The Past Emerges
By Vonnie (


Alex is sitting at her desk in her office looking through some papers when there's a light tap on the door, and it pushes open in almost the same instant. She leans back in her chair, twirling a pencil in her hands, smiling softly, "I take it you heard?"

He walks around the desk, leans over, kisses her lightly on the lips then leans back against her desk, taking her hand in his. "Yes, I did. You don't seem to be to upset about it."

"I guess I should have expected it. After all, it's a Federal case, it's only natural they would want a special prosecutor to handle it."

"That may be, but you know as much about this case, maybe more, than anyone they could bring in."

"I know, honey, maybe that's why they've asked me to assist." She smiles at him, no sense showing him how disappointed she was when the DA had informed her that she would only assist.

He pulls her up into his arms then, seeing through her pretense. "Are you all right with this? You've been after him longer than the Feds have. I think you could do as well if not better than anyone they could bring in." He kisses her lightly, then releasing her, asks, "Do you know who the prosecutor will be?"

"I think you're a little prejudice, honey. And no, I haven't heard whom they're bringing in. Probably the best they have, I would think." Seeking solace she sags against his strong muscular chest, then as his arms circle her, she buries her face into his neck.

He nods his head, "Yeah, I do know they want this guy pretty bad, he's been a thorn in their side long time." He tilts her face up and kisses her deeply. When the kiss ends, both are breathing a little heavier. Feeling his hand slowly caressing her back she shivers at his touch, laying her head against his. "Alex, I've got to get back. Are we still on for C.D.'s?"

"Uh huh. If I can't make it, I'll call. It's been pretty wild around here ever since you and Jimmy brought this guy in." She touches her lips to his again, then letting her hands slide down his chest, she steps back. She murmurs softly, "See you about noon." He nods and silently slips out the door.


* * * * * *


Alex is the first one to arrive at C.D.'s and after greeting the ex-Ranger with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, takes a seat in their favorite booth. C.D. brings over a cup of coffee for her and slides in across from her.

"Well, Alex, I hear there's a lot of excitement up in the Prosecutor's Office. Big Federal case gonna be tried here and I bet you're gonna be the one to do it, huh?"

"I'm afraid not C.D. A special prosecutor is being brought in to handle it. This guy is wanted in about every state in the union and his racketeering has been a thorn the FBI's side for over five years, so it's only natural they'd want one of their own to handle it." She smiles and her face beams with pride as she says, "And my husband and Jimmy are the ones responsible for bringing him down."

"Yeah, I heard about that. Cordell recognized this guy at a … convenience store, wasn't it?"

"That's right. He's been following his career since it started, so he had no trouble recognizing him. Just surprised to see him in a place like that."

"What in the world was Cordell and Jimmy doing at that store anyway?"

Alex giggles, "Would you believe that Jimmy had a stomach ache and wanted to get something to settle his stomach? Walker saw Morrell standing in the checkout line, if you can believe that. Walker came up behind him and this big bad guy gave up without a fight."

"Well, it that don't beat all. You would have thought Morrell would've known better. Hell, this is where he grew up, for cryin' out loud."

"I think he thought he was to big for anyone to touch him." She looks up to see her husband coming toward her, "There's Walker, now."

He slides in beside Alex, "Hi." He leans in gives her a soft kiss and looks at his former partner. "C.D., would you fix up some chicken soup or something and I'll take it over to Trivette's when I leave? He's still feeling pretty lousy with that stomach flu, and I know he won't fix himself anything to eat."

"I can do that. Let me get you lunch first, then I'll take care of him, I'll even take it to him." C.D. stands and returns to the kitchen.

"I hope you don't come down with it, too, honey. Not with this trial coming up. Hopefully Jimmy will be over it before he has to testify."

"I guess you're going to have to make sure I don't, Alex."

"How am I suppose to do that, I'm not a doctor." A look into his eyes tells her he isn't thinking about medicine. Her voice drops to raspy whisper, "Oh … I see. I'm to use my own potions to keep you … healthy, huh?"

"Ummm … that's right." A light kiss, fingers intertwine and fall below the table only to quickly return to the top when C.D. returns with their lunch.


* * * * * *


The next couple of days are hectic ones as Alex continues to sort out, reread transcripts and follow up on all witnesses that, now that Morrell's behind bars, are coming forward. Since Trivette is out with the flu, Walker is kept busy finding the ones that aren't eager to be found, while Alex has her hands full weeding out the publicity seekers.

Until … one by one the witnesses are either disappearing or have decided that they don't know as much as they first thought. Then the Rangers have their hands full trying to protect the ones still intent on testifying.

Then when Alex starts receiving threatening letters, too, the Texas Rangers form an alliance with the DA's office to provide protection for her, also. When they try to set her up in a safe house, she balks. "My husband will be with me when I'm not at work, that's protection enough." She gives Captain Price a stern look, daring him to disagree with her. "Besides, I can't understand why they are bothering with me anyway."

Walker turns her around to look at him, "Alex, if they can eliminate you, it will delay the trial while they try to find someone else. There's rumors on the street that Morrell has help coming into Dallas."

