Trial by Fire/Changes

by Sasquaw
(The trial of Ranger Rhett is over, with Walker revealing that it was actually Alex's young assistant that planted all the evidence against the young Ranger.  A shoot out occurs and the  young attorney is shot and killed by Walker. All charges have been of course dropped against Ranger Rhett and everyone is walking out of the courtroom, congratulating the young Ranger on his new freedom. )

Alex sighs and walks over to her husband, replying softly, "I'm so glad this is over


Walker nods his head, "Me too, ready to go home?”

"I can't just yet, I have some loose ends to tie up, are we still going out to dinner tonight?”

Walker smiles, "If you still want to. I thought you wanted to try out that new Italian place over in Azel?”

Alex smiles, "Most certainly, I hear the food is great----but---food is not exactly the main reason for tonight. I just want to spend some time---alone---with my husband."

"Yeah, we sure haven't had much of that lately---we've both been super busy."

She smiles taking his hand as they walk out to join the others, "What else is new---we're always so busy!  Oh honey, are you going to stop at the Hope center and pick up Angela on your way home?"

Walker frowns, "No---I thought I would let her walk home this time."

Alex laughs as she hits her husband in the chest playfully,  she watches her husband smile back at her.

He kisses her quickly on the cheek, "Yes---I will pick up our blue eyed munchkin, and I will have strict instructions left for the sitter-----especially not letting her have sweets after 8pm!"

They walk out to join their friends, the newspaper reporters and cameramen are firing questions at the young Ranger, and as the cameras start flashing, Walker turns to Alex.

Alex is all smiles as she sees the happy faces all around her, "This is one case, I didn't mind losing."

Walker nods his head in approval. "I'll see you at home."

           (Walker is seen walking towards the front entrance of the courthouse, it's only minutes till gunshots ring out and Alex is seen falling slowly to the floor.)

            Walker has just entered his truck, his cell phone is ringing, as he pulls away from the courthouse, he answers:

Walker", he answers.

"Hey Walker, this is Steve Garner over at the Dodge house----your truck is ready!"

A smile crosses the Ranger's face, "Really?---It's about time, how does she look?"

“Purring like a kitten, she looks like she just came off the assembly line. I got to say, Walker---Mac and the guys did a fantastic job on getting this truck  "reborn"--so to speak."

"Good, I've missed my old truck."

"Just can't understand why you're not happy with the '06', that baby is at the top of the selling list---it's completely "dressed out", just perfect for picking up babes!"

Walker smirks, "Yeah, I know---like it was "pimped"---I don't like all of that fancy stuff, serves no purpose. And, I'm not interested  in picking up any babes!! You didn't let Mac put a moon roof on my old truck, did you?"

"No, Walker----"

"What about that spoiler?"

"No, Walker---I thought your wife liked the moon roof on the new truck?"

"Yeah, she likes it, but I don't."

"Well, all I can say is this----rebuilding your old Ram and putting in a new engine and all of the other things you wanted----it's got a price tag!"

Walker looks around at the cab of his new truck, "Can't be anymore expensive than this, what about the titian super shocks, did you raise the undercarriage?"

"Yes, Walker---we super extended, but I can tell you right now, those new shocks would normally last a buyer ten years or so----but the way you drive---you'll have the truck back in the shop in six months! I know you have a thing against curbs and medians, how many have you demolished in just Dallas alone?"

The Ranger laughs, "You didn't mention going the wrong way down a one way street, and taking out street signs!"

"Oh yes, Trivette has told me about those high speed chases, you have a Corvette engine in the 06---that's not fast enough for you?"

"The engine is fine, I have no complaints about that, it's just too dang big, too hard to maneuver----- but, I agreed to try it---that was one of the deals that Alex and I made. I would get a different truck and she could do some remodeling at the ranch."

"How's that going?"

Walker shakes his head, "She's completely re-done her kitchen and the front entrance---I got to admit---it looks really nice. But, I told her she wasn't touching my recliner. Guess I'm a creature of habit----I don't like changes!"

"Does it look anything like that fancy new office you've acquired since making Captain?  I hear Trivette say it looks like something out of "The West Wing."

"Yeah, that's something else that's going to change back to normal, it's too dang big, too fancy---I expect President Bush to walk through the door at any minute, thinking he's at the White House."

"What's wrong with that, I thought you and old George were buddies?"

"Yeah, but Jr. has made a lot of bad choices lately, and there's a lot of voters out there that just aren't happy with him right now---so he's not exactly anyone that I care to be standing too close to these days----oh wait a minute Steve---got a call coming through.  I'll pick my truck up tomorrow---thanks."

Walker clicks his phone to the next line, "Yeah---Captain Walker."

"Walker!-----Walker---it's Gage!!------Get over to St. Mathews hospital---Alex------she's been shot!"

