TRIAL OF LaRUE, continued

by Jennifer G




Walker stood in the middle of the courtroom, holding Alex tightly to him as chaos reigned around them. Only seconds before he had shot and killed Victor LaRue, the madman that had terrorized Alex, not once or twice, but three times. They stood in the middle of the room, in their own private world as authorities milled about securing the scene and taking statements, and as the other hostages came to grips with what had happened.

He felt her body tremble in his embrace. "Its okay, Alex, its okay, I’ve got you" he soothed, whispering quietly so that only she could hear. He knew she was struggling not to cry when he heard a soft cry of distress escape her. "Shhhh, hon. He's dead now, he can't hurt you anymore" he continued to soothe her. C.D. came up behind him and silently slipped the gun from his right hand. Walker immediately wrapped his free arm around her waist.


Alex’s terror didn’t stop when Walker shot LaRue, the events of the last few hours still raced through her mind. Thoughts of what LaRue planned to do, and that he took a shot at Walker still plagued her. She felt safe in Walker’s arms, but she was unable to stop the thoughts. She felt Walker move slightly when C.D. slipped the gun from his hand and for one terrifying moment she thought he was letting her go. “Don’t let go!” she cried softly as her arms wrapped around him tighter.


Walker’s protective side kicked into high gear when he was in Waxahachie and heard that LaRue was holding Alex and some others hostage.  It heightened when he kicked down the courtroom door and saw Alex on her knees in front of LaRue, and when he heard her plea to not let her go, he went into overdrive. As his arms tightened around her his mind filled with only Alex and his keen desire to keep her safe, to make her feel safe.


When he heard another soft cry of distress come from her, he murmured "Lets get you out of here" in her ear and guided her from the room, still tightly wrapped in his arms.

As they exited the courtroom, C.D. called out to him. "Cordell, wait."

Walker stopped, but didn't move, just waited until C.D. reached his side. "What is it, C.D.?" he asked quietly.

"They need your statement now" he said with a tone of regret.

Walker felt Alex's grip on him tighten, her body stiffened. "Can't it wait?" he implored softly.

"No, son. I'm sorry." He nodded at Alex. "You go, I'll stay with her."

Walker nodded and led Alex out into the hallway, C.D. following close behind. He let go of Alex and placing his hands on her arms, loosened himself from her grip. After hurriedly taking off his gloves, he held her hands in one of his, and placing the other hand under her chin, brought her head up to look at him. Talking softly he did his best to calm her for now. He looked into her watery blue eyes, her chin beginning to quiver, "He can't hurt you anymore, you know that." At her nod, he continued. "I have to go give my statement. Will you be okay here with C.D.?"

Still not speaking, Alex merely nodded. She didn't want him to leave, yet she knew he needed to give his statement, besides...C.D. was there. Walker squeezed her shoulders in reassurance, and C.D. stepped in as he left her side, immediately enfolding her in a bear hug.

No sooner had Walker rounded the corner back into the courtroom than one of the swat team members was calling for C.D. "Mr. Parker, we need you over here!"

Alex felt him give an exasperated snort. She looked up at him. Trying her best to hold her composure, she whispered "I'll be go."

"You sure, honey?" he looked at her with a measure of doubt.

Afraid she would cry if she spoke, she simply nodded her answer. He left her side muttering under his breath, "Incompetent nitwits, just don't understand why...."

She stood by herself for a few moments, telling herself she was fine and that LaRue was dead. She repeated it to herself over and over until she saw his body being wheeled past her. Her heart pounded as his body went past...and she nearly died when he sat up on the gurney and looked at her.

Although her mind registered the fact that it didn't happen, and that he really was dead on the gurney, emotionally she wasn't accepting it. With a strangled cry, her eyes filling with tears, she turned on her heels and blindly ran...running right smack into Walker's chest.

Walker finished giving his statement as quick as he could telling them he would sign it the next day, he needed to get back to Alex. He'd heard her cry just as he exited the courtroom and he picked up his pace. Which wasn’t needed, because as he turned the corner, she ran into him. His arms immediately encircled her as she buried her face into his chest. “Alex? What is it?”


“Just get me out of here!” she cried into his chest.


