The Weekends (are best)
By Vonnie (

"Hey, Lady! Come on over, let me buy you a drink." The same guy has asked Alex the same thing since the first time she had come into C.D.'s.

She waves at him like always, and says, "Maybe later." But her smile is for Walker. As she crosses the room, she spies the blonde who is seductively wrapped around a bar stool, purring an order for another drink from C.D. while she walks her fingers up and down Walker's arm.

Seeing Jimmy at the small table with a silly smile on his face, she pauses, "Jimmy, who is that woman?"

"Hi, Alex. That gal is something else. She came in here a couple of hours ago with another lady. She spied Walker when he came in and those blue eyes have been crawling all over him ever since."

She mumbles under her breath. "That's all she'd better do-unless she wants those eyes black-and-blue." As she watches the scene, she wonders why Walker isn't pushing her away. Feeling the beginning jabs of jealousy she takes a step toward the bar when a friend waves at her to join them. Taking one last look at the scene at the bar she walks over to speak to the friend for a few minutes.

When she turns back to look for Walker, he's gone. Walking up to the bar, and glancing around the room, she turns to look back at C.D. who is nodding to the left. Following the nod she rounds the end of the bar and sees Walker in the dark alcove of the phone booths. He's trying to talk on the phone and the curvy blonde is wrapped around him, clinging like Saranwrap.

With one brow arched, Alex takes in the scene. The blonde is doing her best to crawl up Walker's body while he is trying to use the phone. She nearly has him pinned to the wall and Walker is trying to peel her off, but for every slippery arm he pries loose another seems to reach out and grab him. It's like trying to get rid of flypaper. The expression on his face is like a kind of frustrated embarrassment. Then he sees Alex!

His face takes on a look of pure helplessness and his eyes take on a pleading look, begging her to help him get rid of this clinging woman.

Alex moves up to stand in front of him and the 'lady' and politely says, "Miss?" Ignored. "Miss?" Still ignored. "Miss, the man you're pawing all over is with me." This time she gets an eye, half opened, squinting up at her, only to shut again, her arms still trying to grab him in delicate places. When Alex sees the woman's hand rub down the front of Walker's jeans, she looses her finesse. She grabs the blonde by her hair and pulls her away from Walker. With her voice softly hissing through clinched teeth, "You've picked up the wrong man, honey." Alex turns the woman around and shoves her out toward the bar. Where one of the customer's, evidently her friend, grabs her by the arm and steers her out the door.

"Damn, that woman was like an octopus." Walker finally forces out. When he looks up, he looks right into Alex's blazing eyes. "Honey, you don't think I was…?"

Her eyes quickly soften as she moves up to stand in front of him. "Darling, no, I don't think you were. But when I saw that woman rub her hands down … well … I lost my cool." She slides her arms around his neck, pulling him close, kissing him softly on the lips. "No one touches you there," she slides one hand down between them, huskily murmuring, "except me." Finding him still soft but with her touching him he quickly begins to respond.

"Oh, God … Alex, don't! You know what you do to me. You're starting something that can't be finished here." He grabs her hand, bringing it up to his lips. "Now, behave yourself."

She smiles at him and moves back out into the room with him beside her. Finding a booth, she sits down and they place an order for coffee and sandwiches.

"Darling, what would you expect me to do if a man forced himself on me like that?"

"I know what you'd do. But this was different. I can't hit a woman. Especially one that was as drunk as she was." A shiver runs through him thinking of the tenaciousness of that woman. "I know that look, Alex. Maybe you need to give me lessons on how to handle women like that?"
He smiles at her, then drops his hand under the table, and lays it on her thigh, letting his fingers slowly trickle up her leg. When his fingers reach the juncture of her thighs, Alex sucks in her breath, closes her eyes and as his fingers begin stroking the area she quickly grabs his hand. Although the jeans are between his fingers and her flesh, the sensation is enough to start her blood to boiling.

Pulling his hand above the table, she brings it to her mouth, pressing it against her lips. Her breathing rapid, she whispers softly, "What was that … you were saying … about starting something … that couldn't be finished here?"

