Unrequited Love





"Hey there Alex, honey, how long have you been sitting there?"  C.D. asked coming from the kitchen and finding Alex in "her" booth.

        "Not very long, you haven't seen Walker have you?"

        "He was in here this morning for breakfast, but I'm sorry, I haven't seen him since.  Come help me fold these."  Alex smiled as she stood up and followed C.D. to the bar.

        "What time was he supposed to be here?

        "That's just it, I haven't heard from him since he and Trivette left yesterday to take Randall Crosby down to Huntsville.  He must have gotten back late last night…I waited up until midnight and he never called me."

        Just then the door opened and both of them turned to find a woman with long red hair walked in.  "I'm sorry Miss, we aren't open yet."  C.D. said as the female walked over to him.

        "I'm sorry to bother you but I'm looking for someone and I think you can help."

        "Well who are you looking for?"  C.D. asked, noting that she looked awfully familiar.

        "C.D., you don't recognize me do you?"

        "I'm sorry ma'am but I don't…"

        "Well I'm looking for Cordell Walker."

        Just then it hit C.D.  "Aimee?"  Alex stopped in mid-fold.  She had tried to not listen to what was said, but when she heard the name and who she was looking for Alex turned to finally meet this woman.

        "So Aimee, what brings you back to Dallas?"


        "Come again?"

        "Well C.D., let's just say these past several years haven't been easy.  After leaving Dallas I moved to L.A., where I got married.  Richard and I were so happy, but six months ago he and our daughter Cornelia were killed during a drive by shooting in L.A.  A few weeks ago I was going through some old papers and found a picture of Cordell and myself.  It was then I needed to come and find my cowboy."

        C.D., remembering Alex was there, turned to include her.  "Aimee, I'd like to introduce you to…"

        Alex cut in, "Hi, I'm Alex Cahill."  Shaking hands Alex kept the glimmer of the engagement ring hidden. 

        "The best Assistant District Attorney in Dallas," C.D. chimed in as Alex cut a glance towards him.

        Just then the door opened and in came Walker and Trivette.  "Alex, I'm sorry I'm late."  Walker said as he started to meet her.  Suddenly he was intercepted by another female.

"Cordell, oh my goodness,"  Aimee threw her arms around Walker's neck, stepping back she saw his confusion, but not giving up she kissed him squarely on the lips.  "It's me…Aimee!"

        "Aimee…"  Completely perplexed he took a step back.



"Ok, Big Dog, who is this Aimee?"  Trivette asked C.D. as they sat at

the bar.  Walker had been, by  Aimee led to a booth to "talk".

        "Aimee and Cordell were together years ago…this was even before Ellen, and shortly after he became a Ranger.  Well one night he got shot up pretty bad.  Aimee sat there with him, in the hospital, pulling him back to life.  After she knew he would make it she told him it was either her or the badge.  Cordell picked the badge, and Aimee left.  It left him pretty hurt, personally I think it would have been better if she had just let, before he pulled through."

        "Wow.  Now she's back.  Does Aimee know about Alex?"

        "I reckon no…oh no…" C.D. said looking through several groups of people that had come in.

        "Who are you looking for?"

        "Alex…she done disappeared…"


        "So Cordell, I'm sure you've been busy.  Have you missed me?"'       

        "Aimee…"  Walker was searching for the right thing to say…"It has been years…"

        "But I don't see a ring on your finger…"  Walker snapped out of his trance, and back into his right mind.

        "Alex." He said to himself, standing abruptly he headed towards the bar.  He remembered seeing her there, now she was gone.  "C.D., did you see Alex leave?"

        "No Cordell, I didn't."  Walker grabbed his hat and ran out the door.  Driving past her condo he didn't see her car, so he drove past the office, she wasn't there either.  Feeling awful about everything he decided to drive home.  A ride would do him good. He couldn't believe that he hadn't found her.  Fear encompassed him as he headed out to the ranch.


        Alex had thought about going home, but she couldn't bring herself to just sit there alone.  Work would only depress her more, so she decided to head out to the ranch and take a ride.  Angel would cheer her up and she figured Walker would be at C.D.'s for awhile.  The time would give her a chance to clear her head until it came time to confront Walker.