"What's that suppose to mean? His gangs going to break him out? That will be hard to do with the security that's guarding him. And I'm only half the team, the special prosecutor will be here in a couple of days, then everything will fall in his lap."

Captain Price listens to the dialog passing between the Ranger and the ADA and says, "Well, Walker, any problem with her being under your protection when she leaves here?"

"I know I'll never get her to go to a safe house, so I guess not." He turns to Alex then and in a tone that means business, "But you will do what I say, no questions asked?"

She gives him a look of defiance, then her face softens and a smile lights up her face, "Yes, sir. What ever you say."

Walker feels the red creeping up his neck and seeing the look on his Captains face, he grabs Alex's arm and hurries her out of his office.


* * * * * *


The intercom on her desk crackles to life. "Ms Cahill, the Federal Prosecutor is here."

And she pushes the button to answer. "Oh, yes. Give me a minute then send him in." She finishes the notation she's writing in the file that she is working on, then closes the folder, stands and walks around the desk as the door swings open. The smile on her face disappears and is replaced with look of surprise as she looks into the eyes of the man that has just entered her office. Finding her voice, she weakly says, "Mike?"

"Hello, Alex." He takes her hands in his, "Long time no see." Then begins to pull her into his arms…


The Past Emerges Chapter II
By Vonnie (

Alex protests, "Mike … don't…" when he brings her in tight to his chest. He lowers his lips to hers, lightly at first, then more sensuously, trying to bring hers to life. But they remain passive beneath his.

He raises his head, "I'm sorry, Alex, I guess I wanted to see if there was still any spark."

She pulls back but he keeps her hands in his, not ready to let her go, just yet. "I'm married, Mike … almost a year now."

Feeling the rings on her finger, he brings her hand up to look at them, "I … didn't know. She said Ms Cahill, I just assumed you were still single."

She pulls her hands free and moves back behind her desk. "It was easier to continue using Cahill, less confusion." She stares at this man that she worked with for several months in Austin, several years ago. "It seems you've moved up in your career, but still in the public eye, I see."

"Yes … it seems we thought alike, at least in our careers if nothing else." This is almost like a different Alex, then the one he fell in love with some five years ago. This one is more confident, poised, very sure of herself. "Well … who's the lucky man? And he is definitely a lucky man."

Feeling more at ease now, she smiles, "I always considered myself the lucky one. His name is Cordell Walker."

"Walker? Now, where have I heard that name before?"

"That might be because he's made quite a name for himself as a lawman but it's probably because he's the reason you're here. He and his partner are the two Texas Rangers that caught your infamous adversary."

"The guy you're married to is a Texas Ranger?" He says it like it's beneath her.

Alex's eyes harden, "I am! And don't underestimate him?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to come out like that. I guess I have a hard time seeing you married to anyone, except me, that is."

"Mike, I told you five years ago that I was in love with someone else. There never was an 'us', I thought I made myself clear."

"You probably did, I was just to egotistical to believe you didn't want me." He looks at Alex, finally realizing that she is lost to him, and sadness fills his heart. He had hoped he still had a chance with her. He takes a deep breath, pastes a smile on his face and asks, "Well, when do I get to meet this Texas Ranger of yours?"

"Right now if you'd like." She comes around the desk and he opens the door for her then follows her out of the office. Coming out of the door, he is surprised to see a man with a star pinned to his shirt, fall in behind them, as she leads the way to the large room housing the Texas Ranger Headquarters.

* * * * * *

He follows her across the room to the desk in the far corner. When the man behind the desk stands he knows this is Alex's husband and feels just a jab of jealousy, and something akin to hate, which he pushes down, when he sees the love in their eyes as they look at each other.

"Mike, this is half the team of the ones responsible for the capture of Morrell and also my husband, Cordell Walker." Moving to the side of the desk, "Walker, this is Michael Benton, the prosecutor in charge of Jason Morrell's trial."

She watches the two men shake hands, knowing that both are sizing up the other. Walker is the first one to speak. "I understand you've been after Morrell for a long time. You'll have the Texas Rangers at your disposal while you're here if you should need anything."

"Thank you. Hopefully you're job is over and mine is just beginning." He turns to look back toward the door and notices that their escort is lounging by the receptionist's desk located by the door. "Alex, do you always have a body guard following you?" Bringing his eyes back for a quick glance at Walker before letting his eyes rest on hers. "I … couldn't help but notice."

It's Walker who answers his question, "She has received threats since she was appointed to this case so she has a Ranger escort. Since you're here now, the ball has shifted to your court, you will also have a Ranger escort. This case is too important to have complications come up now."

With a snide smile, "Does that mean I'll have a Ranger at my disposal around the clock, as well."

Without missing a beat, "That's what will be arranged, yes. Or you could be taken to a safe house." He looks at Alex at his last remark drawing a smile from her.

"I take it you turned down the safe house idea?" He smiles as he looks at Alex.

"Yes, but I do have Ranger protection, around the clock." Looking at her husband, she sees a very slight blush creeping up his neck. But his eyes are watching Benton as he watches Alex.

