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donna and robert



                  Ranger headquarters was a bustle of activity. Each Ranger was busy with the business on their respective desks. All were too busy to notice a lone figure as he entered the office and Ranger Headquarters was a bustle of activity. Each Ranger was busy with the business on their respective desks. All were too busy to notice a lone figure as made his way to the desk of Sergeant Cordell Walker.


“Ranger Walker” he said.


Suddenly all eyes were on the stranger not to mention all the guns in the room as well.


A look of surprise came across Walker’s face as he gazed at the face of a man he had killed over a year ago, or was this his twin who had kidnapped and tried to kill him and Alex a few months ago?


“LARUE.” Walker’s partner Jimmy Trivette yelled as he aimed his gun at the visitors head.


The man raised his hands in a submission jester. In a meek voice he said “Gentlemen please, I mean you no harm.” 


“Who are you and what do you want?”  Walker asked with a hint of distrust in his voice.


“I’m here to claim the body of my brother who was killed almost a year ago.”


Reluctantly the Rangers lowered their guns at a nod from Walker. Slowly they reholstered their weapons.


“What?” Jimmy inquired, he lowered his gun and reholstered it. 


“My name is Vance Porter.”  The man began “I’ve come to Dallas, like I said before, to claim the body of my brother Victor LaRue”.


“Why have you waited almost a year to claim his body?" Walker asked.


“Until several months ago I didn’t know I had a brother.”  The man went on to explain that he had been adopted at an early age by Martin and Gladys Porter. Martin was a preacher in a small church just outside of De Moines Iowa and Gladys was a teacher at the church school. Martin had died about 5 years ago and a few months ago Gladys had died.


“Before my mother died she told me, I was adopted. That I had two brothers, we were triplets. I was the smallest and was very sickly. I had remained  in the hospital when the other two went home. Then when I was strong enough to go home, my birth parents told the hospital to find an adoptive family for me. It seemed they did not have the means to pay for the medical care I would need for the rest of my life. At the time I was born my adoptive mother was a nurses aide at the hospital. She and her husband adopted me and raised me in a loving Christian home.”


Vance Porter also went on to say that once he learned he was adopted he wanted to find his real parents or at least his brothers.


“Mr. Porter do you have any identification?”  Walker asked.


The LaRue look-a-like reached into his jacket pocket, still not convinced the man was being honest with them both Rangers drew their guns.     


Vance was startled by their reactions. Slowly he removed the wallet from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed them his drivers license.


Walker and his young partner walked to the other side of the room before looking at the identification. It was an Iowa drivers license issued to a Vance Martin Porter.


“Check this out Trivette it might be a fake.”


“What’s your gut feeling on this one?” the black Ranger asked him.


“I don’t know what to think yet,” Walker told him. Victor LaRue had tried to rape Alex, he stalked and tried to kill both him and Alex then he tried to rape and kill Alex again. Vincent LaRue had kidnapped and almost killed them both just recently. He remember every moment of those experiences. Walker was startled back to reality when he heard his fiancée A.D.A. Alex Cahill let out a loud gasp and a hate filled “LARUE!”


Walker rushed to her side. "Alex”  he began.


She turned to him with disbelief in her eyes, “How?” was the only word she could get to come out of her mouth.


Walker guided her away from the visitor.


“Calm down, he says his name is Vance Porter.  Trivette is checking on his story now.”


“What’s going on? I don’t understand” she began.  Before she could finish Jimmy walked over to join them. He smiled at her and said “Counselor” then he turned to Walker and said, “He checks out so far. There is a Vance Porter in Iowa. He lives outside DeMoine. He is a crisis councilor in a social service agency there.”


Walker asked “Are there any pictures of the Mr. Porter other than the one on his license?”


“Yes they are faxing a picture from his personnel file.”


Walker turned to Alex and explained what was going on.


“You don’t believe him do you?” She asked the man she was to marry. She remembered all the trouble and pain the LaRue’s had caused the both of them.


“Right now I’m not sure, everything seems to check out but until I’m convinced I’ll withhold my option.”


Walker and Alex cross the room the return to his desk. The man was still setting staring straight ahead.


As the Ranger and the lady approach the desk the visitor stood as a gustier of courtesy, “Is this Miss Cahill?”


“May I apologize for any harm my brothers have caused you.”


Alex shuttered.


Vance Porter said “I can see my presence is upsetting the lady. That is definitely not my intention. I’m staying at the Blue Star Motel, room 51. Now if you can point me in the direction of the person I need to talk to about my brothers body, I’ll be on my way.” he started to leave. He turned around and said “If I can be of service feel free to call me.” he smiled and left the office. 


