bourbon straight up."


C.D. paused, "Cordell?…"


"C.D., just get me what I asked for" urged Walker tiredly through clenched teeth.


C.D. reappeared with Walker's order and sat down opposite him and slid the glass over to Walker gingerly. When Walker reached out to take the glass C.D. noticed that his hands were still tightened into fists. "Son, you're wound up tighter 'n a bass drum. Talk to me Cordell," urged C.D. sympathetically. "It's unhealthy for you to be bottling up all this inside you."


Walker took hold of the glass but did not take a drink. "You might be right C.D. This might be some kind of delayed stress," admitted Walker unsure of how to proceed. He paused as if to compose his thoughts. He ran an unsteady hand through his sandy red mane and down to his neck. He began to knead at a knot that had formed there. "God, he could sure use one of Alex's super massages right now," he thought ruefully. "Not that she would even give him the time of day these days!"


"Why do you think it could be some kind of delayed stress Cordell?" pressed C.D. further, interrupting Walker's musings.


"I don't know, C.D." explained Walker. "I'm kind of feeling how I felt when I got back from 'Nam. You know… at loose ends; out of control; jumpy. There's something else that I can't quite pin down but…Anyway, to combat it I'm reigning in all my emotions -  like you said - winding myself up tighter than a drum. At that moment the glass that Walker was still grasping, shattered in his hand sending shards of glass and bourbon spraying.


"Oh, Christ," groaned Walker. "I'm sorry C.D. I'll clean it up."


"Cordell, forget about the glass. Let me see your hand," a pained C.D. requested.


"I'm all right, C.D.," flared Walker impatiently. 


"Son, you need to talk this out with Alex. Once you all get on the same page everything will work itself out," counseled C.D. sagely.


"You make it sound so easy, C.D.," laughed Walker edgily. "When's the last time you've seen me and Alex together? I can't even remember the last time we … " Walker trailed off not wanting to offend the older man's sensibilities. "Well, you know what I mean. I've just been slowly pushing her away… I know I'm doing it but I can't stop myself. It's somehow easier to keep her at arms length…"


"All, I can say Cordell is that knowing what you are doing is half the battle. I'm sure that hashing things out with Alex is the answer to your problems." Looking up, C.D. noticed that the regular crowd was beginning to fill up his establishment. Rising, C.D. placed a hand on Walker's shoulder and said, "Things will work out Cordell. Talk to Alex. I have to get back to my customers now but I'll send someone over to clean up this mess," finished C.D. sighing heavily.


Walker felt the walls closing in around him. He had wanted to wait for Alex to show but decided to retreat to his ranch to mull over his conversation with C.D. C.D. was right about one thing though. He needed to get things straight with Alex or he would lose her for sure. And a world without Alex…well that just wasn't something he could contemplate. Walker stood up, picked up his hat and holstered gun that he had discarded in the seat beside him when he had sat down. He sauntered over to the bar and surreptitiously pilfered some napkins to wrap around his bleeding hand. C.D. was busy with a customer so Walker skipped his usual good bye and slipped out.


Jimmy Trivette entered C.D.'s soon after Walker left. He caught C.D.'s eye. "Wasn't that Walker I saw leaving, C.D.?"


"Not the Walker you and I know Jimmy," responded C.D. shaking his head sadly.


"Whoa, Big Dog. Fill me in. What did I miss?" urged Walker's partner conspiratorially as he settled into a seat at the bar. 


As C.D. went over what had just transpired with Walker, Trivette was reminded of this morning in the hallway with Alex.


"Hey, man. What's with you and Alex?" He had challenged Walker.


Walker had shrugged him off with, "I don't know what you're talking about, Trivette!"


"Walker, you just dissed Alex!" he had explained. "In fact you've been doing that a lot lately.  What gives?"


"Are we going to stand here all day chatting or can we get this guy to interrogation?"  Walker had responded irritably.


"And, then the glass just busted in his hand, Jimmy finished C.D. breaking Trivette out of his reverie.


"Isn't that what happened when he found out they had let Ellen's killer out?" asked Trivette.


"Sure 'nuff, Jimmy. I tell you I'm worried sick about him. It's like he's about to explode," warned C.D. feelingly.


"So, how did you leave it with him? Asked Trivette anxiously.


