By Dreamer36                                   donna and robert     


This day had been a long time coming.  Walker and Alex had discussed and discussed the details of  their wedding.  They both really wanted a small ceremony but their friends wanted a large wedding.  As a compromise they settled for a moderate wedding at Walker’s ranch.  The place they both loved to come to escape the world around them.

The guests were arriving.  Alex and Josie Watson, her maid of honor, were in the guest bedroom trying to get the finishing touches on their dresses.

Alex was so nervous that she couldn’t concentrate. “ Josie” she said, “My heart is beating 50 miles an hour.  Oh why didn’t we just elope?”   she asked not actually wanting an answer.

“Relax Alex, things will be fine”.

“Yeah right.  I’ll bet Walker’s as cool as a cucumber.  I wish I had his nerves.”

Walker was upstairs sitting on the foot of his bed.  He was really nervous, he let out a big sigh.

There was a knock at the door.  “Come in” he said.

C.D. Parker came into the room, Jimmy Trivette, Walker’s partner and best man followed him.

“Cordell” C.D. said “The guests are arriving better get a move on son.”

Walker stood up and started to leave the room.  C.D. smiled

Jimmy said “Walker, your pants man.”

Walker looked down and realized he was dressed from the waist up but had forgotten to put his pants on.  He only had on a pair of briefs and sock and shoes.

C.D. and Jimmy laughed as Walker tried to remember where he put his trousers.

“Never thought I’d see the day that Cordell Walker acted human.”  Jimmy said laughing.

The groom was too nervous to even have a come back this time.

After finding his pants, he finished dressing and went to meet the guests.

Alex looked out the window, she saw all their friends and guests arriving.  A knock came on the door, she looked at the clock.  It was almost time.

“Come in” Josie said.

C.D. peeked in the door “You ready Honey?”

“No” she said “I mean Yes----I don’t know C.D.” she said

“You are almost as nervous as Cordell.”  He said

“See Walker’s nervous too”  Josie said.

“Honey if you only knew”  C.D. Said smiling.

The wedding was like a dream, everything went great except Walker messed up once while saying the vows. He whispered “Darn it” and continued.

All the excitement came to a wonderful conclusion when the preacher pronounced them man and wife.  “You may now kiss the bride“ he told Walker.

The first kiss they shared as husband and wife was like none other.

The entire reception was catered by C.D. and his crew.

The festivities went on for hours.  Finally one by one the guests left until by dark, the only people remaining were C.D., Maize ( His friend from the nursing home assignment) and Jimmy and Josie.

As they were talking C.D. looked at his watch and asked “ Jimmy why don’t you and Josie come dancing with Maize and I?”

“That’s all right C.D. ............. Oh” Trivette said. “Why sure we’d love to go dancing wouldn’t we Josie?”  he winked at Walker and flashed him a big smile.

The newlyweds stood on the porch watching their last guests leave.

Once they had pulled off, Walker took his bride in his arms and carried her over the threshold.  Once inside he closed the door behind them with his foot.  He set her feet on the floor and kissed his wife.

Their wedding night was electric.  The walls could hardly hold all the love and passion pulsing through the house that night.

As Alex gave herself to Walker that night, she felt connected to him like never before. She loved this man more now than before, which she did not think was possible.

As she felt his manhood inside her and waves of passion flowed over them both she couldn’t imagine ever being without him in her life.

Walker’s heart was so full of love for this lady that he thought it would burst.  Finally she would be his tomorrow when he awoke.  No more stolen weekends they would have the rest of their lives together.

Sleep was rare that night but neither one of them seemed to mind.

As the sun rose the two lovers lie in each others arms.  Walker had taken a short nap was awake now watching his lady sleep.  “She is so beautiful” he thought “I must be the luckiest man on earth”

He kissed her on the cheek to wake her.  “Wake up, beautiful” he softly said.

Alex’s eyes fluttered, she opened then closed them again. She snuggled close to him.

“Oh no you don’t” he said “We’ve got to get up and get moving if we are going on our honeymoon.  You get your shower and make breakfast I’ll feed the horses and then get ready after breakfast.”

“Why don’t we save time and take our shower together?” Alex asked with a seductive smile.

“Because that would not be a way to save time” He said as he sat up on the side of the bed.  He slipped on a pair of workout pants, which were lying near the bed.

As he leaves the room he said “Don’t go back to sleep now.”              

“Yes sir ‘ she said and covered her head with the blanket.

In a few minutes he could hear the shower water running.  He proceeds to the barn to take care of the animals before they leave.  C.D. and Jimmy had volunteered to help out with the chores while they were gone.

After her shower Alex dressed in a pair of  jeans and a sweater, went down stairs and cooked her husband breakfast.

After he returned from the barn she had breakfast on the table.  The bacon, eggs, home fries and toast were good but the coffee was the most welcome part.

Once they had eaten Alex cleared the table, while he took his shower and got ready to leave on their trip.  While Walker packed the Recreational Vehicle, which was given to them as a surprise wedding gift from their close friends, Alex washed the breakfast dishes.  Then she joined her cowboy on the front porch.

“Ready to go?” he asked, as he wrapped his arms around her from the back.

