The Perfect Birthday

By Sissy (

& Chris (

The restaurant Walker had chosen was small and intimate with good food, good country music and dancing. Alex watches the dancers while the table is cleared and coffee is being served. He watches her watching the dancers then reaches out brushing her hand with the softest of touches.

His touch brings her eyes back to the man sitting across from her. “Walker…thank you.” She says softly.

“For what?” His voice barely above a whisper.

“For…this…for everything.” She reaches out and lays her hand on his. “This evening is perfect.”

He takes her hand in his, raises it to his lips, and kisses it softly. “Not quite yet. Dance with me.”

He leads her to the dance floor and she melts into his arms, resting her check against his, as they sway gently to the music. Time stands still as they become lost in each other. The song ends and another one begins, then another. “Darling, this night has been so wonderful, I wish it would never end.”

“I know. The night is still young, yet, and I have one more place to show you.” He murmurs in her ear. “Come on, lets go.” He turns her around and they start for the door, stopping only long enough for Walker to settle the bill.

In the cab of the Ram, Alex snuggles into Walker’s side feeling almost intoxicated, from the music, his touch, his scent, and his voice.  She thinks he has the sexiest voice, especially tonight. She opens her eyes slightly and then wider when she realizes they are heading out toward the ranch. “Walker, where are we going? To your ranch?”

“Uh huh. The last surprise.”

“This night is perfect, darling. You really outdid yourself.” She sits up straighter when she realizes that he has driven past the house and the barn. “Walker…where…?”

“Shh…We’re almost there.” He finally stops the Ram in front of a small grove of trees. He opens his door, slides out and helps Alex out the same door. Then he guides her down a path through the trees to a small clearing that has a small cabin situated on one side and a pond on the other.

“Oh, Walker,” a soft whisper, “This is beautiful.” She turns in his arms and kisses him tenderly on the lips.

He returns her kiss, “This is Uncle Ray’s cabin, I think you’ve heard me mention it once or twice.  This place is very special to me, Alex.  This is where I come when the world starts closing in on me. It’s where I come when I need to be alone. I guess you could call it my special hiding place and I wanted to share it with you.”

“This is your hiding place?”

“Uh huh.. And you’re the first one I’ve ever brought here. The only one.”

“Oh, Walker,” Tears began forming in her eyes as the realization of what it means for Walker to open his heart to her like this. “Oh, Walker, I love you so much.” She turns to face him and he pulls her close, lowers his head and takes her lips with his in a deep passionate kiss.

He finally releases her, looks deep into her eyes, and whispers, “Come on, the last surprise is inside.”  He barely touches her lips with his, puts his arm around her waist and moves her up to the cabin door. “Now, close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you.” Kisses each eye, as she shuts them.

“Walker, what….?”

“Shh…no peeking now.” He take his arm from around her and a few minutes pass before she feels his arm slide around her waist, “Not yet.” He guides her through the door, stops, “Okay, open your eyes.” As her eyes widen at the site, Walker whispers softly, “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.”

Her eyes fill with tears as she looks at the display in front of her, a cake decorated with a picture of two riders on horses, holding hands, in a circle of candles. “Oh, Walker!” He gently moves her up to the table. “It’s beautiful. When did …?”

He puts an arm around her waist, pulling her close. “I’ve been planning this for weeks. If you only knew how hard it was to keep C.D. and Trivette from finding out about everything. This was your day and I wanted everything to be perfect.”

“Oh, darling, it is perfect. I’ll never forget this day.” She turns and puts her arms around his neck and pulls his head to hers and kisses him tenderly.

He brushes her hair back from her eyes and returns her kiss slowly, deeply. Desire flares hot and bright inside them both.  Reluctantly, he pulls back.

She tightens her arms around him, holding him close, “Don’t stop…please. Make this the best Birthday ever, darling, make love to me.” She murmurs against his lips.

“Alex…Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. I love you.”  Pulls him over in front of the fireplace and together they sink to the floor.

“Your wish is my command. Happy Birthday, Alex.”

The End