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Walker strides into C.D.’s just minutes after Alex. As he heads for the bar, C.D. motions toward where Alex is sitting in ‘THEIR’ booth. Walker changes direction in mid stride walking quickly to the booth.


He smiles as Alex looks up and slides in next to her, kissing her softly on the lips.  “Hi.”


“Hello, Darling.” And kisses him again. “Didn’t Jimmy come with you?” Looking around the room for him.


“I thought he might already be here. He left early again today. Said he had some business to take care of.”


C.D. walks up and slides in across from them. “Cordell, what in tarnation is going on with Jimmy. He hasn’t been in here all week.”


“I don’t know, C.D.  He’s been walking around all week with a silly smile on his face, but when I ask him about it, all he’ll say is ‘You’ll find out in time’. Other than that, nothing.”


“Honey, did you say a silly smile? I bet Jimmy has a new girl.”


“Why do you say that Alex?”


C.D. joins in with, “I bet you’re right Alex.” Looking at Walker he says, “Seems to me like someone else was doing the same thing not too long ago, still does as a matter of fact.”


Walker blushes slightly as C.D. and Alex laugh at his expense.


Alex’s eyes widen as she looks up, “WOW!”


C.D. and Walker both look up to see what caused the exclamation.


“WOW is right.” C.D. exclaims as he slides out of the booth. Alex elbows Walker; he jumps and slides out with her right behind him.


Jimmy walks up to them with a very large smile on his face and a very beautiful lady on his arm. She has long black hair and skin a beautiful honey golden brown.


“Tammy, this is C.D. Parker, one of my best friends and the owner of this establishment.” C.D. nods and shakes her hand.

“And this is Alexandra Cahill, the Assistant District Attorney of Tarrant County. Also a best friend and the fiancée of this guy, Cordell Walker, my partner.” Alex and Walker say “Hi,” and shake her hand also.


“Guys, I’d like you to meet Tammy Dawson.” Jimmy proudly makes the introduction.


“We’re very glad to meet you Ms. Dawson.  Won’t you and Jimmy please join us?” Alex takes her hand and motions to the booth.


“Tammy?” Jimmy asks.


“Sure, Jimmy.” She slides into the booth and Jimmy follows her. Alex and Walker both sit back down and C.D. pulls up a chair. He wouldn’t miss this for the world.


“Ms. Dawson, are you from around her? Jimmy sure has kept you a secret.” Alex looks at Jimmy and smiles.


“Please, call me Tammy. I moved here from Baltimore about three weeks ago on a new job and when my mother found out I was coming to Dallas, she called Jimmy and asked him to meet me and help me get settled. His mother and mine were best friends.”


“Well, it’s nice you had someone to show you around.”


“Yes, Jimmy’s made my move a lot easier than I thought it would be.” She smiles at Jimmy making his heart beat just a little faster.


“Did you know Jimmy in Baltimore, Tammy?” C.D. winks at Jimmy.


“Yes, I did, but I haven’t seen him in almost ten years.”


“Tammy and I were just kids back then so we’re kinda getting reacquainted. She’s already found an apartment.  As a matter of fact, Alex, it’s in your building.”


“That’s great!  We’ll be neighbors.”


“I’m not real sure which floor she’s on, but it’s got a beautiful view of Dallas.”


“I know.  I love that view. Wait till you see it at night, it’s breathtaking.”


“I’m still getting moved in and I start my new job on Monday.  Thanks to Jimmy helping me, I should be settled with a day to spare. Tomorrow he’s going to help me find a car.”


“Yeah, Tammy, that reminds me.  You said you wanted to get in early tonight? I’m ready if you are.”


 “Okay, Jimmy. I’m glad to have finally met all of you.  He’s told me so much about you, I feel like I already know you.”


“If I were you Tammy, I wouldn’t believe everything Trivette tells you.”