        Angel and Amigo both greeted her as she entered the corral. Walking into the tack room she grabbed her saddle and Angel's bridle.  As she saddled Angel she saw the engraving, Walker had put on her saddle, 'Alex, my angel'.  Tears filled her eyes as she remembered Aimee kissing Walker.  Her knees buckled and she fell on the ground sobbing.  She couldn't remember the last time she had cried this hard, but she couldn't stop.

        Suddenly there were arms around her, pulling her up and holding her close.  It wasn't long before she found herself calming down.

        "Alex," Walker held her tighter as her arms wrapped around him as she tried to make sure he wouldn't leave her.  Finally calming down, Alex and Walker stood up.  "Are you alright?"

        Alex's response was a slap to Walker's left cheek.  "I deserve that."  He said helping her up.  "Come on."  He guided her into the house and sat her on the couch.

        "I'm sorry."  Walker said pleading her to look at him.

        "Why?  I'm the one who should be sorry.  I'm acting like a jealous high school girlfriend."  Alex stood up and walked to the window.

        "Do you still love her?"

        Walker was ready for the question.  "Alex,"  Walker had walked over to her and turned her to face him.

        "Well…do you?"

        "No.  No Alex.  I don't love her.  I haven't loved her for a long time."  Taking a moment to let her think he continued, "I wish you hadn't run out like that.  You worried me."

        "Good, it serves you right letting some other woman kiss you."  Finally she allowed herself to smile.

        "Alex, you are the only woman in my life."  Looking into his eyes she saw the sincerity, love and compassion that his words could never say.

        "It better stay that way."

        "I plan on it."  Drawing her tighter he bent down and their lips met in a long lingering kiss. 

        From outside a car door shut and Alex glanced over Walker's shoulder to see who was interrupting them..  "What is she doing here?"  Alex asked as Aimee bounced up the stairs.

        Taking her hand Walker guided her to the front door where they met Aimee on the porch.  Noting the held hands Aimee asked.  "Cordell, what is she doing here?"

        "Aimee, this is Alex Cahill…"

        "I know who she is, but what is she doing here?" Aimee asked in wonder at the held hands.

        "Alex and I are engaged Aimee…" Looking down she finally saw the ring on Alex's hand.

        "Is that so?" Aimee responded calmly yet very distraught.  "I can't believe you.  Well we'll just see about that won't we."  Aimee turned on her heels and headed back down towards her car.  Stopping she turned back around and glared at Alex before she got into her car and drove away.

        Walker's arms tightened around Alex and she placed her head on his shoulder.  "You actually dated her?"  Alex asked as they watched her drive away.

        "Yes, but remember it was years ago."

        "She frightens me…"

        "I won't let anything happen to you."  Alex nodded knowing that he wouldn't.


        Aimee had driven back to Dallas and straight to her apartment.  She was furious, how dare he be engaged.  To top things off it was to that blonde Assistant District Attorney.  She knew she would have to take an alternative route.  She had felt something in his kiss, she was sure he still loved her. She didn't understand this Cahill woman, she just didn't seem like Cordell's type.

        "Jake, get up!"  Aimee yelled kicking at a young man in the chair.

        "Aimee, what are you doing back here already?"

        "Plans have changed.  It seems my Ranger is engaged."

        "Maybe you should just leave things are they are.  There are a lot of guys…"
        "Jake…how many times do I have to tell you there is no other.  Now I didn't save your hide from jail so you could walk away before I get my man."

        "So what are we going to do?"

        "We're going to take an alternative route…" Aimee went into a long tirade of how she would win Walker back.


        "How does that taste?"  Walker asked lifting the spoon gently to her lips.

        "It's wonderful…"  Alex said after she tasted it.  "You know, we could leave this here to simmer for awhile…"

        Walker reached over and pulled her close.  Since Aimee had left Alex had pretty much followed him everywhere.

        "I'm sorry…you finish here and I'll go into the other room."

        "Walker, I am acting like a teenager.  I trust you…"  Walker cut her off in mid-thought, with a kiss.

        "I know…now let's enjoy this rare weekend together and put Aimee behind us."

