Unconditional Love
By Sissy (sissy@svs.net)


Alex pushes the door open and quickly moves up to the hospital bed and looks down at Walker, lying with his eyes closed, very pale, and swathed in bandages over most of his chest, his left leg and left arm and wonders if their life will always be like this. A life that is so often filled, it seems, with hospitals, doctors, gunshot wounds, broken bones and a very ample dose of pain and worry.

But knows that she could never give him up, now or ever. Being a Texas Ranger and putting his life on the line day after day, is the harsh reality that she has learned to live with and is extremely glad for the times she has him with her. Her life is centered around him and only him. She has let him be the man he has to be and do what he has to do. His honor depends on it, and there is no way that she would try to stop him. But she can send him out to face whatever he has to, knowing he is truly loved. Her love could be a shield and she can only hope it will be enough to protect him and bring him back to her. She has let him know, in numerous ways that she'll always be there for him.

She knows without a doubt that he loves her, a love every bit as deep as the love she feels for him. She also knows that if she were to ask him to give up this dangerous occupation, he would do it in a heartbeat. But that would change the man she fell in love with, the man he is now, so she is content to give her love unconditionally to this man, this Texas Ranger.

She picks up his right hand, brings it to her lips, and then holds it gently to her chest. She pulls a chair up close to the bed and sits down still holding his hand. When she starts to nod and her eyes begin to close she lies her head on the bed next to his side and relaxes knowing that he is back with her again.

When Walker opens his eyes, he lies still, trying to remember where he is and what has happened to him. He feels the tightness around his chest and the aches all through his body. Moving his eyes only, he sees Alex lying with her head next to him, asleep. He watches her for several minutes, knowing that he has brought pain and worry to her again. It seems like he is always doing that. Not intentionally, but doing it, nonetheless. Why she still stays with him, is beyond his comprehension. But knows that if she ever left him, he would never survive without her. His eyes start to droop and knowing that she will be there when he wakes up again, he lets the pain medication pull him back into the warm cocoon of sleep.




Alex turns from the window to look at the man she loves and sees him watching her. She smiles and moves over to the bed. His eyes follow her, and as she leans down, she whispers, "Hi, Cowboy," and touches her lips lightly to his. "Are you in pain? I can call the nurse to bring…"

"No." Then swallowing several times, "I'm fine."

"Yeah, right. Where have I heard you say that before?" She sits down on the edge of the bed, taking his hand in both of hers.

"You're here, that's all I need." She sees the love for her in his eyes and a tear gathers at the corner of her eye. "Don't honey. I really am all right." He reaches up and gently thumbs away the teardrop before it can fall.

"I know." Then as he tugs lightly on her arm she leans over and lies her head on his shoulder. Feeling him flinch, she starts to sit back up, but he continues to hold her with his arm around her.

"It's all right, you feel good." To take the pressure off his ribs, she stretches out beside him bringing a sigh of contentment from him. "I love you."

"I know. I love you, too." She watches his face as his eyes close and a slight smile comes to his lips. Then she closes her eyes and relaxes against him. The only good thing that comes from times like this is knowing that he will be hers until he has recuperated.

He is hers … till the next time.

The End