Knowing that her blood is running as hot as his, he looks into her eyes, his voice husky, "Hmmm … I did say something like that … didn't I."

"Honey … let's go ho…" Her plea is interrupted with the appearance of Jimmy and C.D. sliding into the booth across from them.

"Cordell, you or Alex want anything else?"

"Uh … no C.D., we were just…"

"Walker, do you remember that little gift shop that we saw a couple of days ago? You know, the one I told you I'd like to stop at and you said no, you wanted to get home?"

"Yeah … vaguely. Why?"

"Do you remember where that was? I want to go there tomorrow, I saw something that I want to get Josie."

"It's on Seventh St., Trivette. Middle of the block if I remember right."

"Yeah, that's right. I remember now. Thanks Walker. Well, people, it's been a long day, I'm heading home."

"See ya, Jimmy." C.D. stands to let him out, "Hey … Joe! Wait a minute, you're just the man I want to see." C.D. moves over to the bar leaving Alex and Walker alone again.

"Darling, let's go before someone else comes over." She nudges him with her elbow and they manage to leave the bar without getting waylaid again.


The ride to the ranch is very quiet, as the two bodies in the cab of the truck are wound as tight as a guitar string. Whenever Alex's hand would start moving in his direction, a husky, "Alex" and her hand retreats. It is probably a good thing no one is behind them, with the erratic way the truck is weaving down the road.

When the truck stops, Walker all but falls out the door, pulling Alex with him. Her hands are all over him as he tries to pull her to the porch. They stumble going up the steps, but don't fall until a large black shape rears up in front of them causing Alex to scream, and stumble back against Walker sending them both to the ground.

With a shaky voice, "Walker … what … was that?" as she clings to him.

He mutters, "Ranger," then feeling Alex trembling, he's not sure it's from passion or being scared.

When her lips clamp down on his, he knows she isn't scared. He rolls bringing her under him, his hand touching, caressing, as her mouth moves frantically over his face and down his neck. Her hands groping for him, jeans are unbuttoned and unzipped, as his hands move up under her sweater.

Moaning into her mouth when she circles him with her hand, he pushes his hips down into her, desire running rampant as they pull at each other's clothing. Alex begins to wrestle Walker's jeans down over his hips, trying to free his swollen member. As he lifts himself up, he works at trying to slide hers down.

"DAMN." Explodes out of his mouth and his body drops down on Alex.

"Walker … what's wrong?"

"Nothing … Ranger just stuck his cold nose against my bare bu … skin, that's all."

Alex begins giggling as Walker pushes Ranger away. "Ranger, get out of here."

Alex's giggling gets almost hysterical as Ranger comes up and starts licking her face.

Walker grins, and sits up, "Come on, Alex, let's finish this inside." He stands and pulls up his pants, then takes her hand to help her up. Which is next to impossible as she is almost bent double with laughter. He finally just leans over and scoops her up off the ground and carries her inside the house. Quickly shutting the door, leaving Ranger on the porch.

Clothes can be seen scattered from the front door to the foot of the bed, leaving both naked by the time they fall into the bed. He slides both hands into her hair and tips her face up and covers her mouth with his. He teases her tongue with his, then withdraws and drags his mouth over her cheeks then to her eyes, which he kisses closed.

His hand caresses one breasts, while his mouth closes over the other, sucking the tender bud deep into his mouth. Alex arches up, desire filling her senses, brushing her hands over his chest, then slides her hands down to circle his manhood, stroking gently.

Her body is strung so tight, she feels like she's ready to explode. "Walker, please, I need you …now."

With a sudden plunge he enters her, driving hard and fast as she arches to meet him. They move as one, together they strive to reach the pinnacle of ecstasy. Alex cries out as Walker plunges deep, sending them both over the edge.

He catches her cry of pleasure in his mouth and kisses her gently as she floats back to earth.

