Under The Influence
By Sissy (sissy@svs.net)
& Chris (ckline-usa@foreverliving.com)


"Walker, can you take me home? I'm exhausted. It's going to take me all weekend to get rested up for Jack Bailey's trial when it resumes Monday."

"Sure, Alex, come on." She takes his offered hand, slides out after him, and as they walk to the door, they wave to C.D., who's standing behind the bar, and to Trivette, who is dancing with Josie. Trivette and Josie both have their eyes closed, totally engrossed in each other so they don't see them leave.

As Walker unlocks her apartment door, "Come in for a few minutes?" She puts her arms around his waist and lays her head on his chest, closing her eyes, loving the feel of him, the smell of him. She raises her head and touches his lips with hers, loving the taste of him.

Huskily murmurs, "I'd better not. You need to get to bed."

Whispers, "Well…?"

"Honey, you're exhausted. I'll come by tomorrow after the KDOOA meet, say around 1:00?" Kisses her lightly, then pushes the door open and gently guides her inside, kissing her once more before pulling the door shut. Leaning against the door, he hears the lock click, takes a deep breath, then turns and walks out of the building to his truck, heading for home and a cold shower.




At 1:00 on the dot, Walker is standing in front of Alex's apartment door. A smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. He lowers his hand without knocking, reaches into his pocket and withdraws a key, which he inserts, into the keyhole.

His face loses the smile and a scared look replaces it as he slowly pushes the door open. He draws his gun and silently enters. Glancing around the room quickly, he sees nothing out of order. He moves to the bedroom door, pushes it open and seeing the unmade bed, relaxes slightly, thinking maybe she's in the bathroom. Still on the alert, he looks into the bathroom and it's empty. Fear grabs his heart, squeezes, and his knees get weak. It takes him a moment to pull himself together, realizing that panic is not going to help here.

He makes a thorough search of the apartment but finds nothing out of place. He goes back to the bedroom and finds the clothes that she had on last night when he left her. He sees the shirt that she wears at night lying on the bed but he has no way of knowing what she might be wearing now.

Moving back to the living room, he calls Trivette at home. Getting no answer, he then tries C.D.'s, "C.D.'s Bar and Grill"

"C.D., is Trivette there?"

"No, Cordell, he isn't…oh, wait a minute, he's coming in now." "Jimmy, Cordell wants to talk to you."

"Hey, man, what's up?"

"Trivette, I'm at Alex's. Call in the crime unit and get over fast!"

"I'm on my way, Walker, be there in about ten." Hands the phone back to C.D., and as he starts for the door, "Something's wrong at Alex's."



When Trivette arrives, Walker is standing in front of the apartment door, " Hey, Walker, what's going on?"

"I don't know, Trivette. When I got here, the door was unlocked and Alex was gone, but there's no sign of a struggle."

"Maybe she left and forgot to lock the door, Walker, did you think of that?"

"I did. But her purse and car keys are on the table and her car is still here. Something's wrong, Trivette, I can feel it."

"Yeah, that doesn't sound good. Well, let's get out of the way and let these guys get to work, maybe they'll get an answer for you."




Walker is sitting at his desk, leaning back in his chair, with his coffee cup in his hands, looking towards the door as he sees Trivette entering the room. "What have they found, Trivette? Anything?"

Well, Walker, all the fingerprints they found either belongs to you or her. She must have cleaned since last Saturday, because they didn't find C.D.'s or mine from when we were over for the cook out. They've got nothing, man."




Alex wakes up Saturday morning feeling a little more human than she did last night but not much. She goes to the kitchen and gets a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator then heads back to the bathroom for a shower. Emerging from the shower, she dries off and wraps her hair up in a towel. Going to the closet, she gets an old sweatshirt and puts it on, then slips on a pair of well-worn jeans. Not intending to go anywhere, she stays barefoot, and pads out to the kitchen for a Granola bar. Turning around, she notices the front door slightly ajar. "That's strange." She walks over, looks out into the hall and seeing nothing, shuts the door and locks it. Then realizing someone may have entered the apartment, she starts to unlock it again when she is grabbed from behind by someone who puts a rag over her mouth and nose. As she breathes in fumes from the rag, her legs start to buckle and all goes black but not before she hears, "Hurry, get her out of here."

