This is my last attempt of story...Hope you enjoy it!
I have to thanks once again to Sissy for giving me her help and support reading and correcting...


The Perfect Moment II

By Tess

Jimmy heard the sound the sand bag made after the last punch and he was glad it wasn’t a human being.

Its not that some of the scum bags that get put back out on the streets didn’t deserve that and maybe more but he knew his partner wasn’t thinking about justice right now. He was sure all that energy and anger had only one name behind it … and that name was Alex.

They’d been in the gym for three hours and after some rough exercise, Jimmy was ready to do nothing but take a good warm bath and hit the bed.  He came out of the lockers to find his partner still there; punching and kicking the sand bag as if he were trying to break it. And one thing was sure, if Walker continued …  he would!

Walker didn’t notice when Jimmy came out of the showers; he was too fixed on his task. He was shirtless, having already removed his sweatshirt, due to it being soaked with perspiration, making it hard for him to move.

This was the only thing he could do to put his mind to rest, his martial arts was his way to let the pressure out and boy, he was sure under pressure right now … ‘That woman´ he thought giving a few short punches. ‘She sure knows how to hurt you when she wants’, more quick punches, his breath coming out in shorts gasps.

‘She was with him, what else could it have been … she was coming out of his trailer … early in the morning, smiling and more beautiful than ever … only a dunce would doubt what she’d been doing, what they’d been doing’.

That very thought was so painful and made him so angry he backed out to give a spinning kick.

‘Thump’ the dry noise came out as a cry of pain from the bag when his foot connected in the middle of it, making Jimmy flinch again.

‘Oh yes, it’s definitely Alex … and I guess the name Dalton Reed has something to do with it too’.

He continued staring at his partner, replaying what C.D. told him about the whole affair, and then what he knew from Alex but had promised not to reveal.

Walker surely had been a gentleman then, helping Alex as a good friend but Jimmy was seeing the truth now, it was only a front. 

‘Well partner, you can’t blame her, you had been playing the ‘just good friends’ game with her for too long that by now she really believes you don’t care, that you don’t have any interest in her but friendship.’

Walker backed up again; he was remembering Alex in that man arms, dancing close, and that made him furious.

He took the stance and delivered four spinning kicks one right after the other as if he was kicking that man’s face….

´Not that I didn’t want to´ he thought delivering the fifth kick opening a hole in the bag and sending sand all around. Then he just stood there, breathing hard, looking at the sand falling slowly to the floor.

Jimmy couldn’t stand aside any more, he walked into the light, near his panting, sweating friend, speaking at the same time. “Good God, Walker… I’m glad we didn’t make our usual rounds today! You would have ripped my head off!”

Walker looked at him and shook his head in a negative gesture. “You know I wouldn’t hurt you, Trivette!”

Jimmy came closer, patted his shoulder and grinning, he said, “I know partner, I know … it’s just an expression. You really look mad at that sand bag.”

Walker sighed, he knew his partner was just trying to ease the tension, and then smiled slowly.

“Yeah, I was mad at it, because it won the last time we practiced.”

“Well, you certainly took revenge partner … I would say this is a K.O. victory for you”.

“Yeah, I guess so…”

There was silence but not too long since Jimmy asked in his always-exuberant way. “What’s the matter partner. Would you let me guess?”

Walker gave him the look that said ´As if you would stop if I said no.’

Jimmy didn’t bother answering his look, they’d been partners and friends long enough to know when to ignore him.

“It’s Alex, right? Alex and that rodeo guy … that’s what’s eating you, right?”

Walker raised his voice to an angered tone. “What would that matter for me … Why should I care about her!”

“Whoa man, take it easy, geeeez … it’s me, Jimmy, your partner and best friend, remember? You don’t need to get mad at me, and for sure you can’t fool me, partner!”

Walker lowered his head, avoiding Jimmy’s eyes, “Sorry partner, you’re right. There’s no reason to be mad at you.”