* * * * * *

The ride home starts off quiet, until Walker clears his throat, "Uh … you've known this Michael Benton before?"

"Yes, we worked together about five years ago in Austin on a federal kidnapping case. I … assisted him then, too."

"He's in love with you." He doesn't really expect an answer, just making a statement.

She knew that he was very perceptive to have picked up on Benton's feelings for her when he was only around him for just maybe thirty minutes. "It shows, huh? Darling, I know how he feels but it isn't returned. I told him in Austin that I loved someone else. I … guess he didn't believe me."

"You told him that … five years ago? We weren't … committed back then. Were we?"

"No, not really. But I knew I was in love with you, even then." She takes his hand, bringing it to her lips, "Is it going to bother you, knowing we'll be working together?"

"No … not unless he forgets that you're married … to me." He turns to face her and his eyes darken as if to enforce his words, "then I might be tempted to … politely remind him."

"I don't think you have any thing to worry about. He's always been a gentleman. Besides, I don't intend to let him forget it." She leans over and gives him a quick kiss, not wanting him to take his eyes off the road for to long.

On their arrival at the ranch, they both go into the house, change into work clothes, go to the barn to take care of the horse, then back to the house to clean up and fix supper together. Alex is very aware that Walker does not intend to leave her alone at any time. After cleaning up the kitchen they walk arm in arm upstairs.

They take turns in the bathroom, with Alex going first so she is patiently waiting for Walker when he appears at the door. She smiles when she sees him coming toward her with nothing on but the lights, which he turns off just before getting into bed.

Sliding under the sheet, he finds her wearing what he likes best, nothing. He snuggles up close to her, breathing in her scent, as his arm snakes across her waist, resting against the undersides of her breasts.

Alex rolls her head on the pillow and looks at Walker's face. She reaches up and runs a finger over his lips then burrows her hand through the soft hair on his chest. "I love you very much," she murmurs as her lips touch his, letting her tongue slowly traces the shape of his mouth, then probes inside to drink up the taste of him.

He moves his hands over her, stroking her breasts, holding their fullness then kneading them, aware of their swelling at his touch. Her breathing quickens as his hand brushes across her belly, then down lower, leaving a trail of liquid fire as his fingers tangle in the bush of curls that guard her sweetest treasure.

Her breath catches at the feel of his mouth on her breast, drawing her nipple deep into his mouth as his hand slips between her legs, and his fingers find her wet and hot as his thick muscular thigh urges her legs farther apart. When his fingers delve deeper, she arches her hips up, as hot bolts of pleasure hit her from two directions. She cries out as his mouth continues the assault on her nipples and his fingers brings her to a shuddering orgasm that sends delicious spasms careening through her ravished body.
He holds her body tightly as it slowly relaxes from the exquisite sensations, kissing her softly until her lips begin to respond to the gentle touches, the gentle urging of his tongue into her mouth.

Her hands begin playing over his chest, stopping to roll his nipple between her thumb and finger, sending tiny little electric shocks down to his lower regions, even as his mouth continues to invade hers.

Her fingers trickle down, slowly caressing his hard body, her touch light, as she draws them over the flatness of his stomach, to the tight thick mat of curls surrounding his enormous manhood, jutting straight out from his body. As her hand folds around him, she pulls her lips from his and leaves a hot trail of kisses down his frame, his breathing becomes ragged as he feels her breath blowing over him. He tangles his fingers in her hair and hoarsely whispers, "Alex." His hip strains upward, his breathing increases rapidly and his muscles begin to quiver as he feels the softness of her mouth close over him. Feeling his release building she quickly sits up and impales herself on him. She doesn't move, savoring his thickness inside her. Her breathing soft and fast.

His eyes lock on hers, then let's his lower to where they are joined. His skin hair covered, hers as smooth as ivory. With his sex buried deep in her, the fit tight and perfect, she flexes her muscles and begins to move over him. He steadies her with his hands at her waist, as he surges up, then withdraws and thrusts deeper than before. She arches against him wanting more, wanting him deeper. When at last her body explodes into brilliant fragments of ecstasy, he gives a hoarse cry and thrusts a final time into his own mind-shattering climax.

When they finally return to earth and catch their breath, they settle snugly against one another, and as he wraps his arms around this woman, his wife, his lover, he thanks the powers that be that brought her to him. She's everything he could ever want as a wife and as a lover … well … there hasn't been a time when he's turned to her that she hasn't been ready. Even when she wakes from a deep sleep to find him hard against her, she is quickly aroused. Her body seems to have become extra sensitive to his touch, her breasts fuller, her insides moist almost instantly. She climaxes often and with great intensity. He sighs deeply and falls into a relaxed sleep.

* * * * * *

The gray light of dawn is just barely showing at the window when Alex feels warmth beginning low in her belly. She snuggles against the hand that is grazing lightly over her breasts, tracing circles around already taut buds.

Sleepily she moves her hands through the soft hair on his chest, something that always brings her pleasure. She rolls to her side against him, feeling her breasts pressing into his chest, feeling his morning erection filled with desire. She moans as he covers her lips with his, their tongues dueling for the pleasures that reside in the dark recesses.