“Walker, this is like a dream”  she said.

“Well, if this is a dream, don’t wake me up.”  he said.

“You mean it?”  she asked, with love in her eyes.

“Sure do, I’ve always wanted a RV.” he said.

“Oh you.”  she said slapping his arm playfully.

They both laughed.

The drive on the way to their destination was wonderful.  They talked and laughed.  They made occasional stops for site seeing and whatever.

The traffic was not really heavy.  They were making good time.  After stopping for lunch, they were on their way again.  Stopping as needed for gas and pit stops.

By now it was 5:00 p.m. they agreed to have a leisurely dinner, find a motel and stop for the night.

At the diner in Mississippi they sat in a booth in the back of the restaurant and ordered their diner.  Once they had placed their order Walker excused himself to go to the restroom.

Alex sat waiting for him to return.  After a few minutes he was walking back to the booth when he was stopped by a woman who stepped in front of him and said “Would you like to join me handsome?”

Walker was surprised for a moment but then he said “No, but thank you I’m with my wife.”

“She can wait.” the hussy said giving him a wink and a sexy smile.

“I don’t think so” he said and walked around the woman.

Alex was watching the meeting with some amusement but a little jealousy.

Walker returned to the booth were Alex was waiting.  As he sat down Alex asked “New friend?”

“Just an admirer” he said laughing.

She gave him a hard look.  He said “Alex  I could never leave you, you are the only one for me.”

She smiled

Then he continued “And besides you have the keys to the RV.”

She couldn’t help but laugh.  Their food arrived, the food was good but Walker wasn’t very interested in the food.  He couldn’t wait to get to the motel and have Alex all over again tonight.

As she finished her meal, Alex noticed him staring at her over his cup of coffee.  She smiled and he winked.

She blushed as she knew what he was thinking.

“You ready to go?”  He asked.

“Yes, I’m kinda tired.”

He paid the bill and left the tip, as the left the restaurant Walker said real low “Hope you’re not too tired.”

She just giggled and said “You’re bad.”

“I know it” he said laughing.

Walker unlocked the door to the motel room, it looked comfortable.  They entered the room and locked the door behind them.

The rest of the world ceased to exist for them tonight.

Walker took her in his arms and kissed her with immense passion.  At first the kiss took her breathe away but soon she was returning his passion, she opened her mouth slightly to give his tongue a way to find hers.  As their tongues flirted with one another’s he managed to remove her blouse.

After removing her bra and discarding it on the chair next to the bed, his hands then cupped both her breasts.  As he massaged them her nipples became hard and firm.   A moan of pleasure passed though Alex’s lips and their kiss ended.

He moved and began to kiss her neck as her hand moved to rest on the top button of his jeans.

Walker could feel his desire pressing against the confinement of his jeans, making them feel tight.  As Alex loosened the button and unzipped the jeans Walker felt the relief as he was released from his almost unbearable bindings.

They could control themselves no longer.  The remainder of their clothing was discarded quickly.  As the fell into the bed, they hold each other like they will never let go.

Walker moved Alex under him, with his knee he spread her legs allowing him to enter.  They made love slowly at first but as their heart beat became faster the pace picked up.  They both reached a fantastic climax together.  Once their functions returned to normal Walker rolled to one side.  Alex snuggled close to him and the fell asleep satisfied and fulfilled

By 6:00 the next morning they were on their way again.

After several hours they saw the sign saying “Welcome to Florida, the sunshine state.”  Once they turned onto Route 19, it was a straight shot to Tarpon Springs.

They were going to the small town called Tarpon Springs ( it was known as the sponge capital of the world)  A retired Ranger named Calvin Perkins had been a resident there for many years.

C.D. and Perkins had kept in contact, and when he found out about Walkers wedding he sent them a gift certificate for a two week stay at a RV park outside of Tarpon.

The park was called Linger Longer RV park.                                       

The others all went together and bought them a RV for a present.

Before they knew it they were in Tarpon Springs.  The scenery was breath taking, palm trees all around and water seemed to be everywhere.

Rt. 19 traffic was heavy.  As traffic zipped by them Walker stopped at a gas station for directions.  C.D. had given his the address for their friend.  Once he got directions, they were on their way again.  After finding Walton Avenue they found the mans house.

The older man was sitting on his porch as they pulled up out front.  At first he couldn’t figure out who was there but then realized it was Walker.

As Walker got out of the camper Calvin called “Cordell Walker, you are a sight for sore eyes”.

The Ranger smiled then walked around the vehicle and opened the door for his bride.

Calvin looked as she stepped out of the front seat.  “She’s even prettier that C.D. said”  he thought.

“Cal how have you been?”  Walker asked as he stepped onto the porch.

The two men embraced “I hear you finally got roped.”

“Yes thought you’d never see the day hey Cal?”  Walker asked him.  He put his arm around Alex, who was standing a little behind him, and pulled her beside him. “ Cal I’d like you to meet my wife Alex Cah--- I mean Walker”  he just knew he would mess it up.

She smiled.

“Alex, this is Calvin Perkins, he retired before you came to Dallas.”  Walker continued.

They exchanged a small hug and some pleased to meet yours.  “Any wife of Walker’s is a friend of mine” Cal said smiling.

