A Thunderstorm raged outside, thunder clapped and lightning flashed.  Nature showed it’s fury and power.

The wind howled and a shutter banged against the side of the house.  Cordell Walker felt the bed move as the noise startled his wife, Alex.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Just the wind” he answered.  She settled back as he took her in his arms.  She always felt safe in his strong arms..  He kissed her lips and settled down to go back to sleep.  She began to kiss his cheek and moved down to his neck as she ran her fingers through his red hair.

“Alex, I’m trying to sleep.  I’ve got a busy day tomorrow” He said.

“But I can’t sleep now” she adjusted her position in the bed.  “The baby is kicking.” She is about 8 months pregnant.

She started running her hands up and down his chest.

“Alex” he scolded.

“You’re not really that tired are you?” she pouted.

“You know I’m afraid of hurting you or the baby, as far along as you are now.”

“If it bothers me, I’ll tell you.  I promise.”

He growls and rolls over to kiss her.

Suddenly there was a rap on the bedroom door.

“Yes” Walker said, a little relieved at the interruption.

The door came open and three sets of little feet came running into the room.  Each set of the feet belonged to identical red hair blue eyed boys.  They were almost 2 years old.

They all jumped into bed with their parents and at the same time they said “Daddy there’s a monster trying to get in our window.”

“There is no monster” Walker said.

“UH huh” the oldest of the three said.  His name is Cordell John Walker Jr. he’s is called Cord for short.  “It’s green”.

“Okay  I’ll go look” Walker said.  He sat on the side of the bed and put on a pair of workout shorts.

The middle triplet named Charles Ray, Chuck for short, he was named for C.D. (whose name is Charles David) and Walker’s Uncle Ray., said “Daddy take your gun.”

“He not need his gun, he know kiatee”(trying to say karate) the youngest of the three said. His name is Alexander James (after Alex and Jimmy). He is called A.J.

“Okay settle down” The father said as the boys started pushing one another.  “I’ll go see what’s going on. You guys stay here and protect Mom and your baby sister.”

They had known for a few months that they were expecting a little girl. They had decided on the name Jessica Danielle.

Walker was gone for a few minutes, he came back into the room laughing “Boys your monster is a tree branch hitting the window.” he said.

A.J. said “Good thing it wasn’t a monster, daddy would beat it up.”

Alex smiled ‘those boys sure think their dad is a super hero’  the she smiled again and though ‘Oh well so do I.’   

Walker said “Would you guys like to stay in here the rest of the night?”

“Walker” Alex said.

“That ought to cool you down” he whisper as he kissed her cheek.  She was a little upset but couldn’t help laughing as the three boys squeezed into the bed between them.

After a few minutes everyone was asleep.

Walker was able to get another hour’s sleep then Chuck kicked him out of bed.  After hitting the floor, he shook his head to wake up more and thought ‘I can take on five bad guys at one time but one little boy can put me down for the count .’  He looked back at the bed and silently chuckled as the little boy snuggled into his pillow and continued to sleep.

Knowing there would be no more sleep for him today, he decided to tend the horses and then get ready for work.

The rain had almost let up when he started for the barn.  Once the horses were fed and dry bedding was put down.  He returned to the house.

He showered and dressed for work.

Gently he woke is wife with a good morning kiss,  “Wake up sunshine” he said softly.

She opened her blue eyes and looked at him “What time is it?” she asked.

“7:00” he answered. “What time is your doctor’s appointment?”

“10:30” she told him.

“I’ve got a meeting with the Mayor at 9:00 so I’ll meet you at the doctors.”

She started to fall back to sleep.

“Come on, sleepy head, go get your shower before I leave.”  He helped her out of bed.  “I’ll wake the boys up and get them dressed for you.”

Reluctantly she walked to the bathroom.                               

Walker stood there for a minute and looked at his boys.  ‘How angelic they look’ he thought ‘yeah right when they’re asleep’ he chuckled.

He proceeded to wake up the boys, at first they were a little reluctant to get up but once the were awake they were ready to go.

“Let’s get you dressed while mom is in the shower.  That will surprise her.”

He said.

“Let’s surprise Mom” they all said.  They grabbed Walker’s hand and pulled him into their room.  “We want to dress like you” Cord told him and they ran to the dresser and started emptying the drawers looking for something that looked like what daddy was wearing.  Clothes fly everywhere.

“Hold it guys, let me find something for you to wear.” He began to search through the pile of clothes, finally he found three pairs of jeans and three western shirts.  It took some doing but he had them dressed and down stairs waiting for Alex by the time she got ready to go.

As Alex came down the stairs he was trying to get the boys to set down and be quiet, with out much success.  “How does she do it?” he asked himself.

“She’s not a push over like dad that’s how.” she said as she walked up behind him.

He kissed her and asked “Is Josie going to keep the boys while we are at the doctors?”

“Yes, I’ll take them to the HOPE center after I feed them breakfast.” She answered.

“Why don’t we all just go to C.D.’s for breakfast?” he asked.