“Don’t worry, Walker, I haven’t told her about you, yet.” Laughing, he takes Tammy’s arm and they go out the door.


“She seems like a very nice girl, Alex.  Maybe this will be the one that finally gets Trivette to settle down.”


“I hope so.  He needs to find nice girl.” Alex says as she snuggles closer to Walker.


“Say, did either one of you hear where she’s working?”


“I don’t think she said, C.D. Come on Alex, it’s time I took you home, too.




Jimmy pulls up in front of Tammy’s apartment building, shuts off the engine and turns to her.


“I like your friends, Jimmy, they seem very nice.”


“They’re the best.  Separate or together, they’d do anything for you.”


“How long have Alex and Walker been engaged?”


“Oh…. Let’s see…. almost a year, I guess. Seems longer sometimes and then again seems like only yesterday.” They leave the car, enter the building and take the elevator up to her floor.


Standing in front of her apartment door,  “What time do you want me to pick you up tomorrow, Tammy?”


“Is noon too early? I don’t want you to get into trouble at work.”


“Noon it is. We’ll go to C.D.’s for lunch first, okay?  It’s been pretty quiet at work for a change, so no problem there.”


“Do you want to come in for coffee, Jimmy?”


“I’d better not, it’s pretty late.” Standing in front of her, he leans down to kiss her lightly on the lips, pulls back, looks into her eyes, then puts his arms around her, pulling her close, and kissing her again.  Her arms go up around his neck holding him tight. As the kiss deepens, Jimmy pulls back slightly, saying huskily, “ I’d better go.” Tammy leans in and kisses him softly once more, then just before turning to enter the apartment, whispers “Goodnight, Jimmy.” He waits till he hears the door latch and the lock engage.  Then with a big grin he jauntily walks to the elevator. As the door slides shut he realizes she may just be the woman he’s been waiting for all of his life.




“Hey, Trivette, you’re in early. Leaving early again?” Walker says as he walks to his desk.


“Yeah, I’d like to take off about noon, if that’s no problem.”  Looking at Walker with a big grin on his face.


“Well, our deposition is scheduled for 10:00 this morning so I don’t see any reason why you can’t leave after that.  I’ll cover for you if need be.  God knows you covered for me plenty of times.  I take it the reason you want to leave early is Tammy?”


“Yeah, man. I’ve never had a girl get to me like she has.  She is one fine lady. We’ve spent so much time getting reacquainted it’s almost like the ten-year separation doesn’t exist.  We sure do have a good time together.   Walker, I think I’m falling in love with her. God, man, why am I telling you this. I’m babbling like a fool, aren’t I?”


“Yeah, Trivette, you are.  She seems like a nice girl, though.”


“She’s great. I think about her all the time. I think I’m starting to get an idea of how you feel about Alex.  It’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it?” He turns back to his computer but his mind is elsewhere.


Walker picks up his coffee cup and leans back in his chair.  As Alex comes to his mind, he softly says, “Yeah, it sure is.”




“Hi, C.D. Have Jimmy and Tammy been here long?”


“No, Alex, not really, maybe fifteen minutes. You gonna wait for Cordell before you order?”


“I’ll wait a little while.  I’m not real sure he’ll be able to make it…oops, there he is.”


Walker goes straight to Alex, leans over kissing her on the cheek and whispering “Hi.”  He then turns to C.D.  “Hi C.D. Is that Jimmy and Tammy over there?”


“Sure is Cordell. I think our Jimmy has been bitten by the love bug.”


“Does it show that much, C.D.?”


“Watch them for a few minutes and you’ll see what I mean.”


Walker sits down on a barstool, takes Alex’s hand in his then turns to look at Trivette.

Trivette is holding Tammy’s hand and his eyes never leave her face.


“I see what you mean, C.D. But enough of them, I’d rather look at my lady here.” He leans over, kisses Alex gently and they begin speaking softly to each other, forgetting the rest of the world.


