Author’s note: We have taken much creative license in this story. We are aware of the medical inaccuracies. We hope you will accept this story for what it is, fiction in every sense of the word.







By: Cathy:





“Good Morning” Alex said to her husband of almost 4 months as she greeted him with a kiss.


As she started to get out of bed Walker caught her arm. “And just where do you think you are going so early? He asked with a mischievous grin.


“I have to get to the office early today. I’ve got a lot I need to do before court this afternoon.”


“Can’t you stay just a little longer?” He said as he started to kiss sensuously up and down her neck.


“Walker, please don’t make this so difficult. I would love to stay in bed with you. If I could I’d stay here all day. But I really need to go.”


“Well if you are absolutely sure you can’t stay just a little while longer.” He said in between kisses to her neck.


When his kisses started to ease their way down to her shoulders and then to her chest she knew it was a lost cause. “Well maybe I could stay just a little bit longer.” She whispered as she rolled on top of him.


            After Alex left for work. Walker decided to go down to the basement to his home gym for a quick workout before he left for work. He did a few squats on the Smith machine. However his mind was not really on his workout. He was distracted thinking about his early morning lovemaking session with Alex. He reached down to pick up his water bottle. However because his mind was elsewhere he was not paying proper attention. When he stood up he banged his head into the barbell. He was stunned. Everything went out of focus and then momentary black. But things came quickly back into focus. And everything seemed all right except for the horrendous headache Walker was left with.  He felt much better after going upstairs to take some aspirin and having a shower.



“Morning partner” Trivette said as he walked past Walker’s desk.


“Huh?” Walker responded looking up from the papers he was reading on his desk.


“I just said good morning to you.”


“Oh…ah.. yeah, morning Trivette.” He said returning his attention to his paperwork.


Trivette went over to his desk and turned on his computer. . Then Gage who was standing by the coffee maker called out “Hey Walker you want a cup.”


“Sure Thanks”         


Within minutes after Gage brought him his coffee Walker stood up and walked away from his desk. When Trivette saw him returning with another cup in his hand he asked, “Did you drink the coffee that Gage gave you that quick?”


“Coffee that Gage brought me, what are you talking about?”


Shaking his head Trivette pointed to the still full cup sitting on Walker’s desk. “That coffee!”


Walker looked down at his desk. “Oh yeah I guess I forgot.”


“Getting forgetful in your old age?” Trivette laughed. Walker ignored the comment.


A couple of hours later Walker and Trivette got a call that a man they had been trying to track down for questioning had been arrested on an unrelated matter. So they headed down to the parking lot to drive over to Denton where the man was in jail. As they approached the Ram Walker started to dig around in his jacket pockets. “What are you looking for Walker?”


“I can’t seem to find my keys. I must have left them in my desk. I’ll run back up and get them. I’ll be right back.”


‘Now this is a banner day’ Trivette mused to himself. “Cordell Walker making not one but two ordinary human mistakes.


“Walker?  I’m home” Alex called as she walked through the ranch house door.


“I’m in the kitchen” was the reply she received back from her husband.                    “Sorry I’m late honey but just as I was about to leave I got a.. ah.. ah… phone call. Alex said startled at what she saw Walker doing. He was pouring Jack Daniels into a glass and drinking it straight. Walker seldom drank alcohol at all. And on the rare occasions when he did it was usually a beer or a little wine with dinner. She had never seen him down a drink like this. “Walker what are you doing?


“Oh I’m sorry,” he said. “Would you like a drink?”


“Ah…no thank-you.” She said as she surged her shoulders in bewilderment and thought ‘well I guess there is a first time for everything. This is really odd but I can’t see Walker making a habit of it. So maybe I should just let it go and not make a big deal out of it.’ They had dinner and the rest of the night went on routinely.


Later that week


Company B headquarters was pretty quiet for a Thursday afternoon, not, much was going on, Ranger James Trivette was working on his computer when he got a call from one of his informants. " What you’re kidding? Ok I’ll tell him but he’s not going to like it" After hanging up the phone he turned and said "hey Walker, you are not going to believe this man. But that suspect you have been looking for, Sam Barans was just spotted heading into the men’s club down on Fifth Street.”


"Really?" Walker responded. “I guess I better go and pick him up.”


"Hey Walker, I can do it for you. I know how Alex feels about that place and I think I should go get him just to keep peace in the Walker household"


"Don’t be ridiculous Trivette. I can certainly go and get my own suspect. Alex doesn’t run my life.”


"Well if you say so. But don’t say I didn’t warn you."


“Right, Trivette whatever you say.”


Walker headed out the door, as he was leaving the building he ran right into his wife, " Hi honey where are you off to?"


“Just going to pick up a suspect."


“Ok be careful. Where is he?"


“Oh no place you would know Alex. I’ll see ya later, bye.”

                                                                                                                             Ok honey I’ll see you later then"  As Walker headed to the truck he thought to himself, ‘why is it that women always need to know where you're going. I can’t stand that. Why doesn’t she just say hello and leave it at that.’


Walker made his way from the truck into the exclusive club on the other side of town. But as he walked through the door, he suddenly felt a little dizzy and couldn’t remember what he was doing there. “Oh well” he said to himself “as long as I’m here I might as well have a drink and enjoy the entertainment.” He moved up to the bar and ordered a long neck and Bourbon on the side straight up.


The bartender look a little surprised and asked, " Are you sure, you aren’t on duty Ranger?”


"What the hell business is it of yours?" Walker blurted out. “If I want a drink I’m gonna have one. Who are you my wife?”


"Hey, sorry mister didn’t mean to get on your case. Beer and bourbon coming right up.”


Walker sat there admiring the view, still trying to figure out what he was doing there. He finally decided it didn’t matter. He was having too much fun. So why worry about it? ‘ Boy I wonder why I have never come in here before this place is great.’ Just as he was starting to relax and after ordering two more drinks, one of the dancers came slithering by.


“Hey there handsome. How about a little private dance?”


“Ah, excuse me a what?”


“A private dance just for you, but of course it going to cost you.”


“Really, how much?”


“150 dollars”


"Sure no problem lets go.”