Walker had written down the name of the person to talk to on a piece of paper and handed it to him, as he left.


He offered Walker his hand to shake, cautiously the bearded Ranger shook the mans hand. He offered his hand to Alex. She refused to touch him.


“I can understand your reluctance. I bid you goodbye." His voice was so meek and mild that once he had left Alex felt a little embarrassed about how she had acted.


Despite his mannerisms, just the sight of him made her skin crawl.


Walker put his arms around her waist and said, "Don’t worry we’ll check him out good.  He won’t get out of our sight until we are sure who he is.”


“I know but just thinking about LaRue” His mind drifted to the warehouse. LaRue was ripping at her clothes. Saying “You’re mine I found you.”


She shuddered again and came back to the present time.


“By the way”  Walker said “What are you doing here, I thought you had court this morning?”


“Yes I do in about 10 minutes.  I stopped to see if you wanted to meet me at C.D.’s for lunch around 12:30?”


“Sounds good to me.”  he replied.


“Oh Jimmy, Josie is going to meet us there. Do you want to join us?”  she said smiling.


A broad smile crossed the face of Walkers younger partner. “12:30 sounds great to me, that is if Walker doesn’t have me doing computer checks or something.”


“Yeah, I’m a real slave driver”  Walker joked.


Alex kissed her future husband and left for court.


Walker watched her exit the room, he thought how lucky he was to have finally admitted his feelings for the lady lawyer.


Just then the phone on Walkers desk rang. He answered it and said “We’ll be right there.”


He motioned to Trivette to go with him. Both Rangers grabbed their hats and rushed out the door. On the way to the Ram, Walker explained that an informant called with information’s about a shipment of drugs being brought into Dallas to be traded for guns.


They were going to meet the informant for more details. After the meet the Rangers were called to assist other officers on a hostage situation. A man held his girlfriend  to keep her from leaving him. Walker managed to talk the man into giving up the gun with out further incident. 


An attempted bank robbery filled then rest of their morning.


Ready for a well deserved break Walker and Jimmy go to C.D.’s bar and grill at exactly 12:30. At the bar sat Josie Watson. This pretty black woman was Alex’s very capable assistant at the Help Our People Excel ( H.O.P.E.) center, which Alex had opened to give something back to the community.


The owner of the bar, C.D. Parker stood behind the bar talking to Josie.


As the Rangers approached to bar Jimmy smile got broader and broader.


Walker mused at his partner and friends obvious interest in this pretty lady.


“Cordell” the ex-Ranger said, he turned to Trivette and said “Jimmy”.


Josie turned to face the two men. She smiled and said “Walker.” She then turned gave a bright smile and said "Jimmy how are you?”


“Cordell what’ll it be?” C.D. asked as he set a plate of milk and cookies in front of the younger Ranger.


“Just Coffee C.D.”  he looked around and asked "Alex isn’t here yet?”


“No, court must have run longer than she thought”  Josie said.


Just then Walker felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Phil Hollister one of the attorneys who worked in Alex office.


Phil said “Hey Walker”.


“Hi Phil, court out for lunch?” he asked as he looked around for Alex.


“Yes,  Hope Alex is feeling better though.” Phil said.


“Why is she sick?” Walker asked concerned.


“What you mean you didn’t call?”




“Walker our office got a call from you saying Alex was sick and had to go home, so I handled her cases today.”


“I didn’t call. The last time I saw Alex was this morning when she was heading to court.”


Walker looked at Trivette and said “Let me see your phone, please”


Trivette gladly handed him the phone he always carries in his pocket.


Walker dialed the number that is even more familiar to him than his own.




The answering machine began “Hi this is Alex, I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you’ll leave a message I’ll get back to you I promise.”  BEEP  BEEP


“Alex, honey it’s me call me back on Trivette’s phone.” He closed the phone and handed it back to the younger Ranger.


“Cordell, is everything okay son?  C.D. asked.


“I’m now sure but something doesn’t feel right C.D.” he told his friend. Then he turned to his partner and asked “Trivette will you check the parking lot at the courthouse to see if Alex’s car is there.”


“Sure”  was the reply. He said good bye to Josie and they said they would call C.D. as soon as they knew anything.


On their way to the truck Walker told Trivette "I’ll drop you off a the court house and Then I’ll go check her condo."


After leaving Jimmy at the front steps of the courthouse Walker headed for his loves house.