C.D. mumbles something about everyone being twitterpated and walks off.


“Jimmy, I saw Alex and Walker come in, do you want to go sit with them?”


“Not really. I see enough of him at work.” Glancing towards them, seeing them with their heads together.  “Besides I don’t think they want to be interrupted, anyway.” Bringing his eyes back to Tammy, “I’d rather stay right here with you…unless you want to join them.”


“Not me, Jimmy.” She moves closer. “I like the company here just fine.  Besides, we have to leave pretty soon if we’re going shopping for a car.”


“Yeah, you’re right. I guess we’d better get going.” Jimmy slides out and stands up, takes Tammy’s hand to help her out, then circling her waist with his arm, they go out the door.




After spending the better part of the evening arranging furniture and unpacking boxes, they send out for Chinese. “Man, that really hit the spot, Tammy.” Glancing at the clock, “Oh, wow, I didn’t realize it was so late.  I’d better get going.  I’ll pick you up about 11:00 tomorrow to take you to pick up your car. It’ll be ready by then. Is that all right?” He stands and picking up his coat starts for the door.

“Thanks, Jimmy, I sure appreciate everything you’re doing for me.”


“I love doing things for you. …I mean, it’s like old times, you know, like when we were back in Baltimore?”


“I was just a kid back then, Jimmy. I’m not a kid anymore.” She reaches out to take his hand.


He murmurs softly, “Believe me, I’ve noticed.”  Looking into her eyes then dropping his gaze to her lips, he lowers his head and touches her lips gently with his. Her arms move up around his neck bringing him closer as his arms slide around her waist. As the kiss starts to deepen, Trivette pulls back, his voice husky, “I think I had better go.”


As he turns in her arms, she puts her hand on his arm, “Jimmy…” she whispers.


“Shhh…I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kisses her quickly before stepping out the door. When he hears the lock engage, he leans against the wall. His breathing gradually slows. He finally turns and takes the elevator down to the ground floor. Leaving the building, he notices that Walker’s truck is parked at the curb several spaces behind his car. He smiles knowing that he isn’t the only one having trouble saying goodnight.



Sitting on the couch, Alex is leaning back against Walker’s chest, his arms around her. He buries his face in her hair, and murmurs softly, “I need to go.”


She tightens her hold on his arms, “Not yet, darling. I’m not ready to let you go.” Turning slightly in his arms, she tilts her head back, inviting him to kiss her. He lowers his head letting his mouth cover hers, probing with his tongue as her lips part, searching, until finally his tongue finds hers and the kiss begins to stretch into a gentle, slow infinity.


He gently releases her, his voice thick with emotion, “Alex…hon, I’ve got to go.”


“I know…”   But one of these nights’


She stands and he rises with her, putting his arm around her waist, and walking to the door.  He turns and kisses her softly before going out the door. After he leaves, she leans against the door, ‘Soon, darling, very soon.’


Just before he pushes open the outside door, he sees Trivette getting into his car. “What the…” He steps back into the shadows until Trivette’s car leaves. “Oh, God, that’s right. He did say something about Tammy living in this building.” He leaves the building and getting into his truck, “Great, this is all I need,” he mumbles as he drives away.




For the next several days Trivette and Walker are kept busy trying to track down a gang of thieves that have started terrorizing small convenient stores.  Walker manages to see Alex once in a while, although it’s for just a few minutes at a time. The only time Trivette had been able to see Tammy was one morning on his way to work when he passed her car in the street. Needless to say he’s not a happy camper and he’s really making Walker’s life miserable.


“Trivette, what is your problem. You haven’t been fit to be around all week.”


“I don’t have a problem, Walker.  I’m just sick and tired of chasing my tail trying to catch these guys. We haven’t had a moment’s rest since these guys started this rampage.”


“I know.  They have been busy.  Seven stores in three days. Thank God no one has been killed.”