        Alex nodded and put her arms around him.  She had never loved someone so much in her life.  For years she had thrived on being independent, having to only worry about herself.  Once she met Walker met she had fought long and hard to get him to quit trying to be her self-appointed guardian. Never in her wildest dreams had she seen herself relying on someone else for support.  What she also hadn't planned on was falling in love, especially with an equally stubborn and independent cowboy.  Yet for whatever reason neither of them could live without each other.


        "Ranger Walker, " Lesley, their secretary, walked up to Walker's desk, a week later, with a huge bouquet of flowers.

        "Walker, you know this is sort of cute." Trivette said as Lesley set the flowers on his desk.
        "How so?"

        "I never thought I would see the day when two women were fighting over you."  Trivette said with a chuckle.

        "There aren't two women fighting over me," Walker said as Trivette grabbed the card, and read it out loud…"My dearest Cordell…Aimee"

        Just then Alex came in the door and Walker handed the flowers to Trivette.  "My Trivette, that's a gorgeous bouquet of flowers you have there."

        "Walker, don't even try that… "

        "What are you talking about?"

        "I know who they are from."  Outside Alex had put a front, but on the inside she wanted to burst.  She hated the idea that there was this other woman, even though she trusted Walker, it still hurt.

        "So are we still on for this evening?"  Alex quickly changing the subject.

        "Yeah, everything is slow down here."  Walker said standing up next to her.

        "I'll meet you out at the ranch at six."

        "Ok," he gave her a light kiss and he watched her as she headed out the door.  He really couldn't believe how understanding she was being.  He could see how upset she was, but he wasn't sure how to stop Aimee.  Figuring she would eventually give up Walker had decided to ignore her actions.  Looking at the flowers one last time he picked them up dropped them into the waste basket. 


        Walker drove up to the ranch around five.  Grabbing his hat he headed towards the house.  Noticing the little red sports car outside, he cautiously walked up the steps.

        "Cordell, you're finally home."  Aimee said meeting him at the door.

        "Aimee, what are you doing here?"

        "I thought we should talk."  Taking his hand Aimee led Walker into the living room.  "You know you haven't called me."

        "Well…things have been busy."  Walker said as he sat in his chair.  Aimee followed and sat on the arm of the chair, next to him.

        "You know I've missed you."  Aimee said running her fingers through his hair.

        "Aimee, it's been years since I have seen you."  Walker responded getting up and moving to the fireplace.

        "I know and I regret leaving you the way I did.  There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about you.  I tried to replace you with Richard, but it didn't work.  I only stayed with him because of Cornelia."

        They sat there for several minutes until Walker glanced at the clock.  He noted that Alex would be there in a few minutes.  "Aimee, you know I've had a really long day, and well I think I should be getting some rest."

        "Are you sure?  I could stay and make you dinner."
        "No, I just need to get some things done.  I plan on making it an early evening."

        "Will you at least walk me to the door?"  Nodding Walker obliged, following her to the door.

        As they stepped out on the porch Aimee caught sight of Alex.  She had arrived early and Walker had been so caught up in getting Aimee to go home he hadn't heard that she had arrived.

        "You know Cordell, I really want to thank you for this special time together."  She pressed herself against him and surprised him with a huge kiss.  Walker, caught off guard, again, took a moment before he pushed her away.

        "Good night my dear…"  she said brushing her fingers across his lips. Walker turned immediately into the house as Aimee walked down the stairs, right up to Alex.

        "Well Miss. Cahill…I'm no sorry you had to see that.  But it's like I said before, I always get  what I want, and what I want right now is Cordell.  So you better just step back and get yourself another man."

        "You know what Aimee, I don't give up either and you have to prove that Walker even wants you.  You better leave Dallas before you regret the day you even thought about this scheme."  Alex turned to head towards the house when Aimee grabbed her arm.

        "Look Alex, you don't want to go up against me.  You don't know who I am."

        "I know I don't like you.  Now let me go and get out of here!"  Alex shouted at her as she pulled away.

        "I'll leave only because Cordell asked me to, but this isn't the end, watch yourself.  You will regret this."

        Alex stood firm as Aimee got in her car and drove away.  Walking into the house she allowed the door to slam shut behind her.  It was then her emotions began to run and she stood in the doorway sobbing.  Walker had allowed Aimee to kiss him again. Maybe she was wrong to trust him with this Aimee.  She had walked out on him with unsolved issues.

"Alex," Walker rushed to her side but she wouldn't let him near her.