The dancer, whose name was Jasmine, led Walker into the back room, took his money and told him to sit down. For the next 20 minutes she used all of her skills on him. . Making him blush like he never thought possible, but he enjoyed every minute of it. Once Jasmine was finished she pulled up a chair and sat down next to him. “Wow,” she said, you sure are built; I can see you work out a lot.”


“Well yeah when I get the time"


"It sure would be a shame to see all of those beautiful muscles go to waste I get off at 6. How about we meet later for some quality time." No sooner than she gotten the words out of her mouth when she glanced down and saw it, " Oh my God you’re married."


“So?” was Walker’s response.


"So I don’t think your wife would appreciate us having a little quality time.”


 " My wife doesn’t tell me what to do and besides, I’m a Texas Ranger. I do what I want to.”


"A Texas Ranger, you’re a cop?" Forget it baby. I don’t do cops, no matter how good looking they are. See ya.”


Walker got up to leave but he still felt like he was forgetting something. " Oh well maybe it will come to me later"


Heading back to Ranger headquarters he noticed a disturbance going on in front of a convenience store. Part of him wanted to pull over, but he thought to himself, ‘oh well let someone else handle it. I need to get back.’


Once he was back at Ranger headquarters he started towards his desk. When Trivette called out to him, “hey Walker, how did everything go? "


 “Great Trivette, better than you can imagine."


“Good, where is Baran?”




“Baran, where is he?”


“Trivette who is Baran and why are you asking me about him?”


 As Trivette came closer he could smell the alcohol on Walker,  “Man Walker you reek of alcohol. Where have you been?”


            “I went to the men’s club like you told me to. God, Trivette have you ever been in that place? It’s great. This girl named Jasmine she—“


“Walker heads up! Alex is here.”


"Hi honey, did you get the suspect in ok?”


 "What suspect?"


“The one you told me you were going to pick Up”

                                                                                                                                                             Trivette noticed the look in Walkers eye and thought it best to get Alex out of there before she could smell the alcohol and things really started to get out of control. “Hey counselor I need to see you in your office a minute I have a major case I need your help with.”


            "Ok Jimmy. Bye honey I’ll see you at home later.”


"Yeah whatever.” Walker mumbled to himself. Walker suddenly felt light-headed and another headache coming on. He reached into his desk drawer and took some aspirin. ‘maybe these will help’ he thought.


Alex and Jimmy entered her office, and she sat in her chair. “Ok Jimmy what’s up.”


 “Oh nothing Alex I just wanted a minute to talk to you alone, without Walker.”


 "Why, what’s going on?"


“Alex have you noticed anything unusual about your husband lately?”


"Well now that you mention it, he has been acting a little strange lately. Just last night I came home and he was sitting in the living room. "


 “What’s so strange about that Alex? He sits in there a lot.”


 "No Jimmy that wasn’t it. He was watching television, and it wasn’t the Discovery channel. He was watching Nick at night.”


"WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. Walker would rather get shot then watch that stuff.”


"I know but he just said he needed to laugh. Oh yeah and then there was the night before that.”


“What happened?” Jimmy asked wrinkling his brow.


“I came home and he was drinking Jack Daniels, straight”
“Really? Walker’s not much of a drinker as it is. And…”      
“But that’s not all of it.” Alex interrupted.  There have been a couple of times that I could swear that I’ve smelt smoke on him.”
“Oh I’m sure he had just been near someone who was smoking and his clothes absorbed it. I know Walker couldn’t have been smoking.” Jimmy shook his head. "Alex, he’s probably just going through strange middle age crazy stage or something. But to be on the safe side let’s both keep an eye on him.”
“OK Jimmy and thanks”
"You bet, counselor anything for my favorite D.A.”
Once Trivette left Alex’s office, he stopped and leaned against the wall. Ok Walker what is going on with you, drinking, watching sit-coms, maybe smoking. And we won’t even mention to Alex the men’s club. This isn’t like you at all man; I’m going to have to keep a close eye on you from now on. Something just isn’t right here.
The rest of the day went by pretty uneventful until it was time to go home, "Lets go Walker it’s getting late.”
“Ok Trivette hold on and I’ll walk out with you.” As they left the building Trivette went to his car and Walker to the Ram. Just as Trivette was going to leave he glanced at Walker in his truck. He was lighting up a cigarette. "What the heck is he doing? Walker detests cigarettes. Man things just keep getting stranger and stranger. I’m going to find out just what’s wrong with you Walker.”


About a half-hour later Alex came walking into the Ranger’s office. She saw Steve Smith, a Dallas police officer who was currently working a case with the Rangers.


 “Hi Steve. Have you seen Walker?”


 Laughing Steve said “not since this afternoon. Why?”


“Well, I thought we would go home together.”


“Looks like Walkers already been home.”  Steve smirked


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh nothing.”


  “Come on Steve out with it.”


 "Ok Alex I was just a little surprised this afternoon that all. I didn’t think you let Walker go places like that.”


            "A place like what?"


“I work security as an off-duty extra job some afternoons at the Gold club. You know the gentlemen’s club downtown.                                                                              “And…? WAIT MINUTE! You mean to tell me that Walker, MY husband was at a strip club?”


             "Yeah, I thought you knew about it. He didn’t seem like he was trying to hide it or anything. So I just assumed you knew he was going there.”


"No I didn’t Steve but I will get to the bottom of this I promise you that.”


"Sorry Alex I didn’t mean to upset you.”


"You didn’t Steve. Walker is the one who upset me and I’ll deal with him tonight.”


Alex left her office with hurt and anger flowing through her. She just couldn’t believe that Walker would go to a strip club. But she needed to find out for herself. And find out she was planning to do. As she pulled up the long driveway to the ranch she had every intention of confronting her Cowboy, with not only this but with all his odd behavior lately.


Exiting the car she grabbed her briefcase and headed for the house. "WALKER? WALKER?” she yelled but to no avail. She knew he was home because the Ram was parked in the driveway. Suddenly she heard a noise downstairs coming from the basement.


            ‘Oh he must be working out’ she thought. I’ll just go down there and talk to him. As Alex descended the stairs she saw Walker working out like she had never seen him before. He was lifting what seemed to be an incredible amount of weight. Something everyone knows is dangerous without a spotter, "WALKER. "What are you doing?”


"Working out, what does it look like?"


‘Well excuse me she thought to herself’. "Honey isn’t that a little dangerous to be lifting that much weight with out a spotter?”