“Alex is the Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County.  I guess you could say she’s my boss”

“Yeah right.  Since when?”  Alex remarked.

“Same old Walker I see.”  Cal said, he turned to Alex and said “ I could tell you some stories, my dear”

“Don’t even start” Walker said laughing.  They all laughed.  Calvin offered them something to drink,  they accepted and sat on the porch to relax..  As much as Walker tried to avoid the old stories they still were told.  They reminisced about the old days, suddenly Alex saw a lizard about two inches long on the side of the house.

“Look Walker” she said pointing to the wall.

Walker quietly but quickly crossed the porch and scooped the lizard in his hands.  He brought it to Alex “Should we name him?”  he asked.

“Yes.  He looks like Jimmy, when you don’t agree with him.  Let’s call him Jim.”

“ Okay, Jim it is” Walker said and let the lizard go.

Cal laughed “Don’t tell me you two are going to name every critter you see?”

“Probably” Walker remarked.

“Well let’s get you guys settled” Cal said “ Follow me I’ll show you where the park is.”  they go to their respective vehicles.  With Perkins in front they made their way down Walton Ave to Tarpon Ave to Alternate 19 to Anclote Rd.

Within a few minutes the were at the RV park.  Cal helped Walker set up the site.  Making sure there was electric, water and sewage to the camper and everything was connected correctly before he got ready to leave.

“All set, except one thing”  he handed Walker the keys to the car he had driven there. “Consider it yours while your here”  the ex Ranger said.

“Cal we can’t take your car, what will you drive?”

“Don’t worry.  I have another care.  It belongs to Mandy”

“Little Amanda?”  Walker said

“She’s not little Amanda anymore.  She’s married to a missionary.  They are in South America right now, they’ll be back at Christmas”

“How old is she now?”  Walker asked.

“25” the older man answered. 

Walker looked at Alex and said “I can remember the day she was born.”

Cal laughed and said “He should, he was the one who took Mary to the hospital.  We had been involved in a bank robbery takedown.  I took a bullet in the chest.  Luckily the bullet missed any vital organs.  While the ambulance was taking me to the hospital dispatch called to tell me that my wife was in labor.  Walker here rushed to my house and took her to the hospital”  he continued “ No one knew he had been shot in the back.  That is until he passed out on the hospital floor”

Walker laughed “Yeah, the nurses just thought I was a nervous father”

“Until they saw the blood”  Cal added.

“Oh no, it sounds like you guys had a rough day, that day”

“Well actually Amanda had it harder than us”  Walker said.

“Why” she asked.

“Because they named her Amanda Cordella Perkins, that’s why’

They all laughed  “Imagine having to go through life with a name like that”  Walker said.

“Okay, look Walker why don’t you give me a lift home.  Keep the car and enjoy it.  You can remember how to get back from my house right?”

“Yes I can” Walker replied.

“Go on and take Cal home I want to freshen up some anyway.”  Alex kissed him and told Cal she would see him tomorrow.

“How about I show you two around tomorrow?”  Cal asked on the way to his house.

“Okay” was Walkers one word answer.  ‘Same old Walker, man of few words’ the retired man thought.

“I’ll stop over tomorrow morning.”

“About what time?” Walker asked.

“Since it’s your honeymoon, I’ll bet even you won’t get up before 9:30 or 10:00” he answered.

Walker could feel his face turning red as he said “Well you know how it is.”

After leaving Cal at his home Walker headed back to the campsite.

Once there he asked his wife “Are you hungry?”

“Yes very” she replied.

“Cal suggested we go to Pappas Restaurant, at the sponge docks.  It’s supposed to be world famous.

“Phil told me about that place, his father has been there a couple of times when he’s been down here on business.  He says it’s real good.”

“That’s what Cal said too.”

The restaurant was really nice but a little more fancy and expensive than he would normally go to.  He would make an exception this time Alex deserved the best for putting up with him waiting as long as he had to come to his senses.

The conversation was light during dinner, the food was superb and the wine was delightful.

After a leisurely dinner they headed back to the RV.

The drive there had been tiring and Walker just wanted to relax for a while.

Back at camp, they both got comfortable and relaxed outside listening to some country music on the radio.

A nice slow romantic song began to play.  Walker stood up and asked “Mrs. Walker, may I have this dance?”

“Always” she replied and moved into his awaiting arms. They slowly swayed to the music, enjoying being in each other’s arms.

The music filed the air.  He held her close, nuzzled her ear slowly and kissed her neck.

Alex ran her fingers through the hair on the back of his neck.  She felt his desire pressing against her thigh. 

She smiled, she knew just how to bring out the response she wanted from him.  He began kissing her lightly at first but they  became longer and more urgent until they became passion filled.

By this time the song had ended.  Alex whispered in his ear “ Let’s take this inside cowboy”.

He picked her up in his arms carefully and carried her inside.  Her heart was beating loudly as his hand moved to her breast caressing it gently.  She let out several moans of pleasure as he played her body like a musician plays a fine instrument. He removed her bra and continued to build a desire in her.

She released his manhood from the now tight jeans by unbuttoning the top button and lowering the zipper.  As his pants fell to the floor she could see his bulging desire in his briefs.  It never ceased to amaze her the immense pleasure he brought to her.