He slips his knee between her legs, bringing his thigh up to rest against her womanhood. Moaning, she begins thrusting her hips over his thigh, until he removes it letting his hand slip between her legs, his fingers finding her moistness.
He rolls her onto her back and begins covering her with kisses as he slowly pushes the sheet down to her feet. Alex's whimpering becomes louder, the lower his kisses go until she feels his breath whispering softly over her, then she screams as his tongue touches her, withdraws then slides deeper. She arches her hips up, then stiffens as an orgasm slices through her, leaving her trembling in its wake.

Walker rises over her then, sliding easily into her, feeling the spasms grip him as he thrusts deep. Holding still until she slowly comes down, then he begins to thrust and withdraw. As she begins moving with him, the pace steadily increases, their breathing ragged, as they race toward the same goal, then with one final deep thrust, her cry of ecstasy merges with his in echo of their bodies becoming one.

The spasms seem endless, until Walker finally collapses against her, lying together in the sweet aftermath of heaven.

They drift toward sleep only to be awakened by the shrill tone of the ringing phone. "Alex, can you get that … I can't move." His voice muffled in her hair.

"I … can't move … either … you're lying … on me."

"Oh … sorry." With a determined effort he rolls off of her, and she reaches for the phone.

"Walkers" she murmurs, finally wondering who could be calling at this hour.

"Alex? Did I wake you?" A deep masculine voice booms into her ear.



The Past Emerges chapter III
By Vonnie (


Still coming down off the high from the incredible climax, she doesn't recognize the voice on the other end of the line. Her voice slurred, "May I ask … who's calling?" She sits up in bed, pulling the sheet up over her breasts.

"Mike … Mike Benton."

"Mike?" She says not believing, then glancing at the clock on the nightstand, "Mike, do you know what time it is?" By now, Walker is alert and sitting up beside her, frowning at the gall of this … this man."

"Yes, it's almost 6:30. I know it a little early but we have a lot to do, and since I couldn't sleep, I thought we could get started, there's a lot to do before the trial."

She rolls her eyes up in exasperation, and responds in a harsh tone, "Well, I can sleep just fine. If you can't sleep I recommend you take a jog through the park. And I would appreciate it if you would refrain from calling me at home unless it's a dire emergency." She groans as she drops the phone back on its cradle and slides back down under the sheet, rolling over and lying her head in her husband's lap.

Walker, frowning at the nerve of this guy, slowly strokes his hand through her golden tresses. It just may be necessary to speak to 'Benton' and let him know that Alex does have a private life and he is not in it. He gently moves Alex's head from his lap onto the pillow and slides out of bed to begin his workday with a shower.


* * * * * *


Alex is standing at the front door, holding it open, waiting for her husband. "Come on Walker. I thought you said you were ready."

"Alex, what's the big hurry. We've got plenty of time." He walks up behind her, "Okay, I'm ready, let's go." Moving out onto the porch, he pulls the door shut and locks it.

Settling down beside Walker in the truck, "I know we're early but I wanted to have a leisurely breakfast with you at C.D.'s." He starts the engine and they begin the trip to Dallas.

He smiles at her, "That'll be nice. I … just didn't want you to feel like you have to jump when ever Benton calls."

Alex snuggles up to his side, and murmurs softly, "Did you see me 'jump' when he called this morning?"

He turns and smiles at her, "No … I don't think you had the strength to … jump. Anymore than I did." He lays his hand on her thigh.
She lays her hand on top of his, "I know. It was good, wasn't it?"

"It's always good … with you, honey." He leans in and gives her a quick kiss before turning his eyes back to the road. The morning rush is making him pay close attention to the traffic.

"Ummm … you're the only one who can make me jump, darling." Just then Walker gives a twist to the steering wheel, throwing her hard against her seatbelt. "Walker, what…?"

"Get down, Alex!" Just then she hears the thud of a bullet striking the truck, and looking out her window, she sees the driver of the car on their right with a gun pointing straight at her. She drops down in the seat as Walker hits the gas and gets ahead of the shooter. Pulling into the right lane, he pulls off at the first exit, taking several more evasive turns and, then after watching in his rear view mirror to ascertain that he has lost his pursuers, he pulls over to side of the street and stops. "Alex, are you all right?" He shakily touches her back, and his heart stops beating the few seconds before she sits up.

With her eyes full of fear, she nods her head and in a shaky voice, "Oh, God, Walker, I didn't think it would come to this." He pulls her into his arms, holding her close until her tremors stop.

"I guess we know they mean business, now. Maybe you ought to call Benton and make sure he's all right."

Not able to get him on the phone, Walker makes it to the courthouse in double time. Shielding Alex with his body, they hurry inside and take the elevator up to Ranger Headquarters.

Quickly leaving the elevator, they rush into Ranger Headquarters only to stop short when they see Mike Benton, dressed in sweats, sitting in a chair talking to Trivette.

