The Prisoners


Walker and Trivette were on their way home from a two-day fishing trip in the Louisiana bayou, when they stopped off in a small town out in the middle of nowhere called Miller's flats to fill up and get a bite to eat.

As they were finishing up their meal the Sheriff walked up to them.  "Hello boys I don't think I seen you around these parts before." "We are on our way home from a fishing trip and stopped for a bite" Trivette replied.  "Just the two of you no girls?"  "No girls on this trip” Walker answered. "Well girls can make the trip a lot more fun," the Sheriff said with a laugh.  "Well you boys have a nice day you hear" "thanks Sheriff we will."

The Sheriff and his deputy sat a table across from Walker and Trivette.  "They are perfect and in great shape you know what to do" the Sheriff said to his deputy.  Walker and Trivette finished their lunch and hit the road again.  About five miles outside of town a big truck was headed right at them.  "Walker look out," Trivette shouted.  The truck ran Walker off the road and straight into a tree. 

The men got out of the truck and went to check out Walker and Trivette both of them were unconscious.  They took out their ID's and found out they were Texas Rangers. "Damn these guys are Texas Rangers that's just great."  "Well we can't do anything about it now."  They took whiskey and poured it over Walker and Trivette and then put some in their mouths and took their guns and identification.

The guys called the Sheriff as soon as they were done.  "There all yours Sheriff but you may have your hands full with these two, they’re Texas Rangers." "Okay we will handle it from here."  The sheriff and a few deputies took Walker and Trivette and locked them up in the local jail.  About an hour later Trivette started to come around.  He opened his eyes and looked around, "what the hell is going on, what are we doing in jail and how did we get here" he said out loud.

Trivette sat up and noticed Walker laying a cot on the other side of the jail cell, “Walker, Walker you okay man wake up” Trivette said as he checked out his partner.

Walker hit his head real hard on the steering wheel when his truck was run off the road and into the tree and was still unconscious.  “Let us out of here” Trivette yelled and that brought the sheriff to the jail cell “what are you doing let us out of here and get a doctor my friend is hurt.”  “Sorry I can’t do that and the doctor is out of town so your friend is out of luck.”  “Why are we in here?”  Trivette inquired.  “You broke the law that’s why you are in there.  “We didn’t break any laws we are Texas Rangers my name is James Trivette and this is my partner Ranger Cordelle Walker and you better let us out of here.” “Yeah and I’m the President of the United States” the sheriff replied as he then turned shutting the door as he walked out.

A few minutes later Walker started to come around.  “Hey there partner you okay?  Don’t try and get up you’re hurt.” “What’s going on, what happened and where are we” Walker said as he opened his eyes and saw Trivette kneeling by his side.  “We are in jail Walker.”  “Jail what the hell are we doing in jail?”  “Your guess is as good as mine the sheriff said we broke the law and he won’t get a doctor for you.”

Walker sat up slowly he was dizzy and had a bad headache.  “How do you feel Walker?”  Trivette asked very concerned about his partner.  “I’ll be okay Trivette, I don’t understand why we are in here does the sheriff know who we are?”  “Yes Walker I told him and he either doesn’t believe us or there is something fishy going on.”  “Trivette I think I know what the sheriff used to get us in here, do you smell something.”  “Now that you mention it yes we both smell like booze.”  “Someone poured whisky on us Trivette to make it look like we had been drinking and driving.  I think that’s why we were run of the road.”  “Why Walker it doesn’t make sense what do they want with us?”  “I don’t know Trivette but I have a feeling we will be finding out real soon.  I hate to say this Trivette but I have one of those feelings.”  “Walker man don’t tell me that.”  “I can’t help it I have one of those feelings that is telling me that something isn’t right.”  “Walker this time I agree with you there is definitely something wrong here.”

A few minutes later the sheriff came back in. “Well I see our other guest is awake.” “Sheriff what is going on here, why are you keeping us in here you know who we are by our identification.”  “You are in here for breaking the law.  You had an accident and ran your truck into a tree.  You ran someone off the road you could have killed them.”  “That’s a lie and you know it you are probably in on whatever is going on” Trivette shouted. 

“Easy partner, I want to see the judge” Walker told the sheriff.  “The judge won’t be coming through these parts for another thirty days until then you will have to work off your fine.”  “Thirty days you can’t keep us in here that long if we make bail” Walker said in an angry voice.  “No bail until you see the judge.”  “You can’t do this” Walker said even more angry than before. 

“You would be surprised what I can do this is my town and what I say goes.  We have a prison just outside of town and you two will be sent there until the judge comes.  “You can’t send us to prison without a trial we have rights.”  “The hell with your rights I won’t have you sitting in here for thirty days when you can be useful.  You’ll be sent out to the prison in the morning.”  “Let me guess a phone call is out of the question” Walker said. “You’re smarter then you look Ranger” the sheriff added.  “Ranger is that what you just said sheriff I thought you didn’t believe we were Texas Rangers.”    