Without a word he turned in the direction of the elevator. Leaving her car at the courthouse, he took her home in the Ram. Fifteen minutes later they were outside her apartment door, Walker used the key she had given him long ago to open the door. He made a mental note to call C.D. to remind him to retrieve Alex’s purse from the courtroom as he pushed the door open and guided her inside.


Once inside, with his arms still around her, he pulls back just a little, enough to be able to see her face.  Looking into her watery blue eyes, his gut twisting at the fear he still sees there, he suggests softly, “Why don’t you go change into something more comfortable, then I want you go get some rest.”


Not speaking, she simply nodded her head and entered her bedroom, leaving the door ajar. She moved mechanically to her dresser, pulling out a long t-shirt and a pair of socks.

Laying them on the bed, she removes the blue blazer. Her fingers begin to unbutton her blouse, starting at the top. As her fingers work the first button, images of LaRue standing above her in the courtroom, leering down at her as she unbuttoned her blouse, began racing through her mind. Covering her face with her hands, she sat down on the bed and cried, crying for the first time since the ordeal ended.


Walker had been standing outside her bedroom door, not wanting to be far from her. He felt a familiar feeling low in his gut, and he was struggling to understand what that feeling was. So attuned was he to Alex that as soon as she began crying, he jerked his head around, looking at the half open bedroom door. Peering around the door he saw Alex sitting on the edge of the bed, crying…and his heart broke.


He pushed the door all the way open and walked silently to her. Grasping her by the arms he pulled her up off the bed and into his arms. He held her as she cried with one hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair, the other arm around her waist. He said nothing, just gave her the comfort and security she needed, her tears soaking his shirt.


When her sobs subsided, he pulled back, took her face in his hands and gazed into her eyes, now puffy from the crying. He silently implored her to talk to him, and as if reading his mind, she began quietly.


“When you came into the courtroom, I was…LaRue, he…” her voice broke and the tears started anew.


“Shhh, its okay, hon. He can’t hurt you anymore.” Hugging her to him, resting her face against his chest, he rubbed her back. “Tell me, Alex.”

“He wanted me…to…unbutton my..s.s.shirt.” The tears continued. “And when I was taking off my blouse, I kept seeing him…his face, leering at me.” She turned her face, burying it in his chest as she continued to cry.


Walker could only imagine what LaRue’s intentions were, and it angered him to no end.

“I’ve got an idea” he stated as he reached for the t-shirt that still lay on her bed. He grasped the hem of the shirt and bunched it up in his hands, making it ready to slip over her head. He looked her in the eyes, “Now, look straight at me, Alex.” She was already complying. “Look into my eyes. I want you to look at me as you change. That way you see only me…not LaRue.”


Keeping her eyes focused on Walker, holding his gaze, Alex unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, discarding it on the floor. She reached behind herself to unhook her bra, discarding it on the floor with her blouse. Walker still looked straight into her eyes, and never looked away, even as she stood in front of him, topless. He did experience that feeling low in his gut again. Still looking into his eyes, she unzipped her skirt and slipped it to the floor with her blouse and bra, then reached down and removed her pantyhose. She reached up and slipped her arms into the t-shirt, pulling it over her petite frame. When she was finished, she leaned into Walker, placing her arms around his neck, hugging him, his arms immediately enfolding her.


“Thank you.” she whispered. “You always seem to know exactly what I need.”


‘Again’ he thought, ‘there’s that feeling again’.


“Come on, Alex” he said as he began to lead her toward the bed. “Why don’t you lay down and get some rest.”


“NO!” She stiffened in his arms. “I don’t want to sleep.” She was afraid LaRue would enter her dreams.


He knew if he could just get her to lay down, she’d fall asleep. “Here.” He grabbed the pillow from her bed. “Why don’t you lay down on the couch. If he invades your dreams, I’ll be right here.” There was no question he would stay the night with her, she needed him and he wasn’t about to leave.


Knowing he would be staying made her feel a little better. She allowed him to lead her back to the living room and to the couch. She lay down and Walker covered her with the afghan that lay on the back of the couch. He sat down on the chair opposite her and watched as she lay there…her eyes open and staring back at him.


He thought for only a moment before getting out of the chair and going to her side. “Move over.”