Not completely well, but cured enough that sitting around his apartment was really getting to him. He had just barely sat down at his desk when Mike had entered and introduced himself.
Jimmy jumps up when Walker ushers Alex through the door, her face a pasty white. "Walker, what's wrong, man. Alex looks like she's seen a ghost." He comes around the desk and pulls up a chair for her.

"We were shot at, Jimmy, on the highway coming in this morning." He takes her hand and feeling her trembling, he looks into his partner's eyes.

"No, Alex was shot at."

"Did you see who it was?"

"I never saw the man before, but I'll never forget his face, I can tell you that. If it wasn't for Walker's fast thinking and expert driving, we would probably be a statistic by now."

"Are you sure about this Alex? I thought all of these threats you talked about was just for my benefit." Mike stands and moves over to stand beside Trivette.

"I've got a bullet hole in my truck, if you doubt us, I'll be glad to show it to you." Walker says in a stern voice and hard eyes boring into Benton's.

The atmosphere becomes still, heavy, broken only when Walker touches Alex's shoulder and softly says, "Come on, Alex, I'll take you to your office and alert Sam that he's back on duty."

Alex stands, and remembering that Jimmy had been sick, "Jimmy, how are you feeling? Are you sure you ought to be back to work yet?"

"I'm fine, Alex. You just take care of yourself, okay?" He squeezes her hand, gives her a wink then watches as the two of them leave the room.

"Whew! I hope Walker doesn't think I was insinuating that he was lying about the shooting. He sure was up tight."

"That's just Walker. Anyone goes after his woman, they had better be prepare for the worst. He just doesn't take kindly to someone trying to hurt Alex."

"Hmm… I'm beginning to see that." Mike mumbles under his breath. "I guess I'd better get to my office and get changed. Nice meeting you, Trivette."

* * * * * *


The next few weeks are busy in the Prosecutor's office, as Mike and Alex interrogate witnesses. Then sorting through, and discussing the enormous amount of evidence that has been gathered by the Federal government. Adding to that what Alex has accumulated in the course of her office's investigations of Morrell's earlier crimes in Texas. Especially Dallas, since this is where his debut in crime began.

Weird as it seems no threats or attempt are made against Michael Benton, whereas Alex continues to receive threats, but no more outright attempts on her life. She is too closely guarded.

"Walker, when does the trial start? Seems like it's really getting drug out." Trivette says as he swings around from his computer.

"I know, I think it starts next week. Alex is almost a basket case with all these threats coming at her." He leans back in his chair, picking up his coffee mug, and sipping quietly as he stares at nothing in particular. "Trivette, have you been wondering why Benton hasn't been getting any threats?"

"Yeah, I have. You'd think he'd be the prime target, wouldn't you?"

"That's what I can't understand. I don't think Benton is involved with Morrell because he could have taken Alex out any number of times, he's with her so much. Which makes me think that they think Alex knows something that they don't want to come out."

"But what, Walker?"

"I don't know. It's possible that she doesn't know either. Consciously, anyway. Maybe Morrell's afraid if they keep poking into his past here, she may remember."

"Partner, that means we definitely need to keep a real close eye on her."


* * * * * *


The conference room that Alex and Mike Benton are using to prepare for the trial of Jason Morrell is guarded with a Texas Ranger on each side of the door. Inside, the long table in the center of the room is covered with stacks of folders and papers of witness reports. Alex is sitting on one side of the table and Benton is sitting across from her.

"Mike, I know I'm missing something, but … I don't know what." Alex says, as she rubs her eyes. She has been working at this table most of the day.

Benton stands, stretches, "I don't know what could be missing Alex. We've gone over these papers a dozen times." He walks around the table to stand behind Alex. "What makes you think something is missing?"

She leans back in her chair, begins rubbing her neck, "I just feel like I'm overlooking something." She rolls her head around trying to loosen the stiffness in her neck and shoulders. "Oh … I'm so tired … maybe it's my imagination." She stands and starts to stack up the folders. Putting everything in the order that they will need it. Benton moves up beside her, brushing against her. Alex steps away but continues to gather up the papers. "I think we're ready to go to trial Monday. I sure am going to enjoy this weekend." Benton reaches over in front of her for more papers brushing his arm against her breasts. She moves completely away from the table, eyeing him intently. "Mike, I don't appreciate your … subtle touching. I can't believe they're accidental and if we're to work together, they have to stop."

He smiles softly, "I'm sorry, Alex. And I apologize, but I just couldn't seem to help myself. You are very beautiful woman." He gestures helplessly and moves toward her.

"Mike, keep your distance. You don't want to do this." She backs away till she bumps into the table.

"Alex, I'm not going to hurt you. I could never, hurt you. When you left Austin I convinced myself I didn't care. But when I saw you here it's like you never left." Murmuring softly, as he takes her in his arms, "I … still love you … Alex!"

"Mike … don't!"

Mike didn't. The next thing he knows he is lying flat on his back on the floor, wondering how he got there. He shakes his head, trying to clear the stars from his eyes, but the star doesn't disappear, it seems to be stuck on a shirt in front of his face. Rubbing his eyes, he looks up into the eyes of Alex's husband. Eyes so piercing he's surprised he isn't dead.