She wakes up slowly, lying on her stomach on the floor. She groans as movement sends a wave of dizziness through her head. She brings her hand up to her eyes to try and rub away the fuzziness at the same time rolling over on her back. Finally clearing away the cobwebs, she sits up and looks around, but nothing looks familiar. Scooting back into the corner, she brings her knees up and puts her head in her hands trying to focus her mind on the last thing she remembers clearly. Thoughts of Walker, crawling into bed, orange juice, a shower, and….she sits up with a jolt as it comes to her that someone was in her apartment this morning. This morning? Maybe yesterday morning? 'God, how long have I been here?' Just then she hears a noise at the door.




"Trivette, how could someone get into her apartment and not leave any clue as to what went on? I don't buy it." He gets up and grabs his hat, "I'm going back; whoever is behind this had to have made a mistake somewhere and I'm going to find it. You coming?"

"I'm with you, man. Let me get Mike. If a finger print is there that shouldn't be, he'll find it."

Walker stops in front of the door, looking intently at the edge and also the door jam but sees nothing. "Mike, do you know it they took prints off the outside of this door? While they were trying to get it open, they might have touched the frame or the wall. Stepping inside, he moves over by the table, "We know she had orange juice when she got up by the empty glass in the sink, and a Granola bar, the wrapper is on the table. She showered because the tub was still wet. They took her after she got up this morning." 'God, why didn't I stay last night like she wanted me to?'

"Walker, I've dusted everywhere that they missed this morning. I'm going to take these in and see what turns up. I'll get back with you as soon as I can."

"Come on, Trivette, we might as well go, too."




"Don't be afraid, Ms Cahill. We're not going to hurt you, as a matter of fact, we're going to have a party and you're invited."

"Wha…What did you say?" Alex was really puzzled now.

"Come on, party time." He reaches down, takes her by the arm and pulls her to her feet and guides her out the door, down a hall into a large room that is decorated with party favors, colored balloons, and colored lights. On one side of the room there is a table with a punch bowl, glasses and snacks. On the other side of the room is an old man playing a piano. There is a couple dancing and a man standing by the punch bowl.

"Not a very large party." Alex glances around the room, trying to figure out what is going on but not having much luck. She has never seen any of these people before. "Look, will you please tell me what's going on. There's no way you brought me here for a party."

"Oh, Ms Cahill, you are so wrong. This party is especially for you. So come on, let's party!" He pulls her over to the table and dips some punch into a glass and puts it into her hand. "Drink up."

With her eyes flashing "Listen, Buster, I have no intention of drinking or eating anything. So just let me go and we'll forget this whole thing. You got that, Buster?"

"You listen to me Ms. Cahill, you will drink this and keep drinking this until I tell you to stop, you got that."

"Now why would I do that, Buster."

"Stop calling me Buster. My name is Joe. Do you see this?" She looked down at his hand which held what looked like a box with a switch on it. "This is a switch to a bomb. The bomb is located under Ranger Walker's truck." He smiles as he watches her face change from anger to fear.

"I don't believe you. You couldn't get close enough to put a bomb on his truck."

"Are you willing to take that chance?"

Alex stares at him for several long minutes, then slowly raises the glass to her lips, takes a sip, and immediately spits it out. Swallowing hard and looking up at him with tears in her eyes, "God, this must be pure whiskey."

"No, not really. Just 50%. Drink, Ms Cahill." Alex takes another sip, a small sip and manages to keep this one down but only after a lot of coughing."




Trivette comes rushing into the Company B Squad room, "Walker, they found a fingerprint on the edge of the door. It belongs to a Tommy Gibson."

"Tommy Gibson? He works for Robert Williams as a private detective."

"Robert Williams is Jack Bailey's lawyer, isn't he? Oh, God, Walker you don't suppose he took Alex do you?"

"I don't know, Trivette. Let's go have a talk with Robert Williams and see what he has to say."




They push open the door to the law office, walk pass the secretary's desk and shove open the door into the lawyer's office to find Tommy Gibson seated in front of Robert Williams' desk.

"What's going on here? You can't come busting in here, Walker, you have no right." He stands up behind his desk, sputtering and threatening a lawsuit.

"Mr. Williams, I have a warrant for Tommy Gibson and since he's working for you, we had reason to look here. Cuff him, Trivette. Let's take him downtown and see just what he knows about the disappearance of Alex Cahill." They leave the office with Tommy between them.