Walker makes a U turn and heads towards the hospital---"Gage-----what happened? Is she hurt bad?"

Gage is relaying the information to Walker, as the bearded Ranger is speeding through traffic.

Gage's voice starts to choke up, "That's all I can tell you, boss-----Alex----it doesn't look good---there was so much blood----there was nothing I could do-----it happened so fast.



St. Mathews Hospital


Walker hits the door of the emergency room running, Gage and the other Rangers are running towards him.

"Where is she----oh my God----is she hurt bad"? Walker is shouting as he runs towards the swinging door to the operating room.

Gage grabs him, "They just took her in, Walker----the Doctors want to talk to you."

No sooner than Gage has spoken than a Dr. Pike is motioning for Walker.

Walker slowly walks up to the Doctor as the Doctor is removing his surgical

mask, he looks at the bearded Ranger and shakes his head slowly. The Doctor's words come out all garbled and Walker can not understand what he's saying.

Walker's entire life, starting with the day that he met Alex, flashes before him. He remembers their confrontations in that courtroom, the countless times the old gang was together at C.D.'s. He sees the look on Alex's face on the day he proposed, their beautiful wedding, the honeymoon in Paris, and then the day their beautiful daughter, Angela, was born. He's frozen in time as he keeps hearing Alex's last words that were spoken to him, less than 30 minutes before.

"I just want to spend some time with my husband."

The Ranger is nudged, "Ranger Walker, did you hear what I said?"

Walker stares back at the Doctor and then to all of the Rangers standing around,

their faces are blank and staring back at him and the Doctor.

Walker starts shaking his head, "Noooo---she can't be dead----ALEX!!!!”

The Ranger is trying to get through the doors of the emergency room, as Gage and the other Rangers are pulling him back.

"He's delirious" shouts the Doctor, "get him something to calm him down!"

"NO-----leave him alone!"  A voice shouts out and Trivette is running to his partner.

Walker is still trying to get out of the grasps of the Rangers as Trivette is pulling him away and slapping his face.

"Walker!!! Walker---it's me---Jimmy----come on man----snap out of it."

Suddenly the room stops spinning and Walker recognizes his friend, "Trivette?----Trivette---they're saying that Alex----that Alex is dead!"

Trivette is smiling, "No, Walker---that's not what the Doctor said, you suddenly lost us and you went into some kind of trance.  Walker, Alex is going to be o.k.  It wasn't as bad as the Doctors thought, the bullet------well ---you explain it to him Doc!"

"Gladly!  Ranger Walker---your wife is one lucky woman, from what I hear that happened in that courthouse! I was expecting it to be far worse than it was. And, it could have been---if these other Rangers hadn't been there to administer first aid, and the  fact that your wife didn't take the full impact of the bullet.  Apparently the bullet ricocheted, just skimming across her chest, and thank God---no main arteries were hit."

Walker can feel his legs getting wobbly as he holds onto Trivette, "Are you sure my wife is o.k., can I see her?"

The Doctor smiles, "We'll be moving her to ICU, we are going to keep her here over night---to run more tests and make sure---but, from what I see---your wife is fine. You can see her then, but only for a moment."

It seems like an eternity before Walker can finally see his wife, he walks slowly over to her bed, taking her hand and kissing it. He keeps looking at her face as she is gradually coming out of the anesthetic.


 "I'm right here, hon" he kisses her hand again, "sssh----don't try to talk----the Doctors want you to remain quiet---just nod your head 'yes' if you remember what happened!"

Walker takes a deep breath, as he tries to hold his emotions in, finally he starts to sob softly.

"I was so scared, Alex----I thought I was going (sob) to lose you this time."

Alex takes her hand away and reaches out and caresses her husband's face-----"You're------stuck---with me----don't you know that?"

The Ranger reaches up and takes her hand, massaging his bearded cheek, "I want to be stuck with you-----for (sob) the rest of my life!"


"Don't try to talk anymore, Alex----save your strength."

"There's something I -----have to tell you----I wanted to -----tell you tonight----when we had dinner."

"You can tell me later, hon---just get some rest---o.k.?"

Alex smiles, "I don't want to wait any longer-------Walker---do you-------know what date it is?"

Walker looks at her puzzled, "Sure hon----it's the middle of October----why?"

Alex squeezes her husband's hand tighter, "Do you recall----what happened about this time-----a little over 4 years ago?"

Walker hesitates, "Four years ago this month?----Alex, that was before Angela was born----wait a minute----it was about this time of the month-----that you----you----found out you were pregnant----Alex-----are you saying you're----pregnant?"

"Yes, that's what I was going to tell you tonight----are you happy?"



Outside in the waiting room, the friends and family Rangers all hear a loud Texas "YAHOO"----and at the local TV station, one upset cameraman is looking at the bullet hole in his camera.