The Recliner

By Lelani


Alex had worked diligently on the computer trying to locate just the perfect chair for Walker's office. It had to be comfy, it had to be pleasing to the eye and it had to have room for two


She'd finally found one that was way overpriced at a company called ABC It was perfect, wide arms, high back, supple leather upholstery... too hell with the price, she entered her credit card info and clicked on BUY


It was delivered three days later. It had taken her that long to convince Walker to move the old threadbare chair into the barn. She really wanted it permanently gone, but men needed things done in stages. Most things that is.


The furniture van arrived and as luck would have it, Walker was out on an emergency call. He'd left his wife in the care of her two guardians. The two delivery men were both rather attractive --- and they knew it. They flexed their muscles, smiled their pearly whites and did A LOT of bending over….they just couldn't understand why the ranch wife wasn't paying any attention to them. What was wrong with her??? Was she blind or something??


One of the undercover cops was paying close attention though and offered him his card with his phone number... but that's another story


Alex directed the two Romeo's to carry the large crate into the office. She insisted that they unpack it and place it in just the right spot.


The two men eagerly complied. After all, this was one hot looking ranch wife. She had long, long legs and amazing.... cheekbones. Some lucky rancher probably had his hands full with this filly.


The two macho creeps finally took all of the packing material and with one last longing look at Alex's.... face, headed out the way they'd come.


It was dusk when Walker returned and his wife had dutifully prepared him supper and had his infant daughter all ready for an early night.


Alex told Walker that she had some work to do upstairs and so at Angela's bedtime, she headed up the staircase. "Oh by the way. The chair came tonight. It's in your office. Why don't you check it out? I'll be down later to see what you think." She headed upstairs with an extra little sashay to her hips. Walker stood at the bottom step watching her bottom in the tight denim jeans. He started debating checking out the new chair or checking out his wife upstairs in their bedroom. He finally decided to do as she wished. After all, the night was young and a happy wife... well he'd learned that good deeds do get rewarded.


Alex tucked Angela in and then headed to the bedroom to prepare for her 'surprise.' She pulled out the lacy teddy that she'd kept hidden. It too had been purchased by mail order and had arrived the day before. That ABC catalog had it all!!!


Alex showered and placed a few drops of the cucumber oil that Walker loved so much in just the right places. She drew the black stockings up and clipped then to the garter belt that circled her lush thighs.


Walker had gone on into the partially renovated office. He had to admit that he liked the way things were shaping up, but he approached the new chair cautiously. What if he hated it? How would he tell Alex without causing a marital rift? Not to mention the fact that he was really... aroused tonight and he wanted... no needed. Well, let's face it. He was downright horny.


He approached the chair and then another thought hit him. There was still some blood flow to his brain. What if he liked the chair? Wouldn't that be like sacrilege?


The other chair had been in his family since his Uncle Ray's honeymoon with Aunt Ruth. It had been a wedding gift from her parents. He suspected that if that chair could talk…….


Walker shook his head and gave a deep sigh. It was after all, just a chair. A piece of furniture and nothing more. He walked around and surveyed it. It was a nice color and it did go with the other furniture and the new wallpaper. What was wrong with him?? Alex's decorating talk was starting to wear off onto him!


He turned his butt to the chair and slowly sank into its plush seated. The sides of the cushion sprang up to wrap themselves around his tight butt cheeks like loving arms cradling them in their warmth and comfort. Slowly, he leaned back and a long contented sigh escaped him as he rested against the leather cushioned back. His eyes closed and he decided that he had just found a sweet piece of heaven. This was a chair made for a man who put in a hard days work. It loved him and nurtured him. It would soothe him to sleep and give him all the love a man could want.


Walker heard the whisper of a noise from the doorway. His head shifted and his eyes opened slowly. Standing in the doorway was a vision that erased all of his lustful thoughts about the chair from his mind as if they had never been.


