Walker Texas Ranger
"The Take Down"

Story by M Phillips


It was another day at the office and Walker looked as weary as he felt.  After chasing three drug criminals half way across Texas he was trying to get some paper work done.
Alex was out of the office and Trivette was on the other phone getting info on their next case; a bunch of cattle had disappeared on two of  the local ranches and they were going to have to go out and investigate.
The phone rang and Walker picked it up. "Walker." he said.
It was Alex .
"Walker what are you still doing there? I thought you were going home."
"I was, but there's a mountain of paper work on my desk and I thought I'd try and wade through some of it. What's up?"
"Well, I thought I'd let you know that the 3 guys you brought in will be in court tomorrow in front of Judge Pears and I need you there to testify."
"O.K. What time?
 "9 AM"
"OK...Where are you right now?"
"I'm at the office. Can you meet me at 8:30 in the morning for breakfast before we go in?"
"Sure, I'll be there. What are you doing for dinner? I'm hungry."
"Well, I was just heading out the door to C.D.'s.  Can you join me?
"You know I'd never turn down supper at C.D.'s.  I'll meet you there."
Alex hung up and turned out the lights and walked out to her car and started it up.
Walker grabbed up a few folders and his coat and waved at Trivette as he went out the door. Walking out to his truck, Walker got in and pulled out never noticing the black truck that was following him.
A few minutes later Walkers truck pulled out onto the highway heading for C.D.'s and the black truck continued to follow.
Walker reached C.D.'s and parked the truck and walked into the bar noticing that Alex was already there, sitting at the bar talking to C.D.
"Hey Walker, I see my two favorite customers are here. So what's you're pleasure? We got Chili, Hamburgers and Salad on special tonight.
"I think, the hamburger and salad for me."
"Just salad and Perrier for me please C.D." Alex replied with a smile.
The evening passed quickly as C.D., Walker and Alex talked of the current cases they were working on and ate their food.

"Well, the foods good and the company is exceptional", Walker said smiling as he winked at Alex They laughed at C.D. and a few of his customers and his jokes and talked work and some about what the next few days held in store.
Both Alex and Walker were just enjoying each others company. Eye contact was strong and most of the time they were left alone except for C.D. and a few of their friends eating there also. Walker took her hand a few times across the table and Alex beamed and tried not to let her racing heart get the best of her. She knew she loved him and had for quite some time and tried to imagine what their life together would be like. She'd dated some other men and through it all Walker had started off as a business partner and she wasn't sure when it happened, but he slowly became the one she found herself looking for each day and all the others went by the wayside compared to him.
The evening passed quickly and with their meal over and the evening becoming late she smiled when Cordell took her hand and they prepared to leave.
"C.D. we're going to call it a night" and waving to their long time friend they exited the bar.
Heading out to the truck Walker placed his arm around Alex's waist and she in return. As they neared the truck Walker turned her towards him, "I enjoyed this tonight and can't wait till we're together" and leaning his head down he kissed her long and gently and the kiss brought them both to an edge they weren't far from crossing, but they both had agreed to wait till they were married. Kind of old fashioned in this day and time but for them it was right. Although there were becoming more and more times Walker questioned their decision...especially at times like this. He wanted her all for himself and could only imagine what their union might bring.
They paused and looked at one another and Alex's voice was husky when she said, "I almost hate to go home tonight, the ranch is so close" and she smiled temptingly at him.
The moon shone overhead and Walker leaned in to get another kiss when from behind him he heard a noise and turned to find out what it was and heard Alex cry out and grip his arm tightly. He saw the man and realized he had a gun and tried to push Alex out of the way and heard a gunshot, felt a blinding pain and heard Alex scream.


The first thing as he came to that he felt was darkness and then he heard a noise beside him. Reaching out he felt skin and heard Alex moan. Turning towards the sound he said, "Alex? Where are we? Are you alright?"