“There are just too many of these convenient stores to stake out all of them. While we race to one, they’re busy holding up another one on the other side of town.”


“Yeah, I know.  That makes me think it’s a large group, separating into pairs and taking down different stores at the same time. If we keep patrolling, we’re bound to get a break, we’re due.”


“We’re over due, man. Until that break comes, we ride around in this truck all day and most of the night.”


Walker glances at Trivette and seeing the hang dog expression on his face, he has a pretty good idea what his problem is.  He’s been there himself a few times.


Trivette leans back in the seat and softly says, “Walker, doesn’t it bother you when you don’t get to see Alex for days on end?”


“I’ve seen Alex every day, Trivette.  Only for a minute or two but I have seen her.” A warm glow spreads through his body just thinking about her. ‘Just having her smile at me as we pass each other in the hall is enough to keep me going.’


“Yeah, so you have. I guess it pays to have her work in the same building, huh?”


“Oh…Trivette, I forget to tell you, Randy and Charlie are going to take our patrol for this evening, so after 5:00 o’clock, we’re off till 6:00 in the morning.”


Trivette sits up quickly, turns and looks at Walker, as a smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. “You mean it! You ain’t just saying that, are you?”


“I mean it, Trivette.”


Trivette jerks his cell phone out of his pocket and begins frantically dialing, “Tammy? Jimmy, are you free this evening?” ‘Please be free, please, please’  “That’s great. I’m off tonight. How about I pick you up about 6:30.  We’ll go to C.D.’s for dinner and maybe a little dancing or what ever you want to do…” …. “That’s great.  I’ll see you at 6:30.” Lowering his voice to barely above a whisper, “I’ve missed you, too, Tammy. Bye.”  Puts his cell phone up and leans back in the seat, then looks at his watch, “Only three hours.” He turns to look at Walker, who is smiling at him, “Hey, man, do you want to call Alex?” Reaches for his cell phone again.


“No, Trivette, Alex already knows.”


The rest of the afternoon passes uneventfully and at 5:00 o’clock Walker drops Trivette off at his car and heads for the ranch.




Trivette is knocking on Tammy’s door at 6:30 on the dot. When he arrived, he had seen Walker’s truck already parked at the curb, “I guess he missed Alex more than he let on.” When Tammy opens the door, he enters and as she shuts the door, he takes her in his arms, “God, I’ve sure missed you.”


Tammy puts her arms around Jimmy’s neck, “I’ve missed you, too.” She pulls his head down and as their lips touch, Jimmy tightens his arms around her, pulling her close. The kiss deepens and they both become aware of a fire that has started burning bright.


Jimmy is the first to pull away, “Tammy, maybe we ought to go.” Kisses her softly, then steps back, and takes a deep breath.

“I think you’re right. Let me get my purse.” She turns, picks up her purse and they walk out the door to the elevator.




Walker arrives at Alex’s apartment at 6:00 o’clock, rings the bell and lets himself in. “Is that you Walker?” She says as she walks out of the bedroom, dressed but without shoes on.


“Where you expecting someone else?” He moves up to her, takes her in his arms, and kisses her lightly on the lips.


“Oh, this handsome cowboy was suppose to come by.” She pulls his head down for another kiss.


He murmurs against her lips, “He’s too late. I’ve already got you.” Moves his lips to her ear, then down her neck.


“So you have.” As his lips return to hers again, she kisses him softly, then turns in his arms, “Would you finish zipping me up?”


He takes the zipper tab in his fingers and slowly pulls it down, instead of up. He pulls her hair to the side, leans in and kisses her on the back of the neck, trailing kisses slowly down her back.


She whispers, “Darling, you’d better be prepared to finish what you start.”


With that remark ringing in his ears, he slowly zips up her dress and turns her to face him, murmuring,  “Maybe later.” He brushes her lips with his, “Are you ready?”


“Not quite.” She steps back and turns toward the bedroom. “There’s coffee in the kitchen if you want some.”