"Not if you’re as good I am. And we both know how good I am don’t we?"


Alex thought to herself, ‘my don’t we have a high opinion of ourselves.’ But at the moment she chose not to get into that. She had other things she needed to discuss with him "Honey can I talk to you for a minute? There is something I need to ask you about.”


"Ok what is it?"


            "Could you tell me exactly what you did this afternoon?”



"Why?" Walker stated rather coldly."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “Well I heard something that bothered me a little and I wanted to check with you on it.”  "Well what did you hear?"  "I heard you spent the better part of the afternoon at a men’s club, doing whatever it is that men do there.”  "What of it?"  "You mean to tell me that it’s true? Walker, what were you doing there?"


"Having a lot of fun. What’s wrong with that? Aren’t I allowed to have any fun anymore?”


"Walker, this isn’t something I take lightly and I am not at all amused with your attitude right now.”


"Then why are you talking to me if you don’t like my attitude? Look Alex, just because you are my wife, don’t think you’re going to start telling me what I can and cannot do. I have always done whatever I wanted to and if I want to go to a strip club I will. As a matter of fact I may even go back tomorrow, Jasmine kinda liked me, even though she doesn’t like cops. She told me I was built. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear something to really show off my muscles.”


Alex could not believe what she was hearing. Her husband was totally unaffected by her obvious hurt in this situation. And to top if all off he was talking about some woman telling him he was built. Finally she couldn’t take anymore and just screamed at him. "WALKER, WHAT THE IN WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU ARE NOT ACTING LIKE YOURSELF AT ALL!”


“Stop screaming at me. I already have a headache and your not making it any better. Why don’t you just go up stairs and leave me alone. Besides aren’t you supposed to be making dinner or something else a wife is supposed to do? Stop nagging me.”


“Fine” came Alex’s reply. “I’m going out for a while. So make your own dinner. Or better yet, get your new friend Jasmine to make it for you! Goodbye.”


Alex went upstairs, grabbed her purse and slammed the front door. As she headed out to her car she started crying.  Just what was going on? She had loved this man for years, ever since the first time she laid eyes on him and he was acting like a complete stranger to her. Once she was in the car she quickly dialed Trivette’s number. After two rings Jimmy answered. "Yeah Trivette,"


"JIMMY, this is Alex, meet me at C.D.’s we have to talk about Walker.”


“Alex, I’m glad you called because I have something I need to talk to you about too.”


“Ok, I’ll be there in 45 minutes.”


“Great Al, see you then.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Alex arrived at C.D.’s right on time. As she walked in she saw Jimmy waiting for her in the corner both.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

“Hi counselor.”                                                                                                                          


“Hi Jimmy, did you order anything yet?”


"No, just coffee. I thought maybe we should talk first."


"Good idea. I don’t think I could eat now anyway” She took a deep breath before she began.“


Oh Jimmy, I just don’t know what to do. Walker is acting so strange. You won’t believe what happened tonight.”


After Alex filled him in on the events that had transpired at the ranch, he just looked at her in utter amazement. “Alex I don’t know what to say. But I can say this. It does not sound like Walker at all. But you already knew that. I didn’t tell you this afternoon because I didn’t want to upset you. Today he left the office to go pick up a suspect, someone who he has been looking for, for months now. When he came back he not only didn’t have the suspect, but he didn’t even remember that he was going to get him. He smelled of alcohol. And then it got even stranger. When we were leaving I saw him get in his truck and light up a cigarette.”


"WHAT? Then that was smoke I smelt on him the other day. Jimmy what is going on? This is something a lot more serious than some middle age crazy period.”


"I don’t know Alex but believe me we are going to find out. You keep a close eye on him and try not to get confrontational with him. I think that might do more harm than good at this point. I’ll do the same and we will keep in touch”. Trivette could see the tears forming in Alex’s eyes. “Come on Alex, don’t cry. Something here is definitely wrong. But there is one thing I know for sure about Walker. He loves you more than anything in this world. And if he’s acting like this then something has happened to him or…he.. well I just don’t know. But everything will be okay again. I promise you that. Now dry your tears, go on home and we will talk again tomorrow. Ok?”


“Ok thanks Jimmy. I knew I could always count on you.”


“You can count on Walker too. Alex, please remember that and don’t let this sway your feelings for him in any way. Just keep remembering how much he loves you and how much you love him. Ok?


“Ok, thanks Jimmy.” She said as they both stood up. Giving him a quick hug she told him “I’ll see you tomorrow.”                                                     

                                                                                                                                                               When Alex arrived home, she went straight upstairs. Walker was already sleeping and she thought it best not to wake him. So she crawled into bed and was asleep within a few minutes. 


A few days later


As she drove the long commute home from work Alex was hoping against hope that things would be back to normal with Walker. As she approached the driveway to the ranch she saw an unfamiliar red Lexis pulling out. “I wonder who that is.” She said out loud. As the house came into view she could see Walker sitting on the front porch. “Hi sweetheart.” She said as she walked up the porch steps. She was hoping if she acted normal so would Walker.


Yet she was surprised when she actually did receive a normal response from Walker. “Hi Hon.   How was your day?”


“It was fine but busy. How was yours?”


“Oh mine was okay. But I’m glad to be home with you.”


‘Oh thank-God’ Alex thought ‘he’s actually starting act like himself again.’ She reached out and gave him a kiss. “I’m glad to be home with you too.”


The return to normalcy however was soon reversed. As Alex was tearing up lettuce for a salad, she asked casually “Walker I saw a car pulling out just before I came in. I didn’t recognize it. Who was it?”


“A real estate agent.”


“Why was a real estate agent here?”


“I wanted her to come over and take a look at the ranch to see how much she thought I could get for it.”


“Why? I know how much you love this ranch, you would never consider selling it.”


“How do you know what I would and would not do?” He responded angrily. “I’m starting wonder why I married you. You try to control everything I do lately. And I’ve about had enough.” He then stormed out the front door, leaving Alex in the kitchen crying.


The next morning


Trivette sat at his desk working on his computer. He and Walker had been looking again for Sam Barans. And he was waiting for one of his informants to call. When he heard the door to Ranger headquarters open. He looked up and almost fell off his chair. In came Walker, wearing jeans, a short sleeve t -shirt, sneakers and he had his gun tucked in the front of his pants. “Walker, what the hell are you wearing?”