Alex replied weakly "I'm not sure, It looks like a small room and I can't move. They've tied me up. You too, I see."
"You can see? It's not dark in here?"
"What do you mean Walker? You can't see me?"
"Can you see me?"
"Yes Walker...I can."
"What 's wrong with me?"
"Maybe it's from the head wound. You've got a goose egg on the side of your temple, that bullet just grazed you, thank God...there's some bleeding but it's stopped now."
"Well, my head feels like it's been hit with a baseball bat. And now I can't see."
Alex touched him lightly on his chest and said, "Walker I'm sure it will pass. Just rest for now."
Walker leaned against the wall behind him and felt his eyes close. "Do you see any other way out of here?"
"No, just the one door and it's locked."
"Did you see who got us?
"Only for a minute, right after they shot at you they blindfolded me and told me not to try anything or they'd kill us both."
Alex sat against the wall and looked around. She tried to think of a way to help to get them out of this place and got up and tried the door and looking back at Walker sleeping she worried about him. He'd said he couldn't see and that scared her. Walker had been shot, beat up and wounded and she thought she'd seen him in just about every situation she could but this one frightened her more than any of them.
Soon she heard footsteps and the door opened and two men looked in and she stood up. Walker roused and reached out for thin air.
"Walker we've got company." The door opened and Alex felt herself go cold.
The two men approached. One took Alex by the arm and the other reached for Walker.
Walker hit out at him and tried to stand.
"I can do it on my own."
"The boss wants to see you two."
"And who would that be?"
"Jack Anderson." the man replied.
Walker stood up and felt himself go weak in the knees, remembering a case a few years ago about a bank robbery and he and Trivette had arrested Jack and last he'd heard he was doing time up to 50 years. How in the hell had he gotten out? Walker thought.

The two men lead them to a room and they walked to a chair and Alex had directed him by placing her hand under his arm and guided him to the waiting two chairs in the room.

The day dawned and Trivette entered the office where Walker and him spent their working hours and was surprised to see Walker hadn't arrived. Shaking his head noted the time 8:30am... "Well this is a first" he said out loud.
About that time the phone rang, it was C.D. and he sounded worried. "Trivette, where's Walker?" He asked.
"He's not here. Why?"
"Well unless he and Alex walked home last night there's something wrong. The truck's still outside and Alex's car is right beside it."

"Did anything strange happen after or while they were there?"
"No, they were here for a few hours...ate...sat and visited and then they left. I was parked in the back and didn't even notice the car and truck when I left last night because I took the back way out like I usually do. Jimmy, something's wrong. I feel it in my bones."
"I'm sending a team over there right now and I'm on my way. Just stay there and stay calm."
During the long ride to C.D.'s Trivette tried to imagine what might have occurred to Alex and Walker that no one would have noticed anything unusual and that his partner could not handle it.


"Well, well look what we have here gentlemen. The great Walker and his foolhardy Assistant DA. Well who has the last word now Walker?"
Jack Anderson smiled and reached for Alex. "And you, the prize I've waited for since I was sent away to prison." He reached down to touch her cheek and Alex recoiled away and did her best to not let her feelings show.
Walker felt so helpless and prayed for his vision to return. "We have a few surprises for you two and I think we'll start with Alex here." Reaching for her he grabbed her by her arms and drug her to a waiting chair and proceeded to tie her down.
"It's me you want, Don't harm Alex. Try me instead." Suddenly Walker felt a sharp blow to his left cheek and the chair he was in wobbled and he tried to rise but only felt the ropes tighten then he felt another one to his right rib cage.
"Oh, Walker, your time is coming but I owe this woman of yours, she is yours isn't she? Well, there may not may much left of her when we get through but you're welcome to it when we are." And laughing he continued whatever sick touching he was doing and Walker strained against his ropes. The chair tilted slightly and Walker felt himself begin to fall
Another blow hit his cheek and he heard Jack curse and Alex cry out as they continued to kick at Walker and she watched his chair fall to the floor.


Trivette sat at his desk on the phone as he had been for almost the entire day trying to track down anyone that might have seen anything the night Walker and Alex had disappeared. The truck had been hauled in and dusted for prints and everyone at the bar had been questioned and the hours were starting to wear on Trivette. All the police departments had been notified of their disappearance and C.D. had been in several times to check on the progress and both were starting to be afraid that they weren't going to find them in time.
A few moments later a messenger arrived and left a small envelope for Trivette. Reaching for it he noticed the inscription....Trivette...partner to the soon to be deceased Walker. Ripping the envelope open he felt inside it and found a note.

