By Susie

Alex made her way through the JFK airport terminal looking for her gate.  Being in an airport always made Alex ancy for fear of missing her flight.  Finally Alex saw her gate in sight.   It figures that the flight she was on was leaving out of the very last gate.  She had been walking a while now and her back was really starting to hurt.  Alex thought it was a smart move checking all her bags curbside so she did not have to carry them now.  With her body still recovering she never would have made it.  She smiled and thought if Walker where here right now he would have made her ask for assistance so she could get on one of those carts they drive through the airport.  However, Alex was much to independent for that.

Alex was finally at her gate the plane would be boarding shortly and she would be back in Dallas by 11am it was a little over a three hour flight, thank goodness it was direct and with the time change she would gain an hour.

While Alex waited to get on the aircraft she people watched and then unconsciously caught herself twirling her ring around her finger.  This was not just any ring.  It was her engagement ring.  The ring that Walker had put on her finger in the hospital when he asked her to marry him.  She smiled at the thought of Walker.  God she missed him!  This was the first time since the shooting they had been apart.  Her father thought it would be good for Alex after she was released from the hospital to come visit him in New York.  It would not only be a chance to visit with her, but the change of scenery would maybe chase away all the painful memories of being shot.  Her father bought the ticket, then told Walker he was having it sent to her.  Gordon knew that with enough prodding from Walker Alex would take the trip. "Rows 15 and higher now boarding" came over the intercom.  Finally, she was on the plane as far as she was concerned- one step closer to going home.  Home to see Walker.  Walker wanted to go to New York but could not go with her, since he had taken off a lot of time to be with her when she had been sent home from the hospital.  As the plane took off she decided she would take a nap, that way she would be wide awake when she got home.

Walker sat at his desk he looked at the clock it was 8:30, Alex should be on her way home he thought.  He went to the office early today because he planned on leaving early.  He could not wait to see her.  Saying good-bye to her at the airport was almost as bad as seeing her still body lying unconscious in a hospital bed.  He really did not think Alex should have went to New York.  Her body was still healing, but Gordon did have a point about a change in scenery would help Alex sort out her memories.  If only he could have went with her but he had to stay and work on a late breaking case.  Soon they would be planning their wedding and Walker wanted to have enough vacation time left to take Alex someplace magical.  But her being away was just so hard.  He could not wait till Alex and him were married so they could spend more time together, live together.  Walker could just not be with her enough.  Maybe he was just over compensating for the fact that he had come so close to losing her, it did not matter though as long as she was with him.

Trivette came through the office door "Hey pard, missed you at C.D.'s this morning,"  "Yeah, I am just trying to get this dag gone paper work done before I pick Alex up," Walker told him.  "You should hear C.D., he is so excited for tonight, does Alex know?" Trivette asked.  Referring to the question of Alex knowing about the engagement party for them at C.D.'s tonight.  "No, Alex does not know.  I just told her we would go to C.D.'s to have dinner with you guys."  Walker was going to have to make sure that Alex rested after she got home so she would be up to the party.  He was excited about the party, and knew she would definitely be surprised.  Alex always liked Walker expressing his feeling for her in public.  He looked at his watch again; in another hour he would leave to go pick her up.

"Do you know what that constellation is?" "No"  "Is the Warrior" Walker said.  "Yeah like you," Alex said.  She was asleep and dreaming about time spent with Walker.  She dreamed about the time she took him whitewater rafting.  At night they sat by the campfire and looked up at the stars.  It was so peaceful and it was just them.  After that she got up and started to get ready for bed.  Walker threw a stone and thought it would be fun to yell "snake".  She was so scared she came running out from behind the bush and jumped into his arms.  The feeling of being in Walkers arms so strong, yet so safe.  She awoke from her dream.  When a voice came over the loud speaker.  "Ladies and Gentleman we will be arrive shortly to Dallas/Fort Worth.  Please make sure you seat belt is fastened and all tray tables and seat backs are in their locked and upright position."

