Visitor 5000

Ina & Jeanette




"Trivette, I just don't understand this dadburn computer."

"It's simple Walker.  Just type in what you want the computer to look for here, then let the computer do the rest of the work."

"I've been waiting for it to finish 'doing the rest' for over 5 minutes.  How long does it take?"

"What is it you once said to me?  'Patience is a virtue.'  What are you looking up, anyway?"

"Information about the Rangers.  I'm curious about what all's out there on us.  Finally!  It's finished."

"Any interesting pages out there?"

"Ranger Territory?”  Wonder what that one's about."

Walker opens the page and sees the familiar opening picture.  He clicks on that to come to the main page.  "What is Fan Fiction?"  He clicks on the link to the fiction page and decides to read "Midnight Death."

"This is weird… It seems like they're actually talking about us.  But none of this stuff has ever actually happened."

"Well, it's fiction, isn't it?  Read the story."

Walker continues reading the story to himself, Trivette reading over his shoulder.

"Hey guys!  What's up?"  They look up to see Alex walking towards them.

"I'm trying to teach Walker how to use a computer."

"Uh-oh.  Should I come back later?"  Alex glances from one to the other, know of Walker's extreme dislike of computers.

"No.  Take a look at this."  She walks around the desk to take a look at the monitor.

"What am I reading here?"  She looks at Walker for a moment.

"Just read it."  Walker smiles at her.

"Okay, it's a story about people breaking out of prison.  What's so special about it?"  She starts to walk away, but Walker grabs her hand.

"Just keep reading.  You'll see."

Alex turns back to the monitor and reads a few more lines.  "Wait, doesn't it seem like they're talking about us?"

"That's what I was talking about.  Strange, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it is.  Except that we've never done this."

All three continue to read the story, when a notice comes that there is a new e-mail message.  "Okay, so how do I get to the mail?"

"It's really simple.  See that little picture of the mailbox in the upper left hand corner?  Click on it."

Walker does as he is told, and they read the message:

            "Congratulations on being the 5000th visitor to the page Ranger Territory!

We hope you've enjoyed our page.  Come back often for new information and new stories.

Keep on walkin'

Ina & Jeanette"




Congratulations to Ina & Jeanette on the success of Ranger Territory!  And here's to the continued success of a great page, and the next 5000 visitors!  Cheers!