"What Trivette? Is there something wrong with what I'm wearing? You know its about 110 degrees outside. I just thought maybe I would stay a little cooler today.”


"Ok, well I don’t have time to argue with you about this now. I just got a call from my snitch and Sam Barans was just spotted” AGAIN! Trivette thought to himself.  "Walker do you think maybe we could actually pick him up this time?                                        Walker looked stunned at Trivette’s comment but just let it slide by. Well Trivette if you'd get your ass off of that chair for once maybe we can.”


The two Rangers exited the building and headed for Walker’s truck.  They then drove to the warehouse district and parked out of site so they wouldn’t be spotted. “Hey Walker how about some music? It’s kinda quiet in here.


 Walker picked up a CD and put it in the player. When the sound first came out Trivette thought he was at Woodstock. The loud guitars, the screaming obscenities were giving him a downright headache. “WALKER, WHO THE HECK IS THIS?” He shouted


“Don’t you like it?  I think its rad!”




“RAD! Trivette, you really need to get with it. You’re acting like an old man.”


‘He thinks I’m acting like an old man?  He is acting like, something from another planet.’ The music continued to blast out of the speakers.


Trivette couldn’t stand it anymore. He took the CD out and looked at it Korn! Walker is listening to Korn? Now I know something is definitely wrong. “Walker man, where did you get this music from?”


“I bought it Trivette. I got rid of all of my old stuff. It just didn’t seem like me. I like this much better. It really makes you want to get down doesn’t it?


Trivette was beginning to wonder just who was in this truck with him, because it sure wasn’t his partner for the last 8 years. It looked as though Cordell Walker had been replaced by some kind of body snatcher. “Well, let’s just listen to the radio then, something a little quieter.”


“Trivette, lets go he’s not going to show up and I’m not going to sit here and wait for him. Let’s turn this case over to someone else. I don’t have time for this. I need to get to the gym and work out.”


‘All right let me get this straight’ Trivette thought. ‘Walker is listening to rock music, he’s smoking, drinking and somewhat carousing. He doesn’t want to wait for a suspect he has been looking for, for the last month. Plus he’s wearing sneakers to work. Now he wants to go and work out, something he has done almost every waking hour for the last week. I think Alex and I need to have another talk.’  “Whatever you say Walker. You’re the boss.”


"That’s right Trivette I am and don’t you ever forget it. What I say goes. If you were able to handle this stuff on your own you wouldn’t even need me. But since I am the better Ranger, that is never going to happen.”


Trivette felt like reaching over and smacking him right in the jaw. But he remembered what he told Alex about not getting confrontational with Walker. So he bit his tongue and let it slide. "Ok, Walker whatever you say. Let’s go back to the office.”                                                                                                                                


Walker and Trivette returned to Ranger headquarters. Trivette went right to his computer to try and get some more information on Barans. Walker sat at his desk playing with is pencil. "Hey Trivette, you wanna arm wrestle?


Trivette could not believe his ears. “WHAT?”


“I said do you wanna arm wrestle?”


“Walker I have a lot of work to do. I don’t think I have time for that. Besides you are supposed to be helping me with this case.”


"What case are you talking about?”


“The case we just came back from!  "The Barans case, remember, you were supposed to pick him up at the gentlemen’s club? Then we were supposed to pick him up at the stakeout. Well as you can see he isn’t here and I’m getting a little anxious about finishing this case.”


"Well then finish it and stop complaining. All you ever do is complain. You’re starting to sound like my wife. If I wanted to hear someone bitch I would have stayed home today.”


"Walker, what the hell is wrong with you? You’re acting like such an ass lately. And stop criticizing Alex. For the 8 years that I’ve known you, you have never said a bad word about her or to her and this past week that’s all you've done. I care about her and I’m not going to sit by and listen to you cut her down.”


"Well then why don’t you go and live with her? I’m going out. I need a drink." With that Walker got up and left.


Trivette just sat there. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. ‘What the hell is wrong with him?’ He decided to follow him and see what was up. Trivette left the office and followed far enough behind so that he wasn’t spotted.


The incident that happened next only lead Trivette to even deeper concern for his partner. Walker pulled in to a convenient store with Trivette parked across the street. He closely observed Walker, as he exited the store. Six young men were hanging around outside. One of them said, “excuse me” to Walker as he went by. And that was all it took. One by one they were put out and laid on the ground.




Walker went back to the truck and sped away. Trivette followed but Walker seemed to have no destination in mind. He just kept driving for what seemed to be hours, going around in circles. He drove past the same street 6 times and still kept going. Finally Trivette realized that he was heading back to the office. He followed. He waited until after Walker was inside the building before he went in. When Trivette entered the Ranger’s office those same six young men were in the captains office, filing a complaint against the ranger with the short temper. “WALKER, GET IN HERE.”  The Captain shouted.



“What is it?"


These young men are filing a complaint against. “They didn’t call you by name, but when they said one Ranger took out all of them, you were the only on it could have been. "


“Hey cap, you’re right no one else could have done it. I’m the only one with the skills, and strength to do it.”


             "WALKER, WHAT’S WITH THE COCKY ATTITUDE? SHUT UP NOW OR YOU'LL BE ON SUSPENSION. You boys can go wait outside. Let me have a word with Ranger Walker here. As the boys left the Captain shut the door. "Walker what is going on with you? And what’s with those clothes?  Why is your gun in you pants? You know regulations, your gun is supposed to be in its holster. And why aren’t you wearing your badge?”


"I left it in the truck, on my hat. "


“On your hat, what the heck is it doing on your hat? It’s supposed to be on your shirt. Walker I think maybe you need some time off. Why don’t you rest, maybe sort things out. You seem a little stressed out lately. I know you and Trivette have a heavy caseload but I’ll assign them to someone else.”


"We don’t have any cases captain. We finished ‘em up today.”


"Oh really, well I'll check with Trivette on that. I want you to go home and get some rest.”


Walker left the Captains office, and went straight to Trivette. “Hey buddy, what the hell were you following me for? Didn’t you think I would see you?”


"I was worried about you. Walker you haven’t been acting right lately.”