“Or at anyone else, Walker,” he paused for effect, “I mean, anyone else … but you.”

Walker quickly raised his head, eyes flashing with a mixture of pain and rage, because he knew where Jimmy was heading, and he knew he was about to hear some truth he didn’t want to face.

Jimmy kept his eyes on Walker’s flashing ones, as they slowly changed to a sad look. Then Jimmy took advantage and went on.

“You felt like Alex betrayed you, right? The way she ran into that man’s arms, after all you’ve been together, after whatever happened on that rafting trip.”

Walker stood, silently looking at Jimmy, and for all an answer he just nodded, with fists clenched, and lips tightly closed.

“But deep inside you, there’s a voice that’s telling you it’s all your fault, and partner … it is, as much as I hate to say this to you, it is.”

He has Walker’s full attention by now, and he was going to press his advantage until the end, both of his friends deserved that, they were meant to be together, of that he was sure.

“I can tell you some things, and Alex would kill me if I told you a single word after the promise I made to her. But Walker, what I’m about to say is not a secret, for half the population of Texas knows this … you sure did a good job pushing Alex away, playing the good guy, the perfect friend always ready to help her.”

“Alex talked to you?”

This time Jimmy nodded.

“About Dalton?”


Walker’s face was a mask, but his eyes showed he was being deeply affected by the discussion.

“About … about … me?”



“Fat chance, partner! I can’t say a word about our conversation.”

Walker closed his eyes, he knew Jimmy wouldn’t betray the promise he made to Alex, but he needed to know! ´Damn Walker, what did you do´ he muttered to himself.

“But I didn’t promise to remain silent about what I see as an impartial watcher.” Jimmy grinned at his partner, who quickly opened his eyes, alight with new hope now.

“What happened between Alex and Dalton, you must find out yourself partner, but you can be sure of one thing … Alex was waiting for you to fight for her, for you to show you care about her, not as a friend, but as the woman you love.”

“I may be from Baltimore, but even I can tell you love her, right man?” Jimmy added squeezing Walker’s shoulder lightly as if giving him courage.

Walker fell silent and Jimmy was about to give up hope of his partner admitting his feelings when he heard what he’ll never forget, even though it was barely more than a whisper.

“Yes, I do.”

“You … you … you do???!”

Jimmy could only stammer, looking at his friend with wide eyes, because for him it meant the world to him that the fact that his friend trusts him enough to let him now something so private, so important for him. It was even more important than the knowledge of his trust when they were on the streets.

“Yes … but you won’t hear that from me again … or I’ll have to kill you!” Walker grinned at his friend, very aware of the effect that he’d on Jimmy.

“You can trust me, partner!” Jimmy grinned back.

“I do friend, I do.”

Jimmy was about to burst with pride, but then he remembered what had brought the trust subject at hand and that was Alex. ´Well, sister, you told me once I had a soft heart and if I was a woman I would love to play matchmaker, I guess it’s time to prove your theory, and I hope for both of you it works.’

“Well, then, what now Walker?”

“What now about what?” Walker made a weak attempt to avoid the subject.

“Oh, man! What about Alex, and your feelings … Aren’t you going to fight?”

“I don’t know Jimmy, I don’t thing there’s too much to fight for since she’s already made her mind up about me, you told me so.”

“Wait a minute, Walker, wait a minute, I didn’t tell you that!” Now he was getting upset at his bullheaded partner. “I told you she thinks you don’t care, and I wouldn’t have told you that if I didn’t believe you have to be together, and that you still have a chance.”

Walker thought for a while, and then asked Trivette. “You think so?”

“Yep, I do!”

“I don’t know Jimmy, I mean, last time I talked to her we were … well, I was a little rough on her. I think she’s mad at me now.”

“Oh, you mean that silly discussion about a case you two had yesterday?”

Walker was embarrassed, “Yes, it was about something silly but I took out on her all my frustrations with that silly excuse. I don’t know, I should probably just forget her, seems like all we do is argue.”