"Tommy, you keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you."




"Listen, Walker, you heard what Williams said. I'm dead if I open my mouth. So you might as well put me in a cell cause I ain't talking."

Just then, Trivette pushes through the door, "He's on the move, Walker, let's go."

They hurry out of the courthouse, get into the Ram and with wheels spinning take off down the street.




"Hey, you're doing pretty good Ms. Cahill. I'd say you've done a pretty good job on that punch. How about another glass." When Alex holds her glass out he fills it clear to the top.

"You…hic… know, this stuff isn't too blad, er bad once you get used to it. Woooeeee, Buster, I… hic…need to use the potty." Alex tries to stand but her legs feel rubbery, and she falls back into the chair. "Hahahaha, whoa, there. Buster, you better, hehehehe, help me or I'm gonna have an accid…hic, accid…hic, a mess. So you better help me."

He helps her to stand and lets her lean on him as he takes her to the bathroom. When he brings her back out to the chair, he walks up to the couple that has been dancing, "I think we're about ready for the next phase of our little charade here. Williams ought to be here shortly. Cathy, go ahead and take her into the bedroom and get her ready."

"Come on, Cahill, you need to rest for a little while." Takes her by the arm but with Alex staggering, it takes quite awhile to get her into the bedroom. Sitting her down on the bed, Cathy begins pulling the sweatshirt over Alex's head, "Well, no bra. That simplifies things." She lays Alex back into a mound of pillows, unbuttons her jeans then slides them down her legs.

Alex hiccups a few times, giggles, "It's kinda chilly in here…hic."

Cathy pulls a sheet up to cover Alex, then turns and goes out of the room leaving Alex almost asleep.

When Cathy gets back to where Joe is, she sees Williams coming in the door. "She's ready, Joe. But I wouldn't wait too long or she'll be asleep."

"Okay. Come on Williams, get your clothes off. Coat, shirt and pants. Let's get this over with."

"I think we should get out of here, Joe. Walker arrested Tommy and he could be telling him what's going on right now."

"No way. We're this close, let's finish. I promised my brother we'd get him out and that's what I'm gonna do. We take these pictures of you and Cahill in bed and that'll throw the case right out the window. Kinda like a conflict of interest, huh?"

Williams reluctantly takes his coat, then his shirt off. Joe, Williams and Cathy all walk back to the bedroom where they had taken Alex. Williams enters the room and takes his pants off then moves around the bed and gets under the sheet with Alex.

Alex opens her eyes and seeing Joe, "Hey, Buster, I need another dri…hic…another dri…hic, my glass is empty." Joe pours a little 'punch' into her glass and just as she starts to take a sip, Williams moves his hand over and touches her breast. "Hey, cut that out! What…hic…do you… think you're doing?" Takes his hand and pushes it away from her.

A loud crash from the other room causes Joe and Cathy to back out of the room to see what's happening.

Walker moves up and grabs Joe from behind, puts a choke hold on him and he goes down to the floor out cold. Trivette grabs Cathy and pulls her down into a chair, cuffing her hands behind her. The look in his eyes tells her not to even think about calling out to her friends.

When Walker goes through the door, he sees Alex in bed and Williams trying to get out of bed and reaching for his pants at the same time. Walker grabs him, throws him out of the room, "Trivette take care of this insect, before I step on him."

Alex looks up and sees him, "Oh…hic…darling, I glad you made it…to the party." She giggles as he walks over and sits on the edge of the bed.

He puts his hand to the side of her face and as she smiles and puckers up, he leans over to kiss her. "Whew, Alex. Maybe later, hon."

She giggles, then tears fill her eyes and start sliding down her cheeks, "Oh, Walker…hic
…what's the matter with me?"

He pulls her tight to his chest, feeling her tears soaking through his shirt. He strokes her hair, whispering, "Nothing, honey. Nothing that a good night's rest won't take care of." He sits her up and the sheet slips down revealing her breasts to him. The sight mesmerizes him momentarily, "God, Alex, what were these bastards up to?" He pulls the sheet up around her again and, glancing around the room, sees her clothes lying in the corner. He gets them and quickly puts them on her, then picks her up in his arms and carries her out of the room.

"Trivette, I'm taking Alex to the ranch. Can you stay here until these guys are picked up?"