        "Stay away!  Don't touch me!!!" Alex shouted moving away from him.

        Walker stood there completely unable to think of anything to say. It hurt him to see her upset and he guessed she had seen everything that had happened outside.

        "What was she doing here?" Alex asked with her back to him.

        "She was here when I got home.  We talked and I asked her to leave." 

        "That's it, there's nothing else you want to tell me?"

"No, she kissed me."

        "You LET her kiss you!"  Alex was crying uncontrollably as Walker put his arms around her.  At first she started to fight, but his touch was so comfortable, so loving. Before she knew it she was allowing herself to relax in his embrace.  She didn't want to give up this man, and was prepared to fight for him, but she wasn't sure if that was what he wanted or not.  They had come so far in the last several years, was this really going to be the way they parted.  She had always figured their jobs would be an end to them, it had never occurred to her that another woman would come in and try to break them up.

        Moving her into the living room, he sat her down on the couch. "Alex, you know it's hard for me to express my feelings.  I told you once that you would never understand how much you mean to me."  Stopping for a second Walker composed himself, searching for the words.  This was Alex, his heart pounded every time he heard her name, she was so much a part of him, it was about time she heard the words that she deserved to hear every time they were together.

        "Alex…I love you.  Not like I loved Aimee, not even like Ellen.  I love you more than I ever thought I could allow myself to. Years ago I told you that being a Ranger was the most important part of my life…not anymore.  Alex…you are the most important part of my life.  You have filled a space in my life that I never thought would be filled again.  The only problem I have is how long it took me to realize that I loved you.  You are the only woman in my life, now and forever. "  There he had said it, spoken his heart.  Looking into her eyes he saw what he expected…utter amazement.

        "Walker, I don't know what to say."

        "Then don't say anything."  With that Walker kissed her with the passion his words had spoken and much more.  Alex relaxed herself against him and as the kiss ended she held his face in her hands.

        "Walker, you are the best thing that ever happened to me."

        Smiling at her he touched her lips with his fingers and then their foreheads met.  "Walker, it has to stop.  She has to know it's over, and she's not going to let you go without a fight.  At least that's what she said."


        "Right before she left she confronted me.  Actually she threatened me, saying she won't give up without a fight."

        "I will talk to her tomorrow.  Tonight I want you to stay here."  Alex couldn't believe how she had reacted.  She had allowed herself to doubt Walker.  The only comfort she had was knowing that he understood.

        That night they ate dinner on a blanket by the fire.  Afterwards they laid in each others arms watching the flickering flames.  For the first time since Aimee had arrived Alex felt safe.  She knew that Walker was with her forever.

        "You know I don't want this night to end, but I am getting tired."  Alex said long after the sun had set and the moon hung high in the black sky.

        "I have an idea."  Alex eyed Walker as he stood up.  Reaching down he slowing picked her up and carried her up the stairs.  That night they slept together, in each other's arms.

 "You know Walker, this is what Heaven must feel like."  Alex said as she laid her head on his chest, with Walker's arms securely wrapped around her. Walker could only nod in agreement as he held her tight.


        "Jake.  We have a lot of work to get done!"  Aimee yelled as she walked into her apartment.

        "Aimee, what is going on now?"  Jake asked jumping up out of the chair he had been sitting in, watching television.

        "It is time to get this thing done and over with.  My final plan is going to be put into action before tomorrow morning."

        "What plan is that?

        "Jake, you are so stupid.  Remember you are going to call Walker and tell him you have kidnapped me…give him the directions to the cabin, and then tell him to come alone."

        "And he's going to just come after you?  Are you sure?  I mean he seems like he sort of really likes that Assistant D.A…" Aimee answered his question with a rap on the head.

        "You idiot, Cordell will come to rescue me…he can't resist saving people's lives…and then when I get him up there I will win his heart before we can leave…then the poor Alex Cahill will just have to lose…"  Aimee smiled at the thought…maybe in another time her and Alex could have been friends, but Alex was standing in the way of what Aimee wanted.


        "Who was on the phone?"  Alex asked early the next morning as Walker laid back down next to her.

        "Someone kidnapped Aimee…"

        "Good, no more troubles…" Alex smiled, jokingly, but noted Walker hadn't taken it as a joke.  "I'm sorry…what did they say?"

