The Start of Something

By: Kristian Grace


The song in this story reminds me of Walker and Alex's 'dating relationship' every time I hear it.  I hope you all enjoy this story - it is my first one.  I also have to thank Lelani for all of her help and encouragement in sending it on.  Thanks girl!



It's December 30th and Alex Cahill is at the Dallas Galleria Mall looking for 'the perfect dress' to wear to C.D.'s annual New Year's Eve party.  This party has been a tradition for her the last four years and each year it gets more special.  New Year's Eve...a time to reflect on memories made during the previous year and also a time to dream about things to come...maybe a promotion at work, new friendships, new and deeper relationships...perhaps with one special cowboy. 

'HHMMM,' she thinks.  'We'll see, but I won't get my hopes up.'


Meanwhile, out at his ranch just outside of Dallas, that 'special cowboy' Alex was thinking of is also thinking about the upcoming New Year's Eve party. 


'Okay Walker,' he tells himself.  'You know that you think of Alex as more than a friend.  You should have asked her out long before this, but it is a new year coming up and you can start it out by being honest with yourself and with Alex.  Just call her!'  Without hesitating, for fear of losing his nerve, he goes into the house and dials the all too familiar number of his closest female friend.


"Hi!  You have reached Alex..."

"Drat!  I got the machine!  Wait - maybe that's a good thing."

"I'm not home right now..."

"Maybe I should just hang up," he argues with himself.

"...but leave a message and I will call you back."     BEEEEEEEEEPPPP

'Too late.'  "'s me, Walker.  Uh...could you, uh, call me back?  I have a question for you.  I'm, uh, at home.  You know the number," he stammers into the machine.  'We'll see if I can do this when she calls back.'


Several hours later, Alex returns home loaded with shopping bags from what seems like every store in the mall!  But she did find the perfect dress.  And shoes.  And bag.  And accessories!  What fun she has shopping!!!  After settling into something more comfy and grabbing some leftovers from the fridge, she notices the blinking light on the answering machine.  Hitting the 'play' button and hearing the familiar sexy voice she has come to enjoy so much brings a smile to her face.  'He sounds different,' she thinks.  'Kind of scared.  I wonder if he is okay.'


"Hi Walker, it's me."

"Alex!  I'm glad you called."


"Walker, I was returning your call."

"Oh right.  Yeah...uh...I uh..."

"You had a question for me?"

"Yeah, I was uh...wondering if maybe you would like to go to C.D.'s together tomorrow night for the party."

"You mean like, you pick me up and we go together?  Just the two of us?"

"Yes, oh, was it a bad idea?  I just thought..."

"No! No! It was a great idea!  Oh, I mean, yes, that's fine.  We can go together.  It's not like we have never been to C.D.'s together before," she smiles.

"Okay, great!  I mean...okay.  I'll pick you up about 7:00 and maybe we can get some dinner before heading over there."

"Sounds great.  I'm looking forward to it."

Smiling a very radiant smile, Alex hangs up the phone with higher expectations for this New Year than ever before.  Meanwhile, Walker, the 'mighty Texas Ranger man' as his partner teasingly calls him, shakily hangs up the phone wondering if he just opened a can of worms.  Did Alex seem excited or did he just open himself and her up to hurt and disappointment?  Maybe she doesn't want to be anything more than friends.  Maybe he won't want anything more than friendship.  They both had a very restless night's sleep.


'Tonight's the night,' Alex thought giddily.  'Stop it.  You're acting like a silly teenager,' she admonishes herself.  'It's not like you and Walker have never done things together before.  You guys are great friends.  Stop reading stuff into it.  But he did sound like a nervous teenager!  Stop it.  Just go with the flow and have fun with your friends.' she argues with herself.  At 5:00, Alex wakes from her nap to begin the process of getting ready.  By 6:30 she's a nervous wreck!  A beautiful, stunning, nervous wreck! 


Dressed in the simple but elegant black dress that she found on sale at Lord and Taylor's, she decides that she does look pretty good!  After accessorizing just enough, she stands in front of the full-length mirror.  The dress accentuates her curves in all the right places and shows off just enough of her long, shapely legs.  Her hair is swept up with little curly wisps around her face and she has just the right amount of jewelry on to make herself look elegant and classy.  'You clean up pretty well Cahill', she tells herself.  Ding-Dong!  The doorbell breaks her out of her reverie.  'Aahh!  He's here!  Calm, calm Alex.  This is just two friends going to a New Years Eve party together.'  Opening the door, she inhales deeply as she sees the sexiest, red-bearded cowboy she has ever known standing in front of her wearing black jeans, a black turtleneck, and a black hounds tooth blazer, she is speechless.  'He looks sexy from the top of his black Stetson hat to the bottom of his black cowboy boots!' she thinks to herself.