Walker offers Benton his hand to help him up, and leaning close to his ear, speaks softly with only Mike able to hear him. "That is just a small sample of what you'll get if you ever lay your hands on her again!" Then pulls him up to his feet. He turns then, slides his arm around Alex and without saying a word to Benton they leave the room.

Benton stands there, staring after them. He's sure he will never forget that voice or the words. Even now they send a chill down his spine. Then realizing what a world class ass he was, he hurries from the room to find the Walkers and apologize. Reaching the elevator to late, he watches the door close, just catching a glimpse of Alex. He races for the stairs making it to the ground floor just in time to see Alex, walking between Walker and Trivette, leaving the building.

He rushes outside, "Alex … Walker … please wait."

Just then a loud crack of a rifle shot splits the air…


The Past Emerges Final
By Vonnie (


When Walker hears Benton calling out to them, he hesitates for a second as Mike tries to move in front of them. When they break out into the sunlight he quickly scans the skyline and that's when he sees the brilliant flash in the window of a building across from them. Walker screams "Sniper!" at the same time wraps himself around Alex, taking her to the ground. Trivette grabs Benton and wrestles him down just as the noise of the shot fills the air.

Texas Rangers immediately leave the courthouse converging on the building across the street. As the sound of the running feet and orders being given, Walker, feeling Alex stir beneath him, rolls off of her, "Are you all right?"

With a shaky tremor in her voice, she replies, "Yes … I think so. Are you?"

"Yes, I'm fine." He turns then, looking for his partner, "Trivette, are you all right?" As he sits up Walker sees the blood on the front of the black man's chest. "Trivette, you've been hit!" He scrambles over to him on his hands and knees, yelling for someone to call 911.

"Easy, Walker, it ain't me. I think Benton took the bullet." He presses down on the wound trying to stop the flow of blood with one hand while checking for his pulse with the other.

Alex moves up next to Jimmy, "Is he…?"

"He's alive Alex, he's hanging on."

With the arrival of the paramedics, they quickly load Benton into the ambulance and whisk him away, with the two Rangers and Alex following in the Ram.

Walker is sitting with his arm around Alex when Trivette comes back into the waiting room with three Styrofoam cups of coffee. "Here you go."

"Thanks Jimmy."

"Have you heard anything yet?" Alex just shakes her head, sitting the coffee on the table and leaning back into Walkers arms.

All three quickly stand when a man in green scrubs enters the room. "Your friend is going to be all right. The bullet went through the back, missed all his vital organs, except for a nick in his lung, deflating it. He's breathing easy now but he will be spending some time with us, till we're sure he's not going to have any problems."

"Can we … see him?"

"Are you Alex? He's been asking to talk to you. So yes, you can see him but only for a few minutes. He's still pretty weak."


* * * * * *

Alex moves up to the side of the bed and quietly looks into the face of this man whom, by a fluke, took the bullet meant for her. She turns to look back at Walker when she hears a soft whisper, "Alex … I'm sorry."

"Shh … it's all right. Don't talk, just rest."

"You go ahead … with the trial. You can do it."

"Mike, we can get a postponement, don't worry about it now."

"No, no delays. Put him away now … so he can't … hurt you anymore."

"Mike … I'm not sure I can…"

"You can. You're good, you know as much as I do. Promise me you won't ask for a delay."


"Promise me."

"All right, I promise. Now, you rest, we'll come back later."

He looks past Alex to where her husband is standing, "Walker…" then as Walker comes up beside Alex, "take care of her. You have a rare find, Walker, treasure her. I'm sorry about…"

"It's forgotten, you just concentrate on getting better." Mike nods his head slightly and as his eyes slowly close, Walker turns, puts his arm around Alex and they leave the room.


* * * * * *


After posting a guard at the door to Benton's room, Walker takes Alex's arm and with an escort of several Rangers, they get into to his truck and quickly leave Dallas. Arriving at the ranch, he stops the truck as close to the porch as he can and shielding her with his body hurries her inside.

Walker turns to Alex after shutting the door, "Go upstairs and pack enough for the weekend. We're getting out of here until the trial starts Monday." He slides his arm around her waist and begins to gently urge her upstairs. Inside their bedroom, he gets her suitcase out of the closet and lays it on the bed. Snapping the catches and flipping the top open, "Come on, Alex, I want to be gone before it gets dark."

Hearing the urgency in his voice, she begins taking underwear from a drawer, then moves to a closet for her clothes. As she begins folding and putting things into the suitcase, she notices that he isn't packing anything. She looks up to see him staring out the window. "Walker," she says softly, and as he turns around, " why aren't you packing, too?"

"I won't be staying, I'll find a safe place for you, than I've got to come back and help track down the sniper. He may try again."

Alex begins taking things out of the suitcase and starts to put them away. "Well, if you aren't going then neither am I. The safest place for me is with you, and that's where I want to be. I would worry myself to death wondering what was happening."