"I told him he needed to get things straight with Alex…"


"My ears are burning," laughed Alex as she settled into a seat next to Trivette. "Are you all discussing me?"


"Actually, Honey, we were talking about Cordell and …" C.D. started to explain.


"Talk to the hand gentleman," interrupted Alex holding up her hand at the mention of the object of her dissatisfaction. "I don't know what has got into that cowboy of mine but my patience is wearing thin and I would prefer it if we didn't talk about it right now." To forestall any further discussion of the matter Alex continued, "C.D. could I get a beer and a bowl of your veggie chili?"  Rising, Alex motioned to the booth Walker had recently been occupying. "I'll be in the corner booth."


"Mind if I join you, Counselor" asked Trivette hopefully, believing that after a while he could persuade Alex to enlighten him on what was going on between her and his partner.


"Of course not, Jimmy," invited Alex. "It would be a refreshing change to have some company for dinner!"


The irony in Alex's voice made Trivette wince inwardly. "Man, Walker had better fix things up with Alex quick or he was going to lose her for sure," he thought dejectedly.


Alex and Jimmy talked the night away with C.D. watching over them from behind his bar.  The night passed without incident. Trivette was unable to get anything more out of Alex except for the general acknowledgment that for some reason her fiancée was making it extremely difficult for her to think of him in loving terms. She had decided to confront him though. With tomorrow being Saturday she had felt it would be the perfect time. C.D. hoped that the morning would bring some kind of resolution for Alex and Cordell; two people whom he had come to view as part of his family.  It had taken them so long to get together. C.D. knew that he would take it hard if things did not work out for his friends.


Saturday morning found Alex ensconced in Walker's ranch house kitchen, staring vacantly into her steaming cup of coffee that he had just handed her. "No answers here," she thought hysterically. Maybe coming over to Walker's this morning without calling had not been one of her better ideas. Alex raised her blue eyes slightly and covertly watched her paramour. He was preparing his own cup of coffee. His back was to her. He was shirtless having just finished his morning workout. Alex's attention was riveted to the play of muscles along Walker's shoulder blades as he reached for a clean cup in the overhead cupboard. Choking slightly at her intense physical reaction, Alex hurriedly averted her gaze.


"You all right, Alex?" asked Walker half turning to eye his fiancée. "God, she was beautiful," he thought to himself for the millionth time. 


"Must have gone down the wrong pipe," Alex mumbled distractedly. "Oh, yeah, this was a bad idea," she thought nervously unaware of Walker's intense scrutiny.


Walker knew that Alex was going to confront him about his treatment of her these past few months. Truth be told, he had been expecting this for quite some time. But, in typical fashion he had hoped that things would just work themselves out. The situation had just gone from bad to worse, however. Steeling himself for the worst Walker pulled out the chair opposite Alex at the kitchen table and poured himself into his seat. 


"Everything Walker did was so precise and smooth. Not a wasted movement," observed Alex admiringly of Walker’s decent into his chair.


"Walker, we have to talk," Alex blurted out suddenly.


Walker tightened the grip on his coffee mug but said nothing. He raised his eyes to Alex and waited for her to begin. He noted that she was nervously twirling her engagement ring. The three 1/4 carat diamonds caught the morning sunlight and Walker knew he had not been wrong about the direction of Alex's thoughts.


"Yeah, I guess I knew this was coming," replied Walker shifting uncomfortably in his seat.  "But, you know me and words Alex…" Walker trailed off.


"Kind of like you and operas," laughed Alex ironically.


Walker cringed involuntarily at the additional reminder of his shortcomings. He pasted a wan smile on his face that did not quite reach his eyes. He nervously began running his hands through his sandy red mane that was still damp from his morning exertions. Suddenly Walker stood up and began pacing. Gone was the fluidity of movement; the assured step. If Alex did not know better she would have said Walker was close to panic.


"Honey, sit down," pleaded Alex. "You are not making this any easier for me."


"Easy?!  Do you think this is easy for me?" flared Walker.


Anger? Okay, now Alex was confused. Why was Walker so angry? She was the injured party here! "Look, I think I'm missing something here. But, just let me say what I came here to say and then maybe we can go on from there," offered Alex warily.