"Yeah, I'll stay here. Is she all right?"

"She's fine. Just needs a good night's sleep. I call you later, okay?" He carries her out to the truck and sits her down, buckles her in, shuts the door, hurries around to the drivers' side and starts the engine, and as he puts the truck in gear, Alex starts giggling.




By the time Walker parks the truck in front of the ranch house it's close to midnight. Alex had fallen asleep shortly after getting in the truck and her soft snoring still fills the cab of the truck. Walker goes around the truck and picks her up in his arms. She snuggles against him as he carries her inside. He lays her down on the bed in the guest room but she sits up quickly looking around, sees Walker, smiles, "Hi, cowboy. Gib me a kiss." She reaches for him but he gently holds her away. "Wahs matter. You don't wan kiss me?" Then her eyes close and her body goes limp as she falls back on the pillow.

He takes her jeans off, then gets one of his shirts out of a drawer, before starting to pull her sweatshirt off.

As he tries to take it off over her head she starts squirming, "Stop, stop it!" She sounds almost panic-stricken.

He gets the shirt off and pulls her close against his chest, murmuring, "Shh…it's all right, honey." He strokes her hair and rubs his hand up and down her back. Her bare back. He is very aware that she is nude as her breasts flatten against his chest and his emotions kick into overdrive.

She finally calms down, looks up into his eyes, smiles, "I love you." She then passes out again. He gets the shirt on her and lays her back down as he buttons it up. He stands and pulls the blankets up over her, picks up her clothes off the floor and walks out of the room as a soft knock is heard at the door.

He peeks around the curtain and seeing Trivette, he opens the door, "Come on in, Trivette, I'll make us some coffee as soon as I put these clothes in the washer.

"Whew, are those Alex's clothes?"

"Yeah." Coming back into the kitchen, "Did you find anything else at that place after I left." Makes a pot of coffee, and sits down at the table.

"I sure did." He waves a videocassette in the air, "A camcorder caught everything on tape. But I don't think they had intentions of anyone seeing this one. They had another one set up in the bedroom where Alex was. That was the one that they were going to use to discredit Alex, I think." He takes another cassette out of his pocket.

Walker pours two cups of coffee, without looking at Trivette, he softly says, "Have you already seen them?"

Trivette understands how he's feeling, "I've seen this one, but not the one that was in the bedroom. I'm giving that one to you. Do what you want with it. But look at this one first because it explains everything."

They take their coffee and go to the front room where Walker puts the cassette in the VCR. "Sit down, Trivette, you've already seen it once, another time won't matter."

As they watch the screen, the first thing they see is Alex coming through the hall door, barefoot, with the man known as Joe. 'Jack Bailey's brother'. They sit in silence as they watch and listen to Alex putting up resistance until the threat of a bomb on Walker's truck and then she reluctantly gives in to the demand to drink from the 'punch bowl'. Trivette can feel and see the anger building in Walker. He watches, with clenched fists, as Alex slowly gets drunk. Staggering drunk. The film ends with the three, Joe, Cathy and Williams, who has started taking his clothes off, going down the hall. As the screen goes black, Walker stands and goes out the front door to stand on the porch.

Trivette stands at the door watching him for a few minutes, then pushes the door open and goes out and stands at Walker's side. "I don't know how you're feeling right now, Walker, but I know how I would feel if that had been Josie. I'm gonna leave the cassettes here. You can do what you want with them. No one else knows I found them and no one else has seen them." He walks down the steps heading for his car.

"Trivette?" When Trivette turns to face him, "Thanks. You're a good friend."

Trivette waves his hand at him, gets in his car and drives away.




Walker has been sitting in the dark for a long time, then finally turns on the VCR. He's apprehensive about what he might see, but as he watches he realizes that nothing sexual was done to Alex. For that he is grateful. When Williams had touched Alex's breast under the covers and Alex had yelled and moved his hand away, Walker had given a big sigh of relief, thankful that she had not been so drunk that she didn't know what was happening. He shut the VCR off, leaned back on the couch and shut his eyes.

He bolts up almost instantly when he hears loud crying coming from the guestroom. He rushes in to find Alex lying flat on her back, her hands griping the blankets tightly. "It's all right, Alex, what's the matter?"

"Oh…the bed…stop…the bed." She grabs Walker around the neck in a grip close to choking him.