“WHAT IS EVERYONE ON MY CASE FOR?  I’M NOT ACTING RIGHT. I’M NOT TALKING RIGHT. Well I think it is the rest of you that aren’t acting right. All I want is to be left alone.”


Trivette stood up and went over to his partner only to be greeted with a boot to the rib cage and a fist to the jaw.


 "There, ponder that for a while and think about it the next time you try and tell me what to do. I’m leaving and you better not follow me again.”


 Walker left and Trivette rubbed his chin and held his ribs.  Sitting down at his desk he dialed Alex’s number. He suggested they have another meeting. They agreed to meet at the River Cafe for dinner to talk about the last set of circumstances that had both of them frazzled and confused.


After leaving Ranger headquarters Walker headed for the Longhorn saloon. It wasn’t too far from the ranch. So he figured if he tied one on, he could always walk home. He didn’t realize that Trivette had once again followed him. Since Trivette stayed quite a distance behind him. Trivette pulled into the bar parking lot. He didn’t go in just yet. He watched from the window as Walker ordered one drink after another. He was drinking beer mixed with a shot of whiskey. Trivette couldn’t believe it. Then he saw it, a beautiful brunette, come up to Walker. She started talking to him, and ended up hanging all over him. He watched in utter disgust. " What is he doing with that girl?” Trivette said out loud. “I have to go in there and stop this.”  But Trivette was too late. She had Walker in a lip lock and he wasn’t resisting.  Trivette marched into the bar and right up to Walker.  "WALKER WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Excuse me miss but my friend here isn’t available and I would appreciate it if you would excuse us. His wife wouldn’t like you hanging all over him.”


 "Trivette what are you doing? I was just enjoying this lady’s company.


"Walker outside now! We need to talk.”


 Walker reluctantly left the bar with Trivette. "Hey why are you on my case so much lately?”


"Walker, you were sitting in a bar, in plain sight making out with that woman. What are you doing? What is Alex going to say?”


            "Alex isn’t going to say anything because she’s not going to know.”


"Oh, yes she is. I’m gonna tell her.”


"No you’re not!”


“Yes I am.”


             "Trivette ok go ahead and tell her I don’t care. She’s been bugging me lately anyway.”



"See that’s what I mean. All of a sudden you act like Alex is a major thorn in your side. She’s a woman I know you have loved for a very long time. I’ve known it ever since LaRue took her and the oil people hostage. It was the look on your face, man. You were completely and hopelessly in love with her. I have seen it everyday since then. Every time she walks into a room you light up like a Christmas tree. You’re totally in love with your wife. But yet you sit here, kissing another woman you don’t even know. I’m telling you Walker, something is very wrong here.”



 "Yeah, something is wrong Trivette! You’re a jerk. Now get the hell out of my way. I have a date to keep."


 "Walker you are not going back in there "


 “And who’s going to stop me, you?"


            “Yeah I am.” Trivette struck Walker in the ribs before he even knew what hit him. Since he was intoxicated his reactions were slowed. Walker fell to the ground and before he could get up Trivette hit him again. “Ok, man I’m really sorry about this. But I’m stopping you before you do something you can’t get out of. It’s one thing to act strangely but when Cordell Walker starts picking up women in a bar something has got to give. I won’t let you do this to Alex. I gotta find out what wrong with you.”


Trivette put Walker in the truck and drove him home. Thankfully Alex wasn’t there.  He was able to get Walker upstairs and into bed. “Now sleep it off and I’ll see you tomorrow."


Trivette had a meeting to keep with Alex at the River Cafe, but he didn’t think he would mention this little incident to her. At least not yet anyway.


Alex was right on time. She and Jimmy enjoyed their dinner, and talked about work related things. Both were trying to figure out a way to avoid the subject.


Finally Alex spoke up. “Jimmy what am I going to do about Walker?”


            “I don’t know Alex. But he's getting worse. Did you see the clothes he had on today? He had his gun in his pants, no badge. He told the Captain it was on his hat! Plus he had on sneakers. Which I’ve never known him to wear to work. But that’s not the worst. He beat up 6 men standing outside a convenient market because they said excuse me to him. I’m telling you Alex, that man has serious problems. We need to think back to when this all started. We have to think about the last time Walker acted like himself.”


“Well, one morning a couple of weeks ago, he was himself.  In fact he was better then himself. ”Smiling she remembered the morning when he had convinced her not to be in such a hurry to get to work. “But ever since that day he has been acting strangely. That was the day that you said he forgot about the coffee and left his keys inside. I joked about it. But do you think something happened to him? I don’t see how though, you are always with him at work, and I’m almost always with him at home. It must be something else.”


“Well we have to figure something out soon, before Walker does something that he can’t take back.”


“Jimmy what’s that supposed to mean? What do you mean something he can’t take back?” There are the clothes and the drinking. Yeah he is acting very strange. But what could he do that he couldn’t take back?” Trivette looked at her with sadness in his eyes.


 “Jimmy has Walker done something to me? Is that what this is all about? Oh God, has Walker been with another woman?”


" No Alex, not exactly. "



"What do you mean not exactly? Has he or hasn’t he?”


Trivette went on to tell Alex about the incident in the bar.  “No, but Walker was kissing someone else. Alex, he isn’t acting like himself, but I got him out of there. I had to hit him."


            “Jimmy you hit him? Why? What did you think he was going to do?” Trivette did not respond to her inquiry.


 “Jimmy, answer me. If you hadn’t have gotten him out of there what do you think he would have done?”


            “Alex please, this is hard enough on both of us. Don’t ask me that. “


            “James Trivette answer me.  You think Walker would have gone to bed with that woman don’t you? That’s what he wouldn’t be able to take back?”


 “Yes Alex, in his present state I think he might have. That’s what I’m trying to say. Walker would normally never do anything like that to you. He loves you too much. But lately he just keeps saying…”


 "Saying what Jimmy? Is he saying bad things about me or what?”


“Well, not exactly Alex."


“I want to hear it Jimmy. What has he been saying?"


“Just little things.”


"Tell me!"


“I can’t.”


"Tell me now!” Alex demanded.


“Well that you nag him. And that you keep asking him questions. Then today he said if he wanted to be bitched at he would have stayed home."