“Well, I don’t believe that for a minute, but if I did there’s one more reason for you to find a way to talk to her. Come on partner,” he patted his back, “you need to take a shower and then we’re going to C.D.’s auction for that special kids home he’s working on now. I think you’ll find a way to talk to Alex there.”

Walker sighed and started walking to the lockers “Okay, but if I get my head ripped off, it’ll be your fault!”

Jimmy laughed as they entered the locker room, “Come on, you’ll have the best back up in this side of Texas, retired Ranger C.D. Parker and of course … ME!”


Alex entered C.D.’s finding the place not too crowded yet, noticing she was early. She had been so on the edge the last few days that being early was now a common occurrence for her, she seemed to be running everywhere, but the sad truth was that she was running from someone. She was afraid to confront Walker and their discussion yesterday had proved she was right, he was mad at her but she didn’t understand why or when it started, he has been her perfect knight in the shining armor during Dalton’s re-appearance.

She reached the counter and was greeted by C.D. who tried to take the box she was carrying with her, but she was so lost in thought that she misjudged the distance and it landed on its side on the counter, and would have been worse if it weren’t for C.D.’s help.

“Oh oh, honey … I’ve got it!” he assured her, but after lifting the top both found the cake that was inside now a little less than perfect, since one of the sides had lost all the icing on the side of the box.

“Damn luck!” she muttered, hopefully soft enough for C.D. to miss it.

He’d noticed her face when she entered the bar and of course was very aware of the way she had been acting on the last few days. ´I’m not old for nothing, little lady, not siree … I bet your mood has a name, and I bet its Cordell. I guess old C.D. will have to make you confess in the old Texan style´ he thought, laughing for himself.

“Well little lady, something must be terribly wrong for you to use that word!”

Embarrassed Alex lowered her gaze. “Sorry C.D., this has been a long and rough week.”

“Don’t you worry, sugar. I know it has been, but I guess you’re not telling me the real reason for your temper.”

Alex glanced up at him and then quickly avoided his gaze making herself busy in trying to arrange the cake.  “C.D., I don’t know if this cake will be any good to your auction, look at this mess.”

C.D. stilled her trembling hands with his and spoke softly, “Come on sugar, none of that to me, I know you and you would let change the subject on me, I’m too old for that.”

She looked at him and now there were tears in her eyes, but she kept herself in check.

“Is it Cordell, right?  Is that mule headed kid making life hard for you? Because if he is, I’ll have to have a man to man talk with him and… ”

“C.D.! No! You know Walker would never hurt me … not intentionally, at least.”

“Then … what sweetheart?”

“I think he … hates me!”

“Hates you? What in the world made you think that? Alex … If I didn’t know you better I would think you’d been drinking!” C.D. was playing dumb now, knowing it would be the only way to make her speak to him faster.

“He has been avoiding me since we finished that case with Dalton Reed, and then yesterday, he yelled to me about the dumbest things when we were talking over a case!”

“Well Alex, Cordell sure can have a temper sometimes, but I don’t think he would yell at you without a reason.”

He noticed Alex stiffen at his last phrase. This is it, he was getting to the point.

She spoke softly, “I guess he hates me because he thinks … he thinks…”

“Alex, are you trying to kill me with all this suspense?” C.D. let out, immediately regretting his interruption. ´Hush your mouth old man, or you’ll scare this lady before you can help.´

“He thinks I betrayed him … with Dalton!” Alex let out in a voice even softer than before.

Here it is, C.D. thought.

“And did you? Because I can’t see you betraying anybody, and much less betraying Cordell … you can fool a lot of people in court and maybe even a lot of your friends, but not me, honey, and I know you wouldn’t betray Cordell, even for a second.”

“How can you be so sure, C.D.? How can you be so sure when I’m not even sure?”