Looking at him with a questioning look, she complied with his request.


He took off his boots, then laid down on the couch, on his back, and tucked her into his side, her head on his chest, one leg between his.  Within seconds, her body relaxed and minutes later he heard her steady breathing. His plan worked, she was asleep.


Unable to sleep, Walker simply held her as she slept, and thought about the days events.

How he wished he hadn’t gone to Waxahachie. If he hadn’t gone, he would’ve been there in the courtroom, and none of this…none of it, would’ve happened. LaRue wouldn’t have been able to terrorize Alex yet again. He mulled the same thoughts over and over as she slept.


An hour later he invaded her dreams. She was back in the courtroom, on her knees in front of LaRue. He was leering down at her again, his tongue hanging out as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Suddenly Walker was kicking the door open and striding toward them. LaRue raised his gun, Walker raised his. Shots rang out, first one, then another. Her eyes grew wide as she saw Walker slowly crumble to the ground. ‘HE WAS HIT!’ her mind screamed.


“NOOOOOOOO!” she screamed as she bolted upright. Walker had heard her begin to moan, felt her body stiffen as she dreamed.  He sat up when she screamed and tried to put his arms around her.


“NOOOOOO!” she screamed again and began crying hysterically, her arms flailing about as Walker struggled to embrace her, to calm her.


“Alex! Alex its me!”  Grasping her face with both hands, he turned her face to him. “Its me” he softly implored.


He could see her eyes finally focus in on him through her tears. She looked at him with wide eyes, her mouth slightly open. Suddenly, feeling the intense need to reaffirm that she was alive, that he was alive, that they had survived the ordeal, she claimed his lips and kissed him fiercely, her hands roaming frantically over his body. His body began to respond to her advances and he found himself returning the kiss, his arms encircling her.


As the kiss deepens and her hands begin to unbutton his shirt, his desire builds tenfold, his erection straining against the confining denim. It is when she unzips his jeans and her hand closes over his cotton covered erection that he comes to his senses. He ends the kiss and grabs her hand, pulling it away from his body. “No, Alex” he breathes as he stares into her eyes. “It wouldn’t be right.”


“But Walker” she moans. “I need to make love to you.”


“Not the way you’re feeling. Not in your state of mind.” The tears began to fall again.
Not bothering to zip his jeans back up, he wiped her tears away with his finger and  continued. “You’ve been through a lot today, facing LaRue again.”  He paused to make them more comfortable. Leaning back against the arm of the couch, he settled her in his lap, her head against his chest, and covered her bare legs with the afghan. “Alex, why don’t you tell me what happened in that courtroom…before I got there.”


She paused for a few moments to gather her thoughts, and then in a quiet voice she told Walker about LaRue tricking the guard, getting his gun; about killing the psychiatrist, the other guard, and the judge; about Karen and her parents; and finally, in a halting voice even more quiet, she told him about LaRue’s plan to make love to her while he watched and then kill them both. Walker’s face was the picture of pure, white-hot anger, his jaw was set, his face red. That familiar feeling was still low in his gut. ‘If he wasn’t already dead, I’d kill him with my bare hands’ he thought to himself. When she finished, the tears were coursing down her cheeks and she covered her eyes with her hands, trying to block out the mental image of what LaRue wanted to do.


Walker reached to gently pull her hands away from her face. “Look at me, Alex.” When she met his gaze, he continued, “He’s dead now, hon. You saw him go down. He can’t ever hurt you again.” The feeling that was still there in his gut got infinitely stronger, “And Alex, I swear I will do everything in my power to never let anyone hurt you again!” He said it with such conviction, Alex could do nothing but stare at him.


As she gazed into his eyes she thought she saw the sparkle of love she always looked for, the one she always hoped to find. She wanted to draw it out of him. “Walker?” she said softly.




“Tell me what you were feeling, back there in the courtroom.”


He looked off into space as he remembered. “Well, I was in Waxahachie when I found out, C.D. told me that LaRue was holding you, Trivette, and some others hostage in the courtroom…and that LaRue was waiting for me.” He looked down at her as he continued, “It scared me, Alex. Not scared for me, but scared for you, at how you must have been feeling, being at his mercy again. I kicked myself for not sending someone else after the Babbage Brothers.” He looked away. “If I had been with you, none of this would’ve happened.”


