“Vision Quest” was truly one of the best episodes of WTR, if not THE  best. Often when I like a show or movie as much as I loved “Vision Quest”, I wish to myself that the show, or movie, would just continue and never end. I wished that very thing the night the episode aired. This story is not meant to say that I thought the episode lacked anything. Far from it. This story was written to “continue” the episode as I had wished it would’ve the night it aired…and also to show some stuff they never could’ve shown on tv! Enjoy.  Many thanks to Murph, Wendy, and Dakota for their brilliant ideas!


Vision Quest, continued

by Jennifer G



‘Damn this feels good!’ Walker thought to himself as he continued to hold his soon-to-be

wife.  He didn’t care that there were others around them, he only cared about the fact that he was holding his Alex in his arms and that he no longer carried the fear that he would never be able to look upon her face again…the one thought that had scared him the most during the whole ordeal. Again disregarding the fact that there were others in the room, watching them, he pulled Alex back slightly and looking deep into her eyes for a moment, slowly dipped his head to hers and kissed her with a tenderness he’d never shown her before, quickly losing himself in that kiss.


Unbeknownst to them, as they kissed, Trivette, Gage, and Sydney quietly left the room, wanting to give them as much privacy as they could. Alex’s soft sigh brought Walker back to attention.


Looking around the room, he noticed they were alone. “Where’d the others go?” Walker softly asked to no one in particular.


“This is a first,” Alex commented wryly.


Chuckling softly, Walker pulled her even closer to him. “Ready to go home, Alex?”


Smiling broadly, Alex responded “Yes” then kissed him. “Want to go by the office first?”


It warmed his soul to know that no one knew him better than she did. “I love you” he whispered with tears in his eyes before he hugged her tightly to himself again. After a few moments of savoring the feel of her against him, he released her, and placing his arm around her, turned toward the door to leave.


As he walked through the door to Texas Rangers Company B, Walker was filled with a sense of relief and renewed commitment. He felt relief that he wouldn’t have to quit being a Ranger, and a renewed commitment to fight for the Ranger Ideal…a respect for what the conscience tells him is right, a dedication to the common good, and the belief that an individual in the right can succeed, even in the face of overwhelming odds.


He walked slowly to his desk, followed closely by Alex. His Ranger badge was lying on the center of his desk. He picked it up and held it firmly in his palm, closing his eyes as he thanked God for giving him his sight back. He opened his eyes when he felt Alex’s hand close over his.  He looked down at her small hand covering his, at her engagement ring, and felt her renewed acceptance of his life as a Ranger, knowing that the ordeal hasn’t changed this for her.


Just then Trivette, Gage, and Sydney came through the door. “Good to have you back, man.” Trivette said as he shook Walker’s hand. 


“Thanks, Trivette”


“Its Saturday evening, Walker, go on home.” Sydney said, smiling at Alex.


“Oh…that means I don’t have to be here either!” Trivette exclaimed. “I know a beautiful woman I can call. See you guys later!” and he was out the door in a flash.


Twining his fingers with Alex’s, he once again lifted her hand to his lips and softly kissed

her engagement ring. “Ready to go home, Alex?”


“Lets go.” She answered with a smile.


Half an hour later they pulled up to the ranch in Alex’s car. This time she didn’t need to help him out, but out of habit, she came around the back of the car, meeting him back there. Putting her arms around his shoulders, she leaned up on her toes to kiss him soundly. After the kiss ended, Walker hugged her tightly to him as he looked around the ranch, turning with her still in his arms.


“I’ll never tire of looking at this land, and I’ll never take it for granted again.”

Alex shifted and hugged him, her head on his chest, as she looked around the ranch too. “Its so beautiful, Walker.”


He looked down at her, at her honey blonde hair, at her beautiful face, into her crystal blue eyes, and softly said, “You’re beautiful.”


“I love you, cowboy” she whispered before claiming his lips again. The kiss started out tender, then grew in passion as her hands wound themselves in his hair, and his hands caressed her back, then moved to lose themselves in her hair as he deepened the kiss even more. 