Alex was so excited to hear that she was almost home.  She was hoping that Walker would be the first thing she saw after coming out of the gate.  But chances are he would pick her up at curbside.  Either way she was happy she would see him. 

Walker had made sure he had enough time to meet Alex at the gate.  Something came over him that reminded him to buy her some roses.  She would be shocked about this.  Alex had always teased Walker about the fact that he did not know the price of roses.  But he passed a shop on the way to the airport and bought her a dozen long stem red roses.  Guess the saying is true he thought, absence makes the heart grow founder.  For the time being Walker knew what he had and did not need absence.  Walker was almost to her arriving gate now.  There was already a ton of people there.  He wanted to get in front of all the people but the gentleman in him said to just wait he would see her soon enough.

Alex's plane had landed and everyone was crouched in the plane some standing some sitting getting bags out of carry-on bins.  All waiting for the plane door to open.  Normally Alex would have stayed seated and wait for all this craziness to pass.  But she wanted off the plane as soon as she could.

The line of passengers started moving slowly and Alex was finally out of the little gateway.  She looked around and saw anticipation on the crowds faces.  They were all waiting for people but she did not see Walker.  Her heart sank, guess he will pick me up at curbside she thought.  She continued to walk through the crowd when she saw in front of her a handsome cowboy wearing black jeans just tight enough, a denim shirt, a black Stetson, and an incredible smile.  "Walker" she exclaimed and walked as fast as she could into his arms.  She looked at the bundle of roses he had for her.  "Oh they're beautiful."  "Anything for my girl." he said.  At that moment they kissed and it was a simple perfect kiss.  The kind of kiss that made the whole word stop for a moment and just became a blur.  They loved each other so much and it all came through in that kiss.  As they both broke off the kiss to look up in each others eyes.  Walker said to her "now that was the perfect kiss."  "We may have to try that again later," she said with a sparkle in her eyes.  "I missed you Cordell Walker,"  "I missed you too Alex."  She was now where she had wanted to be for the last week.  Home, home in Walkers arms.  He gave her an extra little squeeze as he tightened his grip around her.  It was as if he knew what she was just thinking.  He probably did she thought, that Cherokee thing again.

"Now lets take you home, how are you feeling?"  Walker asked with concern. "Better, I slept most of the way home on the plane.  They began walking and he kept his arm around her.  They still had to pick up her bags before they could go to the parking garage and get the Ram.

"OK here are your bags, Alex didn't you only have one bag when you left?"  "Yes, but I was in New York Walker, I had to go shopping."  She smiled at him and said, "Oh just think of it as therapy."  "Well, OK in that case, did you buy me anything?" he said with a smile.  She took her elbow and gave him a little nudge in the side, "Very funny!"

"OK Alex you stay here I'll go get the truck."  "No Walker I can walk to the truck."  Alex gave Walker a look as she tilted her head to the side and she looked up with her big blue eyes.  All she had thought about on the way home was Walker, and there was no way he was leaving her side now.  "OK Alex you win, how come you always win?"  Walker knew why she always won, he could not resist her.  He would do anything to make her happy. "Don't answer that Alex I know why."  She leaned over and gave him a kiss.  "Would it be because you will do anything for a kiss?  In that case let's get going to the Ram I want to get my cowboy home,"  she gave him a wicked smile.  "Why Alex it looks like you got some of your spunk back in New York."  "No Walker I got my spunk back being home with you."  He put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him and gave her another kiss on the lips.  Alex enjoyed being in his arms, but wanted to get back to her apartment so she could be alone with him.  Just the two of them.  Walker turned to her.  "Now you carry your flowers I will get your bags, if you need to stop and sit down for awhile just let me know and we can."   Alex interrupted him, "I know, I know, Walker I will be fine, now let's go."  He picked up her bags and they were on their way to the Ram. 