Turning his face back to meet hers, she softly caressed his beard. “Don’t beat yourself up over that, Walker. You couldn’t have known LaRue was going to be in court today. Even I didn’t know until court recessed for lunch.”


“I know” he sighed. Then he continued, “On the ride over in the helicopter I thought back to the time he tried to…” his jaw clenched, “rape you in the warehouse. And the time he tried to do it again at my ranch. God help me, Alex, I wanted to make him suffer.”


Alex reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, and  laid her head on his shoulder as he continued. His hands caressed her back. “I was so enraged by the time I got to the courthouse, that I didn’t even stop for them to tell me what was going on…though they yelled it at me as I ran past. I just wanted to end it! If LaRue wanted me, he was gonna get me!” Alex could feel his heartbeat quicken. “When I kicked the door down and saw you there…on the floor in front of him, it took every ounce of self-control I have in me not to shoot him dead right then and there.”


“But your honorable sense of right and wrong won out” she murmured as she kissed his neck. Now that feeling was not just in his gut, it spread through his loins and made his heart beat even faster.


“Uh huh” he managed to get out. Clearing his throat, he continued. “Then, when I was holding you…in my arms…I kept thinking…”


Suddenly it hit him, hit him like a ton of bricks. That feeling…it was love! He was in love with Alex…completely in love with her…heart, mind, body, and soul! All the rest of it…his fear of relationships, his fear of being left alone again, his indecision of how he felt about Alex…evaporated into insignificance. He tightened his arms around her, hugged her close, closer still, and cherished her nearness. Her warmth seeped into him far deeper than his skin. This moment would be locked in his memory forever. This one time, this moment…he experienced love.


“Alex!” he exclaimed, his eyes shining brightly. “I…I love you!”


She smiled so beautifully at him. “I know” she murmured before his lips met hers in a tender heart filled kiss.


Walker ended the kiss. “What do you mean, ‘I know’?” he inquired as he continued to smile at her.


Walker’s shirt had remained open since she had unbuttoned it, and she began to run her fingers over his chest hair. “I saw it in your eyes. You may not have realized it, but just a little while ago, I saw the love you have for me in your eyes.” She leaned in and kissed him again. “I want you to know, Walker, that I have loved you ever since I first saw you…that day in the courtroom when I grilled you about the seven suspects.”  Walker chuckled at the memory. He recalled how she hesitated before beginning her questions. She kissed him again before continuing. “Even though you aggravated me to no end, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. And then…when you kissed me that New Years Eve…” Walker placed a lingering kiss on her lips at that thought. “And now…sometimes Walker, I can’t concentrate. Its all I can do not to think about you all day. And when I’m feeling down…” her voice got softer, “all I have to do is see you…and…its like the sun breaking through the clouds on a rainy day.”


In unison they came together, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Alex stretched down his length, and moved her hand to once again close over his cotton covered manhood.  Walker sucked in air at her action, but this time he didn’t move to stop her. His senses were reeling, his desire to bury himself inside her overwhelming. With a deft move, he wrapped his arm around her waists and twisted so that she lay beneath him. He kissed her passionately, then moved down her body, kissing her neck down to the hollow at the base of her throat. As he kissed her, his hand moved down her body and slipped underneath her t-shirt. He teased her by slipping a finger under the elastic of her panties, brushing over the fine hair covering the center of her womanhood, eliciting a deep moan from her. His hand quickly moved up her flat stomach to cup her breast.


As his hand closed over her breast, she arched her back, pushing herself into his palm. Her mouth sought out his for a deep kiss, the kiss speaking volumes about the love each felt for the other. She slipped his shirt from his body as his hands reached for the hem of her t-shirt and moved it up her body, slipping it over her head where it then joined his shirt on the floor.


Walker leaned up to gaze adoringly at her almost naked body, traveling up her shapely legs, the soft mound apparent through the lace of her panties, up her flat stomach, lingering on her milky white breasts.  He licked his lips as he watched her nipples harden before his eyes, her desire for him so great. She watched as his hand reached out to once again close over first one breast, then the other. She continued to watch as he dipped his head to take one into this mouth and suckle it. Her soft sighs filled the air as a warmth spread through her body, her center becoming wet with the desire to have him inside her, filling her.