“Lets go inside” he uttered when he could catch a breath. Still wrapped in each other’s arms, they made their way toward the house. They got only a few feet before Walker suddenly stopped. He looked at her car, then at the house, then back to her car.


“Walker, what is it?” Alex asked breathlessly, her heart beating fast.


“Alex, when I asked you to leave the other night and left you on the porch, did you….you

were here early the next morning.” He looked again at the house, then at her car. Looking into her eyes, concern plainly in his tone, “Oh God Alex, you didn’t sleep in your car did you?”


Looking back into his eyes, she quietly answered “Yes.”


He closed his eyes for a few seconds, feeling regret, then opened them. “I’m so sorry, Alex. If I had known…” his words were interrupted by a kiss planted on his lips.


“There’s nothing to be sorry for Darling. I sat on the porch for a while, crying at first..” she felt him suck in air when she said she had cried, “No, its okay, Walker. I thought about it and finally understood you needed to be alone, to try to do it on your own.” She softly caressed his beard as she continued, “Though I understood, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave you alone out here, so I slept in my car. And I’m glad I did, because you did need me the next morning.”


“I’ll always need you, Alex.” He closed the fraction of an inch between them and kissed her again. With his hands around her waist he picked her up, then moved his hands to her bottom as she wrapped her legs around his waist.


He carried her inside, not putting her down until he reached his bedroom. He put her down beside his bed. He kissed her soundly. “I missed having you here with me, in my bed” he whispered, so close to her that his breath moved the hair on her forehead.


“I missed being with you” she breathed.


He grasped the hem of her shirt in his hand and slowly slipped it over her head. As it floated to the floor, Alex moved to turn the lamp off.


Walker stopped her by grabbing her hand. “No.” Looking into her eyes, he whispered “I want to be able to see you.” He moved his hands to cover her lace covered breasts. “I want to be able to see your body.”


A smile graced her face as his hands slipped to her back, unhooked the bra, and slipped it from her body. That smile quickly became a cry of desire as his hands cupped her now bare breasts.


As he cupped and caressed her breasts, he spoke softly again. “I was so afraid I’d never be able to look at your beautiful body again, and see…your breasts.”  He guided her back onto the bed, coming down on top of her. Taking one milky white breast into his mouth, he laved it with his tongue as his hand caressed the nipple on the other to a hardened nub. Her hands wound themselves in his hair and she arched her back for more, moaning softly with the passion coursing through her body.


He then placed small kisses between her breasts and on her stomach, slowly down to her navel. He whispered “I was afraid I’d never be able to see your belly button again” as he placed a kiss squarely on her navel. His lips went lower as Alex writhed on the bed, the passion beginning to overwhelm her. Not only were his actions having an effect on her, his words were too.


He stopped at the waistband of her slacks. He sat up and unbuttoned them, running his finger tips from her navel to her panties, one finger venturing underneath the waistband, touching the fine hair that grew there, eliciting more soft moans from her. With reverence in his eyes, he slipped her slacks over her hips and down her legs. Bringing his hands back up to her panties, he oh-so-slowly and with even more reverence, slipped them over her hips and down, planting a soft kiss on the soft curly hair at the juncture of her thighs as her panties were drawn down.


Alex cried out and opened her eyes as she felt the kiss, and saw Walker staring at her nude body, one hand caressing her inner thigh. She felt a rush of warmth in the center of her womanhood as he stared at her. A blush infused her skin as his eyes traveled from her legs, to her soft mound, to her navel, over her slim waist, up over her firm round breasts, and up to rest on her face.


His voice was thick with emotion and there were tears in his eyes when he finally spoke. “Alex…I was so afraid…so afraid I’d never be able to…look upon you like this again” his voice cracking as he finished, a tear escaping his eye. “You are so beautiful” he breathed as he moved over her. He kissed her tenderly as he wiped the tears falling down her own face.


The kiss continued and continued, his hands wandering all over her body, not leaving any part he could reach untouched. Unable to stand not feeling his nude body next to hers, she frantically pulled his shirt from his jeans, unbuttoning it as fast as she could.