On the way to her apartment they sat contently in the Ram.  Whenever Walker would find himself stopped at a light they would hold each others hand.  They did not say much they knew each other so well and were so comfortable that they could just enjoy each others company without talking.  Walker looked over to Alex she was starting to look a little tired.  Just then Alex caught Walkers glance. "Walker what are you thinking?" she asked.  She could see the wheels turning when she caught his glance.  Just as Alex asked him Walker thought she knows me to well. "I was just thinking you look tired I think you should rest a little when you get back" "Well that depends on one condition" she said.  "What condition is that?"  "If you rest with me,"  she said and then rubbed his strong right arm with her hand.  "Oh I think that can be arranged, don't forget tonight we are going to C.D.'s for dinner.  Trivette and C.D. are really excited to see you."

Finally they arrived to her apartment.  As Alex walked to her door step she noticed a picnic basket.  "Look Walker it looks like C.D. stopped by and left this."  Inside the basket was two sandwiches, two salads, and a note from C.D.  It read:

Welcome home Darlin, try to get some rest before tonight.  It will be great to see you.

"C.D. is the best look what he dropped off."  She opened the door and Walker brought up her bags.  He looked at the basket as she emptied it.  They were both really hungry and sat down and ate their lunch.

Lunch was over and Alex hated to admit it but she was so tired.  "Walker I think it is time for that rest you mentioned."  She got up from the table and suddenly grabbed onto it to brace herself.  "Alex what is it," he was at her side in a flash.  As Alex winced a little she said "my back is just a little stiff, every once and a while it just gets sore."  Walker put his hand on her back and gently started rubbing her back.  "Is this where the pain is," he asked as he continued to massage her back.  "Yes right there," she said as Walker rubbed her back the pain just started to fade away.  She then took Walker's hand and lead him down the hall.  They were standing at the foot of Alex's bed and Walker was getting nervous just being there.  "Alex I don't think," she put a finger to his lips. "Walker this is much more comfortable then resting on the couch.  Don't think your gonna get lucky cowboy."  At least not yet she thought and gave him a smile.

"Lay down Alex and I will rub your back some more."  Alex laid down on the bed she thought recuperating pretty much was a pain.  All the mothering from her friends and family and baby-sitting she could do without.  But as Walker gently massaged her back melting away all the pain and dull ache.  She thought this I could get use to.  She was so relaxed and soon her eye lids felt so heavy she just gave in and fell sound asleep.  Walker noticed that she had fallen asleep.  He thought he may as well sleep before the party tonight too.  But first he wanted to hold Alex in his arms.  He had missed that the most all week while she was gone.  Walker carefully with one swoop rolled Alex over on her back and nestled her to his side.  Without awaking, Alex made herself cozy by rolling on her side putting her head on Walker's chest and her arm around his abs.  Walker looked and saw how comfortable she had made herself.  It was like they were one.  Then he put his arm around her back gently rubbing it, and with his other arm he merely held Alex's hand.  Now he could go to sleep.  The missing part of him was back in the place where it belonged. 

Alex awoke she was so comfortable in Walker's arms.  Walker had noticed Alex's slight shift and awoke watching her lay by his side.  She is so beautiful he thought.  Alex looked up to watch Walker sleep.  When he saw Alex's blue eyes looking up at him he smiled at her.  Alex loved his smiles they were so pure and honest.  She shifted slightly and began to kiss Walker's neck then slowly worked her way up to his lips.  They both enjoyed a long lingering kiss.  When the kiss broke Walker stated, "another perfect kiss."  Alex was so over taken by being with Walker that she failed to notice she was now laying on top of him.  With out thinking she reacted on impulse and began to unbutton Walker's shirt.  Then she ran her hands over his naked chest.  Walker was getting very stimulated and knew he had to stop for two reasons.  He was not sure if Alex's healing body was ready for this, and two they would never make it to their party tonight.  This would be their first time together, and Walker new once he made love to her he would not be able to get enough.  It was time to stop things.