“Because maybe you don’t see it yet, or maybe you’re just too stubborn to admit it, but you’re in love with Cordell, and that’s how I know you wouldn’t betray him.”

“But he thinks I did, and in a way … I did …”

“Let me have it straight, Alex.  How does he think you betrayed him?”

“He saw me coming out of Dalton’s trailer, early in the morning and with a silly smile in my face. C.D. … he must think I slept with Dalton!”

“Well, if he thinks so, he deserves it,” he stated in an angry tone, “for being such a slow rider and not making his move first!” C.D. let out the frustration he felt every time he looked at his children, as he called them, knowing they were meant to be together and wasting time with foolish things.

“But C.D., nothing happened! And Walker doesn’t deserve to be hurt!”

Alex started fidgeting with her fingers, “What makes it worse is the fact I made him believe it, because when I came out I played the ‘happy in love girl’ role just to see if he’d react … and he didn’t! I was so furious C.D., and it seemed like such a good idea back then!”

“Well honey, what you did wasn’t right, I can tell you that … but you can’t blame it all on yourself, Cordell has to take blame for a part of it, too.”

“Maybe, but now he’s hurt, and mad at me and I don’t know if he will ever trust me again! Why does everything have to be so hard for us? Maybe its just that we weren’t meant to be together,” she finished with a sigh.

“Do you love him, Alex?”

She held her breath for a minute; this was a big step she was about to take, confessing the feelings she has for Walker. Not that she wasn’t sure of what C.D. already knew, but it’s one thing to have a suspicion and another speaking it out loud.  “Yes … I do!”

“Then just wait, I have the feeling things will work out just fine … give it time!”

“Okay C.D., I hope you’re right … and thanks for your help,” she gives him a big grateful smile, some tears still glistening in her eyes.

“Anytime and anything for you, sugar!” C.D. said empathetically.

“Are you serious C.D.?”

“Of course, I am!”

“Then you don’t have a spare cake to share with me for the auction?”

C.D. laughed and Alex joined him. “None of that little lady, you’ll do just fine with the one you made. I bet it’s delicious! You just tell them it’s one of those darn sissy recipes you made and they’ll put their money in it just fine.”

Alex gave him a heartfelt hug and left him so he could attend the crowd that was slowly filling the bar.


Walker sent Jimmy to C.D.’s alone, promising he would show later. He now was seated in the Ram, as near to the front door as he could get, waiting for the right time to go in.

He’d thought a lot while he was showering, and then during the hour he has been waiting, he was sure of his next move, but he needed to get Alex’s attention and, if she was still mad at him he would need to do something to make her listen.  He didn’t know what yet, and after tossing around some ideas and not finding any one of them particularly appealing, he decided to play it by ear.

The auction was about to start, so he left the truck and walked to the bar with assured steps. He remained close to the door, unnoticed, taking advantage of the crowd that filled the place to the top. He watched Alex’s every move, she sure looked beautiful tonight he thought, with her hair pulled to top of her head, and a few tendrils of blonde curls falling around her face, a black fitting dress, with tiny straps that left her shoulders uncovered and a low cut in her back making her something you couldn’t miss even in this full room. He wished he could run his hand down her bare back, but for now he just sighed.  ‘I hope I didn’t blow things for us´

When the auction started, there were women going up and down the stage carrying their cakes, with C.D. encouraging their husbands, over the microphone every five minutes, to bid and leave their money for a good cause. Besides, he was making quite a show of his time in the lights as he always did.

Then, near to the end, C.D. called Alex to the stage, and Walker noticed she seemed nervous, which was odd since she was used to being in public eye, and in much more unpleasant situations than tonight.

When she reached the center of the stage he understood … the cake had lost half of his frosting, looking like a smashed mess on one side. For such a good cook as Alex was, it was reason enough to be embarrassed.

C.D. announced it as a “delicious chocolate cake with a such dang difficult name he was afraid to try to pronounce it” and everybody started laughing, including after a while the poor Alex, who tried to convince herself that it was for a good cause.