He gets a cup of coffee from the kitchen then goes out onto the balcony, thinking about what Trivette had asked him earlier in the day. ‘…doesn’t it bother you when you don’t get to see Alex for days on end?’ It bothers him more than he would ever let Trivette know. But he has her love and that’s what keeps him going over the long stretches. It seems like he and Alex have always been on the same wavelength.


He feels her arms slide around his waist, “You’re awfully deep in thought, darling, everything okay?”


“I was just thinking about something Trivette asked me today.” Laying his hands on tops of hers.


“Oh, what was that?” Moving around in front of him, her back against his chest.


“He was upset at not being able to see Tammy this past week, and he asked me if it bothered me not seeing you for days on end.”


“What did you tell him?” She murmurs as she turns to face him.


“I told him that I’ve seen you almost every day, sometimes it’s just in passing, but I make it a point to see you every day, even if it’s just through a window.” He tightens his arms and pulls her tight against him, “Alex, when you smile at me it stays with me a long time. And when I can’t see you for days,” he touches his lips to hers softly, “I just think about you and the love we share and it keeps me going.” He lays his head against hers.


“Oh, Walker, I love you so much.” A tear squeezes from her eye as she looks into his, then as he lowers his lips to hers in a soft sensuous kiss, she realizes that she has just seen a rare side of Walker.  It’s not very often that he bares his heart to her like that.


“Are you ready? If we don’t go pretty soon…” He smiles at her as he turns and putting an arm around her waist they go back inside.  She picks up her purse and they leave for C.D.’s.




At C.D.’s, Jimmy and Tammy are already on the dance floor, swaying to a soft country ballad when Walker and Alex arrive and take a seat in their booth. They watch the dancers for several minutes, then spot Jimmy and Tammy dancing cheek to cheek, “Darling, I think Jimmy has finally found his soul mate.”


“Looks that way, doesn’t it.” Takes her hand and stands, “Come on, hon, let’s dance.”  As they move out onto the dance floor, he takes her into his arms and, laying his head next to hers, he closes out the world.


When Trivette finally notices that Walker and Alex have arrived, he smiles to himself thinking, ‘He was at Alex’s first and they’re the last to arrive here.”  He turns to nuzzle his face into Tammy’s hair, wishing this night would last forever. When the ballad ends and a song with a quicker pace starts, “Let’s set this one out, okay, Tammy?” She nods and they make their way through the crowd to their booth, arriving about the same time as Alex and Walker.


They all sit down and enjoy quiet conversation when suddenly Alex says, “Darling, Trivette, look who just came in.”


“Who is it, counselor, I didn’t see…Well, I’ll be.”  Trivette turns to look at Walker and Alex who both have amused looks on their faces. “Did I see right?  Isn’t that Maisie Whitman?”


“It sure is, Jimmy. And look who she’s kissing.” As they watch, C.D., who seems very happy to see her, returns her kiss. They stand talking for several minutes and when a slow song comes on the jukebox, they move out onto the dance floor, dancing cheek to cheek like old lovers.


Tammy nudges Jimmy with her elbow, “Who is she, Jimmy. Let me in on the secret.”


“I don’t think it’s a secret any longer, Tammy. C.D. met her when he went undercover for the Texas Rangers at an old folk’s home where some of the clients were mysteriously dying. Between the two of them, they just about solved the case single handedly.”


“So they fell in love?”


“It’s sure starting to look that way. I’ve seen her here quite a lot lately, but mostly during the day.” Alex takes Walkers hand in hers, causing him to look at her.


“What is it Alex”


“I was just remembering something I heard C.D. say several weeks ago. I guess with C.D. and Maisie together, it’s unanimous.”


Jimmy and Walker say it at the same time, “What’s unanimous?”


We’re all twitterpated.”


The End


*(If you all don’t know what twitterpated is you need to watch BAMBI)