His Alex, his wife was standing in the doorway with a lacy black teddy that left nothing to the imagination. That didn't mean that his imagination wasn't working. It was in overdrive. His eyes trailed from the spiked high heels to the fishnet stockings. They coursed up her legs to her rounded thighs and his eyebrows shot up under the fringe of his bangs when he saw the red silk garter belts circling the ripest part of her lush thighs. Right at the part where they met together to form the V that encased every man’s desire.


His eyes continued their journey. The slight mounding that hid the soft silky hair he loved to bury his face into. The long lean belly that was as flat as it had ever been, baby or no. Up to the rounded breasts that were just ever so slightly rounder and fuller than before she'd become a mother.

His pupils dilated as he saw that her nipples were peeking through two strategically placed holes in the lace. Their color was no longer the softest pink but had darkened into a riper plum. He didn't know if the change was permanent, but he liked it. Hell, he loved her breast whatever color her nipples were.


His tongue eased out of his mouth as he licked his lips in anticipation of tasting the ripe nubs of flesh. Finally, his eyes moved up further to the graceful arch of her neck. Her jawline, her high cheekbones that little mole near her mouth that was often called a beauty mark. Only he knew that another existed on her rounded bottom in a place that even her doctor rarely saw. He thought it fitting as her bottom was as beautiful in its own way as her face.


He finally reached her eyes. And he was lost. He drowned in their depths. If the eyes were the windows of the soul then she had one amazingly beautiful soul. Her hair was feathered back in a haphazard style. It looked as if she had been running... or that someone had been running their hands through it.


He longed to feel its silkiness as it slid through his fingers. Or now that it was long enough again, the feel of it as she wrapped it around his engorged penis.


Alex stood against the doorframe in a models pose. She had what it took to be a Victoria's Secret lingerie model.  She copied the pose of the woman who'd modeled the naughty nighty in the ABC catalog. She remembered to point her toe out slightly just as Kay had done.


The effect on Walker was all that she could have hoped for. She took her turn surveying her man

Little did those moving men know that she didn't have time to fantasize about their hard bodies when her husband had the hardest body of all.


Speaking of hard... her eyes dipped and a smile that Jezebel would have recognized graced her lips. HE WAS.


She scolded her own wandering eyes and began with his hair. The rich chestnut hair that he wore longer or shorter depending on how busy he was. His Marine days taught him to cut it, but that warred with his Indian ancestry to grow it long. She loved it when it was long enough to curl around her fingers. Especially at the nape of his neck when they were dancing. Close.


She scanned his face, the lines that the sun had kissed his face with, only enhanced it. His features were bold like the man. His eyes. She stopped. She always got lost in those eyes. The gray blue of a storm tossed sea.


Her life had been tossed ever since that first day in that courtroom all those years ago. She'd looked up and into his eyes and her heart had been lifted up on the cresting tidal wave only to plummet back down into her stomach


How was it that after all these years a look into those eyes could do the exact same thing to her??


Her own tongue darted out to lick lips that were suddenly dry. Or maybe they just needed to be touched. She was planning to treat them to every inch of him tonight.

Her seductive smile returned as she wrenched her lips from his eyes and continued to his beard. She'd never liked a beard on a man, but, oh, how she liked this one. When he touched her sensitive skin with it... the nerve endings in her skin shot up to full attention Still she was only on his face and she had plenty more of the man to go. She leaned back more securely against the doorframe to steady herself.


Walker saw her eyes and the wanting in them. He got a smile of his own on his lips as his large fingers reached up to the first button of his black denim shirt.


She marveled at how those large fingers could do such delicate work.... like unbutton a button or... a surge of moisture flooded the lace at the V of her teddy as she thought about just what those fingers could do.


She swallowed. Gulped was more like it as she watched his hands continue down slowly revealing his chest to her famished eyes. As the top of his shirt separated, she saw the curling rough red hair peek out. Her nipples tingled at the memory of that hair caressing them in rhythm with his pumping hips.


Walker pulled the edges of his shirt from his waistband and slowly stood revealing his entire chest.


Just then, the sound of an angry infant penetrated the thick fog of lust that permeated the air. "Don't move!!! Stay right here!!! I will be right back!" Alex shouted as she twirled and rushed from the room up the stairs.