As they made sweet love all night, over and over again reaching the heights of ecstasy, she knew in her heart that he was the only man for her.

In the morning he woke early.  Carefully he released his arms from around her, where she had slept.  He got out of the bed and dressed.  He looked at the clock and saw it was only 6:30.  Quietly he made a pot of coffee.  Once it was ready he took a cup of the hot liquid and went outside.

As he watched the birds and the squirrels he saw a shadow from the sky. ‘could it be’ he thought.  He looked again and saw a bald eagle.  He watched as it soared high in the sky, swoop lower turn and go back into the air.

About 7:30 Alex opened the screen door and said “wondered where you got to.”

“Look”  he said as she stepped outside. “An eagle, maybe it’s Uncle Ray giving us his blessing.”

“Oh Walker that’s sweet” she said.

She took the coffee cup from his hand and took a sip.

“Would you like a cup?“  he asked.

“No, yours taste better”, she said smiling.

“That’s what I thought”.

She smiled and said “I’m going to take a shower.  Want to join me.”

“No there’s not much room in the shower” he replied.

“That’s the idea” she said with a sexy smile on her face. “If you change your mind” she winked and went inside.

He sat there thinking about whether to join her or not.  Finally he said to himself “What the hell, go for it.” he got up to go inside.

His friend Cal Perkins pulled beside the RV.  “Walker good morning sorry I’m early.  Where’s your beautiful wife?”

“In the shower” Walker said a little disappointed that he had waited too on to join her, but glad he hadn’t gone in sooner.  ‘it would have pretty embarrassing if they were indisposed when Cal got there’

“I’m not interrupting anything, I hope”  the retired Ranger asked.

“No, that’s okay”  Walker said.  He thought to himself ‘a little white lie won’t hurt this time.’

“C.D. called last night.”  Cal told him.

“ Is anything wrong?”

“No he just wanted to make sure you two made it here okay.” Cal said.

“That’s C.D. for you, a mother hen”

Once Alex is done bathing she joins the men outside.  Walker excuses himself and goes to get ready for their day.

Cal had asked him earlier if they would like to go fishing on the Gulf of Mexico.

Since they all enjoyed fishing it sounded like a fun day.

Once they were on the  Gulf the breeze was perfect and there were not too many waves.  The water was clear and calm and they could see down into the water.

The fishing was relaxing Walker.  Cal had gotten his line tangled on something in the water.  He was fussing with the like “Dag gum it.”  he muttered “Darn line”.

Alex had grown tired of fishing and decided to try to get as little sun.  She was stretched out on a towel on the stern of the boat.

Walker kept stealing glances at her, unnoticed by her.

As his mind wandered back to the passion of last night he was suddenly brought back to the present by Cal yelling “WHAT THE HELL?”

Walker dropped his fishing pole and joined his friend.

“What is it?” he asked.

By this time Alex had joined them, she gasp as the older man and Walker pulled the body of a dead woman out of the water.

Walker stood she grabbed his arms and said “Walker”.  He put his arms around her as she buried her face in his broad chest.

The retired Ranger was still kneeling over the body.  He looked up at the Ranger and said “Let’s get back to shore and notify the authorities.”  He said, with a grim look on his weathered face.

From the ships radio the police were notified.  They were waiting as the boat reached the shore.  The State Police notified the coroner.

While completing the necessary paperwork it was ascertained that Walker was a Texas Ranger.

The police investigator asked “Do you handle many cases like this back in Texas?”

“A few more than I care to remember” Walker said letting out a sigh.

“If we need assistance can we call on you?”

“Yes, we’ll do what we can”  Walker said.

“Walker” Alex said and gave him a hard stare.  He returned the stare mockingly then winked at her.  She turned her back on him.

Cal drove them back to the campsite.  Along the way Walker noticed a squirrel running along the electric lines above the road.  Alex was setting in the front seat and he was behind her in the back.

He gently tapped her shoulder and said, “Look Hon”

She ignored him.

She was still ignoring him after they had been at the RV for a while.  Finally she said “Walker, how could you?”

“What” he asked.

“We are on our honeymoon” she said harshly.

“Yes I know that” he replied back.

“Then how could you?” she asked again.

“What?” he asked for the second time.  He honestly did not know what she was so upset about.

“OH YOU” she turned, stomped in to the RV and slammed the door behind her.

“Dang”  Walker said.  He knew there would be not sense talking to her now.  He just took a walk to think.  When he returned to the RV Alex was lying on the bed.  He could see she had been crying.  When he walked into the room, she turned her back on him.  “You still mad?” he asked.

She didn’t answer.

“Alex, honey what did I do?”  he asked “If you won’t talk to me how am I going to know what it is?”

She knew she couldn’t stay angry at him for long.  She was upset that he didn’t even know why she was angry.  He was so exasperating.

He made an attempt to caress her shoulder but she jerked away.  She wasn’t ready to forgive him yet.

“Okay, when you feel like talking I’ll be outside”  he calmly said.  Then he went out.

‘He isn’t even upset.  How dare he?’ she thought.  ‘ He could at least be concerned about why I am angry’ she punched the pillow and said “ That man!”