        "They want me to come out to a cabin south of Dallas…"

        "You don't believe them do you?" Alex could see it in his face that he was unsure of the phone call and what Aimee had up her sleeve.

        "No, but well it's now or never…I am going to go up there, talk to Miss. Aimee and then get on back here.  If I am not back by this evening call Trivette."  Watching as he got out of bed she sat up.  Knowing in her heart this was the right thing…finally Aimee would be told to leave them alone…but it wasn't quite daylight…and Walker was heading out to "save" her.

        "Walker…" she waited until he turned around.  "You meant what you said last night…right?"

        "What?"  He paused a moment…playing with her…"Last night…what did I say last night?"  Alex glared over at him…and he smiled…"Kidding…just kidding. "  Walking to her he sat on the edge of the bed.  "Yes, Alex…I meant what I said last night. Stay here today, I will be back this evening and we will go for a ride."

        Alex walked him to the door, and then headed back upstairs to try to finish sleeping.  She laid there for almost an hour, softly praying that Walker came back to her…she was worried as to what Aimee was capable of doing.  She had seen it in her eyes…Aimee was a dangerous person…something wasn't right with her.


        "Ok, Jake, I think I have everything set…Walker should be here in a couple of hours."  Aimee surveyed the room.  She had placed candles everywhere…wild flowers had been picked and placed on several surfaces to add some color to the drab wooden walls.  "Now get going…I don't want Walker to find you here."

        "Are you sure?  I mean what if something happens?"

        "The only thing that is going to happen is that Cordell Walker is going to come up here and fall in love with me again.  He will never know what hit him.  Now get out of here before I have to force you out of here."  Aimee nodded towards her purse…the butt of her gun was sticking out…it was just for insurance…just in case.


        Walker had reached the base of the mountain.  I would take a couple of hours to reach the cabin…he knew where it was…and was ready for whatever Aimee was going to do.  As he walked he thought of all the things he could have been doing instead of chasing some love-crazed female that had left him years earlier.  There was paper work that had to be done, and there was that case he and Trivette had been handed the day before…routine, but it still needed to be taken care of.  And then there was Alex…there were so many things they could be doing.  Riding along the river or just sitting together on the porch swing.  He would get Aimee out of his life so he and Alex could get on with theirs.

        Sometimes he wondered why Alex hadn't left him.  He knew she loved him…their love was different than anything he had ever encountered… he had told Alex such the night before.  They understood each other…she was strong…she had been through more than any other person ever should.  Deep down he knew that if Alex ever made him chose between her and the badge, Alex would win.  Sure it would be hard…but the thought of losing her would be harder than anything he ever had gone through….even losing his parents.  Alex saved him…everyday just by loving him.


        "Hello?"  Alex said as she answered the phone out at the ranch.  It was already late afternoon and she was patiently waiting for Walker.

        "Alex…is Walker there?"  Trivette asked surprised that she had answered the phone.

        "No, he won't be back for at least a couple of hours."

        "Where did he go?"

        "Someone called early this morning saying they kidnapped Aimee.  He headed up to a cabin to get her."

        "Alex, do you know where the cabin is?"  Alex noted an intensity in his question.

        Noting an intensity to his question, she responded,  "It's south of Dallas."
        "Alex, I am coming to get you…we have to find Walker…now…"

        "Jimmy, what is this all about?"

        "I will tell you when I get there."  Trivette hung up the phone and Alex headed upstairs to change.


        Walker had reached the cabin later than he had thought.  About an hour earlier it had began to pour, and at this point he was completely drenched.  Outside he didn't see anything unusual, noting there were no men hanging around, or anything that made it appear as though someone was being held captive.  Walking up to the door, he glanced in the window and saw Aimee sitting in the chair.  As he came in the door he startled her, and she jumped up to greet him.

        "You are soaked…"  Aimee said getting a blanket for him.

        "Aimee, what is going on here?"

        "Nothing, Walker, why do you ask…?"

        "Let's just say I don't appreciate being called out in the middle of no where for no reason."

"NO reason…Cordell I know you still love me…I could tell when we kissed…I brought you here to prove that to you."  Walker stood there for several seconds trying to figure out what he was going to say.