"I'm sorry Alex," apologized Walker forlornly as he sat stiffly back into his chair defeat etched into his expression. He absently stirred at his untouched coffee.


"Okay.  It's now or never," thought Alex gulping nervously. "Listen, Cowboy," she began hesitantly. "Did you or did you not ask me to marry you a few months back?"


Walker nodded in the affirmative.


"So we are an engaged couple…" Alex reiterated.


Again Walker nodded yes.


"Well, then I'm confused Walker. Because it just seems to me that something is not right between us.  You don't look me directly in the eyes when you talk to me. You barely acknowledge my existence at the office. And, when we are not at the office it's like going out with a total stranger.  Not, that we have been going out that much! You refuse to introduce me as your fiancée. In short, I feel that you do not want to be engaged at all. Is it me? Did I do something wrong?"


Drained after releasing all that had been pent up inside her Alex was close to tears. It did not help that Walker had not said anything yet. He was staring into his coffee as she had been doing earlier. "I can tell you there are no answers in there," offered Alex ruefully indicating Walker's mug.


"Yeah,…" grunted Walker desperately. "Listen, can we go into the living room and sit?" asked Walker tiredly.


"Uh,…fine. If that's what you want," replied Alex uncertainly.


It pained Walker to see the uncertainty cross Alex's anguished face. But he needed to buy himself some time to collect his thoughts. He was desperate to have the right words come out of his mouth. The relief he was feeling that Alex hadn't broken their engagement was conflicting with his ability to think.


He held out his hand to Alex to lead her into the other room. Alex noticed it was bandaged but made no comment. She did not want to say anything that might make Walker close up. The fact that he was willing to talk was a good sign. But, if he did not put a shirt on soon she was definitely not going to be able to concentrate on Walker's reply. As Walker led her out of the kitchen Alex noticed one of his black button downs hanging on the doorjamb. She pulled it from its perch as she passed and draped it nonchalantly over Walkers shoulders.


Walker misunderstood Alex' actions. "I'm sorry. I probably need to take a shower, huh?" he asked embarrassed at his lack of consideration. "If you don't mind sticking around. I won't be long. I promise, Alex. We will talk," insisted Walker catching Alex's eyes and holding them with his.


The power of Walker's gaze was almost too much for Alex after being starved of his attentions for so long. She felt her face flush and the room seemed to spin. She reached out to Walker to steady herself.


Alarm shot into Walkers eyes. "Alex!" he exclaimed in a breathy voice as he picked her up and, moving hurriedly to the settee, placed her carefully upon it.


"Walker, I'm all right," laughed Alex a little hysterically trying to cover her physical reaction to him. Go take your shower. I'll make myself some breakfast. I guess I've been working too hard or something…." Alex hoped the explanation would suffice because if he did not increase the distance between them soon she was going to make a fool of herself!


"If you're sure," wavered Walker as he backed away toward the staircase. "I won't be long," he shouted bounding up the stairs in response to Alex's nodded agreement.


Alex stood up to proceed into the kitchen. Stopping at the sink she turned on the cold water and leaned in to splash some on her face. "Get a grip, girl," she instructed herself as she shook her head to expunge the picture of herself running her fingers sensuously through Walker's chest hair. It definitely had been way too long since they had been together!


It occurred to Alex that maybe breakfast would not be such a bad idea. It would certainly help in bringing her wayward thoughts back in line. "Toast and orange juice maybe," she opined aloud to the empty kitchen. She found the bread and popped four slices into the toaster. Opening the refrigerator she saw that she would have to settle for apple juice.




The hot water beat down on Walker unmercifully. He leaned his head against the cool tiling and flashed back to a similar circumstance three months earlier. He had almost lost it in the shower then too as the vision of Alex getting shot had replayed itself over and over in his mind.  Alex's sudden vertigo downstairs had brought that painful scene roaring back to him and, again he found himself trying to find solace in a shower.


He turned to face the pounding water and reached out for the soap. If only he could wash the memories out of his mind. Walker suddenly realized he had been holding his breath. Letting it out slowly he began to lather up his chest and biceps. As soon as the soap was applied the showers rushing water sent rivulets of suds coursing down his body, past his muscled thighs to pool at his feet. Walker became transfixed by the swirling mix as it made it's way down the drain.  More flashbacks assaulted his senses. His parents shocking murder. Aimee's painful ultimatum.  Ellen's crushing assassination. Alex's recent near death experience. The overpowering sense of loss was too much for Walker. He backed up to the shower's tiled wall and slid to a seated position.