Alex frantically comforted her infant from the nightmare that had awoken her. Her cries caused her milk to let down and with a sigh she offered Angela the lace encased nipples. Not what she'd planned, but things were heating up to quickly and it was good to slow her breathing and heart rate. She wanted this to be an 'all night' trial run of that chair.


Fifteen minutes later, Alex returned to the office.


Walker had been busy. He had removed the rest of his clothing and had two glasses of chilled wine sitting on the tiny chair side table. The overhead light was off and the lamp was on. He sat in the pool of its light with his legs swung over the overstuffed arm. He too had 'cooled off' somewhat and his once rock hard erection was now just a long, pulsing tool waiting to be reawakened.


Alex's eyes resumed their extended vacation over the sites of his body. Again, she didn't take even one step toward him, but she watched as he grew longer and thicker right before her eyes.

She never knew how her body accommodated his length let alone his thickness.


She remembered the discomfort that first night together on the river.  She'd never experienced ANYTHING even close to him. Her eyes now, were feasting on his hard body. The muscles bulged, but not in a vulgar way. She watched that tiny nerve that pulsed in his forearm. Even if he'd been covered from the waist down, she'd know how ready he was for her.

Alex approached the chair one slow step at a time. It took ALL of her self-discipline not to race over and maul him. A lesser woman would never have been able to resist.


As she approached the chair, he held up a glass for her. She reached for it, her fingers barely brushing his and yet it felt as if fire were racing up her arm.


She brought the glass up to her face and pressed it against her heated face. The cool liquid felt refreshing against her flushed cheek. Lowering it, she gazed directly into his eyes and sipped. The drop of wine that remained on her lip hung there momentarily as she watched his pupils dilate and then her tongue flicked out to catch it.


Walker gasped as he watched her pink tongue flick out of her mouth. He knew just how talented that tongue could be.


Alex raised her leg and placed it on the arm of the chair. She watched Walker watching her instead of what she was doing. His eyes were transfixed by the movement of her fingers as they reached for the clasps that held up the stockings. Each one was carefully undone and he watched as her fingers lightly caressed the V that was now exposed to his eyes.


He could see the wetness that stained the satin and lace and his heart felt as if it would break through the bounds of his chest.


Alex rolled the stocking down her leg revealing the silky skin below. She finished pulling it off of her foot and tossed it back over into the dark corner behind him. Her knee bent as she leaned toward him.


His leg still dangling from the same leg was a hairs breath from her. She reached for his ankle and lifted it slowly so that the bottom of his foot was flat facing her. Then she leaned forward just that little bit more until it was nestled right in the heart of her. She held it tight against herself as she moved her hips up and down slowly.


The motion was as arousing for him as it was for her. He'd never known how sensitive his foot was until it was pressed against her moist warmth.


Alex glanced down to see the dewdrop that shimmered on the tip of his shaft. She bent herself at the waist and her tongue flicked out. Just as she was about to taste it, she stood back up and stepped back.


Walker groaned at her wickedness.


She chuckled knowing that she had his full-undivided attention. She then put her foot back onto the floor and turned so that her back faced him and repeated her earlier motions of removing her stocking. This time though, she left both feet on the floor and bent over to reach the toe of the stocking and pulled it off.

"Are you trying to kill me lady??" Walker got out between gritted teeth.

"Oh no, definitely, not that." She moved to the front of the chair, her back still facing him and said, "Could you unzip me?"


"Oh, yes!" he agreed, eagerly.


His fingers touching her flesh made her shiver as the zipper was slowly lowered to the base of her spine. Walker swung his legs around and scooted to the front of the chair as he pushed the straps off her shoulders. The bodice fell down and his hands reached around her cupping her breasts and gently kneading them.


The bodice of the teddy fell exposing her breasts to the chill air. She didn't think her nipples could swell anymore than they already were until she felt his warm hands reach around to cup them.