With Alex snuggled into his side, Walker, without conscious thought, begins to caress the soft mound of her breast, bringing soft sighs from her. She presses herself against him, touching him with the full length of her body. With little effort, he turns over until she's lying comfortably on top of him, her face buried in his neck.

"Cordell," she whispers, reaching down between their bodies to touch and fondle him.


She smiles as she feels him begin to stiffen and swell in her hands. "What a man," she teases. "You're ready to go again."

"Almost. But if you keep doing that, neither of us will get any sleep tonight."

"I'll stop if you want me to." She promises, running her fingers down his shaft.

"Sure you will," he laughs and hugs her, then rolls her to his side and leans over to cup her breast, tasting the nipple with his tongue. Alex moans and holds him tighter. "Delicious," he murmurs. "Very delicious."

Her voice husky, "You're kinda tasty yourself." She sits up then, and kneels beside him, bending over to kiss his flat stomach, then sliding her mouth downward. She cups his soft sac in her hand gently squeezing as she slides her lips down the length of his shaft and back up, kissing the tip, tasting the few drops that have seeped out before taking him into her mouth. With her mouth working its magic on him, his hips thrust up. Moans of pleasure escape his lips, his hands tangle in her hair, holding her there until he feels the rumble begin deep down then he quickly pulls her away.

He rolls her onto her back, his mouth covering hers as his hand moves down to cup her, his fingers finding her hot and wet, ready for him. His lips slide down over her breasts, down to kiss her navel, when his mouth brushes low over her stomach, she moans, nails digging into his shoulders as she urges him lower.

He moves down to kneel between her legs, lifting her hips up, he covers her with his mouth, his teeth gently nibbling at the small bud of pleasure before pushing his tongue deep into her sweet moistness.

She screams as a jolt of pleasure shoots through her, her body jerking violently, as spasms of ecstasy careen through her, sending her into a delirium of pleasure, driving her to peak after peak. Exhausted, Alex still hungers for more.

A raspy whisper, "Walker," as he moves up to cover her writhing body with his, driving his throbbing member deep into her. When he feels her walls constricting around him he begins his thrusts. Slowly at first but as she joins him, the pace increases to a feverish speed until both are catapulted over the edge with an explosive orgasm that consumes them simultaneously.

They lay together in a warm tangle of arms and legs, weary and content. Walker reaches down and pulls the sheet up over their sated bodies, kisses Alex softly on the lips then pulls her in close to him.


Alex stirs, lifts one eyelid, squints against the ray of sunshine slicing across the bed, remembers that it's Saturday, pulls the cover up to her chin and burrows her head under the pillow. She is almost asleep when someone grabs the blankets, pulling them off the bed. Walker! He grabs her by the ankles and begins to drag her down the bed. "Come on, sleepy head. Rise and shine. The day's wasting."

Groaning and managing to kick free, she curls up into a ball, muttering sleepily, "Let me sleep. It's Saturday. Go away … or … join me."

The offer is very tempting, looking at her very beautiful nude body curled into a delicious ball in the center of the bed. But … not this morning. "Come on Alex." He picks up the sweatpants and slips them up her legs and placing a kiss on her derriθre, pulls them up to her waist. He gets the sweatshirt, and sitting her up, he slips it on over her head.

Pleading, "Walker … it's Saturday morning, I don't have to work, why can't I sleep in today?"

"Tomorrow, honey, you can sleep in tomorrow, till noon, if you want, if you'll go with me now."


"Down to the gym."

"The gym? Oh, God, Walker, don't you think we got enough exercise last night? I'm sleepy and tired and achy. I need to rest." She mumbles as she slithers from his arms back down onto the bed, rolling into a ball, again.

"That's why you need to go with me. We'll have a little workout on the Total Gym, then I'll oil you down and give you a good massage. I'll take care of those aches for you. Okay?"

When she doesn't move, he picks her up and carries her down to the basement to his home gym, which has everything in it that he'll ever use.

She slides her arms around his neck, and begins kissing on his ear, "Honey, we don't need to go to the gym, just join me in bed, which is the best cure for these aches." She giggles and begins to assault his face and neck with little nibbling kisses.