Trivette wished he could have spared Alex the pain he saw in her face. But true to herself, she held her head proud and told him that Walker needed help. She knew this was not the man she loved or the man she knew loved her. "Thank you Jimmy, for telling me all of this. But I need to get home to him. I need to help him now more than ever.”

Trivette sat smiling as Alex got up to leave. He whispered to himself “Walker, man whatever is wrong with you I’ll find out. There’s no way I’m gonna let you lose a woman like that. Now that’s true and abiding love you have there.”




When Alex arrived home Walker was no where in sight. She eventually found him in the bedroom asleep on the floor. He reeked of alcohol. She decided just to leave him there and went into the guest room and cried herself to sleep.


The next day


Walker and Trivette arrived almost simultaneously at Ranger headquarters.


"Walker, your truck is still running. Aren’t you going to shut it off before you go inside?”


 "Maybe I wanna leave it running Trivette in case I need to make a fast getaway."


            “Very funny Walker. Shut off the stupid truck, and let’s go inside. You’re beginning to grate on my nerves.”


"What was that partner? I’m beginning to what on your nerves?”


"Grate, Walker I said grate on my nerves. I told you before you’re acting like an idiot.”


             Walker came up behind Trivette and got him in a chokehold. Trivette was struggling to catch his breath.


"What did you say again partner? Tell me again. I don’t think I heard you right.”


"Walker, come on man I can’t breathe."


 “Good, maybe it will teach you not to mess with me again.” Finally Walker let Trivette go. He then threw him on the ground and went inside.


             ‘Man this is getting out of control. I need to do something before one of us gets killed. I can’t have a partner that I can’t trust.’ Trivette thought as he went upstairs to the office.


            Once again Trivette sat at his desk working on his computer while Walker seemed almost like a zombie sitting at his desk playing with a paper clip. He almost seemed like he was so engrossed in this activity that he didn’t notice Alex entering the office. Trivette gave her the be careful glance and she nodded quietly. “Good morning honey.  How is your day going.”  Alex spoke in the softest of tones.



 "What the hell business is it of yours how my day is going? GET OFF MY BACK ALEX."


 “I’m sorry I just asked you how your day is going. You don’t have to bite my head off.”


“I’m sick and tired of you questioning me every five minutes. How’s my day? How am I doing? Where am I going? I can’t stand it. I never should have married you in the first place.”


Walker stormed out of the office leaving Alex in tears and totally humiliated in front of half of the Company B Rangers. No one knew what to say or where to look.


Trivette got up from his desk and took Alex in his arms. "I’m so sorry, Alex. But we need to do something. This is totally out of control.”


Alex stood there unable to move. "Jimmy how could he say those things to me? I don’t deserve that no matter how stressed he is. I can’t take anymore of this. I need to do something or say something to him.”


"Alex just hold on a minute. We have a stake out tonight. So I’m gonna see if I can talk to him then. Ok, hang tight until tomorrow.”


"Jimmy I don’t know if I can last until tomorrow. Do you know Walker has been sleeping on the floor for the last two nights?  When I asked him about it he said he liked it better there because no one bothered him during the night.  Bother him, do you believe that? Now I’m a bother to him. I don’t know what to do anymore.”


            "Alex, please let me talk to him tonight. Maybe I can get through to him. I just wish I knew what this was all about.”


 "Me too Jimmy, me too.”


            "Alex meet me a Dragos for breakfast tomorrow. We will talk some more then.”


“Ok Jimmy. Walker will be at C.D.'s and we don’t want to run into him. So I’ll meet you there about 9 o’clock.”


            “Ok, Counselor. Hang in there honey. Everything will be fine, you'll see.”


Alex left the Ranger Office. She went to her office where she spent the better part of the day in tears. She couldn’t believe what was happening. If was as if she were having the worst possible nightmare and couldn’t wake up. She was having no luck concentrating on work. So she decided to head home.


When Alex arrived back at the ranch, Walker wasn’t there so she decided to do a little cleaning up. She couldn’t believe what she found. In the trashcan was an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, two empty bourbon bottles and a six pack of beer. "What the heck is going on with him? He is in a constant bad mood. He’s drinking, and short-tempered. Plus he’s forgetful, and has a total lack of interest in sex. Oh yeah except of course with the women he has been trying to pick up." Alex sat on the floor and cried. “Please give me the strength to get though this. I love this man more than my own life. I can’t go on without him. I need to do something to get him to talk to me about this. I have to find out what is wrong with him. I really hope that Jimmy can get through to him tonight. But there is nothing I can do now. I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and see what happens.”


Trivette was waiting for Walker outside Ranger headquarters. He was late for the stake out. “Where the hell is he this time?” Just then his cell phone rang. It was Ranger Dave Morgan.


            “Jimmy I just thought you might want to know. I’m over here at the Longhorn bar and Walker is here. He…”


Jimmy stopped him before he could finish. He knew what he was about to say.  “Oh no, not again! Thanks for calling me Dave.”


             Trivette drove out of the parking lot, squealing his tires and making a sharp left On his way he thought, ‘Walker I can’t believe you are at that bar again! I may kill you before Alex gets the chance.’  As Trivette drove up to the Longhorn bar, he saw the Ram, Walker was in it with the dark haired woman from before. Trivette banged on the window. Walker rolled it down. "What is it partner? What can I do for you?"


“Walker get the hell out of there right now! I’m sorry Miss but you are going to have to leave. We need to be at a stakeout.”


 "Well ok. Call me tomorrow.”


            “Ok darlin, talk to you then."


“Walker, get out of this truck now! You and I are gonna have a talk.” Walker did as he was told and climbed a bit unsteadily out of the truck. “Just what are you doing man? I can’t believe you.”


“Well Trivette, if you hadn’t shown up… Come on. Do you want me to draw you a picture of what I would have been doing?


"You don’t have to man. I could see where you were headed. I feel like shooting you!”


  "Shoot me, what for? You’re the one that’s always saying

variety is the spice of life. Right? Well I’m just trying to get a little variety.”


 “Walker you are a married man who idolizes his wife. I know what she means to you. How could you even think of doing this to her?”


"Hey I’m married, not dead. I need some fun in my life. Marriage is a bore. I need to have some fun. And I’m sick of the Rangers too! You can go on the stupid stake out yourself. I’m going back inside.”