"C.D." he said. Inside the note he read Your partner and Alex are alive for now and if you do as we say they may stay that way so here's the directions to keep them alive.
1. We want 3 million in unmarked bills.
2. We'll call you in 4 hours past the delivery of this note and let you
know where to drop the money.
3. Don't try to trace the money or do anything stupid unless you want them dead sooner than later.
4. Were watching you're every move so play it smart and do as we say.

Trivette sat down and rubbed his face and looked at C.D. "Where are we going to come up with 3 million dollars?"
A few phone calls later and talking to the DA and their boss and the police departments cash fund from drug busts they had the arrangements made for the money.
Now it was the waiting.


Walker and Alex sat talking quietly a few hours later and Walker knew that the next time Jack Anderson and his goons returned that they'd probably kill them both. The money was due to be delivered in a few hours and Alex tried to think frantically of a way to get her and Walker free.
Suddenly she rose and walked towards the locked door and called out. "Hey, you out there" and watched the lone man rise and start for the door.
"You rang pretty lady," he replied.
"Yes, I'm thirsty. Can I have some water please?"
The man left for a moment and returned with a glass of water. "Get back from the door."
And he opened the door. Glancing in to make sure that Walker was still tied up he approached Alex. "And what do I get in return pretty lady? I already am going against the rules by letting you go untied." Suddenly the glass went flying from his hand and he felt an excruciating pain in his groin and gasped in surprise and disbelief as Alex hit him over the head with the glass. Slowly he fell to the floor.
Alex reached down to make sure he was out and looking down grabbed the keys and opened the door and went to untie Walker who had already worked out of most of the ropes.
The time was late evening and Walker and Alex walked out of the room and into a outer hallway and not hearing any sounds they continued down the hall with Alex helping to guide Walker with her arm. Around another corner Alex peeked out to the left and spotted what looked to be a door leading outside but there was a guard there and he seemed to be dozing.
Looking at Walker she stopped him and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and stayed still while she headed quietly for the door. Stopping a few times when he snored or shifted positions in the chair she slowly approached the door. The guard continued to snore and she slowly turned and returned to Walker.
"Well, it's now or never," she said, as she took Walker by the arm and lead him to the door. Alex slowly opened the door and guided Walker towards the opening when the guard startled and started to stir. Alex reached for Walker shoving him out the door and hit the guy in the head with something she had in her hand, letting the door close behind her she let her eyes become accustomed to the dark and Walker shifted, "Where are we Alex?"
"I'm not sure but it looks like a warehouse for trucks and there’s a fence and barbed wire around it. "Walker, what do we do now?"

"Do you see a way out of the gate?
"No but let me look" and she slipped silently around a corner and checking to see if anyone was around and then silently returned to Walker.