Since she was laying on top of him he quickly turned but caught her upper body as she landed on the bed beside him.  She looked up to him "Walker what was that for?"  "Oh, I am just cooling things down a bit."  "Walker"  Alex said with a pout.  "Listen here Alex don't start something you can't finish," Walker said as he looked to her.  Alex took the last statement totally the wrong way.  Her face just dropped.  Walker felt terrible and went over to her to explain.  "Alex what I meant was your back, I don't think you are quite healed yet."  Walker moved up and put his chest against her back, his arms around her and his head on her shoulder.  "Alex honey we have both waited for this, for so long, I want everything to be perfect for both of us.  So neither one of us has to hold back anything.  Believe me Alex you may not know this, but this waiting thing is no walk in the park for me either."  Alex did not want to admit it, but she knew she was physically not ready to give herself to Walker, at least not the way she wanted too.  She was just so frustrated.  Next to being engaged to marry Walker showing him how much she loved him was the one thing she had always wanted more than anything. 

Alex still had her back to Walker. "Alex please look at me, I am sorry for saying that."  Alex turned and looked at Walker and stopped him from talking, "Walker I'm sorry too, I just want to show you how much I love you."  Walker kissed her forehead, "Alex I want that more than anything too.  How about this, "Walker went over to the wall and took down a calendar.  "Why don't we set a wedding date, and then we will be able to start a count down."  "Wait Walker you mean you want to wait till we're married, Oh Walker I don't know if I can wait that long."  Alex was thinking Walker was going to think of a date six or more months away.  "Just imagine how incredible it would be to give ourselves for the first time to each other on our wedding night."  Walker said with excitement.  Alex still was not buying it, she kept waiting for his far off date.  Walker continued, "How do you think your back will be feeling on Saturday the 14th in three weeks?"  Alex's ears perked up she liked the sound of this, "In three weeks really?" she asked.  "Yeah really, Oh Alex it was terrible while you were gone I felt like a part of me was missing.  I want to marry you soon as we can get everything arranged."  She put her arms around him, all of a sudden she got an idea "I know we can tell C.D. and Jimmy we set a date."  A light bulb came on in Walker's head, he thought they would be able to announce it to everyone at the party, that should save them some time on the invitations.  "Alex that's a great idea" he said with a smile, if only she knew.  "Speaking of dinner Alex it's about time for us to meet them at C.D.'s."  "OK handsome I'll go get ready," Alex got up.  Walker got up to leave the room.  Alex looked at him, "Walker you don't have to leave the room."  "Oh Alex I wanted to change too, I brought clothes they are still in the Ram."  "Oh, OK" she said.  Walker peaked his head in the door and said, "I can't have my fiancée running around with some haggard looking cowboy."  She gave him a wink and he left for the Ram.

Walker going to the Ram made Alex wonder.  If he feels the need to change maybe I should wear more then just jeans and a shirt.  What he had on already looked great.  She told herself time to take action and pick something out.  She chose a sleeveless little bright aqua dress made of acetate that was fitted perfectly with pleats which ran down either side of her stomach.  Along with two pleats on the back side of the dress.  They accentuated all of Alex's curves in the right places.  The dress ended at above the bottom of her thigh.   It was an all around great dress, and the blue color of it made the blue in her eyes light up the room.  In all it may have been a little much for C.D.'s.  However, it had been a while since she saw C.D. and Trivette, and she wanted to show them how great she felt.  This dress defiantly did it.

Walker was ready he had changed in Alex's living room, he put on a white dress shirt and tie, black dress pants, and sport coat.  Alex would be surprised.  It was worth it though, as much as he hated dressing like this.  Tonight was going to be perfect for her.  An engagement party she did not know about, her seeing a number of friends since the accident, and them announcing their wedding date.  After tonight so many of their pain filled memories would become nothing but a blur of the past.

