Unwrapping the Surprise

By: Crystal “Swoopes” Ward



“Can’t I even get my own birthday off?” mumbled Alex to herself after just receiving a new stack of documents which needed to be read and approved.  The week had been a long and hard one, involving many cases and the worse part of it was that her and Walker hadn’t been able to

spend a lot of time together.  Alex hurried through her new task in an attempt to get home sooner.  She really just wanted to get a head start on this weekend.  Just then the phone rang.  “What now?” she asked herself afraid to answer incase it was more work.

“Hello, Alex Cahill speaking.”

“Hi there, hon.  How’s my birthday girl?” came a low raspy voice.  The sound of his voice brought a smile to her face.  He had that special affect on her.

“Hi Cowboy.  I’m better now that you called.”

“Oh really?  Been a bad day?” he asked with concern.

“Let’s try a bad week.  I’m just ready to go home and enjoy the weekend off,” she said bluntly.

“Not so fast.  It is your birthday and although work might not of treated you kindly today, I have other plans.  I’m here at the ranch waiting for you now!”

“Oh, Walker.  I’m sorry to say I don’t think you’ll want to be around me tonight.  I’m not in a good mood.”

“Please, I have a surprise,” he said with a low voice that just made her melt.

“You win.  I’ll be there in an hour and you better not have a surprise party planned!  You remember what happened last time.”

A soft giggle came from his end of the phone.  “Yes I remember.  You’ll be receiving a surprise tonight, but I guarantee it’ll only be US tonight.”

“What are you up to Cowboy?”  After getting no response they said their good-byes.

Looking back that the stack of papers, she could of sworn they had grown.  “This’ll just have to wait, I have someone important to see.”

She placed the papers in her briefcase so that she could take them home and finish reading them later that weekend.  Alex then proceeded to check her email one last time before heading home.  As the window opened she became annoyed.  “I hate these advertisements.  ‘Catch the monkey

and win $20' What’s that suppose to mean.  And does that stupid monkey ever quit?” Alex asked after seeing a monkey run back and forth across the top of her screen, the entire time she was checking her mail.

Having not much email at all put her ahead of schedule.


Hearing the sound of a vehicle, Walker came out of the barn to see Alex nearing.  “You’re early.”

“Yeah, it’s been the only thing going for me today,” she said.

“Go on inside.  I have to finish up in the barn then I’ll be right in and we can celebrate your birthday.”  Walker gave her a small kiss on the lips before heading back to the barn.

Fifteen minutes later, Walker entered the house as a complete mess.

“I’ll be right back let me take a quick shower and put something more comfortable on.  Okay?’

“Go right ahead Walker.  I’ll still be here.”  Walker quickly dashed up the stairs as Alex made herself comfy on the couch.   After a few minutes, Alex started dozing off, but was interrupted by a voice from upstairs.

“Alex, could you come here for a minute?”

“Sure thing Walker,” she replied as she climb the stairs. Coming to the door, Alex knocked before entering.

Come on in Alex!”  Carefully opening the door Alex was surprised at the sight.  On the bed was a dozen yellow roses, but there was no sign of Walker.  Walking over to the roses, she picked them up to smell the fragrant of the fresh flowers.  Not long after she turned around to find Walker holding a small cake with candles, but his outfit was a little odd.

“Walker?  Why are you wearing that?” she asked as she saw him with black sweats on and only a big red bow across his glistening chest.

“Happy Birthday, Alex!”

“Walker?  You’re my birthday present?” Alex questioned.

“Yes I am.  Not disappointed are you?”

“Not at all, Cowboy!”

“Well, hon, you have me this entire weekend.  Do what you want with your present.  After this last week I figured what you needed was...well you got the picture.”

“I sure do,” Alex said as she approached Walker and gently started into a passionate kiss placing her hands on his defined chest.  As their kiss deepened, her hands started to venture south, but was blocked by the bow.

“You may start unwrapping your present,” Walker said with a devilish grin on his face.

“It would be my honor,” she said as the bow fell to the floor.



This WAM is dedicated to the creative and interesting WTR fans that come to the Delphi chat night after night.  I also enjoy our weekend chats and it never seems to get dull around that place.  And don’t worry gang we’ll think of a way to get rid of that annoying monkey.  LOL!

Happy Birthday, Carol!  I only wish I could really give you the same present Alex got.  That’s right he’s yours for this week.  Enjoy your birthday!!! :-)



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