"The bed?" He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. Slowly the grip on his neck loosens and he feels her body relax. He lays her back on the bed and covers her. He finally gets up but as he starts to walk out the door, she jumps up and gets out of the bed, holding her hand over her mouth. Walker quickly guides her to the bathroom and sits her down in front of the commode where she throws up repeatedly until it's just the dry heaves. Walker takes her back to bed, covers her then goes to the bathroom and returns with a wet wash rag to wipe her face.

Alex moans and looks up at Walker, with tears in her eyes, "Walker, what's wrong with me? I feel awful. My head hurts and my mouth feels like…yuck."

He sits down beside her on the bed and pulls her up into his arms, "Alex, honey, you drank an awful lot of whiskey. You'll be all right just as soon as it's out of your system."

"I'm never going to touch another drop of booze as long as I live. Oh, Walker, I'm so sorry."
She starts crying, "Don't leave me. Stay here, please." She hangs on to him afraid to let go.

"All right, Alex, calm down. I'll stay here. Shh…go to sleep, now. I'm not leaving." He gets her to lay down, then goes over to the other side of the bed, slips off his boots and lies down beside her, holding her in his arms.

Alex wakes up the next morning feeling really awful. Her head hurts, she's nauseous, and her stomach is doing flip-flops. She sits up slowly and gingerly swings her legs off the bed, stands and hanging on to whatever is close makes her way out of the bedroom. Leaning against the wall she slides her way toward the kitchen. Coming through the door, she sees Walker standing at the kitchen range fixing breakfast. She smiles at him and bracing herself, moves toward him until she gets a whiff of food, her stomach immediately rebels, starts heaving and she makes a dash for the bathroom, holding her hand over her mouth.

Walker waits for several minutes to see if she is going to return, then decides he had better check to see if she is all right. Going into the bedroom he sees her curled up on the bed. "Alex, are you all right?" He sits on the edge of the bed and begins rubbing her back.

"No, I'm not all right. I feel awful." She moans and draws into a tighter ball.

"Well, I know what will settle your stomach, I'll be right back."

She feels him leave the bed, wondering what he is getting. Her eyes snap open as the vision of a bottle filled with green stuff comes to mind. She sits up and scoots back against the headboard, drawing her knees up to her chest, then wrapping her arms around her legs. She moans and lays her head on her knees only to look up quickly when she hears Walker reenter the room. "No, way, I'm not drinking that Cherokee Purge or whatever you call it. I'd rather be sick."

"Oh, I never thought of that. Well, if this doesn't work we can try that later. Here Alex, drink this, it's supposed to settle your stomach after a night of drinking. That's what I've heard anyway."

She sees the glass of red stuff that he is holding, "What's that?"

"Just plain old tomato juice, that's all." Hands her the glass and as she takes it, "Sip it slow, so it'll stay down. Then after while we'll try some crackers, they're suppose to help settle your stomach, too."

She manages to get the tomato juice down without having to make a mad dash to the bathroom so decides to get out of the bed, with Walker's help, and goes to sit with him in the living room.
Sitting on the couch with his arm around her, "Walker, I don't know how people can deliberately go out and drink themselves into a stupor like that."

"Well, Alex, you aren't used to drinking like that, that's why it hit your system so hard."

"Yeah, I guess. Never again, I promise you that." She turns to look into his eyes and as he turns his head away, she smiles. "Hon, I think I feel like I want to get a shower and get dressed, then maybe we could sit on the porch for awhile?"




Walker is sitting in the swing, swaying gently, as he waits for Alex to join him. He's wondering if she is going to be ready to resume Jack Bailey's trial tomorrow morning. He is going to have to tell her about, if not show her, the videos from last night's events so that she would be prepared if it came up at the trial.

When he hears Alex open the screen door, he turns toward her dressed in a pair of his workout pants and his shirt, smiles and extends his hand. She takes it and sits down beside him, snuggling close. He tilts her head back and kisses her deeply. "I missed that," he murmurs.

"I musta smelled horrible," she whispers, "from the way you looked every time I got close."

She smiles at the look of denial that crosses his face, then as he sees her raised eyebrow, he nods, "Well, you did smell…different." He pulls her close as she leans back against his chest. "Alex, we need to talk about what happened Saturday." He feels her stiffen, but she stays silent, "You have nothing to be ashamed of, hon, this was a kidnapping and you were forced to do things that were beyond your control. But…Trivette found two camcorders, one in the room where you were drinking…and…one in the bedroom where I found you."