Walker knocked on Alex's door, "Alex are you about ready."  She yelled "just about, hey did you change already?"  "Yeah, I changed out here,"  "Sorry, Walker I did not mean to take over in here," after saying that she put one last dab of lipstick on and walked into the living room.

They both looked at each other and their hearts skipped a beat.  Walker just stood in awe looking at Alex, her blonde hair was down it had a slight curl to the ends just to give it enough body.  Walker thought about how soft her hair was.  Her eyes were so blue being accentuated by her dress, you could have seen them from an aircraft passing over head.  Her dress was great, simple, and all it did was compliment her in every way.  Alex was definitely back to the woman he loved so much, and she did not need to say anything.  Her spirit was all over when she walked into the room.  Walker thought she always did know how to make an entrance.

Alex looked to Walker and thought, thank goodness I did not wear blue jeans.  I would of had to change.  She thought he looked incredible.  Wearing a white shirt, tie, dress pants, and a sport coat.  She knew he hated dressing like this, but she knew he did it to please her.

They moved to meet each other and embraced, putting their arms around each other.  "You look mighty handsome cowboy," she looked into his eyes then kissed him.  When the kiss ended Walker put his mouth to her ear and whispered, "and you are truly a vision."  When Walker said things like that her stomach would get butterflies, and her knees would get weak.  Walker was getting better at discussing his feelings, but she just was not use to it.

"You ready Alex we better get going." "Lets go" Alex started walking towards the door.  "Alex don't you need a jacket?"  She turned to him and hugged his upper arm, "It's O.K. I don't need a jacket I got my cowboy to keep me warm."  "OK lets go" and Walker escorted Alex out the door and to her side of the Ram.

On the way to C.D.'s Walker called Trivette to say they were running a little late.  Secretly Walker was calling to let them know they were on their way.

"C.D. they will be here any minute"  Jimmy yelled through out the bar.  The place looked great over the bar a huge banner hung that said "Congratulations on your engagement."  C.D. had also dipped into his valentines day decorations and now the place was covered from top to bottom with pink and red hearts not to mention helium balloons that were every where.  C.D. even went to the trouble of filling a net containing balloons and confetti hoisted over the dance floor, which he could release at just the perfect time.  Walker gave him the go ahead on the party, but he had no idea how much time C.D. and Trivette put into this.  It was Trivette's job to let all of the couples' friends know about the party, and he had done a great job.  Everything had come together.

Walker pulled his Ram up to the curb. "Wow, this place looks busy, hope C.D. has time to eat with us," Alex said.  Walker opened her door for her, "my lady."  He held out his arm so she could take it, "Why thank you cowboy."  They were now arm in arm.

Trivette had been watching the street "hey quiet everyone their here."  Soon the door opened and the bar quieted down.  As Walker came through the door all of their friends yelled "surprise."  Alex was taken back she was happy, surprised, excited, and more all at the same time.  C.D. and Trivette came up to her, "Did you guys do all this?" Alex said to them.  C.D. responded, "Sure did, it's good to see you darlin."  Jimmy had to have his say, "Alex you look terrific." "Thank you Jimmy."  All of a sudden Alex noticed Walker watching her, she knew with one look in his eyes he was part of this.  Alex turned to Walker and put her arms around his waist.  "Walker you knew about all this didn't you?"  Walker put his arms around her, "After all you've been through Alex you deserve a little happiness."  "Correction Walker after all we've been through we deserve a little happiness," they then kissed.  Alex was a little surprised they were in front of all their friends and Walker was still so affectionate with her.  The spectators began to cheer as their kiss lingered.  Alex could tell Walker was blushing a little.  She whispered to him, "thank you so much for this."