Outside Walker was trying to figure what he had done to upset her so.

Suddenly the answer was clear. “Boy Walker, you really messed up this time.”  he said to himself.

Alex was standing behind him by now.  She had realized she was upset over something she could do nothing about.  “No you didn’t” she said.

He stood and turned to face her.  “Alex” he took put his arms around her slim waist, “This is supposed to be our time together and there I go again, getting involved in a case.”

“It’s all right.  I knew how you were when I fell in love with you.”  she put her arms around his neck and hugged him.  “You’re a workaholic and I know it.”

“Well  for the rest of the trip I’ll...”

She stopped him with a kiss.  “Cowboy don’t change” she said.

He looked into her beautiful  blue eyes, there was more love in them than he deserved.  “I love you” he said and he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.  As the moment heated up he scooped his lady into his arms and carried her inside.

After a few hours of sharing very special moments they lie close just enjoying  being together.

Alex rested her head on his chest, his heartbeat was soothing.  He kissed the top of her head and stroked her soft blonde hair.

Finally she spoke, “Trouble seems to follow us.  Doesn’t it?”

“Seems that way” he answered.  “But this time it’s not going to interfere with us.”  he rolled over and kissed her.

As his kisses became harder and deeper the passion rekindled.  She felt his desire pressing against her stomach.  Her desire was burning too, not wanting to wait she guided his manhood into her, she wanted to feel his love inside her.  At first the thrusts were slow but soon the pace quickened until they both were floating down a river of pleasure, each calling the others name.

Once their heart beats and breathing returned almost to normal, He rolled to one side and cradled her in his strong arms.  Sleep found both of them fulfilled but tired.

The next morning Walker woke first.  He quietly got up, dressed then decided to go outside.  He took a walk down Anclote Rd...  He enjoyed the weather and wildlife.  On his way back he stopped at a newspaper box, which he had noticed earlier.  He put in his quarter and got out a paper.

Back at the site he was setting reading the news.  Alex woke, she noticed he was not in the bed.  She stretched then and got up and dressed.  Going out to greet the morning she noticed Walker setting on the steps engrossed in a newspaper article.

She snuck up behind him, hugged his neck and kissed his cheek.  “Good morning handsome.”  she said.

Lowering the paper a moment he greeted his wife with a smile “Morning yourself” he said ”You feeling better?”

“Oh yeah.” she said giving him a sexy smile. “Then asked “What’s you reading?”  she inquired.

“It’s about the body we found yesterday  he said “It says here that she was a prostitute and that she is not the first dead body they have found in Pinnelas County.  There were also a few found near Tampa.  They still have no suspects the paper says.”

She took the paper from his hands and sat on his lap, as she laid the paper next to them.  She put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.  She moved down to kiss his neck and occasionally move back to his ear and blow lightly into it,  then move back to kiss his neck. 

He was trying to ignore her flirting and read the article over her shoulder.  Finally his concentration was really broken when she slipped her hand into his shirt and ran her finger through his chest hairs, and started nibbling his ear.

“Lady You’re playing with fire.” he growled and captured his lips in a kiss.

Before things could go any farther he heard a car pull up.  Abruptly he broke off the kiss and looked up to see a Tarpon Springs Police car.

The officer exited the car and asked “Are you Ranger Cordell Walker?”

Walker gently moved Alex off his lap and they both stood up.

“Yes” he offered the officer his hand.  After the hand shake Walker said “This is my wife Alex.”

“How do you do?” he smiled.

“Officer” Alex said.

“What can we do for you?” Walker asked.

“The Chief wanted me to ask if you could come to the station to talk about the body you found yesterday.”

“Well” Walker started “I know I said------”

Alex interrupted “We’ll be there.  What time?”

“Anytime that’s convenient for you.”

“How about an hour and a half.”  she asked.

Walker looked at this woman.  He loved her so much, she knew he was intrigued by this case.

The officer gave them directions to the station and then he left saying “I’ll tell the chief”

After the officer left, the Ranger looked at his lady and said “Alex, I love you so much.”

“The feeling is mutual Cowboy” she said then she kissed him.  “Now if you don’t get started we’ll never get ready.”

After a shower and a change of clothes they were ready to go.

They stopped for breakfast and following the directions given to them by the policeman they found the police station.            

Once there they went into the building and asked at the front desk for the chief.

“Who may I say is here?”  was the question.

“Ranger or I mean Mr. and Mrs. Walker” He said correcting himself.

“Yes sir, he is expecting you” the desk sergeant said with a smile “Go on in.”

They entered the inner office.  The chief was a tall man, he looked to be of Greek heritage.  His dark hair was peppered with gray.  He had a file on his desk which was two inches thick and another file near by which was about four inches thick.  He looked tired, almost as if he hadn’t slept in days.

They greeted the man.   After the amenities were exchanged, they got down to business.     

Chief Daniel Stafford ( a name shortened from his ancestral name, which he couldn’t even pronounce) asked “ Have you handled many cases like this before?”

“More than I care to think about” was the red bearded response then he continued “The paper said the woman we found was a prostitute and that this is not the first body to be found here.”