“Grand Pa C.D.’s” the boys yelled “Oh boy cheeseburgers”

“C.D. really spoils them too much” she said.

“They are his only grandchildren you know.”

Walker helps load the boys into the suburban.  A vehicle they had to get out of necessity.  He followed them into town in the Ram.

They parked in back of C.D.’s.  As they entered the bar the owner C.D. Parker was sitting at a table drinking coffee.  All three boys looked at each, they tip toed up in back of their surrogate grandfather and said “BOO”.

C.D. acted scared.  They all laughed.

“We scared you,” Cord said.

“Golly you boys really did scare me” the older man said. ”How you doing honey?” he asked Alex.

“Well I’m okay, just wish the baby wouldn’t kick so much.”

“She wants out” He said

“I know.” she said rubbing her stomach. “But Walker’s a great help.  He got the boys dressed this morning and gave me some time to myself.”

“A piece of cake” Her husband replied ‘Wait until she sees the bedroom’ he thought.

“Better check the cake now” C.D. said pointing to the three two year olds karate fighting in middle of the floor.

Alex said “Okay, enough.  In the booth.”

All three ceased fighting and scampered for the booth.  Alex gave Walker a ‘that’s how you do it look’ and went to join the boys.

Walker ordered the usual for them and went to join his family.

Once C.D. brought their order Cord said “Grand Pa C.D. daddy killed a monster last night.”

“He did?” C.D. asked.

“It was big and green and it tried to get in our window” Chuck said.

Walker laughed ”It was a tree branch hitting the window”

“Tree branch or monster makes no difference, you are still a hero” was the older Rangers reaction.

Suddenly the triplets see their Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Josie come in to the building.  Walker partner and Alex’s pretty assistant at her HOPE center had been married a little under a year ago and they were expecting their first child in 4 months.

When the boys saw them all three ran over and jumped on their Uncle.

“Wait a minute” Jimmy said “Three against one no fair.”

“Remember what they say Trivette  “One riot, one Ranger.” Walker said.

“Who ever made up that saying, never met your triplets.” Jimmy said as he was surrounded by the youngsters.

 Josie and Alex hug.  They laugh at the commotion.

 “Well Trivette and I have to go, you boys be good for Aunt Josie and help her today.  Okay?” Walker said, he then kissed his wife and all three boys.

“We will” the oldest boy said, the other shook their heads yes.

After Jimmy kissed his wife, the two Rangers left for the office in Walkers truck.

The boys finished eating and the women headed for the center.  Cord and Chuck ride with Alex but A.J. insisted on riding with Josie.

There were already four other children at the HOPE center when they arrived.  A volunteer had opened the center earlier.  Once inside the boys ran straight for the play room.

Walker and Trivette’s meeting with the Mayor was long and boring, Walker found  himself dosing off.  Luckily he caught himself each time before anyone noticed.  That is anyone but Trivette he had noticed.

“Walker, man wake up” he whispered.

Walker gave his partner a disturbed look.

When the meeting took a break, the Ranger went to get coffee.

“Man you were dosing off in there.  Is everything okay at home?” The concerned younger Ranger asked.

“Yes Trivette” Walker said “Everything is fine. There was just a storm at the ranch last night and the Triplets got scared.  So they slept half the night with us.”

“Bet that was crowded.”

“Yes it was,  then Chuck kicked me out of bed.  So I didn’t get much sleep.”

“He kicked you out of bed huh, I told you man that kid’s gonna be the next Chuck Norris.” Trivette said laughing.

The meeting was starting again.  As the entered the room Walker looked at his watch, it was 10:00.  ‘I hope this is over by 10:30 Alex gets angry when I miss a doctors appointment.’  he thought.

At the HOPE center Alex and Josie were not having a quiet morning.  Two boys were being really bad. They were dumping out all the toys and taking toys from other kids.

Cord told one of them “My mommy’s gonna get mad at you.”

The boys pushed Cord down, the other two triplets went to the aid of their brother.

Josie saw the fight “Alex I think they have been spending too much time with Walker and Jimmy.”

The women break up the fight.  All the boys are put in time out to cool down.

Alex said “I hate to leave you with this mess but I have to go to the doctors.”

“Don’t worry about me Alex, I’ve got three Walkers in there.  I’ve got plenty of help.”                        

Alex laughed.

“Well I’ve got to go then.  You boys be good for Aunt Josie” she said.

“We will” they all said in unison.

As Alex walked onto the porch a pain hit her.  She grabbed the railing and held on for a moment, the pain went away.

Walker was already waiting at the doctors for her, Alex was both surprised and pleased that he was there.  He had left the meeting early  “Told ya I’d make it here on time.  Really they made me leave I kept falling asleep.”

“Yeah right” she said laughing.

They were in the waiting room for about 15 minutes.  Suddenly a pain hit Alex again, she was holding her husbands hand.  She squeezed his hand very hard.

“Are you all right Alex?” He asked very concerned.

“Yes, just a pain.  The baby must be moving.” she said.  She breathed deep for a few moments and the pain subsided.  “Okay it’s gone.”