Breaking off the kiss, Walker shrugged out of his shirt, then quickly stood and removed his shoes and jeans. Alex smiled at the desire so evident in his fully erect manhood, taking secret delight in the effect her body had on him. She spread her legs in silent invitation as he moved over her again, settling himself between her thighs. He lay poised at the entrance to her womanhood, and locked her eyes with his as he drove himself home, slipping easily inside. They moaned in unison as their bodies became one and all else in the world ceased to exist.


Walker remained still, holding himself inside her as far as he could go, savoring the moment, his eyes closed. He opened his eyes as he felt Alex move beneath him, and looking into her eyes, moved completely out before thrusting back inside with a strong firm stroke. She cried out when he dipped down to take a firm breast into his hot mouth, and she began to move her hips faster, her body craving more. Walker met her faster pace as he gripped her left thigh in his hand, bringing her leg up over his hips. She moved her other leg around his waist as his hand gripped her bottom, his thrusts going deeper.


Walker’s deep moans and Alex’s feminine cries filled the air as they strove toward a mutual release, Walker’s thrusts becoming faster and faster, her hips rising to meet his. Her head thrown back, clutching the sheet in her fists, Alex arched her back and came, her feminine cry like music to Walker’s ears. He growled from deep within as he felt her contractions around his stiff member, and with a deep cry he came himself, finally collapsing on top of her.


Their breaths came quickly as they lay there, still intimately joined, hearts pounding in unison. Walker leaned up on his elbows and softly kissed Alex. Wiping the damp hair from her forehead, he softly said, “I love you.”


“I know” she replied smiling, then sighed as he withdrew.


Walker moved to the side and took her in his arms, cuddling her against his side, her head on his shoulder, one leg hooked over his, and covered them with the blankets. They remained like that for a couple minutes, just enjoying the closeness when he broke the silence. “You know, there is one part of you that I haven’t gotten to see yet…”. He continued with a glint in his eyes, “…that I was really afraid I’d never get to see again”  ending with a most supreme pout.


Alex laughed at him, “What part?” she asked, a smile twitching her lips.


His hands pushed the covers down until he could see her bottom. He reached down and caressed a cheek then cupped it in his hand as he said “This!” She laughed as she covered his lips with her own, kissing him with a renewed passion.


Still feeling intense desire for her, his hand left her bottom and he gripped her waist, bringing her to lay on top of him.  “Ready for more, hon?”


With a look of wonder on her face, she shifted slightly so she could look down their length, particularly to look at his manhood which she still felt against her thigh. She gasped when she saw his hardened maleness jutting out from the apex of his thighs.  She looked back at him with that same look of wonder, a smile growing on her face. "Darling, you're still...."

"See what you do to me, Alex" he whispered before taking her lips in a soul searching kiss as his hands reached for her hips. A gasp again escaped her lips when he lifted her body and settled her on his hard staff, bringing her down to slowly engulf himself in her tight moist warmth. Their groans of supreme fulfillment once again filled the air as they became as one again, turning quickly to sighs and murmurings as Alex sat up and began to move her hips slowly back and forth.

Walker's hands caressed her soft thighs, moving up and inward to arouse her in another fashion. Within seconds she arched her back, her head thrown back, crying out with her release. Walker once again grabbed her hips and moved her quickly back and  forth as he felt her contract around him, swiftly bringing on his own glorious climax.

Walker's hands traveled over her soft skin from her legs, over her firm round buttocks, to her back as she lay down on top of him, struggling to control her breathing. He softly caressed her back, then wound his arms around her, holding her tightly to him. As he slipped free he turned on his side, hugging her to him as he placed her beside himself. She looked up at him then, and as they stared into each other's eyes, they came together and shared tender kiss after tender kiss.

Finally, with a sigh of satisfaction, Alex murmured "I love you" as her eyelids fluttered closed.

Looking down at his intended, Walker let his own sigh of contentment escape as he kissed her blonde head and murmured back, "I love you too, hon" before joining her in slumber.