“Okay so I know who you are but you won’t get a chance to tell anyone you are mine now forget about life as you knew it that is all over with.”  The sheriff again turned and shut the door behind him.  “Walker you’re right something is going on here what are we going to do?”  “I don’t know Trivette but it won’t be long before people realize we are missing especially Alex and C.D.  We are already late in getting home and I know that Alex is probably very worried we were supposed to be home this morning.” 

Meanwhile back at C.D.’s Alex is having a cup of coffee and expressing her worry about Walker and Trivette to C.D.  “They should have been back this morning where can they be C.D.?”  “Alex honey they probably lost track of time.  Maybe they are having such a good time they decided to stay longer.”  “No C.D. this is not like Walker he would have called and let me know if he was going to be late or decided to stay longer.  You know Walker, C.D. there is something wrong I just know it.”  “Well Alex honey if they aren’t back by morning we will send out the troops okay.” “Okay C.D. I will wait until morning but I know that something is wrong I can feel it.”  

“I don’t know if I can keep my balance Trivette” Walker told his partner as he tried to stand up.  “You may have a concussion you hit your head pretty hard on the steering wheel.  Walker we need to find a way out of here.”  “We will Trivette but we have to wait for the right moment.”  “You’re right about that partner.” 

The sheriff and several guards came in the next morning and unlocked the cell door and threw in some shackles and handcuffs. “You know the drill put them on,” the sheriff said.  Trivette helped Walker put his on then he put his own on.  “You won’t get away with this we will be missed there will be people looking for us.”  “You just let us worry about that Rangers when we get done no one will be looking for either of you.  “What are you going to do” Walker inquired.  “You’ll see soon enough now let’s go.”

Walker and Trivette were led to a van and under heavy guard they were taken to the prison.  Upon arriving at the prison they were led in and forced to undress and were striped searched.  Walker put up a fight but one of the guards hit him in the stomach with his fist several times with such force that it caused Walker to fall to the floor. “Leave him alone can’t you see he is hurt” Trivette shouted.  “Shut up or you will get the same.  Here put these shirts on they have a number on them.  The number is your name you are now prisoner 5045 and 5046 and that is what you will answer too.  You will be up at 7:00 a.m. lunch is at noon and then you will be back here at 6:00 p.m.  You will have Sundays off.” The head guard told them.

Trivette went over to help Walker up off the floor. “Walker are you okay, Trivette asked out of concern for his partner?”

Walker was coughing and trying to catch his breath. “Come on Walker let me help you up.

They were given a blanket and pillow and led to their cell.

Walker lay down on the bed to rest and a concerned Trivette kneeled down by his side to check on him. “ Walker how bad are you hurt?”  I will be okay I just need some rest I’ll feel better in the morning.”

Walker you hit your head hard and I am worried about you!  You need a doctor.  “ Well Trivette it don’t look like I will get one so we will just have to get by without it.”  “What are we going to do Walker?”

Trivette right now I am going to get some sleep I have a headache and can’t even think right now.”

A few seconds later Walker was out like a light.

The next morning Trivette woke up just before Walker and went to check on him.  Walker opened his eyes and saw Trivette leaning over him.  “Trivette what are you doing?”  “Just checking on you partner how are you feeling this morning?”

Still the same Trivette I guess I did something to my head it’s killing me and I’m still dizzy.  Maybe if you eat something you will feel better.”  “I don’t think I can eat.”   Walker you have to get something in your stomach you haven’t had anything to eat since the dinner.

They were served breakfast the food wasn’t fit for a dog much less a human and no coffee.

“They expect us to eat this garbage Walker complained.”  “Yeah I do a guard told them.”

“You eat or you go without.”  I think I will go without.  Walker told the guard.  Me too I think I will do without.”   Trivette just because I choose not to eat that doesn’t mean you have to do the same.”

Walker you said it all this food isn’t fit to eat.

Okay your time is up lets go.  They were packed into the trucks like sardines and shipped off to the fields to work.

“Walker how do they expect you to work.  “ You can’t work like this! “  “I don’t have any answers Trivette just pay attention to where we are we may have to break out of here. 

Now that’s my partner talking.”

“Out of the truck you guy’s now!”   “As you can see there are guards all over so don’t try to escape if you do you will be severely punished.”    “There are water barrels for you.”   “Lunch is at noon you will have 30 minutes to eat we stop at 6:00.”   The were given their work details and started to work.

Walker and Trivette stuck together like glue.  He tried his best to help Walker out but the guard saw Walker and headed over to him.  You are not pulling your weight #5045 get to work.”  He kicked Walker and pushed him to the ground.  “Leave him alone can’t you see he is hurt?”  If you don’t shut up Niger you will get the same.”  Those were the wrong words to say to Trivette, he started to the guard but Walker grabbed on to his hand.   “Trivette no please don’t.   I need you partner and if you get yourself in trouble what am I going to do?”   That stopped Trivette dead in his tracks Walker pleading for his help took all the anger out of him the concern and love for him partner made him forget his anger and help Walker.

Hey Walker okay I’m here.  Trivette helped Walker up.

