“Trivette, you’re not helping me at all!” Walker said rolling his eyes.


“I’m sorry Walker, but don’t you think that Alex would like an electronic organizer



“I think this would be the perfect birthday present for her Trivette,” Walker said holding

up a shiny oak colored briefcase.


“You’re probably right pard! You do know her better than anyone.”


Trivette began staring at his watch. “Look Walker I really do hate to rush you, but I have a date.”


“With who you’re computer,” Walker interrupted sarcastically.


“Very funny, but NO. I have a date with Josie Martin.”


Walker quickly paid for the briefcase, but he left it to be inscribed. He and Trivette left the department store and headed for C.D.’s. As the RAM pulled into the stockyards, Walker caught a glimpse of Alex’s Sebring parked outside. He could feel his face brighten up with excitement (it did that every time he thought about her).


“Walker man, I’ll see you later okay.”


“Alright Trivette, you and Josie have a good time.”


“Oh don’t worry, we will.” Trivette said with a grin.


Just as Walker reached for the door to C.D.’s, it burst open and a strange man ran into

Walker. “Excuse you buddy!’’ Walker said with curiosity.


When the man didn’t reply Walker thought no more about it and walked in.


Alex was sitting at the bar sipping some coffee and going over some legal papers, when she felt a hand caress her back.

“Hey Cowboy!” Alex said placing a passionate filled kiss on Walker’s lips.


“I like that welcome, Alex! Hey did you happen to notice that guy that just walked out of here?”


“No. Why?”


“Oh no reason. What time did you want me to pick you up tonight?”


“7:00 if that’s okay.”


Hating to make their talk brief, Walker headed to the ranch to get ready while Alex headed to her apartment to do the same.


The Ranger pulled up at Alex’s apartment at 6:45. Even though he knew she wouldn’t be ready he made his way up. As he turned the corner he thought to himself how lucky he was to have Alex in his life. He couldn’t wait to give her the briefcase. Suddenly his thoughts were broken up as he reached her door. It was partially open.


Having the instincts that he did, Walker quickly drew his gun and stepped into the dark apartment.   Every light was off except the light that led to Alex’s bedroom. Walker called Alex’s several times, but she didn’t respond. When he reached the bedroom door he didn’t see her at first, but then he found her laying on the floor beaten severely on the face and neck.


“Alex!” He ran to the phone to call dispatch, but the lines had been cut. He had to get her to the hospital! Carefully, Walker picked up her now frail and injured body, into his strong arms and carried her to his truck. “Hold on baby.” Walker said as his voice cracked. Using his cell phone, Walker called Trivette and told him to tell C.D., Sydney, and Gage about what had happened.


In the waiting room everyone was pacing the floor for some word on Alex’s condition.


“Ranger Walker?”


“Yes?” Walker said.


“I’m doctor Taylor. Ms. Cahill is in stable condition right now, but....she has been raped.”


Shocked and in disbelief, Walker walked into Alex’s room. She was curled up in a fetal position on the bed.




In almost a whisper Alex said, “Walker is that you?”


“Yes baby, it’s me. I’m going to help you get through this.”


Bursting into tears Alex said, ”Just hold me please.”


Walker climbed into the bed with Alex and just held her until her crying subsided.






“You know I work with rape victims all the time, but I never imagined it happening to



“Alex, I know you don’t want to talk about him right now but do you happen to remember the man’s face, hand, or anything distinctive about him.”


“Not now Walker please.” Alex said through her tears.




2 Days Later


“Are you ready to go home Alex?” Walker asked.


“I guess.” Alex said with a shrug.


“Okay, but before we go I have to call Trivette.”


On the phone Walker explained how he was trying to get Alex to open up about it and he would call he call him as soon as he had a lead.


Pulling up at Alex’s apartment Walker ran to the other side of the RAM to help Alex out of the car. She was still very sore, so Walker assisted her in walking up the stairs to the apartment complex. Hand in hand they reached the door and Walker stepped inside to clear everything before Alex made her way in. A shiver went up Alex’s spine as she remembered that night. Suddenly Alex dropped to her knees and began to cry. Walker sat in the floor with her just holding her tight.


“Walker I feel so dirty, how can you touch me after what happened?”


“Alex this isn’t your fault, we’ll get through this together. You have got to try and remember what he looked like!”


“All I remember is he had brown hair and a tattoo of a dragon on his arm.”