Walker and Alex slept contentedly the rest of the night and into the next morning, wrapped in a lover's embrace. Walker stirred as he awoke to the bird's heralding of the new day, instantly aware of the warm soft body nestled in his arms. He lay unmoving for several moments, just enjoying the nearness of her, thinking how much he missed this during his blindness, and thinking how right she was about his "stubborn pride". If he hadn't exhibited this stubborn pride, she would've been with him, in his bed, each night. As his mind wandered to the activities of the previous night, he unconsciously began to caress the soft skin on her back.

Alex stirred, purring softly as she felt the caresses on her bare skin. Eyes still closed, she reached her arm out to grasp his waist on the other side, hugging him closer to her as she moved her left leg to lay between his.  He instantly became aware of the soft hair of the center of her femaleness against his hip and her breasts crushed against his side, and his heart began to beat faster, his manhood springing to life.  As he rolled over on top of her, she parted her legs, and he nestled himself between them. They smiled at each other as their eyes met,  and with no words spoken, they came together to say ‘good morning’ to each other in the way of passionate lovers…by making love.

Half an hour later, they lay basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Walker traced lazy circles on Alex’s back as her fingers caressed the soft hair on his chest. Walker sighed reluctantly and looked down at her. “Hon?”


“Hmmmm” was her only reply.


"As much as I hate to leave your side right now," He kissed the top of her head before continuing. "I do need to take care of Ranger and Angel" he finished with a pout as he gazed into her blue eyes.

She hated for him to leave too, but she understood the horses needed to be taken care of, and she also knew that a part of him was anxious to be with them after being temporarily blinded. She smiled demurely at him and softly said, "Go ahead Darling, we have the rest of the day to spend together.”

He kissed her soundly before slipping out of the bed to get dressed. When he left the bed she hugged his pillow close to her body, breathing deeply of its scent, and sighed contentedly as she drifted back to sleep. After donning his jeans and a t-shirt, Walker stood gazing at his sleeping fiancée, thinking to himself how beautiful she was, and how thankful he was to have her in his life. He bent down and softly kissed her cheek and whispered "I love you" before turning to leave the room. He smiled to himself as he heard her sleepily mumbled "Love you too".

After a morning of ranch chores, Church, and just being together, they met Trivette at C.D.'s for lunch. As it was a Sunday, the newer Rangers had to work, so Gage and Sydney were not able to join them. Trivette's heart soared as he noticed the way Walker and Alex never lost touch with each other, never broke contact...he watched how they came in to C.D.'s hand in hand; watched Walker let go of her hand, sliding his hand up her arm to her shoulders, pulling her into his embrace as they stood at the bar; watched Alex place her hand on Walker's chest as they stood there; watched him escort her to their table with his hand on her back; watched them sit so close to each other that their thighs must have touched each other's from knee to derriere; and watched Walker eat his lunch with one hand, the other resting on her thigh. It marveled him how this was all done as if it were second nature, so natural to them. He only hoped that one day he'd find someone to share that beautiful a love with.

After leaving C.D.'s, Walker and Alex headed back to the ranch. Alex was surprised when he didn't get on the interstate, but instead took a side road. She was surprised again when they pulled up outside the “A Scent of Texas” garden nursery, one replete with flowers of all varieties and colors.

As he unbuckled his seat belt and opened up the truck door to get out, Alex gazed at him with a look of confusion, still buckled into her seatbelt. "Walker, what are we doing here?"

"Well, Trivette was right" he said matter-of-factly.

Now she was really confused. "Trivette was right about what?"

"Flowers." he stated.

"Walker!" she exclaimed frowning, but with only a hint of irritation.

He chuckled at her expression. "Ok, Alex. This is the place where we took down part of that gun running operation...you remember, before the bomb?" At her nod that she remembered, he continued. "Trivette told me before the bust went down that flowers are special, each one of them. He said that people use flowers for everything…greetings, gifts, thank-you’s.” He leaned over to kiss her lips. “And, he said that it was the most special way to say…”

Walker was surprised when she finished for him, "…I love you.  I know." She grinned broadly, "Trivette told me."

"I might have known. The blabbermouth", he commented wryly.

"Come on, Cowboy, lets do whatever it was you came here to do!" she laughed again as she got out of the Ram.