"No Walker you’re not."


 “Yeah I am!”


 “No you’re not! "  As Trivette grabbed at Walker he spun around and drew his gun.


 “Walker put the gun away. You’re not thinking straight.”


             "I’m thinking just fine Trivette. You've been bugging the hell out of me. You won’t let me have any fun. This is twice you have interrupted what could have been a wonderful sexual encounter.”


 “Walker are you listening to yourself? You don’t talk like that. Don’t you hear yourself? Can’t you see the way you have been acting? It’s not you!”


Walker suddenly felt a wave of dizziness, and reached for a post for support. "It is me Trivette. You don’t know me as well as you seem to think you do.” Walker put his gun away and started for the Ram.


“Walker I don’t think you’re in any condition to drive. Let me take you to my place and we can talk some more. "


Walker was too drunk to argue anymore. He went with Trivette to his place where he fell asleep on the couch.


The next morning Trivette met Alex for breakfast at Dragos as planned.


            "Hi, Jimmy. Thanks for calling me last night. I would have been so worried.”


"It’s ok Alex."


 “Jimmy what happened last night? Please I need to know everything.”


Trivette proceeded to fill Alex in on the details of the previous night.


“Jimmy, he was in the truck with this woman? And he told you that…  She stopped mid-sentence. “Oh that’s it. “I’m going home to settle things with this cowboy stud once and for all.”


“Alex there’s more." After we started arguing Walker drew his gun on me.”


             “What? Oh my God, Jimmy! How could he have done that to you?”


"I don’t know Alex. Maybe we should have a doctor check him out. I just don’t know. Don’t you remember a few years ago he was having flashbacks to ‘nam? I know this is different but maybe there is some connection.”


            "But that was more of an internal thing. This is totally different. I don’t see how there could be a connection. This time he is getting so out of control. I just don’t think that is it. What I do know for sure is that something is terribly wrong with my husband.  I’m going home right now and have a talk with him about the drinking. Oh and you can be sure the incident in the truck will be brought up. "Thanks again Jimmy.”


As Alex drove up the long driveway to the ranch she trying to figure out exactly what she was going to say. She had been practicing it all the way home. But it seemed now like she was going to have to wing it. Nothing was making any sense anymore. She parked her car and went up the front steps. Entering the house she began calling her wayward husband. "Walker, Walker where are you? I need to talk to you. WALKER!”


"I’m right here. You don’t have to keep shouting. What do you want?”


 “Walker, we need to talk. Jimmy and I have been keeping each other informed about your recent behavior.”


            “Alex what are you talking about?”


“I’m talking about all the drinking, fighting and forgetfulness, loosing your temper. Oh yeah and one more thing. I understand you have been going to bars to pick up women. Walker you were in a truck with another woman. And from what I hear you were planning to make love to her. How could you do this to me, to us?"                       


“First of all Alex. I wasn’t going to make love to her. I was going to have sex with her. There’s a difference. And second of all, what makes you think I care about us. I’ve told you I shouldn’t have married you.”


 "How can you say something like that to me? How can any of this be happening?  Walker I love you. I thought you loved me.”


"Well guess what sweetheart? I don’t care about you or anyone. I’m the only important thing here. And I want to start living life a little more dangerously. I need to have some fun and I’m not getting it from you.”


“Walker stop it! You’re scaring me. This isn’t you. Can’t you see that? Look at me Walker. Look at me and tell me you don’t love me. Tell me, looking straight in my eyes.”


 As he looked at her, her eyes were shedding tears. He just couldn’t say it. He didn’t know why he couldn’t but something was stopping him. “I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of hearing me say it. I told you how I felt. Now get the hell away from me!”


            “With all of the drinking and running around, the short temper, Walker, you’re starting to sound like my father. I think it’s the alcohol that’s making you like this. Remember I have lived with an alcoholic before. I can see the signs.”


 Walker screamed at her. “AN ALCOHOLIC, is that what you think I am, an alcoholic? A guy has a couple of drinks and you right away label him as an alcoholic. Well, well Miss goody two shoes, just because your father was a drunk, doesn’t mean that I am.”


"Walker I found a lot of the empty liquor bottles in the garbage. It’s not just a couple of drinks. You have been drinking excessively lately. I’m only trying to help you.”


"Oh like you tried to help your father? I remember that. And if I remember correctly he knocked you on your ass. Well maybe I should do the same thing. Maybe that would shut you up.”


 "Walker don’t talk like that. You’re scaring me.”


"Shut up!” Walker went to move towards her. Just as he did he grabbed his head. "Alex, my head, Alex!” Suddenly everything went black, and he slumped to the floor, "


“Walker oh my God! Honey what’s wrong with you? Please answer me! Please, Oh, God, please! Answer me honey.”   


Walker was not moving, Alex quickly ran for the phone and dialed 911.  She then called Trivette and told him what had happened. Luckily he was close by. With the paramedics and Trivette on his way Alex held Walker in her arms, crying and praying that he would be ok. Once the ambulance arrived Alex led them frantically into the living room. As they loaded Walker onto the stretcher and headed outside, Trivette pulled up.


"God, Alex what happened?”


"Oh Jimmy one minute we were fighting. He was screaming at me, telling me, he was going to knock me down like my father did. And as he took a step toward me he grabbed his head. He called my name and then he just slumped to the floor.  Jimmy; please tell me he's going to be ok. I love him so much. Something is terribly wrong with him. I know that now. Why didn’t I take him to a doctor when all of this started?”


 "Come on Alex I’ll drive you to the hospital. Hopefully they’ll know what is wrong and what to do about it.”


 Alex and Trivette arrived at the emergency entrance. Running inside Alex asked the first person she saw. “My husband, Cordell Walker was just brought in. Please tell me how he is.”


"One minute Mrs. Walker, I'll go and check for you.”


Jimmy held on to Alex tightly. She began trembling in his arms. "It’s ok Alex. He will be ok. I promise you.”


 "Jimmy you didn’t see him. He was screaming at me, with a look of hate in his eyes. Then that was it. He just fell. I couldn’t do anything to help him.  Jimmy if something happens to him… Oh my God, the last things we said to each other were awful.”


 “Nothing is going to happen to him Alex. He will be ok.”