        "Aimee, this can't go on.  Alex and I are getting married, and that is the end of it.  The sooner you leave the better it will be for all of us."

        "You can't honestly tell me that you really love that blonde…Cordell she just isn't your type…"

        "Aimee, it's over…" Walker stood up to leave and Aimee put up her hand.

        "Where are you going?"

        "Home to Alex."

        "But it's pouring rain…at least stay until it quits.  I promise I won't do anything…I tried and I lost."  Walker couldn't see anything wrong with staying until the rain quit.  He would be late, but at least Aimee finally seemed to be understanding that they couldn't be together.  "Let me fix you something to eat…you must be starved."

        "That would be great."

        Aimee went over to the stove and began to fix some dinner for the both of them.  She had brought extra insurance.  Glancing back to where Walker was standing she cautiously poured a sedative into the bowl of soup she had prepared for him.

        "Here you go, eat up."  Walker smiled.  For the next several minutes they chatted like old friends, it was sort of comforting.  Aimee finally seemed to settle down to the idea of Alex, and had even began to ask questions about how they met and how long they had known each other…even how things were at work.

        Unfortunately that didn't last long, before Walker knew it the affects of the drug began to work their power and he began to loose consciousness.  Aimee smiled to herself as she led him to the bed to lie down.

        "You must just be worn out after the trek up here."  Walker nodded, he was completely out of it.

        Aimee busied herself with the other room, cleaning up.  She would let him rest and if she had to keep him drugged she would do it.  It didn't matter Cordell was here and that was all that mattered.  She would convince him that he loved her, and then they could live together happily ever after.


        Trivette had arrived at the ranch about an hour later.  Alex had ran out to meet him and they waited for the helicopter.  He told her what he had found out about Aimee.  Alex's patience were worn thin waiting for the chopper…finally they heard it and as soon as it landed they boarded and were off, in search of Walker.

        "Jimmy, we have to find him.  I knew Aimee was up to no good."

        "How did you know that?"

        "I just did…"  Alex smiled as she saw the exasperated expression on Jimmy's face.

        "You know the more you and Walker are together, the more you begin to sound just like him.  What is it with the both of you?"  Alex just smiled, but it was true.

        "I guess he has rubbed off on me." 

"Tell me about it." Jimmy said in agreement as they headed toward the cabin.


        It felt like an eternity since Trivette had called until they finally saw the cabin.  At first the rain had slowed them down, but the pilot, thankfully, was able to see enough to allow them to continue.  The helicopter found a clearing and landed.  Alex and Trivette both climbed out and when they reached the door Aimee was there.

        "Alex, what a surprise. Can I help you?"

        "Where is Walker?"  Alex asked as she stood up to Aimee.

        "He's around here somewhere…" Trivette headed around the back of the cabin looking as Alex pushed her way past Aimee and walked in the door.  Looking around the tiny cabin she noticed the back room. Alex ran back and found Walker lying in the bed asleep.  His clothes were lying on the chair next to him.  Letting her mind wander she began backing out of the room.  Turning to Aimee, she found herself face to face with a gun.

        "You know if it weren't for you, I would have gotten him.  But no you just had to get in the way."

        "Aimee, don't do this…"

        "Oh, you still don't get it do you?   See I win.  Cordell will stay here, he loves me…"

        "No Aimee, he loved you." Aimee moved her out of the doorway and into the middle of the main room.

        Trivette not finding anything outside, began walking into the cabin.  Aimee was startled by him as he started into the cabin.  This gave Alex enough time to kick the gun out of Aimee's hand.  Both of them scuffled on the floor trying to gain possession of the weapon.  Trivette could only stand near the door, watching in amazement as the two women fought. As the two struggled they began moving towards a huge bay window. Finally Alex came up with the gun and the two stood with Aimee's back to the window. Suddenly Aimee rushed forward and Alex pulled the trigger, hitting Aimee in the right shoulder.  The gunshot was followed by a strong sidekick to Aimee's chest.  The kick sent her flying threw the window where she tumbled down fifty feet.  Finally coming to a rest at the bottom of the cliff.  Alex stood up and Trivette ran over to her.

        "Are you alright?" Trivette asked meeting her in the middle of the floor.

        "Yeah," Trivette glanced out the window. 