Meeting her at the front of the truck, they strolled hand in hand into the nursery as he explained his reason for coming there. "With the spring coming up soon I figured you'd want to plant some flowers at the ranch, sort of pretty it up."

"Pretty it up?"

"Yeah, you know...put your feminine touch to the house. I mean, you already have some of your clothes there, but when you finally move in for good, I'm assuming you'll want to make it look like a woman actually lives there."

"Have I ever told you how wonderful you are?" she said as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly.

Looking up for a beat as if in thought, he smiled back at her. "Um, yes. I believe you said that to me last night after we...." he trailed off with a knowing grin and a wink.

After about an hour of Alex going through all the flowers and asking the employees questions about each kind, he left her with a kiss on the cheek, saying he was going to go look at the plants. He returned to her side about 10 minutes later.

"Find anything..." she began to question as she turned around, her words faded when she saw the single yellow rose in his hand. She looked into his eyes and saw all the love he felt for her shining in them, an impish grin lighting up his face.

With a teary eyed smile, she took the rose in her hand, breathed deeply of its scent, leaned up on her toes and before kissing him tenderly, whispered "I love you, too." They hugged each other tightly for a few moments before Walker quietly asked, "Ready to go, hon?"

She chattered as they left the nursery and on the way home, excitedly telling him about what flowers she planned to buy and where she wanted to put them, never once letting go of the rose.

They spent the rest of the afternoon sitting out on the porch, just enjoying each other's company. After the sun went down they ate a light dinner then decided to take the horses for a moonlight stroll.  Instead of riding separately on their own horses, they rode together on Angel. They rode at a slow pace to the lake and back, Alex snuggled in Walker's arms, stopping every so often to gaze at the stars or to share tender kisses.

By the time they returned to the house and took care of the horses for the night it was after 8:00. They strolled hand in hand to the house, the pace set by Alex. She wasn't ready to end the day, but knew she'd have to head home soon, since they both had to work the next day.

As they reached the porch, Alex turned to Walker and hugged him to her, her head on his chest, and sighed deeply. "I should head on home, Darling. Its getting late. We both have work tomorrow and I did want to take a hot bath tonight."

Tipping her face up to his, he kissed her passionately. "Don't go. Stay here with me tonight, Alex. You can take your bath here." he breathed. He dipped his head to hers and kissed her again, and again, and again, taking her breath away.

"Well" she whispered when they came up for air. "How can I say no to that!"

Walker had insisted on readying her bath, and also insisted she stay in the dining room as he prepared it. She sat at the table drinking coffee, wondering what he was planning, thinking to herself that it would only be a few short months until she wouldn't even have to question whether or not she would go home for the night, because then this would be her home. Of course, this had felt like home to her for a long time now, but she couldn't wait for it to be official, couldn't wait to say 'I'm going home' and have that simple statement mean the ranch.
A short time later Walker escorted her to the bathroom. She gasped as she crossed the threshold. The bathroom was bathed in candle light, small candles were lit and placed throughout. Steam rose from the claw foot tub. A glass of wine was perched on the floor next to the tub, and best of all, there were three large vases placed around the room, each held a dozen long stemmed yellow roses.

Alex was speechless. Walker hardly ever gave her flowers, but today alone he had given her a single rose to express his love for her, and now he was giving her three dozen roses. She turned to him and hugged him tightly, tears in her eyes. His arms automatically went to encircle her. "I love you so much" she cried into his chest.

"I love you too, hon" he replied softly. He kissed her deeply as his hands went to the hem of her shirt. Silently he helped her out of her clothes, walked her to the tub, and after she settled herself inside, he handed the glass of wine to her, kissed her tenderly and left the room.

A short time later Walker quietly entered the bathroom. He leaned against the door jamb and gazed at her. Her eyes were closed, a smile on her lips. Her hair curling with the humidity. Her body bathed in the glow of the candlelight made her even more sexier. As his gaze fell upon her breasts and how they bobbed just above the surface of the water, he unconsciously licked his lips, his body beginning to respond. He quietly went a little further into the bathroom until he could see into the bath water. His desire grew even more as his eyes sought out and found the soft mound of hair at the apex of her thighs. The longer he stood gazing at her, the more his desire grew, until it strained painfully against the zipper. Moving quietly again he went back to his bedroom and hurriedly stripped his clothes off.