A nurse came out and told them that the doctor would be out to talk to them as soon as he could.


 Let’s go and sit down and wait for the doctor. Alex and Jimmy waited for 2 hours before a doctor finally came out. “Mrs. Walker and Ranger Trivette?”




“Please come this way, into my office.” Trivette followed close behind Alex, keeping one arm around her.


“Mrs. Walker, Ranger Trivette, I’m Doctor Barnett. I have been assigned to your husband's case.”  "Doctor, do you know what is wrong with him?"
            “Mrs. Walker, right now we are doing everything that we can to help your husband, including a cat scan and several other tests. In the mean time, please tell me how he has been lately.”  Alex and Trivette filled the doctor in on Walkers recent total change in personality.


“Thank you. As soon as I know anything I will come and get you.  I know it’s hard but please be patient.”


"Thanks doctor" Trivette said.


As the doctor left the room, Alex sank in her chair, holding her head and crying." Jimmy, he has to ok. He just has to.”


After waiting impatiently for several hours, Alex and Trivette jumped when the doctor reentered the room. "Doctor how is he?” Alex asked.


 "Mrs. Walker, please have a seat and I’ll explain everything to you.  Your husband is suffering from an acute nerve spasm in the left side portion of his brain. The best that we can figure, it came from a severe blow to the head.”


              Trivette looked at Alex and they both shook their heads. Alex responded.  “We don’t remember Walker having suffered any kind of hit to his head recently.”


“Well, all the signs point to that type of injury causing this.  I'll try to explain it to you in easier terms for you to understand.  There are several nerves in the brain which control things such as, motor skills, personality, and the way we move our arms and legs. Sometimes for example when someone has a stroke, they loose part of these functions from the brain. It can cause paralysis and the loss of some of the use of the limbs. Now in your husband’s case, the blow to the head has caused two very important nerves to swell and sort of lean against each other. Causing the change in his personality. Unfortunately the only way to correct this, is through surgery.”


"Doctor are you telling me you want to operate on Walker’s brain?”


"Mrs. Walker, this is a fairly common operation. There is every reason to expect a full recovery. In fact after a couple of weeks he should be back to his old self. However there is something else that you should be aware of. He will remember everything that he did over these past few weeks. His memory will not be affected, but his personality will revert to the way it was before. Now, I am going to need you to sign the necessary consents forms.”


Alex looked at Trivette. Her expression told him how difficult this was for her. "Ok doctor, I’ll sign whatever you need me to.”


“Thank you Mrs. Walker, we have scheduled his surgery for the first thing in the morning. I suggest you two go on home and come back fresh tomorrow morning.” “Can I see him please?"


"Yes, but please only for a few minutes. He is heavily sedated.”


Alex walked in to Walker’s room, and with tear filled eyes, told Walker how much she loved him and that everything was going to be ok.


The next morning, Trivette, and Alex as well as Gage and Sydney all sat in the waiting room. Just as it approached the five-hour point the doctor came in the room.  “Your husband will be in post op for about 3-4 hours he will slowly come out of the anesthesia and then he will be brought to his room.”


Alex and Trivette sat in Walker’s hospital room waiting for him to be returned from recovery. Both of them were feeling pangs of guilt. They both felt responsible for letting the situation with Walker go on for so long when they knew something was seriously wrong. Sydney and Gage had to go to work. But they called a couple of times to see if he had returned yet. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Walker was brought through the door of the room. He was conscious but groggy. Once Jimmy was sure that his friend and partner was going to be all right he went home so that Walker and Alex could have some privacy.




“Yes honey. I’m right here. What do you need? Is there something that I can get you?” She responded as she stood up and walked over to his bedside.


“What happened? The last place I remember being was in our living room. It seems like we were having an argument and I….Oh God, no Alex! I didn’t hi…”


“No” she said putting her fingers gently to his lips to quiet him. “You didn’t. I’m fine.”




Alex explained that he had collapsed during their argument and was rushed to the hospital. She told him about his condition and the surgery to correct it.


Memories started to come flooding back to Walker. “Alex I am so sorry for everything that has happened recently.”


“Walker there is nothing to apologize for. You were sick. You didn’t know what you were doing.”


“It’s so strange. It was kind of like I was on the outside watching.”


“How, what do you mean?”


“Well I knew what I was doing. I mean I was aware of what I was doing. But it wasn’t me, but yet it was me. I felt like someone else was controlling my actions and I was just watching but couldn’t do anything about it. Does that make any sense at all?”

“I think I understand what you mean. But none of that matters now. All that matters now is getting you completely well and getting back to normal and on with our lives I just hope that you can forgive me.”


“Alex, forgive you for what? I’m the one who should be asking for forgiveness after the things that I’ve done.”


“Walker please don’t do this to yourself. I understand that you were sick. You weren’t yourself. I knew things were not right. I shouldn’t have waited. I should have made you see a doctor. I’m sorry I didn’t get you help sooner.”


The conversation was interrupted by a nurse coming in to check Walker’s blood pressure. “He really should get some rest now.” The nurse told Alex.


“Okay” she said reluctantly, “Walker I’m going to go home now. But I’ll be back later today. You do what the nurse says and get some rest..”


However Walker didn’t want to sleep.  He had plans to make. So he picked up the phone. His first call was to the travel agent. 


            A few days later Alex went to pick Walker up at the hospital and take him home. “Walker I want you to do what the doctor says and relax for a few weeks. There is absolutely no need for you to rush back to work.”


            “Alex I have no plans to return to work for 2 weeks.”


            “Really? That’s great,” Alex said relieved but surprised.


            “But that’s under one condition.” Walker said smiling.


            “Oh yeah Cowboy and what condition would that be?”


            “That you spend the two weeks with me.”


            “Oh I think I might could stand that.”


            “Well Alex I sure hope so, because I’ve arranged for us to take a little trip. I thought we could call it a second honeymoon.”


            “Walker that sounds great. But you are supposed to be resting.”


            “Well I’m sure I’ll be spending lots of time in bed.”


            “Walker, I’m serious. She said playfully slapping at his arm.”


“I’m serious too.”


            “Cordell Walker what am I ever going to do with you?” She asked in mock exasperation.


            “Oh I have a few ideas on that one.” He answered with a sly smile.



To be continued (maybe)