The Return of Marilee 

By Kerri Ploog

Alex Cahill Walker had been married for two years. She was also seven months pregnant. Alex looked into the mirror and frowned at what she saw, "Alex Walker, you are a fat Blimp!" she told herself. Alex hadn't worked for a few weeks. She had been feeling extremely dizzy and had swollen feet. So, her doctor told her to stay home for a while. It was driving her crazy. She didn't like being out at the ranch all by herself, day in and day out.

Walker had gotten tickets for C.D.'s that night. He figured that Alex could use a night out. Their old friend, Marilee Summers, was making her come back, and Walker thought that if Alex saw an old friend of hers it might cheer her up.

"Alex! Guess what? " Walker came into a silent house.

"Walker, I'm upstairs, " Alex replied.

Walker went up the stairs and found Alex sham-sleeping. "Honey, are you feeling okay?" Walker walked up to her and sat at the edge of the bed.

"Yeah. Just a little bored and tried of feeling so fat and ugly."

"Alex, you could never be ugly. You’re pregnant. You’re supposed to be big."

"Thanks alot!" Alex rolled over to the other side to ignore Walker.

"Alex, you'll never guess what?"

"Probably not!"

"Alex come on! Cheer up sweetheart!" Walker lied down beside her and took her in his arms. "Do you feel better?"

"It helps," Alex, said pulling him even closer.

Walker began to plant kisses along her neckline. "I got tickets to see Marilee Summers in her return concert at C.D.'s."

Alex pulled away from him and got off the bed.

"What is the matter? I thought that you would be happy to get out and do something." Walker loved Alex very much, but sometimes she could be so emotional. Walker got off the bed and moved towards Alex.

"Don't come near me Walker!"

"Alex, what the hell is wrong with you?" Walker tried to move towards her, but she moved away from him.

"You want to know what’s wrong Cordell Walker! You want me to go see Marilee. You were in love with her before she left. Now you want me to go back and see her after all this time. I'm seven months pregnant and very fat. She is probably still as skinny as can be." Alex was near tears.

"Alex, I didn't know you felt that way. I thought that you liked Marilee and that you two were friends."

"Get real Walker. I loved you from the begining, but you couldn't see me for dirt back then. All you could focus on was her."

"Oh Alex, I love you more then anything. Let's go tonight and show Marilee that you won my heart and are having my child." Walker said patting her belly.

"You mean it Walker?" Alex asked.

"Of course I do. Don't forget how much I love you Alex. Ever! " Walker got her in his arms and hugged her tight.

So the happy Walker couple entered C.D.'s arm in arm. Alex went to the bathroom right away.

"Hi Walker! How have you been? " Marilee noticed him sitting all alone at a booth.

"Hi Marilee. I'm doing fine. How are you?"

"I'm great. Maybe after the show we could do something together?"

"Actually, I probably have to get Alex home right after the show."

"Why is that? Does she have an early case tomorrow? I didn't know that you and Alex were seeing each other."

"We’re not,…" Walker said.

"Hi Marilee." Alex came back from the bathroom. Marilee notices the ring on her finger and the bun in the oven.

"Is this your baby Walker?"

"Yeah! Nobody’s baby, but mine."

Alex sat down next to Walker. He gathered her in his arms and she laid her head on his shoulder. Trivette and Josie came in later, and Marilee sang her heart out.

On the way home, Alex told Walker that she was glad to have her cowboy right beside her. " I can't wait to have this baby though! "