Walker finally realized what he had been feeling all these months. Everyone whom he had ever made an emotional commitment to had been cruelly torn from him in some way. His proposal to Alex had been a catalyst that had sent him into some kind of self-protection mode. If  he could keep Alex at arms length emotionally then it wouldn't hurt so much when he lost her, had been his un-conscience reasoning. It seemed so obvious to him now. Although he still felt apprehension about Alex's safety, given the amount of enemies they both had made over their careers, he realized now, that happiness with Alex, for however long the Great Spirit allowed, was infinitely preferable to life without his love. Walker hoped that he could adequately explain his revelation to Alex.




"What! Did Walker drown in the shower?" questioned Alex aloud as she angrily tossed her half eaten toast onto her plate. Taking a sip of her juice as she stood Alex decided to go upstairs and check on her fiancée. "If he hadn't wanted to talk he should have just said so! I'm not wasting anymore of my Saturday on him," thought Alex defiantly as she stomped up the staircase.


Rounding the corner at the top of the stairs Alex made a beeline for Walkers bedroom.  As she opened the door she was met with Walker just emerging from the master bathroom, towel draped precariously around his hips, just two of his fingers holding it in place.


"Oh!  I'm sorry Walker," apologized Alex who was suddenly at a loss for words as her eyes became riveted to Walker's bare chest, his body still glistening from his recent shower. "I just came up to tell you I was leaving. Maybe we can talk later when you have more time for me," finished Alex lamely as visions of she and Walker making mad, passionate love flooded her mind.


Totally misunderstanding what Alex meant by "leaving" Walker practically lunged at his fiancée, grabbing her with both hands unconcerned that his towel had dropped away. "Alex. Don't break our engagement," pleaded Walker desperately. "I know I can work my problems out. I love you!” Walker's voice was practically a whisper, his eyes insisting on his sincerity.


To say Alex was in shock was an understatement. How did Walker get from her wanting to talk another day to her wanting to break their engagement? And what was he doing standing their naked in front of her. Didn't he know what he was doing to her emotional stability?


"Darling," Alex began unsteadily. "I'm going to say this slowly so there won't be any misinterpretation. I am not breaking our engagement. I did not spend the last seven years trying to lasso you to let you get away without a fight. Alex reached up to soothe Walker's furrowed brow and noticed he still had a death grip on her arms. "Walker, please let go. I'm not leaving," she assured him emphatically.


"Wha. God, Alex, I'm sorry," apologized Walker shaking the confusion from his head. "It seems like ever since I asked you to marry me I've been waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop," explained Walker absently as he knelt to pick up his discarded covering.


Alex bit her tongue to hold back a smart remark about being compared to a shoe for fear Walker's nerves would unravel further. Instead she walked over to his dresser drawer set and opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a pair of gray sweat pants. Holding them out to her fiancée she said, "We can talk now if you want Cordell. I have a feeling that I've been missing some signals you've been putting out. I don't think I'm going to come out of this looking like such a good choice as your life partner," sighed Alex heavily as she plopped down on Walker's four- poster.


Dragging on the proffered sweats Walker soothed, "Hey, there now Alex. If I were better at expressing myself we wouldn't be in this mess. Walker moved to sit next to Alex and took hold of her hands. Turning them over he raised them to his lips and kissed the inside of each of her palms.  "I am the luckiest guy in the world to have you in my life," breathed Walker sincerely. "I can't believe you've put up with me the way I've been acting these past few months." Pulling Alex's hands closer to him he rested them over his heart and continued. "This heart beats only for you Alex Cahill!" Positioning his face even with Alex's Walker said again, "Only for you!" Capturing Alex's lips with his own Walker tried to show her in that kiss what he had tried to say with his words.