“Yes, “ the chief started “ There have been four more in the past two years.”  he shook his head in disgust. “We are a small town and we don’t see many murders here.  This case has us running in circles”.

“Were all the other women found also prostitutes?” Walker asked.

“Yes, they all were.”

“Do you think we may be looking for a serial killer?” Walker asked.

“I don’t know.  Could be there were also several bodies found in Tampa.  That’s in Hillsbough County.”

“Is that the material on the cases?” Alex asked, pointing to the big folders.


“Is there somewhere we could go to look over the files?” She asked.

“Yes” the chief answered slowly not sure why Alex was interested.

Walker explained “ My wife is an assistant District Attorney in Dallas.  She has handled a lot of these kinds of cases.”

“Excellent” The chief remarked.  “You may use our conference room.”

The commander led them to a large room with a long table in the middle surrounded by chairs.  Bookcases full of law books lined the walls.

“You have a good selection of books here.” Alex said.

“Thank you, feel free to use anything you need.  If you need something and don’t see it just ask.”

He returned to his office.

After an hour of reviewing the evidence and statements, Walker said “Alex, why don’t you keep looking and see if you can find any connection between these women.  I’m going to get directions and look at the places the bodies were found.

“I know why Jimmy gripes now,  You run out when the paperwork starts,” she said smiling.

“I hate paperwork, you know that” he said

“Okay go” she said laughing.  He kissed her and left the room.

At the front desk he asked if Chief Stafford was in.  The chief walked to the front desk.

Walker smiled and asked “Would it be possible to get a map of the area, with the places were all the bodies were found marked on it?  I’d like to take a look around.”

“How about if I just take you to them?”  The chief said “I grew up in this area I know it well.”

“If you would that would be great” Walker replied.

The chief told the sergeant behind the desk that he would be back later and the two lawmen left.

The weather was warm, but the humidity was low.  There was a breeze off the Gulf which made it very comfortable.

The chief took Walker to the bridge off of Alternate 19.  They parked in the parking lot of the Bridge Lounge and walked to the water which was not very far.

The chief pointed to a weeded area and said “A body was found here, we thought maybe she was just a drowning victim.  We have a few here each year.  Once the cornier finished his exam it was evident she had been strangled.  Later we identified her and found out that she was a “Working girl”  Then when the other bodies starting popping up, well we knew we had trouble.”

While the chief was explaining, Walker looked around the area.

It had been almost a year since the first body was found.  Not a lot of evidence remained in the area.  They went to two more locations but the same problem existed at all of them, too much time had elapsed since the bodies had been found to find any new evidence. As for the last body it had been found in the water.  Any evidence was somewhere in the Gulf.

Walker did notice that all the bodies were found in area’s which were isolated but yet accessible by car or boat.

Once back at the police station Walker went to check and see what Alex had found.  As he quietly entered the conference room, he saw her sitting at the table reading a file.  ‘She looks so beautiful’ he thought.

Without making a sound he made his way to her.  He bent over and kissed her neck.

“You better be careful, my husband will be back soon and he has a black belt.”  she said jokingly ( she knew it was him).

“Well I’m wearing a brown belt, does that count.” He said laughing.  She laughed also and then asked him what he had found.

“Not much, most of the evidence is gone except what’s in the files here.”  he answered motioning to the papers on the table.  “What did you find?”

“The only connection I can find is that they were all prostitutes and all from Tampa”  she said rubbing her tired eyes.

“How about a late lunch?” he asked her.

They decided to call it a day get some lunch and do a little site seeing. 

While he and the chief were out earlier, the chief pointed out some places they might want to see.

They went to the Sponge Docks a local tourist attraction and ate lunch at a little cafe which had outside tables.

Alex sat looking at the water. It was so soothing after a morning of reading murder files.

Walker was setting across from her smiling.  She looked at him, “What?” she asked.

He just smiled and winked at her, “Just thinking how much I love you”

Alex couldn’t get over how romantic he had been lately.  How long would it last? she wondered.  The she decided to just enjoy it and not question it.

They took a stroll after lunch and took in some of the sites.

As they stood looking at the boats docking, Alex said “Walker let’s go dancing tonight.”

“No chance.” he said.

“Please?” she pleaded.

“Alex, why can’t I say no to you when you plead?”

“Because I’m so cute” she said with a smug smile. 

He just shook his head and laughed.

Later that night they were sitting at a table in the back of a small bar called The Bridge Lounge.           

Walker had moved his chair close to Alex and put his arms around her.  He was whispering in her ear.  She smiled and snuggled in his warm arms.

As the music played Alex began to tap her foot the beat.  “Walker let’s dance.”  she jumped up, took his hands and pulled him to his feet.  He started to protest but then figured what’s the use she’ll just get her way.

They danced a couple of dances and returned to the table.

As they watched the rest of the dancers on the floor something caught her husbands eye at the bar.

A man and woman appeared to be having an argument, normal enough he thought, but yet something bothered him.  He couldn’t quite put his finger on exactly what bothered him though.

Alex had been talking to him but he wasn’t listening.

“Walker” she said again.

Still no answer.

“Walker” she said poking him in the side with her elbow.

“Huh” he said.