The trip to the condo seemed long but it really only took a few minutes.


He brought the Dodge Ram to a quick stop in the parking lot near where Alex always parks her car. Her car was not there. A feeling of deep concern came over him. As he began to exit his truck a familiar voice came over the radio.”


“Walker do you read me?” Trivette said.


“Trivette what did you find?” he asked wishing to get right to the point.


“Alex’s car is still in the parking lot here. There is a note in it “


“A note? What does it say?” Walker asked.


“It says, I have the pretty lady. come to 4517 Callis Way if you want to see her again.”


“I’ll meet you there.” Trivette said.


“On my way” replied the red haired Ranger, he replaced the mike onto it’s resting place.


Trivette arrived at the address first. As he cautiously exited his car he looked around.  Suddenly he felt a pain in his back. The pain was so severe that he blacked out.


Walker arrived at the address Trivette had given him. “Strange” he thought “Trivette should have been here by now”.


He went back to the Ram and tried to reach Trivette on the radio but got no response.


Trivette woke up, he looked around. Where was he?


He moved and the pain in his back returned. Slowly he tried to move but quickly found he was bound with duct tape around his hands and feet.  His mouth was also taped. Looking around he noticed he was in a pit of some sort.


Walker waited for almost 30 minutes before returning to Fort Worth.


He stopped at C.D.’s bar and grill before returning to the office. As he entered the bar no one was there. “C.D.” he called.


No answer “Strange” he said “C. D. doesn’t leave the bar unattended” he thought.


He walked out back through the kitchen, no C.D.  He then went into the back alley, his old friends car was there but where was he?


He went back inside the building. Then he thought “The store room that’s probably where he is.” He check the store room but still no one.


He started back into the bar, as he entered the room the phone behind the counter was ringing.


“C.D.’s” he answered.


“Ranger Walker, glad I caught you. Look under the bar.”


“Who is this?” he asked.


“Just look under the bar and you’ll see” was the callers only reply then he hung up.


Seeing a big brown envelope on a shelf below the bar. Picking it up he carefully opened it. Inside he found pictures and a note.


The first picture was of Alex tied to a chair with a gag in her mouth. Walkers heart sunk as he saw the woman he loved, with all his being, in such a position. “Alex” he said. He clinched his fist in anger. Another picture was of his old friend C. D. Parker.  He was in what appeared to be a make shift cell. He was chained like an animals in the corner of the cell.  “C. D.” he whispered. The last picture was of his partner James Trivette in a pit.  His hands and feet were duct taped together and he had tape over his mouth,  “No Jimmy” Walker said slowly.


The note which was in the envelope said “Well Ranger Walker we meet again. All your friends are in trouble, they will all die at the precisely the same time in four hours. You must decide who will live and who will die. Choose well, their lives are in your hands."


Walker put down the note and picked up the phone. With in a half an hour Trent Malloy and Carlos Sandoval were assisting the Ranger in trying to beat the clock and save their friends.


Walker went to the Blue Star Motel, Room 51.


As he waited for a response to his knock on the door, he remembered Alex lying cuffed to the bed at his ranch and LaRue hovering over her.             


When Mr. Porter opened the door, he smiled and cordially greeted the Ranger.


Behind the man he saw a half packed suitcase on the bed with stacks of clothes next to it.


“Going somewhere?” The worried Ranger said.


“Well yes. I just go a call from work; one of my clients is having a tough time right now and I have to return home.”


Walker stared at Vance with steely grey eyes. Suddenly he grabbed the small framed man’s shirt collar, with a vice like grip. The grip was so tight that it almost cut off the air supply to the mans brain. Walker slammed the man hard against the wall “You little worm. Where are they?” he barked.


“What?” the frightened man said, finding it hard to breath “I can’t breath” he gasp.


“Good scum like you don’t deserve to breath.”


Every part of Walker was angry. He always tried to maintain a certain level of control but he was finding it hard to do that now.


All the people he loved were in trouble and he could not help all of them. He was usually able to help everyone but now he may have to decide who lives and who dies.  He was angry.


“Please let me go. I didn’t do anything” Porter gasped.


Walker picked the man up by the shirt collar once again and slammed him against the wall. "You’ve got 2 minutes to tell me what I want to know or I’ll beat it out of you.”


“Honestly Ranger I don’t have any idea what you are talking about” the man said with feat in his voice. “I haven’t been out of this room since I returned from your office this morning.”


The Cherokee in Walker saw the truth in his captive’s eyes. He loosened his grip.