“Are you sure your okay?” he asked again.

“Yes I’m fine” she assured him, then gave him a smile.

Finally they were called into the exam room.

As Alex prepared for the doctor and sat on the table, Walker stood quietly in the corner of the room.  He was still there when the doctor and his nurse came in.  The doc laughed and said “Cordell you should be used to this by now.”              

Walker gave a little smile and went to set in the chair next to Alex.  He looked uncomfortable and squirmed a lot.

“How many babies have you delivered?” the doctor asked the Ranger. “Three or four?”

“A few” Walker said shyly.

Alex smiled.  He acted shy a lot.

The doctor began his exam.  Suddenly he looked at Walker and said “Cordell are you ready for the baby?” he then said “If your not, then you better get ready soon.”

“You mean?” Walker asked.

“Take her to the hospital.  I’ll meet you there.”

“What?” Alex said.  She had been listening and holding his hand.  All the sudden another pain hit and she squeezed his hand again.  Once she loosened her grip he helped her dress and they went straight to the hospital.

Once they arrived they were escorted to delivery.  The nurses remember them from when the triplets were born. 

“How are those triplets?” the head nurse asked.

“Growing” Walker said “They’ll be three soon.”

“Time flies” she said.

“It sure does” he replied.  He then heard Alex yell.

“They are prepping her.  Then you can go in.”

Walker nodded and went to the pay phones.  He dialed the number to the HOPE center.

Josie answered the phone.

“Would you and Jimmy keep the boys tonight?”

“Why?  Is something wrong?  she asked concerned.

“Alex is in labor, it could be an hour it could be several hours, you know. If you want you can stay at the ranch there would be more room.”

“Mr. Walker” the nurse interrupted “Your wife is ready.”

“Call Jimmy and tell him, please”.

“Sure, just go to Alex” Josie said.  He hung up the phone and went to his wife’s side.

She was looking for him when he came into the room.  When she saw him she said “Walker, the triplets” he walks over and takes her hand.

Softly he said “It’s okay.  Josie and Trivette will keep them at the ranch tonight or at least I think they will stay there  I left it up to her.”

“They are good friends” she said.                

He shook his head in agreement

Trivette had returned from the meeting to find that Walker had not returned from the doctors visit yet.  He calls Josie to see if she had heard anything.

“Alex is in labor” she explained.  They are at the hospital”

“But she’s not due yet.” he said.  “It’s too early.”

“No one told the baby that Jimmy” Josie said laughing.  “We are going to keep the kids at the ranch to night. Walker thinks it would be more room.”

“Good there is sure not much room at our place.” he said.  They were looking for a bigger place but hadn’t found what they wanted yet.

Alex squeezes Walker hand again.  This time harder than before.  “Breathe” he said  “Breathe Alex”.

She let out a cry of pain.

The doctor said “Here it comes. Push when I say” then he says “Push”.

Alex pushed hard.  She relaxed.

“You are doing fine hon, just relax.” Walker said.

Perspiration rolled down her face.

She let out another cry,  “Push” the doctor said.

A beautiful baby girl was born.  She had blonde hair like her mother.  A tear rolled down Walker face as he saw his daughter for the first time.

“Alex, she beautiful.  Just like you.” He kissed his wife’s lips.

Alex was exhausted but managed a smile as the lay her daughter in her arms.  She couldn’t hold back the tears.

While they cleaned up both mother and baby Walker called the ranch.

“Hello “Josie said

“How is everything there?”

“Fine.” Josie said “How about there.”

“It’s a girl, mother and baby are doing fine.  Call you later with the details.  Kiss the boys for us and tell them we have a surprise for them.  A baby sister.”

He hung up and returned to his lovely wife.

Josie went into the living room where the boys were riding Jimmy like a horse.

“Bedtime” she said.

“Where are Mommy and Daddy?” A.J. asked.

“Well they will be home tomorrow” she told them as the climbed the stairs.  Once they were in their room “She said “They will have a surprise for you tomorrow.”

“A surprise?” Chuck said “Is it a bike?”

“No” A. J. said “It’s a pony”.

“Is it a puppy?” Cord said.

Josie smiled and said “No it’s a baby sister.”

A.J. and Chuck said “Cool“ and ran to jump into bed.

Cord just stood there looking sad.  Jimmy stooped down to him and said “What’s the matter buddy?  Did you want another brother?”

Cord looked at him and said “No I wanted a puppy.”

At first Jimmy was at a loss for words then he said “Well a baby sister can be better than a puppy.”

“Really?” he asked

“Yeah, I’ve got sisters and they can be fun.”

“Ok” Cord said and ran to jump into bed too.

As they closed their eyes Jimmy put his arm around his wife and said “Are our kids going to be as fun as this.” he then rubbed her stomach and kissed her.

Alex had fallen to sleep for an hour or so.  When she woke she couldn’t believe the sight before her.  Her husband, the famous Ranger Walker was asleep in the chair with this tiny baby asleep in his arms.  He smiled at her when he saw she was awake.

the end

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