C.D. put his arms around Alex and Walker, "OK enough of that for now you'll have plenty of time for that later."  Alex laughed as she watched Walker look at her with a boyish grin then looked at the floor.  "Well all these people have been waiting for you two and they are hungry."  Alex spotted the huge buffet placed at the end of the bar.  "Wow, C.D. this looks great," Alex said. "Yeah Alex, all of Walker and your favorites," Jimmy told her.  C.D. announced, "ya'll hear that if anyone has a problem with the menu it is Walker and Alex’s fault."  Walker turned to C.D. and said, "Nice C.D."

Everyone made their way through the buffet line and was now finishing up their dinner.  "Oh C.D. I have missed your cooking so much," Alex said. "Well Alex you stop by for a meal anytime, don't count on Walker cooking you anything good." "Hey now" Walker looked up. "I did lose about 15 pounds in the hospital, now I need to eat right, and do strengthening exercises," she filled them in.  "We start on the strengthening exercises tomorrow," Walker said and gave her a wink.

Dinner was now over and Walker and Alex knew it was time to mingle.  Walker and Alex stood up hand in hand.  Alex turned to Walker and said softly with a smile, "Should we make the announcement."  Walker not one for public speeches tried to play dumb, "Announcement, what announcement." "Walker, you can't play that with me you know our countdown announcement," she raised her eyebrows and gave him a wink.  "Oh" he said, "That announcement."

Alex had missed all the formalities of her job, presenting the case in court, having everyone’s undivided attention.  She jumped right in, "Walker and I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight and I would especially like to thank you for all your warm thought and prayers that helped me recover."  Alex was starting to get a little misty eyed so Walker jumped in.  "So now we would like to put that behind us and invite all of you to our wedding on the 14th."  C.D. jumped in, "Walker that's in three weeks."  "Where is it going to be held?" Jimmy asked.  Alex turned to Walker, they were so excited about setting a date neither one of them thought about where to have it. "Walker what about Thunder Malloy's Church?"  Alex suggested.  "That would be perfect Alex," Walker said.  Then he looked over toward Trent and Roscoe.  "What do you say Roscoe do you think we could have the ceremony there?" Alex and Walker looked on with anticipation.  "Well let me check, Roscoe took out a day planner from his suit coat.  "It's official looks like you two are getting married on the 14th at Thunder Malloy's Church.  We can go over all the details later.

C.D. and Jimmy were so excited.  Neither of them wanted to admit it but they figured since it took Walker so long to purpose it would probably take just as long to start planning their wedding.  However, they were both so excited to be wrong.  "Drinks for everyone" C.D. yelled out.  He then made a vow to not say that phrase again until Walker and Alex were hitched.  "Lets get some music in here," Trivette said.  The jukebox came on.  "So what are you two having?" C.D. asked Walker and Alex.  Walker spoke up and said, "Two beers."  Alex jumped in, "Thanks Walker, but make that a Zima."  Walker turned to Alex, "A Zima?"  He had never seen Alex drink Zima before, "I usually get it when I go out with my women’s' group."  Trivette jumped in "Walker your engaged now, this is when all the secrets come out."  "After eight years you think there's going to be many secrets, I doubt that,"  Alex said putting her arms around Walker. 

Trivette stood up, "Does everyone have a drink, I would like to make a toast to Walker and Alex.  It's about time you two make official what we've all known now for years.  Here's to a happy and short engagement."  Everyone toasted bottles and Walker and Alex kissed.

Walker and Alex took their drinks and started mingling around the bar.  They walked around holding hands and talked to just about everyone, it took them a while to chat with Roscoe, Trent, Carlos, Kim, Phil, Alex's women’s group, her assistant, and several members of the Texas Rangers, even a few judges were there.  Alex was happy all their friends had come but she was getting tired of talking and just wanted more special time with Walker.  They finished up, on the jukebox the next song came on it was "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain.  Just like in the airport the outside world had become just a blur and Walker and Alex.  All that was in their world was them and the song playing.  They heard.

I swear that I'll always be there.  I'd give anything and everything and I will always care.  Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better, for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart.