Barely audible, "Have you seen them?"

"Yes. But I want you to look at them, too." He tightens his arms around her, as she starts shaking her head, "You need to see them so you'll be prepared if anything comes up in Jack Bailey's trial tomorrow."

She sits up quickly and turns to face him, "Jack Bailey. What's this got to do with Jack Bailey?"

He's stunned, "You don't know? The guy you kept calling Buster, is Jack Bailey's brother, Joe. It was all a plot to discredit you and get Jack Bailey's case thrown out of court. If they could show that you were partying with Bailey's lawyer and…sleeping with him…well, you know what would happen."

"Oh, my God. I didn't know." She stands, moves to the railing, "Yes, I know what would happen. The case would be thrown out, and my reputation right along with it."

Walker moves up behind her, turns her around to face him, "We found the fingerprint of Tommy Gibson on your door and arrested him at Williams' office. Gibson wasn't talking but we had a tail on Williams and he took us right to you." She buries her face into his chest, and he feels tears soaking into his shirt as her emotions finally let go.

"Oh, Walker, once those videos are shown, I'll never be able to hold my head up in court again."

Placing a finger under her chin, he tilts her head back and looking into her eyes, "What videos?"

"The ones you just told me about." Her eyes widen as she gets his meaning. "But, Walker, how can you…."

"No one knows about any videos except Trivette, me and now you. Baileys' not going to say anything about them or Williams either for that matter. That would be evidence against them. I want you to watch the videos, then we'll destroy them, okay?"

She nods her head, then he turns her around and they go back in the house. "Do you think you'd like some coffee?"

"Yes, at least I'd like to try it." He goes to the kitchen while she sits down on the couch, on the edge of the seat.

When he returns, he sets two cups of coffee on the table in front of the couch and goes to the VCR and puts the tape in, then returns to sit next to Alex. "Are you ready, hon?" She nods her head but before he can turn it on, the phone rings. "Walker"

"Walker? Trivette. Hey, man, how's Alex doing?"

"She's doing all right, Trivette, still a little shaky but by morning she should be as good as new."

"I'm glad. Ah…another reason I called…when I took the cassettes out of the camcorders, I put a blank cassette back in. So if they try to pull anything all they'll have are blank tapes. Probably think it didn't work…or something, huh. I'll talk to you later. Oh, Joe Bailey and Williams were arrested for kidnapping, okay? Bye."

After explaining to Alex what Trivette had told him, he turned on the VCR, and they watched the events unfold of Alex getting drunk.

Alex watches silently, tears falling down her face, "Oh, Walker, this is awful. There at the end I looked like I was actually enjoying it."

"That's the whiskey, Alex, it loosens you up." He pulls her into his arms and holds her for several minutes, "Are you ready for the next one? It's not as long." She nods and he gets up to put the cassette in and turns it on.

She watches as Cathy takes her to the bedroom and undresses her, covers her then leaves and returns with Williams, who enters the room taking his pants off and getting into bed with her.
"Oh, God, Walker, he didn't…." Alex falls silent as the next shot is of Walker coming into the bedroom and throwing Williams out. The rest of the film shows Walker dressing her and carrying her out. As he shuts it off, Alex turns to him, lays back into his arms, sobbing quietly.

"It's over Alex. The hard part is going to be for you to forget about it."




Monday morning in court, the trial is postponed so that Jack Bailey can find a new lawyer. Alex breaths a sigh of relief as court is adjourned and she joins Walker and Trivette as they go to C.D.'s for lunch.

Walker has his arm around Alex's waist as they enter C.D.'s "How's your stomach, Alex, feel like you can eat something?"

"I really need to eat something. Something light, maybe."

They all go to their booth and as they sit down, C.D. walks up, "What'll it be folks."

Walker and Trivette order, then look to Alex, as she says, "Just some soup and crackers for me, C.D. My stomach's a little queasy."

"Maybe you need to take some of Cordell's Cherokee purge, that's always good for an upset stomach."

Alex's checks puff out, she puts her hand over her mouth and prods Walker to get out of the booth. As he stands, she slides out and makes a run for the restroom.

C.D. stands with his mouth open staring after her, "What'd I say? What'd I say?"