By Jennifer George


After a long weary day at work, Walker pulled his Ram into the long driveway, pulling all the way around to the back where the garage is.  Pulling around to the back of the house was a necessity, as he knew Alex would be mad if he tracked dirt, grime, and God only knows what else he’d got on him, into the house.

Getting out of the truck, he noticed the dirt and grime he was leaving behind, but figured he’d just clean it later, right now he was too darned tired to care.  He made his way onto the back porch where he took off his boots and stripped off his shirt, leaving both on the porch floor, thinking to himself that he’d just pick them up later…before Alex got home.  He was thankful she wasn’t home yet.  Although it was Friday, a typical workday for her, she had the day off…for which he’d envied her, because as he left for work, and she headed to the barn for a horseback ride.

Walker headed upstairs for a shower and hopefully a nap before dinner.  However, after showering he felt refreshed and figured he’d make dinner for himself and Alex, instead of napping.  Quickly donning his well-worn Levi’s and a black t-shirt, he headed barefoot downstairs, his hair still damp from the shower.  As he came down the stairs he noticed a black boot by the front door.  Coming closer to pick it up, he noticed it as Alex’s. She’d put her boots on that morning for her ride on Angel.  He looked through the family room into the dining area, and called for her.

Not hearing a response, he opened the front door and when not finding her on the porch, he stepped over to the porch railing and scanned the driveway and fields for her, calling her name.  Walking over to the driveway, he went to see if her car was parked behind the house as his was.  Not seeing her car, he looked back down the long driveway.  There, near the end, he spotted something by the fence.  Walking quickly down the driveway, he found the other black boot.  Only this one has a note attached to it. He knew it was from Alex, as he recognized her flowing script…


If you want to find me,

Just follow the trail…

It starts again at the park

Just an hours drive from here,

You know the one…

We scared the fish last time we were there…


Walker smiled at the remembrance of the fishing trip he and Alex had taken four months ago, not long after they got married.  What had started out as an innocent afternoon of fishing had turned into one of the most erotic and pleasurable lovemaking sessions they’d had.  After that, not one fish would take a bite…and they laughed thinking that they’d scared the fish away.  A grin spreads across his face at the game his lovely fair haired wife was playing.

Life with her was never dull, and always an adventure.  She’d sent him on treasure hunts before, but this was the first one that included pieces of her clothing…clothing she’d had on that morning.  Turning around, with both her boots now in hand, he sprinted back to the house for his socks and shoes.  Two minutes later he was frantically cleaning out the inside of the Ram, and on his way toward the park in five more…the grin still on his face. 

He parked the Ram at the far end of the parking lot, where her car was parked.  Getting out with her boots in hand, he moved around the back of his truck, and found her sock on the ground next to the drivers side door of her car.  He knew it was her sock, because at the top there was an embroidered “W”.  He’d rolled his eyes when she’d bought them many years before, thinking the monogram silly, but when she’d told him that she’d think of him every time she wore them, he could only smile.  He picked up the sock and looked around for her, then spotted the other sock in the grass a few hundred feet away.  He realized she was pointing him in a direction that would take him around the back end of the playground.  He walked around the perimeter of the playground, in a pace quicker than was normal for someone out for a leisurely day at the park, anxious to find what is waiting for him.  A few yards from the backside of the playground was a large group of trees, with a short path that led to picnic table pavilions that people rented for parties.  Resting against a tree that stood next to the dirt path he spotted blue fabric that he was sure wasn’t supposed to be there.  Walking toward the trees, he was surprised to find the Levi’s she’d put on that morning. His eyebrow rose as he bends to pick them up, adding them to the growing pile of clothing he was carrying. He glanced around to see if anyone saw him pick up the jeans, but the people in the playground were too preoccupied with the swings and slides to care about him. 

As he made his way down the dirt path, he looked around for more articles of clothing, wondering to himself if he’d really find his beautiful wife naked at the end of this trail. ‘Surely not in such a public place as this,’ he thought to himself.  No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than at the edge of the trail he saw his denim shirt…the very one he’d watched her put on over a white top that morning.  His eyes twinkled and his lips curved in a smile as he bent to pick up his shirt, then continued on his way. 

There were people everywhere, and as he came out of the stand of trees, he could see a group of people in the pavilion closest to the trees.  Looking down, he spotted her white shirt on the ground and bent to pick it up too.  Not sure which way to go, he looked around…and there near the last picnic pavilion was another article of clothing laying in the lush grass.  He headed in that direction and sucked in air when he saw that the article of clothing was none other than her cream-colored lace bra. His manhood began to harden with arousal as he bent to pick it up, his eyes looking around for the matching panties.  His breath caught in his throat when a few feet away, next to a large tree, was the matching pair of lace panties that completed the wardrobe he’d watched her put on that very morning.  Unconsciously he held his breath as he walked toward the panties, knowing that was the last article of clothing to be found. He didn’t see his treasure as he bent over to pick up the lace panties, but just as he was about to straighten up, bare toes entered his peripheral vision.  