She looked up at Walker with a gleam in her eyes, "Cordell Walker would you like to dance?"  He responded by saying, "Today and everyday for the rest of my life with you."  Alex started to tear up, his last sentence hit her like a ton of bricks.  He was so strong and never talked about his emotions but lately he was confiding in her more.  They got on the dance floor.

From this moment life has begun

From this moment you are the one

Right beside you is where I belong

From this moment on

Walker held her in his arms as they swayed to the music her head on his shoulder her eyes closed.  God she loved this man and this song summed up perfectly how she felt about him.  It was already special to her, but the memory of what he said about dancing today and everyday for the rest of his life with her would now and forever be connected to this song.

From this moment I have been blessed

I live only for your happiness

Walker was enjoying this song so much.  He was never one for dancing but learned because Alex enjoyed it.  He held her with his arms wrapped around her back.  It was like he was protecting her.

And for your love I'd give my last breath

From this moment on

He thought how she whispered his name as she slowly fell to the ground at Kim and Phil's wedding.  How she gasped for air when they took her off the respirator.  He was going to ask her to marry him that day at the wedding.  But after Alex was shot he knew he could not go on without her from that moment.  He had to have her in his life day and night, 24 seven.  It did not matter what he was doing as long as she was with him.

I give my hand to you with all my heart

Can't wait to live my life with you

Can't wait to start

You and I will never be apart

My dreams came true because of you

Alex's head rested on Walkers chest she could hear the strong sound of his heart beating.  She thought back to when she gave Walker her heart.  When she first met him in the court room it was all fire and ice, but then whether it was just chemistry, attraction, or good morals that intrigued her.  But she wanted to learn more about him.  She could not pin point a day, their relationship was so gradual.  In fact at times she did not know if they were going forward or backwards.  But she did know that he would always be there if she needed him.  Maybe that was the day she gave him her heart.  The day Victor LaRue hit Walker and knocked him out cold.  Alex knew she would do anything to save him, even if it meant having to be with LaRue.  But of course, Walker was there in the end saving her.

From this moment as long as I live

I will love you, I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment on

Walker tried to think of exactly the moment he knew he fell for her.  It had to have been the day Victor LaRue kidnapped her and in a whole elevator full of people including a wealthy oil company owner.  He remembered hearing LaRue hit Alex over her cell phone, the sound of material ripping.  He was so helpless, all he could do was yell on the phone.  Then he thought, if I stay away from Alex she will be out of danger.  Not my Alex he thought, she was always going around and riling up criminals feathers.  Being her body guard could almost be a full time job for him.  Then he came to the realization, you love her, quit fighting it, besides then you can keep an even better eye on her.

Your the reason I believe in love

That was Alex, Walker thought.  After losing his parents, Uncle Ray, Ellen, he did not want to get to attached to anyone or anything.  But with Alex it all fit and she brought out feelings that he tried to hide for the longest time.  Even with all his discipline training he had to give in, because the great spirit told him it was meant to be.

And your the answer to my prayers from up above

Alex's mother always told her be careful what you wish for you might get it.  Well she thought she must have done something right to win the heart of the most caring, compassionate, and down right sexy cowboy she knew.  Alex got a huge smile on her face.

All we need is just the two of us

Walker and Alex both knew they could do anything together.  Then Walker looked down and saw Alex right by his side, with a huge smile on her face.  "Alex what are you smiling about?" Walker said.

My dreams came true because of you

Just as the verse came out Alex mouthed the words to Walker.  "Mine too," Walker responded and gave her a kiss on the lips, a slow lingering kiss.  C.D. saw what was going on over at the dance floor and caught Trivette’s attention and pointed over to watch.  He then hit a switch.  Confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling right onto Alex and Walker.  As they ended their kiss Alex then said, "Now that was the perfect kiss!"

                                                            THE END

"From This Moment On" Courtesy Shania Twain - Come on Over

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