In the crowd was a guy from the D.A.’s office that had made several attempts to date Alex in the past, and he thought this would be a good time to make an impression on her, so he offered first.

“$50.00 for that delicious chocolate cake!”

Everybody turned around, with a few exclamations since the most of the bids had started out at  $10.00.

Alex smiled at him as a way to thank him for his gallant gesture and the guy was just out of himself with pride, but his happiness was short lived. From the back of the bar a strong male voice said, “I offer $ 100.00!”

Again everybody turned around and this time there was complete silence, since they knew that there was something else going on, and everyone moved aside to let Walker through as he walked toward the stage, he had seen his opportunity and couldn’t let it pass.

Alex was standing there, not believing her eyes and ears. He smiled softly at her and she thought she would faint right then and there.

The other guy wasn’t about ready to give up yet, so he went with another offer. “I say $ 150.00.”

Even before C.D. could encourage him to bid Walker was answering “$200.00”

The other guy thought awhile as C.D. started the count down.

“$250.00,” he let out at the last minute, visibly nervous.

Alex couldn’t get her eyes off of Walker’s face, thinking that he had the most beautiful smile she’d ever seen.

He answered back and with a final tone in his voice, looking for a second with cold eyes to the other guy, “$400.00,” and that was the end of the bidding.

C.D. was out of himself, thanking Walker for his generosity, and invited him to get his cake from the stage.

He walked slowly toward Alex, never taking his eyes from hers. He took the cake from her hands, leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek then turned and left.

Alex stood there, smiling, speechless and with her body trembling from head to toes, feeling like that had been the sweetest way to make up for their discussion than any she could have asked for. She’d seen it in his eyes, it was his way to apologize and she was so thrilled that Jimmy had to take her off of the stage or she would have still been standing there, looking at the door all night.

An hour or so later, with everything finished, C.D. was proud of what they’d accomplished for the kids. Telling everybody “they would have to thank Cordell for a lot of it.”

Alex hoped he would come back but he didn’t, so she left for home a little depressed but still thrilled with the events of the night.

When she reached home she checked the answering machine for a message from Walker, and not finding it, she made herself comfortable putting on her silk, pale green, pajamas and went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea.

She was pouring water in her cup when she heard a knock on the door. She went to the door, looking through the peephole first, to see Walker standing there, with cake in hand.  She opened the door and he smiled at her, saying, “I know it’s late, but I thought … what’s a chocolate cake without milk to go with it? Then I realized I didn’t have milk at home and … well, can I borrow some?”

She looked puzzled at him, but he was smiling his most engaging smile so she decided to play along. She made her way to the kitchen and came back with a glass of milk. He drank a little, then gave it back to her.  “Thanks, that’s much better. You must be tired, so I’ll leave you so you can rest.” Then he turned and walked away, before she could react.

She closed the door, leaning back against it. Something was telling her that this wasn’t the end. She heard a knock again, and smiled, knowing she was right. Opening the door again, she found him standing there again, the cake still in hand, smiling.

“Would you mind giving me a fork?  I thought I brought one with me, but can’t find it … and this delicious cake won’t wait till I get home.”

She almost laughed then, but went to the kitchen to retrieve a fork and gave it to him. He cut off a piece of cake with it and ate it with exaggerated delight.

“Hmmmmmmmmm … this is great. Sure you don’t want a bite?”

 She shook her no, she wasn’t thinking about eating a cake right now! “Do you need anything else, Walker?”

He smiled at her, walking forward as she backed up, both now standing inside the apartment.

“No, and I know what I’m about to do isn’t right … probably its terribly wrong, because you must be angry with me, but … I need a taste test!” he said, and then taking some frosting off the cake he smeared it over Alex’s right cheek.

She was surprised to say the least but she wasn’t about to back off, so she stood there firmly while he leaned into her and licked the cream away thoroughly, ending the task with a kiss on her cheek.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm……… delicious!”