Walker and Trivette were thirty-six hours over due and they both knew that soon people would be out looking for them but what did the sheriff have in mind for them when he said that no one would be looking for them.  “The Texas Rangers are right, people will be out looking for them soon unless we give them a reason not to” the sheriff told his deputy.  “What do you have in mind.”  “Do we still have the body of the inmate that died this morning?”  “Yes we do.” “Good and we have that black guy that was killed in the motorcycle wreck.  This is what we are going to do.  Put the Identifications and guns back where you found them.  Put the bodies in the truck and put it back at the accident site.  Then after all that is done set the truck on fire and they will never know that it wasn’t them in the truck.”

After everything was set up it went just the way they had hoped it would.  They even had the dental records falsified so they wouldn’t know it wasn’t Walker or Trivette in the truck.  “Okay now we need to send a fax to the headquarters of the Texas Rangers notifying them of the deaths of the two Rangers that should take care of them looking for the two” the sheriff told his deputy.

The next morning Alex walked into the Rangers Headquarters just a few minutes after the fax arrived and Ranger Wilson was reading it just as Alex walked up to him and ask if there was any news about Walker and Trivette.  Wilson looked as if someone punched him in the stomach.  “Ron what’s wrong?”  Alex could see by the look on his face that it wasn’t good.   “What is it, is it Walker?”  He just couldn’t get out the words to tell Alex the news.   “Alex you better sit down.”  “I don’t want to sit I want you to tell me what’s wrong.” “Alex it is Walker.”  “What about Walker what happened?” Alex asked.

“Alex, Walker and Trivette were killed in a car accident yesterday.  We don’t know any of the details yet we are going down there to find out I’m so sorry.” “No I won’t believe it, it can’t be true are they sure?”  “Yes it was confirmed by their dental records.”  “Dental records why would they need those?”  “Their truck exploded and they well Alex please don’t make me say it.”  Alex’s knees buckled and he had to catch her and help her to a chair.  “I’m going with you I want to find out what happened too.”  “Alex I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go.” “I’m going and that’s it.” 

After Alex was calm enough to drive she went to C.D.’s to tell him the bad news.  As soon as she walked into the door C.D. new there was something wrong.  “Alex honey what’s wrong?”  “C.D., they are gone.”  “Who is gone?”  “Walker and Jimmy they were killed in a car accident.”  “Oh lord Alex.” C.D. was stunned he didn’t know what to say. “Alex are you sure?”  “Yes we got a fax from Millers Flats saying they were both killed in a car accident.  We are headed up there to see what we can find out you want to come C.D.?”  “You bet I do.”

 C.D., Alex and Ron headed up to Millers Flats the next morning to find out the details of Walker and Trivettes supposed deaths.  “Sheriff I am Captain C.D. Parker this is ADA Alex Cahill and Ranger Ron Wilson.”  “Sorry to meet you under these circumstances.”  “Were you good friends?”  “Yes we all were” C.D. told the sheriff.  “Sheriff can you tell us what happened.”  “Do you really want the lady to hear it?”  “Don’t worry about me I want to hear what happened and I want to know now” Alex said sharply.  “Well it’s just that it’s not pretty and if you were real close you may find it hard to take.”  “I know that but I have to hear it anyway.”

“Well the Rangers came into town and had breakfast at the diner.  I walked in and said hello and we were talking they said they were alone.  I was teasing them about not having any girls along on the trip.    That‘s about it after that they headed for home.  It was just a freak accident it happened so fast that they didn’t have the time to avoid it.

“Just about five miles outside of town there was a big rig headed is their direction and just as they were getting ready to pass by the Rangers the rig had a blowout.   The driver lost control hitting the side of Walker’s truck and they went off the road head on into a tree.  The man in the passenger side Ranger Trivette I guess was dazed but Walker was okay but he couldn’t get his door open it was jammed.  As soon as the driver of the rig got his truck stopped he jumped out to help them but he couldn’t get the door open either and by that time the truck was on fire.  Walker tried to get Trivette to try his door but Trivette was still out of it.  The truck driver burned his hands tying to get them free but it was no use so he headed to his truck to get something to pry open to door.  Walker tried to reach over Trivette and open his door but just as he did the truck exploded into flames and all the driver of the rig could do was to watch them burn to death.”

“I have their personal affects here if you would look at them you can take them with you.”

The sheriff handed them 2 envelopes one had Walker belongings in it the other Trivettes.

 C.D. opened Walkers envelope and closed it up again.  “We will just look at these later if you don’t mind.”

“I’m so sorry this happened I wish there was something I could say but there are no words.”  Alex started crying and ran out of the sheriff’s office.”  Sheriff I want to see Walkers truck.  Sure I can take you there.”  “Okay thanks.”

C.D. went out to look and found her just outside the door crying, He took her in his arms to comfort her.

“C.D. I just can’t believe they are gone!  It just can’t be!”   “I know honey I know,” We are going to look around and make sure there was no fowl play.

“Ron you stay with Alex while I check out the truck please! C.D. asked.”  “Yeah sure I can stay with her you go ahead.”