Rubbing his throat he coughed “Ranger Walker what is going on?”


Walker apologized for his roughness and explained what had happened.


“I understand your actions. Please let me help you?” he requested.


Walkers instincts told him he should trust this man.


“Come with me if you want to help then”  They rushed to the truck as dispatch is calling Walker on the radio “Ranger Walker come in please.”


Walker keyed the mic and answered “Go ahead dispatch.”


“Walker there is a Dr. Falon on the phone and he wants to talk to you.”


Why would a doctor being calling him? Was something else wrong? He wondered “put him through.” 


“Is this Ranger Cordell Walker?” the voice on the other end asked.


“Yes, how can I help you?”


“This is Dr. Falon, from the Bellhill Sanitarium.”


“What can I do for you?”


“We have a patient here named Vincent LaRue, or I should say we had a patient by that name.”


“What do you mean had a patient?” Walker asked looking at Porter as he said it. 


“That’s why I’m calling you. He escaped about 2 weeks ago. We’ve been looking for him but haven’t been able to find him. According to his psychiatrist he is determined to make you and a Miss Cahill pay for killing his brother Victor.”


“Thank you for calling doctor” He wondered if his instincts were wrong in trusting this man by his side.


The doctor continued “We have found that the LaRue’s were triplets. The last brother came to visit Vincent about a month ago, his name is Vance Porter. He seems like a descent fellow.”


“Thank you doctor” Walker said.


“Please call me if I can help” the doctor said.


“We will. Thank you again doctor.”


As he replaced the mic on his dash board Porter said “I went to visit Vincent when I first found out I had brothers, was that a mistake. He is one bad dude.” He shook his head, “I’m so glad I wasn’t raised with them both of them seem to be twisted.”


Walker nodded affirmatively.


Porter continued “When I talked to Vincent he told me how you killed Victor in cold blood and even beat him up for no reason,”


“Kidnapping, attempted rape and attempted murder constitute a reason in my book.”  Walker replied.


“Well I’ve been a crisis counselor long enough to know that people like Vincent always think there is nothing wrong with anything they do.” Vance said "I checked around and found all the facts before I made and judgment. However something Vincent said comes to mind, it didn’t mean anything at the time but now that I think of it.”




Walker waited for the reply.


“When he was talking about you and Miss Cahill he said ‘the next time they will all pay’ Then he laughed an evil laugh. I don’t mind telling you, that laugh made a shiver go up my spine”. Porter said with a shutter. “Boy after that I left there pretty quick. As I left he yelled behind me ‘Don’t they know I’m Victor LaRue a criminal genius.’


Walker’s eyes widened, he said “I have an idea” He picked up his radio mic again and said “Dispatch patch me through to D.P.D.”


“Roger” dispatch said.


Within moments the Ranger was talking to the Dallas Police. He asked them to go to the auto salvage yard where he had rescued Alex and the other hostages from LaRue the first time. He instructed them to look for an semi opened pit, “It may be covered by some old metal or the like.”


After talking to the police he used his cell phone to call Trent and Carlos. 


He gave them the address of the warehouse where LaRue had taken the hostages after they were kidnapped.


“Look for C.D. there He will be in a locked room.”  he told them.


He then replaced the phone in his pocket and started the Ram.


“Where are we going?” Porter asked.


“To the last place he’d think we’d look.”


Outside the warehouse, Carlos circled around back; while Trent entered the front of the building. The warehouse was big with many rooms. It was dark and damp.


By careful systematic searching they found C.D. tied and gagged. He was tired cold and hungry but other wise the same old C.D.. He asked Trent when they found him

“Who’s runn’in the bar?” They all laughed by that time the paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital. The bomb squad was called to defuse the bomb found next to C.D.


D.P.D. was at the salvage yard, they had a much harder time finding Jimmy. There were 4 officers searching and they had looked everywhere of so they thought. 


The Sergeant said, “Looks like the Ranger was wrong about this.”


The started to leave but one officer heard a noise, it sounded like a repeated tapping.


The leader of the search said “It’s probably just a loose door."


They turned to leave and the tapping got louder and faster. They followed the sound and found Trivette in a pit covered by old metal sheets. They also found a bomb in the pit with him. For the second time in a hour the bomb squad was notified. The experts wasted no time defusing the dangerous object.


After being rescued Trivette was also taken to the hospital, to make sure he was okay.