Coming back into the bathroom he padded quietly over to one of the vases. Picking a single bloom he then padded just as quietly over to the tub. Alex appeared to be asleep. Her eyes were closed, her breathing even.  He slowly picked the petals off the rose and dropped them over Alex’s body, one by one, watching as each one slowly drifted down to her. A few landed in the water, one just in front of her breasts. One landed on her head. One landed on her outstretched arm. One landed on her chest, right by her collarbone. It was when a petal landed on her breast that he began to struggle with his self control, for the petal didn’t just land on her breast, it teetered precariously on her hardened nipple.


Just then Alex’s eyes opened.


She had sensed his presence when he came into the room, and enjoyed the sensations that ran though her body as he dropped the petals into the water. Her body began to respond to his nearness the first time he came into the bathroom and stood at the tub. It was when he began to drop the petals that her nipples began to harden and the familiar warmth spread though her womanhood, her breathing deepening. So sensitive was her body at the particular moment when the petal dropped on her breast, that she keenly felt it. Every pore in her body screamed for the loving that only Walker could provide. She immediately opened her eyes. Her lips parted when she took in the sight of Walker’s manhood, standing hard and erect, her tongue reaching out to lick her lips. Her eyes traveled up his body to his face, and she sucked in air when she saw the intense desire showing plainly on his face and in his eyes. “Oh Walker” she breathed softly.

The soft breathy tone of her voice brought him out of his trance. Holding her eyes with his he stepped slowly into the tub, opposite her. He slid slowly into the water, sitting on his calves. With her lips still slightly parted, she watched him lean forward, as if in slow motion. She watched his tongue snake out of his mouth, touching her quivering breast, just above the nipple. She moaned softly with passion as his tongue touched her, her eyes closing, her head falling back to rest on the rim of the tub. She thought she would die from the intense feelings of desire rolling through her body.


He braced himself by placing his arms on both sides of the tub, and proceeded to slowly trail his tongue around her breast, around the petal that still teetered on her nipple as she struggled to control her breathing. Her hand reached out under the water to rest on his thigh, squeezing it as the passion consumed her.


When his tongue had made a complete circle around her breast, around the petal, he sat back slightly to gaze at her, his hand on her calf. As his hand traveled slowly up her calf, he took in her flushed face and chest, flushed not only from the heat of the water, but from the passion as well. He took in the rise and fall of her breasts, as she breathed heavily in and out, as his hand reached her knee. He took in her slightly parted lips as his hand traveled slowly up her inner thigh. His gaze wandered back down to her breasts as his hand creeped closer to her now very moist center. As he was gazing at her breast...it happened.

Alex moaned softly and shuddered in anticipation as his hand reached that which made her woman. The shudder caused the rose petal teetering on her hardened nipple to fall. It was at the moment when the petal fell that Walker lost all self control. As Alex cried out in surprise, in one swift motion, and with a great splash of the water, Walker grabbed her around the waist, stood up with her in his arms, stepped out of the tub, and sat her down on the edge of the sink. The water dripped from their bodies, pooling into a puddle at the base of the sink, and the droplets still on their skin seemed to evaporate with the heat emanating from their bodies.

The moment her bottom touched the rim of the sink, Walker sank himself into her moist tight depths with a cry of his own, almost climaxing at the supreme pleasure of it. Holding himself in check, Walker stilled, and opened his eyes to stare deeply into hers. With a sultry smile, Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. With one arm around her lower back, and the other hand on the steamed-up mirror for support, he began to move, thrusting slowly at first, and then with more tempo. Alex's hands caressed his back as he thrust in and out, and when his mouth closed over her breast she climaxed, crying out with passion and raking her nails down his back. She dropped her head forward onto his shoulder as she trembled with the spasms of her intense climax. As it subsided she turned her head and began to lovingly place long kisses on his neck.