The sheriff took C.D. to where they had the Ram stored and when C.D. took a look at Walker’s truck his heart sunk to his feet!!  C.D. I know this is hard for you to see,    “Are you okay?”   The sheriff asked pretending to care.

Yeah I’m okay I just didn’t think seeing Walker’s truck like that would hit me so hard. 

C.D. looked over the Ram and found everything to be just as the sheriff said and that brought disappointment to C.D.’s heart. “Thanks sheriff I guess that is it then.”

They went back to the sheriff’s office where Ron and Alex were waiting for them.

“Alex honey it looks like everything is just as the sheriff said it was but I want to take a look at the crash site first before we leave.

They were taken to the crash site and looked it over real good, it was hard for Alex to see all she could see in her mind was Walker trapped in the burning truck unable to get out.

Everything checked just as the sheriff had said, they covered there tracks so well that it even fooled the Texas Rangers and that wasn’t easy. 

“Well Alex said I guess that is it. Walker and Jimmy are gone and nothing is going to bring them back so let’s get out of here.”   Alex said in an angry voice.

They got back into town and checked into their rooms for the night. Everyone was feeling down the thought of losing Walker and Trivette was too much to take in.

C.D. excused himself and left the room.  Alex became concerned about C.D. and when looking for him and found him outside crying..

“Oh C.D. I was so caught up in my own feeling I didn’t even think about how you  were taking this I’m sorry!”   Alex honey what are you doing out here?”   “Looking for you C.D.”

Alex wrapped her arms around C.D. and they wept in each other’s arms.  C.D. I feel so empty inside I keep expecting them to walk in the door any minute but that is just not going to happen this time.

Walker and Trivette were almost through for the day it was 5:00 and soon Walker could rest and get a good night’s rest.

Walker stumbled as he tried to get a cup of water and fell on top of the water barrel.

“Well #5045 since you spilled the water you go fill it up over there at the fountain.”  Walker was exhausted and now the guard was going to make him carry heavy buckets of water.

“I’ll do it Trivette jumped in he needs to rest.  No you won’t, he spilled it he can fill it up!”

“Why are you doing this to him?”  The guard walked over to Trivette and started to hit him when Walker intervened,   “I will fill it up just leave him alone.”

Walker filled up the buckets of water and filled the barrel one after another and all Trivette could do is watch his partner and friend as he struggled to carry the water buckets and stumble and fall several times.   He was so exhausted he could hardly move and it took him and hour to the job that would have taken Trivette 10 minutes to do.   The guards stood around laughing as they watched Walker struggle.

Finally he was done and they were all loaded back in the truck and back in the prison again.

Walker fell asleep on Trivette’s shoulder on the way back and Trivette just put his arm around Walker and held him and let him sleep until they got back.

After they were put back into their cells Trivette helped Walker to his bed and he was out in 30 seconds.

The night passed quickly.  It seemed like they just got to sleep and it was time to get up again.

“Walker how are you doing this morning? “   Walker didn’t answer him. “ Walker!”   Still no answer, Walker didn’t want to worry Trivette but he was getting worse and didn’t want to let him know.

“Trivette don’t worry about me okay I’m fine.” “No Walker you’re not fine look you can hardly move.

“Trivette you are going to have find a way to escape!  We will.  NO Trivette you are going without me.

“Walker what are you talking about?  You are going have to find a way out and get help!”

“Not without you!”   “ We go together or we don’t go at all.”

Walker grabbed Trivette by the collar and yanked him in close to him.  “Now you listen to me Trivette I am only going to say this one time,” You have to be smart here and get out of here and go get help I can’t make it you will have to do you understand me?”   But I can help you Walker I don’t understand I have seen you take much more then this and not even faze you.”  I know but there’s something I haven’t told you but now I have no choice.”  What Walker what is it you have been hiding from me?”  Trivette ask with great concern..

The car accident - I have some internal injuries and I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.”

Walker why didn’t you tell me?  Why did you hide this from me I don’t understand we are partners and friends..”

There was nothing you could do for me and I didn’t want to worry you.”    Oh damn Walker I’m sorry I will get out and bring back help I promise.”

“Okay up and at it you guy’s the guards yelled.”  Come on partner let me help you up. 

Walker had a hard time getting around but tried not to let it show.  He didn’t want the guards to know how bad he was.

They went in to have breakfast if that is what you can call it. Then they were taken back to the fields to work again.

Walker was trying his best to keep up but not doing well. “ Hey Walker let me get you some water.   “Thanks Trivette I can use some.”

Trivette got a cup of water and took it over to Walker and the guard came over.  “What you doing #5046?’

I’m getting Walker a cup of water!  Well if he wants one he will have to go get it himself.  Then he knocked the cup of water out of Walkers hand.

Trivette yelled and attacked the guard and they pulled him off.  Two guards held Trivette as the other punched him in the stomach.

“I guess we will have to show you what we do to unruly prisoners around here boy.”

“Leave him alone Walker yelled I’m responsible not him if you want to punish anyone punish me.”