As Walker's lips burned with emotion against her own Alex's breath caught in her chest. She loved him so much, that there were times; like these, that it actually hurt. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Alex leaned into his body; pressing herself tightly against his bare chest. She needed to feel his love, warmth and strength enveloping her as he in turn wrapped his powerful arms around her, wanting to hold her as close as he could. Walker responded to her movements by shifting positions so that they could be even closer, placing Alex securely on his lap. As their kiss continued to deepen, they re-affirmed their love for each other, as they also drew strength from each other. As Walker's lips left hers to place little butterfly kisses on her cheeks and eyelids, he began to speak in a breathless voice.


"I am so sorry for the way I have been acting Alex. I never meant to hurt you by pushing you away. I didn't even realize what was wrong with me until a little while ago. Can you forgive me?"


"Only if you talk to me about what was wrong." Alex immediately saw the hesitation and uncertainty in his eyes. "Oh Walker, don't you know by now that we can work anything out as long as we do it 'together'." Alex said as she placed her hands on his face, gazing into his gray blue eyes. She could see his love shining for her so strongly there; but she could also see the turmoil that still haunted him.


Walker inhaled a ragged breath, trying to get his thoughts in order. Lowering his eyes he whispered, "I was afraid."


"Afraid of what?" Alex said as she raised his face, capturing his eyes with hers.


"Of losing you."


Alex smiled softly as she replied, "Walker...that isn't going to happen. I'm not going anywhere. You are permanently stuck with me. Nothing or no one could ever take my love away from you. Not even this" Alex poked her finger into the middle of his chest to make her point as she continued, "stubborn, closed mouthed, mule headed COWBOY!"


Walker laughed. "I know. I guess it just took me awhile to get things all sorted out in my own mind."


"But everything is all right now? You have it all straight in your head?" Alex questioned as she gently stroked his beard. She could see and feel the relief as the last of his uncertainties and worries exited his body.


Walker nodded, smiling. "Yeah."


"Will you promise to always talk to me when something is bothering you, instead of letting it get out of hand like it did this time?"


"I try." Walker said.


Alex smiled at Walker's honesty. Knowing that talking about his feelings was the hardest thing in the world for Walker to do, she was pleased he had at least promised to try.                                         

"And will you promise me that you are never going to try to push me away again?" Alex giggled as she began to nuzzle his neck and shoulders, kissing and nibbling at them, as her hands roamed softly and teasingly over his lightly furred and muscular chest.


With one swift, graceful movement Walker placed Alex upon the bed, laying gently upon her. As he slowly lowered his mouth to her waiting lips, he replied huskily, "Now that is a promise I know I can keep."

"I’m gonna hold you to that promise Cowboy...FOREVER." Alex moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer as she pressed her heaving, firm breasts against his chest.

As their lips touched the desire and passion that flamed deep inside their souls erupted, threatening to engulf them both. It was a passion that neither of them could deny or ignore. It was a passion that only true love could produce.  Their recent strained relationship over the past few months only heightened their longing to be with one another. But, not wanting their love making to be rushed, Walker eased himself away from Alex’s tempting body. A small moan of displeasure escaped from her as she reached to pull him back into her waiting arms. An impish smile creased Walker's handsome face as he gently grasped Alex's soft hands; kissing them as he pulled her up to stand with him beside the bed.

"All in good time," promised Walker meaningfully as his eyes locked with Alex's. He placed his strong and callused hands on the top button of her blouse and slowly worked each button loose, exposing her delicate neck. Leaning forward he kissed the heated flesh that had been revealed as his hands moved down to the next button. Over and over he repeated his actions until the blouse fell softly to the floor. Walker’s fingers traced teasing patterns across her bare skin as they made their way to undo the front clasp to her lacy, cream colored bra. When the clasp was released, Walker removed the covering exposing her breasts for his viewing pleasure. Leaning in ever so slowly, Walker kissed his way down the middle of her cleavage, before finally letting his lips roam the mounds of her firm, full breasts.

Alex arched her back as Walker’s lips caressed her skin so lovingly. Excitement flowed through her veins like liquid fire at the sensations his lips and the feel of his soft red beard evoked in her, as they moved across her skin. When he placed his lips upon her breasts to suckle at them, Alex placed her hands in his hair, pulling his head even closer to her as he continued to kiss and fondle her. Her soft moans of pleasure filled the room, bringing a smile to Walker’s face as he stood to his full height, hungrily capturing her kiss swollen lips once again.