Turning toward the dresser with her hands full, she feels his hand on her arm. Turning her around, he sees the moistness in her eyes. "Walker, I can't leave you. You don't know what it did to me … out there, knowing you would take a bullet meant for me." She drops the stuff in her hands and wraps her arms around his waist pulling him close. "Feeling you on top of me, lying so still, I was so scared that you had been shot." Burying her face in his neck, "I don't think I could stand it if anything happened to you, because of me."

Walker holds her tight, letting the tears flow, whispering softly, "I love you, I would take a hundred bullets to keep you alive."

"But I wouldn't be alive, not without you by my side." She sniffs and mutters, "This damn job, they can take it, and shove…"

"Alex, you don't mean that. Besides, do you think you'd be any safer if you weren't the ADA?"

She raises her head then and looks into his eyes, realizing then the fear he lived with knowing she was the target of a crime boss. "No, I guess not. But the only way I'll go away is if you go with me."

Seeing the stern resolve in her eyes, he smiles, kisses her lightly and says, "Well, I guess I'd better start packing, too."

Some twenty minutes later, they are in the truck, heading away from Dallas. "Where are we going, hon?"

"I don't know. Just someplace where they can't find us for two days. We'll stop when it gets dark, okay?"

She snuggles into his side, and laying her head on his shoulder, murmurs, "Okay."

* * * * * *

Alex tried to keep track of where they were going, but he did so much back tracking and circling that she finally gave up and lay down on the seat with her head on his thigh. When he began stroking her hair she closes her eyes giving in to his touch, a touch that always fills her with peace.

"Alex" and a gentle nudge brings her awake. Sitting up, she realizes that she had slept while he had spirited them away. "Come on, let's go inside." He helps her out of the truck and into the motel room. Not fancy but warm and cozy, she likes what she sees and starts for the bathroom as Walker brings in their luggage and locks the door. "Go ahead and shower, I'll put our things away." As he puts their things in the closet, he takes a shirt of his and hangs it on the doorknob inside the bathroom.

Several minutes later Alex returns to the bedroom, wearing the shirt, smiles at him and says, "You're turn. While you shower, I'll see about having dinner delivered, okay."

"Good, I'm starved."

After his shower, wearing his jeans only, he comes out of the bath to find that Alex had found a place that delivered Chinese. Sitting together at the small table, helping themselves to the food in the different containers, Alex asks, "Darling, did you tell Jimmy, about us hiding out?"

"Yes, but only so he wouldn't try to track us down."

"He would, too. And probably find us." She smiles warmly at the thought, then glancing up into the eyes of her husband, she murmurs, "but I don't want him to find us, not tonight."

"Me, either." He stands holding his hand out to her. "Come here." When she stands, he takes her hand, flips the light switch off, turning the room dark except for the flashing of the neon sign in front of the motel. He leads her to the bed and slowly unbuttons the shirt, letting it slip to the floor. In a husky voice, "Hmm … you're so beautiful." He unzips his pants, letting them fall to the floor then climbs up on the bed, and on his knees, scoots back, pulling her with him. Kneeling, facing each other in the center of the bed, she begins leaning into him. His eyes are unable to leave hers, until he feels her sweet breath caressing his mouth, then they close as their lips softly touch.

She moves her fingers through the hair on his chest, as he follows her lead and caresses her breasts, feeling them swell into his hand, he rolls the nipples under the palm of his hands. She shudders, as sensations begin tickling her senses. She coils one arm around his neck, not wanting the kiss to end, as her free hand descends slowly down over his hard muscled stomach to come to rest in the tight nest of curls surrounding his turgid erection. He slips one arm around her waist as his other traces down over her soft skin to cup her womanhood.

When she wraps her hand around him, he slides his fingers inside her, stroking lightly as she begins to caress his rigid shaft. Both are moaning into each other's mouths, electric sensations flowing from one to the other. When Alex feels the climax rising, she melts against him, trembling in the deep throes of ecstasy. Unable to keep her balance she falls sideways on the bed, taking Walker with her. Breaking away from the kiss he rolls onto his back, and brings her over on top of him, sliding smoothly into her.

Her insides quicken and she can feel desire rising again. "Uhhhhh … Walker," she whispers.

"Feel good?"

"Does it ever."

His hands find her breasts, caressing them gently, bringing small cries of pleasure from deep inside her. She arches into him as jolts of passion shoot through her. "God, Alex, I could stay like this for a month," he said more hoarsely now.

She gave a short, high laugh, "Yes, I think … you … could."

"Would you … mind?"

Mind? How could she mind? He moves slightly, causing a ripple of sensation and when he slips his hands under her bottom, the ripples increase.

"Make that two months," he whispers hoarsely.

"I have to be back in Dallas … Monday morning."

"For what?" he groans.

"For … the … trial." She gasps when he raises his hips and comes up higher inside her. "Ahhhhh, Walker, that feels good."

"The trial? Oh … maybe … we could … postpone it," his voice raspy.

"To … late."

"Maybe … not." He begins thrusting up into her, "We could try…"

"Try … what? I can't think, Walker. How can you?"

"Not … easily," he grunts out. In the next breath he lets out a deep growl and thrusts impossibly upward into a release that shakes his body.