“Walker!  Trivette yelled what are you doing shut up!”    “Now why would we want to do that?

“Think about it you need all the healthy men you can get and if you do something to him there will be someone else the can’t do the work I am already hurt.”

“Well now you have a point there and if your friend sees what happens to you he will think twice before doing something again.”

They took Walker and tied him to a tree.   The guards were holding Trivette back.

One of them took out a bullwhip and another guard ripped the shirt off of Walkers back.

“No! Trivette yelled you can’t do that.”  Trivette felt so helpless and responsible.

NO Walker, Trivette said to himself I’m so sorry this was my fault!!”

Walker took one look at what was in store for him and said,  “Oh shit!!!  Keep your cool partner”

Walker tried his best to keep from showing any pain and giving them the satisfaction.

The first lash of the whip crossed Walkers back and then the second and the third and Trivette had to watch helplessly as he could see Walker struggle to hide the pain.

“Well you’re a tough one huh, well, we will see about that I will be back you just wait and see.”

As the 7th and 8th lashed found Walkers back he was unable to hide it any longer and cried out in pain as the whip crossed his back again.    The sick guards took great delight in this and started laughing. 

Them laughing at Walker set Trivette off again and he hit one of the guards that were laughing at Walker.

“Well boy I see you didn’t learn your lesson I guess Walker will have to pay for it again..”

“No leave him alone I won’t do anything and will work hard!”

“Okay you win but Walker will still pay for what you did jumping me.” “NO! Don’t please!”

“Go ahead the guard told him.”  Trivette stood by as they gave Walker two more lashes with the bullwhip and Walker yelled out in pain with each lash.

“Now get back to work before I give him a few more”.  “Well you going to cut him down” Trivette asked.

“No he stays right there to make sure you don’t get out of line again.”

“You can’t just let him hang there!!”  I can do what ever I feel like and if you say another word you partner will pay for it.”   But it’s 90 out here and he’s right in the sun.”

I said to get back to work.  Trivette had no choice but to get back to work if he did any thing he knew Walker would pay for it.

Walker was left tied to the tree in the hot sun and the pain was unbearable at times.  Two hours had past and Walker was given no water so Trivette ask the guard if he could PLEASE give him a drink.

“Please can I give Walker a drink?” “Yeah go ahead but remember I am watching you and if you try anything you know what will happen.”   “Thank you I won’t”

Trivette hurried over to get water and bring it to Walker.  “Here you go buddy drink this.”

This is all my fault Walker I’m sorry if I hadn’t lost my temper you wouldn’t be in this mess right now!”

No Trivette it’s not your fault it’s their fault, Walker could barley get out the words, it was getting hard for him to talk.

“Trivette it’s time to make a move you have to get the inmates together and start a fight or something to draw the attention of the guards so you can get away.  Walker you know what they will do to you if I escape!”

“Trivette they are going to do that anyway my only chance is for you to get help down here.

I guess you’re right Walker but I just don’t know if I can go and leave you behind.”

You have to Trivette now go do what you have to do.

Trivette one thing.

What Walker?

If this don’t work out I want you to know that I am proud to have had you for a partner and friend you’re one hell of a Ranger!”

I feel the same Walker I am proud to have one of the best partners in the history of the Texas Rangers!!

“Oh shit here comes the guard I have to go,  Trivette tell Alex I love her!”  “I will partner..”

As Trivette started back to work his thoughts were on Walker.   His heart was heavy with grief over what was happening to Walker and the tears fell down his cheek.  He quickly wiped them away before anyone could see them.

It was time for Trivette to make his move but the thought of leaving Walker behind was tearing him apart inside.

Trivette got several of the inmates together to help him with his plan.  About 30 minutes later their plan went into action.

Trivette made sure he was in a good place to sneak away when the fight broke out.

Meanwhile, C.D., Alex and Ron headed back to Dallas they could find nothing wrong that would indicate that the accident was anything other than what the sheriff had told them.

It seemed that they lost Walker and headed to Dallas.  Alex was exhausted from lack of sleep and crying and finally fell asleep.

The inmate started the fight and when the guards headed over there to break it up Trivette took off.

By the time they noticed he was gone it was too late.

By the time they got the fight broken up Trivette had a big lead.  “Where is prisoner 5046 one of them shouted?  He is gone!”   “You three go find him now!!”

They headed out to look for Trivette.     Walker was still tied to the tree and they left him there.

One of the guards came over to Walker, “you think you are smart don’t you?”  “I know this was your idea but we will catch him, but you won’t be around to see what we do to him.”

“You leave him alone you son of a bitch” “Yeah right”

“Cut him down we have to get rid of him in case his partner gets away.”  

All of a sudden Alex was startled from her sleep. “Ron, Walker’s alive and so is Jimmy and they are in trouble turn around now!!”

They were almost home just 30 minutes outside of Dallas. “Alex what are you talking about?”

“Please just do it I don’t know how I know I just do. “C.D. tell him!”

Ron just do it, I learned along time ago that when Walker and Alex get those feelings just do what they say and don’t argue..