"Come on, Alex, you want me to let you sleep late tomorrow don't you?" He stands her on the floor by the Total Gym and finally manages to get her to sit down on it. He adjusts it for her pulls, "You were at 20 the last time, try to do 25 this time, okay?" He watches her start, hearing her mumble something under her breath, then he moves over to the large punching bag, discards his top and works out kicking and chopping for twenty minutes. Looking over at Alex, he sees her just lying still on the bench.

"Alex, are you done."

"I'm very … done."

"Come on, honey, now let's work on your legs. Then I'll give your body a gentle massage, okay?"

As she starts with the leg exercises, "I can't wait," she moans softly.

Listening to Alex moaning and groaning, he grins and stops what he is doing and just watches her. Actually, once she starts she does more repetitions then he had told her to. When she lies still after the last one, he moves over and picks her up, carrying her to the table, strips her of the sweats, and after rubbing her down with the oil, he has her lie down on her stomach. He begins the massage on her legs then works up to treat every muscle of her body, very gently and methodically, spending extra time on her neck and shoulder muscles. By the time he has finished she has fallen asleep. He drapes a sheet over her, then moves back to finish his workout. Noticing that she is still asleep, he lets her rest and goes upstairs to take a shower.

When Alex wakes up, she feels very relaxed and pliant. The massage had taken all the aches and stiffness from her muscles. Turning over, she looks around the room for Walker, then hearing the sound of running water through the pipes in the basement, she smiles, knowing that her husband is taking a shower.

She slides off the table, bending and stretching, silently thanking Walker for insisting that she take the exercises and giving her a very thorough rub down, ridding her body of all the accumulated aches and pains that the past week has given her.

Slipping on her sweats she makes her way through the house, up the stairs and into the bedroom just as Walker comes out of the bathroom holding the towel around his torso.

Walker smiles when he sees her, standing there quietly gazing at him. Then very slowly, very seductively, she takes the bottom of her sweatshirt and begins wiggling it up over her head. His eyes darken, as the shirt leaves her body, his eyes lock on her breasts full and heavy with desire. He feels frozen as she slides her thumbs under the waistband of the sweatpants, and slowly, so very slowly inches them down over her hips, her feminine mound, then her thighs, to pool on the floor at her feet. Her body takes on the golden glow of a goddess as the afternoon light catches the shine of the oil.

She smiles when she sees the erection taking form underneath the towel, pushing the towel away from his body. His fingers go numb and the towel slips down to the floor.

When Alex starts toward him, he shakes off his trance and moves into her arms, touching his mouth to hers, teasing, tempting, taking her deeply, and leaving her feeling intoxicated from that single kiss. A tremor courses through her as his hands glide lightly over her skin, leaving a trail of fire in their wake.

A moan, a sigh, a whisper, "Cordell…"

His lips trace slowly across her cheek, to her ear to nibble a trail down her neck. Murmuring softly, "No … not yet … tell me … Alex, tell me … what you like." His lips slip down to brush across her breast. "Tell me … what you want … me to do."

"Oh … God … anything … everything." She murmurs, arching her back as he rolls his tongue over the heated point of her breast, catches it between his teeth, and draws it into his mouth, sucking deeply.

Her head falls back as she struggles to gulp in air. Her breasts feel heavy, her nipples so hot that when he flicks his tongue over them she cries out and shudders as burst after burst of pleasure courses through her.

"Please…" Weak, dizzy, she braces her hands on his shoulders as he burns a trail of kisses down over her stomach. "I can't … I have to…"


He kneels in front of her, his hands gripping her hips to hold her in place while he dips his tongue along the juncture of her thighs. He can feel each ripple of sensation that passes through her. His body is being bombarded by the same sensations that are shooting through her.

She comes again, and with a small cry, her fingers clutch his hair to pull him closer. Her hips begin moving, swiftly, urging him on. When his tongue stabs inside her, she goes rigid, stunned by the jolt of heat. Her knees turn to jelly. She almost falls but he grips her hips and forces her upright.

