The Switch
By Sissy (
& Chris (

The weather is warm but very wet, since it's been raining since early morning. But they have tickets for the rodeo and it is under roof, and they aren't going to let the rain keep them from going. The only parking place Walker can find is several rows away from the entrance. It is just sprinkling lightly when he finally shuts off the engine.

"I'm sorry, Alex, this is as close as I can get. We're gonna have to run for it. You should've let me drop you off at the door like I wanted, now you're gonna get wet."

She leans over and kisses him on the cheek, "I won't melt, darling. We'll just get wet together. Besides it isn't raining that hard. Come on, let's go." She opens the door to get out and he follows suit, joining her at the front of the truck. He takes her arm and they begin a fast trot towards the front of the stadium. About 20 yards from the door, the rain starts coming down in a heavy downpour.

"Hurry, Alex!" And they take off at a fast run. Just before they reach the alcove, a loud clap of thunder rumbles overhead, at the same time a lightning bolt strikes the transformer on a pole just 10 feet from them, knocking them to the ground.

Dazed, they sit up, first looking to make sure the other one is all right, "Alex, are you hurt?" but the voice that comes out sounds like Alex's and when he looks for her he sees himself sitting stunned on the ground. "What the ?" Then wondering if he is dead, he glances down at the hands that he's holding up in front of his face. 'Alex's hands!' His eyes quickly take in the rest of his 'body' and he sees Alex's slim figure instead of his own muscular body.

"Walker ?" And she hears Walker's voice as she also sees herself, with a confused look on her face, staring back at her. She stands and also takes notice of the body that she is in possession of. She begins touching it, more to know she is in control of it than for any other reason. She brings her hands to her face and feeling the beard, starts giggling, which gets close to becoming hysterical.

Walker, reaches over, takes her by the shoulders and shakes her gently, bringing the giggles to an end. "Alex, get hold of your self. Come over here, let's get out of the rain." He takes her by the arm and pulls her over to a secluded area under the alcove, taking her into his arms and holding her close.

In a very confused tone, "Walker, what's happening? This can't be real! I you I'm in your body and you're in mine! Are we dead?"

Also in a confused voice, "I don't know what happened, Alex. It seems we have changed bodies. I can't explain it. But I don't think we're dead. Those people over there are looking at us and wondering what's wrong. Here they come, let me do the talking, okay?"

Alex's body turns to face the couple, "Are you two all right? That lightning was awfully close."

"We're fine, thanks for asking. Just a little shook."

The man glances at Walker's shaking body, thinking that this guy is more shook up than the lady. He nods his head at them, then him and his companion turn away, leaving Walker and Alex alone.

"Walker, this doesn't make any sense, you look like me and you sound like me but you aren't me!"

"I know, honey, this is the weirdest thing I've ever experienced. We need to get out of here, and go home. Come on." He takes her arm to leave but she pulls back.

"Honey, I agree with you, but I'm gonna have to use the restroom first or I'm gonna wet my pants, or your pants, whatever. I've really got to go." She emphasizes her point by crossing her legs and grabbing her crotch, then realizing where her hands are, she quickly drops them to her side. He steps out of the alcove and begins looking around, "What are you looking for, Walker?"

"I just wanted to see if there were any trees and large bushes anywhere close, is all."

"You can forget that idea, cowboy."

Walker chuckles, "Well, since I'm not fond of wet pants I guess we'd better get you to the restroom. I kinda feel like I should go, too."

They make it to the lower level where the restrooms are located without any further incidents. Alex gives Walker a quick peck on the cheek and starts to push open the door mark 'Cowgirls' when Walker grabs her arm and when she looks at him he points to the sign on the door and then rubs his hand across her beard.

She gasps, puts her hand to her face, "Oh, God, Walker, I can't go in there. What if there are men in there .?"

"Honey, you can't go in here, the ladies would toss you out on your ear! This is where I go, though, and I'm not crazy about that either."

"At least they have closed stalls, no one can watch you. I'll have to stand at one of those ?"


"Urinals, that's what they're called."

"Walker, what if there's men in there?"

"Just don't look at them. Men don't like to be sized up while they're standing at the urinals."

"Walker! Stop it!" Just then a man comes out and walks away. "Ohhhh I can't wait, I've got go, I'll hurry." She pushes the door open and disappears inside.

Walker watches her go through the door marked 'Cowboys' then taking a deep breath, he pushes open the door to the ladies room. When he enters he sees two ladies at the mirrors and he quickly ducks into a stall.


