Three Wooden Crosses

by: Katelyn


Walker and Trivette were returning from escorting prisoners to Laredo, have been on the road now some 5 hours. It has now been raining for the past hour and half as they drove the balance of their trip.

The Prisoners had finally been located after fleeing Laredo where they had robbed, The Laredo National Bank and in their escape killed two and wounded another.  After a week long manhunt the Rangers had apprehended them in Dallas.  The prisoners had received medical treatment for their wounds they had received in the gunfight with the Rangers, not wanting to give up peacefully. The Doctor had finally release the suspects they could now be transported back to Laredo to stand trial for their deeds.

It was well after 1:00 am when coming towards the intersection of S Ervay St. approaching the stop sign on the outskirts of Dallas.  With the weather finally letting up some, Walker and Trivette looked to each other wondering why in the world would those two people are out on the side of the road.

With no other traffic Walker waited a few minutes to see what was taking place and then noticed the older woman having a little trouble with her footing on the muddy shoulder. But was determined at her task….

Walker pulled his truck up behind their car at an angle putting them in his lights as Trivette pushes the window power button to lower the window….Is everything all right you having car trouble, Trivette inquired.

Meanwhile Walker grabbing his raincoat from the backseat exits his truck with Trivette following suit, approaching the couple.

Walker again asking if they are all right, if they need any help.

The woman smiles up at the Ranger from her kneeling position. No young man thank you for your concern but this is just something I’ve wanted to take care of for years and tonight I’m replacing these wooden crosses with new ones here.

The man looking to be about 30 reaches out his hand to Walker, Thank you for stopping to check on us.  I’m Father Michael and this is my mother Amblyn Kandel.

After shaking hands with Walker and Trivette, introductions being made, Father Michael still trying to hold the oversized umbrella over his mother and holding a book under his arm.  To make her task a little easier without the rain running down her face, with the gust of wind making it not an easy chore.

Walker kneeling down, Ms. Kandel may I help you with that….

I’m sorry Ranger Walker but I feel I must do this on my own, Ms. Kandel replied.

Father Michael again apologizing to the Rangers, but years ago there was a tragic accident, killing three of the passengers that were on a Bus heading toward Mexico the driver never saw the stop sign…(nodding toward the stop sign Walker had just pasted) An was hit by a semi at about this same time of the morning.  She wanted to replace the Wooden Crosses that she had placed here those many years ago, with these new ones.

As Father Michael began to tell them why she was so adamant on doing it at this time, and completing this chore of love herself, today being the 30th Anniversary of the incident.

  Three Wooden Crosses  + + +

        by:  Randy Travis   (from the CD “Rise and Shine)

A farmer and a teacher, a hooker and a preacher *

Ridin’ on midnight bus bound for Mexico * One was headed for vacation, one for higher education * Two of them were searchin’ for lost souls * That driver never ever saw the stop sign * And eighteen-wheelers can’t stop on a dime **

Chorus: There are three wooden crosses * On the right side of the highway * Why there’s not four of them * Heaven only knows * I guess it’s not what you take * When you leave this world behind you * it’s what you leave behind you when you go *  That farmer left a harvest, a home and eighty acres.  The faith and love for growin’ things * In his young son’s heart * And that teacher left her wisdom * In the minds of lots of children * did her best to give ‘em all a better start * And that Preacher whispered, “Can’t you see the promised land?” *

As he laid his bloodstained Bible in that hooker’s hands *

Chorus: There are three wooden crosses * On the right side of the highway * Why there’s not four of them * Heaven only knows * I guess it’s not what you take * When you leave this world behind you* it’s what you leave behind you when you go* That’s the story that our preacher told last Sunday * As he held that bloodstained Bible up * For all of us to see * He, said, Bless the farmer, and the teacher and that preacher * Who gave this Bible to my momma * Who read it to me * There are three wooden crosses * On the right side of the highway * Why there’s not four of them * Now I guess we know * It’s not what you take * When you leave this world behind you * It’s what you leave behind you when you go *

There are three wooden crosses * On the right side of the highway + + +

Walker and Trivette very touched by the events leading up to this task she has undertaken.

Ms. Kandel just putting the last couple of hits on the top of the 3rd cross with her hammer.  Looks up to her son, would you read a verse and a prayer Please.

Walker reaches down and helps Ms. Kandel to her feet.  Walker, moving to take on the chore of holding the umbrella over for Father Michael over Ms. Kandel, to free his hands.

Father Michael smiles at his mother while taking the Bible out of the protection of the gallon size Ziploc bag.  Holding his Bible towards the truck lights, then turning to one of his mothers favorite passages and begins to read from the Bloodstained Bible and then placing, safely back into the protection of the Ziploc bag after he had complete the verses.  Shall we bow our heads for a moment of prayer!

Walker and Trivette had removed their hats as Father Michael had begun to read words from his Bible.

Father Michael continues to bless the souls at the spot of the three wooden crosses.

Then after a few quite moments Ms. Kandel looks up and thanks her Son, Walker and Trivette.

Walker taking her arm shall we take you back to your car and get you out of this rain and safely heading home.

Ms. Kandel looking up, thank you that would be very kind of you.  Quietly they all walk towards their car with final look to the three wooden crosses she gets into the passenger side of the car.   Walker and Trivette giving her a kiss on her cheek and then shaking Father Michaels hand.  Walker giving the protection of the umbrella back to Father Michael while Trivette is placing the hammer on the floor of the back seat.

They then move to their own vehicle.  While Father Michael heads to the driver side, placing the umbrella on the floor behind the drivers seat and gives a last wave to the Rangers as he gets in.

Walker after reaching his truck starts up the engine.  Waits to make sure they have no problem getting their vehicle started and back on the road.

Ms. Kandel is looking to her right with fresh tears, at her completed task as her son softly pats her on the shoulder to console her….He checks to see nothing is coming and pulls out onto the paved road heading back home.

Walker also watching the exchange between Mother and son also checks for traffic and follows them out on the payment and with thoughts of the events replaying in his mind.  He glances over to Trivette and he knew they were both be taking in the events. With a nod of there heads they both knew the other so well. Within 40 minutes after dropping, Trivette off at his apartment Walker was finally parking his truck with thoughts of the evening still making a mark on his heart, as he enters his home.  Walker removes his muddy boots and wet raincoat then heads up stairs stops to check on Angela, his beautiful 2 yrs an 9 month old daughter, finding her not in her room he heads immediately to the master bedroom and Alex.  Being a stormy night he had found them both in there King size bed cuddled up together.  Looking on with love he then removes his gun belt and badge placing them in his nightstand.  Then taking a quick shower returns with jogging shorts on slips into bed taking Alex and Angela into his arms.

Alex waking briefly, Walker kisses her “I Love you”…

“I love you Cowboy” Alex smiles and kisses him again.

Closing their eyes sleep finally finds him with a prayer on his mind…