Ron turned the car around and headed back as fast as they could.

Meanwhile Trivette was running as fast as he could and still trying to stay hidden from the guards.

They cut Walker down and put him in the back of a pickup truck.  They didn’t even tie him up because they knew that he was in no shape to go anywhere.

They took Walker to get rid of him.  Trivette was exhausted and had been on the run for three hours and all that was on his mind was Walker and what was happening to him.

Trivette stopped for a few minutes to catch his breath, and then he saw a road ahead and headed for it.

He heard a sound and turned around and there were the guards they found him now he had to make a run for it.  Trivette headed for the road just as he reached the road they fired and Trivette could feel the bullet rip through his left shoulder and he fell in the road right in front of an on coming car.

“Ron look out Alex yelled.”  Not knowing who it was that fell in the road they all got out and ran over to the man and saw their beloved Trivette.  “Jimmy!  Alex yelled,”  “Help him they are going to kill him.  Walker you have to help him.” “Trivette, C.D. said where is Walker can you take us too him?”

Yes but hurry!!!

When they got to where they were being held the inmates were all loaded and the trucks but no Walker.

“Where is Walker?”  “Trivette ask one of them.  “Where did they take him?”

“We don’t know they took him away in a pickup truck about an hour ago.”    “You must know something damn it.” “Just rumors is all. “    “What rumors?”

“The say there are bodies buried out there. Bodies of prisoners they killed.”   “Where?  He pointed in the direction.”

“About a quarter of a mile in.  Thanks help is on the way so you guy’s hang in there.

They finished digging Walkers grave and were ready put throw him in.

“Wait he’s still alive what do we do?”     “We bury him that’s what.”   “Alive?”

“What’s the matter you chicken?”   “It should be fun I never buried one alive before sounds like fun.”

The guard took Walker’s shirt off, “ What are you doing?” I’m going to cover his face I can’t look at him.”

“You’re a wuss you know that!”  They kicked Walker into the grave and the guard but the shirt over Walkers face so he did have to look at his face while they covered him with dirt.

They slowly covered Walker with the dirt, Walker was half-conscious and could feel the dirt hit him but he was too weak to get up and could only lay there knowing his time was up and no hope of a rescue.

By the time the Trivette got there they had the hole halfway filled.  They took off running and C.D. and Ron went after them and Trivette when to check out Walker.

“Walker!!  Trivette yelled as he was the dirt filled grave Oh no I’m too late he said to himself out loud.

Walker I’m here hold on!  Trivette jumped in the hole and started to dig Walker out, Hold on buddy don’t you leave me!

Alex was devastated over what they did to Walker and she helped Trivette dig Walker out.

The others returned with their prisoners and helped them with Walker.

Ron call for help hurry!   They pulled him out and Trivette check for a pulse.  “ Nothing start CPR!”

They started CPR on Walker but he was not responding at all.  “Keep going we have to keep going until the paramedics get here.

Alex watched and waited as Trivette and Ron worked on Walker.  “Come on Walker breath”

Trivette continued CPR.   Come on Walker breath damn you!  Don’t you die on me, Trivette shouted.

The paramedics arrived and took over the care of Walker and they all stood there praying that Walker would be brought back to them.

“Alex this is not fair we were just on a fishing trip for heaven sake and this is what happens, Damn you can’t even trust the law.”

“We just can’t lose him like this not to the law it just wouldn’t be right.!!”    Alex stood there a few minutes longer.

Jimmy he’s gone and she took off running and Trivette went after her.

”Alex wait you can’t give up not on Walker you know him.”  “I can’t help it I have that feeling and it says that we lost him!!”

“I’m sorry Ranger he’s gone there is no more we can do I’m so sorry!”  Ron turned and walked away without saying a word.  Ron went to find Alex and Trivette to tell them the bad news while C.D. stayed there.  He went over to his ex-partner and friend and kneeled down by his side and put his head on Walkers shoulder and cried.

“Cordell I’m sorry we didn’t get to you in time.” “You were always there when we needed you and the one time you needed us we failed you. I’m so sorry!!”

Walker was gone yet he found himself in a strange place that looked like a tunnel and then he could see a bright light at the end of the tunnel and found himself drawn to the light so he moved towards the light.

Then when he reached the light he saw his father and Uncle Ray waiting there for him.

“Washo it is good to see you again nephew.”  “Father, Uncle Ray what is going on?”

You are with us now Washo.   But you can’t stay it’s not your time yet you have much to do yet.  You must go back.   “Your mother and I are so proud of you my son but you do have to go back.”

“Your life is with Alex it is time you made a commitment to her and raised a family she is yours but you have to take that step we can’t take it for you.”

“Yes father I can see that now thank you!  I am not going to waste another minute.”

“Alex is my life I can see that now don’t worry okay! “

“Nephew we will be here waiting for you when it is your time.”  “You have to fight your way back but you can do it.”

Ron had gone to tell the other the bad news but was dreading it.   He knew how close they all were and to tell them that Walker was gone was heart braking.     “ Ron what is it?  Is it Walker?”   “He’s gone Jimmy.” 