She couldn’t believe what he was up to but she had waited too long for this and was ready to throw all caution to the wind. So she took a bit of cake too and smeared it on his cheek, near the corner of his full lips, and doing what she desired so much, she licked all of it off, too, ending with a kiss on the corner of his lips.

“Hmmmmmmmmm  ….. you’re right, that’s the best I’ve ever tasted before!”

She stiffened at her choice of words fearing he would think she was comparing him with her recent mistake, but he only smiled at her and smeared more cake on one side of her neck, following his fingers with his lips, devouring her, then doing the same with the other side and ending at her breathless, trembling lips.

Both were breathing in short gasps, lips so close they could almost taste them. Their eyes locked, gazing intently at each other.

She tried to gain some composure “You’re right, it’s probably wrong, we can’t be yelling at each other one moment and kissing each other the next.”

He kissed her again, hungrily, leaning back just enough to say, “I know, it’s a weird thing, right? And it probably means we won’t work together …”

This time she put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, kissing him in kind, her lips devouring his.

“Yes, I don’t even know why you even want to kiss me after yesterday,” she said when they separated for a few seconds to get some air. By know their bodies were pressed tight, her fingers wound in his hair, his one hand resting on her back and the other still keeping the cake in an unsteady balance.

He backed off, caressing her face with his free hand, closing the door with one foot while searching with his eyes for a place to put what is left of the cake.

After putting down the cake, he took her in his arms again, feeling how she melted against him.

“Alex, right now I don’t care if this is right or wrong, I’ve wasted too much time wondering about it, and in doing that I almost lost you.  At least it’s not too late to fight for you … is it?”

“What do you think, cowboy?” she answered smiling at him.

“Well, I think I won this battle but I have lots of battles to fight if I want to win the war … but there’s one thing I’m sure of … I’m willing to fight from beginning to end.”

“I’m glad,” she said in a soft, husky voice, “because I would hate to punish you for desertion.”

They both laughed, coming together for another passionate kiss, his hands roaming all over her body, now that there is nothing holding him back. They had been moving slowly toward her bedroom, standing now at the door.

She stopped him for a second … she needed to get this clear before things go any further.

“Walker, when you saw me coming out of Dalton’s trailer … did you think I’d slept with him?”

He looked at her blue eyes and saw that she needed to know, and if he were with her for the long run she deserved to know.


“And it hurt you, so that’s the reason you reacted as you did, later.”

“Yes, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it … I won’t lie to you, I would have kicked him back to wherever he came from if I had had the chance.”

“But you didn’t….”

“No, I thought you were happy with him coming back, and there was no commitment between us … I wanted you to be happy Alex, that’s all that matters to me, now and then.”

She kissed him softly, fighting back the tears. It took a lot of love to do something like that for someone you cared about.

“What made you change your mind?”

“Well, Jimmy for one, but I didn’t think we’d end like this … I just came here to apologize.”

“And who told you we’d ended, cowboy,” she purred, moving her hips against him and stirring the fire a little more.

“Oh … so we haven’t ended yet?”

“Uh, uh … I don’t think so,” she said, before running her tongue over his lips, trying to get his mouth to open.

“God, Alex, we should move from here.”

“Okay Cowboy, just one more thing…”

“What?” he whispered, holding her tight to himself.

She leaned back to look at him, whispering, “I didn’t sleep with Dalton that night … or any other night while he was here.”

“You didn’t?” He was relieved and amazed at the same time. He’d decided before going to her that he didn’t care if she did, but still he felt relieved, the thought of his Alex in another man’s arms wasn’t something he could bear, now or ever.

“I didn’t,” she paused kissing him several times in between words, “You believed it … that morning …and …I didn’t straighten it … out … with you…”

That was all he needed to hear for now, and he kissed her mouth, her eyes, her nose, and her ears tenderly, moving further into the bedroom with her in his arms. They reached the bed with Walker’s eyes fastened on her lips. 