Alex wraps her arms around his neck and hangs on as her own orgasm rockets through her. When their senses finally return they stay locked together. Finally, lowering a hand to touch his belly-"I love you," she whispers.

She slips off of him and rolls to his side, snuggling in close to him. "Honey?"


"Do you think they'll be waiting for us when we get back?"

He tightens his arms around her then and kisses her forehead. "Don't think about that, baby. Knowing Trivette, he's probably caught that sniper and gotten a confession out of him about who hired him."

She raises up on her elbow, and looking into his face asks, "You think that's possible?"

"Uh huh. I sure do." His hands begin caressing her breasts, wanting to take her mind off of their return. He isn't sure what will be waiting for them upon their return but now, the next two days was theirs.

His caresses bring a quick response from her body, "You're mine, all mine, tonight, and forever."

"Have I ever told you," he covers her breast with his lips, "that your breasts are beautiful," sucking her nipple deeply into his mouth, then pressing her breasts close together he moves from one to the other until Alex is writhing and moaning as the sensations continue to build.

Needing to touch him she runs her fingers over his chest, brushing against his nipples then down over his rock hard belly to his rock hard erection. He groans, thrusting into her hand. She slips lower and takes him into her mouth. Breathing hard, he closes his eyes, his fingers combing through her blonde hair that's spread out over his groin. As her mouth and tongue work him, his hips strain upward as deep sensations erase all thought from his mind. Her lips add to the sweet torment as his hands urge her on. His muscles tremble with trying to control the urge to release but as he looks down at the gentle movement of her head his control shatters and with a raw growl he pulls her away, bringing her up along side of him. He kisses her deeply, as his fingers probe her moist entrance. She bucks against his hand, as he slips down between her knees. Sliding his hands under her hips he raises her up and kisses her most sensitive nub, bringing a soft mewling from Alex. As his tongue touches her she jumps as pleasure spikes through her, arching up, he spears her with his tongue again. Rocking against him, she moans softly, "Walker, please…"

He lowers her to the bed and plunges into her hard and deep, passion driving them toward completion. His hips thrust and withdraw with increased speed then suddenly Alex wraps her legs around Walker's hips as an orgasm grips her. Feeling her climax, he takes one final plunge and stiffens over her, their spasms joining, bringing about a wild ride into ecstasy.

Finally feeling his senses return, he withdraws and rolls to his side taking Alex with him. Wrapping her in his arms, he kisses her gently and closes his eyes.


* * * * * *


The weekend is over before they want it to end, and the drive back to Dallas is with two very subdued people sitting close together, not knowing what to expect but ready to face it together.

Reaching Dallas without any problems Alex wants to go to the hospital to check on Mike Benton. Walking into his room, she sees him sitting up in bed, somewhat pale but definitely on the mend. "Well, Mike you look a lot better than the last time I saw you."

"Alex! I was beginning to think you had left the country. Trivette said Walker put you in hiding for the weekend, but I was still worried."

"You needn't have worried. Walker takes good care of me." She smiles, remembering the weekend, "Ah … how are you feeling?"

"I'm … getting there." He watches her face, noticing she looks different but can't figure out in just what way.

"Mike are you sure you don't want to postpone this trial?"

"Yes, I'm sure. You can do it. You're good and I know you will do a total wrap. No halfway measures."

"All right Mike. I'll do it. And I don't do anything halfway."


"Anything." When she realizes to what he is referring she feels the heat rising up her neck.

He watches her and murmurs softly, "I can believe that."

Just then Walker and Trivette enter the room, smiling like they have a secret and just busting to tell it.

Looking at them both, Alex asks, "All right, you two, what's going on?"

Walker turns to Trivette, "You have the honor, partner, you tell her." Then he moves over to stand next to Alex, as she stares at Jimmy, waiting for the news.

"Well, Alex … there won't be a trial." He watches her mouth drop open, then continues, "Jason Morrell was talking to his lawyer this morning, I guess ranting and raving would be a better word. But anyway, he got into a screaming match with his lawyer and … he … dropped over dead. The doc checked him over and he had a heart attack. You can't prosecute a dead man, so no trial. And you can't get money from a dead man so the hit on you has been canceled."

Alex turns to look at her husband, "Walker?"

He slides his arm around her waist, "It's over honey." He turns to Benton. "But you know this means someone else will take over where he left off, so your job still isn't over." He moves closer to the bed and holds out his hand. "I wish you all the luck in taking this bunch down."

Mike takes his hand, and feeling the strong grip, says, "Thank you Walker, I appreciate that." Looking at Alex, "It was … nice seeing you again Alex. It's been … interesting." Walker moves toward the door, taking his partner with him.

Alex moves closer to the bed, "Mike, it was good to see you, too, and I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope you find someone, Mike. Forget about me. Walker's the only one for me,there will never be anyone but him." She leans over kissing him on the cheek, says, "Take care," then turns and leaves the room.

He watches her walk off, with his eyes misting up, he whispers softly, "Forget you Alex? I don't think I ever will. Be happy."

The End