As they were loading Walkers body the paramedic noticed a movement under the sheet Walker was covered with and he pulled it back and saw that Walker was alive.

“What the hell!” He’s alive that’s impossible but he is alive.”

“Ranger Parker come here quick!”   “What is it?”  Ranger he is alive I don’t know how but he is alive I need to get him to the hospital now.”   Well we have another Ranger that’s hurt you need to take him too.”

C.D. went to find the others as fast as he could all excited over the return of Walker.

All C.D. could say when he found them is he’s alive, he’s alive.

“C.D. Alex questioned what are you talking about?” “Cordell is alive I don’t know how but he is back!!

He is on his way to the hospital now.”  “Come on Jimmy we need to get you in the chopper and get you two to the hospital.”

Walker and Trivette were taken to the hospital and into the emergency room to be examined.

C.D., Alex and Ron all followed in the car.

“Ranger Trivette we need to take you to surgery to remove the bullet in your shoulder,”   “No not until I find out about my partner!”   “Ranger your partner will be awhile and we need to get that bullet out before it gets infected.”

“Okay then go ahead but don’t take all day.  I wouldn’t think of it Ranger.”

They removed the bullet from Trivettes shoulder and then took him to recovery.  They were still working on Walker.

“Doctor, how are they?” Alex said as the Doctor came into the waiting room. “ Ranger Trivette will be in his room in about an hour you can see him then.”   “Everything went just fine.”

“They are still working on Ranger Walker, but everything looks good so far.”   There will be some scaring on his back there is nothing we can do for that.  He will be fine with some rest. We want to keep him here for a few days that was some ordeal he went through he shouldn’t even be here right now.

“We will be putting them in the same room it will be better for them both and easier for you to visit.

Walker and Trivette were brought to their rooms about 30 minutes.

Alex, C.D. and Ron went in to see them and Walker was still asleep but Trivette was awake.

“Hey there Jimmy how are you feeling?”  “Hi Alex, I have had better day’s.”  Alex gave Trivette a kiss on the cheek.

“I see Walkers still asleep.”   Alex went over and gave Walker a gentle kiss on the lips..

Trivette looked over at his partner and all he could see was the whip as it landed across Walker’s back and the pain on his face, the pain his tried desperately to hide..

It was supposed to be him strapped to that tree but his partner took the punishment for him. How could he ever repay him for that.

Walker!  Walker!  Answer me dammit.  He can’t Jimmy he’s asleep. I can see that.

Everyone sat there and waited for Walker to wake up.  Finely he started to come around.

Alex was holding his hand when he started to open his eyes slowly.

“Welcome back sleepy head.”  Alex?   Alex leaned over and gave Walker a gentle kiss on the lips.

Walker reached up and pulled Alex in close and gave her another big passionate kiss.

Alex reached around her and pulled the curtain closed.  

“Walker I didn’t think I would ever see you again, that makes two of us Alex.”

“Alex you have no idea what I have experienced.  And it did make me realize one thing.”

“Oh what’s that?”  I love you very much and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to tell you!”

“I should have told you along time ago.”

“Oh Walker you don’t know how long I have waited hoping you would say that!!

I love you too!!”

Their lips met, his tongue found hers and could feel the passion and the love they had for each other.

Walker was exhausted from his ordeal and feel asleep in Alex’s arms.

Alex sat there with him until he woke up again about an hour later.  The first thing he saw was the beautiful blonde smiling at him. “You know Alex I can get used to that.”  “What’s that Walker?”

“Waking up with you next to me.”   “So could I.” 

Alex gave him a tender kiss.  “You sure smell good!!” “ Well thank you.”

“Hey partner Trivette yelled from the other bed.” “Hi Trivette.”  “What are you doing in here?”  “I got shot that’s what.”

 “I thought we lost you back there Walker.”   “You did Trivette for awhile anyway.”

“Well yes we did but how did you know that?”  “Trivette you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Yes I would just try me.”

“Well I found myself in another place not in this world.  There was this tunnel and at the end I could see this bright light and I found myself drawn to the light, and then there they were, my father and Uncle Ray they were there waiting for me.”   “I talked to them they told me I had to come back that I still had work to do here and that it wasn’t my time to go.”   “My father told me he was proud of what I had become and when it was my time they would be their waiting for me.”

“There was more but I think that is all I better tell you for now.” 

“Yeah right Walker, like I’m going to believe you!”  “Trivette what are you talking about?”

Trivette and said,  NO NO NO!!   “ Not again Walker I’m not falling for that line a second time.”

“Alex do you have any idea what he is talking about?”  NO!

“Walker you pulled that one on me remember?”  “No, Trivette.”

“Remember when you were in the coma?”    “Yes.” “When you came out of it I asked you what it was like and you told me almost the same thing so no I am not falling for that again.”

“Trivette I’m not joking with you this time.”  “Sure Walker.”  “ Jimmy he is telling you the truth.”