He stays with her, bringing her to orgasm again. Her eyes close, her hands fall from his hair and her knees buckle as a tremendous spasm consumes her. He gently lowers her to the floor, and with her body still shuddering from the climax, he moves over her, joins with her and takes her one more time to climb the heights with him.

Feeling him next to her, she reaches out to touch him, feeling his warmth, she sighs and rolls over and brushes her lips across his. She rests her head on his chest, feeling content, until … she hears a loud rumble … then an answering rumble. She tries hard to stifle a giggle but loses the battle as it breaks free. "Darling … I think it's time we have breakfast or lunch." She sits up and looks at the clock on the nightstand, "Walker … do you realize it almost 3:00 o'clock?"

He rolls over and pulls her into his arms, "You have something planned?" Buries his face in her neck, nibbling gently, "But I do imagine the livestock are upset with us, too." He slides out of bed and pulls his trousers on, "Why don't you shower and start…" he looks at her and grins, "whatever meal you want, and I'll go take care of the horses."

She stands and moves up against him, brushing her breasts across his bare chest, touches her lips lightly to his, and murmurs, "Darling, this morning was beautiful. I sure do love you, cowboy." Another kiss, and a gently shove, "I'll have … something on the table when you get back. Hurry."

He turns just before going out the door, smiles at her, "Maybe … you?"

She grins, "Who knows."


Sitting in the swing, swaying gently, she snuggles back in his arms, content in the silence between them. Married for just a short time, but finding it hard to remember her life without him. Her life with this cowboy will not be easy, but she wouldn't change one thing about him. He completes her, her life is full. The one thing that could possibly make their life better, would be children. No, they wouldn't make it better, they would enhance it. Make their life fuller.



"How many children do you want?"

"Oh … I don't know, 3 or 4 I guess. What brought this on? Are you pregnant?"

"No … just dreaming."


The following Friday night:

Alex sits down at the bar, pulls the bowl of peanuts over, and munches on the goobers while waiting on her husband. Someone puts money in the jukebox and as the soft music fills the room, she shuts her eyes and lets her body, from the waist up, sway slightly to the sweet refrain. Her eyes snap open when she is jostled by a man sitting down on the stool next to her. She tilts her lips up in a slight smile acknowledging his presence, then glances at her watch, and starts watching the door.

"Waiting for someone?"

"Yes … I am."

"Can I buy you a drink while you're waiting."

"No … thank you. I'm fine."

"Maybe he stood you up."

"I … don't think so."

"Sure I can't buy you a drink? A pretty woman like you shouldn't be left waiting like this." He surreptitiously lays his hand on her thigh.

Alex stiffens. Her face looses all sign of friendliness, she reaches down, and grabs his little finger, bending it back and says quietly, but firmly, "Mister, I don't want a drink, or your attentions and I would suggest you find a different seat before my husband gets here."

She lets go of his finger and he stands, turns, and bumps into a man that has a star on his chest, "Sorry," and quickly moves away.

He cocks an eyebrow at Alex as he sits down, "A come on?"

"I think that's what he had in mind, but I convinced him I wasn't interested."

"I need to figure out how to get rid of women that easy."

"I think the only ones you'd have trouble with are the ones who have overindulged, and they are too far gone to listen, those, you have to use hard line diplomacy."

"Really?" He traces his finger over her lips, "Maybe you could show me some ways to deter these women."

"Oh! Women? How often does this happen to you?"

"Thank God, only that one time so far. But that was enough. Do we have a deal?"

"Tonight? After supper? In the gym?"

"That's ... good. Maybe you could give me a massage … this time."

"I think I can arrange that." She watches his eyes darken, "Shall we go home? And get started on … our weekend … and … your lessons?"

Walker slides his arm around Alex's waist and pushes the door open just as a blonde with blue eyes walks through, her eyes landing on Walker.

Alex looks her straight in the eye, and says, "Too late, he's in training."

The End