Walker walked softly behind her and held on to her arm as she led him along. She was so scared and knew it was up to her if they were to get out of this alive. She prayed that no one discovered them.
"Walker we're almost even with the front gate and I see a vehicle parked not far outside the fence, Do we try for it?"
"Any signs of life from the inside yet?"
"No, so I say we get while the getting is good."
"Lead the way." Walker replied as they began to make their way towards the vehicle.
As Alex started across the yard she prayed silently to herself and found herself almost straining to get to the gate and they found the lock and Alex groaned.
"Well, I knew it couldn't be that easy." she said.
She looked around frantically and suddenly to the left she looked and found an open ripped area in the wire and softly explored it with her hand.
"Walker, this way" and she lead him over to the opening and they both went silently through. Walker and Alex then approached the truck and opening the door and found the keys gone.
Alex swore softly and Walker asked her what for.
"No keys" she replied.
"Check the floorboard" he replied.
Sure enough there were a set of keys. Alex shook her head and they climbed in the truck and Alex put the truck in neutral and let it coast for a ways before starting it. She suddenly heard gunshots behind them as the truck sped away.
As Alex turned to look behind her she saw car lights and worried that it might be the guys they’d left behind and found the lights catching up to them she rounded a corner. Walker said, "How far behind us are they?"
"Not far," she replied. Within minutes they were upon Walker and Alex and had forced Alex off to a side of the road by pulling in front of her and swerving into their truck.
Walker was out of the truck in a moment and the guys were approaching them. Alex tried to get Walker behind her but one of the guys reached for her and like a rag doll threw her towards the ground. Walker stood alone surrounded by three men and blind as a bat.
Walker stood silently but poised and ready. "Boys we can do this one of two ways...the easy way or the hard way". The men looked at each other and laughed giving Walker just the chance he was hoping for and before Alex knew it three men were being battered and sent flying and Alex watched with wonderment. "How does he do that?" But the last man was a bit faster and Alex could tell that Walker was having a hard time hearing and locating his position and Alex saw an opportunity and took it kicking the man in the back of the knee causing him to fall to one knee and then took her foot and sent it to the only place she knew would cause him a great deal of pain and he doubled over in the sand. "That one is for Walker " she said quietly over him as she walked over to Walker and helped him to the truck.
They were out on the highway before she knew it and she breathed a sigh of relief as the lights of Dallas greeted them.
She headed for the first hospital they could find and got Walker out of the truck and into the ER before she headed for a phone to call Jimmy.
When the phone rang in the stillness of the office where Jimmy had been all night awaiting some word of Alex and Walker, It surprised him and he jumped slightly.
Reaching for it, he heard "Jimmy, we're at Parkland Hospital and Walker's been injured...Jimmy he's blind. We left a couple of pretty beat up guys back on Gentry St, Can you send someone after them?"
It only took a short time for Jimmy and C.D., to arrive and they greeted Alex and awaited the Dr.’s prognosis of Walker's condition and while they waited Alex related the story of what had happened in the last 24 hours and who and the way they had escaped. As they were sitting and Alex related the facts the Rangers had been notified and were on their way to check it out
Walker meanwhile was enduring endless prodding and poking and the Dr.’s seemed very concerned about his loss of eyesight and a few tests later they still hadn't come up with a sure diagnosis except that the head graze by the bullet had probably caused the temporary blindness and his vision would likely return. When was anyone's guess. Anywhere from weeks to months.
Walker sat quietly and pondered his situation and tried to will himself to see in to the darkness but his eyes failed him and the darkness continued to surround him


The trip back to the ranch was a silent one and Alex wanted to stay with him but Walker told her he needed some time alone.
"I know this ranch like the back of my hand and I don't think my condition is going to change that very much." he said.
Alex could still hear the words ringing in her ears as she watched him walk toward the front of the ranch steps and feel for the steps with his foot.
"See," he said "no, problem", and she walked to the truck and prayed he'd be alright here alone.
But just as she got to the truck she heard him trip and then as she turned saw him as he entered the front door but she just stood there and waited. She wanted to run to him and be his eyes and help him but she knew Walker and he wouldn't take pity or weakness in anyone much less in himself.  She cringed and grabbed for the truck door and started the truck and started to pull away when she saw him wave at her. Tears filled her eyes and she drove away.
Walker heard the truck pull away and knew that Alex was leaving and almost felt relief but at the same time fear. For the first time he faced the unknown without any real sure plan and just didn't really know where to turn. His spirits of the ancestors spoke to him and he breathed a sigh and picked up the phone.


Walker had made his phone call and within the hour he was on his way to the reservation. As soon as he arrived he was lead to the Medicine man. He entered the sacred circle and sat in the center as the medicine man approached him and the smell of herbs and incense burnt strong in his nostrils. The medicine man placed a poultice of herbs on his eyes and he lay back on the ground and felt himself relax and thought of the healing powers flowing towards him through the herbs and his friends prayers being lifted up to and for him. The meditation state he went into made him feel light and soon he felt himself lift up out of his body. He looked down at the group gathered for him. The moon shone brightly over head and he continued to float for a while then he spotted other spirits coming towards the circle, they were the old Indian spirits that came to those who needed direction when the spirits spoke to them. Walker slowly returned to the circle and his body as the spirits spoke and only to him.
"Washo we have long watched your progress and know that you are strong in heart and spirit , we give you the power of healing and you will progress at your own rate. Don't rush but be patient and know that this healing will come when the time is right."

As the spirits dispersed Walker fell into a deep and healing sleep.