Alex breathes a sigh of relief when she sees the empty room. Moving quickly up to a urinal, she unzips her pants, reaches in but encounters the briefs. Locating the opening, she begins trying to wrestle 'it' out through both the briefs and the pants, muttering, "How in the world do they do this?" Panic fills her voice, as the urge to go gets stronger. Finally, it's out, she moves closer to the urinal and a stream starts flowing immediately. "Ahhhh .." Then the door opens and she hears two men talking as they enter the area. She just about loses it, she can feel the heat rising into her face and thanks God for the beard. After a quick glance their way, she keeps her eyes to the front.

"Hey, Walker. How's it going." Oh, great, he knows Walker!

She murmurs, "Fine." The two men move up on each side of her and continue carrying on their conversation as they use the urinals. She does her best not to peek but the temptation is too strong, she can't resist a quick glance, just a quick look with the eyes. The two men finish their task at hand, and after zipping up, leave the rest room.

Alex finally finishes, thinking, 'Walker you sure have a large bladder' gets it put back inside her clothes, zips up, and after washing and drying her hands, walks out the door.

Walker is waiting for her, he puts his arm around her waist and they start back upstairs to the exit. "Alex, I don't have a swing like that, you're walking like a women."

"Well, I am a woman."

"Yeah, I know, but you don't look like one right now."

"Oh well, you're walking like a man, Take shorter steps. And I think I should have my arm around your waist, okay?" As they try to adjust to the change, Alex starts giggling again.

"Alex, stop it. I don't giggle."

"Sorry, but this is so weird."

He moves his hand to adjust the bra, "How do you manage these things?"

"Now you know what us ladies have to put up with. Darling, quit touching my ."

"Sorry, but I feel like I'm in a harness."

"Did you have any trouble in the ladies room?"

"No, none at all. But I did notice the two men that came out before you did. One of them is Ray Edwards, a DPD patrolman. Did he speak to you?"

"Yes, I was petrified."

"Did you peak?"

"What? Walker?"

"Well, did you?"

And she leans over and kisses him very softly on the lips. "Darling, all I can say is, they can't hold a candle to you."

Reaching the exit, the rain is still coming down in buckets. "Well, Alex, do we wait, or make a dash for it?"

"Honey, I think we'd better make a dash for it before someone comes along that knows both of us. I know I can't act like a man, and you don't make a very believable lady."

"Is that so? You're probably right, let's go!" And the both take off running for the truck.

"Walker, where is it? I can't see it?"

"Over there, come on." He takes her arm to guide her between two cars and then they run down the middle of the road to where the Ram is parked. A loud clap of thunder startles Alex, she turns toward Walker as a flash of lightning strikes another transformer on the light pole not to far from where they are standing.

"Alex, honey, are you all right?" Finding it hard to believe that lightning had come close to getting them twice in one night. He crawls over to her and takes her into his arms as she sits up. "Alex?"

"I'm all right. Maybe a skinned knee, but I'm fine." As she looks into his eyes, "Walker? Oh, darling, we've changed back!" She puts her arms around his neck and holds on tight.

He stands bringing her up with him. "I'm glad, I didn't much like you as a man." He circles her waist with his arms pulling her close and kissing her deeply.

Whispering, "I know what you mean. I felt like I was kissing another woman."

"Come Alex, let's get out of here. We've been lucky twice, I don't want to take a chance on the third time." They quickly get into the truck and without wasting any time, Walker is pulling out of the parking lot and heading back to the ranch.


Walker rolls over against Alex, kisses her softly on the cheek and buries his face into her hair. She snuggles up against his chest, then murmurs, "Morning, darling."

He rubs her back, kisses her again, then he shuts his eyes giving into sleep again. When she feels his slower breathing against her cheek, she starts brushing her fingers across his chest, bringing a soft sigh from him. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Maybe." But before anything can develop the phone rings.

Walker leans back and grabs the receiver, "Walker," voice thick with sleep.

"Hey, Walker, weren't you going to the Rodeo last night?"

"We decided not to go, because it was storming so bad. Why?"

"I guess the lightning struck two transformers there, and the whole place went dark. They had to call it off. They also had an attempted hold up out there. When the electricity went out, they got locked in the ticket off and couldn't get out. It was quite a night. Hey, you're coming in later, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'll be there."

"What did Jimmy want, hon?"

After he repeated what Trivette had said, she sat up, "Hummm . That's weird. I had a dream about that place last night."

"What kind of a dream?"

"I don't know, I just remember it was at the arena and it was storming. Oh, well," she snuggles back up against him, whispers softly, "How about we make our own storm, this morning, huh?"

The End