He lifted them slightly and then his fingers squeezed, rolling her stiff nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. It was her turn to moan as he played her tender flesh.


Walker scooted forward to the edge of the chair and his hands slid down to her waist pulling the garment with them. Over her hips the rough lace was dragged as he continued on, determined to rid her of it. Then he pulled her back towards him so that she was poised to sit in his lap.


There was one obstacle though ... one long thick obstacle that demanded attention.


Walker's hands shifted so that he cupped her bottom in his hands and gently pulled the cheeks apart.


Alex reached down and used her fingers to guide the tip of his shaft toward her. She touched the blunt end and paused to bring her fingers to her lips for a taste.


"Oh god Walker, please..." she begged.


He readily complied as he pressed against her opening from behind her and let the fluids coat him. He knew that he had to be gentle and slow until he was slick with her liquid or risk hurting her.  Her fingers returned to cup her own womanhood as she steered the mast of him into her safe harbor. The head of his penis pushed past her labia and reached the ring that guarded her opening. Once he knew he was on course, he pulled her back into his lap and she sunk onto him, filled by him.


Walker's hands now shifted to her hips and he used her own body to complete his penetration. Once he was fully ensconced in her depths, his fingers trailed to the front of her to touch the heart of her passion. He slid his first two fingers into the fluids there and then took his turn to bring his fingers to his lips and taste her.


"Better than any fine wine in the world," he commented, as Alex began a circular motion with her hips keeping him deeply buried. She took her hands and grabbed a handful of leather from each of the chair’s arms.

Tightening and releasing she had Walker so enthralled he almost forgot to reciprocate. His fingers returned to the front of her body and began rubbing up and down at the tip of her cleft. She leaned forward against his fingers and pressed him even harder against her.


Walker pushed against her down, toward her filled opening. His fingers pushed against her trying to enter in.


"Walker, No!" she screamed as the pressure began to build.


He chuckled and rubbed his bearded cheek against her back, the extra friction adding to the sensations bombarding her.


"Walker, I swear if you do..."


"What Alex? What are you going to do to me??"


"Walker, you know I can't walk for days when you do that."


"Honey you don't need to walk anywhere. I'll carry from this chair to bed and back again."


"So you like this chair?"


"It has definite possibilities."


All throughout their conversation his fingers slid up and down from her engorged clitoris to the point at which their bodies joined. He tickled his index finger up and slid it millimeter by millimeter into her.


"Walker don't!"


"I'm just looking for that G-spot thing Alex.”


"Walker you know that I don't need it. The veins that stick out all along your shaft find it just fine."


"And no man has ever before found it right, Alex?"




His male ego satisfied, he slides his hand away and to her hips. He lifts her off of him and then pulls her back down onto him. Alex uses her arms to press herself up and down until all finesse is lost and it is two beings lost in the mating ritual. Nothing exist except this tiny world they have created together and it continues to shrink until the only thing that exist his hard shaft and her moist cavern and all the amazing sensations that the two create together.


"Faster," she pants at him as his hands grasp for better purchase. Her bottom is slapping against his lap as she pumps up and down on him not even feeling the anaerobic burn in her thighs.


"I can't hold out much longer honey, please come," he begs her.


"I can't I can't. Oh, God, Walker touch me. Touch me!"


He knows just what she's asking and his hand slides back around to find the tiny bundle of nerves. It doesn't take much, just the slightest touch and she's lost.


She screams out in ecstasy as her entire world explodes. It's all that she can do to focus on him and his orgasm. He explodes deep into her spilling his life-giving seed deep into her.


"Oh, God, NO!" Alex screams.


"What? What is it!?" he cries, as he collapses back into the loving arms of the chair.

Alex shifts forward tumbling off of his lap and onto the floor at his feet. She searches the floor looking for it. She knows it must be there. She'd tucked it into the edge of the thigh. Finally she comes up onto her hands and knees facing the chair, facing him. She holds up the little foil packet and shows it to him.


"Guess what we forgot," she says.


He begins to laugh.


She slaps his leg and says ...You're nursing the next one.


The End