It took a while for Walker to get used to the dark when he awoke the next day at the reservation regretting that he hadn't called Alex. He wanted time to focus on his status and what he was going to do about it. The sun shone down on him and he was dressed in the native way finding any other restrictions difficult right now. He heard the crickets around him and birds singing their morning song. No one was stirring yet and he always found this time of the day most peaceful.
Alex and the feelings he had for her would only complicate things. He needed a clear head to get through this and as bad as he missed her he knew it was for the best.
"Washo", the voice spoke softly close to him and he turned in response knowing it with a familiarity that could only make him at ease right now. He stretched out his arm and felt the responding shake.
"White Eagle my friend what brings you my way this early? The chickens aren't up yet."
"I could say the same thing for you but if you're anything like me the mornings are the best part of the day."
Walker thought to himself ...they used to be when I could see the sunrise.
Since the incident he'd only wanted to be back to his life and Alex. He felt so lost and without a center and he'd never been that way before. He hoped time and some Indian rest and cures might help. He thought of Alex daily and wished he could tell her how much he missed her.
White Eagle was speaking again and asking him to teach him a few of his karate moves he'd watched him when he'd been working out in private and knew it was a cleansing for his mind as well as the body. Walker was a strong man and White Eagle knew that somehow he'd get through this time of trouble.  Walker was so quiet and withdrawn.  Working at something would do him good.

So they started and Walker showed him a few moves and he copied him and as they worked Walker started in to a set of moves of punches and kicks and White Eagle let him drift for a few minutes. "Hey, that's too fast" he said.

Walker slowed and turned towards him. "Sorry, I forget you can't go through them like I can and without sight its difficult."

They worked for awhile and Walker felt a certain amount of peace with the morning and feeling he wasn't so helpless.


Meanwhile Alex was pacing the floor and trying her best to keep her mind on the work at hand at the courthouse. Days of looking at the office was driving her crazy and she found herself cranky and scattered without him being around and though she knew it was for the best for him now she missed him and prayed each night for him to get well. She wanted to go to him but she wasn't sure of the reception she'd get. Her gaze glanced at the empty chair and for the 40th time this morning and she went back to work.


Walker and White Eagle were at the river fishing and Walker could feel the sun beating down on his face. The birds singing in the background and mother nature at her finest. A hawk circled somewhere above because he'd heard the call it had made looking for it's mate. He knew how it felt and silently let the memories come flooding back of Alex and their times together. As he was focusing on that he felt a burning to his eyes and a sharp pain. Closing the eyes he reopened them and saw what appeared to be a sliver of light. Smiling he strained and willed himself to see but only saw the sliver. Maybe, just maybe he thought.

"White Eagle, it's happening" he said suddenly.
White Eagle looking at Walker, "what Washo?"
Walker replied "Just a sliver but I think it's starting to come back just a few minutes ago."
"Washo that's great." He replied. "Maybe it's time to rest the eyes and see if that will help."
So a few days passed and Walker was in his tent just waking up and opened his eyes praying for a bit more sight. He exited the tent and looked up at the sky. Light flooded his eyes and he whooped and looked around at the area he knew so well and though he could see light the images around him were shadowed and shaded and difficult to make out. But it was progress. Fuzzy was better than none at all.
The natives were starting to stir and he made his way a few feet to White Eagle's tent. "Hey White Eagle I'm here to see you."
White Eagle came out of his tent. "Really look at me Washo."
Walker focused both eyes and though still fuzzy he could make out the shape, color and texture of his face. White Eagle smiled and patted his friend on the back.


Trivette and C.D. were sitting at the bar talking a few days later when they're was a disturbance behind them and they both turned towards the door seeing Walker come walking through the door. He was walking on his own and though White Eagle was with him he appeared to be on his own to see.
They both looked at one another and went rushing to their friend. "Walker, you're back and from what we see you're able to see again."

Walker smiled "Yes, and glad to be back." he replied.
Trivette turned to Walker "Does Alex know?"
Walker replied, "no not yet but she will very soon. Where is she?"
"Last I heard when she left here a bit ago she was headed home."
"Well, I don't mean to be short but I want to see her tonight." Turning away from C.D. and Trivette he started to walk away. "I'll see you both tomorrow," and turning he walked out the door.
A few minutes later he went to Alex's door and knocked and felt as nervous as the first time he'd met her and as the door opened he set down the present in front of the door and stepped to the side. Alex peeked out the door and spotted the package and reached down to pick it up.

'"Alex, you're more beautiful than when I left you." And turning towards her looked her directly in the face.

Alex smiled, whooped and grabbed for him pulling him into her embrace, tears filling her eyes and she kissed him softly.
"Welcome home Walker" and she pulled him into the apartment and the door closed behind them.