“That’s great honey. I’m going to call Trivette.”


“Trivette check all the tattoo places that have put a dragon on a man with in the last 5 years. It’s a long shot but we’ve got to try something.”


Walker hung up the phone and went to check on Alex. She was sitting on the couch when he walked into the livingroom.


“Walker, I think I’m going to take a shower.”


“Okay Alex, I’ll make you some tea.”


25 minutes later Alex walked out of the bathroom wearing one of Walker’s old T-shirts.

Alex told Walker that she was ready to go to bed. As she headed for her bedroom she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.

“I can’t go in there, Walker!”


“I understand Alex, the couch is big enough for both for us.”


Holding Alex close to himself, they drifted off to sleep.


“No! Alex screamed, get off of me! Walker!!!”


“Alex wake up honey!” You’re just having a bad dream. I’m here now.”


“Oh Walker! I remember something else! He had a scar over his left eye.”


Jumping off the couch, Walker immediately called Trivette to tell him about the new information.

The next morning Walker awoke with Alex sound asleep lying closely beside him. He couldn’t wait until they woke up beside each morning. He only wished that the circumstances were different. Not wanting to leave Alex alone, Walker went to call Trivette, one more time.


“Walker I can’t believe it but I think we’ve found our guy! His name’s Jason Billings, A.K.A the Dragon, go figure. We have him in custody right now. Do you think that Alex will come down to look at a lineup?”


“I don’t know Trivette, but I think she’ll because she wants to catch this guy just as badly as I do. We’ll be there around 10:00.”


“Okay pard, I see you then.”


“Who was that on the phone?” Alex questioned.


“It was Trivette. He thinks he’s found our man. Do you think you’re up to looking at a lineup?”


“I think so,” Alex replied.


At Ranger headquarters Alex stared through the glass window at the 5 men. She studied each one carefully and asked if she could see the left arm of each suspect. Each man did as he was ordered and Alex began to cry.


“Number 3 Walker, that’s him!”


“Okay Trivette, lets’ go “TALK” to him!”


In the interrogation room:


“All right Billings what’s the story.”


“It doesn’t matter what his story is Trivette, I going to break the bastard’s neck for raping Alex.”


“You know Walker, Ms. Cahill sure is a fine looking woman and I can only imagine what she would be like willingly, but I understand you don’t know about that either.”


Before Billings could say another word Walker flipped the chair from underneath him and grabbed him by the throat. “You listen to me shit for brains! I’m going to take you down, Hard!”


“Ranger, from the moment you bumped into me at that bar I knew you had an attitude.”


“That was you?!?”


“Yeah Ranger! I was watching Ms. Cahill.” I was planning step by step what I was going to do to her.”


Walker stared right at Billings. “You’re never going to touch her again. Do you understand me? If I ever see your face again you’re going to regret the day that you ever met me!”


“That’s ok Ranger, I got what I wanted!!”


“Trivette you had better get him out of my face!”



C.D.’s Bar and Grill


“I sure am glad that he’s in jail.” I feel so much safer knowing that.” Alex said.


“Alex honey are you sure you’re going to be okay?” C.D. asked


“Yes I’ll be fine, especially since I have all of you guys here for support.”


Alex turned to Walker and said, ”I know you’ll be here for me too Cowboy.”


“I will always be here for you Alex. You can count on that. You’re bruises are healing

quite nicely though. Do you remember when I got beat on by that huge guy and you made my bruises feel better by kissing them?” Walker said with a grin.


“Yes I remember.”


“How ‘bout I do the same for you.”


Alex said,” If you think that’ll help with the healing process.”


Alex pointed to her forehead first, then to her cheek, and then to her neck. Walker gently placed a loving kiss on each tender spot and then finally Alex said, “It hurts here too,” pointing to her lips.


“I can take care of that for you.”


Walker gently placed Alex’s delicate face in the palm of his hands and tenderly touched his lips to hers.


“Oh yeah! I knew I was forgetting something.”


“What?” Alex said.


“I know it’s early, but it’s your birthday present.”


Walker carefully reached under the table and brought out the briefcase that he had bought for Alex.


“Oh Walker, I love it!”


“Look at the inscription on the handle.”


TO: Alex “Walker” I Love You!



“I know we’re not married yet, but I figured you had better start trying out that new



“I will. I love you too.”


Alex knew right then and there that they would get through this together.




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