"Hi, these are for you," he says, handing her a dozen yellow roses.  "You look stunning."

"You look pretty handsome yourself there cowboy!" she finally gets the words out.  "Come on in while I put these in some water.  They are beautiful - thank you! Walker, would you like some coffee while I get these in a vase?"

"No thanks.  I made reservations at Tuscany's for 7:30 so we should probably get going."

"Okay, let me grab my purse and we'll be set."

He opens the door and follows her out enjoying the view.  He thinks, 'I am the luckiest man!  This might be okay after all.  Just take it slow!'


Dinner was a fabulous meal filled with a little anxiety at first followed by relaxing conversation after the first glass of wine.  After being friends for the past few years, conversations always come so easily for the two of them.  But this was different.  This was a DATE!  He knew it.  She knew it.  But neither wanted to acknowledge it so they treated it as just another evening of  'friends being together'.  That is, until they got to C.D.'s...


"Wow!  It sure is crowded tonight!"  Alex states as she exits the Ram.

"Yeah, C.D. is doing a booming business tonight," Walker agrees.  "He probably won't even have time to join us for a toast."

As they enter the familiar establishment, they notice that there are a few booths in the back that are roped off.  Wading through the crowd, they are met by C.D. who is carrying a tray of drinks.

"Cordell!  Alex!  I reserved y'all a booth in the back.  I had a feeling tonight would be crowded and I wasn't sure what time you'd get here.  By the way, Alex, you look even more stunning than usual!  And Cordell, you cleaned up pretty well!  Y'all been on a date or something?" he asks hopefully.  'These two have pussyfooted around a relationship for long enough!  They need to do something about those feelings they got,' he has thought to himself many times before.

"Uh...we just went to dinner C.D.," stammers Walker.

"Ooohh dinner.  Must have been a nice place," he teases.  "Well, I gotta deliver these drinks before some yahoos start climbin' the walls over there."  As he leaves them, he whispers to Alex, "I want details later young lady."  She smiles at him as she feels Walker's arm go around her waist and he leads her to their booth.


"That sure was nice of C.D. to save us a table." 

"Yes, it sure was," agrees Walker.  Looking into her blue eyes, he is transfixed.   'God, she sure is beautiful,' he thinks to himself.

"Yoo-hoo, Walker.  Are you okay?  You seemed a million miles away."

"Oh, I was just thinking how beautiful you are and how nice tonight has been." 'I should have done this sooner,' he thinks to himself.

"You know, you are so amazing sometimes Cowboy.  Just when I think I have you figured out, you say something or do something that blows me away.  You really are special to me, do you know that?"

"You're really special to me too.  More than you know," he replies. 

Feeling embarrassed now, he asks Alex, "Do you want to dance?" 

"I would love to," she answers enthusiastically.

Leading Alex by the hand, Walker escorts her to the dance floor.  Sliding his arms around her waist, he feels her gently lock her hands together at the nape of his neck.

'This sure feels nice,' Walker thinks to himself while Alex is thinking the same thing as she snuggles closer in his strong arms.  Catching a glimpse of the couple on the dance floor, C.D. races to the jukebox.  'Now is the perfect time to play that song I heard the other day,' he says to himself as he changes the selection to C-15.  'The words are perfect for them.'


I got a funny feeling

The moment that your lips touched mine

Something shot right through me

My heart skipped a beat in time

There's a different feel about you tonight

It's got me thinkin' lots of crazy things

I even think I saw a flash of light - felt like electricity...

You shouldn't kiss me like this unless you mean it like that

Cause I'll just close my eyes and I won't know where I'm at

We'll get lost on this dance floor spinning around

and around, and around, and around

They're all watchin' us now, they think we're falling in love

They'd never believe we're just friends

When you kiss me like this, I think you mean it like that

If you do maybe kiss me again...

Everybody swears, we make the perfect pair

But dancing is as far as it goes

Girl you've never moved me quite the way you moved me tonight

I just wanted you to know.


Listening intently to the words of the song that is being played; Walker gets caught up in the moment and feels a need come over him like nothing he ever felt before.  Looking down at the beautiful woman in his arms, he gently places one finger under her chin and ever so sweetly tilts her face up to his.  As he does so, he lowers his face to hers until their lips are touching.  He firmly but gently kisses her and she responds the same.  Getting lost in the moment, the kiss becomes more passionate until they are both left breathless.  Looking into each other's eyes, they are locked into this gaze.  "I'm sorry...I..." Walker manages to stammer.  "I'm not," Alex states matter of factly.  "Oh," smiles Walker.  "Let's go sit down."  Leading her back to the table, he is thinking that this just might be the best New Year's Eve ever.


The End


*All the usual disclaimers apply.

*The song is titled "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" and is sung by Toby Keith on his album titled "How Do You Like Me Now".