Walker and Porter arrived at the last place Walker had seen LaRue. The house looked deserted. Nothing seemed to be touched since the last time they were there.  Only one thing was different; the door leading to the room where he and Alex had been held captive had been replaced.


Walker checked the door. It wasn’t locked carefully he opened it and looked inside.  Alex lay on the cot, her arms tied and her feet were also tied. She had a gag in her mouth.


Walker started across the room to his lady love but he heard a faint ticking. Looking on a small table next to were Alex lie he saw a homemade bomb the timer shower 1 min. 10 sec. left.


Walker yelled “RUN”  He ran to the woman he loved with his very being. He scooped her into his arms and ran out of the house. As they reached to outside Walker felt a hot blast behind his back. The force of the explosion sent him to the ground.  He fell covering Alex from the debris. Once the explosion died down, Walker carefully rolled off Alex. She lay still unmoving. “Alex” he whispered as he unbound her hands and feet then he removed her gag.


She opened her beautiful blue eyes “Are you all right?” she asked. As he looked into her eyes all the joy in the world couldn’t describe how he felt right now.


She smiled then she noticed he had been cut by some glass, “You’re hurt” she said.


He took her in his arms and held her tight. Then he called “Porter?”


Vance Porter had exited the building a few seconds before Walker.


He sat looking at a badly burnt body lying near the building. He knew it was his brother “Poor troubled soul “ he said over the body then went to check on the others.  “How is she?” he asked.


“She’ll be fine” Walker answered.


When Alex saw Porter she stiffened and held her breath. 


"Alex this is not LaRue” he coaxed her and tried to calm her by stroking her golden hair. Just being held in his arms and hearing his voice seemed to make all her fears disappears. She instinctively knew he would not let anything happen else happen to her.


He still had concerns for C.D. and Jimmy but his main objective was to get Alex to the hospital. After he was sure she was okay then he would try to find out about them.


At Methodist Hospital the ambulance brought Alex and Walker to the emergency room. A D.P.D. officer drove Walkers truck to the hospital along with Walkers companion. Porter waited in the lobby waiting to make sure his new friends were okay.


Walker left his exam room to find Alex. A nurse tried to stop him “Ranger you’re not allowed out of your room.”


Walker ignored her and went right past her. She followed “Ranger I said you can’t go there” before she finished her sentence he was at the room where his love was being examined.


An orderly heard the commotion and came to aide the nurse. The 6 foot man grabbed Walkers upper arm. Quickly Walker spun around and caught the orderly’s other hand.  He twisted it sending the 250 lb. man to the floor on his knees in pain. Walker refused to loosen his hold.


The doctor walked out of the examination room to see what was going on.


He saw the Ranger badge and asked “Are you Ranger Walker?”




“It’s okay, he can come in. She’s been asking about you. Maybe you can calm her down.”


Walker let the orderly’s hand go and followed the doctor. “She’s saying she wants too make sure you are okay”.


Alex was arguing with a nurse when they entered the room “I want to make sure Ranger Walker is okay. Where is he?”


Walker quickly went to her side, "Alex I’m okay.” he said taking her hand.


“Walker” she cried “I thought you were hurt,” she touched his sleeve which was covered in blood.


“I’m fine but let the doctor check you please.”


“Okay, don’t leave.”


“I’m not going anywhere” He felt a little woozy so he sat in a chair next to Alex’s bed.


The doctor made sure she was fine then he turned to the Ranger, “Now let me see that arm”.


He took off his shirt, there was a four inch cut on the upper part of his arm.


The doctor flushed out the wound and stitched the open cut closed. After putting a bandage on the stitched area he said “Try not to get near any explosions for a few days okay” he smiled.


“I’ll try”  Walker said.


The doctor decided to keep Alex overnight because of the blow on the head she took during her abduction. He wanted to make sure there was no concussion.


After being released from the emergency room Walker called the dispatcher and found out that C.D. and Trivette were okay and in separate hospitals just for observation.


The next day as he entered C.D.’s bar, Walker was glad to see his friends C.D. Parker and James Trivette setting at the bar arguing as usual. He stopped at the door ad just looked at them. He was glad they were alive. 


He felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned to see his fiancée standing behind him.  He took her in his arms and kissed her with a lot of passion.


They then joined their friends at the bar. Walker explained that Vance Porter had decided to distance himself from the LaRue name and return home.


“Who wouldn’t want to get away from that family” Jimmy said.


“The courier said that the body at the house was that of Vincent LaRue, I guess it’s finally over.” Walker said.


“We all hope so” C.D. said


They all agreed.


           THE END






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