Walker’s gaze rose as he picked up the panties, taking in her calves, then the hem of her long denim jacket, and he almost groaned.  Standing upright he smiled into the crystal blue depths of Alex’s eyes, seeing the glint of mischief there.  “This sure is a surprise,” he murmurs, “though I’d hoped my treasure wouldn’t be wearing anything,” he finished, with a glance down at the clothing in his arms. 

Alex’s fingers reached for the zipper at the top of her jacket, and as she pulled it down, she murmured in reply, “You mean you’d hoped to find me like this?”

The sound of the zipper working its way down reverberated in his ears as he watched her hand move downward, his mouth open, his arousal hardening and lengthening, straining painfully against his zipper.  His eyebrows shot up as she parted the cloth to reveal her naked body in all its glory.  A shout from the party at the pavilion a few hundred feet away brought him back to reality. Blinking, he dropped the piling of clothing, took the edges of the denim jacket in his hands and pulled them together, pushing her back against the tree at the same time. “Alex!” he whispered loudly, “Someone might see you!” 

A wicked grin spread across her face. “I thought you wanted to find me like this,” she said as she grabbed the material from his hands and bared herself to him again. 

“Geez, honey,” he gasped, pulling her body into his as he pressed her back against the tree again, trying to hide her nakedness. “There are people around here!”

“Yeah,” she drawled, “but they’re all back there.  No one can see us,” she murmured, her hands moving to the button on his jeans. 

As her fingers worked the button on his jeans, he looked around furtively, and seeing no one, allowed her to lower the zipper and free his throbbing shaft.  He groaned at the feel of her warm hand on his pulsing flesh, and lowered his head to take her lips in a mind-numbing kiss, his hands moving to stroke her bare skin, from her breasts to her thighs. Leaving a blazing hot trail in his wake, he moved his hands to her thighs and pulled them up around his waist. With his jeans pooled around his ankles, he pressed her against the tree as he thrust upward with his hips, sliding easily into the tight moist warmth of her body. 

Alex moaned loudly as he entered her, giving her what she’d been craving all afternoon.  The sound of her moan was cut off when Walker’s mouth swooped down on hers to muffle her cries of passion.  With a low growl of his own he began thrusting in and out of her tight channel in a quick pace, his senses heightened by the fact that they were in public and would be seen if anyone happened to walk by. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her ankles behind him as he continued his rapid pace, giving into the intense sensations rocketing through her body as she buried her face in the space between his shoulder and neck.

Feeling the beginnings of a climax, Alex reared back, her hands gripping Walker’s shoulders tightly. She opened her eyes as her mouth opened to cry out and she saw the slightly desperate look on his face that signaled his climax was near.  No sound escaped her mouth as she held her breath, tightening her inner muscles around him. He thrust deeply one last time as she clamped down on him, and with one hand still cradling her bottom, he cupped her head with the other and pulled her head to his, stifling his cry of release as he kissed her hard. The feel of his pulsing manhood spilling its seed deep within her triggered her own release and she finally expelled the breath she’d been holding as she tore her mouth from his, biting down on his shoulder as she came.

Gasping for air, Walker pulled Alex away from the tree, turned and sank down on the grass, leaning back against the same tree, Alex still wrapped around him.  He shifted until his legs were stretched out before him, and she straddled his lap. Their foreheads rested against the other’s as Walker adjusted her denim jacket, pulling it back onto her shoulders and then pulling the sides inward so that it looked as if they were both dressed and she was merely sitting on his lap.

Neither spoke for several minutes and Alex felt Walker stiffen as footsteps neared them.  He looked up as a man and woman passed by them, with hardly a glance in their direction.  When Alex felt him relax again, she pulled back and smiled at her ruggedly handsome, and now disheveled, husband, the smile turning into a grin at the completely sated look on his face. 

“God in heaven, Alex, you almost killed me,” he chided softly.

“What…you don’t want me to surprise you like that again?” she murmured, grinding her hips against his lap, knowing full well what his answer would be.

“Alex, you can surprise me like that all you want,” he murmured in reply as his hand drifted around to the front and closed warmly around a bare breast, “…because if you had killed me, I would have died a happy…” his fingers moved slowly toward the center of her that was still grinding in a slow delicious rhythm against him, “…and completely sated…man,” he finished as his fingers reached their target.

Alex whimpered in a renewed arousal as his other hand cupped the back of her head and brought her lips to his in a tender kiss as they again lost themselves in each other.

The End