"It’s been way too long." he whispered as they looked deeply into each others eyes.
" has." Alex sighed as her hands toyed with the hair of his beard, before moving seductively down onto his chest; massaging and kissing it lightly. She smiled at his quick, ragged breath of desire when her own lips touched his excited nipples and teased them. She watched as his muscles on his chest and stomach ripple with his pleasure. Moving her hands down to his waist, she hooked her finger tips in the top of his sweat pants, easing them down over his hips to release his manhood, before she continued to push them down his muscular, tight thighs. Walker raised his feet one at a time as Alex removed the garment, casting it aside. Raising her gaze to meet his, Alex smiled as she allowed her hands and her lips to begin to move back up his nude, masculine body. She left nothing untouched or unpleasured. Every inch of his body knew the love that she felt for him. After what seemed like an eternity, and she had reached his chest once again, Walker grasped her shoulders with passion, pulling her back into his embrace.
"My turn." Walker gasped in her ear huskily, as he kissed his way down her neck onto her slender torso, and even further until he reached the waist band of her jeans. With great patience and skill he undid the button and zipper. Placing a lingering kiss on her now exposed navel, he eased her jeans off, leaving her creamed colored panties in place. Stopping to admire her beautiful body before him, Walker took a calming breath before his hands caressed their way back up her thighs and onto her hips. Gently, his hands guided her panties down and off of her. As his heart beat wildly in his chest, Walker began the wonderful task of returning all the love that Alex had shown him only minutes before.
When neither of them could contain their desires any longer, they moved back onto the king size bed. As Walker positioned himself above Alex, their eyes met again; Alex’s sky blue ones, with Walker’s gray-blue ones. They each murmured "I love you" as Alex’s body willingly accepted his. Neither of them moved, as time stood still. Their hearts beat as one. They took the time to savor the intense emotions that the coupling of their bodies and souls evoked, before Walker finally began to move slow and steady. They had began their glorious journey to the most ultimate of pleasures imaginable.
Letting the tide of their joining carry them, they held nothing back from each other. There was no embarrassment from either of them just the whispered murmurings of what touch or movement gave each of them the most pleasure mixed with their moans when that pleasure was met. These love sounds filled the otherwise silent mid-morning air that surrounded the house. Arms and legs entwined; holding each other so close there was no evidence of where one body stopped and the other one began. Bodies moist with perspiration from their exertions, caressed the other with their sensuous movements. Climbing ever higher in their mutual quest for that final moment of satisfying release; their movements steadily increased. They carried each other. Giving and taking. Working together to climb higher than either of them had ever climbed before.
When the anxiously awaited moment of simultaneous release began, they both shuddered and clung to each other; riding the waves of their love for as far and as long as they could before reluctantly letting the same waves gently carry them back down to earth and reality.

As their breathing slowed and the spasms of fulfillment subsided, Walker eased Alex from beneath him placing her lovingly beside him. Leaning on his elbow to gaze down at her flushed face, Walker pushed a strand of damp hair off of her face, as he kissed the tip of her nose. In a low throaty voice Walker spoke from deep within his heart. "I love you Alexandra Cahill. You are the most amazing and loving woman I have ever known. I was a fool to have waited so long to accept what the great spirit had already predestined for us on the day that we met. For on that day, I was given the most precious gift in all of the world or heavens above. The great spirit gave me the gift of my soul mate for eternity...You!"
With a smile that shone brightly, and tears in her eyes, Alex replied, "I love you too Cordell Walker. There has never been and will never be, anyone that I love more than I love you. You are my are my strength and my are the one and only, true love of my life."
As they sealed their heart felt revelations with an empassioned kiss, they both knew that their love would indeed last for all of eternity.


"Now isn't that a sight for sore eyes, Jimmy?" cooed C.D. nodding in the direction of Walker and Alex wrapped in each other's arms on the dance floor. Their eyes never left each other as they slowly swayed to a soft country love song.


"Sure is Big Dog," agreed the young black man contentedly. "Maybe now things will get back to normal."


As the ballad ended Trivette turned from the bar and watched as Walker placed a lingering kiss on the lips of his intended. "Way to go Walker," Trivette congratulated his partner silently knowing that this public display of affection was a turning point. "I knew you had it in you!"





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