As he felt Alex's heated contractions around his manhood, and her loving attention to his neck, Walker felt his own release begin. He dropped his hand from the mirror and brought both hands to rest on Alex's hips as he began to thrust harder and faster, straining toward the release his body craved. Immediately another climax began for Alex deep within her body. As she felt the climax beginning again, her kisses to Walker's neck became more intense, her cries louder. She bucked against Walker as he thrust, and they clung to each other in an explosive climax, each crying out for the other.

Completely sated, they clung to each other tightly, breathing heavily. Alex was still trembling, still feeling the effects of her climaxes. Her arms were wound tightly around Walker's neck, her legs now dangled on either side of his body. Walker's arms held Alex just as tightly, and he began to caress her sweat slicked back as he felt her trembling subside. Pulling back slightly they touched their foreheads and gazed languidly into each other's eyes.

Walker reached up to tenderly brush the now damp hair away from her face. "That was incredible, Alex" he breathed.

"Yes it was, Darling...yes it was" she intoned softly as she wearily lay her head back on his shoulder.

Placing his hands on her bottom, he tenderly lifted her from the sink and carried her to the bedroom. Instead of laying her down in the bed and then climbing in himself, he simply laid down on the bed with her in his arms. He let go of her long enough to reach for the blanket at the end of the bed and covered them with it. Reaching for her again, he cradled her to his body.

Alex leaned up slightly and kissed Walker tenderly. Smiling sleepily she whispered "I love you".

"I love you too, hon" he whispered back before they both succumbed to a restful sleep.

Walker woke early Monday morning in anticipation of his first day back at work since he was blinded. He was up before the sun, but continued to lay there enjoying the feel of Alex's warm soft nude body against his. He wondered what his first day back would hold, what cases would be placed in his and Trivette's hands, what search warrants they may serve, suspects they would interrogate, what injustices they would put right again. 'God I can't wait to get back!' he thought to himself as he listened to Alex's steady breathing.

Alex awoke when she felt soft lips kissing her own. Without opening her eyes she eagerly participated in the kiss. As the kiss ended she opened her eyes to find Walker smiling down at her.

"Its time to get up, Alex. We need to get going if you want to stop at your place to get dressed before we head to C.D.'s for breakfast." When he finished he noticed a shocked look on her face. "What?" he questioned. "You don't want to go to C.D.'s?"

"No, its not that. Walker...oh my." Her face reddened. "Did I do that?" she whispered, her eyes wide.

"Do what?" he asked, the expression on her face worrying him, his hand going to his beard.

"This" she said in wonder as she placed her finger on the side of his neck.

Suddenly Walker understood what it was she was talking about. "Oh Alex, you didn't!" he breathed, shaking his head.

Unable to help herself, Alex began to giggle. Walker groaned, "It better not be noticeable. I'll never hear the end of it from Trivette!" He quickly extricated himself from her arms and got off the bed to go look at his neck in the mirror. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Alex gasp loudly. He turned around slowly, dreading what would come next. "Now what, Alex!" he exclaimed as he turned around, seeing Alex sitting upright in the bed, her hand covering her mouth in shock.

"Oh Darling. Your back. Oh I'm so sorry, Walker, I'm so sorry" she got out before she was overcome with giggles.

Turning back around he walked to the mirror. The first thing that jumped out at him was the unmistakable love bite right on his neck...in a spot that would not be covered by his shirt collars! Slowly he turned around and stared in shock at his reflection in the mirror, at the scratches on his back, made by no other than Alex's fingernails. His lips began to twitch as he thought about their love making the night before, how passionate it was. 'Funny' he thought, 'I don't remember her scratching me'. He smiled at himself in the mirror, he even had to laugh at the love bite, he sure did enjoy it when she was doing that. He could take a day or two of ribbing from Trivette. After lovemaking like that, the ribbing he would take would be worth it and then some!

He wiped the smile from his face as he turned back toward Alex and walked slowly back to the bed, a look of irritation on his face. "Alex!" he exclaimed, looking down at her.