Alex moved her hands down to push his jeans over his hips. She moaned when his mouth left her breasts momentarily to slip his jeans the rest of the way off. He straddled her hips as he kneeled before her, her tongue reaching out to lick her lips at the sight of his steel hard manhood more than filling his underwear. Her hands immediately reached up to slip his underwear over his hips, freeing his manhood for her viewing pleasure. As soon as the cotton moved away she reached a hand to close over him, bringing a deep guttural moan from him. Feeling the intense desire to bury himself inside her moist tightness, he grasped the waistband of her lacy white panties and slipped them over her slim hips, pausing as he uncovered her center. He bent down and kissed her there, her feminine cry filling his ears, before completely removing her panties. 


She opened her thighs and lift her hips in silent invitation, and with her gaze locked with his, he settled himself between her legs and entered her slowly, moaning deeply with the intense desire rolling through him. She closed her eyes as she savored each and every inch of his hard desire as her hands gripped his arms tightly. They moved in unison, slowly at first, then building the pace as the passion gripped them, their hands caressing the other intimately. Walker reached down and grasped her buttocks, bringing the contact deeper. The action brought Alex to her climax, and he felt her feminine contractions as she cried out. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with unbridled passion as he continued to move within her, her body still tingling from the climax.


Suddenly he gripped her waist and picked her up, still intimately joined. He gently placed her down on the floor and resumed pumping in and out.  Her legs wrapped around his waist as her hips rose to meet each thrust. Walker quickened his pace as he strove for completion and Alex could feel another climax begin to tingle deep within. They clung to each other as they strove for the climactic end, and when Alex’s mouth closed over his nipple, they both came, Walker whispering her name over and over as her cries filled his ear.


They collapsed against each other’s perspiration covered bodies, clinging to each other as they came down from the high created by their loving.  When he slipped free, Walker moved to her side and tucked her against him, her head resting on his chest, one leg between his, her arm around his waist. He reached for the discarded afghan and covered them. With contented sighs, they lay in their lovers embrace murmuring words of love as their hands caressed the others body. Soon their eyes closed and they slept.


During the night Alex awoke and stirred. He felt her move and opened his eyes. “Alex, did you have another nightmare?” he asked, his hands caressing her bare back as he looked into her eyes. Immediately he knew she wasn’t awake because of a nightmare, but because of desire.


“No, no nightmare as long as I’m with you, Walker.” she smiled. “I…I just want you.” she stated simply, an impish grin creasing her beautiful face.


He moved his hand from her back to the back of her head as he brought her lips to meet his. Time once again spun out and everything around them ceased to exist as they came together to express their love for each other, by making love again and again.


The phone ringing woke Walker at 8:00 the next morning. He looked down at Alex, she was slumbering peacefully, a smile on her face.  He smiled as the phone rang again, and he thought how life would be different now, now that he had admitted his love for Alex…and he couldn’t wait for the rest of his life to begin.


The phone rang a third time as he gently disengaged himself from Alex’s arms. He reached the phone and answered it. “Hello” he mumbled, his voice still rough from waking up.


“Walker?” Trivette asked, confused at reaching him instead of Alex.


“Its me, Trivette. Is something wrong?”


“No man, I thought I had dialed Alex’s number.”


“You did.” Walker stated, offering no explanation.


“Oh” Trivette stated, a smile crossing his face as he realized Walker and Alex had spent the night together. “I was just calling Alex to see if she was okay.” He punched the air with joy and mouthed the word “YES!”, so happy was he that his friends had finally come to their senses.


“She’s fine Trivette” Walker said with a smile in his voice. “Still sleeping. I’ll let her know you called when she wakes up.”  They said goodbye to each other and Walker hung up the phone, turning toward Alex.


She was awake and watching him, a smile gracing her beautiful face. “Good morning” she murmured.


He returned to her side and laid down next to her again. “Good morning” he replied as he covered her lips with his in a tender kiss. Yes, indeed…he couldn’t wait to begin “the rest of his life”.