 Everyone started cracking up at Trivette..   Well truth or not it’s good to have you back again partner.   Then Trivette gave Walker a hug and pat on the back.

“Jimmy, Alex scolded what are you doing out of bed?”   “Get back in there or I will call the nurse.”

“Tattle tail.”

Later that night while everyone was asleep White Eagle showed up in Walker room.

“White Eagle what are you doing here?”  “I brought you something, here put this on your back every day until it is gone and you will not have any scars.  “Thank you White Eagle.”

“I’m sure glad we are getting out of here Trivette I’m going stir crazy”

Not me I kinda like it in here.”   “I guess so with Nurse Angie waiting on you hand and foot..”

Gee Walker do I detect a note of jealousy?“  “He better not be” Alex said as she walked into the room.”

”Trivette I want you to look at this lady standing here ready to give me a big kiss and tell me what there is for me to be jealous of.   I have the most beautiful woman in Texas!!!”  “Well thank you darling!”  Alex leaned over and gave Walker a big kiss.   Trivette didn’t say a word just smiled at Alex.

“Are you two ready to get out of here?”  “Yes we are.”

Walker and Trivette spent the next two days in the hospital and were released.

“Trivette thanks for saving my life partner.”   “ Well it sounds like I had company there by what you said.”

“That’s the least I can do after what you did for me.” “ What are partners for.”

“Hey Walker you want to go to C.D.’s?”  “Yeah sounds good I can use a beer.”

“You two are suppose to be resting.”    “We are fine Alex.”  “You are so stubborn!!”

They walked in the door and Alex escorted Walker to their favorite booth in the corner.

“Cordell what in the blazes are you two doing in here?  You should be home resting.” “C.D. we are fine okay?”  “Just bring me a beer.”

The jukebox started to play “Can I have this dance” and that gave Walker an idea.

“Alex may I have this dance?  Walker asked.  “You sure may Cowboy!”    Walker gave Alex a kiss as he escorted her to the dance floor.

As the song played he sang these words to her as he held her tightly in his arms.

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

Will you be my partner every night?

When we’re together it feels so right

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life..

Alex kidding around said-   “Yeah sure my Cowboy anytime.”

“No Alex you don’t understand I’m serious.”  “I don’t want to share a dance with anyone else but you for the rest of my life .”

The song was still playing but Alex stopped dead in her tracks.. “Walker what are you trying to say?”

“Alex this experience I went through was incredible and I realize one thing that I am letting the best part of my life slip away and that best part of me Alex is you.  I’m not going to waste another minute of it.”

“What I’m trying to say Alex is you’re the most precious thing in my life and I want you to share my life, I want you to be my wife if you will have me!!”

Alex threw her arms around Walker neck and held on for dear like.    Alex looked into Walker’s eyes to see him smiling.

“Walker,”  “Alex hold that thought!!”    Walker ran over to the jukebox and played the song again. Alex couldn’t help but giggle he was like a kid in a candy store. 

“Okay now where were we?”    “Walker I love you so much! And the answer is yes!!

Their lips met in a loving and passionate kiss as the song played again he held her tight in his arms as they listened to the words to the song.

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

Will you be my partner every night?

When we’re together it feels so right

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

“Alex you have made me the happiest man in the world!!”  “I’m glad because I’m the happiest woman in the world.”

“So should we go tell the others the good news?”   “Oh no you don’t Walker not until the song is over.”    “Anything you say lovely lady.” 

“Hey C.D. do you see those two over they look too serious I think I should go bust them up and dance with Alex.”    “Jimmy you leave them two alone.”

“Walker you two look too serious I think you should let me dance with the lady.”    “No I don’t think so Trivette find your own partner.”   And go play the song again”   “Play the song again you already heard it twice and you want to hear it again?  Are you out of you mind?” “Trivette just do it I will explain when the song is over.”  “You will? Okay then you got it.”  Trivette hurried over and played the song again.

Walker and Alex danced holding each other tight not saying a word but listening to the words to the song.  They sneaked in a few more kisses as they danced.

After the song was over they walked arm and arm over to the bar were Trivette was waiting for them to tell him what was going on.

“Ok Walker what is with the song?”  “Well I tell you Trivette when we were dancing to that song I asked Alex to marry me and she said yes!!”   “Oh you’re kidding he finally popped the question?”

“I don’t believe this.  Great C.D. did you here that?”   “This is cause for a celebration. I have a bottle of champagne in the back.”

C.D. rushed off in the back and Trivette went to the jukebox to play the song.

“Alex can you believe those two?”    “Trivette had a fit when I told him to play that song the third time and now he’s playing it again.”

Well it seems a shame to waste a good song so may I have this dance sir?”   “I thought you would never ask.”

Walker and Alex danced to the song one more time holding each other tight.

After the song was over they toasted to the happy couple.

Walker took Alex out to the ranch with him that night and they sat out in the porch swing wrapped up in a blanket and looked up at the stars..  Walker looked up at the stars and quietly said to himself.

“Thanks dad and Uncle Ray….”

                                                          The end    J