She looked up at him, obviously trying hard not to laugh out loud. “See what you do to me” she echoed his words of the night before.


Unable to hold the look on his face, he smiled as he lunged onto the bed at her, gathering her into his arms as her shrieks of laughter filled the air.

Half an hour later he waited at the bottom of the stairs for Alex. "Alex! Let's go, we'll be late!" He was excited and couldn't wait to get to work. He looked up to find her running down the stairs, tennis shoes in hand. It was chilly outside so he had his jacket ready for her to wear until they got to her apartment.

"Boy, you're in an awful hurry!" she exclaimed as she put her arms into Walker’s jacket, while slipping her shoes on her feet.


After another half hour they were ensconced in their normal booth at C.D.'s eating breakfast. They had driven separately to Alex's apartment. Walker paced impatiently as she dressed for work and applied a little more makeup, as she wore very little on the weekend. Then they drove in separate cars to C.D.'s. C.D. explained to them that Trivette had slept late that morning, so he would be seeing them at the office. Throughout breakfast he kept looking at his watch, and managed to consume his entire meal in under 10 minutes, having only one cup of coffee. He rushed Alex through her meal, not letting her finish her coffee before he pulled her out of the booth with a "Come on, hon!".
He practically ran to their cars, stopping next to Alex's. As he turned to her and looked into her eyes, a calm fell over him and he put his arms around her waist. "Thank you, again, for being there for me, Alex" he said softly.

With her arms around his shoulders, she pressed herself against him. "I'll always be there for you, Darling...I love you."

"I know" he stated simply before leaning in for a kiss.

When he let go of her she got into her car and with a little wave at him, sped toward the courthouse. She wanted to get there before he did. She parked her car and walked a quick pace to her office, dropped her briefcase on her desk, then made her way up to Company B office.


Within minutes Walker strolled happily through the door, then stopped abruptly when he heard the loud “Welcome back!” and saw all the people gathered around. He saw Alex first, standing next to Trivette, he saw Gage and Sydney, C.D., the Captain, and the rest of the Rangers, even a few retired ones. He was instantly thankful he had retrieved his jacket from Alex, for its collar was high enough to hide the love bite. Hugging it tightly to himself just in case, he strolled across the floor to where Trivette, Alex, Gage, Sydney, and C.D. stood.


“What’s all this about?” he asked happily.


“Cordell, son, this is your Welcome Back party!” C.D. exclaimed.


“I realize that C.D. But you guys didn’t need to do this.” He said as he smiled in Alex’s direction.


“Oh quit that, man! You know you’re loving this!” Trivette sarcastically admonished.


There were some more “Welcome backs”, some hand shakes, and some slaps on the back for Walker. Within minutes the Captain came forward. “Alright, alright everybody! Break it up!” he hollered good naturedly. “What…do you people think we don’t work on Mondays! Walker, Trivette! Got a new one for you.” He smiled broadly at Walker as he handed him the file folder. “Glad to have you back, Walker.” He slapped Walker on the back and walked back to his office as the crowd dispersed.


Alex took his hand and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Welcome back, Walker”.


She turned to leave, but her hand was still in Walker’s and he pulled her back.  “I’m not sure what the day will be like, but I’ll call you if we can have lunch together.”


“Okay.” She smiled when he squeezed her hand, then she turned to leave.


Walker walked to his desk, hung his jacket on the hook nearby, and sat down. True to his nature he placed the folder on the desk in front of himself and immediately opened it to peruse the information inside, more than ready to get back to work.

Trivette came up to his desk with two cups of coffee in his hand, and handed one to Walker.  His eyes immediately focused in on the love bite. It was too much! He couldn’t help himself, he had to tease Walker on this one!


“Walker! What happened to you! Burn yourself with a curling iron?” he doubled over laughing.


“Trivette!” Walker exclaimed.


“What?” he asked innocently. Then, “I was gonna come over for a surprise visit last night…damn glad I didn’t!”


‘If he knew about the scratches, I’d die’ he thought to himself.


“Hey Walker, vacuum cleaner attack you?” Trivette roared some more with laughter.


Walker rolled his eyes. It was going to be a long day.