The Tables Turn
By Vonnie (

Coming out of the bathroom, he notices Alex still buried beneath the blankets. "Come on, Alex, time to get up."

"No." The word muffled by the numerous covers filtering the sound.

"Alex, this is a workday, you have to get up." He pulls his shirt on watching for a sign that she's moving.


"Why not, Alex." He asks as he pulls on his jeans.


"Sick? Turn over here and let me look at you?" He sits on the edge of the bed with his hand resting on her shoulder, maybe, really not sure where she is under the huge mound of blankets.

"No, sick … go away."

"Come on, honey. How are you sick? Stomach ache, flu, or just catching a cold?" When he tries to pull the blankets back, he feels her grip tighten as she hangs on.

"No, just sick … go away."

"I'm not leaving you if you're sick. Now, let me look at you."

"Nooo … oh, Walker, please go away." She tearfully cries.

"What's wrong, honey, why don't you let me help you?" He's starting to get worried.

"You'll … laugh." He can hear her crying under the blankets.

"Oh, baby, I couldn't laugh at you if you're sick." He wraps his arms around the whole bundle, pulling it up into his arms. Then trying to separate the layers to uncover her face.

The first thing he sees is her hair, pushing it aside, her neck comes into view. But before he can really see anything she turns her head quickly.

With her voice muffled by the blankets he barely hears what she says. "If you laugh at me I'll never speak to you again."

"I won't laugh, honey, now let me see." As he pulls the blankets off her face, he swallows hard and just stares. Then his lips turn up slightly at the corners.

"Don't you dare, Walker." Her eyes fill with tears as she watches his face.

He pulls her head against his chest, and begins combing through her hair. "Oh, baby, I think you're beautiful," her murmurs and kisses her softly.

"Why me … why now?" She cries as he rocks her in his lap. "This is awful."

"Honey, you had me scared to death. I couldn't imagine what was wrong. But this … this could happen to anyone. It's nothing to hide."

"You can say that only because it didn't happen to you." The crying finally stops, but the hiccups have started now. "Oh, God, … what …hic … else can go … hic … wrong."

"Well, Alex, you definitely can't go to work today. I call the DA and tell him you may be out for awhile."

"Walker," pushing away to look at his face, "don't you dare tell him about … this."

"Alex, I've got to tell him something. How long does this usually last anyway?"

"I don't know." Turning her face back into the blankets, "Please, just put me down, and go away."

He lowers her back on to the bed where he draws the blankets up tight around her again.

"Honey, this isn't anything to be ashamed of. Lots of people get the measles. You ain't the first, probably won't be the last."

"Walker, will you shut up. Just shut up." Suddenly she pushes the covers back and looks at him. "By the way, have you ever had the measles?" When his face sobers, she smiles, "Ah ha … the shoe is on the other foot now, huh?"

"Alex … I can't … surely I won't get …" he stammers.

She sits up and wraps her red dotted arms around his neck, kisses him deeply, sighs, then holding the covers up, she smiles and says, "Want to join me?"

The End