“Are you ready to go, I’ve asked you that three times”

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.  Are you ready to go?” her asked her.

“Good idea” she said and let out a little laugh.

He stood and helped her to her feet. They made their way to the front of the bar to pay the bill.  As they walked to the bar they passed the area where the two people were arguing

The man said “I know you got more than 20 dollars.”

“That’s all he gave me honest” the woman with him said.

“If you’re holding out of me I’ll make you wish you were dead.”  he threatened.

Walker paid the bill and they left.

At the RV Walker said “I’m going to take a shower, why don’t you make some coffee?” he asked Alex.

She kissed him and asked, “Are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“Tempting” he said “but I can take my shower alone.” he sighed “I’m just really tired right now.”

She smiled knowing he needed to have some time alone. “Okay, how about a massage when you’re done?”

“Hummm, now that sounds great.”

She went to make the coffee while he showered.  Something kept bothering him but he really wasn’t sure what it was.

After the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and went to lay on the bed.  Alex brought his coffee to him. “You ready for your massage cowboy?” she asked.

He took a sip of the coffee, sat the cup next to the bed and rolled onto his stomach.

Alex sat on her knees next to him and began to rub his neck. “You’re all tied in knots darling” she said.  After massaging his neck her hand moved to his shoulders. It felt so good as her soft hands kneaded all the kinks out of his tired muscles.  She was pushing all the right buttons and he was beginning to relax.

He was so relaxed that he didn’t realize she had slipped one hand under his towel.

Her action became apparent to him, he quickly caught her hand with one of his. and rolled to his side.  “You promised me a back rub.”

“No I promised you a massage” she said smiling impishly.

Suddenly he began to tickle her.  She laughed and squealed “Oh you”  she struggled to get her hand free,  “stop” she gasped.

“Not until you promise to finish the back rub and behave yourself” he said.

“Okay” she said “I promise.”

He let go of her hand and stopped tickling her,  Before he could react she jumped on top of him and started playfully punching him.  Once again he took her hands but these time he pulled her close and kissed her lips.  It promised to be a more to come kiss but without warning Walker broke off the kiss, rolled her off him and sat up in the bed.

“Walker” she said.

He didn’t hear her, he was too deep in thought.  She rolled over, propped her self up on her elbow.  “Are you all right?” she asked.

Again he didn’t answer her.  “WALKER” she said sharply.

He looked at her and said “A pimp”.

“A what?”

“The guy in the bar, he must have been a pimp”.  He explained about over hearing the couples conversation. “It didn’t register with me until now.”

“My kiss reminded you of a pimp?” she asked sarcastically.

“No, of course not” he laughed. “ But if the dead women were prostitutes then they probably had a pimp right?”

“Yes, I see what your getting at.  Maybe the girls were skimming off the top, or trying to leave them. and the pimp didn’t like it.  But they don’t usually kill the girls, they would lose money then.”

“A little too much force” he said “ Things get carried away one thing leads to another, you know.”

“Hum” she said thinking about what he had just said.

“We’ll talk to the chief tomorrow.”  He rolled over pinning her beneath him and growled “Where were we?” and continued their kiss.

Six o’clock the next morning found Walker awake watching the angel sleeping in his arms.  He just couldn’t seem to sleep late.  To many years of early rising he thought.  At first he tried to lay there so as not to disturb Alex.  But being still was not something he did well.

Finally he managed to get out of the bed without disturbing her.  He dressed and went outside.  As he sat on the RV steps he thought ‘we could use Trivette’s computer skills right now.’  Then he laughed, he could hear C.D. and Trivette giving him a hard time about getting involved in a case on their honeymoon.  ‘Although it shouldn’t surprise them’ he thought ‘ we don’t seem to be able to take a vacation with out trouble finding them.  The rafting trip, the trip to the mountains, the trip to the Bioux and even the trip to Golden Wells.’

He sat for awhile thinking, about 6:30 he went back inside and took a shower, dressed and by 7:00 was on his was the Chief Stafford office.

He left a note for Alex.  It said “ WENT TO SEE CHIEF STAFFORD.  BE BACK SOON. I LOVE YOU.     WALKER”    He didn’t have the heart to wake her, she was sleeping so peaceful.

Walker was surprised to see the Chief in the office so early.

“Early?” the chief said. “I haven’t been home yet.” he laughed, “ My wife and kids probably forget what I look like by now.”

“I know what you mean, but until now the only ones to miss me were my horses.”

“I love being a police officer but it’s hard on the family.”  the man sighed “It takes a very special woman to put up with us I guess.”

“It sure does” Walker said smiling as her thought of Alex.

“Well enough of that” the chief said. What’s on you mind, I’m sure you didn’t come in here this early to hear about my life.”

“Do you know if any of the dead women worked for any local pimps?”

“They have to work for the guys out of Tampa, we have a few operators here but they are just small timers.  Nothing as big as they would have in the cities.”

“Can you check it out?”  Walker asked.

“Sure I’ll call Tampa PD and ask them.”

“Thanks I’ll check back in later.”  he turned to leave then stopped, “ Is there a florist near here that would be open now?”

“In the dog house Ranger?” the chief asked smiling.

“No just trying to keep out.”