If there were two things he could choose from her lovely face he surely would pick her eyes and lips in a heartbeat. Every time they were together he seemed unable to look anywhere else but at those intoxicating blue eyes, and her lips, the very thought of kissing them made his heart skip a beat and his body react.

His big hands moved to her neck, embracing all of it, his fingers caressing the back of it, his mouth approaching slowly to hers, his kiss so sweet she felt her legs give.  He continued with the kiss, holding her firmly against him, his hands moving up, finding the pins in her hair and removing them to bring it cascading down over her shoulders.  Never breaking contact, his hands slid from the back of her head, to the side of her neck, down the opening of her top, until they reached the first button and started undoing it.

She reached for his shirt buttons too, going slowly with each one, teasing him as he was doing with her.

When the last was undone he slid his hands down following her waist line, pulling her against him when he reached her back, needing to feel her bare skin against his.

At the same time she moved her hands slowly upward, following the hard lines of his chest until they finally were skin against skin, then her palm went to his beard, stroking it softly, enjoying the sensations it caused in her palm, a sensation so strong that it was making her want more and more. She loved the feeling of his beard, on her hand, against her face, her neck or wherever it touched her.

As if on cue, with both needing more and more, they started getting rid of the rest of their clothes, always kissing, touching, fondling each other, until there were nothing else between them.

He led her to the bed, both falling together, legs and arms immediately enveloping the other, building desire to a peak with every kiss, every touch, every moan.

Both shuddered with pleasure when their hands reached down, hers taking his fullness in his hand, caressing it softly and completely, making it harden even more, his touching her so softly, so deftly she was soon wanting more, needing more.

The heat they both were feeling was incredible; her cheeks were flushed with passion, eyes half closed wanting to feel it all. He couldn’t wait anymore so he laid her on her back and parted her legs with his hand, all the while caressing her inner thighs, making her whimper under his touch.

He looked at her, stilling his hands until she opened her eyes, looking at him, then he poised himself at her entrance and never breaking eye contact he filled her, feeling like nothing would be more perfect than that very moment.

He just let his body take control; it seems to know what to do, what caused more pleasure for both of them. Alex did the same, she was beyond rational thoughts, she felt more and more as if her entire body was alive for the first time.

They lost all idea of time as they continued searching for release, and then it came, leaving two sated lovers, lying together on their sides, staring at each other while waiting to catch their breath again.

As soon as she was able to breath again in a more normal way, Alex closed the distance to Walker’s face and rained little kisses all over his face and neck, in a way so tender he was overwhelmed.

He felt too weak to respond yet, but kept his eyes on her every move and when he found his strength again he kissed her back with the same tenderness, if not more.

They remained that way for a while, until he found his voice and needed to clear one last thing.

“Why, Alex?” He needed to know, now he needed to hear the words.

She immediately understood what he was talking about and answered right back.

“I was mad because you weren’t fighting or even showing some interest for me … not even after what happened on the rafting trip. So I let my anger get the best of me and I went to his trailer, early in the morning, ready to take a step further after a night tossing and turning in bed wondering what in heaven was happening with you.”

“What made you stop then?”

“I’ve always believed when you’re in love you share perfect moments,” she took a deep breath, “you can think I’ve read too many romantic books, but I believe that when it is right, you can block out anything else but your loved one, and just let yourself go.”

“We shared a perfect moment by the river, and all I could do while I was in Dalton’s camper, was think he wasn’t you, and the moment was less than perfect,” she sighed resting her head under his chin for a moment, and then lifting her head to look back at him, “and when I saw you at the auction today, or at my door a while ago, or when you kissed me … those were perfect moments too. And it must be love when two people like us can make so many perfect moments together, Walker.”

He kissed her tenderly, it sure was another perfect moment and he’ll see that they make many more, like now…

“I love you Alex”.

The End