"Is she…" All it took was a nod and Alex knew Aimee was dead.


        Several hours later Walker opened his eyes.  Everything was still a little blurry from the drugs.  Someone was holding his hand and turning his head he expected it to be Aimee, but sighed with relief when he realized it was Alex.

        "Hello." She said noticing he was finally awake.

        "Hi." He replied trying to sit up.  "How long have I been out?"

        "A couple of hours I would say.  How are you feeling?" She asked standing next to the bed.

        "Like I was drugged." He replied with a half smile. "Where's Aimee?"

        "Dead…" Alex answered with reserve in her voice.


        "Let's just say I had a good instructor."  Walker cast her a questioning glance which caused her to chuckle as she continued. "She pulled a gun on me and we fought…I eventually got the gun and when she charged towards me I shot her and then sort of kicked her out the window." Walker's face was that of a Kodak moment as he looked into the brilliant blue eyes of his fiancée. 

        "That explains the blood." He said looking at the sleeve of her blouse.  "Are you alright?"

        "Yeah…I think so.  Jimmy left a little while ago…he left in the helicopter with the body to head back and get the paperwork done."

        For several minutes they sat in silence as Walker took in the fact that his fiancée saved his life and in doing so killed a person.  He was amazed at how strong Alex was.  "Well, I should be getting up."

        "Uh…honey…" Alex started, but before she could say anything farther Walker lifted the sheet up and looked over at her.

        "Alex, where are my clothes?" He asked once he realized he was only wearing his boxers.

        Chuckling she pointed towards the chair where his still damp clothing was draped so it could dry.

        "Will you get them for me?"

        "No.  I kind of like you this way.  You know, dependent on me for a change."  Before she knew it Walker grabbed her arm and brought her into the bed next to him.

        "Well, we do have that weekend to finish." Alex laughed as he kissed her. "Thank you Alex."

        "For what?"

        "Having faith in me."

        "Walker, I have to admit there was a point I thought you wanted Aimee more than me."

        "How could you think that?" He asked brushing a strand of hair from her eyes.

        "She had hurt you. When she left you there were issues left open.  I guess part of me expected you to chose her over me.  I love you more than anyone else, but I guess part of me felt you would prefer someone who doesn't question your every move and doesn't always seem to be getting herself into tight situations."

        "Alex, you and I both know how hard we fought this thing that we have between us.  From the minute I saw you in that courtroom I knew I wanted you in my life.  Aimee and Ellen were in my life because I needed someone to need me, someone who depended on me.  But with you Alex, it's different.  I depend on you. You've taught me that I can depend on someone.  Believe me it's going to take a lot more than an "Aimee" to get me out of your life." Stopping Walker brushed a tear from her eye and pulled her close. 

        "But Walker, I depend on you too. I couldn't lose you."
        "You won't."

        Turning to face him Alex kissed him.  Lying her head down on his chest they each fell asleep.  Together they knew they needed the other to make it through the rest of their lives. The remaining part of the day was spent truly content in their love for one another.


        "You are telling me that our sweet Aimee killed four men?"  C.D. asked as he and Jimmy sat at the bar the next afternoon.

        "That's right Big Dog.  It seems that after she left here she kept changing her name.  She never got over what happened between her and Walker, she never quit loving him.  But she couldn’t handle losing him either.  So she moved from city to city, trying to find someone to replace him.  From what I could find she lived in Boston, L.A., New York, and Chicago.  There may be more, but not enough information to link her to them."

        "Talk about a troubled woman."   

        "That's for sure."  Just them Alex and Walker came in the door.

        "Hey guys."  Walker said as they walked up hand in hand.

        "How are you doing?"  C.D. asked as they sat down.

        "We are doing fine…" Alex responded with a confident smile.  

        "How are you doing Cordell?"

        "Fine, thanks C.D."

        "Yeah, it must really be hard to come off this thing…you know two woman fighting for you…"

        "Trivette, they weren't fighting over me."

        "I was there Walker, they were fighting, and it was over you…just because you were drugged…"        

           "Alex darlin' you fought Aimee for Cordell?" C.D. asked in shock, Trivette hadn't told him that part of the story.

        "It was a tough job, but someone had to."  Smiling up at him he placed his arm around her shoulders and squeezed her close, as they all laughed.





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