The commander looked at the clock on his wall and said” It’s 8:30.  Yes Tarpon Florist opens at 8:00.”   he was given directions and the Ranger on his way. 

Alex had risen at about 8:00.  She found the note from her husband.  As she read it she smiled, short, sweet and to the point he sure does hate paperwork.

After fixing a pot of coffee she decided to write some letters herself.  She had finished a couple of letter when she heard a car pull up next to their portable residence.

In a moment a dozen roses appeared in the doorway, followed by the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with.  She looked puzzled.  “Roses for me?” she asked “Why?”

“Just because” he answered.

“Well in that case, thank you very much” she said.  She took the roses, stood up and hugged his neck. “Did you see the chief?” she inquired.

“Yes, he’s going to check on something for me.  So I’m free for the rest of the morning” he said slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her close.

“Why cowboy what did you have in mind?”

“Well lady” he began “ I thought maybe we could--if you like-- maybe we could go get something to eat.”  he smiled with a twinkle in his gray eyes.

“Be serious” she said.

“I am serious, I’m starving” he said.

She just laughed.          

After breakfast some site seeing was the order.

Walker had noticed earlier that the was a place to rent wave runners near the Anclote Bridge. They rented a couple of wave runners, changed and went out for a ride.  They enjoyed their ride.  The water was warm and the breeze was just right.  They had ridden out near a small island.  Alex cut in front of Walker and soaked him with the spray from the back of the water craft.  Then she headed for land.  He gunned the motor and followed her.  Once near shore she jumped off the craft and pulled it onto shore with Walker close behind her.  She laughed and ran into some trees.

“Woman you’ve had it when I catch you, you’ll pay for what you did”  he said loudly.

“You have to catch me first” she called as she ran.

Walker went a different way and cut her off near the other side of the island.  He had her cornered.  “Now lady, how are you going to get out of this one?”  he asked. and dove at her pinning her against a tree.  She squirmed and tried to get away but it was no use, she was caught. 

Just then Walker heard a boat pull up on the other shore.  He and Alex were in the trees and out of view to anyone from the boat.  Walker heard a scream and turned to look toward the boat.  A man got off the boat with a woman by the arm.  The woman was trying to break free from him. he dragged the woman toward the trees.  Walker and Alex ducked behind one tree to see what was going on.

The man had a gun and was speaking Spanish.  Walker understood some of  what he was saying.  He told the woman that she was already dead so she should just give up.

“Alex, stay here” he whispered.

“Where are you going?” she asked lowly.

“Shhh, I’ll be right back “ he said.

He circled around to get the drop on the man.  Once in position he jumped the man knocking the gun out of his hands.  The Spanish man tumbled and came back to his feet.  He lunged at Walker and tried to hit him. Walker jumped back and landed a blow across the mans face.  The man went to the ground but came back up with a knife.  He slashed the knife through the air, the Ranger jumped back. the man slashed again and this time he cut Walkers chest.  The pain stopped the Ranger for a moment, giving the man a chance to stab him in the shoulder.  Walker then kicked the knife from his hand.  Not having the knife any longer the man grabbed Walker by the neck and they both crashed to the ground.  Everything started to go black for the Ranger but Walker did one big  head butt and knocked the man back.  After a few round kicks the bad man was out cold.  The woman he had been trying to kill was so frightened that she couldn’t do anything through all the action.

Once the man was down Alex ran to her husbands side, “WALKER” she screamed. “You’re bleeding.”

“I’m okay Alex.”  He applied pressure to the stab wound.  “Check on her” he pointed to the frightened woman.

After checking on the woman, they both helped Walker to the boat and called the Authorities.

Both men were taken to the hospital.  Walker was treated for a knife wound and also needed 20 stitches in his chest.

The other man was treated for a broken nose, cracked ribs and a broken hand.

The doctors wanted to keep Walker over night for observations but he would not stay.  Alex took him home and made him relax.

The next morning against Alex’s wishes he went to the station to see what they had found out from the woman he had saved.

The chief asked “Are you sure you should be up and about.  I think you should be resting.”

“He is hard headed” Alex said “ He never listens”

“I’m okay” he insisted.

The chief explained that the man they captured was a pimp from Tampa, he and another pimp were in a war to gain control of the whole area.  They had been killing off the prostitutes as a way to gain control.

“Some people have such a low regard for human life” Walker said.

“Well that’s not the clincher.  The pimp told the State Police he wanted to press charges against you for assault.”

“Do what” Alex asked.

“Well actually he can you know” Walker said “I don’t have jurisdiction here.”

The chief laughed, “Actually you did have jurisdiction.”

Walker looked surprised, “How”.

“Well it seems Governor Bush from Texas called his brother Governor Bush from Florida and gave you a Temporary assignment here to help on this case.  The request came from the D.A.’s office.”

Walker looked at Alex and said “I guess it pays to have connections doesn’t it?”

“Well I knew you couldn’t just assist in the case, you would need more authority.”

The rest of the trip went quiet, Alex had a hard time keeping Walker quiet but she managed.

Once they got home. They told Trivette and C.D. about their adventure.

“Cordell” C.D. said “ Does trouble always have to follow you”

“I guess so C.D.” he answered.


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